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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 27, 1886, Image 7

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v y
Quiet Mhldlingr, 8 7 8c
fcaies Yesterday, 2550
Mowy in fair demand at 8 per writ. ;
Cftl wcuritio dull but steady. The
(ton market closed quiet; mWdliup,
fc Sales, o50 bales. At Xew Yerk
8tB closed dull; midill nftfl.e. The
tu'ie mrkc; ii thus reported by
re-ne & Co.: "Tin-re was -some
if trading in the old crop, r.ostly
J icring. but, after an advameoi 6
ii Ints. 4ie demand lull nway c ad the
ial tone ynaa lomerhat dragging,
th a portion of the pain lest. Ti e
km'.ora generally appeared nervous
d 'hesitating ovor conflicting e
rtt from the grov.-.ng cfp, some of
e 'atest atlvicva intiaiaf.ng a more
mtm outlooks ilie r n innnuis
is kreatly neglected and little better
r.n nominal "
.'e"V Orleans pots tf'.oseil steady,
idilling ti;c; futures du 1 but
adv and 3 to 6 points higher, June
At Liverpool'a good business was
ported in sfcta at hirdening rates,
Willing 5id; futures quiet ami
ady, and l-4d biplier, ilay-Jime
In the genrmd nut ket eggs are weak
id lower at c, and hog products a
lade firutcr.
S xteen hundred and twenty three
lis bagging,' 10J fkas bacon, t pk-rs
ots and sho a,-4 cars corn, 100 sits
itl'ee. :83 sks and 1 car cotton-seed,
i pugs rry,.'0od3, 8 pkgseggs,12t5 lrls
ur, ''S6 ba es hav, 9 .kgs ltata, 10
1 hogs, h t cattle, 24,000 ft lumber,
pkg iHHiore 2;i brls meal, 1 car
its, 33 IitIs ; -Kitatoes, 2 ars po k
ilea, 4 brls Bug'.ir and 78 pkirs tobacco.
The fcllowiur! shows tlie amount of
rain recoived, withdrawn anil in store
regular elevators, as reported to
16 Merchants l'.xcliange to-day:
urn Teeeived, 2ii(K) bu ; withdrawn,
17 va; dn-Vioro, 20,!) 0 bu. (tats re-
ivd, 7ri'-Hi; withdrawn, 781! bu;
i store, 278K hn.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
4KieAN curiuK.
Money in gwl demand at 6 percent
'hi Oiearing Hoase report is as fol-
WedwesHay. May 28-h, flW.WO'01;
Raws far rkU week, f (iXt,538 -H4 ; yanie
me lar. ek, it'A2 303 04; same time
HH S471.032 HI; same Uae mS4xS4,
ti0,747 H4.
Welae'r'av. May 26th. $74 987. 73:
Jims tar ttns week. Ufw 18 a; ar.uie
,me liitiy-ek 213,8147 : aarcet-iiii
,i 1885, fl20,30'. 44 ; name tmie in ibSi,
ii New ifork sight on all points, na'
guying, . premium semog;
tfglanl -denum!, i diicnaat buying:
ew EotrUnd sigM, i d-gjount: w
lrk)n8(t discount Duying, par atMiiug.
Vakof Commerce..l49 bifl, 152 asfcwl
'"irtrt Nitional Hi bid. il Exl
ermn'Kank 192A bid, 10 ald
ate National 14- bid, B50 aekn
.iToion and PlanteUfl bid, 151 aoUjd
ivlercintile Bnk...li b a, 117 asU.d
FJluff City 1W bid, ... afced
ir' an'o lot Old, ssfced
lnm. ....... 72 W.1, 75 aak
kmphis Ulty 10-'i old, ttfl ak;!
Voole... "i t'd, asiMa
'r oioix M bid, 8 ) ankd
ianters 105 Lid. akH
Fanderbilt- 2i hid, 22J ak.
Vrline.on 35 bid, axked
Vactorj -20 naked
kl. andC R.R.harw29 b'd, . aiked
M.& T. R.R. shar-e ...40 hi.l, ... wi-id
IM. & O. eonsds, 7-...litt b d, ... aKed
VI. & L. R..M m. 8s... U15 bid, ... asked
Vliss &T RR.e .A...118 bid, 121 at-thd
Cifl8.&T.R Kc',B...K'6 bid, 108 aked
re nti. wti ser. C 97 bid, 9Sl anked
Jfenn. ws. ser. D v J..82 hid, 85 anked
ihelby Co.6 100 b;d, 1071 neted
nx. D st. 4, C U3J bid, 91 asked
Tux. D st. 8 102 bid, 10 a-ked
Mem. H'or.Com. Go105 b'd, 100 aktd
Mem. Ois s'o fc 78 bid 82J aked
Msm, bonds IH5 b d, ... scked
Mem. Waur to id 9(5 bid. ... asked
Hanauer Od Works b d. 65 aKw1
Am. Cot. Oil Vu" ..Wi bid, 31 a k-d
Pioneer Cotton Mil's... IS bid, 2'i asked
Nbw Vorc May 20. Money on call
easy at 1 J3 .per cent. Prime mer
cantile paneriJdoc. Sterling exchange
dull at 487 ior.OOday bills and 4.M)
for demand
Boat's (losernment bonds were
dnll and uuoiianged to-day, except
the 3s, which are lower. State
Saonds were strong Railroad bonds
(were again ativ.-," th-- total sales ag
Igregating 2,72.'.80 1 The n ark t was
' s rong through the greater part of the
id y, but yielded slightly toward the
i close Filial prices generally show
material advam-es Erie 2d consols
Jfnrnis-ed $l,0fVKX), at an advance
' Of J ; t. Paul, Lac:nwanna and Iela
ware division 5s are uplj.a le8j,
lJOinaHa conwls 3i at 126; Denver.
, South Park and Pacific Trus 3 at 75;
i Kentucky Centra' Uat7; Like
J bore 2d coupons, JJatl'?7; Lo is-
ville, New Alb.iny and Chicago I sts,
IjntllO; St. Louis end San Fran-
Cisco, class A , 2 at )04 and Rio
i iirnndo and U.-nver debentures 2 at
Stocks In the early morning hours
'. the stocks were conspicuous for noth
ing hut the buyng of La.c Shor-.
USeTveral large loans of Lae Shore
jBtock we e . all d in, which atarted a;i
'extensive cover ng of shorts Later
5 there was large btiyi g for the long
. aeco .nt. and the ln on ca des re
ported f.n active demand iV it tuere,
I and advancing ty otations la the
''ur ::ofu it wa- jo ned by the grang-
ers and JLncawanna, nd the un
I nouiicenieut of heavy increased esrn
i in;; by the t ls in the Northw ft,
' coupled wil the settlement of the
rate diflieiiltie in t' e Ct n r;d Tratlx
i As-? i i;it on, with the pro i tliai
! the Oliiongo and Atlanti would soo
I Income a meinler, an 1 the fa lure of
- the strike and return of the miners
1 t w.r in tliehitum nous coal region,
all helped the upw.ird movement,
i JViecs continued to j lvacec on l.rye
t ansactinng, frt hout a r action wor
thy of the r.aine, and the market
i lo e 1 tiret t the highest prices of
the day. Notwithstanding the fre
buying 'of Lane ore. nd oth r
sto.ka. loaning rat-g still continue
linu, ind it is believed hat the short,
intei'St has not been material
ly reduced. The mar it t o.fwil
as tt closed, rather heavy, generally at
i',a decline. Ihere were 8 me lur
ttier sliirht declines in the r!v deal
tngs, but, under the leadership of
Lake Shore a d St. J'aul, became
lirm, and, althougii ri'dte material
advances were inadx: befire noon,
alter 'hat time, however, thrre was
increased activity oil along the line,
and the favorite st ek moved up
rapidly. The net result of the day s
operations are advances over the
wlio'e active list of amounts ranging
from small tfrac ions to nearly 2 per
cent Lake Shore h ads the list with
1 J, followe 1 by St. P nl with I J, Mis
souri, Kansa andTexnslJ, N rthern
Pacitic preferred 1J, New York Cen
tral ana Western Union ea h 1 per
cent., and the remainder of the lit
fractional nipounts. There was no
ticeable '.nc ivity and s'rength in S
Louis and Sail Francisco - the com
mon rose 1 per cent, the preferred I
and the tirt preferred 2J. It is re
ported that the conip ny M ill extend
U li c to Paris, Tex., which, it is
th:mght, will greatly increase the
coiiipiiny's business. Norfolk and
Western p eferreil xlvanced 1 and
S. Paul nd Duluth 1 piT cent. St
Paul w8 more active to-day, and
'urnished t9,3i0 shares, Lake Shore
folio ing with 58,821 and Lacka
wanna next with 30,040
The total sales of stocks to day were
MO.H.-.') shares, including ie:awaiv,
Jjtckawanna and Western, 30,0-10;
Kri, 11,550; Kansas and Texas, 7410;
Lake Shore. 68.8-J5; Louisville and
Nashvil e, 4375: Northwestern, 14,97n.
