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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 22, 1886, Image 5

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R. S. P. GKKHIN bu rimoTei n r--
dene tflUftjoBww'"" . " -
... m . J J
. LAW, .Marine andOommercial Notary
Publk-, Commissioner ol Deeds i and V.a.
COTTAfl E With liinom. Price, .IMC;
rent. tM pot moBlh. Inquire on prem
im, W Mi"i"lnii muni.
(iflAAA TO ."WW to loan In sums to
hiUUu suit parties hnvinanotei well
indorsed, rent nutes, chattel ort-aies or
other reliable security. IriuiTe et
KOOM8 AND BOARD-Per-oni desiring
aMommodationiin Raleigb-leriie airy
. ainila er en suit, with nrt-elai
Kowly furnished, at 49 Market itreet.
O0MS AND BOARD DesiraOIB rooms
and hoira at n gianisun ...
SI. JAMES H00SB-C.8eeonland Ad
ams sti. Room n board 16 nor wee.
Pay hoard H per wcoa.
i-wvwVnn.lir.ed room, with or witnout
board, at lltf Conrt ttree t.
-poARD-with wg'yjjagtaOTn.
, , i c i.V..
5NI0B Kooml, rornunea '"""'
wl t h orw ithont board, at 137 Madison it.
raui ..nfiiralshed TOOIBI. With Or
J. without board, at 6S Madiion itroot, oor-
a.r Third,
ORSK May 20th, one bay hone nfteen
c, "'jT. .;.;... Return
aiu mw -
to W. Welluiun,
lr. ui. Ivinc milk: both
J horns knocked 0"; rope around head
and risht front loot. Return to neat, si
ana be rewarded. f. A. SHAtirj..
PAPER BOX-'n V.th intant a raperbox
f J. M. Poehery. Hernando, .
weiihinc about four pound', from express
I I . .. L'inita! Will hat
cr, rir ivtjrr -., - -liberftily
rewarded by Uavmg -tamo t boutU-
ern tjyreat omca.
And Savanna Will Be at the Other
End of the Strln;-Mortif)iuB'
PIS A fold bar pin. pointed on tne enai.
F.nder wll be rewarded by leaving, at
141 Madison street. ..
Orrici No. VA geeond Itreet,
Memphii. Tenn.,
Offer for sale the following ehoioe property,
terms on whioh will bo made known at their
V85 Madison 8treet-Eleant new two
atory brick reddenc, lt 37Hxl-hSH foot.
outheaat oorner f Madison itreet and Dint
alley tut of Thi.d street, kiaht lenre
roomi and all molern improremenU. Rental
value, 1UU per month.
Country Home Well improved, eleven
acres land, house of ill rooins, necessary
outhouses, orchard, splendid well, beautiful
lawn and forest (Trove in Iront of houses new
.Urn,! nmnleted to the CUT!
on north tide of Union avenue, 1 mile
art of th.city.,.
No. 375 Benle Street -Two-itory framo
residonoe, lot 4iiil4 feet, ten larg roomi, in
ood repair, ttenuii vmue, nv per muum
Wilt. U.SlKL
No. 220 Wellington ritreet iwo-iTory
,T-uDCnn il mornlni of 20th in- t..i.i. 7.n.,n.ii. W. D. llethell
stant: h:ii bob-tail : lore on shoulder -..(..... ,i,ht rooms, in nrst-clasi condi-
i, ciinr: fiveveari old. Keiurn 10 mr..
M. CREKN, t Central Point, and bo ro
"lOW-On May 6th, ono small red cowl
mall horns. i.ioerai n""?' ' ,"V
turn tii .
MtLE-From Mrs. P. P. Ward i place,
near Lucy Station, one bay mare mule.
hip ith wert In center of ioar. Ill) reward
will be paid for return of ffifete - & CQ,
2 WHITE C0W8-0no with ropo around
head. 5 reward for thur return to H.
B. FA KTON. nenr Cnrvo, Hernendo roel.
00M-Sewly furnished, at
11 IVlX.l . i
ROOMS Three pleisant iuramer rooms,
uitable f. r light housekeeping or for
aentlemen roomers. Apply to
' J L, BHOTWElX, 130 Front street.
TvTEAT COTTAOK-slx momi.H Fourth
N it., t!7 50. A CORDES. 17 Talbot st.
Apply at
OUSE No. 286 Union itreet.
the houia.
OOOMS Two rooms at corner Beale and
XV l?helby. Apply at Uabav'i store.
Im"o WASHINGTON j rooms. 0VER
11 jrrw I4RI)SVEN'0R, 2V4 Senondst.
ATICE COTTAGE Three rooms on College
XN itreet, ner south gate of fclmwood.
ApP!y at 36 Union street. J(?3
ROOMS Several very eholco furnished
reome lor gentlemen in a private tam
ily Locality unsurpassed. Bestreterencei
reqnired. Address A. B. C. this office.
83 Fifth street, Chelsea.
At Wm. R. Moore's. .
. Apply to
CILARKNuuN HOTKL-Filty-four sleep
) ing-rooma, furnished; kitchen and dm-
Ui?8? -n-'tTN RY.Teiver, 292 Seeord St.
DWELLINU-HOUSK-Two-itory dwelling-house,
6 rooms, with kitchen and
edition. fflM,,,,
TJOUSE A new double-tenement house.
. w ...... nM ff nni.nHi:
BKU a.u, .
fct, all conveniences, ou
Apply vo aire.
XX rooms on
vrit t in
hoss avenue. Good olstern.
E. Quinlan. 130 Manassas si,
TpUhNISBED ROOMS Korieoti ano lor
housekeeping, at 116 Court street.
furnished or
Adams St.
rpWO aleftant front rooms
Bmurnimiq.i nvytj -
OOMS Furnished or unfurnished, at 118
, Second itreot. Heferenoes required.
AGENT3 eoin money with our Amateur
Photo outfit, and collecting family
Canal st..N.Y.
1 - 1.1 nw.a aR
n xtllMl tASS trn. IIMWIMI
KMPIttE CO"! IK vU, Wi
A SOUTHERN LADY-To aiioelata her
self with a respon Iblo house and rep
resent it in her own locality. Good salary
Barclay ttreet, New York.
few hundred dollars to
-ft m AV WOK &
ftl v.i?ir.-..- ...ill in msr
JLT ! 11.11 '"LU1 "D . .
Ubliihed enterprise. Big money for capital
1 ...I .nlw.-.a iiired. OnO Willing
to travel' preferred. Rare opportunity lor
right party. K. v., tnis omce.
