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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 12, 1886, Image 8

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Oa sad afar V'f H tnl 01
A With ill ll" oourini Mom-hli.
B-WiU M. A S. W. R. K, for Helena.
C7o ulll and Huntington, and all
n-wftfr iVindV.. S. A P. Railroad.
SWiihN... 4C.H.B. for Aatch.. and
Jeckeoa. .. .
For Point! o th. BrBb.
e-WlthiUri lor Byo Bara. .
H With railroad. direriai for norma,
Trx. nd Cnotpointa.
JAS. M. KDWARPS. V. P. andO. M.
M. Bl'RKK,Oeeral hui t.
A. J -Kii AFP.'. P. A.
Tr&ln. lOTI M TtHIOW.i aw
. 6 (tut
l.nYdallr) loavs. at 1U "- ,1
t . . ..no. aa vniinwBi nu,
dVily) arrive, at J:Stfp.m. Mall end e.-
kit tin arrive, dally at :( a.m.
Loalavllla ab-"le-Traine
BOT. a. fOllOWal le'imau .. -
"lSi!-.: loeve. at 10:1(1 p.m. i mi l leave,
daily it 10:10 i.m.t errivee it 4:00 J-m.
Brownsville accommodation leave, dai y
iaoepl Kund.y. at : P-m. ""
Iio.pt Buodif. it 8 :M e.in. l.taodardtime).
Mlaataslppl Toaaosaoe. - Faat
Bill train leave. d.ilr it4:ai p.m.t armea
6:46 .m. Local frei.ht 1m it :40
T.m.t arrive, it 4:S0 p.m. Vr.itht tr.ina
No. I tad 6 r trl wa.kly. No.ele.v..
fi.mpbi Monday. Wedn.aday and Friday.
oaaphls and Llitle Moo-k.-Trelni
aioT. m follnwi (central itend-rd tiro.) i
po.llMT.d.ll .1 : p.m.irrli
: p.m. M. S !" f "'. "'"!
It W i.m. No. 6 (fr.idht) Imtm Hopell.ld
Sally (eiceptounday) at tt:0U i.m.i arrive,
at 7 :10 p.m.
j.aaMbl. sad f'harloaloaa Train,
or. a. follow.! Through ..pre., leev..
dally at 10: P.m. Mail and .pr..a leave.
3.117 .t 10:(C. ra. Bomere eormmmoda
"ion leave, d.lly, .io.pt; 8un(iy, it 6:W
p.m. Throu.h ..r. .frW.i daily it 5:J
i.m. Mail and .ipr... Vtlvji dlfy it t M
a.m. Som.rvill. Moiinoditioa arrlM
daily! .io.pl Bnsdiy, H:'M i.m.
Oir -(Hii 'lly,ajf.rtB
eld and Mrmahl(l.-Triilin I..T..M. and
T. d.pot .. foll.i fit". . K,1"" '''
trm, l.ay.lit 10:4 a.m. I Ho. 8,
Mi, 1,
S.niu City W. at:() p.m. I Ho. 1,
K.muCity mll,'T" a' :4ft .ai. no.
6:00 p.m. I No. J. at. Irfmu iBunioao.
prw, arrWu .1)1:43 i.m. Ia .ff.ot Hundiy,
ASirVnKSrml-h od AIL-
tle-Uolly Butian Roat.-Tr.lin mors a.
follow.: No.1Titm n.mpai. aauy avo:w
ly at
m.l arlvrtt Holly bprina. at 6s30 p
Kb U.UU f . U. . ,
dllr it V:00
. 1 Uini, lmy epnnii o
. avM orf Mamithia at II l
i. itllilSi.m.l No.
at 7:30 D.m..arrW.i
i'ltiwi Wu'i hli daily at 7i p.m.,arrlT.i
at Holly bttilra at u:o p.m.)
Uoaly BiirtoM daily at 3:30 a.m., amr.i at
VtBKi.fOToa, May 12. 1M. 1 a.m.
Indcationai For Tenness'e and
Arkansas, fair weather, stationary teni
peraturej bluecrescen, red star.
Fur MitUtipji: Fair wenher; wimli
gtneraily wuthcrly ; nearly rtationary Win
peratiin. For lottuiami, Ttxat, Arkan
lot and Tenifnimt: Fair vxalhrr; mtlherly
winiUj Marly utalionani trmpernlure.
(-JocIomI karl.
MiariL, Taaw.. M.y 10. lMd.
7:00 a.m.
I"i9 905
79 0
11:00 a-m,
8:00 p.m
i29 872
m vmii
7:00 p.m.
,129 9041
10:00 p.m
Maximum temperature, 8(1.0.
Minimum temperature, 71.0.
Rainfall, .CO.
Ia (be Balon.
May 11, 1886-5 p.m.
