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Ike Brftek TTUa Ckamberlala Irrt-
parable MIm Folaoa'a Exqals
lt Trsaaaeaa.
Lou do, May 20. Gen. Pir Frede
rick Pontonby, the Qaeen'a private
aeaeUry, delivered to Mr. O'adstons
to-day a long me'stga from htr
The Poll Jfufl GairtU says that Mr.
UbamberlaiD, by bis cort refaeal to
entertain indirect ovaitu-es from Mr.
Gladstone throngb Biro a Herachel,
the Loid High CbancelV, hu closed
the door t9 any chance of rf concilia
tion between himself and Mr. Glad
BaajalalM I'mIimci mf Ihe rreat
eleal's Brld.
ranis, May 17. Mini Foleom'e wed
ding troaaittka, which ws ill loon reach
New York, hae for daye paat been tbe
Ulk of rails. Tbe wedding drers ia a
poem in hory it tin.
Tbe akirt and cortege ot tbe mar
riaire costume are pimple, but their
aimplirity ie relieved by a wra'to of
soft silk and Indian muslin embroi
dered with orange blormma attached
to tbe left aide of tbe ekirt and nrar'y
meeting the court fain, which ii over
fcur yards in length. The train la
aligbtly rannded, and falla in two or
gan pleat. Two delicate mu'lin
carta, bordered with orange blrstoma,
are daintily draped aerors the front of
tbe cor aage, and cr:s ring the to'sage
from left to right la alao a broad ceint
rjr of at tin faaioned to the hip.
The alcrvee, which leave the wrists
and arms bare almoatto theelbowa.
have three hands of Indian mnalio
.ln.J AM tt.. 1 - - It
wbi'e inaldetbe arm,, near thee bow.; X$ '".T ,l f 7aTl ,thal
theslreveeareadornfllwlthtinvso. , ??.?? m M; Va8tears lilwr'y,
r.1 t,l TI.. L.IJ -I I," Will
per 1000 fert, will get it at M and 65
rente, and perhaps let. The follow
ing handbill was distributed by the
thousand on the West aide yesterday:
"The Illinois Light, Heat and Power
Company having purchased the gas
works situated on the North Branch
at Division strett, and havingacquired
the r'ght to extend its mains and
pipes to all divisions of the city, w ill
be ready in a short time to enter into
contracts to fornish gas for lighting,
beat ng and power in all divisions of
the city for one year or more (not ex
ceeding five years) at the rate of 65
cen s per 1000 cub'c feet, bills payable
monthly after the supply of gas shall ,
have commenced. Do not Burn con
tracts with other comnanit-a until our
representative has called upon you.
which will be very soon." The re-
duttion grows out of a serious fight
between the corporations which have
hitherto confined themselves to the
south, west snd north divisions of the
city, but which have latterly invaded
each othfr'a field.
Tat sUIlrw4 Ticket aa Trmaka
yU HeaUfle4-Tke Harder
era btrasfe Aelloaa.
Sr. Louis, Mo, May 20. As the
Maxwell case proceeds the interest in
the prisoner and h e probable fate in
creases. Several prominent clergy
men were present In the court room
this morning as were also a lrge
number of ladies and these, together
with the many other spectators packed
the Kom and ihe doors
Trk Bay, ae ibe Brawl, mt m
New York Eemina Foil: Dr. Valim-
tine Mott, who arrived here on the
Etrurla yesterday, spent several weeks
recently with the French scion int
Paeteur, and comes back prepared to
nooulate airainat hvdronhobia areorfi.
ing to Pasteur's theories and practice.
Dr. Mott said this moraine to a re
porter of the Eivninq PoU: "I took
with me to Pasteur simply a letter of
introduct on from my father, who had
been in correspondence with bira for
several months. I wai received with
much kindness, and was given the
most ample facilities for studying the
of otange blostoms. The bridal veil is
near y seven yards long, and is of plain
wnue sua tone, leiievea Djr myrtle and
orange blcssnms. It ia to bo worn high
on tha brad, and will fall gracefully
over the train, completely covering it.
For a traveling dress Mi is Folsitn
hai chosen a charming deep tray Uia
age striped, its eut fulland plain, over
a simple dark gray ailk petticoat. Tbe
coram cptna to as to reveal a double
breasted waistcoat, trimmed half way
between tbe throat and tbe waist with
velvet, teimtnating at the top la a
high collar, fattened by acrquet ish
grjy velvet baw. The waistcoat ia
brightened by tow i f ttsel buttons,
and tbe whole costume ia completed
lay s large gray hat lined with velvet
and trimmed with ploot ribbon and
oaliicb feathers.
