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t V
Caltoi Hlgker-Mlddllnr, 815 lCc
Salet Yesterday, 2550
Bales. '.
Mrmw im fair demand at 8ier cenL
: local aeoartties doll but steady. The
O tton market in sympathy with New
.'. TnrV ami T.ivemool closed Srm and
tending: upward, middling 13-16c.
', -Sales 2&0 bales. New York spots closed
!teadf and l-18c higher; mlddliag
'"l 5-Kjc. OI the fufcare market Greene
& Co.'s report on cotton fotarei says
"A further gain oa the old crop of 5
po'nta was well sustained, the market
ruling firm throughout, with local
covering the evident support. Liver
pool came somewhat higher. Silver
was in better form, higher and steady
at45d. On the ext crop dealings
were rather light, butthe tone firmer.
At New Orleans spots closed strong
and 1-16 higher, middling r,c; futures
steady and 6 to 8 point) higher, Juna
8.8838.9c. At Liverpool spots were
reported good business at hardening
rates, middlings l-16d ; futures steady
and 1 32d higher, May-June 5 03d.
In the general market eggs are weak
at(10c. Other articles unchanged.
One package butter, 2 pkes bacon
2500 bu corn, 1 pkg cheese, 300 sks
coffee, 7 pkgs Jry goods, M pkgs
eggs, 5ol tens Hour, 318 baits bay, 1
pkg hats, lt2hdheep,48 hd cattle, 78,
000 ft lumber, 4 pkgs liquors, 125 brls
meal, 22 brls molasses, 10 brls onions,
117 brls potatoes, 47 brls sugar, 100
pkgs tobasco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants jixenange to-uay
Corn received. 3237 bu: withdrawn
r()9 ba; 'in store, 36,515 bu. Oatare-
ceivcsj, none; withdrawn, 224 bu; in
Store, 429(5 bu.
9 Madison 8U, Xemphtx, Tens.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cttnt
'ins uiearing-uoaM report is as iol
Thursday. May 20th, $176,005 73 ;
thus far this week, $908,909 21 ; same
time last week, $953,266 51 ; same time
in 1885, $709,907 96 ; same time In 1884,
$409;.'sa 7.
Thursday. May 20th, $36,396 65;
Ltfwis far this week, f i60,21l 33; Sims
time last week. $281,144 98; same time
in 1885, $225,924 84 ; same time in 1884,
5931(58 81.
New York sight on all points, car
buying, i premium selling; na
ttaeland demana, t aiscounc ouying;
New England sigbt, J d'soonnt; New
Orleans, - discouut baying, par selling.
ink of Oommerce..l49 bid, 152 asked
Fi ret National 14) bid. 155 asked
German Bank.....192 bid, 195 asked
&tate National. 145 bid. ldii asked
Union and Planter..! 49 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank...l35 b d, 137 asked
Bluff City i. 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 101 bid, 103 asked
Home..- 72 bid. 75 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples.- 81 bid. Si asked
Fboenix 98 bid, 10) asked
Planters 10a bid, ... asked
"Vanderbill 21 bid, 22 aiked
Arlington...... bid, ... asked
factor. .. - ....20 asked
If. and C. R.R. sbares..3Q bid, .:. asked
M.& T. R.K. shame. ...40 bid. ... asked
M. & 0. consols, 7s... 116 bid, ... asked
M..& L. R. 1H m. 8s... 110 bid, ... asked
Miss.&T.R R.CJ.A...120 bid, 122 asked
Miss.& T.K K.cs,B...l(H5 bid, 108 asked
Teen. wts. ser. 0 97 bid, 98 asked
Teun. wts. ser. D to J -82 hid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 106 bid, 107 asked
Tax. V sU.4, i 3t bid. 94 asked
Tax. DisU 6i- 102 bid, 102 asked
Mem.Htor.Uaui.Co-lUd bid, JUHatked
Mem. Oas Btock......77 bid, 80 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water houdt!...96 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b'd, 65 asked
Am. Cot Oil trusts.,.30 bid, 31 ai-kcd
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 17 bid, 20 asked
New York, May 20. Money on call
asy at.3J2 per cent. Prime mer--caatile
pajer 4(a)"c. Sterling exchange
line aan ted.
Bonds Government bonds were
iuiet.snd heavy, the 4s being a shade
lower. State bonds were dull and
ateady. Xiere wan an iacreassd bus
ess in railroad bonds, as well as an
increase in sir. ntl. '1 he Houston
and Teias issues were consoicaous in
advances, while the rt. Paul.C. and P.
division rs aad terminals, Ens seconds
ex-copop,and New Jersey CenUal de
bentures were conspicuous for activi
ty. Tbe latter are being bought, it is
reported, by people having private in
formation that4he back coupons will
be paid. Houston and Texas general
mortgage advanced 2 t 56, the sec
onds 3 to 80 ; the western division
firsts,, coupon off, 35 to 9, and the
main line firsts, c dipon off, l to 10,"
arfd Green Bay fi its 2 to 103
Stocks The on If feature in Blocks
this morning wos a temporary weak
ness in New York Central following
the publication of its quarterly state
ment. In the afternoon, however,
.J hero was conspicuous buyiag of St
Paul and the rumor quickly ga ned
credence that M. Armour was buying
the stork. There was a rush to cover
and the price responded quickly
Ti e remainder of tht market sympa
tliiz d with 'his movement and prices
moved up a'l along the line, loaning
rates became firmer and tha inquiry
for rtnck.s was said to be in excess of
tbe oHenncs. The marfcet opened
lather heavy with ltauling down
a d New York Central . The gen
eral market in the ear y dealings was
firm but ten dull to have ny cha ac
t r. New York Central declined ,
but had regained moat of this loss by
noon. After 12 o'clock there was a
. , . i i.
noiciatne increoae ui me ac
tivity and strengtb of the
maraei, aiuioaga mere was
no more than a moderate business
trTcuchoutthealteiT.oon Priceseon
tinned strong without any important
reaction, and th market closed firm,
at or near the m& figures of the day
St. Paul was tAe most active, with
sale aggregating 57,300 shares. There
were only mree other storks, ew
York Central, Lake Shore and Lacka
wanna, in which the sales were over
fO.eOO shares, and these four stocka
Turn rah ed a little over one-half the
total day'a business. Consolidated
GasWestern Union, New Jersey Cec
fral and Urcgon and Tianscontinental
sold 1000 shares over eacli. Consoh
dated Gas rose from 81.to 84 and closed
lower, with a set gain of 2 per
tent Jersey Central and Lackawanna
are eacn up li: tit. fauu it: Louis
ville and Nashville. Northwe tern and
Western Union tach 1J, and the other
active stocks fractional amounts.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
2&),i'lb shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 21,0;
Vi OAA, I.ln Ul,nn l I O . T
UVT'l. UKQ 1 1 V7. U, VJ HI , JJUUIO'
ville and Nashville, 6500; Memphis
and Charleston, aa ew Jersey
Central. 14,450; Nw York Central.
