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ready for another exposure, a few con
Tictiona and a great many exile to
Canada. '' '
thi iiite ro!r.
It has been suited to nt that a
public meeting be called for the pur
roee ofureine upon Congress the
xtewisity for a ipecial appropriation
to save the river front from thedanp r
that threaten by th Jin-sent course
f the Miaaisaippi. "H 'twere
done, 'twere well it were done
quickly." There is not a mo
ment to lose. The river is
rapidly encroaching on Tenneree
Btreet, and the remaining daya f the
freeent aemion of Congress are very
fiw The proposed meeting should
then-fora be held to morrow, and
romraitteo of three be appointed tJ
Woal.incrtnn and remain until
8" "
the appropriation in secured.
We sugpat to tha woiltingmen lhat
they give the manufactarera a hearing
before procaeding any farther with
their ttrike and to the extremity
threatened If their demands are not
complied with. We aie sura tlit-y
have no purpose to impair the
prospects or ruin manufacturing In
terests that ara in their infatcy and
need alt the help and eucoiiranement
that can be given them. Bat the man
ufacturers say tills fs inevilab'e If the
strike preds sny fai ther snd is much
longer continued. Such a man as hon
est John Bandle, who has aUajsbeen
Identified with the worklngman'i inter
estr, would not consent to mob a st ite
mnt ai that we publish unless he
knew It 1o be liUralty true. Iu bis
own case he certainly does. X o work
ingman, we ar sure, desires to ruin
such a man. W therefore nrge arbi
tration npoo the woiklngnien. The
mnloves and employer are a'ike en
gaged 'in building a city, snd hitherto
have enjoyed rehtlons of es'eera and
confidence. Such relation oogM not
to be l'ghtly b oien nor ruthlessly
aevered. We appeal, then, to the
worklrgmen to cpsn the way for
arbitration and a speedy settlement of
all diflerenres with their employers.
The unrest and difCintent which
the colored people of the Sauth pe
riodically display is a great uiiafoituue
to the race. Thsy are continually
longing for impossibilities building
esailes in the air and suffering dii ap
pointments on account of the ir hallu
c'.nations and self-delusions. As soon
at one bubble explodes tbey com
mence blowing up another. Credu
lous, ignorant and naturally supers'i
tious they embrace and entbnsiatticall y
support the most absurd vagaries, and
they seem to learn nothing by failure
and experience. When It was an
nounced. ten yean ago, that a ship
would leave Charleston, 8. C, for Li
Viarli. the nan roes seemed to
think that one vowel could car
ry the entire colored population
of the Sjuth and thoutands
ruthed to Charleston, and it icq aired
the police to kef p them from taking
fjrclble possession of the ship, iney
had ceither clothes nor money, but
they weio determined to go to Lileria,
without sny purpose or object in view.
The ship made the voyage to Liboiu;
too nsgro passengers were huddU d to
gether like so many sheep ; ware ex
posed to the sun, rain and the chilling
night winds, and, without food or
medicine, all suffered, and mny died
on the voyage. Thoie that reached
Liberia fjund themselves among
strangprj, naked, penniless and han
gry. Every one of the survivors ro
tu-nsd home, and loik upon the ex
pedition as a horrid dream. The
exodus to Kansas a few years ago was
followed bv the tame results. It
seems the misery and sufferings eu
ta lid upon the negrjes by such folly
ought to barn them some practical
sense. But they are again s.'ized with
discontent. They ere tl Hiding Con
. . a .-. I I 1U.
gress wun peumna praying ior tan
passrgs of a bill appropriating money
to be expended 'or the t'ansporla'ton
nf tr-n p.nlnred race to Liberia. The?
petitlLn for an appropriation of $100
tor em: n emig'aat anu enougu iu oup
port themselves and fiuiihea for six
mnntha. Of coune auc. sn appro-
nrintion would create a man'a for
mi,rat:on to Liberia, and it is safe to
ay that 4 OOO.OiK) of the 7,000,000 ol
The Bill tt Prevent Aliens From
Aequiriug Real Estate In the
Lulled States.
Judge Barrett, of the Court of Oyer
and Terminer of New York city, yes
terday sentenced Alderman Jaebne to
nine years and Urn months' imprison
ment at hard labor In the Ping King
Penitentiary, ho having been found
guilty of bribery and corruption in
connection with the granting of tha
right of way, by tbo Board of Alder
men, to the Broadway surface rail
road. No more r'ghteous and just
sentence has ever been passed upon a
prisoner, nor was then- ever as much
necessity for making an example of a
culprit as in this ase. The munici
pal history of New York is black with
crime, almost every administration
having its special case, some more
hideous thnn others. The city, largely
controlled by corrupt men, it has hith
erto been found impossible to mnk e
the law felt as a f rce adequtto
to the punishment of the most
unblushing robliey. Tweed's caso
was an exceptional ono, but
except his incarcetutiou there was lit
tle accomplished by it toward the
suppression of bribery and cor
ruption snd actual robliery of the
city treasury. The reason for this fs
not far to seek. The robbers be'ong
to boh political partus and tbey
make common cause in their aggres
aions upon the public funds and in
their defense of their crimes and the.
