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... AS CITT.
Thirty t Forty Person KMe-
lift tu Sixty Dcions
ly Iajared.
AMOC jrwB-vJ"riMS.
:A Public School and the Court-Hooee
Arming tbe Buildings Destroye-
Heartrending- Scenes.
Kamas City, Mo , May 11. A cy
clone visited here at noon to-day.
The Court-House was demolished,
and a number of pe-sons hurt there.
The Lathrop school na9 wrecked and
many children caught in the ruins.
Seven are said to he killed. Overall's
factory was blown down. Five dea lis
and fifteen girls fcadly injured ae re
. ported.
Second IHap-tch.
K'axsah City, Mo., May 11. A fear
. ful "storm of wind and rain swept over
thistity to dy, continuing from 11
o'clock' until noon. The Court
House, on Second street, was totally
demolished above the second s ory.
A number of persons were hurt there,
but none killed as far as knownatthis
time. The La hrop school on Eighth
street was partially wrecked and many
. ..i,;Uran ooiicrlit in the niins. Seven
are said toh.vebeen killed, and the
'frill extent of the disaster is not yet
known. An overall factory on
Second street was blown down and
five deaths are reported from there
out of fifteen girls at work in the
building, while nearly all the others
l -1 111 ,...lrt.,W a Mtmrt
are wounucu ah u iuv -irr,m
I othron Rrhool mkes ten badly
hurt liosidcs those killed. The old
Water-Works building, near the
. rvuirKTimiRB. was blown down and
- nn nr two net-sons there are ' missing,
i ti. Wnatnrn Union Teleeranh
. nffioo luit nnn wire is working oat of
ritv (Tnmm.inication has been
established with St. Louis with that
wire bv way of Dallas, Galveston,
nn am 1 MemDhis.
One snan at the north end of the
rail mild bridce across the Missouri
vtr nrao hlnwn into the river, block
ading the Hannibal and St. Joseph,
Hock Island, AVabash and Kansas
City, St. Joe and Couocil Bluffs r ads.
Eight giils have been t'ken out of
tie overall factory, four of weom are
dead, and many others are in the
ruinB. There is scarcely a hope for
their lives. In the confusion it is im
possible to ascertain definitely the ex
tent of the calamity, but it is sa d that
over twenty employes are impritoned
in the basement of the factory.
John Flaherty was strucK on . me
head bv a falling flagstaff in VVest
Kansas City and killed.
The disa trous fury of the storm
was confined to the north end of the
itv, except in the destruction of the
Lathrop public school building, on
Eighth street, and buil '-ing generally,
- excepting those mentioned wittaUgd
tln force of the storm .
The offlcs of the Western Union
Telegraph Company is in ihU portion
of the city and the poles are heavily
weighted wi'h wires which . were
broken off, letting the wires down in
a tangled heap; many wires were also
carried down with the broken bridge
parents and f iendi of the little ones
were soon gathered, each searching
for hU or her own and uttering heart
rending cries as they lecognUea in the
maimed and bleeding forma those
whom they loved. Among the first
taken out several were dtad and one
or two mangled bejond recognition,
their clothing lorn and their bodies
cotered with dust and mor ar, the
deathly pallor of the skin showing
in painful contrast against grime and
blood stains.
were enacted during the rescue, and
the wounded children, some of them,
aw m ml to have irreater control than
their elders. One little girl, half
buried in the debris, over whom the
i-Hsmprs were busv. begged
them to leave her and help
a boy beside her, be'auso,
she said, he was nlv five years old
The scenes in the na'atorium. as the
little ones were brought in and lam
upon improvised cow. the ueaa piacea
together upon one side, were pi mil
beyond expression. A aozen aenu
were taken out during the day and the
bodies sent to the houses oi sorrow
ing families. Several of the child-en
belonged to prominent families in the
At 110 West Third street stood a
three-stry brick buildin- in the mid
dle of the block, the third floor of
which was used as n overall lacto-y,
conducted by Hoar Bros. The flret
and second floors were occupied by
the Graham Paper Company. In the
factory were about tweniy-nve em
ployes, chit fly girls. They, when the
s orm broke out, started for the cellar.
The building fell with a crash, being
razed ent rely to the eartn, arm mosi
of the aflrighted gi'ls were caught in
the ruins. F. ur have been taken out
W1. a number of others are wounded
and some are sti'l missing. A fo ce
n( Uhnron in husv to-nitrht bv flicker
ing lantern lights upturning confused
masses OI oncu mm umucio.
rail Details or tbe Disaster.
KassasChy, Mo., May 11. About
balf-past 10 o'clock this mo ning
ominous storm clo- ds began gathering
over the city. They first appeared n
the northeast and Burning westwardly
across the city, turn, d suddet ly about
in their course and, descending
laoidlyl broke upon the city in ter
rific bursts of wind and ram that
.nI,ni nil liohtur nbiects before them.
