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The Statement bj Which His Mur
derer Hopes to Escape the
t. Louis, Mo., May 18. The antici
nation that the Maxwell trial would
ba begun in earnest to-lay att' noted
a l.re crowd of spectators to the
Criminal Court room this morning.
The work of the morning was to have
been the selection of the jury from
the panel of forty-seven who were
elected last week from those sum
moned to submit themselves totae
examination as to their ability to im
partially try the rase. All but one ef
the panel of forty-seven wera pref ent
when the court opened, but the ab
sence of this one d layed the proceed
ings. The court issued a writ com
manding his presence, and it was
placed in (he hands of a deputy who
immediately went in search of the
delinquent. At noon he had not been
Later. At 1 :30 o'clock the deputy
returned with h s man. The prose
cution and defense made-their chal
lenges, the former demanding the
withdrawal of twenty from tho to al
number of forty-Beven, the latter fif
teen, thus leaving twelve, which com
pose the jury which will try the case.
The court then adjourned until 2:30
p m , when C. D. Bishop, for the
Suite, opened the case.
swell' Stateanma of How
ler met la iseasn.
The PottDapalch this afternoon
prists a statement made by U. M.
Brooke, alias Maxwell, now on trial for
the murder of C. Arthur Prelltr,
which will constitnte the defense of
Brcoks, and which will be urged to
the utme3t by his attorneys in the
triel. Tbe tatement was tuxde to Mr.
Johp. J. Jtnki s, the present city
editor of the Port Dirpatrh, and it bus
been approved by Brooks's attorreys.
Mr. Jenkins premises the s Htemrfnt
with some iemaks, tbe ul ief pain's
of which are as lo Iowa: Maxwell's
explanation of the death of Preller ii
the only defense. Teat explanat'on
was made in writing to his attorneys,
Meswi. Mania and Fauntleroy, many
months ago, and Maxwell will go on
the witnees stand and repeat it. In
giving it he raid bis deMre all along
was to unburden himself to the pub
lic, and ti allow his anions
previous to and alter the crime
to substantiate his declarations.
These actions show that he neither
premeditated crime or tried to con
ceal one, for, from the moment of his
arrival at the Southern Hotel until bis
departure tor San Francisco, every act
and almost every word of bis bas been
the property of the public, and tb.es a
acts ana these words form the strong
est links in the chain of circumstances
which tbey have forged to hold bim
to this crime. "Th only iC'," said
Maxwell, "about which tbere bat been
sny doubt at all bas been the act of
which I am accused. I reconizsnow,
ai much ss anybody cjuld, that 1
made a mistake in ithbolding my ds
fense, but what could 1 do? I was
here alone, In a strange world, with
no one to advise me but my counsel
and I followed the advice they gave
me, to the letter."
The attorneys for tbe defense will
not deny the identity ot the remains,
but will acknowledge tbe dfa'b of
Preller at Maxwell's bands, and insist
tbat the death was due to an accident
ariaing from circumstances which he
himself hid invtsd. The following
is Brooks's slattmant:
"Mr. Preller was suffering from a
pr'.vate dieaase for which I had pre
viously prescribed, mixing the medi
cine myself from the bottles in the
medicine ctse I carried with me; but
his ailments reached a stage when it
was necessary for me to make certain
invontications. I WeS obliged to Uee a
catheter, and lousing a cttbeter wben
the parts were Ir Aimed I had previ
ouly applied chloroform in order to
produce a condition oi nurc uisLu.
Tif ed chloroform in tbis manner as I
did on a man named Harrison in Liv
erpool without any ee. ions result. I
axnlnined the crjctss o Mr Prllr,
and told bim what I should have
to do. He was not only willing
but was very anxious fir me to tie t
him in this manner. During tne dy
I purchased four, ounces of chloro
form, which w. s standing in a bottle
on the edge of my wasusuind when 1
was washing some surgical inntru
mente. Thia washing of the instru
ments took placa Sunday afternoon,
and was intended as a preparation for
thn operation. In waemtie the instru
ments I overturned the bo.tle of
chloroform and it went headlong into
the haiin. the e rk coming out acd all
but about an ounce and a half going
down the sink. Tbis was probably 3
p.m., and after gf ttirgmy instruments
reedy I wen out to secure nuio muro
chloioform. I w?nt to the drug store
I don't know where but tha stors
near the hotel (Fernow's) snd asked
for chloroform. The clerks, or some
nersons the r. .Lave said that I was
excited and in a hurry. This was not
so. I sat down in a chair in the drug
store for more than a quarter of an
honr. and wasal .onetner very leisurely
about my baBineee, for there was no
hurry. If 1 am not mitaken I had a
Ions conversation with soma one
in the drug s ore. When 1 got the
chloroform I repa'eoi to my loom.
Preller had beeu in snd out of my
.room and his own all fie a'ternoon.
About 5 o'clock p.m. we began the
opei ation. I administered the ch.or
form in tfca nsual war. boldine a sat-
rad cloth lo the nose. Trailer
cawed throuch the first stage allright
it took eeveral moments. I don't know
oxactlv how Ions, be 'ore he entered
the socond stage, and here the terrible
result came. I discovered too late
that be was dy ng. Imagine my hor
ror when this fact dawned npon me
I was honsfied, but had presence of
mind enough to cut tbe enirt ana un
derehvrt from tbe body, and getting a
wet towel I beat him around tbe neck
and shoulders for a balf houror more.
