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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 25, 1886, Image 7

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EXl'lUStiEl-4 rKEMlUS.
Cotton Utefcer-Middllng, 8 7-8c
Sales Yesterday, 1100
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent
JxK-al securities dull but steady. The
cotton market closed quiet and 1-1 lie
higher; middling, 8,c. Sales, 1100
bales. At New York spots closed
quiet and unchanged; iniddl ng, i'k
The future market H thus reported by
Gie'ue&Co.: "Business" was drag
gin;: Ml day, and wasconlined almost
entirely to small local deals, with no
feature" of importance brought out.
AH hands were evidently timid and
rather inclined to itand off, though on
the whole the bulls made the beat
th wink' and worked rates up 34
points on fairly favorable advices from
Kurope and somewhat less promising
crop reports."
New Orleans spots closed quiet and
steady, middling 8;c; futures barely
steady but 2 to 4 points Light r, June
At Liverpool the spots were steady,
with fair demand, middling, 5Jd; fut
ures dull 1 ut l-Ud higher, May-June,
In the general market there are no
changes of note.
Twelve hundred sks bran, 18 pkgs
butter, ;'.17 pkus bacon, 2tf pgs boots
and sho s, MG5 bu corn, IH):!
sks coffee, 2170 sks cotton-seed, 35
pkgs dry poods, 123 pkgs eggs, 1617
brls Hour, VIM bales hay, tt pkgs hats,
J0 hd hogs, l.r.3 lid cattle, 30 hd
horses an 1 mules, 150 pkgs lard, 80,
000 ft lumber, 77 pkgs liquors, 127
brls meal, 11 brls molasses, 2 )0 kegs
rails, (3 brls onions, 70 brls potatoes,
12 cars po k 8 des, 111 brls sugar, 15!i
X'kgs to bacco.
The following shows the amount of
. strain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received, 3035 bu ; withdrawn,
4815 bu ; in store. 23,080 bu. Oats re
ceived, none ; withdrawn, 125 bu; in
store, 2012 bu.
Madison St., Memphis, Teun.,
aniKtCAN cor roar,
Money in good demand at 8 per cant.
The Clearing-House report is as fol
Monday. May 24th, $190,527 1G,
same dy lait week, $271,927 13; tame
day in 18S5, $lf8,t04 22; same day in
Monday, Mav 24th, f 35 321 11 ; same
Jay last week. $47,492 09; same dav in
1885. $39,482 2i ; same day in 18S4,
$41,900 97.
New York sight on all points, par
baying, i premium sellirjg; New
F.ni.lnd demand. 1 discount buying;
New England sigtit, i dissount; New
Orlens,l discount Duying, par seuing
Bank of Commerce..l49 bid, 152 asked
Vint National 145 bid. 155 asked
-German BaDk 1924 bid, 195 asked
Slate National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and l'lanterc.149 bid, 151 aBked
Mercantile 13ink...iao b a, lilt "Ho:
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 101 bid. 103 asked
Homa - 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 81 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 10J asked
Planters 105 l id, ... aBked
Vanderbilt 21 bid, 22J asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. sharee..29 bid, ... asked
M.& T. R.U. shares.. ..40 bid, ... asked
M. & O. conar.lB, 7...1I0 bid, ... asked
M. A T,. R. lt m. 8S...105 bid. ... asked
Mi83.&T.R.R.e-,A...118 bid, 121 asked
Miss.StT.R.K c,B...10u bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. C 97 bid, 98J asked
Tenn. wis. ser. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Bhelbv Co. Ci 106 bid, 107 asked
'Tas. Dst. 4, Gj 93 bid, 94 asked
Tar. Dist. tis 102 bid, 10:.' asked
Mem.Stor.Coui. Oo..l05 bid, 10(3 asked
Mem. Gas slock t.78 bid, 82 asked
Mem. Has bonds 105 bid, ... aBked
Mem. Vatf r bond 90 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works b'd. 65 asked
Am. Cot Oi! trusts ..30 bid, 31 eked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..18 bid, 22 asked
New York, May 24. Money on call
easy at 1 2 per cent Prime mer-
- cantile paper 4(n !c. ."sterling exchange
strong: actual rat, 4863 for CO day
lills and 4S71 for demand.
Bonds liovernment bonds were
dull and closed a shade better for the
4s. State bonds were dull and firm
K'ilroad bonds were more active;
sales. 12.694.000. of which hne con-
sols contributed $100,000. The mar
ket closed imgular, with most of the
istuesh cher. The proposit on made
to the Houston and Tex s bondhold
ers contemplates a scaling down of
interest and an extension of the time
of maturity, past due interest to be
funded into some new kind of bond
It is understood the proposition comes
from Mr. Huntington, and the bond
holders expect tr-e new bonds to be
euaranteed bv the Southern Pacific
Company. The bonds of this com
pany to-day were quiet, and whi'c the
general Gs show Rn advance of 3, ths
main line Hints, coupons on, are l
' lower.
Stocks The early dealings showed
considerable heaviness in a great
many stocks. The loaning rates t
lay were much easier, and there was
a plentiful f upply of stock to be held
for the asking, indicating that the
short interest has been materially re-
duced. Later in the day even the fa
vorite storks gave w-y, and linal tig
iirs are close u the lowest of the day.
There was good bitving of l-.rie, how
ever, toward the close, and the evi
dence points to the same party that
lias advanced r-t. Paul and its kindred
stocks as the purchaser. The market
opened steady, and after a slight de
cline in so-i e sto ks became strong
thronghoutanJ material advances were
made m the tir.-it hour. These were,
however, generally lot before noon,
after which the market remained com
paratively steady until toward the
close, wlun quotations again yielded
and the market closed heavy. Almost
everything on the active list is lower
to-niglit, though odiv tor fractional
amounts. Chi' ago, liurlington and
(Juiniy shows an advance of 1 per
cent on very light business. F.rie is
up i per cent St. Paul was the most
active stock, followed by Lackawanna,
Lake Shore and trie, m order named.
The total sales of stocks to dav were
249,ti73 shares, including Delaware,
I-ackawanna and Western, 30.101;
Erie, 22,560; Kansas and Texas, $120:
Lake Shore, 2o,45t); Louisville and
Nashville, 3300; Northwestern, 12,275;
-New Jersey Central, 422 J; New ork
Central. 3775; Pacific Mail, 3600;
St. Paul, 64 600 : St. Paul and i maha,
573 i ; I'nion Pacific. 5810; Western
Vnion, 13,280; Oregon Transconti
nental, 8548. Following a:e ihe cos
ing quota lor s:
I'.S. 3s. 100i.
ll,l, COUP,
it, ooup, 12)th.
l'cific6lof 16, 12T,;
La. lUmi t, 4i, 745-- Mifjoori, 6f, 101'j
Tenn-tin, old, o"'i. Tenn. lis, no", '.iiK.