Tbe d.-rkness was almost like night
and people fled t- the nearest shelter
and awaited with blanched faces the
furvof the tempest.
olniwln seemed to craze the
roofs of the hiirtest buildings and
poured out their torretts in appar
ently solid maHses for a time. Ihe
storm struck the city in full force
a"out twenty minutei past 11 o'c ock
and ragd for half an hour. The
streets were running rivers of waters,
cariying boxes and Big' s and other
similar freight, blown from the buil '
ing or swept up by tt e flood. A num
ber of vehicles were overtornei and
in numerous instances drivers aban
doned their horses to their fate and
.ought refuge in stores and Louses.
Sjiue hailae.ornpanied tv.e storm, but
thd fall was r,ot great, therwi:ethe
loss to property would have been
eno'iiious fr.m water s reaminjz in at
broken w ndows. As it was, qu te a
large numb-r of buildings w.re water
aoaked. All this, howev.tr, proved
entirely insignificant when the full ex
tent of the disaster wrought by the
storm became known.
occupied a prominent site at the cor
ner of Eighth and May streets. It
consisted of a main building to wlwa
an east wing had be?n added. The
building was (urmouniea Dy a luwei,
which for some time has been consid
ered unsafe. It has been twice con
demned, and within a few weeks, but
no action had been taken in the mat
ter. This morning the building was
crowded with children, many of wbom
f ewnearly frantic with fear over the
appalling darkness which preceded
' tha tuintxat Th storm swept madly
across Broadway from the west and
aeemed to cone ntrate its for e in its
the tower, which yielded
with n r-rnsh. and carrying down the
heavy bell, plunged through the in
tervening n ore to ine oasemeni ; uo
main hnildincr is ' a mass of ruins,
within the shattered walls of which
thm Krone at times was awful. The
wing was comparatively uninjured,
mid the scholars In there unhurt, in
the main building, howevtr, the
'ie falling floors prfcipi'ated the
tflrrinod children to the basement,
where masses of bricks and beams
ohed them to the ground and
l.nrierl them from view. Persons hear
ing thecrast made way as best they
could against the beati; g storm to the
The rale a n icily subsided
and the work of rescue was nnd rtaken
hands. Owing to the prevail-
it g excitement tt'e first work was not
very effective, bat the fire department
and police soon arrived and an organ
ized search was commenced. The
dead and wounded were taken out
quicklv as possible and carried to the
natatorium adjoining which was
turned in'o a hospital. Hre the
stands at Second and Main streets on
the hill, exp-sed to winds from the
north and west. The building was
or r t A nearly tw-ntv years aeo for
hotel purposes, but when completed
was purchased by the county fori 200,
000 and eonv-rted into a court house.
The hnildine has always been coa
sidered rather unsatisfactory and the
roof has freauently suffered injury
(mm hiirh winds. The stoim struc
the northwes'. corner to-day, blowing
in the roof and major portion of the
walla nf the third and fourth stories
The louth' wall at the east end was
into the street and Deputy
Sheriff Dougherty was caught and
killed. All others succeeded in get
tmtr nnt of the building alive. The
jail is located in the basemeTJt of tie
Vm lilini? and that portion escaped in
jurv. The, prisoners were intensely
alarmed, but became quiet when the
nrUia hl 'rjflsged and they found
themselves unhurt. , Judge Stover
wi heen holdinu court in the third
floor and had adjourned just before
the storm r'escended. A portion oi
the roof In falling struck the chair the
Judge had just vacated.
Across flie street, on the north e t
corner of Second and Main streets,
otnnH a twn-s orv brick building,
erected in MWXtttSantFc Mage
omp.jjy,no ot tne oiue i Muuumga
in the cite, from which the stages
formerly were started across the plains
in stage coaohing days. The building
hai of late years Deen occupied oy
the United States engineers. Adjoin
ing that, on the west, was a three
itory brick coffee and spice mill,
owned by Smith & Moll'att. This
building was demolished, falling over
upon the adjoining one, and both
were completely wrecked. Frank
S i ith, the senior partner of the firm,
was taken bleeding from the ruins,
and died in a short time. Mr Mof
fatt was badly hurt, and three em
ployes were taken out The debris is
is being removed to-night in Bearch
for any who may yet be buried be
The second span from the north end
of the bridge across the Missouri, oppo
site the city, was blown into the river,
the nier being left apparently injured.
A g.eat numoer oi vuiegitii ywioo
were carried down with the broken
span. Workmen are busy to-night
raising wires from "he wreck and it is
hoped communication in that direc
tion will be restored to-morrow morn
ing. The bridge n owt.ed by the
Hannibal and Joe Company, and is
used by that road, the Wabash, the
Kocr Island and Kansas City, St. Joe
and Council Bluffs. 'J he bridge au
thorities say thev expect to repair the
damage in ten days. Meanwhile the
railroads will make emporary arrange
ments for transporting" passe gers md
freights. The Wabash will send its
trains over tlic Mi souri Pacific, via
Se al a and Moberly.