Among tha many other exquisite
costumes I was particularly struck by
a claret and cream striped woolen
dress, to be worn over a ailk akirt hnr.
dered with a deep band of claret vel-
-vet. i tie tunio, which is ah mt, ia
a ripen in pieatt, high on one aid and
leftkoieon the otbrr. Tha back of
me retrousse fastens on to the Ions
aumieu ooy, snowing a ciaiet velvet
half waittcoat and a dainty chemisettH
of cream etamino tied at tbe throat
wun a narrow velvet ribbon.
Una of the prettiest of tbe visiting
urtimra ia 01 myitis grern veivot, very
biujjiij i-ut, wun a manie ei to match
Moat of tbs ladles who have been
mltted to inrpect tha trouweau, how-
ver, seem io pieier a delicato ors
turns of pale belioi rope sicillenne, with
wmi ana uiaca psnou S ripes. Horns
vowed they bad never set n anything
more diatractinglv delightful than an
aftetnorn dress of soft brown bronas
caenmera ana rnmson tlcllienne.
Kven more charming tbaa tbe walk
ing ana visiting coxnmes are several
evening dres-oo. Ihsre are dresses of
ail cats and all colors black, white,
pink, blue, purple, and one, a dream
in black Chantilly lace, embroldertd
with black jet oationafaille Frencaisa
train, is a fairy creation all of jet, lace
auu uuwa.
As a ( on trait to this I may mention
a daisty Loals XV tollttte with a
akirt of faded rote faille, trimmed in
front with cisoadoa of Matinee lace and
pink bows. With thla a short train on
n overaklrt with broad tain stripes
patted with tiny embroidered rose
buds. Toe pointed bodice Is cut
equtre In front and the elbow ilfcvta
r irimmea en snoot. To complete
the costume yon have a pointed waist
coat (mothered In Mali nee, while be-
mna me ooaice is a narrow n junce of
real lace.
Last, bat not least, come the bll
dresses proper, which, I f.ar, will
amuse much envy, hatiod and malice
Oae-a mystery In white fa llehae
an nndeisklrt entirely bidden by a net
covered with white jet pearls and
crystal beads. The train and conaze
are of tbe same material, tbe coir a e
being cot low snd round, and the
sletVdlces shoulder sirups are adorned
with bow. To end a long liet of won
dera imtgce a ihort, pale blue tulle
dreei of oiat honona texture embroid
ered wi h sliver daielci Beneath this
a pettio" at ol pale blue alcilienne.
The delicate tulle is relieved by a
short poioted cuirsve of brocaded
si k. hi a to make the costume per
fect Mi e Fo sru w ill deck her hair
with silver dainle and cornfljwers.
TTfce Krwsfla r ( JElaa.
Catakia. Sicilt. May 20. The
eiupti n of Mount .fc'.na la Increasing
in pronon one, and there ia a serious
danger to tne tnwn of Monte Roeco
frtn tie flow of leva. Mea-ures are
btinghk n fnrtharracue of the in
'ba'ii'aatM. Ya4 eolumns of flame are
bnua frm the tr.tsr of the volcano
and pr ett a moat imposing spec
tacle. ''a at BtalrMl.
Momtbsal, May 20.-Two ratlenU
wofleriog trom smallpox have been
removed io the hoapiial from St. Jen
Baptia'e wr 1. Bmallpox has exi ted
in r-t Vmtent da Paul village for sev
er il days, and his now appeared in
tha honstnf one of the officers of the
penitent a y. Grave fears are enter
t ined of its spreading to tha lnma ea
of that inst tu Inn.
Tbe Ureok Itepatlea.
&Tiisx, Mar 20. M. Srephenapolni
was to ay ilw'ei Pres'dent of the
Cbatubsf; ol Depntiea. He wa th
nomine uf M. Tricon pie, and wa
elected hv a maj irity of e'xty ov, r
tbe rai ilate supported by M. D
lyannia, the vote atandirg 138 ti 78
It ia no certain that M. Tricoop;t
wi.l form minl-tT.
Wa(taiuta mtrtimtiH ! (Tlatrr.
Ditbu. 20. f'tiiied lrt and d'.
darei l t tliereaie Nationalists ntl
ciantin any town rf Cljter to h e
th Taj-Mi and bobtail Orangemin
In;o gooi i bav o'.piovldtd tbe poiiie
'.Rud rld.
He there, and became more thor
oughly convinced than evor of the
value of Pasteur'scxperimonts. Every
day adds converts to his theories, and
to scofi at what he has done is simply
to ignore the facts. Whon I left him,
ten days ago, he had treated 910 cases
of persons bitU-n by dogs sup
nosed to be mad ; for several months
ho h's treated only patients who
could bring a certificate from a physi
cian or veterinary surgeon giving ihe
facta In the case. Of the 910 cases,
leaving out the wolf cast's, onlv on
person has died, and that was a case
in which inoculation occurred ihlrtv.
ilx days after the bite. As to tha
much talkcd-of wolf cases, Prof.
