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m f the Difficulty Which Re
mlted In So Much Losi
of life.
Mahtwbviiae. Va., Mav
rreater tragedy ha occurred in ir
einin in a decado than tliat which
fills thU town with kIooui and excite
merit In a lipht lt evening on a
crowded streft nian shots were
fired, and, as a result, Jacob Terry, a
young farmer, is dead, and the Ufo
Llood olive two brother, W. K. Terry
and Ilenjamin Terry, fast ebbing
away: Col 1. 1. Spencer, a pronn
nent business mitn and manufacturer;
Tarlton l?rown, prr l.rictnr ot liiown s
tobiceo warehouse; li. L. Jones, a sa
loon keep r ; K. L. (iregory, a hotel
clerk, and Sandy Vartin are all dan
gerously wounded. All the parties
are prominent in the business life of
this rlacc nd well known in South
ern Virginia. Paturdnv night an
anonymous circular was issued and
posted up all over town. It
a young business man, and bis father,
the late William Terry, a prominent
citixen. Yesterday morning Terry
telegraphed for his two brothers, J. K.
and Benjamin, living at Aiken Station,
twenty milts away. They arrived at
1 p m., and after a brief consultation
went to tho printing-office and de
manded the author of the crd. The
printer told them it was Col. P. 1).
Spencer, a member of the Town Board
and one of the leading business men.
list evening, soon after tho tobacco
factories had closed for the day, and
the streets were fil ed with operative
re'urning from their work, tho Terry
brothers ttarted in tho d rection of
Spencer's factory When about half
way there they were met by Snencer,
with his brother and several friends.
W. K. Terry addressed a few words to
Spencer, who told him not to shoot.
Just then some one
The scene that followed beggars
description. Forty shots were tired.
W. K. Terrv was shot from the rear,
the ball entering near his spine, and
1. dg ng in his light breast Jacob
Terry was shot through tho neck and
in ths Itody. Spencer was shot in tho
hip and his bnsiness partner, Tarlton
Brown, received two balls in the
groin and is thought to be fatally
woun'ied. R. I Jones, a saloon
keeper, R,. U Gregory and Sandy
Martin ara an scnouxiy tiurt I lie
last two were hit by stray balls. Tho
Terrjsare woll known and occupy a
High social position. XNono oi mem
are married. It is believed Brown
and ths two Terrya will 11 vo but a few
jAUtr.Vfm. Terry and Tarlton
Browu are mcr. ally wounded. Spencsr
and the other partes will probably
recover. All ths hnsloesi huuiei In
Martinsville are rioted to-day.
Ths MontAsgle Annual is a woll ar
ranged handbook that tilveaall net dd
information ts to the Sou' hern Chan
tauqna. It is true it ia dinflnared by
advsrtispmetiU on alternate pases.
but tbs matter and Illustrations re
deem that fault, since it Is lbs only
book oo the anbjoYt before toe publiu.
Addreis William II. Morrow, Wash
Tills. Gbobbs W. Cablitok, whore name
for mors than a quarter of a century
has been idenHtltd with American
books and authors, has retired from
businefs and lion the pobliihing firm
ol U. W. Unrleton A Oo. Ths btuiomi
will be coDtinUfd as heretofore by ths
remaining partner, 0, W. Dillingham.
Mr. Car I. eon, with bis family, will
spend ths lutumer in Europe.
' Tas Mario o a Voir, a novel by
Margaret RtntftH Maclarlane, which
Messrs. Casietl A Oo. have in press, is
Story of country lift among the
higher c'avwi s of Meeklsnbtir. It is
a rati ileal novel and the obaranters are
drawn from lit'. The author's style
is simple and direct, and ths glory has
a special interest on account of the
information it gives In regard to the
mancere and customs of a type of
Merman society , rarely presented to
the novel reader.
In ths May number of the Dutch, a
nagailne where the needle-woman is
always sure of finding timely and
practical fiiggts'lo' S for making useful
articles and for decorating the home,
number of directions f r needle
work are given which mill helps great
many wom-m to empliy profitably
their sutnmrr vaeatloLS. Crocheting
and knitting, to which the magazine
it especially devoted, ire well repre
sented by lllus la'ionp, and working
directions for making many pretty
and useful garments. Bead-work,
which prorabes to become as popular
as in the olden limn, has an article de
voted to it. and other special papers
describe Russian embroidery and the
revivod Makart bocqnets.
Tns p'see of honor In CaavU'i Fam
ily Magmim fcr June is given to the
serial, "A Wil ful Young Woman,"
which is one of the bast stories that
have been published ia thismagasine.
The other torial, ' Lyndon ol High
Cliffs," cmes to an end in this num
ber, and the end we think will gratify
those who hive followed its course.