The fo lowing is a list of the killed
and wounded, a far as ascertained, at
10 o'clock to night:
Kilted at the School JlMtse Josie ma
son, ged twelve, lives on the corner
of Eighth and vv yanuo w ; icbbio
I'SCOB, Il'lie yrniD, w...-.
iroet - Nellie Ellis, eleven years, 80 1
'.niral street: Julia Kamey. twelve
r-ears .004 Central street; Kutn Jami
son, ten years, 916 Washington etreet ;
Ed. a C. Evans, eleven years, 701 Penn ;
-froot Rnhert Hnraeue. eleven years,
son of the super ntendent of telegraph
of the Kansas Citv, Fort Scott and
Gulf road, No. 620 West Eighth street;
i. T Mnnm. ir . twelve vears.sonof 1
t! Moore, one of the most prominent
business men in the city, noiei Bruns
wick: Kichard lerry, eiev n ye-m,
v;nh onl .Teflerann : Mar liatllbert,
Tenth and Bluff; Ma y
Bishop, nine years, au ev nc..
street. Edith Patch, Frank Madison,
Mntt e Moore. Uirnner, ivas., aim
Martin Jones. Mrs. Ida Bowes, super
of the second floor of the
fartnrv. was terribly crushed about
l.o hold and h ns dltd to-night
Killed at the Overali factory-Jennie
F tzgerald,aged twenty, skuii c usnea
hmken. home Kansas City. Kas.
Willie Eckman, sixteen.chest crushed,
badly mangled, Kansas City, Kas.;
Minnie Crane, twenty-two, skull
br.ken, 1711 Charlotte; Nellie
Cavanaugh, twenty-one, head n.d
chest crushed, Armourdde: Katie
Creedon, seventeen, large hole m
head near temple, 618 Gilhs; "ni.K.
T-wne. nineteen, face crushed be-
Dougherty, deputy sheriff, twenty
eight years, 610 Locust street m.
Hedges, deputy recorder, died this
afternoon, No. 1012 Forest street.
Injured at &x4. Maria Askew,
aged ten years, daughter of Frank As
kew, wholesale lea her dealer, ankle
broken, may lose limb ; young son of
Postmaster Shelley, severely bruised ;
James Bailey, severe cut over eye;
Frankie Mattison. internal injuries,
serious; Bertrice Ferry, leg broken;
Nellie Currv. arm broken, back hurt;
Eva Hartsell, a ed thirteen years,
head cut; Katie Smith, aged b ten
years, severely cut and bruised ; Mar
garet Houser, aged eleven years, in
ternally injured, mav die, Sixth and
Boadway; Mary Hoover. Muyston
Boyd, Cassell Moss, and Willie John
ston ,
lnjxtredat thr Factoni. Joseph Hoar,
prop.ietor, thirty-five years, collar
bone broen, leg fractured; Julien
Hoar, thirty nine years, slightly
bruised; ltose Bitler, eighteen years,
concussion of brain, probably latai:
Mamie Cieedon, eighteen years, head
gashed, probably fatal; Lizzie Kil-y,
bruised; Mary Bierd, hurt internally;
Jessie Woodwa d, nineteen yea s, cut
ia head; Annie Travis, twenty-one
vaani tliiih crushed, arm broken;
Maggie Bird, seventeen years, bruised ;
A. P. Hutchinson, cutter, thirty-eight
vears. arm broken, head and chest
hurt: is.aie uarroii. eigiuemi
cutinfac: Annie and Burt Turner,
siste's, brni ed ; Stephen Morse, ship
ping c eric of the Uraliani t aper rati
nro fiit nhnnt the head.
mured at I M UOm-HCn(e r.uwnru
Hedges, cbrk, leg broken ; Jas. Chase
and Eugene Moore, clerks, hurt about
the head; William fcuurrs, ciera,
T.i Mr. dnttfw United Statet l.nintierr
tome,.. W. A. Waldon. seriously hurt
about the head and breast; Mai. Liv-
ermote. hurt about tne head; Lieut
V. H. Vounit. sklill Droin a miw
named Nelson, head hurt.
It. a nmhahle that the list Will lini
be completed for a d y or two until
the missing ones are accounted for.
