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JJUIg Introduced ia the Ha se bj
Tenoesgee Hembert-CiD?res
slonal Junketing Tours.
Wabhisotom. Mar 17. Tb rom
-mined wbo have jatt leturntd from
tht-ir tour ol inveaiiitatirn into tl
Southwest labor troubles will prob-
- ably take a rest of thiee or fiur daj
before meeting to coin-icier the ret ulte
ff tbeir inqu ry. Aleinwtiile Jhey
rave rgreea not to (five txprefinnt
their individual opinions cmcerrin
tb conclusion to hi reached. The
tf simony tiken will make aeTeral
thoraaod printed pa gen, probably, and
it w.li take some time to so over
The inveeiiiiatton developed many in
terestiog tbiugn which show the ditli
cu'tv to b met with ia treating the
anbient It waa found that the same
troubles between employee and em
ployeie f xijted on linea of railroads
which were operated under charters
fr m the United Bla'es and ou others
which bad reeived asiiatance from
the government.
The following bills r.f ititeiejt to the
T50"th were introduced to-dav:
By Mr. Fdttibone end Mr. Real: To
provide t r the ccn;t uction of
bridge acioss the Tecne?s.'e liver
or near Caaitanooga; f jr the relief of
John Uamntell, L,. a. and K h,. Crood
win and E iai Bell; p-ovidiug that
any person wiliiuiy impeding or ob
etructingsny railrc ad com pan y, r- x cept
by leal process, in tie conveyance of
passengers or Irdirtit from one b'a'e
to another, shall be pan'shed bv im-
prifonment for ote year Or be fined
swo, or Doth.
By Mr. Glass: Bill toe lable tobacco
planters to Be 1 tobacco in t ie leaf be'
fore being manufactured, free from
internal revenue lax.
jinks' successor.
Secretary Lamar said to-day, he did
not know who the sunessor 01 Air
-Jenk, the first a s!t tans Secretary
would be.
New Pottoaaittrn ar,d offices Co'
ombus Smith, Smithionia, Laaderdaie
eounty, Ala ; Wm. K. Bowen, Bourn
bam. Laurence coontr. Miss
Nora A. Hubbard was commissioned
fouitu-cja-s postmistrees at Tosculuai
Sttr S'rvice cbanjfs Alabama
Hanby's Mills to Robbing Cross Rjadr-,
from June 1st, change of service to
end at Mittdleton, Walker rounty,
omitting Koobins Uross Koadj, de
crets ng distance half a mile, 'fences-
. see; Springfield to Clarksville, (rim
June 1st, mcreass of service to three
times a week.
T.bneco IWannfaelarera' Bonds,
Washington, May 17. The Treas
ury Department has issued the follow'
ing circular:
WJ3HIN0T05, D. C, May 12, 1886.
The amendatory act of March
18711, section. 14, mat -rial y cfcang d
the provisions of the law relative to
the penal sum of tobacco manufactur
ers' bonds. It fixed definitely the
minimum anu ine maximum sums,
leaving the collector to use his discre
tionary power within these limits and
to require the penal sum ol the bond
to be proportioned to the amount of
business , that the manufacturer pro
posed to do, giving him the right of
appeal to the UommiBsioner ol inter
nai Revenue. At the time of the
rag age of that act the tax on manu
factured tobacco was three times as
much as it is now. Of course, there
fore, the interests of the government
were then proportionately greater in
tobacco manufai turd, and it wai
deemed necessary to reauire a corr-
spondingly larger bond for the ful-
niiment ol the ob igations of the man
ufacturer. The regulations, series 7,
No. 8, revised, of 1885, pages 7 and 8,
prescribe a rule to be adop ed by col
lectors in computing and fixing the
pen el sum of the bond of a t.bacco
manufacturer, according to the quan
tity or iiusiness proposea to be done
by him. In accordance with this
rule, collectors are instructed, in com-
pu Kg the penal sum of such bonds,
to add to the minimum sum of JL'OCO,
for each cuttinir machine. JUOO: for
anh screw press, $100; for each by.
drauiic pr.ss.ssuu; lor each snutt mill,
uiu, and lor each Hand or other mill
or machine, $100. until the maximum
sum of 20,0 0 is reached.
