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The (.rare i.f Liliertj The Tender
cles of TIiIuk Growing out of
the Inirmerlaumeut of the
Teople. ,
To thi Editor! of to. Appeal:
Hsi tSA, Abk , Vay 10. An erect:
ot te greitoHt algaiflcai.c are sne
cerdirg each ether m rapidly, will
development to portentour, as to
leave co doubt that dow ii Been the
white-ciipped prcarior to tbet'Jil
waTe of revolution, aa predicted by
these) wise meo, Millard Fillmore and
Lotl Mactnlcr, which I clip from 1117
crap-book and aend you ti throw out
1 "red lights." Kpctfully,
MKfl. K. J. COOK.
, Lord Maraalay freeUrtlejas.
A Utter wrilUn by Lord Macaulay
in 1857, and now pnbliahed for the
firat time in Harper' Monthly, contains
the following paHKe: ''It ia quite
plain that your government will never
be able to restrain a dirtrceeed and
dircoutmted majority. For with you
the majority ia tiie government, and
has the rich, who alwnysiftemlnoHty,
absolutely ti iti mercy. The day will
-co rue when in the Stale of New York
a multitude of people, none o' whom
hqt hal more than half a btcik'a t,
or expects to have more thnn half a
dinner, will cbooee a Legislature. Is
is j o's ble to doabt what BO't of a
Iefcislature will be cfcown.
I seriously apprehend that you will,
in a Jice such season of adversity, do
things which will prevent proaperity
from returning. There will be, I fear,
spoliation. Ihe spoliation will in
creased the diBiro'B. TliedistrtuH will
.produce frh spollntinn. There is
nothing to stop you. Your constita
tion is all sail and no anchor. As
1 said before, when a society has en
tered upon this dowuward progress,
either civilizition or liberty mum per
ish . Either same Cie'ar or Napoleon
will seise the reins of government, or
your Kepublio will be as fearfully
plundered anil laid waste -by barba
rians in the twectiith century as the
Jtornau empire was in tbe filth.
Are We la Have aa Kmplrar
Messrs. Edlton nftb. Western World 1
BrrAW), N Y., May 17, 1800 Sit
ting in my cilice, with tbe Empire
hta'e at my back, a copy of Ihe im
perialiri on my desk, imperial, or king
ly dominions in my iron', and address
ing you in the Empire City of the re
public, 1 aik the question, "Are We
to Have an Empire?" This is quel
tion whluh atrikea home to every
American citizen. Before proceeding
further, permit ma to add, en pattanl,
Ui at I do not put this interrogatory to
the reader in any partisan senna
Leaven forbid! It is a quee ion of loo
much gravity: it is a question which
tises supremely above all politics j it ia
a question with which patriots and
statesmen only should deal. ltidfs,
I am aware, as a faithful reader of
your most excellent journal, that all
lolitirs are strictly and properly ex
cluded from its well-filled columns.
Of tuyself, 1 may remark that 1 am
not a politician in any sense of tbe
word. Having lout all hope in either
of the RHRt parties (Democra'lo or
Kepublioan) to save our gradually
uccutnbing llbertita, I have not caat
ballot for President in many years,
nd perhaps may never do so again.
How, gentlemen, without knoaing
whether these lines will ever find ven
tilation through your illuminated cor
unius or not, 1 proceed to lo'.tcrat tbe
interroK,itoty : "Are we to have Bit
empire" This queolion is growing
more and more practical witti every
Jtnotth andvtarcf age added to the
life of the hepnblic. The re dicing
poitlon of t':e American people are to
day beetowiug upon it more or less of
their dispaehioi atscoimideia'lon, thoir
judgment, unbiased by ptrty jrrjii
lire. This Is but right, no matter
what their action iu thi future ruujr
be. Let them look over the whole
situation of onrconntry let them con
trast it with theatnnib of the pnst, and
with the r'BO, decay and flnrl ovei
throw of other great natl mialitlei ; let
them honestly inquire whereiu we
possess superior Intollijfeiice or virtttn
over other Chmtien and eulightened
natiotip, ard wherein w may, as a
nation, hope to eacaie the common
dancers aud futoti which have envi
roned other great peoploj who have
but preceded us in tbe annu'a of time.
The Amoricun people nevir da
thiiws by halves. To J a boituly
and couu'ry lit lire, lhe) nre a "whole-
hotl ' people. Uno.) ir.t'lW'.cm Marian,
end iu thin aj? "I s i and cleetiici-1
l), 'tin pretty iliflliMi-tt t iU 11 what they
will d., or tn wh-t extremities they
will pnnh their t'.ciiijr,"..
In tit Empire City 1 f Mil Empire
ISUta jcu alwady have a papir with
the somewhat O'tilnoiiK idiI, to my
eves, ugly cut cf a ciown a', its hal.
It Van toan rumored hereabouts
with how much truth I am not able
to eav that President (Jiunr, tr
lary IWie, their frienJa and niaoy
others of arroat wealth and Influence,
amours, w iom are nearly all the
larse bondholders, both oountenance
and pay their money generocHly lo
ustain this Journal. Of their right to
!o eo rn a lree country 1 do not com
plain ; but, Bin", may not their prompt
action in mis matter alone be takn as
one of the figui ol ihs tiniea that we
ar dr.itirg iuto empire?
Now, while, at an Ameiliaa citiau,
1 sn a lover cf the institutions of my
cmo'ry, foar ded by our fore fu there,
end preserved iu their prietine purity,
1 am not willii.g to o.'pouee the taua
of ih -as who lavtr ceiitmlizatien aad
tmpire; yet 1 can s' a eullicient
timoont ot t u'h in their argnroeots,
tit forth in their 00. an the Imperial-
-'to eia''1" m'v lover o! riiuDlioen
liieriy f.0,11 iiis i 1 1 o duau of lancitd
KvurHv. Komni'er however rrmote
it muv I . O c reiinbiio it in danger.