New Jersey Central, 4 00; New York
Central, -8040; I'acilic Wail, 902.").
Heading, V820; St. Paul, 09 3 0; St
Paul aud Omaha, 3090: Texas anil
Pacific, 34)0; I'nion Pacitic, 400l;
Western Union, 15,570; Northern
Pacitic, 12,110; Oregou Trnnsconti
nental, 7809 Following a e i he cos
ing quota ioi s:
U 8.-B8, 101
4'ii. coup, 112! i.
4, eoup, 12r7M.
1'aolBcblol 1'., 127.'4.
La. iUid.!, 4a, 7('i MUnonrl, 6), lOl'-J.
lenn ', uld, oH. Teon. new, 18
Cent. Fao. 1I, 117. Don. k K n.ll'.i
lmntR.il W.l t.7ri. Kna tecunuii, M'i-
M K. A T.,0on an-KpiiSorth. Ho. lam, 11SH
orlhl Van. 18, W a. ne ie-n con., hi
N ui..,. Huh. R. ln7 .St L.S.If.U.n.M. HIT.
81. Paul, oon., 134. S'.P.,C. A e.lfln.lS
1 T. 1'. land rron.37X T.P. K.O. cx cm M.
U. i lu, lis. nw Doure, ur-;.
Adann Eipr-fM, 140. Mnrr'm A E , 112
Alleiihn Ceo., . Nashville 0 . 45.
Altoa A T. 11 , 37. N.J. Central, b.
A A T. H., pfd.. Sit. Nor. A W ., ufil.,
Amariran Ex., 1U7. Nortmm Pac, Wi
lt. 0. H., A Bi., SO. Northern P. pirt., 57.
r..n. rl. p . si. C AN. W. .111)7.
Cuad Sou., 3M- C. A N. W I.1.I..140M
Ceotral Pacific N. 1 . t.eutral, IU."
Cbcsaiieake AO., ni N. Y. C. A ftt. L.. 74.
CAU.,la'Ptd,lii. N. Y.St. i.. AO .p ,104
C. A 0.,2d Pld., 9;,. Ohio ten ra , I.
Oj&A., 138. Ohio A Mix., 210;.
C. ir A . md.. I S. O. A Mint.. nld.. .
C. . II, Jk O . 1:1.
Unla'io 1 nm, io.
C, St. L. A N. 0., -. Oreton ge..
U., ol. lj. r., 1U. oresim 1 rHDi., 01,
C, U. A P. p. ,29. Oreunn Imp.. 19.
C 6. A ! , a Pacific siail, 524.
C.A C , 49. Pauama. 98.
DtUAUud ,98'4 Peoria, D A E., 227i
Cel., I.. A W Piifbum l.'.l.
U.n. A K10 (1.. Vo,. Pullman P C, 132
Erie. iii. Keaoipt, 23.
Tie nt 1.. 58. Ko.sk U and, 124.
EajtTeoo., 1. 8t. L. A -.P.. iVA
kut'iMi. ulil V.. ht. L. 8 P..u..4.-'
Fert Wayne, 140. St.L.AS.F .Ut P.IU7J,
Hannibal A 01 -ro., O. M. A St. P , U
H. A St. J .., pld , - C. i . A 81. P. ,p. I'-M
narloui, zm. Bt. I'., m. a m., i'.v,
llnu.ton A T., M St. P. A Ouiah., 4P.
IdinoiK Cen , l.ViS K.Paul A ().pft..l00!
Ind , B. A W.. i:l!4. Texas Pacifii, H7i
Kantaa A T.. 27H Un un Po Bo, fieJi.
Lake K. A W., V. b. Kxpiem, 69.
Lane Shore. SI Si. W., St. L. A ., Vi.
Lou. A Nanh., 3d-'h. W.,St h. 1 .P. ,14.
Lou. A N. A., W. A F. Ex.. VU.
M. AC. flr.t pld , .W. U. Tel , 62'4. ,
M. AC. pM., . Colorad .Coal.
M,n. A Cbar.. 29. Hoineatako, 21).
Mich. Cen , -7"- Iron Silver, ls'i.
M., L. S.A W ,"". Ontario. 2S4.
.M..L.S. W.,pf'l.'.U. Quiokulver. 1
Alin. A St. Ii., l'.'Ja. yu cknilv.r.pfd, 20.
Miii. A at L..fj,4. hou'h PaciBo, .
M Mouri P ciliclui. Suiro, 11,
Aloliilo A Ohio,
London, Mpy 20. 5 p. m. Consols
101 KMO for both money and the
Paris, May 28. Three per nt
rentes, 82f JC tor the account.
Money 2 per eent ; exchange on New
Yoric liiatMC premium.
.New Oulranc, La , May 20. CJeaif
ings of the baakA, ?741',008.
New Yokk, May 20. Kxcltanges,
$99,M9,542 ; baUtices, S5,2,2U2.
B'jstow, Mass May 20. E' changes,
fll,728,l0; UAlanctti, l,o6,rJb
Philadklphia, Pa., May 20.- Bank
clearings, $8,04,M3; baUanees, Lh94,'
Baltiuori, Mn, M ay 20. Bunk
clearings, $1,074, 4j 1 ; ba lances, io,
Chicaco. III. Vfav 28. Associated
.Dan Hearings 10-uiiy 'a-ero ,wu
St. Ix)uis, Mo., May 26.- -Bank clsar
intra. 2.lil7.0.'0: balanct s, a 08 1,985,
Exchange on New York e. wier, atAOc
1 reuiium.
Th. 1 wal nntfnn mark et orM"d
jiet,n0 ulosei quiet; mn !dnng,
hale, 2550 rml-a, t nien : uoo UJ k
p ito.e mid 400 t ) p)3nr.
Yes'rjay. Xueadav
Ojuliniirv 71
tinniA Onliiiiirv 7i i
.... 8J 8i
Middling' K i
(ln Middling.... Hi H
Middllrg Fair.... -10 10
Fair....... .N0111 ota-
I)UK!...... 0J.-8
SUias,tu,g 7Jti8j 'Ift&i
Mkuphis. ljr J886.
8-ockRpt,.I,1885-... I,it9-'
Ke:Hiyed preTiou,ly...634,105 5t.,8i(i
hipped to-Uv 2 t 7
Shipped previcnsiy.... 48574 487 581
Stock mailing account
Thus far t'lia week
Thus tr lai-t wetk
Since September lit
M. and C E K
M.anuT. R II
L. and N. B. K.
M.snd L R. It K
C.,() rnidS W.K.K..
L,N. O andT. U. II...
K. C, S. and M. K. K.
S earners
Wagona and ctner aouiear
Tjm Ut tlrs week
.... 60
.... 21
.... 11
.... ii
.... 14
5,1 :m
0. 4!
