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;mj:mpiiis, ti:xn., Tuesday, may 25, isso.
lVjrl Junniug Lands the Three.
Jiiiirtr Oanh and Irlt-h Tat
the Hfat Race.
oi,i-,v;i j r., Kv., Ma? -r; AVratlu r
inarm; tru-k fcjndj; at en da lire very
Tiiri'i-ijiurttT-iiif fttitilf. lA-r,2rlint
(y.)i, Jtintljr; llrnrit'ttit (!M) ("uviiic
tu: l'e:til Ji nnini." (ll-'i), Murphy:
J'rolnis cm, Kly: Katiina Mi ft', .1.
, Orittt'iuirn ; ;v. IVitt'S ('',11 Jorifs;
Vulcan 'Mi OT.tti-n : S r:i!.it-mi:sU-' ')
': J. ken net; Mit'ir Jli cluil (:i::.
Selcly; MaggiO 1" ('.'Si, J. M tcui-i!.
Nmi-titartcr: .Mountain liiino.
HiViin) IVarl .JiTiiiirirs, .r0; K:i
trina, iio ; IW nrli-ttP. io lit;l.l. -to.
Vi'ht'ii ihey put to nuininu I'viuiim
litir look ilie had, l'tarl Juiniiias,
Yulrun and X.itrin:i rlotm lojtotlu-r.
TIhmv was no rhaiico amonu tin; Iriu!
crn t ) tlio liCMil ol tlio Ktrtttli, wln-iv
Katriiu tuok secim.l rla ft". 1'itirl
jowT!niitnf,'s then went to the front. Mir
whs not headed, mid won viy ettsv ly
two li-ustlis; Katriii:: Mi'itnl, Vuiran
ajpoor third. Tunc 1:11. No ir.nt-ials.
The Mot-t and l.'liaitdim stikc.,
ono mill1 anil oik? eighth. Il.'iro'h
Ifiir (MM), ConM'nv; J. II. JYntii
(11M, Covington: Jii-i Gray 1!m,
AVitlicrs; Iio;!. ( I IS), Harris m ; Fnloiu
III. (IIS), Stoval; ivlastn-iJii ci- (ll-i,
Murphy. Non-star'rr: Tartar.
JitUinj. Iiouz, i"it; Mastcrjiin-e,
S:'7; Jim Gray, $23; hold, ill!
There was a good Mart,. I. ll.lVnlnii
at once going into the it ml, ioII . wrd
by Jim Gra and liar oiUdiiirt;. At
the end of half a mile Jim (.hay went
to the front, with MaMi-rpirre ami
Ilarrodsbnrg clos't) up. On the lowt r
turn MaHterpieeo moved up, took the
lead 88 they entered tne Htr-.-tnli, was
not headed nndjwon oa ;i!y hy three
lengths; Boaz seeond,;.Iim liiava very
clom third. Tiuie-1 J. No niu
tuals. TH1HI) UAt ".
The F.ltnendorf stake, Ihivit-ii nurture
of a mile. Je nie T. (I''7), Filler;
Hinda (107), Kelly; Valuable (1071,
J. Crittenden; Uiilinio (110), Stoval ,
Jaeohin (110), J. Hantlers.
Brttinq Duhme, 00; .lonnij T.,
Hi'uda, $67; tield, $10.
Valuatde was the firt to tshow, tak
ing a lead of one length, Jaeohin ami
Hinda following. Valuable he tl her
lead for half a mile, where Jeinii; T.
went to the front, wius not headed anil
won easily by two lengths; Valuable
second, Ilinda a poor third. Time
' l:l"i.l. 'o irintimls.
One mile heats. Johrt A. ( 1 07 j ,
Kelly; Kershaw (Sit), Coving on ;
Cheatfellow (!).), H. Jones; Irish I'at
(ICS), Full-r; La Sylplude (JOS), H.,-
vai; iioo wim yi'ivj, u. i i. ii. .on
Btarter: II pedulu.
Pint-Thai Hi Uinj. John A
Iri h Fat, Hi; l.a Sjl))hidy,
Fint Hat. Cheatfellow led
12 J i
shaw and John A Hose up. 'I I ese
three ran very even for three qtmrte-s
of a mile, where Ir mh I'at moved up,
soon took the lead and won easi y by
four lengths; John A. second, Cheat
fellow third, La sylphido fourtt Ker
shaw fifth, 15ob l-'wim distanced.
Time 1 :4-t 1 . No mutuals sold.
Sceond l It'll Cellini). Irish I'at, S50;
John A., flil ; La iSylphitle, J!); field,
Stroud Htat. La Sylphide goon took
t':e leail, Cheatfellow and John A.
very Hose np. There nas no t '.hangu
into the stretch, where John A. went
to the front and w in by one length ;
Irish I'at second, Cheatfellow third,
Ia S, lphide fourth, Kershaw dis
tance .1. Time 1 :44J. No mutuals.
Thinl-lkai Veiling. John A., f."0;
Irish Fat, 540.
Third Ilt4t. Irish Tat at once went
to the front. He was not headed and
won easily by ono length; John A.
second. Time 1 :15. No rnutualB.
The following am the entries for the
purse races aid the probable stutters
ami betting on the turf slake:
first V.'mr. 1 b.Tfc - niartr - mile
heals. Kosiero (!)7), Handy Amlv
(W), Cuban Qr-en ( ), F.el'tie Wit
son (SI), l;n:k (!l.r), Hermitage (Mi).
