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H. C. Oil.I.iWAT
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J. M. htATtno
TUESDAY, I t t KAY 11, 1886.
In ipile o! the stiikes, tho Anarchist
riots at Chicago and Milwaukee and
the agitation of tha eight-hour ques
tion, trade for the put week Ins shown
a most gratifying Increase at nearly all
the important centeis. The total
of clearance! is reported to be $S9,
833.470, compared with $771,571,047
the week before, which was the
amaUest total for any full weok aince
September 2(i, 1886. This ia a most
gratifying exhibit, f it, as the New York
CltronicU obssrvcs: "Clearings and
railroad earnings ara always the last
to record a rise or a fall in legitimate
enterprise. Of oourse the clearings
quickly reflect stock speculation, but
after a period of depression real enter
prise basin great measure lobe carried
to full fraition before I rn sanctions ctn
be largely multiplied, or their results
appear in our distributing machinery.
For similar reasons the record they
five o! a decline in activity la alike
alow-they feel it last" In New York
tha Trodoci Exchange responded to
the Boclallbt outbreak In the West,
and for a day or two It seemed
to be peralud, bnt the prompt
and successful efforts of tha au
thorities of the threatened cities
in restoring order, fojether with
the freedom of ths workingmen from
any participation, near or remote, in
tha riots had tha effect of reassuring
tba members, and they ara figuring as
usual. Tha Chronicle report! a alight
improvement in money daring the
week, commercial paper being very
scarce. No change in rates, backs
Inclining to ba conservative, and buy
ing only first-olata notes. Aa to the
future of our foreign eieharjges
tha same reliable authority slates that
"tha market ia felt to ba a little more
doubtful than it wis. Lower rates
were anticipated with much confi
dence as soon ai tha French lean wai
awarded, bulanow everything must of
course depend upon the flow of go'd
in Europe. If, after the announce
ment of the aanrdi tor the French
loan, tha gold recently collected by
the Bank of France shall be to aome
extent distributed, the strain would
ba relieved. But if the efforts at Paris
to draw gold continue, as many think
they will, because of the deollneia
allver (the quotation yesterday being
45Jd.), the Bank of England will be
forced to fnither raise its rate until it
stops the drain or draws from us a
sufficient tupply."
There can be no doubt that the
strikes, the agitation of the eight-hair
quett'on and the Anarchist riots have
had the (tract of arrettlng the healthy
; condition of trade developed es a re
sult of the dullnens that prevailed so
i uniformly in 1834-85. But as the
strikes have prac'lta'ly ended and the
: Anarchists are in tho hand
' of tha law and there only remains
ithe eight hour question there is
j rearon to hope with the New York
j Indicator that business will soon l3
i upon a firmer bau'e. Fur as tbe New
i York Chronicle tays, "There is no
doubt a very hopeful fesling prevail
ing in business circles. Confidence in
the good sense of the large majority
of our people, still warrant i the belltf
that these labor troubles mu&tsoon
ceaie. The earlier contest! are all
practically closed and aiide from the
dynamiters, which the law will deal
, with and cruah, there ii only the
eight hour Movement to be me;. With
the exception of this ' one cause,
everything, as we have frequently re
f marked, points toward activity, llow
far more favorable and reassuring tl hi
last year the crop situation is to day.
it Is hardly neceef ary to repeat. Wo
can only say that the week fcas but
confirmed what we have heretofore
published. Before June is out our
railroads will have new wheat to tar
ry. Then there is a spirit of enter
prise still pervading all cltsses, which
is held in check for the time being by
tha uncertainties ( tbe moment.
Ooly give tha country a lata basis fcr
its activities snd there is no doubt of
the result"
EradstrerCt statistics show that the
total number of workmen engaged in
the eight-hour movement in all pa-ts
of the country is 325.C00. Of these
150,000 have succeeded in obtaining
What they demanded without striking,
?5,O30 after btriking, leaviDg 140,000
ftill on strike. The trades in which
the movement has been most success
j'ul are those connected with house
building, agricultural implement
waking and machinery building,
j h'se are trades not subject
to foreign competition. In thoee
which are subject to such competition
either in the wy of exportation of
the domes' ic product or of imjiorta
tion of the foreign, the movement has
met with little success. In some cases
the employers have yielded in con
secjeni e of contracts on hand which
must he filled, but have notified tho
men that they shall return to ten
hours when the co: tracts are com
pleted, or (lost- the wcrks. The (vlwlo
moverncnt is in fa :t expcriinor.tal.
Kig'ijli despotism in I eland dies
bard. It is a wo'l established fact tbat
men can tngaue in cruelty until 't'n(y '
acquire a love for it. T tyrinU 0f
antiquity enjoyed ,innged them.
