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i w
Debate on tUe (ieotral Pcnvion BUI
fontlnted Proceedings In
the lloanc
Vahngtii, May 18. .Vw.
Tlie Chair laid l-inrr the Sen
ate letter from the tv-orotary of the
Tienenry tranaruittint.'. in compliance
nilh a recent Heiia e resolution, in
. formation aa to the claims allowed by
the Treasury Department under ai-
Eropriationa, the balance of which
ave been exhausted or carried to the
aurii tm fun I.
, A bo a letter from the rostmruiter-Gene-al
transmitting, in like compli
ance, information aa to the readjuat
nient of nostmiwUira' wilaries under
Uieactof March 3, 1843.
Senator 11 ilo pre ented a memorial
of the United 8t tea and I5rar.il NUara
ebipCompany, the 1'aeiUc Mail Steam
hip C.unp ny, the New York and
Cuba Mail SU-atm-hip Company, the
tied P Lino of atea r era and the New
York and Havana ami Mexican Mail
Ki iimhin Comnanv.
.y In preaentinn the memorial, Senator
Hale remarked that it denied miuurt-ly
what In, I been Btii ted in certain news
papers, namely, that nttenipw riau
(een made to improperly inlluenee
Congress i ' favor ol what were called
"aubtiidiee." Senator Hale wished to
nay, in connection with the recent ac
tion of the Henate in regard to foreign
mails, that if this (freat effort to re
vive American commerce ever pre
vailed in ConreM it would not bo
done by tho influence of any lobby.
It could only come about because the
American rople were jrrowinjr more
and more Interested in the subject,
and, sooner or later, Congress would
have to respond to I he popular de-
Senator Hour preanntod Ilia ptition
of the New JtaRlard Methodist Kpifco
pal confi rrace nrRiiig the United State
toei.furco ti e terms ef the Cliiuese
treaty so m 1 1 protect the lives and
rr.ipeity of Chlnone tubjects in tho
Unit, it M.ili. Referred.
SenaUir Uibfon reported favorably
from the Committee fn Commerce,
and on bis motion the Senate at once
passed a House bill supplying a defi
ciency appropriation of lt492 to carry
on to Joue.lHM, the examinations and
survey repaiding the depth of water,
etc., ". tho south pus Mississippi
' river. ,
On motion of Senator Polph the
Hecate parsed a b'li extending the lim
its ol the port cf Portland, Ore., so as
to Include the east bank of the Willa
mette river oppotito the city for one
mile In width, and from the south
boundary line of the city down thi
east bank of the rirer to a point oppo
site the Inwer end of Swan Island.
A motion to proceed with consider
ation of the Staten Island bridge bill
wai lost 23 to 24. The bill retains
its place on tht calendar.
At 3 o'clock the pension bill was
plaoed before the Sunate, but was tem
porarily laid aside to permit Senator
Ook to addrtsi the Senate on the
House labor or arbitration bill. Sen
ator Coke said bo would vote for that
bill after one or two amendments
should hava bean made to it. He be
lieved it provided the bet practicable
remedy for the difficulties with which
the bill dealt. That remedy was vol
nn'ary arbitration, to be appealed to
hv the narties immediately concerned.
It was a peaceful and reasonable mode
of leltling the serious aiuerences tuai
from time to time arore between largo
corporations and their umployf 8. The
bill furnished free of expense to both
parties a Bie' bod that should be ac
cemahle to both. Neither aide rou'd
ailord to defy miblie opinion by reins
ins to avail itself of so beneficent a
rr-niedy for a serious publio eil. Sen
ator Coke did act favcr the establish
ment of a permanent bca'd of com-
mi-aiorers, such ai bad beon recom
tnwdedbv the President's nifSflaoo.
Such a board, be believed, would
Inevitably borrow a trouble, become a
tribunal fivorable to corporations.
however little it might be intended It
should so become, Ihe plan ol vol
ntary arbitration provided by the
House bill, be contended, wai much
better. Tne arbitrators under the bill
would be chofen in each c ine by tbe
purt ei immediately intert stad, and
would be chowa because of special
knowledge of the mbjuit involved lu
the ditpute. The cuiiiml sionera bn
ing voluntarily chosen by ths parties
c inceroed. their dec. sum wo iid te
m ire acceptable t the patties Involved
than that of any pmiiaiiout bo.ird.