Division of taknrams and repott for
the benefit of commerce and agricul
ture. Cotton reMKMi burietin for the
twenty-lour honra ending May 1Kb, 6
o'clock p.m
EJimS rJTZT .0 10 M p.m, i:f. a.a
I&'ao-ioIZ 6:14 a. 71
Memphia 80 71 .00
Nashville - 83 67 .00
Grand Junction... 86 67 .00
Oorlnth 85 64 .00
Tnacumbla ........ 81 68 .00
Decatur 89 64 .00
Scottsboro,. ......... 84 58 .00
Bateevllla 88 64 .00
Hernando 84 63 .CO
Grenada 87 68 .00
Arlington 89 68 .00
Brownsville...--" 88 70 .00
Milan 89 71 .00
Paris 86 60 .00
Covington 87 08 .00
Dyersburg 8ft 71 .00
Holly Hprings 87 67 .00
OWotiI 88 (19 .CO
Pairs 1551 1178 .00
Means 80 I 07 .00
1. JE
1 ft
ra e
l ' c
1 e
AioDlruiaiv.... -
New jbrleaur).
GalvPHhm. ,
Little Ko. k
. M etnphia
f urns -,
i In.ipr.oiabl.
The roirular panol of the Crimi
nal Court baa been discharged.
A solid citiien was arrested by the
polire vcsUrday for a lowing hogs to
run ai largr.
In the Criminal Court yestMay
Charles Faber, for malicious cutting,
w as sentenced to six months and lined
TbjJ g0t were mire Irenbleeome
vftB't.n'av GvpLinf than they have
been at any time tiaco the plague be
George Turner and Minnie- Hood,
J. A W Ison an i Eilio Johnson,
Jruu-nli J an bo n and Alary Chil ress
were licenced to marry yesterday.
Mr. U'onnr '. who moved out to
Ituntyn a few days ago, lont his house
liv lirA nn A findn'v niuht and ill the
fu niture.. The. h'oue was insured.
An enU'rtiinment for the bi'tiefit
of St. Mary's Cu hedral will be held at
the 'faldciice Ol ?ir. j. n. nr((p
7.'. t'niiin Rlreet. o-morrow . veil
ing. The rograniine will include
music and n-trwhmenU). Ti Ue 8 aie
f0 cents each.
The grand jury v. ill bo in session
all the week, and will make a report
Hatunlay which, It ia s.iJ, will con
tain some highly -seasoned senteneea.
Tha pound-keier saya that geeae
are more difficult to identify and he
baa more trouble with them than he
doea with all the other amruala In the
park put together.
The Memphia and Little Rock
traina are again running regularly.
The track waa not much damaged by
the high water, and everything haa
been pot in riraVclasa order.
-The "toboganning" or "awitch
lck" railroad ia sure to start. Mr.
A. J. Pattiaon arrived yesterday from
Toronto to build tha machine. Mr.
rattison ia atopping at iaston'i.
Fortune's favorite numbers in
Louisiana lottery, tlaw K. May 11,
1S86: 76,244 draws $75,000; 3,8()0
draws f '-'5,000 ; 45,9H;l drawa $10,000;
ami ,.K,H09 draws rt0C0, held at Mem
phis. Ilon't forget the lawn party to be
given on the grounds of J. C John
son for the benefit of the Women's
Chr'atian Temperance Union Friday,
May 14th. Adinimion and ice-cream
25 cent.
It via nni .rtcil on ir(K)d authority
tl.nt CtjF. T. W. White, president of
the Levee"' Hoard, who receives 1200(1
ir var (tir his aervi'eH. Ih touriug in
th i-irtt.wMle several hundred hands
employed in strengthening and re
pairing tie levee during the recent
H-od, from DoHhpuckana to Tunica
conntv. are atill unpaid for their
Pole Agents for Horace R. Kelly
U.:s J neni cigars.
The tralesripplicd at New York
prices. A full atwortinent constantly
on hand at the foUowing atands con.
tmlli'd hv us: Ciavoso Hotel stand,
Pnahnlv Hotel staud and 310 Main
treet. Fresh shiMnenU received
weekly. i. bamsxhon a co.
A. S Mivkrb Of this citv was Bun
day last re-elecWd secretary of the
DiHtrictdraiidlxxlge wo.7,1. (). . 1J
now in sesmon in Huw Orleans.
Miih. M. K. Gajilamd of Augusta
Ark., will be 1 he iruest of h fa her,
Chairman I). C. Slaughter, tor the
next ton days.
Wn.i. the ladies of the Women's
Chrirtian Temperance I'nion and the
Younii Women's Christian Teuippr-
ance Un'on please meet at their rooms,
273 Main street, tins aiwrnoon at
J (Jamh of Little Hock, accompa
nied bv his daiiL'hter. Mrs. Williati.
Kntzinl)rin'r. and his granddaughter,
littlo Irene KatrenlKrger, arrivetl in
tho city yesterday.
Lkom Vknoig. nephew of a promi
nent Main st'eet clothier, will leave
the city to-day for Dallas, Tel., whero
lie expeita to establish himself in
bu'iniss The kindly wishes of a
legion of friends here will accompany
him tc tlie lxine futr euiie.