: !i.i.l no n;p.t than i inaushand
io : t,t tii 1 in' horvon dis n portends
h R-oi in, which ilio i.t;l;iul mariner
wl.l i tvare to meet. In the her, ion
if our republic thoie are meoycloada
fiich tbrjhtjn to gather and burst ia
.a mijthty storm apon tbe people.
It is tbeight of folly to close one'
ye4 aifinnt telf-evidsnt facts, and try
to ret sou those facts away and declaie
thf t they do not exist, simply because
we cannot view tbem wl h doted eje
neither ran we disprove a truth
istrrply because it is unpa'atible.
,ho Uspub io it ia dtngerl Could
I, frjm my ollice window, behold
Jranken men la a friil eklfl amil the
the rapids in the Niagara river, which
fv-u Immediately above the great
I should rot fay that they were
is imjxc djnjerol being drowned, ttian
is v.ur givernmciit r-f heirg converged
int) au empire, Why, sire, tbe v-iy
;:pAt moral ilegjmrjcv if the A-ner'-caa
pfopla , aljne for.ehcdow tbe
,0 r.r.:.;i.w cf their Institv.tio ir. Eur.
i ftriit o! ouf gov-r.inieEt ia an on
jejt of pray to yo itiral eehexorH, nl-
intureand ewudicrs. Our IVfai
lfnM areeiected by aeon uption fmd ;
itu oUirt no longer ca ll lor thjse tx-
tltd statemen whose wisdom and
ay virtues elevate and give
character at home and abroad
t tbe nation. When a con
dition avemblea to roininate, tbe
candidate in cot a qrjcUicn of ac
knowledged al,ilil), but arailabiliiji
aline. The aetue holds true of
in. Governors ol the several Htat's;
ff all the Kn.iots and member rj
Congrese. The Jud s rf the Supreme
Court are only appoitt-d for their po
l't a opinions, and woe be unto them
If they ahruhi dare tj cwntrae an act
ol Coogref a sgainHt the poliiicsl tenets
of thoM) who framed the bill aad tbe
President who approved it. Look at
ihe Leftislalnrea of the several Ntatea!
Why, they have tunk so low in the
tatiruatic n of the thinking people, and
are so wholly under the control of tbo
lobbyists, that t hey cease to me r.t con
tempt. Tbe tax gatherer !a everywhere
making Lie IvIhi o! diioct or indirect
fixation. , Netting which wa eat,
drink, wear or use escapee bis exac
tions. Ilia col'ections are not used
to rednct the national debt, but are
squandered by the tbievea in office.
Tui statement ia too allocking to ad
mit, bat denying it will not dis
prove it.
Another fra't'ul source ef evil end
discontent Is tbe daily increasing war
fare which ia everywhere ernppirg
ont between the laborer and his em
ployer. A great war bMween capital
and labor is already upon us. Skir
mishing has been opened in all the
great cities and ruanufantuiiog dis
tricts of the ration. The various
trades unions are forming in every
city and county where the mechanic
Ritl are an Hie cntly reprctented ; their
leaders are mustericg their forces fcr
the grard battle which will come olf
in ttie next Pjc lldentidl election, when
the laboring men will cut loose from
eld political tier, form a third rurty,
run a candidate of their own, and aa
poor white men from every nation,
negroes, Chiiifun. Indiana, and per
haps women of both colors, will be
armed with auifrage, they will elect
their President and their Congrefl".
Then what aill become of the bond
holders T
80 much as I have predicted may
-t happen in four years, but who
shall dare to say that, with unbridled
sulTiage, tixa'ioD, poverty and cor
ruption, it will not happen in eight?
But suppose It should not trauspiie in
eight, twelve or twenty years, what
are ail these short pjriods in the life
of a nation? tfureiy, they are scarcely
bieuthlng epelln. The etrngiile will
come: tbo seol bai been planted, and
it ia bound to germinate into a fall
harvest of anarchy, from which, un
less wiser anil puiur beads direct us
than we can now invoke, despotism
will be but an cope from the de
struction of civilir. itinn a refuge, a
choice between two evils. Our liber
ties will be Inst, but elvilizetion will
bssavml. I he itrikee and labor rio's
will be put down by tbe strong arm of
m iliary government, and cepitd and
brains will assert their supremacy in a
different form of government.
As Individual, we can always take
letasooi of whdcin frtm piat exps
r ecce, and from experience of those
around us. But this rule, which is eo
r-rflfltable and wholesome in our every
day lif', we appear utterly 10 igncro as
a nation. Wliy, ist me inexplicable,
imlew we l avs dttmn nd to turn
over the moet impo'taiitaflairsof state
into the hands of the metes', (coin and
into the
Hit tor y teaches us hoy to jtnUo of
the future dn tiny e f a nation by com
raiingit with a knogclirtga ot the pa t.
In this toupee t it may bn likened unto
the mariner's chart, which lays down
the l.calityrrf the locks and roe la in
the ocean and points out. the couis.i
by which to navigAte the ship and
avoid the perils of wreckirg, But
what A'ould an Uii!errjtjr tuink or
spy ot thi master of a vefssl who
should cloie hie eyes o nil the ex cri
er ci of ttito old imvini ore wl o I avc
pice dnil lilin, rud hoiiiuap, during
li'ich tide, lit c lull nrt fee fie roukH,
deulure they we re not there, and hoac
blin ly it;er Lis aliip up in them?