2.'),:U5; St. Paul, 57,300; St. Paul and
Omaha, 3176; Western Union, 14.G30.:
Northern Pacific preferred, 551k, and
Oregon Transcontinental, 11.110. The
closing quoiauons were as ioiiowb:
V. 8. S. 100 4i. conn. KM.
4Si, coup, 112(4. Pifioli.ollH95,Ln1;.
La. lUmiii, 4i. 7.H4 Mliioorl, tt, 101K.
Tenn. ft, old, 67 V4. Tenn. 6, new, tf'i.
Cent. Pao. liU,U7. Dob. A R.(l.ls',n.
DniR.).W.l.u,7SKrie tecondt, &SV,.
U.K. k T..den.f.a2'-.North. Ph. lau. 118
North. Po. 2dt, . N. Woitern oon.. 14l
N.Weit. dab. 6. loti'i.St.L.S.i'.Gen.M, U.S.
St. Paul, eon., M3. S-.P..C. A P. Wu,l
i. r- iana mn,. l.r. n.u. ck eoa. mi.
U. P. l.U, U7J.. Weit tihoro, 1U2.
Adtmi Expraoi, 142. Morrii & E..142.
Allxhony Cob., . Naehvlllo C . S.
Alton & T. H , 3D. N.J. Central, 51S.
A A T. U.iPfd,. W. Nor. A W., pfd.,31.
American K., 1(I6. Nortnern Pac,
B. 0. K. At. ,50. Northern P.ptd., i&
Canada Pao.,. 0 A N. W 107H.
Canada Son.. C. N. W .1J.,I39.
Central Paoino, '6H. N. Y. Centrnl, lO'j.
CheiaiKako i O.. N. Y. 0. k ht. L., I'-i.
C. k 0 ,1ft pfd, HS. N.Y.St. LAC.p , li.
C. A 0.,2d Md.,il0. Ohio Central, I.
0. A A., 138. Ohio A MUi.,20.
C. A A , old., I S. 0. A MiM.. pfd., 9P.
8., M. AQ..131. Ontario A Wait , 15.
., St. LaK.O,,-, Oregon Ner.. 93.
8., 8t. L. A P., 10. Oregon Irani.. 29.
., Ht. t. AP. p.,28. OreKoo Imp., 18.
0., 8. A 0 . 26. Pacific Mail, 52.
C.AC, 47. Panama. tW.
Del. A Had .MS Peoria, D. A K., 21.
Del., I. A W.,llU'rK. Pittebarg. 150.
Den. A Rio S., U. Pullman P. C, Vi..
Krie, ZlJi. Heading, 221,.
hrie efi., 64. Hook Ifand. 122.
lUt tenn., 1. St. L. A 1. P., 18X.
KaatTeon. ptd. 2. bt. L. S. F.,p.,4n.
Fert Wayne.HMV,. Bt.L.A8.F..lit
Hannibal A 8t Jo., C. M. A St. P., 86?,.
S. A 8U Jo., pfd., - C. M. A St. P. .p.. 119
faarlem, 218. St. P., M. A M., 110.
HoeiHon A.T..29 . St. P. A Omaha, 40.
IIHooil Cel., l3o' Pt.Paol AO.pfd.,104.
ina., u. a w.. 2. Teiu racina, 74-
iMmJcT..XAi. VH Pao.fio, 49.
ake K. A W.. lfc. U. b. Binrena. 60.
Lake Shore. 78. . W., 6t. L. A P., 7H.
Lou. A Naib... 35, W., bt. L. A P. ,p.,14.
Loa.AN. A.,34 . W. A F. Ex.. 121.
M. A C. fint pld , -.W. U. Tel., iy,.
M.AC, pfd., . Colorado Coal. 22.
Mem. A Char., 29. Homeitake, 20.
Mich. Ceo.,!. Iron Silver, 190.
M., L. 8.A W .63. OnUrio. 24.
M.,L.S.W.,pfd,9i Quickailver. 3
Min. A fit. L., 19. Uuiektilver.pfd, 20,
Mio. A 3t. L,pfd,4 JV$.rout4i PaoiBo, .
M wourl Pfibo.loi. 8ulro.il,
Mobile A Ohio, 10.
LoKooa, May 20. Consols, 101 for
money and 101 13-16 for the account.
Star silver 45d.per ounce. The amount
of 'bullion .gone into the Bank of
England on balance to-day is 0000.
The bullion in the Bank of England
iooreased 93,000 during the past
week. The proportion of the Bank of
England reserve to liability, which last
week was 37J per cant., is now 37 5-lti
per cent.
Paris. May 20. Three ner cent.
rentes, 82f 25c for the account. The
1 be weekly statement ot tae liank of
France shows an increase of 17,025,-
OOOf cold and a decrease of 3,900,0001
Nkw.Obliass, La., May 20. Clesr-
togs, 1795,526.
Cuicago, Ilu, May 20. Associated
bank clearings were 17,968,000.
New Yobk, May 20. Exchanges,'
$74,049,448; balances, 3, 457,410.
iBosTos.MAss., May 20. Exchanges,
$10,5b0,5r46 ; balances, $1,278,488.
Sr. Louis, Mo., May 20. Bank clear
ings, $2,542,724; baUnces, $582,364. -
Baltimore. Md.. Mav 20. Bank
clearings, $1,59), 430: balances, $355,-
Philadelphia. Pa.. Mav 20. Bank
.clearings, $7,422,771; balances, $1,-
74,152. .
The local cotton market opened
firm, and close 1 firm snd 1 16c
higher; middling, 8 13-162. Sales, 2559
bales, of which 1350. to exporters and
1200 to spinners.
Yesterday. Wednesiay.
Ordinary 7 116 7
Oood Ordinary. ...7 13,1
Low Middling 8 5,16 8r
Middling 8 13-ltt . Hi
Good Middling. ...9 6-16 9
Middling air......H l&rltt Vi
Fair.. Nom. Kora.
Dusty.....6 7-167 15 16 637J
6taius,tiDgM....7i'a:8 7-16 7.(a)8
Mkuphis, Mar 20, 1886.