Smnd Jlau:. Tlirec-(iiarteis of a
mile. Nellie li (!7i. ;lcrilee (l"-'l,
liiaze llaii ( :T5), nr.idbnni 0'-'), l.'n
ehautrtjSB (107), Cor.i L. (07), Liltroll
Third A'ucft -Tlie. tr.rf siak.-, ono
mile and a quarter. Modc-tv 1 1 "2 LI ) ,
4100; Philip H (P.-2;, $10; I. mi v Way
ward (ll:): iVi.
Fnurth Yen One mile and three
eigli'lin Kvariiieline (.'K','. F.xpert
(ICS), l!op;dal.f (102), Irish Pa! ( 1 10),
lJUle I eii.iA-(il,l , i'unka ',lu7 .).
Xkw Yok, Afay ".- Poo'n and
belling were orbi.lden at the llrighton
l'.each races. Ins i ad, however, 100
lMcmhor.-hip tickets were sold at 4o
ach and tim money s ih-ciiht d to a
purse. After the racts a dividend
was declared.
Vint ll'-ite. Five furlongs, for
maidens. I,antiiij won by two lengths;
Lightfoot second, Bob May third.
Time 1 :0t.
Second y.W Selling race, soven
eighths of mile, it Elmo won by a
length; lirunswh-k socond, L'lue l!y
third. Time 13nj.
Third Race One mile. General
Price won by a short head; Bahama
second, Kensington third. Time
1 :7l
Fourth Racf One mile and a quar
ter. Ten St' ike won bv a length'; Er
ncrl ts-'eontl, George Singerly third.
Time 1 :.r.
Fifth : . Three-quarters of a
mile. Tattler won by a length ; Cay
i'.evol socond, A!iller third. Time
That rpKllxli Dtrb),
London, Miy 24. The betting oc
the Derby whit h in to be run on Wed
nesday is nire to four in favor of the
Duke of Wcrituiiwior's colt Ormonde.
Only twicp tliiring the hmt half cen
tury has a Derby favorite- started with
similar o.-Ms hporting circles concur
in the belief that it w ill be a one-horse
Derby and tint nothing can touch the
The 1'rearb brrbjr.
Paris, May '24. The French Derby
Vai run yesterday, and resulted in a
.cad heat between Comte IJerheaux'g
Hiestnut colt Uaa and liaron Schick-u-r'.s
by colt f-'yc-more C. J. Le
evrt''n cht stuut IilJy Fils D'Artoiswas
t .ird. Tlie other starters were Kahyl,
Angt-!o. .f'.'pin.St. Honore, Fetiche,
Gamin, Grytanee, Nero and Onne.
jVt tho Btart, Urmc led, folluwud hy
Kabyl, Atigplo and Tils D'Artolsin
the order named, kahyl an-f Angelo
piiueil rapidly, l".t Kab-1 w is sxn
tieater.. At the betnl I'pas caught
Angelti, Jupin :d M lbiimr" toil iw
ing in th" Jiiiit1, Sycaiiinre then
caught Upa-", and they ran a sbiendid
race t g' thert ) the tinish Fils D'Ar
tois linislu-d four lengths behind, fol
lowed by Jupin, Fetiche and Anf.elo,
in the "order named. Time " :42.
The bet'.ing was 4d t ) I tuainst Upas,
10 to I t:tiiiiit yraaiuii , i 0 to 0
'i.':tii..-t F Is IT Arti.is, 7 t-j t a:;ninst
.Ki;'n, 'J-.' to I iigaii.-t Ibu: ire, 4'J t 1
ciratit (i.miin, 15 nittin.-t (Jr.-ytir.P,
100 to 1 f gainst Fctii -he, 5 !t 1 iigaii.r.t
Nero, atul 2I' to 1 ag-a'nst Angelo.
The stake will b; ih-,.!ed h-. -tween
Upiuj and Svcaiiioi '.
Tlir M' Alt il i n:sr ran i v-
U1U.SS U.MSt IttM.l.ltS,
Whu Hiik lt. lnrn.,l Kinur in Mnkr
l.u Lurneflt, VI;nroiiM
.1 Leiif 'rui Hi UeciirU.
loouHptioitcii o TBr Arr
Foi-t .mith, Ai:k., May t'J. The
CiuigiZ-sioiial ract: in this il'stint,
among Democrats, is full of interest
Four Democrat ns'i for t ho nomiii!'
tion. Ju'Il'c J. II. lingers has faith
fully and slleei s-ftiily served two
terms, and asks f'T a third liiiilorse
nu nt, W. L. Tei ry, a gjod man and
strong lawyer, with many friends,
ciine from Little Lock sind suhmiis
his chiiios to tb'. pi'dy. Joe l'.yer" i
Cr.r.vfoid fiiiinty, c.inva ;- i the ilss
triet in Jss,' as a ciuidi ime again-t
Jiirdan E. Cnvrns, m-.d now puis
himself o'i h s u rils before his party.
F. K McKininui c one out parly and
is making t genend cam a-.s
JiitLe liou'ei' 1 . - ft W ashingl n on
Tin si ty for tii is iJace. lie stopped
at Van ii'irui aim fonn 1 his friend
Terry there. Ho came over lime last
nigh', returning to Van Huron this
morning. The priniitrii in Crawford
will be held on the !i!'th inst. Tho
people of Van lluien claim thi't Judge
Kogers has f rgottcu the constiluentH
of tds district in his zeal to do all f.r
Fort Smit I). This eMticsim does gre.it
injtistieo to our representative. lie
still holds, not wi lilanding the great
opposition to him i-i that county,
many strong friends, who believe lie
has made :in :ib'e 1 jin se'dat ive and
deaerves recognition from his paity.