Such a procedure would argue
iiHtuii'y In pr.uticHl businrsj
life. Yet. this is piec a-tly
what is being dine by those who era
navigallrgthet American Hiipol etite.
Our public olllcliils may be 1 kmed
uuto the t llfc n e f theehiosnd the
people ra tbo crew; liiitory ii the
chart by which we should steer her
it poinia nut the ohe'iich-B on which
other great nations have atianded and
bioVeu to pieues; but we clow our
ejejui ite lenoii"; we ate hoedlesi ot
i s warning'. We ll-uter ourBelvej
that we ne wissr aud I ettT than
thoe who have pio'ieored tbo way in
the Hcie.ice eif government, and we re-
I "ut their exuonenco.. As a people wo
ae full fif wickedr.eM ar:d all kinds of
ab miinntlon. An honeet man, in the
true ecuto, Ih hard to bn found in the
m.tioii to say nothing of Hading him
ia i.UuUl circles.
Ln us pause ard examine our own
heiirtH, 11 nd see if we are longer IH to
bin free and independent nation,
llan not our religion PiotsstaQtiam
bwn protomiced a failure by the very
churches who have preached it for
centuries? Why should not our form
if government as readily bo aban
doned ai no longer woithyot our sup
per;? Let the people awake from
their drunken feaetiug, leet, liko Bol
stirr.x'ir of old, whan it is tro late,
they real upon the walls of their tem
ples ol worship and capitols, ".Vnw,
lM.'"wilha Bseond l)niel to inter
pret tho projliitic wotdi "Thoa ait
weighod In the balance, and f und
With live highest consideration for
youroslvea, entlemen,and Ihe sucoees
e f your beautiful and excellent jour
nal, I am, moet respec fuliy, your obe
dient iwrveiit, m. r.
Start for the Train r Ha'
In aod aoaon. and don't fnnret to tho with
you II o Ut'or't Mnaach llltlam, wliioh will
rovivoand kannllt you wh-n Utinueit will
iiutlity th hurtiut efWtn of wler oontaml
03itd with tine Irooi tht io cooler, or ttaff
nurlnnd hrHi'ki-h; rliv indiio'tlon pro
dur(i br meili of unorUin whulntouiooes,
hiuli'lv buliad at odd liuiot in ruilwar aU-
tinnn, una protirt you from tho influmr. of
vuiHtod or unlariont ir and thorounh
drxuuliUu To tin travaliof publlo, this 1
oiirftbl Mfrauard and nfi'i(lc ! ttndorod in
a ooDToniont and airrMabU thapo. A a ord
inary 'hiit'a mdioin-ohet ooniainn no uch
eomprohtniiiT. and laliabl. romady, tact
well undorntood by luarinora. Tb oooimr
ril trafeler, t.uriil, emisrant. minor and
WMtsrn ilonmr, all appraeial. tho a!u ol
tho Bittern. It curat diprpia, eoatir.noM,
liver complaint, malarial diaoraora. inac
tivity of the kidueyi, and la a tin. Mm
Weatera Nail Ataarlatlon.
. Ciae iwNATt, O., May 13.-The West
ern Nail Association at its repular
monthly meeting here to-elay adopted
a resolution reducing the price of nails
to $i l.o per keg for 10s te n cents per
keg off in car-load lota, sixty days; or
two per cent, ott for ca'h. The asso
ciation will meet in Chicago Juno
llranltry Tnr Home.
Finish the wnlla and ceilings with
Alubastino. You can do it; inex
pciiHivc; try it White and twclvo
tinw. Cheaper and bettor than paint,
kalsomiue tir paper. ' liinfecta and
prevents diseases. Beautiful wimple
card free. By drnnpiste. hardware
and paint dealers. Kven away.
6. MANSFIELD CO., M.mputf .
A Couple or Tery tjaeer Case Be
re loped How llicy iVere Ad
vanced; by Dudley.
Wahiixutos, May 12 The Senate
Couiniittee on the Expenditu-e of
Public M'.-nys resumed the examina
tion of Comm SHioner Black this morn
ing. Niiiator Cullom laid before him the
papers in the caae of CoriHjral Alonzo
Francisco, Thirty-ninth Ind ana
Volunteers (one of thrjsa submittcil
by tien. Black to support tho allega
tions in hia report that the Pension
Ollice hud been managed as a politiiul
machine) and asked w hat there was
therein 10 sustain the allegation.
The Commissioner, rcferrirg to the
papers, said the claimant applied for a
pension six days before the expiration
of the limit to the payment of arrears.
The record) of the Adjutant General's
ollice contained no records of disabil
ity. The original certi Iterate of dis
charge state's that the claimant had
been unfit for duty by reason of a dis
euae which he bail contracted h fore
he enlisted. Amemg the papers was
found a letter from Thomas tirahum,
County Auditor of Jetle-rsnn county,
Ind., to Commissioner I hnlley, asking,
if consistent, if be would look after
the papers in this cime, and, if it
we e right, hurry alon' the mat
ter, stating that it wou d
"he of adva' tage to us in the way of
politics." Mr. Graham added that
they weie having a big light amiinst
lloiiiian, and asked that the Commis
sioner should not fail to do anything
he could againHt llohiuia. Tho case
was mado special, and was rejected
after examination A second letter
from Graham was received, upon
which thocuHC w as reopened and sent
to en examining board in Indiana, re
sulting in the granting of the pens on.
The Commissioner said the whole his
tory shows that ollice joined in the
rejection r.f the case, liu believed
tho granting of tho pension was con
trary to all lew and the evidenc-.
