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f. j
V 'I
Ibra.adny aed Friday, Misy 7-S,
With the following Cast:
1 Thursday-Miss Alice Treadwell
Mrs. 8. T Carnea
Vi5 Emma Peake
Miss Fannie Uorlon
...Mirf llrie C Ilititeld
Mr. F. P- Poaton
Mr. (. I.. Fiopelle
Mr. O. D. Hutton
Mr. P. O. Koowlton
....Mr. F. Y. Anderson
Full Orchestral Accompaniment,
bleg-ut Costumes.
L'eautiful Sceni Effects.
EMILE LEVY Musical Director
Orchektra and Orohes ra C rcle
Titti Sing...
Peep Bo
Nanki Poo.
Pooh Bah...
Pith Tun
. T. , i H.11V nninitiM mi i. nt
1111V U .llllliv vi v '.
And the Browns Indorsed It Yrxter
dar br 11 ittinir Him Hard and
Often An Interesting (iame.
Balony (first throe rows)
Remainder oi uaicony
.... 75
. '0
rr- i .v.... .,-,a n Mon day. 24lh, at
Wright Bro.'s, under Peabody Hotel. a.m.
Monday will bo devoted exclusively to the
exchange ot tickets sold in advance for re
served seats, and on Tuesday inorning the
.u will hogia and will continue
until the nights of the perlormance
LOCAL tthjTONNO. 4n .ill gives PICSIC
er..T.vil. FAKU. vi F.uN KSDA f ,
JUNE 2, lbH6, iriib Arnold's uit liana in
attendance. No piins will be spared to make
the affair tho iuu.it pleasant of the tesson.
Alienor's will he i.ade to obtain the pres
ence of P. J. M.HUIRB, the "ner"l eoT'-
F n..t- an, a T. V. POV DR-
LY. The whole aff.ir will be an enjoyab'e
one. TlCKErs.fU cents: Laaiesiree. ni
improi. r characters will be admitted. JN
!.!. ' . ... -m h- ivan after 0 o clock
Barrel. B indfuld and baca Races will be on
bund for tho fun of the little folk
- r a n v Vrrtm mv ntftoe on Late avenue
iVL one white Texas mare, branded on left
hin and heavy with foal! hind ankltia looa
,,re. Reward lor her 'y' SMITH,
cor erTliir l an'l Wnahinittiin ts.
-rt wtjDirT.T.A Af ftfthftll Vark.Monday
a brown silk umbrella, with silver han
dle. Return to Appeal office.
-v-tv a ni.i Ka. nin. tininted on the ends.
JT Finder wll be rewarded by leaving at
144 Madison treot.
a u v flKKKN hai romovea nis rei
donee to N jones avonuo, vur i.rtwiy.
(CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
J ranted. Inventor of the ban itary Port,
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone HHS. TUUB. utmtiinp.
J1. LAW, Aianue and Commercial Notary
Public, Oommiseioner oi y.
Commissioner, at the old office. No i. J Wiih
RESIDENCE During the snmmer, a sub
urban rosidouos, lurnishod, near bou e
j ... ,. i.ro varden. fine ihade
.... vn. hi (lmt,cli4s tenant need apply
6. II. LAVnS.issjndJyinpot
iTHlOP At No. 13McCall street. Apply on
J premiseSj -
nnnMS-Three nicely-furntsh-d rooms
floor, with board. Reasona'jl
terms. 115 Secon1! St.. comer Exchange
yifiTT AGE No. 403 Clay street, in gooi
J repair and only half block east of ne
.treet caj''ggppnERD. 10 Madison st
nOMS-Handsomely furnished rooms at
S Monroe airooi.
Absolutely Pure.
Thia oowder never varies. A marvel of
parity, rtrenirth nl whol'.someness. More
&Annii..at than tho nrdinar? kinds, and
Cannoi oe poi'l in cinni'riin.ia ,uv
multitude of low test, short weight nluir or
honohBte powders, som obiv mn.
Ia k 'n P.ivnn On. . VU Wall .t KawVr.k.
- r r r Ti ;
S'ZUUU suit parties h iving notes well
indorsed, rent nutd, chattel mortgages or
other reliable stcurity. Inquire at
TAKES 11',
I'LE A gray mare inule, about
bands highi gear marked and in bad
oouditiun. Owner can have her by proving
iperty and paying rnarc
A. AI.BKE ;HT, Sprincdsle. Torn.
Price, S1WIC;
rmt. -D por month. Inquire on prem-
j.o., MisBiwyiPin avonno.
"10 IT AH K W ith six rooms.
KJ horns anocked o": rope around head
and rinhl front tuot. Riturn to 'i0 Ileale at.
and he rewarded. T. A. SHArfr,
OOMS AND BOARD Persons desiring
XV aocommodatioos in Raleigh large airy
mnmi. single or en siiito, with first-clans
board address Mrs. K. P. C. Raleigh. Tenn
T300MS AND BOARD Desirable rooms
X v ana noaru ai u. mauigon .v.
-2iT. JAMES UOUSE-Cor. Second and Ad-
J oms sts. Room Bnd board o per week
Day board 14 per week.
-Furnihed room, with or without
Lv board, at 119 Uourt street.
5 NICK Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madison st.
rpWO large unturnihed rooms, with or
L without board, at 6a Madison street, oor-
nor ThiroL
YOUNG MAN To sell on commission in
Momnhis. lor a wholesale tinware
house, located in Baltimore. Liberal com
mission to the right party. Addres"
CON, Appeal office
TTiirpnVDoriv Ti onll and sen the cele-
A1A brated Uypsv clairvoyant, at Til Third
street, near Pnnlar.
TTAncL' All na nirt. nf I HOUSe in UTSl'
xl class locatioD, convenient to busineis.
Furniture for sale, if desired, on easy terms.
Addre g J. H.. Appeal olhee.
00MS-Three pleasant summer rooms,
TV .,.'iihlo f. r liaht housekeeping or for
sen tlemen roomers. Apply to
L, SHOTWELL, 230 Front St.,
or l.W Oreenlaw street,
-Newly furnished, at MAIN'gT
y -atinir a ...ntiatont woman in cook an
J wash for family otJ.ApplyCit7Hoii)ital
-t OVKRSK 8 (lent, living with his
I r nw.tt.nf. wants irovorness tor his child
State salary wan ed add whore applicant
can be soon. Munt g've i ilt edae rlc'ence
WENT, Appeal otnee
MONEY On household
P. O. BOX 18
J nronertv without removal. Address
"VTFAT COfTAGE rooms. 5S Fourth
N r.7tl7 ROT A CORDEB. 17 Talbot st.
