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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 13, 1886, Image 8

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LwlnrOlf ,5c w Orlmnit and Tm E'j
Oa and aftr May I WM, riinim train oa
lAbt "iiAlXT
Inn ro.o win run .a nmii'ii
ieaapbi. .
4:) p.m
: P.m
L nla.....
7 ill .m
10 M p.m
J KM a.m
:4 a.
4:1 .en
:14 a.m
9KO a.m
4rt)7 .
1 :13 a.
11:1 p.B
f'Coa Range.
X. Orlean.
Btn p.m
7:M p.m
tm p.m
A-Wlth all Una. .nurln. Mem j hi.
E-Wita M. A N. W. K. R. tor Helena.
0 for ttreenvill and Dentlnrtoa, 4 all
Ar.anae. point.
P-WHh V. A M.Bd V., S. A P. Railroad.
1- WUhN.,J. AC. B.R. fur Hatch, ud
F For Point oa th Branch.
With (teamen lor Bayog Sara.
B-Wlta railroad, diverging for Florida,
Teiat and ('nut point.
JAB. M. KDWRDfJ. V. P.aadw. II.
,. lOl'RKK, G.n.ral BupX
- A. J. KM A PP. ft. P. A-
K.wport Ken. and Mlmlwataipl Val
ley. Train, nova a. lollowa: No. ( (tul
11b daily) U.t.i at 10:00 a.m. No. 2 leave,
at 11:40 p ot. dally, bt. Loela faat tin
UarM daily at o:J p.m. Bp. T (le.t lin.
daily) arrive, at 1:30 p.m. Mall and i
pra.1 imn daily at ll!l" a.m. Bt. Loula
tut lin. imnt daily at :05 a.m.
' Loalawllia ami Raahrtll Train,
mov.aa follow. : Fat mail arrlrM daily at
DllSa...: laav. at 10 :lup.m.! mail l.avM
dily at 10:10 a.m.i inivn at 4:00 p.m.
Browaaville accommodation leavee daily1
ioltHaaday, at 5:00 p.m. I arrive, daily,
Ipt 8ao Jar, at 60 a.m. (ataadard lime).
Mlaalaalppl A4 Traataaea. Put
ail train leave daily at 4:30 p m. arrlv..
at a.m,.- local frai.ht leav at :40
t.m.l arrive, at 4:90 p.m. Freight tram.
Ko. S and 6 raa trl wteily. No. II leave.
Hamptal. Monday, Wdnday and Friday,
raaphla and Utile Kork. Train.
or. a follow, (central atand.ra tlm.Jr
No. 1 leave daily at 6i p.m, i arrive at
inn p.m. flo. 3 mm at e:of a.m.i arrlr.
llt:Mt.D. No. 6 (fr.i. ht) leave Hoperield
dally (aie.pt buaday) at 6:00 a.m.i arrive.
etaphla aad Cnarleatoa Train.
jot. a. follow.! Through tipreaa Tear.,
dally at 10:10 p.m. Mall and eiprea. leave
. dally at 10:00 a m. Bom.rvlll. afloommoda-
Moa leave dally, eio.pt Sunday, at A :M
p.m. Through eiprea arrive, daily at6:2ri
a. m. Mail and expre.. arrive, dally at 4:55
a.m. Domerville accommodation arrive
ally, .io.pt Bandar, at a.m.
nlf Mnnto-IHnneae Hprtnr
Brllaat Mmhlal Tralna lean M. and
T. depot a iol.wai Mo. 4, hanaa. t Hy i-
f reu, leave at 10:45 a.m.) No. 3, Kan..
'Ity spreaa. arrive at 3:.W p.m. No. 2,
gnaw City mail, leav. al 6:0(1 p.m. No. 1,
an.a. City mall, arrive at B:S e.dl. No.
, &U Loaia and Cbioaao eipro, leave at
tOO p.m. No. I, Ht. Louia and Chiraioai
prear, arr'va at 1:43 a.m. In elect Sunday.
April 1H, lHhrt.
Mvmpbla, Rlrmt ohanl and A Una.
lie Mollv Hprin.a Route Train move a
follow.: No. 1 leav. ALmpbla daily at3:tf
a.m.t arrive at Holly tprln.a at 6:30 p.m. i
No. leave la.ly nrinra daily at V:00
a.m., arrive at Momphi. at 11:15 a.m.i No.
loava Maui phi dally at 7: p.m., arrive
at ilolly Hi.rln." at ll.-MI p.m.! No. 6 I. arc
lioHy tSpriara daily at 8:30 a.m., arrlv. al
kbiib1. ' ' '"
W..1UHOTOX, May 13, IhSO, 1 a.m.
. InJ 1'ntiona; Fur 'IVtiuichgou hiiiI
Arkanwia, fair wenth'T jtntioiittry tuin
'Jcratnro ; bluu crencpn?, rod n'.ar.
yf eHireli;linl H.puri.
