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i I
TIEDAT, : : Mi 25, 1888.
Tlie rVmocratic convention that
Hill ba rullcil to onler at the Expo
sition Tiuililing this morning at 11
o'cl'ik Mill t'U'ci seventy live dele
gates to the folate convuution that is
to meet vii the !th of June ami nomi
nate live emiliihiteg for Just'ces of
the Supreme Court. Shelhy cotir.ty
has hut one candidal! to
pre ent, and it is expected
that while the delegation ehall go
Uiiinstrtiotjrl it will do all that is pos
sible to Pec n re his nomination ; that
by resolution Capt. Folios bliall he
presented an the prt fc-rred candidate
of the county the one man above all
othe s whose election is most desired
by this people. Wc are in a measure
responsible for his candidacy and are
honorably bound to stand by fcim.
We a'sumed months a'o that Shelby
should be represented on the Su
premo bench, and the public mind
was concentrated on Mr. Turley as the
man. When he declined the honor
Ca;t. Folkrs was called out, Hnd has
been thoroughly sustained and en
couraged ever tince. He is our candi
date, at d we are all but pledged to
su ure his nomination.
THE NT All: OF Til Altl..
The business outlook grows more
ami more encouraging. The strike has
dwindled from 1!50,K)U strikers on the
1 Ith insUmt to '17,000 on the 21st
This is a rapid decline, and one that
assures a present adjustment of labor
to capital, anil a quick recovery in
the mar future o ail that
iw lost by the weeks
during which so many workshops
were silent and railroad truflic was
impeded, From the crop centers the
news is equally encouraging, and
everywhere the prospect is regarded
as p' omitting. It is too early yet to
nay anything definite as to cotton,
but it is reasonable to presume that,
with favorable weather, great progrcHi
has been made in planting and
that the acreage devoted to the Blap'o
will not full below that of last year.
In financial circles wo get very en
couraging reports. The clearances for
the week ending (Sa urday woro 10.8
per cent, increase over those of the
week previous, showing a steady cuin
as the increase for the week ending
ine K.tn was 12.8 over the pre
vious week and those of the week
ending on the 8th were UOO.OOO,
(XX) more than for tho week beforo
that Tn the stock market traders had
"it all to themselves and all their own
' way," there being no controlling forco
in speculation. In New York tho
Chronicle reports commercial paper as
"unchanged, except that some banks
have shown a disposition to secure
paper maturing in October, which
they have not heretofore been williog
to take j short acceptances falling duo
in June, July and August have been
generally ' absorbed. Commission
house names with four months to
run are in moderate supply, tho
makers borrowing against un
sold stocks of goods. Should
the clearing-house bank returns show
gains hertafter in deposits and re
serves, it is anticipated that more of
this paper will be taken and more of
lereil. Tlrg indicates the growth of
confidence in progress, and tho
greater hopefulness which prevails
regarding the business and industrial
situation. There was a rise in tho
nominal rates of foreign exchange
Tuesday, but after that tho market
was dull nt the advance until yester
day, when it became strong, and en
gagement for gold shipments to
I-ondon were made to the amount, of
i7fi.r,51L'. lxiwcr rates of discount in
the open market, London, induced
foreign bankers to buy long ster ing
instea 1 of abort, as being tho more
profitable, and hence gold shipments
earlier in the week were avoided."
The decrease in tho amount of gold
held in the New York banks during
the week was ftki'J.OOO. The Ihink of
Kngland reports a gain of .!3,C00 bul
lion during tho week. This represents
15,001) net received from abroad and
7800 from the interior. The Hank
of France shows an increase of )7,0L'"i,
OOOfraiKs gold, and a decrease of
3,9011,000 francs francs silver, and the
Dank of Germany, since the last re
port, gained 7,50 000 niarkB.
There Is much disaaliBfuution in
Tdtitenee with tho judiaciry sys'em
of 'ha State. The Ju Jgos of the Su
j.nun Court fesm to lave written
over tke d-i v of the edifice in which
thtyjjispeuse Uw and juitice: "The
cit'cn who eaters here in pnrtuitof
bit rghls leaves hope bohiud." The
hw's delay in the Supreme Court of
tho St ti is a mocksry of justice.
Tuere is louuthing radically wring in
thaejs em wh ch deprives the citiieu
of h's ti!ils thiough so many years
of expensive litigation. Kvery county
in the $Ute tells the same strry of
men stibn i ting ts flagrant, ra'pable
wring and injasticj r.itlier than up
t eil to a tribunal where the costs are
increased anltha ciS3 slumbers for
yia s. Tho f.equent reverjal of the
du-i'ion of the Judges of the inferior
conns ia a Hihjict of gensral com
men'. The charges of some
of these Judges to the jury
have b.'rn made tl-e mhjer.t
cf c:nteinplnons riJicule. Some
of the tours have become a moikt'ry
a')J a iiKe. Public opinion demands
re' n The people are inquiring
i i'n ti.o ciu.o of t ie ruinous delpy in
b-.slns bo.'.r the S,i;icma Cocr', I
x.v the in cam potency o! nuny ol tli-i j
.Ja-!gec cf tho lLfjrior courts. The
ol ' c.t'z m wi.o re.aflin er when the
highest court cf the S ate was prompt
in repiirirg wroius, kept up with tho
bus'-if's rretrtd t i's adjuJics'.i? n,
and when the Judges of the Inferior
courts were the pride and boast of the
people, express the opinion that the
fvil to onr judiciary began with elect
ing judges by the politicians, who
prison everytairg they touch. The
psople do no wrong, snl while they
can be trusted many of the wisest and
purest men of the country believe
that no judge cin have that impar
tiality necesstry to the purity of bis
high place who re jeivea his cc minis
sion from a parly, and sees otnid the
suite rj cJDstif uents uppn whrsa good
will depends his sala'y. There would
be no objection to an electivo judi
ciary if good cit'secs would aid in
nomirating and eliding the best men.