I d d not five np nntil I was ready to
droo trom exnauarion. tie nan ce
dead some time. All the clothes he
had on at tbe time were a shirt
and undershirf. He had stripped to
4hta for the operation. What did
I do when I saw mv friend
in dead? What could I doT
didn't kcow whaf, except to drink
and I drank freelv. I orank every.
thing I could get, wine, whisky
verrthintt. What wera my thoughts
I hadn't anv. All I remember is that
I drew on a rair of drawers, the first
that fell into my ba'idj, and pot tbe
hor into mv tru k. from wbicti
had removed everything. I put it in
the trurk en hoar after Preller
death. Whnt. w s done brfide this
Lave to fcoMet tort of. Liquor aa
coir-ternstion had poesson ot me,
and 1 know tbat my feelings were
thru of the ntmo-t horror. I re
mnined in my room, that night th
eame ro"iii ;n which the remains
were and it word 1 be a lie for me to
say that I slept, for I dida','. and I wcb
ad when morning rame. What I
id after leaving mv room you know,
far it has all been piintcd."
"Win a catheter tornd among your
medical instinmentiT"
"I don't know. I curled some of
my instruments awsy in a valine and
threw them into the Pacific."
"Had you any p!ansabou;dispcsicg
of tbe body?"
"None whatever. I meant to leave
it there, expecting that it would bei
iscivered sooner Uian it was, ana
thinking that a post mortem would to
re il tbe true state ol (acts mat rrei-
ler bid met bid death while undergo
ing such an operation is I have desi
Mow aDout rrjuers money i x
I knew nothing about Prellers
mocer. 1 naa tiinnt ci monev oi my
own, or I couldn't have made the long
ip which J am mane.
Mr. Jenkins closes by stating that
thin is only a tynopjis of tbe fall writ
ten statement in the hands of BronkVa
counsel, which give) all the det lis of
ie Sunday occurrence in rODin 144 ot
the Southern Hotel, but tbe attorneys
refused to give the written statement,
nd by their advice Brooks declined to
say any more. Atoidiog to ms cniy
'or ttie cutting on ot rreuer's mus
tache, the inecrip ion about "traitois"
found in tbe trunk, and ail too oiner
quear incidents connected with the
tragedy are to be attributed to tbe
liquor and his frenzied condition after
the fatality.
THE TnUXK uses.
Wall Street Irritated Over Their Ef
forts to Heep Baca Information.
New Yobk, May 18 The Time
tays: wail r.raet men are mucn irri
tated over tbe action ot tee iruna
lines in try n? U keep back informa;
tion concerning the amount of east
bound shipments. Tbe oilicial report
itherto made pibui on baturday oi
ach week was suddenly suppressed
last week, the newspap rs being ssrved
with notice that it had bsen decided
that the publication was unwise. The
motive lor suppressing tee lacis is fo
palpable ss to be misunderstood r.y
ODDdV. At mis lime last yer ma
railroads wera bringing from 60,000 to
80,000 tons of freight a week east from
Chicago, while this year the ship
ments Lave dwindled down to less
than an insignificant quarter of latt
years atucutt, Last week s east
bound shipments entire ammntd to
only 15,290 tons, about 400 tics less
than during tne week wnen on'csgo s
lots were at their merit, wntle lor ne
corresponding week of 18S5 the amount
was 64,750 tons.
Tarrvlown Neeletjr Agitated Over
In Horae'a Marriage.
Naw Yobk. Mav 18. Society in
Tarrvtoro was thrown into a flutter
of excitement last evening by the an
nouncement that Mi-s Grcie Morse,
eldest daughter o( tbe Rev. J. a.
Mnrie. a niece of the late Commodore
Vanderbilt, had eloped with the fam-
ly coachman, Ueorge Min on. ine
Bev. J. B. Morse is a missionary
preacher attached to (he Black well a
Iaiand Penitentiary. Tbe family bas
one of the nrst spacious aud elegant
Ntidenres in Tarrytown. Miss Morse,
now Mrs. Minton.is twenty-two years
of sge, highly educated and attractive,
and has been mucn courted, minion
is twenty-three ye a's of age. During
tha absence of the family yesterday
they drove to North Tarryt jwn and
were married, returning to me nouee,
intending to keep the matter secret.
It became noised abou', and tbey fled,
and are supposed to be in hiding in
town. The family are very much an
gered and humiliated over the matter
Ofllclally Notified of Hli Election
to tbe Tardlnalate.
Baitimobb. Mr,. Mav 18. Arch
bishop Gihbons this morning received
an otliciiil communication irom arni-
ral Jacobini, Papal Secreta y of State,
informing him of his election tj the
Cardinalite bv PoDe Leo XIII. Tbe
above announcement, coming as it
ones from tbe Vatican with the Fish
er nan's seel, is tbe contuinmation of
what has been regarded a a fixed fact
ever sicca tbe fall of 1883. It bad
been the intention of the Pope to have
conferred the dignity on Archbishop
Gibbons in March last, but the con
sistory ufuslly ht Id in tht month was
postponed, and tne omciai nouuca ion
was withheld until may o n, me aaie
of Cardinal Jacobinrs letter.