Stock Sept. .1, 1885 1,392
Keceivea to-day ........ v
Bsceived previotuly...53u,564 525,035
Shipped t.day 708
Shippsd previously. ...480,64 1
Stock running account
Thus far tMs week
Thus tar laot week -
Since September 1st
. 1.712
M. and O. ft. R 25
M.andT.K. R ,. 3
L.andN. B. R, 12
Q.,0 andS. W.R.K.. - (i
u, n. u. ana i. a. a. - z
Mn S. dc B. R. R... w. ...... 5
Steamers - 4
Wagons and other souicoa. 5
.... 79
- fl,840
. 4,688
Thru far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st.......
, and N. R. R. ..... .......
O.A S. W. R. R
. Total....-...; . 708
' New York spots opened steady, arid
closed steady and M6c hi;hsr. tfalee,
486 bales. Quotations as follows:
Yesterday. ' WednWaj.
rdinsry.: C 11-16 -6!
Good ordinary.8 1-16 , 8
Low middling 8J H 1316
MIddlios.......9 5-16 . 9i
Gard middling 9J 9 11-16
Middling fair. 10 io inn
Fair .11 1-16 ' 11
New York fatnres coined stead y.ind
closed steady and 4 to ti points higher
than Wednesday, fale-, 81,700 bales.
Tbs closing quotations were a follows :
Yestsrdsy. Wednesday.
Msy....l 9.18 9 20 9 13(ft 9 15
June.. 919&920 9.14 15
Jaly 9 3W 9.!4( 9 25
Aogust 9.38fa) 9.39 9 33(31 9.34
September...9 -2(a) 9.23 9 17 9 18
October. 9 07($ 9.08 9 01f 9.02
Novemoer...9 03 9.04 8 99
December ...9 0?(a) 9.07 9 01(9.02
January 9 14rt 9.15 9.08;4 9 0t
Fsbrary...9 24(. 9 25 9 18 a. 9.1!)
March.. 9.44 9 35 9.28 9 29
The New Orleans spot market opened
qnit and fim, and closed strong ai d
116s higher tales, 7000 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterdsv. Wedncs 1st.
Ordinary 7J 7 3-16
Good ordinary 8 7 15-10
Low midd.ing. . 8J 8 5-16
Middling 8 8 13-16
Good middling 9 9-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady and closed stralva-d 6
Ut 8 points highsr. Sales, 24,100 bales.
Quotations were as follows :
Yesterday. Wdre-diy.
May Nrm nl.
June 8 8a) 8 89
July 9.01 9 02
8.80 nom
8.81 8.82
8.94 8.95
8 98 8 99
Augast 9.05(A V.Uo
September. 8.82.
8 76 8.77
8 62 8.63
8 5S 8 59
Octobnr.... 8 68 1 8 69
November. 8 64 8 65
December. 8.67 8.68
January... . 8 77 8.78
February... 8.88'4 8 8!)
March 9.00 9.02
8 62 8 63
8 73i
8 83 4 8 84
8 94 8.95
Tons. I Kec. I Prices I Stock
N Orleans.
New Ycrk
St. Lonit...
a met.
109 82
432 813-16
s e dy
176 8 11-16
259 9
989,815 16
6 314
9 3-16
179 9 5-16
29i9 5-16
3 met.
sts' dy
3, Hlj
418 H
Rdceiptj at ports, tnia day, 1880. 2,301
Receipts at ports, this dsy, 1885. 747
1886. I 1885
B'ts U. 8.
Ex. Gr. Br
SDck I
Fnr'gn Ex
3,773 778l
3 526,6)9
lucres ot receipts this year.. ..474,611
The Liverpool spot market at noon
reported good business, rates harden
ing. Sales. 12.000 bales, of which
American 9700 bales. Receipts, 6000
bales, of which American 2ou bales.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-lbd; good
ordinary, 4 U-16a; low middling,
4 id; good middling, 5 5-16d; middling
uplands, 6 1-ltkl; middling urieans,
F The prictt are given in pemt and 64th$,
thuv 4 63 meant 4 63 ; ond 5 01
means 5 l-64d.j
"At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm at l-32d advance. Quotations
were as follows: May, : May-June,
t June-July, 02d; July-Augrist,
6 03d: Auirust-September. 5 0i: Sep
tember-October, 5 Id d; October-November,
4 61d; November-December,
; September, B Ooo. .
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
steady at advance, May, 5 03d buyers ;
May-Jure, 603d buyers; Jane-July,
5 t)3d buyers ; July-August, 5 04d buy
ers; August-September, 506d sellers;
Sep'ember-October, 5 02d value; Octo
ber-November, 4 62d sellers ; November-December,
4 6ld buyers; Septeru
her, 5 06d buyers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady and 2 64 t 3 64 higher.
May, 5 03d buyers; May-June, 5 03d
buyers; June July, Bi.3d buyers;
July-August, 0 ma Doyers; August
September, 6 06d sellers ; September-
Octobor, 5 02d value; October-Novem
ber, 4 62d eel era ; ave!nber-.Leceiii-ber,
4 61d buyers; 8eptember,5 061
VUTVatk. IlliU,
The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchant s Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, spot, 41c bid, -42c
asked; May, 4:!Jc esked; June, 41c
bid ; July, 40Jc bill ; No. 2, spot, 38c o.
t bid, 39c asked; May, 38c bid; June,
38c bid, itijc asked.
No. 2, white, snot, 54c bid ; Mav, 1
rar sold at 35c ; J u no, 1 car sold at 35c ;
No. 2, spot, 32 Jc bid; May, 38c bid;
July, 3. 'c asked.
June, $12 25 asked.
Spot. $2 05 asked ; May, $2 05 asked ;
J une, 92 10 asked.
BatEaDVt ur.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 40c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44:;
mixed, zc; in sacks, in round lots,
white. 42c; mixed, 40c.
Hay (Jhoice.trom store.eoo: prime.
,7580o; piairie, 50a; round Iota from
levee or depot, choice, 1414 ftU;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $8)8 50.
Oats hits, 40j; mixed, 38 J c,
from store; round lots fr m levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 Jc.
Bban from rtire. 8c per cwt. :
round lots from levee, $14 7415 per
iBkans Navv, $t 75M2; medium,
S1601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
Cormmkal Standard. $2 10z 25;
pearl, f33 25 from store, e cneaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rsrjc Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oauual In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flofr In car lots, double extra,
$33 60; triple extrs, $3 25: family,
$3 754; choics, $4 254 35; fancy,
(4 604 70; extra fancy, $405;
patents, $5.256 65; from store
family, 44 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $4 54 90: extrs fancy, $6
6 25; patents, 15 .506 25.