"DOSITION-Two ene-getlo young men
rroiueace, ...... .v.....-, ... . , ,
tion and conveniently arranged; lottuxlio
A vorv desirable house, corner of Alabama
street and Thornton avenue, at or and ad
joining the Welter place-Two-story. Iraine
residence, nine rooms, in good repair, two
lane oistorni; lot equal to about an acre oj
rUUnd- Price. M500.
Doub'e-Tenement Frame one-story Mouse
Nos. 370 and 3XU Vance street; seven rooini
each, in good repair; lot 60x118 foot. Rental
value, a per month.
l'rioe, .ro:, or !000 for either tenement.
The McOmber Haoe North side of Frailer
between Wellington and Lauderdale street;
house of eight rooms, in good repair; lot
BOxviOU feet. pr((e
As Elegant Adams Street Residence-Near
Manassas itreet.
Price, 112,000.
No. 332 Jefferson Street, between Lauder
dale and Orleani itreeti-Two-story frarna
re idenoe, ten rooms, in good JP'.
ern improvements; lot 37x148 feet. Rental
value, H5 per mpnih.
Prioe. v)00.
Pour New Cotuges-Nos. 172, 174, 176 and
u .-i hj,tjkn Madison and
110 unsauB .www- l. i... in.llMl
Monroe it eeU, tnree rooms iuu ,UV'"";"V
feet; very dosiraoie lor oouuiu..
value. $15 each. " .
No. 71 Calhoun Street, near Main-Frame
.,.. five noms. built last year. Mental
val ue, $20 per tnon 1 h.
rriue, e-'j.
Lot 35, on west side of Auction Squaro,
35x75 foot. ,
Price, 11000.
Lot 160, on south iide if Auction Squara,
37x75 leet.
Price, $9C0.
Bouth half of lot !W2, on west iide Second
street, between Overton and Concord streeU,
37x148 feet, with small hno.
Price, $1000.
Lot 7, In block 13, on west iide of Shelby
street, between Linden and Pontoo street-,
eOxlSw feet. lhii lot fronti on Bhelby aad
Clinton itreets.
Price, $3200, .,,
No 9 Howsrd'i row, or Union itreet, 25x100
f.t. three-story brick storehouse, in good
repair. Rental value. Wi per month.
Price, Jdolio.
100 Lots, each having a front of 60 feat by
a depth of 170 feet, fronting on Calhoun,
UT.V...-P ri (lanrffia streets.
Price. $15 to $30 per front foot.
50 Lots, 60x150 feet each, fronting on Bar
farans, Loonev, Ewing and Manassai streets,
in Ninth Ward. . ., .
Price. $5 to $10 per front foot.
Lot 141, on wet si le of Main street, 74x148
leet, betweeu Winchester and Market
itreiu. Will be iold at a bin.
Lot 456, iouthwest corner of Second and
Sycamore itreeU 1, 148x148 feot.
Price, $l.Tou.
tot 305. northeast eorner of Ovorton and
Third itreeta. 148x148 feet.
Price, $2700.
Storehouse In Jefferson block, No; ,229
Second street, one of the finest "d'"W
the city; four stories, iron front; .41x148 leet.
IUn.. lor $135 wr month
Kton 155 Beale itreet. lot 21x75 feot, two
doori east from ioutheast oeraer 01 ceaie
.a t?...J T.tr..iB. two-story brick house
with hall above. RenUl value $35 per month
n I..... ! iM Pontotoc street;
vJaTSSi. 11 Tgod repair. RenUl vu.
$35 per month. Lot 34xU4.
Dwelling-house south side Carolina itreet.
first "block east of Main street; 4 rooms and i
kitchens; can boused as a uouoie-wue-.-.
Kent lid per mon.u. Jnn
ma si
Lot 38ll'3
n-.llln. house No. 110 Alabama. eei.
dry gi
want a position In some good groeery or
joodshou... ""r.frr.noe.Ad-
and new
1 price raid at
lUi Tti V ViO inQ Ol. Ikw ftnt
BAR-TENDER (married) wants a
place. Addre" 0. M. K.. Appeal.
li apondenti for new busineu.. Positions
permanent. Salary or commission. Writ
LADIES and young men to decorate Birth
day and Faster Novelties. Eaaily
. ... a nMnnt. fnr atAadv emDloV-
ment and fair w.ges. Material furnished,
and all work mailed postpaid. For full in
tormation addresi DxcoaATivi AmWom. T
Exchange Place, Boston. MaJis. P.Q.box 5148.
MEN and women to stirta new business
at their homos, easily learned in an
hour; ICe to JOc an hour made daytime or
venieg. Send lOo for a package of samples
and 24 working imp'ei to commence on.
Addrei ALBANY 6UPPLY CO.. Albany N.Y
TV TAN to take an office and represent a
IVI ..nraA..,. , t.'wi nsr week: aell
rap tal required. Addrees, with sUmp, Box
70 n est Acton. Ma's.
OARDERH A few boarders at 98 Court
itreet. neieroncea.
EVERIBOPY-Tocall and see the cele
brated Oyp.'y clairvoyant, at 177 Ihird
utreet, nesr Fnplnr. -
MEN,ErC.-200sUtionmen, I
60 tii-makers,
50 teams,
25 teamsters,
25 choppers,
-on Bald Knob extension, 25 miles from Mem
phis. Apply on work at Tyroma river, or
to Toof. McGowan A jfo.-,- k SC0TT,
MEN To do station wor on Bald Knob
railroad ; station work at 11 to 13 cenU.
Also. tie-mkers at 12 cents. Apply to
Alio, ue HAnVttY .y SCOTT. Tyrontle. .
MAN ToUka an office and represent a
manufacturer ; A0 per week ; small cap
tel required. Address, with stamp, Box 1O,
West Acton. Mass.
two-siory iraiu., 'rr;,;rrt H.n, rri
r... .... eorner of Hill itreet. Boot .
par month.
-fir , fnnr, -
. r ft . ut uiwon ft. mi nortn
tide Broadway itreet. east of MmlisiPPl
avenue, itent ' Pfr u1""
a.lline-honie. No. 236
Linden street. No. 238 has ? roomi
and house No. 236 has 6 roomi in good repair
Lot MxlM leei. v?nl",r -
Ttrlck store-house, and rooms iuiUble for
residence on second floor, fto. im uea.e
street. 25x25 feet. Rent $35 per month.