4S7 081
Tna frla- wsek .........
Sine fee p'ttuVjr lit.......
M. sd C. K. R
L and U.K. H
tcaimra ho tu
Ti tl 2Jo7
Sew Yixk fpot j opened quiet, and
clojddul. Fal.f i'.C5 lalea. Qiott
tiotis aa follows :
Yeeter'ay. Trcdaj
Ordinary iS 6J
Grod ordinary. 8 8
Low initialing. 8 ! .0 h 1J-10
MWdi r. 9t 91
Grdraiddin.g. 9 11-10 9 11-16
MidJiing fair. 10 11 18 10 1110
Fair -11 11
New Yo k fntn-s onn(d qnietand
firm an J ch gdVteidy and 1 to 3 points
higher than lu-fdy. ha'e-, 4(,7lt)
bains. Tbeciotiug qu itatioua were as
1 t-rd 'V.
0 14( 9i
9 14.'.i 9 15
9 J4 9.2
9.S3 9 34
9 I7(S) 9 18
9 0:! "1 9 04
9 (M (ii)
9 02fi) 9.03
9 ('8i'rt 9 1 9
91S(,i 9 19
9.'.8& 9 29
May :..-.. 17(.ii 918
June 9 10 9 17
July ..9l7i.iv 9 28
Argnst OoO'-r. si.7
fippiember...9 -.0 9 21
Oct' b-r 9 0 - 9 0 S
Novm"er...9 02(3 9 0:1
Decembr...9i 4 .'
Jsnnsry 9.09 j 9 11
Fbr rv i:i ii a.-'i
March..." 9 29fV?. 9 31
The New O Itans
rnil iuuket
npened it 'ady,
Sa e, 1750 balea,
tmi clcs' d Hteady.
CJnoti ioLS wtie as
Yefctrdy. Tuesdar.
Ordinary 7J m
(i )nd oniinarv 8 S
Low m ild.int' 85 8;
Middling 8J 8,
Good niidiiiin. 95 9,
Th N.'W Or'eii'i- fut'ire rcnrki t
owned fine, and closfd d'j 1 but
steal", a id 3 t 5 p; pits lr
14,1)00 bales. Q lolations
gii-r. Pali's,
wtrj aa l 1-
8.82(ii 8 83
8 94 i 8.95
8.97( 8.98
8 74'( 8 70
8 (iyi 8 63
8OIQ1) 8 02
8 71'" 8 72
8.82C1) 8.83
8 93(a) 8 94
Yestrr lav.
n- ni n 1.
8 87(.i 8.89
8.98:a 8 99
9 0l't 9 02
Jo ie....
July. ...
Sfinber . 8 79, 8 81
Octob-r.... Smi'i) 8.07
Noemoer- 8 0H-f 8 02
Di-wmber. 85fi 8 00
January... . 8 75(n) 8.,H
Febrnnry... 8 81. a nsi
March :. 8 97(a) 8.9i
Tone I Kc. iPricesI Suick.
V Organs.
Mobile ....
-Hvani at
Nbw Y T't
St Lnui"..
03 85
34 8)
20 24!l
23 C0
15,0! 14
23 3X2
5 357
28,99 .
21 001
29 67 )
0 31-1
q &m
I let,
Iqil d,
1M) 9
83 8 15 lfil
4 9 3 10
. '9t
in N
82 8
47 8j
RceiptTat p'irta, tuis dv, 1880.
Ksceip 8 a', ports, tbiaday, 1885.
R'ts U. 8
noit,5d' s
Er. Gr. B.
R'r84P'. I
For'gn Ex
15 940
4 000
6 43(1
475 830
45' 117
.7 724 4.087. M0 4.745 730
18 7,l3il3,99ft783540,793
lucrea e ot ruceipw ton yea'....49i,214
The Liverpool apot market at noon
was reported good business, hardening
rates. Sales, J4,000 bttlea, of which
American H700 bales. Rece pts, 17,
000 bales, of which Aiuer.can 15,600
The following nre the clos ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 6-I'd; good
ordinary, 4 ll-10d; low midd ing,
4 Jd good middling, 6 6-lCd ; middling
uplands, tjd; middling Orleans,
5 3-0d.
Tlit priteti are givm in f-enct and 04rui
tiiuK 4 3 tnntiia 4 03 4d; and 6 01
meant 5 l-0 td.l ,
At noon: 'Liverpool) futures were
quiet Quotations wer as follows:
May, 5 0d Mav-June, fi l'5d;
June-July, 6 0 t' -5 OVl ; Ju'y-Augnst
; Augiist-KepUmiber, 5 1 fid; Sep
U'tnbe -October, J2f5 03d ; October
November, 4lS3d; November-December,
4 Jd, Ke.itnmber, $ W.'5 '7d.
At 2 p.m.: I iverpool futures were
steady. May, 5 05d sellers; May-June,
5 O'wl sollors; June July, 5 Ood sell
ers ; July-August, 6 0d sellers; August-St-pteniber,
6 7d sellers; September
October, 5 04d sellers; October No
vember, 4 03d value; November De
cember, 4 03d sellers; September,
5 07 1 buyers
At 4 p.m : Liverpool futures were
quiet and st;ady, and I 04d higher
than Taesday. lay, 5 05d buyers;
MayJu e, 5tfd buyers; June-July,
6 ifc-d bvyera; July-August, 5 1 0d
sellers; A' gust-September, 5 07d sel
lers; Se 1 ember-October, 6 04d sellers;
October-Nov mler, 'd sellers; No
ven lier-Uccember, 4 63d sellers; Sep
tember, 64aSd sellers.
riTTlTelh IIE4IJ4.
The folle:ing Is the record of the
bids and offers et the session of the
Call Board of -the Merchtut'g Ex
change jreeterday :
No 2, whit, spot, 'Oc bid ; May,
40c bid; Jily, 4"c bid ; No 2, spot,
38c bid; June, 3t. bid; July, 37 fa
No. 2, evliite, -apot, 34c bid; May,
33icbil; So. Z, spot, 32Jo o t bid;
vay. 'Hfc, bid; Jc.ne, 32lc asked;
July, 31e asked.
Spot, fit sked; May, $12 asiedp,
June, 12 awhed.
Bpot,f! 10. Asked; May, 11 lasked;
June, 2 10 asked; July, $2 15 nsked.
Cork 'Wait, 47c; mired 40c, fnm
i r; from Lsvee or depot, whl', 44 3;
Bind, 42:; in sank, in round lotf,
H'U, 42'': aixsd, 40n.
6IvCha?f,f'"m store 85s; prims,
TX'tSOc; p'aih",48:; roand Ion from
ivne or A-t, choice, 514Ut 60;
pime, $13,13 AO; wairie, 18 0,8 53
Oars iy"h'i, 4tt.:; mn-td,
froai store; round hits fr ru levee un
trark white, atacked, 37j; mixud,
sacked. 35i.
BsAH-Fiom t re., fl'-c pr ewf.:
round lots from ljvee,il4 7515 por
Bkajw Navr, $ 752; oiodiiira,
$1 (KK4l 7o; Guiluai udlet, (1 20(
I 4 ).
CoBHitAX.-S'arTdard. 12 KQjJ 25;
pnarl, J:ayI 25 Iron KU re, oc cneaper
fro-n mill, or r-.
Uint-Liui.iana, 4ajc; Carotins,
Oatmeal U half barrel?, 2
'rom siore
Fl rR-In cr lofr, double extra,
f3Tn.3 51; t'iple ft r, $3 i.V fa'ni'y,
ti 75 4 . ct.o c", 14 254 35; fnry,
t4 50g.4 7 "; x-.ri iincv, U 905,
pt"ijt-, 5 2'ni W: f'-itn 10
faw'Ti e iriw, $4 254 40;
f mcy, $4 05(4 90 e rt iauvy, iVa)
O 25; ptet.t!", 1-5 .50 7. i'5
Ckacksu Wbet-Ia half birrels,
3 1 0 f 'iii s'o'-.