Brntal Rape on a Little I'hlld
Pittsiiurg. Pa.. May 18. Tbe police
are scouring tha city fir James Brews
ter, a cattli driver, who ctiminally as
saulted a thirteen year-old dugnteroi
a leadire bus'nss man of Brookville,
Pa., named Johnston, wmie sne was
raturmmr from bab',ath-8cnooi cn
Sunday af ernoon. Tbe child wa
fmmit norr.fi time later in an uncon
sjious condition. She was removed
to her home, whera she is now lying
with no hopes entertained ci ner re-
mvprv. tub ouiraue creaiea iu
vreatest excitement, and a eea'cning
party was at once organized w.th the
avowed intention ot lyncniog ine iuau
if he ciuld becaugbL Urewster man
aged ta elude his pursuers, however,
and is believed to have come to Pitts
burg, where be is now hiding.
Concreaatonal BTamlnaaiona.
Spbinofield, III., May 18 Win,
M. Snrimrer was nominated for Con
gress this afternoon for the seventh
cossecntive lime.
PiTrsBDBJ. Pa.. May 18 At the
Republican County Convention to-day
John De'Zrll wns nominaiea ror
cress from the Twentv-seoond Ulstrlct,
and tha Hon. Thomas M. Bavne from
the Twenty third District. Tbe dele
ted lo the Stata Convention
vera cnosen lor soui. luuuiuuiu ivi
Btcatb of a MalaJ Confidenoe Kan
Boston. Mass., May 18. A Utter to
tbe Herald annor.n s the dea h of
Plymouth White, alias Frank Parker,
lias "Pium" WbUe. the Eotoriooa
ronrilence man at bis brother's resi
dence in that town on Sunday Bight,
(mm a carbuncle on his neck at the
baee of bia brain. White was in the
front rank of confidence men and bar.
by hisily tontoe and gen lemanly
manners, succeeded 10 tbe laat twenty
two vears in fUeeinii bu:nss meu,
gullible grandet sand confident women
out ot more man il,duu,uuu.
In tne Dar Old afaya.
We differ in creed and politics, but
wa ara a unit all the K&mean the de
sirableness of a fine bead rf hair. If
you moarn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle fr two of
Parket's Hair Bukam will 7"
look as you did iu the dear "Id days.
It is worth trying. The only standard
50 cents article .'or the hair.
Mm t oril tohenlth and enerrv Mr.
F. M.
Avery. St Mdifon eireet, .MemiDi,
Tenn., after an t'ck ol ma'arml ferer
which left bim sefceble that he was ecnlinei
to hit bed .
The Last ef tbe Troops Ordered
Iloaie From Cincinnati Gen
eral Labor Notes.
Chicago. III. May 18 The grand
ury impanelel yesterday will not be-
n Bearing leiumony bcuiub. iuc j
rchists nntil to-moriow.
John K. O'Brien, arrentsd ye terdny
;r interfering with some workmen iu
the lumber district, a as fined f 100 by
Dolice iustics tbis motning and tent
to the Bridewell.
James Major, r rank renzn, i-nas.
Kitelba, Frar k Frnndel and irank
Fisher, were ntied S'.'o ani costs io-iay
for disoidtriy coLduct. Too piifoutrs
were b ys wLobe Bc3 rang from thir-
en to seventeen years, at o wno were
positively idontifUU ts tiaviug takfn
per; in me sacnina ui rwei-uiuiu a
run Btore, ft tne corner oi jvituiuu'im
street and Center avenue. trankKi-
ba-k a asseshetl fit 0 and costa tor
being made drunk on the whisky he
wassxid tifcave stolon from Veis-
amp s saloon, and held to the tnmi
l lyinrtnn achaririof Urceoy. Cba.
Friedel, thir een ears old, admitted
that he caniad off atout $o worth el
the druggist's - tick and was fined $ . 0
and coits. E'gir B'itton and Jotin
B.if8cre held to the Couit on a
charge oi riot. .
Llaitctwe uraoger poeiuveiy iuu
fluit thn nir as havitie been wi'h
the mob who as.-auliel aud severely
niured hij May 4th at the ueutur
avenue viaduct riot.
John Hess, a Boh nmu rioter, was
hnlrl tn t!ie Orimiral Court on the
cbarpeof esaaulting Officer Caiey i f
the Twelfth street station, ine evi
dence showed that Hies was the man
who tried ti hold the officer wt Hi tne
mob witi end-avoring to hang him.
Joseph Brada was liald on the Bame
charge. He H said to have b- ea the
one who bad the ropo they wers en
deavoring to place over the officer h
The Last of the Troops at Cincin
nati uruereu noiue.
Cincinkati, O., May 18. The re
maining troops ordertd here by the
Governor as a meaus of ptecauliori
against violence in connection with
tbe retent strikes were oidered away
vday. Ttie ttnke sitnntton 10 vacii-
Int nc While some classes ot men
are returning to wor, others hold out.
Among the last-named are p auing-
mill bur.di who have organized and
demand eight hours a day wbh ten
hours' pay. The Grocers' Association
has praated the request of the clerks
to cIobs at 7 o'clock p m. except on
Tbe Cumberland Coal strike nled.
Pittsudro. Pa.. May 18 Reports
from the Cumberland coal regions ra
to tbe effect that tbe great strike has
been broken. At Frcstburg, Md., a
larire number cf miners rdiu'nsdto
work this morninn at tne oia rmss.
The Cumberland miners have a meet-
ng to-day, end will prorahly go tn to-
mcrrow. frccaut.ons nave reen nen
against interference with the resuming
workmen bv those who lavor a con
tinuance of the strike, and they will
be protected from violent e.