Thb Rev. David C. Kelley, D.D , of
Nashville Col. Kelly of Confederate
fame-will preach the commencement
sermon for the McTyeiro InHtitute,
McKonzio. Mav 30th. The Rev. IC.
W. F.iwin of i'nion City will deliver
tho literary adiirnm.
Mai. and Mfh Ukabd entertained a
very large ana -aisunguiBiiou party
at progressive euchor last night, in
lionorui Mrs. oaoran oi I'eiToii. ine
names of those present would em
brace a long lint of the best peo
ple of the city, who, after sev'
oral hoars of hearty enjoyment, ex
Dressed themselves delighted beyond
niea'ure with a hospitali y tint w.s
lavish without ostentation. Car
plavinir was began a. 8 :30 o clock p m
and was continued until 11 o'clock,
aft'r which an hour more was de
voted to refreshments. The host
and hostess, :held In the highest
steem by a wide circle of frieods,
could not have ben more charming
to their iruest.; who reluctantly sur
rendered to taoc. The closing affair
of a season that must long be remem
bered for Its civetv. it was worthy of
the distinction and quito worthy of
Ma or and Nre, Heard. More could
not be said. ' '
Impottaairo r BelertlaiK
Boat Mom.
The date fixed for the election of
delfsnt-s to the convention, which
will asnd delegates In turn to the ju
dicial convention, draws very near,
and coa.iderable interett ia being
t.ken ia it, aa the County Dunocratic
Executive Uommitte will bechoeen
at the came tinie. The primaries will
be held (Saturday evening text, and
a grt a. dial of importance Ih natnrally
at' at lied to thm, not to much on
their own account na by r.naon of
the fact that it will be In reality the
opening move m tho summer cam-
pmiro. n ia uoncrr.liy coni'ouca Dy
tliO'8 bo oualit to know that once
Blur. od oil on th riuM foit, the sue
8. of the Odiuoi'mtic t'eke! ia atmiu'd.
Tim chaiactfr i f tht' il'lrsntinn ent
f oin Hrielhy to the Judicial Conven
tiu will lft'gclypfl'i'cttbe choice of that
hmly in the rflio'ion of CHmli'Utrs
TliH 1) inoo atic Executive Con nnt-
tte will have rntire chu'Ri
of the condm:; ol tho ciu
paign. It ia gcntirally unilr.tood
tl at the worlitra f the Phrly will
nmkea tn ug ( Hurt to lava the com
mittee made up ( ( nun whossramps
will kivc wefRlit anil cr mm and I una
eiico. While it H-croe to lie gennraiiy
admitted that man? of tho heat party
workers on both aldosj are engaged in
selling wbi'ky by tho pint, third are
oiituswho nre equally capable and
jrnt rs williiiR. Thote who oipt'ct to
go before the Democratic Convention
will d?ubtloM loak to it that the
ptoper aoitof a committee ia chosen
t'haaoor lour nrUowoll Jadao
Additional calendar for May 1
(Villi, Donegnn vh Young; 6302, Kan
pus City Railroad vs Richmond ; 6303,
Ouitin vs Robinsou: r300. Sins vi
Memidiis, felma and Brunswick ruil
road; .ri307, Jones vs 1ah; 63 8, (Hans
vs Taylor; 6301), State vs S aughttsr
Mil ', Hettinger vs Schcllcnbaum
6311, Quin aul vs Henthniin; 6313,
Chancellor vs heatley.
Jno. tinco and wife to A. A. Lw
renee. lot 110x322 f et in block 64
South Memphis. 12678.
I.ir.ale KiiiK Hnd others to Mary
Tavlor. north half lot 237 Greenlaw
Aiiilitioo. Chelsea. 12650.
llnrrv V. l'owell and others to Chan,
N tirosvenor.fast half lot 107 Overton
subdivision, 60x175 feet, south side of
W bslir street. J1300.
Wnrkini-nicn's HuiMini! and Ixan
Association to Ed H. Hart, lota 21 and
Ti I nne subdivision, 10xl4S feet, west
side Mouwirrfltt avenue, 12;0.
OrderMJIoMord Made SlfitfatW
We have ioat received 1000 decen
of Ladier and U.ntlemen'e Col
ored Bordered. Embroidered and
Plain Whit Hemstitched Linen
Handkerchiefs, purchased at a
great sacrifice by Mr. J. S. Men
ken, now In fiew York, from
eieadlaalaa;, HcLclah 4c .,
the celebrated fltr apinnara and
linen manufac'uraia of rraxeiyn
Place, Belfast, Ireland.
We place the entire lot to-day on
sale in center aisle. All other goods
rill be moved from there on mia
We will eell the ladiea White
Cambric, Double Hemstitch, Sheer
Linen Uandkercnieia
AT 17c EACH, 17c.
