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The Oppoarnta of the Mtasnre Trying-
to Kill It by Bldlcnle
! the 8nate.
WigHiNMTOM, May 27. Senatt. In
tha Senate tdy resolution wan
offered by iSenator Wilson I , which
id onltred to lie ovr oue day, pro
viding lor an investigation of the mat
ter of the appointment of Indian
traleru by tie Commissioner of In
dian A0air. A preamble to the reso
lution reiitea that in the mat'er of
euch appoin'menta it is iUtil "that
arte have been done, or permitted to
be done, in disregard of law and the
rshisand piorerintereetsof citizens."
On motion 1 1 Heca'orDolph.thc Hen
ate t:o up Uie bill "averlinu to the
I'Ditfd Ktstee certain of the lands
(jraDtod to the Northern l'aciflc Kail
road Company "
Senator Van Wyck said the bill pro
pofed to forieit from Wallulla to Port
land a portion ol the oriuinal grant
over w tiu h the NorUiern l'aciflc lail
rod did not now contemplate build
ing a line. His (Van W ye k's) objec
tion to the bill was that there
were lamia along other unfinished tor
tious ol the ruad and some along
portions that bad been finished wblcu
should bo included in the bill. Tbe
bill, as It stood, he laid, if paed,
would be a legislative declaration that
the matter of forfeiture bad been
passed on by Congress and tLat no
other forfeiture proceedings could be
undertaken. He moved an amend
ment lor the corumit'ee bil1, which
amendment provides for the forfeiture
of all the Northern l'aeitic ta lrcal
grant eicept lands I r which the linns
were completed before July 4, 1H7H,
and except the liiilit of way.
f-onator Call (aid that toe commit'
tee bill was really a pioposiiion to
confirm and not to forego a giant of
eome 4H,()00,0U0 acres o land to the
Northern 1'iriUo Itailrowl Company.
It was e rpiivalcDt to a gift by Congress
of -'00,(i)0 or f 300,000 to a few indi
viduals. He piotepted against it.
The hour of 2 o'clock ariivirg, tbe
bill went over, and tionator Mil er
aiibmitted the conference report on
the hill "abolishing certain fees, etc.,"
in connection with American ship
ping. (This is the bill containing the
Frye amendment authorlairg the
President to deny by proclamation t )
veasels of foreign countries such priv
ilegtsaasre denied to American ves
sels in snch foreign countries.) The
report was concurred in.
Hortfttor Miller ezplainrd that the
-bill an agreed to in conference was
substantially as it wai pai&ed by the
Nena'or Stanford then called up the
resolutions introduced by him, ex
pressing the loirow of the Henute st
the death of the jato Senator John F.
Mil'cr of California. The rfsolntions
having been offered, Honattr Ktinford
thn a1;n led ti (ion. Miller in foaling
terms. Senator Htanfi rd hridly out
lined the lite of Senator Miller Iroiu
Ins birth tlnongh the varied phases
of his career as student, lawyer, citi
zen, sohher and Senator.
After epeeches by Senators Ed
mime's, Vnorhees, L'gan, Heirs', Har
rison and l'o'pli, tho resolutions were
agreed to( and in further respect for
the durea-I'd the Sena'o a 'joiunecl.
Tke lloaae,
Mr. Dikgley Me. from ti n commit
tee of coulerence nut! nutted tho rep rt
of tliHt CKiiimiitee on the shipping
Mr.Bnckenridge f Ky. thought that
the consideration of the report ehould
be poatpo' ed until the motuupraof the
House had an opportunity to examine
the provisions of tbe bill carefully.
The question Involved in tho Frye
amendment was broader than a II rat
blush It might appear to be. It not
only conferred privileges, but Imposed
adutyiipon tbe President tJwithiliaw
from foreign vufssls certain commer
cial privileges when those privileges
had tbcen denied to American vessels
in the country to which such fore'gn
vessels belonged, Tho supposed need,
for tbe provision r ue out of the recent
troubles with Canada, but there waa
not a word in the bill a oat fishing
veeefili. There was no hurry for the
passage cf this bill, and it could be
considered more fully at some future
day than it cculd now. There waa no
danger of a war, ami the Executive
bad uoiVr consideration tho setl le
nient of tbe Canadian fishery trouble.
Mr. Dunn lArk. mid the provision
did not apply t) tue fishery question.
Mr. Jtrtvkenridge thought, if they
were true, tVere was leos necesH'y for
bants in riuaing the bill, letaiiFo there
was no otlier pending question on or
relative to commercial privileges he
tween the United States and other
countries. The objection to the pro
vision wan that it enabled tho Presi
dent to place an embargo npon Cana
dian versels. He would go as fur as
the gentleman from Maine, but he
wanted M be ciear ai ti what he was
do'.ng. He did not he ieva in retali
atory or revengeful legislation. He
believed more in diplomatic inter
course, in patient end honett, r sndid
correspondence, w'th a view of reich
irgasettionii'iit.tban he did in xoui
tive inUr.'erenee and retaliatory
measures. He had no doubt that the
Canadian iliflioulty would be settled.