le'.vee at thr, Cri;i(i tuffeIiDg9 and con
(ortions of their victims. They spent
much oi their ample leiaora in invent
1? new instruments of torture, and
'.'tie one that produced tbe most agony
was .ready pr'nd by the brutes. Tbe
dt spots of England have to long
starve'! and persecuted the people of
Ireland that they have acquired a love
of their cruelty. They hear the thun
ders of tie civilizad world muttering
i's deep damnation of the policy of
persecution and wroag, and they are
mriking a d operate effort to
perpetnat) the rule of cruel
ty which has been to them a
source of joy for over ssven
hundred years. As the demand for
justice swells louder and louder, the
mors vehement and unscrupulous ara
they ia slandering and vlllifying tbe
I iah people. They see the dawn of
Irish independence, and tbat the peo
pie of England demand a change jus
tice to Ireland and in tha hope of
producing a reaction and showing
that tbe Irish ara not capable of self
government, they tell the people of
England that the Chicago liota week
sgo was the work of the Irish-Ameri
cans. Tee London Standard, Otobe,
Teli graph and HI. JameinOaz He, the or
gans of thess who oppose Iiitb. free
dom, charge the Irish with instigating
the Chicago riot. To show that this is
an unmitigated falsehood, sn arrant lie
fabricated for the purpose of injuring
and weakening Gladstone's e'
fcrts in behalf of Ireland, it
is only necessary to refer to
the fast tbat among all tha list of
scoundrels and murderers who incited
till riot there doea not appear a
single Irish name. On tba contrary,
most of those who fell defending the
publio order were Irishmen. They
were the first to assail the Anarthists,
and died in defensa of tha laws of
thair adopted couatiy. The Iriah
peop'e a'e naturally lovers of liberty,
enemies to wrong snd opprsiion, and
in this land of freedom and justice
they ara contented, law-abiding citl
sens, and for tbe English prist to
make them responsible for the Chi
cago liots U an outrage upsn truth
and deccacy a deliberate Ha fabricat
ed to perpetuate Eagllsh cruelty in
Ireland. Tbe Irish-A merles ns ate not
Nihilist, Communists, Anarchiits or
Socialists. Tbey poured out tbolr blood
in Chicago a wo k ago, in detente of
law and order, and it conflict should
ever come botween civilization and
anarcby the Irish race ni l erect itself
a bulwark between tbe law and the
lawless. Indeed, of a'l tha foreigners
In the United Stater, the Irish have
been the least tainted with social
Ism or communlr-m. They have be n
the frequent victims of tba American
mob. But since 1776 they have crim
soned every bat'le-fleld with their
blood, and in times if rinttheybavo
been a tower of strength, the chief re
liinie in restoring law and o der.
Irishmen were killed at Chicngo wtnltf
bravely etrungliuu to supprets lawless
ness; a 1st g i portion of the lw of
fl ere w?te Irish there was not a
e:nRle Irishman among the lawbreak
There is some reason to believe
thet tbe majority of the School Com
missioners may be prevailed upon by
the agent! of a great publishing house
to change the text books now in use
in our public schools. This would
work a gtcat injns ice, and must
not be done. There are three
strong reasons why it should not
Firtt There n so necrsilty for it.
Second It wcu'd put the school chil
dren to a very great and an unc.ee s
sary expense. And third, it would
confiisj tbe pre ssnt methods and phns
in sll our public schools. Betjdee,
the books in use are among the best
that ara printed, aud tbey have the
attestation of many of the beBtedu
cttors sni scholars as to their va'ue.
There is no necessity for thtrging
them, and tbey ought not to hi
The lir .dstreet Agen y reports 172
failures in the United States for the
week ending May 7th, against 172 the
previous week, 179 in the first week of
Me y, 18S5, 132 in 1884,14t)in 18S3 and
90 in 1882. Canada and the provinces
had 17, against 27 the previous week
aid S3 last year. The total in the
United Smt' B, and to the date men
tioned, it 4168, agninst 4843 in a
like portion of 1885, a decline
of 6S5 in eighteen weeks of this
year. The total for a like portion of
1884 was 3987 in 1883, 3943 and in
1882, 2GC3.
VrcTrMS of youthful indiscretions,
Sullering from nervous debility, lack
of se f-contidence, impaired memory,
ami kindred symptoms, should send
10 cents in stamps for large illustrated
treatise, giving means o' certain cure,
with numerous testimonials. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, 003 Main street, Hiill'alo, N. Y.
Nnlelda by KhootlHK.
Ku.- Vnnr. Mnv 10. Titus It. L' ti
mer, a petroleum' broker, doing busi-
neHs at Jso. 01 l-.xciiange naco, mm
ttiittfi.l ciiifMit liv Hhootimv himself ftt
bis home to-day. He wus deranged
at tbe time.
OF $ TO 4.
Knouff Pifchrs a Good Game, But Is
Not ifft ctlrtly Supported
Games Elsewhere,
Tue home tesrn flayed looc.-'" "
terdi.y end fniitd to g'vo lV.cl.fir
Ivooulf that effective support to whie'a
be vrau entitled. The clliciul tore
shows Sied ctn'jrd with or.e
error, Maasel one, AncYvM v2
a-.d FntBilbseU one, while the
Macn iiino played with but
two error.-, ft: clan played a faultier
gime at second and did snmo rar bat
ting. Brrjughtoa caught Kora(r wjth
oat tu error or passed bV,f and male
two base 1 i's, pravinp uiuiself a valua
ble "cqu.s'.tloa to the nine. Maueel
made bis ueaa costly muff in left
fluid, letting. In a run, and by clumiy
baie rurjLiug and failure to find the
ball managed to earn tbe der.s
ion of Ihs crowd. Black did seme
marvelous base stealing and well de
served tae ap plans) tbat greeted his
run in the ttird inning. Tbe
game was Interesting tbrcuunut and
up to the last half of the eighth inning,
with tbe score 3 to 2 in favor of Memphis
lojked like a viuo.y for the Browns.
