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Cotton Lower Middling, 8 7-Sc
Sale! Ytfbterday, 400"
Money ia fair demand at 8 per cent
Local securities steady and un-
-changed except American Oil Trusts,
which are aga n on a boom, f'nd now
rule at 31 asked, 32 bid. The local
market opeued qjiet and closed quiet
and unchanged: middling, Sic. At
New York spoU closed steady ; mid'
dling, 9Jc. The future market ia thus
reported by Greene & Co.: "A
great deal cf liquidation on old crop
again took place at the opening, car
rying prices off some 4 points. But
the unloading appeared to relieve the
market of the weak "long" element
and a reaction fol'owed that clo ed
the tone steady at a fraction under
hst evening. There was also some
manipulation by operators apparently
in favor of the long side, tending to
reduce the offerings "
The New Orleans spot market closed
steady but 1-16 ' lower; mi Idling 8
Fu nics steady and 1 to 2 points lower,
June, 8.82 to 8.8Sc. No market in Liver-
' pool, owing to holiday. Receipts here
yesterday, G15 biles; total this season,
631,303 bale 3, against 4l'3,320 same
time last year; stock, 60,445 bales.
The general market is unchanged.
Two pks.butter, 20 pkgs bacon, 190
pKg dooih ana shoes, louo bu corn,
50 sks coffee, 1(5 jikgs dry goods, 74
pkgs eggs, 7!)5 b Is flour, 000 bales
hay, 9 pkgs bats, 42 hd cattle, 91,000
ft lumber, 159 pkgs liquors, 10 brls po
tatoes, 13 brls sugar, 100 pkgs tobacco
ana out) du wneat.
The following shows the amount of
.grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular ' elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Kxchango to-day:
Corn received, 16,-lSl bu; withdrawn,
13,832 bu; in store, 74,227 bu Oats re
ceived, 2707 bu, withdrawn, ISO bu; in
- store, 8997 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tciin.,
Qir(rrMpon4piiN olleltrd. Infor
mation eberfolly farBlnIet.-ca
Money in giod demand at 8 percent.
The Cloaring-House report is as fol
V0e does-lay, May 12th, S214.O05 11;
thus far this week, 1739,992 12; same
time last weetr, $803,4(52 30; same
time in 188 1588,148 03; same time
lo 18S4, $482,020 10.
Wednny, May 12h, JTO.828 19;
thus far this week, $201,141 29; gime
time )a week. Si '.1,731 13; same
time ii 18S5, $185,495 (9; same time
in 18S1, f.87,518 95.
New York sigh; on all pointa, tiar
' buying, J premium sailing; New
E.'gland d:inind, i dhcount hnying;
Nev EagUnd sig'nt, J d saotiat; New
O.-leins.i discoaat baying, par Belling.
JBaakof Commeree.,143 bid, 152 aked
First National 14) bid. 155 fskod
Gertmri Bank 192J bid, 195 asked
State National 145 hid, 150 esked
Union and Planteri..149 b'd, 151 OBked
Meic.iutile Bank. ..135 b d, 137 J asked
Uluff City 100 hid, ... aiked
Hrr an.io 101 bid, 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis City 102J bid, 105 asked
Peoples 81 bid, 84 eaked
Pi oeaix 9 bid, lOJa.iked
PianterB 105 1 id. ... aitkgrt
'Vanderbilt 3t bid, 22 aiked
Arlington 35 bid, ... apked
-Factor. 20 csked
M. and C. R.n.sharep..30 bid, ... aked
M.& T. K.K. shares.. ..40 bid, ... asked
M. & C. consols, 7a...UG bid, ... awed
M.& L.R.lt m. 8S...U0 bid, ... asked
Misi.&T.R.R.c?,A...12l) bid, 122 aektd
Miss AT R.R c?,B...10t bid, 108 aBked
Tena. wtj. ser. C 97 bid, 9SJ aBked
Tfnn. to sor. I) lo J..82 id, 85 allied
. Shelby Co. 6... 100 bid, 107 Baked
Tax. D st. 4, 6i 93 bid, 94 asked
Tax. D:at. (H 102 bid, 102 asked
Mem.8tnr.Cotu. Co-Ill bid. 113 asked
Mem. Gas slock 77 bid, 80 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Watf-r bo ode 90 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b!d, 65 asked
Am. Cot Oil truptn. .....31 bid, 82 af kd
rioneer Gotten Mills... 17 Lid, 20 asked
New York, May 12. Money on. call
easy at 2 per cent.; prime mer
cantile paper, 45(a',5. Sterling ex
change dull and steady; actual rates,
4Sijj for 60 days, and for demand.
lknd Government bonds were
dull but firm to-day; t-'tate bonds
were quiet, but strong; railroad bonds
sympathized withehares in both activ
ity md strength. Sales, $1,211,000.
Final figures generally show advances,
while imp rtant declines are few.
.Northern Pacific, seconds, showed the
most activity, furnisHng 161,000; Fort
Wor.li and Denver, firsts were tctive
in small lots. Advances include Mis
souri Pacific, 3s, 2, at 122; Milwaukee,
Lake t-hore and We tern incomes,
2, at 103; Peoria, Decatur and Evans
ville incomes, 2, at 62.
Stocks Trere was unusual dearth of
news affecting prices of stocks. The
market oppened somewhat irregular,
but the widest difference was J in fa
vor of higher prices. Lackawanna was
the only .feature in the morning deal
ings and was oonspicuous and stront
throughout the , day. . The general
market sympathised with the stock to
a small extent in the morning, but in
the afternoon ther was a better busi
ness over the whole list, accompanied
by increased strength, resulting from
a general covering of sho-t contracts.
Pric s con'inued to advance through
out the afternoon, and final figures
are either at or closo to the high- st
prices of the t'ay. The market closed
firm. Almost everything on the ac
tive list is higher, tile advances rang
ing from fractions to 25, the latter in
Lackawanna, Jersey Central and St.