Cbackeo Wheat la half-barrels,
$3 60 from store. ,
. Hokimt ajid Gkts From storo, $3
3 25.
Csaciers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble wxtra, 4Jc; lemon cracker a,
eobra, 7c; lemon cream crackera,
treble extra, 7-; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; giDger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sarted jumbles, 9c.
Kacsas Crrr, Mo., May 20. Wheat
liigbtr; No. 2 red, cash, 6Kc bid, til Jc
a'ked; Jaw,tiZc bid, til' Jo asked; July,
6Jl biJ,6lii-i esked. Corn steady; no
2, uBb, 27Ju; June. 7ja hid, 273
a 'ked. 0..t t noaiiual ; cauh iJo bid.
St. Tc, Mo., May 20. Flour
steady and uochangd. Wheat s'jnng
and bight r; toe maiket advancvd
early in tbe sssit n ilje, eased ot'
Jf, hut s'rgthstied n and closed
3ljc higher tlnn yekterday; Ne. 2
003 bo ; oats, 26,000 bu ; rye, 3000 bu ;
brley, note. Solpmenta Flour, 14,.
ftiO hrls; wheat, none; corn. 163,000
bu; oils, 115,000 ba; rye, 1003 ba;
barley, none.
Afltnvxm Hoard. Wheat firm and
lc higher. Corn unchanged. Oils Jc
Chicago, III., May 20. Thejwbett
market developed bt length early in
tbe srsion aid clos-d in tbe after.
n"oa ljljc higher than ytsterday.
The stariin(-point for Juna was 76 Jc,
precitely where it left eff yesterJay,
sod rot- sU adily to 70Je, bioke o9 t
75 jc, rallied sgain, and closed on the
regular bca'd at 761. In tbe afier
rooo June rose ta 76), and closed st
76 7-16i. The crop report! were mote
nnfavorabls and cables quoted firmer.
Vessel roiin wss takea here for 2,390,
000 busheln and 7 bo-lods at New
York, whiih matt-rially a-tsisud in
givitig tbe market a bttter tone. The
amount of wheat on octaa passage in
crea'ed 280,000 bushels duricg tbs
we k. Corn ruled s eidy and firm,
with a fair sminnt id trading, and
rlost-d for the day a shade higher.
O ti were ueglect-d and showed no
c tng iu prices. Flourttrady ; 'oah
en win'er wheat flour, J4 254 75;
W's onsin t44 40: VichissD. J4 i'5
(3i 50; sod sp'ing whsst, J3 ";4 10;
Minneto'a bakers', $3 404; parent,
$4.'0!5 8); lowgrsnes,$23; ryetlonr.
$3 303 50 Wheat active sod
s rcneer, clrsing ;(?;lje bisbtr tbm
yettrJay. S e ranaeJ : M iv, 741
75 Je, cloaed at 75 Jc; June, 75176Jc,
cled at 76J"; Ju'v, 76i78, 1 lowd
at 77 11-lrtc; Nr.. 2srriDir, 74J75J.',
cli sed at 75J751(c; No. 3, tUc. C itn
s'ealirr, le higtir; cast), 3536c;
Mav, S5J0v35Jc, cbsed at 35Jc; June,
3J36 9-16c, closed st 36 j ; July,
37t 37 6 16c, closed a; 37 3 16i. Oat
Trading light; cash, 29c; May,
28,'c: June, 28J:8jc, clrsfd at
282: July, 27Jc Kye dull; Nr.
2, 5nj80j. barley dull; No.
2 55.. Flaxseed steady; No. 1, $105 J
1 06 Receipts-Flour, 14,000 brls;
whe-t, 6000 bu; corn, 64,000 bn;osta,
159 000 ba ; rys, 2CKM1 bu ; barley, 8000
bu. Shipment Flour, 6000 bila;
wheat, 178,000 bu; corn. 271,000 bu;
ostp, 146,000 bu ; rye, 2000 bu ; barley,
200i) bu
Afternoon Ptmrtl Whtat s'ronger;
June, 75 7-10c. Coin and oats un
charged. ruuvisiuNi.
BrTTEB Oreami ry, 3034c; da'ry,
15((ij20c; butterine, 1315ij; country,
12J18c. accord ng t j condition.
Ohkbie Prime flits, 7c; New York
'atory, 83; full crea-n, 12Jcj Y. A.
Mess Poac Old, $8 759 per bsr
rd ; new, $1010 25 per barrel ; sugar
cured bsnn, narked, 1010Jn; break
lot bacon, 7j9c; clear lib bacon,
Bclk Pore Clear sides, SOc;
clear rib sides, 65c; long clear,
6J5Jc; shoulders, 44)c.
Lard Tierces, 6i'i6c; half-barrels,
6i6jc; kegs, 6J6c; buckets, 6 J
6Jc; half-buckets, 6Wjc; 50-11) tins,
ttfa'-tuc; 20-lb tins, 6K)6tc ; 10-lb tins,
6i6jc; choice kettle, tierces, 6
Frssu Meats No. 1 beef. 8Jc: Mut
ton, 9.-; hindqearters of bef, 10c;
St. Louis, Mo., Msy 20 Provisions
etive hot weak and generally lower.
Pork. mv 15. Lard easy. 5 703Ms.
Bulk meats about steady; loose lots '
long clear, 6 30c; short ribi, 5 40c;
short clesr, 5 55s. Boxed lots long
clear, 5 30c; short rib. 5.40a; short
char, 5 55c. Bacon steady ; long clear,
fi.85.:; sboit ribs. 6.90f20j; shmt clear.
60 Hamstlrm.9lll . Butter quiet
and easy; creamery, I5l(jc; dairy,
1014c. .bggs nrm, 7c.
Chicago, III., Msy 20 Mes pork
opened fa:, declined 10512JP, rallied
57jc, broke oil' sgain and Closed at
innine prices; caeli, (8 50(i'8 55; June,
8 47J.8 67,. clfsed at 8 47J8 50;
Julv, $8 57Jfe8 671, dosed at $8 57J
8 60. Lard earier and 21(5b lower;
casn, 5.905.92Jc; June, 6.!0(2.' 92 Jc,
clrsed at 5 90e: July, 6 95g)i7Jc.
Sh"rt rib sides steady ; cash, 5. 27 J (at
5 30c. Boxsd meats tie dy; dry salted
houldnrs 454o: sboit clear aides,
5 ifaiS 80c. Buttvr dull snd ray ; crsm
ery, 1416c; dairy, 10114c. Egga,
Afltrnoon Board. Pork firm ; J une,
$8 5U. Lard unchanged.