The Brooklyn ttnaar Ntrlke at an
Kirnr Vopit Mav IS The BlOoklvQ
suirar-workers' strike bas been da-
eared at an end and ine union ois
solved. Fedorick Weingart, one of
the strikers, assaulted John l. r.oale,
the president of the organization, at a
la a hour last night and attempted to
btab him. He wts arrested. Many
of the strikers returned to work to
day, but a number of them are black
The Cllrl Striker at Troy.
Trov. N. Y.. Mar 18 Tha girls in
all the factories in tbe city, except the
striking laundry girls of Idis a factory
went ti work ti is morning as UfUil
and will cintinue until "he doors are
aetual'v closed asainet them. Ihe
Mannfartnrers' Asociatinn will hold
a meet ng to-day, when the action of
the striking girls will be reported.
Granted Their Ilemanda.
Boeios, Mass., May 18 Four of the
ten mattress manufacturers nave, on
the demands of their employes, grant.
ed them an incrersa cf 10 ptr cant,
Four other firms rave setlled wun
th eir men and one firm is considering
the matter.
Slormon Rlmlonarlea at Work.
Lond-'N'. May 16 Mormonism s'.ill
azitiies Switzerland. The prosdyting
anents are IiaviLa a hard ume. une
anoitlo was arrested at Zjfing'ie to.
riav aod several are reoorieu io nv
brea driven acrcss the fDntierfrom
other towes on account of their mis
representation to converts who are
now in U'ati. ine summary ireiu
merit of missionaries in the small,
nlaces has had very li.t'e, if any, cf
feet unon the scents In Barne. where
thv are nrosecutimt their work with
redoubled vigor. In that city they
have established an office cal el "J
Bureau des Missions Evangeliqne,'
which is known to be headquarters
of the Mormon propaeamiisis
and nublicitv is obtsinel for toei
doctrines and bromines ot prosperity
and happiness in Utah tbrongh the
columns oia Mormon urnai trao
lished at the capital, entitled DerStem
Tha anlhnrlttes at Berne have pub
lished official waroinss to the public
gtinst the influences of the Mormon
vents, and ths evansf 1'8's will soon
find it to their advantage to make
hurried departuie from Switaer afld.
Ad tlce to Mothers.
Mrs. W'inalow's Soothing Syrup
should alwavs be used wnen children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferers at once : it produces natural
ouiet sleeo by relieving the child
from tain, and the little cherub
awakes aa "bright aa a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the rums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
Facie Tom's Cabin BnrnedOnt
Colcmbus, O , May 18. A fire b'oke
out in tha staae scenery while Uncle
Tom'i Cabin wfs bting presented at
Wttftdrviile. thia county, ls: night.
wi!dsc neo! ccnfiidiou followed. The
list of huraed a'.d injured is as ill
lows: Mrs. Wherry, (5. H. Matthews
W iilio Freer, vviu. Knox, wils an
chili'. L. C. Hon"'-, A. J. Dtlamaier,
Waller Ashtr, Willie llayrten, Ad
Marklev, M'S. Ada:np, fcn actres.'
Hairv Evans is Tr ju'fd prnba'ily fatal,
ly. Tr,e fire was extinguished with
out lots to tbe buildini'.
A Colored Man'a Koiuantie Career.
BesTos, Mass., May 10 A pimp
burial s-rv ce whs reBd thi afte moo
over the reoia'tis of John Thomas,
i bukio, wiioje lae bad been cnasua.i
romantic. Ha was born on a planta
tion near Aunapolir, Ml, six y-four
years airo. He grew up, knowing onl
tUewlllrf bis master. To bim he
was faithful and obedient, and, b
ttuse of this, be was let to tbe owneis
of foreign vessels as steward, his mus
ter receiving all hie earnings. While
on one of tbere voysgss, in lUHimore,
be made the acquaintance of a French
mulatto girl and won her love. Sio,
too, was a slave, but, eocu af erfiret
"quaiutsnce, her master died, acd in
bis will gave her her freed. m. The
one obstacle cow in the wav of their
marriiigu waa the claim which his
maeter had on young Tbomas. Her
worldly possessions amounted
to $10, and, going to his
owner, she gave bim tiut amount,
both promiirg t wotk nntil they
bad satirfied the mastar's c'a m. But
the owner s t bis pri e at .'M and
becouiug discouraged Ht the outlook,
tt hr suirz'S'ion, John escaped one
niuht and ild to Cariad i, wbero sve
soon followed him. Hero they were
ru irried and lived and lab red to
gether, until just before the war. They
rviiuvid to Boetoii wlieu the war
broke out. He shipped as a aesman
on the Huron, aud served nutil tbe
end. His only son, who hid now
grown nearly to manhood, was also
enlisted in the service, after bis re
turn he went into the laundry work,
and for many years bid been a wel
come visitor at some o! II -aeon Hid'a
most aristocrstic homey. Ho was rich
in the fritndphip of bis ffllow meu.
Marriage of a Well-Know Socle J
B lie New Hotel.
ConiNTii. Miss, May '8 Mr. J. C.
P ice, of Lynchburg, Va, and Mies
Un Muggins, a lending bono ol tins
place, was niarri. d this morning at
the residence of the bride's father, the
Rev. J. W. Mitchell ollicuiting. Mr.
