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Cotton Finu-Middlinff, 8 13-lCc
hales Yesterday, 2500
Money in fair deman J at 8 per cent
Local securities dull but steady. The
' cotton market 'closed firm; middling,
8 13-lCc. Sales, 1500 bales. At New
York spots closed quiet and l-10c
lower; middling, 9c. The course of
the future market is thus rvporled
by Greene & Co. :
"The market for old crop was quite
toppy, and finally fell ofl ts7 points.
'The difficulty appeared to be mainly
in the absence of encouraging accounts
from Europe. The close was easy,
but with rather less pressure. In the
new crop" trading was limited, hot
offerings were somewhat fallen under
improving advices from the South."
At New Orleans spots closed quiet
ami unchanged, middling S;c; futures
steady and 7 to 8 points lower, Jun
8.81(?S.82c. At Liverpool spots were
reported firm, fair demand; futures
steady and unchanged, May-June
5 03d".
In the general market thero are no
changes of no!e.
Four hundred sks bran, 21 pkgs
butter, 141 pkis bacon, 229 pgs boots
and sho s, .'dOU Lu corn, 1 pkg cheese,
1 sk coffee, 1 car cotton-seed, ."0 brls
cotton-seed oil, 22 rkgs dry goods, 84
pkgs eggs, C!K) brls flour, 5 pkgs hats,
12 lid cheep, 21 hd cattle. 21 hd horses
aod mules, 80 pkgs lard, 78,500 ft lum
ber, 64 pkgs liquors, 139 brls meal, 5
kes r ails, 15 brls onions, 52 brls pota
toes, 2 cars pork s des, .5 brls sugar
anct 321 pkgs tobacco.
0 Madison St., Memphle, Tenn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing-House report is as fol
lows: )
FiiHay. May 21st, $191,896 82;
thus far this week, $1,100,806 03 ; came
time last week, $1,214,898 69; same
timainl88r, $844,565 07; same time
In 1884, $5( 6.279 01.
Friday, May 21 t, $34,810 38; thus
far this week, $294,021 71; stms time
last week, $322.356 47; same time in
18S5, $284,688 24 ; same time in 1884,
f 124,709 73.
New York sight on all points, oar
baying, I premium selling; New
England demand, t discount buying;
New England sight, discount; New
Orleans, discount baying, par selling.
Bank of Oommerce..l49 bid, 152 asked
First National 145 bid, 155 asked
German Bank..192i bid, 195 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planterc..l49 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank. ..135 bid, 137 J asked
Bluff City.... 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 101 bid. 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis Oity 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 81 bid, 83 asked
Phuenix 98 bid, 10) asked
Planters 105 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 21 bid, 22 aiked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. sharee.,30 bid, ... asked
M. A T. R.R. shares ...40 bid, ... asked
M. & G. consols, 7.. .110 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lt in. 8s... 110 bid. ... asked
Mis3.&T.R.R.c9,A...120 bid, 122 asked
Miss. &T.R..K.c,B... 106 bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wts. sr. 0 97 bid, 98 asked.
Tenn. wts. ser. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6j 106 bid, 107 saked
Tax. D:st. 4, 0 93 bid, 94 asked
Tax. Diet, 6 102 bid, 102 asked
Mem.8ior.Com. Co-lOd bid, 108 asked
Mem. Gas stock 77 bid, 80 asked
Mem. (trr bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Wgter hood" 96 bid, ... asked
Hansner Oil Works b'd, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil Uutn ..30 hid, 31 afktd
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 17 bid, 20 asked
New York, May 21. Money on call
easy at 1 2 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper 4(&5c. Sterling exchange
actual rates, 4863 for 60 day bills
and 488J for demand.
Bonds GoTernment bonds were
dull and unebanted. State bonds
were neglected. The trading in rail
road bonds amounted to f 1,610,000.
Tte conspicuous issues were Houston
a-d Texas Central general mortgages,
Krie seconds, and Gulf, Colorado and
nauta Fe seconds. Advances were
generally recorded.
Stocks To day was another day of
encouragement f r the advocates of
higher prices for stocks. Everything
to night shows substantial gams over
last night's closing figures. St Paul
was undoubtedly the lever by which
the ret of the market was moved.
The buying of this stock seem to be
almost entirely for Western account.
The bulls claim, however, that the
shorts, especially in St. Paul and Lake
Shore, have not been able to cover,
and the weakness in New York Cen
tral andXike Shore thii morning is
ascribed to a drive at these stocks by
the bears, helped by the circulation
of predictions of trouble in the trunk
. line pool. The floating of the new 5 per
cent, loan by the St. Paul is a great
element of strength to that stock and
incidentally to the rest of the list.
The market opened firm, though the
Vanderbilts were down J and Pacific
Mail J. There was an active trading
in the first half hour. The final figures
are generally either at or close to
the best prices reached, the market
osing strong at the advauce. Al
though the whole active list is higher
to niirht, St. Paul is the only stock
on the usually active list showing an
advance of more tian 1 per cent.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
286,212 shares, int-luding Delaware,
Lackawanna and' Western, 16,215;
Erie, 4505; Lake Shore, 36,4;i0; Louis
ville and Nashville, 5225; North
western, 9825; New Jersey
Central, 8200; New York Central.
1?,766; St Paul, 80.S25; St. Faul and
Omaha, SHtiO; Union Pacific, 9728;
Western Union, 18,215; Northern Pa
cific preferred, 4425; Pacific Mail,
5775, and Oregon Transcontinental,
6531. The closing quotations were as
V. 8. 3, QPi 4t , coup,
4ii. soup, 11-".. Pacific 6i of 1S, 127?.
La. itimpi.4t,74 Mittouri, 6, , NHS
Tenn. tie, old, Tenn. 6s, new, b'H
Cent. Pao. ltu.lli. Deo. k K.U.lata.llsH
Den&R.tf. W.l U.T.VaKne tecondi, HO.
M.K.t T.,3en.6t.W!;, North. Pao. Uu, VH
North. Pu, 2dt, DT. N. Weatern eon., 141
N. Weit. deb. 6t. 1U7. St L.S.F.Ueo.M. lt'7.
St. Paul, eon., 134. St.P.,C. A P. UU.UK
T. P. land granii.So. T.P. R.Q. ex enti. SO.
U. P. lata, 117,',. Wait Shore, 1U2;,.
Adami Eiprett, 142. Morrii A E.,142.
