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JtAia M(Trthj' View f the Slta
atfon Inropean Finances
Tarkojr and Ureere.
Lokikjn, May 24. Tbe Gladstone
committee u Disking a final tUort to
conciliates Ilia Radical dinpcnttrg. The
rnmmitte bat matin overturns to Mr.
Chamberlain iirenuBing that if he ab-
ctaicn from vrt?iir upainft the heme
rale bill, the mt-HMure will be dropped
after tte iwond icniinr, inntrai tne
covt-rotiiMit will ilic n BJin ort a teso
lotion flirmirff; th supremacy of the
Imperial l'.iniaim nt and piomiainir,
adtqunt protection It the Irish mi
nority. Mr. Ctittrhlierlain'ijsu'cer ttnre
depenlg npDD M-. Glail-tone mvinn;
snaratjt9e that the coup will be fol
lowed. The Radial Wofkinnmen's
Clubof London ire rriranixioK a tlsnv
cnatia'ion in Hyde Parle in favor of
ILo Home rnie m i.
writes to ilu 'uity Son: 'Thera is
Dct a Biiiule W li a, Liotral or Kadical
who baa announred liis intention '.o
vote paintt Mr. U!adntor. s bill
wboie action rial bum lmio sea by
paition of bis constituents who Bent
elm to ratiiameiit. xot one even
pretends to be icting in htrnu ny
witb his t l c org. It (tnnot possibly
be sail that (he Liberals as a paty
are t nnfeil to the bill, or a u aia-
united, became a crr iiin nnmber of
Commoners dn line to act as repre
sentatives of tbeir electors, and ap
peal to the Coneorvatives to eunport
them in the c( ining election. Under
the circuuiBtancfls approvers cf the
principle of the bill ehonld realize
that they are juitillml In n-kinjj con
cessions, which, if made, would not
be made to a reution of the Liberals,
but to RoutlciiiiTi in an'iiK wism witb
their party, Mr. (iUd-tone and their
electors." Mr. Labouchere estimates
that forty Liber ul seteders ate in favor
of the principle of the bill, but, frim
the influence of the Chamberlain
clique, fear to meet Mr. U'mlstone
frankly and fairly half way in an en
deavor tl remove objection;). He
urges them to act for themselves, in
S'lad of Hiihmittinir to those who de
sire to overthrow Mr. Gladstone. He
believes Hint a method can be easily
found to enable them to vote for the
second reading without sacrificing
their convictions.
in a letter to Mr. Gladstone, says:
"1 regret that 1 was nbnent fri in
the Home ( f Commons on the occa
sion of your spmcb on the Itlst In
stant. rom repoita I observe that
you (ompletily misapprebi ruled the
meaning of tfittin lemarksof mine
on recent occHi-ionsin regiird to Ulster
loyalists audcoiis qiientlyiirononnced
an impressive condemnation of my
oiudiuiih reierreu to, ; i on win not
consider me wanting in ,Kspect when
I assert that you oonipletaly mis
statrd my doctrine. opinion that
an inevitable rcsnlt i'jf establishing a
ParliaiiMmt in DubUn such as your
government propose-wi!l be civil wsr
Earmenixt with the opinions ex
prexod by an overwhelming majority
of the public men of England com
petent to give judgment and almost
every percon in Ireland of experience,
position and respectability. More
over, it is the ttnttnimous and Immov
able conviction 4 the whole l'rotestant
community of Ulster. My rlcss ex
amination of the position led me to
the conclupi hi that the Ulster Loyal
ists arc j noli find in contending
.that such a I'arlinment at Dubliu
wOt'Id betomposed mainly of National
League rfl, wlm, in the unite of Parlia
ment, would hi more tyrannical than
in the par, nor do I hi filiate to say that
Should their It a s be realised the Loy
alists would bo justified in rts sting by
lores of artHa tuih ft RJOnH'OOB yoke,
If the protection of the Imperial Par
liament should bo withheld the Loy
alists would be in duty bound com
pelled to pro'ect theniHelves. I also
contend tliat Parliament bid no moral
right to divest iteelf of it i responsibili
ties toward U'stfrLiyalihts, nor trans
fer the allegiance thus of L05 u'in's to
wham must bs t J theui not, only a f r
eign bnt a hrstile body, witbuut the
full and free consent of the Loyalists
themselves. Hitch has been my doc
trine, elevated into ct nititution'iil law
by tbe acti n of the Whigs sguiiis! the
aib.trary government of James II.
Nor can it be doubted that the action
of the Lengutra through Urn Parlia
ment would bo far more aw I ill than
James's w nld have been npon Eng
land. I nev-r tirgt-tl a r. s's anue other
than a rigidly 1 o ia itnlional one, and
if I had anv intlueno) I would exert it.
Any Bacrifirs to prevent the line from
being ovemtcppHd. I declare that in
that struggle 'lhuy, in my opinion,
would be in ther ghtaud would clear
ly be en'itlnl to the sympathy and
support of ilu Br tish people. This is
what I ye 1 Old lu.vo tried to say in the
House of Commons. 1 feel confident
that you will a lmit that your descrip
tion of my dec line w,is entirely insc
euta'e and o'roiieoiis, and that nothing
in tbe above is inc meiitent with an
ex-miuintf r ol the Crown and a Piivy
Councillo'." Mr. (i'a Intone has re-
J died to I xi'd Iviiiul ilph Cliurchill as
ol'owi: "I groityieiet if I have
minrepreFont td yunr statemeuts. My
words rested ma nly on your speech in
Titter and tbe closing paragraph of
yonrlct'r to Mr. Young of the 7th
Inst, To the latter I am constrained
to apply exctly the same words 1 ex
pressed iu P4il'ament."
Tk Prrwm f.r the M'prk on
I bo tlui KiiIk Hik-nIIoii.