Paul. LaSe Shore" and Northwestern
eai li show en advance of 1, Louis
it'l l Neville li, and the re
i ' i) I-t 1 r-'- " ?:it Texas and Pacific
ib oniv t'o V on the usually active
list which shows a d.tline aft J this
"'"J -miauKee, jje Mioro.nd
estern common aa.le another strike
lorwaru ana shews in advance of 5
C. 1 1 T 1 T
bi. i aui auu I'uiuui common a.1
vanced 3 on rumors that the inwove-
merits and betterments were t6 be
ca)it Uized by the issue of bonds, tli
money so gathered to be used in div
dends on the stock. Lackawanna,
Laie Shore and St. Paul furnished
over h If of the total da ; 's business of
Zoi., OU shares
The tctal salts of s'ocks to-day were
ioo.i-jo Biiares, including Delaware,
Ijickawanna and Western, 72,2-0
Delawar and Hudson, 42): Krie,
mO; Lake Shore. 34, 7-"-"i ; Ixmisville
ana jsashville, 360; NoTthwettern
13,190 ;T New Jersey Centra', H935
New"iorkCentral,(5031; Pacific Mail
74j0; Beading, 4800; St, Paul 26,220
Union Pacific, 8696 ; Western Union,
10,100 ; oruiwestern Pacific, pre
ferred, 445, and Oregon Transcontinen
tal, 3515. The closing quotations were
U.S. 31.101. ' 4j. cnon. 1-Jd
IJI, oonp, llZH. Pacific of 1895,127,
La. aUm.. 4i,73! Mianoart, 6i, 10IM
Tann. til. old. 56 Tiim fi. n.. tA
Cent. Pao. lit,Un- Uen. 4 K.U.lsta. 118
in3nn.i.n.i-w,i,i;'4p.nfl feCODaf, IW,
M.K. A T.,an 6$M North. Had. lata, lis
North. Pus. t. '.."i1. N. U n . Ul'
n.rti. aeo. oi, tub. st L.ST.Ujd.M, li4
tit. Paul. con.. 1:. SI.P..C. A V. lata.r
T. P. laoarnn,irT.P. R.G.exoou. 4S.
v. r. uu, u.y,. nest&aore, lir. 4.
Adami Exprou, 140. Morrii A B., H2.
AlleKliany Ceo., .
at-tavllla U.. 4t.
N. J. Central, 5-"-h.
Nor. A W.. pfd.,
niti'u at x a u.-.
A AT. H i)fj Htt
1. n ,
American hx., HM.
iorn.m l ac, l-..
Northern P. ptd., fid
O A N. W..I107;.
11. U. H. X N..:r-o.
Canada Pao., lii'i.
Canada Sou., 38,
CoDtral Pacilic,
Cbesaitaako A- 0., H
c. to.,iatpfd,
C AO.,2dpld.,.
C. A A., 14D!-i.
C. A A . rid., 15.
C, I). A y ., 131.
C.,St. L. A N. 0..
C'St.L. A P., 10 j.
CM. LlP,.D..Ji
C. A.N. W 1.1.1. ,140
l. 1. central, ids.
N. Y. C. A M. L..7S,
rt . 1 .pt.ii.su .p , 1.1
Ohio Central, 1
(ihin A Miaa.,
O A .Mini., pfd.,
Onturio A Weat , lt.
Oreon Nov.,
OreKon Trana., 2ia.
Oreaon Imp., l(i.
Pacilio MhiI,53!,.
Panama, W.
Peoria, D. A E., 22.
l'itt.burg. 14S.
Pullumn P. C.,12).
Heading, ZiK.
Ko-k I. land. 123.
St. L. A t. F., laH.
bt. L. S. K..n..40.
0., S. A O., 30.
C.A O., 47. K
Del. A Hud , 97' 4
Del.. L. A W.. la.
Don. A KioU.,lj.
Erie pl.t., 53.
Kact Tenn., W,,
Kut Tenn. nlil. Pl-
rort nayne, my,.
Bt. L.AB. F .1st v.v
Hannibal A St .lo., C. M. A St. P.. Sirii.
H.,ASt.Jo., pfd., CM. A St. P., p.. 118
tarlem. 215
St. P.. M. A M., 111
St. P. A Omaha, 40',.
Ht.Paul AO.pid.,lU3H
Texas Pacific H'i.
I nion Pacific, 5).
U. S. Kxureta. 51.
Vf., St. Ii. A P.. Va.
(Inuaton A T.. 2fl
lllinoia Cen., 137.
Ind., B. A W 2?tf.
lyanaas A T., Z"t.
hake K. A Vf., 12.
Lake Shore, 7''.
Lou. A Na(h., 3i.
Lou. AN. A.. 30.
W.,St. L. AP.,p.,14!i
w. 1. iix., ia).
Colorado Coal. 21.
Homeatake, 20.
Iron Silver, 1U0.
M, A ii. flrtlpld , -
M.AC. -.
Mem. A Char,, 29.
Mich. Cen . M.
M I.. 8.A W.,60.
I'niario, a.
M.,L.S.W.,pM,S7J Ouickailver. 6.
Min. A St. L., I'.iji.
rckiilver.pfd, 20.
Min. A M. L.pfJ,4l;
i. South Panifio. .
Miouri Pat-iHo. ll)tiT'...Sutro. 12.
Mobile A Ohio, 11
Losdob, May 12. Consols, 101 5-Z6
for monev, anil 1011 for the ac
count. United states bonds, 4s, 1281,
Par lilver, 453d per ounce. The
amount of bullion withdrawn from
the Pank of England on balanco to
day is 25,000.
Parih, May 12. Three per cent.
rentes, 82f. 00c for the account.
Chicago, Ilu, May 12. Bank clear
ings to da; were $7,844,000.
Skw OaLBANB, La., May 12. Clear
ings of the hanks, J 1,780,788.
Nbw Yobk, May 12. Kxchanges,
!:4,ar-s,4oo ; balances, ja,oso,'J40,
Philadelphia, Pa . May 12. Bank
clearings, j,7i'J,b.)7 ; balances, 1,13,-
BALTmonR, Md.. May 12. Bank
clearings, 12,100,222; balances, $359,-
B:stox, Mass., May 12. Eichanges,
$l:i,434,3)t8; balances, $1,243,609.
Money, 2 pr cent.
St. Louis, Mo., May 12. Bank clear
ings, $2,410,8t8; balances, Ji10 58(i.
Exchange on New York firm at par to
25c premium.
The liral cotton market opend
quiet, sud close 1 quiet; middling, 8Jc.
balec, 4C0 bales, of which 100 to ex
porters and 300 to pp;nnerfi.
Yesterday, ToesJay.
Ordinary 7J 71
Gootl Onlinary 73 7j
WMitldling 8J 8 J
Middling 8J 8J
Gootl Middling 9 7-16 9 7-10
Mitldling Pair 9 J 9j
Fair .Xom. Nom.
Dusty r.J(jj7I 627i
Stains, tipg-9 7'a8 7s8
Mkmphis, May 12, 183.