ROOMS-Two rooms at corner Bealo and
Shelby. AmlT at Uaoay's store.
a u o WASHINGTON! 6 rooms. OVER
11 0 TON & OBOHVKSOR. 264 Seoondst.
XICE COTTAGE Three rooms on College
JN street, near south gate of Elmwood.
APPiy -"'"" JQ3. LENOW
COOt-At 118 Washington street.
J preterred
"CCV PANTS For pomfortabie turnisneu
J room, witn tioaru in private uaiiTim
vcnlent to business.
Reterences exchanged,
M. Appeal omce.
T-.iri'Dvn nv -rd kniiw inai i nave
Jli made the greatest discovery of the age
i n uii.nn- tooth with a-o'd. For the next
,1a.. I ill fill laoth for XI 911.
A. 1' moui. -i i nnlu -'
11 API
:holsca. J M
pply to
83 Fifth street, Chelsea, v
J. U. WlljL.l(Viin,Jl
At Wm. R. Moore 8.
ain stroet. near Court Hquare.
at 227
four sleep
en and din-
-ILARENDON UOTEL-Fifty-ing-rooms,
furnished; kitchi
ing-roam fully oouipped. ,
E. B. MrHKNRY. Receiver, 292 Second st
DWELLING-HOOSE-Two-story dwelling-bouse,
6 rooms, with kitchen J and
servants1 houio, sorter Seventh and Ursen-fj-.
t'hSlsea. Good water. All in first-olasi
condition. Henter month
HOUSE-A new double-tenement house, 4
rooms on each sides nicely finished;
iar vard: in ftct, all convenience.-,
Koss avenue. Good cistern. Apply to
E. Quinlan, 130 Manassas it.
TTtliHNISUED ROOMS-ForgenU and for
X1 hniisekeeoing. at 116 Court street,
AGENTS coin money with our Amateur
- Photo outfit, and collecting family
pictures to enlarge, special r""' i v
t-MPIHKraiH fNG CO.. 381 Canal St.. N.Y.
i Mrs.
n ..V. -11
New " Titter "-a Tilter, Bust e. Hoop-
skirt and Underskirt combined, uoopscan
be removed and skirt laundried. Adiusta-
ble to any site, ve y lasnionauie, .uu
for t2 to every well-dressed Udy as soon as
shown. Agents double their money. Aljo,
a lull line ol new lurnisniua
and children. Address, with stamp, E. 11.
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 4M West Randolph
street. Chicago, III.
1 AN-With a fov,
lil tak
mwn elegant front rooms, furnished or
i nnf-jrnrshcd.Apr'ly at 89 Adams st
ROOMS Furnished or unfurnished, at II
p..wl .troot.Heferences reanired.
hundred dollars to
ike half interest and assist in anes-
Ublished enterprise. Big money for capital
invested, and success assured. One willing
to travel preferred. Rare opportunity lor
right patty. E. C. this office.
The eooura-y of the Atpkal'si judn
mont on baseball matter, and tha cer
tainty that hsB uiarkd its preJie
tions'of the remits of ptnipahaveex-i-ited
the envy of some of iu conteui
poia'ies and betrayed them into the
at empt to belittle the Appeal's in
lluecce bv a'tributing to the writer of
its baseball articles all soits ot petty
motives. If thin sort of thing U done
with the view of efleetine any chnnns
riiiier in the style or character of the
Appial's baehll articles the attempt
-id fail. The Appial will ccntinue
in the future aa in the pst to report
the games from a standpoint of severe
impartiality, (paring none and favor
ing none, but Riving full credit in
every raw where credit -is due. The
fart that we have a t?am that caa
dIbv ball has been abundantly demon-
Qtraic.l ami tha convict on that we
have the two very beet pucrjets in me
Kmitiinrn League hi s a'ro tnor-
oughly i ni pressed itself on the pubi c
mind. There is, tneretore.no iJt i o
excuse I lr a failure to w in tue pen
nant. All the tondittons lor success
are pn'ent,and nothing batbBd piny
inu or an unskillful use of the mate-
a at hand wi I tirevennne local Hum
rom brioBtnir that pennant here.
VV'vn oot to have it; "we netditio
nnphniinisi" The result of vtster
ay's game was laitbiully torpcasteu
a Hunday'a Aitkal in the following
nornorTflnh :
... t u 1.
1 U lay Will pill'II lor nuu
Monday. A great linrrah has been
mailo nhniit hia steed and lUVctivn-
nw?, and ail that sort of think This is
Ilierd IllUgB. uaj a irwu
tirnun him f SOOd a llllCIier BB iiv
iKhville made twelve hits, with
tntnl nf foiiileRn baBes.off bisdelivery
Atlanta mads eleven, witn a total 01
tivippn in one Lame: ten in anoiner.
n,l sfivflnteen. with a total of twenty
three in a third. It we can t ccai tins
Borl of pitching with Knoufl in the box
it will be because 01 ueiaing eriorn. i
Kr-ouff '8 prone rly supporiea wem
n,l. Kin't lnae."
Wn I. he was nronerly supported
as will hereafter appear, and as miaht
have been exiiecled, tDe iccah won
without trouble, making tueir tnira
victory out of four games played with
Savam ab. The club that can do that
sort of thing has nothing ta fear from
any omer ciua m ".o diiiuuoiu
Let;ne, and the Appkal confiient'y
expects that when the Browns leave
here Juno lftu tney win go us iuor9
of the League.
The attendance yesterday was un-
nrecedenle I in numbers and unequal-
ed in the character aud refinement
ul those present Dy nv auoi
ence ever assemb'ei on the ball
ground. The very best people in
fllempnis were mere, suu iuo iun
were out in such large numbers tbat
the f taod set apart for t'aem was found
ini.lonnntB for the DurDCBO. and many
nf them were compelled t seek ac
commodation on the gent'envnB
sttnd, where they were gUdly wel
comed, even at expense of personal
comfort. It is estimited that fully
30C0 people were present, and when it
iartmembered that the grand atand
and bleaching board swarmed
with people, that 300 extra
chairs were ca led into requisition,
and tba. three aides of the inclouira
..taiinpd with oeoDle. somj stand
ing, oihers seated on the gi ass, the
shove estimate is not extravakanr.
