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lint the Bltternm Brraki Oat la the
( ongrehlonl DUtrlcts Ambl
tlooi CaadliUtea.
TLo Svnrgh corroapi"!) Jent of the
Cbar fHlon Nrwi and Couriir, wriling
on the -!2d inctaut, .yi: Setr'.j
evrryro !y here approvta ol the ac ion
of tiie "jwooniV if ill two tiubrna
tor 'nl aapir.n I in takir g their piiuci
pa's IT t'i Btuni or la Ler in pui
tniii an tml ti tiie j iin. qiiarrtl for
it mill not be considered a dijcueeion.
Another w.-rk of euch acaovasa would
have di'ttrryeil the clinncig of b to
Urn linrdon and Maj. Hac )n for the
nrm'rntiin. The ii:oim' were dig
glinted wit!) piraoiuliiiea and vitupor
ai( n and iuunndoea during the Col-quilt-Norwood
campuwn m years ago.
Mo-tol tie old wounds have been
ha ttl, at.d it is di aired tint they be
t broken open n.uin. The porticns
oft'uH.ate in which I lis joint dis
pute hav rccnrred have liifen made
pretty wain, politically, hut the peo
ple weiu j,cuttrally o It r tlun the
bi cakf r.4, and moat of tlii-ai kept in
goo I humor.
The candidates will now make tlioir
wn arp iiitnien'8, and the tauva 8,
will, dinilitlen, be iioiiititliing like
filtliling with abort eworda at Ions
ramie, uurng tne past went ut-n
iioidon and Maj. Ilacon liave paid
oiuu prxtty bard tbinga about a ii
othi r, and it lo ked ouce or twice at
if n P'HHonal (o'.lis on wiuld be cer
tain, bat lorluna'eiy stub an iswe
wanavpitid, Al.cr t-ll Uial lnubwn
gaitl Hid d ine, the chaws tin hj t'it
tiiu'iiinhed p rtleuien have untie
aU'liat i h other when rxnmirol
(imiHiiior;a'ely look very lnu h lika
"iniirh ado about uo'liing," and ttie
inu tiiIoch wfre uiiwor hy of the
aptakme and of the ocuuion. This
hiiDHu how really oxcell lit and lion
otab'e men may say and do things in
the In at ol debut, specially when
they trt speaking iti their own inter
ests, I lir-l H oy ought to be soiry for
'and arhatnad of,
Th people of Georgia know that
both Gun. Gordon and Mnj. Itucin are
much belt f men than tuuy uiva ea h
other or. dit i j bing, and inm h
abler men tlun they would appear to
hi from their pttnlant manner of car
rying on what thould be a dis me on
ol qui et on" relating to ilia welfare of
the SU'e. In the meantime there i re
4lio l a hIh of GoorgiauB win lrjm the
day i lome when men will no
eeek I ih r Hi tg on the huntings or
collcit proferment to them. At pres
ent, ho ' ever, that dty appears to be
a lone'way oft". A comincmlal mot'o
Inn lit com" the unwiitteu law of pt.li
tici. iia: "If you don't een what you
Wiint, i ale fur it."
Thoiitandu of people in Georgia hi. ve
to in e t) the con) luion I hat neither ol
the p ew-nt n ndiila-iH sl.oiild he t om
inaietl, utid thare iH plenty of room to
doubt Ml)olhireittier of them will win
the prim, Ah, nt twenty dmlegitta'
only have I e n chos'-n, and there mi y
he lon-idnil ai l aving beeu eelrc ed
preiiwturelv- the convention not 1, av
ail! been railed by the Kxwutive Com
uiitioj. Tweivo of thea i deli gttee are
Biiidtobef r Ilacon, two for Gordon,
tix tor Col.. Jinks Junes ol Burke
county, and two unknown, r g il y
supposed to be for K.iiini' ni, Now
tha the time and p'a.'e ol h ddinir t'te
ro ivent' n lias been appo nd (July
2H, a'. A hii a) no riouhl many toijo
tiea mill celect dilegatei m b ion as
powibeiuordtrtofjreit.il a htat.d
Among the available men who have
',een ii'iii.e.l ai pieeible nnminets in
eafo Gen. G'ird iii'a aud M .j. Harm's
cimpaiyn t-h ml be a kiud of "Kil
kenny cat llrn," are Col. JeLki Joins
of Km ke, who h s teen put forward
by Ins couiijiium; Gov. MclUniel,
w"io is ui.d 'ai tedly stionger th n
when he was noun Dated to break the
deadhw k f re yeari huo; Ma, Le-ter,
Col. J II. Knill and Gen. Lawttn of
KHvauuah, Dr. Feltoa of Hiutow, tlol.
Kvans How.ll of At aula, CM. Tat
Walah of Au osti, 0 ingreecimn lur
u rof the Muco id D strict, aud other
of lefer prjminence. It will bo
rather fti-angn if Baverai of those gen
tlemen d nit have friend in the
conventu n to watch the chauceB, en J
ivake rhaucee, if poseib;e. It niny he
that tt e shado ol ceming event i wi l
beRin to be toim wiih n Uouty or
th rty day.
will uudoiihled y beatrongly auti-Cior-do
i, th Ui(h ii ii far I'om certain that
it will be rt o igly for Ha o't. It U
in .ro t'mu bkoly iluu ii will be In
Bti uc'ed, and t ..t it will be compos id
of gnnt'vmiMi who will nee tt at Savan
nah's supposed interests are pr porly
repreie ited in ihe event Mither of
th.'iivowel canilidati'R he nnmniHted
int'ie a lier etHges of iho halliting
AiiKiia'u ml Maion will, of cnu.-ie
SJIld U COII .ltd gllt.es tltllrt COUVell-
tion, ami .ti p.oNUine I that the At
lanta dele 'ales will be ler Gordon, a
he is c' a-gi'd wild being the c.n ii
dati of Hie "Atlanta rinii." Ohatiiam,
Itiuh, F i t n, Kc'iniond and liurke
are Bix-deleate co.intie. The oi.ly
other gis-delega'e county In the S ate
ie 11 i d, and it s pot veraia ho It
wdl go, a Dr. Frhtn has a gojd deal
of iutlut nee there.