"The Ornies of the Spendthrift" is an
Interesting acoonnt of a tcientifio cruise
in Liverpool Bay. Mr. Fronde's visit
to "Ooeana" is diacuaaed, and there is
a portrait of tbe historian given, which
Aiows that be bas changed very much
since h i first trip to America. Other
articles of. equal interest make up a
anrabcr of surpassing interest. Mani
fold baa it for tale.
. Taa frontiapieje of the Majazint of
AH for Jons is ConrUble'a Hay-Wain,
a picture for which the original owner
gava about X70, and whieh was re
cen ly pnrchiued for a .-.bulooe sum
and presented t) the National Uallery
by a Mr. Vaughn. "Guilford" is the
subj jct for a molt enticing pen and
pencil study. This paper is followed
by one on Alexander Cabaoel, wbo,
though we may not personally care
(or his art, has many and entbuMastic
admirers. A por'Mit of tbe paintar is
given, al'O a leprodaction of his fa
mous "Deedeniona." Following close
opon ihi heels of this is a paper on
"rioms English Oairiages," which are
illustrated by romnenrions ruts. "The
Cottage Countess," by which is mrunt
fcitah, saooie of Henry Owoil, Krl
of Kxeler, is tbe subject of the
paper on "Ths Rmunc nf Ait."
Next we have a si iri'ed pave,
"Driving Horses in Hnngvy," fr m
the original of Heioiith La ig. An
article that will ii,Urt all metal
worker is . one on "Celtic Mi-'al
Work," dnr'ng the Christian pe:id
Charles IX'i t' e p-nti'e ratf'Oni
tbe French Renaissance. Tin i..oiii
and p:ctrjre is by ii&ruM B ul on and
Cbune Wl.ymi.fr. An impunaat
contribnt'oi to tins nrj"bfr i.f the
jcg.x ne u an aiticle on . 6. Mtr's
"Japnaae H'mes and Their Fur
o .i.i: n a,' L. W" i a a :k'c au ,
than whom no one i better calculated
to WTite upon this subject. If tbe tn-
f raver has not flattered the work of
ler Royal and Imperial Highness ths
Crjwn Princess ot Gernuny, she cer
tainly is s clever artitt and bas talent
beyond that usually pnasested by
royalty. An inteiesting paper on
"NeeaJework s Ait" and a copious
sopply of notes close a very entertain
ng number.
Ths Amibioas Book-Makbb
Mav has been leceived. Tin Book
Mahr shows a steady improvement,
und is the beet publication of tbe kind
ever Issued on this sine ot toe Atlan
tic. Orders for subscription shonld be
sent to Howard Lickwood, publisher,
No. 126 and 128 Diune street, New
Tbe Mnperlorlly of the Ilaane Prod,
rl Over Fsrclca ImparMliOBB
omacn Klcelctf.
Washikotok, Msy 18. The Na
tional Vitictiltural Asciation ac
sembied to day and the Oommifsioner
of Agriculture deliveied the open ng
address. He said in part : "It wm
not so much tbe consideration of the
importance el tbe grape in totinecticn
with its dietary aud domestic uses as
in the manufacture of pure American
wines and the protection of them from
adulterated compounds toa: this na
tional tonvonli -n wa called. As a
nation we may well feel pioad of what
we nave accomplished m me ibst m y
yesrt, dating Lack to the eaily Dei li
ning t Cincinnati and other sections
We can produre wines even now
which can enter Inlocompetllion with
the choicest vintages t f Europe, where
wino-making hts been foil ) wed for
thousands f vears, and baj been fos
tered and encomagsd by government
aid. Here the industry bai bad ti
taks cars of itself, and it has grown
np and made iti way by tbe simple
plmk and energy ol it) f jl'owers. Not
only this, but wo have had our hobt
brands presented It tbe public nnder
French and r ttier foreign label", and
only the indiflereiit cms presented as
American wines. But ws have grown
siring enough now to insist on our
rights and to itand on our own menu.
And to promote this now ordr of
things this National Viticuni M uon
Vention liai been called. We claim
admittance and recognition among the
nations of tbe earth as a wlne-prudiic
ing ccuntry the falnst and greatest
the Cna'or has mads. We are tho
tivals and surcenslul competitors in
the greatest markets tf the world with
a must every otber product ( l indus
try and ekili. agricultural and ra cban-
I os. Wo also want to bo in the came
of true temperance. Ws want to fur-ni-ih
the nations with the chearo't.
tbe most wholesome and beneficial
beverage purs wine from the grai e.