Tlie iioiniiiatiii'; tonvenlion will
iiave fifty tivt: voteb. f these, Terry
claims nim tyr, male up of tho Inf
lowing countie. : .Mor.tgoiuery, 2;
Garljiid, 4; Si l.n:e, ;!; I'ula-i'i, 10.
Total, 1!.
II- gers claims t'lVenty-seven. earry
iug tin' follow ing counties: Scott,;"!;
t-ebas iau, 7; l.o,'an, 5; Franklin, 0 ;
Veil, 5; Perry, 1. 'lotal, 'J7.
leaving its (lou'itfel; Crawford, 4 ;
Jo'ilisoil, ,:. Total, ..
Tt.is i:i regarded as a correct esti
m::e of the situation. Terry will
net i! bulb of the doubtful counticH to
get thu nomination, wliilo Kog.TS
gains the vie cry wit.li cither of the
doubt fuls
A ecu ieman from Van Huron, by
, h-j jiihoiii h.ai ytstmday .iiftcrnooti :
"fain a Uigt-rw Inan. Tiie sanation is
I'iseuliiir in this county, w ith chanct-B
iu favor of livers. The greatest op
position in this county ;to Kogers
g'ows out of his having gotten that
bill passed in Congress donating that
military rese ve, worth i j"0,"0i), to
his own town for s hool purposes, hi
stoid of having it passed so as to give
it to the entire district. 'Ilia', is the
big trouble." Perhaps tv.is is a true
statement of the tight made against
Mr. Kogers.
Then, of cou'se, he, likyj all other
Ilepresciitati ves, cou'd not give post
otlices to every candidate, ami hence
some trouble on that score.
Mr. Kogers lias in the judgment of
many men, reached that point in
Congressional experience when he
t Li make himself useful to his dis
trict, W t.ilt; the opposition may grow
strong, Mr. lingers will como out of
the cinivsiss with strength sulheioiit
to nominate him. r v.
Jtn'l ' hlrf l.ipturrd.
Locisvu,! k, Ky May 21. W. M.
Alftxautle.-, for i-wlit yur.rs the sssort
i;;g mail cleric ol tt:n postoflite here,
wa f.irtstvd by Liiptctor Drown ol
Sr. L:;;iis I his nioniine, i'is: I with
lohliine the mails. For a l ug time
complaints have been trade l-y tho
idlics heie lbul 1. st packiig?s, money,
et I., but nott.i ::g riniu of i. until Itt
Bpecfor Hrown was sen : for, an 1 de
tected Alexjtider with decoy uwn?y
Aktkr all the arL'umcnls ahoul
cheapness and quality it appears that
Dr. Hull's Cough Hvrup is the best
remedy for toe cure of coughs and
colds ever ofT red to tlie pu' he. Tho
priie is only 25 cents a bot tle and
every druggist in the land fells and
recommends it.
Crniu In Night.
Chicaoo, III., M;iy 24 The number
of bushels of grain in store in t!n
United Suites and Canada May 22d, t nd
the increase or decrease com pared with
the previous wtck will ba polled on
'ChaDiie tomorrow, ai follows:
WbPHt, 7,81 4,:S15 bushels: decrease,
1,770, ISO bushels; corn, 7,5117,202; de
( lvaset, 2,220,001; outs, l,52:i,217; in
creise, ti'ifi; rye, 325,051; de
crease, 41,020; barley, 370,508; in
crease, 70j2. The amount in Chi
cpo eievaloie wa: Wheat, 8,750. 4 ".8
bushels; enrn, l,4M,OD4; o's, o8l,
938; rye. 68,193; hsrlny, 31,078.
Pansi'iiiiiKD Tongaline for a patient
whom I had been treating for neura'
gia, and after t king a few doses she
was entirely relieved. Have also used
;t in one case of nmralgia snd one
cisp of acu e inflannratury rheumatism
with the very best results.
J.N. PAUK, M.n.V'anJercool. III.
Hiul Arrldonl.
L'lttisviLr.K, Ky,,May 24. Yesttird.iy
a'tprnoon the horsss at'uHied to C.e
vehicl" coa'a:nii!g Fred. Wcis and
three danghtt.ru w.cAme frighten-',
ran avay, and all wuto thrown vio
lently out. vV -Ts. who ir- a tarj:pnter,
was instantly h:!!"d, his Load stiikinn
on tin litnnen. Katie, his oi'iiiht-H,
hud three rii s broken. Th others
efcaped with painful brui?(R.
I he Iiunai Ih lUpiilljr Int reuxlntr.