Houiay and Gkits Fioni Btore, $3
C-ACKcsa -Soli, ar'ri, 4c; soda,
trebla rxtra, 4jc; Iriaoa m'keri,
extra, 7e; bmoa rrean cra:kere,
treble extra, 7 Jc; gin-T snaps, xt:a,
5c; singer snap", traule txt:a, G:; "
Birted jumble, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., Mv 20. Whett
UfaitU'd; No. 2 red. .as'j, F4j b,
fi-'ia-l-eJ; Junp, 5.Vi 55 J ; July. 58a
bil, bsc tsknl. C r.i fl m; No. 2,
C sh, 20'; j bid, 265c asked ; June, '21:
bid, 20 j.? taxed; Juy, 272a bid, 27 i:
a-ked. Oats no quotat.i us.
St. Loi is, Mo , May 20. Flour nu et
and tasv: tretl utrs, 12 '.0(2 80,
f niily.J 2 8-Va' 2 95 ; ch' i je. J3 40 3 50 :
far.rv, $3 75(3)3 8.; extra fmy, $4 10
(4 25 ; r a ent, f 4 1 0 j 4 80. W l, eat
quiet and ti-mar- tie mrtft optntd
esier, aad fe I ir but htfr nlbd
and a lvance Yb V tiding J&J h:gh
er t'.inn yestrly; N". 2 ltd. csnh,
70c. Juie, 7tiJ(i705 , closing at 0i;c
id; July, 7t(" 7tic. tloiiu at 70io
bid; August, 7ti J(W'.771c, closing 77 Jc
Oi rn very dull hut fi mer, ni J'SfJu
higher; N.i. 2, ndxid, iah, i21:;
Join., 32jr 32;c. 1 1 iing a' 2ie; Jmv
33J:3:tJiw closing ut 33c; Au
guit, 344?. lU's qui t tu'. fi'in
a -id higher; No 2 mix d cai 2SJ
(.129.-; A! a. 29 c; June, 27o b 4
live C'm, Oll'i. Ea-hy-nn ma
ket. Hay tiu'l; i'rine, ii 7dd'
0 75; tim. thv, 11(X12 7'. Fl-x-sed
fi-m, il 01. Biau wink, 45(.j)
40-. Cornm a! i-tifitlv. 12. Re
ceipts Fionr, 20i'0 tr s; h- at, 80.10
i u; co n, 33,00.1 bu; oat-", 17,00,1 bu;
r", li 00 n : lurlev, 11 me. S'.ii ments
-Fitu-. 81 00 brls; wl'HHf. 2 (0 bn;
oru, 70u0 bn; oils, 7000 bu; rye,
pure; tmr ev, n u c.
Aflirimm Hoard. ht JJj hich
tr. C.irn 5.1 higutr. OatsuucLaiged.
Ciut c.o, IiL.,May 26. Tlnreco d
wi-s broken aa n tvday as t tie
price of wlie-it !or Juno deliver).
That 1 pt'on begfn t 74c, broke off to
731c, Ja'linl to 74j: and cloned at I
o'c'iim k ut 74 7-10e. In the aft rn icn
the cl sing fUiird wis 74;". The crou
repo ti weie g nerallv gno 1. while he
foreign mi'kts were dull and tl I.
O msiiferable whrat waslhion n on the
n a kt early i 1 tl e rewfon, but the j
pnrcl as-H on arc U'.t if s'mit weie
in'ber free, and to th's wts attiibu'ed 1
trie subs queut 8t a lineis and the ad
vance if hi Ir.nn insii'e (inun b. Ccn
and oa a r iled steady aud n fdadc 1
higher. Pri'Visioaa were tpiiot a id
t-asv. Flour dull rnd uncharged.
Wii.a opsntd weik and hia,er, lalmd
and clo'edasbaie higher fiaii year
clay. Sa ei reuued: M iv. 73jffl.74c,
closed at 74c: June, 731(Si74 jn, cloied
st 74 7 10i", Ju y. 7oj(!)7U i. tloied at
70lu; No. 2 spr ng, 74n C un b ady ;
casM, 35 Jo; May, .r)j36Jfl, tloaed at
354c; Jun, 1511(1)3610. Cioeed at ooJC!
July, Senile, cloted at 87ic.
()at 8'eadv; cash, 2"io; .'May,
27i('i2"Je, ' c'osd a 27ic;
June 27jj27,'', c osf d at 27Ie; Jmy,
27J(27 13-10:, c'oed t 27 13 10a.
Rye b e idv ; N . 2 00 1. UuloynO'M
nol; No. 2, 65c. Flanetd quiet; No.
1,100. keceipts-Flour, 12 000 brls;
wlet, 7,000 bu; ccn, 181,000 bu;
oris. i72 000 bn ; rye, 1000 bu; barlev,
19,000 bu. Sbip'Dnnu-Flour, 13,000
bils; wlyttt 101,000 bu; corn, 80,00
bu;oatf, 6,000 bu; rye, 8000 bujbaf
ley. nine.
( moon Board. Wheat easy, June,
74jc. Com qui-t, June, ic. O.ti
steady ; June, 27 jc
BrrTBR Creami ry, 3'KM4c; dairy,
lV'20e; butterioe, 13(2150; country,
12 nl8o. accoid ng t c mdition.
iJuxe Prime fli'e, 7c; New York
factory, 8j; full cream, 1 S i e , Y. A.
Mess Poke Old, Jfi 7S9 Der bRr
r d ; new. flOgdO 25 per barrel ; sugar
cured bam, narked, 10llc; brrak
tit bacon, 7j($9i); cleir lib fcacou,
Bulk Pork-Clear flkles, 6c; clear
rib Bides, A jc; long clear, 6Jc ; shcul
ders, 4l'i4Je.
Lard -Tierces, blic; half-barrels,
OjQjUiJc; kegs, 6J1; buckets, (,()
6c; half-buckets, 0AcitSc; 5 '-U tins,
H(n)0jc; 20-lb tins, OKmOjc; 10-11) tins,
0fn!.tijc; 5-lbtins, bji'Ojc; 3-lb tins,
oj()OJc; choice kettle, tierces, 0j(!
Frksii Meats No. 1 le f 81c; Mnt
ton,9j; hind quarters of betf, 10c;
lambs, I K;4.
St. Louis, Mo , May 20 Proyipiins
qi t and gsr.er dly eca-'. Po-k eu8,
i9. Lard weak, 53(;5ije. Bulk meets
Mtottitady; ioo- hue loi g clear,
5 30c; tbort rib t, 540a; short Hear,
5 60j; boxed lots h ng det r, 5 35c;
aboit ribj, 5 45:; c'lort eh a', 5 55e.
Bacon my; long clear, S9c; slio t
ri's,5 97Jc; Bbmt clear, 0.07J ). Hiim,
OfrtdlJ-. Hntior creamery, 14()15c;
dairy, 1014f. Egis,7i?.
Chicago, Ili-, May 2U Mess pirk
qniei a'u eiey ; caeh and Jim ., 8 45
8 5o. clBed kt 8 50; July, f8 65(2
8 (J2J, closed at $S 4-2A. Lad ft'sdy ;
casi" and Jue, JUfeS 9 m, cl'B-d at
60c; Jub", 55'!.U.'J Shot rib
BidHeiB -r; ca h, fijo. Bnx duceiti
Btoady; dy irel shnnd r, 4J''t
4 35v. sho'i ib Bid", 5i 0 80i O i
t .e Produce Exchniie hirtir du I a d
ay; cresniry, 1:5418.'? daiiy, 12
13 Es, 9i.
Aflrrnoon Board I' ilk "wy; June,
8 471c. L.rdtasy; June, b.l
Ooffeb -Common fiSJc; ordinary,
9fni9n: prime K'o. llo; choice to fn
cy, llj(dtl3):: old government, 23
35o; Celnn. 20 J.