Hankkerchiefa actually worth $4 a
Wa will sell Colored Bordered
Hemstitched Linen Handkerchiefs
AT 9c EACH, 0c
We will sell Colored and While i
Linen Cainbrio Hemstitched and
Tucked Handkerchiefs
AT 25o EACH, 25c.
finch as are sold now regularly at
Wa will sell Plain White and Col
li ed Uorcerea, extra nne iinea
AT 13c EACH, 13c.
Tbei e handkerchiela are sold now
at '-'5 and 30c each wherever on sale.
We will sell alf o to-day
Gentlemen's Handkerchief.
White and Colored Bordered
Hemstitched H.ndkerchiefa
AT 25b E A. OH, 25c.
Usually aold fcr 60c. or juet doa
ble. This is a nre chance to get
oood handkerchiefs at a low price.
We got abargmn, and we give too
Bam advantage to our cu-uiners.
We offar a Bpeclal Bargain to
day in
Large Smyrna Rags.
We bought about 200 of three
Bieato c)e, r out a lot. They are
aofa aize and two next aiie. The
firice hi rdtofore hts been f 10 for
area aize.S7 60 for next Bin", and
$5 50 for the smaller size. To-day
we oHer
The $10 Rags for $7.
The $7 60 Rags for 5 50.
The $5 60 Ruse for f 3 25.
With this plenant and inviting
feast placed before the ladiea, we
ahall exnect a throna to day. We
ill be prepared with plenty ol
force, but please come aa early in
the day as possible.
8xi axl. of Memphis Btcam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
SiMtii.i Scull Race.
AiiMHiHOKa & Co., headquartera for
Armstrong's mostiuito frames.
Kaiomininq telephone 609, A. Mc-
Keil. i
LakiONs and Bananas a specialty.
JOHNbON A UU1NNK, 2S2 Front.
MhvpuisStainbd Olasb Wobxs, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Lamx can have spring eewingdone
bnt'iHfactorily and reasonably at 250
llcale street.
Send a postal to the Memphis Collsr
and Cuff Laundry 61 Main street, to
call for your hzarj.
H. II. May br 'to now fully prepared
to beautify your rooms with the latest
styles of frescos, No. 227 Second street.
Taa Herbal ChlU Cure, the beet
tenia and antl-pariodl. known. A certain
and aor. eorelor pnina. rrioo.ip.rDoi
tle. 8.nd atami a (or oireulara. Any r.f
oronro clien. Addraaa Joba 0. Kuok.r.
Lyn.hb.ra. Va.
8bnd to Memphia Floral Company
for HbI and price-current ol plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
and aee for yourselL South gate Elm-
wood Cemetery.
Miss MoLi.it Uitok has removed
hr dreHsmakins business to No 7 SU
Martin, second door south of lteale,
whore ehe will lie pleased to see her
old costomers and many new ones,
Work at the very lowest prices.
A KallraMl Mas Bitot la a Holes at
the Flaaier'a Uooiao.
A d'fTirnKv o-rnrreH a, the Plan
ter's llwiiHM am m 7 oVluck y.sterdey
eventiw, wh en rt-m tetl in ths shoot
ing hi H. A vaoilox, .1ij was
form-r'v n o la r o'i t Memphis
anO I, ' o itockitilnaa It appeara
that iwaddox got int9 a dispute w ith
I'at Twohig, the proprietor of tha
liouse, about a boa-d bill lor himself
and wife, wulch led opto a rongh and
tumble fight. There were a number
o! pernors in the tflWeat the time,
and in the melee Maddox wis shot in
the liir. He waa conveyed to his
home, No. 00 Overton etiect. Twohig
di'UH firing the bullrL
Mna.kla floral tho Urarojl
llwa ol iaaia aai ww .
Tha Waw tiara.
D i arroaUt.
RatM, 2 60 to 14 par dy, aoaordlac ta loca-
UoB OI room. -
DOColam.a. Ma B B Hickory, Mo
H Lwii, Mil. N BMitch.llAv.T.BB
M K WiUoaAw.Mick pi"' niiMB.atiea
C R Browa. Ky Jt) Iacal., lad
8 V 6. aamaa. Ark P B Powd.r, 111
KBM.nniai,Ark 8 Whilo, Toaa
J CHim.rin., Md Goo W W,ub.ad,NY
CI H Lapp. Ohio oo A Liit.y, i.na
WO RobiniooJr.,Mo T J Lov.riBC. Iod
Ik. Morrii. T.nn W P Hall, Ten.