Good stand for tetail trJJ iton.
Prioe, $.(500.
50 Beautiful Building Lots, of one and two
acres each, In Claybrook subdiviaion.one
rr.ile east 01 oity, doiw.ou du.hi. -
Poplar street, at from $300 to $500 per acre.
Lot 32, on southwest corner of Adams and
Uanassai itreets, 60x150 leet.
Price. $50 per foot
Lots on Bass avenue, in Dawson subdt
vision, at $25 per foot; and lot on Jeffersot
street, corner of ManaiMi, f00
and in various other parti of the citv.
Call and eiamina ourlisti. We offer son
speSllil barsains. and will take .Plf'
hawing property to partial wanting U 1 buy
either for building purpose- or ai Inveitj
menu, xiue perioov.
when requeued GR0SVENOR,
264 Second itreet.
BUILDING LOTS-To responsible pa'ties
only (and none other need applyi, three
handsome building loti on Goslee street,
Jouth of Vince street. Wil laell on pay
tueiiti 01 0 per monin ir .v.,
Ton , p'rt'e" ho will build, no cash re-.yPMIVTI,-R
IMBKKR. 2i Main St..
.,-. u r vt ti,. . with A tn 8 roomi. on
X itreet car line, from lb of Juns or lit
of July. Address Xi. n.. u-..
kti.V'kh For cash or ex-
chenre. MULFUKU, Jeweler. ma n.
ingclty. Art,lrossJ.AI. Appeal oflice.
HOUSES . pair
young ones, at h.ec' nianm.
HOUSES AND LOTS-I am aotn"""
nd requested to fell valuable three
story brick houses, or n.nmprov. d bni di ng
lots' eligiblv loi-ated, in city and iw urbl, at
reasonable fi8urej.AME L 00DU)E
Executor Est. ofRririkJey
10 U NT K Y N E W PP A PER Art dress
B W. h k k r. Hi. nynn.i... nj.
( I W. R. LA HKIN. Larkinivil
U west of Main, 50x170, on monthly pay
ment. or very che.p for cn.h Adjress
acks fancy
T-lf A KI!TS CH EAP 100
JT hand picked Virsinla peann
IGHET cash prices paid for old andnew
H KA 1 uc.no ai w Jiaio 1 m.
LADIES and Gentlemen, In city or coun
try, to lake light work at tneir hrmei;
11 to $3 a day easily made: work sent by
mail : no eanvassing. Wo have a good de
fend for our work, and furnish sUady m-
flovment. Address, ith stamp, CROWN
l'F'G CO., 4 V no St., Cincinnati. Ohio.
r,u cinTT'
TSLFCIRIG GOODS, 842 Broadway, iNow
York. The only gen nine.
;iUUl) dreTs atnc;L DR.T SCOTT'S
AGENTS In every section of the country
fortwo New Looks, just ready. 6pcrui.
t(KMto men of experience capable of Bll
iug a larire territory. State experience, age
and territory wanted. tASofcLL vu.
(limited), 8 TrnkJivay, N. Y .. and 40 Dear
born ergot. Chicairo.
11. B.
WOOD-500 eords of wood in amounts to
suit purchasers. R GALLOWAY.
1 I 1 ar-H-ta. W
be oflcrel to the public tor sale, on'1"'"
II T.May 26ih. at 12 o'clock, on the prem-
".1 .v. . .. f ,. lota and plat, inquire
of tV. A. Wheatloy, 2H1 Main street, or to
Wm. k. ""HtuKKlL?;
2X1 Main street.
SALESMEN In eTerr S'a'e In the U ion
l.VG ESIABLIr-HMKNT having eeveral
SrtciAiTias thitare popular and easy sell
in. Can he V.nd!cd al vne or in connectii n
w'tn ctr-er t o.is. Address THE W M, , B.
IbZUU the atate of Tennessee. Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, to make la.;o
caih profits at once; a monopoly f!'ll,'rV-
d. Parties wisntn- a '
1UEAP FOR CASU-The two-story unci
U Storehouse, No. l.l Bele "t' '"
cut o- Desoto- lot , 21x7.it will take .
ukii T. VANiR. C tiiens C?t. R.H. ottice.
XJ car loti. BRINKLEi' LUMliEU UU
124 Jeflerson street.
AK ISTELLIGEST, Earnest Catholic
man to represent a lame, responsible
Karc'ay street hnjn in his owo locality and
out'irle larce cities. A remunerative salary
to rteht party. Reference! exchanged. d-iro-r
EAKCLAY. Box 15. N. Y.
Al rurvi iii"". vv V..11
feet water fro ,t. 41 feet deep. For full
17.m..inn W.M. A. ur.AL.
47 Lexington sir.
Baltimore. Md
. &ml all Hues to
I ul A.l.k-. "V antl all cues to th
Tf Hi manairemeDt o( the Memphis
Clnb discover to-day that they have
killed the goose tbat laid tne gouicn
egg they will tave no one t J blame for
it but tnemseive. 1110 ptupu w
Memphis can forgive everything but
gro- incapacity, and that such inca
pacity eZIB8 SOmewntre m luo ui.u-
genientof our preeent team ia tco
patntaiiy patent 11 oa lupner ma
cealed. The evidence of it furnished
yesterday was only cumulative. It
followed a long line of fic's, all tend
ing to the same conclusion. If the
result involved only individual repu
tations nobody would cate particularly
hnt those immediately affected by it,
but Memphis hss attained such rank as
a city that she cannot atlora to piay ec
ond fiddle in an thing, and least of all
in a contest wheie brains and money
ara sure to toll. And that is precisely
hra t hn shoe Dinchrs.
A defeat bv so aood a club as the
Savannah ia not ioitielf discreditable,
bnt when that defeft might have
k.m ooortB.l bv skillful leadership
there is cauee for dissatisfaction, aad
the expression of the fame cannot be
t:o emphatic. The Appkai. has, up
n thin innrt.nrA of baseball affaira,
aiocaod nt;r manv l'ttle evidences of
nr'sminajzement peculiir to the Mem
phis Baseball Club, in thecjnfldent
1 ., . ,-1 .Wnw.nft n( a
hnna tnar. rf.nFHLi;j iiiiuinuiiinuv m
telling charecter might knock a hole
somewhere that would Itt the lifiht in.