Stock Sept. 1,1885. 1,392
Koceived to-day 015
Received previously ...531,303 533,310
Shipped to-day.. 1 477
Shipped previously.... 472,388 472,865
Stock running account 60,445
Thns far this week I,5t4
Thus far latt week 1,159
Since September, It t 531,918
M. and C. R. R 144
M.andT.R. R 15
L. and N. R. R 22
M. and L. R. R R S80
L , N. O. and T.;R. R 33
M.,S. &B.R.R. .' 5
Steamers 11
Wagose a:id ritSor tyjiiiet 5
Tot I 015
Thus Tf.r tliis week 4 015
Thus far last week 3,374
Since September 1st 472,805
M. and C. R. R , 300
L.andN.fi.R 177
Total 477
New York spots opened quiet
and closed steady. Sales, 669 bales.
Quotations were as follows :
Yesterday. Tursiaj.
' rdinary 6 6g
Qcod ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 13-16 8 1316
Middling 91
Good middling. 91116 9 11-10
Middling fair...l0 11-16 1011-16
Fair 11 11
New York futures opened steady,
and clossd quiet and 1 to 2 points
lower than Tuesday. Sale', 121,700
bales. The closing quotations were as
Yetterday. Tuesday.
May 9.14 916 9.14 9 15
June 9.17 9.18 9.17 9 18
July 9 25 9.26 9.28 9 27
August 9 34 9.35 9 35 9.36
Stptember...9.17 9.19 !)JO9 20
October 9 03 A 9.04 9 04 9 05
November...8.99 9.00 9.00 9 01
December ...9 02 9.03 9.13 9.04
January 9.10,' 9.11 9.10 9.11
February 9 20 9.22 9.20 9 21
March 9300 9.32 9.30 9 32
The New Orleans spot market opened
dull, and closed steady and l-10c low-
I er. Sa'es, 3000 bales,
Quotations wera
ta follows:
Tuts lav,
71 7 5 16
8 8 1-16
Good ordinary....
Low middling....
Good middling...,
8J 8 716
8 8 15-16
9j 9 11-16
The New Orleans future market
opned quiet, and closed stalv and 1
m 2 poin'8 higher. Sales, 20,200 bales.
isolations wera fs lollowa:
1 wtf rday. Tnesday,
way s..yu noni 8.77 ..
June 8 82 8.83 8.82 8 83
July 8.94 8.95 8.94(.rt 8.95
August 8 98'A 8.99 8.98 ..,
September. 8.74 8.76 8 74 8
October 8 61 8.62 81KH4 8 61
November- 8 57 8 58 8.f58 56
Uccemoer... 8 til sttt 8t0',.rt 8.61
January... . 8 71 8 72 8 70ft 8.71
Febrnary... 8 83 o 8 84 8.81 8 83
March 8.91 8.95 8 92 8 94
Ken. Prices
666 81 V16I
N Orleans.
491 815-16
139 811
New Ycrk
St. Louie..
86 81
548 9
708 8 1 5-16
312 9 3-16
21T8 15 16
6 310
Rsceifti at ports, this day, 1886. 4,027
Kacetpts at ports, this day, 1S85. 1,319
R'ts U. 8.
roitH,5ds 24,030
Er. Ur. Brl 26,457
2,65 i
Stock I 642,344
R'taSrtpM 5.120,88-.'
4,673,415 4,731,165
For'gn Ex 3,703,140l3,649,067l3.499 774
Increase ol receipts this year....447,7b7
No Liverpool market. Holiday.
The following is the record of the
bills and oilers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchant's Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, ' May, 38c bid, 41 c
aiked; No. 2, spot, 37 Jc o. t. bid;
May, 38c o. t. bid, 39c asked.
No. 2. white, snot. 33c bid: Juno
33c, bid, 34 Jc asked; ho. 2, spot, 34c
asked; May, 34c ariked; June. 341c
asked ; July, 31c bid, 32 asked.
Spot. $12 25 bid. $13 aeked: Mav.
$12 bid, $13 loo. t. asked; July, $13
Spot. $185, bid; May. $1 85 bid.
$1 95 asked; June, $1 90 bid, $1 97 J
asked; July, $1 90 bid, $2 asked.
Cobn White. 47c ; mixed, 46c. from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44e;
mixed, 42c; in racks, in round lots,
white, 42c: mixed, 40c.
hay Ulioice,lrom store,85a; prime,
580c; ptairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or derfot, choice, $1414 50;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $8fe8 50.
Oats rt nite, 40s: mixed, 384e.
from store; round lota fr m levee cn
track wnite, sacked, 3ie; mixed,
8..tked, 35 Jc.
Bba! l'rom .Hire. 8oc per cwt. :
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Bsans Navv, $1 759,2; medium,
$1 601 75; Gorman millet, $1 20
Cornmeal Standard, $2 K2 25;
pearl, $33 25 from store, 5c cneoper
fiotn mill, leveo or track.
Kica-Louit-iaaa, 46c; Carolina,
hLorn-in car lo'?, double extra.
$33 50; triple extra, $3 15; family,
ill 75.4: choica, $4 254 35; fancy,
if 4 50 4 70; extra fancy, $4 905;
p,ttHDW, o 2o5 05; from store,
mt!y, I44 .'j; cUoice, $4 2o4 40;
mcy, $4 654 90 : ex!r. lancy, J5
25 ; patent!?, 15 50,'ai6 25.
Oatmeal In balf-barrel?, $3ffi3 25
from store.
CnACKKD Wheat In hnlf b.irrels.
3 1 0 from store.
Hominv and Gkits From store. $3
3 2i.
(Jbackebs ioda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackeis.
xtri, 7c; lemoa cream eraukttis.
treble extra, 71c; ginijer snaps. ext;a,
6c;irger snapp, trebie extra, 6j; as-
jrted i urn Dies, u j.
Kansas City, Mo., May 12 Whet
n et; JSo. 2 red, cash, 60c bid; June,
64'c bid, 65Jo asked. Corn Btrong;
No. 2 mlicil, cpsh, 27c; June, 271
27Jc; July, 28o t i l, 29Jc asked. Oats
ominal ; cash, iic asked.