K. J. Msddei, Darnsn 'is, Kitm.,
writi's: Vou will p'iise send me ifj
other C4so of lluglit'j's Tonic to For
rest, Mia. It is eitiiiiuhing to nete
the rapidly incn-.-wir g dtii.8.d for
liiwi ess Ionic; to rrll c.r.o lioUic ot
it in?-irr;.'i a much hitj.r sai?. W
pronounce it bv far tf.p f;ts! med cine
wp handle, ar.' ehcfrful.'y n-ro-u: M"jd
if to all Fuosj troll w':th ch::: and
ervr. Prpi'lrftd by P. A. K .hi soo A
Mo wl.oVa tlrtgr;s'.K. L' u'svi'.ip,
Kr. Soiii at .vtaiihy drtiggtals cner-allV.
act vrrnovri)
I'.illsof Iutcrt t tt the fcnnlli Snnth
era I'o-lal Ordors Proceed
ings iu Coi'gi ovt.
r --t '
it. tii Tint irn .1
m, M.iv .'. Hill-
f In-
teic-d to tiie NMilh nit rodiice
Ky Mr. Wbe.ler: Author
piur-lniet'on of a bridge
Tennessee river at, or m ar
i to-day.
in; the
r C ..
I'y Mr. Hretkenridge: A bill to ti v
M.laries of codect urs and o'.ber oilict-rs
of ttlttoliis, snd to coiKoiiilate the
various custom distrii 's The tnt-aMiro
provides f'.r a polled', r at Meniphis at
; ! 2(KI per annum, one in the Nashville
district at ft'HKl, one at Mobile at J20"0
and Pearliiiirloii, .Mis;j.. with a col
lector at $l20o, and I'.i cagoula is
liamed as the principal port of eiilrv
in this tlistrict.
i:nm n
has returned from Mot Springs great
ly beiitfitetl by his trip.
roTAI, OKIiKlts,
New Postmasters and New Ollices
C. VI. Hannah. U:iiiiiah,JaekMii count v,
Ala.; Ann Piadlnrd, .Moss, Marengo
county, Ala ; Win. A. J. Wann,
Wannvilii -, J at ksou county, Ala.;
Marion II. Maims, N'nola, Cannon
county, Teiin. ; John T. K i-e, Ligelia,
L'Oid'-rdale eoiiniy, Til is-i.
Foii'tli Chs p!ilinustf i's C.mr.ris
sioiied V. O, Keteiium, OaHaril,
Tel. n. ; .lames II. NichoN. Carli;-,
Aik.; Oliver II Heiterman, IVrkioine
vi! It-, Teiin.; Win K. Hamilton, Lau
lel, Ala.
iut:,r service change!-: Alabama -Seottshorimgh
to G ray's Chajiel, fro n
May 21st, for change of site of Gray's
Chapel, increase distaiue one mi -.
Tennessee J imro to Franklin, permit
post irast jrs at Franklin ami Ferndule
to exchange mails as oftmi as ilesited
from J line 1st to N-ptemher ;!Oth of
each ye."r, provided the same are ear
ned iu a locked pouch by a sworn car
rier and without expense to the de
partment. Mississippi Chew's Land
ing to Marksville from July 1st, in
crease service to three times a week
between Sehula and Marksville,
twelve miles; star service between
Laurel Hill and Hope, Miss., to be
discontinued after June 30lh; special
service discontinued between Greer
and Carthage, Miss., after June 30th.
Congress hs ji ssed und tho Presi
dent Iirs approved an act to remove
the charge ol desertion from the rolls
ami records in the t flice of the Adjutant-General
of the army against cer
tain soldiers. It provides that in the
case of a soldier who lift one com
mand without a discharge, and en
listed in nnotlie-, the charge of deser
tion be remove:! upon proof satisf e
factoiy to the Secretary of War that
the second enlistment was not for tho
purpose of securing bounty or other
gratuity that he would not havo been
entitled to if he had remained tin.
tier his oiiginul tena t l enlistment.
A proviso is inserted, however, that
no soldier who, not being sick or
wounded, left his command in tho
presence of the enemy, or wf s under
arrest or ehaiged, or whose absence
from servitc ext ceded Jthree months,
shall receive the benetit of this ict.
In all cases where the charge of de
sertion is formally removed, the Ad
jutant Genera! shall issue a certificate
of discharge to the soldier, if living,
or, if dead, to his heir oi legal repre
sentative. All applications of rtdief
under the act must be 'filed w ithin
five years from dute of the passage.
attendi! 1 church at St. Johns yester
day fur the first time since he was
taken sick. He continues to improve
in health and strength, hut it is
thoin.'lit he w ill not resume duties at
the Treasury Department at least un
til next fall. Assistant Secretary Faii
child has arranged to continue as act
ing secretary.
RnntlPti Hosliieix In Bnlh Hou-eti
Itilll ltM UN-rt.
Washington, May 24. Smalt:
After routine morning bnsiutsi in the
fenati to-Jay a motion made by Sen
ut ir S.iv. ycr to p,-oi;t.e! to fie con
Inderal ion of private pel sion cams was
aa recti to, and such b Us were taken
Bp in their order on the calendar.
Senator Codcrell insisted on having
the reports M.:d iu a number ol tho
c.Htcs, aijtl had otvrta of the bills that
be considered of duobtlul ptopiiei?
In a Hiurt tlcb:iti: on one of the bills,
covering ess? that hail been rrj.v-icil
by Iho Pi.iiHieLOl'ieo, Spualf.r Cock
ri F aanl tin) chief of the di ."con w ho
hid rej -elc! to plain and w.ill piewn
aciise ought tD In; tlin liarut d from tlie
s&rwcti of the Dnit.nl State.
A number ( f the pension b'lli hav
ing h.'nn disposed of the ba.iki r.i.tey
bid was laid be'ore the Si-nate mm,
with Senator llosi's assent, ws Uid
aiitle irfonnally iu favor of ihcl' s
trict of Columhia appffr'ation bdl.