JOSEPH S. MILLER, Commissioner.
Coaareealonal Junketing.
Washington, May 17. There have
been many relercnces in this session
to junketing parties, and hints have
been thrown out that the special labor
committee is organized for nothing
else, said a member of that committee
to-day. "Let us look over their work.
We left Washington nineteen days
ago, and have been away from St.
. Louis ten working days. The Texas
subcommittee traveled 1980 miles in
that time, and examined 248 witnesses.
The other subcommittee traveled
about 1000 miles and examined 200
witnesses. Returning to St. Louis we
took the testimony of Martin Irons
and came home. Testimony was
taken in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas
and Texas, and we traversed a stretch
of country reaching from Atchisoo,
Kas , to Galveston, Tex At work in
the morning at 9 o'clock and continu
ing our labors with an intermission of
an kour or two until 10 o'clock at
. night ; to catch a train and hurrying on
to the next point, so as to lose no
time -that was the order of our day.
We had two stenographers working
- constantly, and ihey have not yet been
able to write out more than a third of
tbeir notes. You can judge whether
we have beei junketing or not."
The committee desires to examine
Mr. Hoxie before turning their atten
tion to the preparation of their report.
" That gentleman fa now at Atlantic
City for the benefit of his health, and
will appear before the committee as
soon as be is physically able to do so.
Pending the submission of their report,
the individual members of the com
mittee decline to give any indication
as to its nature.
Tb. Teleptsaaa Iae.tla;atl.a.
Washington, May 17. When the
Telephonic Investigating Committee
met to-dav. Manager Marean of the
Western Union Telegraph Company
-was placed upon the stand and re.
quested to produce certain telegrams
sent and received by Mr. Young and
other gentl-min connected with the
Pan-Electric and National telephone
companies The witness declined to
-comply with the demand, for the rea
son that the subpoena was in the
natnre of a drag net or search war
rant; tbat it did not specifically de
scribe any particular messages, but
sought to discover whether any mes
sage had been sent or received by cer
tain parties. Witness remarked that
the scandalous use made of messages
produced by order of the Congression
al committee in 1S77 ought to sitisfy
the comm ttee that no such demand
should be made. The witness pro
duced and read the rule of his com
pany forbidding the delivery of mes
sages except under certain conditions,
and the committee disctmsed the
question as to whether the subpoena
served on the wit r ess fell within the
inhibition of the rule. Finallv, it was
resolvei to consi 'er the subject in
secret session, and the witness was
excused p ruling a decision on the
question as t j whether the committee
snould insist on its demand for the
Mr. Van Benthnysen then rose and
reques'ed to be heard. He said that
he wished to produce evidence bear
ing on the testimony given bv Messrs.
Sypher, HiT, Clark, Dana, Reid and
Pulitzer; that he wanted ti contra
dict testimony given by these w t
nesses and show that some of them
were unworthy of credence. He also
wished to show that the Bull company
had been engaged in conspiracy and
bad used improper means to compass
the objects, and he further desired
permission to be represented by
The committee adjourned without
action upon the request.
Will Review lb. Uraad Army
Parade In Brooklya.
Washington, Mav 17 The Presi
dent will review the Gram! Army of
the Kepublic parade in .Brooklyn in
the forenoon of Decoration Day, and
will attend the exercises at the
Academy of Music in New York in the
evening. Postmaster-General Vilas
will deliver the oration.
Tbe Vltlcaltnrlatf.
Washisgion, May 17. D legates to
the first National Viticultural Con
vention which is to convene in the
hall of the Agri- ultural Bureau have
been arriving to day. It is not ex-
fiec ed th-t the attendance wilt be
urge in numbers, hut it .ill be im
portant as representing the foremost
produc rs of the country. Exhibits
of sample p oducts numbering more
than 200 have already been received
fr in California, New York, Ohio, New
Jers-y, Missouri, Virginia and North
Carolina. It is proposed to O'ganize
a national association. To-morrow
afternoon the address of the Hon.