Ws want to give fhs American people
American wine if they use wine at
all without adulters ion. Americans
ought to drop ths false ptide which
causes them to think that they
ought to have something "far
fetched aud dear bought" when at the
foative botrd. Tbey stionld encourage
home industry, discard i rencb labels
and French pr oes lor borne products
when a thorough trial bai proved
American prod no s tbe superior. A
part, at least, of the imported wines
are inferior in purity and quality to
our California product. It is certain
that California products have been
ought in foreign markets, and almoet
equally certain that tome have been
returned either mixed or manufact
ured nnder a foreign nams. It is evi
dent that time and use will eduoate
tbs tate lor na ive wines, and tbat
impoita ion will decline and exporta
tion advance by rapid stridiw, keeping
at horns the money paid for foreign
v n'nges, which amounts to over S7,
000,000 per annum in tho last five
years, and bringing still larger annual
revenue f om the exoort trade."
Tbespe aker atsome length deeorhVd
the uuttbodsof munafacture and the
coinpjnent parts of adulterated wines,
and concluded as follows: "The bran
dies of California aie pnre and infinitely
superior to tbe deus'able concocilous
that bear foreign brands end are marked
at prices that are at once a means
of deception and a source of ftandu
leiit income. It is the statement of
M. Girard, chief ol the Municipal Lab
ralory of Paris, that forty yeais ago
even-eigh'hs of the brandy was pure,
but that ot 60,000,000 gallousnow pro
duced annually not one per cent, ot it
Is fioiu grapes, giain, heels, potato 30,
etc., being its principal eouroes. In
view of this tUtauiont this fact, ss it
is recogniied to be, what folly it ia lo
discrimir.at against native pioduciion
and endanger tho publio health to
justify a sentimental teiollection of
iheviituescf the primitive ognac."
The CommisHcner also ipake of the
rapid growth of the iairin industry of
California and predicted for it a most
am cat etui future.
Tne following officers were elected:
Preideit, Charles A. Wetmnre of
California; B. F.Clayton of Floiida,
recrttary. Members of the Viticul
turat C un il : J, 8. Newman of Ala
bama, T. J. Hose and H. W. Crabb of
California, D. Cook of Mirsnnri, A. W.
Pearson tl New Joey, G. K. Dewey,
1). Bander and J. W. Davis of New
York, the Hon. W. J. Gien of Noitb
Carolina, J. J. Lncistf SjuthCiro
lina, G. W. Cimpbell of Ohio, T. V.
Munson ot Texas, M. O. Randall ot
Tenn, n. T. Lyman ol Virginia, the
prts duntand secretary bel ng e x oflic io
aemoers of the council.
Arkaaaaa Kalahmer PyUiliM.
Littlb Rock, Ark., May Ex
tensive preparatlors are being made
tor the lecet tion ot grind officers and
members of the crder of Knights of
Pythias in this ri'y next Thursday, on
the occasion ef the annual meeting of
thit order. Pioneer Division, No. 7,
of Li tie U.rk, will receive and enter
tain eint-r diviihrs during the ses
sions. Dmon, No. .1, ars'.rtsd by Bay
ard and Barbarosw lodgrs, have pro
vided an eUbnrate programme, and it
iaint nJed tbat the coming conclave
nf tbe order in thin city shall be the
in st btiiliar.it of any ever held in the
Stikte. Hyde's new opera-house has re
cently been convsit-d into an elegnnt
ball-ioom to be used on Thursday
night, when tbe banquet takes place.
The crder is very prosperous in Ar
kinais. and it is expected situs of tbe
State's leading citizens will participate
in the coming seg-ion. Already the
ri y bss assumed a holiday appear
ance, most of oar bneineee houses
baing profusely d-vorated.
they Are Rot Worry.
There is one thing nobody ever re
grets that io, the day ibey first adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular fam
ily medicine. lis runge is so wide,
and its good elT.tti bo eure, that noth
ing else, except grind nursing, are
needed in a great iwj rity of cases.
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will cot
require any pi alee rom us.
Proap'cta Tor the Summer Very Fair,
bat Largely Dependent on the
Laber Agitation.
riiaiDEi j-uiA, May 18. Four com
binations of employ era were formed
last week in the New England and
Middle States, representing 38,000
workii gmen. The movement is en
couraged by leaders of labor organiza
tions, who beli-ve that this will lead
fOHter to tbe arcentnco of arbitration
and to the establishment of wages by
scales or schedules.
Business hat not improved percep
tibly for a week. Large buyers are
wa ting to judge what will be the out
come of thethorter hour movement.
InveHtments aggregating into millionH
are waiting for the word "go." The
outflow of gold will be brief. An
early deprrssion in prices fn bread
stuffs is probable.
Tbe iron and steel production con
tinues at 110,01X1 tons per week for
crude iron,7000 tons per day for rolled
iron, and 28,000 kegs per day for nails.
The steel rail output is at present 50( 0
tons per d-y, suilicient to lay sixty
miles of track per day. The totul con
suniition of coal per hour, day and
night, is 12,000 t ns.
The production ef iron, steel, coal
and lumber is steadily increasing, and
tbe output of the current year will be
not less than 10 per rent, gr aterthan
last year; in thr-e items, 20 per cent.