Tlia! nil', in tntn, with the usent of
Senator Plumb, was allowed to stand
over in onbr to permit Senator Gda.on
to addrefs the Senate on the mihjott
of Senator Phit"'s rciolution regBtding
open i xecn'ive HOision".
Keimlor GiliF-on denied thai any ne
cft.ity now exitting for ths discussion
i ftrcaies in Bcr)t. However ili-sira-b!e
s c cc'm'siht Lave been iu the
par;y libit -ry of our Kepunlic, it was
no longer desirable. Ha mad" piieial
leference in connsclion with his point
to the Mexican and Hawaiian Ire&tms,
which he claimed airccted qiica'io'.isof
erenieend sLould be tlisoiirtsed, Jiot
Bocr.'tly, but w i'h the utmost pnb'ifi.'y,
in o.d ir thi.t tiie rn .itilo of i)k' Dnitetl
sits rrmjnt ne ame to tiociui ior
themselves whr.'.lier thtsi trpatie.1
were really for nntioual ben elit ft for
the heiietit of a ir-iv individual as to
After Fome further duU'-te, p:rtici
ji3ttvl in by Senator Hoar and others,
tlie matter" of executive ii:nH wt
dnpr' and the Scna'e took i,p the
Lnokmptcv bill.
Senator Plunuii opposed the bill, and
?,uh!" Hoar tfufnuded it.
Ac) ititneJ.
Sh'l '
paisley Maiiie l, from the Shi
t&o li-jiiiimii'i', reiiorttMl back
!'.; toil with a r c uunientlat on
. oia.no: t'.n Si n it-t amend
ii.i ii's h" coi.curred in snd others non' )
ci;n'.t'rfe.rt in. lite re'.oiiimeuua i:a :
of tho committ e was ag-ced to. I
Among t'm ajiHiulini-nts non-con-
cr.iraui 1,-t uihi n.iowu jw iiio r iy,
aiiit,iii':ni-iit. )
iho Knu.tl-eir annnnniif.il tlm it. A
piintmem ol .Mewro. Blount, K j
and Hingham as the corif"r i a oa the
jiLostorlice appioptiatitm bill.
A number of hills were ii.'.rodjced
ami referred.
Mr. Tucki-i fVa , from theCciu
mitttieon the Jadit iary, rey .ited the
jo'ut resolution pioposing atvmtitn
tional amenJincul cn the jed ol
polygamy. Housj ra'.cii'bti.
Tht ua struggle for priori y of , 'in
BitUraiion arose between t: r special
The House linally agreed to go into
eonunittft ol the whole, Wr. .-prinper
Hi. iu tl.e cliair, on geuer::! it veuutt
Thb fr. !tii.S".r of thi ' i l. -.r. Her
on the o.ilcsoar was'heMoi -eniurtil
bill, which was pa tcl oi r w itla.nt
ohj.-'ctien, b'lt n contest wa? pani ovar
se. ling aido the nixt revi'i.iie bid
bting ono to rctliictt the number of
interna! icvenuo cf.iccrs.
'1 ho matter w.ih submittet) to the
Ho'ih" f jr its detfimination, and tout
body decided vers KW, r. ,)s niiitty
six ti pass ovor the interr.!l revenue
bill, tbe eommitteo r-.anineif its sis
bit ill ami tho oleomaigarii.e bill was
taken up and considered until the
hour of adjournment.
WASIIIt;H) oTr:s.
1 Ik' 'lelt phoue ( eniiolKrr.
Wamm.oion. May 24. iho Te'e
))liOIUC LlVestlf.ti g CotlUi.i tee lllr
in ot n fi"f 'mi to day for '! "-' pn'p ; e
of ctMpletiii'.i i' e rsford c! do.'iiu ei t
ary tvnii :i- e. Mr. Pneicu hutl wi it
ton a r ov.al hller to th " e' a rniin
Statiegt! at tiiPH'tX'P peh'.istipd ie.
the Now tv; Wart on () ,ol r I'.i.o
bad b'-ci. wr.it by him i t txeui
pile ih.' Auoiney ' l i.iial, atel
two lou:s Wiri conninn.i I iu tl s
pnsii g of sundry motions to print tbn
Inner Biii'. newspaper article ii rv'
t.eiic.e. Fit.Fy they wen' odmittetl.
The Hiuiimau then till mi tied nnl
read the Idler and allidav ;t iiotu I nil.
A. G Hell in nuawer to iho recently
putiliihe.Utli.lr.yit of Air. V, illmr, bin
ai the !at:er had not been Hi p'.cil us
evitlence, Prcf. Hell's tuiiiavit was
a'si rejected.
Ylie linkoln lull.
Y .'.sitiM. ton, May 2-L Tho House
Committee on Territories to day voted,
as foreshadowed by its informal un
ileistanding reached at the hist meet
ing, to report adversely all bills relat
ing to tho admission of l'akntaasa
State, except that, i introduced
by Mr. Springer, providing
nil enabling act for the ndmission of
tho whole Territory. This bill will be
reported favorably. All the Koputdi
cans, with Chairman Hill Dcm.l,
voted against the Springer bill, and
all the Domoera'soxccpt.'.he chairman
voted in favor of it.