h Ley. T.B. 8 H Hart, Mich
v U Moray, u. J nia.y, n i
L Cook. Aw. Ky Min Cook. Kr
1 P Dobbini. Li C Clirirman, Mm
J gbophcrd, Enjl.nd II V Lucai, Mo
Jam.. Fcnlroi, Mm K H lUmtuan, NY
B V JnbnaoB. Ark an v nam., iobb
'riLIlCtrr.T nn Mr. X W Uay..T.B
T P Hoully Aw, N I J B Arcilli., wAo. Tax
U 0 Wad. M... D P McUowf II, N Y
JBETil.Bd, NY TJDaoon.T.no
JAl'l.nn, Mo ECP.KBOl, MiM
KM Aroilrong, Tex VT J niirof.fiiu
Dr T i CroSord. M.ai A T M' Obo., Min
0 K BrowB, Mill AMH.tt.Mia.
Moo K P Nosl.y.Misi C K Nanoa, Mini
Ml'ostcr, Miu C A Thornloo, T.BB
J i Taylor, Mix L P Milton, S J
Mi. Colli.r, Xi.i MIm Colli., Mill
lion Cochran Aw, Ky 0 N May, III
W W Ilouglu, Cal I A Darx.ni, i.nn
Vaalom'a Hotel.
W. H. BINGHAM MaHioaa. .
Europaan plan. Knlargad and refurnuhad.
frioM aoooraina to .u. aim iu
tioc of room..
J M Rainbargar, Ark L 8 Scrum, Mlai
Mim B Wilton. MiM W R Maoua, Ark
J L) Bonnton, Misa W C Ch.mb.ra, Mm
h n I'ldliarn, T.nn i n jnaoaion, tiibi
DFHayou, Mo Mra N J Jonea, Tens
Mr. S Powlkoa, T.nn H W McUuirk, Mia.
Mr. K Uldhati, T.nn F B Long, T.nn
J J Loos A a. Ark J C K.nn.dy, Ark
K Uonj.min w. Hi J i uanoorry, a.nn
t b ilavay, T.nn
A Ball. Ark
j LPullivan, Ar
F F Lov.ridn, Pi
K Mihuy, Mill
J C H.ml.u, Ark
Mr. J KSiebMk. U
M Ouk., Franc.
CO Bro.n, lonn
J K Bra., Md
W R UiM.r. Ark
U Witi.ri, Ohio
J TXiiittea. N U
M K Loraridia, 1'i
W M btorm, Min
tt Cr. craft. Ark
N K Ulo.tt, L.
A M Wynn., Miai
L K Hill. T.nn
M F U.neook. Mill
J A At.ry, III
J W Lak., Mai
J V HliOH.r, MK
W E Smith, Ark
Tllotd Aw, T.nn
A J Herjghtoi, Mo
8 Jmir, Miai
J B LonimanAw-Miai
M Meriw.tbor, Tens
Miaa Boyd, T.nn
1) 8 Shipling, Mini
W 0 l.awranoa. Ohio
M uavin. loin
A .1 Patto'on, Canada
.1 H HochuiiuCanidi K Wvatt. Tax
U 0 Carpantcr, Toon V A Halund, Ark.
Peabodw Hotel.
C. B. QALIX1WAV A CO .PHoriutToi:
Katoi Ti ouana ) per asy, looor. Iii to
Hi. inaiocation or room eixoial
ratal made.
L B.lim.r, rk ASnl nter, Ark
Mra M tUliiioar, Ark M M ' mitb, Ohio
J M (lood, V l JSAbJm.A V
Mrs 1,1k., Alt " c uun.comDn, ia
K (i Lau.liom., Va D K Il.rstfio.d, Ark
Mi-aS Ilirahl.ld.Ark J U Praiaon, Miaa
L J Wcbitor.La w ai.caourn ia, Ark
E Wyatt, T.i J 8 Ultnn, Ky
A McLauahlin. Pa M Li'., has
S B l'tt'm. lot, Conn Thyan.T.nn
Mr J 6 Cuoper, Ky
J c.hn.N V
W 0 Field.
RT Vatita An, Tcz
tf U T 111 LO All
W W Fairbanka, N Y
RT Franco jr. N Y
11 M Currier, Man
H Karaiocd, Md
T n Uil:.. a i.
Mia. K Wblla Ala
Commands, Tenn
Horn, Wia
C A Clark., Nlai
Ik .1 utiurii, vu "(iDui.1 .
V L dama, va
Mi-a W Flowira.Mia. J II V.U., Ohio
K J Ana.ll, Ho J .1 uiKia, mo
Ml.. O Uiiaa.Mo
Mia. I
i m bi
ligli, Mo
J (I M Buffalo, Miaa w F Wla. At, T.x
Mr M MBinih.Oa
J B Barlow, N Y
A k liobo, M ca
T H Stanaill.N C
L Wriibt, Va
0 C Honors, Ark
J B liayt ,n, T.nn
J W Bioomfield, Kr
11 W Curt a. Mo
WRCadj, Mo
11 L Bakar, Ala
P R Four.., 0
H II Uay.ill
A Jackaon Aw, Ky
P Moor., Ala
T II Hayes, Ka
W U Clarkaton, Mo
B i Sanderson, Mias
8 C Chandler, Ala
B0 Sands, Ala
W B Craig if, N Y
0 Dounlass, b C
A H JeauiLgs, N C.
w o Koiiy, ljnn
KRWilaon, I;
B F Bowers, Ibio
T H Btu.rt, Ko
A D (Iriffln, No
A 0 Baker, A a
C JToba, 111
B C Johuaoo.Kr
A Hamilton, 11.