Norman J. Colman, Commissioner of
Agriculture, on "Viticulture as a Na
tional Industry," will be the first pa
per for consideration.
The LouLvlll. rot(Uo.
Washington, May 17. The Senate
spent an kour to-day in the secret dis
cussion on Mrs. Toompson's nomina
tion to be postm ster -at Lonisvill".
Ky. Mr. Blackburn opposed the con
firmation in a long spoech, beginning
with an appeal for the numoval of the
injunction of secrecy Jrpm all,, pro
ceedings in regard to the case. ' His
remarks were devoted ifly toan ex
planation to s me Of tl i otricaol es of
Kentucky politics. - i L j ' .
feenator iseck renlieil mere brief! v.
defending the nomination and advoca
ting its confirms ion- - The nomina
tion was confirmed wQv.i)hly Six op-
whiniy votu wliirh new fthnnl. pnif .if
dividedletweenthe two parties. The
injunction of secrtcy was not re-1
The Frrneb Spoliation Claims.
Washington. Mav 17. In the
Court of Claims to-day Judge Davis
delivered the decision of the court in
re'ation to the liab lity of the govern
ment for the French spoliation claims,
in which the Chief Justice and ail the
judges concur. The Court, after dis
cussing the law, is of tbe opinion that
the claims are a valid obligation
against this country which sacrificed
the rights of its individual citizens to
secure a great national advantage, and
that the treaties of 1803 and 1831 with
France, and the treatv of 1819 with
Spain, do not apply to the spoliation
damn, and therefore the claimants
should recover.
The Prraldent'a Veto.
Wi,n,nn Mot 17 TV, T .'
ii nuiiii-viiud. a J in Alio 1 ICOL-
dent ha vetoed the bill to establish a
Fort of delivery at Springfield, Ma s
n his message the President says: "It
appears that the bi-st reasons urged
for thenassage of tMs bill are that
Springfield has a popula'ion of about
lLyrj.j; in t the imp rts to the section
of country where the city is located
for the last year amounted in value to
nearly 13,000,000. and that the Im
porters at this point lab r under a dis
advantage ia being obliged to go
.ew York and Boston to
clear thir goods, which are
frequently greatly delayed. The eov-
ernmi-nt is now tubjected to great loss
of revenue through the intrica ies of
the present system relating to the col-
ection of customs duties and through
the fraud and evasions which that
system permits and invites. It is also
he cause of mm hot the delay and
vexation to which the honest importer
is subjected. I am of the opin on that
the reform of present methods which
have been lately earnestly pressed
upon Congress should be inaugurated
instead of increasing the number of
ports where present evils may be fur
ther extended."
CrvaTat th. "fart."
Washington. Mav 17. Mr. W. A.
Croffut. who has been Drominrntlv
connected for a number of years with
the New York World, De'rit Free
PreM and Frank Leslie's publications
as edi orial and special writer,has been
engaged by the Washington Daily Pott
for its editorial staff, and entered on
his duties yesterday.
P.tltl.aa Acalaat Olevmargarla..
Washington, May 17. A large
number of petitions are coming to the
Senate re ating to oleomargaune and
other imitations of butter. The great
majority of the petitions are from
agricultural and dairy associations,
and favor the bill proposing an inter
nal revenue tax of 10 cents a pound
on tbe product named, and regulating
its manufacture and sale, while the
opposing petitions are from produce
exchanges and similar commercial
bodies, protesting against any such
tax and suggesting that it wou'd be
so flicient for Congress to reon ire that
such products be properly labeled.
Tb. AaaroprlaUoaa.
Washington. Mav 17. As reported
from the subcommittee this mornin
to the full Committee on Appropria
tions of the House, the legislative,
executive and judicial appropriation
bill makes a total approbation for
the next fiscal year of 20,710.877.
The appropriation for the current
year was 21,37l,805, and the esti
mates for the next year aggregated
Yetante'a EaajYIclorj iatte Fifth
Race Jim tray's Hard Lack
Big Hatch Arranged.