too's they employ. Besides, the elec
tions are largely controlled by saloon
keepers who either select candidates
from anions their own numher or
dictate who shall bo il'io candidates of
. either party. Utterly conscienceless,
these men have but one idea in re
gard to the municipal government of
the commercial metropolis of the
country, snd that Is that it exists as a
means of living (or their supporters
and to enable tbem to make fortunes
by bribery and corruption. Meanwhile,
the press exposes them and calls pub
lic attenfon to their rascalities al
most in vain. Occasionally there bus
been a spasm of righteous indignation,
as during the Tweed exposure, when
a committee of cidens secured the
appointment of Mr. Green to manage
the city's financial alluirs, but as
that ended in a heavier
expenditure1 of the people's money for
1ho support of the government thau
during the Tweed regime, the un
fortunate taxpayers h sve been deterred
from any further steps in that ilirec
tion, and they are sleeping ou their
rights, slumbering peacefully while
tbo Jaehnes are selling great franchises
for a Bone. Out of this condition of
things there is no chance for New-
York short of a complete ami radicnl
change of government like that
we accomplished in Memphis
a chanire that will utterly abolish
tho wards and secure the elec
turn of a dozen commissioners,
each of them by a major. ty of the
"votes of the whole number of voters
In the city. In this way the industry,
. decency and honesty of Now York
might hope to triumph over the
illiteraev, ignorance and criminality
that has ruled to the shame and dis-
ernce of the greatest city of the lie
public. But before that reform
attempted ths punishment of (he run
cally Jaehne's, as fast as they a e tin
covered and convis'cd must bo con
tinued until all are dealt with by tho
law. For a time this niny have
deterrent eflect. Hut, judging by
tr.c ast. when the 6iu of vir"uo it
excites pa'ses aw ay, pchaps before it
n fresh crop of thicves,he result of
nrefu1.nnrsine bv the bV', will be
cettini their work in d mikin
negroes id the Un Uid Bin'ts would be
ready for the voyage, worx wouiu
rut abandoned, labor diearranttf d. and
there would be grat suffering, arjd
the expense of 4,1)00,000 of emigrants
at 200 per bead would bankrupt tue
givernnient. Neither Liberia nor
Africi would pr a suitable home
for tho negro. Tne experiment maue
a few veara aio shows tbtt the ne
groes who return to Africa die as fast
as the whites. The only thing
tbe emisrants would find would
b Braves and wild end bar bar oris si V'
agee. Ths blacks cannot be made to
eee the folly of each a movement,
and it is the duty of the whites
save them from the lufl'eriogs tbey
propose to entail upon themselves. If
tha briilns of boits spiken of by
Henry Clay were to crois the Atlantio
ocean Irom mors to snore, ana a oon
tinuous nroceseiod of nezroea ware t
keep ttadily marching, ths dally
bhtb rate would more than keep
nace with the number diilv dopartin
The sonaible negroee have no dssire
tu venture to Africa. The dark emu
Dent hits no charms for them. Of tbe
127 oettv African tribes which fn
nished tbe s avce to the fields of th
rJouth there is not one negio of all tbo
7,000,000 that knows or cres to know
to , which tribe ne belongs.
Ths negro s here io stay.
The new mania for Llbarh
w ill run its course. But so long as it
exists it will do much injury to ths
colored reoilo, for it produces discon
tent imd a longing for change which
Intel lr re j with their future progress.
8 tang s the heads of tbe negroes are
filled with I'topiaa ichmies-somo-ihtng
that is impract'cable and impis
sible they will nr t eee the inevitable
dett nv which m kos them in integral
part of tbe Americkn people, and set
tle down to labor, eonomy and learn
ing the arts by w hich wealth is ae
qu red. '
WAsnmoTow. May 20,-Rrrwti
tivs I'yeon of II inois has propie . a
ri ort on the bill to prevent ahms
fnra acquiring real est9 in the Ter
ritories ol tae u nitea Mts. l ne re
oart B4VS the bill has for i.s bss s the
proportion tt'at Amxrican soil shall
e ownea ny Amtncani soiar as J n-
ess ran control it. Ite (J mm.t ee
on Public Lends in this Ckngrees, as
the last. Is tbr.rjngnly conirni'ted
totheptl cy of so sdminitt-nnii our
public land eyarem ina-. tue agricult
ural lands of the nation thull be
parted with without roir, to be s Id in
tma 1 trsc's to actual settlers only for
tbe purpos of colt vatfon by the
ovner, eecuring thereby the thr.ft ol
tbe citizen and economy in nm man
agement which own.rchlp alwyj
stimulates. This policy, the report
subtiii s. skou'd become the nai nal
one. The experieucA ol 8) mai y
thousands rf our pi ople in t ie eecur
ing ol hemes in cur vatt are el puiiuc
aads lias betn so succeenui u n m
ilmite for the owotrjhip of a home
csoKhle of producing tupport for
ths family is more univer.ui
here then in any coutfy lu
tae world. Tuis, tue report
rays, wes the prevalent iita when the
himestead law. one oi me m'v w ns-
fli ial aits ever adopted by Cmpress,
wan nafBJd. It was the duty of tbe
government to furnifh to its pi ople
nlinau homes: tiald the ac.ual set lir,
hose lab r wouu make tne tana
fruitful aud productive, giving added
wealth to tbe locality i nd stability I nd
strength to the country; it had a
magnificent poritiou In tne public
dom iu of that time which, under
nrojier mar.ngemont, would cave af
forded grand results for gmerations to
tome. Areas ol land sumuieniiy ja'ge
tj umka great estate wtrs donated
with recke s liberality lo railroad
and other corporations, and by a lax,
easy administra i n of injudicious
laws, men ol weaiin auu companies
have been illegally nermit'ed to ac
quire other great era.-s of tin public
lands, acd now, this generation had
set n the vast territory wa bad ak its
bf ginning so seduced tba: less mm
6,000,000 aires of arabe agucul-
tural land upon wnicn mps
. i I .