IjONDOn, May 22. Justin McCarthy
telegraphs the New York Jl.raUlm
follows: Thofo not behind the scenes
might not lt K:liBr understand the
siguiflranie ol certain little incidents
preceding lust night's tl-b te nn the
borne rme hi I in the Home of Com
mons, Hir Mi dm si Hickn-Uetch, the
leader of the opposition, appealed to
Mr. Glai1etO!ie on the subjttct of the
proloagnto.1 of tbe dibit, ami ae
snmiag t'i government to be anxioni
not to have i' c itried on 1 10 long, de
clared ttie ni liagnees of the opposi
tion tl R'sixt the government in en
deavoring to keep it within reasonable
limits. Wuh touching mngnmiruity
Beach declr-d that the Conservative
members aera generally willing to
eacrifici their oppottuiuties of taking
part in the dVate if tba. wera necea
sa'jr to tave the time of the Houre.
Bifo"e Mr, UlailHtoneconld reply up
stood Lord liirtirgtjn, and, in foiget
fulness or (ti (regard of the most ele
mentary forms ol parj'atnentary order,
procee del to make a regular speech to
explain tin potition ol bi.DHalf aud
Mr. Peel, the Speaker, seemed t
fir.rt utterly beaildured by Lord Halt
ingioi's i riiiit, and Hurtlrgt n bad
got so far ii.t hia speech as to be aMe
to explain t' at his friends were quite
willing do' 1 1 1 kH any pitrt in th tie
bate at a l I 0 ora toe Hreakir li d
quilt become awitre 1 1 the fact that I e
was trying to deliver a speech at the
t : , . 11 i j-. . . . I 1 a 1. I c I
asked ol tne Prime Maijter, aud not
yet acswered.
Lord Hartingtcn, being now formal
ly cal'ed to order, a. d, wn witb bis
look of ntler itolil imperturbability
which ij :ia usual for him ti wear,
wen, behold, np splints Mr. Cham
berlain from his seat below tbe gang
way and begins to explain what be
ami his friends would like to do.
This was too much for the pa'ience
of Mr. Gladstone. Hcfi.re the breaker
had t ine to rail Mr. Chamberlain to
order the Piiroo Miniater got np, and,
utterly ignoring Chamberlain's very
exist 'nee, proceeded to answer tbe
Chamberlain remainf d s'anding for
a second tr two, but tb finuee roared
at b in and be dropped into h'S seat
looking mortified and wrathful.
Now, what was the maning of all
these elicits on the part of lltach,
llntington and Chanib-rlain? This
is the meaning: The g'eat object of
the three mn and ttieh three parties
is simply to msh the debate to a conclu
sion as qnick'y as rossible. The ob
ject of tbe friends of the home nile
lull is to fiive the country fa r time lo
nndertttnd tbe whole question by
having it fully debated antl thoroughly
thtanl.ed out in the IIoiihi of Com
luo.tB. Mr. (iladstone knows perfectly
wall t! at be has no chsiice of carrying
this bill or any such bill in the iraeoi t
Pailii ment, but it is not the present
Parliament he is thinking of. He is
thinking of the country, of the people,
of the new Parliament which the
country end the people will give him
when a dissolution tikes place, aud
the queetion of horns rule or coercion
is cslle J from every platform in these
ielai th. The object, therefore, of Mr.
(iladstone is to secure for home rule
the fnllt st and fair nt discnr sion in the
House of Commone, and by means of
(hat discussion lo help educate the
country. This is Hie explanation of
the curious little cctne yesterday.
The Toiies, Lord Hartington and
Chainbarlain all with tbe question
sent to the country befora it has been
p.operly discussed in tt e House of
Commons. They want a fitlss itsue
put to the constituencies. They are
anxious ti cut short all discussion, if
Ihey possibly can. Kuch is their little
game, but that lit tie game they will
most certainly not be alloacd to play.
They made a mistake last night, were
awkward and showed their cards.
Clian be rluin is not to goods parlia
mentary tactician as the people
thought lorn, and as be likes to be
thought. Lord Hartington never pre
tended to be a tac ician at all.
Gladstone, who was, I believe, in
the btstof up rite sat in the House a
long time lust night, anil listened with
tin; deepeht interest to the debate. He
expressed approval or disapproval
many times witb the animated eager
ness of a hoy.
Mr. Chamberlain will probably
speak on Thursday. He is anxious ,0
put off his speech as long as he can,
probably to give as little onnortunitv
111 possible to criticism of ony plan he
may have to propose tor the govern
ment of Ireland, if Lo reelly has any
plan at all.
Wr Charles Dilke will not lake part
in the debate, but will votu for the
B iiond reading of the bill. I believe
there are some paita of the govern
ment s 'heme of which he does not
fully approve, bnt be does not desire
to rniee any controvetsy on the sub
ject at so critical a moment..
8exton and T. P. O'Conner will
speak next week.
Mr. Parnell will probably keep him
self back till almost the end of the de
bate. Perhaps he will speak just bo
fore Hiika-Peach sn-t Gladstone. Goe
chen, of course, will hive bis say be
fore the del at j geti much furthor,
Laboucheie said last night that
there are seventy 1 dical members
anxious to speak. There are more
than seventy Irish members who have
not jet spoken, and who will either
gif nk or be silent, according as the
interest of their cause may require. It
may be taken fur granted that the
Tones, Hartington and Chamberlain,
will not be allowed lo play out their
little game of stilting discussion. Lord
Spencer made a most powerful home
rule speech at a dinner given to him
and John Morley by the Devonshire
Club last Wednesday, Morley said a
goodthing in his speech. He defined
Lord fttlmbury's policy of coercion and
emigration as a policy of manacles and
Never KaixtmrnU lt'pirtMl on
lh froutlcr Mituy Wonudril.