But it is well known that the average
citizen of the United Statei is so
prettied that he is on the ran from
daylight nntil he tetirei late at night;
and bis home itt-c'f, if it cin be called
home, is merely a roo3t in which to
sleep. The result is our political
duties ere turned over to the tings.
who devote thair ample time to nom
inating candidates for other men.
We boast of the right of trial by jury
when everybody knows that there is
nothing so unioitiin as the verdict
of a jury. Tho fact that the
public pre.s of the country is com
plimenting the jury that convicted
Jaehne in New York ehows that the
country has no confidence in the jury
6)B'.em the boos cd pa Iadium of lib
erty. To call twelve men into a box
to hear and find upon nice points of
facts and law seems stupid and absurd.
Ignorant men are caught up from the
highways-men utterly Ignorant of the
suhtleties of the law, tco stupid to com
prehend the facts, and are expected to
comprehend both the facts and law,
when they have harJly enough com
prehension lo keep themselves out of
jail or the fire. The intelligent, the
hotter class of citizens are 8 vera o to sit
ting on juries, which is their abomina
tion. They have not the time, and the
compensation is S) inadequate that it
seems monstrous to demand their val
uable bourj for such a pitrpoje.
It is true that each one, when
he finds hiimelf a party
to a cult in court ia indignant that a
panel is made up of men oither incapa
ble or vicious, or both. It is a well
known fact that in every important
cose the respectable lawyers recom
mend their clients to employ shysters
to fix the jury. And then when a liti
gant takes an appeal to the Supreme
Court from the verdict of a jury thus
fixed and composed of ignorant or cor
rupt men he finds no redress. Triaj
by jury the palladium of our liber
ties can be materially Improved. It ia
hero to stay, but beyond question it
lacks that perfection which orators
c'alm for it.
The M. t;. Urueral Conference.
Richmond, Va May 24. The Meth
odist Episcopal Conference to-dav
passed a resolution that the book
gent pay to the birhops and bishops'
widows the amounts designated to be
rata inom annually, aggregating
000. A resolution was auoDted that
United States Senators Harris.
Whitthornn and Alorcun be re
quested tn look after the publishing
House claim hetore Uonitress. The
Committee on Mission Work reported,
approving cooperation wita the
Woman's Mitsionary Society. A res
olution was adopted praying the at
tentioa of the Frident of the United
States to the in'ernatlonal tieaty with
China, the disregard of which threat
ens violence to the miesionaries of
the church in tha. country. The re
mainder of the morning session wa
consumed in dlscusticg the temper
ance qne-tion.
The Committee on Temperance sub
mitted a very leDgthy reporr, express
ing opposition to the manufact
ure and f ale of lntoil(a'ing liquors ex
cept (or medicinal and mechanical
purposes. The committee's report
recommended that church members
engaged in liquor trallic he treated as
in cbs of imprudent einduct. It was
adopted efter stibtti'utlng the word
'"immoral" for impmdenr.
ttonlhrra rrmbyierinna.
Ai'ochta, (Ia., May 24. The evolu
tion discussion occupied to-dav in the
Presbyterian General Assembly. Ir.
G; I). Armstrong condemned lr.
Wood row's theory as dangoroiM. Ir.
Woodrow replied' this afternoon.
Mtulcnl nt the Cniilno
The German Casino will give an
other of their d-dinhUul mus calcs to
niiiht, the last of the aeaton. 'J he f I
low nu attractive programme will be
Duet for pimm Ildcthovcn
Prof. SohulM, Mr. JI. Sertoli.
Qutrtolte Abt
0itio l.iddarUfol.
Iuet fnr flute Hnd iUno, Cniric-o le
Conrt ... A. Tenm-hark
Mr. Ir. Dcutarh, Prol. l. Itruch.
bopritna nolo with Yiolin oblignto,
Anel' Sersnmle (i. lirnirer
Mii Uenevieve Seeoiit. Mr. 0. (1. K.uen-
1'ln'nHr, t ol in .
Duot for tenor and bui from Sirs lell.
Mr. II. retornon and CUm. Ebrlirt.
riuno tolo Solecliun
Mim Kflit rl.
Ovartiir Schubert,
l'rof. bchulte and Mr. M. Schotl.
Keoiution Selected,
Mini l.illie Althmme.
BinsSolo: "How Kir rt Thou," H.Weidt.
,. Mr. A. Kci.
Iolui bolo: Cava'.ina I. Rgff,
Mr. C. 0. Hoeeuitlaenter.
boprano Solo r-'olocted,
MiR (lenevieve Specht.
Trio for Violin, Cello nj l'inno Bcriot,
.ie."nr. KosenpUentcr, W. Mau!, an j
l'roi, it. Shalte.
IIo for ''.HhkiioUh P
The i ale of the beautiful shaded lets
at ' Magnolia, "to fully advertised else
wlnio in our columns, will take place
rWiiy, and F. W. Koyeter A Co. are
tit lighted wi:h the ccr a;n prcspect of
a h'g crowd and a good sale. Property
Fsdtsir-ible as t:iee loti is very fei
riom otlerrd fi r s!e, and the public,
knowing this, will make the best use
of the opportunity.
