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wntiaa o .Besides! the page on I
with all other natters eoaneotsa wun in
ditirial dsvart stent, Ovid be addressed i
T ti Kmroaer las ArrtiL, MamphM,
We caanot. rnle.andertage to rstorn
artistes sot found suitable lor awrilieauoa.
Oar mail beets ere kept by postoffioes, aad
aol by indtvideal ihm.
We licit Wun aad eemmanlealloni apog
seo-ota ol g.nsreJ latarsst, bat such must
always M ecootapacied by theaeeand
addrsss f the writs, as a f narantea af his
good faith and re.pocisibility. No notice
aaa ba taken oi anmyaious eemmaaloe-
Ib ordering papart changed frsm oaa post
cr.H to anothar, tba names of both voil-
efEAs should aw given.
Vnecimea ooples sent tree ef charge.
Easiness letters should ba addressed t
M. C. OtLLiwaT,! " Becnad street
J. M. KriTn, I
Meml'Me, Tenn
TUESDAY, : I MAY 18, 1886.
The outlook growa mora tncoura
log. Tli report ol tba weekly rWarioKi
for laot we k sbowi a Increase of 12.M
per cent, over ihoe of the week pre
vious, which, it will be rerm-inbe ei,
were over $200,000,000 moie than fcr
tba week before. The New York
money market repoiti no material
cbanne, with tendency to viVr
ra'ei, commeicial paper com
manding a little better price beciure
of lh email amount offering, the
ClirotAU Hating that, though "the
city tanki are not in the market,
tbcroiaa goid inquiry for all the
notes that are made. Thia conserva
tive course of the banks regarding
call leans and commeniil paper is in
part explained by the low a'a'e of tba
reserve', which is more evident when
we remember that 85 per cent of the
prea;ut surplus ia (a-ried by
three of these Institutions; beside,
the Ioigs are eow 1350,500,010
SRa'nst 2tr9,OC0,00O a year ago, while
the depieiU are $372,000,000 ajaicst
$:102,OOP,000." The foreign exchange
market is reported by the ChronuU to
have been easier and lower during the
week, and there ia an es'r feeling as
to gold since it wai ascertained that
what the Nw York binks lest of buT
ion wis gained by the Tieisnry. Sup
plementing this encouraging state c(
the money mirket there it the report
of the Statistical Bureau at Washing
ton, giving the exports for the month
of April, which appear to ex
ceed in value tboie of the
month previous by $3,000,000.
And thia, it will be remembered, was
is (pile ot etrlkee and lock-outs and
tba delay in moving freights conse
quent upon the arrest of tra'ns at
Chicago and fit. Louis and at some
points In Texas. The stock market
shove a firmer tone and the truok
lines of ral'rouli report a decided im
provement In earning. Ai to crops,
Mr. Dodge, Statistician of the Agri
cultural Department, reports winter
wheat to be an average yield cf 94 0
asocmpared with 70 the year before,
and the New York ChromrJr reports
rye at 1)0 and bir'ey at 97 ; and of
rottoa it says its "weekly te'ezrams
bsva shown fur progresi; the condi
tion at the moment ia voiy good in
Texts and in the Southwest, except
where the overflows litre delayed
. planting ; but elsewhere, and especially
in the Atlantic States, it la atlll back
ward, needing good weather for proper
'development," The labor troubles
having been mrs ly settled the iiilun
trial classes luue in the general good
feeling, and there is reason t hope
that (be summer trade will be un
usually biiik and that the fall will be
a prospeiens one in all branches e(
THS Ora ! TKKKaart.
From every part ot the State the
gratifying news comes et good crrj-v
Corn, notwithstanding K had to be
planted in many placie a second time,
and that tbe cot-wom Is (n sone
places getting in its work, is doing
fairly welt, and tobaco, notwith
standing tha ea bug, is dekigneirf
well. Farmers are struggling man
fully with these dreaded ptsta. The
heavy ril as of tbe last ten days In
flicted some damage, bt nothing that
prompt,well-dlrected, intelligent labor
anoot overooaBa. In tbe atrawberry
ountry lying along the Louisville
an! Ksehville and tsie Chtsapetke
and Ohio railroads the far ui sis are
gathering and ahipplng aset qusatl
tiea at paying prices every day,
and the peach and apple
rop prowisc s a big yield. Cot '04 is
coming up slowly- but tbe general
hope is that a more than average yield
will -follow ia the fa'L Taken alto
(ether, the crop prospect is a good
ene. With this and tbe activity re
ported from all the manufacturing
centers, end tbe admitted pmeperity
of Krshvllle, Knoxville, G atta tonga
and Memphis, the people 1 1 TjuEee
aee ouxht 1 1 be sttl fiel.
One uf t te eaddeet ctapU re in tbe
bletory cf the United States, if wri t -
within the limit of facts.wonld he tli ;t
telling t e story of the dietlpaim
ol tbe tx qa s s left by philsn hnp c
mn and wrmen for tbe erlucrt o 1
have bt
! 8 nr.
after anotler tiei
jr. to courts snd ttier
euhj ct of o 1-
il they h v
torittl r
1 :.-o ,-. n : r. a-5o0'" ,
d cumin
'rnm th-
Some ImVvV.
bed ii
D.e b
B ho,; f
rtn of the
first rebcel dV.r'ct nearly fHO.OOO has
already dirappeared, $43,000 of it
having been f aid oat far lawyers' tms
nd the rest for commit. nnj that
Mr. Smith, late cba'rman of tls Coun
ty Court, has cot yet c xplrin'tl. But
this is not all. The present chairmen
o! the County Court douanils rfinun-
erst'on for the admtnlstrntirn of the
fund localise it devolves extra dat es
upm bim, and we undorg'and tin di
rectors of the Fir.t School Distr'.t '. al:o
demand piy for omethirp, ju:t wast
does net appear. Would it not be
well for Chairman Slaughter to auk the
Chancery Cou-t for an order to sell
the property devlsd by Mr. Bolton
for the purposes of the schools of the
Fits'. District and invset the money
thus obtained in United S.ates bonds,
to bs registered and held as a trust
fand by the County Court, the inter
est on which to be paid to the direct
ors of the Fir.t School District by
order of the court every six months or
once each year? Ia some sich way
perhnrs $100,000 of the $'250,000 left
by Mr. Bolton may be saved.