The game was tull of stirring epi
sodes and exciting to the latmoment.
'n.oiA nn staireof it where victory
was safe for the loca's until the last
inning, and there were a number of
pivotal points where a lucky hit by
Katrannah. or an error bv Memphis,
wonld have materially changed the
roimh- this was notably t'ne of
the fifth, sixth and eighth in
nings. In the fifth, by mcky
i,;t. Rivannnh bad scored three
leaving the score 4 to 3 in favor tf
hin. when Moriarty, a very good
Viat.tur. utermed un 1o the p ate. Two
man were ont. Collins on second. A
hit or aa error would have brought
ftnllins in. and Moriarty was aa likely
rta not to make it. Just at this junc
ture flnlllns ventured a lilt e too lar
off second, tho ball was fielded to
Phaion hi.fnra Collins could return to
nnrt. nml the latter started tor
pea'ed Lis performance; if aiuiday.
One mui was ont, Krenmeyer on
tiird, l'helan on second, when 8an-
try.afte r two strikes had been called on
. ... . .. ,.i . ... i..i. .-...Li .1
hiin. iifei tne nan out u -u umu, i
lowing Krehmeyer and rtif an to score.
was worth a dozen iwr.-oagirt r.
Btoughton did yeoman service with
the bat, gelt'ng in three la's, includ
ing a two banger. Krohmoyer also
teen s t J be developing in '. u very re-
iab'e s'nirg-r, making two nita, one
netting huu two has". M me Mvan-
nahst.let.ie twttirg huhts wiibui
oi.ia.i i.Mta-Bcn HoUline. iMiins, M -
riaity. Strief, Miller and till on. Field,
1 m a-inn lame, nevir mu uiu
Knoufl seems to have liad it in
fnr him snecially. He Aitkal
would like to sse the color ul the man's
air who will make a Home run on
Knouti'or tl'L-ary.
I ha visitors did uot play up to tneir
usual form yesterday, making Jour
errors, ell cistly, but on the whole
they are a remarkably tine set of bad
n aveiR and llje C1UD uiai neaio uikiii
three outof four hastauee forcongrat-
Srefd, r. f 5 0
; o
1JY TUE (Ol.NTY Ctil RT.
Price of Wildcat Scalp ( learing
the ("ourt-llooiii ltilla und
S Inl L
Mansell, r. f
Andrews, 1st b...
liroughton, c
Krehmeyer, 1 f...
Whitehead, :? b
l'helan, 2d b
Smtrv. s. s
Knoull', p
Hotaling, c. f ..-
Fie'd.M b
Collirs, r. f
Mcrwntv, c. f..
Miller, s. 8
(iillen, c
Munay, :i b...
.33 7
I it. P u. A. t.
0 2 1 0
10 0 0
1 13 0 1
3 ti 5 0
2 10 0
0 10 0
13 2 0
114 1
1 0 3 0
10 27 15 2
II 11. P.O. A. F.
12 10
0 11 0 0
10 0 2
2 10 0
1 3 0 2
0 1 4 0
114 0
15 10
0 0 2 0
7 27 12 4
The County Court met yesterday,
with Chairmm S.ti'tghter presiding,
f ir the transaction of Mineral bunnies'.
An order was issued t) pav 1.. M.
Vaughn $15 for tctmiving drilt f oot
nouinst and putting trebtle under the
btidgi across Stuait's c.etk, on the
old Brownsville read, ner Brunswick.
OOINU TO TUB (kll.lllKRs' HOMIt.
Twenty-five dollars wasamuopiiitf d
o ihfrav the esftftises of O'lary, an
innate "of the Cottutv l'eor Mouse,
wbodtsires to enter the Confederate
Soldier Home at Richmond, a.
Ptt'-r Mott asked to be exempted
from rjad service en the ground tat
he h id been w ounded in the hand,
MM Al'OlTKl).
A number cf bills were audited and
several petitions for reduction oi tx
With telf-Measaring Cards, sent by mail on aii.lictin. Yon ( k- a " "'l
made by sending us au .Id one to measure by. WRilli HOR Ol'R PRICliS.
) 22 f SECOSO ST.
Wlemphis Steam Laundry,
We have the Latest Improved Troy Laundry .Company's MachUery.
C OI.IYUCW, CVFFN anil N1IIHTN I.nnlplel Kqnal to Sew.
T. HI V. i 1 1T It T A X A I'liUAU . m. .
Memphis 0 3 0 0 10 0 2 1-7
Kavannah 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 0-4
riiiinmnry: liuns earned Memphis,
2; Savannah, 2 First Imfo on errors
Memphis, 3; Savannah, 2. Firt base
on cdled bsl's-Memnhis, 2; Snvan
0. 8iruck out By Knouff, 7; by
O'Day 5. Left on bases Mem
phis, 5; Favanuah, 3. Two-brse
hi s-Broughton and Krehineyer.
Tlireo-hiiso hit Collins. Passed l alls
Brougbton, 1; Uillen, 2. Wi'd
jiitcliea-Knoull, i : tnay, i. !
stolen Andrews, Krehineyer. Time
of same, 1 :50. Umphc, J. Brennn.
The tlans lo-lay.
The below-mentioned nines will
piny to-day for Colgnn's benefit. It
will he a close and exciting gunm.
Umpire Urennan will be on Black s
team. It is to be hoped that the at
tendance will be lare and a hand
some sum realized. The batting order:
lilock s A'iii''.
Black 2d b.
Sneed, r. f.
Andrew' Hint.
Andrews, 1st b.
Mansell, c. f.
Krehineyer, 1. f.
Knouff, r. f.
Santiy, s. 8.
i'lielau, -d n.
McVev. 3d b.
Goldmuith, p.
Lynch, c.
FiiH'cibach, s. s.
Broughton, 1st h.
Brennan, c. f.
Whitehead, 3d b.
O'Leiiry, 1. f.
Rocco, p
Mullally, c.
Dlaron'e New PUrher Badly Mauled.