will com. iat o( 350 dlewa'ee, or two
f r ea ;h m ra ier of the Hone of
Re piomiit stives. Six conn iej (tlio e
named) will have six r egates ouh,
twou y six counties will have lo ir
eleiint"1 eacii, und the otner coun
ties will each luve two deVgUee. It
is m ire than i.kily that tue maj ri y
ml i wi 1 bn a lop ed. Tin oil to
mires ra v wai aiiuur, ma only int1 g
an ut ey tne s il l in tha conveDtmu
o'. tt), and t ib bV.hi oient red lo
8:rii:i ia-e between Colnuitt ml Nor-
w o l.a'id it wid protiahiysinydi adf r
a lo ig ime Ver the two ihirdi ru'e
t)hs.l ii id 1.1 iheio uieB ponv.i t on
itaoul I be moral y ceriirn that cebher
Uj:u u ui.r is ip hi e iild he n itniLa.e.t
111 lonlrala r Hi uuirraaluual
n AtU'iia diiatch to the New
Yi r J'owii vs ibat t:linir ih-ir t. ns
!r m he Gun. ri u'iriil cnvaFR, ti'e
to tr-iiei 'Im rac rs are growing qnito
Viitior. S'fB' g I) e louith thela de-i
fi.'ht iriniKei to ho in the fmius
S-vfn'h Di t ict, wbiih Dr. Ftdtnn
form r'v ie rm'ed. Jnd oa C
Cletneit',- He eating lnemher, Ml -ceede')
i-i rehya ing Dr Kellnn to pi
va'e 1 fe, aim s h reward has t ee
given t irf e wus n Cong'na, and has
felt to .ft lent i f a lite t rin of mi vice.
He was rim o ly f-ururiaed this week
by the a ii on v. m iit tl-n' 0-' Jo-ieph
A. iiiMO'c i d j. dgi J iei(-. Fu n wre
;u the 6 d -u .iijMi Inn, hut ih it 'hey
bad eo nl'lne I to h ive thn nmiiian.K
rouvnuiioj calted Itr July bin, as this
deprives Ciemenliof an opportanity
of mee ing bis peonle anlees h aban
dors bia plies in Washington. His
friends ars indignant. To-dav a letter
ispah iehed beie ia wbicli C emrnts
pro eti bi terly against this action.
Fioyd county baa formally protested,
and if the cinvenii n ii held is ap
po'iited there will be an indt-pndent
race, with Clements iLBttad ot Feiton
as the leader.
The mott persona1. contrst will be in
the oil Eighth DUtrk-t, which Alex
ander II. Hteihers formerly npre
snteJ. t-'eabora Keue hts morta'ly
oflended many of his constituents.
Mr. T. B. GibV, a wll kmwn citizen,
f jiwardel a lelUrt) Mr. Keate asking
him to file ceraln paptrs with the
President. For eipht mouths Kaese
pork ted the Utfe', and when finally
called npnn for an exp'acat'on, wrr ti
the fjlloaing oo e to Mr. Gibba: "Sir:
Had you lived in Morgan connty
I ng r jou would have tocwo me too
weli'olavi ventured to wrile your
two impenitent It-ttrrs. You would
have learnel that I have never
shirked and honist and fea-liss d.
chfrge of evi ry duly, wtetber private,
p'ctetsioLal or political, tlways t bh tim
ing whatever reeponsibility, be it cf a
peiBonal or a m litual character, I hit
attach! d to the aime. With tnis I
dinnisis ou." Tf.is li-ftir '8 being
mod w ith mu1 h effect ogairst Rnwe,
Yes ptday the II in. Uenry II. Carlton,
1'r eiJeiit of the luat Georgia Blate
Senate, anoonn ed himtelf iu oppesi-
t on to Mr. Koate.
N.S. II mtnond, in the Fifth Dis
tiict, will be opposed by the Hon.
I'ryor 1.. Mynatt of Atlanta and Jude
,l In V htewsrtot Urmia. Atpiesent
S'ewait's chances ho "in the brighUst.
In the Ko irth District Hen ry lL liar
r e, whore.kacleetion, will be opposed
by Col Thomas W. Gr.mes cf CjIuui
luif. Toe raen will be a still butt.
Judge Ah n D. Freeman is also aar
didat. Tbe Nittli D strict will enow
a couteit lw twui the nittiog n.ember,
Alien D. (Uiendlor, aud Juilgs Jamrs
B own, b'otl er of Seimtor Biown,
Ge rge J. B'rui R will have no opni
Mth.n iu tin Tonth Distrc'. The
Sixth District is now repiteiitd by
Congreeaman It otn.t. The Ligh etand
taken by Mr. ll'ouut in Congress is
fu ly apprec ated by l is constituent i,
and ho will be returned UCjugrean as
often is he wants it.
Tne Hon. Henry G. Turner will be
opntsed in tPe Second Disttict by
Col. James II. Gut-rry cf tiniima".
Turner is virr popu ar, but Ourrr
has an extended ra'a ionahip, which
w.ll ive him g'.iengtb. Jui'ge Mir
ehon of Bmnswiik lacmvaBsng the
Firct Dietrict against Congressman
Norwood. Tb moat comical eanvaes
ii that in the Third D strict. The dis
t ict is divi led by a river, on one Bide
of which lives Congressman C'inp,
the present member. I-ately Mr. Criep
wrote s letter hum , In h:ch bespoke
of "tho section I immediately repre
sent." This made the folks on the
( thtrsideof thsrivir ma I, end they
have bionght out Mr. McAithor, a
wealthy cilixsn of Kiitmin. The
fight along the rppofing river bnnks
is carried on In s lurid manner.
r KJA!VI.t D.
Folkea of Hriuphla, Saldwrll or
oblon, l.nrlou of 4lnrkat III.
Frlaarll f NmIitIIIo, Mad
Inaeraull of Huowllla.
Kiplev Ntm: Of the gentlemen
h hi. rfd by tie favor if the Lauder
Utile oonntv convention, coinj.om-il, as
it was, of tha oldie'. ci:ir,ens and men
of the higher! stamling in the county,
it niny ni t be out of place to speak.