Soap 3(3Jiiij per pnnid.
8ooAR-Pnre white, 8i; off white,
.05'6lc; yell'iw, ; opn ki-ttle,
'ffiSJi; refined A, Of,"; graonlsted,
7Sfe7Jc; powdered, 7Ja; cut lcat,
' . . a, nnst n 1 1 . ,..11.
HALT 5 1 iiinjl OM pwr uwrnii i;ira,
4ne, fl 50; rxarse, tl 10; pWKets,
bleached, 2J77c; er loidnfrom levee
or depot, 6o cheaper.
Molawes IxiUiBiana, common ti
(Tir,0(a3 ic; ptime toctioice, X040c:
svmp, 2iK40c; common to fair, 20
XOc; primn to ctiolce, 30Jacj ceiitnf
ana1, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11 inch, 25
3(?c; otber grade and styles, 85 85s
Hanff Gart:'8, 410 85 per rn-;
Rtlph's, f 10 25 per cass; R. it.. t9 50
Candics Sticks, sll ait a, in boXiS,
pl' and ba'rels, 7J8.
Ca.NDI.EB -Full Welgtlt, lOlOJc.
Caoxed Goodc, Em Pr'cia perdox
en: trioeaop'.es, 1 351 6V, peaches,
21b. stan-lard, fl 25(5)1 40; reronde,
l 101 15: tonn'ow, 2 Ih. s'aadard,
tl(S)l 40; Sdh, fl 151 30; Btraw
horrid, tl Ctl ' pherriwi,
$1 15s)l 25; blackberries fl
1 IS; reoggi-8, fl 00(31 76;
pears, Wt(i'l A: Diums, li wn)
1 70: aparagus, f. 60 4; irr corn,
t.l 35; green p?ar, 8'ft2 2i; cove
.osiers, lull Height, 1-lb. $lfi 1 W.
cove oysters, fall weigh', 21b, tl 76(a)
1 85; coye oys ers, Jig.it weight, )-lo
fiSc; cove oyi-WB, litii' wmgh', 2-lb,
I; condensed milk r Crown, " ;
Ec'e, t7 75; Srii-p, f.
Baltimore, Ku., May 24.--Ciifre
firm: Kic, cariej, ordinary :o far
lBAi.tnr.KE. Mr.. Msy iC C fTeo
hr n ; i',u largjis, crimaiy 10 f.iir, 8J
NKr-Yomr, May 26.-h C-e-cpo'
fT U ' n ,mi i i'. 91 : on'lom Jiii'ei
fnl M"ive: sdae, 01,110 b g; v y.
8r8.0"is; Juon. 7.HrZ-8- Juiy. 7.80
07.8 -: A ie". t, 7i-)7.85c: p iii
teer, 7 653,7 80.- O,to r, 7.7,'i '.;
MAY 27, 188G.
November. 7 C5G"lc: December, 7.70
(i7.S0c; January, 7.70C'i;7.8i'e. Sn,r
piiet; rri-ied qiit: powdeie 1 c;ri
irinulated, 0 616c; cubos, OJ -,
''.9 10b. Molavea a'eaay. K.ce in
fair dema.id and s'-eady.
Havana, Mav 23. Sugar-U dders
lirm ; ea es, 521 bags; centrifugal, '.'li
p.i!ari.ation at 12 84? g'dd per iimutul.
nui KiiioLii irrrUM.
Arri.Ks Apples, fl 50 v 3 frmn
s'ore; f 1 25(3,2 per car-oad fro n levee
or depot, Dr ed appha, S0i4 per
nnnnd fnm ttJre. Dried peaches, 3
(i 4c l-om ttor.
Potatok Pot doss, $1(2 f rum
ftre. Swet i' titoes eca'oe, 2 75 per
brl. Pea,tl 5tK""l 75 per bushel.
VsiiKTAiiuits Ooionr, f2 75(.T.3
from store ; f 2 5C(J?.2 00 f r..m levee or
i!rp. Cabbage, $2 75 iu3 per cra'e.
Krut, bArreln, $5(5 50; half-barrels,
12 7.V.3. Garlic, 41K2OO0 per 100.
Tnrnip", 50c per bushel.
Fbuit Oia'igts, Louisiana, none;
Cali ornia, $4; Mes-mia, 13 5:'(S'.5 per
hi"x; Irnperia'a, fo'5 50 per box.
Unions, 3O0i)7 per box. Banana
fitjCJ 5it per bunch. Cocoiin',
14 per 100. Peanuts Virginia. 7-;
Tentifwiio, fariueiV s;ocK, oOM:;
rosi-t-d, 2j higher; shelled, lOo. Ai
tuoiulf , ln(ft On.
Picklei Iu jar, pii'ts. 95j; qTs'ti
fl 50; lalt-nailous, f j 75; gailone,
f3 75; lo we, bjrrc'.s, d: haif-b irrels,
J3 5D; in'xed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
Imtl bnrrele, fli.
Raisinh lindon layers, $3 40 ; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
f 3 504.
Pecans Texa, 8(o!0c for emill to
medium, 10014c for latge; Arkuiifiis,
vValnhts French, 12c; Naples.lDc;
Greooblee, 15c. Filberts. 12c
Cidkr Missouri, f7(7 60 per bar
n 1 ami f4(n)4 50 pir half-ba-re! ; Viue
gir. 1110 p-r gillon.
PocLTRy 1'uraevr, per Jcun, $12
(S)10; chicken', 1 1 50(.T:J 25.
Fish Mackerel, haiMiarrela, No. 1,
f t 0()5; No. 2. $3 15; No. 3, 2 75;
KV.b kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70.:; 15-lh,
No. 3, 5.V. Dry hcr.in.B, family, 30c
per box.
G m Venison, whole, 3(i)5c; sad
dliB, 0ic; bfa-,68c; wild turkeys,
50(i75c; iluck-i, J3; equirrel.4, 75c;
quails, 75i:()l; pra tie chickens, $5;
game fish, 11(5; 12c.
rxtos o. K, sj uc.
Skkd -Delivered at depot and wharf,
18 per ton; on bank of river (f o. h.
boat), fli; wagonat mills, f.S; Meal
Prime (f.o.b.), 14(.i)14 ojper ton. Iss
than car-loud lots, $10. From Btore,
90c per suck. Cake -Nominal, ilO
per ton. On. -In car-loud Iota, priuio,
crude C. S. oil, 21'i;22o ; prime sum
mer yellow, 25(n)2(i.Jc; otl-BUiiiiiier yel
low, 22(rti23c; miners' ; choice
cooking 'summer yellow, 28,30e; off
ciule, 18021c.
New Ouleanb, La . My 20.-(5o'od-tced
products active, linn and higher;
. rime c-nd didivered at 20iG62ilc;
off qusli y. 17(a)l!'c; summer yel'ow,
f. o. b, 2ftfi29c; off quality, 24 Jc;
dike and meal, $18 6u(a)i9 per long
Ion, 1. o. b.
OoalOil Prme yshite. wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., May JO. Petroleum
-8. w., H0, 7,c.
riTTKiiuito, Pa., May 20.-Petroleum
active, closed firm; Na ional T ani'
c rtificates opened at tlljc; c"wi(l
at 05 Jc; highest, 05c; lowest, OJjc.
Hidks Dry flint, V.'J'"15c; dry
salt, 10ri12c; green salt, 007c; green,
5(iiV)jc;"deer Bkins, 1 (u)10i:. Beeswax,
18020c; tallow, 2 rf'2Jc.
Baooino Ju e, flj Wile; flag, 0W
lOJe, accordingto weight. Ties,' 15
(M 20.
"Kaiik-f2 40a;2 05.
IIoRiits -Good driving, 150(;,225 ;
good saddle, $I4Hm'300; p'ugs, 350
8J: good mares, t850i4O.