Loi'isviLLt, Ky., May 17. The
weather was pleasant, the track fast
and the attendance large.
Fint Race. Five eighths of a mile
Braca Ban (107), Withers; Lilith
(10.'), Step; Faster (102). H.Evans;
Violet (104), J. J. Cri tenden; Cora L.
(103), Kellv: Bixby (107), Stoval;
Jaubert (105), R. Harris; . Jacobin
(I0S), McCarthy; Donnvbrook (105),
West; Brutus ('107), Franklin; Blue
Ban (110), Covington; Carey (105),
t litttinq. Ja-obin, 25; Carey, $25;
Braca Ban, b; field, f 10.
At tbe start Donnvbrook at once
went to the front, followed by Braca
Ban and Jacobin. There was no
change well up into the stretch,
where Bra-a Ban wtnt to the front,
with Jacobin second. Braca Bm was
not headed, and won handily by ha'fa
length ; Jacobin second, Donnvbrook
third, six lengths off. Time 1:03.
Mutual paid "7
Second Kare.-Qne mile. Chance
(112) , L. Jones;Topsy(U3),G.-rrion;
Ascender (111), Withers; John lteb-r
(113) , B. Evans; Missionary (93),
Cooper; Revoke (114). liichnrdson ;
Eileen (107), Stoval; Rosiero (112),
Fit.patrick ; Fronie Louise (97), U
Harris; II rmitiige (90), J. Johnson;
Artiban (99), Digley; Cuban (iueen
(101), McCarthy.
Betting. Ascendo", $1C0 ; Revoke,
$100; field, $125.
Shortly after the start Eileen went to
the lead by one length with Artiban,
Cuban Queen and Ascender, as named,
on the back stretch. Artiban quit
and Ascender took tlrrd place
Rounding the lower turn Ei!een, As
cender and Hermitage were close to
gether in front, Revoko fourth. En
tering the stretch Revoke moved up
and joined Ascender, Chamo follow
ing, a very closo race for the last
quarter of a mile resulting in Revoke
winning by half a head, Ascender
second, half a length in front of
Chance, third. Time, 1:44. Mutuals
p .id $15 00. No advance on the
entered selling pr:ce for the winner
Third KareJlio Kentucky Oaks,
one mile and a half. H.ttie Carlile
(113), Fitzpatri k; Pure Rye (113),
Ganison; Mollie McCarthy's Last
(113), Murphy; Red Girl-(113)
withers; Mary rayno U3 . Fuller
Mary Ann (113), Lewis; Ada D (113)
L. Jones. Non-star ers: Alabama,
Mountain Range and Sis Hitnyar,
lidting -Pure Rye, $1C0; Mollie
McCa thy s last, J35 ; Mary Ann, $30;
Held, JO.
Mary Ann, Mary Payne and Red
Girl were the first to show, Mary Payne
t hen tak ing a lead of th ree lengths, M ary
Ann second and Red Girl third. Mary
Payne increased her lead to four
lengths on the upperturn on the back
stretch. She wus coniicg back. nd
trie held soon cloved into a bunch-
In ihe stretch Pure Rye went into the
lead without difficulty, fo lowed by
Red Girl. Pure Rye was not headed.
ana won in a rauop oy one lengtn ;
Red Girl second, half a length in front
oi Ada 11., third. Time 2:14. Mu
tu Is paid $! 80.
I'ourtn Kaee. une mile and one-
fourth. Alfred (94), Covingtoo ; Hare-
foot (UH), withers; Wando er (90), R.
Harris; 0-1. Clark (118), Murphy; Jim
Gray, (102), Fuller; non-starters, Irish
rat ana x unna.
Betting.- Jim Gray, $150; Wande-
roo, 1100; Harefoot, $45; field, $40.
Wanderoo took a lead of two
lengths, Jim Gray second. There was
no change for one mile, then Jim
Gray moved no and raced close to
Wanderoo to the finish, beating him
by a head, but swerving badly at the
finish and interfering with Wanderoo.