The following telegram was pub
liehed in the Chicago A'w of last
Cahi mi , Pi., Mar n. JJormin PorUr,
a vranilnon of ai-(inr. Porter, il Ihii h'ata,
and now ooadurtor on tha Pu'lman oar lun-
flm Irniu New York to Atlanta on tin
Ouuibarland Vallar railrnid, who ai
bruulir attacked while alUmlin a niaetini
in tha South whera Jefferaon Uarit wa da
liverin uttm ol hia aueaohna. laid yentprdaf :
"Whan jett tlarif delirerad hli ipefh al
Montauinary I wai nrerant and heard everr
word ha raid. Tha crowd waa an iinmcntia
ona, and the cheering, whenever ba raid anr
I hint, nartirularltf vtmtinliva. wai verv loud
I lintened and kept uuiet, although mr blood
boiled within me until levii naid I '1 often
prayed to Wod to lira to a ea the dar when
both L'uooln and Urant wera dead and in
k , and aa mr prayer hn bean trantad J
ajn rnadvtadl.'
"thia was too nunh for me and I turned
around to rat out of iha crowd, baina in
dicret enouuh to remark art left: it la i
pity Jeff Dana wam't hunt at Fortran Mon
roe.' lhad hard I r laid it when a man from
babied me reached forward and with a knife
cut ma in tha fve. Ha darted to run and I
atler him, but he tot aar In the crowd. 1
called for no officer, but ther woie alow
about aniuina. nd. ai 1 waa beainnina to b
ooverod with blood. 1 went tn mr hotel and
had tha aaah awetl un. Ma father ia lirolni-
nentlr conuactcd wild tha Urand Armr, and
thil haini my home I thought I would re
port the matter to tha port bore and tea what
cm ba dona.
Mr. Davis is incapable of thinking
or utttclng such wods at tbosa a bene
imputed to bim by this man Porter,
and the editor of the Nnn ought to
know it. Had be lesslled tte racent
frlmdly and feeling utterances of Mr.
Davis in regard to Gen. Grant tbey
would have been, even if the life of
tbe distinguished Mles's ipplan was
net knowa to the editor, a sufficient
rsfuUtion ot so wanton a falsehood.
TflK fMtNrF.nrRAT BBT.
Vhe CoBfwderate bondholders, it ap-
art. hae tpraced up. aad ara bow putting
forth tha tendar loavea or BoM
orth tha tender loarat of hope that the
a gat their moner back. Lord Ptniinct
tha bon. Thoaai 0 Rraca, kt.P..Joh
Kldon Oortt, l. U., at. P., and other noble
(tntlemtB ef high degree and lubiequenl
initial letter! hare been appointed truiteet
IB London for tba Confederate bondholder!.
B trlaw of eollrited action br tha Coagratt
of tba United titatet, all penont holding
lack bondt ara reuuettaa to tend their
ntmei, daiei of liiue and amountt to tba
oflica of tba Hob. Wm. Kullarton, ef eona
tel, Ib New York. Mf this U inhownthat
there It not onlr to be a moreen the pentioa
ofKcafor Confaderata toldiart, but alto an
attempt toeoerce Copgraag lato paying the
war debt or tha Confederacy.
The above statement is copied from
the Pitttburg Isadrr, which makes it
the text of a very silly editorial, abus
ive of the South and the Southern peo
p' e. But our ron temporary run con-
tuin its outil in peace, lltu uoiibt tu-
tiontl arnendntentsnro a pei-etaal bar
to the pensioning of Confederate sol
diers or tho payment of the Confeder
ate debt or any purt of it. Aside from
tli is, the South would be solid againitt
an increase of the public debt by a
sing'e dollar for any put pose. We
want that Mt pa'd as fast as powtiblo,
snl to that nd are for the moat atrin-
gf til eeonoeiyinattiejuianagMttt'iit uf
tho Fetleral (overnntnt'a aflairs. M
Triple aaalwammt at fiMiUvllle.
Ixiohvu.li, Ky, May 17. Bns'nees
citclea v.ere stall ed this afternoon bv
a tiiple assignment of the firms cf
ln vis, Trabue it Co., wholesale dealers
In cottons; Trabne, Davis A Co..
ro'too faotore, and Davie, Mlliry.t
Co., wholesale dealers tn dry goods
and Dvitiens st 715 and 71? West Mio
street. The tb-.e honses are inter
connected. Tbe memhms ol the firs,
named Arm lire W. A. Davis, Kichxrd
Trwbue and Sanmul T. Malloiy; of the
n . V It . , V U, W A 1 l II t I UDMIKi:il ...
A. Davis and Richard Tcabue, ar4 of
thetbird, 8.T. Mai lory and W. A
Davis, la addition to Hie thrre firms'
sssignment, Meaais.8. T. Mallory.Rich
ard Trabue and W. A. Deris make isdi
vidual sssigntnents. The assignees
are Judge Alexander H nmphrev and
Cel. Su John Fovle. The liabilities
are from (125.003 to$l 50,000. It is
claimed the nets are eu (Violent to
cover this. The swintn'iit Is sup
posed to havo bean -aued by slow
l ayments in (he South, where nearlv
all the firm's debtors are located.