Senator Piatt culled up the citso of
Capt. Charles Kehoreck; Fifteenth
New York Volunteers.
Among tho pan rs wero found a
letter written by J. A. Fife to S-nutor
IiOgun, in which lie ca Ih attentiou to
the long time which claimant's papers
hud been in tho Pension Orlice un
act'il upon. Ho says the c'ainiant
whs a member of the "famous Spring
field convention " The claimant was
"fe'eling ugly" because ol the dolav.
and the writer thought it a good
scheme to have the mutter settled oh
soon as poss bio to make him feel bet
ter. The writer risks Gen. I.o.an's
aid to this end. "Gen. Logan sent a
letter tj Commissioner Dudley wiih a
request that the case bo made special,
which was granted, and tho pension
was allowed.
Pending further examination of the
papers, the Committee adjourned.
Saraii Ornk Jiwktt, now Month on
account of bad health, contributes an
illustrated ballad to the June H'mV
Awake, entitled "York Garrison. 1640."
Mits. Susan Ahchbr Wkhs furnishes
the Jane 11 iifc Awake with a drfl ghtful
patio of fols l-iro, interertiog o ail an
thpiarians, eiU.t'ud "The True lio
Morlroe) is uow credited with cictni
ini a tail TeuDessciin while shu was
collecting stnirs and lucieleiita of Ten
tiHUee mountain life.
whoso kindni'MS to young literary peo
ple is a well knowu Unit, sula for
iMinl.inrl ot J iniH 2d. Ihrmigh thi' i far
H ii (lie foel inrltulis many cbaiuiing
peeing f-oin her pen.
Wilms Boyu Am.kn, eulitir of The
Colli'ije Hearth, roTTihiitea an orieinul
poem to Jilny, which D. Lolh op & Co.
fiublish. Mr. Allen is a young lloetor
awyer and graduste'd f.o u lltrvard
University In 1878.
Will H. Uaynit, the son of Paul
Hayne, inherit? much cf hii fatlir'a
gonim. Muj, which 1). Lothrop & Co.
publish, contains u musical poem liom
lna pen. Mr. llayne is shout thiity
yeiiru old, and lives with liii pir.'n s
in their bote at .Copse Llili,afew
uiilea from Augtiste, Ua.
Alkbkd Pkiicival (jKAVts.-eo many
r f whose POfiiis imve li.eu Included ia
Through the. i enr With (he I'oetn, is the
son ol one of the bishops of the Irish
Kpisropnl Cliiiroh, aud was bnru in
i)ubUu in lSKi. lio is at p eient a
reei dun t ol Taunton, K:ig., and ib one
of her njnjesty's school iuspeco-s.
Chari.es K. Fitch, the editor of the
Itoehes'er (wiocret. has jus, begun the
deliveiy ot a series of lectures on the
ptote union of journalism before the
studenta of Cornell University. The
following are the subject of the lect
ures: "Journalism Historically Con
sidered ." "Ihe Development of Arucr
i -an Journalism;" "Journalism aa a
Profession;" "lrils of Journalism;"
' Preraiat'oa for Journalism."
T ua Lord Chamberlain, in Louden,
hav ng refused to license Ktitlley's
fearful tragedy, The Vend, the audi
ence list tight assembled "by invita
tion" at the Grand Theater, Islington.
Shelley's own opinion anent the the
atrical representation of the drama is
worth quoting: "Th's story of The
CVriW li eminently fearful aud mon
strous. Anything like a dry exhibi
tion of it on the stage would be insup
portable." In hia foitbcomirg lecture a'. Ox
ford, it is said, Mr. lleuiy Irving will
ravlew the hitto-y of the Euglisb
a'aie, dividing his survey into four
distinctive ner.oda nauifly, the Uur-
bage or Shakeseeare aa era ;t be Restora
tion; the (Jariick period; and tbe
period daring wLicti the genius t)f
Edmund Keaa so powerfully contri
buted to arrest the decline of ihs his
trionic art and the public interest in
the theater.,
Change-cf climate and water often
affect the action of the bowel. One
or two Brandreth's Pi Us taken every
nlsht are a perfect lemedy tn such
casee; they also prevent malaria and
area protection against typhus faver,
or disaaees aristng from bad sewerage.
Tb Ohio laocraitle SWnalra.
Coi.t iiBrs, 0., Mav 12. Judge Wil
son, late Senator from Hamilton
coun'y, was in the city th's morning,
and he'd a consultation with Van
Clef. IVtcocrat, who r inained in Co
lumbus. relative to luture plans, a
definite programme will he formulaleil
at a caucus of the absent Senators to
beheld at Covington, Ky., this after
noon. T he IVmocmta have nbnn
doned tbe idea ef starting a Semite of
their own. It has be'on e'ecidcd, how
ever, that they will make a fihtin the
courtsi against the action of the Ke
publicans in the Semite h
St: n; tu
validity of their acta n pu.
euch.ai the loon bill.
Sore Eyes
The eyc are always hi sympathy w ith
(lie body, am u.T'ird an excellent index
of IU condition. AVlii'ii the eyes become
wi-uk, and tho lid- liithuiied and tore, it fa
mi rvMciico that the Mi-Inn hut become
iliordcrfd by Seriifii!:i, fur w hich Aycr'a
bjrMipurllla U the bent known remedy.
Scrofula, which pioiluceil a painful In
(1 iiiihi.uii.ii in in v eyes cuiim d 11,0 niiii li
Mill. -i in,' fur a lu'iinlx r of yeurn. I!y the
li.lv ice of n ib ii 1.111 1 i-.iliillKllci'd hiking
Ayi-r'o :il ii:u After Usinn ILiu
iucili..iuu a Uort time I vu couriilctcly
My eves nr now In a plcniHd condition,
and I inn tin wi ll mid Mimi;,' ever.