Several of the injured were p obably
carried away without the name being
niuilll TO PKOl'EkTY
The loss on property cinnot be
stated with any definitecess, being
chicflv in small and numerous
amounts. Following are H'me of the
estimates made : On the bridge, $3l
000; on tbe court-hou e, 20,000;on
the Overall Factory, $10,000; Smith &
XfO-ntt n.lra 1 (H Ml hllilllillH
.i.Uiluiu nwv w, - T ' .
owned by Fran Oglesby, f4000; on
the school-house, J10.000. There was
much damage in the aggregate
to partly flushed buildings,
Twenty five small houses in pro-
enaa of erfetion in the south
em nart of the citv were blown
down. The Central' Piesbyterian
Church, Eighth street and Gwid ave
nnn. thn eastern Dorn" roof
was destroyed to tli" . ' 2000,
Thn t ie man Cut! l ft and Mc
fieefctreeta. was t 1200. Two
KtiiineiU'lass windows jf the First
(onifirifational. on Eleventh and Mc
fieelitreets, were blow., in; loss, fCOO.
Ixxiittf nnd Humboldt schools were
damag;d fliOO. A row of houses
rSiiii bttt ' at Eighth and
OfcerrK Strewf - were damaged
13000 The'lCfinsas City Sewer
Sipe inctory, r-asi imvnum. purny
t nlQliiilwdiloss, $10,000. Yates Ice
Company' tlo, at the f ot of
BroadwaTT weie wrecked, with a large
number of- arnvUr casualt es, with
equd or smaller losses, also reported
The total damage is roughly estimated
at $1SO,000, a portion ot wnicn is car-
. ied by storm insurance.
is generally considered a hur icane,
not a tornada or cyclone. It was a
tremendoun gale of wind with flooding
rainfall. The telegraph and telephone
wires were prostrated. The Western
Union had but one wire working oot
f the city until nigbt, when several
obtained. Communication
has been resumed with Chicago and
St. Louis, Omaha and Denver, besides
the South, but work is carried
on under great difficulties. It
is expected, howsve', that wat
terj will be in pretty good shape
bv noon to-mo row. The Hanoibal
mil Ht. Joaenh business w 11 be trans-
norted acoss the river by fe ry. The
Council Bluffs road will use Missouri
Pacific trucks north.from toe city, a
Wal renresentative of the Hann bal
r nd sa a it was nonea n
briHgeio order so t s to permit the cross
ing of rains in five dajs liega d.rg
trH mnditiou of the lathr ip tcnooi
buildina it appears that repairs were
made after the b jilding bad beno con
demned a second time and .n con
sidersd sa'e by the Berd of F.;kc;
tiorj. The members of the braM w.U
publish a statement to this eueii to
mirrow. An crJer has been bsu d to
ch S3 Ibe public schools for the re-
maindar ot the week. Meager repcrw
are reeived here n girding the B'.oim
The Tiiiics' speiiil repir.s a total
damp.gedabDUt $10,0f0.
The depot ar,d umrirg min oio
wrecked at Parkville, on the C-Uocit
Bl"ffi road.
Toe d structioa at Wyandotte, Kas.,
- ! 1 nrnhahlv B!7ir:e:ale J10 000.
At Leavenworth PVral buildings
were nnrofed : low. J5000 or JDOOO.
At St. Joseph thete wai a heavy
rain ttirm, but the damage is prob
aVilv nnt vrtrv orf at.
The storm did n t reach Atchison.
A merchant of Odessa, Mo., who ar
to niirht. reoorts the stom
very severe thtre, wiecking five
churches, two warebousss and several
dwellings. He places tne loss mere
from 165,000 upward. '
Bcvere Mn t Kv-nsTllle, Ind.
TTi iMavn.i t Ikd . May 11. A very
severe storm, with yiolent wind, rain
n.i hoii ninr. vi i ted here this even
in, doing damige amounting to about
Ibe Sew York Frees Association
Soathera Patents Postal Chaoges
In the South.
. UrcuLoirMii..l
Washingtoh, May 11. The Senate
udiciary Committee to day rejwrted
favorablv the bill to detach tle coun
tiesof Howard, Little Uiver and Den
ver from the Western Judicial Dis
trict of Arkansas and add theua to the
eastern district. The House passed
this bill April 26th. It will undoubt
edly become a law before Congress
Tl thirtieth annual convention of
the New York Press Association win
be he d here Wednesday. The mem
bers arrived this evening and will
make toeir headquarters at vv mam s.
Jonas N. Carver, lbanon, Tenn.,
cistern faucet; Geo. W. Uandoipn,
Memphis, Tenn., cotton scraper; ivm
ness F. Kice, Eureka Springs, Ark.,
harm ss attachment ; Wm. W. Pearce,
Clanton, Ala., hame fastener.
New Postmasters and Offices -Mar-
eartt Spangler, Snangler, l-awrence
county, A'a.; Elias J. llichards,
Vilieba, l'erry couniy, aiu.;
C. Vaughan, Jr., letroit, iipton
county, Tenn.; Mfm. C. Yopts, Peiry
County, Ten-
Star S.rvteen taiiges-ArKansiu,-Appleton
toDovr, lrom May lith,
change serric "tt omit Iover, em
brace and end at Eussellville, supp y
Moreland at Ke Site and Gum Log,
between , Moreland and Kusfelville,
increasing the distance nve unus.
star smlva between Kusselville and
Gum Log discontinued alter May join.