The Anll-l"tlKniujf Amendment
Washington, May 24. Tho r p: r:
of the Hoiue C.'inuiittee on Judxiaiy
to acccmpany the joint lesilu'ion )iro
p sin a c institutional a:rcnd incut on
tlie euhjett of paly amy in a h ug dee
ument, tleaiing in lit tail wit'i ail
branches of tho subject. A coniider
nb!e pjrtion of the repart is tlevoietl
to a discussion showicg tlml CanKrfss
lias the nowt r to deal wi.iilliHqneiiti' n
in the Terri'.oticH. As to tlie rumotty
proposed, the renortsiys: "Vonrconi
mitlee tletply oep'oro null a.l o.nl
citizens tho exit'tsn'ua o' the evil, mid
deem it to hi? of first impo'iance th .t
while the remedy s'iaII lie r.vl
ital it shall tie in entne
consistency with tho cnnetitutinrul
print ijiIpr ot t ur ncstem of govern
merit, ami eball comniend itself to Hi t
judgment of the (mi; try und m nkii.d
bh in hannony with the sscrfd rithts
of cor.scicnce snd the cardinal th c
trine of our bee institutions, and
temdeie.1 by a spirit of chmieiicy,
moderation snd rnnn minions charity.
The evils of the Monnr.n systeni are
deeper than can he cured by ordinary
legislation. To june-h the ollVnder
may bu accomplisi.ed by law, lint to
i-xliri ato the syslein, to traditate it
from llua Union of fe) p.ml civilized
commouwcalih', will nqtrrs achanire
in tiie cojHtiiut on. Th relh i
ona aspfc! of ti c nutter U dis
cussed .-ts follows: It hue
liten the settled teioiion of iu
best dtf.-mleis of r. hious consent e
that when r digio i-i faith .aWrntita
crime it, s.iic rt - ciunok. iihieid it
from thi) minify f tliejp'vil l.i'. ai
long a -lit is a ipi ', ti jffof laidi be
ti "i the ii an itod b;s God ton civil
1- u c'.i.-m t int"rt rK, bnt vl.tm faith
bl -.iliS o il l!-t.t Hlll'J
t : h-ws oiio :n'y cintic
gvo i in n.tr ' i i y to t ie ciaiital. li
t i s bu (tn, he K't''' 'riinlit On ipi in
to fit on the c auk if rel'gicn ti
se, ,..! .pi.;f fiom jiv.ticfi. Y' urioi.-mi't-i-
fe d f t .-li- i tint nothing pro
pound by them to tbe House w II
in the slightest h gre trench
n)nn t!:e sacted curins of religions
librity. It i eems ti tho committee
that tlae si? piuVJMi.ois H'cnro to tlie
linion, (' co". In and tho V irigrew of
the Ur.ian c.nopai'eXjittii rUy to ex
tirp.i'e tiiu si ?te:t- of pj.yjjiiTiy and itfl
1 in i i-i! ethit-s, po'y.a n ets t stoci.-.tion
or "cohi.bita'iou bt-.! "e ii th sexes."
I'o' erir.if are fixed ! eoiut'Tulioual
.o.lii.iln.n.tliO piin:i-biii.'i.-t is ;.rc wj-trfd
;v 1 1 r f, and tlis j-iduia! jiiwer
ol t ie I'aited Slates w-,1 enforce th
( (ihi-,, : ,,l on iii'fioi-t till oIIVohImts.
Ul'.-Mmidny, Un'l, IWH, in il; la
ti hi , ill lt,T ro.tiil.-iii-.. Nf. C-.:! tlooriria
r-vA. Mm. Ansa M' Pi O'tt wife of M. Mis
r.n-.i... ,.
Insiuinin hiali nia.ii y. ot. .Ineili' rliun-h
WKlNfc'.slAlf Di..rjhiK t U'.:!o.-.l:.
S'lfA Mor.jAV t'OrMinun, May 2), isss,
i i 'i'l lii'-k. il.tiiv A ,-mik (DM Maty
A it lii.elv), l.il"'-! I fo uf Ihmiun t-lii-u,
iii'..-ii twi-uiz-iine ymm.
Tlit) friomts m l nniunlntiinceit of tho
family ar ros .,. 1 o t iy oiviioi ti utterd llio
fiinornl Irjia hur'in ri.loMie. Nn. 1 U. Mill
ef-ei.-l. Ihit tT'i.i.StA i aHrnoon at 2
, untK iifMPiTH iSkkvick, .Meu.pUni,
Tciis.f May 'A, S-i ?d proiiOHK'S ta
fumifh f UTit("iiro ni u nthfir ruiifilifx re
'tvitfid tnr tbe Die of tli IT. H. Miiruio H -pii
at thin i-fr(t dnrinit th Cir U yp ir fn J
(riif June 10, 1MT, m ill ! rcivcti at thft'if-
('harM, tfI;-l'U', until noon of thn 1 h t
Jny nf June. l'-H-i, h'-hjiluUi will he l-ir-
nirbeti MT'on tliiiilirTiri t thif offii o. Iho
l'Tiir(i S'ati in?e t'..'i riifht ta wiiivf in
forir.niitiw. Hd Id r ii";-t in.v ll hi-li
i'.y di'ftct.oitut tfj- iptjrvinin? Huruou
Geoerd. S. T. AKMai RONm,
1 1 T
To Contactors and Builders
milBCrtldraSAW aS'P'CO. will tlotivtr
J tn biii tl'i toty "'
nd. tr. ot i.ii-l
t the lui i-.ni'. " in'ciiii lunt of
JntTi rrrnt in i t. T'l o !ihi N 7'-4 .