Ia tbat inning, however, Stearns got
to first on Andrew's fumble ol a
g-ounderand stole to second. Con
nolly got bis ba-ie on balls. Corcoran
hits to sbort-ttp and was put out at
fiist,8:eara going to third and Connel
ly to atcond. Pelts hit to first and
was retired, Stearns scoring. Decker
struck out, ending the inning with the
score tied, 3 to 3. Neither side scored
in tbe ninth inning. In the tenth in
ning Sneed got s goose egg by an easy
hit to second. Mansel made first on
Walsh's fumble if a grounder, snd
made second on Walsh's muff as
thrown by Decker. Andrews hit to
pitcber, who fumbled, diverting the
bail past the second baseman, An
drews reaching first in late
ly. Mantel made for home,
but the ball beat him about
tea feet and Decker put him out as
clearly as ever a man whs put out on a
ball ground, umpire Brennan, how
ever, declared him not out, and the
Macon nine, justly withdrew from ths
diamond, retusing to continue tbe
game. Alter a mrg wrangle tbey
finally resumed play. Black struck
out aud Bronghtou went out on a hit
to third. With a score of 4 to
3 against them staring tbem
in the face the Macous went
t) the bat, hardly hopirg to win.
Probably tbeir wrath lost them
etrength, for (ieisi, the firrt batter,
knocked the ball to light-field for two
bags. Stearns hit to second and was
intercepted at first. Connelly hit a
grounder to left-field for one bag and
Uuss scored. Corcoran then stepped
up to the plate, but before ha could
rap tbe ball Concelly had stolen to
second. Corcoran th.n sent tha ball
to center-field and Connelly came in
making tbe winning run for Macon,
Tbe attendance was unu'.ua'ly Iotm,
not a seat being varaut on tbe grand
stand, aud the place reserved frr
lad es was bonoreo by tbe pretence of
a, least a hundred representatives of
tbe fair sex. Tbe r suit of the game
wr-s a great disappointment but par
tiality to the Lome nine should cot
blind one to tha fct tbat tbe score
wou'd bave been 3 to 2 in favor of
Memphis but f r Andrews' crstly
error in tbe eighth inning. The game
was lost then and there, and only goes
to show that even as good a player si
Andrews has hist fl davs. The batterv
for Macon to-day will be Cbamberlane
and Daniels, the former being tbe
pitcher wrom the Chattanooga nine
knocked illy the first wback tbey got
at him. Black and Bronghton will
bold tbe folate for Memphis.
Mcore ry inn lays:
InnitiKS.l 23466789 10
Mc3p's..l 11000000 14
Macon. ..1 01000010 2-5
MtMPBIS. 4.11. R..BH. P.O. A. S.
Bnotd, r. f 6 110 11
Maneel, 1. f. 4 10 10 1
Andreas, 1st b... 6 0 2 13 0 2
Blrck, r.f 4 1 0 0 0 0
Uroughton, c 6 1 2 9 0 0
Fnstelbach, t. s.. 4 0 0 1 4 1
Phelan,2d b 4 0 3 1 4 0
Whitehead, 3d b. 4 0 13 3 0
Kuoull, p 4 0 0 1 2 0
Total 4 9 28 14 6
MM'IH. A B. B. B H. P.O. A. .
Sterrus.lsth 5 1 0 ri 1 0
Connelly, e f 4 2 12 10
C rcoran, 3i b... 6 1 2 1 3 0
I'elis, 1. f 4 0 0 1 0 0
I) cer, c 4 0 2 9 1 0
Walsh, s. s 4 0 10 11
Daniels, r. f 4 0 0 0 0 0
Smith, p 4 0 0 0 2 1
OsUs,2d b 4 112 6 0
Total ...38 5 7 39- 15 2
Summary: Rims earned Memphis,
2; Macon. 2. Kirst base on eirora
Memphis, 2; Macon, 2. Firttbaseon
called bsl'B Memphis, 2; Macon, 1.
Ntruck out uy Kuonrr, 7; by iMnitb,
10. Two base his Broughton and
Noted. Thre base hits Corcoran.
Pnsed bills Drcker, 1. Bisesstolen
Sneed, Mansell, Andrews, Black,
Phelan 4, Connelly. Time ot game--2
hours 30 niinutja. Umpiie Bren
nan. Ailnaia, let Hnvnanah. S.
UriciAL to ths arriAL.I '
Atlanta, Ga , May 10. To day's
game between Atlat.tt aid Savannah
was extremely cne s'ded throughout
and rt salted in a Waterloo for the
visitors. A large crowd was present,
probnb'y 2J00 persons. The home
t'm caught on to O'Day's pitching in
tbe besinnlng nf toe gauie; and
pound 'd htm in the mott vigorous
mmnnr. fcore : Atlaut, 10; Savan
nah, 0.
Aaaaln, ot Kaahvllle, 4.
IBFICUL TO tsi irriai.t
NasnvtLLK, Tarts,, May 10. Au
gusta defeated Nashville to-day In a
en-ioning rontett. The score was
tied on the fi th lonine with four runs
on each side. Nashville lot the game
In tho tenth inning by errors f Mo
Vey snd Gold'by. Dundon and Mc
Vey were the local battery and Rear
don and Suck for Augusta. Nsshvihe
made nine hits and Anensta eight
lIMelMeil Satea.