As to the respiiLsibility of niilroad
comnanioi f ir the punrutiin of thei
rontu, Senator Uoko said they shOHld
be c unpolled to koep thir roa)n in
operation strike or no strike, and on
the other band, any one who inter
fered with that operation shou'd bs
treated with the utnirst severity.
TLe publio in'eiest was the tint
cminomtion. SanBtor Coke reci g
naJ the ahsoloto utcose ty of restrain
iug railrosd. No one, be said, could
rend the hist ry nf railroad develop
ments without a feolirg cf profound
indignation aud distrust that a system
which, like that of railroad.), bad In
come so indispensable a nectsaity to a
civilmt'on, should be an Instrument
ality in the hait's cf a few individuals
for the systematic roblwy of the peo
ple. It was to pay dividends on
Wrt r- d s'ock th.vt withes on rnilroads
were tqur.sd down. The evil would
ne"er correct itself- The Stale Hov
cMimi nis nnd the Suited S'.ates U.iv
et uuirut, while unt'Dg to protect rail
road pr.-perty, ai they should protect
ri'rcal iroperty Aid the interest of
tlm public, from uwuult or damage,
fhouUl alto unite to crush out the
practice which led t) the labor dilli--altie.,
that had btcruue so st:ioua a
!eutur id thu rjilrond prhleiu.
Beoator I.ogan, without i .muuitting
himself ta tho a'ippr.rt or othei ire uf
the House h'll, wma fit the uroner
t me eubrr. t i -i:lst rule f r it. The
House bii! priv:.ltH! arbitration, but
when, after t-.s trouble LjJ arisen,
and l:er the erM'.ra'ion should beap
ptaltd to and the dee's.rn ic.dir.d,
tl. ra wai no mraos ot putting the do
" cision ittitfl:ct. Ho would propose
that a roamiiMion to be caJUd "A
Cimmisi ion of Arbltatlon" should be
selected by the P.tsident: that the
men should be selected, pait of them
I.ir ttieir knowlidei of the law and
" part for the'r knowledge of 1h labor
ing lnt)rnta of tue cmnt'y and from
among those ir.tjTeits; the commis
e';oners Id be five in nnmlMr, aud to
nave pDwt r w eiinu e wnm s-eu, u c.
llewonld provide tht whtn thedv
v f vi'-ri is made it should be filed In tha
.IJ.iitiil Sl itro Disirii t C.mrt.l la -ed oi-
i: t I the'crnd become a decree tf
L' r o-rt. Tlut would secure a mfth.
od of eutorccment for the decision
ndtrthe House !i!l tuat c mid ho
1. rlone. lln would al.-O n'0
it tb) ihe duty if Ihj cimnis-
., , eon to txamin all quit on
' n'rnvir arifinir bet e n cor
inrvM Anil thtrr 'Jmalove. and
..,aVe a . p r. to C. m t H wonld
ra tii8'vn oli-abjr intj a Do
paitment of Labor, and reqn're tt e
Comrcissiorer of Lbor to communi
cat with all corporationf to asceivain
pirticnlaisas to tlis numoer. t narac-t-r
and coropsisttion of employes,
prices cf food, rent, etc, and to 6ub
mt comparative sta'emen's, so far
a pra?tuaM, of stinilar pirt colars
reini ng to lalor in Karope.e'c.
The pern-ion bill was tht-n laid be
fore the Senate. The pending anind
ment was that of S nB'or Hlair o the
amanduiut ol Sna'or Van Wyck.
bena:or Van Wyck a ammdinent is to
aid to the bill a proviso that no sol
dier under ths act should bereafttr
K csive lei t an $ a mnth. The
amendment proposed by Sntatorifto
provide, lnalead, that no pension paid
hen after onder any Uw to any sol
dier should be rated at less ttaa $4 a
Stnator M Pherson said the Senate
wasaot definitely informed as to the
amouLt the b.ll would tike from the
Treasury. In order to get sime infor
mation as ts the sppioximate amonnt
he moved the bill be romniiUd to
the Committee on Peneions.