Allegheny Cen.,. Nathvlllo C.. 44.
Alton A T. H , 39. N. J. Central, 51K- -Atl.H.i
pfd. iW. Nor. W.. pfd., ST'i.
American tx., 1U4. Northern Pao.,
B. C. H. A N.i 60. Northern P. ptd., liH
Canada Pao., 6;. C. A N. W., KWV..
Canada Sou.. 38. C. A N. W pfd. ,139.
Central Paciflo, 39K. N. Y. Central, lUOjg.
Chetapeako A0..K N. Y. C. A St. L.. b7i.
C. A 0.,ltpfd,15S. N.Y.St.L.AC .I.,154
C. A 0., 2d pld., lu'4. Ohio Central, 1.
C. A A., las. Ohio i Miu., Mi.
C. A A , pfd., 1'5. O. A Mitt., pfd., H".
C, U. 4 0 , 112. Ontario A Weal.. W4.
C, St. L. A N. 0., . Onion Nov.. W.
C.St.L. A P., Id. Oregon Tram.. 3d!.
C, St. L. A P. p.,M. Oreunn Imp., 1.
O..S. AC, 26. Pacific Mhi1,52.',.
C.A C , 4!"-i. Panama. W.
Del. A Hud , 97. Peoria, D. A K., 21.
Del., i.. A W l.'iiS. Pitt-hunt. 151.
Den. A Kio U., 15J. Pullman P. C, 130.
Erie, 24!-,. Koading, 22',.
Krie i.f.1., 55. Kock Icand, 122.
Katt Tenn., 1. St. L. A 5. J?., UK
Kast Tenn. pfd. 3. St. L. A S. F.,p.,5.v.
Fort Wayno, 144'. St.L. A B.F..Ut r.lW.
Hannibal A St Jo., 0. M. A St. P.,
U. A St. Jo., pfd., CM. A St. P..P..119S
Harlem, 220. St. P., M. A M., HI.
Houtton A T., 31. St. P. A Omaha, 4"'..
Illinoia Can., l.W. St.Paul A 0.pfd.,lU4:.
Iod., B. A W.. TiV,. ttxni Paciflo, Vi
Kano A T., 25? . linion Paoino, Wj.
Lake K. A W., I). S. Bxpresa, 60.
Lake Shore, Wl. W., St. L. A P., Vi.
Lou. A Nash., W.,St. L. AP..P..14.
ton. xa. a., 34. . r. r,x., i-i.
M. A 0. first pld , -.W. U. Tel., 61J8.
M. A C. pid., -. Colorado Coal. 22? i.
Mem. A Char., 29. HouieKtake, 20.
Mich. Con., 5. Iron Silver, 190.
M., L. U.A W ..fit. Ontario. 24!,.,
M.,L.S.W.,prd.91.ijuickilver, 3.
Min. A St. L., Wi. Uuickailvtr.pfd, 20,
Min. A t. L.pfJ,44!. South PaciQo, .
Maourl Picinc.iuti. Sutro.U,
Mobile A Ohio, 10.
Loxdon, May 21. 5 p. m. Consols
101 13-16 for both money and the ac
count, liar silver 45 b-li.nl per ounce.
The amount of bullion gone into the
Bankof England on balance to-day is
Nkw Orlkaks, La., May 21. Clear
ings, J 995,027.
CniCAQO, In,., May 21. Associated
bank clearings were f7,5G2,000.
Nkw York, MayJ 21. Exchanges,
$(8,i y.yaa ; balances, J4,u:si,340.
Boston, Mass., May 21. Exchanges,
$ll,4b7,4:J6; balances, $1,328,644.
St. Louis, Mo., May 21. Bank clear
ings, 2,6U7, 158 j balances, J528.861.
Baltimore, Mo., May 21. Bank
clearings, $1,558,620; balances, $184,
134. Philadelphia, Pa., May 21. Bank
clearings, 48,S2:;,s:i7 ; balances, $1,
303,846, COTTON lARKETS.
The bral cotton market opened
firm, and close! firm; middling,
8 13-1 6c. Sale, 2500 bales, of which
1200 to exporters and 1300 to spinners.
Yesterday. Thuis lay.
Ordinary 7 116 7 116
Good Ordinary....7 13-16 7 13 18
Low Middling 8 616 8 5 16
Middling 8 13-16 8 13-16
Good Middling....!) 6-16 9 616
Middling Fair....9 15-16 9 15-16
Fair Nom. Nora.
Dusty ...6 7-167 15 16 67-16(37 15-16
Stains, tiDg9s....7J8 7-16 7J8 616
Mkmfhis, May 21, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885 ..... 1,392
Received to-day 143
Received preTiously... 633,013 635,178
Shipped to-day 1,100
Shipped previously.. ..481,351 482,451
Stock rnnning account 52,727
Thus far this week 1,105
Thus far last week.... 2,277
Since September 1st 633,786
M. and C. R. R 56
M. and T. R. R 7
L. and N. R. R 13
M. and L. R. K R 39
C, O and S. W. R. K 11
L.., Is. U and 1. K. K 3
K.C., S. Bnd M. R. R 5
M 8. & B. R. R 3
Steamers 1
Wagons and other sources 5
.... 143
. 7,949
. 5,652
Thus far this week.. ....
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and C. B. R
L. and N.R. R
Week end
ing May Since Sep-
21, 1886. tember 1st.
ceived. This Last This Last
YearYear Year Year
M&CRR.... 295! 117 7IU27 78539
M & T K R... 57! 46 5H5 7 4."708
L&XltR... 174! 741 432-7 45995
M&LRRK 24."i 137 79S1S 72695
C,(iStSWRR 41 26 24134 24991
L,NOTRR 31 13 35576 13291)
KC.S&MRR 41 48 19336 15)827
M,B.fcARR 26 17250 87
Miss, river... 104 25 88858 64455
White river. 21 9 20742 16565
St. Fran river 11 7303 3198
rk'saa river 29 11069 4471
Wagons, etc 30 Oil 51649 34329
Total 1105 655 533786 42410J
M&CRR... 1387 538 99428 57608
M&TRR... 1 216 29586 64075
L A N R R... 3595 600 89620 84871
C.O&SWRR 520 67 92697 51433
L.NO&TRR 150 100 42275 42264
M.BAARR 11523
Steam's n'rth .2296 488 92505 756S9
Steam's s'uth 200 1881!) 40085
Total 7949 2109 482451 406025
New York spots opened steady, and
closed quiet and 110c lower. Sales,
212 bales. Quotations as follows :
Yesterday. Thursday.