'' .V.tleo to Milppera.
frUkipKii, Ti.. May Id, la-i.
OViTE' ) .tiio i-r,rH'i nf Kniiii. (. tl i
Alftil-rt' an't Ciuirl-iifoo Jl,i!rniiit ol
Mond.-i., M i Met, ii i fr.t.jtit will hit r--riiivoa
-.it, t ft o'lui-V p.'O. Thurdtr, N'i.y
J7th. until L ii'.tloi-x n May HI -l.
; t.oiov oa tnftii v i.m 'ii .-.ti i ltio i.vilic,
i h "i in rrrtt'v J unto .'i m ,Ma 'i.
I A.T' fjajr ti'i'h a'l fr-a:it in rw-lu 1.1 !.-!
! :i.n.t bn ioiU';i'l"i n itt;-i ' wtiir -lotir h-
,)ft t c,,,,,,, , a tit ,,,.,. r
- -.t tiiii eii
i ;o '-ifcijnnt. Aii
h tv otr p ntil.i.
i ? nrc re)aii'i f' '.-i
l.y J o'cloi-k i. t n
kji', iitS,AX.boiHriiittinaut.
Ii. LOWENSTEIN &. BROS, havinc dlsni tlunotl thoir Shoo Depart u.t,
hnvo sold thoir cutire stock oi Boots and Shtun1o ZELLNJGIi fc CO.. 300 5uiu
Street, ot aliout half oi orifi;in;il cost, who are i'.illy tletrrmiur J to let the
general public sharo tho full benefits of tlii ;;roat purc1in.se.
BeeinainB WEDNESDAY, MAY 2Gth, these f;oodn will bo put ou salo at
ZELLNjER & CO.'SShoe Storr., :J0O 3Mfaiu. S'.rc; 1. at such low prices heretofore
uk known here. Tho goods aro fresh net! desirable, most of tli.ui this season's
We have also Marked Down Our Own Extensivs Slock of Boots and Sr.ocs to correspcil
Tho early comers will have tho best pick of Styles and Sizes. Dou't let this
opportunity pass as it doos not come often.
; I 'en Is.
1I)0 liunt'hor 0rii-h t'ouitii:r, w.iith tl to
i.' lull liuiii'h.
1 1)U OU. i
lor an olin tnt lino nf now arel iltlr:ili!e
Par.ntilit, all "f thii tta.iin, w.irth
iitiur to mill triil(t,
A 25 per cent.
Kotluctlon on nil our lino Ibimk Vrent (IooiIh
Poll iMONlMY.
A 25 per cent.
Ilciluctinn on our lu?t week'fl priiM on alt
now ittei liaiititi-lal lruBi c'iuilMUiitlniiif.
FANS Hifdnotno Satin aiifj Kent her i
i'liiirt lor CouiiiHinrtHiiont, in HliitOi :
creitin, bluo, iniik find roJ.
81 (to.
Fluent KnifHph mid ViUn
Htraws i' ni" shut-t
ti J hiilfi 1'iitM'd troiu :
51) Cents.
lintufln4 litio 't' new tScliiiil Huts,
himI idiiiti full tlr.-tts HlK( K'wd
jirn!od Irmii to S2.
1 ! I. j Trll. 1 i UO '
J i
Dnliinot Barn Mnda to Onler.
AKffNI UO. nilMllllK ( O ,
S71I Nfrtmtl Nlrrl, M.iinihl, 'I't-itii.
DK. K. L. LANK1,
riijHicbin, Surgeon antl Accoiiulier,
8111 Mala (Street, Xer 8 nlon.
Tdlei'hnnti No.Wt.
Curiiorsterti' Picnic, Juno'Jtl.
SKALK') Illim (or tha Park I'rivilPKf
wtjl In rreeivud up to 5 o'nliick
Nitlnriluy, Jlaj 2tllli.
ED S. WKDKAUI.-i, Kr.T.iturv,
K 17 l.i' ll.'tl lr(..t.
Valley Lands for Sa e Cheap
I)WN ahnnt f( nor of TIM 11 Kit
LANDS in Dolivnr county, Mitttiitini'l
on inti noHr the lino of tho Lou in iliw, New
(;rkao8 and 'iexas Hailrrmd. I will either
foil in a bndy or la rmn truo'.M to 5int ur-ch-iorH.
Pa tit deairinff fin ti in nor or
o'"l I until fr HRrirtil urn I ruri"ict itre in
iteil to oxamini) thn-o tiinH l (ro buying
ehrW'M r. I'ri ir mi 8 t ; vtr arre. ono
third rfi. hti'inmi n e'luy tt-r n. uithhr
cant. i -r annum inltirn, t.
C -i jjCU'lT, H-h. 'l if-, Vim.
I o i In Trtorltfttc I'ublir,
M vavii), Tr.ws , May 24, ln8f.
OWINd U tbe ohaofr! 1 uifo of tb
anl Clitrfeftn Hailoiil t:i
M''D inv. .May .ilnt. N'. '.' Ir.' iric Moinplii
ftt l':J,0 p.m. Muy Mill will h -Iu contin m-l .
Nj 4 !f iivincr MeriU'hi nt liirin a.Ui.May
fli't. will h di''-'niin'io'i.
No I arriving tit .IIoji fWu at ft .:r..
V'iv 'I .-it will tie wliuiiil-jiit'tl. Ni iutriwiw
t Mnriirhi at - I'. in. Muy CI ' t r
Hh'tTtdof eJ.