cm oe ruseo w.tuoui lrniianuu
remain for tbe settler under the gn-
eiat land laws of the United rJtaits;
and about 50,C 00,000 acrea only of
lands suscepii ale of imprmment by
irrigation. These Hnds ara necomiog
mote and mere valuable yar by year,
and tempted by tbe promise, sure to
be realised, of immense profits as well
as the absolute security of tbe invest
ment, these lands, by devious meth
ods in many cases, have been s cured
in great areas and. hoid'nes by capital-
lets- and co'porations, loroigu ss wen
as domestic. In tho bards nf many of
these foreign owners and holdeis thae e
latdsare made snbiart to a system of
landlordism and conditions totally nn
American, and kindred to the exi.t ng
old world system and conditions, which
have snread ruin and misery wherever
thev have exis'ed in Europ. Besidts
this, out of the heritage of tbe Amen
can rjoinle. the com non ' property of
this nation-its public lands
we are at present pt rmitting the c An
ing ol immense private fbriuoesiu
tbe hands cf irreisu nobility and
gentry at the exrente of our own peo
ple, and giving these foreigneis the
control ot the tomes and haopintss
of thnurands of cltizenp. or these who
have come here ti identify themselves
wi h us, As n illustration ol tuls
the Navy Department contemplated
an expenditure of t30,8iti,:!67. 'I he
appropriation for the .current fiac.l
year is 115,029,705. Tbe am ing dis
crepancy apparent between tho np
pr priation for the next year and the
estimate of the department is ex
plained by tho fact that all of the
items included in the estimates for
new construction, aprgregating t,4Sl,
:18, are om tted from the appro, na
tion bill, as tbey form the substance
of the special bill for the new naval cs
Ubli hment air-ady reported by the
Tbe Halloas! Urawerk' Aaao-
Wshinotox, May 20. At to day's
session of the National Viticultural
Convent on a nomber ol interest'ng
atateiuenta were made by persons c n
,i..i-ti(l with the Agricultural Bureau
Commissioner Column stated that
wmiples if all the exhibits made
would be desired by the department
for caretul ana'yticul work and study
A paper on "American Grapes," by
T. M. Munson. Vice r esident ol tiia
l'omological iiociety of Texas, was
read and an interesting mscussion
A paper bv the Hon. Siunuel Miller
nf MiHtuiuri. an "How to multiply new-
varieties and bring them to early
fruiting," was then read; also, one by
Prof Kribncr of the Agricultural Bu
reau, on "(irape mildew and the black
rnt. "
This paper oiened up a wide range
fur discussion must important to the
the nrofecsor Btatine tha'
inna nrh as the search for a remedy
for these diseases was of vital interest
to all producers, the department
would continue to g ve spscial atten
tion to the same.
A lono (lis Mission fol'owed on the
subject of grafting of vines and he in
fluence ol i lie same upon ie 'run F"
l'rof Husinnn of Califoinia, former
ly of Missouri, was one of the pnncl
,ul impdkp.rH
Many prominent people visited the
Masonic lemine mis evening w in
sue t the exhih ts of California wines
brandies snd raisins, and the concur
rent judgment was most lavornble
puhl'Siied statement showing that
The thanks of the friends of educa
tion sre due to Mr. Polndexter Dunn
of A kansae for the hearty manner in
which he has snsta'ned the Blair edu-
Citional bill and tecently de
nounced tho methods aiopted by its
owarJly opponents in the Iloueeto
prevent Its coming p at this ssseion.
Ho said truly that the members or
ganised to oppose the edncatiou of tho
children ol the people were tbo tame
who were anxious to extend tbe
bonded whleky period, and he made
a borne thrutt when he stated that
some genthmtn seemed more willirg
to vote millions for whleky than a dol
lar for education. Millions f jr whisky
not a dollar for education is the slogan
of tha ring who appear to be running
the Hon e of Representatives in the
n'Uie and to tho great injury cf the
Democratiu party. They have rsas
to believe that thera is a majority iu
the House ready to rasa the Blair bill,
and, therefore, smother it In tbe com
mittre-roim. They know that tbe
peonleeverywheredemand tbe passage
of this bill as a metanre of juttico to the
people of the rionth espec.n'ly, upon
wnom devolves tne education oi tne
negroes and their elevation to a plane
of comprehene ive cit rsnshin, yet, re
iving noon a blin 1 lead and yielding
to ttuir own prejudices, they Ineifct
npon a packed committee holding on
to tbe bill and refusing to report it
When Mr. Dunn charged that the hill
had not bad fair p'ay, and never be
fore nad ne teen a great measure
throt led by such unwarran'ahle
means by tries in control of the
House, Mr. Morrison promptly re
sponded tbat wba'over responsibility
was attached to it ne would assume
meaning, of coune. tbat he would
assume it as tbe leader ot
the Democratic party and con
trailers cf the House. This may
prove an uoloitunat' aasimptiou Io
Mr. Morrion. It csnnot fnl io recoil
noon him, beemte the cowardly pol
icy of throttling an Important measure
ot ii-Kiaa-lon iu a committee roro i
not Democratic, and is not defensible
Mr. Morriton 1 as assumed ton much-
more tlan ho can justify snd more
thin lis can anewir lor to tne teipl
Tbe Blair educational bi'l ought to
have been broncht to a vctc and
ou-ht to-day to be a law of the land.
1 1 the quality of all the
samples pro-
M.iTTK MsJUI'lirilXE I
Wnrllbe Lady A an lit Bob Vp
NcraBcly Utr Laieat .
