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LooiTil!r.ew Origan and Tm R'j
Ob and af'er May I- 1W, peatcnrer tralna on
tbta road will run aa liltwp r
bouib. I ftortn.
I.u!a -.
It on Kviuire...
p. tlrlean
....A.. 4:i p.nil ! a.m
.B. I :V p.ml 7:1 e.ra
....C..;lu:it p.mi 4::7a.iu
..!... I:u) e.ui 1:11 a.m
... K I :44 a.m ll:ln p.m
,.F 6:lf a. mi : p.m
.. ;14 a.m, 7:M v.ra
... H I :KI a.ml :(! r.m
A Willi U line antenna Memphii.
B-Wita M.iN.W.K. K. tor Helena.
C tot tireenville and ilunlinflon, and all
Arkanaa point".
D-Witu V. & M. and V., g. P. Railroad".
K-Wita N.. J. k 0. H. U. for Aatcbea and
F For Point" on tha Branca.
d-VVith itenmara tor Bayou Sara.
H With r.ilroedi diverting for Florida,
Triaa and I'oaat pointa.
J A3. M. KDWARDS, V. P. andO. M.
M. 1 KKK, General Buu't.
A. J.ajiAI'P. P. A.
WMrttmu4 Ml.alaejlail Tal
ley. Treina move m lollowi: No. I (laat
Una daily) leavea al 1U: a.m. No. 2 leave,
at 11:40 p.m. daily. Bt. Lonii faat lina
teevea daily at : p.m. No. 7 (laat lin
Tally) arrive! at 1:30 p.m. Hall and ai
vreai arrivea daily at .1:1 a.m. St. Louii
fait lina arrival daily at :Cft a.m.
LaataTllle and He.BTllle Train"
aaoTa m follow: Fart mail arrival daily at
o:15a.m.: leavea at 10:10 p.m. : mail leavei
daily at 10: Hi a.m.) arrival at 4 :(MI p.m.
Browniville aecommetatiom laavaa daily'
eioepl Koaday, at 6:10 p.m.! arrival daily,
leapt Bandar, at I '.! a.m. (itandard time).
laalaatppl and Tenneeaea. Fait
nail trail leavei daily at i:.) p.m. i arrival
at :46 a.m. Local freiiht leave! at 6:40
a.m.! arrive! at 4:. 10 p.m. Freight traini
Noi. It and e rua tri weakly. No, A leavei
idemfhia Monday, Wedneiday and Friday.
Meaaahla and I.ltlle Rock. Tralne
move aa follcwi (central itandard time):
No. 1 leave" daily at 6:tt .m,t arrlaee at
t:M.m. l'o. S leavei at 0:55 a.m. : arrive!
at 1:50 a.m. No. ft (frei(ht) leavei Hopefield
dally (eioept bandey) at 4:00 a.m.; arrive!
at 7:lo p.m.
Memphis and t'harleatna Traini
move aa foflown Through apreai leavei
dally at Vr-.'ifi p.m. Mail and fexpreaa leavei
daily et4):10am. Homarville aocouimoda
tion leave, daily, eirept fcunday, at 4 :.K)
p.m. Throeph eipreai arrival daily ato:2S
a.m. Mail and expreM acivea dally at 4 :M
S.m. 8omervllle aocorowioiiatloa arrival
aily. eicept Rundav, at ;.' a.m.
Unit Knli (Unmana City, Nprtn
Aelti aiaid inMiaiilai Tralna leave.M. and
T. depot aa foliewu J(o. 4, Kanraa t ity e
preaa, leavei at 10:4 a.m.! No. 3, Kanam
City eiT, arrival at 3:30 p.m. No. 1!,
Ranaaa City mail, Inavee at6:00 p.m. : No. 1,
Kanrna City mail, arrival at 8:4.1 a.ui. No.
, St. Louii and Oliinaao oipreii. leavei at
(lOO p.m.; No 1, St. Loula and Chiravoex
preea, arrive at 8:45 a.m. In tffect Sunday,
April 1H, IKK.
Mrnaiibla, nirmlBKhiim lnil Allnn.
ll llollv bnrinca Honta Traini move aa
follow! : No. 1 leavea Memphli dally at S:4n
pi,; arrive! at llolly fpringi at 6:30 p.m. :
K'o. laarai IHiy dpir.iis (Utly at H;!)
a.m., irnwi at Memphii at 11 :1b a.m. I No.
leawaa Moniphla daily 'it 7:30 p.tn., arrival
at Holly Hprinaa at 1 1 :6W p.m. ! No. leavea
IiuNy r-prlnn dally at 330 a.m., arrival at
Memphii atHajri
w abhi notom, May , im, 1 a.m.
inncanons: i- or flioiiiiiiis aiul
Tioinity, fair wohUkt, BtHtionary tem
r era tare; Muo vroocttnr, rod s'.r.
For Wtnum Florida, Alahtima, Loitit
am, Missitrippi, Te.rot, Arkanm$ and
Ttimfntee: tair vnitlirr, variable mindt;
no decid'dt'anjt in temjxralure.
letDvrolofflCMl MrpArf.
Miariia, Timt.. May 7, llMd,
7:00 .m. lM2 (13.0 N.W. Cl-ar
11:00 .m. 'X.wa 7t.O N.W. Clrnr
8:00 p.m. 2(KI2U 7.0 N.W. Fiilr
7:00 p.m. 20.01M 7(1.0 N.W. Olonr
10:00 p.m. l.".MI(ll 70.0 N.W. (;iaar
Maximum tfiupurnturo, 78.0.