Cent. Pao. ins, 117. Den. A K.tt.liU.U'J
Uen4R.il. W.l t.J.t'ihne seconds, 10V.
M K.IA T., Jen tis.WN'orth. Pao. liti, 11
North. Pao. 2il, ts. N. Western eon., Ill
N.Wet.dob.5,Hi7;.St L.S.F.Uen.M, Wi
rU. Paul, eon.. 1:14. St.P.,0. A i. UU.1221,
T. P. land rranti,3". T.P. K.U. ex etu. ii
f. lsts, lis. n est bbore, 11".
Adann Express, 141. Morris 4 E., 142.
Allegheny Cen., . Nashville C ., 47.
Alton A T. 11 , U. N. J. Central, 51.
A 4 X. H., ifd.. W. Nor. W ., uid., :il'.
American x.x., i". onaern i uu., .1.4.
II. 0. H. .t N.. SO. Noithern 1'. ptd., Mt'A
Canada Pao., Iil'4. C. 4 N. W., lui'v
UanaJ Sou., JU. u. n. v pu.,ioy.
Central Pnoifio, 3'. . N. Y. Central, li'l,1 j.
Chesapeake AO., !.. N. Y. C. Si hi. L 7.
C. iO.,l!tpfd, lrt . N.Y.8t.L.Jt0.p.,ia'
0. 4 0.,il pld., It). Ohio Central, I.
C. 4A.,l:. Ohio i Mis., 2))i.
C. & A . pfd.. l'S. 0- 4 Mies., pld., nn.
C, U. 4 Q., Ml. Ontario A West., 16.
C St. L. 4 N. 0., . Oregon Nov., 8.
u., M.ii.Jtr.i iu. oreuon irans.. M-t,
C, t. L. 4 P. p.,'J84.0reon Imp., It.
C.,8. 4R.2ti Pacific Mail, bi'i.
C.4 C , 4. Panama, U8.
llfl. 4 Hud., 97. Peoria, I) 4 E., 22.
Del., f.. 4 W., 127 '. Pittihurii. 151 .
linn. A-K10 u., m;4. euiiiuan 1-. u., is..
Krie, i, lteadinir, 22.
trie ni l.. 56'i. Kosk Is and. 12 i.
Eon Tenn., 1. St. L. P., 21.
r.ast Tenn. lm. z. ct. L,. a B r.,p., 41--,.
Fort Wayne, 14!). St.L.4 S.F.dst P.liM4
Hannibal 4 til .o., 0. M. 4 St. P. ,.!'.
11. 4 St. Jo., pfd., - C. M. 4 St. P..P..1JP-4
Harlem, 22C. St. P., M. 4 M., W.
Hnutton 4 T., .15. St. P. 4 Omoha, 41,.
Illinois Cen.. Oi'i Kt.Paul 4 O.ptd..l0Dli.
Ind., B. 4 W.. V2;,. Texas Pacini, 7'4.
Kansas 4 1., i-x'-H. 1 nion r'ac.nc, .-hi.
Lake K. 4 W.. 11',. U. b. Expiesa, til.
Lake Shore. 7'.i. W., St. L. 4 P., IK.
Loa. Nash., X-,'. W.,st L. 4 P.p., 14.
Lou. 4 N. A., :7 W. 4 F. Kx lit.
M. 4 . first pld , -.W. U. Tel., 61.
M. 4 C. p!d., . Colorado Coal, 22' i.
Vein. 4 Char.. I'J. llouiestake, 211. .
Mich. Cen , fti'. Iron Silver, IV0.
M L. S.4 W ,0ri. (Intnrio, 2H.
M.,L.S.V.,pfd.!fl. Quicksilver, 4.
Min. 4 St. L., 1'. Uuicksilvcr.pfd, 20,
Min. 4 t. L..ld,4,'). South Pacific
M-fsouri P"cific,107.Sutro. 11,
Mobile 4 Ohio, Vl'A-
London, Msy 24. ? p. m. Consols
lOUl-ltifor money and 101 J for the
account. The amount of bullion gone
into the Bank of England on balance
to-day is 47,i 00.
Paris, May 24. Three per cent.
rentes, 821 47jc lor the account.
Xew Oiti-KAKs, La., May 24. Clear
ings of tbe bank', $974,519.
New York, May 24. Exchanges,
10o,94.j,453 ; balances, :5,101,2.j(i.
Boston, Mass., May 24. Exchanges,
$l;i,9!i6,78o; balances, $1,6i7,4U2.
Chicago, In,., May 24. Associated
oans clearings to-iav were ,uo.i,'
Philadklimua, Pa., May 24. Bank
clearings, ,0tl1ii22; balances, ys!,
Bai.timorb, Mi)., May ' 24. Bank
clearings, l,094,la.S ; balances, 2j;-',-104.
St. Louis, Mo., May 24. Bank clear
ings. 12,874,745; balances, 1720,3)15;
Exchange on ..New York urm at
H0c premium
Boston, Mass, May 24. The fol
lowing tble, compiled from special
dispatches to the l'unt from managers
of the leading clearing-houses in the
United S ates, shows the gross DanK
exchange at each point for the week
ending May 22d, I880:
New York, $504,324,822; inc., 8.9.
Boston, 476,789,894; inc., 24.4.
Philadelphia, )2,10l,59:5; inc., 18.1,
Chicago, $19,359,000; inc., 24.4.
St. Louis, $15,348,380; inc , 1.2.
Baltimore. $11.241,019 ; inc , 3.7.
San Fiancisco, f 10,69P,.'170; inc., 25.3.
Cincinnati, J9..'.(O)0ii0; inc., 4.5.
Pttsburg, 8,OO3,980; inc., 7 8.
Kansas City, tl,590,278; inc., 41.8.
New Orleans, f5,33S,(iiO; dtc, 1.7.
Providence, $4,405,500; inc., 28.1.
Louisvill", 14,019,430; inc., 2.3.
Milwaukee, $3,220,000; in., 15.7.
Denver, J3,021,h71.
Omaha, $3,180,103; inc , 5.3.
Minneapolis, $',507,097; inc., 28.4.
Detroit, $2,852,959; inc., 19 3.
Galveston, $932,000.
Cleveland, U2.099.918; inc., 15.8.
Indianapolis, $1,088,915; dec, 0.9.
Columbus, 1.067,3ti9; inc., 33.5.
Memphis, $1,231,047; inc., 24 8.
Hartford, $1,4:55,767; inc., 6.3.
New Haven, $1,222,406; inc., 6.5.
Portland, $1,157,618; inc., 27.4.