Hotkl S-t. tisomfs, 61 Clark st'eet,
Br ok!yn, tireprocf, bebt constiuction,
s lemlidly located on Prooklyw
Ileiidi'e, olote to Hridee, handv 'to
(cutral roitts of New Y. rk City ami
Cc:iy 1 -t'u'Ht, with nine luxury a'
: -t-t'.'rd priiei; 400 rojms, all elec
trt ;-lihted (U) i batb-roctinni, hmi I
t iu?'y dm rated: very best ophol
e;c t fun i'uie; ti ieit bedding; con
c. i'ed to be mi of the tinett hotels in
tho country. Transient rates, $2 M)
per day, with private to, lit. Single
room", 51 per night.; open all night;
cuijin-i unsurpassed.
Detective Metullongli's Experience
WilhI'rel'er's Murderer While
He Was la Jail.
Sr. Louis, Mo., May 21. The rumor
that a witness, who is said to have
seen Maxwell make an rtU-mpt to
niurd- r Preller In lioston, previous to
arrival of either of them in this citv,
would testify in Maxwell's case, drew
a larger crowd to tho Criminal Court
this morning than has been present at
anytime eiwo the opening of the
case, but their desire for the sensa
tional had up to nsmi not been grati
fied, for tho testimony taken this
morn'ng differed but little from that
of previous days.
a druggist testified thot Maxwell, ac
companied by a man whom he Mip
jiohc.1 was Preller, had come to his
store on Kaster Sunday, 1HK5, at about
1 o'clock in the afternoon, and
called for tomething to quiet the
nerves. Witnecs preoared a mixture
and gave it to the defendant. The
mnn whom he supposed was Preller
purchase' several toilet articles and
paid for them, exhib ting at the time
a large amount of money. Haw the
two mnn af erward at u (igar stand in
the Southern Hotel buying cigars
Preller paid that bill also. Cross
examination developed nothing new.
testified that tho defendant came to his
shooting gallery on the evening of
Kastt-r Sunday about 0:30 o'clock and
shot at a target several times. His aun
was unsteady, and he seemed nervous
and excited ; also appeared to be under
tlieiiillucnce of liquor.
to which Prrller's dead
body was
tikcn, was recalled, and testified that
the lip of the deceased appeared as if
a heavy black moustache had been
shaven from it. A clerk in tho morgue
corroborated this statement.
c. A. niHiior,
ono.of the attorneys for tho prosecu
tion, testified that heexamineds ortly
a Iter Prellor's body had been discovered
tho personal ell'ects found in the
trunks left at the hotel by Maxwell,
and found, among other things, a
copy of Co per's Physician's VaJo
Mecuni. The book was marked on
page J2, which described Clover's
method for the administration of
chloroform. Witness also found a
bottlo entailing chloroform among
Maxwell's abandoned effects.
not that, however, wh'ch the thronged
court-room expected to hear, was
given by J. F. MuCullougli, a detec
tive who, under the direction of De
tective Furlong, District Attorney
Clover and his assistant, McDona d.
forged acheckon an Eastern house and
n esented it at c no of the city banks.
Ho was arretted and placed in jail and
ass gned a cell adjo ning that of Max
well. Ho testified that immediately
after his incarceration he introduced
himself to Maxwell and worked him
self into his confidence, and about ten
days afterward ho became cngiged in
a conversation with Maxwell about
the hitter's case. Durinir this nonver-
sation the defendant told the witness
that tho on'y point in his case about
wincli tie felt une rtain and uneasy
was that concerning the monev. lie
BUM that if lie could onlv nrovn t.lmr.
he had plenty of money when Preller
came 10 ft. iahiw, tie would have no
anxiety about a speedy acquittal. Tho
witness ottered to fix t'uit all right,
but told ihe defendant that he must
know all about the case or he eonl.l
do nothing. The witness added that
Maxwoll then made a free and full
onfession of all particulars of the
case, beginning with his tirHtaequaint
ance with Preller, how on shipboard
ho noticed Preller had in his posses
s on a largo amount of money, how
tliey separated in lioston, Preller go
ing to Philadelphia mid Maxwell coin
ing to St. Louis. The defendnnt in
this confession said that only Friday
night, nfter Preller joined him in this
city, he told him (Maxwell) thai it
would bo impossible for him to pay
the defendant's way to Auckland,
whither they had arranged to go to
gether. This, said the defendant to
witness, argered him greatly and ho
determined to then "fix him" for his
meanness. On the following night ho
and Preller werosittingin the former's
roon, when the latter complained of
severe pa ns in his side. Maxwell
said, "Oh, I can fix that nil r ght, 1
have treated such cases before." He
then injected hypodermically into his
friend's arm a sullicieiit amount
of morphine to render h;m un
conscious; after he had b'en in triat
condition for some time, ho bound a
ch th completely saturated with
chloroform about his victim's head,
"and this," ho confessed to the wit
ness, "ended tho business," He then
secured all of Prellor's mniey, about
fSOO in all, besides tho most of his
valuable per onal effects, and planned
his escape, the details of which are so
well known.