Senator Blair (aid it would tike from
'n mo noo to tiiA.000.003 a year ss far
sshebad been able to estimate, but
undoubtedly the amount was not easi y
ascertainable. He rearded the ques-
ton, however, as like that of a man
patina his debts. The debts ought to
l,mi.t wbulhnr-thev were laic cr
mill. He saw no special advantage
in recommittal. ar.d opposed tho mo-
ti,,n tin meet oned Lavinii reau in a
l'..nnHvlviinia paper the fact that
tavpnf v. fi.fl n'.d sjldiors of the Union
were now in the paiiper-houe of one
county in that rt e.
Senator Tt-llnr favored the bill.
Senator Vooihets also favored the
bill. He would not be oeierreu
from following the inclination cf his
heart by a calculation of how much it
would cost. The wont evil that could
aillict the community was the accu
mulation of avast amount of money
in a few hands. The dollar that did
gtitul was the active, busy dollar,
whether the sllverdoll.r tr o.heiwi-.e.
The moneys that bad been paid by
the government in pemioos for sev
eral years I ait had had large inllu
enee' in avoiding a great financial
panic. Tbat money went not to the
pensioners alone, tu' circulated
thro'Jirh all the community. As to
15,009 Acres Under fnltiTalion, the
Annual Yield or Which Is 9,400,
U0 Pounds of Iaferlor Ui adc.
he sectional aspect of the case, thtro
had nover been a more gsuercus nor
ninirr.animoua spectacle In the amibli
of mankiud than had born pieseutud
by the people of the South as repio
santed by their benatars aud Kspre
tentatives in Congre.s in year after
year voting rensioni for the victors
in the great conflict. The people
of the North, on the ether band,
had not been illiberal to the South.
Senator Vosrhees instanced in this re
epect the approprintiona for riven and
ImDOM anu tne xtiair eauimiou uiu,
which he boned would biconie a law.
He did not want to live to see tho day
when the eoldiera who. in the bloom
of youth, bad marched to the fifu and
drum oi tbe Union, should be allowed
to ptHi their old age in a poor-house
lie wanted to see itiem in en care ui,
bother their disability bad come on
the one hard, from saber stroke or
cannon shot, ob ths Held ot battle, or
on the oi nor nana, noin suosequem
disesss or the decrepitude of old age.
Senator Cullcm tbougbt U tne outy
of the government to put on tho pen
sion rjll all soldiers who were unablo
to take care of themselves, without ie
nuirinrr them to Drove that their disa
bility wan lncurrea in mo service. 11
some such bill as this wai not passed
we would find the old soldiers in tbe
parr houses of the country.
Rnrmtor local's raid that notwith
alandini tbe extravagant tultgy paid
to the Democratic Hena'ors by tbe
Sanatorfrjm Indiana (ttooator Voor
hee). he had always noticed mat
whenever a proposition to libtraliz
pensions was made ths rona'.ors on
that side of ths chamber always got
out their slates and penci's and began
figuring how much the preposition
would cost, itior taa not Deen in
hsRto to af-k whether the proposition
was ins if there, were any
veteran soldiers of tbe republic
who were liable tt become
inmates of the alms-house or
dependents en publio charity. 11
(Sena or Ingal's) did not prumse ti
stop to count bow much it would cos
to telieve tbeui. It would be a pa
tlenal scandal and disc race for a nation
as opulent as this, with uncounted
mi!lionn lying idle in the Tr aury, to
permit those who hadforved under its
Uau to become inir a es of poor-hooBes.
A dianussion then arose at to the
precise meaning of cert an piovbions
c.t the bil1, but without acting on Sen
Btrr McPhntRjn'i motion the Si-nats
wont 1lI executive sssi n, aud when
the d3ors reopened adjourned.
The Honae.
