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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 27, 1886, Image 2

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0TK hefisse.
HepeU, tadrr Oath, Ills Mat
neat 1 bat ills Victim
i Came to Ills
I Relations With Preiser Ex
ailnfd at Lfog-th-Some htrlk
! Ing InconHl.tteDciet'.
i '.Iwin, M, May 2C I-ong bt
tie time for opening the prin wl
' til tht Criminal Court arrived
nioTiing rrowiln of nu'ii nml
i. nniioim U licnr t lie ox-nin of
!-ft.n-e in tlie Maxwell case ami
; tintimnny of the tli-ft-ntlHtit, lunl
: fri-gnUM! around tlio K ur Courto.
f the Hacp around the lo r rf
ciminl room won iM-nipied, the
idors and JaH hp wiivs were
, ed ith ruriouH would be sfctu-
and there were many HUunliiig
!lio steim and Hidewalkw, who were
tile to jriiin entrance even to the
' iliri( The ileputieti appe-red at
, ;li)ck uiul with tliliiciiliy forced
r way through the throng nml
; led the doors. A rutth for wills
fitamlinx room followed, and the
eat disorder tirevailetl for a time
I ivho were ahle to enter did no, lint
i u waa a large imijority w ho were
; ',1 to remain i ub-idc, every nviiila
i ipAce beinK orciipied within Jiu-
iate y after the openiiw of the
j t, the Jlld(;p ordered tint
! : the doors in the room
j el Fed Bill locked, a d
I no one, no even the ollicera of
j nrt, be alloweil to enter or 1 ave
! "ood. All mennM of coma, iinicR
f theref re, with th bi who were
mate or unfortunate enough to
! admisaioi, were cut o'V, and the
i Jo world will remain in ifiioi-
of the proceedings linlil ttio
t filial adlourn, whi li w ill priilm-
int occur un il 'ate in the aft r
'i, for, alter the defense Hindi have
j t their aide of the roae, Maxwell
I be Hit upon the Mund, nnd the
i1 of his te timnny ami the crowt
' lination bv the proseeuliou w ill
' lleas conailtno several hours.
Mil. I'Al'MI.KHOV,
ie defense, after the rout nebusi
if tr e court had been roncluded,
and rommenceil his openiiiK ad
to the jury. lie sated tha. he
1 to impress them with the fuet
no one knew how l'reller raiuo
i death except the defendant,
;ie proposed to disclose to the
til the ( ircumstan es alto
' Iter statin the manner in which
r and tie defendant became
i inted, and the closen as of their
lull p tkere fter, ho stated that
cfenso intended to prove that
'rellor was suffe Ina from a atr c
.tnd that the defendant foolishly
i-toot to remove it. Tho de end
as unwilling to perforin the oper
' alone, but Pre ler did not wi h
j iture of his ailment to be known,
ngiated that M xwo I should p r
'ft. To lessen the pain ho ad
jtered chloroform, but In too
t ona tity.nnd death r suited
;t the clotnc from his friend's
I and' attenijitud to resimcitaU
: ut foi od. iN said the defenso
I prov that I'.eller know Max
, :d no money, and had romisod
y his expenses to Auckland.
' ry, therefore, could not have
' motive for vausir.g hi' fr end's
I. which was at any rate accident
( e remuinderof Mr. Kauntler y's
)i w s devot d to an explanation
! c, lent's ae ions after the death
I ler, and anirti ng reasons there
;1 of wh ch win coiitiiined in
oil's confession made a few days
Maxwell was then p aced on
1 maxwell's ktatkmknt.
! showed litt'e evidence of feel-
,;thoiiK'h there was bo mo degree
rvousneas both in Ins fare and
. There was a rustle In the
ar.,1 1.. .... W .... ...
. ii.iii, nnu w il , mi iiiiiiei,
juief speech, demanded absolute
In the audience 1 ho witness
in reply to questions bv Mr
leroy, stated in substance, ns
: ''My full name is Hugh M.
; I am twenty live jears oMj
Vim in Hyde, Chester, England ;
iimeneed to stmly law with Mr.
fr, at f'tockport, near Hyde, in
and remained there four vear ;
a lawyer by pro ession ; I also
' d medicine and surgery at tho
; ito school at Manchester, but
j ot a licen ed phx sician ; I lirst
jO. Arthur Trailer at tt'O North-
rn Hote' at Liverpool, but did
et a quainted w ith him until I
-.him on tho Bteanier Oephalonia;
-.net Mr. Warren on the steamer;
l'reller and 1 we o both F.nglish
J coming to a Blriuue country,
jor acqualnUmco ripened into" a
(i frlemfshlp. We talked much
5 oar plans and nrposes for the
e, and our acquaintance and
hip contim ed after our arrival
3 ton ii rf. Wa ra :hd Boston
iary 3d, ana after three or four
r reiler s ar eJ oae bmino strip.