Minimum temporaturu. 64.0.
Rainfall, .15.
Oronn, 11 a.m., 0.
All obitervatlona are taken on 75
meridian time.whlch is ono hour faster
than local time.
la lb Cottoa IloKlon.
Sioiiai, Skhtic, TJ. H. Armt,
Msy 7, 188(l-6;p.m.
Division of telrixramn and repoti for
the benefit of commerce and aRrlcul
tnre. ijotton remon burietin for the
twenty-four hours ending May 7ll, 5
o'clock p.m.
MBMPB1S PIS- ftgg gg O
Memphis 78 (II ,70
Nashville 75 (11) .61
Grand Junction... 7(1 06 .71
Corinth 78 (12 .10
Tuscnmbla 82 (lit 100
Decatur 78 63 M
Bcottaboro 74 68 .71
Batesvllle Kt M .07
Hernando 76 r7 1.45
Orensda 81 64 .(H)
Arlinxton 80 6U .2i)
Brownsvlllo .. 77 61 .00
Milan 78 HI .1)5
Paris 75 4S 1 03
CJovinuton 78 6:1 2 10
,Dyrhurjf 81 (il 1.(51
bolivar 78 62 2,00
Holly Spring 77 (il 1.45
VW'Til 84 61 .11
Hutre HSt) H62 15 :17
Mi-ann 781 611 .86
.. lis in- i
-v E B
Wilm.t)2'. n 0 62 .21
Charlei'ion hi ,ri8 .r
Aasujt 70 6i .27
Savannah 8(J 62
Atlanta 76 61 .70
Montgomery 81 (Il .'JO
Molti'o , 86 67 .02
New Orleans f-5 (id .
Onlvp.nton 811 68 ,C0
VlikHburg 81 70 .
Little Ko:-k 8:1 61 .ro
MmnpliiH 78 61 ,81
Puma m 760 2 62
Means a: 6 1 .22
lnl'precilitf .
Cliancory ea'cs to day,
Tho Bcliools will soon clow.
CandiduU's are plentiful at the
There was nothing to do in tho
Police C'uurt yesterday nnd it wan not
ope od.
Work on the tobor:imiin
Bwitch-bark roller coahter will proba
bly bi'in next week.
Tht; glials were wor.io yesterday
than t'jey liiive liccn tiiuee (lie plague
bcfr.in. Ht i k was Imdly punished.
Tiie .bun...'; Times is the only pr.
per mini! ; m il or whicli ha.s vvt
Yi!i'!ii 'l wit i ti.e will ol t!ie union
a::;it it.
In the (V initial Court ' ester 'ay
J. .hn Siti w.'.i aciU'lted t'f the cliai.''"
of bv. iii.l'i'!' another celestial out of
ti.0 .-UiH of i
- IV:;. :s i o-iiio;
dnv t lie count
lit') tiV.Yll Ves!-T-
Miriheast i f tho
ei'.v nYjort coiidul'
aide carnage ty
li u'ht In tore.
1 Timer and
the heavy, m ill (f
Att"rr v fii'ne
Set-t. I! .L',s, the
ee, er of Omit
Suuare. In iiVowNn the ifirk yester
da . which reJUted in the air bt of
the Attorney-t'ielicral for threatening
to strike the wreant with a cano.
Tli toan ia ra e wiM. litest -eels
are almost des rU'd Irom 2totio'eUx k.
live thong md men out of the city
makes a bij tole in the male K)pula
tion. Leopold tutt.-M liull, a citizen of
Germany, yesterday rtnounccd his
1 egiance to Kinperor W illiaui, and
was made a liti'-n of the Tinted
In the l intiit Court yesterday
Clapp & Heard, attorneys for the Hus
ton and Sandwich i itbs Company,
liled a suit airainHt J, II. Schwarzen
burg and others lor 110(0.
A. . I. Allison, colored, who came
from Mississippi to tttcntl the races,
was roblied and placed in jail as a wit
ness, be Wing a non-resident of the
State. Hnbseoucn'ly Judge Douglass
discharged Allison on condition that
be would appear and prosecute the
thief on next 'Monday.
The six 'eading (ierman organiza
tions ill be repicscnlcd in the grand
procession and escort the May Queen
to Ktival at 1 o'clwk p.m. Monday
next. An especial feature of this
vear's celebration will be two bands
of music on the ground, one to fur
nish music for the dancers, the other
concert music.
-The llollv 'Snr'nirs South has the
folio wing: "The Amlaiuhi says 'it is
lichevod by many that tho Memphis.
l;irmliiL'hiitn and Atlantic r"ad will
not le built beyond Holly Hprin! if
the KansasCitv load persists in build
injr a parallel lino.' Hut tbe Mem
phis, Hirminhaiu and Atlantic will
f;et there before the Kansas City can
AVm Jones, assault to rape: Allen
Porter, rape; Chas. Foster, malicious
cutting: A ex. viuto, assault and
battery; Simon lloulon, assault and
but to v; A J. Newton, carrying a ra
mf. Will Jones, assault and battery;
K. L. Lovelace, obtaining money un
der false pretences, were arraigned at
the liar ot the Criminal Court ami
pleaded not guilty.