' rdinary 6jJ- 6 11-16
Good ordinary. 8 8 1-16
Low middling. 8 13-16 8;
Middling. fl 9 5.10
Good middling. 9 11-16 9j
Middling fair.. 10 11-16 10J
Fair 11 11 1-16
New York futures onened quiet and
eisy, and closed barely steady and 7 to
iu points nigrjertnan imireday. Sa!e,
81,700 bales. The closing quotations
were as follows:
May 9 10(3 912
June 9.12 9 13
July...- 9 22(4 9 23
Angost. 9.31(3 9.32
September...9 14 9 15
October 9 00'd 9.01
9.18 9 ::0
9.19(A 9 20
9 30
9.38(3 9.39
9.2(3 9.23
9 07(3 9 08
9.03'3 9.04
9 0:(3 9.07
9 14(3 9.15
9.24(3 9 25
9.4(S 9 35
November...8 9t; 8 97
December ...8 98(3 8.9!)
January 9.05(o 9C(
Febrnary 9 15'3 9.16
March 9 24 9 25
The following is the cotton state
ment for the week ending Friday,
May 21, 1880:
Net receipts at all United
States ports during the Pales.
week.... 28 979
Total receipts to date 5,138,'940
Exports for the week 47,802
ToUl exports to date 3,762,232
Stock at U. 8. ports 590,009
Stock at all interior towns... 81,854
Stock at Liverpool 630,000
Stock of American afloat for
Great Britain 181,000
The New Orleans spot market opened
quiet, and clcsed quiet. Sales, 2400
bales. Quotations were as follows:
Yesterdsy. Thursday.
Ordinary 7J 7
Good ordinary 8 8
Low mldd.ing 8j 8
Middling 8J 8;
Good middling ) 91
The New Orleans future marktt
opened steady and closed ntradyand 7
to 8 points lower. Sales, 18,600 bales.
Quotations wera as follows:
May Nrm'iul.
June 8.81(3 8.82
July 8.94'3
August 8 97(3 8 98
September .8 74(3 -',r
October 8 60(3 8.61
November..8 57(3 8 58
December 8 60(3 8 61
January... .8 70(3 8.71
February. .. 8 SH.rt 8 82
March 8 92 8.94
8.8(3 8 89
9 01(3 9 02
9.05(4 9.06
868:3 8 69
8 64CA 8.65
8.67(3 8.68
8.77(3 8.78
8.88ff 8.89
t).00 9.02
Tone. I Keu.
N Orleans.
New Ycrk
St. Louis...
581 I8J
6 31-)
512 811
, 813
bU ay
663 8 15
459;9 3
993! 9 J
Receipt) at ports, ttiia day, 1HS6. 6,637
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 1,998
R'lS U. 8.
Ex. Gr. Br
.' 464,839
Fnr'gn Ex
Increase of receipts this year.... 479,280
The Liverpool spot market at noon
reported firm, fair demand. Sales,
10,000 bales, of which American
7400 bales. Receipts, 6000 bales, of
which American 4600 bales.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-16d; good
ordinary, 4 11-lOa; low middling,
4Jd ; good middling, 5 5-10d ; middling
uplands, 5Jd; middling Orleans,
5 3-1 (id.
Manchester cloths dull, little doing;
ya-ns flat, very little doing.
The prices are given in pence and 64lw,
fius.- 4 63 warn 4 63 64d; oncf 6 01
vieant 5 l-64(.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet, Quotations were as follows:
May,: May-June, 5 04; June-July,
5 05(35 04d; July-August, ; August
September, 5 085 07d; September
October, 6 035 02d; October-November,
4 63d ; November-December,
4 62d ; September, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet. May, 5 04d sellers ; May-June,
5 04d sellers; June-July, 6 04d sellers;
July-August, 5 05d fellers; August'
September, 5 06d sellers; September
October, 5 02d buyers ; October-November,
4 63d value: November-December,
4 61d value ; September, 5 06d
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady. May, 5 03d buyers; May
June, 5 03d buyers; June July, 5 03d
buyers; July-August, 5 04d buyers;
August-September, 6 05d buyers ; September-October,
5 02d sellers; Octo
ber November, 4 62d sel ers; November-December,
4 6id sellers; Septem
ber, 5 06J value.
Liverpool weekly statement for the
week ended May 21,1886:
1886. 1885.
Weekly sales 57,000 36,31)0
Of which American. 46,000 26,000
Including for export 1,70J 3,700
Incl'g forspec'lution 2,800 800
ForwYI f'm ship side ll.fiOJ 8,200
Total stock 630,000 9".0,000
Of which American. 4.50,000 740,000
Week's receipts 63,000 32,000
Of which American. 44,000 27,000
To'lree.since.Sep.l..2,390,100 2,810,900
Of which American. 1,961,700 2,191,400
Actual week's exp't. ' 3,B(iO 8,.'lU
Stock afloat 288,000 145,000
Of which American. 181,000 58.000
The following is the record of the
bids and oilers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchant's Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, snot, 401c bid ; May,
40c bid; June, 44c asked ; Io. 2,
spot, 38c bid; May, 38c bid; June,
3Si bid, bDjc asked; July, Mc Did.
No. 2, white, spot. 34c bid ; May,
4c bid ; June, 33c bid ; No. 2. spot.
33c o. t. bid;May, 32Jc 0. t. bid; June,
;-2c bid ; J uly, 32c asked.
May, 112 50 0 t. asked; Juno, $12 25
Spot. 2 10 asked : May. 12 10 asked :
June, $2 10 asked; July, $2 10 asked.
Corm White. 47c: mixed. 46c. from
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44c ;
mixed, 4-e; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c: mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice,from store,85c; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50s; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $14(314 60;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $8(3)8 60.