Mkkti'.b, Tv
tiiiiu. ur, TlVrr." Wm.l. VVlln-r
7:00 .m. ill Will! 74.0 t'. Clrar
ll:iX) k.m. v0!)l), 81)0 8 W. Knir
:00 p.m. ':.i.i4 8)0 ti.W. CUar
7:00 p.m. -Jfl.KKl tU.O i L'lonr
10 :90 p.m. liO Hb-V, S. ::t-ar
Muxliuum UU)iHraturu H7.0.
Minimum tomporutiin.1, 7.0,
RaiDfnll, .CO.
Oion, 11 a.m., 1.
In f ha Cotton Krgloti.
Sional Suitvini, U. 8. Army,
May J, 1880-5 p.m.
Dlvixlon ul tiltKiuus Mud repoits (or
U)8 bennflt ol coiuraiTiie and auricnl
tare. Cotton rtxiim buUoiin lot tb
twentv-Ioar hoareendiug May 12th, b
o'clmk p.m.
TltltTT. I ?
Memphia St) 73 .00
Naahvillf... . SH (17 .00
GramlJunnlion... 8il Oil ,(H)
Corinth..... HO m .00
Tuacumbia. ........ mi (;'i .(HI
Deoit nr 0J (I .00
Bcottehoro M 6h .00
Bfttoevilln...- til 7(1 .00
Uernnndo Ht t.7 .('0
Ureuada...... rj'.t (ij .00
Atlintoii ..i in (V.) .00
Browugville. 88 70 .00
Milan fil 7-' .(X)
Paris SO 55 .00
OoviDfttoo S!) 72 .00
yerburg W 71 .00
Bolivar 87 71 .to
Holly SprliiK..,... H) 80 .00
Ot;ml (0 71 .W)
Biiitb 1CS0 .01
Meanw S') (S .Oil
i ? M
nuraiCTr,., g g" g - g!
WilmiDRitn .... .. fil 65 .00
Cbarltwiou Ui d;l .(X)
AayutU 01 (0 U0
fcavbnnah VI Ul .00
Atlanta Ml 04 .01
Moutrfnoy n U .00
Mobim HI 00 .(X)
Kew Orlenng...... 01 (W .( i)
alves?oa 0i ti .00
VicksbnrK 01 67 .
Little KotA 01 70 .
Mi-mpbia B'l 63 ,0J
8uma 1091 704 .
Mean . 01 (id .00
No bam' hall to-day.
Go to the primarios Saturday
The mosquito baa come for the
No marriage licenses were issued
More pools are sold on baseludl
iiere than on raeea.
Maraper Green's benefit trans
pired on time last night.
The report of the (rrand jury
Saturday will Lave at leist oi.e excit
ing aub head.
Unity Lodge, Knightaof Honor,
conferred the fourth degree hist night
upon several ombULtes.
Any intelligent effort to get up a
lig mechanical and agiiculUiral fair
thia fall ia aura lo be successful.
The gna piaue oonttnuea, but it
is hoped that one ir two ruoro days
Lke yesU;rd;ty will clean them up.
In the Probate Court yesterday
John Loagi;e was uppoin ed adminis
trator of the estate ol J.T. Oweus, de
ceased. Orleans efre't is now eraded li
Marshall avem e, and l im been jrrav
'!ed fro.Ti JifliT on to (urt cx-
i. ii.lrj.
The rt'4on
i:ie iion-iiyiviiit I
cf ,'evee lub"'T in J)lrt 1 s j h( t(1- Xaif Kvcla' g, ami t tk ets
now alleged to be ti.e l.nlurc tl fit-1 (-orad;!a'b n bcu'di tii di-v ti
iiieera lo aiafce out t i riiu s j ,(MUvniw, aud tii-PU;:beut tbe u ii t-
The Canvassing Cciimii.ttoe ol' thci; j
McmpLia, Kansas and Western roal
ia still at work, but so far only s small
part of the f .SYO subscription re
quired baa been rained.
Kemernber the lawn party on the
grounds of J. C. Johnson, Poplar
street bou'evard, to-morrow evening
from 6 to 12 o'clock. Admission, ice
cream and music for 25 cen's.
Hardly baa ths echo of the horn
of the tallyho ditd away when the
deep notes of legal trumpet, vigor
ously blown by its owner, reverberate
over the l.nd and fill tie ears of a
long sufficing people.
The river and harbor bill, if it
passes in its present shape, give f 494,
0 0 to this State for the improvement
of the Mississippi, the w bo e amount
al'otted to Mississippi, Tennessee,
Louisiana, Arkansas and Kentucky
being 11,164 00.
The N'atatorium will be opened to
the public on Suturday. The clear
well water will be used' in the pool
The facilities for tanning the con: ern
will lie moch better tins season than
they were last, and the prospects are
that it will be better patronized thun
In the Tolice Court yesterday t':e
astonishing charge of vairrancv was
made aiminst Tom A vent, a npin-a
special deputy sheriff in tho habit of
laying in ambush for business about
magistrates' courts The charge was
made by Kdward Kliaw. but the Judtre
did not consider the proof quite pos
itive enough, and allowed Tom 0 go
r"u t warning.
This evening, at the residence of
entertainment will be given fortheben-
ehtof bt. Mary s Cathedral, to consist
of a choice musical programs a furn
ished by some of our best local talent.
a'ter which rrfreshmenta will be
served by the ladies. The supper
will include all the delicacies of the
season. The price of admission is 50
cents and no extras.