The creditors are principally in tbe
Fast. It is ot thought that the lia
bilities of Davis, Mallory & Co. will
exceed tlOO.000, but those of Trabue
t Co. will gi mnch higher.
kipped Wllk Htn KtMplayara
PnTnni'F.0, Ia., May 17. William'
Hamilton, an employe ef Ge-rge M.?
Johnstun, real estate broker, hag die
aveand, having embexxled iiaiOO
ir.iui his employer. Hamilton waa a
prominent member of tNs Keystone
Kiryrle Club, and well known here.
His father, Suiierintendent Hamilton
of the Allegheny l'ark.vt ill makegnod
the discrt'jMtncy'in his accounts. The
yotinv man, it is thought, has gone to
The Milwaukee Aarfat.
Milwaukkr, Wic, May 17. A re
port now rwg widely circulated
throiigout th prees of Germany tat
tie iiatio al Ka-'nga feat his been
poetponed in coru quence of the re
rwtjt 'a-or r ots in thia el'y (which, bv
ho f ii itrn psre.'s e'e crihd ss a
n) ndveevolnrioi l is m'irely with-ooU-ioun
la l-n. EveMt'ing la In
(ilnrs for the gr at music tl
f H IvO, wMei tena .lay 21st, and
!r m a fnraturs already given ills
rr'a'n to bs t1 u e t evm ot i'
c'-a B'ta-rtvre 11 Inr.terl, the P'Vaml
Uoasai d n-ririHi t' who have at
t i-1 1 rly day secured hotel acroinrno
la io s etolrnr the' e ery part of
;! 1 n I ft iiiimber 1 ( furign conntries
ill 'or a crtii' v' e rt pr.-entd.
' Mahvel' re in i n EYira."is tie
a et o' C'xw'l A- fVV. "Ra nHow
H rles" of nove'n. Sf nsf rd, on Mtin
street, Liis them for sale.
Dehate en tbe Irish Home Rule
In the British Conmons
Loyalist Leagte.
Madrid. May 17. Qox-en Crr'at'n
to lay irnve birth to a son. Inn sj mi
to a summons, there hid sssembled
at tbe palsce to await be accouchmetit,
s i the Cabinet Minister, the foreign,
dinlomst'e repieientativo, the princi
pal civil ami military magnet, a
lpo'a ioa of memVere o' the Cert's,
snd other d tt'.inguiabed persons.
1 he child was torn at midday, both
nuttier and sin are doing well.
Ueual pjmp and ceremony were ob
served in connection with the birth.
In tLsCorte", SenorSagaste expreed
the sat:sfactioo oi the natioa at tbe
birth of a king, and called upon
Spaniards to defend their youcg mon
arch. . Henor Torero made a similar
speech on behalf of the Conser
vatives. The babe will bu cbristeced
during the preeent weelr, snd will
probably be named Fernaod ll'tle
ForsJ. The Papal Nuncio at Madrid
will represent the Pops at the bap-tit-ma'
cerem my. The iias n has re
ceived numerous coneralillatory t'l
grsmi from fi reign sovereigr.8. Tjh
city is lllnm'nated to-night in honor
of the royal birth.
Rejoicing ai Madrid.
Havana, Msy 17. A dispatch baa
been rtceived from Madrid announc
ing that the Queen regent has (liven
birth to a male cbi d. There is great
rejoicing over the event. Cac nou are
being fired and the people a-e gener
ally celebrating the birth of tbe Prince.
Debate the Ho ma Rnle Rill Co
llaueU Ike U later Kekellloa.
London, May 17. Three thonsacd
men belonging to the London Volun
tri and 100 otlicars of the ssme farce
have offered to j lin any army put iu
the rhld lor Ulster's rebellion aainst
the Irish home rule. The volunteers,
it is stated, oiler to equip themselves
and bulit in tbe Ulster can e without
fay or reward ao long as their tervices
may be needed. British Orangemen are
cal ei upon t) hold a mass muting
in London to-night under theauspicee
of tbe Primrose Club fir tbe purr. ose
of inaugurating a league for the pro
tect oa of the unity of the Empire.
The meeting will be devoled to effect
ing a preliminary organization, adop
ing a title and acting upon objects
to which tbe mis 'ion of the ortaalxa
tion is to be devoted. Catholics as
well as Prctsttaot Loyalists ire in
vited to join. One ot tbe purors'i of
the lesgue will be, it is declsred, to
' secure the eniollment of men actus
tomed to service." Tbe Standard con
tains an advertisemtnt foran adjutant
for tbe league.
bill wm cpntlnqecl in the Ilouse of
Oommons fo-nlgbt.
Sir Richard Ataneton uroes, uon-
servalive, wis tbe first speaker. He
aaid that the bill would not secure a
good government for Ireland. 1! it
wore pasted there would be two seta
of judges in Ireland; ens st would
admin'ater justice in revenue css,
and the otoer would administer on
criminal caiee. The f rmer would be
protected by the Imperial Parliament
and the other would be it ft tj the
tender mercies of tha Irish people. Mr.