Oats White, 40e; mixed, 38 Jc,
from store; round lots Ir.ira levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 Jc.
Bb an From stjre, 85c per cwt.;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Navr, $1 75f32; medium,
$1 60(31 75; Germau millet, $1 20(3
1 40.
CoBNMEAL-Standard, $2 102 25;
pearl, $3(33 25 from store, 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rici Louisiana, 4(oj6c; Carolina,
Oatmeal la half-barrels, $33 25
lrom store.
Flocr In car lots, double extra.
$3(33 50; triple extrs, $: 5: family,
$3 75fi4: choice, J4 25(4 35; fancy,
4 60(4 70; extra lancv, ft 901.(5;
patei.ta, $5 25i'.5 65; from store
0m"v, f4(4 25; choice, 4 25(34 40;
fiiny, $4 65(J4 00:ex-r fancy, io&
o ; patent. 5 oU!a 0
Cracked Wheat In half burels,
$3 H) from store.
HoMiNT and Grits Fiom store, $3
3 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra. 4Jc; leruun crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon crt-am ciackera,
treble extra, 7 Jo; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble utia, 6c;
SJrted 1 ambles, 9j.
Kansas City, Mo., May 21. Whost
wetker; No. 2 rel, issti, fsjo bid, (Wc
a-ked; Jum, 61 c bid, 61 io asaed;
J uly, 64c bid,64Jc asked. Corn steady;
No. 2, casb, 27 Jo; Jane, 27 Jc bid, 27 jc
asked. Oats sttady ; cash 27 Jo.
St. Locis, Mo., May 21. Flour quiet
and anchangtd. Wheat wrak and
lower; the maiket opened firm and
higher, but later weakened, rultd ir
regular for a time and closed evy J 61)
is lower; N. 2 rfd, cash, 78j(.3"9lc;
une, 78J79 jc, cloning at 78 jo an e J ;
July, 7SJi.i7S f clotiag at 78 asked ;
August, 78J(379c,cloing at 78Jca- ked.
C( rn dull, e and Inter, vWng J
lc lower than ,yenterdav ; No. 2
mixfd, eah, o25trfo2Jc; May, 310
linked; June, 32 j u 33c, doting at 32
(3325c; July, 33 jc. Oats vary dull
and about steauy ; No 2 mix-d, cas",
L8j26Ji; Mav, 28 jc; June, 28c
akfd; July, 24, is bid. Rye wek;
6c bid. Lailey no sab 8 Hayduil
and easy; pririe, $5 2-"((7 25; timo
they, $lil 25:313 25. Fl.xseed dull,
$101. Bran easy, 47(348. C'orniu al
firm, $2. Receipts Flour, 20(0 br'.s;
wheat, 12,0:10 bu; com, 41,000 bn;
oats, 31,000 bu; rye, 2000 bn; barley,
none. Sliinmeuts Flour, 0'JOO biis;
wheat, 70CO bu; corn, 16,000 bu; oats,
2000 bu; rye, 1000 bu; barley, none.
Afternoon Hoard. Whaat weak and
i(3Jc lower. Corn lJc lower. OaIs
Cbicago, III., May 21. The whekt
market opened suaitv, at 76jjc for June
and roee s ea lily to76jc, fallofl'to 7tic
under frea oflerings, tatiiad attain to
outside figurep, und niter holding
steadily for an hour, bioko off et?adily
doting at 1 o'clock at 76 M6c. In tbe
afternoon the weak feeling was even
more pionoun ed despite a batch of
Griek war Dews, and the Juue deliveiy
doped f jr the day at the ioeit flgnre
enrrent curing tbe session, at 7cu.
The ctop news was genemlly of a fa
vorable tenor. Vestel roira was taken
here f ir 31 000 bu. Corn was stronger
ard ruled hight-r, but tbe advaccawis
lost in the a!tcruoon owing to the
weakness in wheat. Oats closed a
shade easier inpri'ea. Flour ttady
and unchanged. Wheat opened firm,
ruled higher but declined and closed
Jc under yesterday. Sa'es ranged:
5fav, 75J76jc, closed at 75 Jc; June,
76(376 jc, cloted at 76 l-10e; July, 77 J
(378Jc. clo el at 77Jc; No. 2 spring,
75Jc. Corn firmer, clcsing lc hiher;
cash, 35 jo ; May, 35536,dnsBd at 35io ;
June, 36j36jc, closed 36Jc; July, 37 J
(337Jc,cloBed at 371s. Oats (ready ; caati,
29c; May, 28528jc, closed at 28c;
June, 2828jc, closd at28jc; July,
27j27ic, closed at 27Jo. Rye (tealj ;
No. 2, 60c. Barley dull; No. 2, 65c.
Flaxseed steady; No. 1, $1 05 J. Receipts-Flour,
12,000 brls; wheat, 7000
buj corn, 81,000 bu; oats, 155,000 bu;
rye, 1000 bu ; barley, 16,000 bu. Shi p
ments Flour, 4000 brls; wheat. 92,000
bu ; corn, 113,000 bu; oatp, 140,000 bu ;
rye, 3000 bu ; barley, 4009 bu.
Afternoon Boanl. Wheat weak, 5
Jc lower; June, 75gc. Corn easy;
June, 38 0. Oati easy; June, 28Jc.
BnrrEB Oreami ry, 30(334c; dairy,
15(320c; butterine, 13(3 15c; country,
12J(318c. according ti condition.
Cheese Prime d tts, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12 Jc; Y. A.
Miss Pobk Old, $8 759 per bar
rel ; new, $1010 25 per barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, 10(310Jc; break
fast bacon, 7j9c; clear lib bacon,
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 5J(3)6c ;
clear rib sides, 6J(35jc; long clear,
5J5c; shoulders, 4(34jc.
Lard Tierces, 5j(a 6c; half-barrels,
6J6ic; kegs, 6l6jc; buckets, 68
6Jc; half-buckets, 6 0c; 60-lb tins,
66jc; 20-lb tins, 6il(ifc; 10-lb tins,
ClOi'I... C II. Ili Ulllili.. 9.1K Una
6(n0jc; choice kettle, tierces, 6,(3
Fresh Meats No. 1 beef, 8c; Mut
ton, 9;; hindquarters of beef, 10c;
lambs, $34.