Mm. s-MJ to l i, $1100135; 15 to
15J, $1250110; 15J to 10, fl0 4)175.
Good demand; sup.ily f.ir.
WHISKY, WINKS, i,iitio, i;tc.
Whisky -Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, fl 0 100; rye, $1 750; domes
tic, 90cll 50.
St, Lonis, Mo., May 20. Whisky
firm at f 1 10.
Chicago, III., May 20. Whisky
Btcudy at 1 14.
Cincinnati, O., May 20. Whisky
st ady at $1 10. Sales of 801 barrels
of finished goods on this basis.
I, VI MfOCta.
Catti e Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 404jc; good,
HJivljc; cho co g ass-fed, 303jc,
good, 3Mlc; fair to iiiediuin, 2J($
2jc; common, lj(?2c.
-lloos Choice, X30!c; good, 310
3jo common. 33c
Shkep Choice, 40lc; medium, 3
(o)4jc, common, $101 E0. Cnoice
lamos per hnl. f3(3 tO.
Ch caoo, III., My 20. The Drnvm'
Journal rvp-uU: Cat 'l K 'ce pF, (.
had; s''i)inents, 00) head; mrkt
ilw nd e k; s' inning ft-err, 950
to 15 0 P'tu ds, f4 4 irt:5 70; s'oekers
and ld-ra very ilnli, J2 7504 50;
rows, Hulls and mix -d,! U(o4; finlfc,
$75('.3; tl.ro igh Texis cute $3 25
5. rlcg-Ked-i.iin, 28 000 bean:
Bhipincn'r, 6503 heid; ma k-t opened
5c lower, ai.d ilwel sro.igtr; rmgh
aid ndxfi', $3PO4 20; ncai'g and
ehiep nr, $4 4 25; lig'it, f 3 75f-i 4 20;
tk p, 12 find' 3 05. Hi -ep I!ei:ip 8,
SO 0 head; hinpnienis, none; m'kl
s esily intfl 'owsr ihiu list week;
n t;vea, f23 90
IllHlllVCIll .otlc .
No 54iU (8)-Htate of Tenr.". HbelhT eoon
ty Offica Coanly Cnu't Clc-k, Mouiphia,
Tenn., Aeril mi, 1H T.i J ibn Loanua,
ublio Anm ninirat ir of Shrlbr county ana
& fiii-h Admmiiiiriitor of aitate ol lienry
F. Arr-nld. lieneaMfd:
HaV'INU iuriie1 tha tmnlTannT of the
t ite l Uiry V. Arnold, daOfmrd,
ynu am heral-y ordnri-d to iva notlre by ad
veriiMsmnit n ',ma new p iier i-iihlirlivd
within iba mid riuiia, nod alio at ihei-nurt-bnu
a door of Sha hy county, fur all eerxnu
bvi"C daiim aa"iii't an il aiate loaeertr
and flla haiaroa, aulhontl ated to'hn iuHn
nnr irairiti'i by law, a or befora i he Zth day
July, IWi; arid any riaiui nut fl In I on r
b.o-a raid d.'y, or Mtnre -n anroiirmtion
of the fund' of faid e-tata i mad. shall oe
forrver barred, loth in law aid niiitr.
Wlinn" my band a- office, thif 2iih Juy o!
April, 1HW. HliOll It. OlLLKN. Claik.
Ht (1. L Mobonald, Papu'.y Cierk.
MJrSnurt rlren a' rpqT'l br tba forero
ln -I!r. li'ol jyn. I.'HHI'K. ailm'r
AduiiaistraU ri .Voice.
Offli-a Pulilie Adiuinlifalor, Sholhy County
Conrthrn . Mi-ii i'hl', Tenn., Airil I6, Inio.
THV, t a)dr4itfiied hiiv nx hevn j'iiuird
and iui ifie I adii-tuii'rati r of tlm 'UH
of Henry 1. Arnold, de eod, ootue i
heriiiy iveii to nil rioni mdehiad in faid
ent te to riiioa forward and aeKle: and U
tiima t i whii.n ail e-tnta it Indiot' 1 " 8
the rH'i'i" wi'b it. duly iri.i-aUd. aiihin
tne 'in.a iTr'Tib(d br I ', or tl.e mti e trill
b. forever biriad. MUS LdAUl'K.
Piil.lt,- Atl'ii.pi"'wif-r.
f kKAFafa-l-iiiel'UKv anj 1i .o. by
one w!io wa doM taioiit)-aiht yetre.
r-e-eu ' moit ol the B"ttd i-.nai.li. of
t d , with no benefit Crmn immr in
thrra niiinih. an I liura then btmilwd' f
Chart by ttra pro- A elain, ti ni-laard
anpneaffol koine trealmoot, Aldra,a
KUli.k!8KaAiblb bu,S JorX UIU,
FriiM Point Cohiia, 5 p.m.
k:,i. City UT Ant a. S p.m.
1 ..uvilla OiviiMi, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati..... ... .Ohio, 5 p.m.
i, ktburs Buli Miarms. 6 p.m.
M. Ion ii City n CaiKrt, 6 p.m.
Nt-w Orleanr- PKI8 0. Bk.s. 12
White River ..Fbki.im KniiixaoM, 5 p.m.
Arrimlt. Kcne Marrei'dy, Ojre la;
Cothoma, Fnsrs To n:; C.ty of IVovi
derc, Vicltabuig
Itrpnrium. I- ahonia, Osreola;
KHnx Macreidv, S. frnncii river;
Chickasaw, Whi e liver; C.ty ol Piov
idence, Loirs.
iioiiM 7tir Iown. tlh'o, Gnyo:o and
lte'l Metnplrs.
7iwif.i Diir I'p. K .te Adams and
Ci:y of Cair,).
Krrrlp'a tratrnlaiy.
K nn Mu r aly-4 hales tottcn, S10
taMseed ami i snndii -s.
t oihoma 22 b:;l.s cn'tin, 108 sks
s 'til, 9 l.d cattle ami lo' s'luilrus.
Fl'II RF. MllVKf l-ISTN.
Tu k City of C:io, Cipt. S ien l.inhl
ner, is tin Anchor Life pn-ket this
Hvmin; i tO oM.uk ! r diro ami M
L ui'. J. C. Kl o:i in tor clerk.
Tua Uajoso, Capt. W. r. Hall,
the pHckci thin I'V 'iiiui: Bt 5 o'clock f r
Hale Point, Tip'nnville ami a'l way
landless. Jcssj I'. Vk is her clerk.
Tub lhOle Mem id. is, Cut. (leorgs
Baker, is the Arc; or Ln pn :kt this
evening at 0 o'click f r Vi ksburg and
the bends. Al Hiinpsm lsherclo.'k.
Tuk CoioTa, Crt. Thoe. Clsgcott,
is tie i ai-ke' ihm t ve iirg at 6 o'clock
lor lUl-La, Kr.ars I'.iii t aid all way
land n o. Will As'ifuid is in her
Tits Freddie Kohinpon, Cap1. Milt
K. llany, is tne paoktt Sa nr.iay rveii
ii g st 5'o'cl ck fera'l points on Whit
and Hl-ck livers. A I be r. Mctihee is
iu her ollic?.
Tun O. L iu sltaa.er P.trisC. !lrown,
Ciipt. Joi n f. l'u ierson, will piss
di.wn lo-mt novy a. !2 o'clock for New
0 leans and all intermeilihte Inn tings.
Cur s (i. Young iH iu cliaigi uf Uur
Tub Knte Adstrs, (Jpl. Mark K.
Cheek, is the l'i,itHil 8 atis mud
picket this eveiinir it 5 o clock f ir
Helena, Arkar.Bts City and all way
lai.dirg. W, O. Ill iiikr has chrH
01 her tlllre, asiht'd by Lea? 1'iice
and Morris (jans.