Mr. Harris da., from tho Commit
tee on Ways nnd Moans, reported a
bill amending section 3;i8 of tho iU
visetl Statutes sons to reduce the penul
sum of the tiomiBot cigar innnufic-
turura to $250, with nn uddilionul $ 0
for each persou proposed to be em
ployed by them in making cigars
ComttnU oof iliMWholo
Mr. Sadler Alu.l, from the Commit
tee on TrritorieB, reiortel adversoly
a bill to regulate the mamiiiirturo nnd
anle of intoxicating liquors in the Ter
ritories. iJtiil on tlie table.
Mr. Hatch IMo.l, from tho Commit
ti o on Agriculture, reported a bill au
thoring llio exhibition of specimens of
California Bilk in the Capitol building
House calendar.
Mr. lilouut tin , from tho Commit
tee on Postoflicea and Poatroads, re
ported back tho postolhce nppropruv
tion lull, w th Senate amendments,
and it having beon referred to tho
committee of the whole, the House
went into coninit'teo for tlie purpose
of considering t lie e amendments.
Mr. lilouut addressed his remarks to
tbat clause which is known as the
"subsidy" amendment aud made an
argument in opposition to it. Th
nppropriation of tNOO.iOt he contended
would not secure any advantage in the
way of obtaining additional mail
tr'ps; but wonld have a contrary cf'
feet. Under the clause the Postmaster
(ieneral would be reuuirodtocontract,
it be contracted at all, lor not less
than tlireo nor more than five years.
and this would act as an absolute inhi
bition upon any other company than
tho one holding the contract attempt-
inii to traverse the eanv line. I ne
increaso in ths number of 1 nee would
be stopped, and while the co- tract was
t i i m
in ior, any lncreanu ot vnn iorcigu
postal service would do prevented
t'eoate on mo re juiub mnm moni
conlinnod f jr nouih t oi. whn the
c mn ittee finally arose, and the Hme
dj urntd.
. a i
BeaoltfT Toor Horn.
Finish tho walto and ceilings with
Alahastine. You can do it; inex
pensive: try it. White and twelve
tints. Cheaper and better than paint.
Knlsnmino of paper. Pisinfct'ts and
prove-nts disciwi's. Ucautiful sample
card free, l'v drnggista, hardwaro
and piiint dealers. $ IjO given away.
h. MANhrll-.l.!) A t o., .Msmiihii
liradttrrtft: Ris'.ia imports atmua'.ly
about :iOO,OLO,000 pounds of cotton.
Tu-ketUn and other Kuaeiaa poefee
sioos in Central Asia furu'sb lees than
oi.o tetta cf thst amount. For seven
year, from 1877 tj 1884, bv Orenburg
railway, thr4 was rent to Russia from
Central Asia I84.C0OO0O p'Oirds of
cotton, of wbith only about 40,030.0 0
pounds came from Kuaeian potses- wild
sions. While being independent,
Turkestan raised co.toa three tirots
ai much as it does now. Previnns to
tbe annexation to Russia tbe Ftrgao
region exported it the Czar's conniry
12,000,000 pounds annually, end now
it lends there only about 4,00,000
Cotton of Turkestan is of inferior
quality, its fiber being rather short
and coarse, and it is packed very
carelewly, g'aw, seeds aud send being
found in it in a considerable quantity.
Io 1872 the cotton mill ownerj of Mos
cow reported tbat on having cleaned
anew thoir takings of the Turkestan
cotton, they realized a loss in weight
from 25 to 60 per cent. In view of
such a los snd c f its inferior quality,
it must be aduiitied tbat the Turkestan
cotton ii Balling lather bigb, its price
being 8 cents per nound Hgalnut 18
cents far middling New Orleans, and
15 tents for middling upland, the
fiber of tho Turkestan cotton being
curse and by half an inch Ehnrtar
thau tfcat ot the Amenear, the lur-
kcs'on is fit only lot coarse etiiUn.
Kxperiments In planting American
catton-soeds in Tuikestan were tint
male about twenty yfrj eg. la
lSiio Mr. Kevsky rowed scoisof Sea
ltland cotton and received fiber unlit
for spinning (not being elastic). Then
tbe seeds of upland Lave beon tried,
Bill this lime with (rood euccees.