Chicago, III., May 21. Pork,
s'eady; cwh and June, J8.47J(3S.55,
c'o-ed, $8 50; July, $8.57J(38.65.
closed, $8.60. Lard, quiet, cash and
June, 5.995 92Jc; Juiy, 5 97J(3,J6.
Sho-t rib sides tteady, cath,6.27i(3
5 30c Boxed meats steady; dry tailed
shoulders, 4.154jc; short clear
sides, 5j(a5.80c.
St. Louis, Mo., May 21 Provisions
active end generally strong. Pork
firm, $9(,9 25. Lard strong, bju. Bulk
iriPHta firm; loose lots long clear,
5 30:; short ribi, 5 40c; short clear,
5 55c. Boxed lots long clear, 5.30c;
short ribs, 5.40c; short char. 5 55c.
Bacon strong; long clear, 6i5.!K)f;
sbot ribs, 5.95r3;0(!; short clear, 6
6 05c. Hams firm. 9(31 ljc. Butter
fairly active and easy; creamery, 15(3
16c; dairy, 1014c. Eggs steady, 7c.
Coffee CommDn,8(38ic; ordinary,
99Jc; prime Rio, 11c; choice to fan
:y, llj(313Jc; old gjvernment, 230
35c; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3(35Jc per pound.
Sugar Pure white. 6I3; off white,
66(36c; yellow, 6j6jc; open kettle,
5j(35Jc; refined A, 6Z0; granulated,
7j7Jc; powdered, 7jc; cut loaf,
Salt ft 20(31 30 per barrel; sacks,
fine, $1 60; coarse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2jr37c; car loads from levee
or depot, 6c cheaper.
Molabsks Louisiana, common to
fair, 20(33i)c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 2040c; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
nial, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common. 11-inch, 25
30c; otber grades and styles, 35 85c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7j8Jc.
Candles-FuII weight, 1010Jc.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, SI 35(31 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 25(31 40; secondp,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$ll 10 ; 31b, $115; strawberries, $1 35
031 40; ra?pberries, $1 151 25; black
berries, $11 15; greengagps, $1 60(3
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 6(X3
1 70; aoparagua, $2 604; green corn,
$ll 35; green peas, $1(32 25; cove
oysiers, lull weight, Mb. $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(3
1 85; cove oysters, lightweight, l-lt,
65c; cove oysters, liubt weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk-Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Baltimore, Md., May 21. Coffee
MAY 22, 1SSG.
firm; rrlloed, cargoes, ordinary to
fair, 8f(49Jc
New York, May 21. Coffee-spot
fair Rio firm at i'lffOjc; options firm
on May and June, otheiB stt-ady ; sales,
15,2i0 batrs; May. 7jc; June, 765c;
July, 7J(37.55c; Aimuft, 7 40c; Sep
tember, 7.35c; 0.'t"ber, 7 30c; Novem
ber. 717.35c; March, 7.4tV. Snuar
steady and in be' tor demand ; rt lined
steady ; white extra C, 5J:.f 5j; off A,
5 ll-105jc; powdered, 6 t-li'a 65e ;
granulated, 6c ; cubes, tije. Molasses
weak. Rice steady, moderate demand.
New Orleans, La., May 21. Sugar
dull and drooping: open kettle. choice,
6 7-16e; fair to lully fair, 4J(35c; cen
tiifngals, choice white, 6Jc; offwhite,
6(361c; choice yellow c'arifled, 6c;
prime yellow clai,tidj, 5jc; seconds,
4)5 9 16c Molasses dull acd nom
inal. HOUSEHOLD Ml rfl.lEft.
A PPL as Apples, $1 60(S3 from
store; $1 25(32 per car-load from levee
or depot Dried apples, 3(34o per
ponnd from (tore. Dried peaches, 3
(34c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $1(32 from
store. Sweet potatoes scarce, $2 75 per
brl. Peas, $1 60(31 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $2 753
from store ; $2 50(32 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75(33 1 er crate.
Krput, barrels, $55 50; half-barrels,
$2 75(33. Garlic, 4000c per 100.
Turnips, 60c per bushel.
Fruit Oianges, Louisiana, none;
California, $4; Messina, $3 50(35 per
box; luiperia's, $5fft5 60 per box.
Inions, $56 per "box. Bananas
$l2 50 per bunch. Cocoanuts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7Jc;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 3(34c;
roanted, 2Jn higher; shelled, 10c. Al
mondu, 18(fi'.0c.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts
fl 50; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75; lo ine, barrels, $6 : half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrelp, $6.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Inuerial,
$3 50(34.
Pecans Texas, 8(3l0c for small to
medium, 10(jU4e for laige; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naplea,15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cidkr Missouri, $7(il7 50 per bRr
rel snd $4(34 60 per half barrel ; Vine
gar, ll16c per gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per dozen, $12
(316i chickens, $1 60(33 25.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 (0(35; No. 2. $3 25; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb,
No. 3, 50c. Dry herrings, family, 30c
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 3(35c; sad
dles, 6(3Sc; bear, 6(38c; wild turkeys,
B0(375c; ducks, $3; cquirrels, 76c;
quails, tucCH; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, ll(312c.
Fxius-Wek, 910c.
COTro.t HEEII Oil., ETC.
Skkd Delivered at depot and wharf,
18 prr ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8; Meal
Prime (f. o. b.), $15 per ton. ICks
than car-load lots, $16. From store,
90c per suck. Cake Nominal, $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 21J(322c; prime sum
mer yellow. 26 J(32ic; ofl-suiimier yel
low, 25J(326je; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 26(330c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Ui.kvklaniuj., May vi. I'ctroienm ;
steady; s. w., 110, 71c
Pitthhuro, Pa., May 21. Petroleum
fairly active and firmer; .Na'ionnl
Tianfit cprtificates opened at 67 Jc;
clowd at 68Jc; highest, 68 jc; lowest,
Hides Dry flint. 12J(316c; dry
salt, 10(312e; groonsult, 6(37c; green,
5(35Jc; deer skins, 15(316c. Beeswax,
1820c; tallow, 22Jc.
Baggino Ju'e, 9J(311c; flag, 9J(2
lOJc, accordingto weight. Ties, $1 15
1 20.
Nails J2 402 65.