Heated Debate Over the Dnndalk
(as Bill-I'araell and Lord Ran
dolph ChnrcalU.
),747, 000 acres of land sre lie d by
ireisners Is srpnde1. flmocg tbe
large holders mentio. led are the Mar-
. I fr kj:- I.1 1 n . 1 U..IA
HIS Ol iwotunn, on jjuwniu Ai.-i,r,
ne Holland uunpony ana eeverai
fereigh syndica'is, the pofses-uons
f e cu numbering minimis ot
of acres. Tbere is ro quca tan, the
report says, as to tie power of Con
gress over the subject, f.ngianu ex
erciied it during all 'he years of her
progress, and has only r.cently grant
ed the right to hold real es'at9 there
to aliens. Tne queuioo, tne report
ontlnuc, of how cheap horn ss for the
poor rau best he secured will torn he
noon us. At tbe piesent rats of dis
position this genert-tion will see the
last acre oi puunc lanu worm laiing
f ir a home by a farmer disposed of.
In romluBion, the leport gives the
following summary of tbe work ol the
rommittee durinii the pio-e'itaersion:
The commit'ee has devoted its best
eff'T-s and m earnest endf avors to
porfact and present to tbe Houss ior
its conti lerstion and action such
measures as, in its judgment, would
recldm such lands at had been im
provident y giaoted to cori orations,
nnd to which they are not entitled;
also for the repeal of ruch laws as ren
dered poteible i In impro ier scipiisl
tion of great areas of land from the
government, and to preterve what it
n ad and snouid reclaim oi me puuiio
lunds as a reecrvoir to be diawn upon
bytheactnal s'tler, without cot, in
homesteads. We do this because we
believe tbat not only tho fosterirg of
the home sentiment and indivitbinl
prosperity won'd result, but, in addi
tion, cecause we believe mere is no
g'eater safeguard eg tast pnblic dis
order, tnmuit and riots than a gen
erally distributed ownership of lands
and homes.
The bill which h report accom-
paniee provides tha'noslten nor for
eiuner wto hes not declared bis iut'jn-
tin to become a cit zeu of the United
ttatep, nor any corporation, one tenth
nf whexe s oca is owned or controii-o
by aliens or fore'gatrj, shall bave tbe
. . . i i
riirDI to acqnire real ei"ie in aoj oi
the Territories of the United Bta'es.
Tbo bill has been agreed upon, and
will probably be reported one day
this week.
A gloved hind was reised and an
index Sneer beckoned an Appeal
tnnn aa h vaa atont to CiOjS Court 0
Main street, at a little betoie 2 o'clock
PHtrr)nv tTnoon. The fair craft
which, eai'ed op und.ra full stre'eh of
white caraaol. who has been lo's n
about lather recklessly on tbe billowy
aea of local sensation or several wees
past, wra Mrs. Llzette Lghtburne
and her c omDaDioo oa this occseio
wts Mrs. Blanche Joonsm, a dashing
blonde, re :t'dinr on et. Martin steal
' f em K''ng to hoisewbip two men
directly," tue fair L t tta declared,
"a.-d I went von to put it in the
paptir. The Chief of Pjlite has cent
for me, and I am to be a, his office at
2 o'cl:ck. If he ttaps me now I will
do it to-morrow or next day." Hoist
ing her pzrasol ste wtighed anchor
and tacked tip Main street to Adsms,
ran no the stiis of ths Chit fa oilice
and dsappeartd Curious know
the ret uit, the Appial man followed,
and at ihn foot of tbo et ttrs met a
youigcjttui clerk rushiiu brtath
jeesly out, arking for the Chief.
'Better g.t a bodyauard of police,"
Mrs. Lizotte s tug after him. "Oh, the
cowardly thing! I would to ashamed
if I weie a man to appeal to the police
for protect or," she a ided, turning to
the reuoit-r. "On," oh went tn, as
tbe purved beel of be.' French gaittr
Adversely Morlel,
Washington, May 20. The House
Committee on the Judiciary to-day
decided to report adversely on various
amendments to the constitution pro
posing that Senators, postmasters and
judges shall ho elected by vote of the
'ablot JSortl-a.
Wabhixgtoh, May 20. The session
of the Cabinet to-day, which was
romewhat lonirer than usual, was
mainly devoted to the consideration
of the Canadian fishery troubles. Ac
tion w as postponed, it' is understood,
in rder to aw ait the receipt of more
definite and detailed information from
Consul General Phelao at Halifax- in
regard to the seizure of the American
vesstlB Adams and iroudity.
Tne ftavat Hill.
WisntxoTOX, May 20. The House
Committee on Naval Affairs to-day
practically co uple ed the naval ap
proprint on bill and it will probably
be repor ed to the House to-morrow
Thn bill annronriates aliont fll,7.M-
(HK, w hile the estimates submitted by
ciugbt in s id inyit-riou trip nb u:
her sxirip, "ctrus me." Tue news-
psptr mau uiidis-i iooea me oicer
waywbi e eheswet aside a mass of
delicite l norie and leuoved the
wicked bt t orn wire oi her ht op kirt.