A. A. Weille, of Detroit. Mich., acted
as best man. Immediately after tho
ceremony the wedding parly took the
:;t0 o clock tain lor ino roast oi
Florida to spend a few weeks, and
from thence to Northern cities nnd
ntcririL' iilni'cs. Tho cotiulo left with
the best wishes of tin ir many friends
for their future welfare and happiness.
Tho people of Corinth are becoming
rv excited over the prospects of a
4(1,00(1 hotel to be built at the junc
tion of the two lailroads within the
ext ninety days.
Km-Prentdenf Arthur's Condition.
New Yobk. May 18.-Ex-Pres d ntH
Arthur is reported t be tt adiiy ira-
oving. He expects to ao out lor a
drive to-morrow or lLursdny n me
wc-a'her U fine.
Scrofula of Lunss Ite-
I am now forty-nine yeari old, and bavo
anffered for the lant fitteen yeari with alung
trouble. Several member! of tha family oa
my mother'! lide of the hou'e had diod with
coniumption, and tbe doeto a wera all
agreed in their opinion that I had eeniump
tioa also. I had all the diitremini lymp-
tomi ot that terrible direaae. I have "pent
thousand! of dollar! to arreit the march 0
thia dlieaaet I hare employed all of tba
uaual method!, not only in my own care,
bat in the treatment of other member! o
my family, but temporary reliof waa al
that I obtained. I waa unnt for any manua.
labor for teve-al yean, uy cnanoe i came
ir.tr. nnfiMiinil nf HI liamohlet OH lflOOd
and Skin Diaeaaei," from the office of bwilt
SpeoiUo Co., Atlanta, Ha. A friend reoo u-
' J .1 .... kl,l', MiMkAiAc. clulmln
that he himeelf had been greatly benefited
by it! use in aome lung trouble". I reiolved
to try It. About lour yoan ago I ooinmenceil
to take S. H. S. according to direction!. 1
found it an Inviaorating tonic, and have nteu
about fifty botlle". The re ulta are molt re
markable. My oougn naa ioiv iuo, hit
atrength baa roturned. an;l I 1 weigh liaty
pounds more than I ever did in my tit". It
been three years aince l eioiiiieu vne
ue of tne mediciue, out l nave no. no re
turn of tbe dineane, and there are no pain!
orweaknesafeltin mylung!. Idothe hard
est kind of mechanical work, and fool as
well aa I ever felt ince I wai a boy. T. ee,
1 anow.are wnnuermi iiiinmnnii i"
lint I am honest when I lay that I owe my
a k.aith I a. o tn hwirt a hoe-
cifla. It lithe only meuioino iuv
me any permanent relief I do not lay tnal
u.-;r.'. tr,.;n,. sill do thia in ovoryoaao.
but mot poaitively afhrm that it haa done
this much for me, and I would be rccrenn t
tn the duty I owe to iUtToring humanity if 1
failed to bear thia cheerlul teitiraony to the
inerita of thia wonderlul medicine. 1 am
,uii irftnwn in thn citv of Montgomery, and
can refer to aome of tha best cititenii In the
Montgomery, A i.. June in, ;vw.
Swiitri BueoiSo entirely vegetable.
Treatise on Ttlond and Ikln Discuses mailed
free. TUKSW It 1 M -aui r it v,ij.,
Irawer3, AUanta, Ua. New iork, 157 W
aid street.
l Ar.i Mr. ll.tiie W. Milir.r. No. tH.VIar
8all avenue, Memphii. Ttnn., alter an -.-..i.
r .1 . .nit attlu a'sislen her
reo ivery from malarial fever. She consid
er! It a molt vaiuao.e meuiciue
The Great Soutrnrn Remedy for all
There are very lew who do not know of this
llltlc hush growing alonicatoi- of our mountains
and lillln: but very fw tntWiie llic nu t, tlrn
the lltllo purple Deny, v hli li an many of ua
have eaten In mnal every eUap-.itli'''"' " l'n
clple lu It liavur a woiiiHTful ellert on Uie
txiweU. Ir Hl'er a 11 ucklctierry t onllal la
Ui,kKT h'.pii ii SKfuv Hist rmiorfS
tup Utile one teelhina. and cures DUrruoa
U wnwry anrl I rump l'l(c:
W hea It l ciiiie"'ri-d Umt at IMaaeasonof
Ihevear aurtd'n niiu iihk'i'Oii. altars, oi m"
tMt,v',.h a, ho fieuii' "t, and we lienr nr wi many
.1 In luLn.
,a l.'-lle. Mnnvfr,
I I! S
'. VT ''II
I ;a l.ir ,
I Mall,
a-It. II,. .1 a ,
I haa..
I ., ..,
ilirru Inrtant relief. Flnaleureln
1 IJLtja. ten days, and n.ver returns.
Nopurre, nornlve. uo suppoit"ry. fci u ITe r -
ers w
, l learn ail " naat.a'.c a-- uaa;,i , - -js
".Mine- fT. .' M H I V . 7a N -a o at ..N.Y:
IKON III 1 1 111
tnnerfert hearth Mrs. .. tlraien,
rr... Van.-e and Walnut a.-rcef, MempSis.
T. -Ken .he had eliills and tev. r
wa so weak she could hardly walk,
tirely regained her strenrtb.
lie en-
uYiillu ox-urriiiit n-nire a imivmi iiui e,,n
cillej In, It l lriM-rlant tl.al rirry nmiw
hntd sh'N,l pr..v.l ll,Mnlve-, wa Is la Millie
ip.e,ly n..r. i..i.,-e.,f v.1,',,1, will r.,'V alia
fa. in a.,. a,.- " az.jrt.-lj-, !' i.
t(,...l.l... i '.,rt! Il lawia.,U'r i-.uaV.i w.il.n
I..' rllil l i-. hi
V ; C9l,S 5l m - 1
lrr:nrAl Willi pH'itl rt'Krtrvt t. lii-sttii.