The judne gave the race to Wanderoo,
placing Col. Clark second and Hare-
foot third. Time, 2:11. . Mutu-ls
paid 117 20.
Fifth Race One mile and one-sixteenth.
Falconer (H)7), J. Johnston;
Lady of the Lake (100), T. Richards ;
Spalding (115), Withers; Editor (113),
Richardson; Eloise (90), Fuller; Ligan
(100). Covington; Phil Lee (102). Kel-
ley; voante (lis), Murphy.
starters, Endurer and Hazaras
netting. Volante, 1100; Editor, $45;
Phil Lee, $30; Spalding, $25; field,
There was a good start, Volante,
Spalding and Lady of the Lake being
the first to show. As they passed the
stand Lady of the Lake went into the
lead by one length. Editor second,
one length in front of Volante, third.
At the half-mile pole Editor took the
lead, Volante second, Spalding third
all close together. There was little
change into the stretch, where Vo
lante went to tbe front He was not
headed, and won easily by one length ;
Spalding second, one length in front
of Editor, third. Time 1:50. Mu
tuals paid $10 10.
Tuesday's backs.
Entries, weights and betting:
Third .ftaw.-'-The Louisville Cup;
two miles and one-fourth. Lucky B.
(114), $100; Clay Pate (108), $15;
Punka (103), $20.
The entries for the purse faces will
be opened at 11 o'clock p.m.
A sensation.
A sensation was caused here to-night
by the announcement that J. B. Hog
gin, the Californian, had issued orders
to withdraw his string of horses from
the track here to take them to Latonia.
No explanations were offered. Hog
gin had about twenty horses, among
them Ben Ali, the winner of the
Derby, who waa to start in the Clark
stake on Thursday. Many theories
are advanced in regard to the matter;
some say he was dissatisfied with the
pool arrangement here while others
declare he ia afraid for Ben Ali to meet
Blue Wing. Again, Hoggin's trainer
states that the removal is due to the
fact that some of the two-year-old
colts are sick and Hoggin wanted them
moved to Latonia so thy cou'd go
into training as soon as they recovered.
It is stated that the horses entered in
the Merchant stake, Fleetwood han
dicap, and the Turf stake, may le
shipped back to start in those events.
The stable left this morning.
The following match has be1 n made:
Louisville, May 15, 1880.
We, Ihe undersigned, " (o hereby
agree to run a match race of one mile
and one-half, weight for age, lietween
the chestnut gelding Tyrant, 4 years
old, by Great Torn, dam Moselle, and
Volante, 4 years old, by Grinstea'l,
dam Sister Anne, for the sum of $5000
a side, half forfeit, the latter ($2500
each) being this Hay placed in the
hands of Mr. Phillip Dwyer. It is also
further agreed that said race shall be
run at the spring meeting of 1886 over
ti e S'. Louis or Chicago rate track. If
' at the latter, said rare to be run be
tween the dates of June 20 and July
7, 1880. The rare ia to be run over the
track which has added tbe most
money, said association to name the
day we shall run, said day not to in
terfere wi h any previous'en jagemcnt
of the above named hors-s
ThsBalUm.r.sprlaa Nnllai,
Baltimobi, May 18. The spring
meeting of ti e Maryland Jockey Club
promises to be highly successful in
every way. The track at I'iinlieo is
now first-class, having had the benefit
of brisk wind to-day. There are 220
horses now at the track and more are
!Th frcacb Oaka.
May 17. The race f r the
Duane (French Oaks) for
three-yiiar old fillies, mile and a quar
ter, waj run at Chantilly yesterday,
and wa4 won by A. Lupin's filly Presta
by Pretiach ; the same owners, filly
Pcrlinal by Silvio, second; Baron
Schicklr's filly St. Kountla, by Per
plexe, third.
tiFk wheat ckop.
wkkki.y "imiart optiik i ar.
mkhv kkyiew.
Tb. Chances for a Bl Yield Mlabt.