Buyers are stili holding off, owing to
tho labor disturbances, which threaten
to extend and involve as many es
, 00,000 workers. The Congresi of
Trades Unions is in session this week
in Philadelphia, and sixty unions,
representin 128,000 workmen, are
liuildo's and architects report from
Boston, New York and Chicago tliat
by June 1st a general revival of build
ing will take place, provided labor
troubles quiet down. Lumber dealers
are making summer contracts for
white and yollow pine in 1 rge quanti
ties at lost year's p ices. Brick makers
anil slate manufacturers have cloeed
large full contracts at full pric:S.
'1 he carpet, cloth, h siery and silk
manufac urers are wai ing for June to
pass before deciding on tho course for
tho lost half of the year. Wool Js de
clining in price and large quantises
aro arriving from abroad. Teitile
machinery makers report a sharp
1 ratio improvement. Four locomotive
ami six or seven largo car works book
fall orders for engines and cars.
The anthracite coal trade is strong
and active .and production is ten
thousand tons per day. The bitumi
nous s'riko continues snd thirty
thousand Utns per day aro kept out of
tho market. The purpose of manu
facturers is to advance tho prices of
nearly all kinds of manufactured pro
ducts flvo to ten p r cent, to cover in
creased lubor cost.
Money , continues phenomenally
abundant at the financial centers but
scane elsewhere, lenders are offer
ing conn ry bants funds to loan in
many cases to secure tho exceptional
nigu rural rates.
The trade prosperts for the summer
are fair, but very much depends upon
tno course ot lalor;agitations sun eg
the next two weeks. Prices incline to
weaken in several trades simply be
cause donmnd is checked.
There is a probabi itv of extraordi
nary railroad bui ding during the lost
half of the year. Largo loans are now
in process of negotiation for railway
and bridge building in the west during
tne next twelve or eighteen months
A Baltimore Blopemeat.
Baltimos, Mo., May 10. Henry
Lederer is trying to regain possession
of his pretty fourteen year-old daugh
ter, who recently eloped w.th R bert
L. Parker. The angry father bas tried
threats and persuasion, and even went,
out looking for the young man with a
revolver, but all to no purpose. His
daughter Celia will not leave her hus
band. Parker has been paying atten
tions to the girl1 for some time. Her
father forbado him the house, but
they mot outside. They finally eloped
and did not return for several dnvs.
Hie family were indignant on the
ground tliat the bride w. stoovoung.
The couple want to a boanling-liouso,
but her father appealed in front of the
hout and threatened to shoot IVrkcr.
They moved to another part of town,
but UielaUier still pursued, finally
Parker h-d his father-in-law arrested
and bound over to keep tho neaco.
now tne lather is more enraged than
Cleansed, Purified and Beautified by
tho Catlcnr Romedle".
For i-le&nsiof th fikln and PouId of Din.
fluurini Uinur, for allaying ltrhinr. Burn
In ana Inflsmiuntiop, for ouring- the 6rt
jrmptumt of Kpm, PioriRiia. Milk Crunt.
rSold llenl. bor"ful. mad other inharitnd
f-kin and Mood Pirn-wed, CtTloim, the
area! Bum Ultra, ana uutici m roap, an ri
qn.iiitaF.kia Uoautiflar, ternllr. and Cu
icuaa Rm)i,vaT,, the new Blood Purifier,
InUrnallr, are Infallible.
I kara auffured all my lifo with akin dia
kjel of different kindl end have never
leund ixrmanant relief, until, by the advice
of a lady tr end, I uied yi ur valuable Ccti
00 tUuiniaa. I (ave them a thorough
trial, mint aix bottlea of the Curiouai Ka
aitLTiiiT, two boxea ot Cuticuba, and (even
eekea of OuTirpaA Hoar, end the malt wai
jail what 1 had bean told It would be a
ooinalete care
HBiLiUE rtAUK, itioomona, VI.
W. Marihallst . Richmond, Va.
ALT BHtll H t'lIBED,
I waa troubled with Rail Rheum for a num.
her of jcere that the akin entirely came
off on of nf handg from the Baser t a to
tbe wriit. 1 tried remediea aod dootora'
ireaorinnnna to no rorpoie until I com
menoad takina Coticuea Kauaniaa. and now
I aa entirely cured. K. T. PAKEKK,
f7 Aorlbauiptoa Bt xtoaton, MaM.
For the lent Tear I bare had a enaoioa of
Iteoin. aoalr, and traly humora on my
face, to which I hive applied a great many
method of treatment without anooera, and
whiek wai ipeedilf and entirely ear.d by
OimcoaA. Mas. ISAAO PrtKUPS,
1 Kavena, O.
CHmepaA ItiHiniM are antd everywhere.