Saturday, the 20th of May, has
ueen i igniiu-ii Memorial nay, ana
the Southern Mothers' Society has
been invited to eo-onerate in making
arrangements f . r the observance of
the day. Tho Memorial Committee,
with full powers to act and to appoint
sulco:rniittees, is as folows: Col
W. K. Taylor, dipt. James li. Beas
ley, Mr. Aaron Allen and Capt. P. U
The opera of the Mihido is under
full headway, and tho indications are
that it will be in every wayagmvl
success. Tho regular rehearsals w ill
hereafter be conducted in tho theater,
and those who participate are particu
larly requested to bo on hand io-iiiglit
at Hie theater at 8 o'clock promptly.
No one but members of the cast ami
thonii, including tho escort of the
young ladies, will be allowed admit-
Appleton'a a.'cnft left t':o city
yesterday, but. will probably return
before t"o next me, -ting of 1 1 tc- School
Hoard in June. Tliev have been with
us all winter ami w ill probably return
to slay all siimmi r provided they do
not receive n rebuke which will
knock beaming I onio sky high, it is
v.e'1 known that they worked like
beaver at the January election to se
cure men for members of the School
Hoard who would bo liki-ly to ailont
their books ia the ti hoots. 'I hey are
pliuing font big nrir.e ami have dono
s une be. titifiil utigliug, but the boatd
bus been taken off their books,
Tho iiiiiioiiiict ment of Mr. It. 8.
Cipers, which tijipeais in a-, other col
umn, is a mere matter of form. Mr.
Capers is strictly in the line of pu.
motion, and bis candidacy has been
looked forward tons certain for tho
past two years, lie bus an unblem
ished record as a man and as one of
the most thorough, competent anil
reliable men w ho ever shoved a pen
or hamlleil a dollar f. r the pub ie. I n
tho race for Clerk of tho Criminal
Court his handsome face, luxuriant '
beard and bis ad'able smilo will be
found right up close to tho head of
tho column.
Tho Supreme Court kicked up a
dust when it decided the Kxtirn
Norton (in c. For three or four days
there hr s been a tegular bow ilve-do.
All the facts are well known, livery
time the tax was ordered levied there
wss a general howl and vigorous oppo
silion. A committee of citizens and
lawyers r-portei in favor of a cnnuirq
miso, a minority reporting against it,
but were voted dow n. Next day (ien.
Turner protested aga;nst th compro
mise and succeeded in persuading the
Court that the money reed not be
paid, for which service be has boon
paid something in the neighborhood
Fole 'Agents lor Horace It. Kelly A
t'e.'a Kej West Igara.
Tho trade . supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on band at tho following stands con
trolled by us: Gaytwo Hoiel stand,
I'tabody "Hotel stand and ;10 Main
street. Freuh tddpmcnts received
weekly. t. smkion a co.
AstH'isy Utwp of tlm KniiuH'ring
lti.iirtiiit:iit iii ill St. 1 .'in ia.
Miks.Iknmi: (irkkmikiki, the snout
kof Mrs. S. (idlinv, has loft for Jack-
on, Icon
Pit S. A. I!hikr lifts removed bis
rrs'dtrn-e to ltl Vance Htrt't't. Te'o
phono No. 7l!,".
MVH. M. K. FONTAINK of l.Ollisvillo
arrived Sunday, and ia the guest of
her son Mr. No'lund Fon'a:n.
Cait J. P. Wai hran is in the citv
on a visit. He is now a resident of
l'ort Smith, Ark , and looks its if the
air of tlia'. thriving place agreed with
hi in.
Mrs. J. M. Harkrm. and Miss Kthel,
wife and daughter of Col. John M.
llttrrell of llot SrinK, Ark , are
trncNts of their cou in, Mm. Sttmuel
WnUon, Ko. 2-'5 I'nion street.
Cou T. B. Kikikrton has returned
from Wlshinfjton, who-e he h-s been
busy in the trial f the Kercttson
lerit case bi'fow the Kttpreme Court,
where he rep eeented Ferguson,
It in due Col T. W. While, presi
dent of the Mississippi vee Board,
tosav that ho left bis homes few duvs
ajro fn obedienee to a summons from
President Cleveland to inspet t a rail
road, and that he had no intention of
leaving any of the levee hands unpaid.
He has never, we are assured, nog
lertrd, on the eontrary, has always
promptly attended to his duties, ami
does not deaetve the censure visited
upon him
Jtlonocruiii ikaiiitiei; SluirortL
SoIIlMM'rwar t 9Inirord
The Kciiturky Dorbj.
The grM:t tvi nt of tbespr nj roin(t
re' o'l ( leuvd t vinorrow, at u lie eyes
i f li e f"ioit:n : w .ld ere tii'iie 1 to
J.or. irvi.lc Ur.cru will be at 'i-ast
:. i"i B'ar'' r , it.e:adili i. r r
' (f.io J'rf-- Ki l. t.', J 'in (lii'v und
k,.. j:j on. iJ. o f wi.l I) st d to n c ii
Deleajala ApaMlntcat at tba Meellos
f lha Coa-Bi litre.