I snout, to TBI rrgL.I
1t,iti. Ja.. Mav 23. Atlanta
has won f nir t'aight games over Ma
con, to day's score being, Atlanta, IS ;
Macon, 3. following iw i
Atlanta 3 8 2 1 2 0 1 -i
Macon 2 000000 13
Eummriry : Ktroed runs Atlanta,
5; Macon, 0. Two-base fi ts Wine,
2- Lyons, 1; Moore, 1. Three-base
hits Lyons, 1. Lift on baies At
lanta, 6; Macon, 1 Struck out By
Conway, 4; by Clark, 7. Bases on
ca'led balls-By Conway, 2; by Clark,
1. liases from Doing nn uy iii-u
ball-By Conway, 1; by Clark, 2;
PaS0U bails .nappes, -i j tin "',,
Wild pitches-Clarg, 1. ITimo of game
1:40. Umpire, McQ'iaid.
Uams at Maalivllle Ts day.
lapioiAi. to thi irraAL.l
isHvni.K. Tknn.. May 24. To
day's game with Charleston was post
ennnt. uf rain, and will bo
Ull . . 'a . ,T I
;.in,.Q,i tn.mnrinw. wliicii is an ou
JJ ...til,
.totr MP V PV. WI u AS uun " n
Charlestons, left here for Memphis
this morning.
lines-ball at Mrand Junction.
ic'dBatsromnNCi of the appkal. 1
Grand Junction, Tknn., May 22.
acci.iiiMnts acted noon.
The facetious motion of one of the
justices that all such pt-titior.s be
granted without reading, for the bens
tit of the candidates, was rejected.
I'Ol'LD IV 11 IC WOl'lb.
Tin f Unwind wa presented: "The
undersigned wonld respectfully peti
tion your woisnips to auinon.u pnMCTIP ATIDN
ti have some railing put up in the LUllO I IrM I !UI
Crimina'. Court of this ccunty, in order
tt.at an Ingre s or eurtsttJ the court
room and clerk's ollice may be kept
onen for cit r. ns who have business
thi-re dtritig trials in said court which
attract large ctowds.
Have not found time It price the
job, but ant tat stled it will t ost but a
trilling sum und is very mucu urrucu,
and in duty bounil will ever pray.
Y'ours, rpspectfuHv,
"W. D. CANNON. Sheriff. tc."
Rtjected on the ground that if the
judge wanted the court-room cleared
dc had the authority lo do it.
Bridge Commissioner dole presented
the following communication: '.'l
would here tta'e that I made a trip
over the county durng the pa t week,
and in my travels 1 find several bridges
damaged by fallen timber, from the.
effrCs of the late Btorm that pawed
through the notthern patt ot the
enmity on the 0th day of this month.
Tliara iu il fllian hroken in a bridge on
the Big Creek; plank and elven
pstuU of railing were blown off the
Kawlinps briilgs; also one bridge en
tirely washed away on the Porterville
V. . 3 . . - ill nn..n i i t
and tjuoa roau. i on wm iici
that the repairs on the broken bridee
be made at a crs. not to exct ed t45.
Also order the building cf the bridge
on the Portcrvi le and Cuba road at a
ccst not ti exceed $75. Respectfully
submitted, jj jj Ctl.K, Bridge Stipt.
It was ordered by tlie Court that the
Bridge Commissioner and the two
Magistrates r,l tne liisirict. uB.. i-.j ----- inri'Mi
ed a committee to let out mil lave II""", i. ,i.. family of Mrs. Laura
bllllt the tWO iton bridges arrosi Wolf ,, J,nson, .Mnin street. Memphis, lenri..
.;,., nAnt. Ifiilfiiih and the o'lieral tr bilious lover an. cuius """-'
the Randolph road, according tt the
former order of this Court.
wan cat kili.khs.
Ordered by the Court April, lSStl,
hut Ann mil tax be issued to R'chttrd
Hayes aud one to Lewie Jones, for
having eHch killed a wild eU ami de
livered the scale of same to the touit
ss the law re tj u i r 8.
DR. C. McLAIffi'S
Firi'lvBtlKW, FA.
nv mime Villi (IKTTIIK, UKNlllNK. The
Counterfoils urn nimle in Ki Loins. A'"
vh miibt pr IN osor.1
cy z ry e
JVfcRlWW lliuivj
laIUala'ar-lal X tal
II ll l IVvl Lfuou J WJv,
i.a ItrlwMe Ri'ii.ly lr l.iv"rl'..iiiilaiHlsml illeoui.aa,
l,v a.lriatiSf'l r t..r).i.l mimliliou of II,. l-'vvr. I "
rn'iwia, Coii.titi.tlim. HiIioiki Jamujice, H-l.-li
K.ftK''.'" d. '..i. ;;;;.....;'."ii..v.r
rhouaamlaottHiitlmonlola prove ItamerP
factory results.
It is tueir standard family
I Vevera. (nodinti, InnaiiimaJImisj... .jj
Worm.. Worm l vcr. Worm Oollo. . .. .-J
8 ("" 'ollo,or'r.thli.oMtu-aot. .V
A lllarrli.-a.it riMl.1r.il or Adults.. M
6 iiJT'e'ii'iry. 'lripintV lilllu.Oollo.... .
J I I, ra Morhii..Vom.tliig J
V ( ouali.. IW'L Iiriiiwhlti" ij
L Uufilla. Toothache. Kaceacho 3 J
V VlaWt'e. Mem fadaoh.. V.rtHo. .
Mantial of all Elscasoi
ri.r. hi arii hkyh, a.n.
111. Ill. 1IOIINU 1M
CLOU! unit viOl.l)
Mnilcirl r"ro.
lll.AVY l.OSN rilOM A. I.A II I
Valnalile raolss-l 'onaniued
IheWaler'a rda;e-Tlie lomm
and Insnrasee,
No. yi Fccofcd street.
. .tlClltpil,.,
Offer for sir the t..ll.min choice property,
terms un hh;h will be made known at their
ulli'-e: . ,
Nil STi .Minlfson Mreai ivie-am new
slorv hrl, k r.'lUlcnc", l"l o.iiJI" a ieei, , ,w
soulhcast corner of Madison street and nrs
alley cast of lln.J trei. cisriit ir
rooms and all moeorn nnprvoiaeui. ita.iuu
lalue.flou per nuvnth.