That Vinna rlnnarted veiterdav. Tbere
isnotihe remotest prooaonny mi
there will be any change in the man
aanmnnt of the club during the
remainder of the seasoD, and hence
no prospect of a more skillful
direction of affairs than hss prevailed
un to this period. If we win the pan
nant or mae a respectable showing in
the race it will be through sheer force
of good luck, or because 01 me sopan
niitwnf O'Learvand Knouffto oihei
pitchers cf the League, but if there is
.nv nr.Bnihilitv nf miatinir the ftoal by
. r ;ll
unlortunate Diunuenng, wo wm
miss it beyond peradvanturo.
Yesterday's work showed tow
a good situation can be ruined
by eirars of judgment. One game
had been won from Savannah and the
leadeis of tho League were badly
worked op over i'. Another vic ory
following ttraight upon the first one
..M han fanaorl a rftnic in the visir-
icg nine, from which they would hard
ly Have recovered. The moral effect of
two straight victories would have
been overpowering, and any manager
of even otdinary capacity would have
employed the very beat material at
his command to bring about that ie
stilt. We do not wish to beliitle
vrr TtUrk an a nitcber. he is far
above the average, and he makes up
hattinfr what he
iu vj ivi 0 o
lacks in speed, bnt nis warmtw au-
will not claim for him tbat be
is any match for O'Le ary in bis pres
ent condition. Hence it was blind
n vi.k k m in the box: but even
if that blunder were susceptible of
n.iiio'inn mmmen crudeuce would
h nlacinu of O'Leaiy
un oi'apvatv- . - r ' - , -
in the held to replace ciaia, m
mikia .v.int a mi oeins anouaeu
Li nt tha l)ox. But even that
..nilnn wu omitted. an4 iini
phis went into the game, after
burning ner orio i um
ni.eV .lid verv well until the third
inning when Marray got to firtt after
striking out, on a passed ball by Fue
selbacb. This seems to have unnerved
Black for he lost in enecuvenees al
most immediately and allowed Fields,
the next batter, to kno:k the tal
over right field fence for a home run,
bringing Murray in ana maainn mo
two to one agaioBt us. This could not
have happened to U ary. xte never
loses his head, and an error
by his catcher only brings aa amused
smile to his face. In the nex,
inning, Fusselbach acored by a tangle
tr. i.tt fi,.iii a steal to second, an ad
vance to third on Phelan's out to first,
and a clean s'al home on citchers
throw to third and the latter's throw
home. This tied the score, but Bavan-
nan regaineu me au m mi
i.. tKS.il innlno. Krrief Eoinir to nrat
on Phelaa's fumble, making second
on Stockwell's hit to center field and
carina on Murray's hit to center. In
the fifth inning, alter iwo men
t riniiitie hit to renter for
three bases and scored on
..Q,1 hall, making th score
4 to 2 againat Memphis.
WoHhr aids scored in the sixth in
ning. In the seventh Memphis was
goose-egged. For Bavannah Murrav
.. hann mi hit bv pitcher, stole to
seconl.ard made third on Phelan's
fumble ot a tnrow pyruniu.u,
scored on another passBd hall. JNeal
sirnck out. Hotaling struck a hot one
to Black, which hit him full on the
arm and disabled him, compelling his
re'remont, anu uere mo u...uuo.
of blunders was committed. Savan
nah consented to O'Learv'd taking
Black's plac?, but instead of pulling
biminthe box, where he belonged,
he was sent to left field and bneed
.nt nn to nitch. The audience, with
a spirit ol prophecy, foreeaw what was
coming, and, when they aaw haeid
7 i. . .ln,.J I'M T.aort
in tne ox, "' ,V .1
"O'Leary," but no, O'Leary walked
out to left ne:a ana oneeu siuiw i
pit'h. In explanation of this couire
tbe management say that their pur
pose was to save O'Leary for to
5a' game. We do not think
the explanation mets the else.
It involves two admissions that no
club can afford to mke. First, that
the game is irretricvab y lost when the
scor is 5 to 2 against them; second,
fiat the wishes of the audience cut no
figure in the case and may be disre
eardod -ith indifference with a view
to asu ing victory for next uay.
Neither ot these thetries is tenable.
A game is never lost until the last man
v,. ril tha nlat. and victory
upon victory baa been won in the
last inning. On the other hand,
people who pay to see a good game of
ball are entitled to the bet exnibition
tbat can be provided with the ma
terial at hand, without regard to plans
for to-morrow. Just what would
have happened hd O'Leary been put
in m nitcn is hard to tell, but it is
reasonably safe to bazird the opinion
that the humiliating exhibition that
followed Black's retirement wou d
have been spared the good peo
..1. who were there. How it
affected the players may be
onrmed at. bnt to the audience
ir wpr a SDecies of Blow toitura,
Every man on the grand stand felt
like crawling into tbe hole and draw
ing it in alter him, and the ladies,
thy lairly fled in dismay, it re-nii-ided
ore of tome va?t Roman am
phitbea'er wteie gla!ito;scoutendod
with ''ions, while all Rome howled,
only in thiH case it was the andience
who wers torn to pieces while the
gladi torsescaped unscathed. Two runs
were made off Sneed, and then gantry
went In the box in the eighth inning,
and was hammered 83 unmercifully
that the reporter lef, and for all he
knows they are playing yet, the official
score being the only evidence at hand
that the game is over.
a.r. a.
. 3 1
. 4 0
Sneed, r. f &p....
Mansell, c. f
Andrews, 1st b.
Krehmeyer, 1. 1. ,
Kla-k-. P
Kiifwlbnrh, c
Plielan. 2d b
Whitehead, 3d b. 4
Santry.s. 6. A p.- 4
0'L9ary,r.L 1
B H,
Hotaling. cf 0
Field, let b 5
...33 4 7 24 12
Collies, r.f.
Monanty, 1. 1
Suief, 2db
Htorkitell, c
Miller, s. s
Murray, 3d b...
Meal, p . -
d u. P.O.
2 0
2 1
1 2
2 0
How It Will Be Done by Lines Lead
ing Oat of leinphls Its
...40 18 17
Memphis 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 14
Kavannah 0 0 2 1 1 0 5 9 --18
Summary : Runs earned Memphis,
1 ; Savaonah, 9. First base on errors-
Memphis, 1 ; avannan, .t. r irei uo
on cllea bans airpuie, o, .o....-
2. Strnok out By Black, 8; ny rneu,
lrbvNea'. 14 Wtr on oasei sirui-
phis, 8; Savannah, 4. Two-base hits-
Monanty, Mrier, oioiawen, "-
li..i..l HntAlins. Three-base hits LJ1-
u- ' . . . - 1 I, . . ..
lins, Murray, sinei, nea;. jio;o u m
Field. Doub'e p'ays btocawau 10
Mnnay. Pasted balls U usseiuacn, ,
S'ockwell.l. Wild pitches -Sneed, 1 ;
Neal. 1. Tiraa of game, 2:15. Um
pire, J. Brennan.