HoRHKH-Good driving, $150(3225;
good saddle, $140(3300; plugs, $35
80: good mares, $85(3140.
Ml'LlB 14 to 15, $110(3135; 15 to
15 J, $125140; 16J to 16, $150175.
Good demand ; supply fair.
Wiiihky StraMit Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606 ; rye, $1 756; domes
tic, 90c(3f 1 50.
St. Louis, ftlo., May 21. Whisky
$1 10.
Chicago, III., May 21. Whisky
steady at $1 14.
Cincinnati, O., Mav 21. Whisky
firm at $1 10. Sales "of 690 barrels
of finished goods on this basis.
mve r .
Catti.k Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4K34ijc; good,
SjGWje; cho'ce grass-fed, 3J(n)3jc;
good, 3f33Jc; fair to medium, 2J(3
2jc; tcoinmon, l2c.
Hons Choice, Sj(34c; good, 3J(3
Zc ; common, 3(33 c.
Shkkp Choice, 4(ii)4Jc; medium, 3
(33jc; common, $1(31 0. Choice
lambs per hi a I. $3(33 0.
Knsai City, Mo., May 21. The
Lire htoi'k Jmlimtir reports: Cattle
Receipts, 13 19 bead ; siiipmert i, none;
toe market was active and firm;
choice to fancy, $5 10(35 30; fair t
good, $4 80(35 05; common 10 tne tinro,
4'A4 70; S'ockeis and federp, $3 40(J
4 "35; cows, $2 (03 75 lings R.
ceipti, 8839 had; shipmentp, 40"5
bead; market firm for lixtit mixed ;
steady for olhsrj; good to chf.ice,
$3 80(33 95; cimmoa to medium,
$3 45(33 75. Slieep Receip'f, 578
head; stiiptrciHB, nine; msiKet firm;
good to choice, ii 25(34 25; common
to medium, $2(33.
Chicago, III., May 21. The Dro
vers' JourrnU reports: Cat'le Re
ceipts, 7100 head ; shipments, 2600
head; market seady all around;
shipping steers, 950 to 1500 pounds,
$4 60(35 90; stnekers snd fpedfrs, 13(3
4 90; enwa, bulls and mixed, $2(34 40;
bulk, 13 20(i,3 fO; through Toxasfa'
tie, $3 50($5; 20 cats hay ltd. 1276
pounds, Nevada catt'c, $4 85. Hoes
Receijits, 26,000 head ; shipments. 8000
head; market opened s shade lower
snd cloied strong; rough and mixed,
$3 70584 10; packing and ship
ping, $4 10(34 20; light, $3 70(34 15;
skips, $2 fc0(n3 60. Sheep Receipts,
33C0 head; shipments, none; market
slow, shade weaker; native, $2 50
560; Texas, $3 75.
New York, May 21. In grntral
demand the market fhows no ensnge
from previous reporis. S ill a fair
business is in proiirBes with the feel
ing of ill classes of dealers somewhat
WAMTpn AUKNTS.Men and Womat
WAn I LU to tall "TI1K CHILD'!
BIBLE " Tntrodnotioa by Kav. J. II. Via
cent, D.D. Ona axant haa mid 65 In a tout
o( 674 ioi1; ona 73 InaTillaaol 7iHioni
naw aiiont Hi In 10 dajt ; ona a J in 4 aooaa
aivawaeki; ona 40 in 3 dari at two diflaraal
timel. Kiprinia not n-nr. Addrail
CAbtiKLL A CO. (L't'd).
4ii Dearborn itraat, Chicago.
Whit Rivar FaiDDii Honisaos, S p.m.
New Orlon...AM.ir P. 8n.vit, 12 m,
Vi'k.bure .....ClTT or Ciiao, 6 p.m.
St. Louii-... mm Cur, 6 p.m.
Friar Pint.....C(iAom, 3 p.m.
Arkanaa City Kati Ak.vs, 9 p.m.
Oioeola DkS ADiM.i, 5 p.m.
Tiplonvilla. OaTatn, p.m.
Cincinnati....- J. his W. iixrv, S p.m.
St.FranplaRlvar...R!ia M traitor, 5 p.m.
Arkantai Rlvar....Joa Piths, 3 p.m.
.4rrieaZ. Coahoma, Friars Toiot;
Ursa Adams, usceoia; ltelle Mem
phis, Vicksburg; City of Providence,
St. Louis; Kens Mscready, 8t. Francis
VAjxirturra. Belle Memphis, St.
Louis; City of 1'iovidence, Vickaborg;
Dein Adams, Osceola; Coahoma,
Fiiars Point.
Boats in Fori. Heat Macready.
HotUt Due Aiirn. Annie P. Silver
and City of Cairo.
Haiti Ihie (p. Freddie Robin
son and Arkamas City.
RtxielplB TfHitrnJay,
Dean Adams 2 bales coitnn, 54 sks
sted, 135 sks corn aad 51 pkgs euu
diies. Coahoma 1 bale cotton, 122 fks
seed and lot sundries.
llelle Memphis 735 sks sd.
City of l'iovidetce 75 tjus mer
Tun Rene Marraady, Capt. O. K
Joplin, is the packet Tuesday evening
fur St. Francis river.
Tun l ee Lins packets Monday even
irg are Coahoma f ir Fiiats l'oir.t, a ,d
D-nn Adams for Oic'tola.
Til a O. Line rteatner ('lias. Moigan,
Capt. (4. Wish. Thompson, is due up
Sunday evening for Cincinnati,
Thk llmkeye Klate, Capt. II. J.
Vinton, will arrive Sunday and leave
Monday evening for Ciccinnati.
Tub City of Piovidenca patsed down
yo't-rday morning for Viektburg. She
clinch u rued heie 75 tons of freight and
added 60 tons.
Tin Buckeye State is on the ways
at Mound City ami will bave her re
pairs done in time to leavo here Mon
day evening for Cincinnati.
Tni tiayosn Capt. W. P. Hall, is
the packet Monday evening at 5
o'clock fir Tipionvi la and the upper
bends. J. P. Walt is in her ofllee.
Tna Oty of Cairo, Capt. Shep Light
ner, is the Anchor Line packet tbis
evening at 6 o'clock for Vkksburg and
the bends. J. C. Klton is her e'erk.