At the meeticg of tba Wectm
Waterways Committee held yesterdsy
morning it was resolved to send
delegate, in coojanction with the Cot
ion sod Merchants' Exchangee, to
Washington to act in ronwrt with
one delegate each from New Orlesrs,
Hi. Louis, Kansas City and St. Paul.
The object in view was ex Dressed in
the resolution offered by M.j. D. W.
D.bney, as follows:
Whbsias, By sn amendment to the
river and harbor bill, as reported by
the committee, the House of Repre
sentatives has virtually des royed the
(unctions of the Mississippi River
Commisiion; snd, whereas, we regard
this sctfon a utterly subversive of all
river interests, and especially the im
provement t f naviga ioa on the Mie
sissippl rivtrj snd, whereas, the re:
ple ot Memphis and cf tbe B'ate of
Tennessee rcognize arjd appr?(ile
tbe great good already accomolished
by the river commission in improving
me miss'Bjippi river, nd taving en
t ra conflderca in the nltimaie euccess
of its efforts if allosed lo consummate
its p'ans: therefore, be it
RexAtxd, that tbe delegate selected
by this committee tsv'sit Washington
In the interests of Memphis and the
State of Tenneigee be instructed tjuse
ail i2aence at his command to in
duce tbe United Slates Sjnste to strike
out said House amendment and lo re
store to the Mifsissippi River Commis
sion tbe full cootiol ol all expendi
tures for the purpose of said improve
ment. Rftdred urtlier, That the jiress of
Memphis and tbe Mississippi Yalley
generally be urged to use it. influence
to this end.
Mr. W. A. Everman was unani
mously elected. Mr. Everman will
meet the delegates from other cities
in Washington.
The great sale of Linen liandker
rh'e's will be continued today.
Additioral nuuiOtra in the bettor
giailes will be shown. If EUrcc.1- i
a trtt cf mtr t, ttiem hnnilktrchit f
teit.tinly have iiierit, as we S)Ki
over 500 dozea yfs o day.
500 Dozen To Day Mill End
ThisSa'e of llacdkercliieN.
We offer tlso ti-t'ny tome rare
bargains in Tiihm 1), niif-k", Towels
snd C iintoip.nt.f, wrich evoiy
bousike p;r will ajipreui.t?.
At i'.c eicb,xira liige r.;tih Tow-
e a; woilh mm It m ire.
At 17c enc'i. All-linea ll.iLd-loom
Driiii'Hi Toweln.
At3 0.', asi!en1itl t-xt-aiino Mnr
seilles Count r( if e; wotiii $550.
At f 1 87, a larxa VI 4 Ma -collies
C man r. nno,
At ep ti 1 lot i f i xt.rt larpe
snd heavy Huckuml I'aionsk
Towoli; wji ld Lo cli'Mipeuuiih
ai 40; iu' h.
It will rot be tbe dsy utter tho fair
with us. Wogsvo ti e public spleri.
did value yejierday, and they can
havo eqiinl valuo to-day.
At 70c, extra fine Bl ached All
linen Table Daina'k; a tare bar
Skk ad. of Memphis Ste'am 8hirt
Factory and laundry on fifth page.
Sinoi.k Scull Race.
Armstrong & Co., bcadqnartera for
Armstrong's mosquito frames.
Kalsomininq telephone 600, A. Mc
Neil. Lemons and Bananas a specialty.
Mkmi'hihStainsd Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Ladies can have spring sewing done
satisfactorily and reasonably at 2o0
lieale street.
Srnp a pos'al to the Memphis Collar
ami Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
crtll for your lauutlry.
H. H.Mkvkr is now fully prepared
to beautify your rooms with Uio latest
stylos ol frescos, No. 227 Second street,
Ths Herbal Chill Cure, tho best
tonioanil acti-ixrlodio known. A certain
and aure ourr fur rhiila. Prio II per bot
tle. Hun 4 siami lor ciroulnra. Anr ref
erence (ixen. Acidroi. John 0. Kucker,
LTOoubera, Va.
Sknd to Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current of plants.
Have largest stock in town. Come out
and see for yourself. South gate Elm
wood Cemetery.
Miss Mom.ik Uiton has removed
hrr dressmaking business to No 7 St.
Martin, sorond door south of lVale,
w here Bhe will be pleased to see her
old customers did many new ones.
Woik at tho vory lowest prices.
Mrshrb. I, 8amklsoh A Co. are busy
remodeling and enlarging their old
quarters opposite the Peabody, and
when the work is completed they will
have one of the finest and best equip
ped cigar and tobacco stores in tbe
South. The sticeesi of this firm has
been something marvelous. They
now stand at the head of tbe cigar
business of the city and have reached
this position by close a'tontiott and
hard work. Thy have secured tem
porary quarters with Messrs. Loeb A
Alook, on the opposite corner, where
they will be glau to see tlv ir many
friends and customers until th ir new
place is ready for occupancy. Travel
ers will also tind it to their interest to
call en Same son and get Ira low rates
ou railroad tickets to all points.
Chn ' ry 4'onrt Hr Iow VII Jnita.
