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bATL'UDIT, I lY 22, 18B.
o! Memphis, we are authorixsd to
eta'e, Lave not struck, and do not in
tend to strike because theyhtveno
occasion to. Tney are getting the
samepav tin y lava every day the
past three years, and they are satisfied
with it. Wht-n recently tliey cut
down the hours of lubjr to nine f jr
ea:h working day, they also agreed to
continue at the same rate of wages,
50 cents per hour, so that now they
make only 4 50 per day, whereas
under the ten hour system they made
$5. They siy that the meolionof
their trade in tho it-port in yesterday's
Api-kal was without the'r knowledge
or consent; that they wiU not strike,
are on the best terms with their em
ployers, and intend to remain
We publish In another columns
communication In regard to the report
of the Council's Oas Committee that
is worthy of atlo'ilion. As to the
question of which that report treats a
great deal may be said pro anil con,
Tho fuet that the city can, by the con.
tract offered by tho gas coniurtny
pave the cost of lighting the street,
even though the present number of
lamps were doubled, is a great tempta
tion to the iimtunt conclusion 01
.irai.i uith that company. n tho
o'licr hand, could it not be said in truth
that such a giving could only be so
cured by taxing gas consumers gener
ally, and would not that bo simply a
shift'ng of tho tix, accumulating; it
on the shoulders of the few
and relieving the many? ltemdos
which, there is the objection that
always lies against a government
whether municipal, State or national -having
anything to do in creating and
sustaining a monopoly or holding any
interest, however small, in a private
corporation. This is against good
milillc nolicv and is opposed to the
j -
genius and pnrposo of our govern,
monk But; added to all these objoc
tions, there is tho fact of tho constant
improvement of tho electric light, Im
provenients which, following each
ntlior so ranidlv. loave no room ti
doubt that before live years roll by it
is likely to take the place of gas as a
better, a safer and a more healthful
light. Competition is the life of trade
and if, in the face of the awful shadow
of the electric light, capitalists are
willing to risk, we had almost said
throw their money away, in putting
down a new gas. plant, the city should
not say them nay. They will do the
good work of furnishing employment
to laborers and mechanics, ana in
crease the biisiaonsof the dull months
of summer.
In the coureo ot bis examination by
the Slate Senate committee appointed
to inquire in'o the charges of bribery
and corruption in connection with the
nrantlng of the right of way on Broad-
wn to his railroad company, Mr.
Sharp staled that he had ben plan
nint; and plotting to secure
that right of way for thirty
,un and had often been
debated, but is often had made
fr8h effort after success. He Brfal'jr
secured hie right of way by bribery,
built his road and for a time in til
umnh over the indignant property
owners on that great highway ran his
can. to all seeming secure in the
possession of an enormously veluabb
privilege. But in a moment when
least be expected it a cloud-burst
of popu'ar inquiry swept all
his ill-totten gains away and
he end his pals are poorer by 85me
hundreds of thousands than they
were when they began the ne
farious and infamous work of bribing
their way through the New York
Bond of Aldermen. The Legislature
has ordered that tho aff.irs of th
Broadway railroad be wound np, and
Mr. John O'Brien, Chairman of th
Democratio State Committee of Nt
York, has been appointed receiver to
do this work under the pro
visions of the recent act of the Leg
islature ef the Slate piovlding for
winding 'up the affairs of the road.
ITn.ior the terms of the law he
must make an inventory of the
propBity .4ind file it with tho County
Clerk, ito urns" thtn notify the cred
itors tf the company to file their
claims. ' He mutt also advertise that
te wlljapply on a certain day for an
order l the couit to sell the invento
ried propeity. Any cieditor may then
' appear on behalf of his claim and the
court mutt examine it. The sale of
te property la thtn H tike place to
the highest tiuder and the valid claims
a paid cut of the proceeds ot the.
sile, if there be money enough to pay
tbem. Thus the Broadway Railroad
Company is to bo closed out. But
this is not to be the end of the trou
bles ot the men who form it. They
aiein dangtr of indictment and con
viction fcr high crimes and misde-
mfianois, and ot being Bent to keep
company in 8isg ting with ex-Alder-
waa Jaehne, who was sentenced on
TLu sday to nine years and ten
months' imprisonment at hard labor.
The pecp'c of New York are deter
mined to make a clean sweep of Mr.
Shaip aad hl company.
the Southern roads thit have not au
ready adopted the proposed nniiorm
sttndard will make the change. The
Msiissippl and Tennessee railroad
banged to the standard gangs several
- til. uMl,;a
years ago. The linisviiiu, .-ucu.yuic,
New Orleans and Texas railway was
c instructed on the standard gauge,
but the Memphis and Little
Rock, Memphis and Csarkston and
the Lmisville and Nashville roads are
Dreiariog for the change, and after
next Saturday trains will be ins on me
standard gauge. As it requires years
to build a railroad, the public cannot
understand how the gauge of a rail
road 500 or 1000 miles in length ran
be changed In one day. It is as evy
to chanes in a daT 1000 miles as one
mile when labor Is abundant. It took
1000 laborers, at an expense cf fUO
each per day, to change the gaugo of
the Misslsblppl and Tennessee iod
in one day to Grenada, a distance of
109 miles, and 10,000 laborers spplled
for employment. Everything is ar
ranged for the change beforehand,
only one rail is removed, and ten men
can change a mile in one day. The
general reader will not understand
the reasons that induce this change.