Tho batteries to-day are O Leary
ard Krehmeyer for Memphis and
O'Day or Morlarty for Savannah, with
Gillen as hack stop. A good game is
assured, no maltar who wins. Ihe
public may depend upon it, there will
be no such raordfying show as there
was yesterday.
Atmntst Plse, Too.
larioiALTOTBi irriAL.l
Atlanta, Ga., May 21.-Tho Macon
club succeeded in making three runs,
when it was shut out on the balance.
The following is the official score :
Cline, s. f
Lyons, M b
Moore, c. 1
Lynch. iBt b....
Parcel!, 1. 1......
S'ricker, 2db...
W illiamB, r. i.
Gunscn, c
Shafftfr, p........
Total -.12
Stearns, 1st b... 1
Corcoran, 3d b- 0
Decker, r. I. c 1
Harter.c.&r.l. u
PelU, 1. f
Connelly, c. f..
Wa sh, a s
Miller, p.
Gtiss, 2d b..
D.H. P.O. A.
1 3 3
14 3
2 2 0
2 10 1
2 10
3 3 3
0 0 0
13 0
1 0 3
13 27 13
II.H. PO. A.
0 13 0
0 1 e
1 4 0
1 4 1
0 1 0
12 4
0 0 1
2 2 4
1 27 15
The Louisville anil Nashville system
will make the agreed upon change of
gauge on the 30th of the present
mouth, and arrAPgments for the
work have now been fully completed,
so tbat no delay be rccasioned.
The entire Louisville and Nashville
system will be mule standard gauge-
not only tho main stem, but all the
lines which it either owns or controls.
The management of the Liuisville
and Nashville have already purchased
nd received filly standard -gauge en
gines, and the greater portion of the
rjlling-etock has been changed to con
form to standard gauge. Theentira
change is to be accomplished in one
day, several thousand men having
been employed to eflect it. Hereto
foie shippers of meata and perishable
goius have experienced great difficul
ty ia obtaining a8uraneol through
cars to the South and Sntheabt. A
larga amount of sack flour is used in
the Southeast, which baa been trans
ferr.d from car to car, but, under the
new order of things, will g through
to destination without rehandling.
The work of changing the gauge on
thn Kiothvili. Chattanooga and St.
Louis railroad will be commenced next
TuoHlay, the 25th insiaut. 1 ue wora
will be prosecuted in the following
order: McMinuville branch, Tuesday ;
Kavi-ttAvillft brnrch.Tiiurnlay : North
western road, frcrn Mar.in 1 1 McKen-
r-ie. Friday; Northwestern, lroui iasu-
ville to Martin, MUUtasiy, "u 1
( ImitanooBa division, from Nashville
in ChaiiKiinnra. on Monday, the "lst
(Wain rules have been propareu ny
the transportation department ol the
Fast Tennessee, irginia and Ueorgia
railroad to reculate the uto of c.ra
nraniralnrt 1(1 the CliailSe Ol KBI1K
In niiiW-lnu the rilll'S tne rgutn 'iu
rnnvanlancn nf the DitrOllB Of thO
road were considered, aa lar as toe
praparations absolutely necessary to
tin mailn lor the CI) an BO rjuriunuu.
Between now and the 1st day ol June
at least ono ha f of tho ro'ling s:oca
will he reduced to the rtamlsrd gauge,
ami mnnot therolore be used untl
the track is narrowed ; the rest of the
quipmnt will be changed as rapiuiy
as possible aft-r the track is changed.
In the mean ti nn the company appre
hends tome trouble in supphlug cars
as they are needed ; in that event they
n.U indn'sonr. ACOUl tuu bbiub
stitA of thinm will exist at the sime
time on all of the principal lines
railroad in the Sou'h.
NDlkea Hssarlia.
Turn hiinilmil and fi'tf tons of Steel
ta'l for the Texas ami Paciflo nillrosd
will reach here on Friday next on in
hin KxriHlsiar. and when rr
ceived will be promptly distributed
along the line. The work 01 improv
ins tha inililinn of the line is pro
rreisina ra nidlv. and tbo road will
soon bo in tiist-clasi shape.
HAMriiBB o 0B-v3sroir fsninTiN.
. ... - v . ...... oflShlrta
- - - r, . . .... k m. a. inn minn, i n - - .
Wltacell-Moaeor.n. r-. . - VYRTT1
'7.'-) 221 tSECOSU ST.
ni 11 a
uailo by iondin at an ol.
roH uu& pkioks.
r fisratii.,
JCttw KO-I-H
IVlemphis Steam Laundry,
Wa hava tha Utast Improvi Tro LaundrT.Compaay'aHaehlnarr.
OM.AHS, CVVVH and NHIBTS I.auuarled Eqnal to New.
. - . a m r -k WT T1 W m m -rH w
iniloH, force their cooks to prepare big
ilinners, ami tao long walks, but vt
think it a sin lor a man men i
work liin ki on
Tanks, and enjoy thn .lolignia 01 u
licvcle, good roa.ln ami pretty
weather. All sorts of people go u
make up a community, and the reso
lution in tho shape iiientioned ought
i satisfy them all.
Tbe Proarariiiiie of Kmrrl-ee imr-
lug Ihe t'loalsia V .
LeMoyne InHtitute will have its
cloning exercis s May 2 th in June -J.
The programme will lie aa ! Hows:
Junior TiiMioit Thursday night,
May 27th, at CongH'jration ctiuri i.
AdmUkiou, -i) wnis, niiiuir .1
cmts. Benttlt ot o.vtoyne i uuhu
.InntKif .Vrmon -Bunday main, j
O.h, the Usv. A. F. Beard, D l., ol
New York, at the Uongrsgauouai
church, Orleans street.
v. . . . , . k A ,1.... Vtt
rfcrciafi of wriiaiimii'". auu ;
the Uev. lr. B ard, Tuesday nignt,
June 1st, at Ihe Beale Street Baptist
church. , ,
Mid iiifl of Alumni iwocirlio, w eunea
day night, June 2 J, in the library of
the institution.