Mulla-Taichil aeff of Taetikout hafl
been plauting those coada for ten cuc
ceBive years, and his cotton is felling
at 4 cents per pound more than the
oative. In 1884 Taichibaofl hid the
ninth generation of American otton.
which seems to have well acclimatized
n Turkestan, jieldiBg very good fiber.
However, the ratives of lurke.tan
are opposed to tl:o intioduction of
Amniicau seoiIs for va ions reasonB,
prejudice being the first cf them,
i he Ameiican cotton when ripe de
mands an immediate $ atbernp, other
wise the fiber would be scattered by
the wind, wh le fruit boxes ol
tbe native cotton keep nearly tight
closed a'l the time, and thus
the farmers chosse their own lime
fur rea, ing. The natives have no
farm implements and to da requisite
for planting the Ameriraa cotton.
Transport tiou of cotton from Tnrkee
taa to Moscow takes about four
months, and costs from 3 cents to 4
cents per pound. As yet camels are
the only means o( tracsportation in
Cotton is raised In tbe following
Russian possessions in Central Asia:
Bofctiara, ivntva, merv ossis ana iorx-
ettan proper. Fiber cf the Bokhara
cotion is distinguished from the other
sert) bv being pure wbite and sou,
llmt of Khiva action b3ing longor,aau
tnat ot TurkeUan being downy, short,
and not very elastic. The Utter sort
is fit only for yam of lower nuaioers
up to No. 20.
In Tursestan tbe cotton tlcics are
usually fertilized with s'ablo manure,
or simply with earth taken from roatls
and fiom rnins. Fields are plowed
over from four to six iimus. Artifbdrl
irrigation is dono from two to ljur
t'lnes each season. Seeding is done in
Aoril. snd picking beams in August.
They cow therefrom forty-five tj sixty-five
pounds of seed per ace. '1 be
yield of cotton in Turkoman is atom
one-third nf tbat in this countiy, as ia
shown in the following table:
TurkaUiH. Found.
Lowest - M0
Medium -740
Highest 880
Vnitfd Stalf.
Lowest 880
Medium 1,035
Highest -.1,000
Piclinir of citton in Turkea'aa costs
Jl 50 per ai re, agiintt JO in our coun
try. One hundred pounds oi iruii in
lurkestan yield -'4 pounds oi nui,
against 37 j in our count'V- The lint
is Btparaieu i.uuj iud bw.u uumu?
hand apparatus of native make, which
FijuiKzt'S the seed and thus soils th
titier. Halls riub (sdoiu twelve an
told to this lime) are being iutio Juced
in Turkestan. Cotton is sent to Rus
sia proper in preened bules, weighing
300 pounds each. Spini iuir ia Tur
kiatuuia done by band. Yams are
dyed with vegetablo dyes, being Loiled
hi colored solutions. As to the area
under cotton and annual yield of pure
cotton there ra otly api roximste
data, a? follow J :
Anr,uai j uiu,
Feiiran reilon...... 35.100
Zariavshiiiiegon... L',7n0 600,000
Amou mria region o,itw i,uu,i on
KourHmin region... 2,700 t6 ,0C0
rtie boiler-house iu ruins. Thywere
horror etdeken hen the rumor spread
that aix tramps, who bad taken shel
ter for the niifht, were buried bent a' h
tli debris. Work was immeiliite'.y
beeun to rescus the uofo-tunaUj men,
but up to noon they had not been
fi und. which fa t leads many to be
lieve tint they wt ra not in or around
fie building at the time the boiler
buret. However, the wori of clear
ing up the ru'nstodeteruiins wbetaer
tbef were buried alive, i-till ens i n
and will b kept np until it 's delini'e
)y Known whether or not they met
such a fate. Sol Wal'ace, on duty 1 1
the time, was severely burned, but
will likely recover. Nuns of the em
ployes cn advance any theory aita
tbe caune of ths explosion.