.: Aaimiiii:i, i,imo drAlutu.
cmic oo. wt. i nint
Forty rears a Sufferer from
"FOR VOrtTY YEARS I have Wn avto
tlm lo CATAKUU-thrise.-fouTthn nt the tiro
a iulferar from KXI'HUIIaTINU PAINS
TRILS. The dichariceii vera to offeruWe
that I beeitate to uentioa it.eieept lor the
good it mnr do loine other iiifierer. 1 have
pent a youna lortune from my earnintri
aurina my forty yer of oderliiK to obliiin
relief Irom the dootoM. I havetried puteiit
ntedioinet every one 1 could learn of trom
the four oornera of the earth, witl no relief.
And AT LAST (57 yeari of age) be met
with a remeiiy that haa eared me entirely
made me a now man. I weighed 12" round",
and now weigh Ho. I used thirteen bottlei
of the medicine, and the only regret I hiiv;
i, that being in the humble waika of Ine I
.- k.v. InSllAIlM Ul lireTflil Ott ftl I Ca-
Urrh lurTerori to at whathu euied uie
(iulua's l'loneer Blood ltenewer.
" No. 27 Eeoond ttreet, Macon, Ua.
M- nn rtiKvea. the writer of the
ove, formerly ot Crawford county, now of
Macon, (la., ineriti tbt eonfldence of ail In
Ureaud in caurrh. W. A. H''FK.
"KX-Aiayoroi naeon.
a snriKB
Qalnn's Pioneer Blood Kenewer.
Curea all Rlood and Skin Diicane", Rhnuma-
t'iin, horolula, Uia Corel, n perioci opnug
Medicine. ..,.,. i
if not in your market, it will be forwarded
on receipt of price, bumll bottlee, II, large,
.1' n, 1 . , t' 1. 1 T . - 1 1 -.1
asaay on dioou ana oam viidmm wnnu
gfaeon, urarain.
han used In the family of Mri. Laura
J . Johnson, Ml Main street, Memphis, lenn ,
for bilious lover and clnlli wnu most aat s
factory resulU. It Is their ilandard family
OfWe aak-1. tat .Mem uurnrsd au,l U
laj uhai an amlaenl pAwstctoa ho So nv wnon lAe awojenlr
" I have derived perUeeletly gvatlfrmg raaulU trom the nae ot Tongllne In eseea ef trsmenoirrtea. M
the siesrfaUd oirhnaiUl. oon.lltlon. and a ehmate su h.m this dlMasa, who 14 beea idrives,
anaosSio the ve ol uuaoJty by hr monthly saSwiuga, Its artlon bas Imb mnet aatafactiiry. It alii"
Wiaoeisoin. """ . 3ded n,4 with but little dMeomfors. I eoeld saeuUoa
7i .VSLntr. not tula ia a
For ease by all Dnigglsta.
Prtra (I per bollle.
EJIvliClMvl SGo
Old Stand, No. 9 Union St., Momphis.
Fulmer. Thornton m Co
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
'Crab Orchard Water
IOonnlne Crab Orchard 8nlts In sealed pjc1
csia nar.HSSD' V TtTst CO., Pn
SLEDGE UROSof Corao, Mlaa.
Mo. 3fi!t Tro nt Strt
NA.r0LF.0N HILL. President. W.N.WILKERSON,VIc-lrMMe
II. J. LYNN, Cashier.
MemBis Citf Fire & Gen 1 Ins. Co
Oflie 19 MnltKnNtreet, Memphis, Tenn
4.NDEEW BTEWAKT, Hew OrieaiiA.
Wholesal e Grocers, Cot. factors
sujisciiinis von
rrt PAttK AND OKLtJD-0n
the ereit of the Allot hiniei, within the
famontUlade teclmn, directly on tbe line of
the B. and O. NoH'are Ri, er nr 'HuaTrene
lem AH Liniied Kxvr.ii Traini Stop.
With the new and vnparal eifd ft tched
on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
thee loTely twin reiort are beyond all om-
E an Kin the molt adyantarenatly located,
ui h ad to train errice and lurrvuodiDgi. oi
anyeaatol the Rockiea.
Neaaun Uprnn Jnne 3Sd. No Fliea.
No Mofquitoea. No lly Fer No Malaria.
Deer I'ark and Oakland, the one being but
lit milee dlitant Irom the o h?r with the
Hi oit charming drive oonnccling Ihem will
he nn.lvr tne mana.emeni oi nr. n. a.
WALKKR. who, in h three waaoni man
agement, haa made many enthu-iaatic frlendi
ol th glorioua reaorU Ail cnmuiuniotiona
huuld be addreoned to W . J. N aikcr, Quoen
City Hotel, Cumberland, Md , up to June
l;,lh. A tir that date, eitker liecr I'ark or
Onkland, Md
RA'IKS MO, tTS and IVO ror inenth, ac
cording to locationa.