1 convwsail ins inj cone p nd-
w ti I' e br about Koing to Ne
nd. Wa agieod to mett In ft.
i and c there together. I told
;: bout my (! anciai condl'ion, tell
imina 'le'ter that 1 bad flOO a 1
j Itnaed lTiller several tinir
'illy i'l B.vtor.and bv le'ler. nd
, kcowledged luvin recti ved rte
!rbjnfit Ironi the treatment; hs
mat l naa never pr eticed md
JngmsiW. I nver csid sny de
i a with bim in tl i i rn?i,l
ii mVnrti thin (,erribd Tfrions
. i ii -ii ,
, s ouui i eiiHr navici no t in
madt, aVut U'S own nod l'rel
! arriffl in S-. Loa s aid
ing tt the toutbern Ho'.el;
aia ibat be hid J50 to
! waen he amvtd her:
be tried 'o ptwn siie of bis
a befotePre ler tame; his visita
rnow s druiiSd rs and Lm coover
ii with F-rnow; h'n prrcais ng
us anii lea of bim, am n thfiu
oiorm a'd c r ol c add. which
mbint o, he used hininlf in
' i. - i . - . i ..7 .. ...
uk uu loom mat iroHO ed ! inn ;
i reiler air ved on the Kridt-y piior
;s;er SiiDdy; ho tbey fint lo
; mo try t Bfll his mugic Un'e n
slides, aud va iom other ocru.-
which took pi ci betwf i-n K.i
and Sunday, nil of which ate
j ar tf n-aO everybody.
' oait f n to .lc a reces-.
j mil RECK9S.
' examioi.t :on of the deVidnrt
i icet. "We, Mr. 1' e ler aid I."
! d, "muln tw t fii s hi t en Hi
;i"in H..t i and the uno i depo',
jc w kt ri;nti d ta (t a nvr iti
of the de e t on of my tnni,
i ODtnine i- tl e n nrie Unter. ,
era told Oy t ie b g n ;e ln-i,
j 'hat it a i pro ai'y a- a ned i .
j Uo-nn, Ctnsds, i'v it e us o ie-
Ve vi i el A"o th o,t
! n the e.d uvor lo asctrtki i if
be would purchase tie lantern and
s ides when they smnld trrive. Fiotn
the ime th-t Mr. l'rel It r arrived ia
(W. Loais d j n to Ktsier Sunday we
sw a great deal of each (tnr. We
were, aa a torn er witnesa iMas'ate'',
a'raost iowi a-aMe. 1 wiait-d hi
room seve al t iihs, but when we w-r
not Ln ki' g around the city or p'aying
po d we eat mot of onr time in mv
room. Wetby.d pool a gra". dial,
and whotVrr loat thegtme paid for
it. We played about evtn, so h
xpensewaa about iqially divided.
We dial k some, but uot much. He
paid for m t rf tic drinks.
Mr. I'.e'.ler wai accu'omed
to call at my loom eaily in
tie nion ine, and we woold go down
to breakf st tonether, ie u n to mv
r. oni, cm verse and smoke for a while
and then go d iwu t the rLtands,
Kas'er Sunday, before I went to the
dnig stoie, be and 1 had a ennvtrsa
lion about the peif rmaice of the np-
rati in l e-etii'ore a hi led to tnd a
dy or twjhtfire tt:a. Sunday Vr.
l'ri-ller aescii'ied to nnJiia ymoion s,
in I I concluded that ha was' suffering
fr ma s'riitare, aid that the let
method of lrktiig bim was by pi-e-ing
acathtter. I tock my authoii'iea on
mediciue and read to Mr. l'reller t' o
dutct ors ai to the pr p-r meih ds of
adaiiiiiHttr'ng chlorofi rni, ai d re
freshed n y own mind ai to the prt
ia'itionto be m-d. 1 here aie iimr
ginal unci in the J agi-a tresting if
the a 'm pit at a'id fi iftsi in des ot Ufiug
t' c lrug, I u' 1 made three n t s toum
twtlve iirmths ba'ore I left Kngl. nd.
rtfier tn's loaveis-ition with Mr.
l'it Her I w nt to the drug st' rs and
ptirchtsi-d four ounces ot chloio'o-m
en I a iant ty c( abrorbunt (Otton.