Itpdiili truiti will bo rtvumetl, r-jnini'ir.i
intf wi : h thn fcrtf,.T ill m o tumo Utntti, .t
:JJ i.in. M.ty X
K. I;. I'K'iltAM, F'lrerintrntlout.
.Mississippi ATenuoNhe K.K.(V.
SfrkholfTH Mllnif.
UlUrHIr', TllVK , MakJ- Z,
ryUY, Prfliid-Dt and I)irfl.-t..r- f t ...
I Hikijii nd T-um'rtji ttnii ,
i"n,v, in Krr'irfl nri with r't fit ! of '19
phintr't Mii-I ( umi'itTiy, Im'rliy -;.) a icti
ril uiofll uf ol the a 10 -liU'il.ter ' in thi 1 1 ' ;u
. .nj , to i- ticid in tho ttfi -r; ? 't'm '' m. r
i t, ia V..i'hi, Trn., n tt iim! : jr.
Ih 3UU tl . jr ufjiuif, ItH f,,t it 1 Uf
p.i- of i-)iir(tirti), aft ;i(tin on 1'.-. ' " -tr..'N;
ah in -r if d by lux- i i j. t ;i 1 1 h
il-y i .i''.V. 'HV: A ( f .1 u I iii.n i'c- Mr
ir-(".t, - tn TraK t n H i" r ''if i i NT n"
. . ti (imvii' UrfJ ' 'fufptl . ;' '. 1
: i; ii H if hi - O-ni ,) .
i'.i(.r yf tho l'rnMicr.t tu il fJ i
I';f',vr" e'.a.l.Ail,tv..-,;..'. ,
Sale to continue Thirty Days.
john p. mum mmm iackiees
Victor Wagon Scales, IVincl and Orag Scrapers,
DesJardins, lilier & la tes
:11- 1AIX ST. , ,3K.vai.IIIN, TliK'W.
J. H. . V. H . I), lilill l'ul, J. W . H 11 F. T.
Lute of J. ti. Day it Son. Lata of .V i-n.-t. am . li-nl' n. t.n'a ol lliol.f. It Civlnrtt 1
3G0-302 Front Sfrot Momphis. Tcnn.
Mill In iw rm rlirf.
m 7W.fc Oj.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. lt.f;0iVVl,rWt. J. M. OoiThTk',' 'viiwfl'rPB't. H.AIE,CUiltlt
Ilo jure of X lrputorn.
W. H. HKUCrt. M.i.AVIN, J. W. F.I l.l.H.
K. M. NKIsoJ, T. II .-IMS, W. V, IWNAVAVi.
.1. M. HMtTti, C1MRI.KS fiVRl' I'. J. I)LAt:K.
W. N. WH.K.RRHON, 11. I . t'oOI'I'.ll, II. K. COI'FIN,
JOHN AUMlhiKAU, C. U. illii A.S. A. W. NKWSOM.
MtA niMMl(rr nf Hit. Mnlf of ImiiM.fii. 1 riina.ir.'a n tlnifliil Bnakl,4r
Ha.iHtMUi n.t.1 Klti ta,.4i.lnl Allil.fla t I1,tllwtli.i.n
i ' ' iii i ii i J
j'uiliif m tro-n tn:irmit t. y,y rt. !nri n r.) -n-t 'it wun nr' ( t
1 "in) to f.MU iiii 1 -(imiit y, tn or Jt t iTt r tu (he ptihlir tlie Into! ?
i -lit ci ii iii'lo tit i o .n n ii'iln )-ri' 11 . I w ! h to tunKo (; ni 1 w i - S
Vf.u.i f ii v t if; 't n I'.r tfH --rf ifi,f nf h'Mti-;f ',!'i !
J ..Ki.i i f KJ1 I I'lDM'.'iF.iIH, mi!f!i urn n- tvmlf V i "i.-i
2 in ii ? '.i'tri iif my 0 i'W1 J i :uitl ti.n putiln', at my old wt.t..ti, t
f , al...,..,l .....1 l.ll...... ill. ?
Orv Uouds.
S - .
Noh. 32 and 32S Slnin St.. fllempbt.'i, Toan.
IJIl lH, w hirll wn ollnr l i Ihl Tr i In u;i m tim limit fH"rnhl tnrmi. Our prlc
wilt ootupiird fHvoratuy with tliov ol uny mitrket in fie I'tiiioii Mntoi. We are AvolU fur
TuuncHHre Mjiunrui'turliiir !o.'8 l'lulil-t, lrlll, (Slitrctlii, Miirtia, Ftc.
Xo. Main Hirvvt, Slemhin.
Pianos and Org&ns
at i.oniAf 1'iiit rs roii isn o!t Ti?ir
fthwt'WiJfcw and KnoLsi. Xtv Pijmos for Tin:
L. 1). MliLUNH.nl Mto J. K. 0"Uwln A (.' i.
Ccitou Factors &Commi.ssion fiierclianfc
Wm -LL ,njt j ma tim i i i nn. i I -' MMMutmwwr m aMWWwamMMC
.t1 Coivjufion Kftfi;7..U
Pii M,
Hl'b a lull Hort-
NltW Mlltl
: : 7AIL0L
V-'JV ('lv ii now fii.lM. rcrtfln-
" ft
L? f I ALE
0?J UJLiii S hills
MIqiis, Hosiery
;;.jr, i,.:? . j. w. ti..iwr.'i v

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