Ad bt oivdeat-udnr, iv l.) h: 1176,
CrtM i HrlnVi y; lll'T, I'jrbr vs
K-y Hl'J, l.uia in vs Edd;na;
1728, Broechns vs Mmg.n; 2000,
Hiii.klev vs C'dps; 2W7, Sslny vs F-r-pufcon;
2016, Cae'iier vs SmiCi ; 2000,
Ma.on va Arperson; 2W.I, Nilee vs
Grieulaw; 2S9i, White vs iloiiaiiiy.
ii a auil ('Hrring-va Ht W. E. Fl
nl t I'rna.' Mnble tbn oulj
lliu In hi" rllji IliMt bua Ih.m
pliuui t.tilera raitlr mlfaid
tl lu. 1 li'tliout a No. OS nod 79S.
OrderM.1lullorl Made Mttmls."
rbi- HI.
C. B. OALLOWAt A CO .Paortirroa.
Katea $2 AO and 13 per daceor.:ins to
an and location of n-Speoiel
ABP.na.lo,, p. B W sad, H Y
WMBcarboruuth.ArkE Fr. fa
W A W arner, Man U M kho. Tea
' JJ?,0'"'f. NY L Pat, Tn
O W (Joed-in. Tub W K', N Y
FrtJon... T.rh K Pain, tens
J F U.neoek, Mo K W li.a, Mia.
A M Lr la. Tie K Ljfcf, Tex
pr Ob Starr, NY L B lr, Mi..
H C Adaau. jr, Ui. John .n'and. Ark
tl f O-l- f.l.:.. ki . m .T, ...
Mr.iiu eaanda.Mia ROK.pia
AtraTatam.Mia Mr. Ill, Mia
Jam. June.. Mn J M U. Kn
!.vrt !wua j.u'cw, am
B V McDonald. M H J J.rLr, Mo
annlnf , Mo Mr r. iia
A M Cooke, t.nn
ti W Aee. Ark
L White. Ky
U W ledrard, Mo
Jno Mitubell, Mo
W 1 Sorurr., Ala
B J Lennox. T.un
II II Kill. v.
w J H.. w.
Her i furr ar. Va
E 8 i, Mo
M j neon, n i
J T rr Aw, T.na
- t d re., mo
A B cwon, Ala
II J tn.ville, Tenn
B C cknn, Tonn
W IJij n. K
i .h. in
J F Miller. Ky
J L) llayton. Tens
G Wariin.. Ill
T Mice. T.nn
i uvftfuin, lens 1 nifl.i J.l
U W Bradley. T.nn E Brijenn
The Hew tfaa.
Panrairrs. '
Bate., 12 SO to 14 per dyceordiD( to loca
tion of ro a. i
II D Wood, HI. Ik.orrK Tenn
II F Ramlle, T.na J A'oU N V
C W Dudley, Mix b Puor.n, Mi.
M Qainlan. Ill g Jirowber, T.na
J Montcnner7jr,MtaR.arria, Mir
II I bianton, j enn N -drd. Aw, Mi.
Mi.a I3ledge, Min MiLeftwich, Tenn
F B Hunter Aw.Tenn C anre, Tenn
JO Johnaon, T.nn FVilllaia, Mo
BB aka, Mi-a H W a-h' urn., Mo Z
R II Te . pie, Va T eke. jr, Va
J Norton, Pa tiiiir-na. Mo
T Kl ia, Tenn Bllicka, Kr
K MBuddoth Aw.MiwUHank'n, Ky
Mm M Sankin, Kj biinith, Ark
T n l iar., mix
KJH .an, Ala
C J D.kor, Ala
R U Rii'h.r.i.. Ala
8 P Green, Mia.
F Memenia. Ark
J Sobertaon, Tenn
R Baker, Ala
F Olementa. Ala
BLirowo, Ala.
Vaaton'a olel.
W. H. CINUHAM Masaoki.
European plan. Enlar) and refumiahed.
Price aoonrdin. tut and loca
tion of rai..
W T Cb.tman, Tenn R Friend, Ark
N A Taylor. Mina t! Hrown. T.nn
J u Uoeknry, Mm
K itra. T.nn
L Hill. Tenn
M Conaadine, Tenn
J IVnnhioulon. Ky
J lAikiua Aw, Ark
R Wilnon Aw, Ark
W Smith. Tenn
A irr, Tenn
J H' linr, tit Louia
.DMac'i-v, Mi9
M III r.lcll. Mi."
j h. Korers, Mia
W A JetTrira, Ark
PTForaytbe, Ohio
J A Wriiiht, T.nn
ST J-himinn, N V
Vr J Kurley, Teon
W II Hail., llliioago
C W K.illv. Mir
J G iVlttCuill, 'l'eun
J C Im.rloy, Tonn
W Th jjpion, Ua
Mia. ..iiii Miirri.,AI M i:iil uiuhriea,AIa
J II Fui. Ind
J UVrbxter. Ark
M L Jay, '1 enn
II II Cullen, Tenn
1 N Snowiltin, 'ionn
M (l.vin, Toi:n
Allen A 11 li. P i
llopr Uilil-bmnd, "
l'mk Milium i, Mia.