Lonoon, May 2L Advices received
here say that severe engagements are
taking place on the Greek frontier be
tween Tut kitth aud Greek trcopj. Ttie
fighting is interiiiittnnt, and extends
along the frontier for a distance of
15' miles. The heaviest fighting is
at Tirnova. Many have been wounded
on both sides. Pi i me Minister Trl
coupis has telegraphed to the General
in command of the Gteek forces in
structing him to endewor to ariango
an armiatice. Too latter has evidently
been unable to comply with bis in
structions, owing, probably, to the dif
ficulty cf searing an inierviBW with
Kjoub Pat ha, the Turkish Com
mander. Tne Greek Cabinet is in ses
sion at Athena, and great excitement
prevu ls in ttie Capital.
Tendency 10 l.nwr Priori nt l.on
doa in ( oulliiemnl Hunrara.
Ionpom, Mav 24. There was a
limiied demand for discount during
the week, rates tending downward ;
three months, 1L1; shoit, d. Ex
change business was rtagnant, being
coiifinfd to foreign stocks. American
rail re ad sccuriiies were depressed
ea'ly in the week, but there was a
notable rise and active buying after
Thursday, prices at the closs being
the highest of the week. The im
provement was due to a report that
syndicates, including tbo Kotbechiltls,
HelmO'it, Spier, Kuehue and Lob,
hsd ttken the issue cf 8t. Paul bonds,
wh ch report made the whole market
iivoly. The a ivance, though general,
fiied in several inttancts to cover the
previous decline.
Al 1'nrl.
Pabis, Mav 24. Bueinees on the
B jU'Bf was deprtssed during the paHt
week under reports of (trained rela
tions betwreu France and Germnuy
and fears of a war in the East. Tbe
new loan declined 20, 3 per cent,
rentes 15c and Credit Foncier 2c.
Panama canal scares nnder M. House's
rtput fell f Of., but M. l)i Lessepe's
sUt'men' r aiHirpd shaieh tlders aud
chet ked the coilap'o the quotation at
tbeclofc beiug 410. a decline of 101
f r the week. Sui x canal shares de
clined 2"f. The ertiing of the Siu'i
cuial ye-sterday wnro PtO.OlXU less
thun on tbe mnvtt. f n ISO.1).
At Hrrlln.
TKRLlif , May 24. The deaPnta on
the It puree liurirg the psst week wore
liiu ted. Prices i"e atendy. C'l it g
au-.ia i ns wer-: Pru-s an 4', 104 !)0,
Austrian eilvtr rente, C8 'JO; Austrian
I 'rr:, 40; Rnsaian 5 -
11- 'll .sOlld.;!. , j . " .-j . .t 1 tlo
long, 20 private discount li lb
mint reports show that 400,0 0,000
marks in silver thai ra are in circu'a
tinu or stored in the Imperial Faok.
Tbe recent call for silver was dua to
government aalea.
At frank fort.
Fbankkobt, May 24. A light busi
ness was done on tbe Bourse during
tbe week just ecded. Knsf ian 5s were
etrong. The R Jtbscbi'ds, tho lileich
rcders and four other German bankes
are neg toting for the conversion i h
part ol the old Russian loans. TId'h
will be an extensive operation, in I
the atsietance of leading Eng'ish ami
French bankers will be required in
order lo sccoiplieh it.
Jnblle rshlblllon of thr Brrlln
Arndrinjr miliary Nuira.
Hkklin, May 24 The jjbilen exhi
bition of tbe Berlin Academy of Ann
opened yesterday. The buddings
which have been erected fcr the pur
poses of tt e exhibition are loca'ed in
Exhibition Park, and cover 13,000
square miles. 8ixten hundred Ger
man and foreign works are exhibited.
The Emperor aud Crown Prir.cs
Frederick Wi liatnartakirg an active
intercut in tbe exhibition. Amnrg
the German artists tbo works fur
nished by the painters of Munich are
considered to be the etrongest. Undo
sends a fine rendering of tbe La t
Hnpper, Keller a strong study tf The
ituising of Jairuss Daughter, aud
Wollf a showy picture of the Woman
Taken in Adultery and other choice
pictures. lhe Crown Princes-,
Princees Louise and Kir Frederick
Leighton, president of the Bii ieh
Royal Academy, influenced the selee
lion ( i I lie works which repreeent
r.ngliah art. Whistler sends a t ort) a
of Carlyle. Poynter, Tadema, Millaie,
J.eigtiton, Wootlville, Gow, Urelt
Holuian, Hunt and Cianu a l contrr
lute specimens of tbeir art. France
is scaree'y represented in the exhihi
tion. NLtible collectiors aie fur
nished by Italy, Belgium, Sweden and
Flmperor William has given orders
tt ut the army oliicers now studying 11.'
a ranee snail tienceiortn ttudyiuewiU
lhe rn;;6(ifnysthereport0d Incresee
U ttiegur sons in Aleace wasexagte
ated, but tbat another cavalry divisii 11
will bet sent to reinforce the car jaon
at Mat'gaburg. The Sirrth German (Jo-
trtte affirms tbat in addition to the cav
alry division mentioned, an iccrca o
01 all important garrisons will beef
fectcd at once, and it also ears tba'
officials of tbe war ofliee have gone to
Alsace to make necersaty preparations
in connection with tbe proposed
strengthening cf tbe forces there.
Emperor William makes daily in
quiries concerning the condition of tbe
hittorian Io.inld Von Rinke, who in
seriously ill. Tbe Emperor bus b!b.
as a snec al mark ct lavor, relieved
Pro'. Von Ranke's son, who is a cap
tain in the guards, co that he may to
with bis fsther. Prof. Von Ranke had
almost completed Wallgenrhidite before
he was taken ill.
Prince Bismarck is taking a much
nesded rest at Fii?derichsruhe. His
health is reported to be bad.