Mr. McDonald then brought the
witness back to the arrangement to
have witness sw, ar that he had money
when he left lioston. He asked Max
Wrll what ho wauted. Maxwell ex
plained that he wanted the witness to
prove ttiat lie had a large buhi of
money before he left. Boston. Max
well said the witnrss would ,siv that
they Ii-mI met him in a cluh-r om at
Young's II tol, and had called ut his
room. They could state " tlmtMhev
wero with him, and that on the d ty
he left Boston they dropped into
Murphy's to take a drink and Max
well treated; that he had a la go roll
of bills, and one of them suggested
that he was carele s in carrying bis
bills so loosely in his pocket, and
they could swear that thev saw $"0U
or KiOO in bills, he didn't care much
what The two men then agree t on
the manner ol making up the story of
posting the witness's alleged friends
how to testify It was first sug
gested that the two friends be intro
duced to Maxwell's attorney, and then
brought into jail to see him, but this
was dropped. Maxwell said he m gh'
get bond and get out, so it was agreed
that they should arrange for the meet
ing by fixing certain means of identi
fying each other. On a card Maxwell
wrote "Frank DinglVlder" with "2v."
under each end of the hotp. The
witness explained th.it ' 2 w." meant
two witnesses The card was torn
into to pice s.Maxwell taking ore
and putting it into his drawer in h:s
cell, and the w itness taking the other.
The witness had a card on one side of
which was "Hon John T M-rtin.
at orney at law, St. Louis, Mo.." ami
on tho other "1508 Washington ave
nue," and "Young's Hotel." The
cards were shiwn by the witness 1
"What else did he want the wit
nesses tn swear to'.'"
"He Mild that he wanted them to
testify that they met Preller in Poston
""mo time in June. IS-So. tv.w siok.- tu
him, but Preller asked them not to
say anything alxiut seeing him, as it
might prevent hiru and Maxwell get
ting the money they wanted, but af
te ward he said he (lid not want this
testimony, as the defense would prob
ably be accidental killing "
"Was anvthing e'se said about the
"1 said something about the money
that my friends wero to swear to, and
Maxwell said there would be no
trouble about paying, as there was a
barkeeper at the Southern Hotel who
would swear that he had 7U)with
him. He said ho wanted that sworn
to, as it was tne missing link."
"Did Maxwell ever say anything to
you about chloroform being the best
method for killing a man ?"
"A few days after 1 got in jail a man
was shot -Dr. Coates, I believe. The
prisoner said that if h had a man to
kill lie would not do it that wav; that
chloroform was so much easier.'
After the conclusion of McCul
lough's testimony, the court adjourned
until 2 o'clock, when his cross exami
nation will be proceeded with.
It was most 3 pm. when tho court
recponed. The rom, which is a
Broad one, was crowded in every part,
and the interest of those present was
very great
The cross-sianrna'ion of MsOul
lougQ continued eterest length and
did not clo'e until a late h-iu, but the
di'oet teevimnny was not materially
shaken, and the opinion prevails that
the chances of the defendant for
arqimul have nearlv vanished. It is
Slid that the Bute will, in all likeli
bcod, re t their case to-morrow, and
there is much speculation as to what
cou:8 3 the detente will take.
i rriti:sTi; i:imisisArrii
Tb ICexnU nt Kiiiowitlon Iny
1'lnn lulruiliK-ctl by I'roT New
bnrrtt, lo'lest the Taplla.
xi AKTI.ETT, Tknn., May 22. Last
Wednesday, Ihursday and Friday tb
06ual monotony of our litt e villase
was disturbed, not by a hail s orm
this time, but by the clotdng exercises
ot liartioit Inuuirg InBtnute.
Wednesday and fliurtdiy wers de
voieu to ric nt: oris. I nnae ixeiciaes
were net epical prerant'ors aud m
views for public s-how. tut wi-ri nv-rv
day exen ise. And the inteieitand
tnorouK'iiiPts manilea ea by both
leacuers ami pupus was truly grat-
uy nig.
11 TI - 1 . i . i
yu xuurjafy mgnt me iixcolsior
Literary society had its exercises.
consisting of original speecais, biogra-
iiuirB, narratives, description, ora
nous aart e discussion of the
question, " Is Wonwn Mentallv Eunal
to Man." The atlirmative was reim-
ssnted by MiEseiAda Vvihiford.Willie
Miller and Irene Clifton; the negative
uy iuessrs. j. AmucEie, wateon Will
iams and E. Uillttt. The efforta on
both sides were elegant, but the ladies
gained me omstiun
Among the mist excel'cnt efforts
may tie ineat.ioncd a biorf.phy on
Jame A. Garlisld. bv Monroe Go ten :
on Oliver Goldsmith, by Miss Birdie
raunsjn; speeches in debat ny Miss
Mime aimer, Ada WUUIotd and W.
Willie, "fcouthera Women; Their
Mission, by Miss Lizz e Pope, was sn
oration replete in thought, and deliv
ered w.th e oauence end diitinefnuBn.
The vdedictory, by J. P. Bond, and
the nspinse, by Prof.G. E. Newta-dt,
were inn oi nooie and sound ideae,
nun npoKcn very impressively.
Friday was ihe Exposition dav,
Thia is a new dfprtuie in echoal ex-
amma ions, inbles adorned with
ait.ftic tiste aad dcalgp, partitioned
mi luviung, nor. i- r nnnger oi pnyj
ical man, but. tor lnt"'lhc:ual enj y-
ment. Uu these werj anaagel the
writie i worss ( I each pui il. t s pre
pared from time to time, fr r. cite
t ons during the school year. They
were labeled with name and dete.