Fourth-clas Po tmasters Commis
sioned -J. Arthur Mi ler, Kichmond,
Ark ; Wilson J. Uonner, rairmuuut,
Tenn.; B-riah Bidden, Kugoy,
John W. Kir-, ByBJuo, '" i
Sterling S. Moore, Augusta, miss.
J hn M Ne'son,lMissiasipii; Tlios.
C. Looney, Memimis; a. w",
vn-.,.u. W. II. Washington and
wif', Nashville; M. M. Joyno, Missis
sippi: Judge Kb, Alabama; 1). K
Sneeiand wife, Helena; A H Cous
ins, Helena; John Flippin, Helena.
Hew Orlea-a rrt r Baport-.
w.M,.Tr.Tfm. Msv ll.--In view of
the necessity for shippers of flour from
St. Louis and other points along the
Missouri and Mississippi rivers to
,bn nan nf the Morgan Line ol
liiunv - w. y tT..
from New Orleans to Ha
vana, vh Key West, in the exporta
: v.q mnimnditv. the Collector
of Customs at New Orleans has been
authorized to consider New Orleans as
the port ol exportation iu iu
within the meaning oi me i. Bu.....,
and to allow drawbacks on bags which
ferine, an industry uhich bas pro-
dacMl sn article of fosd at once pure,
wholesome, economical and accept
able; anil by reason of tbe growing
dexand for oleomtrgarine has addea
to the value of evcrf bu'lock at leatt
$4 per head, thereby enhancing and
firomotlog the farm and stick raiting
ntereet, and placing within the reach
of all an accept ibl a, economical and
wholesome article of food ; bs it fur
ther Jbheti, Thtt copies of these resolu
tions be traarmitted to our Senatois
and Representative in Congress.
BNAI BKiril.
.oal-a Sraalaa mt -rami I.ods N.
Cincinnati, May 11. District
Grand Lodge No. 2 oi the Independent
Order Bnai Britb, closed its annual
meeting to-day to meet next year in
Louiiville. Tbe principal act of the
convention was to provide Ijr build
ing new and he-proot structures lor
tbe orphan arvlum at Cleveland at a
cost of $150,0M) on tbe site of tbe
present aeylum. Otn-ers lected are:
Preaident, B. Mahler, Cleveland, Ohio ;
first vice-president, August Bretaoo,
Evanfcville, Ind.; econd vice-president,
Jan. May, Cincinnati; treasurer,
M. tJaue', uincinnau; secretary,
Abraham Kern, Cincinnati : sergeant-
at-arms, G. Filaentbal, louiaviue.
General committee: B. Ecttman,
Chaa. Harachland, Lewis Levi, Cin
cinnati; N. E. Heine, Indianapolis;
Joseph E. Meyer, Louiaviue.
Memorial ixrvlcea in Ihe Haaonie
Ttaralor at M-nhvllle.
Nahiivili.i. Tkss.. May 11. to
night memorial services were held at,
i he Masonic Theater in honor of
Father Hvan. A very choice pro
gramme had been protmred for the oc
casion. Some of the best local talent
participated, and the exercises were
impressive and interesting. There was
a large attendance. Tho Hag displayed
was used in Col. Hansom's brigade.
Victors In Ihe Tllln Toni-amoBl
Military la Camp.
lariOUL TO TBI AFriAb.l
Vu'-muRii, Misj., May 11. The
tilting tournament was rode tc-diy.
. V . ... . . I-
Knight uienn oi lenaeewe woo i-o
first money. Knight Weifainai oi
Greenville took the nist prize for cos
tume. Ten companies are in camp,
and were inspected for the inters aie
drill which commencef to-morrow.
VADAKIN -ANDV0I8HT At tha rail
den of tho brioVa rarnta. 54 Pan oto
buo. on Moodar.atarKiLiaHS, bjtho Rot.
Uaorro Paturton. Mr. K. L. Viuatm to
Mm Lilt LiiDTtMOar.
Miit Lilt ia a auni lady whoaa manr
iraeofal aeoompllabmaBta aorr a to add ad
ditional lottra to aa anlabla and lorablo
alatraotor. Uar olrcta of deretad frianda
unit ia wlahlna for Aanali and kurhand a
-m Ailura a fitura thai will ha bat
sharpy raflax of a youthful eartar tlmt hj
puaod In aaDihine and ioapad tho ihadown.
Ml'RRAY Tuaiday aftarnonn. May 11,
14V, at o'rlork, Mr. Bl si Mi'lRJiT, who
of win. Murray.