Two greit rntlone like the United
States and Euglaud were Dot going to
fall out about a matter cf Until tig,
which coald be settled by negotiation.
After so mo further debat, the re
port was agreed to without division.
A number of committee reports
were submitted, after which the House
went into committee of tbe whole for
the further consideration of the oleo
margarine bill.
Tbe pending amendment, reducing
the special tax Imposed on manufac
turers o! oleomargarine from ftlOO to
$100 was i s! -44 to lilt.
Altar some further debate, and
after voting down a numbnr
of amendments, the opponents
of the bill, finding themselves
'utvo?ed on ail pronesitions. taroei
the bi::ries of ridicule on the
rata ore.
Mr. Hoagl-.erty Fla. fired the first
shot with an amendment imposing a
tax upon dialers' in California and
loreign orange.
This w jb ruled out on a point of or
der, amid laughter.
Then Mr. Findla? fMd.l broucht
forward an amendment imposing a
tax of f lO.XJon manufacturers of glas
This amendment the Cha'rman
ruled out without tho pcint of rrder
havirg be?n ra i d by any metubpr
aa action which aroused the indigna
tion of MVwrs. Hammcnt Ua., Uib-
on I W . . a. J and tt':en, and a scene
of great C'uftiHon and irrepressible
morriuiPtt ensaeu.
Mr. Hammond inquired by what
authority tne Uiair iiad ruled the
amendment out oa hi own voiliton.
acd the rep'y of the Chairman tbat it
vris UJ'y to piotect tue integrity
if tbe proceedings of the House waa
met with a round of aoplause.
The opponents of the bill, not t) be
outdone in demonstration, applauded
tba sarcastic queeiions from Mr. Ham
mond, praying to be informed aa to
the rale of procedure which madethe
chair tbe judge of tbe integrity of tho
Uonee. ,
Tbe Chair said that the second
clacssof tbe first rule of tbe Uousa
authorii'd the Chairman to preserve
order and decorum nd in case of dis
turbance or disorderly conduit in tbe
gilleiies locatue them to be cleared.
In view f the ron'u ion and noire,
Mr. Vati Kdon, viig.,, tf oo ht it
prrpor to eugfcest, "We ate not in the
Mr. Hammond-' I ris to a parh
meoia'y inqni'y. Is that the enly
rule the f hn rewn findT"
The Ch'irmHO The Chairman de
sires to stats th .t he V as iniulned gen
tlemen in levi y in regard to this bill
ard amendments, but h now desires
to end res the role of the Home,
which r quires thnl amendments thill
be getrmkiie and tint tbe cha r ehall
see that order is preserved." Ap
planse (rem he Republican tide.
Mr. Yaa Kit on here suggested Out
the gitlleritH should be cleared.
Mr. Uibson said that the memrers
had a liulit to ask for an appeal from
tbe cha'r, and that appeal could not
betaken when tbe Chair. lefus d to
allow tbe the qiett on to be submi tsd
to 'he Home. He ilmefoie demanded
the reading of the amendment in order
that ho might appeal from ths ds
ciiion. The (hair, however, declinod to
recognize the demand, and recognized
Mr. Adams, N. Y. who, amid laogh
ter and appiauie, tuhmated the fol
lowing amendment: "That all intnu
faclurers of icciiba'crj shall pay a tax
ef $10,000, and on eve-y chicken
hatcheii by art dcitd means ilu re t h ill
be imposed a tax of 12 fcrrocs eis and
1 1 for pullets, in order tbat the great
American hen may be pioperly pro
tected." Mr. Hammond (iarcHtlcally)-I
raiee the p)int of ordar against the
amendment in order to enable the
Chair to rule it out.
The Chairman The Chair does not
ent' r ain the amendment.
The committee then rose, and Mr.
Hatch eneleavored to secure a night
session f r the consideration of the
bill, but its opoonenti resorted to fili
bustering titties, and a'ter half an
hour of noise and meniment tbe
House adjniirred.
Iw tux North Amrrican Review for
June Oen. Adam Jladeiiu has an arti
cle on Gladrttonp.
Dorman B. Katon, lato of the Civil
Service Commimion, has an article in
tho Ninth American Jtrvitw for June
entitled "The Preaidont and the .Sen
ate." All normally constituted American
boys are fond of baaeball anil dogs,
anil are certain to be interested in
reading about a remarkable canine
that pluycd aa "Tho 1-cfl Field of the
Lincoln Nioei," in St. Nkhol't for
June. .