Just then tbe chief came In with tbe
young man, and tbe quartette retired
to his privati oilice where high wordc,
a laugh, a tqiital and a deep tuna ea
ing Uss voice were heurd by turos
Alter awhile the telephone was called
into iequisit;on ai d another yourg
man looking whit s and scared put iu
nn subiarance. It tpa ed that the
pair were accused by Mrs. Lightourne
ol having eticilatcd tepor s damaginn
to her spo'.Uws chaiacter, which they
vehementiy denied. 1 h ni. ht before
Mrs. Ligttonnie feai viii ed tha home
o( one of them, ani in the pres
ence of bis brother, sis'.er-inlaw
and a young lady friend, threatened
to horsewhip cr kill him if be did net
write a written retraction cf certain
statements about hert She grew very
mnch excited, and it finally bec.ime
necetuary to fi res h?r to rtt r. The
young man did not htat of it until
next rr:ori)iDg, and fearing a repetition
of the aunojaoce called upon Chief
JJavis for protect on. He promited to
give it to him, nnd intimated to tbe
little lady thai such auothcr perfcrm
ance would s.-cure her incarce at oo.
Shodep rwd in her utnal K-oi hu
mor, but not befoie s:m htd amused
beiself by queaticnirg the ctosti'y of
a number of her former asaiciatee,
many of them the daoghts's ot tne
imu-t ele.jut. wealtny aad r.-fined
families in the city.
If all the men w horn Mrs.Lrghinurne
las threatened to tUy were laid out
cold and tt 11' side by tide her sleep
would not be rs peaceful as H mium
be. and if those sbe has at various
times determined to hotswhip tad
beou punishtd, Hie ttock t.f cowhides
woula by this time nave Deen ex
haueted. And it might be added, that
if nil the ycurg women she speaks ol
eo were really unchaste, tho young
men bai btf.er Beek then wmseiee-
Vis oss ou 'Chanee yesterday: W.
It. ('ntchlnirfi. YanooCitv, Mis.;ThoB
M. McUehee. N. Y.: W. fcchweder,
Ri.naiNo nrteoaof June options at
rhicniro venterdavi Pork, Is 60 . lard,
5 tH)c : clear rib aides, S 27Jc ,corn,S6Ac ;
wheat, "6 ;c; oata, 28 jc.
J. It. Clement to B R Duncan, deed
to half of lots 22, 23, 24 and S6, block
08. Vort l'ickering, for 320.
M H Cooveret al.to R. H Davis,
deed to lot -M of Davis's suMivision
50x116 feet, north side Union street.
Wm M lVaeock to Henry Cooper,
dtted to lot. ilOxloO feet, south side
KnuiilwHv nireeL for $0).
U. A. fniiman to Mary F. Tickey,
deed to eihty-sext-n acres in Seventh
Uivil District for aiu.
Tsnoic. Mav 20. The House of
Commons, this evening, sfrer a heated
dchat, rejected, by a vote of 210 to
139. tbe Dundaik eas bill, as de'ifc
er.ttd by a committee which con
sisted of lour Eng'isb members. The
bill increased tbe powers ol a private
s company, whereas tne municipal
authorities wish to take tbe ak ol
lighting the town into their own bands
n order to De ss economical as possi
In the course of the debate Mr.
Sexton said tbat such a private busi
ness ought to be suepsndei until tbe
home rule bill bad been sHtlurt, and
at anv r. ts tbe bill under roneidera-
t'on ought to te dealt with by a com
mit ee cf Irsamen instead ol tagliim
Lord John Manners, Conservative,
aaid that the debate showed the tern
per with which business would be
conducted in tbe Irish Parliament.
Mr. Dilloa retoit?d tbat the Irish
Pa'hament would be at leiat cora-
nistdof membeis who knew where
JJnndalk is situated.
The bill was supported ty the Con
servatives end by Mr. Leonard Court-
i.tv T.iViflral.
Messrs. Gladstone. Childer and
8 aostisld, oi tbe Ministry, and all tbe
Parne lites cpoosed the measure, i ne
annonncement of tne result wss re
ceived with loud cheers by ths Irish
Mr. John Morley. Chief Sec c'ary
f r Ireland, moved the second reading
of the arms act. He e xpliinei that
the act was intended to re tnetthe
nm session, carrving and importing of
ar.i.a Nohodv in a proclaimed dis
trict could carry arms without a
Although esses cf outrages
had greatly diminished since 1841, i'
am npcss'ftrv lo nrolone tbe set of
thtver in view of the present ex
cited state of narty feeling in tbe
north "of Irelsnd. No set c mid pre
ve n the romn.isfiinn of a deliberate
nlanneri murder. Tbe true nse of tbe
act wss to prever t tbe growth of tbe
nractice of caminK arms on the occa
sions rf fairs, market', prccessioi 8
and other gatherings. Inconcnelcn
he asked all lovers of orter to support
t.ViA mnraiirp.
Mr. l'arnell comnla'ned that the
nowers of tbe a :t had been ioicrioue
in two directions. Firtt to
harass and annoy Nationals; and,
Acnnd tn deorlve farmers of suns in
ttnded for scaring birds away from
giowintr crops. (.Gonservat ve iaugn
tr 1 Ha lined that the act be ap
plied imoartia'ly id disarroiog Orange
men as wall as Na ionalitts. Ohetrs
Dranireman had shown by acta aud by
the utterances of their leaders tbat
they wers dispoted to slaughter, or at
tempt to slaughter, those who differed
from them in political opinion. I ish
c'leerj. He would not say tnat ira
Salisbury, Lord Randolph Churchill
and Mr. Chamb:rlain r.aily intended
tn nrnmnte murder, but their wr rds
mid mrtatnlv have no o'.her effect,
Mr. Bruiltucrh condemcei L-rd
Randolph Chui chill's speeshes in Ul
ster ss daogeious snd tasonab'e.