This same dsy l'reller and I hail gone to
another diu sto-e, o ie un.iur the
Kont'iern Hotel, and mad t s line pur
tin Hcs, which h-t slid we must have
and couH prnhnbly not. gt on on'
journey to Auckland before we should
arnve tl 8 n Francisco. It hail been
understood between m all the t me
h'tlwaito tell ny main lantern
and aome other things to get money
lor Hie rip to S hi hr tin ia o, an 1 1 at
be was ti ptv lor my paHtage t j Auck
land, with the nndeisiaadinjj t'iat I
8'ionld rufnnil to him the coil t f t'iat
pHfB"ge. While In the drngstoiel
oiditred and dr nk a mixture of br
mide i f pota nm and valeiiannte of
a iimoi ii to ijinei my rervee. I drank
this in the pietince o Mr. l'reller,
and be pa d for it, as he did f ir the
other Hiinca pii'chatod there. We
ihrn letuiii'd to the hotel, aid on our
wy up to u y r nun stopped at the
car stand mil pu'chaatd a tox of
cuarr, f' r which my conpan'on alro
paid. We then went up s'airs, aud
after smokirg for a wtils at d discuss
ing the prop ised operation, Mr. l'rel
ler wei.t to hia own room, rttariiln
shortly, after Laving removed his
waittooat and lepUcad hia eoat
With a dreisng gown. Itn
uiolia'ely thtrefter w began
to mike preDontions or ihs opera
tion. Mr. l'reller removed bis iron
st rj and drawtrs in.l lay down opin
f-e bid. I planed a f jur oupci bi tlo
of chlo uform on tbe washttind and
pourrd iu5 a fluid g'atnme cf the
liquid on a piece rf Int, which I
folded three times. I ih n walked to
the bid and hold the lint stout six
inches from my pati rat's f'co, ao that
tho vnpir feira the ch'oro form might
teroxe mu'd wifi ths air and pro
duce not a toi violent ese tion. It all
evapcr-tid in a few minutes, and I
turned lo git d o e a id b tin 1 the bot
tle which I had planed on the Wish-
Und bad fallen ed in'o tha tadn and
a lare portirn cf trie contents hid
Hi wed out, and ooti n nigh ai left to
produce acie hfiia. I then win' to
the drug store t gtt more, tellln j Mr-
r.now ilia 1 hid tpil ul what I first
bought fioin I im. I waat.il fmit
oafce', b-.it 'lis druggist only tad two,
and I tilok thet.
Weie 'ou exe'led in Tourmainer?
atk d Mr. K in tl roy of the d feme.
Not a', a 1."
"D J you fee' any xc"cm"nt?"
"No. not e li itever ; lut I w is cer
tainly in a huiry.io g t a ay an 1 told
Mr Fe no so. I w i k I icinaik'd
to him t to, 'li t it was uni cossa y to
plae a !nhnl lumu the bottle, f ir I In
t nd id t ptcs its co iiens in tho
ciiity bottl- in my 10 in I return -d
to my 'oom wneri I tint lelt M'.
1'r-llnr in an u itlrt-rstd condit on ly
ing on my hul. 1 1 1 iced ab u. a
kramme of the fluid ou fie lint a
sio id time, a d ajaiu held it about
tix inches 'r ni res lace. I c intinned
this until I'l ought nncon cion nos.
ir r titer iiiapumbilliy to pi-in, had
bet n rtauhed, I trok tie cuth-te.
an I roceede I tl Insert It. Mr I'r)!
1 rmttleap cuilar no si, wnu;n a"
if he felt pun. I came to t ie conclit
eion that I hid not adminletnred a
snllicieat amount ol chloroform,"
The witness here described the f ?
mation cf the gi i alorianp, andthei''
sens tivenes, and exn ained t nt in
isrfora.ing any o o atl in upon them
i was rot nceara y tl at tl e pitieni
should be re.'idert-d wlio ly union
scions of the resulti' g pa;ii.
'Ii wai (viitn.t to me tl a', Mr
Pie lr was ttlil nmonnious of pain,
ana I poired out a gramme or a
gramm ) a id alu f more i f ho t b o t-
f rm npoa the lint, wl icb I again
plated Ut loie his Ucn. Almost belt ra
1 knew it Mr. Pie 1 r' br a hing be
came very labored, an I I ar fnce nu
pended ttie adiu ni t aii n if chlnro
fo in, f jr I knew that h, condition
whs er oils. 1 re'z-d a pair i f my
eurte m's rciis rs and at o ci rut his
shirt and undeish rt trim his hody,
snd triid all meats f reenscta i n
with which I was fa nilia-. I hl tpped
him wiih wet towels on the chest and
reck, ddfhed cold a er on his ch st,
a id al tempted to revtire respiriiiu
by miviua his arms up aud down."
Tin wilnes proceeied with a voice
impreS'tively uut-ky; "I col t nud
these ctr'ti to to' iv t my fi end for
over a half an hour, hut it was useless,
entirely us. 1 w. Sh itly af r my
friend cotstd lo bi-tfie a, d lis hta-i
stopped beatin. Ih re ai no brea h
nn ibe minor w' en 1 held It to his
lipr. Kvitn afer I a s t sthd be was
dtad 1 cut niied my iff rtiw th bim.
I d d lo' nmve snd cll asiatance.
A I my e (Tints wen-tt rea'ore him.
lecaUHl when chlonfjrm Uk-s held
of a in in, and he rinka in a few pec
cn Ir, h is ded. The lim -, 1 t'louitht,
had Dett-r he r cor pi-d in id' iris to
restore jim. I waa i oovii t--d he wa-.
dead, t u', I cfnti iue.1 lo throw c Id
Wkt ron hie c' eat. I flt-al y decided
he wa d a I snd past all hoe. Then
I bar lly kn-w ah t to do. My fi st
itnpul e wg to no fy the anthorit:e.
Imagire my I o i us I did m t kn tw
wnai to do. I wan in a sir nge laud, a
stranger. I didn't k'0 a mm
co I I uiae a statement in his own b
half, but thot g it t'ie s-iii- rulr ob
tained berets in K.glatd ml thai I
wtvi'd n t le sll'W-d to m ke my
st. t in -nt, B' d I iheught 1 w mid B-'t
away. I hat th t l ge t onk, tie
only tni in.l u to tla 'inie I
em,ti d it out i, wou d iiinuo'ti
nie. ien'itm n, o de cnhe t y .u mv
f 'e i.iis. my turror, w e . 1 knew mv
friend w a tlciit. I cm'i bn t u e Jf
a ividii g."