If aaa.aad by Very Heavy
Chicago, III., May 17. The follow
ing crop nummary will be printed
in this week's issu ) of the Farmer'
Review: lha mavy r.ins of the pat t
week have lescened ermewtat the
former excellent ouilxik fr sprint
wheat in Nebraska. Wisconsin. Mm
nfsita ana Dtkuta. The great rain
fa 1 has a'ao occasioned seme kjury
to Uiu winter wheat in Wis
consin, MicDican, Ohio and In
diana, where in some of the
fieldi it was beginning to head out,
The reports do not indicate, liowevo',
any serious darn age as vet. In other
respects the otitlcok for all the grains
in all the femes and lerrltiries on
ttnues excellent. Tbe leporti of I
poor showing for wintsr wheat or re
poiti of injury from insect life, with
tbe exception of the p.-rmanent dam
age heie'c-bre nctsd in various coun
ties in Kansar, are rare and isolated.
The pristnc of the chinch bug is
costd in manna i county, in Uentrjl
111 no and in several m iiana com
tiei. Ia Indiana wictar wheat baa at
ttined a fcrorwth of fiom ten to
fifteen inchta ami in Crawford
Henry, Jay, Lftgrange, Switi irland and
Vermi Hon, which send in such re
ports tbia week, tbe outlook continue)
.xuellent. Ti.e my county in Mi
fouri to send in tbe repoitofa pror
rhowingfor wnter Wheat, is Ulay. Ihe
leport states tbat one-third of the acre
age hai been plowed n p. The gener
ally of lha reports from Missouri in-
dicits a ciop of 25 per cent, abovs tbe
averfgs. in llarruoo and Shelby coun-
tii s tbe outlook i d clared to the beat
ever known. Id Kansas some of tbe
counties note n improvement in the
winter wLeat outlook within tbe iait
thirty days In Jefferson county there
is too promise oi pir cent, ci an
average crap. In Lincoln county tbe
early swn wheat has been saved, and
in .Pawnee county the present pros
pect is for a Uir average crop
Butler is to be added to the 1 st
of coun iea where the crop is an
entire f-tilure. The reports from
Michigan indicate an improvement in
the wheat cutlo k within the pant two
weeks. The reporta from Ohio are
generally of a promising character. In
Ashtabula county, howover, the re
porta indicate a poor outlook
Tbe repoiU from Dakota eontinne
favorable. Fargo, one of the
principal wheat raiiirg comities ia tbe
Red River Valley, report i tl at Ihe
outlook could net be impioved, while
Case county reports the eondition of
wheat 20 per cent, above tbe average.
The reports fr m Minnesota are uni
formly good. The Nebraska coaniiee
still complain of too much rain, and
that wheat in a'l lowlaudaji look ni
poorly. Th general aveiaeo of the
crop on uplands is good.
fleellaar of the Phllllpa County
Court A M(bl xiocbel.
laraoiALto TBa ArraL.1
Helena. Ahk., May 17. The Phil
lips County Court convened to-day.
with his honor M. T. Sanders on the
bench. The docket, which usually
requires four weeks to finish, is one of
the lightest this term that has been on
record for years. The grand jury whs
impaneled to-day, and J udge Sanders'
charge, which occupied nearly two
hours, was dear, exhaustive and em
phatic. The grand jury is composed
almost entirely of business men. The
following gentlemen cmpose that
body: w. H. Crnnibaugh, foreman;
D. B. McKcnzie, J. C. Barlow, J. W.
Thomps n, Giles Wi kes. W. L. N-l-son,
(J. R. Coolidge, S. Goldsmith,
James Summers, L J. Wilkes, Thomas
M Oldham, C. L Moors, K. V. Wilson,
L Eh'man. E. C. Hornor. sr., and F.
L. Mit' hell Nothing of importance
transpired to-day, with the exception
of Mr. E C. Hornor, jr., being ad
mitted to the bar, passing a most cred
itable examination. Mr. Hornor is
the son of Maj. John J. Hornor.
Dylaa la Want aad Mlaory.