Tut Rev. lr. J. M. lluckley con
tributes to tho June Century a remark
able artie'e on "F.ilh Healing and
Kindred Phenomena," which isnased
on many years of inquiry on his own
part and n moch trust worthy testi
mony. His coni'liiHioiis a io opoHed
to the claims of ChriHtian "faith heal
ers," and tho article, altog 'thnr. olfein
a mnss of curioiiH mid important in
formation. Tint North Amrrican IMrw for Juno
cont ina a number of urtieles bearing
on trade, on Socialium, strikes and la
bor. The flint is "Soe'ialiHin in Amer
ica," by Prof, llicliard T. Kly; "Free
T.adu in DieciiNNion," by Clail Hani 1
ton: '-The Labor Crisis-d) .shall
Capital or Ijihor KuleY" by I Ion ry
(Mews; (2) "Strikes, Boycotts and
Knigli'sof ljihor, by Kufiis Hutch:
(It) "Arbitration, Co-Operation and
Profit Sharing," by H. 11 Klkins.
Bkhidm the contniiation of Mr.
Howells's new novo), "The Minister's
Charge; or, Tho Apprenticeship of
UMiiuol Jiarker, ' the notion of the
June number of tho Century comprise
two dialect short stories, -a tale of
the war, entitled, "Meh Ijidy." by
Thomas Nidson Page, tho author cf
'Maine Chan; and a humorous
Bketch by. Col. Kirhard M. Johnston,
called "1 lie Hoted lCxperience of Mr.
mix nuaor."
A mono tho articles in the North
.Iwimron Kevif for June we find "F.d
win M. Stanton." bv Honn Piatt:
"Why Am 1 a Presbyterian ?" by the
nev. Joiin nan, 1.1.; "DeleiiHO ot
tharleHton. S. C," by (ien. O. T.
lteuregard ; and among the "Notes
and Commeiita" are "The Now Con
stitutional Amendment," bv Senator
J.J. IngAlls; "Hric-a-ltrae in Litera
ture," by Jefliwo CiKiledge.
J. T. Tkowiisiimib'h new serial, "Tho
Kelp (intherers," is the leaditiL' feat
ure of tho Juno St. AVWii.i. It is a
story of boy life on the Maine coret.
witu a strong Mayor ot adventure and
akeensenso of boy nature. "Little
Lord Faimtleroy" is continued in a
much longer installment than last
uiontli's, and we are told how that
young nobleman learned to lide, and
many other intervatlng items about
Ik. Olivkh Wkndkll Iloi.MK.si8 an
iibHtemious man by habit and a inedi
cnl expert by profetHbion. Ho ought
to bo able to take ca'c of himseOf.
Hut, says tho New York llmilil euch
a combination of aocial aasaults on
him in Umdon as is describ'd by our
spivial disaUdi(s this morning must
make his American f.iends tremble
with fear that he never wiH recrtwe
the Atlantic, when they remember
that ho is well advanced in his seventy-seventh
Tin Montkaolk Anncai. la a
pamphlet of 100 pages setting forth
the attractions of tl"t riotureeque
summer r sort and educational writer
or retreat in the Cuxliorlanil Moun
tains. The general plan and scope
of Monteagle are niodelid on Chau
tauqua, and the aehems has to far
been very suoecsnfiil. Tho organiza
tion and aduiinia ration are unsecta
rian ad undeuomiuatiimal, and the
be'st talent ot the country contribuU-s
to the lec nrea, reidings, circles, etc.
A coiv of the i4nmif inav be prn
curel by Bending 3 cents to John 0.
Ande.son, sen-rotary, Monteagle,
In their order, the illustrated pa
pers of the June Cfniriry are a "Liter
ary Pamhle," by Auatin Dobton.
along the Thame from Fulhain to
Chiswick, in which we have allusion
to many famous jK-ople known in
literature and in hist y, and glimpses
of the scenery along "the university
course;" Mn". Schuyler Yan Uciisho-
laer n second paper en "American
Country ltwellinge," aith drawings
of some of the handnoine'st country
houses in tbe Kastern States; a tini
ly paper on 'Harvanl's iiotanie liar
den and Its Botanists," by F.rnest In
pcrsoll ; and a paper by John Bur
roughs on "Birds F.girs," with en
grav.np of twenty-two varieties of
Proposed Araeadmeati to the Irish
Home Bale Bill Mr. Spurftoa
on Gladstone.
Loudon, May 27. The Rev. Mr
Bporgeon publ shes an attack cn Mr.