Kaeltemcat lbe Pl tubara
PiTTtauRO. Pa., May 18 There wai
a panie in oil tr-ay, caused by the
failure ol Craig A Lowrie, one cf the
la'get oil firms In the country, and
report that the Vandergiifr well, jmt
opened, was doing from 150 to 20;)
barrels an hour. The market opened
weak at 70c. and Q ii klv declined to
G8)c. on the bearisti fi Id news. Ths
announcement of the failure was then
made, and when lf5,000 lo"g oil w.is
sold under the rule, for Criig & Low
rie's account, values dropped like lead
toliGJo. Tiierew.sa e'ilt reaction
a'ter tbiHi and at noon G'ijn wvs bid
Their oil sold be'ween 68(S;i7r. They
announced tbat ihey would deliver all
oil sold ttiis morning. Mr CraiM who
is a wealthy producer, statue thet he
will be hble tj pty all his liabilities.
The feeling In til circles wat a little
hotter at noon. For a time this morn
ing, however, there was the wildwt
excitement st tho Kxcbange, end
everybody wanted to sell.
The Broadway FraDthl.
Almany, N. Y., May 18. Jud;e
Parker has appointed Jo.hn O'Brien,
chairman of the iiomocra'.ic State
Committee, receiver of tbe Broad
way railroad. Deputy Attorney-Oene-al
Post has beoa despetched io
Ntjw York to Berve uron James A
Richmond the papers in thesuit which
is about to be beitua by the State to
wind np the a Hairs of the Brodw.iy
If tbe Liver be- Q I I I Q
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faili to perform lit functions properly, use
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Ayer'i Pilla than anything eluc, to
mv bowels. These Pilla are mild in action,
and do their work thoroughly. 1 have uwd
them with good e ir.nl , in rwt of Klieu
mtim, Kiilney Trouble, and Dyspepaia.
U. y. Miller, Attleborougb, Mau.
Aver'i I'llli cured me of Stomach and
Liver trouble, from which I had suffered
for years. 1 eonliler tbem the best pilla
made, and would not lie without them.
Morrlii (Jatei, Downsvlllc, N. Y.
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l'ultUou, 'Lowell, Nebraska. ,
Last sprliic I auflered ereatly from a
troublesome humor on mv side. In spite
of every effort to cure this eruption, it in
creased until toe nesii ueeanie cunreiy
raw. I wiia troubled, at tbe same time,
with Iudicsiiou, and distressing pubis in
)The Bowels.
Bv the advice of a friend I boirnn taking
AVer's Pills. Iu a short time I was free
from pain, my food digested properly, tbo
sores on mv hoilv commenced healing,
anil, In less tlutn ono month, I was cured.
Samuel 1). White, Atlanta, Oa.
I have lone; used Ayer's Pills. In my
family, and believe them to he the best
pills made. d. C. lardcn, Harden, iliss.
My wife and little girl were taken with
Iiynentcry a few days ago, and I at onee
be'iran giving them imall doses of Avcr's
l'ills, tbinkini; 1 would call a doctor if tbe
disease became any worse, lu a short
time the bloody discharges stopped, all
pain went away, and health was restored.
llieouore idling, iiicumonu, a.
Ayer's Pills,
t repared ly Dr. J. C. Ayer fc Co., Lowell, Muss.
Hold by all lc alera ia Medicine.
k K A FN ENH Its OAUSEBanJCUit.lf.br
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Price fori MOTES, GIN FALLS ui
of all deaicrlptlons. Send lor circular
aud Prlcea Paid.
3XT "7V. srEjJSK.S, Jr.
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McOw Fearce Co.
Cotton Facfc?s & Commission Tilerch'ts,
Cotton Factors and VhoIesale Grocers
Sront St., JlempMa, Tenn,
T3 0
Cotton Factors, Commission ierchants,
Io. 11C? South Bt. HI, Itowln-
y henetiti il Mrs. M.D. Vucklv. Alam
phis. ti n., wh n trouh'ed wim liv r dis
order anil Hitlioti n 8lia regnrdi it as a
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ahA wa AtkWLt twMntvliiht Tears.