Chicago, 7; Boston, 1.
PsTKorr, 9; New York, 2.
Cincinnati, 4; Pittsburg, 2.
Baltihorb, 0 ; Metropolitans, 2.
St. Louis, 6 ; Kansas City, 3.
Hkn umin F. Yoi'NO, umpire of last
season's league, has neeeptetl a posi
tion on President Proudlit s staff.
Tun Poplar Street Athletics defeated
the Adams Street Athletics Sunday by
a score of H to 4. Batteries Foltz and
Move' for Poplar street ; Cardonna
and" Brandt for their opponents.
Tut features of yesterday's srsme on
the Macon eio were the iirilliant
1lay of Connelly at center field, the
jatting of Coix-oran, the perfect work
of St arns at first base and Decker's
fine performanoe behind tbe bt One
of Connelly's catehee, a difficult fly
caught after a long run, was particu
larly roteworthy, being accompanied
by a lieantiful throw home resulting
in a double (day.
lISt I hhUlt AT I.KMiTIl
Uy ilieUriif rat Coalrrrnre at Itiili.
iuui l -TUe Only Orlalunl
Main Jok(,
KiciiMoSD, V'a., May 10 Ia the
M. K Genaral Cmference to-day, Dr.
M. W. Cbspman of Miisour Intro
duced a preamble and its lution in
relttinn to tbe coDvertioa of the
M. E. Church Santh and the Metho
dist Episcopal Church North. The
preamble tets forth in subsiaace that
the two cbuicbf shave a ommcn his
tory snd preaoh the tame truths; tbat
tbe Cape May Miesion has been
wholly disregarded; therefore, be it
IitmUed, That this General Confer
ence eha l elect a committee of seven,
four of whom shall hs clerical and
three hy delepatf-s, who shall meet a
cooimitue from tbe Northern Metho
dist Church in 1888, looking to a re
union of tbe two churches.
Tbe resolution further sls forth
that it is a folly far iho Methcdist
chorchesto ccsopy tbe came terri
tory. luequert'on wasdiicupeedatsime
length, and finally sat referred to a
speeisl ommiitee to be composed of
one from esch annual conftreoee.
Tbe Committee on Itineracy, to
which was rsfened a memorial from
theLf uisvi land Denver Cooferenres
that provision he made for the ap
pointment of evangelists, recom
mended non-ccncu'rance.
Dr. Adams ol Georgia thought tbat
Sam Jones and other such men should
bave noratnalppointa;cBs.
Dr. Messick of Louisville stronpl
supported the report of the commit
tee, and was in favor of allowing the
question of etacgrdism to stand as It
is. He very forcibly contended that
the church did not want specialist' on
this subject; that every Mttholii-t
P'etcher is equally qudilW to save
tojls. In tbe name of Methodism he
protested against such an innovation,
nd when he concluded tbe:e vtas a
hearty "amen."
Dr. Neely cf Texas stid that these
evangelists, as far as he knew, were
running on the plan of "religion made
eay." Ia the name of the Methodist
church and of tbe entire church of
God ha hoped that the meaiura would
Dr. Winfield of Arkimae slid that if
the memorial is adopted every turn
log in tha Methodist convention will
he an evangelist in tbe next five years.
"Do yon know wbat a gum-log isf
the doctor aked. "It is one you can
not do anything witb. When I was in
Europe with Bishop Wilson we were
shown a certain kind of tree there
called tbe feminine oak. You tao't
split it or do anything with it It is
just like a women : when she will, she
will, and you can't do anything with
her. There is but one Sam Jones in
tbe world," lie continued, "and there
never will be bnt one, and every little
fellow that tries to be like
Bam Jonea will fail. You can
make no mora on that lire. He
is by himseli yon can bave but ens,
and if you attempt to duplicate him
you will turely fail. Laughter. He
has turned Chicago upside down, and
any man that bai ths.courage to attack
Chicago cannot be duplicated. He is
being beard in Baltimore. Renewed
laughter. He is tbe man ot tbe cent
u y. We don't want any evargelitts
among Southern Methodists. We
have already the 1 randest machinery
in tbe world. Brethren, I tell you
what is the matter. You go a'ong
lifeless and deed. Rekindle flies in
vour own church, for it is time the
Methodist ministers were looking this
mstter in the face."
After a lengthy and interesting dis
cussion of the matter tba report of
tbe committee was adopted by an al
most unsnimons vote.
Tbe conference then a journed.
Closing prices June options at Chi
cago yesterday : Pork,1 8 to ; lard, 5.70c ;
wheat, 77Jc; corn, 3IUc; cats, 28Jc.
Visitoih On 'Change yesterday, B.
S hapker, St. Louis, Itfo. ; C. L. Har
vey, Cincinnati, (, ; C. I). Ringgold.
St. Louis, Mo.; Thomas O. Leonard,
Detroit, Mi h ; W. P. Brooks, Water
V alley, Miss.