Gladstone's bone rule hill. Toe
preacher asks. "What Las Ulster dm
to te east off?" and adds: "Ihswh ds
scheme Is fail of dangers and abeorli
tie, aa if conceived by a mad man, yet
I am sort that Mr. GlaJetc ne believes
be is only doicg iuotice and acting f r
he good of all. I consider tbat be is
making oce of tboee mistakes only
made by great and well meaning
called by Mr. G'adrtone aseembled at
tbe Foreign Office this aft-irnoon. Ti e
meeting was wed attended by the
Premier's supporters, but nens of tbe
known Hartington or Cfiamber'a n
dirsenters were present. Mr. Glad
stone was cheered when he entered.
Heat ence proceeded to thebusine s
on band and announced that the gov
ernment bad decided to modify the
clause, No. 24, of tbe borne rule bill,
excluoing Iiish Re preservatives from
Wes'mioister. He did not state what
the nature of the promised modifica
tion waa to be, but did s ate that the
government bad decided to modify
tbe clause provided the bill pawo.l its
second reading and wis referred to a
sel ct committee for action during the
autumn tussion of Parliament. The
meetirg cordially approved the por
tion taken by Mr. GlacVone. Tbe
Piemier'a foPowera now exprers them
selves as eanguice of the success cf
his Iiish policy. They do not ipvk
as it they feel at all tbat any cone s
s'ons have been made to ibe
Chamberlain and Uartingtin frl
lowing, but maintain that Mr.
GladttODe has defended tbe govern
ment's po icy in a way so clear and
satl-faciory that Liberal waverera can
no longer withhold their approval, and
mustra'ly o tbe Piemiera support.
This, it ia thought by the government
paity, must result in practically break
ing down tbe so-called di sident oppo
sition, as it will leave no Liberal not
actuated by purely perron al motives
any grounds lor hostile feelings.
Later. Hit. Gladstone declared that
he would at the autumn teseion of
Parliament introduce an amended
Irish home rnle bill. A number of
the Liberal dis-identa who did net
care to risk compromising tbemrclvcs
by attending tbe meeting have balled
with undisguised ratiefaclion tbe atti
tude of apparent conciliation adopted
by the Premier. These cow openly
proclaim their Intention to return to
their paitr a lg ance and vote wit'i
the government for the sec and read
ing. Among the first to announce
their returo have been Mr. John
Fotober Moulton, Rid teal member rf
Parliament for Clabham, and Mr.
Samuel Wbithread, Liberal member
for Bedford. Both were adherents of
Lord Hartington before today's
meeting; both have since announced
themselves as suppoitars of Mr. Glad
8'ione. Mr. Wiinbiend's accession is,
perhaps, the mott icflurntial tlint tbe
Premier cut d have desitod. Ho is
the gentlemao refeired to as a wine
counselor by Mr. Uladetone in his
great 8 seech ict.rrducing the borne
rule bill on the 8th of Ap il; and, by
re a1 on of bis high character and sound
judgment, bus long been a conspic
uous member of the Liberal party,
liuaidea tbo above named, a number
of other difsidents have opsnly pro
nounced themselves eatisfled with Mr.
Gladstone's present attitude and the
concessions he Iks promised to make
and declared their intsntion to vote
for tbe second reading.
The general opinion this afternoon
is tbat the borne rule bill will now
certainly pass tbe eecnnd reading.
The Qaecai at Balmoral.
London, May 27. The Queen trav
eled throughout the night and reached
Petth this morning, where she had
breakfast. She aterward proceeded
on her journey to Balmoral. Her
Majeity was loudly cbcered by the
people of Perth.
RIAI. !! ROf-T,
II an to But A boat Ills Methods ol'
Work and Toarhlag Ills "Vnl.
veraal lllalory."
Th Washington correspondent of
tho New Yitk Jlerald telegraphs on
the 24th instant: Mr. George Ban
croft, who will be ninety in October,
dismounted from his home this even
ing at tbe door of bis home on II
street. He bad been cut ft r his ueiisr
afternoon ride, which be enjoys as
highly as any young man of the capi
ta', An bonr later he bad dined and
was taking his cup of tea in the draw
ing room. Tbe spacious apartments
were brightly alow. Warm-hut d
rugs covered the floor and deadened
the sound of approaching footsteps.
F.verywhere was a senna of repose,
feeling ot cemfort. From the wall
smiled the benign face of Kaiser Wil
helru in a Me six?, three quaitrr length
portrait "Presented to bis friend," as
ihe inecription evidenced. On a table
sat a famous cup. presented by Prince
Biemarck, and about the room were
other troplves that high honors and
6 Jduring fame have brought
I asked Mr. Bancroft to tell me about
his friend Leopold von Ranke, whose
death is announced to-day. Prior to
doing so I bad looked npon an en-
? paving of the aged scholar that bangs
n tbe room sat red to the memory of
the late Mrs. Bancroft. The face is
that of a gentle, earnest and thought
ful man. Tbe cheeks and chin are
cleanly shaven, and the misses of
whits hair tbat envelop the head sug
gest a momentary resemblance to
Commodore Yanderbilt Now tbat I
have seen Ihe picture I listen to an
almost affectionate description ot the
"Von Ranke was shorter in statnre
than I am," begins Mr. Bancroft,
speakirg slowly. "Perl ars he was a
trlllo broader arro'8 the cheet. F.ven
to ih U-t his Health WcS excellent.