"St. Louis, Mo., May 12. Flour more
active bun easy: XXX, $2 852 95;
trully.$3 003 i0; choice.$345(3 55;
fancy, $3 854 OO JoxTa fancy, $4 15
45; patents, $4 704 90. Wltcat
fictive, weak and lower. The market
opened firm, but coon began to weaken
tid loll oil to ngures 3(t)io lower man
veslerday, closing without a recovery ;
No. Z led, cash, nominal, 80c; May,
nominal, 60o; June, 81J82n, closing
at 811c; J uly, 781M791C, closing at 781c
askoi; August, 78379j,, closing at
8jc bid. Oorn viy dull and weak
ad lower, closing 130 under yes'er
av: No. 2 mixed, cash. 32i32Ie;
May, nominal, 3-'iJc; Juno, 33Jc; July,
.ii(":.Wic, ciosmg at sicasked. UaU
Pr.cts nominally firm but nothing
one; No. 2 mixed, ra-h, 30c bid; May,
3 .bid: June, 29lc askod. Rye
larce and atmng; 72c bid. Birley
o market, flaxseed lower; $1 01
0' J. Brim easier, 52o. Cornmral
o .r, $1 90. Receipts Flour, 1000
i-...; wheat, 18,000 bu; corn, 26,000
i u ; o it, 12,000'bu ; rye, 1000 bu; bar
1 , 1000 bu. Shipmenta Flcur, 5000
brls; wheat, 1000 bu; corn, 11,000 bu;
oils, 16,000 bo; rye, none; barley,
Afternoon Board. Wheat Je lower.
Corn itc lower. Oats Jc lower.
Chicago, May 12. There was no
strength to-day in wheat, though a
f Airly active day trade was indulged
in. The only comparative firmness
waa early in the morning, June ad
vanciog to 77 Jc from an opening at
77 J c. By noon June was Belling at
76 J c, and later at 76s, with no very
sharp call for it even at this figure.
Foreign markets wera in a state of
holiday Inactivity, with bat little bus
iness doing at New York and only a
email portion of the nsual voinme at
other points. Tbe sudden drop to
76ic,;just prior to the clot e,was canped
by reports of "postad" wheat in New
orh In the afternoon the market
clcsrd a sbads firmer. Lees than the
usnal share of attention was g van to
com, a? is shown by tho narrow fluc
tuations exhibited below. In a
general way the market waj
about firm; Flour' quiet and un
changed. Wheat opened firm
but closed weak and lower,
sales raDged: Mav, 7576Jc, closed
at 75jc; June, 7677Jc, doted at
!T6 916?;J. 77j79r. loed at
78;; No, 2rin. 75j76?. Corn
teady: ci .v4jc; Mav, .itj(i35r,
cioed at 3t Jnn, 35J(' :kJe, closed
at 3c; f, ril'5.3712, cloeed at
36 11-16n. ,t dull and a v, rash,
29c; Maf8 116(.i2SJc, c'osfd at
2S 1-ltic: jo, 2SJ 2KJc, closed at
2,Slc; Ju'vi 9-lt)t' 27 U-"c, cloafd
at 27 9-HhBv9 aleody; No 2, 60c.
Pa'ley du No. 2, liilj. Klax'eed
firmer; N-l, $1 05. lleceipta
Fluur, 1.0'Vs; wheit, 11,000 bu;
ro'n, 139,(X1hi ; nats, 3tHX1 bu; rye,
9iHX)bu: bat.bti COObu. Snipnienta
Flour. 2S,rbiU; wheat. U'lt.OOObu;
enrn, 331,0tiu; oatp, e.'l.CKK) bu; rye,
4000 tu ; ba. 8000 bu.
Afternoon jxm. Wheat dull;
June, 77 1H. Corn steady; June,
35Jc OaUdy; June,2S;c
BrrTEB (rtot ry, 30243; dairy,
1520c; buttiie, 13 15c; country,
liilhc. acoing to condition.
Cuiksk Iris tltts, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; (ucrtam, 12 jc; Y. A.
12jc. !
Mess PoBS-ild, $8 759 per bar
rel ; new, $103 -5 Per barrel ; sugar
cured bauij, tked, 9i10c; break-l-ift
beacon, 7)9e; cleir lib bacon,
BrLK PoRkvlear sides, 5Iffi6c;
clear rib sidea55rJc; long clear,
5J5jc; shoulrs, 44Jc. .
Lard Ticrel 5I'6c; Hall-barrels,
Oigdic; kegs, (S -63c; buckets, 6j
61c; half-buck, tijtlic; 50-lb tins,
tl((ijc; 20-lbt UiiOJc; 10-11) tins,
l5;Jc; 5-lbt,. 6J6ic; 3-lb tinn,
65(u6jc; choit kettle, tierces, 63
oc. :
Ciiicaoo, II Mav 12 Mess pnrk
iv; cath, $SIS 70: Jim, as "
8 77i cloeed a 708 72 J ; J dly,$S 3 )
(i8S7j, clod,t $8 80(5:8 82. Lard
P'tadv; eash, Ec; June, Ii590';
Ju y,5.t2JCa-5.i. Short rib siiicsdull;
caeh, ia. Bo(d mnts sieaty; ory
salted honldei 41 10c; Blioit clear
rides, 5 55W5.6I. Butt-r weak : cream
ery, 1417Jc;lairy, l l15c. Eggs, 9
Sr. Louis, M., May 12 Provisions
dull and genly easy. Pork, $9 15
9 25. Lurd fii, b."0:. Bulk meHts
easy; loose ts long clear, 5 20c;
phort ribi", 5.r, short clear, 5 45c;
boxtd lots log clear, 5Jc; short ribs,
5.30c; short clear, 6 40c. Bacon
weaker; longclear, 5.65 5 3; shott
ribs, 6J(o:5.S0t shnit clear, 5.90(,t:6j.
limns, 912ijmtier choicoio uncy
creamery, iuiikc; cuoiiie to uncy
dairy, 1416i
Eggs dull and easier,
Coffbe Coom3n.88Jc; ordinary,
99c; primitio, 11c; choice to fan
cy, llj13iq old government, 23
m;; Ceylon, I0j.
Soap 3i("4c P0T ponna.
SoQAB-PtiB white. 6i3 : off white,
6S'36jc; yellw, 61l8 :; open kettle,
5'5je; refled A, (ijn; granulated,
7J7jc; pefdered, 78c; cut loaf,
7ja7ic. I . , ,
Salt $1 z(h)i 3U per nsrrei; facxs,
fine, $1 50; rarse, $1 10: pockets,
bleached, 2'37c; car loida from levee
or depot, 5o c eaper.
Molasses -i Louisiana, common to
fair, 203 )c; wime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 2040i; common to fair, 20
25c: prime ta;choice,3033cj centrif
ugal, faucy, 31c.
Tobacco (immon, 11-inch, 25
30c; ether grides and stylos, 35(i85c.