The U. and yompany nn prea no ri-
penne in rendering iwr r im unu onm
the hading Mouniain ltooMof the ham.
and for Ihi on ol iwmie ur iumi win
be..f a character not hilherl i nmnled, and
tbe cninineot both hue unc n-olled.
kir.t-cl Laundry, riue L.very. Ele-
gant rew Hnthlng l'o da. .
J ne nnesi P'aro ur vuuw,- .
l lotolycured Mim Kthol tiui.thnriie, M
Hi 1 ureit. Vem.h Tenn. of nruuilcia.
from wh ch rhe (uttered nca-lv a year. Two
boltieionlyjrere nquired In do tha work.
And Iron Roofing.
I'lrr, Wlad, Water aad llnhtrlna;
rr buitahl for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
oall en or addrosa
4:18 A 410 Main it., and ill A Zt Mulberry it.,
He ad(iirtrs for Iron Fsncrs and Cresting,
Ualviiuired Iron l'ornioe,Tin hoof A Moves.
been u-od bv Mrs. Mary Hill, 2tA Lin
den s'reet, Momphla, Tcnn., forliverlrouble
and mulariit with groat bonetll. She calls it
especiiillyvaluiililo lorhoiue ue.
J. F. 1I0LST &BI10.,
(avcfassoRS to a. a. holst a bbo.
Funeral Directors,
820 WAIN ST., JTCEWril I
ACl'LL snd eomplete itook of food and
Mstulllo Cues and Oasheta, Oloth-Cor.
ered Caaketsana llurlal HoImi always on
hand, njr Oideri by UlosTaph iiromptly
ramarkaole . " T. W. FRAltER, At. IS.
Sole PropVKW
DYsrnrsiA, i
Cunsuoitiaa. I
A Rcmmtv fur alt Macaw, of the Uror. Kid- m
nrvn. Msninnrk ami Itnwrla. A ivailln'E
cure for ISy.sseswila, sssrk HosulaM-lKS I
eDonalltwtlua, IHhw, I to I lutapaailiila. I
at ioihmicis. No Ronuluesalteaol'l Inlniia.i
' f rjt . 3u.iX
. .'at' . -j vti- . . .. ., .
n n n rF
II II El V w
1 tC5l
tj a 'm f a J3r
rop'ra. Hivnm 'v. Jllr 't,?;, Jwf
F. X. NORFLEET, Itesldent Partner.
MiTiThR' Tstt
F a CO.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $i50,t00.
"Wa ate lrco, etiV lAnl aaperww. A
arrn .! r ail lit AfowlWr oaa Owef
lerl ftsvunui Lowswaaa SUttt tVoaeni
toapaa. and n ptnon saaauaoe amd eontroi
(Ae ImivMii laraMt.., aaat tiat IA. "
are ton a t . lt nil Aox-erg, eerwsn naa i
food fatl loirurd aUiilM.SMlal aatAorue
lit. rVefHiag lo aer Ait ixrli-mK, n(A fne
tmlr. of omr avnv'iMres ftaoAa, , tn t. aia
Wt, th4 nndrriinrd, Banlm amd flnaWs.
rill pny all Pri eV.ixK ta Tkt fwtiiaa
Mnla UilUrin wAtcA mat be sjraaialsd al ear
J. II 4I.KJslT,Pra. La. Hal'l Rank.
J.W.KIl.nRKTll.Prra.MtaaaBlat'1 Bk
A. BALIS WIS, fr. R. m. Rat. Rk.
U Over lluir Mi'lloD Uldtributtd.
liOulsiana State Lottery Co.
Incorporated in lloefor twenty-lv rear
bv the Legislature for Educational and
Coaritable j urpoies with a eapiul of II,
),i to which a rw'erve fund ot evera'od,
0"J has linoe been added.
lly an overwhelming popular ota its
franehise was made a part ot the ureaeut State)
C.nstitution, adopted Deoembar Sd, A.U.
II U rand Nlngla SeieaerDn.
iBH.vtlll lnle plnr mwnlhly. tamr
n-nlti or poatpoacs. Look at tbe following
Extrnordinnrjr (Jnarterlj Drawlrtf
In tho Academy of Music, Now Orleans,
Tnratlay, Jam 13, laws,
I'nder the perianal supervision and man
aaemeiit ol
Utn..T. lloanreaard.orLoalatana, and
Wn. JnbalA. r.xiiy.ol Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
sarNOTll'K-TickeU are Tn Dollars
ul. Halves. t. iifUu, IM.
Tenths, HI.
1 Capital Prise of. 1S0,SiI
I llraud Prise
l Orand Prise
ViU.OHI .. 'J),l
lllS )....... itl.tWO
6,IMU .. 2U,I
l.uisi 'jn.im
Mai......... ii.f0
UK). 4H,Wa)
lil , WI.UsJ
9 l.Hrtf. l'riaus
4 l.nrge Prises of...
2u Prises of
Mi Prises of.
lis) Prises of
Visl Prises of -
ftil Prises of ...
ltitiO Prisei of. 60 6u.W
ArraoiisMTioa rmixaa.
lisl Apprnilination I'risei of land...
pl Appnixl-natlon Priaos of Ml..,
lul Approxiuiallou Priaoa ol 7&...
Xn'J Prises, amounting to......... tnSi.MQ
Application for rate to elubi should bo
ma I' only to tbe oflloo of tho Company at
New Orleans. , ,
For lurtlier Information wtIU clearly,
gWln. full address. FsassTAI. sstsTW., Kg
press Moner Orders, or New Xork Kichanga
In ordiuary loiter. Currency by li press tat
our espense), addressed
31. A. IAI Flll,
Naw strloana, In.