Pasteur does not pretend that inocu
lation against the bite of a mad dog
will protect agnitst the bite of a mad
wolf, lie has never had a mad wolf
to experiment with, and the deaths
among the ltusHians merrly alio w that
whatever the inoculation he oract'ees
against hydrophobia may be good for,
it is not a specific against the hit nt a
mad wolf.
"The series of operations by which
Pasteur obtains his virus is compli
cated and needs special knowledge and
delicacy. He gave me all the inf r
mation I could desire, and more than
that, he allowed tne io take some of
hisrabifa viius and a rabbit which
was inoculated the day I left. Here
tofore he lias refused to allow any
such material to go out of bis labora
tory. I brought the rabbit with
On the seventh dy from inoculation it
developed the usual symptoms of
rabies, and wt Haturday it died
eete'day mv father and 1 inornlHtmt
another rabbit; and we aie preparing
to inoculate a number of rabbits and
dogs as fast aa we can got them and
find proper nuartora for thn wmir
There is no reason whv tho wort
should not now be carried on in this
country : It ia onlv one person in
10,001) Americana who can bo to Pas
teur, but almost every ona in th
United Htatia ran mma a Nu V L-
I hear, hv-thn-wav. that lha .l,i.,K
bit Miss Morosini, the last American
who went to Pasteur, went mad and
was killed ; tha fact was cabled to Pas
was a barber, John B. Arno, do'ng
business at 16 North Broadwav, near
tbe Southern Hotel. Maxwell came
to his shop between 6 and 7 o'clock on
the evening of April 0th, 1886. His
hair and beard were both very long
and he asked to have the former
trimmed and the latter shaved off.
The barber did this and Maxwell then
asked him if he could recogn Z) him
then if he had known him when bis
hsir and bea-d were long. Witness
told him that such a tbing would be
impossible, and Maxwell seemed
C leased at this answer The pris ner
ad talked like a parrot all tlie time
he was in the shop. Told all sorts of
stories about him-elf and said he was
going into tho country for a day or
two but would soon return.
The counsel fnr the prisoner, in
cross-examining the witness, tried to
aliow tbat Maxwell had evinced no
uneasiness and seemed unconcerned
as to whether or not hit having been
shaved had changed h's Bp pea ance,
uui uie answers to nis questions re
sulted in fihowing that the contrary
had been the oeej that the prisoner
looked nervously around whenever
any one entered the room ; that he
was continually slipping down in his
chair as if to not attract at ention.
ticket agent f r the San Francisco
railroad, was the nut witness He
identified tlie prisoner as the man to
whom he hod sold ticket to Han
franciscoon April 6, 1884, identified
tne i cicet wntcti bora bis own signa
ture, and that of H. M. Brooks. The
prisoner had made no inquiry as to
tbe price of the ticket, and wben he
paid for it drew forth a large roll of
uiiis oi large drnominations.
The defense waived cross examination.
"If the public want to heln alnna a
worthy work it can heluesta luh hem
an Institution for the proper treatment
of patients according to Pasteur's di
rectiona. Private physicians cannot
be expected t give their time and
money both to this work ; there is no
money to be made out of aurh naana
me public ought to do its share. A
comparatively small sum -15000-woutd
sufflce to put such an institu
tion into running order, and enable its
value to be tested. Here ia an nnnnr.
tu. ity for some of our rich men. 8o
far a few medical men have defrayed
the expenses in- urred, but that can
not go on foreer. We need cont'ibu
tions now; even rabbits cost money,
and I shall be Mad of a few whom-
owners are willing to lay them on the
altar of scientific sacrifice."
a rituaiiT.
What if, whil. I tit hare alona.
A Vol I kav tint hr,i (,. wmm
Bh old araat me ia tha low. awmt Uaa
laaioaca mune to mriwij
And 1 innuld itart troin aienorr'a ewar.
An.i, (uraint. And ou titliua to-ra
nnhancrd, aa thounh 'twaa yciterdtr
lour iMt want trtiiuins down tha ntair.
Or if, apon tone lumninr dir.
"Id soni ir kirda and hum of baai.
I Ihould to down (lit wondlaud war
lo uur old trvtt kiAk Wm .
And, tiartint back Intlad urp ta,
I itioM.d beho'd roa waittna tbare,
loo old lliht thioina ta aonraTM
lha tualiaat tanalad ia rour hair.
Iavaia I aHall not tha flow
01 wina-browB ayaa or a.t:b. tat tatilt
Ofrabr ltaai bat yat I know
Ttit roa art aaar me alt the white.
of I ld roa ia that raat
yi any wrt -aat B37 awtr kaart
W oald bloed afrrtb and ooaat it atraam
re think dud held at far apart
And lo, whaa erenlnt ihadowt araaa
And laoamt. draam of haaraa and tho.