Here were ditgrams, analysis, pars
lug, outlines, letter ol frinndhin.
business, etc., essiys, compositions,
no es of payment, d'altj, solutions,
caicuiHt'OLs, noio notep, sarvevinc.
Latin, German, etc. In short, every
branch if stutfv was represen'ed
Maps, diagrams, plots, etc.. adorned the
wans. ach pupil, iron tho A BC np,
stood at h s BS8ict,ed post read v to ex-
p'ain to the visitors who were pacsinc
examining and questioning. Tola was
truly an "exaosition' exDOsino both
teacher and pupils and showed very
clearly whether any progress wasmaue
Dy ine pupns
Trof. Joh Xewhirdt is 'he pioneer
in West Tenuesiee and Missif sippi in
this work. He is the fi st teacher
who introduced this "Home School
Expo3ition" and used it succaesfully
in West Tennorsce. This was obout
nine years ago in Dyer county. He
also intr diced it in Mississippi at
Iuka. All the Ua'jneis whom he
trained are usicg it succeftfnl y.
On Fiiday night Misj Lelio "Hatha
way received an elegant opy of
I)anle'$ Inferno for the best improve
ment in penmanship, from Dr. J. F
Miss Lul Williamaon received th
?:old medal for proficiency in music
rom Mm. J. F. Cochran, our exce:
lent teacher of music.
Mr. John P. Bond delivered his
graduating oration on "Labor and
Cjpital." It was a masterpiece full r.f
sound ideas and proved that the es
tablish meiit of a P.uraa of Arbitra
tion ty the government would onlv
be an expense without tood result,
Mr. lionet Is toe lirtt irraduat o! our
school. Prof. John Xawha-d; then
enferred tin degree of Bachelor cf
Pnilo:Opky and delivered an clcqu'Pt
address full of g.xd . advice. J. D.
Martin, Eeq of your city then deliv
ered an adi ress to pupils aud visitors.
It was full of good tSoughts. and he
tnongUi thtrs was a giand change in
Burtlttt Couit-HouseWrom a seat f
justice to a seat of wisdom. The mu
tdo rendered during thfc evening by
Mrs. J. F. Cochran nd MissLnla Wit
lian son was gr.tud and iuspiiicg
We a-e proud of oar school and it
promises to be the bet school in West
Tennessee. We have a commotious
huildinc, tine location and (be Messrs.
Newhardt and Mies Lizaie Popj are
not only born teachers, but skillful,
honest ar d thorough: They are cham
pions in natural and successful meth
ods and love their work.
Dyspepsia cnuea from Torpid Liver
and Ccstir.'uess, Y'ou cannot digest
voi food well unless your liver and
boarela u vrc-pe-rly. Brandreth's
Pills, taktii ens cr two at night for a
week or to, will tegula e the bowe's,
stimulate tho liver and ensure a quick
and healthful digestion. These Pi lis
are pure y vegetable, contain no niirv
erd and are absolutely harmless for
old aud ycang,
Nnllde by ltnnilaK.
IPOIA1.TO TBI arr(ii..l
N ashvii lk, Texn , May 21. Samuel
rinkei t,,n, nu old farmer lit!
'ii.nn old larmcr ntinc near
h:iu,-'!: 1 ;iuhH in lis hrn. ' !
Growing Confidence at Leading Man
ufacturing Centers The Labor
Agitation Subsiding.
Philadelphia, May 21. The indus
trial situation is improving. Tie
agitation for shorter hours is prsctie
l!y over in all but two or three cities
Four thomand workers have returned
to ten bonis. New nr.tHrnrispa
Leing held back in part. Architect
fLd builders report groiug coLli
Uence. iceal estate operations have
g eHiy fallen off, snd lower prices will
irobaoly be accepted for city and
suburban properties, before Duilding
activity is revived fullv.
During tte week large cou'rocta for
tttl rails wtra placed and icou rins
are coming in for railroad equipments
nu uriuo piate iron. La the other
hand, dullness prevails in btr'. shee s
and pigiron. Ihe iron trade geneially
io inir.
The early adjas'm?nt cf a'l coa'
strikes will est 20,000 bituminoas
miners a: work. The antbracdo de
mand is mcreas;ng. The June out jut
will be 2,400,000 tons. Both the Peiin-
eylvania company and ttie Keadipg
uuiupHoyaie esraousniog special facili
ties fur the rapid development of their
southern and coiEtwiso trade. Trices
rnie una.
The caipe'.hcsiory, silk and general
dry goods manufacturers have beon
able 10 keop quite bu.y for the dull
leason. The clothing manufaotun r),
having e'tt led their difficulties, nri
now crowding out st ck for an eaily
fall trade. New carpet-making mii-
uuiiiery is going in. This year's pro
duciiju of tex'ile goods will be in ex
cess of latt year's. The exportation of
Ainerican lexine products is incre.w
ing, as well as cf knitting and some
otuer machiticiy. Wool is quiet. The
wear's loial sales axoiiLted to 700,000
The paitlal revival of building en
terprises in Now England and iu the
Middle States ia ihe" precursor of a
g-neral revival, in spite of shorter
ncu o at-.d higher y.ay. The month of
Juue promises to be one of g at ac
tivity in lion, steel, ccal, lumber ni
in rniiwsy materia'.
The organization of employers in
pro ective organizations continues,
a id a federation among the several
brunches is contemplated.
The pojsibi ity of a reaction ia prices
is contemplated in some quarters, but
the cbaLces ere sgainst it. Manufac
turing interests will continue the re
B'rction policy throughout 1888, but
wdl expand capacity to be readv for a
sivhlen growih of demand.