He was f nd ol a sunny day. He
loved il e op n a r and walked ronch
in it. L Ih meaut everythi ng to tvrn
of andi tion and pnrpoee. He en
jo. Ml it just aa be did a
glass ot champagne. Never waa
he worried or restless, but always
cbeeiful, I might almost say joyful.
For nearly seventy year he was a
alnd'iit and writer of history. Not
that I mean ha was ever oveieotre bv
mere learning. With him work tri
umphed. He always mastered hia
subject to the mrs-'exaot detail, and
Arranged his work in c!ear sequence
befirehe began. Then be worked
dicect to the end without hesitation
ferj a wc rd, an incident era date. Hia
was perfect method of literary work.
Hia pabliahed writing fill fifty-four
cc avo volumes. Of these forty-eight
are on varions apsrial epochs of b a
tory. Hia "Universal Hia'ory" was to
have been completed in nine volumes.
8ix bave b en published, and be was
at work on tbe tevenu when he died."
At this point Mr. Bancroft sent for
the "Univercal Hieto y." Its vol
ume were octavos, swollen almost to
tbe bursting of their fay, ed ciotb
covare. Alsraya tbat peculiarity of
German lookmakirg the double title
page. But Ibe paper waa heavy and
s'roog and tbe typographical appear
ance peifct Tfie beloved German
script was always emp'o)ed. An in
novation such as the I'in characters
wonlrl bave broken his heart.
"What were b a hcura f,r work ?"
"I do nit know," arswered the
American biito'ian. "His waa a fa
mi Ur figure at the archives of ewry
caoital in Europe. I often la him
saherii g material aud uiakiog totes
at tbe imrerial library. He er j oyed
aiood dinner and was often iuvit?d
totbe palace. Hia wife was an En
gliih woman, who c'ied ioag before
ti'iu. As a writer von Ra'ike's style
ia excellent. He tutceded in making
hittoiy intcniely in te. renting becanea
of tbe rich coloring of the incident
and tipographlcfel description which
be was able to supply. His judgmeot,
to, wai wanderfully nice and aoui
rte. It iB a lo-s to tbe world tbat his
'luiverial Histoiy' remaiLS uitia
ieLej." Hketeta or Ir. Leopold Tea Rtake,
New Ycrk Timet: Prcf. Iopo'd
von Ranke, tbe celehrattd German
h stonan, died in Betlin yeaterdey, in
the nice'y-fint year c f bis age, after a
long and lingering illness. He had
plauned for the great work of bis life
a hi-tory cf the world, entitled "We t
gerchicte," which wan to be in i ioe
vo'umes. He had completed but s x
volumes, but it is believed he left suf
ficient rotes acd documents to pe mit
at ierst one mere to be prepared by
li s litertry executors. Dr. Le pcld
voa-Ratjkt) was btrn at W'ieoe, in
Thuringia, on December 21, 1795, anl
complete ! bis eixtieth var es irjfe
or in the University of Berlin on Match
31, 1855, fie freedom of ths eity ot
Berhn bHim; conferred npon him in
celebration of the event. The profess r
rommnti: 'd li'o as a student, end
W a then tutor at the Col
lege tf Fiankfo t on-the Oder. His
tint work wai published in 1824,
"The History o' Roman ai d German
Nat ona from 1101 to 163-3 " Soon ai
tr be jubl shed "Cr t;ci ms on Mod
ern" Hiatorians." In (onsequcrce of
these two works he was appo'nted
Paofesaor of History a Berlin in 1S2.1.
In 1829 he as s nt officially to exam
ine the public archives eccessible to
him in Vienna, Venice, Florence and
Rome, an occupation extending over
feur years. In this period he obtained
the mateiii's for the looks which sue
eesilvely appeared "The Princes and
Peoples of Southern Europe in the
Sixteenth and Soventeenta Centu
ries," '-Tbe Oamadlis and Spanish
Mouarcby," "The History of Servis."
"Lectures on Itilian Pootry." Of
these the only volume tr. nsla'ed i; tj
Knglibli was that on f-'erv.a, by Mrs.