Gladstone had said the union wai ef
fected by biinery, but the Premier
himself was offering tbe luge bribe
of 50,000,(03 to Ireland, and this tat
not the first time that he bed offered
a bribe to Pari ament. The speaker
continued that it would case to be
lmierial if tbe IriBa members
were not re'ained. lie ba
lieved that by a firm and ju
dicious administration of tbe law
and by the government's showing its
readiness to consider against friev
nnces the Irish would in time see, '48
tbe Scotj'h bad already seen in tb.eir
cas;, tnttt it was to the interest ol Ire
land to remain united with England
and to maintain the supremacy of the
Imperial l'arliameot,
Mr, James btanfticld. president of
Hie Local Government Board, said the
Const rvatives have propounded a
policy forgjverniFg Iretaod "resolute
ly," and, be contiuned, we all know
what "resolutely" means. Cheers.
Ho believed in Ir sli nationality, end
he thought that ts satir-fy the Irish
was the only way to effect a lasting
moral union of England and Ireland.
Mr. JVhn A. Macdonnld, member
for tbe Edinburgh and St, Andrews
Universities, prtsenUsd a pttitioa
rgtinst gitnt'ing home rule te Ireland.
Tne pttiiion was s'gned by 10U,S1)4
Scotchmen. It was ene utile and a
quaiter long and weighed 274 poande,
and aastiorne icti the Houtw in tbe
shoulders of stalwart attendants.
WENT. It Is reported that Mr. Gladstone
has replied to tbe Qtieea thst sh3
must dissolve Parliament unlets the
majcr.ty ayainst tbe home rale bill be
so gnat aeio justify tbe opponents in
undertaking the government with a
chance of;: succeeding in passing Irish
legislation. The Ministerialists ray
that in the event of the bill being tar
ried ty a sma'l majority or being de
feated' by a small majority Parliament
will be dissolved, aud if the majority
against (be bill reaches forty the Min
istry will resign.
decline t formulate tbe concessions
desired by him, on the ground tbat
the GUdgtone Cabinet alicsdy knows
is operating actively againn home
owners in Korry, Cirk and Water
ford countirs. Tbe League demand
a reduction lln rents and resist evic
tions. Members of the League wha
are connected with branches cf the
National League take advantages of
National Ltagne meetings to denounce
bouse owners.
Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning
and Kir Theodore Martin are arrmg
leg for a gnat banquet, to be givnn
hj autliora and artists in honor of
Oliver Wendell H lmra.
SI0N4 this evening tl e sui-jer t of had'so
lu ion of Pa 1 qint waa On every
b -dy's l'l a. Tt e secomi wt ek in July
wat rue t onrd as tin time y hen the
g neral 1-hj ions w,-old n o pro' nb'y
ne he'd Col. PjriNniy, the
Qienii'a privtte secntarj, vis t -it
Mr. Glaioan lo-di.V. It l
nn'crs't 0.1 be conveyed to t'-o Pr
ttiurta'PSJ f from tie tjaten tu tl e
Bi-ct ll'-at H r M j t as ilcirn
tlat a is o'ution ot Par' a 111 put be
odd a- abe f r d I il lourse
aoiild I avj ads urbmg i tin Mice ui
01 tbe busies ialemUof th) coun
csmes tbejetatmiat mad-, it is said,
on the highest authority, tbat L rJ
Harliopton hss decide! tl prepare a
Inme-iu'e scheme to embody Mr.
Chamr-erlain'a pin's, name'y: The
.tolu'e suprmmycif tbe Impc'il
Pa-li raent. tie rttnut'on ff I'ieh
meiubtri at Wettmit is er, aid the
r'ini'lete c m'ro' of Ir si fl Jtnces by
the Euglish PsrliaaieLt,
pihrshes the namei of the ( eitlemen
wt o will constants the nr.w Cabinet
iu the event of a cbrne of givorn
n i Itsiygtla li.t-irratn s were
f-irjiebed by a prom n; ir. Minister in
tha present government. The li:t In
cludes Lord Ha riir gan as Tremii r, M r.
Lontrd Couitoey as Chanc.-llor cf
the Exchiqner, Mr. Gofi-beri as Sec
rt:ry for Foreign Afnsg acd Mr.
Claoaberlain as Chief Secretary of
Beblin, May 17. Count Herbert
Biemar-k has been appointed Secre
tary of State for Foieiga Affairs.
Pabis, May 17. The bus of mar
rite between Petri and Nico'.ini have
been pnblii-hed.
Drjm.rn, May 17. A farmer named
Q'liuley of Knock-Janier, nmr Snlls,
county Clare, wai shot ctiMd la-tnisht
while sitting at his flicside. He had
iccently taken a boycotted farm.
Tbe Criminal C'uarl Jadaeaklp and
Allorney Oeaeralahlp.
To tha EdiWrt of tbe Appeal :
Your editorial in Ninday s naior
appealing to tho citxens of Slieiby
Countr to select the best men f r
Attorney General and Criminal Court
Judge, deserves and doubtless re
ceives the approval and thanks of
every lover ol his country. It has
about it the true ring of sincerity and
truth, and you wilinotdoa g ea'er
benefaction to our people tnin to pub
lish repeated articles of this sott to
tone up the public sentiment to tho
importance of this queBt on of select
ing proper men to fill theso poets, and
to impress upon the people
the deep responsibility of select
ing these oUit ere. At this time the
city of Memphis is attrac i"g unusual
attention as a centerof trade and com
mt rce. and it will bo to us a tlingrace-
ful reflection to have the Criminal
Court of the city pointed at and
sneered at for the loose and nhnineful
aduiinintrntion of law, to sny nothing
of the injustice to our people to have
such impositions inflicted upon them.