Kreisweiski, the Polish poet, fai'e 1
to return to tba prison at Madgebnrg;
on tbe expiration of bis leave on th-i
15th Inst, thereby forfeiting hia bail of
22,0(0 msrke.
The police, acting under the ant'
Kocialist law, have prohibited the f ale
of the pamphlet Lat En Licht (Icben and
of the poems of Leopold Jacoby.
A merchant of Luebeck has be
quea'hed to the University of Jena
the sum of 300,009 marks to found n
Darwin chair. Hcrr Ueckel is the ad
ministrator of tbe bequest.
An lniiHlir AITalr.
LiHiiON, May 24. The wedding pro
cession in honor of the approaching
marriage cf the Princess Ainelie d'
Orleans and the Crown Prince ol Por
tugal took p'nee yesterday, and wis a
most impesing afla'r. Wben the pro
cession reached the church it was met
by twelve of the oldeet marquises e f
the Kingdom, who supported a canopy
under which tho King and Quen
passed to the entranca of the church.
The interior cf the edifice waa richly
deccra'ed, and 500 chandeliers bril
liantly illumlnatad the scene. The
church was cr.iwded with luembors of
the royal family, peers, diplomat),
members of the Chamber of Deputies
and other dist'nguished persons. The
Patriarch of Lisbon officiated, and at
lhe conclusion of tbe servile and cere
monies guns were tired from the forts
and the men-of-war in the harbor,
and the bellB of all the chun lies in
tbo city rang out in the merriett music.
Tbe weather was beautiful, and tbo
streets were crowded with cheering
citixsns. To-night tho city is illumi
nated, and bands are parading the
H'reets playing the national airs of
France and Portugal. Many fetes are
being a'rangsd. The Count and Count
ess of Paris have decided to remain in
Lbbon until the 27th instiut. F'rom
here they will go to Madrid, deferring
their raturn to France for some time.
ItUHatlaflod With lhe Unties.
Lillk, May 24. A congress of Bgii
culturis'sof the North of Fiance has
adopted resolutions favoring an in
crease of impo't duties and denounc
ing tbe existing commercial treaties
aud prohibition of American bacon.
Another Heavy Hreak In tha Fltta.
bare Market.
Fittmu'ru, Pa., May 24. There was
another heavy break in oil this morn
ing, caused by the big strike of tho
Cameron well in the WVshington dis
trict. Tho market opened weak and
panicky at 6ojj, and quickly sold down
to tiHJ, which was 4 cents lower tban
Saturday's close. The news from tbe
field created tho greate-t excitement
in oil circles, ami largo blocks of ci r
tilieatts were thrown on tho market.
There wore no fa lures, however, and
at 11 o'clock price had rallied to 64 L
Tho Cameron well is located three
milfs went of Washington borough,
and not fur from tbo SmiUi and IWer
wells. It started off yesterday at the
rate of fiOOO barrels a tiny, and i.s now
doing 147 barrels an hour.
Brnial Wlle-Bnrdrr In Ueorgla.
Thosia8vii.i.k, Ga., May 24. News
has reached heie of a brutal murder
in the eas'ern part of the county.
Frank Coleman, a farmer, became en
raged at h'S wife and knocked her
dotvn with a hoe. He tl on got a razor
end cut her Htm. UUiueis are in
p jr.uit of the ninr leier.
Mr. Blaine on Ilia Vlxhrrlrn niapnle.
Auocsta, Mx , May 24. In answer
to an inquiry Mr. Blaine, who is now
at Bar Harbor, pays be has had no in
terview with aoy one in regard to the
fisheries question, and is iu no man
ner accountable for any opinions that
may have been attributed to him. He
has had no occasion to change the
views uniformly expressed by him in
A ra.Uona.l Convention.
A few days ago a conven
tion of Patent fedicines was
held at Mt. Vernon a place
whose interest centers in the
dead. It was considered a fit
and significant place for a
national gathering of this
kind. It was well attended ;
delegates coming from all
parts of the country. The
press were excluded from its
deliberations, but a represen
tative of "our advocate " is en
abled through the leakiness
of anexcited member, to re
late some of the proceedings.
The Balsam Family sent
several delegates. The
Syrups and the Balms sweet
ened the gathering but could
notheal theanimosities.Many
of the Oils were there to lubri
cate the proceedings. The
venerable Sarsaparillas re
ceived the homage due to old
age. Large numbers of the
Plasters were seen at the Back
and Sides. But by far the
largest, representation came
from the family of " Bitters.
It is said only one member of
that family was absent. lhe
cause of this absence was ex
plained by the subsequent
proceedings. The presiding
officer, selected chiefly on ac
count of his size and the noise
he could make, was S. Kidney.
Scarcely had he called the
convention to ordcrwhen the
real object of the gathering
was developed. A member ol
the aged Sarsaparilla family
came feebly forward (they are
weak) and entered his protest
against young and vigorous
medicines of another family
entering upon the special field
of labor belonging to his fam
ily. He claimed Impurities ol
Blood as his especial care
He looked as if it were true,
The Plasters from their po
sitions expressed their sym
pathy with the previous
speaker as they thought of
the Pains in the Back and
Sides which they could no
longer claim sole right in and
control over. But the wildest
clamor came from the seats
occupied bythe Bittersfamily.
Ihey were all ot one descent
(whisky) and resembled each
other, although they were
clothed in different styles and
bore different names. Their
abuse was heaped unsparingly j
upon the absent and exclud
ed members of this family to
whom they referred as B. I. B.
An impartial judgment from
the discussion of the com
plaints made, would be that
this young and thriving mem
ber had left a bad company.