Ooffei Common 88Je; ordinary,
99Je; prime Rio, 11c; choics to fan.
y, 11JI33; old givernment, 23
35s; Ceylon, 20c
Soap 351c per pound.
Scoar Pure white, 641; off white,
62'fl.6!c: yelliw. OiwOI t; open kfttle.
55c; refined A, 6j't; granulated,
77c; powdered, 7c; cat loaf,
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel; racks,
fine, $1 60; coarse, tl 10; pixmets,
bleached, 2 7c; car loids from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molakrbs Louisiana, common to
fair. 203 Vc; prime to choice. 3040c ;
svrup, 2040c; common to fair, 20
25c ; prims to choice, 3033c ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 25
30c; other grsdes and styles, J3ia 800.
Snnff Gsrrett's, f 10 85 per rase ;
Ralph's, 110 25 per case; R. R., $9 50.
Candies Sticks, sll sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7i8(e.
Candles -Full weight, lOlOJc.
Canned Good?, Etc. Prices perdox
en: Pineapples, VI 35'1 6; peaches,
21b. standard, $1 2-j(51 40; seconds.
St 101 15; tomatoes, 2 lb, standard,
$lt 10; 3 lb, $1 15; strawberHee, $1 35
l 40; ra-p'erriee, $1 151 25; bUck.
berrio, $11 IS; greengages, $1 60
1 75; pears, J22 25: plums, fl 60
1 70 ; aparagus, $2 604 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $2 2S; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-1 1. fUal 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oys'ers, light weight, l-lo,
65c ; cove oyeters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Exirle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
New Orleans. La , May 20 Coffee
demana good and pricts a shade
hisber; Rin cargoes, common t? prime,
(10 c. liice, Mike. Nugsr open
kettle, choice, 5 7-lr6c ; prime to strictly
prime. 8t52c: fair to fully fair, 4 j
5; centiilniials, choice white, 6jc: off
while, 6(Sic; choice yellow clarified,
6c; primn yellow -e'srihad, 5,c; i
ends, 4A5 9 16c. Molasset span
ketce, good prima to stiictly prime,
32:; centrifugals, prime to ttrictly
prime, 1620c.
New Yobk. Msy 5a Coffee spot
fair Rio firm at i9Je: options fairly
active and sttady; sales, 28,750 bags;
Msy, 7tc; June. 7 65c; Jaly.77.5.'c;
Auirsst, 7 40c; September, 7.30".35c;
Octoksr, November and Jaauary,7.35o:
December, 7.307.35c. Sasar doll and
weak; far to aoid refiniaa quoted
4 13-6(.yl 15-10c; rf fined dull; off A,
5je; ftaacard A, 5.3 ; cnt-ljaf and
crushed, 6i7c; uranulated, 6!(3.
616'.; cubes, 6 0-1H-. Mnlaarvs dull ;
50 t'St, l185o. Rice firm, with a
fair inquiry.
, Havana, May ... 20. Sugar qu.i"t ;
sales centrifaga', 97 polarisitiou for
Bpain, gout.
Apples Apples, $1 603 from
ted, cah, IS'S'Slt; June, 787!c,
MAY 21, 188G.
closing t 79c; July, 771(a78r', clos
ing at 78c; August, 7778j., closing
st 78Jo. C m vry call sod wyak,
rlosirg JJe lower than yesterday;
No. 2 mixed, cash. 32J; May,32;c;
July, 33jc; August, 34 234Jt-. Oata
very dull and c lower; No. 2 mixec,
rah,2S2ilc: May, 28jc bid; June,
asked. Rye easy; 68c at ked.
Brley no market. Hay quiet ;pm -rie,
$57; timntby, $U)$13. Flax
seed nominal, $1 01. Bran weak. 47c.
Cornmr al etrong, $2. Receipts Finur,
3000 brls; wheat, 8000 ba; corn, 42,
store; tl 252 per car-load fro-n levee
or depot Dred apphs, 34c per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoes Pot.tos, $12 from
store. Sweet potatoes scarce, 2 75 per
brl. Peas, $1601 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $2 753
from store; $2 50 2 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75(33 t ir crate.
Kraut, barrels, $55 50; half-barrels,
$2 753. Garlic, 4060c per 100.
Turnips, 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louitiana, none ;
Cali'ornia, $4; Messina, 13 505 per
box; I in peri a' s, $55 60 per box.
Lemons, $5(5,6 per box. Baaanas
$i2 50 per bunch. Cocoanuta,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 74c;
Tennefsce, farmers' stock, 34c;
roastrd, 2Jo higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 180c.
Picexbs In jars, pints, 95c; qnarti
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 76; gallons,
$3 75 ; lo se, barrels, $6 : half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrel', $0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
er, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 10 14c for large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naplea.lSc;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 60 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar, ll16c per gallon.
Poultry 1'urkevs, per dozsn, $12
16; chickens, $1 603 25.
Fibb Mackerel, haif-barrela, No. 1,
$4 f 05; No. 2. $35; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb,
No. 3, 53c. Dry herring, (amity, 30c
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 35c; sad
dhs, 6 3c; bear, 68c; wild turkeys,
50 75c; ducks, $3; squirrels, 75c;
quails, 75c tl; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, 11 12c,
Eooa-We'k, 910c.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf,
18 per ton; on bank of river (f o. b,
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8; Meal
Prime (f. o. !.), $15 per ton. Iess
than car-load lots, $16. From store.
90c per suck. Cake Nominal, lo
per ton. Ou.-In car-load lota, prime,
crude C. 8. oil, 2122c; prime sum
mer yellow, 28J()27c; ofl-suminer yel
low, 25J26jc; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 20(3 30c.
Coal Oil Pr'me white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Clivkland.O., May 20. Petroleum ;
s. w., 110, 7Jc.
PiTTHBURO, Ta., May 20. Petroleum
fairly active; Na tonal Tiaorit certifi
cates opened at 68 Jc; closed at 67 Jc;
highest, 68 Jc; lowest, 671c
Hipis Dry flint, 1215c; dry
salt, 1012c; green salt, 67c; green,
65Jc; deer skins, I'i 16c. Betswax,
1820c; tallow, 22Jc.
Bahoino Ju'e, 9Ji'2tflci flag, 9J
lOJc, according to weight. Ties, $1 15
1 20.
Naiis-!2 402 65.
HoKsES-Good driving, $150225;
good saddle, $140300; plugs, $35
80: good mares, $85I40.
Mi Lfs-14j to 15, $110135; 15 to
15, $125140; 15J to 16, $150175.
Good demand; supnly f.ir.