Snuff Garret's, $10 85 per casa;
Ralph's, $10 3 per case; K. w., ou.
Candies Sicks, on zib, in poxes,
pails and barrels, 7JSc.
(JANDLBS-Mlll Weigllt, lUUUJC.
Oannhd Godj, Ktc Pricss per doz
en: 1'ineapplta, l ;)'JU o; peacnes,
2-lu. standard., fl 25l 40; Beconds,
Jl 10(31 15: tiinatoep. 2-lb, standard.
$1 1 10; 3 lb, t15 ; strawhwrriw, $1 3.5
l 40; ra-pherrifs, $1 151 25; black
berries, $1I IV, reeugnges, m wn
1 75; pears, f2.A2 25: plums, $1 60
1 70 : ar-Paroirufl. $2 60S4 ; green corn,
$11 35; green pitas, $l(i)2 2o; cove
,.... Ini! o,.;.),t. 1 -lb fl(,i,l 10:
cove oyiters, f jII weight, 2-lb, tl 75
1 bo: cove oyste-s, iigni wuigui, j-iu,
fiocj cove oyeters, light weigllt, 2-lb,
I: comlonae'i milk Uiown, to uu;
Eagle, $7 75; SwibU, $6.
New York, May 12. Coffoe-spot
fair Rio dull, Jc ; options a limits
strongei and rxo activ-'; sues, u.
250 bugs; Mav, 7.40; June, 7.2"
7.35c; July, 7.157 20c; Angtut, 7.15c;
September, 7.107.Lrn; November,
7.10n: December, y.JU.ioc; Jan-
niry, 7.1oc. Htii'ar dun aua fa-y; i,ir
to cord lofliiifig qiu.tnd at 4i5c;
refined dml; ex ra 0, 6J5Jc; white
xtia l1, Sjc; conlectionera A, eje;
u" A. OJe: standa'd A, 6l(!03c; cut-
lraf and crushed. 7in ; powdered, 72c;
Kiaoulatcd, 6c. Molaases steady;
sales at 18J,i for 50 taat. Kice steady
and demand fair.
Baltimore, Md., May 12. Coffea
dull; Hio cargoes, ordinary to fair, 8J
New Oni.EANS, La., May 12 Cnfloe
in liirht demand, but holders firm;
K!o, (J9jc. Rice in fuir demand;
New Orleans, La., May 12. Sugar
quiet but stealy, open kettls, choice,
h 7-10c; prime to strictly prime, 6
BJc; cent'ifugal, choice wuite,6J("0in;
choice yfllow clarified, 6c; urime yel
low clariflBd,5o; seconds, 45 9 16o.
Molassesquiet;open kettle, good prime
to strictly prime, 32o; prime, 2022c;
cntrifngal, prime to strictly prime,
Apples Apples, $1 60(3)3 from
store; $1 252 per car-load Iron leves
or depot. Dried apples, 34o per
ponnd from store. Dried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $l2 from
store. Sweet pntitoss scarce, $2 75 per
brl. Peas, $1 501 75 per bushel.
Vkobtablm Onions, $2 753
from store ; $2 5C2 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 753 ter crate.
Kraut, barrels, $55 50; half-barrels,
$2 753. Garlic, 4000c per 100.
Turnips, 50c por bushel.
Fr.oiT Orarjgfs, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $4; Messina, $3 605 per
box; Imperia's, $55 60 per box.
Lemons, $56 per box. Bananas
$l2 60 per bunch. Cocoanufa,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 74c ;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roatd, 2Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820c.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 76; gallons,
$3 75 ; loose, barrels, $3 ; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
half-barrels, $6.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pecahs Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
3 5c.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 50 per bar
rel and $44 50 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar, ll16c per gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per dczon, $12
16; chicken-, $3 50.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1,
$4 f05; No. 2. $3 25; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb
No. 3, 50c. Dry herrings, family, 30c
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 35c ; sad
MAY 13, 1SS0.
dles, c; bear, tn i sc; wnd turkeys,
60"5c: docks, $3; i.imrreln, 75c;
quails, $75ctl ; pra rie thickens, $5;
game fish. ll12c.
Eoos-tirm, lit? 12c.
Skko -IVlivered at depot ami wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $S; Mm.
Prime (f. 'O. b.), ili per ton. lxss
than car-load lots, $16. Knm sto,
tOe per sack. Cake Nominal, $16
per tan. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
vrudo C. S. oil, 21l0t 22c; prime sum
mer yellow, 26J27c; ofl-siimmrr yel
low, 2,"J?i:2Ule; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 26;j30c.
Niw Orleans, La., May 12 Cotton
seed products weak; , rime crude oil,
204'd21Jc; iumTier yfl ow, 24J27Jc;
Clke and meal, $18 5019.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6i6; rye, $1 756; 'domes
tic, 90vH 50.
St. Louis, Mo., May 12. Whisky
farat$l 10.
Chicago, III., May 12. Whisky
steady at $1 14.
Cincinnati, O., Mav 12. Whisky
quiet at $1 10. Sales' of 390 barrels
of finished goods on this basis.
Coal Oil Pr'nie white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Ci.rvki.anii, O., May 12. Petroleum
steady ; s. W., 110", 7je.
PiTTsiiuno, Pa., May 12. Petroleum
dull; National Tiaotit oeitillcates
opened at 73c; c'n'id at73Jc; high
est, 74jc; lowest, 73Jc.
Tfintu llru llii.t V'lllt... ,lr,r
salt, 1012c; green salt, 67c; greeii,
,Mifi(H-, uin-r Diviiia, nttmi , nuiiritt-,
2u10c; fox. 2V-ft76o; skunk, 25Mi
i.w.. Beeswax, 182lcj tallow, 3
31c. "
Ba(!Ini Ju'e, Pjffllc; ting, 9J
lOJc, accordingto weight. Ties, $1 15
1 20.
Naus f2 402 65.
LIVE atriM M.
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 414ic; good,
3j4Jc; cho co grais-fctl, 33!;
good, llfuojc; fair to medium, 2i
2Jc; coninion, ll(i"c.