What nnis our neighb rg think of us
when the laws affecting life, liberty
and decency aro represented in the
court rooms by men whoso personal
life is d. ily a sham for virtue
and morality. And how can the law
be adminibtered by one whose inex
perif nee and want of ability forbid
any assu ance of success1 Some peo
ple are careless and indifferent to an
extent that is marvelous about these
things. They seem to be willlng.either
from personal favor or to pay off some
political score, to dump off Into the
Criminal Court almost any kind of a
man. They lend their aid or influence
without a moment's inquiry or care as
to results. The old Democratic rule,
"Is he honest? Is he capable?" is for
gotten by many Democra's, and the
only qu stion seems to b) as
to whether the oflio shall
be g'.ven for political services ren
dered, or to show a personal favor. If
this is the rule pursued by the Demo
cratic party, wq may expect defeat
for our ticket. Nothing will or ought
to save it
Preen thtse and such sentiments on
our 1fAp'e, Mr. Editor, in time to in
fliretKe a better Hentiment before our
nominating convention meets.
Weekly Hlnletnenl of the 4'iilaf
Manrd r Tra4e.
Chicago, Ii.l., May 17. The tmmleT
ol btuh- Is ot grain in atom in the
United SatesHnd Canada MAylSib.and
the increase ordecrcaseeompared w ith
the previous week wilt bs posted on
'Change tflinorrow, as follows:
Wnoat, 3!), 5ft0,Ti01 bushels; derreass,
8,SSt7 bnahels; corn, 0,81 8,tS; de
t roasts, 0a,70S; eats, 1,150,401; de
crease, 1M,(194; rye, 3I7,00; dc
crease, CV:I; '"riey, 417,9311; in
crease, li,20(. Tbe amount in Chi
rgo eleva'ois wn -: Wheat, 9,71.1,878
VmsIuiIb; corn, 2,1 54,015; otto, i8!l,
1174 ; rye, 81,174 ; barley, 41,045.
Ttae Hih Tark Htatemeat.
New York, May 17. The following
is the visible supply of grain in com
parison with that of a week ago:
Wheat, 3t),5!K) 7.10 bushels; decrease,
2,3."H,!Ul bushels; corn, 9,817,801;
decrease, 80tyM2; oats, 1 ,456,767 ; de
crease, 345,101; rye, 817,3."i0; decreass,
.-8,0il; barley, 417,893; decrease,
Mr. Dam KuRivaaof tlie Merchants'
Exchange, has gone to his home at
lluntsville, Ala, for a few days.
Cloning prices of June options at
Chicago vesterdav: Pork, 8.77; lard,
5.H71; (5. R. 5j; corn, :t0c;
wheat, 76;c; oots, 28-,
R. G. Mi saa vb, of Helena, Ark.,
was in the c ty yf sterday. When
Memphis annexes Ile'ena Mr. Mus
grove will be perfectly happy, and it
won't be longtbefore Memohis does
it. Mr. Musgrove is best known as
the champion amateur oarsman of the
United States
Visitors on 'change yesterday: K.
C. Irwin, Tufner, Miss.; E B, Ramsey,
Oxford, Miss.; William Walter, Bald
win; Theo. Welsh, Montgomery, II.
I V'L Vintnt, Viekeburg; M. Schriver,
Holly Springs; 1). M. ltcntonthal,
Pine Bluff; Jacob llersh, Tenn. ;
Walter Allen, Mo.; W. F. Stoekes,
At'anta, Ga. : Hugh Sherman, Colum
bus, Miss. ; T. W. Johnson, Columbus,
Miss. ; W. S. Barber, Kansas Citv;
M. W. Spence, AtUnta; F. Becker, C.
Kobler and Kutlolph Sleeker, St,
Clivals Caart-Pleree, Jadaa.
Calerdar for t-)-day: Noe. 8595, Mar
tin Oohen ys Whi'e L'ne Transporta
tion Company; KiViS, B. F. Laird va
E. C WniUker; 819, John A Denie
va Tlinmae J. Oral an; WV. F
Twoh c v. G. CriatnrUlii; 8fiSS,
W,lanakl & C ye Pmnva t A
K-lly; 8 70, Narc? Bamh y Ti O'ntte
ox . 8i?.H), M M. Ro- non y R. M.
Vaaoo n al . Wr, 8 Uuiron vi At x
Se Lena; 87' 'ft, st. K Coray mj,
C. K' nkcr: 8719, Tatirir Ditt'ict y
W. A. Co' io-: ;:8 te a W. F
SMrp y 87SJ, J.u. lUnntr John
"ti anu; 87SH W VV. Good khi ' a Iok n
Ovoiton; tiS12 IiaielKi evsW.lUm
Bailty. .
LnnUvlll ceineat,
Foundations, ctllar walls end bnild
npi auhjwt to overflow ahonld be con
atrurtrd with LouisvilJe Cement. It it
the a tan Jar d.
The Centenary Sunday Si hool Fund
The "Qu.rtorly Kevlew" to
lie Continued.
Eichsiokd, Va , May 17. In the M.
E. conferee to-dy it was decided
tbat a crt fleate of church msmber
s'.ip shall he handed ti some other
organised body wit! ia one ear.
Aeain, that preachers eba'l execute
all tbeiu'is fully, ai required by tha
d:rc. pi ne.
Tbe commit'ee having cons'dered
the matterj paitdning to tbe QuaUeriy
lievi'.w, recommend that it be ccn
tinued and that the place of publica
tion be chaneed from Macon, Ga., to
Nashville, Trnn. Dr. Ilinton, iti
Kliior for the last four years, declined
to continue in charga cf the publics
t'oa longer, but urged its conticu-mte
by the book sf eat.