Country Heme -Wnll improved, elevea
acres land, house yf stv mows. ner-tirj
nuthouses, orchard, sj.lco.lid well, boaiiu'ui
lawn and fri"t aroill Irent of hou.ei lie
iiiacii.liioi road about ee'iipleted to the city,
mi north si.le ol I mari'avouae, r milea
oast of the cily. .
Price, 5k'i.
No. 3T"i Rente Street Two-story frame
residence, lot loxltH feel, ten larsre rooms, in
ao.'d repair. Rental n.lue, ln per month.
Price, Wnl.
No. 22(1 Wetliimtou Mreet - Two-story
friinie rosldenee, oi poslte VV. I. Uethe 1
residence, eislit rooms, in flrst-class condi
tion and coiivoiiieiidy urraimed; lot 4Hxl,S
,00, Price, fUM. tifc
A very desirBblo house, corner or Alahama
streot and Thornton avenue, east of and ad
ioiiiina the Wetter place-Two story Iraine
residence, nine rooms, in good repair, two
I arse eisiurns; lot e.iuul tu about au acre ot
"rUUn,i- Price, Um.
Iioub'e Tenement Frame one-story House
Not. HTM aud 11 Vance street: seven rooms
each, in good repair; lot 110x148 feet. Rental
value. V, per mouth. ;
Price, . . ,11. or KHKI for either tenement.
The M.'ilmber t'lace- North side of Frailer
between Wellington anu uouueruiie .ireejat
house or eight rooms, in goou r.inn i
WxM) feot- ,
Price, tltsw.
An Elegant Adams street Residence-Near
M"n,l,"",,r"V'rlce.12,.. , J
No. :t!2 JctTsrson Street, between Lender
dale and Orleans streets-Two-story trame
re i.lenee. tea roooiSeln good repair.all mod
ern improvement" i lot Sixln foel. RenUl
value, .15 por month.
Price, f.vMK),
Four New Cottages No.. 172, 174, 178 and
ITS Orleans street between Madison and
Monroe st eets, throe rooms each ; lot 40xlW
loot; vorjMlciirablu Ibr mechanics. Rental
VttlU0,,11Onle...l;X.ach; , .
No, 71 Calhanti (street, near Maln-rraeae
eottage, five t .etna, built last year. Kental
value, $20 per month.
Price, TIM,
Lot V. on weM side of Auction Bquara.
-,x75f.et. fre ,m
Lot lfi, on s.mfh side of Auotion Bguare.
n:Sto"1' Pyl..W. s ,
Henlh half of loiS on west aide Second
street, between OveUnt and Concord streets,
.TixHH foot, with fliuullbouse.
l'ri. e, HsJ.
Lot 7, In block M, on west side of Shelby
street, between Lin.len ana ronwiioe sireeie.
n20(lfoet. This lot fronts on Shelby eed
Clinton streets.
No 9 Howard's row, or Union street, 25x1(10
foot, three-story brick storehouse, m good
repair. Rental Value, per aionth.
lis) Lots, each having a front of 0 feet by
a dep.h of 170 feet, fronting on Calhoun,
Clay. Webster and Oeorgia streets.
Price, lift In IW per front foot.
SO Lot", onxlTiO feet each, fronting on 8ar
farani, Loonoy, Kwing and Manassas streeU,
in Ninth Ward. .
Trice, el to Sin per ouiu ,,.
FEATHERS Old and new leatners.
Ilighest cash nrice r aid a
UAUAl P. lire pcetuj awow..
spondents for new business.. Positions
permanent. Salary or commission. Write
tO-dAyi.Addr.08?.x,..Ton. r-vt...- Til
ROCERY Hoed location, low rent; suit
(-r.Meforsmi.il family, ti ROC K R, Appeal
n . Ar ti. nml l.andnrdale streets
be oBcre I to the public for sale, on W kdsrs
OAY.May ath, at 12 o'clook, on he.prem
ises, at AC0T.OK. For information, with i -'
.1 . ,k. .;, nf i ha lots anu plat, inquire
- w A Wheatlv.281 Main street, or to
Wm. M. F"rinBt0wAM,vJiHnBA.TLYi"
281 Main street.
ULES-Ten head No. 1 work mules and
one fine saddle horse. .
MEN and women to strt a new ousines.
at their homos, easily learned in an
hour; lie to one an nour in.uo un,.,,,,. .
evening. Send 10c lor a package of samples
and 24 working sump'es to commence on.
Addres AL11AM II BUffLii jj..niuuj
to take an office and represent a
manufacturer: f0 per week; sraii
can.Ul required. Address, with stamp. Box
70 V est Acton. Ma-s.
TxTevm c. rinrt fitio.ineh Victor Bicycle,
K a,i .. now i also, new An, olios, Br t-
i.h nd Slnirer's Challenge Bicycles. Apply
to WM. KLVCB, L A N.R R. Bhop.
rtiut-A No. 1 iron safe, cheap. Call at
O No. Ilowsrd row.
--nu7 a .nven-eiffhtt-s Jersey cow. with
J fresh cilf. Apply at 8 Jefferson street,
between 10 and la o'clock.
-s-irneirVR To heifer, and two heifer
-J oalvei ; one bull calf old enough for rer
vice; all thoroughbred ot hesv lamiues
'EN. ETC. 200 station men,
oil ii.-maaere,
50 teams,
2ri teamfct.rB,
on Bald Knob extension, 25miles from Mem
phis. Apply on work, at Ayronja rivor, ui
lo Toof, Meliowan & l. , . c
TBN To do station worsen uitia iwdod
il railroad ; station work at 11 to li centi.
Also, tie-m 'ke;s at U cents, a pp 'y
li A n. YrVI r.V a. J e a J
third, with Pbelan after him. running The game c-f MU
ike a deer tnd catching bi a about Hick iry Valhy Reds and I the Kids o
fifteea feet from third base, Grand Junction resulted m Uvor of
making a splendid put-out at the latter by score ol .17 to 8 . The
mBK' :?-i t a.-Tth ms was tailed at the end of the
have not
inning another run was prevented by eighth inning,
a magnificent throw of Sneed's. Mo- been beaten tins
riarty bad hit a not one pasr, uns.
bass, SntedgJttotbebaU, fumbled,
,i Mnriortv. who was running with
lightning speed, made for third ; Sneed
ouicilv recovered the ball, aud
by a? beaHtiful a throw as
wsb ever made on the grounds
.ot it tj Whitehead before Mo-
riaitv had got to witnin len iev 01
It wa. aamiiaDiy unuu,
The Kids
llavaeball Notesi.