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tbrta mnntha. n.l tinoe thon hundroitiof
i)thrs br i"ioe prooass. A plain, aimploana
saeoi'sslul home treatment. A iir, i.io.
Cotton IootoiriE,
FOUNDRY & MACHINE I)EP"l160tol74 Adams St, MemphiPj
Iron and
Brnaa as
EnRlnea, jfi
aaw-niim. f
Oriat- HUlfrf
ajoane Jp
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"Work " W-"A-3U
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';-.-D iri'm a lJiTl t
Bar Iron,
Boiler Iroaa
I Hoop, Baatal
-Sbee Iroai,
Dissolution lotice.
IKON & BAILW AY SUPPLY DEP'T, 226 and 228 Second St.
tSucMfaon in thli lepartment to JOHN ABUUUi.l
-Wr1U na tor information on ANY THlNft in eitnerlmn.
TUH Arm of FPEFD PHILLIPS I. .thli dT dienoWad .br mutual eonni. i m
I i " "r mm i; dl'l u i'ii i .ni nun th. bunnaM il the nie place. NO. M
in in "i vin.i n. w wt.. JOHN K bPEtfl).
FroI,t'rir;t.- T ... . m. lajH. J- M. PHILLIPS.
WITHDH.-4.WA.Ij oahd.
IN retiring tom the (Irm of SPFFD A PHILLIPS.
Brut to the good will of ray friandi.
I commend the ini-cap-ow of the old
I. At. i -njLii.ri3.
and Interest allowed on inma rjemi-
II 10
17 75
20 75
23 70
Danoiita reooirad la aumi of ana apwara
w2UhM'and tell looal InTeitment Bonda aod Seoaritie. aenarally, pay taiea, aot aj
truBti r?d. ii aeiVral. axeouU anf financial businesa requiring a tare and rpon.ib..
agent. , . .11 Ar Rtimm.
H1C Arm of BPEED at PHILLIPS tT.nf tMi rtny ben ammv ny mnium .Wchm oommodioua Vaaltfor tb depoiU 9t TsiuaDiw, wnioa u -
I -..;:. .l.i. -. ... i.;.. 1n9 a. nnnlinnnnca o' Dtron
buinanetitruUd to n ahall be aa oaralulljr looked after ai hf r-infore
Me" i hl. T-n".. M .
..n . ..iiiman. rrM oi ajnatrKs.
1). P. HAUDEN, Prwldeut. EWD. G010SMITU,
B. W. 4KOWF.U,
ViVa jk -
mmm 1
"791 -.-wrrv aTAm&Jm B H H torn Bfi W IS sm KM KB w -'w
Aod Commission Jlerchante. Haj.Corii Uat,l?:a, Cbop fend, OU-Meal,
Mm, . it.mf.iit. Plnter. IlBlli'Jnir ontl Fira Hrict, we
(or. Front nnd Union. 1 Howard's U)w. iffpwphls.
Colton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
DTo. 11 Unlota S.tre?t,. : z ire era p la a . aw.
E. L.
fat. aiACKAiy.
."J n.-aa, O- fl$lnin r,.rtf!itft
S69 Troxit Street, Mempiis, Tenu.
SucceMors to FOSTER,
Cotton eonilgnad to u will have our carefiil attention.
ivivuwu etvua. v.
We carry at all timet a well.
JJ ffl
mi-owuh. staple & Fancy GroccriES, Viim, Liquarsjobacco & Cinart
7,2lK),('OU 4rlrt wlll nm i,w na r IjiwwI,
a.m. bat,
Lata of J. b. Par A Son
W. H. IIORT0 9,
Lata of Meacham A Uorton.
Lata of Biiley CoTingtoi
Total in TurkeBtaa 45 900 9,410,000
IuiDortB of cotton to Russia fiom dif
ferent countries for 1SS3 art) shown as
round. f oliif.