A resolution was adopted giving tbe
Board of Misions power to accept be
quest', invest the same and apply the
interest to piying the cu1rrntexp4np.es
of the heard. In accordance with tbe
report of the Committee en Church
Extension the Conference creited a
woman's pa nonage department. A
special committee was appiinted to
tike charge of tbe Centennary Sunday
8 hcol fuud, amounting to about $10,
000, which sum is to bnus'd for tbe
Sunday schools most in need. Tbe
Canlerenre refined to abridgs the ap
pointment of presiding eluers from
twenty to twelve churches. Tbe com
mittee's repoittohave the Beard of
Mi gloria compessd of president, vice
president, eecretary, treasurer and
nineteen managers, with tbe bishops
as ex officio members, was adopted.
There was a proior ged discussion cf
the memorial to tiaoefnr tbatpaitof
Fbrtda wt of the Chattahoochle
river from the Alabama to the Florida
Conference. The Conference decided
against the change
Tue Committee on Revisal presented
a Nng'by report, in which, amorg
other things, they recommend roa
cincurrence in the memorials r im
several conferences anting that the
nam a ol 1I14 Church be changed ftom
the Metbodiat Episcopal Church,
South, lo the Methodist Episcopal
Cbuicb ; s's in tbe memorial (but
any church member signing a peti
tion for tbe sale of intoxicating liquors
rray be dealt with as in cases cf im
proper and iirprudant conduct. Ia
this last ma ter the committee tay
that the law should remain as it now
The report of the Committee on Re
vl'al recommend to change in the
reading of tbe rubric in relation to
A minority report recommended tbe
substitution of "may at bis discretion,"
in nlace of "shall at his discretion."
The discussion took a very broad
scope and wts continued at length.
Tbe lepoit waa adopted.
Tbe Bonaary Between Alaska at4
JBrllleb Calainbla.
Warhikotox, May 17. The Presi
dent has transmitted to Congress a
report of the Secretary ot Mate, witn
iwnmnanvinff naD?rs. in re'pect to
the location ol a ironiier unti uevweci
Alaska and British Columbia. K r
Bayard says the British governr
is prepared to take part, in a p- limi.
nary investigation of the P onncllry
question, and that nothm- now de.
lavs action but the want r j an appro.
priation by Congress to enabie this
. r . a. .:! ...
government to taxe part jn the Bur.
vey. "In view ot .ne factl ie Bays.
"that important. and grave interna
tional questionr, of jurisdiction may
at any tim are owing to tho circum
stance thatireut m neral wealth exists
in tho territory wlrch is traversed by
the boundary line, the Secretary of
State has the honor to recommend
that Congress be requested to inact a
luw to authorize the Btirvey, atid to
appropria e the sum of frlOO.OOO, or so
much thereof as mny be neccss ry, to
uetray trie expenses 01 the prelimi
nary survey."
The President, in his letter of trans
111 ttal, sayg; "in view of the import
ance ot the Buiiie 1 1 recommend that
provision be male by law for the
preliminary survey of the boundary
line in question by officers of the
United Slates in order that the infor
ma ion nci-essiirv for tbe basis of a
treaty between this country and Great
isriuiin 10- tne establishment 01 a
definite boundary line may bi ob
"Bkyondthb vil' in iha tm pi a
very beam if ul poem by Alien WilliaTB
Bio lienor, wbo ia ev dtntlv a npirit
naliat of a lofty type. Charles II.
Kerr of Chicago is tbe publisher. "
Tbe Fallaaan strike Kaded.
Chicago, III., May 17. The strike
at 1 unman is at an end. ibe
4000 men will go to work to-inorrow
"Bugle Kchobs" is the title of col
lection of poems of the civil war l orn
Northern and Sontbern writers, edi ed
by Frances F. B cwof, that ought to
nave a wide circa-a ton. uoth sec
tioos sr well reprtssnttd in tbe
poems of the best writt-r of the war
period. Published by White, Stokes
ft Allen, New lork. o.der tnioogn
A Chrlallna editor's Kzptrlesiee.
Rev. O, R. Lynch, publisher of tha Ala
bama Ch'ialiao Advocate, Birmingham,
writes: I travel all over the Mute; my
frlenns say they find Dr. Motley's Lemon
Kliilr a mnataxeallent medicine. Mr book
keeper and foreman both usa it in place of
ea omel, puis, etc.
A Pranilaent Mlalster Writes t
Dr. Motley Pear Sir: After Un years of
great suffer ng from indigestion or dyrpep
sia, with great nervous prostration aud bil
iousness, disordered kidneys and constipa
tion, I have b-en oured by four bottles of
your Lemon Elix.r. and am now a well man.
Elder M. F. Church. South, No. 28 latnall
street, Atlanta. Oa.
Sold by druggists. SO eenta and tl 00 per
bottle. Prepartd by Dr. II. Moiley. At
lanta. fleorgia.
Kon-Resident Notice.
No. l-2, R. P. In tha Chancery Cunrt ot
r-helbr County, Tenn. Kebecoa Uiwen
stii.e vs Jacob H. Loweoftme et a'.,
H appearing fr-ra bills sworn 'o in thia
eaoae th t the drfefdant-, Jacob II. Lowen
stine and Uenry M Lowe st near. reaidebts
ot the Oi y and St te of New York, and
David C. Ice ttine ara Ide it ol Mmneap
olis. Mate of Minnesota, aad all non-roai-den's
ol the State . I Tenneaaea;
It i thtre'or ordired. Thut they make
their at peerai oa herein, at tne - our'-linure
ot h'by e utity. in .M uiphia. T nn , on r
hetore the firs'- Mondny iu July, IS 6, and
plead, answer or demur to o opinio .nt's
bill, or the same i I be m kea for confi ssed
as o them and eel for heaiina exoar:e; er d
Ih -t a copy o! thia o-der be ruM'aned once a
week for four au--ea ivo eok ia the Via-phi-
Appl 1h;s Ith day ui May, IS'.