WiiiNKY Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606; rye, $1 76(46; domes
tic,90cf 60.
St. Louis, Mo., May lO.-Whisky
s eaiy at $1 10.
Cbicaoo, III., May 20, Whisky
steady at $1 14.
Cincinnati, O., Mav 20. Whisky
firm at $1 lu. Sales "of 813 barrels
of finished goods ou this basis.
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4J43c; good,
3J4c; cho ce giass-fed, 3J3Jc;
good, 36&3c; fair to medium, 2J
23c; (common, U2c.
Hoos Choice, Jli4e; good, 3J
3jc; comiimn, 331c.
SiikEP-Cholce, 4V'i)4Jc; medium, 3
3jc; common, S11 0. Choice
lamrjs per bi nd. $36d3 0.
Kansas City, Mo, May 20 The
in Block Indicator rejvorts: Cattle
Receipts, 184i hesd; siiipmnnti. noue:
t e market was wk and 100 lower;
ot'olc to fancy, $5 105iJ5 30; fair to
g od, $1 805 05 ; common to mediurr,
4'4 to; stock ers and l-tedera, (J 40(
4 35; cows. $2 CO 3 75. If ogs Re
ceipt, 11,080 hfa-1; shipment' 8740
head: market war k; light rc lower;
heavy and mi 1 10c lower; good to
cb'.iue, ti 753 90; eommoo to me-
d'tim, $.3 40()3 61. Sueep Rece p s,
1(91 head; ahipaon's, nnn; market
rutin snd hig'ier; good to choice,
$1 25(ii4 25; common to medium,
Chicago, III., May 20.-The Dm-
ten' Jmirnul reports: Cat le Re
ceipts, 9000 head; shipments, 3000
heud; market act. hhu 10j lower;
shipping steers, 950 to 1500 potlhriH,
4 7tb; st"Ce 8 aid feedem, 3i)
4 80; cnw, bulls and mixed, t24 40;
bulk, 3 lOti.i 3 : ih-i.UuH Texas (B-
tie, t4(S!6. Hogs Receipts, 31.OC0
head; shipments, 8000 head; market
f-iny aclVH, 10 lowr; rough and
mixed. (3 70 it 15: packing and ship
ping, f44 20; light $3 70(4 16;
snii)-, $2 2-!f3 0 Sheep Receipts,
14U) head; shipments, nous; market
firm; nt'ive, 100 'O 120 pounds and
over, $4 2.Va6 75; 80 to 95 pounds, $4
i(!t 6a t 80 rontiit. a 50(44.
New Yore, May 20. Toe ci arti tr
of tbe demand snd movement cootio-
aes uirhaoued, with the bunnesrf
very moderate propoitions, lutt every
day developing a bitter fteling on the
part of tbs general t'ade.
To all who ara alarint from tbs arreri aad
lndliratln of youth aarvoui waakoaas.
arly daoay, Imi of manhood, ato., I will
end a raanw that will oars Jo, FEJiK 01
CUAEU1K. ThlssroatmaodrwaadiioTar.
d by a ml'ilonry la Bsath Amarioa. band
u-adctrawi anvciope uui n. oimrw
T. !-. 1u l. H'-
MR ;t!ll Ni f). ) I.
'.,n 'Q o-.r -r. I., f' I
iny f-t ,:r. i.!.r. ,..11.); .1 1 ..rtirnUT., ly l,1r.i.inj
, I. . , ,.' ' 1 Y -T-I.J. l-.pl. a . '
Prin Point
COABima, S p.m.
....Dsaa Aoaaa, 4 pm.
WhiiA Rivar.........KaDuia Kokiksox. S p.ni.
Now Orlom.AiiiitP.8ln, 12 ni.
Vii-kuburg .Citt or Catau, ( p.m.
."t. Iuii.... Aaa arhas City, p.m.
i4rriifiiii. Kate Adams, Atkans's
City ; Oyow, TiDtonviHe.
Vpurturri. Kste Adime, Arksnsas
Citv ; Gavoso, Tipton ville.
Boat Ihte liown D.au Ad ml and
Ci'y of Piovidence.
Axils Ihte ('p. Coahoma. Belle
Memphis, Rene Macretdy and Fred
die Robinson.
Beeelpl TaaMrdar.
Kae Adams 20 bales cotton, 6 bags
seed-rotten, 139 iks seed and 84 pkgs
Uayojo 3 bales cotton, 3 hd cattle,
26 hd hogs and lot sundries.
rrjri kk movements.
Tbe City of Providence is due down
I t Vicksbur.
The Anchor Line pacVcts Simrday
are the City of Caiio for Vieksurg
and Arkansas City for 8'. Louis.
The I Van , Adams, Capf. Hemy
Corpsr, is the picket this evening at
5 o'clock for Oicolu and the upper
2The Annie V. Bilver, Capt. Win.
IhoiTipson, la the Anchor L'n picket
ti-monow at 12 o'chek for New Or
leans and all Intel mediate points.
The Coihoma, Capt. Thomas Clsg
gett, it tbe picket this evening at 5
o'clock for Helena, Friars l'.isnt sod
all way landinim. Will Ashford has
hrge of her cilice.
Tiis Freddie Robinson, Cnpt. Milt
R. Harry, is the packet to-morrow
evening at 6 o'clock for all point rn
Wbite river, going through to New
port and making enmrctions with
pickets for upper White and Black
liverr. Albert McUhee is in heroines.
Bun n km quiet.
Weatbir cloudy.
The OnyofO was iu and out on time
yesterday. 1
TnsGulden Crown patsd down yts
tetdsy evening for New Orhanswith
a good trip.
RaCKiprsbyilM-r jeterdy 23 tales
of co. ton, 6 bags of seed-cotton snd 130
sicks oteeed-
The D. R. Powell and bnrgo pawed
down yeitenluy for Oaach t liver
with a Dig trip.
The tog W. A. Williams started
yesterday with a tow of 8 barges of
etnvts for Nsw Or Wans.
The D. C. Fogel, cut of St. Francis
river, Is on her way to New Oi leans
with 6 bargfs of staves and a laft of
walnut logs.
The towbeats Raymond Horner, P.
L. Wood and Boas parsed np yestsr
dsy with tows of empty coal barges
for tbe Ohio rivtr.
The river at this poiot marks 30 feet
1 tenth by the gauge, or 81 feet 2
tenths above low water mark, a tise of
4 tenths in twenty-foor honra.
The Ksts Adams arrived yesterday
morniog from Arkansas City with 20
bales of cotioi, 6 bags of seed cotton,
and 139 sacks of seed, and returned
last evening with a fslr trip,
OmcE Siqral Service, XJ. 8.