And aisht (kill tnttlr o'.r tb Im.
air arvnoi ana i tiata.
Ton touol
And Whan Inm, luMnw m(m.b akBll L
I hat lodiaia chiliad by daMirtoold daw.
Job need oat kiea m, T hitll k,
Aad waking, be ia haaraa with yo. :
Cbo tlaa far Chirac.
("Hioaoo, III, May 2 ). The-e is a
profprt t at in tbe near future the
OMiouujcr of gas in all parts of the
city, instead of paying 1 and fl fcO
.dl rr tb WHO of lata Native
Naw Yosr. May 20. Tha Sinn
wani r B'ack Uor-e and his squaw
reamed diarotuolattly through Caetls
Otrtien yeetarday. For two yea-w,
w th nine companlone, the contde
have been exhibiting tbrioghout Eu
rope It rlin bniegthe laet place wbeie
t .ey satitfied the curiosity of the in
tiahiianta to gem upon the noble red
man. Black Hone longed for tbe
wiula of hia nrrve Dak.ta, and going
tii Bremen he intrusted his lacd'oid
witn 4i 0 marka with which to prapar
the parsige o( biaef andrquawto
De4Wo?d. Theyarrivedon tlie8t4n
of Nebraska jeiterday, and thendia
e wed that they were only booked
f ir New York. Clerk Nhrlnt-h aciorn
pamed Black Hone to the offic i ol tre
tlte Line, whaio it was ftuud 170
marks had be.-n received fortrepas
aavw t tha couple. Black Hjtse'a
an lord is therefore ga ntr by 230
raMrk. Blark Uorte la In a teriible
qiiariay. The fare to Dead wood
ool cost Lim t95 b0, about f'JO more
than he foscBaes,
of Hess A Culltertson, pawnbrokers,
had met the prisoner on the third or
fourth day of April, 185; the prisoner
wanted to borrow 125 on a wateh
chain ; witness refused to loan him so
much ; prisoner tri d to sell him other
trivial articles, saying that he must
have money. On the Monday after
Easter Sunday the prisoner called
again, purchasing a flute for $8 and a
set of diamonds, paying for them with a
IU0 bill, whi h he selected from a roll
of several of the same denomination.
Witnerts noticed nothing unusual in
prisoner's talk or action on his Becond
an op ician, succeeded Hess on the
stand. He t stifle 1 that the prisoner,
accompanied by some one whom he
did not know, ca'led at bis placa of
busine s and wiehed to sell a magic
lantern outfit. The gentleman with
Maxwell w. re a black moustache, and
he thought he would recognize him if
he should s e him again. He Identi
fied a photograpt cl Preller as the
man he taw with defendant. After
ward the prisoner bought trom the
witness a pair of apecta les, a pair of
field glasses and a manicure set, ten
dering in payment for the same a $100
bill. He drew a larra roll of monev
from his pocket when he paid the bill.
a dark of Mr. Aloes's, was next ex
amined and corroborated his em"
ployer's testimony.
a trunk-maker, test'fled that the pris
oner had bought from him sv caavasi
covered trunk and packing case Mon
day. April 6th. In paying for them
he drew from his inner coat pocket a
Jarge toll of bills, composed mostly ol
those of large denominations. Soaae
time later In the day he returned to
the store and bought two large trunk
straps. The straps taken from around
the trunk in which Preller's bodj was
found were brought in and identified
by the witness as those of the pris
ner. The witness waa shown two trunk
boards found in the packing case and
asked if they were parts of tbe tray.
He said they were not, but wore
pieces of the top of another trunk;
the packing case had no tray.
ine sine vruna in winch lreller's
body was found was brought before
the witness, who waa asked to telj as
an expert whether tbe tray had ever
belonged in it.
Mr. Fauntleroy, counsel for the de
fense, objected to expert testimony on
tho point, but his orjection was over
ruled and tho witness answered it An
exception was taken to the ruling.
Tho point was an important! one, as
the t'ay and partition were round in
the pa'king-cse.
a boulhern Hotel porter, recogniaod
mo irunfts (.mnigni irora, iMeger) as
those he had carried to the prisoner's
room on tne same day they were
bought. When he en'ered the room
the sine trunk was in the middle ol
the floor and clothes were scattered
about and heaped in nilea. 1U lifted
an end ol the sine truck to see ii it
waa packed and thought it weighed
150 or 180 pounds, a heavv weieht for
a trunk of that s te, The prisoner
ordered hint to take down tbe canvass
covered trunk. Witness asked him if
he was goiag to take the othn trunk.
and the defendant answered no, be
was going to De bark m a day or two
Witness carried it down to. the office
where Maxwell ordered him tn nlara
it on tne omnibus which waa going- to
wic vauuaiisi uppoi. maxwell vol
1 . 1 V 1 . . .
in u uia dus ami was driven iwht
n, . . . i . .. rf
mm was me last time witness ever
saw Uie defendant.
ratio CASTLC,
wlin had rharge of tbe cigar stand at
the Southern Hotel during the stay ol
" i retier, recognia a the
cieiemtant and the lVeller photograph.