Peoria, $774,821 ; inc , 28.1.
Worcester, $845,525; inc., 19.8.
St. Joseph, $911,701; inc., 33.2.
Springfield, $811,989; inc , 6 3.
Syracuse, $500,01)0; inc., 34.4.
Lowell, 4404,516; inc., 4.3
Total, t783.385,306; inc., II. 1
Outside of New Yo.k, $279,000,'
4S4: inc. 19.8.
Denver and Galves on not inc'uded
in totals.
The lx-a'. cotton market opened
quiet, and c'osel quiet and l-16c
tigher; middling, 8;c. Sale?, 1 100
hales, cf w men 900 to exp liters ana
200t-j spinners.
Yesteriay. Saturday.
Ordinary 7J 7 1 16
Good Ordinary.... 7; 7 13-16
Low Middling 8J 8 5-16
Middling 8 J 8 13-16
Good Middling.... 9i 9 5-16
Middling Fair 10 9 1516
Fair Norn. Nom
Dusty 618 6 7-16(57 15-16
Stains, tinges 78J 7fe8 7-16
Hhkfris, Mar 24, 1886
8tock Sept, 1,1885 1,392
Received to-day 335
Received previously. ..533,895 535,622
Shipped to-day 1,175
Shipped previously....483,5S9 484,764
Stock runningaecount
Thus far this week
Thus far laEt week
Since September lat
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M. and L. R. R R
C..O. andS. W.R.K..;
L, N. O. and T. R. R
K. C, S. and M. R. R
Wagons and other sources..
Total .
Thus far this week 2,313
Thus far last week 3,700
Since September 1st 484,764
M. and C. R. R. 100
M. and T. K. II 100
L. and N. K. R 617
C, O.A S. W. R. R 310
Steamers coitb 14S
Total 1,175
New York spcts opened ouiet, and
closed quie'. Sales, 317 bales. Quotc-
tions as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
' rdinary. 6J 6
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 1316 s lj-m
Middling 91 91
Goodmiddling. 9 11-16 9 11-16
Middling fair- 10 11-16 10 11 16
Fair 11 11
New York futures ooened steady,
and closd very du I and 1 to 3 poinis
higher than SHurdy. Sa'e, 3SS0O
bales. The cloeiug quotations were as
folio wj :
Yesterday. Faturdav.
May 915fA917 9.14W 9 14
June 9.1ti 9.17 .14c 9 15
July ..9.26to 9 27 9 24(i) 9.25
August 3.1(a) 9.3(i 9.33;rt 9.34
SeptBuiber...9 19 9 20 9 ltifl) 9 17
October 9 04 m 9.0:1 9 0 03
Novemner...9.01ti) 9 02 8 9S: 8.09
December. ..9.13(a) 9.1'5 9 01C.) 9.02
January 9.10 a 9 12 9H) 9.0S
February 9 20 .rt a 1(") u is
March 9.3003 9 32 9.270;) 9 28
The New Orleans spit market
opened quiet, and closed quiet and
steady. Sa'es, 1603 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterdny. SaturJav.
Ordinary 7i 7J
Good ordinary H 8
Low nudd.inir. t i
Middling 8J 8;
Good nnddliut V 9
The New Orleans futnro market
opened stt ady.nnd closd barely steady.
Sales. 5700 bales. Quotations were
as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
May Nom nil. 8HKS)
June 8 84(3) 8.85 8.8201) 8.83
July 8.970 8 98 8.95m)
August UOl(u) 9 0-' H.OM'rt e.w.i
8ptmber. 8.780i) 8.79 8.75r,i) 8 76
October 8 ti5fi) 8.6t 8 (i'J(i 8 03
November.. 8 59.. 8 61 8.57(i) 8 59
December 8 63() 8 64 8 til(y) 8 (12
January..... 8 73 8.74 8.7K 8.72
February... 8 84 a) 8 8; 8.suo)
Kec. I Prices
Mobile ....
I met.
1094 811-16
596 81516
1489 9 3 16
New York quiet.
St. Louis.,
Receipt at porta,
this day, 1880. 4,670
Receipts at ports,
this day, 1 880. 875
R'ts U. 8.
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sdpt. 1
5,172,524 1,685,588 4,741,900
Fnr'gn Ex 3,795 0K3I3.594,415I3,544,627
Increase of receipU this year.. ..486,936
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was reported steady, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 bales, of which American
7300 bales. Receipts, 9100 bales, of
which American 910U bales.
The following are the clos'ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-ltd; good
ordinary, 4 11-ltid; low middling,
4;d ; good middling, a &-ltxl ; middling
uplands, 6Jd; middling Orleans,
5 a- Kid.
The price are given in pm and C4(,
(Aim.- 4 (13 mean 4 63 04; ami 5 01
memu 5 l-04i(.1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
steady. Quotations were as follows:
May, 5 04505d; Mav-June, 5 030)
6 04d; June-July, 5 04d"; July-August,
; August-September, 5 055 5 ;
Septembet -October, 6 02d; October
November, ; November-December,
; September, 5 06d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady. May, 5 05d sellers;
May-June, 6 05d sellers; June July,
5 Oid se lers ; July-August, 5 05d buy
ers; August-September, 5 OOd buyers;
September-Uctouer, 5 O.d buyers; ue
toher-November, 4 62d buyers; No,
vemher-December, 4 62d sellers ; Sep
tember. 5 07d sellers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull but l-64d higher than Satur
day. May, 6 04d buyers; May-June,
5l!4d mners; Juno-July, 5 04d buyers;
July-August, 5 05d value; August-
September, 5 00d buyers; teep'etnner
October. 6 02d buyers; October-No
vemher, 4 02d buyers; November-December
6ld buyers; Septembcr,5 07d
Tim fnllr,u.'in ta Ilia rMnrd of thfl
bids and oilers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchants Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, spot, 41e bid, 42c
asked : May, 42c asked; June, 4,J(
asked: July. 4t'c bid; No. 2, spot, 38c
bid, 39c naked; May, 38c bid, 39c
fsked; June, 38Jc bid, 39Jc asked;
July, 40c asked.
No. 2, white, spot, May, 34c bid ;
June, 35c asked; No. 2, spot, 33c bid;
May, 33e asked; June, J.ic asked.
Sp'it, ?l:? asked; May, $12 asked;
June, $12 asked.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 48c, from
tttrpi; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in acks, in round lots,
white, 42c: mixed. 40c.
H a y Choice.from store,85c ; prime,
75(aS80c; prairie, 50c; round lota from
levee or depot, choice, $140314 60;
prime, $1 3(a) 13 50; prairie, S(aj8 50.
Oats White, 40e; mixed, 38Jc,
from store : round lots fnm levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked. 35 ie.