Uses no whisky. Does not
frequent bar-rooms. Is not a
beve-rage. Is a strong tem
perance advocate. Is a sure
cure for all Stomach disorders
and Liver and Kidney trou
bles. It is called Brown's Iron
Bitters. It has proved itself a
remedy for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia, and as a Blood
Purifier and cleanser the jeal
ously of the old timers en
dorses it. In Malaria and
Chills and Fevers it acts as a
specific, and Spring Fever
never fails to yield to Brown's
Iron Bitters. We don't know
what rcsolutionswere passed,
but that Brown's Iron Bitters
has come, and come to stay,
is a fact. It is the most per
fect Iron medicine known.
The only one that will not
injure or discolor the teeth.
That it is the best purifier, the
best tonic, the best strengthen
ing medicine known, is the
verdict of all the people w ith
whom we have talked.
Oilss ONrEtTrctl Stores
O.'llcf, Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
. .vl'UUON 11 1 LL, I'rt'MdpnU
to jt i a rM "
nmii nn Pitw inn V 'nn' nn rn
v r. iiiiiiii.N . v n n n Tn i.n
f 1 II lit II II 1 11 II1LI 1 I1U IA UUUliliU
8. MANSFlftLD. D. K. MYERlj, W
376-3TcV:iH0-3S'2-4-3h6 econd
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring,
Honldln, Laths, Cedar
Do you want a pore, bloom
ing Complexion I IT so, a
few applications of Hasan's
MAG6lIA BALM wlllgravV
lfjr you to yoHr heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
Iovmess, Itedness, rimples,
Blotches, and all diseases and
Imperfections of tho skin. It
overcomes the flashed appear
ance of heat, fatigue and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY j and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are Its effects,
that ft is Impossible to detect
its application.
On Madlaon Hlreal. Jfeinphla, Tens
A FULL itoek of Wooden and Mt
Cams and C;iket, Burial Kobe, eto.,
alwayion hand. Order by Taleuraph or Tel-
AttlmnA MmmiitjT .t.nrlt A.
fitpj Mr. W. A. Header, 63 Fourth
;tret, iMniiih'n, Tonn, worn nufforini from
indiKUHiion. lis myn be cuuld 1'eel an im
)rotment every dny.'
gSEtlVrfl itt WG.tLTH.-Di. K. 0.
Wibt', Nkrve mo Brain Trkatiiknt,
a guaranteed ji ocIQo fur Hysteria, tlttti-
nn. r'.nmtlain. IF'... hi... V I
a... vuuvuiHwjr, ciu, m ervnus nearai-
Eia, Ueadache, Bnvft Proitmtion, caused
y tbe Uo ol alcohol nr lnhiwnn Wnlra.
fulnexa, .Vontnl lleprefiiiion, Si.Hcning of the
Brain, roruitiuK in ioraniLy and Ion- ing to
ujifery, duoay and de.it hi Premature n
Aico, lianeniioM, Lo- ot Power in either
b-v- Involuntary Lonr.ea and Spermator
rhea, cn'i- by over-exertion of the brain,
ejf-abuir oro vrindulcenoe. Ea-h boi con
tains one monrt - treatment. fl box, ol
ix hmea for fi, ren lo mail propaid, 01
receipt of iirict. Wr (tuarr ri. r Six lloxel
to cure any cafe. With each ordnr icreived
! y li"in boiei. accompanied wit,, -ft,
o il' aer,d the purrhaftor oar written
ymirir t-, .0 fefund the money if the treat
uinnt doe ui eue?t a cure Onarantoor
lnd only h- KP.tlltKHr I'd.. l)tn-
aniiOQil Restored
nr.i., rtttu-Avniimoi yoiiiiiiti 1 1 mprndenc
Sf UBLn jrmtur Iec7, Nervoiu Dftbility, Los)
Manhood, Ac, bavins tnd in Tain every Icnonre
rmedr,aa d iscoveretl a -Imple meanaof elf-4m?0,
which b w.l! nt i FKKhi tobifellow-ufferr
AddrtQ. J,U.ftK l V LS. 43 Uhu,hi bUJtlew Vortfc
ON WEDNESDAY. JI'NR 16, 1886, we
will a II for non-rcaident owner, at
public outcry, on the premise, that desira
ble property known aa the "Claybrook Sub
division, "lyinu between Poptarstneton the
north and l nion avenue nn th. .nnth. nt
Juat beyond the reaidence of John Overton,
jr., on Union avenue. The property baa
Deen divided into ace lota to as to suit the
wants of ourchaners hnvinar much nr littln
It is convenient to the street cars, on Poplar
street, and tbe grade and road bed is being
prepaid for traveling lhe road m Iront of
it on Union avenue. vVe believe it to be the
most suitable property for residences on the
marke. and an opportunity lo buy suoh
Kroperty H seldom otterei. Property is
eing rapidly sold for residences east of the
city, because it is not cut up by rnilrttada as
in the ncrthein and southern port ons of
tbe city.
TKHMS One-third nh- hnl nnc. In An.
jnd two years, with 6 per crnt. interest.
Maps can be seen at our cilice until dmnf
salo. OVEHTON A QRiibVENOR, Agts.
Indlsputedlnthe BROAD CLAIM of being (la
ft'ost Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETTER & CO., Agent?,
Mrmphlw, Tfnn.
uA.lrk.;.l0 fA V. Iliuh tin In the
ir, 1 : I; ... ........... ...rn iiml.
ioas, extensive and beautilully shaded lawn.
Uas, electrie bolls, and all modern improve
ment s. Two daily mnils, post, telegraph and
express offices on the premises, able the
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms;
tui erb band of music. end for illustrated
r'aniphtet. Charge" modera'e. Open for vis
tors, June 15th. HVrri.- Alum. I'halvbeate
and A'rwittonr. R. T. W iLKlSON.MaVgr.
tirely cured Mr. 8. A. Cocks, 369 Mam
street, Memphis, Tenn., of a severe case of
chills and fever, He believes in it.