Fuoaral will Uka pla.a thla iVEDSKS
DAYi afternoon at S:3C o'dork, IWxa 278
Eeaond It. Friaodi of the family invited to
PKURaM Teday anfrnoon. May H,
lHi, at o'oloek, WiLLua, mi wa
yaara, trn moolhi and twcaty-flTe dayi, aon
of Capt, K. B. and klla Pairam.
Funeral will take place from reiideara
No fflVtua itreet, thla (WEDNESDAY)
afternoon at 5 o'eloek. Frlendi of the family
are Inrlted t attaad
Trains Will Lrate aa Folleaar
l:Sn a.m. 11 i a.m.
l:M p.m. I 3:1 IS p.m.
S 00 p.m. I 8:00 p.m.
7::)p.m. I 11:00 pm.
S-TloVoti on tale t Depot. Ticket for
the Round Trip, CKNTrt. Purchane tick
eta before gettina on train end lave mouey.
Ueliahtlul Mutio, Flihlng and Rowing on
the Lake. KNAPP. Pen. Pan. Ait't
B- l-B-
for the 8i.rinellt bare made their
appearan-e, and tattaaai ewiir-.-e mnw
Htri'IJI.hii tbe Lariet 8tock in the
city. They compriae all toe aieai omei
tiei; they are of the Bni Standard Brandt,
In all co on ard kindt.from the little baby
bat to the o'd arandiw't. Young men t light
colered Derbye from tl f up to K 50. W e
ell a Derby fori.! .'4),iold everywhere fut M.
A nil Ierbf far
A :l NI lfrky far AO.
tIM ioay far M .
v-Ladiet etpcially invited le examine ouF
large itock ol Chddren'a rJlraw IlaU.
Harlin Cohen.
No. B14 X-X-alx-
Haa iuat reeelTod a largo atock of the
lauit ttylea oi
for PanU, which we wll" make to order al
much !" than the aiual prioea. W will
make a good all-wool panti for 8 Call
and eaamin our io.d. Alto, a complete
lor the coming aeaaon at our aiual low
IMroel Iram Faelory tm Fnrrha.
ra, aawlns: SB prw aaait. (Write
Monte IMf henw & Co.. Mffmphla
Dissolution ETotice.
may be shipped in tuture ny sum uuc,
provided the eiporters produce, m ad
fiitimi in the reouisito bill ol lading
n.i m nf nHi.'inl insnei'ti n, acer-
tiucate from tne i. 01 ector m n.t-t
.1... n Hn.ir li .I.ll. HAS UCCn lHIIUVU
" " o .,
at anv norc within hia-diBtrict by tne
vessel and on the voyage specitieti in
the nreliminnry drawb.cH entry filed
at New Orleans.
Thn nivrraoil Harbor Bill.
Washington, May 11, -As it passed
the river and bar-
.nnmnriution bill makes the
following division of the total appto-
nriation: Mftine, JlOO.OtO;
Fall are at Utile Kock.
T.itti Rock. Are.. May 11. L. C.
Bernays, javeler. bas aisined to Eu-
Brene Arnold lormt chuiiu i nu-
ltOr. IDB SCIieOUlOU llBuniurn
340,000: assets nominally $'.'il,5C0. All
the liabilifes tut $10,000 are due to
Eastern Lousts, mainly sew Yoraana
Mermen, tonn.
CiKcm-ATi, O., May 11. The H. T.
Duke Company, lion merchants, as
signed to-nny. Assets, $20,000;
bilities, J4N00U.
American Opera at Ht. iMitm,
Ht I.nt:tK. Mo . Mnv 11. The Amer
ican opera opened here last ni(?ht to a
large ami very brilliant audience at
the grand Music Hull in tbe Exposi
tion Building, and was received with
unusually cordial expressions of favor.
ti. nnurn wna The 1'lvina Dutchman,
and it was renuereu in aupvru bij',
the soloists. Juch, Whitney, Ludwig
an. Annlubv. being in nne voice,
ilnmpshire, $8000; Vermont, 1 5,000; ,The chor'U8 wft9 g00$t and theselUegs
M.ssachtisetts, $.14,000; ne and accessories far superior to any
land, $95,000; Connecticut, thing previously seen here.
xt".'v.l. ar.f nn- Npw Jersev.120.
rVo. Ponn'avlvania. $491,000; Dela
' eia-, nnn-. rVarvland. $157,000:
Virginia, $404,000: West Virginia,
.215500 Noith Carolina, $26,500;
u.K Pornlina. $341,000; tieorg a,
.ifl ROfl- Vint iila. :tl4.000: Alabama,
io7-.'nfvi' If HHissinoi. $103,500; Ixiuis-
f.' in:!nnn-. Texas. 050.000; Ark
ansas, $14tl,0C0; Tennessee, 4V;
Kenmcky, $2.-7,O0O; Indiana, $l.i-V
0. 0: Ohio. $348,000: Illinois, $65.0ti0;
MlnV,im.n. J18.01X): Wisi-onsin, l.UD,-
tinm.snt.a. 1POOOO: Montana.