Uoittd Ktates-21 1,400,(500
KhrUhI 45,70,000
Germany and
Austria--.... .'u,(Miu,iiKi
Ildiii'aticcitiea 7,010,000
Turkey 8.480,000
I'.aroDcan Iron-
tier(all told) 3',lbU,uuu h,uw,uw
Asiatic frontier
(moetlv I rum
Persia) 19,240,000 B55.0D0
Bay, Horloa I Bailey, f m wmg m 1. W
.33t,4tO,0CO $17,655,000
300-363 Front St., Memphis, Tcnn.
lijmbesTyaiib !
Aa Kaeelloat Caifwr
Mr. Iu', a restaurant keeper at
No. 8 Williams G urt for nineteen
years pat, atd catf re r for tbe well
known Bberrxan Hoasa in 0nrt
Sonars, waa in ro pait calar need of
. 1.1.1. i. i i . i
cue money wiuuu i o iruuiTru mi ci
rpoit in one-filth cf tirket No. 25,244 1 rTXTn IXTTk t A V T.TTUTllK.
lutae April drawing-oi tne Loaniaoa i w tliljll i J. Xili Uiliv uiiax.mj
t . a . It la ta. a A W It 1 n ahaJ 1 A-Sa-aaW--a-B' . . . . aa a-
oiaie uiiivrT, nut uiiui mo (wuu ilo OIALaaa ia
n. rii. Biii,u nreiMiMl Flooriar. reUlosr, Wfatnor-Boaraing
BrinliW, Ark MannlUH nrn !
osa of it. lie l.a in oid niembarcf
I(KOl'alHli! liliTIR.CI'B'n
ri w. 6. Levy, :tig .Main nrfat.
Vem.hiii, Tenn . af r Lam r -rnubltd lor
ve al wi'h oh ll auit ferer ani b-
U. thurouilily eiha-tei.
theK-cictv ot K ka. and a past rora-
mnHorot I'o t 21, ti. A. R. Beaton
( .Vnaa ) Commercial and Shipping Lift,
Fenrfal Balirr Epleate)a.
Titt buko. Pa . May 18 A Kittan-
niiK, P.i apt Chi ys: Oje of tie
boiUrait tie r.l i i mil c-xploloi
w th ttn flo fire ft abnut 1 o I tk
tiiia mo'iurg, abakioK mil' all f
K e liu Kl n ein :hi town an I aaken
nitr t' e loa.tleiitp, wlio laslieii I om
ihiii linu e1 i.i terri r. ninny of tbem
no' waitii g to dr ec tiiertue v a. In
et net took thetu tn tbe ml, ai d
lion Uuy iachea intra iLujr iouuj
. . . w . . a ' .
C'ynrfaii 11 1 n ? 1 PM. aMII.Hr. aav.
" . ... . . f .). M.mi.11.
any nawmitl In tna noo'B lor ni ' ' -erand
Cypreai ShtnalM apMiaJt'i lio,ftamtiii
.k. .k. . Kailc.il a iDM.ai lawn, viw-
aAli.ita!k and nramDLlT fitted.
K '11 JefferwoTi Str -rVTAPr.!.. Tcthm
, uiiY.I.INH.el Ut.J. Bfdwtn AOo. JAB. YOMUB, lauot J
Out fvllltlet are nninrpa.d by i
;riaa, Oetltna . Sidtnr, Step Lamhe
nber of all aimeiuiona. we maki
, W.Oaldwall AUf
Cotton Factors Commission Serchant
Tio. 1 lloward'a Eow, Cor. Front and Union, Xemphla.
ASSETS. : : : : : : lW,WtfW,uww
. ri..u - ' 1nllAl4M
m.rrr.rr l, th W-rld.
BX.X., ill ZIac.M.zaalza.9r.
jio. 2 rotton Exohnnge Hntlcllng. wempnia. t
Grocers & Cotton Factors J
TVrt. soa Iffatln Straft. Wytyea BWtl.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv
wmma nnivnil 1 " BUllt( W.rka, '10
iUrillilllo AJlVAllVliaf Iela)lclM.i,"r.31iaoc
S. ROESCH1.R. Aeont, MemQhla, Tens,.
al. ia 1SSS. , Rirrt-la Blea af Moaaahla Braaea, 100.009 Ke.a
aim ta WW, Hm)Tt im saa, BarraU.
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