W. C. Folkes wm boin and reartd
iu Virginia. While a mere youih he
entered the Confedi rate army and loet
a log at the battle of Malvtrii Hill.
He removed to Memph s alter the
war, and married a dauihter of the
late Judge Archibald Wright, with
whom he was in ptrcneiship at the
time of Judge Wn'gbt'B dta'h. He is
president of the Teniiesaie Bar Asso
ciation, end is recognized as one of
tho ablrst lawvera of this State.
'Mr. W. C. CaMwrll is a naiivs of
OMon ouutv, Tennessee, where he
resided on a farm np to his ninete enth
year, when he removed to Trenton.
He lias DFonaJuJte of the Referee
Cjnrt ibaut two year', and hisiulings
and decieinns have mirke 1 him a man
of gioat acqnliementi aud souud judg
in nt.
Mr. II. II. l.urlon was bem in
Clarksville about forty-one yiar. ago.
About twelve yiars aiio a vacancy oc
curring in the cilice of Chancellor ii
trie distritt in which Claikiviilo is
s tuated, the Clnrkaville bar, which is
considered one ol the ablest in the
Ma e, uoaiiiinons'y ret ommended his
api-oiiitniAnt to,t at olline, which he
1111m! up to a lew yepr.s a;o, when bo
r signed, much rgsinst the wif-hes of
the oar, und Iiiih Binoe p actite.l law at
Claiktiville. Hisability and legal ac
iitlirenteDte are aeeond to conn.
Mr. John lr nil wnshorn in frank
lin coiii.ty, near Wincliesler, where he
raided up to 1870, when he removed
t Na hvillo. He 8rved tijiou the
Kef Tie bench at Knoxville at out two
yei-rs, anil ma In a line lepti'atiou as a
I'li'nstakiiig judje. He Las filled many
high positions in the Misinio anil
other orde'8. but nob dy'a money ever
stuck to hie tlngms. He is an h jr.ejt,
upright man.
Mr. II. II. Iiigeisill is s native of
Ohio, and was a giilant sild;er in the
Federal army. After the war be eet
tled at Jontsboio, where he prac'.icid
U for eveial years, when heienoved
o Knoxville. He basoften sat assj e
tial judge, and his opinions are
tejarded by thoee competent ti
know as second to none in
the Tenntseee Rparts. When the
war wvs over, and the courts and ju
lias in K.et Tennessee were packed
avainat the Confedo atis, Mr. Infersoll
was the faithful friend of thn latttr.
II 4 defended them t the ntk of his
life, and at one i.-nu of tha Supremo
Court he revra;d aixty-three judg
ments aca:nt them, ranging in
i. mounts from fiOOl) to f-'O.OOO.
Such are the iren whom tbe Demoo
rscy of l.indrrdale ounty desiie to
09 on the Supr nn bench of the State.
Tueir choice it excellent, and we trust
it will reciive the approval of the
State convention.
Bnrtlar Mhot-
Kanhas City, Mo, May '-'. Two
hu-glare enU red the house of Cbr sto
pper Kohlmeyer, a saloon-keeper on
Urtiitl avenue and Twenty-fourth
s:rett ft an tarly hour this morning,
vtr. Kohlmeyer was a oim-d and bad
a strupple w th the men in a dark hall
during which one bnrglar shot the
itier. Boh (scjped, a.id later this
ii orn'ngtlie w.mnded maa wis f un l
yi' g nuder a tree near the houre with
bullut-hole in his breatt. Ho will
The EiichaateU Naramrrlitad.
A book descriptive of the summer
reeortsof the Northwest will be mailed
to you fwon application toll S, Hair,
general paaseiuer a'ent Ch cage and
No.thwestern railway, Chicago, 111.
AMERICAS What They Propose to Oo la Case
of Trouble Between tbe Halted
Statei and laaada.
Nw York, May 28. The Herald
this morning says: Several Irishmen
who have tken an aitive p rt in
Irish ravolu'ionary matters both in
Ireland and America were a-ked yes
terday to give a synopsi's of what was
done at the conference in Boon.
First they answered that tae confer
ence was a matt r of no public impor
tance, but on being ensured that their
names would not be made pubjic
thev be ame more communicative.
"The possible action of the Ameri
can gove-nnicnt on the list erics ques
tion,1' said one gentleman, "has been
d Bcuwsed by tl.e delegat'S. For the
paat ten years the phy.sicd force
party has been directing its energies
to lorming a purely military rrgai.i
zation, which, in the event of Kng
land getting into a dillicutty abroad
w old be utilized to haraes her at a
moment's notice. Should this gov
eminent get in trouble with England
we ran furnish at a moment's notice
;10,0(X Irishmen to move on Canada
New Yor is our greatest lecruit ng
center. Next comes Chicago, then
St. 1Oiiin, Boston, Rochester, Philadel
phia, Det oil, Cincinnati and I'ittHhurg,
not to mention other places. A 1 these
places wore reprcHcnted at the confer
ence. At thai conference the opinion
was that the American government, if
left to itself, would hark down on the
fishery iuest on ; but the sentiment of
the American was do strong that the
government would have to l usli the
matter strenuously The delegates
said they had felt the pulse of the
people in their respective cities, and
the feeling was strong ngainat allowing
the Kngl sh to ImUdozo tho American
government. The meeting was iu
formni that several Irish merchnnta
in our ranks had ngr-ed to furnish
enounh money to tit out a vessel.
The "Ireland's Hope," w hich was
litted out about twenty yers ago ami
sent, 10 Ireland with ollicers ami arum,
w3 mentioned, and tho Boston dele
gate said we could do much better
now, and rend a more formidable ves
sel to ti . lit in Canadian water.
"A proposition was made to fit out a
fishing vessel and dare the English
Catiad ans to interfere. It was thought
that a cria s could he precipitated in
this way. The proposition was not
adopted, ami there w s a disposition
to lay it over, for there ia to he an
other meeting shortly, but not in Bos
ton." Several members said it would be a
good idea to make the Imperial Gov
ernment show its hand. If tbe En
glish did not think Canada worth
fighting about, the Canadians would
he loft to themselves and then would
follow annexation to i he Htates, for
there is a strong annexation feeling in
A 4'naitillaa tlew of the Klaterk
ferlaarti. .