Tre p ipiricr panvtl and truahed
awy t .e teMrn from bis t y s en I pio
cteoed: "I I'r h enit, link up
to the aids of the bed, and after draw
ing my drawers, the first that eame to
my h-n t, upon ihe body fnr eimmou
deieocy's sake, pnt Mr. l'rel er in it
i here was some difficulty in forcing
the body in'o the trnok, but I ac
ceded, and after cnvetlng it np I wei t
down lc the bar. I was in a dreidful
state of miud and triul tl drown
thou. lit by drinking. I wandered
abo.it the streets of the city until
aVut 0 or 10 o'c'ok. I
vititel some sl)ooing gallery and
came back to the hotel I went up to
the dining-r om. I cannot very well
give an axiynnit of what took p ui,-e in
the ilining room. I then went up to
the roiui my room - and stated
there all night I cannot be sure of
anything that, happo' ed after the sad
occurrence of Mr I'rellcr's death. I
staved in my room. To say that I
slept would be un rue I waited for
the morning I then thought tbe
only thing to be don was to get
away. 1 took Vr I 'roller's pnnta and
look- d through them. I found a
quantity of money in bills; I cnnn t
bhv bow miit-.lt There were probably
J"iiX) or Hind. I took it and went to
the ticket otlii-o and 1 ought a ticket
for Kan Francisco. On the same
morning I na'e several other pur
chases - a Ui He. and a diam nd ring at
a pawnbroker's, a pair of lleld
glasseg and spectacles at A oo-'s, the
opticia", and two trunks and a valise.
The trunks I ortured carried to inv
ro in. and 1 laced iq one of them
the clothing and looset th ncs lying
around the room which bad been re
moved front the trunk in which I bad
pluced my friend's dead body "
"What d you Viiow about the piece
of paper reading, 'So pcrk-ili all traitors
to the grca cause?' "
'I wrote it. My idea was that the
authorities would find it anil that it
wou d puzzle them until an autopsy
Mbould bo held "
"Was it your idea tn delay them
while you were getting away?"
"J)id toii tin anything else with the
8 inn object ill view 1"
"Yes; I shaved of! the mustache."
''Can you tell how that cut came
upon hia breast?"
"Yes; I did it with a wai pel, but
can assign no reason for it "
' You tlid this a;l on Mondoy morn
ing 7"
"Yes, on Mrnday mornirg."
"What else did you?"
' In the i onrse of the morning I
went to tho union d pot with the
canvasH-covcred trunk, which I
checked to Snn Francisco. I remem
ber goii g to tho tlininw-room Sunday
morning, but I don't remember order
ing tho wine. I don't remember ask
ing about killing man, no' exhibit
ing a revolver. What I tlid on 'ho
Sunday evening at tl Monday mori ing
are so confused 'hat I would 't like
to snv when e-nvtliing occu red."
"Had yon, when y u administered
that eloroform, any intention ol kit
linr Mr. Preller?"
"I had not, sir." (The witness
sjioke loudly and emphatically.)
"Had you any intention of injur'ng
"I had not. sir."
"Of doing him anv bodily harm?"
"1 had not. sir." '
Th rest of the testimony was taken
tip with the trip to San Franc sco.
rome of the ev.nts wldch occurred
there and bis exp'sna'ion of some of
the big stories which he told about
himself on his trip to that city.
Adjourned till t -morrow, whon tho
direct eiamination willb) continued.
burdebeiTbyTiis SONS.
Tbe Hfalerloaa Killing f aa Old
farmer Kaitlalatil,
Moi'htaib Grovb. Mo., May 20 On
rMmUy morning, 8 vain ADileron, a
weilthyanlr spec ed fo'mt r of tliis
c mi ty, wai found mtrdero I nni and
a half inles r.nr'h t( th s town. He
a fundi d In M s n'e lodjio Satmtlay
n gt t, lo ving t' e hall shout 12:30 a.
m., and started for h s homo af a t to
in 1 a ha f miles nnr h of lon. He
a found Sunday nmri ing lying on
hitbick. si o' in ihn tnriat and
bna t. Ye-ter.'ay during the Coron
er b inqm-t, two bo s rf ilieewed, El
and llearv Ardurain.a d a (ompan
ion namul Kwing Sai.ders. ro Itsstd
to theciiine. Snntlris' ton fission teas
fo'liws: "l'he'pltn a laid a' out two
mo.thspgo. El came 1 1 where I w s
et work lu trti tie d and pr po f d thtt
I h Ip him k 11 tbe ol I n nn. I eai I I
did not I k-ito, butthn and alter ards
link pt peteiit lirg me rnd I Hi ally
xie'tled. It was uiy urn, a niiirnU
1 nder. I got tho a im uniti m la t
WoJun'day n'glit. I hid tho gun
a mut 60 l y irds f om whsie ke wrs
a ot.a idwe tot it ab n.t 12 o'tloik
at n g')t and waito 1 for rdm. Ho sue
a t n- hetwien 1 ant 2 o'c o-k, walking
as', all unci nil ions tf dun trr, Etl
liftdd tbeg tn and lhe land ha dro ined
and Instan Ir txpired." The corf e
s o s of the I ro hen are i tenitud with
that of Sanibrs. except at ti who did
the ehonting, earh sciiu ng l lie oil or.