.Mid. illiuui (ia.c, Cuiieoid, N. II.
For a iiiiiiiIkt of yr-.ir I was Irouhlcd
Willi 11 humor In my vyv, ami nun 11 iniblu
In ohtain any relief urilH 1 romiiieiieed
iniiitf Ayer'n Karnapiirilla. ThU riicilieine
Iiiih elleeleil a complete lure, 11111I I helieve
It to hit Ihe het of blood pui'iticrs.
C. K. I'ploii, Nashua, N. 11.
From cIiHiIIkmmI, and until wilhin a few
niontliK, 1 have heell alllieted with Weak
it 11 1 .Sure Kycs. 1 have ueil for these
riirnplaintii, with hcnelieiiil reitiill, Ayvr'a
buniapiirilla, and eon-iilcr II a t'l'eat hluod
puiiUcr. Airs. t'. Phillips, (ilover, Vt.
I sun"ered for a year with Inflanima
tiou in my left eye. 'Three ulcers funned
on thei hall, depiivin nut of ei'lil, and
e'liiishnr great pain. After trying many
other ii'ineilieH, to no purpowc, I wuh llnally
induced lo uhc Ayer's .SaiKiiparilla, and,
By Taking
three hollies of this medicine, have been
entirely cured. .My idfilit has heeu re
;ircd, and there i- no aiirn of iiillnmrnn
llon, wire, or ulcer in mv eye. Kendal
T. Iloeveu, Sugar Tn c nidge.'ulilo.
My ilauhti-r. ten years oldwan afllleted
eviili Seioftiluin Sine Kjes. liiring the
la-t two years hc never miw li;ht of any
kind, rhyticians of the liilutnt Ktamlin
exerted their klll, hut with no permanent
success, em the rccommeuiliitlon of a
friend I purchased a hollle of Ayer's Sar
sapai illa, which lny daughter enlilineneed
taking. Ilefuru siie had n-ed lh third
bottle her siht was restored, and she can
now look steadily at a brilliant liht with
out pain. Her cure is complete. AV. K.
Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparllla,
Prepared hy Dr. J. C. A yet Ii Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold Ly all Druggists. Price 1 ; six bottles, $5.
B- l-B-
Forty fears a Sufferer from
FOR FOtlTY YEARS I hava benn a tIo
tim to CATAURU thrnB-fonrthn nf thetima
a (.urfnror from EXCRUCIaTINI FA INS
THlLS. The diBohnmos vara eo oOermiva
that 1 heiitata to mention It, rxceit lor tha
good It may do aoroa other auQerer. . 1 hava
ilient a youna lortuno from my oarninvi
aurina mv fiirtr vnarn of ufterinir tn obtain
relief trom tha doctor. I havo tried palnnt
meiicfnes-avery nna 1 could loara ot-trom
tha four curriers of tba aaith, wifi no rolief.
And AT LAST (57 yoara of aire) hnvo met
wirh a ramedy that has cured me entirely
made me a new man. 1 weiirliod impounds,
and now wei-h Hi). I used thirteen bottles
of tho medit'iria, and the only reierot I Iivk
ia, that bom in tha bumble woiks ot lilel
may not have Innuonoe to t reriiil on all ca
tarrh sufferers t uca what has cured me
Guinn's Tioneer IJIood Itcnewcr.
" No. XI Second street, iMacoa, Ua."
" Mr. Tlonry Cheves. tba writer of the
ahovo, f.irinerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon, (la., merit tba connuonee oi an ln-
ttrestud in catarrh. A. 11(,FF,
" Bx-Mnyor ot Maoon.
(julnn's Pioneer Mood Keuewer.
Cures all lllood aid Rriin Diseases. Rhonma-
t'sin, horolula, Uld cures. A iierlcct tf iriD
If not In your market. It will he forwarded
on receipt of price. Small battles, 11, large,
1 75.
bsay on UloOd and skin Ulsoasei mailed
AInooii, Cieeirala,
freahlent of the Oreat LOUISVIL:. COU-KIKll-JttUBN
AL t'O., tells nat
ha knows of
Wir.tersmith's Chill Cure.'
Ornci or thi Corsitt-JovsNAL,
Li l-'IKVILl.a. k Y.
Dr. Winlerimilh, Sir I 4aive a rule 1 hnve
olmervoj for many years, the value of your
roiueily iiromprins me to say, in reply to
your reouerl, what I know of your Chill
Oore. Ihe iirirnte assurances of its eflii-aoy
I had. and the (omi result of its erTects I
had obfarred on Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for more than tfteon yers, had been fore
roan of my oftire, induced ma to tent it in
my family. Ihe re'ulu hare been entirely
satisfactory. Tha first tut was of two
tears' standina, in which I believe every
nown remedy hd been tried with tempo
rary relict the chills returning periodically
and with seeminnlr ii-creaea severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there has
been no recurrence of them for ruoro than
six months. The other rase was ot a milder
form, anit ylalded mora readily to other
remedies; but the jhlils would return al in
tervals until your medicine was useil. sinca
which time, now several months, tuFy have
ntirelv disspneared. From the opportu
nity I have had tojudire. I dn not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable specific, ana performs all jou
promise to, it. ALpEMAN.
ARTHUR rBTKR CO., AirenU. Louis
ville, Ky.
' SVty jHv-AI".WMvPui.HIeBll5
uv ir I irr.-. , r.t Sl.ciwIK- t..t
flicTViii V mr.n.r.1 om v Ft .TXK)
vv Tsrw lt wrid Kii?;. d:nvtrnt l"i
allrfhj.r. Vr-rt R.-htinrr. mtmnitMl.
h iT wiinp.-,",1n urwiin. imnuM,. it
Adininltrfitor'H Xodoe.