W. St. WILKEKSON, TIe-l're8Meii
todv mi an
I n rfH II r an
Mlreet, Merapliis. TenM
strict, soath ol y080.
Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
foata and Plckcla.
Ko. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IKstabliahed ia 1860.1
U ties interested as by far the most luo
eesrful physician in the treatmentof private
or secret diieaaea. Quick, permanent caret
Euarenteed in every ease, male or female.
oDt cases of Uonorrhea and Syphilis
eared in a f.w days without the nse of mer
cury, chanre of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Byrbilia, thelasCvee
tie eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time, tiufferers from impotenry a? loss ol
sexual p.wers restor eto free yia-or in a few
weeks. Victims of a e-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from sperinaUirrbea and
loss of physical and mental power, siwrdily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Iiiseases of Women, and'
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the use of enusticor the knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sect by express to all parts of the
osrWorkinirmen cured at half the usual
rntes. Office hours from R n'rloi-.k a.m. to t
o'clock p.m. 1). B. JO II N t0 S. M.D.
J. r. HOLST &1SK0.,
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and eompleta itoek of Wood and
Metallic Cases and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets aod Burial Kobei always on
hand. .-Orders by telesrauh promptly
tleld. ft'
" Mr. Oodlrey C Kubler, Sl Main street,
Memphis, lenn., of dyspepsia when all other
medicines were powerlesi to relieve it. lie
recommends it.
No. 4ri24, K. D. Cnanoory Court of Shelby
county ii. r. iiooson, administrator, ejor.,
vs. M C. Frame et al. ; K. V. 353, li-Wiu.
Morrow vs. P. P. Kmin. nt .1.
BY virtue of concurrent interlocutory de
crees for sale, entered in the above
causes on thelWh day o April, W6, M. li. .at,
pages ltd and 4ii, I will sell, at public auc
tion, to tnenignest Dniiier, In front ot the
Clerk and Master'! office. Court -House ol
Dueioy county, mempnis, Tenn., on
Nalurdny. Nay Hit. thse.
within leicil hoars, the following described
property, situated in bnelby county, Tonnes
see. to-wit:
A certain narnel n land lrnnwn 1a(s 4
and 5, and part of lot 3 of country lot 414,
beginning at the corner of Jerry Crowley's
lot, immediately east of the Memphis and
l,naricBtnn railroad bridge on Marshall ave
nue: thence in a southenstwardly direction
along the south line ol Marshall avenue,
about riltl feet, to the James Mdell lot:
thence south with Sidell's west line to old
Union street; thenoe westwardiy to tbe
Memphis and Charleston railroad; thence
noruiwestwaruiy along tne line ol said rail
road to Jerry Crow oy s southeast corner
thence with Crowley's east line to the begin
ning. I h'S tract ot land has been subdi
vided In lots, plats of which can be seen at
toe utmocery uourt, and the above property
will Desoid according lo said subdivision.
A certain lot known as part of lot 478, and
described as the east 124 leet of lot SM of '
L. 478, fronting 124 by 118 feet on the north
aide of Jefferson street.
A certain other lot, being part of C. L. 493,
fronting 40 feet on the south aide of Jeffer
son street, with a depth of 148 leet, bounded
on the west by Uayou Uayoso and on the east
oy neinacx i lot.
Terms of Kale On a credit of six and
twelve months: Interest-bearing notes with
security required; iien retained to secure
same, and equity ot redemption. Ibis
April "J, inno,
8. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
Alalone A Watson, Taylor Jt Carroll, F.
u. a u. vr . ueiBKeii, sols.
PohI ponemeut.
The above ssle is postponed until Nnlnr
"Mi mJ x, isista, when the sale will
po-itively take place. Terms of sale modi
fied so as to require 10 per cent, of purchase
money pmi in dsn; oamnce on lima as
neretotore ordered. I his May 21, IHSb.
8. I. y ('DO WELL. Clerk and Master.
Bv H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clork and Master.
No. 4Vri2, F. D. Chancery Court of 8lelby
county State of Tennessee va. Linie li.
Tailor et al.
BY virtue ol an Interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the above cause on the
2.Sth day of January, 18Kii, M. B. 51, page
187,1 will fell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, in (ront ot the Clerk and
Master's orboe, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Natnrdny, Jane) 10. IHHd,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed property, situated in Shelby county,
Tenncsiee, to-wit: Lot 5, block 15: Be
ginning 118 feet east of the northeast in
tersection ol Desoto and Elliott streets, on
the north side of Elliott street: thence
north It 0 feet ; east 32 leet ; south 100 feet to
Elliott street, and west with said street 32
feet to the beginninc. S j Id as the property
ef Noah Partee nd others.
Part ot lot 14, blocs 6, west side of Walnut
utreet, 14il50 leet. Seld as the property of
Kiohard I ane.
Lot A, block 54, west sde of Ruth street,
60x142 lest. Sold aa the property ol 11. lior
ton, James Hunter and others.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months;
notes with security, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained, redemption barred,
Ihis May 20, lHHti.
B. I. MoDoWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Denu y C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Ileiskell. Sols.
No. 246, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Harriet E. Smith vs. M. Owen
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered in the above cause on the
17th liaj of May, IKmJ, M. B. 52, page .W,
1 will sell t nublio auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse ol She by oounty, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Natnrdny, June 13. IHSfl,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby oounty, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
Lots 1. 2 and 6, of the subdivision made in
this causa in the year 18i8. as shown by re
port tied herein April 12, 1M78.
Lot 1 fronts sutb side of Oayoso street 33
fect, with a del th ol about 120 leet.
Lot 2 Iron's same street 3J ket, with about
the same depth.
Lot 6 fronts same stroet SO feet 9 inches,
with a deptb of about US feet.