1 nrd Randolph Churchill reoudiattd
the ineinnaticn that be had incited
thA nnonla of Ulster to murder. He
hsd merely pointed that the piscina of
the Uisterites in the power of a Dub
lin Parliament must result in civil
nr H nmted speeches of Mr
Gltdstone and 8ir Henry James in an
eflort to prove th t the peoplo were
iustified in tensing to submit to tne
. . t . BM .m.'ant.
iraDBlCrOl u llurtiT ii,riuu&.
in an in(Tinii.nt. oovernnv nt.
Tha am-s act ptsvd the teond
reading by a vote of 3t3 to 83.
member of Padiament from V wn
onntv. has written a letter urging
Uisterites to o--gan i and p'epare to
raaist home rule. "For God's take,
ha artr "let us bave dosd, not
writes lo Irs constituents thankirg
them for their vote of coofidence. He
says he hopes that even now means
wil' be found to rennas the u d ra a,
providing the home rule bir, wnica
he declares is admitted to bede'ective,
st all te withdrawn, and be is ean
gume that with more time lot discus
sion and coi Btrlaia'lon something
ke a gem ril sgreemont can De ei-
XTo. 83 ILADTSOH fftX,
OrfiaDy hwUes a taiwectiwa af lrts Lain. FrA a4
vrie Inrtxta mm scmsmt simb .'S'-
Freach ana German Wonteat, Ca-shaeres art SaUin.V
cwnDrUiac tke Ulmt VeufoM am I lata lexnj
Gtatlenet Weaa.
(ty Samples as4 Prices aa apjfi aa ta Otaae
srka kave kA saea-area.
SBn7IBai' '
I'Blqne Entertalnraeat at (be Cen
tra! Baptist t'brrfc-Keai
d Te-BJlabt.
A unique entertainment wis given
last evening at the Central tsup 1st
church. The lecture-room was full to
overflowing. On tbe walls, from tbe
chscdslieis atd from th pillais hung
reminders cl the Jaiauese, a pavilion
being erected in each corner near ine
p'atform. Tbe atlractive novehy, in
eoiewis a Japanese wenuing-.i. 'u
cbaiacters all dressed inthe Muado
style and moving about during toe
ceremony on the raised plaifo'tn in
full v-ew ot toe audience, wnicn c
ntfidlv exDressed del KDt. While
ths performers were getting ready tbe
audience ws highly entertained by
Mrs Sallie Hiuttin tjarr, who recueu
vlth exanisite taste "the Jaraoese
Fan," aad delivered with inimitable
a irit a typlaal darky termor.
The performance of the little pley con
sumed ab( ut forty minntes, and the
parts were fl led by the loiiowing
young ladies and gentlemen, who cr
r ed ont the idea to perlec.ii n in p iat
of drees ng, lei ttstlug, mincing gait,
and a'l:
Go Between Mi' Mary Mallors-
Hride ....i......Miin Hel Unllowajr
(iroom - Mr. Battle Brow a
Oroom'i Father Mr. Jim W arren
troom'l Moiher Mi-i Maiine Hruce
Bride'e Father wr. cun oiara
ltride'a Mother Mian Curinne Unuamen
Bride'e Maidi Miiiset flrwvonor, lluuien,
rope. HIV, urneecDer. nitiioii iuuujp
on and Htifkcli.
Snmo idea of Ike ceremony may be
ga hered from the following syndesis:
Kater g'oom s lamer ana mumtr.
i . -
Knter I ride siatner ana motuer.
Enter Go-bstween.bride and groom.
Knter bride's ma:d.
tio-b tween retires and brings in
stand with two-spouted teapct Agiin
retiree, and returns with teapot and
tbree tea-cups, fiom which (he serves
tea to the bridal patty.
Go-between hears groom s vows ana
repekts them to bride.
When Dnue anu groom return, vuo
changes her position, I ctng tne
groom's fatcer, snowing see nas eu
te ed hlsfemily.
Father dnnM tea wun Dnae, anu
gives his present. .
Go-between serves rice pans hi iuo
Gioom's mo'her drinks tea with
bride, snd gives her present. ,
Bride aid groom .taxe tea irom vue
two-spouted tea-pot, whi h ends the
marriage ceremony.
. The "wedding" gave so much pleas
ure to the audience i hat it has been
dee ded to repeat it to night.
Hand Fire Extinguishers
75c Each, 8 Ter Dozen.
2S4 Front Wtreet.
reeled a o iuut uiaoider ot tha bow 1
In Mr. C. A. Weiner. Mmphi, Tenn. lie
eddured much r in, bat wag cured in afbort
time h tht reine'ty.
rJo. X3X4 l.lza. St.,
Eu Jutt reoeired a larre atock of tke
latest itylei oi
for Panto, whlcb wawll" make to order at
manh lets than the nnual pnoee. )"'
make a food all-wool panii for tall
and examln our o"d. Alfo, a complete
lor tha eomini teuon at our usual lew
..II..U V-H inM Hi ri t.HH I I I.I. Y
rentored the enenry and vitality of Mr.