Tbb Ohio, Cipt. M. M. 1. em, is the
pnekt-t this evxuiDg at 5 o'clock for
Ciiro, Louisville, 0,ncitmti and all
way landings mi tt o Ohio river. Harry
Pr ('tor snd lUrry UBBt are here'erki
Thu Ohio will give chtap rates to all
points Norlh and I '.as'..
r.i 4iNKs quiet.
Wkathkr clear and waun.
Nor a pa::ktt in port at dark last
Kki miTS by river yeet-rday, 1-0
tacic t'on and 3n4 sis eetu.
Tiik Chiukataw deparleJ last even
ing (or White river with a fair tiip.
The Oh o, Cupt. M. M. Deem, will
doubtless be found in port tins mom
irg, and lctvei agnln this evening for
l. ( o tit i on tno ui,i nvtr.
The river a', thin point mnrks 29
f et 3 tenths by Ibe ga igK, or 30 feet 4
tentliB shove low wa'er mark, n de
cline (if 4 tenths in twenty-four hours.
TdK Ujne Macicaly aniyd yedr
t'ay nioining Irom Owoola with 4
bull's cott m. 210 sks Bet d an 1 lot sun
driis, and departed yis'eiday evening
f jr bt ranu snver.
The Co ih mn. from Kriari Point,
pasiud up yei-t-rJiy mo nirg for
O-cuola. H:i nut oil' here 22 bnlei
notion. l(Hk9 sncd. 9 heal of cat 1
and will pass down ibis tvening I t
KriarB Point, and will leive tm e i gun
Saturday evening f.ir rriats 1 iu.t.
The Pr.B 0. Br iwn, which left C n
rinnati on Saturday his', is the toil'
suit t. ut undsr t ie aiHpicea of tie
Southern Tr.- iiBpO' ta i in or ths O Line,
tne ieiiilar sensot liaving cbised. 1 ns
(Sold, n K ill and ot lor boiti coming
outhetaem cow snd the ripening ol
the fill bhmfoq will run iuilcpendent
if tach other and on no rtgultr
Okkicb Sionai, Hbhviok, U. 8. A.,
Memphis, May 20, 2 p.m.
The following observations are tken
at all Btutions nametl at 7i" inertiiian
time, which is ono hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Iw
Rise F-tll
Feet. lOths lOths lOtlis
34 1 12
8 8 4
Hi 1 1
7 8 2
9 9 2
4 1
9 8 4
40 8 4
7 5 2
9 0
4 7 6
7 7 3
80 4 4
5 4 2
14 2 I
8 2 1
3 H 1
21 8 - 5
f 2
7 3 fi
12 2 - 1
Chattanooga ..
Davenport ,
Fort Smith
La Crosso
Little Hock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul
Iihdicit l.lao Koet and toathl of a f.iot
above t-r of gauxu :
I.'uro. Ill fe't
Chattanooga. .1.1 t:ot.
Cincinnati, .riU.
liiilmiue, ill.
KcokuK, II.
I.a t;rore. 24
Lilt e Rook, 21.
4!eini)ri, U.
Na-hville. 40.
Omaha, 18
St. I.ouin, 112.
Hbrevejiort, 2H.
ltjwnnnrr, n.
Knrt Miuilh, li.
Il.jlena, .
I.t-ivenaiorth. 20.
I.ou,. ville,
New lirlaara, 1J.2.
Pitt.burit, -2.
Ml Paul. 7.
Vicklbura. 41,
Yanktou, 'M.
F.yA.iBViu.B, M-iy 20. Noon River
fal'ing, with 15 let 8 inches on tne
PiTrsacBO.May 20 Noon R vr 4
fntt 2 inch's on theginge and smt o .
ary. Weather ch'urand tool.
WnEaMNO. W.Va., May id N n n
River 6 feft 3 inoln on thn gnniw and
rising. Weather clf titly and too'
Cinciknat', May 20 Noui K;vi
10 fee' 2 inch on ihe pauue am' f li
ing. Weather f-iir; thermometer 7'i.
IxiuiMyii.LB. Mnv 2tJ N'.o.i k've'
f,il'innwith 7 fti-t 9 inches in thecmial
snd 5 feet 8 fnrhs r n th f-"a. Bud.
ns fir. Ve!her roo'. D parted:
Granite Stat-, Memphis,
Caiuo, May 2. N : n -R'v 3 1 W
4 aid lulli"!-'. Went lie' o ntly
ardco-l. Arrived: C.'ia'iet Mn lO.,
New Orrr, 10 p.m.; II vry Kin
and totv, Meniphir, '.0 r m : Jo'n' .
Wood anil tow, Ohio rive", 4 ,.m D
narteJ: Charhis Mnrnau, flmt-.'iinuii,
11pm.; John A. Wood and tow, New
Orlenur, 4 b.uj.
Memphis A: Cincinnati I' k't Co.
FlK Be II41H OM.Y1
Sxoursilou Zlntoat
t'ooiiiiencinu . ii N Tlie Kleant
May 1. 1. , ', . , 7a Blue men
lliit kt')e Mali , Olii.i A J.i. Vr'.Maft.
lie Thin Tominny will icll ROl'SD TRIP
I'l' kKT t.-oiii M. ini'liii to l"inviiie,
1' nr r.n.iti. and :t'l t aatcra citiei, a(
fc-roatly beducil Palo.
ConiDiencina M iy IS h, to ZVl in -lunve,
wt'h Ft-Ktival Chorui of
lino TralniMl Viilrfnil nn ikrt-tieairak
l Uirr Inn rlll
During Ibe r-Mienc W day Tiocinnati will
be very atttactive to vimtora.
Pi"-Ticket! mcluile Mualii and Stale rooms
heturn lickotn t: I on any boat 'n tbn Iidc.
K.icb bout carrin a tine b rinc Uaua.
Mnnilu)s and Tlui.railaya at ft P.M.
For information ir.fiire of C. R RI'S
SKI.b, Agent, U .Ma.lion itr-rt. Veni hif,
Tenn. K W v lK. Sof't
KOIt CA I lit ) AN IJJPJ -O I ' I
Ml. I.oula ana vw lirleaiua .4n-hnr
l.liie-i'.K. M.ill-t:AlKO A ST. IS.
Vity of Cairo, tr,
Llktittirr itiarter, aft?'iCia
y'll lo.iv. the r.levator Til f H 1'A i , May
'JTili, 6 I'.ui. l or treu'ai or i--irr n 1 ly
i 1 , II,'- 1--. -t t 111 HI M . i'io't.
ht. I.miia anil Ki-a firlrniis Aiii-lifir
l.lllr- '. N. Mllll I'll it VlCli-SIIUUll.
Belle Memphis, ..-wr
it..... uR,r ( -e yiaC5v
Will Imve tba Kli-tntor Till KSDAi, Mr
:th, at ti p.m. For Iroiuht nr i'ii.iai- at" ly
('. I. II l I . !' tll"l'nKV n-nt.
KMi M'. - t IK l.lA NS."
Soutbern Trim nortution fo. O. l.ino
'icknbura, Niiti-h" i-nd New OrlMinn-
Paris C. Brown,
J. S ratterion iuii-ter.r
Will leave t H 1 1 A Y , Mar 'ih, hi. i:
For truiitllt ur le.suuu ui't'iy to i'. I'. 1 I
HKLt. Ait'l, 12 Mudi-on it '' !...:
.1 It 1 H ivx I I l . I'ii..i'n ifiir f ot .
I'or uceoin, llulei Paint, t aru'licmvllle.
(ijvoxo anil 1 ii-toiivitin me new ilcuu.er
W. P. Hull mailer I J. tl. Fuller clerk,
W ill leave n" above, aiid all wny poiuti,
KVKHV MDNUAY und llll'KslllY at ft
p m. ror treiiflil or tmif ngc po'v on iionni.