To the plan of subdivision reference is
here made.
terms of Sale On a credit of six, twelve,
eighteen and twonty-four months, purchaser
executing notes with approved security bear
ing i terest Iro n dire; lien retained and re
demption ba'icd. This May 2i, In.
S. 1 MrDoWV LL, Clerk aud Mastor.
By II t Walsh, Dei uty Clerk and Master.
Posten A l'oston. Solicitor!.
used with fa utary effect in the family
of Mrs. E. W. Edmund, tH Adams ftreet,
Memphis, Tonn. bhe was cured of nervous
pess and ber husband of Indigestion.
WILL be rpened June 1st. This noted
watering-place is situated six miles
from ,$tn Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa rai road, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at Jvtna,
and will convey guests to sprints at a very
low rate.
Board, 82 Per Month i 81 Per Day.
Kporlal Bate to a-'atnllir.
We Invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant sea on of their lives to come to
Beaverdam. especially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pure air in
Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
F. A. PF AN, Prop'r Centreville Hotel.
'lieves pain, aids digestion, and t.nesnp
the sysiem. Mrs. W. A. Bmrb, No. f-o0
Shelby teet, Vemi his, lenn., says her hus
band was -umd of rheumatism alter trying
Biauy other remedies without aid.
1 If" 1 '
j- -'. V"-v.''''- .
Is taaTowa orrolllrrTlllr, Teas.
He. 51t. R.S. John Loarue, Publie Admin
istrator of Shelby eouniy. and aa such Ad
ministrator of Mrs. . M. Bleckley, de
oeaaed, ve. Maggie A. Brennan et al.
BY virtue of decree for sale entered hero
in, April 27, lbt6, I wilt ofler for sale,
at pablie aocuon, at COLLltRVILLB,
TSN.. on
tlainrday, May 2, !..
within legal hours, the following describee!
real estate, to-wit:
I. A certain lot containing three and one
half t3'4) acres in the Tenth C vil District
of Shelby oounty, Tenn., in the neighbor
hood of Bray's Station: Bounded on tha
norta by the State-line road; on the south
by tbe M. and C. K lilrosd; on the eatt by
the lands of P. M. W ard, and in the west by
the lands of E. Head.
And the following lots in the town of Col--lierville,
Shelby county, Tenn. :
II. Avacantltt irontingon the west side
Ol me puuiio para,ruuiu oi iuv ioi owned oy
1. J; Morris, and being one hundred (l(i)
fet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(12)1) leet.
HI. A vacant lot on the routh sideol Front
street, beginning about one hundred and
forty tlloi leet wen of thn inurtection oi
Front street with Ibe opening west of tbo
publie square, having a front ol one hun
dred and seventy-lour feol by a depth of
about two buudr id and twonty (22n) leet.
IV. A vacant lot on lhe east sido of Main
street, thirty by sixty (WioU) ite . lying be
tween the property of Oeo. it. iilair and P.
L. Gray.
V. A vacant lot on the vert side of Main
street, beginning about one hundred and
fifty-eight (Ion) feet noithot the intersection
of Front and Main streets; thence nerth,
twenty (20) leet, with a depth of one hun
dred and sixty (ltii) feet, running sourh at
right angles with the south line of said lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (120)
feet west of the beginning point, a distance
of fiftt-eight (58) feet, until it joins with lot
Ho four (4). fronting on Front street.
VI. A certain lot commonoing on tho
northwest corner ol J. W.and H'.l). Koen'a
lot, in the town of Collierville, deeded to
them by Leake and Irby; running thenco
north thirty (SI) feet to a stake; tbence east
sixty (60) feet to a stake; thenco south thir
ty (:s0i leet to a stake to tbe northwest cor
ner ol said lot of Koen's; thence weat sixty
(bur feet to the beginning point.
Book 30, page i:5.
VII. A lot known as the Orchard lot, de
scribed as: Beginning at the northeast cor
ner ot lot No. 5, on a ranrro ot lou mirth of
publie square and onfu.Mie tho M. and C.
K.K.: therce north two hum. red and feven
feet six WW inches to as'slie; tbence west
two hundred and twenty 120)) foot in J. K.
Wadding's east boundary; thence routh
two hundred and seven test six (Ititiit inches
to a fUSe, which is the northweBt corner of
John Lynoh's lot No. 11; thence east two
hundred and twenty (i20) fcot to the beginr
ning, oontuining, by estimation, a little over
one aire. Book 72, page 642.
VIII. Lot Ho. one (1), forty (40) feet by
one hundred (100) foet, in a range ol lots
Nos. 1 to 11, on the north tiilo of the put lio
squire or park, purchased from V. Leaka
September 24, 8t"7, and recorded in Regis
ter's office of Shelby county, in uook No. 62.
pages 2nl, 21 4.
IX. Lot No. 2, forty (40) by one hundred
(100) feet, In a range of lots Nos. 1 to 11 on
the north side of ttie publio square or park,
purchased from V. Leake, Deoember, lHti7,
and recorded in the register's oilioe of Shel
by county, in book No. 05, pne 476.
X Lot No. 4 (and part of lot 3), forty (40)
by one hundred (100) feet, and part of lot 3,
eight (8) by one hundred (100) iret, west of
and adjoining lot No. 2, in a lanee of lots
No. 1 toll, on the north side or the publio
park or rqunre. On this lot, 4nxl00 feet, aro
two brick stoiehouses, on which there ist
trust deod of record, (ijule subject to tbe
rights of the mortgagee.)
XI. Lot No. 5, forty (40) by one hundred
(ltO) feet, west of and as ji iuing lot No. 4,
above described, and Imirtcon (14) feet six
(ti) inches of lot No. 6, west of ai d adjoining;
lot No. 5. (This is tho lot on which Mrs. E.