M sa mis, May 20, 2 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is ono hour faster than
Memphis time: .
Ab've Low
Rise I Fall
Foot. lOtlis
lOths lOths
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith
La Crotwe
Little Rock
Now Orleans...
Ht. Iiiiis
St. Paul
24 "
lana-r l.tatVi'oet and tunthi "of a foot
abova r.rn ot (auaa:
Uairo, 411 foot. Chattanonfa. XI (tot.
Cinoinoati, IH. Davenport, 1A.
Dubii.iuo, 111. Fort Binith, U.
Kaokuk, 14. Helena, .
a CroMHa, 24 l,aavenworth, 20.
,ittle Hork, Z, LouUrllla, 25.
Dtemiilm, :U. New brlanna, 11.2.
Naihvilln. 40. Pittubura, 22.
Omaba, IH Ht. Paul, 7.
Ht. Louie, 32. , Vlokiburt, 41.
Shreveiiert, 28. Yankton, 24.
PiTTSBDRd,Msy 20. Noon River 4
feet 5 Inches on the gauge and falling.
Weather clear and warm.
Whkelino, W.Va., Msy 20. Noon
Ktvnr 7 leet 2 inches on the gsuge and
falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
Louisville, May 20. Noon River
uilling,withl0feet9 inches In the canal
and 8 feet 7 incbei on tbe falls. Busi
ness good. Weather cluar and warm.
Cinciwkati, May 20. Noon River
27 feet 5 inches on the gauge and fall
ing. Weather clear and warm. Arrived:
Golden Rule, New Orleans.
Evamsville, May 20. Noon River
falling, with 27 feet 4 Inches on the
gsuge. Departed: Guiding Star, Cin
cinnati. Cairo, May 20. Noon River 39 feet
4 inches on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and cool. Arrived :
City of Vicksburg, Vicksbnrg, 1 a.m. ;
L onfcs and tow, Louisville, 2 a.ni. :
Jay Gould and baruree, New Orleans, 9
am. Departed: Golden Crown, New
Orleans, 8 a.m.; City of Providence,
Vicksburg, 11 s.m.; Lioness and tow,
Nsw Orleaua, 2 s.m,. ; City of Yicka
burg, St. Louis, 2 a.m. ; Jay Gould and
b , Kt. LnnU. 11 p.m.
BAT STALLION, alar, lelt hind ankla
and riaht hind heal white. Foaled May
8, 1SMI, by Cay er (lr of Alxath, three-rear
old record, 2 :2&). Firet dan ataroia 8., by
Will ami'i Mambrlno (airo of tbe data of
Banta-t'lani, 2 1 17H I aacond demised (dam
of Clem id re U., reco d 2:15H, foot Iloy
I:23'4. Alice Sluner 2:24 br Berkley' Ki
rn in forreatli third daiu by Mambrlno Chief
(nire of Lady Thorn, 2:18'): fourth dam by
(ire.? Serial filth dam by Bolirer; aiithdaut
by B'nekhnrn'i Whip; aerenth dam bf Comet
CUTdKKRT If a mehoaany bay, 16H bandi
bifh, and roarniScently proimrtioned. Ha
bna never been handled for epeed, but ean
ahowa2:40 ait with two men in a buaty.
Waa bred and rained by J. C. MoKerran A
Co.. Olunriew, near Louiarllln, Ky., and
told at a two-rear old for 100. Cuthbert
will be allowed to terra 25 approred uiaroa
thi Miiaon. Ijervioca, twenty live (iii) tky
larecaah. Can ba leen atour a ni-le.
V. A. Jn.MKH CO.
KEiOWsl IRON Hirrilt Proved
to Mr. John Q. Ilinliama, 101 Third
treet. Memphaa, Tens., must ellieaoioaa
frmr-ily lor conitipution aou indiReatton.
ii'fiiauahtar alao tikes It with ratiilnctory
malt .
Memphis & Cincinnati 1' k'tCo,
Bxoursilou XXmtom I
'.frTL The Elecant
aiay lit.
Buckeje State, Ohio A J a. W.tlsfl.
- Thia Company will aell ROCND TRIP .
TlCkET.t fruui Memphia to Louirnlle,
Cinrionati, and all kaitera Uttiei, at
yreatly Keilnred Ratea.
Coninienrinr May 18;h, to 2:'J inoluelvt,
with t'eatival Chorua ot
00 1 rail aire) Voire anal aa Orckaalrai
or Oter lOO Artleta.
Durini the romn( 0 dayi Cincinnati will
ba very attrartiva to viaitora.
PS Tirketa iurlude Meala and bfnte rooma.
Keturn tirketa good on any boat in th lin.
Kaon boat earriea a Via btrtoc Band.
Mondays aad Thursdajs at & P.X.
For Information inquire of C. B Rl'8
SKLL, Agant, 12 Madiaon atrret, Meraphia,
Tenn. R. W. W1KK. Sap't
for Cairo and st. louw.
Ml. Lonla anil firm Orlrama Aairtior
l.lnr-U.H. Mfll-CAIRO i 6T. LOl IS.
Arkansas City, am.
Brolaaki...mater. wi-S
Will laav th Klavator 8ATI KUAV, Ma
at 6 p.m. For fraljht or t. apt ly
I.. Ill,t.. Pa. Art. AD STORM. Snp't.
NI Lonla a! llr'Maa aorhor
Llaie-I . J. Hall-FOR jjrw ORLKaNS.
Ann e P. Silver, jT.
Wm. H.Thompaon maiterlTSk4iCr!V
will leav th klevator Tl KjIa, May
! 'lh, 12 oi. For treiaht or p' iie apply
O. I. Hail. Peae.Ar't. Af rTORM. Snp't.
HI. I.oalia nnrt New Orlritu Anrbor
l.lnr tl. M. Mnll-FUK VICIUBUHi).
Liahtner maitar, kiaafT"
Will leav th Klavator rtATl RIM I, May
22d, at 6 p.m. For freight pj. ii upi-ly
C. L. 111.1,, l'aaa. Art. A I' Aj. nt.
For Oaoaola. Ilalea Pol nt, Carutheravill,
Uaroao anil Tlptonvllle-Xha new teaiur
(sAYOMO, r-
W. P. Hall mistrr I J. D. FuiUr clerk,
Will leav a above, and "'I wev pointj.
KVKUV MO.NKAV and fill K.SDAY ato
p.m. For freight or pmtBre iipplynn hoard.
Hrmplila.rrlnra I'otut mail Mnmpnia
aad Warrolii fnchrl Cmprkny.