2e. Pre par, d by the PoiTaa Data ad
L.HKMIOAL uo.. ltoatoa, Men.
end for "flaw le rare SI k let Dla-
RRIIRQ Plmplra, Skin Bleralfhi"! and
UHUOa, Baby Uumora cured by Ctm
eiA(Mip. WD.tK B4'H, PAIN and
WeakeeR acroes ihe Kidneya,
Shooting Peine through the Loin,
lUerine Paiee, Lack of Str-ngth
nd Activity, iaxtntly relieved
end trodilv cw-.i by the Ci'Tt-
crr A?.Tr-Pii Hi.iTtce A Hrnvgi-t-. 2V.
" MM. A. Muller, No. 6.(7 Min etreet.
Ve-eph a. Tcnn.. uf chilli" and fever. Since
taking the remrdy rhe taa hod no return ot
the malndy, end rhe ooneidera it the bet
mainuy, end Fhi
edy in the world.
prrwna eeeklng Uovernment Euil
plorntent in any ot tne devartmente a
Wa-'iiington, or any other r0itiona unde'
the tloverrinicnt, I willeead lull inetractior.9
Al to how to rvvel to obtain theau.e.
and ItlanlA forma of Appltoallne cn
rxceipt ol One Dollsr. A(irw JiiHa
. IIBWHI. Lock.beuK Vt, CkieaaO
As a rule strikes are to be de
plored Boycotting added, makes
the case worse. A strike wastes
time, wastes money. Arbitration
settles at less expense, more satis
factorily. An exception which
was a marked success, and a pub
lic benefit as well, was
A STRIKE against the enemy of
both Capital and Labor Head
ache. An overloaded stomach
caused the headache, or may be
nervous prostration. Constipation
furnished aid. Urown's Irou.
Hitters boycotts Constipation;
will cure the Headache.
A STRIKEagainst Dyspepsia
and Indigestion, twin evils of a
disordered stomach, has proved
successful by using Erowii's Iron
Bitters, which removes the cause
and cures the diseases.
A STRIKE against Rheuma
tism and Neuralgia. They attack
employer and employee alike ;
have resisted a long time, but
Brown's Iron Bitters has boycot
ted both. The strike is success
ful. It will al ways be if you use
Brown's Iron Bitters.
A STRIKE against Impure
riood. " Boss " and Journeyman
are alike its victims. Produces
more suffering than any other
cause. Resists longer with more
effect. WhenBrown'sIron Bitters
brought itscleansingandstrength
ening powers to the work of re
moving the impurities, Health
crowned its labors, and the strike
was successful.
A STRIKE against Torpid
Liver and Weak Kidneys was or
ganized years ago. Sometimes
the result has been in doubt; still
Biliousness, Backache, pain in the
side, continued to torture their
victims, rich and poor alike. The
aid of Brown's Iron Bitters was
invoked. Then the sluggish liver
was stirred to its depths. Strength
and health was given the kidneys.
A cure was effected. The strike
was ended. Brow n's Iron Bitters
had made it a success.
A STRIKE against Chills and
Fevers, against Malaria. Quinine
had failed. Brown's Iron Bit
ters proved a specific. It cured.
Chills shake no more. Fevers
burn no more. Malarial poison
is destroyed.
This is the season for Spring
Fever. Its victims in the South
number thousands.
A STRIKE against Spring
Fever backed by Brown's Iron
Bitters proves successful. It
cures Spring Fever.
Remember these strikes; they
were successful. Use Brown's
Iron Bitters, and you can always
cure Disorders of Stomach, Liver,
or kidneys. Keep a bottle on
hand. Itisimitated; allvaluable
things are. Genuine has trade
mark and crossed red lines on the
wrapper. One Dollar a bottle.
Fines! Sururaor Resort in America
Nlunotonka lteucli, Minn.
Offera accommodatlona "."equaled by any ho
tel m the weat. Httea, 24 per dayi lio per
month. Circular! and fuil particulars Bent
r-omo'ly on application to kUUKNK MKllti,
Manager, Sr. Paul, Mih.
n-S. 8 SI O"0 e. w a
-y a
S j-ijq ft. 8 5f
X 1
i20 g-sii-
. n o n "
2 ! ffl a n O S
A H n -
a p.
J0HX E. RANKLE & CO., Aientg,
HempbU, 1.