J K Hyler, Tan
B C Turl.r, Kiaa
A B Long Aw, Miaa
J B J.nnin.a. Ala
A M Jackaon Ji Y
E SCan rell.TC
FJonea Ac, 8C
Dally Knropeasi Hotel,
Cora.r of Adana and Main itroeti. Room.
50o, 75o and llrer day : American Plan,
12 per day.
ITirat-MAiia HA.tj.urant in tha Hotel.
J. M. DUrr'K(l) years withP.abody Hotel)
i froprletor.
W T. Varecan.Vfvh P M Morris. Tenn
M K Mister, Msl
r j iiaiuweii, xenn
J Barney, Tenn
J B Burge, Miaa
T M Bland, Tena
M T Black, Tenn
T H Uicksnn, Miaa
F.I Fry., Tenn
0 0 Venable, Tenn
N U Wan Aw, Ua
MT Waller. Ky
G 0 Wildman, Ind
P U Abel, Ua
W H Andrews, NY
F Asurphy, Teto,
K K Murrell, 'bin
W 0 butt. Teitii
J Conroy, La I
M Ke.rdon. N M
T A McNeill, La.
K M Murr , mtn
J rubor, mo
J 0 Mxioolin, l'k ' B 8 Bedford, Ky
W K Warfi.ld, Jr.Ky Miaa N Ko.cb, Mo
T. Irk i
8 Williford. Aik
B W.aibrook, Ak
A Htotla, Atk I
J W Pane, T.nn
Wa StotU, Ark.
No MAixtT at Liverpool to-day
Closing prices of Jane options at
Chicago yestercaf. fork, $8 io; isra
6,c ; clear rib cldu. 6.20c; corn, Jo,c
wheat, 77Jc ; otJ 281c.
Visitors on 'Ch-ge yeftirday: R,
H. Allen, ir.. Ne Ynk: K. M. Faw.
aelle, Arkanas; B.C. Spr'ngfield, Mis
sissiprtl: J. Franaithal, Duiwissippi ;
MiisOra L. Biees Colnerville; Miss
Minnie B!gKF, CcHiervillej J. Shep
herd. New Orleans Col. J. N.Uilmer,
Alahama: Mrs. K Rice, favannah
B LowensteirvNewYork; 0. F. Smith
Horn Like; J. P. lee, Nuw York; G
K. Crtcaft, Arkartai; 8. W.Brown
Beardttown, III.
Tnic Financial Orimice says: The
marker lor twine votton goouri was
ou et , throughout uhe month, but
prici ri'inain fairly steady. Tao do-
inniul for nlnin mil colored cottons
wiovchieMv of n hnid-to-mouth char
actor, and light in tie aggregate, oper
ations having Won checked
to -a considerate extent ' by
labor troubles in various sect ons of
the country. Print doths continued
in fui' denmiul, und tl mnriet closed
very linn a ao advuuet of about seven
points upon op ning quotations, ow
ing to" the exceptionallj small stocks
on hand, tho total held by manufactu
rers and speculators reaching only
about 301,000 pieces, apiinst 400,000
pieres at the close of March, and
1,36 1,000 pieres May 1, 1885.
Compos and Corrlatceo at W. B.
Edwards dk Broa.' Hiablo-tno oolj
platno Io tho oily that ka. Uieaa.
T.lrphoao Orders promptly ottoad.
od to. Telcpboniia Kos. and 70S.
Ua Io Rollodro V lat.manl.. for
yoor riamblaaa aaduam-riauas.
In p'v to lnto liii.'rt tv Alabama
rii'.iii' t' al In t in nil f. :t will be
deljv r. ,t 'Mi' -'V i' iitv 11m
ila. ! ' "' "
V. M. I'AITMl v.N a CO.
T li;p'.iuno 5.'a.
Hat PJolladaadk laOBttralno.to do
roar fisi""""".
Coop" - Carriages al VI. K. Ed
ward a dk Broa. Huablo Ik oaly
plaoo ! ,h rly that has thorn
Tslopkotao Ordora promptly aatoad
Trlrphoooa Moa.e n 76a.
ajo,,0grBiriliniiifletj MnlfonL
u to Moanplila tloral forapaay
for plaala aod plonlv of thin.
R L Cok.r, In.l I
a W Huiser, Ml)
R T Initrain. Mt
Tha firm of GOODBAB A
and 8no Bnaineaa, in connection
la the part and hope for a continuance of then favora.
a m tuutnaia. j. h. eoaBBia, w. k. ivotb. o c. caixjcott,
L.U o( Qdba c"; laVmphl.. UU of flood bar A Co., M.mpaia. Lata ol Warraa. Ur. A Co.. Bi. UniM. lu of Orator.