The iinnd inrv veslerilav retnrned
(he following bills of indictment : (J W.
Harbour, iramltilcnt hreaeh of trust;
C. W. I tollman, assault and bat cry;
nn varlin, carryim; a pistol and as
sault and battery. Will Howman, lar
cony ; John lialdwvn, housebrea1
ing' and larceny; Jim Aiinidroiig,
lnrcenv; Jim Hyder, ussault and bat
tery; John Wilkerson, larceny.
Treasmer Green's benefit having
liecn postponed last fvcning, on rc.
count of the sto'in, will h given at
Leubrie's Theater Wednesday even
ing, May nth. llie same opera,
Vix-tor of Alcantara, w ill bo rendered
upon til's occasion. The reserved
eat tickets w hich have been sold are
pood, and will reserve the same seats.
Tick). is on sale at box-r Mice nt Mul
ford's jowoly shire, Main strent.
Tho ofllcers of the Paris 0. Brown
should be arrested and jailed should
the horrible nightmare they call a
whistle again be turned loose upon a
loiig-sufTering community from the
boat's mooring at the wharf. About 3
o'clock yesterday morning tho aw ful
sound, continued with variations,
woko up half the inhabitants of this
city, who were excusable for imagin
ing that the world win coming to an
end. ,
Kiro broke out In an unoccupied
bouse nt llentiing Station, on the
Chesapeake road, forty miles from the
city, yestfrday morning, and swept
away nearly the entiro town. The loss
was about 427,000; insurance. SO500;
Tho following losses are reported:
u son dt nowem, two nouses and
stock, $6500; 8. M. Key A Co., stock,
tauoi; nice tc Gregory, stock, 160
(i. ('. Jennings & Hro , house and
stock, 176(H); K. V. Lipscomb A Co.,
house, and stock, f35l(); It. It. Lips
comb A Co., bouse and stock, 1 1000;
Dr. J. J. Alston, house, J100 1: Dr. IS
W. Sanford, house and stoeV, $1000;
W. P lVsey. bouse, 18 X); O L. Strick
law, house, $MK1; Kuans A Hnrtield,
house, $ il 0; Alex. Caison, house, f 100;
Martin A Hro., bouse, $200.
Hole Agents Tor Horace R. Kelly ft
Co.' Key West Cigars.
Tbe trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Motel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. l. bamwjo.n a co.
To Day We Offer:
250 Hlue Flannel Suits at $S 50.
100 All-Wool Suits at $10.
15(1 Gents' Dress Suits at 122 50.
All ocr Spring Hts now ready.
Itaulap'a Mllh Avnn
The Renownvil lollnr Unit
Kcjual to tho Uegulnr $2 50 Hat.
At f 2 50-0110 lot of H ys' Suits,
knee pan s, 4 to 0 years.
At 14 5.i-One lot of Hoys' Dross
Suits, woith J7 50 to
(Jrcat .Millinery Display!
Children's Trimmed Hats, $1.
Cape May Sun Hats, 2"c.
Girls' Sailor Hat f 25e.
Novelties for ljidi.sand Children.
The Mikado Parasol
1000 Other 'oTfltj Tarasols!
Ladies, if you want a pair of
(jcnnlne Foster Kid Cloves,
you know where to find them. We
now assume you a 1 know that ou'
House it Ihf bL Y one in Meniphi
whert JVSTFli'S enn Iw had.
ciephN T.-. MacMi will tp?n the
League seas.tn In Memiihls on S.itur
d.iy next, tlauie called at 4 p. in.
(cuts' FurnlrblBg Department.
Tl. is Department is moro com
plete than evt r, rej resenting all
classes and grades, marked at prices
much lower than fame goods ran
bs bought lar anywhere. We are
Brctt'.e'a Fancy Ealbrifgin Suits.
Imported French Lisle Soils.
Imported English Bslbnupan Suits.
Imported Plain and Fancy Bslbrig
gan Suits.
Balbricnrsn Hblits and Drawerr, 75c
and $1 each.
Oauze Shirts, 3.5a, 50c and 75c each.
Drill Drawers, 60c and 7.5c a pair.
Unlaundried Shir, 75c aod $1.
Tan Colored, Fall Regular Shirts
and Drawers, $1 25 each, re
duced from $2.
Atbletio Shirts, Pants and Tracks,
13 for full suit,
Bots' Bslbrigft-an Suit", f 1 0.
All-Linen Caff-, $3 a d zen.
All-Linen Collars, tl 60 a dozen.
Scarfs, 25c, 60c and 75c.
Suspenders, 25c, 60c, 75c aod f 1.
Our Exhibit of Parasols
Is receiving much attention, and
the attractiveness of tbe sleek has
led to large sales. We quote be
low come choice styles at remark
ably low pi ices.
100 24 inch All-Silk Serge Paa
sols, $2.
1C0 24 inch XX Bmge Parasolr, fine
bandies, 'i 50.
100 20 inch Silk Sun Umbrellae,
$3 60.
100 26-Inch Silk San Umbrellas,
sterling silver or 14 krt. gold
bmidft, $5.
5U0 Satin Lce-Trimmfd, Lined
Pn'a'ola, 1 75, $2 60, S3, $3 50
and 14 each.
250 Striped Corchlng Parasolp, can
opy top, $1 75.
250 Finest fratin Coaching Parasols,
ail colore, $2 10 ea h.