Dktroit, 7jV8Hhington, 4.
Kansas City, 6; Boston, 4.
Nkw Yons, 11; 8t.Liuis, 8.
Chicago, 8j Philadelphia, 5.
No o amb at Nashville or Chattanooga
yesterday on account ol rain
The fine steamer Dean Adams was
bnrnfd to the water' edge at her
moorings, at the foot of Monroe street,
between 12 and 1 o'clock yesterday
morning. Tho fire was proDamy
caused by the explos'on of a lamp in
tho barber shop, as the watchman
says he heard a report similar to an
explosion in tbat part of the
boat, and when he resched it
found Annus linking their tongue
h.. dnrtrs. lie eave the nla'm
nt once, and tbe Fire Department
promptly responded, but the flumes
had gained so much headway and
spread with such fearful rapidity that
nothing except tbe hull was saved,
and the bsat's ciow, mod of whom
ward M hi A Atl. had orteit difliculty in
eB( aping, two o! the cabin boys being
ohligpd t) jump over inta the nvfr on
the deep side. Tli9 steamer Kate
Adnma. moored inbt above, was in
imminent danger, but the department
managed to save her by throwing
two ttreame of water centering upon
her stern. The steamers Rene Mac-
II llvicpala. Hiliniiabtomach..... '
I I "op .rilorl'Bli.f.il l'rrlode..... M'
ti vihflea. too l'ro(ol'"rl"la.... J'
A "r DS. Iliinciilt llra.tl. ng.... .
ml i,r lllelle..,......,....i. ''
inuieiieau. w
, li.ll.iena, i.itq
rue mi
V hooplna 'ohiiv .'"'""
IJrucral lh.iilinv. """ "
Kidney "V7rT '.
ervon. i .-Vi--,,iiti ... ..
If '
. Jul
m!AZ7tmuBMT wnt n.l,.,l on rwwlptof
wlS-lif s rHHa' a ni'Jt'-)""t'".
i, uanu ANU OA 14 LAN If -On
mr..." ----- --
Lot 141,. on. west side of Main street, 74x148
feot, between Winchester anu rin
streets. Will he som aia u.rg.in.
Lot 4 w, Stiurnwei.1 .-.irnwr ui w.,w
tho crost of the Alleghsnies, within the
nusUhi.leCceli n. directly oi tho Ii
JJ.andO. NoSiiigeRbesor Bus 1.
All Limited Kxpress Trains Htop.
ul.or hV'Kl n,.;. and Ohio Railroad,
these lovely twin resort. ... beyond al 'com
parison the most advantageously 1 0,1 a e .
Lih as to train service and surroundings, ol
anvenstof tne Rockies.
Haiti, Jtltl no rues.
No Mosquitoes. No liny I'ever No Malaria.
Nl)e.r Virk and Oakland, the on. being but
six nillo. distant from the other with the
most charming drive, connecting thera-will
be unilor the mana-ement of Mr. w. J.
WALKER, who.in h s three seasons in-
ag.a.ent.hs.m.q.u.nyoo ., " .;:.
Ol me gioriuu. ,.,...- v;" ..
applause mat, io loweu m. i I " r . .!...,, n'n Itland and the (Jayow Deing otongui oa
.T.TDOD bv their work hsr?, Neal is ready and Oayo-o, lying Deiow we u
MAN To taki an office and -c, reseni a
manufacturer; $50 i e-week ; small cap
ital requi'id. Address, with stamp, Box iO,
West Aoton. Mass.
......... o. H.i.inr, nar.uuu-c. -
J . I 1 u WltlTVllRTI.
A- RTT.VKR For cash orex-
ch an ge. MULFORO, Jeweler, main.
Main streets.
A. rJ.
TJLILDINO LOTS-To responsible pa-ties
I J only (and ncneotnor neeu iwhi.
u,. k,,n.i;nir lots on Dosleo street,
south" of Vsnoe street. Will sell on pay
n.ni. t s n n.r month for each lot, ana
frnm nartie. who will build, no cash re
quired. VINTKR PARK KB. 2H9 Main ft.
. . t . J
HOUSES AND LOTB-I am aiunori.eu
and requested to sell valuable three
story brick houses, or unimproved building
reasonable figures.
Executor Kst. of R. C. Brinkley.
y-fi.'VTUV KV.WQPI PRR Address
H W. TiARBEg. Ashlahd City. Tenn.
change. It
HIOHE-iT cash prices paid for old andnew
FEATHERS at 448 Main street.
uir.AttV TO AflENTS Ad-
lUUU drels at once, DR. SCOTT'S
XKCTRKJ GOODS, 842 Broadway, rew
Xork. The only gen nine.
....lorl nut tn Andrews, who made a
beautiful long running eaten, ana inn
er hit to Ditcher ana got an out aiumi.
tbe eighth inning, alter cue man
was ont, Collins hit a fearful rap to
center field f or three bags and scored
on Moriarty's nn nan-way Deiwuen
home plate and third. This made the
score six to four in favor of Memphis
with one man ou urov, uu.j
one out, aud Suief, a fair
batter, at the bat. Moriarty, however,
irio.l tn otenl second and found the ball
lots, eligibly located, in city and sulurui, ai
sunlit umvpTVU PO-5TS For sale by
W. It. liAtttvlIN. Liiiriinsviiie.
a FIVKT Tn avarv Snellen OT me COHOiry
A fnrtwo New Books, iust ready, bract a b
T.av.tn men of experience capable of nil
uittl large territory. . oiavo i.t." '-"V" r.
.M ,.itnr wanted. UAbbbLL vu.
(limited), 822 Broadway, K. X., and 40 Dear
horn srreei. v.oicau.
r u . T t - , L" V Tm -" - - Q.ata, In th. IT iOB
INtt ESTAULlooanirii naviua a,,..-.