Bran From stire, 85c per cwt.;
round lota from levee, $14 7515 per
Brans Navy, $1 752; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
Cornmkal Standard. $2 10(7)2 25;
pearl, $3($i3 25 from store, 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Kica Loui8:ana, 4(o)bc; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flour In car lote, double extra
$3Ca3 50; triple extra, $3 25: family,
$3 75':4; choice, $4 25014 3o; fancy
$1 5O0i4 70; extra fancy, $4 SOOv
patents, so 2-i(a)5 65; from store
family, $4(54 25 j choice, $4 250J4 40;
fancy, $4 65o? 4 90;extM fancy, $5(a)
5 25; pateutP, $5 50ri6"25.
Cracked Whiat la half-barrels,
$3 f-O from ston.
Homint and Garrs riora store, $3
(313 25.
Ckackkrs Sods, ex?ra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; leiunn trackers,
extra, 7c; lemon craru ciackere,
treble extra, 7je; Ringer snaps, extra,
5c; tirger siiaint, treble extia, 6:; as-
SJitfd junib'es, 9j.
Kansas City. Mo., Mrv 21. Wheat
lower; No. 2 red. as'i. ii bii?, 7jo
aked; Jun, 57Jft,-67;.-; July. 61 jc
hie', 615j i-sked. Curn iuwer; Nr 2,
crsn, 26 . bid, 20jc ske l ; June, 2Hc
bid, 26 J i! asktd; July, '.so aHked. Oats
no quotatirna.
St. Lot-is. Mo.. May 21. Flour dull
but bttalv: tret la -xtr, $2 '.O0l"2 8-i;
fjiuilv. VI 90(a'3; ch ie pa enf, $1 60
(a.4 80. Wteat weak and lover;
th market opened shg'itly nns tt'ed
ard generally easy ; c ml r.upd dull and
eaiv until the cl 8), vliicli was weak
and iv' je lower i baa Sittiidav; Nn. 2
red, cash. 771(""8jcJ;'ce,
closing 77c; JnW, 77; ; Angr.i, 77
(.t.78Jc, closing 77;c abkeJ. 4Ji ru dull
sndea'y.cl ismg J c n lerMaluid y;
No. 2 mixed, ra-tu, 32 j June,
32Jc: Julv 33J0i3;ilc-, Angtiat, 34c.
Oats very dull and ft la lower than
Saturday; No 2 mix .1, rasf, -Ntn)
2sj?; Mav, 28e; June, 27j aiked;
July, 28Ac bid; R? s'.rong, 00 1 a k .
Ua,ley uominal. 11 iv dull ai.d weak;
prune, $5(itl7j timithv, $10 50(13.
Fl -x?eed firm, $1 01. UtBTi env, Pi(.i
47c. Corn m al strong, i2' 2 0"t Rf
cwpts Flour, 4lk'0 br a; win at, 12,0 JO
bu; co n, 62,00) bu; o.uj, 4.1,(K)J bu;
rve. ltiiK) ini ; barley, nine. S ii;tiieiits
Flour, 10,(00 brls; wheat, 60CO bu;
com, 33,000 bu ; oils, 9J00 bu ; rye,
barlev, nuo
.47. rn. win llihtrd. Wl(pft firm nad
Ka j th'g'nr. Corn JOt c lrgLer. O.its
Jo higher.
I'h it aoo, lLL.,May 21. Wl eit ruled
qui tt-ady, with n a nsnow lauge
to dy, cloiiiiBou the nvuler board a
8'iadb easier tuan Satin, by. The out
side news was not of a r' arae'er such
as to have any marked ell,:ct upon val
ues. The crop reports were ginertliy
of a favorable tenor. Cables quoted a
quiet Liverpool market. Joiim whest
fluctuated between 75 3 16; and
76 5-lOc closing a 1 o'cl ck at 76c.
Tne ist'iiiates ss to the v s ble stii,tly
Indicated a dtcrtaie cf from 2,(;-JO,000
tt 2,500 000 bushels. In the) alternoon
the f-jslinir was asa u wuiker. snd June
clo e 1 at (T-'tJ.!. There was a mo lera'ely
ah itp bteak in corn for July delivery,
cf-h and the o tier options aisi rating
weukir, but closed a a eliiht recovery
frem iiiBide figures. Oita ruled a abide
1 wer. 1'r jv s'.ons were dull uud eaiy.
Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheit
easy a"d a e hale lower. Sa'es rnr ge l:
M iv, 75 S fji76 3 closed at 754c ; June,
7i i3-liM70 6 16c. clotedat 763; July.
77J0R78B. clowd at 77 11 16c; No. 2
sonnii. 7oic: No. " spring 6a0')ti(t:,
Crn weaker; ras', 3rJc; Mav, 85
35;, closed st 3olc; June, d.iJ0!)3ic,
closed at 35jc; July, 36 7-16:i3fijc,
closed at 30 7- 16c. Oats easy ; cash. 28c ;
Mav, 27J28jc, cosed at 27ic; June,
27i28s; closed a. 278c; July, 27jfa
..-? . . it .-II. XT- .1
zje, coiea ai .i jc. uysiiun-, no.-,
69i(i60c. Barley dull; No. 2 55c,
Flaxseed firm ; No. 1, $1 00. Receipts
Flou', 9000 brls; wtiest, OOU bit ;
corn, 73 000 bu; oats, 214.000 bu;
rye, 3000 bu ; barley. 23,000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 30,000 bils; wheat, 234,
000 bu; corn, 124.000 bu; oats, 96,000
bu : rve. 3000 bu ; barley, 5000 bu.
Afternoon Jktant. Wheat lo lower;
June, 75i)c. Coin steady; June,
35 9-163. Oati essy ; June, 27jc. Turk
and lard uichanuo 1.
Bitter Creamt ry, 30(oi34c; dairy,
15(rt)20c; butteriue, 13(o)15c; country,
120dl8c. accord ng t condition.
Ciibesb Prime flits, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; lull cream, i-'jc; r. a.
Mass Pokk Old, $8 759 per bar
rel ; new. $llK'i)10 2i per barrel ; sugar
cured bami, packed, 10(510Jc; break
fast bacon, 7J9c; cleir lib bacon,
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 5J(3!6c;
cle-ar rib sides, 6S(o5Jc; long clear,
6i5c; shoulilcrs, 4(a,4Jc.
1 .a nit T inn 'PS. 5 1 'a Ik; : lialf-barrels.
ejoStijc; kegs, 6j0O6Jc; buckets, 6j(a)
6jc; half-buckets, ujimuic; ihi-id mis,
6(oWijc; 20-lbtins, J()6c; 10-lb tins,
lll,i;3... K.1K (inq fijtrnMiie : X-lh tins.
liy.gv., ....... ..vj-i -, - -
00ic; choice kettle, tierces, 6j(n)
Fbksu Mbats No. 1 beef, 8c; Mut
ton.9o; bindquarteis of beef, 10c;
lambs, $34.