Toronto, May 2(1 Tho UM says:
"Tho peon eof the United St teg, we
hope, will not approve of the seizure
of tho Nova Scotia sor-fon-r, Sisters,
made at Portland, Me .Monday. I ho
master of the Sisters proved by going
to the custom-house to make the usual
entry thit he had no idea of acting
illegally. When the fishery clause of
the Washington treaty cesed to be
operative, the Can-dian Governmeii'
did not drive United States fishing
vessels out of its waters at orco, or
seize those that persi ted in taking
liali It con ented to an arrangement
w hich allowed Americans to fish from
the first of July to the close of tho
season without compensation. When,
at the opening ol th present season,
Canuda found it necessary to enforce
tbe tenor of the treaty of 1818, ample
warning WfS given to all concerned.
If the United States Government saw
fit, by way of reprisal, to require Can
adian fishing vessels takingtheir catch
of fresh fish to a United States port to
he provided with manifests, tiny
should have given timely notice to
those who must be affected by a strict
enforcement of the law in this respett "
tfrr-n-r-n 0 0
TaOaaand All r on aolferlnf
from I'ouiin, Cold, Anthma, Ilronrhtti. or
any of tha vurloas pulmonary troublet that
i nften end in Oonpumptinn? Il an, iifa
"Wiibor'l Pure Cod-Liver Oil and Lima," a
tale ami tura retua-ny. Thia it no ipiack
preparation, but ta rxutarl preicribed hjr
tba mcd oal laiuhr. Mantifacturai only b
e. It. Wii.iidr, Ohemiat, Uoatoa. bold by
all .lniftaiftti.
Counterfeit are made in e-t. boua. Mo.
Krliablr Kriimij tor Litm (xn(aiDUftir1 lhtimut
by a Je?ritwl or torput mliti.n o4 Um l.iwt. a ln
pat. i(naupi1a, tiiuiuit'Mit jmiiMTir-, newuin
Ialnm, Hhoun ntn.rn, kc. It rettlstM t hr Umift,lir
Imi th b'.tml, Hrfnt tli'Tii tttat Ki .irm, iil-rihj
rhnutBAndnof teatimontniproviit morl
AM liHUUUlbT TKLL. 1U IT Mltn latmi
UKOMNIRO HITTaKNft Strnrth-rnr-i
Mr. E. M. Thomn, 3W Madim-i
xtrcitt. Mcmi.hu. Tnn., t n fevlinv wk
anl in noed cf ft tonic ft&i wooderfully iiu
I'fvvod her.
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether In the form ot
Night Sweats and Kervouineaa, or In a
cnae of General Weariness and Loss ot
Appetite, should toggest tat tue of Ayerf
Eoriparllla. Thia preparation Is most
effective for giving tone and atrengto
to tha enfueblcd system, promoting Un
digestion aud aaalmilutlon of food, restor
In; the nervous furccs to their normal
condition, aud for purifying, enrtcbl&g,
and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years ago my health began to falL
I wan troubled with a dtalresMng Coiian.
J'i(,'lit Sweats, Weukneaa, and Kervoua
nea. I tried various remedies preacribed
by (litTi rent plirsicinns, but bernine so
w eak that I could not iro up atuira Willi
out stopping to rest. My fiirnUs reroin
nuii'li'd ine to try Ayer'i HarnapariHa.
w liii li I did, and I utu uow aa healthy aud
at n.iiit a ever. Mrs. K. L. AVilliuins,
Alexandria, Minn.
I have uaed Ayer'i SaraaparlUa, In my
fitinily, for Scrofula, and know, if It U
taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate thia terrible disease. I have also
pn arrihed it as a tonie, a w ell ai an alter
ative, mid must any that I honestlv believe
It to bo the bet blood medlri'iie ever
compounded. W. . Fowler, 1. D. 8.,
M. i., Urecuvillo, Tenn.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be Impossible- for me to do
eribc whnt I auttered from Indigestion
and Ileudtiche up to the time 1 he'iia
taking Ajer'a Sarnaparilla. I wits under
the care of various physician and tried
a preut ninny kinds of niedicinea, but
never obtained more tlnin tcu.porary roll.-f.
After taking Ayer'a Sarwaparilla for
a short time, my l'ecdaelie dlauppeni-ed,
siidiny utoinneh pr :-fonncd;'idutie mors
perfectly. To-day my health la com
pletely restored. Mai'v Uurlcv, Spring
iield, Mush.
I have been greatly beiicllteil hy the
prompt use of Ayer s Siirsnpurilla. It
tones and invigorate! theayateiu,ref;iilntes
the action of the digestive "and uasiuiilative
organs, and vl: ilizei tho blood. It is.
wil limit doubt, the moat relinhle blood
Siiriller yet discovered. II. D.Johnson,
3 Atlantic ave., Itrooklyu, X. V.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Pupated hy Ir. J. C. Ayer 8: Co., Lowell, Maaa.
IPrice St six kottlea,
This famoaR remedy moot happily aentf
thftdMiiftii'l of the fge for wotnAu i peculiar
ktitl niHlt frirm Rfflioiionf . It ii rimed j
for UumaN ONLV.and for one SrEolAL
CLASS nt her eaten. It ia a niecifto for
certain d incised coDditiona of tne womb,
end i roi-f8f s to so control the Alenitrual
i'unctico a to re f u late nil tbe derange
nitui" and irresularitiea of Wo in an' a
Iu prniriotore claim for it no other medical
property; and to doubt the fact that thit
tned'citie d"e poMitively pofeHa such con
trolling nnd reu atinr powers fa ftiruplr
to durreJit tho voluntary tuatiatot)? of thou
audi ot living witnea who are lo-day
eitiltmc In h restoration to aouud health
and bat'piaeaa.
Fem4Le Regulatofi
1a atrirtly a veiretabTe onmpound. an J in the
product ni u cairal loionoe and practical ei
per to rice directed toward the beueQt of
' Ni rrKltl.NU WONtNI
It 1a the studied prescription of a learned
phys'Oian, whose apecialty was WOMAN,
and wnotf fame became eu viable and bound
le.s bof'riuco of his wundorful success in tbe
treatment and cure of lemale complaints.