SriciALTias thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Caa be handled alone or in eonnectiyi
I; west of Main, 50x170, on monthly pay
ments or very cheap for cash. Address
T. A. LAMB, 10 Madison st.
J OOD 500 oords of wood in amounts to
,u,t porcuasers. R 0ALTj0WAY,
itrionn WILL BUY a new business lor
eSZUU the ttate of Tennessee, Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, to make large
cash profit, at once; a monopoly fully pro
tected. Parties wihin a good business ad
drosH MAM'VAf!ThKR.thi ofl.ee.
nMiw.'N IKON BirrEKI 4'OH-
plotely eradicated malarial poison
, .v. mf lha 111, la nn of Mrs.
Force, 450 Poplar street, Memphis, lenn..
when sunering imm r.i.i.B auu . -
nine failed n benefit hiin.
C'ltlFAP FOR. CASH The two-story Brick
J Morehouse, No. l'U Besie street, , just
east o' Desoto; lot 2Ix7o; will tnke o..
UKO T VANCE. Citiiens' bt. R.R. oflice.
AT N KWPORT N EWS, VA.-1000 lots, 500
feet w.tc- fro t. 41 feet deep. For full
-n formation address t .M. A. UlA-V
47 T,Tirgton street, Baltimere. Md.
I eaivah'e and aii due. o ihe
The Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Belts ami Klectno Appli
ances on thirlv davs trial to any man
afllicted with Nervous Debi'ity, Iose of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. lllua'ratcd
pamphlet in scaled envelope with full
mailed free. Write them
at once.
! Ralleilse Ijntoinarwlno'.'o
Bbouohtoh seems to nave u uay
down pretty fine. He fcas made a two-
bugger Ott m neuvery in everv
he played against him.
Brouoiitos caught a spienuia
eam, likewise Gillen. llotaling and
Moriart y eacn maue a Hp.uuum
nf a dillicult fly yesterday j so also did
I Whitehead could stop balls half
as well aa he throws them he would
hava no eaual as a tnirtl Dare man in
i.v a tno ftniinaita Fort Pickering.
Both were uninjured. The Den
Adams was built at 1'ittsburg in July,
1880. and wa- bought two years I er
by Capt. Lee. Htie wys iniurad in
Thomas Wellford'a aiency for $10,-
000 nnd this is one-third ot her vii'ue.
01 ' the amount in.ured f ;00 is
in the Louisville Underwriters
and $2000 in the llartfjrd ol
Bronkly. In addition the bar
privileLM oi J. A. Hightiwer wts in-
iriea ta s. TiJ Vnt the league. Have patience witn mm BUuh in the fll"mpiiis . i-y ' ' " , "u"
there waiting or h,m and btnef got i ,et. Gulf Insurance Company lor Wf, of
an ont on a baby bit to hrst base, in " 4V,ripv .n,inv. which S10O w8 reinsured in tie Nudi-
the ninth innicg a posstDie run was aU k.u c " , Fira flnJ Marine. The latter in
.. 1 . ti ..-a, U..a amtKav varV F.O f'Bjnftri LI1H JilillUaO ItllU AJUiOno w -------
spr-n.a mr nBv....aU 'r, ' r:." "I , -' .l.- w witne.nd bv COO
.. ,.inn r.1 Mnonn r . iihv. lii , tuiuicu - - - .
y,, r il'J u.u i vni;,,oo Fnrekaa. 4. Ktruclt
firo- ra n at tne cat, wnacseu me po i -
. B hV fiairl botween l'helan and out by Renfro, 10; by William, 0.
IF this batting urea continue; m
RA.TKSW1. 175 and W per month, ac
rnrdinjr to locations. . .
Ihe u. anu r'" -"' v ,, (lllURnl
ronueriog ' ? V .i u-....
Moumain nnori ui I
oense in
the trailing
and for the season of IK the aura-lions wi
hi ,.f a character not hitherto equaled, am
tbe cuisine ot both houses, uncxceneu.
First-clsss Laundry line Livery. Ele-
Have patience with him ;
Crab Orchard
Knee.i. who both s'.arteu ior
it und got mere logeuier,
Phelan mnfftd. but Sneed was
rioht nnrlnr him and cot the ball be-
fr.ro it tnnrhprl the eround and held it
np to the ump re's gaze Deiore me
"oh" of difapnointment that followed
Phelan's mud Had Oieu away on .ne
lips of the audience. The play
was greateu Witn ueaieu
ing applause. One of the features
ot the game wai the batting s rcak
that developed it-elf in an nnexpecieu
ouarter cf the home nine. This only
. , . . . i.tr.:n o.n.
demonstrate? wnat euuuuk i".1"".
good batting is. bneed, who ns nun
erto been ie4arded as our surest battur,
has done poorly with the willow in the
games with Savannah, while others
who nsuplly saw ont got in very ef
fective work yetterday. Knoufl, for
instance, who is naturally not a heavy
.lavs, when he Ditches, and
vrhn cannot "be expected to bat and
n-tch well in the same game, gat in
a eafe hit vesterday, when the bases
full that brought in two rUEB.
Phelaa broke the spell that bound
him and found the bail every time he
vrent to the bat. not once sawing cut.
In the eighth inning Santry almost re
develop among the Brow ns they are
i., .tanirar nf heinrjr dubbed fha slug
gers of tbe League. In the light of
recent events there does not appear to
be a weak ba'ter in the nine.
Stbiek. second baseman of the Sa
vannah dub. has ben bought and
sinned by Memphis, as has aleo Bry-
nan, pitcher oi nn asnviue emu.
Evening Jfi'jer. me manager oi im
Mamehis rl'iib is anthoritv for the
statement that the atnve paragraph is
No Lkaoi e to day, unlees it be to
play offde'erred games at Chattaaooga
or Nashville. To morrow:
Charleston at Memphis.
Aufius'as at Atlanta.
Ma"ona at ChBt'anooga.
Savannahs at Naihville.
Don't forget Colon's benefit to day.
Hi is one ot the must honest and con
scientious ph y.-ts that ever ttoid
beliind a bat, f-nd did ,lu, ky work for
Memphis before he wan disabled. 1 1
ought to have a rousing audieoci. It
will be fun to see ihe amateur pitcher.
Goldsmith, hold down the professional
surAUce was on the indni'ii!, acaie.anti
about one month Had exutreo, uein:
is really something lesithan the full
amount. ....