Toy Uln. Uleudale, Friara Po.at and all
. vi,,,i,BiHitr i iabi n aouee...e,era
WMl leave above, on every MutfiMY,
nivoaspai ioainiudi,it a aloes.
For Randolph, Fultor, Oioeota lal liy
Laadlnit SUam-
J. H. Coopr, mjter....J. V7. Rmlthan.olerk
Lavi every MONDAY- W KUtiKUAI
and FRIDAY at 6 p.tn, Th botts of thia
lin reierve th rtrht to pwi all taadmri
thaoapUia may deem naiafc. OtBo. No. I
JAMKH LKM. Ja..rinp'r
milt iiAimv
Freddie Robinson, r.v.'Q
M. R. Harry. ....,.-,,......,metr
Tor Helena, Terrene. De Valli Blair, Dag Ara,
Auguata, nearry, newport ana uataartu.
W ill leave at above SATURDAY at f. n.a.
Heave at aoov bATORDAY at5 p.m. 1
ah ratal to all nolnta. Frwiaht ooa- .
Through ratal to all nolnta. FreUht ooat
lgned to Milt Harry Line, Meraphia. will to '
promptly lorwardad. W. J. P. DOYLK. .
Memphis and Vlcksbanr Packet ( ob. . ,
Tor Helena, Oonoordie. Tarransaad Arkaa-
aaa Ditv The alevani MutiMrilaii..,
M. K. Chek...maatr I W. 0. Blaa"M...o'.r
Leavea Memnhla
MONDAY aad TllllkSriAT at S
n.., reserving inerigni lo paaa autanain
tneoapiain mayaeem nniu. jr
or general
intormatloB apply at offloe, No
treet. if. WALWORT
J- j u.. .1 :
vi u, Agent
MeniphiH& White Hirer PktCo
U. S. Hf AIt LIS lu.
a. v, roavai... manor i u. n, foeiMU- .-
Olarmdon, nrva.Ua Bkuflf, Jim Ara,
, Augaalii, Javfcaunrinrt aunt Hmmit.
at 5 p.m. Through ratal to all potaw.
Freight ' eoniigncd to "Memrhia n l Wnlt
nier facget Company "III b forwarded
promptly. li. u
LOWH. Annt.
No. S M-rtl,,n
Telephone N.
The St. Francis Uiyer I'ransportatloa
Co.'n Fine Bida-W hael It. B. MU Stomal
itene macready, - nz
O. K. Joplln muter,
at 5 o'olook, for Marianna. th Ont-Off, aad
Intermediate landing! on tit. Fraaou river.
The oaptain reaervee th right to nut al
landlhga be denini nniafe. J AS. LBK, Jr.,
Mo.-tnt..n' OStw, Nn. 4 Madiaon at.
I'onk'a Kienraloa PartlM tear la
April, May, Jan and Jaly. riend fir Pro
gramme. Indlvldanl Tourlel Tlrkrta for traral
In Kurone and all parta of th (lob. Pasfc
Tit-Ian by all lintt of teamen.
I ook'a Kxeuralonlal, with main, paJ
liihed monthly, by mall for Tan tiavrn.
IHOH. ( uuk kitm.
'Ml Broadwar, New Yorlt,
:st i
Ho. 4.rlM. R. D.-Chanery Coart of She&T
County II. P.ilobnon, iiduiinietrHtor, yL.
v. M C. Frame t al.: R. . 3fo, J-VTa.
Morrow va. P. P. Frame et al.
BY virtu of concurrent lntrl-a'rv de
cree! for tale, entered in the iiliovo
eauaeaon tbe'JHth duyo' April, 1W. M. B.
pagei41S and 4.1 will loll, at publie oa
tton, to thehigheat bidder, in front ot tnk
Clerk and Muater't oOioe. Conrt-Uoua at
Shelby oounty, Uemphit, Tana., on
Nalnrdny, Hay M, laHMt.
within Ural honra, th followina dannribad
property, aituatad in Shelby county. Tenuef
aee, to-wit:
A certain parcel ol land known aa (nta 4
and 6, and part of lot A of country lot 414.
Beginning at tbe corner of Jeary Orowley'a
lot, immediately aat of tb memohi.- and
Charlcnton railroad bridge on Marth-ill awv
nu;tbeocln a aoutbeiutwardly dire'tltin
along the aouth line of Marshall nfeh(fa.
about 649 feet, to, tbe Jauiea bide Inf.
thence loutb with Sidell'a wet line to old
L'nion atreet; theuoa weatwardly w th
Memphia and Charleston ntiaruad; tbeno
nortbweatwardly along the line ol laid rail
road to Jerry t'rowloy'i aeutgieitit oorner;
theno with Crowley 'l et lin to th begin
ning. Ihia truot ol land haa been cnbdi
vi Jed In loti. nlatt of which can be arc n at
the Chaaeery Court, and the above property
will be lold aorording to laid tuooivixion.
A eertain lot known at nart or 4.-4. an
deacribed aa theeuat 1J4 teelof lot J4 of
L. 478. fronting VM by lis fe on Uie nor
gide of Jeneraon atreet.
A eertain other lot. being part of 0. L. J3.
fronting 40 feet un tbe aouth aid of Jeffop-
ton atreet, with a dep'h of 14d Iret, bounded
on the weal by Unyou tiaiofo and a the eaat
by Kemackt lot.
Termi ot Ja.H'n a credit of lii and
twelve montha; intereat-be.iring nntel with
aecurity required: lien retained to lerda
rame, and euuity ot redemption. Ihli
April 30, lSHrt.
B. i. iriuw in-, t,ir ana viatwr.
Py li. F. Walab. Deputy C. and M.
Mulone A Wutaon. Tailor Jt Carroll. B
fl. lc C. VY. Helykll. Sola.
UAUTm AQHNTS.Menand WoraeB,
W 1 1 L.U w ,ell "las CHlLD'l.
BII1LK " Introduction by Rev. J. 11. Vlg.
cent, D.D. Une agent hat lold t3 in a towra
of 074 people; ono 73 in a villure oi Tf4; one
new uent lb in 14 daya : one 3J in 4 aucoa
aiva week a; on 40 In 3 daji at two d'.deranl
timei.t JVenenc pot necemary Ajiraa
tU Dearborn ttrel, Uh vf.
JOHN CAWR. Paaa'r Arant. Tlphona t. '
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
K. B. Smith.... m alter. , , -"-nia?
Leavel Maiuuhit Kvry TyKSDAY , iat a p. rat
U.C.LOWK, Agent.
Office, No S Mmllion at. Telephone No. Ha.

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