367 & 369 Main
We are now receiving a large and En'lrelw New St-ok of Eastern and
We are MWBTjfifo 'whlch we offe? it Bock Bottom Prices,
r Vmi mfte h nw pnmrniri m.rkwt.
JAMES C. HELL, l'reident.
Saddles Harness. Collars.
1 ttiii
The Water Exploding and
Carrying Destruction
Along the Banks.
t&" The sight of a river on fire has
not been seen in the vicinity of
Memphis, but it is certain that the
Greatest Bargains in Clothing are to
be found at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street.
It is now time to think of Spring
Clothing. Ponder well where you
can buy it to the greatest advantage.
Who can afford to sell it the cheap
est? Where ought the greatest bar-
gams to D6 ODtaineat xueso bis
. , , m mi -
questions that should be considered
by every buyer.
Read the Answers in the Stars.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors can
sell you Clothing at Half Cost, be
cause we buy Clothing at Half Price
The Misfit Clothing Parlors buy
nothing that they do not aeoure
at what represent a great saorifice
to the tailora who made the gar
ments. Low buying ia the secret of
selling low. The Misfit Parlors sell
low because they buy low.
The Flowers that Bloom In the Spring
spring flowers will soon be
Prepare to dress to receive
The Misfit Clothing Parlors
Stacks of New Suits,
Tiles ot Business Suits,
Tons of New Pants,
Beautiful Spring Overcoats.
First in quality; lowest in prices;
nothinir but real, reliable clothing;
every garment carefully made.
Opp. Court Square.
US The Wide-awake
Price Clothiers.
Great Low
9ST All alterations, to insure a per
fanr fit mads free of charge, by a
First-class Tailor.wilj
Frank Schumann,
t ..... ..J TWalar In
auaa K.nnllt ow r?ei atiynuon
a" t.Vii:ai:TllRlNU ana -
a'.vn i in fti. v
4.V4 Malo stnMelaP,ll,,e,I," I
CO. baa been dissolved, and we bare reonrani
tion with Mr. W. E. Loye, late of Warren, Lore
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenu.
E. F.
Jams H. Ooodbar Wm. I. Clark Kua;en J. 4,'arrlnatoa rraak . Jonea
I'JElaatA.lollaalxtscl IBOO.1
319 Main Street,
WE offer to
haro OT
k... .r hron.ht to thil market, and
tvlA. h an bona, in i
mad. aooda, Inoludint the
. Urn and seleot atook of Cu.tom-mad. ttood.
carry a number ol me neat maaea ia me u"''r, ,u ; V. iiV-Vi; fTT.
themlth. wall known Men'. Calf Boot, and Shoe, manufactured by Geo. Hooker for our
Bnrini 'Trade, "a al.oearry a enoloe line of Ladi.a' and MU.. Cuatom Kid, Goat and
cSff (foodt. manufaotur.d I by Krippondorf, Dittman A Co. Wa Invlu , tho trade to examin.
Sir 'atoek &r "FlS Jlsowh.ro. Vud wo .uaranUo ovorytblna wo ..I j;g 'r
Of Every Deaorlptlon,
Clerk of the Criminal Court.
rR are anthoriied to annonnca n.
W Hnr tw,ntv-nne veara D"P'
utl aa a candidate for Clerk of the Crimiual
Court of bh.lby county, .ubj.ot to tb. U.m
oorati. Convention.
WE are autho'iied to announce D ABNEY
W. COLlIEH a. a candidate for Clerk
oftke Criminal Court of Shelby, county,
aubjeot to tho Demooratlo Convention.
Conoly Court Clerk.
WE .to anthoriied to announce tnat
RICHARD A. ODLUM 1. a oandidato
for County Court viera, auojeot vu w. ku
of th. Qamooratio Contention.
Jadaeoftho froboto Court.
WE are authori.ed to announoe J. r.
VfilfKIil a. A.nilidfttA fnr the otnoo
of Judro of th. Probate court, aubj.ot to tho
aotien or tn vouniy uemocrauo wu
Tor Trosteo.
WE are anthoriied to announce jytia
M. BRADLEY a. a candidate lor
Truatea ot Shelby county at the onauing
Aoiiuat election, aumeoi io me ((vu ,
Semooratio ConTontion.
m w 9 v .n.Vini.tt tn announce AN-
W DREW J. UARKISaa a candMate for
re-election to the oflioe of county irujioe,
aubiect to tn. aouon oi mo khui.
THE A ppeal la .uthnriied to announce Mr.
N F LKMAhTKR aa a candidate tor
.i ... f Tp.i BtnM if shelbr coun'y. aub-
ject to the action of th. Democratic Conven
tion. .
For atiornajr-Omoral.
WE areauthoriiodto announce ur.unu n
B. j'KTKRS, Jr.. a candidate for
the office of Attornoy-on"ri, mu,
action of the Deuiocratio Convention.
rpilE Arpenl ia anthoiiiod to .nneunce S.