Hons Choice, 8i-)c; good, 3J
3ic; common, .5(!.ile-
SiiKEP-C'hoice, 4(n41c; medium, 3
C031c; common, $11 10.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Msy2. The
Lire Stock Indicator report: Cattle
Keceipta, 955 bead; shipnien s, nune;
market strong; cho'ce to fancy, $5k
52 J; fair t ) good, 14 ii04 90; common
to medium, $44 50; stockcis r-nd
ftoderj, $1 40di4 20; cowa, $2 40
3 60. II eg KeceipH, oil titaJ;
abipmf ntp, 1777 brad; market weik;
goo 1 to choice, H3 84; common to
medium, $3 603 75. Sheep lt
ceipti, 1828 head; shipments, 1012
hnsd; maiket steady; good to choit e,
$3 504 5'J; common tl medium, $2
Kansas City., Mo May 12. Ct-
tle Uecmpts, Uo5 head; shipments.
1068 head: tood shipping! active aud
5: higher; butcbom' stady; feed
ers firm; expoit steers, $5(aj5 05 ; fair
ti medium, $4 805; common, $4 65
4 70; butchers' stotrn, roirtmnn to
good, $44 50; cows, $2 75(aj3 26.
llcgs ltHceints, 9i0 bead; ship
ments. 1780 lioiil ; ulnw antl 5.; lower,
except topi; liirLt and merltum, 13 4i
3 HO: 1 eavy, $3 8 14 ;skiinand pins,
S3 : C4 ; bu'k unUM, $3 80; JIT. Sheep
Kiueiplc, 1830 head; shipments,
1090 hfnd; qiiipiatui stonily: common
to medium, J 75(n!3; good, $1 -t4.
Ciut'Ado, III., May 12. Tho Dm
rer' Journal reports: Cat lo lie
ccipts, 38U0 hcatlj ' HhipnienU, 12110
heiitp, inarkt't nciive and 1015.!
ligher; shipping steers, 1350 to 1500
pounds, 14 40(i0; 1200 tJ 1350 notu.d',
14 655 60; 9;0 It) 1200 pounds, $4 25
5 10: stxickors antl feeders, $3 4 80;
cows, bulls ami mixed, $-'!' 4 10; bulk
$33 50; slop fed BtetM, $5 255f0;
flop-feil co v.i and bullf, 13 60(n 4 05;
through Texts cattle, corn-fyd, $1 5l)(.i)
6. Hogs Kt'ceipts, 17,0''0ht'ittl ; ship
mentH, 7000 head; market s'roniittr
ii ml nt-hade higher; rough antl mixed,
$3 OOJf-4 15; packing and shipping,
250 aid 310 potuitN, $44 25 : light
weight, $3 60 4 15; skips, $2 4(1
3 60. Sheep Keceipts, 16 0 hem I;
shipments, 200 head; market strong;
latives, 100 to 120 p,onndj antl over,
$45 3ij 80 to 95 pounds, $34; 6)
to 80 pounds, $1 8o2 75.
IIousKft -Good driving, $150225;
good sadtlle, $110i300; plugs, $35
80: gootl mures, $85 140.
Mi'L-R-1-l to 15,' $1100135; 15 to
151, $I251-10; 15J to 16, $160175.
Good demand ; supply f.iir.
New York Itry Uootla Market.
New York, May 12. Without any
general 4ictivity to the request there
lias been a vt-ry fair business. Tho
inquiry shows improvement, inoniniich
as there has been moro looking than
for three weeks. There is a Wetter
feeling on the part of merchants, anil
the future is more hopeful.
liaiRalinhli Hnmnflv liir Livtirt'ortiii auitminil tllicniipifl
by tlrtn(tml or lirpnl otimlitinn ul tlie Liver. M Itrt
Epjiim, Cmtijwttnii, HIIiciuhiimhi, Jaiiiidirn, llcnilw'fu
itlfina, ItlinaDialifitL, nlo. It nxtnliiUm tin- IwwoIb, pur
n tlin hliHwl. wf rtifir' ""H t'ii )tt (lIct'Hti'H
fhouaondsnf testimonials prove liHtnori
Hand FJro Extingtilslicrs
. 75o Each, S Per Doreru
am Front rwt.
A Valuable Patent.
Ditnar'a (Honw) Cora and Pf Flan,
HAVING perfefttd mr Invantlon, I wlh
to rl:ioe it bo fort tha pu'nlic, eiriaolally
nriHDnfMturera. Aa Corn VlaDtfr, it ia
parlMt 'ncoaaa oiMaa tb drill, Jiitnbute
tha Mod amrataly, nninlured, and oovr
tha aatua, therotijr on man performlns tht
work of throa. Tbaf hare been ud ia
tbia lention for over a down jeara with r
fot a&tiafaotinn. Van fir raipociibla tfl'
moniala. Addreai
m0D JOHN U. pANCT.DaneyrllUf.
U&rwood ooaoti, Inn
Ktc Adams, p.m.
..CHiai.ra Mai.A, 4 p.m.
O aVMO.S p.m.
City or Vtt kain-KO, 6 p.m
.ClTT or Pativtui iri.ii .m
Jamu Vf. tAr, 5 p.m.
..Cu(Soa, S p.m.
tloi.tiix Ken, 12 m.
T'a Adaks, S p.m.
.FatDDii KoRtNMX, .1 p m.
Arkanum City.
Nw Or ejDi...
Tiptn ilia....
Vitk.-biirf ....
bt. Luu, . ...,
Cinc-.t, i, iti
Friar 1'uinU.,
Whit Hlv.r....
HOVEHt:ll AT V1IE l.KVfcE.
Arriialt. Coahoma, Friar's Point;
Dean A ilatns, Osceola; Arkansas City,
Yicksburg; City of Natche, bt.
ifcjxirfitrfi. Arkansas City, St.
Iiouis; City of Natchez, New Orleans;
Chickasaw, White river; Coahoma,
Frint's l'tiint; lean Adams, Osceola.
lioott Down. Cnas. Morgan,
City of Vicksburg, Gavoso and J aims
W. Gaa.
J'oai Ihie l Kate Atlams, Ileno
Macready and C y of Providence.
Mlpia Teatnlny,
Coahoma tl baled cotton, 40 ski
seetl ami 1 pkg sundries.
lean Adams 5 bales cotton ami 1
h onto.
Lkc Line packets to-morrow even
ing are Coahoma lor Osceola and the
I lean AHams for Osceola.
Tub Freddie Kobinson, dipt Milt,
It Harry, is tho ISaturduv packet for
all points on White and lllack rivers.
Albert McGheo is in her ollice.
Tub City of Vicksburg, Capt. Pan
Able, is tlie Anchor Lino packet this
evening at 0 o'clock for Vicksburg and
tho bends. Goo. Wulton is her clerk.
Tiik GayoRo, Capt. W. P. Hal', is
the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for mle's Point, Tiptonville and all
ay landings, jewo 1. Walt is in
her ollice.