Juet received new Mikalo, new
Maurrsqtie and many otlmr ex
clusive uovelties not to be found
Ulove Department.
Beet Selection and Lowett Prices in
the city.
Silk Jersey Gloves, O button length,
Silk Jersey Gloves, 8-button length,
Silk Jeraey Mitt, 8 button length,
65 o.
Silk Jersey Mitts, 10-button length,
Silk Lace Mitts, 50s and 75c.
Ladies' Taffeta Glover, black and
colored, 35c.
Look at our 5-Button Glove, scal
loped top, in tan shades only, $1.
Sac ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
K alsominino telephone 009, A. Mc
Neil. 'Caliorapiis" and copying, 44
North Court etreet.
Lemons and Bananas a specialty.
MkmfribStainid Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Goodyrab bat and bonnet bleach
ing, 44 Ni.rih Court street.
Ladies can have spring sowing dono
satisfactorily ami reasonably at 210
Heale street.
Send a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
H. H. Meyer is now fully prepared
to beautify your rooms with the latest
styles of frescos, No. 227 Second street.
Send to Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current of plants.
Have largee-t stock in town. Come out
and see for yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
The Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tnnlo and ntl-ivrioilo known. A oartatn
and lura onra tr chilla. Price SI ear bot
tlo. Hand atumva 'or nirfutara. Any rot
crvnre gixen. AMru John 0. Huokor,
Lvaehbar. V.
Fine Watch repairing at Mulford's.
Coupes ami t'nrrlnarra nt W. E. Ed.
aaritt A Ilroa.' Nlnhlr Ihe only
plnre In lh rltjr Hint hm Ihrtn.
Telephone Ordrra promptly nltenft
d to. Telephonea Na. 69 nnd 70S.
f'urvnndajr Meal ko to the Benle
street market.'
A Iru!fgl.Ht' Viory.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, drnggist,
Newhurg, N. Y., wriiCH us: "I have
for the pait ten years pold several
gropa of Dr. William Hall's Bui -a-a for
tho Lungs. I can say of it what I
cannot say of anv other medicine, I
havrf never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise Its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a Rreat many cases of whooping
cough, with the bappiit etleets. I
have used it in my own family for
many yeuts; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closat' ready for
Tbe Base Ball Association will pay
$ for cadi and every man convicted
for cutting the fence at (heir park.
t 'on pea nnd t'nrrlnnea nt W. K.
Kdwnrda at- Rna1 Hliahle Ihe nnl.
pinee la Ihe elljr that bna them.
Telephone Orders promptly nitend.
ed to. Telephone laoa. 69 and 75S.
BiKwrmsTs. N( 0.,
Nnfurtlny, 5Iaj Sth.
(.'nine CiilleiJ at 4 I XI.
Jlnlford, Jeweler, 21)4 Main, so
Iticlls orders from tbe country.
I I H.N 1 1 I UF,
Parlor and Bed Koani Sutlc,
Arst Bi .vTiu: & co..
Pi cmks e!i nil civled arid tlved,
14 No ;u Cm -" e ri et. Colored tj
nn'ch itev simc'e.
Jci ttntleilue I.Kuoninralao to do
J.nir I l ii ii ll tu: -
Sprlrar l.ninti. Vrni. Vrk, IHnlton
nnd Ueel at the 11 nie airrel uiaravel.
Un In Meititla tonal font pun J
fur plnniannil pK-nlv l Iheui.
Cnaton's Uolel.
W. H. BINtiHAM Mimnra.
Euroi.:in plan. Fr larmed and rrfurni.hoj.
1'ricai acoordioir tu ain anil loca
tiot of rooini.
John Mhon, Mia Xiaa T, Mvera, Kiiii
Mix b Vlyara, iiin Mia L ilenxiD, Miri
AHyri, Min I) -hinault Aw, Miaa
L J McCoint,, Mia J W llirkr, Aii-
II II McOoe, lenn J 11 'oivium, Miai
K i Maarlitm. Mill h A 1'raifee, .Mi"
J M N ilbnii, Mill J A Whitehead, Tann
0 T Cbanbarii, I enn J R Caraill, Mim
1 Y. Caiu i.l:ell. Mira Win M Cainubeil.Miii
J 11 ' hai'lioe. Ark k ii Ida J.mea, Tenn
Min Junei, Tenn Winatui Jonei, Tenn
Mi-a Ka(aJone,Tena .Inlina Laaer, Ark
II N Wood, Ark 11 Irhy, Tenn
J II Mebaoa, Tenn J T Jiullxr. Min
A C lirabum. Mi( J VV McAliat.r, Ala
W Kleaandi r, Ala J Cook, Tenn
W J f.ahe', Min LW TbomM.n, Mini
J A fiud'lnth, Mid L M Kt.ele, Ark
RC Harder, Ark J K Well,, Ark
C C Crawi, Mi 8 Mi' Peak, Miaa
E M.'Oill, Ohio R A McAnultv, Tann
T A McCla-ty, Tenn T W Kte-le, Ala
W U Orr, Tona W T Miller. Kr
T J MeDonald. Mich J A McAlin, Tann
II T bmnott. Tenn W L iiur.i, Ala
' . J Lindinan Aw, M'ia.
The Hew Uajaae.
Ratal, t2 50 to M per dy, aoeord'nt to loca
tion of roouii.