St. Louis, Mo., May 24 Provisions
dull and eaiy, except for bacon,
tiinh in aifivn and strnnir. Bulk
meats loose lots lorg clear, 5 30;
short ribi, owe; saoii clear, o oii
5.60c; boxed lots long clear, 5 35c;
Wl rihu. 5 106rt5.45j: short clear.
5 6;0;5.OOc. Bacon strong ; long clear,
(i!; snort ribs, 6c; sboit clear, UJc.
Hams steady, OOiJUJs. Butter du 1
and dupressed; creamery, 14015c;
dairy, 1014c. Kggs steady, 7c.
Chicaqo, III., May 24 Miss pork
.lar.linc,l Ft'n.1 io narlv. rnllied slid
clod Bteady; cash tnd June, $8 45J
8 10, cloed at $8 47J(S)8 60; July,
$8 658 62J, closed at $8 6()0t!8 62J.
Lard-trading light; prices 2 Jo lower;
.l, an.l .Turin ,ri H7),ah 9 )C ! J HIV. 5.95
(m5.97 je. Sho t rib sides rteady ; caih
and July, 5j(3y5.0c ; July. 5 95(0)5 97Jc.
Boxed meata steady; diy lalte 1 slirui1-
ders, 4 'U(o)4ic; snori eiear siues, ,vy
5 80c. Buttsr quiet and steady: cream
ery, 131 5"; dairy, 100t)l3c. Kgps.ttc.
Cofkbe Common,88Jc; ordinary,
ii7iQln nri inn Uin. lie: choice to fan
cy, llj(a13$c; old givernment, 23
:K)c; ueyion, -uo.
fin. ollrA.Mc nnr nnnnd.
Suqab Pure white, 6,5; off white,
6S(aidjc; yellow, 6J6jj :; open kettle,
5i(a."lc; refined A, 6jcj granulated,
7j(o)71c; powdered, 78c; cnt loaf,
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel ; racks,
fine, $1 60; coarse, $1 10: pockets,
bleached, 2J'5i7c; csr loads from levee
nr rlnnnL. 5c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair !oy3lTWv mime to choice. 30(a40c:
syrup, 203H0c ; common to fair, 20(3)
25c: prime to choice, 3033c ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 2509
30c; other grades and styles, 25(i85c.
Snuff Garrt-tt's, $10 85 per case;
ROph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 50.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7JQ8Jc.
Candles-FuII weight, lOlOJc.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per dox
en: Pineapples, fl SS'oU 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 251 40; seconds,
$1 10(11 15; tomitoes, 2 lb, standard,
$11 10; 3 lb, $U5 ; strawberries, $1 35
1 40; raspberries, $1 15(ol 25; black
berries, $l(oU 15; greenitages, fl 60(a)
I 75; pears; $20i-2 25; plums, $1 60(a)
1 70; B'parsgns, $2 60(o4; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $102 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb. $Ka.l 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 7"0i)
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb
65c; cove oyitrs, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
Baltimore, Hi., Mav 24. Coflee
firm; Rio, cargoes, ordinary to fair,
Saxtos, May 22.-ColTee-Reipts
MAY 25, 1SS0.
clnnng the week, 12,irti baud; pur
chases for the I'nited Sistei, ?3,000
bair; cleaiances for the I'nited States,
6000 bfg; stock, 260,000 bugs.
Rio db Janeiro, .May 22. Coffee
Reeular first. 4000 reia ler 10 kilos:
good second, 3350 reia. Receipts dur
ing the week, 30,(M hairs; purchases
for the united M it e s, .i.i.O-jO bags;
clearances for the, I' nit d States, 18,000
bags; tt )ca, o.'.i.ih o luia.
New York.M ay 2 1. Coffee spot fair
Rio lirro, 910' 0, ; options steady and
ouiet: sales, 13 ,2 0 bmrs: Mav. 785c;
June, 7.70c; July, 7.55c; Ann'tut, 7 45
(.i7je: September, 7.40; ovenlber,
7 ;;oV7.3Sc; December, 7 It'o. Sugar
c ive and firm; ftirto good retinirg
I not ad at 4i(a,ic: refined steady; C,
riz; extta ,!(;' t-Ui:; extrawhtte,
6i0?-:,io; yellow, Ijt i -tjo; off A,5Jc;
mould A. (i2((ic: standard A. tu;
ccn'e clisnera' A,t J0( ttlc; cut-loaf and
crushed, 0c; pondtired, tij(a0;8;
grrnulated, b ii-lKi6.c; cubes, ojc.
Molasses quiet; 50 tt, lsj. Rice
steady and in fair demand.
Havana, May 24. Sugar the spec
ulation is we-ik; stlis, 1300 bairs;
centrifugal, 97J polariuitiou, $2, 00 ic
gold per quii.tal.
New Ohi.eans, La., May 24. Sugar
dud and a shade lower; open kettle,
choice, 6 7-16j; strictly prime, 5J0"
5j:; fully fair to pr.ine, 5Jc; ceutii
Incil", choice white, 6jc: off white,
Oladjc; choice yellow c'arilied, 5Jc;
prime yellow dariH', 6jc; seconds,
-H 3. Molasses quiet butst.ii'ly ; opsn
kettle, good prime to s'rictly prime,
12c; centrifugal, prime to strictly
prime, Ui(a20o.
Havana, May 21. Owing to unfav
orahle news from abroad thn sngnr
market his contiuueil quiet and al
tt ongh new concessions have bei n
made buyers hold a'oof ; prices nomi
nal; nmlasHis sugar regular to good
pn!ariz-it:on, $1 h7J0e2 18j gold per
qnintsl; Muscoviult fsir to refining,
85 to !H) degrees, $1 87 Ji 2 12);cdiitrifu
irnl,92to06 degrees polarization in hoits
heads, bans and boxes, $2,7502 81 1.
Socks in warehouses at lUvanaand
Matins, 29.000 boxes, 793,000 bags
and 17. k bhds. Keeeiptg for ths
week, 28110 boxes, 45,000 bags ond 31( 0
lib la; exports during the week, 952
boxes, 13,500 bags and 789 hhda, of
which 18,000 bags and 768 hhds to the
United States.
Apples Apples, $1 50tv3 from
s'ore; 1 25(m2 per car-load fron levee
or depot. Dried apples, 30')4o per
pound from (tore. Dried peaches, 3
(o)4o from ttore.