On Easter Sndy both were at the
stand, and P eller bought a box of
cigars a m ordert-(t them sent to Max
well a toon. Witness noticed that
l reller had plenty ol money. Wit
ness new saw htm again. The next
morning Brooks bought some cigars 1 1
him. lie said his friend had gone int i
uie country.
dealer in hats, recognised tbe de
lendant as the pu chaser of a peculiar
kind of bat on Menday, which he
saia i.e wanted for it would make him
loos, like a 1 ankee. Defendant
very nervous at me time.
You read it You note
the indications for tbe
day, then prepare for the
weauier. That indicates
wisdom. It' more im
portant to you to observe the
Don't neglect its indi
cations. They are per
sonal to you. Study
them carefully, under-
A a. a.."
siana uiem thoroughly, act upon
mem prompuy.
Its a disordered Stomach
Most likely accompanied by
t-onsupauon. urown a iron
Bitters will cure the Head
ache and Constipation too.
ache. This means Weak
Nerves, Excited Nerves, Ner
vous Prostration. All ner
vous troubles cured by the
strengthening qualities ol
Brown's Iron Bitters.
T IkT T v M A . -w-v
imt,Aiiunsi uypepsia
and Indigestion. Be careful
of your diet Look well to
your habits. Give aid to these
by using Brown's Iron Bit
ters. It will cure.
INDICATION ! Biliousnsss.
Brown's Iron Bitters is what
you need. It will remove the
cause and cure the disease.
INDICATION! Impure Blood,
Causes no end of physical
disturbances. Purify and enrich
your blood and remove the
cause of many diseases by us
ing Brown s iron Bitters
Feeling. Don't neglecf this,
It s a storm signal. It's not a
cause but the result of physi
cal derangement Get rid of it
at once. It means an exhausted
body, an overworked brain.
Give both the aid of Brown's
Iron Bitters. It will restore
the body and rest the brain.
INDICATION ! GeneralDebil
ity. Results from inattention to
the previous indications. Those
complaints have produced this
condition. Even now vou can
obtain relief and be cured bv
Kidney and
Still la the avark. with a fall sumo rt meat sf
Aew and JrJffHatJ.FlnUiieI
Hs. rf Jsffenra Mreet,
(Batweaa aaa Fraat.) MlUtPHIS.
DH.JOtKHON W aekaawUdfad kr all par.
tiriBtmta4 aa by fu ta mott -
ra'paratoiaB IB uwiaum priraiar
&n ditaaaaa. Qalck, aaraianaat aaraar
R. a. X
Va aff af a
576-87380-382-384-386 fcecond street- an nth of ( avium.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Floorlnu, Celling, Siding. Shinales,
i. aia or ioaiv
kaa aaA Brakilla
ritkaat tha aaa of mar- i
at 99 kiaaraae foa j '
8rrkUij, tha UjCtm- 1
at tka aaa a aiarcurr. .
aaa.-aataad ia ararT
lUoaat eaaea ot tfo:
Mni ia a f.w dara w
earr, aBaaaa af diat
aaaiDaaa. feaaaadar i
tiwm anHlilat.a vitkaal
IaTolaaiarr Ion oftaaiaB atoaaad ia short a
lima. BaBarara from Impauaar ar loaa al
aaiaal pwan raitor a to fraa riaar ia a raw
waaka. Vietimaofa a-abaaa aad aaaaaa ir
Taaarr, aaffariaa from aparaaaorrbaa and
lot! of pkraioal and mantal pavar. apaadilr
and parmanantlj enrad. Partranlar attaa
tiaa paid to tha Dinaaaaa af Waman, and
curat aaaraataad. Pilaa and oldaorai cured
witkaattha aaa of eaa, tie or tha k aira. All
anntaltationa atrietlp oea6daatial. Madl
einaa aant hr azpraaa to all para of tha
ratea. OSooaoBrt from I o'clock
o'clork p.i
aa earad at half tha nasal
elnck a.n. to S
tract, jHempbn, lean, wnen uOerma i
iadiaaMiaa. Ha aayi ha oonld faal an
proramaat Try day.
WbaB aufferiBB from
R. G. CRAIG&C Q.,39UnioDSl.,nemphIs
e. X. WITT.
33G Second Street, Memnhls.