KKMI DV koown, and richly Ueaervaa its
Woman's Uest FiaKND
Baeann It eontroli a clwn of fanetiona th
varioui darnnxeiiienta ot vhich cuua mora
ill health than all other oausaa oombined,
rod thua reneues her rrom a long train ol
affliction! which tnnly embitter her lite and
prematurely end her eiirtenee. Uh, what a
multitude of livina witneason can teatit to
ita eharisint effeutal Woman, take to your
oonBdenoe thia
rKtcioin boost or health!
It will relieve jon ot nearly all the com
plain'! peculiar to your lex. Kely upon it
aa your laleauard for health, happineu and
lona life
Sold by all drunlnti. Send for oar treat
lie on the Health and Uaiipiueaa of Woman,
maitnil free, which give? nil .articular.
Uoi 28. Atlanta, Oa.
Inula ai that class el
M9dif, and has flrea
almost haIvc.u! mniio
Pans. Te
O ku won th la. ot
Iha publK and now ranks
onff tha loading Media
Ilra.lf.nd, fta
SoMSt)ni.'K"M. ,
ttu.aei.VU. '
A Valuable Pateui.
Danny's (Hartal t urn and 1'ea Plan,
HAVIUfl perfected my lnrention, I wirh
:o rlaoe it before the pul.lio, eieciall
meaiaeturen. Ai a Corn Planter, it ie a
Veriest pucceia nnonf the drill, dirtribuUd
whs ieed aoctrately, nniniure.l, end oorerd
the same, thereov one uian performing the
work of throe. Ibo- hare beon uad in
tbil aeotion tor over a dotct. yeara with er
leot ia'iifuotion. can ie reaiKu lible teati
mvniaia. 'ditreai
JOHN H PANCY.Dannyyills,
' uB-n.. ' r. s
Manhood Restored
KKMJOHJ Khjek. Aviciimof routtiftil iinirudeno
Mtuing Ftemfttnre Dcaj, Narvou ilnhtt, Van
Mubood, o..ba,lnfctrt(Hl In vain iw; knows
nmvdj.hu ditoorerea a niraple maanaof al--cn.
I w,l! .r i KUKK tofcttllmiffprwn
J U.KK t-' Vh.f. iS sjthaham isUJfm VM
.rfMiia eeekinc Government Km I
nn.i..n irn n J a thak
department) a
U. a.. .... A St Stat anrtw AhaftV rwibitir
icitiona onlJ
the Government, I will send fall inatruetioLt
as to bow to proewM to obtain thsaatrs,
snd niaeiat rorinsar A i.pllii'H on
n i ni mi luuax. rmvr i - -
kfcaaw waist '.--.
f fllO DiTij
M iSnnMMl M mm
fa, g ewNlamm.
I" ju CUalcsl Ht: .
Oils c&? 3JLTTwEtl Stores
i.tllcr). 39 Front Strft, Mpmphia, Tenn.
N Al0 31 11 1 LL, 1 resident.
II.-J. L1J.1
lilis Cit? Fits m
' 8. MANSV1BLD. I. K. MTBRd. W. D. BXTliELL.
OflIce19 MwUwon Street, ?Iciapliig Tfnu
S764a7S80ste2-384-3S Second Btreet, soath ot Oayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Isllssc, Ltk. Ce4atr I"oeU Flckel,
ON WEDNESDAY. JUNK 16. 186, we
will a-II for non-resident nwnera, at
Public ooicry. en the premoei, that desirs
bla property known as the "Claybrook but
diviaion,"lyi"ff between Pop sritretoa tbe
nrtb sod L nioo svanue un the south, snd
Juit beyond the reaidence of John Overton,
jr., on Union aatiue. The property hu
oeen divided into se e lotaae ss to suitths
wsnta of purchasers baling ranch or little.
It ia convenient to tbe afreet cara on Poplar
a'reat, and the erade snd road bed ia bain
erepa-ed for irrsvaiins the road n Irontof
it on Union avenue. Ve bel eve it to be tbe
luoit iutlabl property for raaiden-xa on ibe
msike. snd an opportunity to but inch
property if seldom oderei. Procrty ia
beiof rapidly aold f.-r teaidanoea eaat of tbe
city, becauae it ia not c-it up by railroads aa
initio nrnbera and southern port ona of
tbe eitv.
TbHMS One-third efhj balance In ona
nnd two yeara, with 6 yrr edit- tntareat.
Maps can no seen ut our tiffiee wrll day of
aale. lVEK'10i HH.VINOH, Ata.
Jndlsputed In the BROAD CLAIM of being tin
Kost Perfect Ccoking Stove
H. WETTER &. CO , Agent?,
Wrtni'hie, Tenn.
sisaLiii is vi;Ai.rn.-Di. E. 0.
Wtrt lava ni ISbaih TaaaraaHT,
amsran'te t aj..ntio Tor liyateria. Wtii
nets, Oonvulan"'-, t'itr. Ncrv-'U Neural-
Eis, Yleailaehe, Ncnr Proeiratinii, cauiiod
y tjo una ot alcohfl or i.-baccoi Wake-lulne-.
.eDlnl l)e.remn, S'l't-i lna ot the
llrain, rr'uluug in ioaauity and l ln tr
inie'v. decay and death i Premature
Aire, Barroiinn, l-of oi Power in cither
- Involutury l..'re and St.orn.at..r
rhca, ca. . by over-rxcrtion r.i the orain,
elt-aliuae or .'t IndoVence. Kacb boa cou
taitia one mot . reatu.ent. si a box, oi
six bo j os tor $5, acn mail prapaid, oi
reoeipt of price. Wn auarmt.o biz lioxel
to ours any oaae. With each order i eceived
by as for six boxns, accompanied witu r.,
we will send th purchaser oar written
(usrsruss co refund the money if th treat
ment do ot afa'ect a cure. Onaranteei
laaaed only b A HKNKKRT, k CO.. Draa
ita. Mwmnhla. Hi--
1. ri. STANLEY,
-" '. .'4,-itiArk
OS Mawlloon tre. eraphls, Ten
A FULL stock of Wooden and Mats
. Caul and Caskets, Burial hobea, etc.,
always ot. hand.l Orders hy laletraihorl.