Tnc Arkansas City, Capt. II. W.
Brolaki, is the Anchor Line packet
this evening at 6 o'clock for Cairo and
St. Louis. W. II. i'ritrliartt is her
Tin BoMo Memphis passed np early
yesterday morninii for St. Louis. She
discharued here 735 sks of seed, and
added a big lot of sundries for points
above heie, ,
Thb Joe Peters, Capt. K, B. Smith,
is the packet Tuesday evening for all
points on Arkansas river, going
through to Pine 1)1 u IT. Charles Mns
telinan is her clerk.
Tat Anchor line steamer Annie P.
Silver, Capt. Wm.Thompeon, will pars
down to-day at 12 o'clock for New
Orleans and all intermed a'o points.
J, S. Lehmer is her clerk.
Tub Kate Adams, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United S'a'ea mail
packet Monday evening at 5 o'clock
tor Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker hai charge
oi iter mice.
Ths Freddie Robinson, Capt. Milt
R. Harry, is tbe packet this ovening at
5 o'clock for all points on White river,
going through to Newport and making
connec'lons with packets for upper
Whits and Black river. Albert Mo
tibes has charge of her office, assisted
by Henry Winn.
Business quiet.
Weatbxr clear and warm.
Ths Ueniy Lourey and barges passed
up last tveDing forfeit. Louis.
Rstiipts by river yesterday 3 bales
of cDtton sad 911 sacks of seed.
Tub Lee Line packets were in ard
out on time yesterday with fair trips.
Tin Rene Macready arrived yester
day evening from St. Francis river,
and goes out again Tuesday evening.
The ferryboat John Overton will go
to Marion on Sunday. Tbote wishing
ti make this novel trip had better do
so at onco. .
KIVIK Al WatAfll EK.
Okfich Signal Ssbvics, U. 8. A., 1
Mkui'iiis, May 21, 2 p.m. J
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change,
Rise Fall
Feet. lOtlis lOths lOths
Cairo...- 38 9 5
Chattanooga ... 8 3 7 ,
Cincinnati 24 3 L'8
Davenport 8 8 3
Dubuque 9 8
Fort Smith 6 8 8
Keokuk 12 5 5
La Crosse 8 0 1
Leavenworth... 10 4 3
Little Rock 5 2 13
Ixiuisville 10 2 j
Memphis HI 4 2
Nashville 5 8 4
New Orleans... 14 2 1
Omaha 8 6 1
Pittsburg 5
St. Louis 24 3 4
St. Paul 5 9 1
Shreveport 9 7 6
Virksburg 42 5 1
Daaa-ar I.law Paat 'and tnnthi r a fiint
aboTa eoro of g auga :
Cairn, 40 feat. Hiattannnra. :tl tcot.
Cincinnati, Ml, liavanpnrt, 1.
iluim'iue, lt. Kort binitu, JU.
Keokuk, 14. llalcna, .
La Crone, M Iavenwnrth, 21).
Little Kock. 2). LouiiTilla, i".
Mempbia, M. New Orleana, 1:1.2.
Nathville, 40. PittnburK, 2i.
Omaha, 1H. St. Paul, 7.
8t. Loui, 32. Viekiburs, 41.
Shreveport, 28. Yankton, 24.
Evahsvilli, May 21: Noon River
falling. Arrived: D. P. Schenck, Cin
cinnati. Louisvilli, May 21. Noon River
faUina, with 10 feet 1 inch in the canal
and 7 feet onthefalla. Business good.
rt earner clear ana warm.
Whkklino.W.Va., May 21. Noon
River 6 feet'6 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, May 21. Noon River
26 feet 8 inches on the eange and fall
ing. Weather clear and warm.
Cairo, May 21. Noon River 39 feet
on the gangs and falling. Weather
fair and warm. Arrived: Annie P.
Silver, St. Louis, 1 a.m. ; Coal City and
tow, Memphis, 4 a.m.; W. W. O'Neill
nd Ohio river, 5 am. Departed:
W.W. O'Neill and tow, New 0.ua,
5 a.m.
PrmiBi'Bo, May 21. Noon River 4
feet on ths gauge and falling. Weather
clear and pleasant.
Memphis Jt Cincinnati P'k't Co.
Bxours-loxA Ilatoa I
Commencing liT- 1'ba Klerant
Jir it.
Ilockeje State, Ohio Ik Jas. W. aft.
P, Thb; Company will noil ROUND TRIP
Tllktlj fmui Memuhia to LouiiTille,
Cincinnati, and all Kaatarn Uitiei, at
creatly Heduced Ratal. . .-
Cummencina May ISth, to ltd Ineluitta,
Willi Featirel Chorut of
OO Tralwd Vlvaaaii Orrhnlra
r Over lIMt Artlala.
During the coming W dayi Cincinnati will
be vary attracliva to viiitora.
ar Tickali include Maala and blaU-roomt.
Heturn liokeu good on any boat In the Una.
Kaon boat oarriai a fine b ring Band.
Mondays aad Tharadsys at & P.M.
For Information Inquire of 0. B- RUS
KLL, Agent, 12 Madiion ftrret, Uemphil,
Tenn. R W WISH, Wup't.
Ml. I.oale mw ttrlraaia Aarher
l.lai-ll.N. Mtl-CAIRO A bl. Lol IH.
Arkansas City.
lir.,lakl...mt.r. wdS3l
Will leave the Klevator PATli ROAV, May
22d, at 6 p.m. For freight or jomnage an ly
i. Htu.Piw.Ati. AfSTOHM, mp'i.
Ht lii la New rirnn Anchor
Ann e P. Silver, lijsgv
Wm. II. Thompnon matcr'rfatajcP?5aV
will lenve the Klevator 'III K.illA , May
"th,a' li 01. For freight or pHaaita apply
0. I.. II ii i.. l'n.i.An't. At) STi'KM. Sup't.
Ht. I.onla null New tlrlenua Anrliitr
l.lue-U. N. Mitl-KOK VICKSUDKH.
Vlty of Cairo, ri-
Lialilner matter, 'tfryugKrJS
Will leave the Flevator ATI KUA I , May
'ild, at rt mm. For freight or paanage api ly
( I. Illl., !. A. Al M'uMM. A.nt.