Cant. A. U. Tremont, 18 Madiaoo
atreet, aiewph'a. Tenn., when trnMt with
hilioumeu. Itatrena-lhaned hi in ao he felt
lie a new creature.
v-x."'" "a Vanndveitlfler tooon-
r "It oon'alna hata ol
mtn. ie.er and etlmiileA o tbe cost of ai
Tert!int. Theadvertiaerwho want to apend
one -lo.lar, findi m it Uie mlormetinn he re
quires, while for hi in who will invent one
hut Ured thonannd dollare lo adyertinnir, a
aheme iai Jiented which will meet hia
S7err rettut-ement, or can he made to do ao
y pfttrht ehan easily arrived at hy corre
atmndeace. One huudretl and fify-three
editiona hare been isaued. cent, itoetvnid,
to any at(ire.aior len cen Ammj to GEO,
VKRriSINti Bl URAU,10'-'Kruoelt. (Print
Ba llouee Square . New Torh
Know-s mow BitTKtm ii a
liroved an .C ntuat reniety in the fam
ily of Air. Ohm. . Vo.ei, 3.NI Mmaeeaa
etreet, Vrmphis. Tenn in U easea ot
etomaoh disorder, alio aa an ai'l-etmr and
neneral ionic.
Adiuhiintrator's Notice.
Offlce Public dminietrator, Shell.y County
Courthou e. Memrhi. Tenn.. AitiI 16, liokt.
rpHK undereisudd bar na own err-oinied
I. and ouulinot aitn ioinrat.-r of the estate
of Henry F. Arnold, de-ewed. n..tioe i
hereby iven to ll perr-oni tndehted to eaid
eite to come forward and. r-eitie; and tu
thoee to whom naid estate ia indented to A e
their clinif with me, duly , rohat d. within
tbe time rrecriled by 1-w, or the "me wul
be fjrew birred. JOHN LO AUV t,
Publio AdininiftratoT.
mm If 5
w Ire "a
Still la Ibe market, with a fall aHHortment of
Hew and Uegautly-i'latahed
376-378-380-382-384-38G Second street, south ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceilinp, Siding, Shingles,
19f onl1fltr. I.ntltwi. Vftnr i anil Mhw.
ai r n ' : .
R. G. CRAIG&C0.,30Umonst.,LIeiiiplils
J. L BAILEY & 00.,
33G Necond Street, Memphis.
J Meterinl'. 1'nmn. ttrive Well,, frnn. Iienl and -tone Pioe.1i" PlTfnren, Olohee, ir:tc
And Commission Oerchanis.
SGOnnd S63 Front Ht.. MTero 1.1 1 1, Ten b.
(fry. vMm w
S p I s 1 6 ' F5 ' fir iK-; 2
Ui O
Doors, Sash. Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Tosts.
Wholesale Dealers and Pnbllalierc,
Bole Aienta followlni Flrrt-Claaa InatrnmenUi
teinwav and ISLxxclIog
aTwlreTJ 4 TVfil-'110 HAHtltf, C I.OI H WABBKN, CHI
Writ- (or ORtalmmwi. TVM.3a: and 23 SFfOlin ST.. WTTSTPTf !
wi nnnGLAS
H3A nN -
a. Maria, Jotaa S.Hajllwai. tee. ,. M. J. ajiatr.
Tholesale Grocera, Cotton Factors
And Comissicn Ksrctianis,
232 and 234 Front St, Memphis, Teinn
Mr. I. N. RALSKY derntee hia whole time to the weighing and m i of all Cotton entrmted
to our coerce. Cotten Warehoaae, A w whiag ton atreet.
it. R. LKaC"
a. E. WITT.
Tomliii & Benjes,
179 Main St., Memphis.
Offer urecial Induoementa in Open Bactiei
of our own make, at trio; TopBuaxiea ot
our own make, at tl2J. All work war
ranted. Call before job buy.
arar Havlog diapoaed of our entire atoek ol
Vehiclea and the Manufacturing ltepart
ment to Meaira TOMLIN k BENJhS, wa
beBpeak for them a oontinuanoe of the
paironaite ao lone extended to na.
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Seoond St. Memphis, Tenn
ngiaeg, Boilers, Hawmilla,
Bradford Corn and Wbest 55111?,
Cotton Prem, Cotton UIqh,
Shafting, Pulleys, ;.
RPKCIAI. KOTICB-We are prepared to til ordera.
on tn.n notloe, for the nele rated Manlar fmlnni
Wroaibi Pnlley. We oaxrr ia atook oyer
Two Hundred Aaiorted mm.
arerKend for Catalorne and Prlce-lm.
Latest Novelties in Footwear
LOWEST raicEst
W. L. Donglas 3.00 Call Shoes
In Button, Laoe and Congreai.
Dlnatrated Caulorue and Prtoe-Lhtt
Mailed Free on apilloation.4l
Ho. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
iKrubluhed in IWt.l
DR.JOHNbON ia aokuowle'Ued by all par
tiea intereeted a b, fur the moat aue
eeeaful phraician in the treaimantof prirate -oriecret
diaeeea. Quick, pern-anent euref)
guaranteed in every eaee. male or female.
Keoent eaaee of Gonorrhea and Sypnilie
cured in a f.w daya without the uae of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
buiineaa. Secondary Syphilia, the laft.rea
t lite eradicated without the uae of mercury.