But business men, and especially
these connected with railroads, have
long seen that the difference
in the gauges between the railroads of
tho North and South hsve been a
great Impediment to commercial in
tercourss between tlo two sections.
Rapid transit is the demand of the
mm in wnicli we live, anu tuns waa
greatly impeded by the tedious 1113th
ods of changing the trucks of freight
and sleeping cars to meet the differ
ence between tho Northern standard
gauge of four feet eight and one-half
Inches and the Southern gauge of nve
feet. Different gauges required fre
quent changes, not only where tho
wide and narrow gauges met, but in
several I of the Southern Slates
uhr the lines were part standard
sauna and five feet gauge. For in
stance, it was found that tho demands
ot travel warranted the running ot a
a sleeping c.r betwsen Tampa and
Botton. In coming north this car lelt
Tampa mounted on truck?, having a
guge of only three foet. At Gaines
ville the car was put on the hoist and
a pair of five-feet trucks put under it
At Weldon the operation wai gone
through with sgaln, new trucks this
time being the standard gauge of fonr
feet eight and one-balf inches. The
same trouble was encountered in va
rions parts ot the South and in ship
ping freight the same change of trucks
was often repeated. Hj rapid and ex
tentivs has been the trade and travel
between the North and South that it la
. . ... 1 i. i
a wonder mat ins onango wuicu m iu
be made next Saturday has so long
been delayed. The most eagaciona
railroad men of the South have known
that they must adopt the standard
HUits. and have built their cars and
locomotives te suit the standard
wldlh. For the past two weeks the
Southern roads have withdrawn all
the rolling stock they conld possibly
ensre from trsfuc so as to change it to
conf .rm to the standard gauge, rsesriy
every read has already driven the in
side row of splkee, against which one
of the rails will be shoved and spiked
on the outside when the day of change
comes. But little freight will be
transported on the Southern railroads
on next Saturday, but tho passenger
trains will not be disturbed. It seems
like a gigantic undertaking ti change
the gauge of the tallroads of eleven
Southern Hates in one day; dm 11
will be done, and so systematically
that tha travel bi will meet with no in
terruption, and would not, nnieai ms
attention was called to it, know that a
commercial revolution was In progress
one that will be an advantage to mo
North and South.
The Bntler-Bosecrans (ontrorerpj
Southern Postal Points Gen
eral Washington 'ote?.
l.rxcuL to ths iTriiL.l
W'akuikotos. P. C. Mav 21. Col
Kwitzler. Chief of.tbe Bureau of Statis
tics, will leave lor Missouri on moo
lav to visit his home at Columbia,
Mo., where he w ill attend commence
ment exerci-es. ma contempwwu
report on internal commerce, now in
1 . :.... ...ill 1 .j. 1 11 i-nt imI
chielly to the industrial, commercial
ml transDortition interests of the
LA.iltmrn Klntnu Ivino- But of the MIS'
tjvui.t. j n - ---- .
.iu. mn rivr. It will emlirare Bpecini
reports from expert of acknowledged
competency and experience in ech
f 11. i. KtutM mentioned, and will be
illust ated by maps and diagrams 01
great value.
superintendent of the railway mail
service, has received information that
railroad communication from Greens
boro, N. V., all the way soum 10 ai
lantA is interfered with bv numerous
washouts as a resu t ol tne recent
storms. Mails liavo ueen Bent uy
other routes.
New Postmasters and New Offices
Arthur Beavert, Leverney, Mont.
frnmnrv eolllllV. ATK. 1 linuilll JV. i
Pyland, Noland, Randolph county, laiment and paymint to the I
Ark.; r-imon Simon, Mauipley, Jeffer- of juat atui f4jr CJaiponsation t
At a corjVAution ot all the railroad
he'd in February iau it wts decided
llut til the roads should be change d
to the s'a?.daid width of four fost e'ght
and c n-half iactc. Tbis chanse doss
not affect er;V o; tin Northern roidp,
asth'jy have already a unilorm'ty of
the etnlard gauge. Tae gauge o.
rra-'y tvrf'ry Southern load in now
. fnt. Mm? of them hive aires :y
ciiwd to tho s!ndard, and
Mas Jam is F. Hitntir is visring
(riendH at Mason, Tenn.
O account of decoration ceremo
nies, the board meeting of dim-tors
ot the Women's Christian Association
is postponed to Monday, Biimo nour
(:n AH. 1)itk left Wednesday
niirht on a combined trip of pleasure
and business for Liverpool and con
tinent of Kurtipe. He sails trorn iew
York to-day.
Pa. I. M. Hknuinu died suddenly
at bis residence, lletuiing Station, at
i 11 in vilirilav. His son. Ir. U.
llenning, left last niitht to attend tho
funeral, lie will return Sunday.
Jakkh Ikvisu CiiAiuiK was nistallod
yesterday as the society editor of tho
6ns Timet. He it a graduate of a
leading Kngl sh university, speaks
half a doren languages, has traveled
TtiiiHivelv. nnd has had considerable
exHrience in the particular lino of
journalism he proposes to take up on
the itmw. ins siyie is ugiu
grateful, and he win le a decided ac
cession to tho staff of that paper.