Tu City of Providence, Capt. ( leo,
Cnrvell, is the Anchor Line packet
this evening at 0 o'clock for Cairo and
St. Louis. Frank Perkins anil Hid.
Wheeler are her clerks.
Tiik .lames W. Gall, Capt. John S.
Jone. is tho packet this evening at 6
o'clock for Cincinnati and all inter,
nu'tliate points on tlu Ohio river. 11.
C Uruco and Jw ltriggs aro her
Tns O.'Lino stcanicr (ioltlen Utile
Cant. O. P. Shinklo, will hs up a' 12
o clock lor I itiro, liOiiisville, Unicni
nittl and all intermediate pr ints on
the Ohio river. Frank lltmduraiit is
in her ollice.
Tub great excnrnion steamer Chits.
Morgan, C-pt. G. Wash Thompson,
is tho O line packet thia evening at 4
o'clock for New Orleans and nil inter
mediate points. Chits. Church is in
charge of her ollice, sssistod by Harry
Mi ler.
Tu Kate Adam'. Capt. Mark K.
Chotk, is the United States mail
packet this evening at 5 o'clock for
Helena, Arkansiis City and nil way
land'ngn. W. C lllanker has clmrgo
of her ollice, assisted by Ix'w Price
and Morris Gans.
r.CMiNEMH quiet.
Wkatiiku clear and wanu.
UicKiiTs by river yesterday 11
bales cotton and 40 sks seed.
Tu Arkansas City passed up ul 1
n.m. yesterday tor St. Ixnns.
TitR Chickasaw chv.red last evening
for White river with n fair trip.
Tub Leo Linn packets arrived and
departed on time yesterday with fair
Thr W. W. O'Neal ami John A.
Wood with tows of empty coal barges
passed up yesterday for tho Ohio river.
Tim City of Natchez passed down at
1 n.m. yesterday for New Orleans with'
a fair trip, siio ulded hero 10 bus
Tiik river nt this point marks 2.1
feet 7 tenths by tho gauge, or 24 feet
8 tenths above low water mark, a riso
of 1 foot in twenty (our hours.
Offick Signal Hkuvick, U. 8. A., 1
M km hi is, May 12, 1 p.m.
Tho following observations nre taken
at all stations named nt 75 meritKiin
time, which is ono hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ah'vo Low
Water. Chango.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOtlis
82 0 13
10 8 3
2 4
10 8 3
12 2
8 5 20
13 8 2
38 (I
1 2
11 3 3
5 6
12 1 8
21 8 10
28 a 17
14 2
8 0
5 6 10
25 7 7
0 5 1
14 5
43 0 1
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith
La Crosso
Little Kock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul
IMiiKi-r Line Foot and teuthi of a foot
abnra nroor game:
('itiro, 4U foot.
Chattanonmi, ffl foot.
Davenport, 16.
FortHmith, li.
Halana, .
leaven worth, 20.
Louitvllle, 2o.
New Urleana, 13.2.
St. Paul, 7.
Viokbur, 41.
Cincinnati, 50.
Iubuiue, 111.
Keokuk, 14.
I, a Croitae, 24.
Little Hitok, Z.
Mom pit id, M.
NitnlivillR. 40.
tltoahn, 1M.
8t. Louii, 32.
fcjhrerapurt, 2S.
Pittsbdbo, May 12. Noon River 5
feet 0 Inches on tbe gauge and station
ary. Weather cloudy and threateoinir.
Wn-iLiNa.W.VA., May 12. Noon
River 8 feet 8 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather cloudy and pleasant.
Etanbviu., May 12. Noon River
rising, with 17 feet 9 inches on tbe
gauge. Arrived: James W. Uafl, Cin
cinnati, 10:30 a.m.
LocutviLLB, May 12 Noon River
stationary, with 1 1 leet 10 inohea in the
nana) and 9 feet 8 inchei on tha falls.
Business dull. Weather clear and
CiHOiNWATt, May 12. Noon River
31 feet 6 inches on tha gauge and sta
tionary. Weather fair; thermometer
70; heavy rain laft night. Arrived:
Paris C. Brown, New Orleans.
Cairo, May 12. Noon River 32 (eel
3 inches on the gauge and riBing.
Weather oloudy and hot. Arrived:
City ol St. Louis, New Orlesne, 10
p.m. ; Unci eye Htate, Memphis, 2a.m. ;
Nfary Houston, New Orleans, 6 a.m.;
Charles Morgan, Cincinnati, 11 a.m.
Departtd: City of St. Lou:s, St. Louis,
11 p.m.; Buckeye State, Cincinnati, 3
a.m.; Mary Houalon, Ciucinnati, 6
SnVwrlbe for tl "Appeal."
Memphis ii Cincinnati I' t't Co.
Bxouralou Ilntea 1
Cciiimenpint - . IT- Blatant
Mar lit. 1 tUaut.ra
Darkeye State, Ohio & Jan. Yi. Uatt.
mr Thia Company will tell ROUND TRIP
TICKETS from Metnpbii to Louiirilla,
CtnttiDnati. and all Kattara Vitiei, at
traatly Keduoad Ratea.
Connitnrlat May ISth, to 231 Inolmlve,
wltb Featival Cborui of
00 IrelBMl VIp Md Orctawtra
f Over lOO Arllala.
Durint tha eomlnt 80 daya Ciar-lnnatl will
be very attraetiTa to vtaitora.
a- Tick.u inoluda Maalt anil 8lau roomi.
Haturn tirketa tooil on any boat ia tha lint
Kaon boat earriea a fin Btrint Uand.
Mondajs and Thursdays at 6 P.X.
For Information Inquire nf O. B RUS-J-KLL,
Atent, U Madlnon itrret, Memphil.
Trim. H. W. WISK, Sttp't.
Southern Tranaportation Co. O. Line For
Cairo, Louiiville and Ciucinnati Str.
(i9ol(ltii llltiile, tS
Hhinklo nmater, uJi
Will leave PR1DAV, May Milt, at li tn.
For froltht or apply to 0. 1) KlIH
tiKl.L, Akcnt, 12 Madlnon at. Telenhon 17.
.ia-tsu H. Kiu?tKt.iM, VH.n-er .' -
Hnuthern Tran portation Co. O. Llna For
VirUiburt, ftHii'baa aua Mew Orleana tjtr.
Hi. Lnl anil NawUrleana Anrhor
l.lmt-li.N. Mall FUR V10KH11UHH.