T Bhuuiborr, Ark
M ts.i. , Tox
rv u T-iuii'iinw , nia
T I Hi
Dnfly'a r.uro.n Hi.li-I,
Curnerot Adnata and Mm .'roeta. Hoonia,
bee, 7 o nd tl nnt dm : vuioncan rln,
ijr tin
Flyt-rlan Kantnuranln the Hotol.
J. M. 1)1 tH till yr.ir- wh Pea ony lintel)
A Eti'ttK, Ark Wnr'tr.tt.i, Ark
K T Vnllory, Ark I, A '.uUnr, lenn
II F Stroud. iVlisn
T KmiicII. Aik
J 11 Miicbnll, Ark
11 M Donoho.Tez
A Flora, Ark
C M Aiblcv, Tenn
F J In.e, Tenn
.1 Coy M U
H 1) wnr.ny il, Mn
il i:;l,.in. O
L e.'illiamajr, Tenn
S B lewnrl, Tonn
W I McDnnsal, Tenn
C lliixlel. Tenn
J 0 Vt-nublo. Tonn
J A Hnunhtor, Tenn j Fieil, Ky
K KMurrell, Tenn
J M lluyilen, lox L tee, Ark
II llivmer, (la l'S'reen, Ind
K T F top, Mia. T II '"lotcher, Mas.
M T McDonald, Ark 11 TSutton, Ind
CJ Abel, Ind. M T'lunter, tit
U Wetherlord, Tox A lAlli.on, Mini
P M Cok, hd.
And it stimulates aul promotes the
growtii of tbe hair.
Hurnelt s Flavoring ixfa?ia are the
Mo lo llii.-.lt a! llncotnitrtnA for
jour tyiiuiiliiiii null WttH-FtltlDK.
from $0 ii)v;iii1h in the latest styles,
H II. Meyer, No. 227 Second street.
Call ut oiiee or send postal for designs.
Mn Iii iil, Jt'neler, 2111 Dlttln, ao
liit tl.t iirdeia Inim tlie rottiiti jr.
IyeltK iiiiU i'3c;u:Jnr;.
I.adiwj' mid jsenta' clothes clennnd
or dyed ie eny color, also kid uloyep,
putrieb feathers mid lace curtains by
Lonis Iteixel,hS Jefferson street, Mem
pbie, Tenn. Hoods revMl byexivrena.
el KnllpltiA l.li:nnrallio lo lo
your A'lnrlliit.
In order to Introduce the Alabama
Splint Coal in Una market, it will be
delivered at l!0c per barrel iu city lim
its. It baa no superior.
Telephone Wl.
Fine Watch repairing at MaKord'a.
Atliioc to Slotbcrrj,
Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing 8yrup
plunilit always be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
aHflerers at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright aa a button." It is
verv pleasant to taate. It soothea the
child, softens tho Bums, allays all
I min, relieves wind, regulates the
lowels, and is tho beat known remedy
for diarrluea, whether arming from
teething or other causes. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
Coua nl I'arrlnKf nl W. K.
Eilwanla at Brea.' Ntablo tbe only
plnce In lh rttj tbnt bua Ihrm.
Trlrpbono Order) promptly mtrml
txl lo. 1 eleptionr Kcm. 69 ! 70S.
.! to ?lniii l tlni Al t'onaaaj
for iIhvin unit pteatv ''f atiem.
Cincinnati, Aiy 12. Night River
32 feet on th gauge and rising. Weath
er lit avy thuudtr-atorm. Departed:
Ohio, Memphis.
Louisville, May 12. N:;ht River
Btatinatv, witti 12 feet in the canal
and 9 f.'i t 9 lr.cl-tn ou th MR Buti
nin? ou 1. Wether e'eir ,,:.d warm.
Caiuo, liny 12 Ni;:M Hiver 32
fpot li inches ( u the e-;iK-.- aiit rihing.
Wcatr r clm,ly and lut. Jo arrivals
of regular; at ketu. Dcp.iitcd: Charles
To .11 who ar laOerint from tho rrori and
In Jiicretloni cf youth sarTou. wcakne,
artr decay, I ma of inanhoorl, etc, I will
..nil a rooip that will cur you, FKEE OF
CUAHilE. Thia itraat rmJy wa. ditrorrT
d br a mlaaiunary In South America, S vi
lf-addrerJ nvloi to tho Rt'.Jmr
X. Ihmj 1. iVntioi D. A yT'
MsTThe firm of GOODBAR 4 CO. baa been dissolved, and we have reorganised oor interest In tbe Wholesale Boo
nd Bboe Business, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love A Co., 8t, Louis, Mo., and Mr. i. O
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., nnder the style of and firm name given below. We thank our friends for their pstronage.
in the past and hope for continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAIU
J. II.
LU of Ooodbar A Co., M.mphla.
Lata of Ooodbar A t o., Memphia,
367 & 3G9 Main
We are cow receiving large and Emlroljr Jfew Ntrk of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at kiock Ilotiom Prices,
h marie hv nnv eomnotinoj marknt.