Thire w.s will talk last night of
hneliiig tie thee n en, but the
Slier' ffeucceedo.1 in ft nvoyirg tlum
to tho j il at Sprmtil Id before tie
nub could cong egate.
X E W PElTx, T E' X.
rarmen llnsjr With Their I ret
Iml Ivltla of Vhril and fiover.
IcoiRHsriisDiNcR ur T it R jrriAL I
Nkwiukn, ikNN, Mur 'M The
meeting conducted at tbe Bnptist
CI u-eh by Kv. W. C. Tavbr of Fu
ton, Ky, is a most eucceaslnl ne
Many have alieany prtiftsed fsiih in
Cur st, an I still tbe lotereet increaes.
Many vis tor from a dis aare re h. re
t ending tbe ment n s Tne laige
cbuich is crammed to 1I19 oveifbwiiig
e err meeting.
Ti e school at h co lore clird 'ait
Friday with appr.piits exert iso.
Piof. Pt)v aud his aeeletmt teachers,
MiBSHi Mole Hmnil'on and F.mmt
Mt or., a-qmtt.'d themselves most
ceditablv 111 tht ir w.itk lor the last
ten mon'ha.
An e.ection will be held bete to
monow to asteitain ihs wiebei of the
reple wi h reference to votirg a
tent ol Ux, so we will be eneb'nu to
have a t n moi.ths' free tcbnol. There
is bill, ii tie d Jtibt as to it beiogca-tied
There will t e a nn'on S ind ty tcht ol
picnic in the retr fit u e.
N'VO'al tew reti1eics are rei g
irecttd ml seversl ion luiintsi
b 0.1 sua are epoken 1 f.
'J lu wheat cr ip nevt r looked better,
ard crops of every kind are in splendid
conditu n
'1 here is tbe mot luxeriant ciop of
c'over evereet it 11 Dyer county.
As harveit is natr at baud tbe
far.nersate unnsca ly busy.
A p r:y of pt nilemen and ladies
wi 1 h ave for R-elfotit lake ia a ew
dajs for tee'ea'l nand er.j nvne&t.
Vacnitie agir.tc a e busy eelli.nr If -binders,
e c. j w. u.
llentttlly tour Itttine.
Finish the walls ittid ceilings with
Alaonsitne. 1011 can tlo it: uu-x
iensive; try it. While and twelve
tints. Cheaper and better than paint,
talsoniine or paper. Disinfects ami
prevents dieeiiMcs. Peautiful sample
canl free. Hy driiggista, hartiware
and paint dealers. $ a) given away.
a. aA.a ibLiU a w., licniibif
Mr. Morriaou's Speech The I'M
ene (Question Pl-cuhsed by the
Senate Pills Introduced.
Ta3hi:i.to. Vitr CO. How. Tee
Dii'in frte eh p bill wis ihtp'J'il
1 r crfor the liar, bat its triendu De ing
d.snoU'of nnving way f or the fileo
ma'gsrine til the older was made a
continuous one, and tie firmer bill
will be Chlltd up ot the iar'Je:t op.o -tunity.
&'.t. Plonr.t Q. lenorlfd that the
c o iferees on tl e poalofHon apt rjj ria
lion bill had betn nn.b e tn age,
and a further conierenca wasonlred.
Afti-r snme parlitmonlary skirmish
ing t) e Housit Wr"i t into cfnmittje of
tr.e whole, Mr. Hi.iintier III in the
cba'r, on the o'enmargirina b II.
Allg'neinl dela e on the ni'a'ii'e
being clnsfd, Mr. Hht' It Mil. m
B,nk n t Ut a fo-m d ameatln .cat, suit
t ttheClok'a de k an t bad r ad the
following telrgrani ic eived by him
fiooi Cuicagn: "Prntfst of several
hur.tbed. ineinbfn Ch'CJgo Poanl of
Trad-j ngi: nit ai-.'ion of tlirett ry fav
firing bopus butter ma 1 d joi ait
nigt't. M re to (ooi."
Mr. Browne Ind. oi.pised the bill.
Mr. Kellsv IV trtflirmetl what he
lt d cn the bi I e t.irdy. He o:i!d
uot n t-mpt to tave the iron ir tsiesta
by t'lnying the rterr ajone o-hy aisn
dinirg th convietioin by which h
hud sua' a ned tho fainnrsof loannd
Mr. Piice definded the rem irks
which he made last nigh', and whlt b
were cit;cis d by Mr Kelly. That
gentleman bad stated hs eppnaitim
to addiDg to tha revenue o' tne gov
ernment, evideLt y lo)gUing in hia
eturly of pio'.icioi tbe itudy of
Mr. Law'cr 111. rep.d a protect
rgtiiist the till (rjm the Kn'gh's of
Lsbor of Chictgi, und npiios d the
bill ai taxing a ex cap fo.d product out
of e-xiBtence.