Alexinder Kerr, in 1847, with the an
ther's approbation and rnnctinn. Tbe
work which firtt gave him European
reputation waa entitled "The Popes of
Rome," which was really a con'inut tion
of the "Princes and Peoples ol Houin
ern Europe." This woik nppcaml in
1S31. Tbe review of it by Lord Ma
cauley in the Edinburgn Jlerieir h
one of, bis masterpieces, and
it made Kanke's fame familiar
to Kogl.sh and American read-rs. In
1811 he was appointed Royal Historio
grapher. In 18'J5 be was made preei
Uer.t ot tbe Historical CommieBion of
Munich, and at the same time entitled
to prefix Von to h;s name. After t lie
deith of Boekh he became ChsncelU r
of the Order of Verir. Von Raike
manied an Irish lady, Miss Giaves, a
very superior woman, bot of retiring
dispo.-ition, and who never shared his
literary work. He had a con and two
or thtee daughters. A nephew is pro
fo'sor at Munich. As a histor an Voq
Ranke holds decidedly the highest
rank in Germany. Among his moic
lecent publicat'ona were "A History
of Wallenetein," 1869; "The German
Powers and the League of Princes,"
being a history ot G.rmany from 1780
to 1790, published in 1871 ; "A History
of Kogland, Prinedpally in tin Seven
teenth Centnry," 1875, and two biog
raphies rf Frederick the Great and
Frederick Wilbelm, 1878.
a: '".i-i i:nv.:i'i" nv.'.
0 tcI'.I vrn-a e vji :.vcory
CO (rm-y rt-i.tlr.v:n v.-ro v.nt n
yJpfTfoct lr:. W ar wlTt'J ''
mullit4Ctiira oT the. ahrxti, to pnilii-a of CO
Z ycorV i::)criJU tad tv.'.dv. fi v.'iivt V" '.l
pliuiM, Blv comirt ftl w '.r
Z faithfully. Try fcor-.
Evwj- I'r r-.:.:
1 dcjti r
Oils db "NarwEil Stores
(Mlh Kront Street, Mwmphis, Tenn.
S Al'OLEOX HILL, FresideitU
Ofllce lt gfwHwnn Wlrect, UTemplilg, Tenn
J0n KKIP. B . LXK.
lEL. j. LEE cb OO.p
37(W7S4JS(K382-3t-38 iSecond street, sosth ot Gftjroso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
IdlDB, I-atba, Vntnr Poata anil rirkela.
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether In tbe form ot
Hlght Sweats and Xervouaneae, or In a
sense of General Weariness and Lou ol
Appetite, should soggest incoMOf Ayerr
Earaaparllla. This preparation la most
effective for giving tone and strengtn
to the enfeebled ayatem, promoting tbe
digestion and assimilation of food, restor
ing the nervous forces to their norma)
condition, and for purifying, enriching,
and vitalizing tha blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years ajro my health began to fall.
I was troubled with a eliatreaning Couett.
Sight Sweats, AVeaknrsa, and Nervout
nesa. I tried varioua remedies prescribed
by different phynlciun, but beeame ao
weak that I could not go up atairs with
out stopping to rest. My friends recom
mended me to try Ayer'a Sitrsnparilla,
which I did, and I um now a lu-althv and
atroug aa ever. Jin. L". L. Williams,
Alexandria, Hiaa.
I have used Aver'a Parsnparllla, In my.
family, fur tierofula, and know, if it a
taken fuitlifullr, tlmt it will thoroughly
eradicate lliit U-rrilile diteuv. I bave also
preacrilied it us a tonic, ai well as an alter
ative, and must any that I IioiipmIv believe
it to be the let bloo.l medlefne ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, 1. D. 8.,
M. 1)., Greenville, Teun.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be Imposiible for mo to do
icribe what I (tillered from Indigestion
and Ileiidnelio up to tlie timo 1 beau
taking Ayer'a tnrsapnrilla. I waa under
the care of varioua phvsleliins and tried
a great many kinds of uiedicinea, but
never obtained more than ten ,jornry re
lief. After tuking Ayer'a 8arKnpnrilla for
a short time, uiv l'er-daelio disappeared,
and my stomach performed i'l dutlea more
perfectly. To-day my healtU ia com
pletelv restored. Mar'v liarlev, Spring,
field, Mass.
I h&ye been greatly benefited by the
prompt use of Ayer'a Sarsapiirllla. It
ionesniul invicoratca the system, regulates
the action of the digestive and assimilative
orguns, and vi'.ilizca the blood. It Is,
without doubt, tha most reliable blood
purifier vet discovered. II. I). Johnson,
&63 Atlantic ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Mm,
Prleo 91s tlx lxitllei, 85.
'.'-iceinl Wotlce."