Tiir visible supply of grnin, in com
parison with that ol a week iig-, as it
will be reported to the New York Pro
duee Exchange to-dav. is as follows:
Wheat, 41,!il7,531 l.u.'decrease, 1,301,
18H bu ; corn, 1 0,0211,50;! hu, decrease,
1,176,621 bu; oahs, l.Sul.SiiS bu, in
crease, Ir8,!tl4 bu; rve, 370,411 hu,
d-crease, 26,079 bu; "barley, 612,122
bu, decrease, 152.2H bu.
The Tai-tln 'ennnlllr at M. I.onla
St Lour?, May 10. The turtin Oon
gressional sub-committee was in ses
sion eight hours to day and took a
large amount of evidence. Tho first
witness was Wm. Kerriean, General
Superintendent of the Missouri Pa
cific system. He estimated the
loss to tho employes of the road
bv the strike to be in round
numbers $1.0 0,000, the loss to the
railroad $,000,lKrO and the loss to the
country at largo two or three times
this amount. SeveM other officials of
tli- railroad company were examined,
who testified to vari us incidents
which oeeurral during tho strike. It
is the intention now to examine- Mr.
Hoxie to-morrow, if he is well enough
to bear the ex. rtion nfcessary, and
also Martin Irons, the man who order
ed the strike.
Bfwatiry Tour Home.
Finish the walls and ceilings wjth
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pensive; try it White and twelve
tints. Cheaper and better than paint,
kalsomine or paper. Disinfects ami
prevents diseases. Beautiful sample
card free. By druggists, hardware
and paint dealers. Ji60 giwn away.
8. MANSFIELD A CO., Memphli.
Hao a case of inflammato'y rheu
matism of nearly all the large joints,
accompanied with high fever; gave
Tongaline in drachm doses every four
hours, and aconite fur the fever; to
dav my patient is ahle to be out and
doing well. W. W. Baxter, M. D.,
Herman, III.
la b Dear Old Pnya.
We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all the fame on the de
sirableness of a fine bead ( f hair. If
yon mourn the log of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balsam will make you
look as you did in the dear old c'ays.
It is wo-th trying. The only standard
60 cents article for the hair.
AY, MAY 11, 1886.
The I'fah Folygaray Cises Dlsmlestd
for W'nnt or Jurisdiction
Adjourned lo October.
V.'Asnrs'uTis, May 10. Tbe follow
ing (ieci.-iona were rerdersd in the r!u
pre ue C u:t to-dav:
No. 194-ix!fr.No:t n, p'a'ntiff n
emrvB. Shelby county, Tccnotfife,
in cr;or to "hi CVcu't Court of the
Unired Fta'.ee f r tho Western Dis
fr:'ct cf Tcnaesaee. This is an aitioa
Upon twentj-nine Mis iseippl rivfer
railroad bods, each of $1000, ii od by
the County Ccmmiesioners of fch?lhy
connty under the tc-'s of February 12,
1807, aod Mnrch 1, 186i, ad payable
Janoa y 1, 1S75, with interest from
January 1, 1S9, a'. 6 per cent per
annurr, payable temi-annual y, and
three coupons tf $00 each. 1 lis ques
tions at issue were whether tbe
County Cjuirui sioners bywhoee di
rection the bonds were issued we e
lawful officers of Shelby county;
whether if they were not officers it
jure they werecfliceis de Jucto, and as
such their sction in ieeuing the bonds
wa valid, and whether their action
had been ra:ified by the county. The
Circuit Court decided against tbe
plaintiff on ail the points, and the Su
preme Court sflirma that decree.
Nop. 1277, 1278 snd 1279 Lorenzo
Snow vs. tbe United HUtn. Snow
wis convicted under the Edmunds act
for unlawful cohabitation snd tent to
p ion, where be now ia. He appealed
from the Suprame Couitof the Terri
tory of Utah, which sustained the
judgment of tbe lower court ia which
be was convicted. Tbe Supreme Cjurt
of tbe United States holds that it baa
no jurisdiction in the cases, and there
fore dimis-8 them. Juct'cs Batch
ford delivered the opinion of the court
He held that in the Cannon case the
ques ion of jurisdiction was not con
sidered, and as tbe case was decided
at tbe present term it bad been decid
ed t recall the maud te and dismiss
Ike caae for wtnt of juritdiction, in
order tbat tbe reported decision may
not appear t o be s decedent f jr the
exerr ise of jurisdiction by the court in
a case of the kind.
No. 1322 -The United Sates vs.
John M. Langston; apps&led-irom the
Court of Claim". Mr. Largtton, who
was formerly Minister to Hayti, sued
for a balance of salary t? rid the Court
of Cairns gave bim a jndgmtn: for
J76G2. The Supreme Court afflims
tbe decision.
1 No. 1246-The United Sta es vs.
Kagama, alias "Pactah Billy," and
Manawaba, alias "Ben," on a certifi
cate of divisicn in opinion between
the judges of the Circuit Court of the
United Sttes for California. Tbe Su
preme Court decides to be censti
tutional tbe piovisions cf the In
dian expropriation act for 1886,
making an Indian committing
murder Ce Indian reservation
wholly within a State, snd mak
fcg such Indiaa subject to ba
tried in tbe same courts aud subject to
the same penalties as other per-oos,
snd also decides that the United
8tates courts bave 110 jurisdiction to
try snd punish an Indian belonging to
an Indian tiibs for committing mur
der upon another Indian of the same
tribe, both stistain'ng tbe same tribtl
relst'ons, when the crime la com
mitted upon an Ind!an re'ervation ret
apart for the tribe to abich tbey both
No. 1281-Wo Lee, appellant, vs the
Sbe'iff of Saa Francisco, and No.