Oi motion of Vr. BieskcnridiM
Ky an amendmei.t n si adopted 05
ti4,H-to tie Bwtinn defining "buN
ter,"io as to ex.ilnde from t! a: dt fir i
tiou tUe nrtduit tf n.ilc rr cram
when au'di' onil co o ing uiat'.cr in
Mr. Bruuini Pa le I the ci c is. ir-ii
off sgiin into a liirill' vi in, tie. Urn g
th it he a lift tl ct the a i en ion tint
Perii!8ylv4(,ia was hogging for iii'jtec
tion f ir Pennsylvania alone, l'enniyl
vania cou'd s and the trade as well as
Iowa, and rhe a ked no fnver. If
genMpmou wou'd rep eiei t the coun
try inttetd of localities there would
be no reason for invldn 111 remarks.
Mr. Moirison II Bald thar the bill
eame here under fklte prefer Bee. end
be would, therctnre, vole age i net it.
It tould only be here because it was a
levenna bill, but its fiieads did not
c aim that it was hire frr the purpose
of t utting money in ths Treatuiy. It
was Insisted ihat it wis here to' pre
vent f aud, wheni-n anacrdmfiitw.il)
prjtojed to nduce 'l e t x from 10 to
2 tout', wl ioh wou'd givi a!! s ca:i y
ai'tinot fraul, then 11 wou'd be ic n
what the boueet purposes of tve bill
wsp. When such a p o;os'tion wai
offered tho House wou d see whither
the gentlemen were telling tbe truth
when thsy ia d tl a all they wanted
wai tliu olet m r.arine should bn sold
for whtt it wh. fut. he wiahfd to talk
upon aootber subject, he wanted to
f uttl e mind of lha geml.'iran f om
'e;inrylvania (Mr. Kellej) tt inse,
since he set m u to be disturbed let
the gt n''einaii from Iow. (Mr. Hen
dei s 11) wt. ul 1 vote n, Bime time
agninst ) ro eijlion. The tent'erran
need not ba claimed ; he would
ice the fentleciet from Iowa nrd
Wibc inmi dercii g re wi en the (el era
to continue all lh"kb'.tsest! at rei u tt tl
to Ina frnm tin prtte t ve taHI
FL." iiitt t -r.1 Ten voire ago the Re-
piirn'citu 111 n b. ti. iiom loaa li 0
walk'd betweon tho tellera voting 10
'ake the tax off ta t to pnt in th i
butter, and when 'n two weeks this
qmsi'in was prented tbey would
utnee through the tellers to keep it
op. Th so teiitlemen ba 1 been dis
c'plined wiihin ten years, and they
knew wlia' l'-ini eylvn' ia riquirerl,
und when it w.s propoiel to take
some tsx off the p'nnk with which to
bu Id a shelter lor ihtir cos they
wou'd bs found vo'ing with Penrsyi
vania to keep it rn If the Govern
ment needed in'ernal revenue ss a
revenue, o'enn a'gsrlne wis a very
proper sulj-itfo' taxation according
to bis theory. Taxaim always de
prived s citizen 0! some thing be nr'g'.t
o hfiw;si have, and tl.erolore tl.o.e
iliioga tbo'.ill Im taxed he could b?et
do without. It was tas'er to p y taxes
on whisky tnd tthmco tbanousime
O'her things. ',b his vjneiablu
frieud from P'nneylvan!a(Mr. Kelhy)
cr anyboly else win talked about
te.kingotl' internol levcane taxation
Iniamesi? Ccild ii be don ? Wte.n
the lime came geit'emen eould choose
bttnejn th two sysleat whether
they would ttx c'dliirgor wh'sky
but thkt wonld not bn in bis lime.
How much reveuue cid t e govern
men' set now? About S 175,1 00,000.
The expentli'iues V"tt d a' t" is sjfeMon
would be f 150 OXl.OCO, and tuere rever
would be less rgt-io, rotwiifBtandiuir
Democratic icinomy. I. ingMer.
Tneu there was 125(100.000 left, ar.d
that would not pav I all the Inttrart
oa the debt. Di n't g n'le m. 11 int-nd
to 1 ay Id ten 81? If tuey dd they
were nit honettwheo they ta k"d
abou' tikiuj off m'crral t.ixes. 1 d
n .t the Hon e, eveiy day im r. as ilia
pen i n rtls.lin' now 'equirtd an
aopiopriatit n dt 75i' 00,0t'0? Where
wa t Jt to rome frojii? ,
Mr. Gr isve: Of U s" conGrej
h s leo a'ks 1 1 a ci n. uVrM'on ol the
tsr fl qner-tiort, declar'iig thatthe Mor
r.st n ti 11 ns a thre t t f destfucttn
held ovtr the indu tries cf -the
Mr. Pr!keniLlge Ark. t tl'red an
amertbneit inclntlicg ith the
definition of "olttomrrgirine" buter
coi tuning ary cob ring matter. 1. s
f2 to 106.