W. Hounton, Memihii, Tenn .when weait
j urn
and 'maeiated Irom chil i and fover.
hot-le eauaed lini-r veinent.
cued Mr.. K. M. Ihompnon. :1 Madnoa
treet. N.mphie. Tenn.. J ''',
and in need ,f a tonic, aad wonderlullj Im-
certatn tbet
"tha He" elice
will provo eatleftioUnT
ger.tleman v.-ho wanta a
4 perfect artlrle. We are puttinir into
mannfactu-. of the, hoee, th. reeult. of 80
Z. exTiorlenoe and study, of -what W.-l
pleeae, eomlbrt and -wear
-r falthfullr- Try thoei.
vory flrst-claca
-r deiAcr hi
to Rnnlaa Noldlers and
St PuTitRsnfHo. Mav 20. An im
perial decree has been i suad tn tre
commanders, other office! s atd the
ilors of the Russian nest in tne oiai a
sea. The decree says io uu iy jt
s nee the float bv iw heroic di eds sac-
riliced itself Tor Kusria s weitar-, orae
men tranff erring themselves inspnit
to the memorable bights of Sebastc-
uol. Tbe fleet is now Daing recon
structed to the joy cf the fatnerian,
which has long monroea its io?s. wy
ni anil thnnchte are directed
towards the pea ful development of
tbe nation a weiiir., dui chi-uuuibui
may render the fnld lment ol my
withes dilnctilt and lores me to au
at intd defence in order to preserve
thu dignity i f the empire. If such
tccaeion should arise I know tt a: ya
will aid me with the devo nn anu
con Uncy which your ancestm on
played in response to my grand
father's appeal i devotion and coa
s aucy which aatoiisbed their con-
temporirus on tne sea woo wkji-wu
tv,ii- .iur,t xn'oita. To vou I con
---.--- .... i
fide the defense, honor ana um;o
the Kussias.
Baseball Reerea Elawhre.
St Louts, S; Boston, 2.
Pbooklvw, S; rittsburg, 1.
Detroit, 2 j Philadelphia, 0.
CiNcisKATi, 8; Baltimore, 7.
Chicago, 10; WashlrgtoD, 8.
8t. Lotus, 7; Metropob'ans, 1.
Kahsas Citt, 5; Ntw York, 4.
A r-riatlata Mlte Kxperleaice.
t, a II T ...K nnhll.her of th Ala
bana Cb'iia Adooate, Birpuniham,
write: I travel all orer the frtatat my
e-i...i. .. th.. find Dr. Motley l.emn
: . .. ..llnt m.dinine. Mv DfrOK
ke.i-.rind foreman both use it in place of
a omel, piU jr.
A Pr.mlarel Mlwlater Wrlteat
Dr. Mmley Peer Sir: After tea yean of
treat nufter n frowi indireetion or dyjpep-
a, wiihyretneroJ proUati"n and bil-
i .... . : I .. Irl.ln.v. .nd con.tll-a-
tion, I have b-e-n eared y V.r bottlee of
J our -eiuon Elixir, end am now a wen dh
EldorM. K. Church, South, bo'. M latnall
treet.Allant.iia. .
Sold ly druaats. 50 ccnt and ft 00 per
bnttie. Prepared by Dr. II. Motley. At
lanta, fleorgia.
proved bor
rroTed an Invaluehle remedy to M . Ml
.li.r-l llirn.v. U'.hin.i,n .trw t. Mem
I hie, Tenn., f r diarrhi a anj dypPi
art it acta like a charm waen other medi
cine, leu.
No. 4rS2, F. D. Chancery t'onrt or. oeioy
count? o;ie oi tenues.ee
A inp'ni-utnrv oeorea inr
PS .....! in thn nhove CAU04 On the
2fith day of January, lHrt, H. B. 51, pae
la?, 1 will ten, at puono -:",
hiih.nt bidder, in tront ol rna.j.iora ana
Maeier oilice, counnouee ui oubiw
Momphia, lean., on
e.t.Mi... jn.ii in. lie..
i.i i.i hnun. the lollowinc He
jcnbed property . nituyted in r-halby county.
Tenneitee, to-wit: Lot 5, block 15: Be
i..- i ia in.t eiut of .the northeast in
t.reeciion ol Uetoto and Elliott (treeti. on
the north eide of Klliott "reet; thence
north 11.0 feet; at . reei: iuuui iu i
Klliott street, ano wei ".
... t ik-hinninr. So d ai the property
or vio.u r....7 .u. ri.i..i
elrent. HtlW leet. -ia aitno prow.
K'ehard.i ne.
Lot. blOCK I". WI eu
fdxlU iet. Sold aa tbe property oi n. nor
ton, .u .!v nl,.
. . hM.rtne Interest, re
oaired: hen retVmed redouiption barred
By II. F. Wal.h
i u. and U.
i.-.m. T. . Vt 20. lSSfi.
TUE partn'erth p hereto ore eiUtina be
tw.en A. II. B rtholomew and W m. Q
... ..,.:.... hT mntnal eoa-
eVa-Mr. Banholome- aeumint all obliga-
tioBiardbentflftodet .
In retlrinr from tha nboo nrm 1 wou
. . ..i. ....... nf .hmnkinc in 1
111! lull f
tiated lermt my many friend! for past fa-
yore, and atk a continuance or Mine to in i
.rtner of twenty ears. WM-Q. ALU&X
The new nrm r now ehanred to
m atrttn.wMf Rnrm ro
Special Notice-
rS WKDNKSDAY. JUNK 16. 1S86, wa
KJ will t II fr noa-MJident ewnere,
public outcry, on tha premliee, that deslr
Ir. ...... t.. .. th. "C ivbrook bit
diinion, "lying between Pop'arstreet on the
north ani I nion avenue on the aoath, and
iuii beyond the reeidenee ol Jau vreri"
1" 1 ... Tha nrneerty h
oe'in dirided into ac e lotMO ato ult tbt
... . ....I...-.N hnvin Binnh or lilt e.