ON WKDNFSDAY, Jl'NR 16. 18H6, wo
will II for non-roident owner, at
iiublic ou'ery, on tba premirea, tbat desira
nl prorerty known as tbn t'CIsybrook Sub
divt on, "Ivik between Pop'Brstr.etoo tha
n rtliand I'nion avenue on tho south, and
liifl bynnd the residauoe of John Overton,
jr., in limon aveoue. Tbe property h'ifl
i en d viderl into ac e lot so as ti suit the
wants of purchasers buitng much or little
It is convei ionl to the street curs on Hoi lar
s're-t, Hti'l Hie vradeand road bed Is bt-inr
irp;i t tor aravenna ihe road m Iront of
it on l:nion avenue, ere bel eve it to be tha
most suitable property tor residences on ihe
maike', and ao opportunity to buy such
property is seldom olereJ. Property is
being rapidly sold for lesidenoes east of tha
city, because it is not cut up by railroads as
in tue nirthern and southern port'ona of
the city.
TaK.MS One-third essh: balanoe in one
and two years, with 6 per cnt- interest.
Maps can he seen at our office u"Hl day of
sale. OVEKTO.s A OHot-VENOR, Agts.
KAli'll II WEALTH.-Dl. K. O.
WaaT'. Naava ark Bans Trsatuist.
a guaranteed peoi6c for Hysteria, Dii
ness, UonTQlsion.p, Fits, Nervous Neural
gia, Headache, Nerves Prostration, caused
By tha use oi alcohol or tobacco i Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, So'toningol ths
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea ing to
mUery. decay and death; Premature "
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, cnus by over-exertion of tba brain,
soil-abuse or overindulgence. Kaoh box con
tains one monti treatment. II a box, oi
six boxes for t5, sem bv mail prepaid, ot
receipt of price. We jrusrpntre 6ix Boxei
to aura any oas. Wits each order leeeived
by ns for six boxes, accompanied with -f,
we will send the purchaser our written
gnararine to refund the money if the treat
ment doet ot effect a enre. Guarantees
issued only bv 4 KKXKKKT, CO.. Uros
risu. Mmihl.. T-
TV."".. ,.;:
pMT.'rs-4-7f' "i.
OS HiHllsma Htreet. Jlemraila. Tenai
A FULL stock of Wooden and MeU
Cases and Cankets, Burial Ho'oea, etc.,
always on hand. Orders by Telegraph or Tel-
Know vm iko.v rirrKK.H hkne.
filed Mr. W. A. Bender, 53 Fourth
street, Memphis, Tenn. when suffering from
indigestion. lie says he could feel an im
provement every day.
And Iron Roofing.
! ;! .( ' kliL
. i ); .1.1
Fir-, WIsmI, Walsr asid 1 litlilnlna;
pr.iol Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimatea at factory rates,
call on or address
438 A 440 Main at., and 21 A 23 Mulberry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Cresting,
tialvanlted Iron Cornioe.Tin Roofs A Moves.
stored to health and energy Mr. E. M.
Avery, Ho. 39 Madison street, Memphis,
Tenn., after aa attack of malarial fever
which left him so feeble that ha was confined
to his bed.
asrsaas seeking Government Bail
(torment la any ol tha departments
Washington, or any other positions nndeJ
the Government, I will send lull instruction)
as to how to priNl to obtain tha same,
and Blaak Forms ! AppllMltw oa
noelpt ot On Dollar. Atftlroea jeRS
l MtraiciH. f-.k-k Mm. raws
N. Ti 1LKEB805, TIca-rresMei
Dl. 1). 8. JOllAiSO.N'o
Ho. 17 Jefferaoa Strtt
(Betwaaa Main and Front.) MEIIFHIS.
lEsUbluhedia 1860.1
I R. JOHNSON is acknowledged by all par
J' ties interested a by far the most suc
cessful physician in thetreamentof prirat
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cures
guarantMd in erery case, mala or fan ale.
Recent eases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the ue of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance trora
business, tjecoodary Syi bills, the last Tea
tite eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time, bufferers from impotenoy or loss of
sexual p.wers restor eto trea risur in a few
weeks. Victims of a e-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical nd mental power, speedily
and permanently eu'd. Particular atten
tion paid to the Di'easea ol Women, and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the use of enu-ticor tha knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to aH parts of the
SHTWorkln gmen cured at half tbe usual
rates. Oflioe hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to (
o'clock p.m. D. S. JOHNbON. M.D.
J. F. 110LST &1M0.,
(scccasaoRa to o. b. bout a bbo.
Funeral Directors
tan m 4iar nt.. mewph )tv
A FULL and complete stook ot Wood and
Mtllio Cases and CaskeU, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and Burial Robes always oa
band, aaar Orders by talarranh promptly
Mr Uodlrav ft Kohlar. 412 .Vlain ilrmt.
Memphis, 'Jenn., of dypepna w en all other
medicines were powerless to relieve i'. lie
recommends it.
Ho. 4524, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
County H. P. Hobson. administrator, etc,
vs. M C. frame etui.; H. D. 355, 2 Win.
Morrow vs. P. P. Krameet ai.