Mr. Hammond Js. dl'-ied on
amendmtn. mak ng it u lawful
f rrny me'C-snt or shopkeeeer in
f'e Dift iit of Co uinbia i r the Terii
todeeti rt 11 oieou arn iue without
Ul e ing it in a onsp caona maaner,
and ri-qiiiring 1 o e', r-'r-tsuranv aad
bra dint! h.moe keepers wh 1 ess o'eo-
11a Mnne to p'ace in ti eir fin lu- 1
ro m a placard beatirg tha wo'de : I
'rhis home nsea o!e.marga.ine," and J
tn have the same go a l"iu'e I oa the
bill of fate. Agieeat.)-Wto80.
Mr. llHttin n f ulto uttered n
smerdmeut provitbtg a penalty f "
tie vo'atoa ot tiii prt v.tioj. l-o t
Mr. B erihom II'. mo;c I to r-tiT-
from JliJlt o tlOti tl.a s. e !a! UX tn
ma 'ii(;i ::ur rs of oleonnr--'rice.
Alter s mie lii't I crdeUnu, aed pend
ing se lin.tle committea aroe and
tbe Huuee adj'iu nert.
The fce-unlr.
After rorit:n nio'niin bus'ii'si tbe
Sentte proceeds 1 tuthe contidera'ion
of privet pention bide on tie cal
endar. At 2 o'c'ot k tbe bankruptcy bill wa
pi -wed bfors tbe Kenate.
Tht bankrup cvhjll bavini; be-n r ad
throogh.eatiior Van Wyek sel tht.
it be tt mp ia i y la'd a-iide in older to
take np tne bill providing for the tux
a i n if a lroad g-snr lands. Thi-thsy-ini
beenrgre'd to the litter hill wis
t-iten np, aud after a nhort debate 8tn
ator (fliera so at-ked for thebuspoaion
of the tixatinn bill in order to teke up
bill, r ertofore rep- rei by him fxu
the Cimmi ttem F'jreim Re'a'ions.
"supplemeutary and amendatory rf"
'li. Cnintse em'g'a ion bill of 1864.
Umriinr.O'is consent beicg given, the
Ch'iiete tdll was taken up.
S 'niitir bernrtan exolfioed that the
hill wis simply intended to exp'ain
the mt anii'g ot the ex'tt eg law rr:U
tivs to Chir ee immig a ion. bcveral
leghl qnet ti' ni bal a sn under the
ex sting 'aur on witch tLe:e had btea
at. tne ooubt or d fTo'erci of opinion.
Focx m le, one nietnim: bad bevn
a tao' -d to tie wrde "Chinese 1
horei" by Jodve FlVd, a'.d aiiotbir
by M s a' hn'et s jildj--.
After tome general deba'e, Hei;ilor
1-liniimii 1 x, 1 iin.-d tl.a-. In .all tl rp
fie ti l bei'Hii'n it Wan dsiiab'e to
hve i1 pis.ed et o- a pose b e. He
I el e 'ed it wt uld get tbe eupt oit of
lin- tn'hs o me -entt o s.
J In bib w. s pm t,i- n-to 1 1 a f.iUra
tlav, atl 'h Sen ( j nirned.
Growing up with the
Ve arc growing up with tlic
country. Wc commenced a few
years ago and we have grown
very rapidly. At home we arc
a cause of marvel and wonder so
rapid has been our growth. We
are going to the remotest parts
of tlie country to grow up with
them as they settle and grow up.
At the same time we are going
to remain where we have been
for a long time and continue to
grow as the country grows. We
arc not omnipresent. No! but
we propose to penetrate every
settlement where the U. S. mails
go and there can be found a place
in which goods are sold. We
can now be found in every city,
large town, considerable village
or small hamlet where the wants
of the community are supplied.
Who are we ? Brown's Iron Bit
ters. The people need this rem
edy. They demand it and the
dealers must supply it. The sales
in 1885 were more than twenty
times those of 1880, because
Brown's Iron Bitters is the best
strengthening and purifying med
icine known. It cures all dis
eases arising from weak, watery,
vitiated blood and strengthens
the nervous forces. It furnishes
relief to the overworked brain
and rest to the tired body. Its
enriching, vitalizing, strengthen
ing qualities do this. This is the
cause of its great growth in pop
ularity, of the words of commen
dation it receives from physicians,
chemists, and the people gener
ally. It will continue its pro
gressive march and reach every
place in the country where there
are sufferers desiring relief.
Rheumatism is directly due to
an enfeebled condition of the
blood. Neuralgia to the same
cause and its action upon the
nerves. These troubles, fitly de
scribed in the one word, " torture,"
yield to the use of Hrown Iron Bit
ters. Malaria fevers, prevalent in
low lands and places with in
sufficient or bad drainage, are
cured by Brown's Iron Bitters.
Spring fever promptly dislodged.
Don't use quinine or whisky
any more. By using these you
may cause congestion or neural
gia. Deafness frequently follows
the continued use of quinine.