KltowX'N llto.x itti:hn iii:ii.
titnd Mr. W. A. llendor, 53 Fourth
atreet, Memph;, Tonn. whn sufforina from
indiitcxtioo lie aaya be could feel an im
provement every duy.
And Iron Roofing.
m mm mu
: M ,i'i. 'i i
I'lre, Wind, Water ai'Ol I iKhlntns;
proof Suitable for all kind of buildings.
For pricea and estimates at factory rates,
call on or address
438 A 440 Main at., and 21 A 23 Mulberry it.,
Headquarters for Iron Frncs and Cresting,
Galvanized Iron CornioeTin Koofa A Moves.
817 and
8.9 rST. LOUIS,
N. Second
aXawrTACrtrRERS 0
atored to health and energy Mr. K.M.
Avery, No. SI Madison street, Memphis,
Tenn., after as attack of malarial fever
which left him so feeble that he was confined
to hi. hart
Y(.. VlLKi;RSON,VlcrlTcIJe
pedal Notice
" SSJfcs
is. Co.
DB. 1). 8. JOlCSSOS'a
Na. 17 JeffersoB Htrfrft,
(Between Main and Front,) M EMPHIS.
(Established ia 1860.1
DR. JOHNoON is acknowledaed by all par
ties interested a by far the most sue
cess'ul physician in the treat men tof privat
or secret diseases, (jutck, permanent cures
guaranteed in vry ease, male or feniale.
Recent eases of Gonorrhea snd Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, cbar re of diet or hindrance trooi
business, becondary Srrbilia, the last ves
tise eradicated without the us of mercury.
Involunsary loaa of semen stopid in short a
time, bufferers from impouncy or loss ol
aexual powers restor to ire visor in s few
weeks. Victims of a s-sbus snd excessive
venery, sufleriff from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical nd mentul power, s.edily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Iiiseasea ot Women, snd
cores guaranteed. Piles and old sorea cured
without the use of cautticor the knife. All
consultations striotly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to all parts of th
ttsrWorkinfrinen enred at half th nsoal
rte. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to (
o'clock p.m. D. 6. JOHN SON. M.I).
Funeral Directors.
A PULL and complete stocs of H'ood and
M-tallic Cases and Caakets, Cioth-Cov-ered
Caskets and Burial Robes always on
hand. aar-Orders by tolearaph promptly
fi.M. r
Kmin y'N iKoy itrrn itN i i ki ii
Mr liodlrey C Kubler, 412 ilain street,
Memphis, 'ten n., of dyspepsia w en all other
inedicines were powerless to relieve il. He
recon.nif.nds it.
No. 4524, R. D. Chanoery CnnH of Shelby
County II. P.Ilobson. administrator, etp.,
vs. M C Frame et al. ; H. D. 265, 2 Win.
Morrow vi. P. P. Frame et al.
BV virtue of concurrent interlocutory de
crees for sale, entered in the above
caused on the 2S'h day o April, 181-6, M. B. 52,
pases 41a and 425,1 will sell, at public auc
tion, to the blithest bidder, in front ot the
Clerk and Maater'a office, Court-House oi
Shelby county, Memphis, Tenn.. on
etKlnrdnj, May 22, IH.tH,
within legal hours, tbe following described
property, situated in bhelby county, Tennes
see, to-wit:
A certain parcel ot land known al lots 4
and 8, and part of lot 3 of country lot 4 '.it,
Beginning at th corner of Jerry Crowley's
lot, immediately east of the Memphis and
Charleston railroad bridge on Marshall ave
nue; theuce in a routheastwardly direction
along the south lice ot Marshall avenue,
about 649 feet, to the James Hidell lot:
thence south with Sidell'i west line to old
Union street; thenoe westnardly to tbe
Memphis and Charleston railroad; thence
northwestwardly along the line ot said rail
road to Jerry Crowley's aoutheast corner;
thence with Crowley's eist line to tbe begin
ning, ih'i tract ot land baa been subdi
vided In lots, plats of which can be seen at
tbe Chancery Court, and the above property
will he sold according to said subdivision.
A crtain lot known ai part of lot 478, and
described as the east 124 I eet of lot 654 Of '.
L. 478. fronting 124 by 148 feet on the north
aide of Jefferson street.
A certain other lot. being part of C. L. 493,
fronting 40 feel on the south side of Jefler
son street, with a depth of 148 leet, bounded
on the west by Bayou Uayoso and on th east
by Heinack's lot.
Terms of Fu e On a credit of six and
twelve months; interest-bearing notos with
security required: lien reta.ned to secure
same, and equity of redemption. Tail
April 30, Km.
8. I. McDOWET.L, Clerk and Master.
Ty H. F. Walsh. Deputy 0. and M.
Malone & Watson, Taylor Jc Carroll, S.
II. A 0. W. Beiskeil, Sols.
The above snle is postponed until ("insure
tl. May utt, ISHU, when the sale will
po itively take place. Terms of sale modi
fied so as to require IU per cent, of purchase
money paid in oaso; balnnce on time as
heretofore ordered. This May 21. 188rt.
M. I. cDOW ELL, Clerk and Muster.
Bv H. F. Walsh, Deputy Olorkand Master.
No. 4R52, P. D. Chanoery Court of 8-lby
county Stat of ienneHse ti. Litiie ii.
BY virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
ale entered in the above cause on the
25th day of January, 1HH6, M. B. 61, pave
187, 1 will fell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, in front ot the Clerk and
Waaler's oli.ee, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Batnrdsiy, Janolfti 1886,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed ptoperty, situated in bhelbyoounty,
Tennessee, to-wit: Lot 5, block 16: Be
ginning 118 leet east of the northeast In
tersection ol Desoto and Elliott streets, on
the north tide of Elliott street; thence
north KO feet; east 32 test; south 100 leet to
Elliott street, and west with said stroeti 32
teet to thebeginnim . Sold a the property
ef Noah Partee and others.