Tbe wlbbrsi lo Be 1st Operatloal
JleBt Toelr.
tsn juimkmn or
,111 ! PHlillO
JI NK 2, lawl, wi;h Arnold run uana in
Bt.anVl.nca. t! l-aini will b. iraraito maka
tl.o arlair tho l.t piaaaant ni '"""-
AlUffor's will l' 'ail to obtain tha l-ras-
ta'y or tn wriinr, uini . ... -
LY. The wh.,l B .Ir will ha an enloyahja
on.. TICKlirs.ri. ont.i Laa.os tr...
liiii.roii.r cliarariors win o n.nM..- .-
raturn ohooki will b; iv.n allar "'"''
hnnil fi.r tho fun of tb H'" .
rnul to f.1 tfTl VI P TO fll ANHk" H ATSI
In forth. H'!'i"',;:J,r,Iy,,Th
aniiearanN.. and .VI 4K I i ll .. 1
II Al l I K. hs tba l,ar.t Stock In tha
Thojr auDiprisa an in. """V-?!
ti.s; th.r ar.ot in. ims """P"?.. !. V-"I
In all oo 'ors aad kinds, rrom th. llttl. b.lr a
hat to the ..Id ra.id.a'i. Vouni ni.n s liiht
ooloreil Uerbri IVora II (Jl up to J.I SO. Wa
sill a Darby furW W.iold .v.rr whora for $.
Atlanta 1 n 0 7 0 0 4 10 0-12
vr. II I) 0 0 0 II 0 0 0- 3
Pnmmarv: Earned runs Atlanta,
a. vin 1 Tsrn.hase b:tS Lyons,
i ObIsb. 1. Tbree-bnso hits (J.ine,
1 : t v. i strirker. 1 : Decker, 1.
Hnme ruDS-Gunson, 1. Lsft on bases
AtlanU, 6; Macon, 4. Double plays
Lyons, tj;ricer ana i.ynuu, , "i""
and Lyons, 1. Struck out-oy onauer,
2:bvMiller,6. Bases on called balm-
Ti.n .niijl.luu'k rnller-coaHter, or
toboggan, will probably bo opened to
the public nextTuesilay, and one day,
probably Thnwday, In the aftornoon
from 2 to 5 o'clock, will be devoted to
the children, who will be allowed to
r.,1., fr.w diirinir those hours, in com
pliment to tho ollleers and directors
of the street railroad companies, who
havo contributed to tho building of
the switflibai k. It will doubtless be
an exceedingly popular resort during
4 Iia I rl ct twit an minor evenings -oven
Tssii la every nrosnect that tne thnn the roller-coaster was
fast mail from New York to New Or- during Its palmiest days. The cost to
bans via the Piedmont Air Line and Manager IVter Tracy is about $ 22,000.
A no f hf for M 00.
A OO l)by for BO.
a a no ntr n
,-Lallos .spsMallf lnvlt.d lo .lamina our
IftTK. sn.ua v. y " , -
Jubr Ovaaroi, J a. 0. N. aaoevaaoa.
Real Estate Dealers
Ooe,284 Seoond' Street.
SI. . nor. '
Taaaa Jald. Kaati OoU.oUd, eta., aa
Oommiiitoa. -
n. A. 1... Ui .,
jjy soaner, t; or ,f t wiTi.
being hit by pitched balls-By Mler.
, hll Onnson. 1. Wild
nint..aM i r. a. emen u-
1. Bases on
the Liuisville and Nrshvllle railroad
will become an acrnmrlisned iaci in
the new future. The time between
New York and NewUrl.ans win d
reduced considerably when ell tne ar
rangements lave been completed and
tne route established.
Cara Beeelvetf by lb. S'ltlnena' oi-
liasi for IlarBasido trl Ism
proving Vassee attreet.
oi .
I..alt.liist- till) Villi in nf material used
in.;........ v-.u - .1.I.,I,
in the roller-coaster, nioei '"""."
was read'iy utlliacti. mr. a. j. iu.-. -ChaBsarv Court of Sh.Iby
son, the patentee, left for home yes- Ho. W6. .0, at Jvt. baf-
......n- ia u. Johnstoe.tai. ,.
evrninB alter navmn
Bhelby county.
(erred to Mr. 1 racy all tne riiiiie 'f
.'K . ..rt-eaow.ll J a.
TiV virtua ol an JnUrloeowry mto m
lyl ,nt.r.d In tho abovo jhh on tha
20th da, cf May. Itftl. -. B. 62. PBW.
I will sail, ai publlo auotlon.U thohlals-
t blddar, la front ol tho Clark ana maa
ter'a oHoo, oonrthouaa ol bnulbr ooanty.
ai.uil'tili, IISI., OB
atardnr. JsisiO IS). ISM,
at bonra, tho foliowlni doiorlboit
o. r n,.h i ? rsr.ncKcr. : v 1111
ill i il c. o. r . , , - - .,
iams,2. Time, 1:42. Umpire, Mcwuaid.
I'.nrrlmrDl III Noab
- - . .
The first shlnment of eluhteen new
cars built for the (Jdiaens' Mrest kii
vvy "'-:-",,.,, , '..-. to-wltl . . , . .....
reliei: uaipu vb imu, ph..- . TBi, MrtaiB ro n. ln ;. t
;Jlvr denied: Cowgill VS Grifllth, puHt Konlh M.miihl. on tho .ooth lln; of
. - w i.
way Company arrived veM.rd.y after- f ; ,
- " ' - , ! ! . ..'.
li.in.l TO TIB ArraiL.I
VinvniL Tkn.. May 21. The
Kaahvilles hatted
boxmen all over the
lni.ii.nn hits.
twenty-eiKht. The local battery was
Dundon BOO onencane, siiu vu.j
bin were made off the dummy. The
heavy battinn of the locals was tbe
only feature of the game, which was
todious from the start. Tbe s:ore was
17 to 3. ,
Nashville 1 2 2 5 0 1 2
Charleston-.O 0 0 0 0 0 2
nma ami re nan I eo nn tieruBuuu
at.rMt to the stables at the corner cf
. n i. All.- .nnllnallnn fnr I wl, . t . . ui.k u. th.