Tna Nashville f'niim says of Judge
Howell K. Jackson that during tho
ni-mrrinH of the ftrjinnciit of the irreat
railrotd case, he caught on to the facts
with an aptness that is refreshing and
that ho was (ainil nr with tho law and
iln implication. Indeed, at the end of
two days ho was as familiar with the
case as tho lawyers. We are tempted
to nans the limit of modest criticism
ami say that Judge Jackson's dignified
but investigating mode of presiding
and his charming manner of dealing
with the lawvcra-dealini! with them
as ins equals, careiui 01 meir ntui
and t tho same time modestly con-
Bi'i;ms of his own position and the
duties w'jich devolved upon him
were admirable. Ihere was the frwst
end frankrst interchange of views, so
that the lawyers discussing the caao
were made to understand wnai tin
ditliculties in tbe mind of tlie jndgi
were Tho nuest ons were all dispose'
of bv the time the argument cloned
and disiHwei of in such a wy as to
impress all with the fairn'ss and great
ability of tho Court, amlto maie tin
son county. Miss.; Marcus 11. uarreu,
Uuray.Fauikner county, Am,,u. .
Caraway, Carawav, Simpson county,
Miss.; Harry C. Grimon, Town, Bo i-
trup pnnntv. Miss.
Special service discontinued between
Brownsburg and Belmont, Jackson
nnntv. Ala.
Kim- Si.rvicn (hanires Arkansas:
Macev to Lake City. From May 22d
for ciiango of site of HtotUville.
Fourth-class Postmasters Oommis-
oiiw.,1 Chn9. li. Wi.'alns. Barn s
RnU. Ala : John M. Butler,
St Joe, Ark.: Iiobertll Wolf, S lver
Hill. Ark.: James M. Tennon, Alva,
Miss.: James M. Rainwater, Sandy
Ridge, Tenn:
Hew CanyrlKht Bill.
Wahhimotom. Mav ' 21. Senator
Chace to day reported from the Senate
Committee on raieu b an oumum iu
(nrnAtinnnl ronvrixht bill as a subeti
tute lor the bills on the subject b.dore
the committee. It amends section
4'.)52of the It-vised btatntes by strlkirg
n,,t. ih wnrds "nt z?n ol tne unitaa
St. tea or rerident thereio." This is
ih untlon which confers the copr
right, and the proroied amendment
.ill extend the rieht to foreigners.
The provision of the fame section re-
latiuir to tne rieni 10 urnuiiun
trunma'a is amended as follows: Au
ihnnnr their aaaisns shall have the
.xMimivft rluht todraraMie and trans'
late any of their works lor wnicn copy
right shall have been obt lined under
the laws of the United States.
NnarCMlaa of Iba Oplam Traffic,
Wasuidoton, May 21. -ins rresi-
.i.nt t-.riav trjuBinittfid to Uongress a
ummnnipil nn Irnm tne BeCTdlB'T CI
State recommending additional legis
lation for the suppression ot tne opium
tralHo in accardance with the supple
mental treaty with China which went
!, frpt in lito'j. rne oecrary
clotes with the letter on ins suuiect
a-rittan hv John Kn'sell xoung wnen
Mlnlitsrto China to Sscretary Freling-
W 'AMinvfiToit. Mav 21. Conflrma-
i w.m- .Tnhn tJarro II. Maranai 01 me
Western District ot Arkansas; it. J'.
Reagan, Marshal of the Kastern Dis-
trict ot rexaajxurs. virgiuia xnuii,-
son, postmaste-, Louisville, h.y.
Iba Kdaeatloa Bill.
Washisoton. Mav 21. The House
Pnmmitten on I'.ducation hold a meet
ing to-day, adjourned in a lew min
ntiM without considering the Blair
hhl which waa a Boecial order for to
day. This action was due to a request
from Kenresentauve luiuer ui iwk.
who will introduce a substitute next
week, and desires it to lie consiaereu
with the Blair bill
Tne Alcoholic lavoallaatlan,
ViimnmiK. Mav 21. The Presi
.h.nt hu annroved tho bill providing
for the study 01 me nature 01 muy
holtc drinks nnd narcotics, and their
effects, In tho public schools of tho
District of Columbia, the Territories,
tolf phone through the Indian Terri
tory, "beginning at a point to be se
lect ;d by said ril way company oa ins
heundary line between said Terr.tory
ana the Sluts of Kansas south oMhtu
countvef Labftte, ard thence-tOtutt
teuthweetwardlv to the roulh Una cl
Baid Territory bttween the 97ih and
Wth ee jr. eicf l'ipgituue. "v -.-o-J
The Kamai Ci'v oit WCOll (u
Gulf Railway Coanpny b tw-vf ihe
m'st p ojiresei" tnd' liberal" 'com'v
panies in the Weft, It bji at '
time dea't fairly wuh it .rxjpIqjirS,
with the people, and with its nftok-h'l-ere,
and it is in the iotereitof
comme ce, gcol -government and rap
idly growing communities that, this
b:ll mould pass, and I h's responsible
and progr.s live company given the
rigot to ronatruct its rod through the
Inditn Tnitory. ,
in iha Fnrtr-ftizhth Consrers simi
lar billa were paaeed, and, ai a part of
ihis report, the tollowing 11 laaeo
from a raport made at snoh time by
hi nnmmitten on Indian Affairs:
The right of eminent domain in the
Federal Government over the Iniian
Territory is the principle on which the
kill haa heen roafctraoted. Its prece
dent is lound in a law eoattad by the
Forty-seventh Congresp, granting a
imllar riaht of way to the St. Louie
and San Francisco Railway Company
The limitations which the bill now
reported throws a-onnd tbeexicisecf
the riuhtof eminent dDmain have been
conformed, ai nr as iitcumBiancwB
vnulii l'o. tn those provided by the
laws cf all the fcta'.ea wnere tne same
rieht ib exereheJ by btna autnoruy
" . . ... . a - ' . I a . I
within Stale limit, laeriguian i.io
TnHianB am lull v protected. bDt" in
tribal and Individual relatione. Suit
able provisions a-e made for the ascer-
just and fair compensation lor pro
perty tiken from an 1 dam.iites done to
tnem. wncre mo cuuinuy u vun
raipcctive tribes, or the company and
individual occupau'S ot tae iann
fail to agree, a board of eppmi-:-ers
is constitute! to determine tbe
amounts of compensation, and if a
trioe or individual occupant snouia
be dissatifl d with the award of the
appraisere, bucIi tribe or occupant ba
subitiniislly the aame resort to the
courts of the cnunfytnat isaioweo.