Part of lot 14, blco 6, west side of Walnut
atreet, 14x150 loet. Sold as the property of
R. chard I.sne.
Lot 6, block 64, writ r'de of Ruth street,
60x142 ie st. Sold as tbe property ot II. Mor
ton , James Hunter and others.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months)
notes with security, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained, redemption barred.
Ihis May 20. 18S6.
h. 1. McDuWGLL, Clork and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Hepu'y C. and M.
F. h. and C. W. Ileiskell. Sols.
No. 2(5, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Harriet E. Smith va.. M. Owen,
et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered in the above cause on the
17th daj of May, 186, M. B. 52, page 597.
I will sell tt t.ublio auction, to tbe high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse ol She by oounty, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Net ardny. June IS. tHH,
within legal hours, the following dosorihed
property, situated in Shelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
Lots 1, 2 and. 6. of the subdivision made ia
this cause In the year 187H. ai shown by re
port filed heroin April 12, 1878.
Lot 1 fronts sooth side of Uayoso street 33
feet, with a depth ot about 120 leeu
Lot 2 fronts same street 33 fet, with abwat
the lame deptn.
Lot 6 fronts lame street 30 feot 9 incnes,
with depth of about He feet.
To the plan of subdivision refer race is
here made.
Terms of Snle On a credit of lix, nwlve,
isbteen and twenty-four months, purchaser
executing noses with appsoved security bear
ing I terent tro.u da'e; lien retained and re
demption batted. This May 21, K.
8. I. MrDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By H. P. Walsh, Der-uty Clerk snd Master.
Poston A Poston, boluitors.
now' ikon mm: wj
.,., with sKliitrvv effect in dhe family
if Mrs. K. W. Edmund, 264 A dame street,
Memphis Tenn. She was cured of nervous
ness and, her husband of Indtaestion.
WILL be rpened June 1st. Thii noted
watering-place il situated I six : mils
trom JCtna Furnace, on th Nashville and
Tuscaloosa rai rn. a, v.,
Tenn. Hack will meet ail trains at Ana,
and will convey juests to iprinsi at a tary
low lata.
Board, 20 fr Mwsslk t l Per Bay.
Special Bate to Families.
v. invit. s.u who wish to spend ta moat
pleasant season of their Uvea to was to
Keaverdam. especially seekers of pleasure
aad health. Uood eater and pur air in
I.iveryven, Centrtvill, Tenn.
K. A. D'AX. Prop'rCentreville Hotel.
Iievea pain, aids digestion, ana tones up
the svsloin. Mrs. W. A. Sum b, No. And
h, ll. street. Vtnu his, lenn.. says her bos
band was cured of rheum ttissa after trying
many other retuedWi without aid.
at JXttrf.-- ' ' ' '"
IslbeT ' llIerTHIe,Te
No. (I12,B.T w ,gne,Pjbli Adml
Istratorni (fibii vbii,... rr a
ministrator ot l!.-s. H. M. Jileckley, di
ceased, vs. Margie A. Jrnan el ai.
t-,v .iuflf decree for Bale cnterea ner
D in, April 27, 18t6, I will offer for aa M
at pnblte sneuon, a. vvumau t iuu
TENN., on
tsnt-rday. May 18M.
within legal hours, th following desortb
... ,gww. ..... ,
I. A certain lot eoniaTirg inree ru on. p
hood of Bray'i Station: Bonnded on t'
norta hy the Mate-line road; en th sou
by tbe M. and C. Railroad; on the east k i
tt. landa ot 1. M. arc, ana ii toe west
ih. Unrl. nf K. Read.
An.i the following lots in the town of C
lierville, hbelby county, lenn. :
II. AveenntUt uonting on th west si
n. lia mililifl iiSLrb . Inn th ol the lot Owned
rr t- t. : . nn. ksnilMrtll.3
fet by a depth of one hundred and twenl
UiI'a vacant lot on the south side of Fro
street, beginning about one hundred ai:
forty tltol ict wen of the inUrstction f
rrout street wiiu me ojwning .s.i oi i
public suuare. having a front ol one hu
ored and seventy-four fret by a depth
ai.r..it two bundr d and Iweutv (2211) teet.
IV A vacant lot on the east side of Ma
street, thuty by sixty (3nx6U) tee . lying b
tween the property ot ueo. s. Diair anu
I. ii.
V. A vacant lot on the Treat side of Ma
itreet. beginning about one hundred at
fllty-tight teet north ot tbe inte'secti
of I rout and Main streets; thence ner
twenty (20) leet, with s depth of one hu
area ana eixty (ltyii teet, running ioum
right angles with tbe south line of laid
from a uoint one hundred and twenty (1
feet west of tbe beginning point, a distan,
of fift-eiht (58) feot, until it joins with I
Nn four (4). fronting on Front street.
VI. A certain lot commennina- nn tl
not th west corner ot J. W. and W. I). Koeri
lot, in the town of Collierville, deeded
tbem by Leake ard Irby; running then'
north thirty (ai) teet to a stake; thence ea
sixty (60) feet to a stake; thence south thl
tt (:f)i ieottoa stake to the northwest to
ner ot said lot of Kotn'a ; thence we.t six
(60. feet to tbe beginning point.
Kor.k 30, pago 135.
V 11. A lot I nown as tha Orchard lot,
scribed ai; Beginning at the northeast cc
neroi lot No 5, on a range of lota north
public square and oapostie the M. and
K. R. : ther ce north tno huncredand ov.
faet six Cl7 inches to a s ake; tl ence we.
to hundred and twenty 421) ) feot in J. i
Wadding's eaut boundary; thence looi
two hundred and seven leet six (207 inob
to a sttke, whioh is the northwest corner
John Lynch's lot No. 11; thonoe east
bundred and twenty (120) leet to tbe bogi
ning, oontuinlng, by estimation, a little si
one aero. Bonk 72, page 642. t
Vllt lot No. one (1), lorty (40) fol
ono hundred (100) feet, in a' range oil
Nos. 1 to 11, on the north side of the pus I
squire or psrk. purchased from V. I. at.
Ki.taml,er 24. 1867. and recorded in Ret.
tor's offico ot Shelby oounty, ia took No. i.