X D. WKAKLEY a' a candidate lor Atlor-
ney-Ueneral, subject io tne wmdiitv
voption. Hii later.
aulhoriied to announce K.
VV (BUNK) HARKISON as a candidal.
fn KnuKtAr. flUOieCl IO VU UA ,u.
Democratic County Convention.
THE Arnl f ulAT;5Sd 10 announca
JOHN . MrCALLUM aa a candidate
for Regialer, u(ject to in. aciiou ui me
Democratic Convention.
THE underaigned .nnonnca that h. la a
candidat. lor KmW;;, and askl the
upport ot the votera of Shelby pounty. It
elected, will endeavor to give eatiafpption in
the diacharaeot t ?"" "
places hie claim, aubjeot to the action of th.
tount, Democratic Convention
Memphis, Maroh 28.1886.
SA DOCOLAS, or serTviu., lena., i.
. cndSaUforllKoR,TKR,.ubjMttoth.
aotion of th.Domooratio Convention.
WE are anthorii.d to annoanoy K. A.
"rA.t.u'..UAU a a A-anrildata for
County Retiatar. .ubject to th. aouon of tho
Democrat!. wiaww.
THE Appeal la authori.ed to announce
JOHN W. GOULD a. a candidate for
the offloa of Roi.tor. .object to tho aoUon ol
the Deinocratio wne. .
Wa are asthorlaed to announca L. H. S-
TES, JR., aa a candidate ior taaiw o. ju.
Circuit cou-i. r
Demooratlo conTonuun.
tiut nnnnt.ni! will b. a candidat.,
J before tha Democratic Convention, tor
nomination to me -Ti : "
euit Court: .ad. if dof.aud, will .upport
the (uooes.ral nominoo.
Wa are .uthorl.ed to announeo that J0ITN
JOHNSTON ?'f1,fV?.'?..JB.Rii!.i?!
Circufl l oan 01 m y. -------
.rtinn of the Pemocr.t c Conv-T.ton.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationew.
218 Main St., M?mphU,Ten
WUbina; to Rotlro from Baslaosa
Wo Otlrr voir fcnllro
or inMreat in tbe Wboij-alo doo
A Co., 8t Ixmia, Ma and MiT. O
thank on, WtoF
Custom - Made Boota and Bhoea for
on aa liberal terms aa can
51EYEK, Sec'y and Trca.
Memphis, Tenn.
larirest and boat itoek of Boot! i and Bhoof wj
wbieh eannot bo anrraaaea in quaiuy ano
for ta.n, women, miai ana vuiiureo.
DURING th. aeaaon w. will receive Ben
Hart's Berriej norn'ni and ovsning.
Juat received a freah lot of Ivtnnedy fine
Biacuit and Cake..
Butter Scotch, Beatrice, Albert,
Lemon Cr.am, Jelly Droai. Mireoury,
Cocoannt Taffy, Royal Mixed,
Vanilla Cream. Aaaortod Jolly. Etc.
Corner Second and Beale Ste.
Joh Ovuioa, Ja. 0. N. Craosviaoa.
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 264 Second Street.
aa, a. ajor. eooaia .. Ouura.
Taxei Paid. Kanta ColUotod. .to., on
Importer, and dealer. In .m";
union and t lanaua .'"'. " " "
Hardwars, t.ifMiirie "
nunrlHtorafor Hotela and rleBid.ncea.aao
atuln alraet, atomplilB, Tn. iteotrio
suppliM alway. on hand, a Repairing neatly
one. .
Boiler Works.
SUE A McCABTHT, Propr'd,
140, H2, 144 Front, Memphis, i
f In tb. South, and th. only complete!,
Boiler and Ssaet-Iron Work, in thaoity. S
aaaiaeinnin 01 i ,
Ah of .mi deasrlutloB. BD.01.K:
attantion a1.o v,i.aauon wora.
Gnns, AmmnnltloD, Fluhlng Tacklfl
and Base-ii an hoous. -
M Mala lrx-U Moinpbla, T-aa;
Haaufaeturiag and Repalrina of Sana a
Writ vir ham. la (WD M th.t aj"tiIt rwl
M mi.. yircUi. A I Irn .T. ANDllK W "
a.a AUD LAll(n : an. in . t icip
0, L lalnni Bar. tlm. Dr. b-"' J
..I. If -. . A.1...AAA LKA OlA,MALl ttlAC f
KTAAi rrr. Offer ii for Ih. fnriK f onulilDi a j.
,ur la ur aeitartAd. fiat a rM will b. ' I,
la I je.'tl.00OpMcrA. a-.pAHuiorfortwo yr
rZ La lUUTf 11'tMI'KF.K I
Old Toint Comfort. Tirginta.
rpERMS for the ae.son of 18'6. betinajog J
JL June 1st, reduce t to 10 per oenij em
the higheat atanuard of excellence m-io-'
tag!nd' for Uluatrated dtfcriptivo rl'lir't
and term.. , p R Mm1..

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