to the citisans cl a btate wnose prop
erty undur like circumstances is ap-
propriatsd lorpuonc use. meuo una
of tbe bill in this particular are be
lieved by the committee ta De appro
propriate and fully adequa'e U the
.. . 1 - . Tk.M
purpojei trey conwnipio'w. iutj
rro ect fully and amply all the rights
of the Indians
Speeches by Jattln McCarthy and
Mr. Chllders Strictures on
the Parncllltes.
doverameat Swamp I.aacla,
Wasiiinotos. Mnv 21. Senator
Ppooner introduced in tho Senate to-
Tlie Baller-Koseeraoa toniroveriy.
Washington special: It it nnder-
stood that the Butler-Rrsecrans con
troversy, of which sometntng nai al
ready been published, is likely to have
some rathtr sensational points bef re
it is ended. R-eecians inlerstands
that tl e ugly tiht tbat was mde
aainst h s cona mation waa in.tga-.ea
by Butler, in revenge i ir tne mnuaiy
Oommitte'a repoit In the last Uon
gress, which showed tnat tfut'er was
$120,000 short in his accounts as treas
urer of the eoldiers' homes. Butler
claims that this report Is Incorrect and
H wa h m in utt'CP. Uen. Kosecrins
propows to submit ill the correspond-
on ! a in teiozramB in u;e cam iu wo
comm ttce, and lit th;m judge of the
injustice. Ut will ano siioa ii a Biaia-
ment Horn a Treasury exp r', wuo uai
gone over all the figures furnished
by tien. Butler, and who has ar
rived at tne Sims conuius uu uio
Military Committee did. But this is
nnt hv anv means a 1 that will lo sub
mitted to the committee. Geo. R ss-
nrana is in riOSWS 10U C
point very Btiongiy to tne oonciusiou
that an attempt ttss made ta suppress
tbe printed editioa of the Military
Oommitlee's reporu icat report waa
printed nearly a year ago, under order
of the Honee. Abont 5000 copies of
it were delivered at th U-ip.toi ana
remained there f r months, while no
one who was jntoreeud ia eeeing it
was able lo ootatn a copy.
n-woerana rDBatedlv sjnt to the fold
ing room for it, nd was told tbat it
waa nut MBlfi. I1B nDH'lV BBOl lU kuc
gov rnm nt printing omce ana mace
asteiinc inquiry.in wi-mug, ,u itn'
m it Iln rneived a reolv that stated
tha datn, at whicb tne DrrotiDg WB1
(Hatied and the reports dehvered
at tha in'dtnir-room. He then
nt a Tressu'T official to the
nrnnniandent ot tne IOIU nz
rnnm. who asaln insisted that
tha ranmts had not been received
there. Toe messenger was peislstent
and insisted on all the clerks there
being questioned, and one alter an
other they all denied knowledge ot it,
until tbe messenger insisted on qnee
tinninu the man who had receipted
for them. He admitted that the re
nnrta wars there. They are now being
distributed. Since these points have
hponn to bs dif cufS'd a good deal oi
imnnrtant information baa come to
hand. A union omcer, who nun i
Lomdos. Mav 21. Mr. Glsdst'ne,
in he House of Commons this sfttr
ncon, stats d tbat be would on Mon
day text ask the Houfe for a vote cf
supply cn account and then to take
up the aims act lor on y oeoaie umu
the bill wis pcsied, in Older tbat it
might be brought into operation ce
fjio tbe old act expired.
- Mr. Justin McCarthy resumed the
debate ou tbe borne rule bill thie
evening. He said thst the prtspectB
of borne rule bad brightened recen ly,
t tanks to Lord Salisbury's revival cf
the cry of "no popery." Irelaod
could not afford to wait for the elab
oration of a scheme f imperial fed
eration. The Irsa Par ia nent would
jo n the federation when matuied.
He would rather the Ovaogemtn
were Lietids tl.au enemies. Heboped
they did not ni3nn to figbt. They
ought rather to aesist in regenerating
their f ,the.laad. Ha earnettly heped
tbat Mr. Gladstone would not mutuate
the biil or postpone it for another
y,ar. Happsn wnat mfght, Mr. Glad
btoie had already secured slf govern
ment for Ireland. Pio'onged cheers
Mr. Caildei?, Home Kicretary, earn
that while tneio wae no danger in
granting to Ireland the powera which
lbs bill confer.', there was danger in
refusing such iiowdis. He belitved
thar, f s in the cases of AutUvlia and
Canada, te measure would be ac
cepted by Iieland cordinily, and tt.at
the itsult would be a permanent it
tacbment to England on tbe part of
the Irish per p'e.