)0K Aial.1
ie hundrll
. 1 to 11 it
.ages 20'5, tl.
IX. Lot No. 2, forty (40) by one
Mlsll feat, in si rants of lots Nos. 1
the north aide of tbe public square or arf
purchased trom v.Lenae, uecctnuer, iw
and reoorded in the register I onit-e of bb'
by county, in book No. 65, page 476.
X Lot No. 4 (and part ol lot 3i. forty (
by one hundred (100) feet, and part of lot
eight (Hi by one nunaied t uu) teet, west
snd adjoining lot No. 2, in a range of 1"
No. 1 toll, on the north side o' the p(bi
park or square. - On thia lot, 48lmi leet. a
two brick storehouses, on which there is
trust deed of record. (Sale subject to ti
rights of the mortgages.) '
XI. Lot No. 6, forty (40) by on huntr.
(ltO) feet, westot snd a joining lot No.
above described, and fourteen (14) feet
(6) inches of lot No. 6. weft of ard adjoin!
Int No. 5. This is tbe lot on which .Mrs,
M. Bleckloy res ded at the time ot her dei
L luu Lime oi nor ueaj.
;ect six inches by e
One-story fri.me a.
k 83, n.ge 2iV. f
rty (4u) by one hunjr
being fifty-four (MVal leet six inches by
hundrtd (1011) loet.i
imt.rovements. Book
VII. Lot No 9. forty
(lotij feet, in a rnngo of lots on tho nun hi
of the inbMo park ar square, record Sf
Mo. 59, part 2. pages 457-8. A lot Ironti
the west fide of tbe publio park, beginai
forty-eig' t (48) fect south of lront sircc
lying tetween the lot cf J. K. Waody on I'
north and T. J. Morris on the south, be"
fortj-eight by one bnndrod and twenty i
1201 leet. having two (2) two-story buck" i-.
prnveuients and also one (1) small toup ee ai
ot wood. I'Pon tnis iui mere is at trust at.!
oi record. Sa e subject to the ri.hts ol tit
mortgagees. v i
As per said decree, I will first tell said nr
Improved proierty, or fo much thereof :
may be necessary ior tbe pajment of ti
debts and cha-ges, and-ctate, oounty ai
municipal taxes against said ectate: and
the event mid unimproved property do-
n. t realise sufficient, men j, will oner a
improved property for sale for the l aymeir
n (I.b ..mainour i.r SaM Hllll. C.afl 4
charges and tuxes. This doeree is maee
without nroiudico to tbe cluiinsof ored
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and tlj
right ot the estate in property embraced I
su h mortgage or trust deeda fhall be la
sold in case a snle thereol becomes neus
sary to pay the debts allowf d.
At tbe time of the sale the guardian.
Hnvin, may direct tbe order in wtmn
different kiti or tracts may be sold, ex
mat toe mortgagcu projreriy ia w u inaa
as above stated.
Terms of Sa e One-fuur'h (HI cash,
fnnrlh i.l nn Deooii bor 27. 1K86. and
half iVil on Decem'er27. 18h7: nurohost-
execute notes with approved prrsonul sat
rrkv f..r tha iiniiaid i.urchase money, atea
lien retained on the property 10 secure 41.
deferred payments, lhis April jn. iv..
By 0. L. McDonald, Deputy Clerk.
Jvlm Loague, W. D. Wilkeraon, H
VI arriner and Albert Suggs, solicitors.
Ho. 4654, R. Chancery Court of Shot.
county Stat ot Tennessoe ti. J-.tnli
Sacke'tetal. , I
BY virtue of on interlocutory doc.ee It
sale, entered in tbe above cause on nr.
Ttltk ,l,.v nf M .v. 188.',. M. H. 48. tinge It-
I will sell, at public auction, to the htgheal
)lic auction, to tbe h.ffh
of the Clerk And Maittei
i of tShttlbj county, Me .
f, Jane 10, 16,
-st the following deserU'
bidder, in tront ot ine Llera anu Aiuste
orhce, Uourt-nooae
1 his, tenn , on
wllVtln laoral hours
property, situated in. Shelby county, Hen
Lot 13. block 5, Brown's lubdivifien
fronting SO teet on the east side of LhK
atreAt. and running- back 175 t'ct. bold
tho property ot Emily Sackett, W. W. Luelt
tt and clliers. s
Part of lot 7. block 63. southeast corncf o
Oayuso and Hernando meets. 25xt- !
So d as tho property ot the ominginan I
Building and Loan Association, li. Buctjig
Pnrtof lot 9, blo'k 6J, cast siHe of Hor
r ando street, adjomina Carter, 45xl:i5 t'aet
Part .f Int. iv. hlnpk 6it. east side of Her
nando street, north of Maydweli'i, 35x111
Let 2, block 45: Beginning at a roinl od
the south side ot Beale stnet, 5i teetealtoi
the corner ot Heale and t autej sireeMi
thence aoutnward who juiiiim... a hub i.
feet; thence ewtward 25 fe.t; thence northa
ward 78 teet to Beale street: thence wesw
ward witn tne souto sine oi uoaia airevtasj
i ueai e sireea aa1
the property qa
tof six months!
ng interest, ref
foot to heglaning. ooiu as ine property
Kocoo Boggianaand otners.
Terms i f Sale On a credit
nntsi with lecurity. bearin
quired; lien retained; redemption narrea.
This May 20, 1SH6. I , I
S. I. MrOOWELL, Cla'k and Master. I
By II. F. Walsh, D. C. and M. s 1
F. H. and C. W. Heislall, sol.citor.. .-
be he e'twrk
iced or other'
etintaina liattl of
nawtniMH ..J Mtanafea o the oostof ad.
Tertising. The advert iser who want" tosajuid
one dollar, Ands in iu tne informstion bf rn
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Jtattie W.Miller, No. 4niar-
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BIBLK " Introdietion ky Rev. J. H. Vil
eent. O.D. On agent has lold f in a towi
of 674 people; no 73 in Tillar el 7i; sal
nw agent (6 In 10 days; one 3tJ in 4.,u,e
sir weeks; on 40 in 3 dayi al two diCerea
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