C' mmerc al failures are limitnrL
Collections are not unusually difficulr.
Buj ors are very cautious in all banches
of trade and onlv actnal wants r
supplied. But little if any good is ex
pected to flow from O.n;rtssional JaVo-i-gisation.
Both lator and capital
will perfect their organizations and
thereby command tespect and consid
An impetus will be civen thin mim.
mr and fall to the multiplication of
email manufacturing enterprises by
retSDn of the production r,f chean mi.
coinery ana ine introduction of vari
ous new and improved Droceseea. An-
otnr stimulus is coming from the lib
eral ottering s of capital from those
who have heretofore refused to vent
ure outside rf tbe string of financial
centers. Besides this, at no time has
there been as liberal sceculatinna nt
a 1 kinds as at present.
Closing prices of Juno ontinns
Uh'cago yesterdav: Pork, 8 00 lard,
5.00c; clear rib sides, 5.27c, corn,35c;
w iieai, toic; oais, '.ic.
New Orleans Pieamme.: Mr. Fred
Jones, oe of our old N-w Orleans
aux, who has been absen? in Mem.
phis for the pa9t year, is now on a fly
lncr visit to his old home before takintr
his departure for Europe.
Visitors on 'Chance vesterdav:
Sam Kirkman, Florence, A'la. : B. "T
iow(ire, iiowure, aiiss ; Dr. hdmumt
Wilkios, Williamette. Ark.: W K
liorrouin, Corinth. Miss. : P. P. Puf
fin, tjavannah, Ga ; 11. M. Stephenson,
Llirranire, Tenn. : Miss Lizzie Cow
ard, city; Thomas Mull, Miss ; John
r. uucai'i Diuiuni, ivy. ; viss I'linnie
I.orranco. city; M ss Ollie llolman,
Moscow, Tern.; Miss Mollie Pnlliam,
ios8Vi!lo, Tenn.: Mr. Weaver, citv:
Mrs. M. S Lackland, ITernando, Miss. ;
Miss Mav Kason. Wall Hill. Miss
Miss Willie liison Wall 1 1 ill. Miss. ;
R. (hiley, Paton Rouge, La.
Dan Sciirivkr has returned from
Huntsville, looking improved by his
Mrs John S Wilkes of Pulaski.
Tenn , niece of Mrs. M. C. Gallaway,
s at the Peabody.
Col. B. D. Williams, ex-representa
tive of Pulaski county, is in tho city
on business and pleasure.
Mrs A. J. Quisdley of Little Rock
is visiting her sister, Mrs. K. F. Wi'l-
cox, at 209 Vance street.
Mis Kmii.v White. accompanied bv
Miss Ida Waldron. left Saturday to at
tend the commenc ment of Ward's
seminary at Nashvil'e.
Ham Williams, the deputy sheriff
who routed the strikers and saved the
ron Mountain railroad shops at L t-
tle Kock, is visiting his brother-in-law,
Mr. A. P. Tuck, on Linden street.
James Leonard, dleuate from the
New Orleans Tvpograidiical Union
a- al.- I . . n.
o me iiuernsuonni j vpograpn cat
nion, which meets in Pittsburg next
month, was in the citv vesterdav. He
took an earlv ftart: in order ti make a
short stop at various points along the
Amonu the graduates from the law
department of Georgetown (1). C.)
niversity vesterdav was Mr. James
C. Rogers, son of . James W. Rog
ers, formerly of this city, but at pres
ent of Washington; lr. John Rogers,
randfuther of James C, jrxaluatednt
the same univers ty seventy-two yeirs
ago. a
LcNPBORa'a perfume, Edenis.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndborg's perfume, lily of tbe
a1 ley.
Lundbore's pBrfume. Marcbal Niel
IIo lor "Magnolia !'
TIib sale of tho beautiful shaded lots
1 "Maiinolia." so ful.v a Iveitised else-
wlurj in onr c.ilnmne, will take place
to thiy, and F. W. Rivs'er St Co. are
rented with the certain prospect cf
big crowd an i a g-od sale. Property
i disirablo as theso lots is very roi-
loru otl'ered ior ss e, and the public,
- : ... .1.: . ;n i . i . i A
M"nuiK mi, win miiKO luo oeti usa
I tho 'jppcr'.unjtv.
jto. as iLirosoir smTrrrr,
CorJiaUy toi39 unpecliM f lia Largt, Ftoh aa
Varied Smrtita at4 tuswuw ' fitsck ef Ecflsk.
Fremca aa4 CennM vfaatrdt,
comprbiag tat Latest Designs
Gcnttemea! Wean
IV Sarajfcf am4,Prices
wte krrt left
The Wianera or the Prim at
loals What They Arc
By special request of Ihe members,
tie splendid English eetteis which
are owned at Memphis and crricd
off the przes st tbe S:. Louis
b-nch show just ended, were ex
ti'jited yesterday Rfiemoon tt iln
Co'too Lxchiini.e. Seven degs w.sie
exhibited, tbe chumpions, Paul
Gladatane, hodnrigo and Juno A.,
a o Dixie and ilaydee, beloning to
the Memphis and Avent kennel; old
Paul Gladstone and the puppy Go'd
stone, belonging to the Messrs. Biy
fons. Paul Gladstone is a b'ack, white
and tan by old clump on Glad-lone
out of, Lavalette, ai.d hes the finest
field trial and bench blow lecord ol
any dog in the world. He Lasgrfat
inielligence, t psed, tanae and "oird
sense." Ho ws exhibited st 8t. Louis
las'; week, whbie he wen the cham
pionship and special prizs for the belt
di g or u;t.!h st thj show, and a si
special ) r z f.r tue handsomest. ,K
ofsnylrjtd He is sdmi'tid to be
the iia.itlsoiiiest dog in this coun
try. He ia not quite four years old.