Maj. Sanndereon (Consirvativf),
member for North Armagh, wa the
next speaker. Ia the cruras cf hia
remarks he said: "A strange conver
sion has occurred in the opiniocs of
tbe Liberal leadeis and the euppoitere
of Mr. Parnell, end perhaps we fihall
never learn bow their reciprocal action
has been brought' about. It is no
wond r tbat euch en arrangement his
lOeulted ia a limping pol cy a policy
support d by ona British and one
co k leg. LKoarsot laugnter j xae
speaker advocattd the suppression of
tne National League. He said he did
not o!iire; to the land purcbaw
scheme. Further on in hii speech be
accused tbe Parnellites balow the
gangway with receiving money fiom
America; whereupon
Mr. O'Brien arose and excitedly ex
claim d: "That's falee."
The speaker a ked Mr. O'Brien to
withdraw his expression.
Mr. Sextc n roBe to speak, but the
Speaker at tbis mcment called upon
Maj. Siundeison to withdraw his ac
cusation, and the Mejor responded by
saying that he withdrew with pleasure
what waa contrary to the rales ot the
House. . .
Whereupon Mr. O'Brien exclaimed,
"So do I." , . .
Upon motion of Viacaunt Lyminton
(Llbtral) tae ampuls was aujautucu.
Cerfudly (writes sa ia-wetiaa ef Ids Urg TreA ea
Tsrles Sarins a-4 sntnwr susi x(".
French aaa Germaa vTaTite4, Camera' tad SaliiafS
anamrlaiar Ike Latot Zksrras aa4 rues ion-
. m -
GcnllcmeS Weas.
fO Saoqses aaa Piices as appta tiea to Uaae
srke krra lefts
FN.lil.nt Q'tb. Or..lL0UIBVUJL,C0D-RIKB-J.UENA1.
CO., Ulll iu!
....... ul
Winters mi th's Chill Cure.
Ornca or thi Corim-JorjiniL,
Dr. Winlmmitlt, Sir I aire rula 1 hava
obaarr ed fur many years, th valua oi your
remdy promptios ma to uy, in raply to
yoar reiat, what I know of yoar Chill
Cura. 1'ha priTat sorneai of iu jrBcacy
I had, and tha sooa rei oi iimi
bad obiarred on Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for more than Slieen yean, had been fore
man of my office, induced me to test it in
my family. Tbe result! have been entirely
atisfaotory. The firat caje wae of two
yeari' itandina, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relifli-tbe chilli returning periodically
ana with temincly increned evfrity.
Your cure broke them at once, and thre hi
been no recurrence of them for moro than
.; Th nlhnr rjme waa ot a mililer
form, and yielded more readily to other
rerardiea i but the chilln would return at in
terval! until your medicine wae uod.inoa
which time, now several month, they have
entirely diaapiiearcd. from the opportu
nity I have bad to judfo, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable tpeoilic, and per.vrmi all you
promise tor it. SilAl.mM
ARTHUR PETER & CO., AsenU, Louis
ville, Ky. .
i. k.n.fit.,1 Mr. M. (1. Yucltlev. M em-
phis, tenr, when troub'ed with liv-r dis-
nr,lp ami inrtiirestion. Bne regarai im a
s'amlard lamily medicine.
Hand Fire Extinguishers
75c Each, ?8 Per Dozen.
iM Front Ktreef.
PJo. B14 TVlain. f3t.,
II aj Juit received a lnrue stock of tba
latest styles of
for Pant", which wewll' make to order s
muuh lesa than the usual prioje. wi
make a good all-weol panis for S Call
and examine our goids. Also, a complete
fine of UENT' iURNIbUliia GOODti
tor the coming season at our usual low
Doable Ts-aKfrtlw la tbe Streets or
BprliiRllcld, Heal.
Si-BINQKIKLD, Mas , May 21. This
.fumnnn Andrew J. W!tr(rn, aieu
thiity yearp, a bricklayer, and his wife,
ToConaampita. Mnny Bba
happy to give thfir toetimony in favor of the
Sue of "Wilbor's Pure Cod-Liver Oil and
Lime." Experienoe has proved it to i bi a
valuable remedy for Consumption, Asthma,
Diphtheria, and all diseases of the Throat
and Lungs. Manulaitured only by A. u.
Wilbor, Chemist, Boston. Soil by all
druggists. ;
Probate Court Sale Keal Estate.
No. 535. R.D.-In-the Probati i Court of Shel
by County, Tenn.-T. J .O'Ncil, admmu
trator, vs. Caih. Ellen O'Neil.
BY virtue of a decree for sale, entered in
this cause oa April 27, 1886. minute book
, paaes 494, etc ., 1 will sell .to the highest
bidder, at publio auction, in front of the
court-house door, on Main street, on
auetardar. May aa, IHH9,
.til,:. 1...I hours, the tollowing described
real estate, to-wit: A certain iieeorpar.
i -t i..) .ii,,.i.H In MemDhis. Tenn..
eommenoing on the west side of Main rtraet,
and running thence north ii feet i thenoj
we.tl48W feet to Center alley; thence louth
.ilil allev 37 feet to a stake, and
thenoeeastHSH to"t',,?iW,DAo if!
i. i !. ih mnth half of lot No. 1, and
is sltuaiea at me nwriKiiv. "
side of the first alley south of end parallel
with Overton street with Main meet. Th.
said sale will be .abject .to right of homa
tRd ot Cath. Klton O'Neil in .aid r.al a-
Terms of Sale-On a cr-dit o seven (7)
month, t the rurohaaer .to execute note wua
crstty, wern aa'smi u xst, Ku.v.... . . - , Th April 27, lSso,
Bobinct Ban Made to Order.