1280,Yick Wo, vs. tbe same. The plain
tiffs were convicted under an ordi
nance of tbe city of San FraccUco,
prohibiting the carrying on of a laun
dry in a frame building snd sent to
prison. Tbe Supreme Court bo'ds
the ordinance to be a discrimination
aia'ntt tbe Chinese snd wn, there
fore, illegal and a violation of the
fourteenth amendment to the consti
tution. The decisions of the lower
courts are reversed and the cases re
manded with directions to di-.charge
the prisoners from custody. .
No. 652 Morgan's Louisiana and
Texas Railroad and S'eamship Com
pany vs. the Board cf Health of the
Kite of Louisiana; in error to the
Supreme Court of Lou'siana. This
suit was brr.ught by the Morgan com
pany to restrain the Bowd of Hea'th
iruiu collecnng the he autbo.ined bv
aa act of the Legislature to be col
lected frooi each vesrol passing the
quarantine station for inspection end
fumigation services. Tbe Supremo
Court of tin State decided apainat the
company and ths Supieme Court af
firms that decision.
The Court alarmed the judgment ot
tbe California couits in the a'ifornia
rail read tax care. Justice Field con
curred in a sepsra'c opinioa.
The following order was entered:
It appearing tbat, owing to the
number of decisions made at this term,
s scond volume of reports is neces
sary, ordered that the reporter cause
it to be printed and published, pnrcu
ai.t to the provisions of section 681 of
the Revised Statute', and of s cion 1
of chapter 89 of tne act of tbe first
sec im of the Forty-seventh Con
gress's order. Ordered by the court,
that the eecond section of rule 34 of
this court be, and the tame is h?iehy,
amended bv adding thereto tbe fol
lowing: 'Or be enlarged upon recng
niztnee an hereinafter provided."
Ordered: It is row hereby ordered by
tbe court that all cases on the docket
not decir'eJ, and all tbe other ba i
nets of the term not dispotel of by
the court, be, rnd the ssme is hereby,
continued until the next teimof the
Adjaurned until October next.
tbe Teevh of Slay ! Mrmorlana
f Walter eaoaxtnaan.
To tha Editors of tha Appeal:
Oa tbis day, the anniversary of
Stcnewa'l Jackton's death, the citi
zens and sarvivois' at sociations of every
town city, village and hamlet through
out the State of Sonth Cerolira will
unite in the holy doty of com
memorating tbe deeds and decking
ths graves of their heroes slain in toe
late war, many of whom, probably,
like Waiter A. Goodman, had exalted
and ennobltd tbeir heroism by
thoughts, sentiments and actions
worthy ot Ihs cause and its leader. It
is well that it should ba so, as it ex
cite! the noblest, pureet and holieit
emotions of the human tool. Esio
Perpetua, and "may from their ashes
soring the violets of their native land,"
"and gentle f a'f s, finning their odor
iferous wings, diepense the peifume,
and whisper whence tbey stole tfleir
balmy spoils," Well does Col!egan,
net of the thre, remember when, in
December, 1850, he enie'ed the South
Carolina College aa a eophomore,
Walter A. Goodman, tr ea a senior,
hew he was greeied by that gifted,
genial, sympathetic and catht l c man
and witb whU gnsto and glee, in the
euaniog yea-, curing fptive hour?, he
tasg "Bi'ly ASamur, Ol" sxd what
CetdiaTly tovitcj aa iaspectiaa
varied : 8jsHn aaa tnmaMtr Etock f. &ttbh,
t Fcnch and JBermsa .Wonted,
coaprlsiaj the Lateat Designs
f '.y Sarmofcj ' aai Prices ea
who lure left auexrare.
pathos acd humor he d!sklyed in
rendering "Pcor Robinson Cimoe,"
written, I bslieve, by himself, and the
blank astonishment of tbe faculty, fol
lowed by tbe large and appreciative
audience, on the delivery of bis vale
dictory, subjact: "Can there dry bonee
live?" Walter A.Goodman was ad
largely endowed with all tbe powsrs
and attributes typified in the myeticil
Itt'ers P. A. E. as any man who ever
matriculated at that cc.llege, and was
as thoroughly imbued with tbe eeprit
dn corp tbat has marked the fcraduah 8
of that institution. But "old times sre
changed, old manners gone." Tbe
debris of a former civil zation lie on
the hills and in tbe vales around the
once beautiful capitol of South Ca o
line, "thick as tbe autumnal leaves in
Vallambroea," and nau'.bt but the
sough of the wind among tbe p;nee,
Goa's music "and g'cry guard
tbe bivouac of the dead." O
temporal O mo-en! Ab, "true It is
arts fade, 8 ates fall, but nature doth
not chrge," for .behold the t'ger
lily still floats as magmric-ntly on the
bosom cf its waters ai cf yore. Its
banks aie ftstvned with the yellow
jasmine, the fringe and the calico
tree, and the air is loaded with tbe
perfume cf the bay aud honeysuckle,
nov in erior to that of "Artby tbe
blest " Tbe esprit du corps among
South C.irolii a and many ol ihii We-t-traStaiei
ixUteii as eorly es 1711,
wtieu iv. t-rsvan r,f Sou til Ur.lir.a
st it C1 Patnwell ssnin-t the Tnt-(ao-a,
who subdued tbem. T-ie
remnant of 1 hs trine em g a ed and
becauc the eixft nation of the Iro
q roia confederacy. The power of tbe
nut ion wss thus brokjn, snd the in
terior of the fores' s beramo phess of
resort to the immigrant. (Ram ay'sA.