A M2?i.AdD C0M,?ETJ ?.T0?K ? PtiUMBKRS, OA8 AND 8TBA3f ?rTTBB8
S Mt.rii.l. Pmi... DrlT. Wall.. Iron.Tdn 'tnna Pipa. 0. Plxtur. 70loho. t
. w. TOMim. wjf. BENJB8,
Tomlin & Benjes,
179 Main St., Memphis.
Ofar tpaslal Indacamanti in Open Bnraiaa
of onr own maka, at ; Top Baatiaa ol
oar own maka. at 1J0. All work war-
raaiaa. van D.iora yoo uy.
star Hartnt dlpond of oar ant Ira atack ol
Vahiclai and tha MannrMturinr lMpari
maat toMutra TOMLIN BKItJhS, wa
Daapoaa lor mam a oootinoanoa of tha
pa.conaca ao lona extanaad to aa.
Brown's Iron
Liver Troubles. Danger threat
ens. Can only be suceessfullv
a J
treated and completely cured'
by Brown's Iron Bitters.
Chills and Fevers. Spring
Fevers. You will find a certain
remedy in Brown's Iron Bit
ters. It supersedes the use of
. Quinine and produces better
and permanent results.
It won't hurt your teeth. It
won't discolor them. You can
have all the testimony you want of
the value of Brown's Iron Bit
ters if yo'u write to BROWN
CHEMICAL CO., Baltimore, Md.
Throughout the Southern At
lantic and Gulf States
Spring Fever will prevail for
It's in the Weather. It's
on the Health Bulletin
Don t overlook it.
Brown's Iron Bitters
is a specific for its cure.
FInpbI Rummer Snort la America
Minnetonka lleaeh, Minn.
Offer Rocnrnmodatlnnaonaqaalad byenyhn
tal in tha want. Hxtaa, 13 par day: 15 par
month. Circular, and fa I itartl"UlB-n Kant
promp'ly on application to KttiKNK MKHL,
waaaaar. DT. rAUL, ami.
" Mrs. A. Mullar. No. 637 Main ftreet,
aonphn, Tenn.. of ooillii and fetor. Since
taking thfl remrdy ha I'M hud no return of'
the mnlkdy. nd fha oonaiduri it the bat
remcay in ine wor'o.
And Commission erchants,
2GO and SOS Front Mt.. ltTmnhla. Tnn.
Chickasav; Ironvoriia
98 Seoomd St. Memphim, Tenr
.nglnes, Boilers, Sawmills
Bradlaval Corn and Wheat Mill a,
Cottoa rreaty Cotton tilnx.
Maniaa. Pnllevs. Jbir.
tSXiL aWMJIAI. avTiCB-Waara prepared tonll ardara,
TT- rv (iiii notion for tha eala rated atxlara raaaaal
wrwcni. - . rauey. w a earry ta atoal rsr
Two Hundred Aeeorted Mara.
hi Hand for CMalome and Prloe-llit.
aaajCji. - aaSrW Jf
ba E t liiJtoaJ8L. -IJ
tillilt?a III6-
n ar
2 W
9o J'.;y-i-' "J n.nM.'tfyyj
For is yean at 37 Court Placa, ao at
a rCkuj daoat-at aa4 latalfy oaallft4 pbjmatam a4 last)
as mm wnammwrn mm.
aU forMofl PRTVATj.
Virfa l
iuarmfctoi'jliaa ataut Ianpotaaera
M the ranll f Mtf.w m li.ta. wml mm u mm
Iw fwn. moihm il mmt prmtwAm hmi( BV
lowlac lt KmwHM, ImImI KbImIdm, .lutato
tkmt br dnwl, Otatim tt tHil. rMkMv. aw. ny
telDtaj.ruplMHrM Amrl.aMMt7fyMitM,
Omtafe M Umt, Im at Bml IVnr, a. mtlniu
arri. InpnrMr or nnhmrvj' . ttMraoflil pcrm
BirtilA. tflt Auituiru;
OL.EET. Ruloum. tfmhu
a mtw. m aiMw, mv m( auia u
7, wrnm n-mm rnn
r&u Um cttj k- irwlatal, -rlifcn hIimi MrMtr
ud Mfelj j Mil mr aiprw. ..j i hu,
Vnri OaaraalMB U all Caaa
OoiuuluOooi rMlly mr wf Mw B mat l.ntaa,'
H.M.M,r.H. rjiUjMIr "
Ib tbaTawBi rcalllcrrllle, Tcaia.