Office Puh'ic Admlntstratnr, Shelby county
Ooiirth 'ii'e, Memphis, Term., May i. lv-.
T'llK undersigned hsvint been aepoinled
X and 'iiiM.tlcd administrator of the f state
ol J. H. uttall. decea'ed. nitc is hereby
given lo si! perfons indei led to said estata
to come forward and aeitle; and to those to
whom siitit eitat Is iadebt..d, to file their
claims with me, duly nrr-hated, within tha
time prcfivibed hy U. of the same will ba
loraver birred. JOHN LOAGl'K.
Tubha Adiuinietfator,
And Commission Merchants.
anal 2G2 Front Ht., emp!il, Tnr..
Ilarnesn, Saddles, Ifrrlcultnral Implements and Machinery.
S33 Second Street. MemphU, Teno.
WV CI a. AA'- I rA
i;e m
Old Stand, No. 0 Union St., Memphis.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
fiOO-SU8 Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchants
JSo. 116 South Main St., St. Loali.
A '
Jndlsputed In the BROAD CLAIM of being tin
Kost Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETJER Sl CO., Agent?,
Weimlilw. Tub.
Electric Belt Frae
TO Intrednoe it and ehtaln airentl we will
for the next six'r days sive away, tree
of charrre, In each county in the I1, n. a lim
Had number ot our w.-rniHo Klrnr
vmsiio stupcsianry li.lf. Frica 15: a
Ensitiveandunfailinr euro for Nervous De
ility, Var-coi'ele, Kraision8, linpotency,
etc. i'llW.lO Howard paid if every Halt we
manu actum does not generate a genuine
electric, current. Adr-ss at once KLKC
THIO I1KLT AQtSCV. P. 10. Box 79,
Ttrcoklyn. N T ,
Do you want a pure, bloom
ing Complexion t If so, a
few applications of Hasan's
MAGxNOLIA BALM will grat.
Iff you to your heart's eon
tent. It does away with Sol
lowness, lledness, Hmplesu
Blotches, and all diseases and
Imperfections of tho skin. It
overcomes the flushed appear
ance of heat, fatino and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
Til lltTY appear but TWEN
TY ; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect aro lis eilects.
that it is impossible to detect
its application.
W. C. 6W00PE.
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St. Memphis. Tern
ngluen, Itollern, Nawuilllsi,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mills.
Cotton Pre, Cotton Uins.
Sliaftluir, I'lilley.
RPU'IIL Fe'OriCF We are prepared to till orders,
rn notice, forth cela r.tJ Wfilnra I'selenl
WrnntlM ..i. lnlli. Wa carry in stock ortr
Two Hundred Assorleit if 9.
aerftcTi'i for Cntalgue nnd Prlce-ttyt.
BAY STALLION, star, lett hind ankle
and riirht hind heel while. Koaled May
6, 18SI, by ejuy'er (sire of Aluath, three-year
olil record. '2 -.'fi) . First dam Marcia ti.. by
Will-BDis's Alambrino (sire of the dam of
Banta-Claus, 2 :174) i second it am H oil (dam
o Clomniie (., reco d 2:1!, Pos' Itoy
1:&Ya Alice rsionor &:Ly, ovuerKioy r iw
win I orresrj ; third dam by Mambrino Chief
(sire of Lady Thorn, 2:18m: fourth dam by
(rev Easle: filth dam by LSolivar; sixthdam
by B'lickbnrn's Whip; seventh dam bv Couiet
ClITliISliKT is a mahoiany bsy, le1.-.' hands
hiKb, and magnificently iiroportioneik, He
ha never been namned lor speea, Due can
showa2:40 (tnit with rwo men in a bug-ay.
Was bred and raided by J. C. McKerran
Cf... Olnnview. near Louisville. Ky.. and
sold at a two-yeur old for f.UO. Cuthbert
will be allowed to (orve 25 approved muros
this ronson. Services, twenty-five (825) dol
lars oash. Can be seen at our siahle.
anhood Restored
Kkmkdy Kukk. A victim of youthful imprudenc
Musing I'n? mature leony, NorvouiXnbiiity. Lom
rlnir tried in VAtn mu
lmftv1j,hMdiscovfirvd iv Pimple irienflof Mlf-oau
ffUDDooo, so., Having inea in taid vvorj known
vhit-b ba w.llribr:! KHKtf) lo hi. fellow-eoffereiw
I'robate Court Sale Kcal Estate.
No. 535, K.D -In tho Probate Courtol Sh-1-by
County, Tet.n. T. J. O'Neil, dminis
trstor, vs. Cnih. Ellen O'Neil.
pV virtue of a df cree for sale, entered In
r this cause oa A nril 27. lftiti. minute book
40, vases 4UI, etc., I will sell to the highest
bidder, at public auction, in front of tbe
court-nousa uoor, on main sireei, on
Nntnrslitw, Ittsy 23, 1HS8,
within legal hours, the I ol low in it described
real esUte, to-wit: Acertnin I ieco or par
cel of land, situated in Memphis, Tenn.,
commencing on the west side of Main street,
aad running tnenee north 37 feet; thence
weft IMS foel to Center alley; thence south
ivlonff saul nllev 37' feet to a stake, and
thence east 14SV4 feet to the beginning. Tha
said I' t is tbe sontb half ot lot no. l.f, ana
is situated at the interrection or the north
side of the first alley south of and parallel
with Overton street with Main street. The
said sale will bo subject tn right of home
stead ot Cath. Ellen O'Neil in said real es
tate. Terras of Sale On a credit of seven (7)
months; therurchaser to execute note with
surety, and alien will be retained to secure
unpaid purchase money. Equity of redemp
tion barred. This April 27, latW. .