Potatoes Potatoes, $l(ol2 from
store. Sweet potatoes scarce, $2 75 per
brl. Peas, $1 50al 75 per bushel.
Yxuetahlks Onions, $2 75(3)3
from store ; $2 5C0i)2 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 750i3 ir crate
Kraut, barrel, $50j)5 5O; haU-harinls,
$2 75(a)3. Garlic, 40(o)60c per 100.
Turnips, 50c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $4; Messina, 13 50(5)5 per
box; Imperia's, $5(a)6 60 per box.
Lemons, $0(a)7 pur box. Bananas
$1(52 60 per bunch. Cocoanuts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7 Jo ;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roasted, 2Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18(o)':0c.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 76; gallons,
$3 75 ; loiee, barrels, $6 : half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
half-barrels, $0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50(34.
Pecans Texas, 8(o)10c for small to
medium, 10(a)14c for large; Arkansas,
Walnuts -French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Gronohlos, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $7oi7 60 per bar
n 1 and $4(o)4 60 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar, ll16i: pr gallon.
Poultry Turkey, per dozen, $12
(3)16; chickens, $1 6O0)3 25.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 f 0(o)5; No. 2, $3 25; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-1 b,
No. 3, 50c. Dry herrings, family, 30c
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 3(3)5c; sad
dles, 6(o)ic: bear, 6(3)8c; wild turkeys,
50(a)75c; docks, $3; squirrels, 75c;
quails, 76c(o)ri; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish, 110nl-c.
Eoos Wesk,l)(o)10c.
Skkd Deli vered at depot and wharf,
J8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8; Meal
Prime (f. o. b.), $15 per ton. l-i'ss
than car-load lots, $16. From store,
90e per sack. Cake Nominal, $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 21)'a)22c; prime sum
mer yellow, 2ti40i)27c; off-Biiiiinier yel
low, 25J0,26jc; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 20tjj30i'.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, ., May 24. Petroleum
quiet ; 8. w., 110, 7jt'-
lllltr.H AH TAM.tlW.
Hiiiks Dry flint, 12JH6c; dry
salt, 10(a)12c; green salt, 6(aj7c ; green,
SOi'ijc; deer skins, 15(a)16c. Beeswax,
8(a20c; tallow, 2fa.2Je.
nAMumu axi nut, r.rc.
Baooino Ju'e, 91 1c; flag, 9Jfi
0Ae, accordingto weight. Ties, f I 15
i 20.
Nails J2 402 0.5.
IfoRsKs Good driving, $150('f225;
good saddle, $140(a):MX); plugs, $35
80: good mares, $85(i)l40.
Mt'l.M-141 to 16, $1100i)135; 15 to
15J, $125(5)140; 15J to 16, $150 a)175.
Gooil demand; supply fair.
WHISKT, WINCH, l.lirK1, I.Ti'.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6'Ka,6; rye, $1 75(o6; domes
tic, 900i)f 1 50.
Sr. Louis, Mo., May 21. Whisky
steady at $1 10.
Chicago, III., May 24. Whisky
steady at$l 14.
Cincinnati, O., Mav 24. Whisky
steady at $1 10. Sales of 853 barrels
of finished goods on this basis.
live Nroi a,
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4J04Jc; pood,
3(oi41c; cho're grass-fed, 3J(o,3h';
goKl, 3(3)31.c; hiir to medium, 2J(a)
2Jc; common, lJO' c-
Hoos Choice, Htyic; good, 3J0j)
3jc; common, 3(31c.
Sheep Choice, 4(a)41c; medium. 3
(aiSJc; common, $10t)l 60. Choice
lambs per beaJ. $3W3 0.
Kansas City. Mo., Msy 24 The
Lire Stock Indicator reports: La!:le
Receipts, 1927 head; shipment, 897
heal; nirke-.,heavy and weak; light
about steady; choice to fancy, $5 10
(5 31; fair to g)d, 44 S0(.i5 05;
common to medium, $l(a4 70; sticker-
and feeders, $ 1 50fi)4 35: cows. $2 60
(o)3 75. Hogs Reoeiots, 8532 head;
ebipmenls, 3-'02 head; market weak
and 504 Ors lower; gicd lo choice,
$3 K(Xat3 90; common to medium,
13 50(a,3 70. Sheep Receipts, 805
head; ahipmente, none; market
gtealy; good to choice, JJ2Va 4 25;
gomuiou to medium, $-'(o)3.
Cmc Alio, III., Msy 24. The Ifroren'
ril'KMKH ITpui.9. in,, i'ir, ,nnv
head; shipments, 2UH)head; market
slow but firm; slipping rteer, 950
to 1500 pounds, $4 OIK i S5; Blockers
and feeder, $2tHHt4 80; throuuh
Texas catt'e $12505. Hr.gs Receipts,
3:1.000 head; shipment, 7000 head:
market opened 10c lower, and clofed
Btrorg; rougn nr.ti nnx'n, i t i.na -i 1.1;
packing and shipping, jlto4 2-; light,
$3 75(.i 4 2' ; fk;p-, $'-' ( - 3 1.0. Sheep
Keciips. oOiO head, Khipments,
n ne; ii'ih-kt weak. and 2'(o'3t'c lower;
native. $2(.iV5 10; Texn s, ." oi4. The
Pro rem Journal Bferial Li mlon cable
gram quotfd libetal Ripply, demand
weak, but prices iten-lv; best Amer
ican ca't'e quoted at 13c per pound,
estinui'ed dead weight.
New Yohk, May 24 The general
request for jobbing wants has been
very mode ra e, though by some mar
kets more attention is being extended.
The trade, however, ritlecta that iu
iction usual to the sef sin.
Memphis & Cinrinnati T'k't Co.
t'UK 0 DAYS M.Y!
Bxouralou rintoat
Ciitniugnrinf , T'"' Klauanl
May ltl. f i 1 Htnaiiiora
Buckeye State, Ohio A J,,s. YV. (Jan.
i Thin Comeany will nell KOl'ND THIP
TflKKT) from Mmnihi to Louiflvilla,
CmriniDvti, anil all Ku'toro Citut, at
lirvatly Koilureii Ka(o.
Commencing Mnr ISth, tni'nl inolunive,
with Kcntival Clioruii of
6110 TrnlntMl Voire anil mi Itrrliealrit
ltl Over IOO Arilata.
Durini the poinini tkl Any Cincinnati will
lie very utlriirtive to viHitom.
aa- TicketH ini'liidn MoalH anil Stuta rnniri
llotiirn tii'ketit koihI on any boat In tlio luia.
Kach bout oarriun a Fine birina lliiml.
Mondays and Thursilajs at 5 l'.M.
For information inquire of C. 11 Hl'S
SKI.L, Agunt, 12 Mailmon itrrnt, Maini'hli,
Tctm. H. W. WISK. Sur't.