No. M2, B.D. John Loarue J'nbllo Admin-
Mtratoroi enemy eountyvaed a anohAd
miniatrator of Mn. S. U. Bleckley, de
ee&fled. VI. M...1. A. RrMnm.n .r .1
BY virtueof decree foraala entered here
in, April 27, 186, I will offer for sale,
at poblie aneUon, at COIUKBV1LLK,
IKNN.. on
(olardaT. Mmw Sfla IBM.
within leeal honre. tha following
real aetata, to-witi
1. A oertaln lot eonta'nine thraa and nna.
half (3H) aorea la the Tenth C Til District
eonnW. Tenn.. in tk. n.l.hkn
f Bray'a fitationi Bo on did on tha
by the M. and 0. Railroad 1 on the east by
tba lands ol P. M. Ward, and on the wait by
tha lande of E. Read
And tbe followinc lota tn tha town of Col
lierrille, Shelby eouaty, Tenn. t
II. A Tenant let irontinf nn thaweat side
nt the nnblle Dark. south ol thAilnt h
T. J: Morris, and beint ona hndred (100)
fet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(120) tcct.
111. A Taoantlot on tha aAnrh midmnl T.nnS
atreet, beainnina about one bnorrad and
forty 114U) teetwen or the Intrrseetlon ot
front atreet with the ooenina et .if tha
publlo aqaare, harlna a froclol aaa hun
dred and eventy-foar fret by a depth of
about two bu&dr-d and twenty (220) Iret.
IV. A racant lot on the rst wde of Mala
atreet, thiity by sixty (3Ux60) lea . lyina be
tween the property of Geo. jd. Blair nod P.
I. Gray.
V. A Taeant lot on tbe went eida at Mils
treat, beainnina about one hundred and '
arty-eiabt (150) feet no'th ot the intef section
of Front and Main streets; tbe nee perth
twenty (20) loot, with a depth' of one hun
dred and sixty (lfrii feet, running son'h at
riakt ancles with tha mth lino. of said lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (120)
feet west of the beeinntB. rwint. . .In.t.nn.
of aftr-eiaht (Se) feet, until it joins with lot
No four 14). fronting on Kront street.
VI. A eertain lot oommenoins on tha
northwest oorner ot J. W. end VT. Ih Koen'a
lot, in tha town of Collierrillei deeded to
then by Leske ard Irby; rnnninc thenoa
north 'hlriy (30) feet to aatake thunr. .ur
eiaty (0 feet to a akai thenoa aoutk thir
ty W0 1 loot to a stake to the northwest cor
ner ot said lot of Kotn'ii tbenoa we. t sixty
(6t feet to tha bet-inning pointv
rtooa au, paaa 1JO.
VII. A lot known aa tha flmharil Int.
Striked aa : Beginning at tha northeast oor
ner 01 lot No. 6, on a ranga of lota north of
PuMie square and oaposite tha. M. and C.
it. a. 1 tnerce norta two aanvredand reren
feet six IMS inehee to na'aka: ineaveewest
twa hundred and twenty (220) fee in J. K.
Waddiag'a east boundary 1 thenoa south
twahnndrad and seren leet a! UAl:Ll Inch..
ton stake, which lathe northwaet earner of
John Lynch a lot No. Hi thenoa aaat two
bnadrad and twenty (120) leet to the begin,
nine, oonuinlng, by aatimatioa, a liwle oyer
one acre. Book 73, page 642.
VII t- Lot No. ona (1), lorty ,(40) tea' by
aaa hundred (100) feat, in a ran are at lots
Nee. 1 to 11. on tha Berth side oi t'.ia ani tin
ajaera or park, pnrohaaed from V. Leak
Beptember 24. 1867, and recorded In Aeiis
ter'i ofBoa of ehelby eoanty, ia nook No. 62,
ae-ee ai e.
IX. Lot Na. f . forty (40) by one Vnnrimi!
(100) feet. In a ranee of Iota Noe. X tn 11 nn
the north aide of the poblie square ar park,
purchased from V, Leake, Decern bet, 1H67,
aad recorded in the register's office of Bbel-
of 8b
by county, tn book Na. ao. nam 47ft.
, Jf. Lot No. 4 (and part of total, forty (40)
ay one nnnarea nut feat, and part or la
3 O.T5
2 5 5 3N
JOllIf E. lUStLE A CO., AiMts,
MetaphlB, TeB.
BaoWBH laoai BITTBRO rtRr.D
Oapt. A. U. Iremene, 13 HadieoB
street, aieinphia. Tenn.. when troaklrd with
bllioarnese. It alrengthaeiad him as ha fait
Ilka a new creature.
tb. aUat ef Out tUM
r 'initinll ah.
I 1 Btrab.a
t 'Sreaaaaataaa.
" itcimrr ranaL,
Uc a4 mvm naka
, M Uadtac ItMS.
JL. I SMj Til.
8ubcrH for; the wAppial.
pro Ted aa effectual remedy in the fam
ily of Mr Chas. 11. Vogel. 300 Hsaasaaa
treat, tiemphis. Tana., in all eaeee of
stomach disorder, aii aa aa arpejUtet aad
ITsaral toala.
Doors. Sash. Blinds. Holding, Limber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts.