7 j (BBllUretjMmihI, Taaja.
b7w'" ib M"""E"S was
used with salutary effect in the family
of Mrs. E. W. Edmund, M Adims sir.ei,
yi I"'"-" i - .. -. I nf ..romia.
Memphis, lenn. p -
ness anu uer numnuu ""--
Suddenly Wiggen drew a revolver,
and, stepping back, fired three shots
at his wite, one snot takiuk taw
her bip, the second iahtrarmand
the third in her hand. The crowd at
once started m puriult o: wignen.
wha ran down n alley. AStnecrowa
gained upon him 1 e apoeared to bo
come fiiithtened, snrt, af er lo)kin:
lack two tr three time?, piacsa tiio
moialetltne pistci to nie ibujjvic,
fi-ed and fell df a 1. Mrs. Wiugen was
taken to tie Cry Hospital, wQere she
now lie i i citical condition, vo-
nestle tronbles are the cause oi tne
tragedy. Wijigsn wss well connected,
being a son u tne rreaiuouv i iu
New Hampshire Legislature.
CULLEN, Clerk.
By O. L. McDonald, Deputy Clerk.
Wm. M. Randolph. Solicitor.
J P SvIipr ti Wm. A'ex'nder, 31
1-10 acre in Fif'h D strict, 3 0.
A. T. Chambers 'o Mrs. iaura ,.
Yonng, 50 airf s in First 1 sftr-r, ww.
Kpoonot ; intrmliirea in tne i snsio to- wtsoonalD, writes Gen. Rose
day. a bill "tr',d,ic d ear v in th. ;raBlthtth, seated two Vlrg nian.
seaeion by Mr. Caswell for the lellcf .( tMd,n Un thl
of the ptirohawrs and other granwes
of tha United States of swamp lands.
and to reimburse tho Slates for all
such lands included m the various
grants sold by the United ctittes.
Tha Dlastley Bhlppla Bill.
Washinuton. Mnv 21. Tho Hou.se
ghipp ng Commi tee met this morn
ing and concurred in part of the r-'on-
ala amenatnents to wiu i-iukiu wup
ping bill and non-concurred In several
amendments, and authorir.ed Mr
Dinglev I Mo J to report oaeK tno ran
to the House with a recommendation
that the House aeree to the confererce
asked by tho t-eoa e. 1 lie comuntu-o
were unanimous Btipporv ui mo
Senate amendment to tne snipping
ill i ,ies gnetl to meet tno action ot
Canada but formally not concurreu
in the amendment, simply to niase
a verbal change in conference. Sev
eral other amendments non-con-
tirrod in meet the approval ot
committee In fie main, ana
non-eoncurroiue is recommonuea
simply to secure some slight enanges
in the" text. Mr. linglev will report
back tho bill to the House at the
earliest opportunity next week, when
the House will at once act upon
i', as the report will be privileged.
Eateadlag lh Feaaloa Uaalla.
V.msoTOs. Mav 21. The Hcnss
Committee on Invalid Pennons t9-dsy
asrfed to tepoit favotably a bill ex
tending the provitioas ot tne pannou
law to those who were injured while
on furlough and not s:iicily in ttc
line of duty.
cn Siit
i.wUf. a"'
lawvera feel that the imlgo hiul pene
trnied everv nook and corner ol ll
cii-ii'. The question of hand wits
abandoned tarlr in the case and then
ittwame inn 'd lent th decree for a
ri'e wmild not be dis urbeu. Uefus-
1 . 1 1... f, . 4,.fr
i ! to ri t asioe in- , it,, v.i-111 .
grcut pains ti preserve any riht the
ininonlv stockholders miylit nave, as
the order hliows. AVe pronounce
Judge Jm ksoti a r.ti.rm jtuige, anu a
no t worthv mict-essor of the great
n- v 'esc tilitee be Uikes.
Kaaiu t'liy. FoM Neott
wail Koau,
Wasiunoton. May 21. The House
Committee on Indian AUa r, in tneir
repor; cn th bill to eraot a right ot
wav to ih Kan as City, Fort S.iott
and tinll Knitroid Company through
tin Indian Te-ritoiy, sy:
Th w.rui. Ctv. Foil Scott and
Ciull Kai:roau Company woa orsan zsd
and uii:uruer.tted under the laws cf
theS.tecf Kan'aj, at recited in the
hill. Tnev have their line from Kn-
sas Citv, Mo., to Memphis, Tenn., new
completed and la full onetation, and
al;o Irjiu Kausat City, Mo., to Uaxter
Spriug', Kas., and now obk tjonxrers
to grant them ths rlgbt to coitHtruct
andopaTstea railway, ti-legrarh nd
whn vara riii?ht tradms wttn tne
lala and car villi? sunolies to them.