H W Sornrut, Ark f! A fitainback. Tana
Kllely, Ho TT Douilaai, Min
J A Montumerr,Mi(i Mn MunUoinery.Miai
J B Chaplin, Ark VV p Mvac-ham, Ark
(ten Winaton, Mill (1 f Landman, Ala
l K Voore, Misa J W McAliater, Ala
K Solomon, III C I Hinioold, Mo
h Falaenthal, III 0 ilulv, fa
(1 H Corkery, La J II .if urei, La
Ml Caldwell Aw.Tcnn Mini ilenncman.Tenn
J A Iiruton, Tenn J UOotiany, Ala
j L Ihoinpinn. Ill J J Covington, 111
W 0 Muaeelman, Ky J E Heath, Miaa
Hill Heatb, Mill f Koiterl, N Y
H B Anderaon. Tenn 8 R Meriwether, Tenn
W ft Jaquei Aw, Him J Kobinaon, Miia
I T Tnoinai, Min A Uwynn, N Y
B l! Uraut, ind A Kiaaner, Mill
A fl (Irabr.m, Mill VV 11 Berry, Tenn
W R Moorne Mini J VV Lueai. Tenn
J R McNeeley, Jtiaa B R Scott, Miaa
'l N 1) (iwynn.Tenn L J Manley, Mill
FWall, Miai M Wall, Mill
II W Urooka, Fla N M Thoiipaon, Ala
CCamrbell, Ala R I' Ileraey, N Y
R J Weaver Aw, N Y Miaa N Weaver, N Y
Mini L Weaver. N Y R Weaver, N Y
John Pettx,
ftenrgre Hurler,
U C ni.e ly,
L lnniela,
J Weiah,
E Chauaerlone,
J Miller.
w m Smith,
II Decker.
I) Corcoran,
P iSteiirna,
Win Urea.
Peabody Hotel.
C. B. 0 ALLOW A f Si CO FRiirRmms.
I'.ntai tl 50 and S3 per duy, acaor inar to
li and locution of room Special
t ratal mude.
L Mor on, Ark KK Colby, III
J M Cocko. lerin 11 11 llunlcy, Ark
J llHrria. Obin K Oretnliuld, Mo
11 lirinitler. Ark L J Muktr, Mo
(I I imrtt, III 8 II Cardwell Aw, Ark
Min U Horrman.Ark O.L Kly. N Y
T ,1 Moiire, Ark Mn XV H White, Tenn
N H H like. Ark T I. Willlan a, Ohio
J S -win. Ci J llinnrich. N Y
A Il.ulli 1'a Mifs Kichurd'on, Mill
(1 II Lynch, Mich CM Aiken, Ark
J 11 Biuipaon, Ala W It Johnaon, N Y
C B baundora, N J U C Davidson, A'
BKydAw, l J B Davia, la
t W Fiihor, Mins W L Kuborta, Mill
Mi- N ttray, MiM RMicklo, Miaa
( W Batdine, Ky A B Bruce, Ireland
Min M t)roB, Ireland W A Barnard, Ky
T (1 Jnnta, Tenn K J Carrie gton, Tenn
8 I' Breekwuy, III ft nalleutiue.O
B He apkar. Mo D H Brown, Ky
J P l'urdy, III A w Broekway, Ky
C P Kemedy, Ky ft W Buford, Tex
W L Clwk. Tenn MR Alcott, Tux
JBCoik.Trx A M Craig Aw, La
W C Drug. Mill W V Boyd, M il
C B Curtii, Ala J Davia Ao. N Y
B 0 Jamlao", Ark W 0 Jaokaen, Ark
A J II "lie, N Y MnFJouea, BC
ft W VTa'hinKton, 8 C B 0 Jnnea, (ia
W ATomlyAf, Ala B J Saundora, Ala
O M Kiiami. NO B Du-bam, Va
M J Uradbeld, S C J McDonald. Ohio
Mn Coiumoua, Ohio WJaokion.Ky
Dott'a Enropena Hotel,
Corner of Adams and Main itreeti. Roomi,
50c, I5o and tl per duy: American Plan,
12 per day.
Firat-olaai KonUurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY, tlo yeara with Peaoody Hotel)
R J Boyd, Ark R II Williams, Ark
C I Fortune. Tenn T Fenuson, On
0 North, Ark .1 II Snyder, Tenn
J M Moore, Tenn JtlirmOi.Te n
J W Paw, Tenn W R Rook. Tenn
w t I M;.. w I , u 1 1 u:..
C Walker, Tex J Van, Mo
(IHrown.Tenn R R t arr, Ark
R C Davia, Tenn W L Hurst, Tona
.1 L Button, Miai H F Bla k. Alu
B T II out ton, Kai WBOuirn, Ark
J 0 Johoaou, Miaa J M Compton, Miai
W M Hhaw, Tenn ft A Huhn. Ark
N L Turner, Ky M Miller, Kv
J Conroy, Tenn Mrs North , to, Tenn
N B Sherman, Mais C Itrooka, Mo
P II Powers, Mo E T Cauipbtll, Mo
II W Watia Aw, Tenn C M K.rlin Aw, La
Mn McQuisMn, La J T Chandler, Tenn
W B Duke, Tean H I, Milam, Tenn
F J Inge, Tenn W H McUouval, Tenn
W B emnorrei, Tann RR Bragi, Va
PrliNy Home.
(Formerly Commercial Hotel.) Corner of
Front and Jeflerson itreen. Terms (
Transient ratea, 12 per day.