Louisville, Ky.. May 17. Fred
Reiner Oetiker, a yonng Bavarisn
count, is lying at th. coint of death at
the city hospital. He squandered a
fortune in riotous living and bat now
been in the hospital nearly a year with
consumption. His death ia expected
We can, without hesitation, say that
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup has given the
best satisfaction. We have so'd an
immense amount of it during tbe past
winter. Wallace, hilton a co ,
Draaaiata, Look Havta, Fa.
Arrostod for Kaab.aal.aa.at.
Minneapolis, Minn., May 17. I). A.
Ross, late manager of Dun's Commer
cial Agency of this city, hai been ar
rested, charged with embezzling $5000
of the company's money. It is al
tered that he reported "no 'collections
on account of hard times," and used
the money in speculating. The com
pany reluseo w compromise.
LcNDBoao'a perfume, Eden is.
Lundborg'a perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndborg'a perfume, lily of th
Lnndborg'i perfume, Marchal Kiel
What Constitutes Freedom of Speech
Liability fer Harangues and
Incendiary peeches.
Chicago. III.. Mar 17. The gran
jury which will investigate tne reren
labor riots in tt.ii city were given the
case to-day. The "court-loom waa
ciowded with pjople. Comment wai
freely made c n the appearance of th
juroia who responded to 'the call of
tbeir names. Tbe impression waa
that they were a cood-lo king, Intelli
gent body ol lien. Judge Rogers
made his charge substantially as L
"We hear a g od dial lately of what
conttitutes freedom of speech. There
is no crtnetitntional right fcr men
aseemblo and engage in wiH harangues
and incendiary apeechta. These me
must beheld r sponsible fcr what
they incite others to do. Tbat Is tb
epint oi the law. it n only your
provmct to deal with crime with acta
that have been committed, neverthe
'ev, tbe hiitory of tbe Iait few days
will make it seceesiry for me
to advert to other matters
than the rctual commlsrion
crime, as well as ths connuitsion of
oflenses against tbe law Tbe bill of
rights of tbe State of I Units inro'po-
rates the general punc pies of tbe ' n
siitut:oncf the United Stater. Men
may aesemble and disenss thesa mat
tare, the cot H'ttnturjal right ol free
dom nf fpneih, but they aio held re
epus'b'e for what tbey say. If men
are incited to riot, aron, and othv
unlawful acts, the rrert responsible
for tbis nay ba held answerab'e
for tbe loiults. Mere lockers-
on are not the ones only
but the men who advised tl.e
commission of the crime are the
guilty parties as well. The principles
of law inculcate the doctrine that
men who teach riot, who incite un
law ful gatherings t incendiary tct are
responsible for the enacts oi tnei
raniiogs. A red flati Is a public
men e It is an emblem that no
quar'er will be given. The police have
a right to siiprrcis these people to
rrsvent the commission of crimes,
They have the right tj quell all such
d Bturbnncf s and the police and
the chief mrgialrtte ot tbe city
did tbeir duty when tbe tune cams.
acd a'td like men the noblest work
of Gcd " Before quotitg bo law on
tbe subject Judge Rogers tdveited to
the recHUt labor troubles. He said
"J liy hive attracted tbe notice of the
countiy at large, but 1 don t want to
lay the trouble lo aay one nationality
It is not nat'onaliMep, but individuals,
that are to blame. It U not
the Irish or the Cirmars or
the BabomUns as a na'ijuHlity.
All these people love peace. Men
have a risht to strike. They have
right to quit work if they please, but
when the? co one s ep luritier and
sav that others have not the right to
work they vio'ate the law and can be
punished. It is nit only the principals
tbat may be held responsible but the
accessories as well. He or they who
s'and idly by after having advised the
violence commuted may us neia
eqntlly Mblame with the principals."
Judge Roje s then distniesul tbe
iii'v. wbo retired to tbeir io)m and
went Into session, i ha nay was so ur
gr ne tbat nothing was done by the
bodv farther than ti perieot its organ
Izition and arrange the duration of its
Sick and bilious headache and all
derangements of stomach and bowels
cured by Dr. Pie-ee's "Pellets"-or
anti-bilious granules. 25 cents a vial,
No cheap boxes to allow waste of vir
tues, lit druggists.
nahl Belwr.at rather and Roo.