M. Bleckley res ded t the timoot ber death,
being tifiy-four (il'-J leet six inches by one
hundred (100) feet. I tine-story truine and
improvements. Book 83, psgo 2;'ii.
XII. Lot No. 9, forty (40) by one hundred
(lnO) feet, in a range of lots on the north side
of the ublio park or failure, record book
No. 69, part 2, pages 4'7-h. A lot fronting
the west fide of the public park, beginning
forty-eight (4H) feet souih of front street,
lying between the lot of J. K. Wuody on tha
north and T. J. Morris on the fouth, beincr
fort-eight bv one hundrod and twenty 4Hx
120) feet, having two (2) two-story biirk im
provements and also one (1) small tenement
of wood. l:pon this lot there is a trust deed
ot record. Sale subject to the rights of tho
As per said decree, I will first sell raid un
tmiwoved property, or so niuoh thereot as
may be necessary for the iumont of the
debts and cha'ges, and State, county and
municipal taxes against said osUte; and in
the event said unimproved property doea
nt t renliie sufficient, then I will offer said
improved properly for sale for the payment
of the remainder of said debts, costs,
charges and taxes. This decree is made
without projudice to the ctaiuiaof creditors
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and tho
right of the estate in property embraced ia
such mortgage or trnst deeds shall be last
sold in case a sale thereof becomes neces
sary to pay the debts allowed.
At the time of the sale the fruardian, M.
Gavin, may direct the order in which the
different Lota or tracts inuy be sold, except
that the mortgaged property ia to be last sold
as above stated.
Terms ol Sale One-fuurih (V cash, one
fourth li) on DeeiLbcr 27. 18W. and one-
half (S) on Decem'icr 17, 1.V7; purchaser to
execute notes with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid purchnso money, and a
lien retained on the property io secure tho
deferred payments. This April . lsi.
in nil u. uiiijiiCn . uierx.
By O. L. McDonald, Deputy Clerk.
John Loasue. W. D. Wilkerson. H. C.
Warriner and Albert Suges, solicitors.
No. 4li54, R. Chancery Court of Shelby
county cttate ol iennessee vs. tuuly
Sa"ke't et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory der.ee for
sale, entered in tho above cause on the
14th day of Mny, 1885, M. IJ. 48, page 105.
I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Muster's
office. Court-house of Shelby oounty, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Nalurdny, Jane 10, 186,
within legal hours, tho following described
pruporiy, Bituuiuu. lu ouuiur uuuuiy, auuu,,
Lot 13, block 5. Brown s subdivision.
fronting 80 feet on the east side of LuKose
street, and running back 17ri icot. Sold as
the property ot Kimly Sarkett. W. W. Luck-
ett and others.
Part of lot 7, block 63, southeast corner of
Oayoso and Hernando streets, .i'litf feet.
So:d as the property of the V? orkingmen's
Building and Loan Association, b. lluchig-
fart of lot 8. block Rt. east a rie of Iter.
landn street, adjoininr Cartor, 45x135 feet.
Part of lot 9, block 63, past side of Her
nando street, north of Maydwell't, 35x115
Let 2. block 45: Beginning at a point on
the south side ol Beale street, 52 feeteat of
the corner of Be;ile and Causey streets;
thence eouthward witb Johnson's line 78
feet; thence eastward 25 feet; thence north
ward 7n feet to lleilo ftreot: thence west
ward witb the south side of Beale street 28
feet to beginning. Sold ss the property of
Rocoo Boggisnaand others.
terms rf ha o On a credttof six months:
note with tecurity, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
This My 20, 1V6.
S. 1. MCDOWELL, Clo-k and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, D. C. and M.
F. II. and C. W. Heiskeil, lol.citor.
Newspaper itrzis;
( "- anadvitiuer toeon-
newrraner And ttimateR o thoootttof ad-
Ttjrtiflinft. The advert ier who wurm to ipend
one aoMfir, nniu in it lue lniorraBtion He re
quires, white for him who will invest one
nur.dred thousand dnllani in advortiamf. a
"heixe in ndioated which will meet his
e7ry regal, einect or can bt made io do at
by alicnt cbantief eajiur arrived at hy corre
apondenoe. One hundred and titly-thre
ditioni have been ifl-uej. bunt. tpftid.
io any aonrc-sior ten oni. Aii.y to yhu.
VKHTI8IN(J BUKEAU,10!oet. (Print- -
n g Honse hqnare ew lnrtr
filed Mm. lintt.e W. Miller, No. 4 Mar
shall avenue, Meiuihiit. Tenn., sfter an at
tAok ef dysentery, and asaio a1 'in ted her
recovery from malarial fever, bhe consid
ers it a moM valuable medicine.
fw-.T. 4JK - -WM
.VWrrip.lllllttrM dlaUMRlrt
inwnt owriirintM. nowrw)
Vi;J,r''pft"nt',-a',!u New,
V nl HttMH-M Irn.Hs A I ihran
V Dcia's.Btblei. Chain.
tSS-ff" -Jr.V Book CaB, toungea.
-1 Letwrfresaes, Cabin eu
'--i . 1 LadicsT Fancy Deska, eVo
i.-... - rMofwIJnarnnrt. OelAlog
.SjJI "N tree. IowUm o. ho portals.
Wu a m I a. 1 1 Aubiib,,lOen tua omen.
WAN I C.U , ,,l 'TliK CHILII
BIBLR " Introduction by Her. J. H. Via.
cent, D.D. One ik-ent ha fold oVi in a towf
of 674 people; one Ti in avili:i"" ol 7i4;ont
new avent Mb in 10 days;, one ..W tn 4 faeces
five weeHs; one 4(1 in 3 aayr at two d' Cerent
times. K-iPtrience not necefsfrr. , Ureis
u peaxborn street. Cuic&vo.

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