J. II. Priddt (of JUohmond, Va) ....Psop
E ft Morris Aw. Tenn Miss' Morriu, Tenn
J A ansr-ton, Tean R R Bond, Mini
J Connelly, Man L Mevera, Man
J B Davia, Mi"a U K Williams, Ark
M raM Kobertt 2c.Tex J W llioks, Miai
Misa F Farley, Mill Mil i MoCr vay, Mill
U DurfTu, Miia C Damelo, Ark
J P Veal, III J T Uurnette, III
DTK Wiliiamr, Ghio K M Stephens, Tenn
HO Rohm, Wis ft Waite. Miaa
J Johnson, Min 8 J McPeak, Ark
W Walker. Min C Bateman, Ky
J J Drunan Kj B f Wesi, Ark
J Katnpkor. A a A 8 Tonrn, Ark
J H Miller, N Y Mils C Bowen, Mill
ft M Mann, N If J L Field, Ark
11.1 SK HALL.
Mity Nth, 101 Ii, 1Kb, 13(li.
(jauie Called at 1 1'.M.
AH klnitt of Fie.h Uealai nt tbo
Beale atreetiunrkel.
ICoitiiiM Frvs-roctl
from Sti upinrds in tho latest styles.
1 1 II. Meytr, No. 'J'27 .Second street.
Call at oneoor send jiostal fur designs.
KtatltlMlvvrwartt at Mulfortl'M
Jnctt Itocolvrtl.
Two car lands p( fxtia mn'os end
btirtvs at J, a. f brknt a c.i.'s,
.19 Monroe atreet.
Itfouojrriiiii ISaiiglon; Mulibrd.
'to the l.atlicH.
I will 1 at my rooms from 8 to 0
o lock a.:n. and from 5 to 9 o'ch'ck
p.m. to-daj and Monday from 8 o'clock
a in to 2 o'clock p.m.' Until further
notice uiy room' will be closed.
No. 2lo econd atreet, Agent.
1 to Rntledire k Lnitoinnralno for
jout I'luuihluaT and Uua-t IIIIuk.
Order"JIuIIord Made MejJalr.M
Cincinnati, May ".Night River
15 he. 1 inch on theuaugeaud fulliDg.
WeaiLrr clear sndio lrit.
Kvansvilli, May 7. Niaht Kiver
rising, v.lih 11 feet on the gaitir,
W esr clear; thermometer tit? tl 73.
Arrived: Kucleye S at , P p.m.
New Oui.bans, M iy 7. Night
Arnvd; Gohten Knie.Ciiicinuati; W.
V. ti'S'ill and tew, J.outvi'le. De.
i nrttvl: City of St. L iu.b, St. L(.nis.
l-orvn.iA Miiy 7. Nylt liiver 7
feel ti inel.tM in t! - i..;;,,il and b fei t
4 ine ' e- on the f 11 a.. d tisirg. I!n, .
in si ml. Vt:vh-r e i-:irai d ph id ;r.f.
' C.iuio, May 7. Niht River 24
feet T u cl ci en tl i i-auje and h'niion
sry. Veml' r clear i n 1 Wnnn. No ar-nv-'i
tl tfK' l'at DepArted:
Cirv f t New Orlea-s, New Orieans, 6
St. Louis, Msy 7. N ijht Rivr,i
rien S inches, ami iivw slsiuls 21 f at
3 imli s n the g!iiie. Wtaihcr rjear
end peasant. No arrivals cf rr. ul.r
pa. kits lVpriid: Cuy of Provi
dence, Vicksburg.
CaT Tbe firm ot GOOCBAB & CO. has bwD diwuivud, and we Lav rwwxaniaed our uiiereet In iiio Wnuimauo fiou
and rihos iinsinesfi, in connection with Mr. W. E. Lot, late of Warrsn, Love A Co, Bt. Louis, Mo and Mr. i. O
Caliicctt, of Coldwater, Miie., under the style of and firm naice gTmt baiow. We thank oar friends for their patronage
in tha past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAT.
. o J. H. GOOCBAB.
Late of Ooodbar A Co., Memphii. Lata of Goodbar k to., Memphii. Lata ol Warren. Love A Co., Sr, Lonii. Lata ol Coldwater,
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We are row receiving a large and En'lrely New StTk of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which e offer at ESock Itotiom Prices,
he marie hw anw rompe'ino? marker..
The Water Exploding and
Carrying Destruction
Along the Banks.
BST The sight of a river on fire has
not been seen in the vicinity of
Memphis, but it is certain that the
Greatest Bargains in Clothing are to
be found at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 2C2 Second street.
It is now time to think of Spring
Clothing. Ponder well where you
can buy it to the greatest advantage.
Who can afford to sell it tho cheap
est? Where ought the greatest bar
gains to bo obtained? Theso are
questions that should bo considcrod
by every buyor.
Bead the Answers in the Stars.
The MiBfit Clothing Parlors oan
sell you Clothing at flail Cost, be
cause we buy Clothing at Hall Prioo
The Misfit Clothing Parlors buy
nothins that they do not secure
at what represents a great sacrifico
to the tailors who made the gar
ments. Low buying is tho secret of
selling low. The Misfit Parlors sell
low because they buy low.
Tbe Flowers that Bloom In the Spring
The spring flowers will soon be
here. Prepare to dress to receive
them. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
Stacks of New Snits,
Files of Business Suits,
Tons of New Pants,
Beautiful Spring Overcoats.