City of Vicksburg, jv
itai- Able matter, "SwwyVva"
Will loavethe Klevittnr Tlltl H.SUA V. May
ISth, at ti p.m. For Ireitht or puitate apply
V. I.. IUi.i , Pa-n.Aa't. All STORM. Kui.'t.
HI. I.oola and Now Orlonnit AnrtlAr
l.luo-H.N. MbII-CAIUO A bT. LOUIS.
City of Providence,
tlnn. C&rvell....inaater.
Will leave tha Elevator TUUKnDAK. Ida
l:uh, at tl p. is. For ireitht or tiuian applt
V. I.. Ht.t., Pao. Airt. ATI HTUHM. Hnp't.
For Oioeolii. Hiiloa Point, Caanlhe
Uayoao and Tiptonville Tb new
W P. Hall mauler I J. P. Fuller orerk,
Will leave aa above, and all way pointa.
KVKUV MONHAY and TnURt.fi AY all
p. in
For t'rntKbt or pnaaate i
apply on noartt
Momplila.rrlnr Point nnal Mmatplua
ad Wwoeoln ratktl (Htnaiuinjr.
For Helena, (Jlendale, Vriare Point and all
Way Landlnta titoanei
I. T. Olainatt-.tttajtar I PlnttTtaouM...oiti
will leave at abort on entry MtNtAY,
W KDN EHDAY aad FRIDAY, at 6 o'olotk.
For Randolph, Fato-B, Oaetnla and Kaf
Lndtv e Bteeuier
i. U. Cooper, meitor....J, W. Hmltheri.olerk
Leavea ever MuMpAY. W KUKKbuAY
i. id FRIDAY tt 5 p.m. Tht boatt of tail
line reaervt tht ritbt to put all landlnaa
tlie rai tain may leero WbihI', . Uffioe, No.
MaHiaon .f JAMKHil.KK. J . Hnp't.
Freddie Robinson, ,-VO
M. It. Hurry ., iujtr
For Helena, Torrane, DeVulU Lliuir, Uu Art,
Autuata, Hoiircy, Newport and llaleayillt.
Will leave aa above .SATURDAY at (S p.m.
Thrnunh ratal to all pointa. Freliht eon
altned to Milt Harry Line, Jrlemphia, will bt
promptly Inrwarded. W. J. P. DOYLE.
HWe 12 Madiann at. Titltipb.tne 'i-.7.
MemphiH nutl Vlikshnrp l'acket Com
pany L'. !S. Mall l.lufi.
For Helena, t'onnordla, Torrent and Arkan
lea tlitv l'he eltirnnt pitaeentor attn-er
M. H. Chook ... muter I W. V. Rluak...oltrk
Lnnvoa MentrMa
f . iD.,roiorvin the rltht to pan all landintl
he captain may ileoin nnaalt. For tenaral
iulormation apply ut otnoo, No, 4 Madlaoa
atroot, . WALWORTH. Atent.
.InllV PAR It, Paaa'r Aront. Ta'ephnna 2M.
Arkansas lllvcr Pk't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS, .tv
10. R. Smith. ...matter, KfmihftA
Leave! Metupbia Kvery TUESDAY, at 6 p.m
li. v. 141 "ft, Agent,
Offlna, No. 3 Madiann at.
To Vr 1 ' h one No. i,
MempliiH& White Hirer PktCo
K. 0. Pot ttl...nitaur I CM. l'oaii. - ri
lUiarvDdon, Ivnlia UlwaT, nt Art,
LAntuatu, Jau-bxinporlHiitl Mvarvj.
at! p.m. Throath rame to til polnti.
Froifht eonilgned to "Memrhli and White
P.tvnr Packet Ccmpany" will be for warded
promptly. 11. U. LOW B, tent.
Nn. Madiann at. Tolnnhone fn. B9.
Tlie M.FrftiiciH liner I rauniwrtatloa
Co. 'a Fine Hlde-W heel 11. 6. Mall Bfeama
. Rene Macready, r-"
0. K.Joplln maater,
tt B o'clook, for Marianna, the Cat-Off, and
Intermediate landing on St. Franoli river.
Tbe oi:tain reasrvea tht rlrht to pan tl
landlnnibedeeiui unaafo. JAR. LEU, Jr.,
Hnr-ntnl.nt tfnpn, Sr. 4 Madianfl at.
10 i:uuoi-jb.!
t'ook't Eietnit Partial leave la
April, May, J una and July, bend fur Pro
tranime. laUli ldnal Tooritt Ticket for travel
In Gnmpe and all parta of the flobe. fa,
naft Tirlirl by all linna of attaoiera.
t ook' Eirnnlenlal, waMh mapa, pub
lished monthly, by mail for Cbxts.
IUIK ttllH t NO.,
Administrator's Not Ire.
Offlot Pobllf Adminiatrator, Bhelhy Oonnr
Courthoue, Memphia. Tenn., April 15,
T1JK nnderaitned bar nc been appointed
and qualified adminit'trmtor of the eaUtf
of Henry F. Arnold, detied, oolite B
nereoy g i r u w a 1 1 iwu. luuivmi m.
eaute to pome forward and tetlle; and to
.1 k . i ...... ...
their olalma with me. duly probated, within
the time preaerihod by law, or the aamt, will
bt forever barrtd. JOHN LOAOUB,'
Publlo Admini-trator.
book ol 1U) patet.
be btat boot ror
fmt -wkDU0'
adve tider toooa-
X be t parl
or otherwit.
toina itita of
n.nn.MN an A Mtinantea o the ooat of ad-
Tertiitnt. The advwrf er who wantj to ipeud
one dollar, Untie in J the information bt rv
ouirea.whlle for him who will inveat ono
hundred thousand dollan in adverttiini, a
trhaiue 111 Bdlcated which will meet hia
every reqnUement, or oan bt mtdt to do lo
bv eliaht ohannoi- eaaily arrived at by eurr.
ipondenot. Ont hundred end Btly-thret
edition, have been iniueJ. Bent, poitpat I,
to any addreae lor ten tenn. Aj'ply to
to UM.
VEHT181NU BUKKAU.lOhpruotit.
njlluuit Square,, New York.
4. Jlor:i .C?Si.
0. W.Thnminnr. nmiter, ff-iiefnA
Will leave 1'illlKSDA V, May l.ttli. hi p.m.
For Ireivht or aaaira apply to 0. U.hl'rt-
BKl.I,, At't. U Mndiion at Telephone 2.7.
Iitwxe H rRN-Kt tN. I'wiiti.nirer g.nt.
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