A c py A teai :
S 1 M. DiiWH,!.. Cle-k and Master,
fly II f. Walah. D. C. an t M
t. A K Lehmau. o ic tors lot Cumplain
ant. ru
Ir.atnntrolief Final cure tn
te'i diya. .tid n-ver raturn,.
No purge, ne aa've, no auptMtait-iry. bufler
era will learn ol a Simula reuivdr, Kr. , by
addressing C.J. MAbu.,,7HN,ust.,K.i.
r aa
CeriiiUy imyitea aa bnpeCtiea
Yariei Spring Mk taanaar Stock oT EEf.SjV,
Freacli an4 Gemaa 'vTorsteia.
(npriiiag tko Latcat Detig as
Gcatlemea's Weai. V , -. .
" WV Sasipkf.. aatt Prices a
wka have ltftteittirea. ,
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
" FOR FORTY YEARS I hare bran a rio
tlm to CAIAKKU-thrxa-foartnanf.thstiiiie
a rurTerar from EXUKUC1aTIN PAINS
TRILS. Iha diachanei wera ao offeoiiva
that 1 hesitate to mention it, rioeut lor tha
food it maw do lome other luOerer. I hava
lent a ronnr (ortuna from my aarninii
ourioi mr forty yean of "uttering to obtain
relief Irom the doctors. I hare triad patent
medicinal every one I oould learn of from
tha four eornera of the earth, win no relief.
And AT LAST (67 years ot age) have met
with a remedy that hu cured me entirely
made me a new man. I weighed 12a poundi,
and now weigh 146. I uied thirteen bottles
of the medicice. and the only regret I have
ii, that being in the humble walka of lila I
.may not hava influence to prevail on all ca
tarrh luffereri to oaa what baa cured ma
Guina's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
" No. 267 Second itreet, Macon, tia."
"Mr. Henry Chevei. tha writer of tha
above, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon, tia., merits tha confidence of a 1 in
terested in catarrh. W. A. II "FF,
"Ex-Mayor of Macon."
Guinn'g Pioneer Blood Renewer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Korolula, Old Sores. A perfeot Spring
If not in your market, it will be forward' j
on receipt of price. Small bottles, tl, la'
Essay on Blood and Skin Diseases "BaUed
Maeoa. -v
f avna n anv na a ,-. uu Maaa
been used In the famli' 'Jf
J . Johnsoa, Main street S
for bi ions fever and ehif 'Kj?!1 "J
r.irn...ii. It ia a' .is with moat sat s-
-ieir standard family
b UelimbI KmueUir lor Liver CoinplaiiiU nd illieauM
try (WrmiirMl or torpid oooditjiau of Ut L.i?r. u Dti
Mpna. Contipattfot Biliutftwa. Jittindio. Hraochi
Hal am, Rheumatntil. t. It MrnhtM ttvt bowaia, put
lea th blond, ironrtWa Iha twtrni, dlnwtrttoi
iAK invIluablb pamilt mkdicinb.
thouaendaof testimonials prove its inert
Hand Fire Extinguishers
75c Eacb, f 8 Fer Dozen.
884 Front Btwt.
' pletely eradicated malarial poison
from tne system or trie little son ot Mrs.
Pearce, 4t0 Foplar street, Memphis, Terui.,
when suffering from chills and ferer. Qui
nine tailed to benefit hltn.
It la
. certain that
Z "the Hasan" ahoe
O wlU prore aatunutory to
(O wrary avntlacnan who wants a
.0 perfect article. We ara putting into tha
manufacture of these shoes. Iha sssulta of SO
Z yeara experience and study, of what w'.ll
. plsaae, give comfort and wear
X faithfully. Try them.
- Svery tirat-claaa
X dsaler baa
. i . i i U : . v.k.i .1 . I . . .. . yc
ieiiy curau :n io. ninoi uanuiuirl
Hi 1 street, Menuh's, Tenn , of neuralgia,
from wh eh she suffered nea-ly a year. Two
bott'es only were required to do the work.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for Ibe season of 18'6, beginning
June 1st, reduced 2ft to (0 per cent, but
tha highest standard of excellence main
tained. Send for illustrated detcriptire pamphlet
and terms.
f. N.PIKE, Manager.
Trnlna Will I cave) Follow)
in: ' a m.
1 0 p.m.
0- p.m.
7s p.m.
11 M a.m.
a: ft p.m.
ff.iQ i .in.
11:10 p ut.
a- Ti .ko( on aa'o t Dao.it. Ticket tor
the Koun l Irip.VS "TKNI's. Pu-ehaae t'ck
eta ; f lie g ttmg ot train and aa e mone .
D lig-if il Muaio, Fishing aad Rioiug on
tba l.ae. . , ,
a. .uit, uen. i'l'i, art.
I i
ef his Larj. Tttik aaa
Caitafntciea aaal Saltings,
aad Tiaest Tex tares ia
, , w J.
appticatiaa U tbase
IuoHcut Aotic.
No. MM (6 Stat of Tennee," Shelby coun
ty Office County Court Clerk. Memfhis,
Tenn., April 2ti, Uso To John League.
Public Adnvnistrator of Shrlby county and
aa such Administrator of estate ot Henry
F. Arnold, deceased :
HAVIStf suggested the tnsoWency of th
estate ot lleory F. Arnold, deceased,,
you are hereby ordered to give notice, by ad
vertisement in soma newpper published
within the said State, and alm at the court
houre door of Shelby county, for all persona
baring claims against said estate to appear
and file the same, authenti-ate J in the man
ner prereribet by law.o-i or before the 27th day
July, lKtxS: and any claim not filed on or
before said day, or before rn apnropriatlon
of the funds ot laid e.tr.te is made, shall ba
forever barred, both in law and e'iuity.