II. B. CULLEV, Clark.
lly 0. L. McDonald, Deputy Clerk.
Wm. M. Randolph. Solicitor.
,'22 MarketStreet,
Ma Tkiert anrl Fm.rlh UUUJ.U lUUlJ
SlKtrmktorrhofc n Impound j ,
ih.rwfill cf U-ftlmn U yonUi. wthu wmmm mm.
.re ,r t1' oww. aud pr-Miui iu toamti u. to;
t-waaw. fflo'l Srtwmissw. bvmiivtl V mlaaioji .-;i;t
4m. i t 4i-m. Dliaufw of IMsthi, Deficit -,. Vr
t.jl''x-r tion ftc. Avfr'4i-(oaf cry-mi tt
'4ua f .vlsratv, Boitul PtJWtr frdr.iO
iTturw.iiF.v"noirpy. t thwwijrli)- ui pvm
v.ii rj. 13YPH1LIS tu"' y1
i-"ir Tll'Ji tVora Uf GBOrrhMk
F-.KndrttiirrriU(UMsM qoirkly r4.
U 1 twlf-vviiWM that phy fcifteD h para itaMUi attcsM
svanaJk oki dkaauaa, wt lrmttB -aoaaapai aaaa
illr. aulraAcrilillL Fhyil;laa ksMvhiatkia MofVn
t- ommrorl iraMi la at gv. Whan U la iavananattml ta
'U tht cily tV- imiarMi, awttrttM oaa ba aatU prtTaWj
tad a:tl? a mail r asataaa aayvhan.
Onr OnaruKtd in mXL Cui
i.'.suiAui-uH i-vrtx ttaAy vt bv tettar fta oJ InrH-ik
affaa waaooa'jaa aad jatrqapotdoaua mnaMf faflisatutai
r aw rtM. ..nt vi urr ads-, .wwrty M.M. ftr
30; -mi. Sho.14 b. rud bv kU. Iddnn. M .ctw
it&M ujur. ti ba. U .sP. afciatajlar-tT
" STJIDVn!P9 MEW, yonng or old,
P Znip siind the Electric
i . ', "-r 'itshield and buspeneo-
k-V-V' ' a if " eagness ot tn. Kia-K-W
Vt II': ,Sejnal System,
I V-'CHr 5 c.v JJ Varicocele and lostor
a' " (enfeebled powers.
I r; ;. ? Money refunded il
I r! V if1. I't " represented.
I f I 11 J I i I P"" 5""1 frl.
ikiUl W UiiU Pamphlet free. All
ord-'rs mnt be sent tn Aaurlsaa t'alvan
c Co.. 7na lirnadwaw. New l.rh, a,
all our Wiurn efficts r dlaceitlniied,
for l. year at 1UK Vl.f , iow ki
L f
B- l-B-
DR. 1). S. JOllKaSOX'd
PBl vat:
Ko. 17 JefTcMOai Htrt-ft.
(Between Main and Front.) M KMPO'IS.
lEstabluhed in rHtO.I
I R.J01INeON is acknowledged by all per
ties interested as by fur the most suo
cesslul physician in the treat mentof privet
or secret diseases, tiuick, permanent cure
guaranteed in every oaae. male or female.
Keren t caes of Uonnrrhea and Syphilif
oured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, change or diet or hindrance from
business, becondsry Syihilis, the last, ves
tige eradicated without tna una of mercury.
Iuvolunsary Iocs cf eeraen stopped in short a
time. Sufferers from impotenoy er loss of
sexual p. wars restor eto free vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of a e-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to tha Diseases of Women, and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the us of eaaaticor the knife. All
consultations strictly oonfidontial. Medi
cines sent by aipross to all part of the
star iVorkingmen cured at half the usual
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to It
o'clock p.m. I. H. JOHNSON. M.U.
817 and 819 "ST LOUIS
In tbe Town of Olllrrvlllr, Tcdb.
No. 512, K.D. John League, Public Admin
istratorof Shelby county, and as such Ad
ministrator of Mrs. K. M. Bleckley, de
ceased, vs. Maggie A. Breunsn et al.
BV virtue of decree for lalo entered here
in , April 27, late, I will otter for sale,
at publio (.notion, at COLLItRVlLLE,
TEN'., on
within legal hoars, the following described
real estate, to-wit:
I. A certain lot containing three ard one
bnlfOH! acres in the Tenth I! vil District
of 8helby oounty, lenn.,in the neighbor
hood of Bray's (station! Bounded on the
norti by tbe Htate-line road; on the snath
by the M. and 0. Kxilroad; on the eat by
tne lands ol P. M. Ward, and tn the west by
tbe lunds of E. Read
And the following lot In the town of Col
liervil le, Sbelbv county, Tenn. :
II. Avacnntltt uontingon the wefit lid
el the public park.fouth ol thelotowneS by
T J; Morris, and beina one hundred (1UW
lo-t by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(120i lett. f
III. A vacant lot on the south sident Front
street, beginning about one hundred and
firty Uttl) icot we.it of the intersection ot
Front stroct with the opening wont of the
publio siiusre, bavins' front ol one hun
dred and seventy-lour fet by a depth of
about two hundr d and twantr(220) tcet.
IV. A vacant lot on the esst side of Main
street, thirty by sixty CXuPU) Ice lying be
tween the property of Oeo. il. llloir and P.
Ii. Gray.