JAMKS V. HELL, Preside
h innr.r.itY
The Water Exploding and
Carrying Destruction
Along the Banks.
Tho sight cf a river on fire has
not been scon in the vicinity ol
Memphis, but it is curtain that the
Greatest Bargains in Clothing are to
be found at tho Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street.
It is now time to think of Spring
Clothing. Ponder well where you
can buy it to tho greatest advantage.
Who can afford to sell it the cheap
est? Where ouht tho greatest bar
gains to he obtained? These are
questions that should be considered
by every buyer.
I'.t'ad Uio Answers in the Stars.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors can
sell you Clothing at Half Cost, be
cause we buy Clothing at Halt Price
The Misfit Clolhiug Parlors buy
nothina that they do not secure
at what represents a great sacrifice
to the tailors who made the gar
ments. Low buying is the secret of
selling low. Tho Misfit Parlors sell
low because they buy low.
The Flowers that Bloom lu the Sprlug
The spring flowers will soon he
here. Prepare to dress to rooeive
them. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
. Stacks of Now Suits
Tiles ot Easiness Suits,
Tons ot New Pants,
lteautitul Spring Overcoats.
First in quality; lowest in prices;
nothing hut real, reliable olothing;
every garment carefully made.
Opp. Court Square.
4The Wide-awake Great Low
Price Clothiers.
Iir All alterations, to insure a rer
feet fit, made freo of charge, by a
First class Tailor.ldt
Frank Schumann.
inn-ortor and Dealarln
Uun. I iMna Tarkilx and Sport.
a,i.an nplia. r bperial atiectifB
!v..ri to 1 AM'FAi.'11'RIU aci lia-
j tl M., Memphis, Teuii
W. . LOTS.
Late of funi, Lot
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tcniu
E. F.
xtaiibwakk: and
James M. Ooodbar H in. JL. Clark Kacene J. Carrlmarloa I Frank . Ju
3aBtn.1ollBlnecl 1860,1
iOOTS and SH
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offitr to IHCRCHtHTa OILY th lars.st aril hont utrilt of Boota and Ehoaa mt
hayo over bronuht to thi market, and which cuoiiot be iurp.ed iu quality and
style, by Bny houro In thi or any other city. In 'Hiilon t.i r. enmvMa lirie ol tBiwtii
mid ooda' inoludinn the CKLt-BK . I .. t.tOOMAK V VU ' UWUN., woh.adlc
a lame and eelectatoflk of Cuatom-made Cornla (nr ii on, Women, Muses and Children. W.
carry a number of the beat makes in the co-uilry, iu Tr vr;tty and at: Ie. aud imwii
themlthe well known ilen'a Calf VooU end thoon nifkMjftiijtured i by itwi. Il'ioker ir uar
hrring Traae. Vt e alao curry a ohnioe lin of Ladie' and Ml.-aws". Cutm Kid, Uot .nd
(.alf Oooda, manufactured by Kr i iiendorf, llittninii A lo. e invite tne trn ie t e!imin
our I'.uek before buyin elsewhere, and we ituurai.te. everything nui ll t "V!,Vu!i?.!'a'
WWW! Ill 111
Of IiT-C7-i-V Dostorlptlou.
C'lerk or (be 1'rliulunl Court.
WE are nuthnriied to announce B. F.
CAI'KRd ilor twenty-one yeara D p
uty) aa a ounilidnie fiTiilcrk of the t riminuj
Cuurtof Shelby county, lubject to tko Ueiu
ocratic Convention.
WE nrc nnthoriicd to annonnco I) ATCKY
W. COliHEHaaaciniliit. ioloi Clerk
of the Crimtnnl Court ot Midby oouuty,
eobioct to the Democrntte Couveulion.
Conoty l onrt 4'Irrk.
WE are authorised to nnnounco thut
RIUIIAHUA. ODll' la candidal
for County Court Clerk, auhject to the action
of th lemocratio Com'.nt:un.
Jndir. of tlie frobntei Conrt.
WJ E are authoriied to tnnounoe J. P.
VV VOUNii a a candidate for th cfiioe
of Judfco of the Probate Lourt, aubjeot to the
aotion of the County Democratic Courontion.
For 1 rn !.
WE are authnrir.fd to announce JOHN
M. UltAUI.bV aa a ciindidato tor
Truatee ot Shelby county nt the enauiug
Aunuat election, autiiect to the action of tbe
Democratic Convention.
WE aro nuthoriicd to announce AJI
DKbW J. ilAKUI:aaa cnndiitr. lor
re-election to the office of County Tru'ee,
aubinct to tho action ot the Democratic Cou
youtiun. THE Apr.al ia nnthnmcd toannonnce Mr.
N. F. LKMAsTEH aa a candi'late lor
the office of Truatee of Shelby coun y, aub
jeot to tho action of the Domoorntio Conven
tion. for Altorin-r-O'tjeral.
WE are euihnriied to announce GEORGE
B. t'KTKKS. Ja., na a candidate for
tho o65ceof Attorncy-Uoneral, aubieottothe
action of lac Democratie Convention.
THE Art"l l au'hrtiiicd to.nneunceS.