For Otceoln. llulea Point, Carulhenville,
Uaycito and 1 iptonville The new tleamer
W. P. Hall matter I J. D. Fuller clerk,
Will leave a above, and all wny pointe.
p.m. For Ireiifht or pattwycaplrjMiJtnpird.
Heniila,l'rlMra mint muI nranpiaig
ted 4awoln faxtUrt aiomnntiy.
lor lielana. Ulendale, Friara Point and all
War Lamlinca Utaamer
. T. Olai ,... matter I Piatt I,'ii.in. .n..rb
Will leave aa above on. ovary MONUAY,
vv avnuvaiui i iuua 1, a D o clock.
For Randolph, Fallon, Oioeola and v5 ay
Landiui fUeamer
i. O. Cooper, maiUr....J.W, mithari. clerk
envet every MONDAY. WKUtif,M'Ax
andFillDAYatt p.m. Tbe loan kf this
line reterva the right to rati all landlnaa
the captain mar deem nntafr. Office, No. I
M,,ll.n.t JAMKS 1,.'K, J..Hni.''
Freddie Robinson, kKZj
M. K. Ilarry..... .......m.uitr
For Helena, Terrene. De Valla lllulf, Del Are,
Augutta, Mearey, Newport and Bateivllle.
Will leave at above BATUKDAY at 5 p.m.
Through ratal to all nolnta. Freight con
llgned to Milt Harry Una, Memphit, will ba
promptly forwarded. W. J. P. DOYLK.
Office V2 Mn.tUnn t. Telephone 1ft.
Memphis and Vickaborg Packet Com
pany U.M.Mali Line.
Tor Helena, doaoordle, Terrene and Arkaa
aaa Oity The alegant paaaangar Itean er
M. R. Cheek. ..mattay I W. 0, Blanker ...olark
Leavag Memphit
ri. m., reaerv Ing the right to put all landing!
haeaptala stay deem ontafe. For general
informatioa apptar at offlce, No, 4 Madltoa
, 1. WALWORTH, Agent.
JilHV OARR.Patt'r Agent. Telephone M,
Arkansas River Fk't Co.
I. B. Smith ....matter,
Laavet Mempblt EveryTUEHpA
i, o v.m
Memphl8& White Hirer FktCo
u. h. nxuL iainia,
1. 0, PMtal.-Si attar I 0. M. Foimi. ... rt
ClartiMdoa, Dwrniie BloiT, turn Aral,
LAwgnata, Jackaonport ! Nearcrr.
is p.m. laroaga ratal to all polnii.
Freight ooniigaed to " M.iophlt and White
Klvar Paokat Ccmpanr" will baforwardaa
promptly. ti, u. LUWH, Agent,
No. a Muditnn tt. Telephone No. M
Co.'t Fin Bl'le-W heel IT. S. Mall Steamar
Rene Macready, ro
0. K. JopMn matter,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianne, Ue Cut-Off, end
tnUrmediate landing! on bt. Franolt rivar.
The captain retervet the right to pan al
landing! ha deemt untafa. JAR. LEt , Jr..
Hniwrlnlenitwl. llflce. Mn. 4 Mtiiitcn tt
to j:unoirc!
4'ook'w EararaSom Parti leave la
April, May, Jung and July. Send for Pro
gramme. Individual Toarlal Tlrkrla for travel
In Kurni.e and all parti of the globe. r"a.
ang Tirkela by all linei of iteamari.
l ook's fratniralonlMg, wita mapt, pun
lithid monthly, hv mail fur Ten Ckt.
THliH. tllllH A HUH.
BAY STALLION, ttar, left hind ankle
nd right hind heel while. Foaled Mar
A. IHH1, by C'uy'er (tire of Algath, three-year
old record, 2 :'?',). Firtt dam Marcia 8., by
Williamt Mmnlirino Itire of tbe dam of
Sunla-CUnt, II:1T!) ; tecond dam Ned (iliim
of Clemmie U., reco d l:l.rH, Poet lluy
2:23', Alice Sl.,ncr 2:4'f bv lierkley't Kd-
win rorrettl i tnirti uaia oy atamorino uuief
(tire of Ladv Thorn. 2:IKlil: fourth dam br
Orer Eagle; filthilam by llolivar; iixthdam
br IlliK'knnrn't Whip; tev.nth dam hv Comet
CUTulltCHT it a inthogany bay.ldhanda
high, and roagnlnoently proportioned. 11a
htt never been haniiled f.ir tpeed, but caa
thow a2;4U gtil with iwo men in a bugiry.
Wat bred mid rid by Mcl-erran A
Co.. Olenview, near Louitvllle, Ky.. and
mid at a two-tear old for U UO. Cutnbert
will be allowed to terva 2ft approved maraa
this toaton. Service, tweniy-tve (yi") do
larieath. Can be teen al our t alle.
F. A. J ONES A CO. ,
AtluiiiilslrHtor'a -Voiico.
Office Publio Administrator, Shelby county
Courthou'e, Memphit, Tenn., M.y .t. 18MI.
HllB undertigned having been appointed
-I and qualified edmini'trator of thetut
ol J. 11. Auttall, decea.ed, notice It hereby
given to all pertont indebted to aaid ettato
to come forward and tettle; and to thote to
whom taid ettate it indebted, to Ble their
claimi with me, duly probated, within the
time prescribed bf law, or tbe tame will ba
forever barred. JOHN LOAUUK.
Public A4minittrator.
Administrator's Nelice.
Offlce Public Admlnittrator, fhelby County
Courthi u.'c, Memphit. Tenn., April 1A. 1(WH.
rpiiK undortigned hav ng oi-en appointed
L and qualified adminittratcr of the ettato
of Henry F. Arnold, deceaed, notice ia
hereby given to all perioni indebted to taid
entitle to come forward and tettle; and to
thute to whom taid estate it indebted to a
their claim! with me, duly prtbaud, within
tbe time preecribed by lew, or Ihe Mint will
be forever barred. Jl'HS LOAUVK.
Publla AdmiKi'trator.
to Mr. John U. Uixhani. 101 Third
ttreet, Memphit, Tenn., a uicwl etfiracioul
remedy tor conttipation and indigestion,
liiildaughtar alto takes It with satulactorf

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