He was surprised wbeu they produced
(mm Hun. Under. Hj did not
release themon tliei athngth of these
passes, but detained them until be
atMl 1,1 l. oartaln that the liaises were
genuine. He flrally TtcetVed an or-ltr
from Gen, Butler- tb ' :ele8 tbam,
oiiia thav wo fa in " the em-
of the Bovernment. ' Tbis
same Sjrilror,! whD:'i fB -attorney
alaw,racouesGette.BuJlet ol
havlntf'bnnai'eDeslted ffiiValOjy tn BUP"
niviniririto rahaia with, oylaui neces
sary artltles on which a.mirdtf a large
P'oB'..'' A prominent Sta'fi officer of
in the- Confederate.
servicetetls. Xio. Eeecrais that he
purenaHtu quinine) mu v.
from Butler tor the Citfede.rAts. - He
denounces iutJV ar.d J-i offered lo
Droducerio(iiCe tefuow wua u -
..n. K,.n .H"criis disclaims any
k..i"i:i .ri ,flf'.ani'l!V'av8 that he
simply pti!il-.l!l iW foldUrs Home
accounte.as (hey iwW -lnisWd by
ButWr himeeir-rifiil oan s-uai,
Butler did ' ' Jty-eXim-
eelfright.n vl" t ftnirwuFir
tha oommifc - "t J crnnaFalong
!iftt i' i ft woii itirpish an
xplaat! -s katy"""? -that
UervATtfiW-bfa-ha0 con-
tirmed, he P' -,' ii..-Vi111" 'nl
mns ol the si'.iJi-id ? Wm.
Tr. i i ,7 " airy; t
Bain "-' ' iV1"
Waahit'''-' apfctid i." 4 airesenta
tive lloluifio 13 fecetviTiH' -ti'at many
encomiums fV-4 K:'l,u' n me,uber8
oi the Coniniittoe cn 1, -intones npon
vs. uiii tj t -i -hie a com mission to in-
1113 Ulll I" - . I;
veatigate and JMport ujon the coii.li
.!. B.,f the MftiVaitf.- which was dis
cussed for evml hours baturday
at'noon. This" b U inuueJiately
deals with the question of Oklahoma,
and propose Unit t:iat disputed tern
tor 'shi.ll bo hmigbt by tho United
.1. . .i. 1..... a.a.I ntllF
1IH11U UU1 ClimiMT """"
w 1I..OA 1QQ
Mrhphis. i.aa., may
THE pertnershp heretofore axitlng be
I 1 i n 1I..lknlr,mK and Wm. U.
Allen 1. thi.day dissolved by. mutual eon
r.nt. Mr. Bartholomew asiumnif all obliia-
i n tiiRTHfil.OMTtW.
r. hnm '! above firm I would
take thi. opportunity of 'h"-"?1?.'? P
tinted term, my many friend, for past ra
vors. and ask a continuance of sam. U. my
aartner of twenty years. WM. Q. Al-LaM.
The new nrm ts now cnans-eo ' fo
nanaii'. iann niTTKBH HAS
a j v.- m,. M.r Hill. 2kA Lin-
, . m nM T.nr... for liver trouble
:..m.lrttt rt ten.fit. She call, it
p-i ally valuable for home use.
No. 4?i24, K. D. Chancery Court of enemy
vs. M- C. Frame et al.i R. D. 355, i Wm.
Morrow VS. r. r. riiiui... ,
T3Y virtue of concurrent interlocutory ae
r fnr ii.i. entered in the above
causes on the 28th day q April, 1886, H. B. H,
vvfCE X
A y
property ..situated in bhelby county. Xenne-
JndTsputedln ttie BROAD CLAIM of MtflU
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
KrKff.i-V-V' H. WETTER & CO., Agents,
t on, to the hiKhest bidder. In front of the
Clert and Master', office. Court-Hou.. ol
Kh.lhv oountv. Memphis, Tenn., on
Absolutely Pure
vi. .rir never Tories. A marv.
rity, Jtrenirth and who e.omeness. More
momioal than the ordinary kinds, and
nnot be sold in competition wi-k 'ha
Thl. powder never Jri.
3'nd.Vf low t..t. short, weight alurr or
rv...., nnwders. Sold only "Was,
K.KiKfi rii.." '
No 2tft. B. D.-Chancery Court of Shelby
Hw.nty.-H.rrl.t E. Smith, vs. M. Ow.n
B'XY virtue of an Interlocutory decree lor
.11. entered In the above '" h
l-.h A., nf JMas.lSMi. M. B. tU, pM tf't
I will sail -t oublic auctioa. to trie nma
l.tl iddar. n-oni o the Clerk and Master
est oiaaer. " fc l MUBlT. Mem-
. COUriBim it -
. ...... at innn unnwn B ui".
and 5. and Part f lot 8 of country lot 44.
Beginninsat the corner of Je-y wjsW J
lot! immediately e.nt of the Mimiibis and
Charleston railroad bridge on Mrshall ave
nue: thence In a southeustwardly directfon
alone the south lioe ot Marshall avenue.
about 619 feet, to the James Diaeu iuv,
"hence .outb with Sid.U's west line to old
,,i " ...... ,v,nr smtward v to the
Memthie and' Charleston railroad: tbenoe
northwestwardly along the line oi said rail
t i anuthnafit corner:
thence with Crowley's est line to the begin
ning, this tract ot land has been .undi
vided in lots, plats of which can be seen at
the Chancery Court, and the above property
ill be sold according to said subdivision.
A certain lot known as part of lot 4i8, and
Ascribed aa the east IM feet of lot 5;t of .
L. 478. fronting 124 by H8 teet oa the nor
, c T ,r , 1
S1UB OI ilBUDrruu , . r n T iOI
. ?.,h" .1 of kfferl
D"",,.:ui.L "A ."lit US . bounded
lull Biros) la Willi aw l""'
on the west by Bayou liayoeo and on the east
by Kcinack'a lot. , . .
Terms ol Sale-On a credit of six end
. i irtinriMt-bparinff notes with
security required: lien reta.aed to Mcur.
same, and equity ol redemption. Ihis
S I. MoDOW Elil. Clerk and Master,
Watson. Taylor i Carroll, r,
H. & C. W . Beiskell. Sols-
Post ptjiiement.