1). WfcAKI.KV ai OHtJidate lor Attor-ney-tlenoral,
aulKct to th. Democratic Con
vention. m
For Ucb IMer.
WE are autl.orii.d to announce N. F.
(DUNK) UAKKISUN aa a candidate
for Regrter, auoject to tbe notion of th
Democratic Oouuty Convention.
THE Appeal la authoriied to announce
JOHN F. McCALLUM aa a candidate
for Re.ialor. auiject to the aotion of the
Democratic Convention.
THE nndertipned annoancea that he I.
oandidate lor Reciater. and aaka tbe
anpport ot the voter, of Shelby county. II
elected, will endeavor to give aatiefnetion in
the diacbargo ot the dutiea of the office, and
B laces bia claims auhject to tbe action of th
ounty Democratic Convention-
Mem rh ie , March 28, 1 886.
SA. D0UflLA8rof Kemrille, Tena., I a
. candidate for RKGIsTKR. auhject to the
aotion of the Democratic Convention.
WE are anthoriaed to announce E. A.
El'MONuSON aa a candidate for
Connty Reaiater, uhject to the aetion of th
Democratio Convention.
THE Appeal it authori.ed to announce
jnHN VV. GOULD a a candidate for
the office of hoiter, .object to the aotion of
the Democratic Convention.
Jndtrr of llrn 'lrcnlt Conrt.
W are authoriied to announce L. H. ES-TK-,
JR., a a candidate for Judge of the
Circuit Cou't, aubject to th action ol tn.
Democratio Convention'.
Tl VV.S L. GOODLOK will be. candidate,
J before the Democrati-Convention, tor t
nomination to the office of Judge of the Cir- ;
cuit Court: and. if d.lcated, will (upport
the tucoesaful nominee.
We are author'ied to annoonce that JOHN J
JOHaTUM ia a cand'daie lor Juage 01 me
Circuit Tourt of Shelby Connty, .ubjeot to
action of the TVnioorHt'c Oonvcntino.
Young & Brother,
IJoolvsellPTN aiifl Staliorcrs
3i Klala Nl 3f oni.lil-,T uu
WiorjlDK l l'elre IroHi linslu.-
M ottrr oar Lutiro
. . C. C.l I.irTT.
k C., St. Looia. Late ol C"ldater.
Custom-Made Eoota and Shoes for
on as liberal terms as can
MEYEK, fcec'y and Treat.
I RINU the aeaioa we will receive teu
Hart's Utrrioj s orn'iig and evi mng.
Juit received a (rc.-h lot of Kennedy fin.
Biacuit and C.koa.
Butter Sroich, Bcutrlce, Albrrt,
Lemon Cream, Jelly Drop., Mirovrs' ury,
Cocoanul TaBj', Royal Mixed,
Vanilla Cream. Aa'.rted Jeily, Etc
Corner Sr court and Beale Sta.
JonaOvKEioa, Ja. C. N. UttosTsnui.
Real Estate Sealers
OHlco, 264 Second Street.
x;',jtiiiib, rK!iX..r-
J.V Tnzca Paid. HtLti Coilectod, etc., on
t 'iiiT'i-fl-n.
,'J'J, rf -rtry
ar :i- -'.'.. -T
Importers ad dealer In Wnu. Aminn
filton and tflKfrmu. iiiukl, Boliacra
ll.rdaitrr, tlenrle Heila autl An
iiu'ti.r. lor llo'el. and Retidencea,84S
KIhIii el rix'l, V.'iiitil, Tenn. Electrio
aupphesaJifaja on hand. . Ror.lHot neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McCABTHY, rropr'a,
HO, 142, H4 Front, Memphis
in tl.e Horn, aud tbe only couplet
Boiler ard Saect-Iroa Wnkitn thcity
RnDnriclnri r of rtcvy lilnte trU'
work f every. ilrrlpll.. Special
attention v to rUnla'.iori w(.rg.
Sans, Ammunition, Fistiiug lacklo
and llase-L'uil fcinoOs.
aaA Matla (llrwl, Mempbla, lean,
MannfiCtunnf and Repairing of Onn. a
Write nor brim lu TmU (kal Wmmntr Dfwtl eu
jh ma tormUr. Adlr.-M hT. MK1H BAY
J U. K- AU LA1U T77 MftlS 11MCIKBAU,
.nrouaUl If Ttl MilrtW H CtbCiBltll Ofli.-fc. Tbl
rrt frv9 Offtr i Inr Ui pmrpom ontwunw m Vv
i'Tuluuy ID vour BCicneoriwoa. r w.it uej wurui
IB S rT $1,000 (KT T. W BAT kl) tkltfi f..r (WO JJtr.l.
v. p - i li t H-Bilin; r-"ir uunt an l d ' in inlj.
Vrr.r.,rot. IttUTT ACKM rKKt
Olt! Point t'omforl. Vlrgiiiia,
Tr.PV f'i the reo. of IU t ber;nn!ng
jime lJi. reduce ' iij lo '0 tr cent., but
the i.i.Lrt tkitbdid of tlcelieuce laitin-
r I fu- illait-atel descriptive lami Ulet
andttucs. f.N.riKE, Manager.

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