St. I.la HiKl Krw rletlia Alielliir
l.luc-l'.N. Hnll-KOH V ICK.Sllt. 11(1.
Will leave (he Klevator THIS DAY, May
2."-tli. at lila.m. For fruiaht or 'n"int ni'ly
(!. I.. Iltl i., I'n... Airt. AO STnKV. Atnt.
Ml. I.onla ltlll New Orleitlin Anrtiikt
l.lurt-l'.N. Slnll-CAIIIO A 1ST. 1,01 13.
City of Providence, kS
(leu. CarTell....inaittr. "aaVlwa
Wll leave the Klevator Tllli DAI. May
i'lli, at ll p.m. For Ireiaht or jiamiaiie aei ly
C. I,. Hill. Pn. Ant. AO STUH M . Nnp'l .
Hi. I.OHIN hhI Nw 'rleHiiM Anetir
I.lno-U.N. Mnll-KOUINKW Olll.KANb.
City ol New Orleans tiTt
A. J. Carter, mauler. torS
Will In ive tli hlevaUir TUKSDAV, May
2th, at il! iu. ror freight or imnaaiin anpiy
V I.. II Al l,, Vn An t
All ST 'IIM, Sne't-
Nt I.ouIh hmcI nw Oriemnn Anrlior
LlB-l . N. Maill-roK UHV OKLKAN8.
Annie P. Silver,
Wm. 11. Tbomimon master
Will leave the Klevator TU KaDA i , May
2-th, a' Yi m. For Irelght or iiarani aeply
O. l II a i.i.. PKtt..A't. AP HTOHM, Hnp't,
For Otoeola, Ilnlei I'alnt, Carvilhemvllle,
Uayonoand Tiplonville The new learner
W. P. Hall matter I J. D. Fuller clerk,.
Will leave n" above, and all way nointi,
,m. For froiiflit or pawnira aly on bparil.
aan.itiila,t rliara Fulna mm aiu,un
and OicNila Hnclrnl lluinpitny.
Vor Ualeoa. Ulendale, Vrian Folnt and all
Way Lanainit Bteaaer
r.. T. Olai tt...maitor I Flatt lthouei...oirk
will leave above on every MOtfUAY,
WEDHKbPAYand FRIDAY, at S o'clock.
For Randolph, Folton, Otoeola and Way
LanUini Hteauier
J. B. Cooper, aitr....J. W. Hmlthen.clerl
andFKlDAYat5 p.m. The boaU of tut
lino reaerve the right to pat! all land-'ti;
thenapttln may deem nnialt. Office, No.
M.l.n. JAVKW LKK, .Ia..Hqr't, ,
Freddie Robinson, udat
M. It. Harry ruaalor
For Ualena, Terrene, lie Valla Dlult, Uei Aro,
AugutU, Searcy, Newport and liatatville.
Will leave ai above HATUKUAY atft p.m.
Through rutoi to all PoloU. Freight oon
igned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will bt
uromptlr forwarded. W. J. P. DOYLK.
(IBlce n Madlmin t. Tnlcphonw 'tl.
Meniplils and Vlcksharg 1'acket Com
pany L'.S. Jlall Line.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan
lapOltv The elant ptmenger itennmr
M. K. Cheek. ..mailer I W. U. Dlauaer ...clerk
heave Meinrhlg
P. iu.,reerving the right to Ul all landingl
theoaptai may deeio umafe. For general
information apply at office. No, 4 Madiron
treet. K. WALWOHTll, Agent.
.HillN OArtB, Vanii'r Agunt. Telephone 2W.
Arkansas Itivcr Pk't Co.
K. D. Smith... .maiter. eVXSaW
Leavei Memphil Kvery TlIKStlAY, at 5 p.ia
H.C. LOW K, Agent,
Office, Nn. a Madl.nn nt. Telephone .NoW,
Memphis White Hirer rktCo
V. W. HI A 11. LIHL
K. 0. PoitaJ,..aiajtar I 0. M, Fmw. ... -.r
Vlnrn1tn, Uevnlla Hloff, Urm Are
, aniatln, Jni huinporl nl rtrnri y,
at 6 p.m. Through ratal to all rolnti.
Freight eonilgned to "Memihl and While
niver Packet (,'c nipany" "ill belorwarded
promrtly. li. O L0WH, Agent,
No .3 M.HI.on t. Tolfohof No. St.
Tho St.Fraiicts Rlvor I ransportatlM
Co.'. Fin Hlde-W heal IT. S. Mall BtaamM
Rene Macready, r .nj
0. K. Joplln tnatr,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianna. tie Cnt-Off.anJ
Intaruiedlaie landlngt on bt. Franoii river.
Tbe oapuin reerve the rislit to rii 1
landinr' he deeme anvafe. JaS. LEE, Jr.,
nnliitiirf.i.t Ifftctl. No. 4 Mitdl.nn Wt.
KDOWN'N WO HirrEKM proved
to Mr. John t. Uighami, I'll Third
Jtrset. Memphie, Tenn., a mnt ellieaoiuui
reinnly l"r. ronstipntion and indigestion,
llinl'laughftr alio take! it with atnluctory
A Valuable Patent.
Uansj'i (Hone) t'ora and Pra Plan
ter. a A VINO perfected my Invention, I with
a plaoe it before the public, ieoially
mnnulaotureri. Ai a Corn Planter, it ii a
perteot .uooeii oini th drill, dintnbuud
the ieed arcirately, nniniured, and ooveid
the iame, theraoy on man performing the
work of three. Th have been ud in
thii leotion for over a dmrn yeaM with per
fect iatiifartion. tan give reipociible toiti
moniali. Aiitireii
J0UN U. DANCY.DancyvlUe,
llavwooil rtountv. r.nn.
I Ai'tlNM'lUNUS AND BATHS Ulkaline
J Lilhia Watem; alio Fin Iron Water"),
Hamp.hireCo., W. V. No f"K. N" mala
ria. W here the nii'k and overworked ioon
recover, and too well are alwiiyi happy.
Kend for pain phlet. W.ll.SAf. .Vu
reeled a tte'icu" diioider ot ihe bow ll
in Mr. C. A. Weinr. Meuiphi", lenn He
eddured miK'h p in, but was cured in a short
into by tbii remedy.
Arkarrn. Kiar.....Jug PiTaait, 5 p.m.
New Orleani .Citt 5iw OiLiiNS, U b.
Viekhurif C'f or VicISiUEO, 10a.m.
bt. Loui- CiTVor PaiiviDvjgi i,d p.m
Friar Point CiuHima, 5 p.m.
White Kiver Cau-nstw, p.m.
Uaceola Huan MtcagAtir, S p.m.