At the Exchange last evening he was
presented wi h a busfcet cf lovely
flowers, and al o a beauiiful fljral
co la- by an aimiring lady. He
seemd to enjoy this compliment
Roderigo is alto a black, while and
tin,-and is by CouDt Noble, out of
Twin Maud. His field trial perform
ance at Grand Junction la t fall, when
ho won the all-aged stake, was the
sensation of that sesion. In this
stake he defeated seveial previous all
aged winners. His speed, range and
style are phenomena), and fce is, be
sides, a remarkab y handsome dog,
and has won eevetal bench piizes.
Koderigo is three years old.
The Harpers save Mr. J. M. Tranv.
the celebrated animal painter, an
order to paint a picture of the two
nnest imirIibU setters in the country,
to be illustrated in their weekly, and
the painting ti be put on exhibition
in the Academy of fine Arts at New
lorKtois tall, i'aul Gladstone and
Koderiao wera selected for this nnr-
po3e, and were sent to Ocean Springs
t M T.. n.l II r
made. Aektchof the do? anneared
in the 8th of May number of Jlarper't
Thti pa nting r-p e en'sa field ecene
wich Paul aid R iderigo printing. It
can be leen in jn.w ok this faP.
Juno A. is black end white and is
hyDra'dont of Ruby. 8he isafull
Bister lo Brysoa'a ce'ebrhted Sue, row
dad. She is a capi al fielder and his
wo 4 more tran a dozen bench show
pr zes, li c'udii g a choriip'onship.
u aib ia u aci, wriiu end tnn, nd is
riy L,8QiPg IS-jrwyii out of Mat. nolle.
ciuH proveu io oe a oric rjoru at
S-. L.ui", where she won fiist in the
open class.
Hayd e is white, with black, bine
ana uu ncics. ene is a Utter bister to
Ridengo, very itylisb, gamv and
hindtiome; in fact she is as "pretty as
Such a kennl of dogs as that cf the
ftiempbia and Avent kennel aie not to
he found elsewhere in the United
States. Tte value of this kennel
hard to arrive at. The revenue from
Paul Gladstone and Roderigo alone at
8 per cent, per annum w juld give
mem a comoinoa capital valua icn ot
no-. le than $10,000. This kennel
won the special kennel orizs at St.
Louis, and is admitted to be the best
ever exhibited there.
Of old Chatnpioa Gladstone, the sire
oi ram uiadstone and toe grandsire of
Roderigo, too much cannot be said.
He is now ten years old and must soon
in the nature of things pass away. We
d mbt if a grander dog ever lived. He
is the sirs of more field trial winners
than anydog'ia the Union, and has
himself won in several field trials and
a number of btnch shows. He was
retired from the field and bench sev
eral years ago. In Goldstone, a pnpi y
of the old do, the Brys)ia I e a
baauty, and from all tuat is said h
has a future before him. He is oat of
Sue, mentioned above.
Such a display of fine dogs as that
seen yesterday evening could not be
made by selecting fiom all the other
kennels in this country.
'bneery lonrt McDowell, Judge.
Calendar f,:r May25'h: Nos -1682,
Diyle ve F,t7.seraid ; 4G83, Blind vb
Buby: 4U94. ReindekoDf vs BprtorH'li :
4716, Cromwell v Vigors; 4756, Peters
vj Baronus; 4i7, btnk ot Ciairnerce
Vi Jflsnn.tran; 4. tS, Enswineer vs
I'oers; 476S, H'gains vj Csmphr-H;
4772,. Murphy vs Kennedy: 4780,
Smith vs Duval; 4787. Clai k vj Gar
rett ; 4810, FriedloEder v Friedlandrr;
4814, Wi kerson t Rne3; 4824,
f.stej VS Jordan ; firch VS An
dersen; 4,s;, Batevs Battman. Coutt
adjourned tj Wednesday.
nreuli 1'onrt.
Calendar for to-day: Nos. SWl. W.
L. TavlorvsM. T. Williamson et al;
8tif8, F. G. and Frank Ltmont vs J.
II. Campbalf, D I , t al; &MK Dan'l
O'Connel vs J C R.'ii'SHl; (003. H.
8haw vs M A Niro's; 9r04, Wm.
Taylor vs same; 90t, L zzt Fope vs
Weslev Johnson: !)(Hi, time. A.
Lonpe't vs Mrs. F. G. Rhin; 900!,
Anple & TJunnavsnc ts Hanron
Rice, noil, Louis Frit vs T. .1.
Virehus et el; t012, A. J. St hill va
Sirs. Amy Fleming; 9013. A. 8;esd
vs J. G. Henning et al : 9014, Dr. R. B.
Noll vs Mrs. M. Daaio s; 9018, Ft lix
Boyd vs F. G. Vegna7.o A Co.; 9019,
Lee Hayes vs same; 9020, Je.-se Hns
loa vs same.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretions of youth nervous weakness,
early decay, loss of manhood, etc., I will
send a recipe that will care yoa, VREK 0!