$25 000; California. $:i'.'2,6 0:M ssouri,
i 7 r,on i ( Ireiron. $li05,0O0 ; Washington
tJ,i.o. I4.500: Ohio river. $0J,-
OflO- Falls of 0'iio. $200,000; Missouri
' rt. . m:-...:.. ..... rwnr
river. ftltll.'.UI t' . JHlBSiOB I'l'i
:,K05,(ll)U; ex miniuion mm '."
Hatlonnl llnnu .lnUcl.
Wasbisoti-s, May 11. -The Comp
troller of the Currency lo-nny in
tended lie corporate existence ol the
Colorado national i:ik oi
Colo.," to Vay 15, If 10.
( oiiiluittlona.
Washington. May 11.-The Presi
dent sent the lollowing noiniimi
to the Semite to-day: Cla dice Kilge
loy tireathoue of California to bo
Consul-General of the United b ates
at Kanagawa. The nonnniit on of
Warren Cireen lor tne posiuuu ...v
been withdrawn
ilie fbaruo Aalna Boaerraaa.
Washington. May ll.-The Senate
CommitU'e on Finance h'ard Oen. ii.
F. Butler to-day in opposiuon w ii.o
contirmation of Gen. llos:crans to be
T?u.,itr nf the Treasury. Gen. Kose-
crans was also before the committee
oniwor the rharees waicu uo
been brought against him.
TYvn amnio has oriven me exceed
ingly good satisfaction in an inToter
at case of rheumatism and neuralgia
which had defied everything else
symptoms have all disappeared.
0. L. KLM0THER, M.D., Iowa City, Ia
The old
THE firm of SPKRD- A PHILUPS li thla da dl.toWed bf tual
firm of JOHN K. bfBKD A CO. will continue the butine.1 at "J1-
W!!RV t... Mn a laaji. ' J- M. PHIUUPa.
iH .Uipui.t Afaarj.t " '
N ,.ti,lnfro Ibeflrsiof BPJBD A PHILtlPS. I '"""f'MTualVpa.01'1
firm to the food will of pay frlendi.
- . . . i . i 1 !..) tiwmntiial Anni.tlt. V
bin'..; !..tr?Ud U n. shall k. o.ralully look.d after a. h". UPKHf. CO.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K 0DWIN. Prest. J. K. GOOMBaH, lee-Pree'U C. H. BA1HE, CaaWer
W. 8. BKUCK.
5. M. NKLflON,
Vf. j. WlXKfeRHON,
loiard or Dlraotor
m utUJ
r, aoDwnr,
w. fAL.ua.
0. D. SHYAM.
A. W.CMKW-Jlf.
m aaeworal Bai-lsaf;
mwA Depoaltary af the State r'a?T.?2?itZZZm
Tornado ' at jbeaeeaworlh.
Lkavenwobth, Kah., May 11. At
tn-rlav a fierce tornado
struck this city and did an immense
amount of damage to properxy.
yond recoguit on, 1231 Cherry.
Killed at Smith and Moffatt -Frank
O. Smith, proprietor, thirty-two years,
liniA lott tj'innio. nnarueu ai iuc v.i-u
topolis Hotel; Jno. Kane, cotlee
roaster, twenty-eight years, skull
broken, Central and Walnut streevS;
Henry Jackson, coloied, head crushed,
body mas ed, Wyandotte, Kas ; Sam
Blac, eighteen "years, neckbrosen,
residence unknown.
Killed at the Cov.n-Ucwt Henry
Fatally Bbot Ills Wife.
EvAnsviLLr, Ibd., May 11. A Ger
man named Jacob I.ng shot his wife
thin,, ah the heart at Mount Verron,
Ind, last night at 11 o'clock. It is
suppose 1 his mind is unsound. He
aa a an lier of th Einhty-teventh
Tn.linnii. and was in Andersonville
where he suffered greatly from hard
ship and disease.
Fira la tbe Keweaalle Coal-Hlae
. lanciAL to TBI rriiL.I
Bibsiibouam, Ala , Msy 11. A fire
in the Kewcaetie coal-mine was
stopped to-day. It required a hird
fight nearly all last night and several
boors this mom.ng. Alt the timbers
wf re burned fcr about 400 feet, and a
larse quantity of slate precipitated.
In-oraed hj tne measo oar-
1 ha Asa-elated Freea.
Cnii Aiin. Ii-u. May 11. Tho Daily
V..... in itn iaann nf to-IHOrrOW. Wl
,im.J.i a nan tn n d scriiitioii of the
..lr f th Anmeiati'il Tressithe
scope of its new field; ita methods for
co lectingthe happenings of a day in
all parts of the globe, and improve
ments which have entered into the
service; tho rapid handling of news
events, together with sketches of the
nnd his conn of as
sistants in all the principal cities
this country nnd huropc.