V. A vacant lot on the TFt side of Main
streot. heuiti ninir kbout ono hundred and
filly-eight tlM) leet no'th of tho into sertion
of Front and Stain streets; thence rnrth
twenty UO) lee., with a depth of one hun
dred and siity tl6 n foot, running souih at
right angles with the smith line of raid lot
from a point on hundred and twenty (120)
lent webt of Ihe Voginning point, a distance
of fift.-eight (58) feet, until it joins with lot
Ko four (4), Ironttngon Front street.
VI. A certain lot commencing on the
northwest corner of J. W. and VV. 1). Koon'g
lot, in tho town of Collicrvil'e, dee"ed '
them by l.enke and Irby; running ther io
north 'hirry (50) feet to asrnko; thence en-t
sixty (60) feet lo a stake; thence south th r
t? (SOi leet to a strike to tun northwest ci r
rer ot raid lot of kon's ; thence we t sixty
(bt)i feet to the beginning point.
Hook 3l, pago l;io.
VII. A lot known as the Orchard lot, de
scribed aa: Beginning at the northeast cor
neror lot No 6, on a range ot lots north of
puMio square nnd oigpoMite .he M. and 0.
K.K.; the oe north to bunrrcdand foveti
feet six C-t'7!-4 inche? to a s alee: tt encewest
tno hundred and twenty t'SM) hot in J. K.
Wadding's eat bounUjry; Ihence south
two hundred and lovon le;t six (JOTKi inehea
tna stAhe, which iMhe nortiiwest corner of
John iiynch's lot No. 11; thence esst two
hunarodand twenty ('.20) icet to the begin
niliK, centnlniiig. by estimation, alittloover
one acre. Book 72, page 542.
Vlli Lot Jio. one (11, iorty (40) fee by
one hundrei (lou) leot, in a range ot lota
Kos. 1 to 11, on the north -ide of tho pui lio
Monro or pnrk. purchased from V. Leaks
beptcmhor V4, 18ti7, nnd recorded in Regis
ter's ollice of bhclby couuty. in cook No. 62.
i nges2u), 'A.4. 1
IX. liOtNc. 2, fortv (40) by one hundred
(lll leet, in a ranee of lots .im. 1 to 11 on
tlie north sidoof 'he public cijuae or psr. ,
purchased from V. teiike, liicernber, 18o'7,
and recorded in thi letiUr' ollice ol Shel
by county, in book Ke. lio, pnge I7ii.
X h i No. 4 (and prt of lotSi, forty (40)
by ono hundred (H) fiet, and part ot lot 3.
eight (HI by one hudied ( dOi i.et, west of
and adjoining lot No. 2, in a range of lots
o. 1 toll, on the uorto side o' the public
park or niure. On tr.is lot, 48jl(Xi teet, ar
two brick stoiehnuses, on which there ic
trust deed of record, (tale subject to tho
ri.lits ol the mortgngee.)
XI. Lot No. 5, forty (40) by one hundred
(l'O) leet, westol end a y ining lot No 4,
above described, and fourteen (14) feet tlx
(ti) inches of lot cio. f we-t ol at d acjuining
lot No. 5. This is the lot on wliicb .Mrs. iv.
M. Bleckley res cled -t the time ol her deth,
being fit y-four (54!"i) 'eel six inch.s t.y on
huudrtd (100) feet i i'ne-tor? frme nd
Improvements, lioek Kt. page 2 ii.
All. Lot No 9, iorty (4") by one hnndred
(100) feet- in araugool lute on the north siili"
of the ub;io park or ?junro, record book
No. 59, pnrt 2, pige 4ii(-. A lot fronting
the west tide of tho public pnrk, beginning
forly-cight (4.8) foot smuh of front stroet,
lying between the lot of J. K. WatJdy on the
norlhand T. J. Morris on the south, be ng
fo'tj-eight by one hundred and twenty I48x
12IJ) teet. hsvinc two (2) two-slory brkk im
provements and hIso one (1) miall tenement
of wood. t:ti:: thi lot there is a trust deed
ol rocurd. ba suijeet to the rights of the
As per said decree, I wi4l first (ell raid un
improved property, or so mu-h thereof as
may be necessary lor tho payment of tha
detit-t and chaTee. and . tate, county and
municipal taxes aeit:nikt esid estate; and in
the event raid unimproved property doea
nit rtaliae sufficient, then I will offer said
improved property for sale for the payment
ot tha remainder of aaid debts, cost,
char.es and taxes. ThU decree) is made
withuat prejaoios to the claims of ereditura
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and the,
right of th estate in property embraced ih
such mortgage or trust deeds shall b laat
old in case a sake thereof becomes neoes
sary tn pay the debt allowed.
At th time of the sale the guardian, M.
Gavin, may direct th order in which the
different epts or tract may be sold, eiceig
that the mo eu aged property ii to be laat tola
above sflroil.
Terms of Sue Ont-fuurth CO cash, one
fourth 0,) on December 27, 1886, ana one
half (10 on Decern W 27, 1887; purchaser to
eiecute notes with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid purchase money, and ,
lien retained on th property lo secure th
deferred paymcn's. This April 38, l8i.
By O. L. MrUon eld, Deputy Clerk.
John Longue, W. D. Wilkerson, H. C.
Warriner and Ihert Puggs, solicitors.
seeking Government Kail
ptoyment in any ol the departments as
Washington, or any othar positions nndel
the liovernment, I willsend lull instruction
as to how to pr4'l to obtain thesam,
and Blank forma or Apllr.skiinu ca
receipt ot Ont Dollar, auurris JOHN
Is. h VBU, Lk-b aUMs ClU

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