Brown's Iron Bitters contains no
whisky. It relieves spring
fever and promotes the health of
its victims. Used occasionally
it will prevent attacks from
malaria. It is sold everywhere.
Imitations are attempted. Don't
be deceived. It costs you no
more to buy the genuine Brown's
Iron Bitters than an imitation.
The dealer may advise you to
buy the spurious, if he does its
only that he may make a better
profit. Trade mark and crossed
red lines on the wrapper of the
genuine. Made only by Brown
Chemical Co., Baltimore, Md.
Do you want a pure, Mooin
Ins Complexion t If so, a
lew applications of Kngan's
JHAGNUL1A HALM, will grut
ity yon to your heart's eon
tent. It docs away with Sal
lovmoss, ltedness, rimples,
llol hes,"ani all diseases anil
tin perfect ious of the skin. It
overcomes the Hushed appear
ouco of heat, littipuo auu ex
c Itenient. It makes a lady ot
THlltTV appear bnt TWEN
TY ; and so uatuml, gradual,
and perfect are its cn'ects,
t hat ft is impossible to detect
Its application.
Administrator' Xotlce.
Cflii". 1'nh io Adioitti'trntor. Shrlby foonty
t'- 'i-th- n . Mni-hi. Tni., M -y 3 Is.
Tllrt umlur, ignrit h vine hem ftt'poinU'd
umt qu..rl.-it n.tHiiiii'lrtttor of tlie pt.it,
t J. II ut.aM. lei-"it ul. n- t es ii her. by
mvi'u in nil prrtot mile ted to mid en ftt,
Iim'otj ti'"id n-l ftlite; ami lo h" t
w-em mill TUtfl ir int.bte.t, to fil ttf
i-li.i u w th ni, duly in lit. .l. xhin tk
t,irt iita'i ititil I . r the n will t
liir,vr barred. JOIIS l iiAillE.
, . Pjjjd'j. Admin utmtg..
SiiWrflie for the "Appeal.
Pumps, Machinery Fittings and Pipe,
i 1 1
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
ISiS Front Street, MezapLia, Ten a.
Cotton eoniigned to 01 will hv, oar eirafal attention. Wa carry at all timu a wll
, aleotad loc 01
Staple l Fancy Groceries, Winss, Liquorejobacco & Cisjsm,
i 4ntt will ,aw mm f h Wmmmf,
Cotton Factcrs & Commission Herch'ts,
Dissolution Notice.
THE Brmof SPEFD t PHILLIP3 ia thli day di'unlved by mutual aontant. Tha old
, Arm of JOHN K. Bl'KKD CO. will ooollnua tha buiinau at tba im place. No. 3i
Frottrt. JO"N K. bPBKD.
IVtauij-his, T.nn., May , 1886. J. M. PHILLIPS.
Fratiring from tha trm of 8PFED k PHILLIPS, I oomman the itieoeMOT of the olal
trm to tha good will of my friends. J. M. PHILLIPS.
THE firm of SPEED A PHILLIPS having thin day been diiiolved by mutual foment, mt
aolioit their and our Mends for a continuance o" pntmnnne, guaranteeing that all
rusineri entrusted to u tbsll be as onretully looked after al hrtofii'e . "
Me This Ten-.. Mnv 8. 1W JOHN K. SPFKn TO.
Ilrlnkley, Ark.,
I)'oor8, Stub, Bllnlp, Krosst'tl Flmirinir, CpIUok, Weather-Boirdtng
CyprHM Shluificis l.atlitt, l.H
aarOnr fanilitte are unturpanaed by any awmill In the Month tor 81 log order, promiitly.
Hijorim, Ueilinn, hulin, blop L.uinnerana
Lu mber of all dimensions. We mka the
soiicttea aou
No. 124 Jefferson Street
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
V TVo. S3 fln Nsref. ! lilorli.
Itlt'ltARD A.;McClJUIY, : i t t : Presirtenl.
Bairroaideir Tla.Indoral Poltitlr. 'HirorMtmw.lM.C"
im lb. WurlU.
MmamiPJU. JVI.D.. Examiner.
Vo. 2 Cotion Fx'liHiigt3 Hiitldliig. Mmihlw.
1.T. ionri:ii.
6t wiuw rur t.iMw
L0fl HANUV.R, TUUMAS I'll) ' h,
s)r Dnponit reoeired tn sums ot and upxarJ, and tntareit allowed on snme baml-
ar wSUbu 'and sell local In,eKtment Bonds and Securities generally, pay taie, act a,
trustees, and, in general, exe.'ute any financial business requ.r.nii aala and rwnnbla
arw V.Vsue drafts, In sums to suit pnrchaer, on all parts of Europe-. .
M-Wt hare a eommod'ous Vault fur tha deposit ; taluablaa, whu-a is at tha rervioa ot
our customers, t'm ot liarKe.
H. p. UAD1)E, President. EVTD. 0I.nsMIT, Tlce-Presltlt t
M mm far Hirers wl
i tprnm gniqim immiiiv . mw, ..i
Wholesale Bumneas a speo al feature. Urders
pruuipuj uueu.
TVTe7aPhi. TetiTiewv
k actors
UVliliWHl pkkji:s.

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