First in quality; lowest in prices;
nothing but real, reliable clothing;
every garment carefully made.
Opp. Court Square.
StiT The Wide-awake Great Low
Price Clothiers.
B& All alterations, to insure a per
fect fit, made free of charge, by a
First-class Tailor. "8
US HiMtlaon Street. Memphis, Tens
A FULL itook of Wooden and Metalli
Caaaa and Caaketa. Burial Ho'oea, etc,
alwarion band. Ordera be Taletraph or Tel
ephone PromnJy ttnH1 in.
Mercbauts Cotton Tress & Storage Co.
MHFHI8, Tknn., April 2S, 1806.
T0E annUHl nieetinii ol the atnekhoMeri
ot Ihia company will be held at iti cQiee,
0. V Maditoa atreet, on
Weituvailiiy, .May 19, 1SS6,
from 12 m. to S p.m., ("r the purpote of elect
ing f-even (7) Hire to a to serve the ensuing
year. .S. K. MON IllOMKHY. S.crelBrT.
l' ir li,Mii,. a Put Vniv
r'AV- 7Mt: iti" Wurran'rU'-NI v M.ii !J
V.TKI'.'sinwrrlJ t'ntirp'y difl f nt fi.-m
!t-. "SHihTS I'.rl.Tt R,a,iiur. wnrn mtWOC
wmmi.ol . V "lhiiM.ln-dii.tt.tfr. Ittiuo. tK
KAflfcTlC tLAS. I RWSbQ. 317 N. 6th t bULoutfl.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia!
TEKMS for the reason of IS 6, beir'nn'na
June 1st, reduce t ' lo 10 per oent , but
the hi. but itandard of exoellenoa main
tain, d.
S.nd for illuatrated dercriptive pamphlet
aud tarnu.
F. N. PIKE, Manager.
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
Ot B7ry Deaor'lptlou.
Jidim M. Ooodbar Win. L, Clark Eaceno J. CarrlnKloa rraak ti. Jain
Kmtcalollsliocl. lOOO,!
319 Main Street,
WE offer to MF.KCH AKTN OMI.Y tha larreft and belt itoek of BooU and Bhoea aa
bavo ever brought to tbia market, and which eannot be aurpuied in quality anil
itylei by any honae in tbii or any other oity. In addition to a oomplate line of K&atera
made goods, includiDK the I DLt llH t l .a UllOUBAK A CO. BBOOiKN, we handle
a lame and leleet etock of Cuitoin-made Ooodi for Men, Women, Hiiiet and Children. Wo
carry a number of the beat make in tha country, in ever, variety and it le, and anion
themitbe well known Men'a Calf ltoota and Khoei manufactured by Geo, Hooker for our
Bprinr Trade. VI e alao carry a choice line of Ladiei' and Mlaiea' Cuatom Kid, Uoat and
Calf Uoodi, manutaotured by Krippendorf, Dittman k Co. We invite the trade to eiamino
oar itook before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything wa lell to give latialaotioa.
Clerk of tbe Criminal Coart.
WE are authored to annoancoDABNEY
W. CULl IEH ai a candidato lor Clerk
of the Criminal Court of tinelby county,
subject to tha Dimocratlo Convention.
Judge of tbe Crobate Coart.
WE are authoriied to annonnce J. P.
VuUN ai a candidale for the office
of Judge of the Probate t ourt, lubjcot to tha
aotion of the County Democratic Convention.
For Truale.
WE are authoriid to announce J01IN
M. ill! ADLliY ai a candidate tor
Truitee ot Sholby county at the enauing
Aoguiteleotion. lubioct to Uio aotion of the
Cemocratio Convention.
WE are authorited to announce AN
DREW J. llAKKISaa a oandi'iate for
re-election to tho oftice of bounty Trustee,
ubiect to the aotion ot the Democrat o Con
vention. TIIK Appeal ii authoriied to announce Mr.
H . LKMAhTUK aa a oaodiuate tor
the orSce of Trustee of Shelby ooun'y, aub
ject to the action ot the Democratic Conven
tion. For Attorney-General.
WE are authoriied to announce OK0RGB
B. PKTliRS, Jr., ia a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, aubieot to the
aotion of the Democratic Convention.
THE Apprnl ia authotiied to announce 6.
D. W EAKLEY aa a candidate for Attorney-General,
eubject to the Democratic Con
vent on.
For Rralater.
WE are authoriied to announce N. F.
(BUNK) HARnlSON a candidate
for Register, lubject to the action of the
Democratic County Convention.
TIIE Anneal ia author'iod to announce
JOHN i. MrCALLUM aa a candidate
for Kegiaier, lu ject to the action of tha
Democratic Convention.
TIIE undenigned announce! that ha la a
oandidate lor Regiater, and aaki the
inpport ot the voter of Shelby county. II
elected, will endeavor to give aitiafction in
the diacharge of the dutie8 of the office, and
places hii claims subject to the aotion of tha
County Democrat' Convention
Memphii, March 28, 1886.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Ker'villo, Tenn., Il a
. enndidate for REGIoTKIt. subject to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
WE nro anfhoriied to announce E. A.
EiiMoNuSON a a candidate for
County KoKifior, subject to the action of the
Democratio Convent on.
rpiIK Appeal li authorized to announce
L JHHN W. GUULU aa a cnndidnte for
tbe offioe of Pcgiicr. suljcct to the aotion of
tho Democratic Conventioo.