T.,pge44) James Adair of South
Carolina visited tbe towns cf the
Cherokeesand most of tbe natieni
south and wett of tbem in 1730. We
era indebted to his observations for
most tbat is known of tbeir ear.y his
tory. (R. A. T.) As the beet means of
previ nting the French from influenc
ing the Indians. Gov. Glen cf South
Carolina, in 17f5, suggested the build
ing of forts In ihs heart of the Indian
territory, and a large cscsion of terri
tory was made to tba king,
wbeieon were erected Fort Georg,
in South Ca olina, and Fort London
in Tennessee abont thirty miles east
of tbe present city of Knoxtille the
first Kagl sh fo t tree'ed iaTetnes-'ee.
It was par ial y gjrrisoned by Sooth
Garolinans, Stuart and cnelof (he
three offl' ers that were killed being
from South Carolina. In 1761 Co.
Grant,angmented bv a provincial regi
ment officered by Mifdlcton, Laurens,
Marvin, Hugerand Pickets, subdued
for awhile tbe soiri sof tbsChtrokees
and the peace wbb h followed brought
a remarkable increa-e of population.
(R. A. T.) In 1782 Gen.Prckensmade
a treaty with theChtrokees by which
Georgia obtained all tbe Cherokee
lands south ot the Fav.nnah and east
rf tbe Cbatlahoochie, and on Match
27l h, 1814, at the Horseshoe, Gen. An
dew Tack forever destroyed tbe
power of the Ind an race in America.
Verily, "in tbeir tshts live their
wont id firej."
OFrica Signal Service, U. S. A., "1
Memphis, May 10, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time: .
Ab've Low
Rise I Fall
Feet. lOths
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Leaven worth...
Little Rock
New Orleans...
St. Louis.........
St. Paul
Danaer MaeFeet and tenths of a foot
above lero of gauge :
Cairo, 40 feet. Chattanooga,, S3 feot.
Cincinnati. 60. Davenport, 15.
Dubuque, 16. Fort Smith, 2.
Keokuk, 14. Helena, .
La Cronee, 24. Leavenworth, 20.
LiUle Kock,28. Louisville, 25.
Meuibii, 34. Mew Orloans, 13.2.
Nahville, 40. Pitt-burg. 22.
Omaha, 18. St. Paul, 7.
St. Louie. 32. Vickf burg, 41.
obreveport, 23. Yankton, 24.
Nkw Oblians, May 10 Night
Arrived: Guiding Star, Cincinnati.
Louisvirxs, May 10. Night River
ristnk, with 8 fet 5 incbej in the
canoland 6 feet 3 inches on tbe fall?.
Btuiness dull. Weather clear and pleas
ant. St. Louis, May 10. Night River
e'ationa-y, and now stands) 24 feet cn
the gauge. Weather cloudy and very
warm. No arrivals or departures of
re.-ular packets.
: Evansvills, May 10. Night River
Stat oaary, with 14 feet 9 inches on tbe
gangs. Weather cloudy and warm ;
thermometer 71 to 85. Tbe Charles
Morgan telegraphs to arrive at 8 p.m.
CiricutSATi, May 10 Night River
29 U e 3 inches on ths gauge and rising.
Weather clear and very warm. .The
James W. Gaif, for Memphis, expects
to leave during the night
Caieo, May 10 Night River 29
feet 8 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear and hot. Arrived r Ciiy
of Natchea, SU Louis, 1 p.m.; R. a
Hayes and harw. New Orleans, 5 p.m.
Departed: R. S. Hayes and barges, St
Louis, 0 p.m.
And it stimulates and promotea the
growth of the hair.
Burnett's Flavoring Extrwcta ara the
ef tit Lam, Fresh aai
Cava meres and Suitiaji,
act Finest Textures la
application ts tho
National Jorkey t'lnb Buck,
Ivy City, D. C, May lO.-The sec
ond day cf the spring meeting of the
Natiocal Jockey Ciub at Ivy City
was very well alter ded, though up to
within an l our of the Stirling for the
first race the weether was nnpromi
nz, frequ ntsbowers having occurred.
The track was in excellent condition
and, except a little lumpy, waa ftst.
The lad es were again out in strong
force and exhibited a deep interest in .
all tbe events, many of .them br.cking
tbeir favorites.
.Fir&i Race A dssh of one mile, for
three-year old?, was won by WBjwtrd; .
Boheme eecend, Lsrd Lome third.
Timt 1 45J Mutuals paid Jo3 75.
&ecnd Race. One mile and one--eighth.
Won by Frankie B; Tony
Foster tecond, Rosette third. Time
2:tHU. Mutuals paid 9 50.
Third Jiace.lhe Analoetan stakes,
one mile, for tbree-year-olds. Won by
Bees; Btggooette second, Euiu third..