All the books and papers in the of
fice were saved in a fa in age. d condi-tin-
The following is a inaniidst ol t.ie
freight, all of wbich was either burned
or badly damaged : J. W. Jeller.on k
Co., 13 bale., of cotton; Treadwell
(;o., 1 bale oi coucn; . n.. .. v
Co., 2 bles of cotton and 4 sacks cf
wool; Planters' Oil-Mill, 300 sacks of
ootton-seed; Iudi j.eudt nt d Oom-
pany, Wi pucks oi cuiiou-bci .. , .v.
Joplin, HSU sacks of corn ; J. F. Prank
Si Cj., 188 'acks ol corn; MaUory,
Crawford & Co., 117 seeks of c r.1 ; M.
Gavin A C., 1 hex nf m at; K
Koescher, 1 case cf hotllea; .Ijl.n B.
Driver, 1 nx.
II l-i I .a
3 m
Prop''.. I?""
Sycamore streets, I Ihxl4s leel.
Price, ll.loo. . . , .
tot St, northeast corner of Overtoil and
Third streets, HtHI IK leel.
Price, 8J.IS).
Storehouse in Jefferson block, No. ZB
Recon.l streot, one of the finest buildings In
the city ; f.oir storws, iron lront; i4xl4 leet.
Store 155 Beale street, lot 21x75 feet, two
doors oast 4'roin southeast corner ol Bealsj
and Desoto streets, two-story brink house
with ball above. Itental value o per month.
T I'rii-e, !'. , . , .
Dwelling-house No. 451 I'ontotor) street!
fcns H rooms in good rei.air. Rental value
f B por month. Lot 14x12 .
Pri. .).
Dwelling house south side Carolina street,
first block enut of Main street: 4 r..ouii ana
kitchens; can be used as a double-tenement.
Kent IIH per month.
Price, 11400.
Dwelling house No. 110 Alabama street,
two-story frame : has rooms. Lot xl50
feet, near comer ot Hill street. Rent Vt
per month.
Price. FJiOO. . .
House of S rooms, lot .M'xUO rjet, on nonn
side Broadway street, eait of Mississippi
avenue. Rent $7 per month.
Price, l"75.
Double tenement 'lellln house. No. Z
and itH Un.len street.; No. 2.18 he. 9 roomt
and house No. ZV hac 6 rooms in good repair.
Lot WxK'U feet. Rents to per month.
Price, tPViOO. ,
Brick store-house, and room, iuitable for
residence on reeond Hour, No-Tt. '
street, 2'ixi. feet. Rent 115 per month.
Oood stand for retail grocery store.
Price. ll'iiO.
50 Beautiful Building Lots, of one and two
acres each, in Claybrook subdivision, one
n il" east of city, between Union avenue and
Poplar - treet. at from HuO to VMiTcn.
Lot 32, on southwest corner of Adams and
Manassas streets, tfixb-J teat.
Price, M per foot.
Lot. on Bass avenue. in . Hw'ui.t
vision, at r, per foot; and lot or, Jefterao
street, corner If Manassas, at fclS Per fool,
and u various oilier imn. . "-j
Call and examine ourltsis. We offer loinj
,,,e S a " bargains, and will Uke pleasnre i
.Lowing property to parties wanting to ba
either lo' building purpose- or as ln't;
ments. Title t.erleot. Ab.traeti furnished
when r.MU.rtL k OR09VKN0R,
'Jill HecorjOreet
llo lor "M8giiolir'
1 In sale of tbe beautiful shaded lots
at "Magnolia," so fully advertised else
where in our columns, will take place
to dmi, and K. W. K-iys'er A Co. are
delighted with the ceitain prospect of
a big crowd and a good sale. Property
as desirable as thee lots is very eel
dom oflared for ealc, and tho public,
knowing this, will make the berit usa
of the opportunity.
Sick Headaone
pokf. to two c"iKJ,n';,J";n
il-lllltlie I. A I, .'n, , i
.. I...I n, ktltf,'. li. ...... ' -
u inline him. ,u
n...k.,il Water Co..
I.IU v,".- . ..,
JAII.K stPKI"J4.-A beautilul health
F resort Tliew.itersol thesnSprings have
long been known for their remarkable eura
live laalilicr. The s,.rmgs. are sev-ii i n
number, ea.h sp'inr cenuiinin? ditlerent
. ,;. ,.,,,.,.r. The hatll noure is ui
... k irm eertaiu mi"e jil springs,
n-i ott,. in einnnntioll tll .Irinktni
ait me i
all kidiiov and bladder troubles, rheuma-
li.m. I.lirtl VIS, HOU, lUKI'-l. :. I .
i -.1. ilir.inie nleohollc P
um, titv ,,, : --.
,.,.1. wfiakiicsses, all diseasus ol
ard spleen, bomorrh,
anil as an
sit fHi Ht Tr-v5T. LOUIS,
y. Sceoiut St. y.ttissoiJiU.
o a'tis in cinneotion with drinking the
r from .lie springs suited to the invalids
ent act powerfully on disea-e. Iheso
rnt wate'S have no e.iial tor tbe c ire ol
ions. le-
tlie livor
.ids, ilropsv and all uis-
weK. ueiiiuu.ieu, . . . . I,...
ellicient hrino and nerve Ktnic m. --
n c, I in the world. These spr ngs are I -cateu
in Clay county. Ill . live mile- ' '
Clav Citv, a villnge on tbe u.i.ui In e of the
h'hi'o and'Mis.l.siei.l '"ilw". ';" "V,
tit. IViiiis. - mi : V.. .... ,;!,.
... I. ...I. ;.l ll ticket office- of the O
U.K. uit.t ( ,nne,-tillg lii.e'.
cnlar-' n l .ir' ir.fori-i .."in
C. !".. HILLS I'lcpnetor,
! r Splint.!, t'l. '''' 111
Wnie for cir-
atAHrTACTrrtEua of
wood-workinq MACHINERY
A K'ore.i tohculth and energy Mr. E. M.
. ,,i . ..i,,n ..rant.
Avery. u.- ... ---
Tenu-, alter an attack ol matartai
which le him so feeblo that he was eonhned
to his bed .
nil ii Instant reliof. Finaleuretn
llLl 9( ten days, and never return..
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;r'- inll learn of a simple. remedy, lree, by
; in.."-.... t.
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I jo'ir plnmhlEB.

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