IoTolunnary loaa ofaeoeon atied in abort a
time, bufferera from i m potency er loaa ol
aeiual p.wera reitor eto ireeyiiorin a few
weeka. Virtima of a e-abve and exeeaaire
Tenery, Buffering from epermatorrb.ee and
loeaof phyaical and mental power, ipeedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten- -tion
paid to the Iiieaaea of Women; and
curei guaranteed. Pilei and old aorea cured
without the use of eee-tio or the knife. All
ooniultations atrirtly confidential. Medi
cine! aeut by expreaa to all parte of tbe
e-tforkinrmen cured at half the naual
rate. Office noura from 8 o'clock a.m. to '
o'clncVpm. P. . JOHNSOS. M.D.
fited Mr. W. A. Binder. S3 Fourth
atreet, AUmph a, ieuu, wbt n Buffering from
indigeation. He "--tu he could feel an im-n-ovament
every day.
f os ti s irs r 37 Court PUc. now at
A nult; rfniul maA lnll HUAiia! cbrWoae Ann A
Aoi. luoCMirul. a hl CICIW will r"".
CASii , . w
6verm.ttorrhoa ,nd unpoteavy,
W th rftnlt r talf-abast In yrath, exaat tiohmtm tm aw.-
.iirw yoerrs, or ottwr uutos, and produtog Miaeo.' hi.
owios wftecU: Nerrouiaeu tV iniDitl Kialaiwu, Xiit
3loan by dreamt). DitnDfW ot tiiht, Dffcctivv a cat Thj
mll-cj, fiiiiplaaoa Pace avren tuBootetT D.'?nsk.
ifwtiuo of Atkss, lcfi of Bsuevl Puwtr, 4c. midrvln
VMTti4 itnyfoir or uqhuirpf t are Uiorougntf aiKl pmah
.rnUy oophC SYPHILIS f01""'' ad
i2.Ut trnth tyun, Oonorrhe,
GLEET, Stricture, OrUiitia, flerDia, flr )unuf,
7c aud othw priraie diifsei auickl; ouraA.
liliwIf-evl'lcDt Ibat phj rieito who pari npwetal attenftssj
a ftnaln Um of dlitawi, nJ trcfttlaf thoouiMla ainr.
if, pft)iitri trrealtkiU. Phjiins kaowtn this fact yu
(e-ommtafi pewom u mj car. Whtn at is DoQTftt'V
nV.f tne city fr- uvkusent, tnedt 4dm mm m eM fnr4ti
bd mill bj mail or aipreu aorwbire.
Ckvgu Oaaranteei im tvtl Cam
'ctulutict ptnontrrr er by kMMr fret im ttrwniaj.
tjf HX) rrta, win, to to? wltf--ai, sMarert ieaW, tor
H.l :,juu Rfiould be mi by tt. Address a 4t..
..tno, tioarifroua w a. tf,fcaF. HvAtfB, 8 s a T M
In tbe Town of Colllei-yHle, Team.
No. 512, R.D. John Loague, Publio Admin
istrator of Shelby county, and aa auch Ad
ministrator of Mrs. B. M. Bleckley, de
ceased, va. Maggie A. Brennan et al.
BY virtue of decree for ante entered here
in, April 27, 18r.6, I will offer for sale,
at publio auction, at COLLlliRVlLLK,
TESN., on
NttturdHj, Slny Stt, 188.
within legal hours, tbe following described
real estate, to-wit:.
I. A certain lot oonta'ntng three ard one
half MS) acrea in the Tenth C vil District
of bbelbv county, Tenn., in the neighbor
hood of liray'a Station i Bounded on the
norta by tbe Mate-line road; on the sou lb
by the M. and C. Koilroad; on the east by
tbe landa ot P. M. Ward, and ua the weat by
the lands of E. Head
And the following lota in the town of Col
lierville, Shelby county, Tenn. :
II. A varan Hit ironting on the west side
ot the public park.routh ol the lot owned by
T. JI Morris, and being one hundred (100)
feet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(l'JOHett. , , ,
III. A vacant lot on Ihe south side o Frost
atreet, beginning about one hundred and
forty (KOI tect we.it of the intersection ot
Front atreet with tbe opening we't of the
publio squure, havinir a front ol one hun
dred and seventy-four fret by a depth of
about two buudr-d and tweotv (220) feet.
IV. A vacant lot on tbe east side of Main
atreet, thirty by alxty (3(1x60) lee-, lying be
tween the property of (leo. U. Blair and P.
It. lira.
V. A vacant lot on the rveat aide of Main
atreet. beginning about one hundred and
fifty-eight (IM) leet no th ot the inter aection
of Front and Main streets; thence Perth,
twenty (20) -leet, with a depth of one hun
dred and sixty (16'i feet, running south at
right angles with tbe auuth lina of said lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (120)
feet west of the beainn ng point, a distance
of ift-eight (58) feet, until it joma with lot
No four (4). (rotting on Front street.