Witnex my band, at office, thi" 26th day or
April. 1K6. I1LG11 B. CI LLEN, Clark,
ily G. L. McDonald, Deputy Cierk.
nr Notice given required: br the forcrO"
lngor-lr. tnel JNO. LOAtil'E. AAmW.
Electric Belt Free
TO introduce it and obtain agents we will
for the next sixty days give away, free
of charge, in each oounty in tbe I'. 6. a lim
ited numberof our Herman l-cfro Ual
vanie Nnpury Holla. Price t5: a
pnaitive and unfailing cure for Nervous De
bility. Varicocele, Emissions. Inipntency,
eta. iVW.tO Reward paid if every Belt ws
manu'acture does not generate a genuine
electrio current. Address at once ELFC
TRIC BELT AGENCY, P. 10. Box :i79 .
Brooklyn. N. Y. .
Bobinet Bars Had to Order.
g7a geosii Btroeit, Wrniplila, Taiaja..
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, ara hnn--dreds
of delightful places whore one can pass1
tbe summer months in qniet reit and enjoye ,
ment, and return home at the and of tha
heated term completely rejuvenated. Each
recurring season brings to Ooonomowoe,
Waukesha, Bearer Dam, Krontenaj, Oko
boii, Minnetonka, White Bear and .Innu
merable other charming localities with ro
mantic names, thousands of our best pop'
whore winter hemes are on either side ot Ma'
on and Dixon'e Una. Bleganca and etm-
fort, at a moderate cost, can be readily oca-,
tamed. A list of summer homes, with all
neoessary informa ion perwiiing theteto, it
being distributed by the CHioaoo, MiLwac
iei axo br. PiOL RAiLWAr, and will be sent
free uion applicati; b;aV;r tc rt y.gj
Ca-rnt"- "rporal Pu5rjr Agsal, Xil
waofcec. Wjili .
6 his raitii ttie lead ha
theuki ol that class og
remclias. anil has giveov
almoal uoivcnal laiiitw
tJoa, i
Pari,, Ter
Ohaswiia the favor ot
the public and now raaka
among tlie leading Mc4tr
cuaca of the oi Idoaa.
Uradlord, Vtt
SoiahyDmciiU. .
stored to health and energy Mr. E. M.
Avery, Un. SV Madisoa street, Memphis,
Tenn., after au attac of malarial fever
which left him as feeble thut bo was confined
to his bed.
HV THK HI' MAN BlHtY W I, VKt i i'.ll. IK V KlfPf-l
! TKKNMIlKSI.n, Ki.-.. I a'i I n 'r.--tit.g mlvrr;ifnnr
k-ug run In our pain r.jj
lili nre uf tuim'ii. a
.bf a.lviilU'fi ire un- hk-t.lv uiln-nl. Ii.un .i.il nion.
enr a-t .riih l rlrnltr. prlvlo a.1 1 jig
I uUr., t.T H'.1T.,.Q
Inn M. r." .1. . I'm-i" N T -T.ilean r.mliic flee.
Adminiatrator't, Notice.
OfEoe Pub'io Administrator, Shelby county,-Cosrtbou-er
Memphis, Tenn., Mny 3. 1886.
THfej un6raigned having been anpointeoV
andtrtulifled administrator of the estate,
ol J. ti. futiall, deceased, notice is hereby
given t all persons inde'ted to said estate
to come forward and settle; and to those to
whom said estate is iadtbted, to 61a their
claims with me, duly probated, within th
time presc-ibed by law, or the same will be
lorever barred. JOHN LOAOUE.
Public Administrator.
Xen-ReRideut Notice.
N. 61 ill R. D In tha Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Tenn. ttobecca Lowan-
stine vs. I. 0. Lowenattne.
It appearing from bill sworn to in thia
cause that tha defendnnt. David C. Lowen
stin is a resid- nt of the IStute of Minnesota
and a non-resident of the State ol Tennes
see, and it further appearing 'halsaid Daviol
C. Lewenstine is indebted to complainant in
the sum of tIAUO, with interett thereon from,
February 1. ltwl, mo Wing ia all 5, and
attachment having been issued and returned
levied upon property of defendant;
It ii therefore ordered. That ba oake
bis appearance herein, at theoourt-houreia
Memphis, Shelby county, Tenn., on or before
the Bret Monday in July, lefts, and plead,
answer or demur to complainant s bill, or
the same will be taken tor confessed as to
hint and set for hearing ex parte: and that a
copy of this order be published once a week
for four successive weeks, in tbe Memphif
Appeal. This 4th day of May, 1846.
A copy attest:
8. I. MnDUWELL. Clerk snd Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk snd Master.
. A R. Lehman. Sol. for ctnpl't. tn
Do you want a pure, bloom
inj? Complexion f If so, a
few applications of Ilagan'ls
ily yon to your heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
Inwness, ltedness, rimples,
Ulotches, and all diseases ana
imperfoctioiLS ot the skin, it
overcomes tho Hashed appear
anco of heat, fatigue aud ex
citement. Jt niakesalndrof
T1I111TY appear bnt TWEN
TY ; and no natnral, prndual,
and perfect are its ellects.
that ft is impos-siblo to detect
Its application.
... "!
r w i to a DiTgAI
Gaaraato ari al
4. i aaaaagtrtawia. w
El Uriealyaylke '
fc' Urui Claalsil 8.'.

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