The above sal. is postpor.d until "';
-.., Hay S, 1SH, when tre saie win
ao itively take plaoe. iirmi oi,
b,i so a. to require 111 per c-nt. ot
money paid in e,hr,1l,i0
heretofore ordered, this May il. lWo.
By U. F. Walsh, Pei.uty Cleriand Master.
Indians interested, provided they are
nil line to sell it. The Oklahoma bill
is now pending b'VV0
tort n'eiiftertj.n t-i 'X'.n
Lot 1 front- outh wUt) of J
i o ...vB cam airect S leet, w
bt'l . livii'c
t I a-iW If WO4 It's
v.1 'iher the Indians are disposed to
take it hy knee,
, -f .1. t.ifrili.rv nr
hill is far the more humane and
just mens
jure of the two.
Subscribe for tbe "Appefti.1
office, oourtboue
S.tarday. JHa 1. .. ,
.uii. rt-)l
streot Si
ith about
the same deptn. in f,ot 9 inches,
Lot K frnnU HIM Street ,30 lCCl 9 lutut. ,
with a depth of about J4 leet.
To tt.e Plan of (ubdtvision
"-ofSalc-On a credit o( . six. t.W,
ei.Viteen and twenty-four m 0 '.f V i t b
ex'.-cutint notes with 'I'Vtl'r:"'!1'?.:
ir.i i terot Itooi aire
Poston A l'fftoa, tkiliciturt-
uruon V-VVed. Th i.-i.y ll. IMA.
B. I. M. DOWKUU. Clerk and
p. 11. F. Walsh. I'evuty Clerk an. M
w 1 i. i.An v.tlicitors.
PURSUANT to a deree rendered bv Jka
Chanoerv Court at Xashviile, atits (Oc
tober term, 1S, aad entered of record at
. 'I . linn, KA. " L . in inn , V V1
Samuel Porkins vs. John Clajbrook and
others, notice is hereby ive that 1 will ex
pese u public sale, at tie courthouse do. rat
MempLia. Tennefsee, upon the terms here
inafter set out, at li o'clock m., on tbe
83d lrr of Slyt l"i6,
the following dercribed property, all situate
ll tbe Taxing District of elby county,
Tennessee, to-wit: .... c
Let No. west siae oi aurnou runn,,
Lot No. I'll, snuth si e of Auction Square,
Lot No. 4 Second itrei.
Let No. 3. corner ot Overton and Third,
14Sleet square.
South hall lot 292 Second street,
Lot 144 and part let 14.!, west Side cf Main
street, between Market and V inchestr sis.
Jerni. of Sale One-tourth caih. and 'be
balance on credits ot , 12, 1 and 24 months:
interest bearing notes required f.r deterred
WILL be rpened June 1st. This noted'
watering-place i. 'Runted six mile.
from -t.tna rurnne, n l"r , ",
Tuscaloosa rai.road. in h-ckuiun oonnty..
Tenn. Hack will meet .11 lr;in irttaj.
and will convey guest, to spring at a very
low rate.
Board, Sao Pr Month t SI Per Day.
Bperlal Bate to ramin.
W. invite . ll -bo W ? 'P...I ttsjaoyt
C":r.spnV;iers of Pleasure-
and bealta. ov w. -
Hi nDLIMO na"".i
Liverymen, Contrevi'le, Tenn.
E. A. DKAS, Prop'r Centreville Hotel.
atored to health and energy Sir. K. M.
Avery. No. 2i Maditon stroet, ft empois,
Tenn', after an attack ol malarial fever
which left him so feeMe that he was eonfioed
te. hie bed .
Ne. tBM, P. D.-Chnccry Court of S.olby
count-Stte f Tennessee vs. Lima it.
t5V'iriie oi f inter:ocutojy decree for
ID .aleei tereu in th- hoovj caus. on the
Sth day of January. 1V. B. 51, pa
187,1 will se.L.at public auction to tha
highest bidder, in tront c i'n"
vLur't oil ee, courthouse -J Shelby county..
WeniAi.,Teoa.. on
atMnrday, Jnaa 19, 1S6,
witiin legal hours, tie toll""'"
scribed piop.rty. situatei in .l.b0.a
i;"VS uk (T e..t of the northeast tn-
-""-. vtitnii itrfell. On
wrsccuon oi xo. ."';"" W ,.aBca
the nortn siue wi
vreet: thence.
soalh 10d leet to
l7iott sut 'and wwita said .tre.t 32
&t?ihSl&rlr8.ld asm. protr
ef Soh Panes nd.athers. ,fv.inut
Part ef lot 14, b ois 5. weet nd. vf wlnT.
atreet.u'lVi IcoU . the property ot
R:f5fb';,"kV. -Trt rfd. of J.t. . sm-U
f0il42 le t. S-Jaas the Kopfrtj ol M. or
,n. Jams; "-xn""1. ,r.Mx t six months;
lerms oi -"- - - ;,,,,.
notes witn 5-ci
quired: I'na re'
"V. NH'Ih-WKLL, Clerk and Muster,
11.11 F.'Wal'h, lero.y C. and M.
Kl U.'andC. W. Hfiskall. Sols-
Special Commissioner.
in riuity. eeai'Il. :,i
aea . reuaii-nuu
1 CaTt A g- Tro""""' 1S L'
,tre.t:'.rni his.T.nn..
b-,liounea. It streaj'.hened him o he lelt
"like anew creiture.

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