Time 1 :45ij. Mutuals paid 83 30.
Fourth Race A. selling race of six
furlongs, for sll ages. Won by Fare
well; Kirg Victor second, Cbarlie
Russell third. Time-l:18. Mutuals
paid $8 SO.
Fijth Race. Selling race of one mile
snd one fourth, for ad ages. Won by
Frank Ward ; Wandering second, Hi
bernia third. Time 2:14 J. Motua'a
f aid 8 50.;
First Racc.Oae mile snd a tix
teettti. Emma Johnson ( 0G), f40;
Fredoralll (lOtt), 324; Bettie Wilson
(100). 124; PniUes (118), ,24; Mon
tsna Regent (111), $22; Nivalis (106),
122; Stormer (111), 110; Adrian (118),
$U0; Restlese (11), J52; J. B.C. (Ill),
18: Ten Sheal (108), 4.
Second Race. McGrath stakes; five
furlooss. Clcutta (107), $41 ; Dubme
(U0),$105;0atalpa (107), $40; Violet
(107) $12; Procrastination (110), $22;
Poteen (115), $5; Brae a Ban (110),
Ihird Race. Blue Ribbon stakes;
one mile aod a half. Boss (118). $125;
Grimaldi (121), $200; Free Knight
(118), $130.
Fourth Ract.On mile and a quar
ter. Monocrat (111). $200; Aoams
(110), $110: Waukesha (113). $100;
oyniax (102), $75; Wahoo (97), $80;
MalvaR. (95), $17; Blue Lion (92),
$5; Maggie P. (90), $5.
Axlraartai Maaes.
LsxirtoTON, Ky., May 10. The
weather was fine, the track good and '
attendance large at to-day's races.
First Race. One mile and one-si x
t"entbs. Adrian won by two lengths;
Felix second, Tom Bar.ow third.
Time 2:03 J.
Second Race. Ashland Oaks, one
and one quarter miles. Pure Rye and
ftt ary Anne ran a dead heat and di
vided the stakes, Katrina second.
Time, 2:11.
rAi'rd Race Staos Stakes; one
mile. L. Test won by tw lengths,
Highfliyht second, Kaloolah third.
Fourth Race. Five furlongs. Midair
won by two lengths, Jacobin second,
Florimore third. Time, 1 :03J.
Iron Taking tbe flace of Wood and
It Is aston;shing how rapidly imn is
taking tbe place of almost every t'nd
of material where safety, economy nd
strenstblis required. Tbe Memphis Metal
and Wood Manufacturing Company. 438
and 440 Main street, which is head
quarters for the Soutb for all kinds cf
nit tat work, are now carrying a full
stock of iron rooting, siding, etc., both
corrugated and plain. Also a fine sam
ple oi corrugated iron euitable for ceil
ing and similar purposes. Toey handle
the "Globe" ircn, which it g ies with
out sayiDg is the very btst in the
wcrld. Any applications from con
tractors, merchants, faimers or others
for prices or any other icf ormation
will reciive prompt attention by the
gentlemen connected with Memphis
Meta! and Wrod Mannfaetnring Com
pany, which ia also hcadijiuvten for
iron ftims, staves, gahanised iron cnrniefr
etc. Attrition i. called to tbeir cird
in another column.
Grata In Might.
Chicago, III , May 10. The number
nf busbcls of grain in store in the
United S ates and Canada May 8 h, and
the increase or decrenpeconipared with
the previous week will ba p oed on
'Change, ai follows: Wtiest, 418(18,-08-S;
decrees, 1,352,109; corn, 10 621,
0111; der rnse, 1,177,99; oats, 1,622,
4ilo; incresss, 7,632; ry 370602; de
creasp,2s,ii05 ; barley, 542, 193 ; decrease,
152 554. Tbe amount in Cb'cpoele
vawswa : Wbfst. 10,49i),lt3 corn,.
3.308,921: otP, 480,527 ; rye, 110 085;
barley, 64,8.84.
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
(scccsasoBs to a. h. hols t a bbo.
Funeral Directors,
A7UI.L and complete atoek of Wood and
M.tallie Caaa. and Caokau, Clotli-CoT-ered
Catket. and Burial Robaa aJwart oa
band, aay-Orders by talarrapb proaptly
WANTFfl ASKNTB.Men and Wonetr
VYAll I C.U to tell "TUB CHlLu'i
BIBLI " Introduotioa by Hot. J. H. Via.
ant, D.D. One arent haa told 66 in a towC
of 674 people ; odo 7J in a villare ol 794; ont
eew acent S3 in in dan; one 3 in 4 ensoaav
aire week' I one 40 in 3 day, at two di tlerent
limae. lipenence not neciwearr trfdraaa
CABELL a CO. (L'fd),
Merchants totton I'rts-s k storage t o.
T Mmsais, Tass., April 28, ISHfi.
HE annual meetinir ot tbe atorkbolders
ot thieoompany will be held at its ufiice
o. a JlaJifon .treat, on
Wedneaday, May 19, 186,
from 12 m. to S p. nr., for theporpore of eteot-
1 . 1 . : . . -
ma c.t.u iii iMre-io-e to Ferv. tee enKuinz-
B. . aiUiltlOiliiBy, Secretary.

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