CHARGE. This great remedy was discover
od by a missionary la South America, bend
elt-ad tresse t envelop to the Rev. J3!irg
T. 15V al. iSbiiiow I-, K't or.
SabstCiibe Tor the "Appear.
Ctjsuarej Uat Satiue
aa4 laett Textores la
en araGcsilaa to these
President of the Great LOUIS VIL C0U
fU'ER-JUURNAL CO., telli ;nat
ha knowi of
Winter-smith's Chill Cure.
Ornci or tii Coraiaa-JooNAL,
lVoiaviLLi, Kr.
Dr. Winterimith. Sir I jaivi a rule 1 hava
obaerved for maDy years, the value of your
remedy prompting me to aay. in reel? to
your requeit, what I know of your Chill
Cure. Tbe private aimiran?ei f its 'fficacy
I hail, a-uu the good rcaulu of its effects I
bad obferved on Mr. R. W. Meredith, who,
f,r nioro than fifteen yoara, bad been fore
man ot my offlce, induced me to test it in
my family. The results have been entirely
satiaiHClory. The first odf was of two
jean' standing, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary re liel-tbo chills returniue: periodically
and with treiciriRly increased severity.
Your euro broke rhrj at once, arid there has
been no recurrence of tliem f, r more than
six months. The other -aie was ot a milder
form, anil yielded more readily to other
remedies: but the chills would return at in
tervals until your medicine was used, since
which time, now se7eral months, they have
entirely disapneared. from t'le opportu
nity I have had to judire, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable specific and perlorms all yoa
promise tor it. Resuertfully,
. U,,-T, W. N.flALDEMAN.
ARTHliR PETER A CO., Agents, Louil-
ville, Ky.
PJo. &14 ZwXcalxx fSt.,
lias Just received a large stock cf tka
latest stylet oi
for Pants, which we wil' make to order at
muih leu than the usual prices. We will
make a good all-wool pants for Call
and examine our 0"d'. Also, a complete
line of GENTd' 1 CRNlSHINd GOODS
lor the coming soason at our usual low
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move onr Immense stock wa
make the following offer:
Good Straw Hats at .25e, 35o. 50o and 75a
Ex'ra Fine Straw Ilats at....4l, 1 2S, fl 50, ti
Small Straw Bonnets, all colors &0e
Extra Wide Brim Hats, tor oountry 25o
PiiO wiina,
Beautiful Roses, all oolors, per doien 40a
Violets, per doien... 5o
Buttercups, per doien 10a
Carnation Pinks, per dien mm.,150
Eleuant Bunche- of Flowers 2fto
Extra Fine BuDches of Flowers 50o
Imported Fretioti Flowers from SI to
UntrlcU ' lM (3 In bunch) lor 39
Fruits, Leaves. Hiein', all kinds of ma
terial to make Artificial Flowers.
Urldal mid Mourn lug Ou(fll
Tbe Finest AMrtmont of DOLLS in the city.
Hals Kmlmiifci, t'eav'heria Clvnued
lyu anil I'nrlt-d.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH ry tbe small or
larire quantity.
We Make a SpeclnJ"; t Millinery,
Employing the best hands in the city, giv
our whole attention to it, and we dely com
petition in that line
Trafna Will Leave n rot Iowa:
10:30 a.m. 11 M a.m.
1:30 p.m. 2:l& p.m.
3:l0 p m. fi:00 p.m.
4 Ml p.m. 9:co p.m.
7:30 p.m.
aver Tickets on sate nt Denot. Ticket for-
the Round Trip, 25 CENTS. Furehase tick
et before getting on train and save money.
Delightful Music, Fishing and Rowing on.
the Lake.
A. J. KNAPP, Gen. Pass. Ag't.
forthe Spring Hats have made their
appearand, and 1UAKTIN COHEN, Tb.
citv. Thev comnrise all th T.Atj,nt Novnl.
xB.-air.H, nas ine L,anrest otook in the
ties: they are of the Best Standard Brands,
in all CO ors and kinds, from the little bahv'tt
hat to the old grandpa's. Young men's light
colored Derbys from 81 00 ai to $-i 50. W
sell a Derby for 13 50. sold everywhere for 14.
A 83 SO Derby for 3 OO.
A S3 0 Derby far 50.
A Si 50 Derby for 83 OO.
erLxlies especially invited to examine oar
large stock of Children's Straw Hats.
Harlin Cohen,
And Ice Cream Manufacturers.
French Chemical Works
5S Jefferson Street.
-iVL. FLAV OHS. which he offers at the low
M-ice of M real ik1Iob, of any kind of
Bavor. Oualitr and nnritv pnkiM r
Cream manufacturers will find all kinds of
nxiracu ana rruit uolorisgs at a very low
" proved an invaluable jmedy to M . Mi.
cbael Birncy, 212 Waslini inn Mre t, Mera
l his, lenn., f r diarrh, a anj dyspepsia. )l
says it acts ,iko a charm when other medi
Cines tail.
Electric Bell Free
TO ir.tro.Jr.-re it and obtain agents we will
, lor the next ixty days give a-y, frea
i f rname. in e n li county in the U. b. a lim
ited nurul . roi MirUermna Elerttro Ual
vanie Ki'-ii, i:-nrj Hrlm. Vrice $5 : a
foMtive nod unf.niina cure for Nervous De
llity, Varicocele, Emissions, Impoteucy,
eto. tftni.tsl Reward paid if every Belt wa
nianu act u re dees not generate a genuine
elec-rie current. Address t once KLKC
Brooklyn, 5. Y.

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