Jntlireof the Ctrenlt Conrt.
JAMKH I,. 000DLOE will he a cnnrlidnto,
boti re the liomocruti Convention, lor
nominiition to tho oriico of Judge of the Cir
cuit Court: nnd. if deteatcd, will aupport
the auccofsful nominoo.
We ar uthor:icd to annennce that J01TN
JOHN.TuN ia a cindiinie forjudge of the
Circuit ''ourt of fchWby Chanty, lubject to
aotion of the Dumocratc Convention.
We nro authorise! to annrunce D II. ES
TKS. J K.. n. a encdid ,te for Judce of ,he
Circuit .Cou-t, fiihjcct to the tic ion if tho i
liemocrntio t'cnvcniinn.
S ill H
s pmh 1
S; fiiiW
I mi
Li T
PURSUANT to a decree render! hv the
t'hanc-r Court t afhvillo, i t if Oc
tober term. lfK5, and emend of recrrd at
pairi'i.s. Minute Hook No.?., in 1'ie cieot
8iiiiiuo Tcrkina a John S. Clas briu-k and
otliora, rotire i" hcrclir piven thitt I wil 1 es
npfle 1 puhdc au'o, in t e courtloupo d rut
MoinpLi.", 1 enne?, upon ttie ler'ca hero
inaiitr 6ot out, ut 1. o'oiock m., on the
.Ud duy or Mnj, 1SSO,
the follnw:n iTecrilcd prorery, all aituile
In tie Tuir.g District of htlby county,
Tcnnfeo, ti.-wit:
I.t .No wet ai le of Anct;on ouire,
Lot No. l'Vi, rou'h ai e of Auction bquure,
I ot No ..rood arroit,
L' t No :.tv corner of Uverton and Ihird,
It"1-, fret iquare,
South hnlt lot 292 PeTd s'rcot.
Lot 141 and pan ! t 14:1. i".l aide rf Main
Itreet. boiwlscn Market end Winchester a'l.
'irii aif cja'e Ono-tiur'h e fh. and 'he
inte'eat rcarinir no'ea reouirrd for deterred
pavment., aoii lien reiained. Sa'e fre. from
u i I I. PVU U'TV
Special CommiaiioBcr.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for
on as liberal terms as can
Memphis, Tenn.
HiNinaaK aa a-a.
Sweet Tickles, Etc.
Stalled Fralt Plekled Orancea,
Stalled Fralt Pickled Caeambera,.
Ktnlred Frail Plekled Prppera,
SloOcd Fralt Plekled Hansoea,
nixed Sweet Pleblea,
Croaa A Blaekwell'aj Cbow-Cbow and
Mixed Pleblea,
Plata Caearober Plekle by the troll.
Other brand or Plata and Mixed
Plcklea In Ulnaa and Olivea.
I'orncr Sprmiii and Itfnle Sts.
Job Otikton, Jr.
C. N. Qeostiho.
Real Estate Dealers I
Offloe, 204 Second Street, i
a. ajor. (teeond mimi tionri.
MtaLfillS, . . . XJttlflfcSaEE.
jlm laiei raid. Aanu uouaoui, etc, oi
y B
Importer! and dealer! In Sana. Ammn.i I
nlilon and flahlim Taekle, Unlldera S I
Hardaare, t.leelrle Baxla aad An- 1
nnnelalaara for Hotel! and Residence!, S4S
Main street, Memphla, Tenn. Electris 1
auppliea alwayi on hand. Repaira: neatly I
done. '(
Boiler TV.orks.l
suea & McCarthy, rropr'g, V
140, H2, H4 Front, Memphis.
in tr.e Hoath, and the only complete
Tt,. .T TT .V.-i . . . .' . i
juter nan o'. "Ov Jiro d t, itkj id tuaciir.
.Wnrnlluotorrro of hfvj nlate Iroav
worn of every -rri)iioia. Special
aitowtlew a.-.. to pia.nttion jworlr
alius, A m in nn it ion, Firt!jlnf Tackle
and H.ihi'-1!m11 ( noils.
Sit IHnlil Nlrwt, fl.'inphla, Trnn.
Uannfacturing and Kopamni of tlum a
Frank Schnmann,
I ai porter and Dealer 1b
enn, Ftdhlnc Taehle and Rporta-
nra anappliM aW Special atten
tion 1
a-iven to MANurACl'UiUul and
41 a Main KIMMeuiplilR,Tenn
No, 814 nrXalzx C't.,
Hal juit received a Isrire itock It e
latost iiyies of
CAisniEKi:s axi) wors:r.i :i
fer Pit, which we wil' mnke to or J.F a
muh 1 id un the uju; prices. v e
make n irnod ttll-wonl panii for C .1'
nnd ex iiitin o'i so d-, A ip-i, 'r ;s
hue ut i
lvr thd cuiiug Bfjin at our niuai i. :
x. HEX'm;vso. 214 main
Finos t Snmm?r K- surt in America
Minuet 011k a Ilcai-li, tllnn. -
Offera accmirodationi unequal cd hyanyh!
tel n the weat. Rtra, 3 per day: 15 per i
month Cireulariand fn I particula'a a.nt :
promp ly on application to EfjQ&Mi MKIlL :
Manager, St. Van., Mikk.

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