VI. A certain lot commencing on the
noithwest oorner olJ. W. and VI. D. Koen'a
lot, in the town of Collierville, deeded te
them by Leake aid Irby; running thence
north rhir'y ('a feet to aatake; thence east
eixty (60) feet to a stake: thence south thir
ty (Mi leet to a slake to the northwest cor
nerot said lot of Koen'a; thence wet sixty
(601 feet to tbe beginning point.
Book 30, page l:S5. , . ....
VII. A lot tnona aa the Oranard lot, de
scribed as : Beginning et the northeast cor
ner ol lot No 5, on a range of lota north ot
public square and oaposite the M. and 0.
H.R.; therce north two hunnrtdand seven
feet six Wi inches to aa'ake; ttienoeweet
two hundred and twenty 1220) feet in J. K.
Wadding's east boundary; thence south
two hundred and seven leet aix (207) inohea
toa aUte, which is the northwest corner of
John Lynch'a lot No. 11; thence east twe
hundred and twenty (120) leet to the begin
ning, containing, by estimation, a kittle over
one acre. Book 72, page 542.
VIIl lot Mo. one (1), forty (40) fie' by
one hundred (100) feet, in a range ol lote
Nos. I to 11, on tbe north aide ot the pui lie
ature or park, purchased from V. Leake
September 24, 1867, nnd recorded In Regis
ter's office of Shelby county, in oook No. 62,
pages 203, 2 4.
IX. liotNo. 2, forty (40) by one hundred
(100) feet, in a range of lota Nos. 1 to 11 on
tbe north side of the public square or park,
purchased from V. Leake, December, 1H67,
and recorded in the register's oflice of Shel
by county, in boi k So. 65, pope 476.
X. Lot No. 4 (and part of lot 3), forty (40)
by one hundred (100) feel, and part of lot 3,
eight (HI by one hundred C'00) icet, west ef
and adjoining lot No. 2, in a range of lote
No. 1 toll, on the north side ot the public
park or square. On this lot, 48x100 feet, are
two brick atoiehousea, on which there ist
trust deed of record. (Sale subject to the
riirhta of the mortgagee.)
XI. Lot No. 6, forty (40) by one hundred
fliO) feet, westol and a joining lot No. 4,
above described, and i..urteon (14) feet sis
(6) inches of lot No. 6 went of and adjoining
lot No. 6. This la the lot on which Mrs. K.
M. Bleckley res ded t tbe timeot her death,
being fit y-four (54 eet aix inchea by one
hundrtd (1001 feet I One-story frame and
improvements. Book 83. pge 2:M.
XII. Lot No. 9, forty (40) by one hundred
(100) feet, in a range of Iota on the north side
of tne i ublie park or square, record book
No. 59, part 2, pages 467-4. A lot fronting
the weft tide of the publio park, beginning
forty-eight (48) feet south of Front atreet,
lying between the lot of J. K. Waddy on the
north and T. J. Morris on the south, being;
fortj-eight by one hundred and twenty 48x
120) feet, having two (2) twn-arory brtck im
provement and also one (1) email tenement
of wood. Upon tbia lot there ia a trust deed
ol record. Sa.e aunject to therighta of the
Aa per said decree, I will first sell aaid un
improved property, or ao much thereof aa
may be necessary tor the payment oi the
debts and chaiges, and State, county and
municipal taxea against aaid estate; and in
the event aaid unimproved property doee
not realise sufficient, then I will offer aaid
improved properly for aula for the payment
of the remainder of aaid debts, oueta,
cbargea and tuxes. Thia decree ia made
without prejudice to the claims of creditors
aecurrd by mortgage or trust deed, and the
right of the estate in property embraced in
auch mortgage or truat deeds shall be last
sold in eaae a aale thereof becomea neoea
aary to pay the debts allowed.
At tbe time of the aale the guardian, M.
Gavin, may direct the order in which tbe
different iota or traou may be aold, except
that the rnomaed property ia to be laet aold
as above sff(i4.
Terms of Se;e One-fourth cash, one
fourth (,) on De-ember 27, 1886, and one
half i) on DereraSer 27, 18oTt purchaser te
execute notes with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid purchase money, and a
lien retained on the property to secure the
deferred paymen'a. Thia April , 18..
By 0. L. McDonald, Deputy Clerk.
John loague, W. D. Wilkerson, H. C.
vVarriner and Albert Sugta, aolicitora.
tirely cured Mr. 8: A. Cocks, 369 Main
atreet, Memphis, Tenn., of a severe case of
chilla a d lever. He believea in it
AS Rndleon Street. Memphla, Tend
A FULL Hock of Wooden and Meta
Caaea and Caekela. Borial tto'iea, etc..
always on hand. Orders by Telegraph or Tel'
epbone Promptly attended to.
m& isiiafEr
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