Il It convenient to'the itreet certi on Poplar
tireel, and the arade and roaa pea iiot n
rrepa-ed for uravelin the roed sn front o
i. i .P.nn. tiBm K..I i. t. it to be tn
roont euiUble property tor renidenset on tho
maike. and an opportunity to bay each
property l eeldom one re i. j-ruiwr.j .
beint rapidly told for letidenoei aaat of th
city, because It u not cat up or nurwu,
In tee northern and eoatiiern port-oni
TRis One-thtrd oath: balance in on
and two yearn, with 6 per cent. Interest
i-.nhe M.nfttnnr office until day o
Boblnet Bara Hade to Order.
7a Second ttr!t,MHMDhla, Tma).
Mr Oodtrey 0. Kubler, 412 Wain street,
Memphis. Tenn.,ofdypep'iaw;en a'l other
medicines were powerlen to relieve l'. 110
reoommendt it.
WILTi be rpened Jnne 1st. Th's noted
waterinu-p'are i. s-tuitod six aiilee
Irom iF.tna t'urntre, on the hashvula and
Turcalooia rat road, in llickmao connty
Tenn. Hack will meet all tr-ins at .f.tna,
and will convey guests to sprint! at a very
low rat.
Board, 80 Per Montb: t Pr ny.
Hpex-lnl Bute to famine..
We invlU all who wish lo spend tbe most
leaaant tea on of thoir livet to cmue tt--leaverdam.
espeo'ally eeokers of pleasure
and health. Good wator and pur uir in-abunJaac.
Liverymen, Ccntrevl'l. Tenn.
K. A, DEAN, Prop'r Uentreville Hotel.
BKOWK'SIROlf miTBBttlB"-""
Mrs. W. 6. vy, 31 Main a'reet,.
Memphis, Tenn-. after beinir troubled lor
evernl years with chills and fever and be
in thorouthlyeihau'ted.
OF '
No. itei. K. -Chancery Court or yeioy
county otate oi idjo
Kn-ke-1 et al.
BY virtue of nn interlocutory decree ior
tnle. entiired in tho above cause on th
14th day of May. 1885, M. B. 4, paae lie.
I will iell, at pudiio aucuon, iu m. ine"..
bidder, in front of tho Clerk and Majier a
office. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn , on
Hatardlty, jane 1, issn.
within leiral hours, the following describett
property, situated in.onoioy county,
Lo'lS. block 5, Brown's tubdirisloB,
froetingSOfeet on the oast eide of LeKose
meet, acd runnma back 175 feot. bold aa
the proi-erty ot Umily Sackett, W. W. Luck
ett and others. , .
Part of lot ".block 63, southeast corner or
flayoao and Hernando t tract a. 2oat.l leet.
Ho d aethe property of the Vt orkinguien a
Building and Loan Atocia.tion, f"'r
Part of lot 9. blork 0). eist iWe ot "er
lando ttreet, adjomint Carter, 4oxld.- 1 et.
PartoflotH. block A3, oast side of IW
nando ttreet, norm of Maydweli i, xll5
''beta, hlook 45: Bstinningat a point on
the south side ot Bealo ttreet. 5i leel ct of
the corner ol ee aud Causey streets:
thenco iouthward Wlt Johnson a line 18
feeti theno eastward 25 feet; thene north
ward 78 feet to Be-o street: thence west
ward with the south side of Beal street 2S
feet to boilnnina. Sold as the property of
Roee BoMitnaandothert. ,
Teroiecf bale On aoreditof ttx sonlhs:.
note with security, ocarina interert. re
qnired; lien retilned; redemption barred.
This Mr K 1'tt-
6. I. MoDOWELL, Clerk and Ms-Mr.
By H.F. Wal.'h. U. C. and M.
t H and C. W. Ueitkell, solicitor.
Son-Besldent tice.
No. S170, R. D. In the Chanoery Court of
Shelbycounty, I'enn.-Wu.. II. Wood va.
Beiij- Wadeetal.
It appearin from affidavit herein in this
can- teat the detendantH, tt. Iretuvant and
pallia Trczevant are rthiduntn of tbe Sute of
Louisiana, snd non-rtwid,nts ol the S'ate of
Tennessee; Hen y Lathrop. Leila Laihrop..
M. K. Baraett, Lucy n . Baroett. C. F. .Mer
rick, Jw. L. Mtrti.-k, B. W. llontirston.
Elite W. Huntington, Benjamin Wad.
Fannie Bit. Monroe 1. Wade and C arenoa
Wad are a n-retidentt of tbe Stat of Tea
nestee, and that thoir residences aie un
known snd cannot be ascertained after dili
gent inquiry;
It is therefore ordered. That they make
their appearance herein at the Court-lions
of Sbelby e, unty, in Mem -his, Tenn., on or
before the Srst Mondar in July, leo, and.
plead, answer or demurto complainaat bill,
or the same will be taken ior con'esed a
to tliein and set for hear'nfex p.rtc; and
that a copy i-f this ordtr be publi'heit imte
aweek'orfinr successive weett in the Ap
peal. Tbi 14th day ot May, 18S6.
A copy Attef :
S 1. Vi DOWELL, Clerk end Mnter.
B H. F. W'alth. Kei-utv C and.M.
liill A ilker on. Solicitors for comilnin
ant . rt ,
Knf!M ri to TH it FRONT To mI-
panoba aeekica Govern incut Boil-
ninvment in anv of tne aeparimente a
W ashintrton, or any other ponitione nndeJ
iloyment ta
the Uoverament, I will tend lull instructiont
aa to how to piocetxl to obtain the uai,
and Blunla fnrmief Appitrauun on
receipt ol On Dollar. A-itrew 4Mai
1. fal'BWll, Lwt liet aitti, ! !

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