Or Mt. A. IAI
Waahlnsiian. I. V..
or at Wesltioarl HU, snplata, Trne
Mats I. U. Mo"T Order pujable
and addn'iw KcitiHlcrod Loiters to
Now Orlatsa. I .a.
Suburban Residence Lots I
These eholeo rosldenoo Iota of ampla dl
noniion.il. IN TUK VHKY OKN'f KR of a
locality already famous lor ua ana aoeieir
and Its beau'itul and atlraotive rosidenees.
These lots front on wide avenues, and aro
eonneot.d with the oitr by two railroads
whia'h uffaird four daily train, oaeh way, and
by a anod eravol raid otor irhieh tba
Oan tie reuoneu ny urive in a.ia, ,u,uv...
Krom any part of theso ironrds the er
ean In any direeti an taka la the most Kl-sV-OA
NT RKSIOKNrK-landtke.ivo.1 .t littlev
COTTAU hi HO.M KS, aivina tho srmst oj'oolo
liveevidonooofth. (act tl.at RIUHT UBRi
Is TUK loeatlon lor suharbsa homes, away
from the noise and dust of tht citu ana
part from tbe oonvenleuoo of jaasin. tralna
on railroads, 11 atlor.li a NslVT AMD COM
I'LKTK URAVEU i1K8 tom Maanolu to-
""hViiealtli of thia looallty h frotorblsJIr
"'Tho tale will take plaoeoettie premlaoa .
(Macnolia), on
TiitHMlny, 25th May,
at 11 o'oleek a.m. Terno-Ooo-tblrd eeeh.
one-third In twelve months and nne-third
in twenty-lour months, with intoreit at
per eent per annum.
Traini at 111 o'clock a.m. and 12 o'eloek
naaon, from corner of Main and llraiidway to
tbe sale and return free to bidders. ,
Reasonable refr.sbtnents by Jacob Btem-
kAhLL PURCU A8KR8 will be required to .
close up every purchase bv signing sale.--book
on the arounds aud paying 10 per sent.
Title pirfect.
V. W. R8YPTBI CO., Palesmen.
Purveyed hv J. H. llnmphreys, U. B.
plctoly eradicated malarial polsen
from tbe systsm of the little son ail Mrs.
I'en roe, I'atl Poplar street, M.mphis, Teno.,
whon suH'rrina fmm chills and fever, tiul--ninejiiiled
'o benefit liim.
Probuto Court Sale Ifeal Estate.
No. MS, R.D -ln the Probst. Conrtol Shel
by County, Tenn.-T. J O'Meil, aduiioil
tratur, vs. Caih. Klloa O'Neil.
tV virtue of a dcr?fa.r .ale, entered fa
this cause oa Apri' ld"l, niinotobook
4ii, pa.es M, etc , I will sell lo the hiahest
bidder, st public auction, la front of leo
oourt-houso door, on Main strait, on
nalardar, Majy B3, IHH,
within Ie. al bonrs, tho tollowinar described
real ostat.. to-wit: A Bertram i leco or par
eel of land, situated, in Memphis, Tsnn.,
oommencina on the weot stale nf Main street,
aod runnlnar thence north 'JHYi feot theneo
wo.t 14a1. teet to Ceeur alley i thence south
along said alley 3TH met to a it.ke, jand
thence east llS feet to the beatnnii'a. Thy
aid 1. 1 is the sa.utn hall of lot No. 1 3, and
Is situated at tbe Intcr-eotiwa o the north
side of the first alley f uih of and parallel
with Overton street with Main street. Tha
aid sale will be mbje t to rihtot Boma
siaad ol Catb. Kllou U'eU in said real es-
UTe'rm of Sale On a er dlt ot seven (7)
months; the purchaser to execute note witbv
surety, and alien will be retained to seeuro
unpoln pur-base money. Kdtiaty ol realeuaa
taon barred. "rgfU.
Bt li. I.. McDonald, Deputy Ueia.
Wm. M. Randolph, Boljcitor.
Pl'R?t'AVT to a decree rendered by ths
t'hsncnrv Court at Nashville, st its Oo
tober term, lHa, and entered of reoord at
page 1, Minute Book No. 'SI. In the cssooi
Samuel Perkins vs John S. Claybrook aod
otbers, nu'ice ia kerebv aiven that 1 will ex
pose t a public sale, at t e eonrthoti.-e alnar at
Memphis, Tennes.ee, npo" tho terras bero
inatier set out, at 12 o'clock m., on tbe
Std day of Mar, 1SM8.
tba Mlowina described pmrerty, all situats
In tie Tasina Distrut of ebtlby oounty,
Tennessee, t--wit: ....
Lut No. ., west side of Anct.oa Panare,
Lot No. I'Vi, sou'h si oof Auolion Square.
Lot No. Second stro
Lot No. t'a, corner ol" Overton and Thirds
14' loet I'luare,
S.auth halt li.tM Pejcnd street.
L it 1H and pin lot 141. westeido cf MaiO
street, taetween Market and V inchester Jls,
lerms of Sn'e One-..ur'h esh. and alio
bilance on e-eaiils ol ta, 1J, 14 and 24 months:
inte-esf benrinar nofes rcnuircl fa.r dottrreal
i.avuieuts, and lien rdainej. wa'. freetrviii
aia.ciai Cooidiissioncr.

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