Louibvilli. Ky., May 17. It wis
reported here this afternoon that Col
Bart JenkinsSergeant at-Arma of tbe
Kentucky Senate, bad been killed by
bis sin Will am. lha two quarreled
at a hotel dinner in Frankfort. The
father threw a glass at his son, who
pulled bis revolver and shot at bis
parent. Neither of tbe two wai hurt.
Draperale Flbt la Vlrslnla.
Danville, Va., May 17. A desper
ate fight occurred to-niulit a', Martins
ville, between Col. D. P Spencer and
the Torry brothers. J. K. Terry was
killed, and his brothers a' d Col.
oncer, Tarleton Urown, Hugh llyor,
Roht. Gregory and two negroes, were
frightfully if not fatally wounded.
Tongaline is an excellent remedy in
rheumatism and n-nralgie diseases.
A. f. llttNDKrl-ON, M. 11.,
WurtinTlll., Mo.
16, K.T.-WW mnt )D BUUd
Conoiav. tbli (TU KbUAX ) ...nlni,
Mar lHth, at t o'clock, fbrdiinttrb
of builn.n. Fatlia. droit. Vinil
lni Bir KnlihU onurwoulr Invltod.
uyoro.r n. n. orrmrui. ji, a,u.
AtUit; J.a.B. MiHirrv, R.roriler.
O. A. IU
MKBT8 to-aicht (Til BSD AY) at 251 6m
ond ilrMt at o'clock.
M. T. W1LLIAMMOH, Sellng AH)'!..
WILL ba opon.d Jaaa 1st. Tkla aoUd
waUrlnc-plae. ia aitaatod ala aiiUi
Iroai jtn Farnw., oa lha Nuhrld. aad
?nioaloo railroad. In Uiekmaa coontr,
no. Hack will aiaat all tr.ini at Atoa,
and will oonT.y saaata to sprints at a vary
low rata.
Board, HO For M.alb i ! Per Bay.
aortal Batea to raaalllea.
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loasant a-on of tbair lives to coma lo
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Lireryenn, CeBtreville, Toon.
t. A. PEAS, Prop'rCentroTlUe Hotel.
Roekbridie Co., Va. Uiih ap ia the
Vlralnia mountains. - Pictareiquesurroand
Ints.ejt.rilW.and beautitullf ibaded lawa.
ias, electrio bells, aad all modern iraprore
m.nls. Two dailrmils, post, teletraphand
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Merchaala lottos Press ft Morage Co.
Maaraia, Tian., April 2S, 18HS.
TBK annual meetina of the stockholders
ol this oompeojr wul ba held at iu offioe,
Ho. i Madison street, oa
Wedaeaclay, May 19, ISM,
from 12 as. to 3 p.m., for the purpose ol elect
ing Seven (7) Iltrc-tore to sorve the eoiuina
year. S. R. MOMTdOMKRY. SecTaUry.
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proved bar.
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F. M. NkLsoS. T, B, SlMSl W. P 1)UN A?AHT
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u. a., itibis. rrnprietor.
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Telephone So. 88.
Surplus, $25,000.!
Alloaltoa e t)wlleilei
isiAfT nn
STOCK Is new complete, oonslst-
nrin.i. l.lhtAn.b.nM.i.i
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St.. Memphla, Tenn.
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boo ivrywiiv a
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U U Vsf s Vy af
IlarneMH, Sntld lex, Agrlcoltarul
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Hfstrsanbla. Tenn.
Strike the IroaWliUe It's Uot.
Ia order te move aer Immense stock we)
aha the following eleri
Oood Btraw He's at... Be. 35a. SO and 75
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Small Straw Bonnets, all eoiofs- ..
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larre quaatilj. .
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phis, Tenn., when troubled with livr dis
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Dire) rroaa raelarw ta Parehaa
ra, aawlaa; aa axis- ewat.Wrl
Konte Flckeus & CoM JSemphh

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