UUWK.i. v. f.an ui --"," --J.,.- ;,r. Ml feat
Mtatevs w. wnaB v-:v.",: :. Yin o
"'".T;hl .rMUd a two-.tory
Atchison, memoranda opinion: State JrSSl'l
Bin! at a iUko oa tho oaii Boundary lino of
Gayoso. All tne smau noys ior -
three unariesron ; -v-V " V";-. 7, complainant; J-arRernm va n.uw-.-. "(, r-rr---;
Held to-day. mak- -1 "Vi"ht In t h. minds of the reel, same: DoneBan v Younu. oenree 01 2"Ji",-;0Vli inkVtoaatak.i thin,
with total of Mt n"?0"' LBJ".?Lt-. imlotTrliB vs Wll, part es may ex- h2l4X"n. m ... 0. ft..
..ok 1
0- 3
of nico
sala by
le, Ala.
BitMbsill Note.
Pimm'so, 6; Brooklyn, 4.
Naw York, 7 ; 8t. Louis, 1.
"Boston, 8; Kansas Oity, 7.
Detroit, ; Washington, 3.
Athletics, 6 ; Louisville, 3.
Baltimore, 5; Cincinnati, 6.
Chicaoo, 9j Philadelph'a, 2.
Bt. Louis, 3; Metropolitans, 1.
Tub features of yesterday's jarne
wora weie . wnai were uie
urea of vesterday's aame anyhow 7
In two games pitched by O'Leary at
o mi, f'Miinn and Stockwell did
ih. vo.t ha tinor. Bear that in mtcd
when they ome up to the plate to
day, Mr. O'Leary.
k . . imi r tha uneasiness preva 1
in Savannah concerning yesterday a
it u nlv npfPH'arv to inform
our readers that when they heard of
t,n a run. the citizens of nt-
annah made up a purae of $100 for
lTumi. Hdihuih has elven very
..r.Dfartinn here, and though
Koiir.a. ' - .. ,
. . i . . , . n . pur lira In
not iniaiiioie, is bu jvd " , v- .
thm airiiracv and Bonndnesso. his de-
n Ha mitaaa it sometime
the beet of them will uo, out, uu w
whole be will average up very close.y
with any of them.
In the ninth inning yestet'lay
Angnsta was 2, Chattanooga, 0. Wba.
did Chattanooga do, give up the game
as lost. Oh, no; they went in like
men and ball piayers, and knocked
out enough runs to win. Score, J to
2 in favor ol cjhauanooga. iui.uc
way ball ought to be played.
C01.0AK will be tendered a ceneiii
Tuesday, May 25!b. Tbe Browns will
p'ay against a picked nine, i-omiw
of one of their batteries and the beat
playe'B in the Attiieucanu ioubi
that a hAndaome sam will
be realized. Colgan is s(1
conscientioos plsyer, and has tne
sympathies of a'l lovers of the game
in Memphis.
was about to be put in opera'ion. The
Klmwood line ot the new company is
rfnlniran excellent buainess, and the
Una out Madison street 10 tne
hall Park is coining money, in. iais
whn take nn the fares on the open
..ra ara known aa "collectors", ln
tad nf conductors, and each one is
furnished with a bell pnncn ior regis
tering the number ol nirkelsbe re-
relvi's. The bareoaii lever is a nonann
Meanwhile Iho old com-
rany is cot Idle. Uesides ex enoing
iU tracks in Chelsoa.it is now relaying
the double track on Vince street from
Main to Wellington with tne nest ma
l.r a a nn il with Johnson rails. That Is
rr,l,,iMv ihe moat nrot tnh'e line, anu
when ttie repaira a-e tioished will bs
as smooth as any in the city
Sunday bicyclim:;.
The Memiihla H yde l lnb Passu m
Central urery,
00 Market a'reet. Telephone 71
duction cf prices ior balance
season. . .
of the
(;. W. Tompkins, M.l.. t-'uin-berland
street, Brooklyn, writes
Im p 188:1- "1 take pleasure m
recommcndlnn' Allcock's lWs I'la,
ters in all cases of general debility,
r-meciaby where the pains are severe
over the regions of tha kMneys, liver
and chest; marked improvt-merit oc
cnmioonas relief from suffonng is
obtained. Forlumbatto these pUwtera
surpasf) linimenta, etc.
On the eve of another race meeting
a discussion 1111 arm-nm wnu-
.,!.! 'Cvr V. nh 11 reeard 10 Miniiay
i-i.lir r. From the tirst a numbrr of
11, niomhi-i-R have been in the habit
of taking r des in company and in
uniform on Sundays. No runs of any
i,.n,rih pxcent bv one or two wheel
men, were taken on any other day, as
they are narlyall engaged in some
pursuit which takes up almost all o!
their time. I'ntil March Inst, when
new officers were elected, only one or
two club runs werj called on Sunday,
but were all tiik.m 'ate in th evening
nn.t nii'ht t-ince that time, however,
no club runs have been called on any
,l,or .Ibv exrerit HurnlaV. the new
captain basing hi action on the fact
that little attention had been paid to
evening calls on week days made by
his predecessor, lln rati, nuwey-r.
that, onlv Sundav runs were (
precipitated a movement which i a
L.n hr..a-inir for some time. Several
n-embers moved the adoption of a
resolution at the last meeting declar
ing that in future no runs made on
the Sabbath day should be called
club runs, but admitting at the same
time the right of any member or num
ber of members to enjoy a Sumlny
evening t-pin undisturbed, and to
count the number 11 nines iuus nm.io
id thrir annual records. Ten njembers
were present at the meeting; four
voted for the n.lomi n of the i.'koIu
tion, one against it, and five m.t vot
ing at all.
While ir in very pinin mat no i"i-a-tion
of religion 01'iglit to enter inl nn
onrariizatiou of that character, it teems
to bo equallv plain that no Sunday
parades should be made. Members
should enjoy the privilege to ride as
individuals, but there ia no necessity
for forcing others who have conscien
1;,,,,. wrnnles into recognizing Sun
day rides as club allairs and making
them shoulder nuy blamo which
might be attached 10 them by that
class of good people who think It all
light to drive their horses miles tip n
mini. witneBsest
lin, decree for complainant; Plummer
vs Galloway, refer.nc. la guardian
ship matters.
And it stimulate, and promote, tn.
growth nf the hair.
tsnrn.u 1 riavonoK -
Aililoc to 3totliorH.
f WTtnalnw'a Honthing Hyrup
ehoul.i always bo used when children
nre cutting teetli. it relieves mu
suflerers at once; it produces natural
quiet sleep by relieving me
from ruin, ami tho little cherub
awakes as "bright aa a button. It is
very pleasant to taaie. it boouikb uw
child, sofu-ns the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is tho best known remedy
for diarrho-a, whether ansuig
teething or other causes. Twenty-
five cents a nottio.