13. WIITZrviAMTiCo
WtaaIMal Dealan and PnblUhera,
ITULQiLo IEi0:O"ll3Lt3
Sols Aganta following Tlret-Olaaa Iastrsmentai
OTltTl1 A Wfa ""' HAM IP, CLOfUH a WABJVBB, cm
Writs for OaraJrvaTiaa. Noat. 93ff and SU NFCOWT. NT- HTFWPH1
aV I I aT
s ; esor a- m
5" L2T
Latesi Novelties ia Fsstwear
hwht paioxsi
A8KNT8 roa THE f AK0TJ9
W. L. Douglas 13.00 Calf Shoes
la Batten, Laeeaad OonaTaes.
BUT ninstraiad CataJoene and Prise -Last
Mailed tVee on appltoation.-sai
nt a.
aht(H) by ona bandied 1100) leet. west af
aad adjoining lot No. 2, in a ranae of lota
No. 1 to 11, on tha north tide ot tha publis
park or square. On tnia lot, 48ili)0 feet, are
two briok stoiehouaee, on which there ist
trast deed of record. (8ale auhiant tn iha
rtcbts of the mortgaaee.)
Al. Jjot no. o, lorty 140) by ona hundred
(liO) feet, westol anal a Joining lot No. 4,
abore described, and fnurteon-U4) feet six
(6) inches of lot no. i. west of and adjoining
lot No. 6. (This is the lot on whioh Mrs. K.
M. Bleckley res ded at the time ot ber death,
being fifty-four (f4!-J leet six inches by ona
hundred (100) feet 1 One-story frame and
iaeproTeoents. Bcek (3, pgei236.
ah. uotno. , lorty (40) by one hundred
et. in a range of lots en tha north sida
Lubhe nark flr an 11 raw rmtorA hrwtlr
No. 69, part 2, pages 467-. A lot fronting
Jo aabjeot taiha right of tha
(lOOj feet, in a range of loU en th north sida
01 tne 1
the west side of the pubiio park, beginning
rorty-eigbt (48) feet south of Front street,
lying between thmlotef J. H Waddy on th
north and 1. J. Morris on the south, being
forty-eight by one hundred and twenty 48x:
120) leet. henna two (2) two-story brick im
provements andialeo nna (1) small tenement
of wood. Upon this lot there is a trust deed
01 record. baJi
As per said doeree, I will first sail said ua
ImproTed property, or aa muoh thereof a
may be neonaeary lor baa, payment of the
debts and ebavgee, and eteta, eoanty and
mnniaipal taetas against aaidastatat and ia
the erent said unimproTed property doe
not realise sufficient, iaea I will ofer said
improved pyaperty for sal for the payment
01 tna remainoar oa aaia aenta, ousts.
vu.ree. aaa hih. xuie ueerB
without pBejudio t eke claims of
aeoured by mortgage or truet deed
right af Ue estate ia .property embraced in
euch mosta-eeek.ee eavae. riuii .k-ll k 1.
aold la oas a sale thereof haeomea neaaa-
aary to pay tha dakai allowed.
At t. tlma nf aha a. (k. It-- ar
f aTio, may direat tha order in whieh tba
?i!ff? 01 irou "bold,exoept
that the m oetrad property is to be last aold
a. avwrT aoflttus.
IB OI hale
(M) on Daoemb
ia mad
and th
t.mm. nf " n y .
1 ' i, kom, sns one
half (S) on DeeemSer 27. 1807 purchaser to
execute notea with uimnil iru...i
rity for the apaid pnrehae money, and a
lien retained on th PBoperty o secur th.
taemrrea paxmeni. xaa AprU a, lim.
r 0. L. MeDonald
oha Uun. W
Wrrinerand Albert Bua-ga, aoticitors
. tULLKN. Clark
J)putr Clerk.
n . . I ar n
BtTTEIM Bjaj .
traeU Memphis, Tenn.. o? a scrare ease ol
shtlls and ferer. Be keiTe la tt.
H. aMTUa.
Jaa m.aaitwsaav.
Bssew. Oaawkt.
aa. s. aneas
X7IxvoleUaIe GT-oeer, Cotton ITactoi-a
tei Ctar.I$s!:a Ksrcf:3Lntj,
arlltn M MM W BBw a Mt Wf f I ejaei
za& una znz imm hi., i icnnmn. vpr
Ux, I. &T. HAIirXT darato. hi whole time t tha wolgblng aad sale of all Oottol antrttrUi
a ooart. gotua W arahoaao, W aaoiiKVsa nraaA.
... a Ti Tin-tffi--!
M BsvdlaeMB . aaiBhla. fata
AtVLl atoek of Wooden and Hata
Oaaaaaad Oukevs, Burial Hobes, eta,,
always e.kaad. Orders yTaleTpk Ot tU

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