Arkn.a City Kirg Adams, S p.m.
Tiplonville (Iii.mi, 5 p.m.
ArrieoU. Ctv of Cairo, Ut. Louia;
davo o, Ti jt m vi 1 1b ; Dtan Adams,
Dii-ios; Cuickasaw, Wliiie river;
Kate AJauis, Arksnsaa City; Cmho
iiui, Friars I'oint ; C'has. Morgan, New
Uileans; V. V. SoLenck, Uincionati.
)i-;iiir(nr. Cite of Cairo, Vicks
hnr; 1'. 1. Schettck, New Orhane;
Kate Adams, Arkansas City; Ccaho
nis, Friars Point ; C Litis. Morgan, Cin
cinna'i; liavofn, Tiplonville.
it'iHia in J'ltrf. Chickasaw.
7oi Ihie lhnvn.Ciiy of Vickshuri
aii'l t!ily of New Orleans
Due i'p Joe Pe ers, City o
l'rjv:d "ace and City of H.t, n Kouxe.
Kereltla tratrrtlMjr.
City of Caro 100 tons nierchamlfse.
Chailes Moian i0 brls (oap stock.
I'htckiisHW 3 lilies cotton and 14ii
pkus mercliandise.
C. iihoum -0 hales cotton, ,r)S2 (ks
seed and 13 pkiia sundrits.
Kate AiImius 07 halts cotton, H71
(kl s ted imd ,r- pks sundries.
ti nut: jiovtuKNTN.
I'm k l.ea Line paukuts to-morrow
evening are Cuahouiu for Frura l'oint,
and Keue Macteady for Oitciola.
Tiik lliit-keyn State, Cspt. 11. J.Vin
tcti, will leave tor Cincinnati t.t 10
ii'i-.ock a.m. eluirp,
TiiaC tyof Pidvirfence, Onpt. tieo.
Ciirvell, is the Amhor l.ino packet
this cvenind at ll o'clock for Cairo and
St. Louis. Frank Perkins ishercletk.
TiiKChickiww, CApt. E. C. Pcs'a),
is the packet to-moriow even
inn ii ' o'c'o.'k fir White rivpr. O.
M. l'netal and John Chiluresa are her
Tiik Giiyosn, Capt. W. P. Hull, la
the packet '1'litirs.luv evening at 5
o'clock for Hale's Point, Tiptonvllla
and ell wny landings. J. P. Walt ii
lit r clerk.
Tint Anchor Line packet Ci'y of
Vii-ksbtHK, Capt. Ian. Able, will Jeave
this liioriiinn at 10 o'clock for Vicka.
liurn ai:d the bends. George Walton
la ht-r cleik.
Tiik Anchor Line packet City of New
Orleanr, Capt. A.J. Cutter, will pasa
down to-day at 12 o'clock for New Or
leans and uU intermediate points.
Archie Woods la her clerk.
Til Kate Adams, Capt. Mark It.
Cheek, is the United Watts mall
ptirke t Thurnliy evening at ft o'clock
for llcleua, Aikannn City and all way
landinns: W. U Ulnnker bas charge
of her office. ' ,' '
Tiik Joe Pttota, Cpt. E. B. Pmlth
Is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
(or nil poinis on Arkamm river, froing
throiiKh to Pine UltiT. Charlea Mna
eelmiin has'iarKS of her office, assist
ed by Kufus oater.
BinNgns fulrJ
WkATiiKB clear and pleaiunt.
Tiik Coahouui was in and out with
fair trips. . ,
Thk Uayoro cleared on time last
eveniiiK for Tiptoiiille.
ItEiKtiTsby river yesterday, 60 balea
of cotton and 1550 ska of aecd.
Tin W..W. 0'Nal with a bin tow
coal piiHHHd touth yesterday inornlnK,
Tin I'. P. Hchenrk pasted down
yeateidtrv at noon for New O. leant
Its led ifut.
TtiK Knne Macreadv departed lait
evening (or Osceola in pla-e of the
Dean Adiimr.
Lbvik Watchman Jkhkt Johnsok
ws a pna'cngcr on the Charlea Mor
Itnii for Cincinnati to spend the sum
mer there.
Tu a City of Cairo panned down early
Sunday moinliw for Vicksburc. Hhe
discharnfd here 100 ton of freight and
added 'M tons.
Tua river at thia point marka 30
feet 1 tenth by the gauge, or 31 feet I
tenths above low wu'.er mark, a de
cline of 2 tenths in twenty-fonr hours.
Thk Chickasaw arrived early yester
day morning from White river with
3 bales of cotton and 140 packagoa of
sundries, and retnrua to-monow even
ing. Capt. W. P. Hall's new purchase,
the riidewhrel stunner Chesapeake,
left Jacksonville, Fla., for this port,
and thould be here by the 15th of
Thk Charles Morgan pared np last
evening for Cincinnati with a good
tiip. She discharged (10 barrels of
eoap ftock and added 1HI1 bales cotton
ana 15 cnoin passengers.
Tiik Kate Adauia arrived Sunday
morning from Arksnsas City with S7
balea of cotton, 1174 sacks of feed and
5'J packages of sandrits, and returned
list evening with a fair trip.
Opkh k Signal Hkkvick, V. 8. A., )
,. Memi-iiis, May 24, 2 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations pained at "5 meridian
time, which is one hour faeter than
Ah've Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOtlia
M 3 4
1) 15
IK 19
8 1 2
!l 3 - -
4 5 6
10 7 ii
41 3 .
7 S I
8 ' 10
f, 1 3
8 - 11
81 2 2
5 2 3
11 3 1
H 4
3 2 -
23 3
5 5 -
18 2 5
42 3 -
Chattanooga ..
Fort Smith
La ('rosso
Little Rock......
Louisville- '..
New Orleans...
St. Imis
St, Paul
Slireveport ,
Ilnnarr l.taa Feet and U-nthl of a foot
nhove st.ro of rauxe :
llairo, 10 feet
Chattanooga. S.1 lect.
tll,tiUO, lo.
Keokuk, 14.
La Cronne, Jl
l.itlte Koi-k.2.1
MeiuphiH, .11.
N,u.l, llltt. 4n.
St. l.omit, 32.
rjhreveport, 28.
Ihivonpi-rt, I.t.
Port Smith, !.
Leavenworth, 20.
Louiivilte, Z'j.
Nt-w Orleans 1:1.2.
l'itt-lur, 12.
St. Paul. 7.
Vii-kttturg, 41.
Yankton, 24.
Evansvillk, May
4. Noon River
falling, with 19 feet 7 inches on the
PiTrsBi'Bo.May 24. Noon River S
feet .! inches on the gange and falling.
Weather clear and warm.

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