Ith tha south iido of said
av.nuo li ohalns and SO inks to tho b.ln-Bini-tho
wholo doaorlptloB opntatnlnji Jo
air.7mo or lo. and oiooptiBf thar.fro
I 61-Utt aores at th. norlhwo.t eornor. horo
tuforo i..ld to M. U. Johnston, whioh A 51-1
aor.s b.nls at th. Borlhw.st oorn.r of said
7 ... ..... ..,ik with tha ast side ol
Hafolah avonuoCHO foot) th.noo .ait paiall.li
wfti TaoLo-ora bvobm .Jotl th",;
north parallel won naiaiaa .......
. :L ' nn. nt MiiLauiura av.nuo
...VS, th. binnln.. Th. H 49-lu.
aoroi to bo iold will b. iubdivid.d an.
i..ld aoc..rdln to said iuhdilsion. a plan o
whioh will b. on nlo In thn offl.-o boloro th.
dT.ru"ol' Bal-On.-fonrth (W) oasht kal
anoa lo sli and twalv. saunthi, Monrod b
iimi wltn anproveu ounv.
ast fro u data; "on raiamnu auu r.u.i,..
barf.,1. .TI..I. Mk18??- ... ..,...
By II. F. Walsh, Doputr Clerk and Maitai
poiton AJiloBLBollJjto".
No. M. R. D.Chanc.rjr Uoort ot on.i
oonnir.- - t
To all who ara iuff.rina Itora too errors ana.
Indiscretions of jrouth nervous woasne,
early doear, losi of manhood, oto., I will
end a reolpo that will oura rou, FKEB 01
fin mm Thli araat remodr wai oisoover-
ed bv a missionary- In South America. Send
ell-addressed envelope iu in. ne..
A brlatlin MHor'a Bp"rlence.
Uev. . B. Lynch, publisher of tha Ala.
; I'k.i.il.n Advnnato. Uirmlnsham,
wri es: I travel all over the State; u.y
w.!:.h. ... h.v And Dr. Moiley's Lemon
. ..... .....n.nt mtdioine. .My book
L..7 ,.r and foreman both use it in place o
ca omel, pills, etc
a I'roiiilMPiit Mlnlate-r Wrlleai
Dr Mosley-rear Sir: After ton ymirs ol
.r..t.n.r.nfroin Indlsestion or dys,ep-
,,. with irreat nervous prostration ana on-
w.i" . i.j kUn.v. and runstl.a-
"""rV "'r ,.n cured it four bottle, of
iour' Lemon Eliair. . a- row a well man.
Elder M. E. Church. Sooth, No. a Iatnall
street, Atlanta, tla. , mM
Sold by druaeists. SO cents and II 00 per
I..... P... . r.,1 h Dr. 11. Moiley. At-
I, T L , , U . . . " ,
l.nta. Horia. ,
BV virtue of an Intorloeatory decree f!
ale, enterad In the abov. cause on ti
ith day of May. lKHtl. M. B. M, M3.f.;
. ..L.t- ...A,l,.n. tn I ha Mr nest bldrl i
l a puuiic.uv. . -.,.... o
In front of the Ulera ana
conrlhonM oi Shelby oouuty, -Vomphli, T.i
neisee.on ...... t
Matortlar, J""" a. a, i
within l.ial hou'S. the following: doietl'
projirty. Situated In Sh.lby oounty.Xl
HbVVder hof U, .
Louis Boliiy, sr.. ao"wt -r-1
end 20. of nlock K. on tbe plan of tne ml r
M.phls, on Hoss avenue, norlh of Poi,
it net. eacn iron una -
th a doom oi ioo.. .... I
i j...l..,in nf tha above P'f
rer iun.r ,, . . u A - ,
arty reference is oere maus w ....
this voari. . .... .
Terms ol eaio une-iour.u
Speflnl ICollee.
wirnNVsnAV. JUNB 18. wo
I 1 in ..ii f... nnn-nsident owners, at
wi. .... . .L..
ublic outcry, on the prom
le prope;
north and
i the "Clayhrook Suh-
t.ohl.C OU
bleproperiy anown r ' .- .u.
1 nion avenue on the south, and
just yon lf- r-.u". - -- hll
j:roet, end me ura.io ... - -- -j
. ....i r ... ,n. ihe road in iroiii oi
prep...... i"r - -7 .... it , k. the
,.t .uiubla prorty for rosidonjes on i in.
. rke'. and an opportunity t" buy sacB
property V. .eldom 'offer. .. 'ln,
bciii rapidly s.,ld for residences east of tho
" y. bocauso It is cot eat up by lailroa-h as
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tbe city. ... .
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; redamVtloa barred. This May 21. lHhd. I
n. 111K. Waloi. uepu.y uti. -t
Poston- Vonun, Solicitors. (
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WrsiW. fi. Lew. ! ',",
v.inplfi.,Teno.. after i.ouii uouoieu
.i'.l? .:,r,..iih cli'lls and fever anJ
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lone bt.n known lor iheir remaraao.e
!, "".. .,;. Tl. .i.rlnns are iev.
live iumii,i,.i -, . . -nuuiWc.
each oi'ine onntalniiif du):
curative pnwerThe balb house u iui (
with water rrom certam mino-al apij
These a hs in o .litieclion with drinku!
water iroin me sprios. u . -j
,H,ei,t act iwweifully on disoa-a. I
Uifforent waters have no equal for tbo c
all kidney and bladder troubles, rh..
tism, paralysis, aeuralaia, dyspepsia,
ul. cnurih, ihionic aloohoho poison
male woaknesws, all dweasei of the.
and soloi n, neiorruiu. -
eases ol tho abdominal and pclvio r
wo.k, debilitated oon 1 1 1 u . ion s, and I
etticient brain and nerve tonio this w;
no equal la me worm. . ,," -r
catou in Oiay county, 111., nve uiile r.i
t'lny City, a viIUko on the main lin-.
Ohio anil .iisismpi". i"'',i.,,v"
St. Louis, ilo uiijos from Linoinu,.
miles from muisvuio, . :-.'
e-s for sale at ail uoeei on. v. ... ;
u u .,,,1 . ini'cclllic lines. tlto i
and b',7L pH. f
' Sailor Springs. Clav cunt
reeled a serious dlsoider ot th.
I in vr. C. A. Weiner, Memphis, le,
eddnreil much p in, but was cured i
time b til- roaieuj.

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