E. SLAGER, : : : TiULOH.
MY BPRIN AND SU M M r'sTOOs: la now ' PJ;. ffiff'
in. of the leteat and eholoeit de.lana In all
In order to oer to the pnblie the laleel
ble prioea. I with to make apeelal mta
nionania eooan at ro ,...- - -;--.-r. - iv. -- j.
klon of mr aelaoUon of a larre j aaaoruaan. oi ua '?-- -T"
L .ni In NI.III rBOtVSlBaue, wnien are now uj
f inapaotlo. of my friaada and tba publio. at my old aUcd.
?Cor. Beeoaid aad JefTeraaa Htm.
, Try Zellner'fl EnRlIsU waiKingmsionoes
. . . . . I.t In tt, alt
1,11 VVR'H llentr r.nM, in an " "L
5E, i N Ktt'S SS Ufu' Ulioaa. In all ..hapea and atylei. axe the nob.
- Ul... -.. k.a In . ha united Btaiei.
7.KLLN KR'H Bora shoea are the beat that are made.
ZELLN KK'H t'hlldrrn'a Mliora will lava yon money.
7 hi in KR'8 Latllea' Mhoea ami lill.prB are the hand-
lith .ilk wonted bntt.n bole., are the r.ate.l bar-
Nav-B interrupt any conversation
with n hacking cough ; it creates a
bud impr shion. HetU-r invent a qua''
ter of a dollar in a bottle of Dr. Hull s
Cough Syrup and cure it
VonPorder. or ,om, ffST " "Tl -
(Jeriiian-Anierlcan It. nnd L. Ass'n.
rpilE annnal meetina of thia aMocliition
I ':n l.v.ij . No.lhMadi.on
?.?ry will i-e Pre,,n..d and the eleali n of
offlceri tor toe ennuiua '. . ,;
A new iorie limited to 6IH bare. will be
opened for oubfcrlption, and loenl can be
-lr....i in ..nkhn dr are invited to
attend"" JOHN SCHBIBLER. Pre.ldent,
J Lithla Water.; aiao Fine Iron Yt n'erj),
llampihir. Co.. W Va. No fo. No ma,a-
Where ine aica iuu --
r. and the well are alway. happy.
nnnnr. an
Bend for pamphlet
ff. 11. BALK. Prop.
riiif" Af;fi. Mar 11. The following
resolutions were passed this afternoon
bv the Board of Directors of the
ChiCe JJ0BIU Ul iia ifJ, um ...
mendation of the Inspection Com
mittee: , ,.
Wbkrias, Certain parties have peti
tioned Congress to place a tax of ten
cents per pound oo oleomarger.ne or
butterine;and whwea such a tax is
ai unreasonable ' and UDjust as it
would be to ix butter or any article of
borne food; "d whereas tbe ovtton
of ich a m aa ire would comt lettly d.
destroy large and gro ing "dolrf and
farther deprive the public of aa a t cie
of food w.oleeoe e aBd ecooomica ,
end luithrmore cpu a lots of mil-
ii i .lr.l'ara in ilia nxt ra-n.uK .
teVe'ls of hs coun.rr ; therefore be it
That the Chicago Bta-d oi
Trde eutr" it priest a a'nst the
adoption ol su. h a bill, and prays Con
nrJs tJ d-feat it, recagn'xing as it
ds that the ptoposed tax U jn.t sim
nly to lur her the d-iry interets to t be
,nj ary and complete ds'.ruct.on f the
manofactoie ol oleamargarme of but-
aa aaa aaa a aamaaaaaaaaaa
Cor. Second and Monroe SU.t
Would call attention of Mi frienda
and patron! to hia
Comprlalnt the ehr lot "d. A"
ian. of Foreign Uoode in the marhet.
Havina taken Iiwoiel eate In their aeleo
tion, I am pleated to .ay to my euetomeri
and poblTo who fel ' f?
ihow ahem linea oi aooda only found in
leading houaea.
DK. It. L. LASKl,
Phnioian. KurireoB sua Accoucher
313 Main Street, Near Union
SB-SSIjXjINI ""ulZr Vn, n AppUoatlon.---
i.liuni'rr-ir.-i ..".
Irv Goods, Notions, Hosiery
No8. 328 and 328 Main St.. Memprus, Aenn.
. . . n.Tn d niruiD Ihi.k NrHl.lw " -
wUiaomparei.Tor.uy-..-;- ------ sheeUa. Mhlrtlaf, KM.
leanesaee tauui-ciuii" - - r. j- . t
O.K. HOUOIE: d doc
IVo. 4189 Main Street, Memphis.
nd Orerame
Sboet Mnsic and Knots. Nfw Pitinos far Rent
And Commission ierciuuwf
If oa, 34 and 30 Madison Street, Mempkli

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