'i..,., i,la,t rlttr. rotui i.ux) e,.'luvliia
ni-tl llaoowli 4'lit'l.el l'cni.rAi - .
for Ulena, ttlendala, rr:r Fonit ai' kit
wt lu.Iiqi utean ar
tt. T. UNiaitt... nailer I Pl.vtl V.Iiuum. w rk
'i, eiivr, ni above on -r? .ihi.h i" r
W KIIKIVJI' A y and FHlPAY.at b n'cloi k.
Fji- Randolph, Falter, Oineola cil V
Lkndtni Menuiar
J. D. Coerer, bhUi....), W. Hniitherr.clerk
lavi every MUISHAY. WC.KC.rr . AY,
ami FRIDAY at ft p.m. Th boati ot et
lira reiarv tho ribl to pan mur..ovj
the naiiW'.n mj deem nniafi . OIcb, W
M,i,nn e ,t A l . i. e , ,i a. , pii,' ,
FOlt UU1TE ltlVKK .
Freddie Robinson, r1
M. R. Ilarrr manor
For Helena, Terrene. DeValll lllult, Pel Are,
AuauaU, Sonrcy, Newport and llateirtlla.
Will leave aa above HATUKUAY at 5 p ro.
Throunh ratea to all nolaU. Frelabl tnp
iincd to Milt Harry Line. Mamphia, will bt
pruniptlT forwarded. W.J.V POYLU.
nmce 12 Ma-Minn Te'epboee tn
MeuiplilB aud VlrkHburg Packet loai-
pauy U.S. Mall Lino.
For Polena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkas
lai Oli The eleiant paaeaairer lUinirer
M. K.Cbeek . niaJter I W. O. BlaDHet...cierk
Lenrei Memphle
p.;p.,rniervini therinht to pail all landtnil
llienaptaia may deem uneate. For aeneral
Information apply at offloo. No. 4 Madiioa
'reet. B. WAhWOKTll, Aatnt.
.liilllM PABH. P'r Ai-ent. Teleiihooe '.'.IS.
Ark u ii mis Hiver Tk't t'o.
K. II. Hniith....mwter. afwiif 7,3
Leave! Meuiphii Utery Tl'RPU A Y, at It p.m
II, C. LtiWK, Aiient,
ffflce, No Madlionit. Tnleiihone N'o.
.llt'iniililscV While hirer I'kt.Co
i. C.I'oital...a,aite( I huiwi.. ... ri
l lnrniKlon, llnwHlla mnff, Irw Are,
A l.gual r, Ji Uenni'Or l ".ml H-n.- y.
LK A V K:i MEMPHIS I very WKDMfcit -Yi
atn p. it. Throuib tatn to Ml lolnti.
Frenht c mlcned to " Mamphle and V, nil
Mv I'acKot Oi nipany" w'il belorwerjatl
prompllr li. i. LOVVK, Agent,
J.,. H M-ilon .t. Telihn-a No. K.
r ii M.KraiiciH Hirer 'I ruiiaportntlna
Co.'i Fine Blda-W heel V. B. Wail Ht-'-nar
Ro e Macready,
0. R. Jopiln maiter,
i i.i. liivk ikvmhiih Kvr.ui
at S o'clcck. lor Manauna, tV Cot-OI.', aad
Inmrniedlile Uuillnnon ht. Francii river.
Tba eait.iin roiorvea Ihe rlfbt to fill al
'anllr.fi be dreioe uniaia. jax. I r t-., Jr..
4 Mnili.or "
loiik'i :h-iip:u Pnrllpa louve in
April, Mny, June and July, bend lor l'to
araimne. Indivlitnnl Tpnrlal Tlrhela for traval
in Kurooeand all parte of the tlobo. !
anax IVIiHa by nil linei ol uteamnri.
4 oi'k'i Dmriiralonlal, with nupi, pub
Ihhed monthly, by mail lorrTaa CaNTa.
III4I-.. 4 4I..M k Mill",
7111 ttrowdwwT. New York,
UrniHVN iii4H iiittkiin r.m.
linlvcit'ed Mr. 8. A. Cuckt, .Hi Maia
atrrnt. Meinphla, Tenn.. of a e?re ome of
chilli and lover. He bePevei In II.
No. Mf.V). H. D.-Chnnwrr Court of Hhelby
rnnniy Orncn L. AnJcrton et n! vn Sui
lt M. JobosluD ct al.
HV virtue ui an fn(rlncutory Hnrrra for
gm , enN'ro 1 in the above inue on tho
2il h daj fl Muy. IMo, M. Ii. fiJ, vuit V.t
1 will noil, Ht public nuition, to (lie biivh
ent biJilr. In Trout o the Clerk kih! Mta
tor'a (itiji'e. courthouse oi fchiibv onunty,
MeuiphiBt Teon-i on
Mnlurdiiy, Jnn 12, 1HH,
within le r onurx. the lollowinit dorlbed '
lUMinrty, pit-ii.ttd io tholby Ctunly, Teu
iif, to-wit:
ihe roitHin Ut No 3 in block f3. nn the
111 tin ti' St'Ulb Mciiitii.ia oil ilie huiit mt mL
iin-l n ntrrt. f r u ft n ex uti't utrcti r fert
unit run nn k ''i' bet-ivfii jmral el ioa ZiO
i, uun whio.i i sro titl a two (lory
iViiii o ri e?i(e No. 2TW i.trnl- n ptr'l lo,
ibo I. i'J lU) torci, bwnir ail tht tti r f a
twfiity-a-re tract in Shclbv v un y, -io-n
iu ut a ctxkn or, ttin r n tmun inry line ot
ibe John Hum-. " 'innj nee grant: lbnr
ii u Hi I h i.ii 4"'ii 'iiMioi ft ikt ; then co
nl 1- t h an i tl i? kit tn a $titU . thr-rr
Dort'i Jt rhuiim ('V. iuk" to a pink- ihe
nm I'l t-uin f.f VcLeu oro u euur ; t cn-'C
j4(u'US: w"Kt with tbn M'io'N viJo nr raid
n w i u li of aiuK and .VHn ko t ih ojin
nioir tho wbn'e ilejerii tn rout tionu 0
HCtrt ni 'i e or le . and e i i'tiiifi ilirtrom
S rl hK) Hftepi n the u rthwe t f itt'Pr, be'-e-tn
re oll tu M. 1. JiiImm ou. wlrcii S S.-
a r c bfi'in.H nt lit imnhnon cutiur i-f aid
tr rt ; Utin' Bi-uth wit'i the fivt -tlo of
l-nloiiih moniii hv) ire. ; thence fnt 1 1 ulitl
wn h r!.-iii.iM a. r ii 'I- A m ft i c : ' he'no
noi :iMoi b FBliiah avtn ;r -i feet
to ilut ituth hf t McLem ro nvi-mi';
Itn'tH'd ' ft 'o itrt bt'iftniiititr. 1 hi M IU)
rto-o-f mi tn lie fi. Id mil iojsabiiv Iim1 und
fu-ii ( nr tig tn :i J Mi'ii if mn, i'';n cf
Mr I ll I ' I b? uli tilo :n th H vh9 Li I.Tti tho
4. iv rt' Mile.
Jt-:uin i' t!' llfto fuur'h Oini, ru.
H.H ' ii MX ili'l tv!vc it mitt) "-i u; t-d l-y
ri t wit '- ii j r V' d it '-or it . h. ftr.'u .r!r-r-t
P ii : I't'H rjltw a Nll't .Id . i-uuo
i-drrnl. 1 vs Wuv -M. lKsrt.
I y.-lM. KU!., Ofrk and Mil r.
Ht i. K. W .)! i, I'ri'utr 1 1, rk an I ."..ster.
i .-'' r. ,v it H"le to-.
tl t yourfd vti' Kihel un : .t r ie . Si
Ili I ''8i t, Vcd h T i d . of r i'U ;' .-ij ,
ro u b rh tht t :!!Vr'"l n ly a y -n 1 -i
t rt "f cniy wf re rt imireJ to do tLe v. irk
t j

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