BV virtue of concurrent interlocutory de
crees for sale, entered in tbe above
causeson the 28th day o April, lKKti, M. B. 52,
pages 418 and 425,1 will sell, at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, In front oi the
Clerk and Master's office, Court-House oi
bhelby coanty, Memphis, Tenn., on
Nntnrdajr, May 23, IftMA.
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in bhelby oounty, Tennes
see. towit:
A certain parcel ol land known aa lots 4
and 5, and part of lot 3 of country lot 414,
Beginning at the corner of Jerry Crowley's
lot, immediately east of tha Memphis and
Charleston railroad bridge on Marshall ave'
nueitbenoaln a southeastwnrdly direction
along the south lioa ol Marshall avenue,
about 649 feet, to the James bHdell lot;
thence south with Sidell's wrst line to old
Union street; thenoe westwardly to tbe
Memphis and Charleston rndroad; thence
northwestwardly along the line ot said rail
road to Jerry Crowley's southeast corner;
thence with Crowley's oust line to the begin
ning. I hia tract oi land has been subdi
vided in lots, plata of which can be seen at
the Chancery Court, and the above proerty
will be sold according to said subdivision.
A certain lot known as part of lot 478, and
described aa the east 124 leet of lot 554 of
L. 478. fronting I'M by 148 feet on the north
aide of Jefferson street.
A certain other lot, being part of C. L. 49!),
fronting 40 feet on the south side of JcBer
son street, with a depth of 148 Icet, bounded
on the west by Bayou Uajoso and on the east
by Heinack's lot.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six and
twelve months; interest-bearing notes with
security required: lien retained to secure
same, and equity of redemption. This
April 30, lXHfi.
S. I. MnDOWEl.L, Clerk and Master.
y II . F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
Malone A Watson, Taylor A Carroll, F.
H. AC. W. Beiskell, Bols.
The above sain is postponed until Nalnr
da, Hay a, INNtt, when tbe sale will
po-itively take place. Terms of sale modi
fied so a. to require Id per cent, ot purchase
money paid in Odsb: balance on time as
heretofore ordered. This May 21. 1886.
H. I. r r DO WELL,, Clerk and Mnstor.
Bv H. F. Walsh, Ueputy Clerk and Master.
lit Ali ESTATE.
No. 4652, F. D. -Chancery Court of 8valby
county State of Tennessee va. Liaiie B.
BY virtue ol aa interlocutory decrea for
sale entered in tho above cause on the
25th day of January, 18Xti, M. B. 51, page
1S7.1 win sell, at pubiis auction, to tne
highest bidder, in iront oi the Clerk and
Master's on. oe, courthouse of Shelby oounty,
Memphis, Tean., on
Saturday, Jan 19,
within legal houra, tha following: da
scribed property, situated in fhelby county,
Tennessee, to-wit: Lot 5, block 15 1 Be
ginning 118 lest east of the northeast in
tersection ol Desoto and Elliott streets, on
the north side of Elliott street; thence
north Ht) feet; east 32 leet; south 100 leet to
Elliott street, and west with said street 32
feet to the beginnini . Sold at tha property
ef Noah Partee snd others.
Part of lot 14, bloex 6, wost side of W alnut
atreet, 14x 150 feet. Seld aa the property of
Richard Lane.
Lot8. block 54. west side of Ruth street.
60x142 lest. Sold as tbe property ot 11. Uor-
ton, Jaiues Hunter ana orders.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months;
notes with socuritv. bearina interest, re
quired; lien retained redemption barred.
Ibis May at, wo.
H. I. MrDOA'ELL, Clerk and Master.
By U. F. Walsh, Denu'y C. and M.
F. H. and 0. W. lieinkcll, Sola.
No. 215, R. D. Chancery Court of 6helby
county. Harriet E. Smith vs. M. Owtn
et al.
BY virtne of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered in the above cause on the
nth da of May, 1886, M. B. 62, page 5V7,
T will tali it tiuhlic auction, to the hiah
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master's
since, oourtbouse ol one by county. Hem
phis, Tenn., on
Matssrday, Jssdo 19. ,
within legal hours, the following dosaribed
property, situated in Shelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wit;
Lots 1, 2 and 6, of the subdivision made in
this cause in the year 1878. as shown by re
tort filed herein April 12, 1878.
Lot 1 fronts south aide of Uayoao street 33
feet, with a depth ot about 120 leet.
Lot 2 tronts same street 33 f.et, with, about
the saaae depth.
Lot 6 fronts same street 30 feet 9 inches,
with a depth of about 85 feet.
To the plan of subdivision reference is
here made.
Terms of Sale On a oredit of six, twelve,
eiahteen and twenty-four months, purchaser
executing notes with approved security bear
ing i tercet from drt'euien retained and re
demption barred. This May 21, Ik.-.
S. I. MnDuWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Poston A Potion, Solicitors.
used vith salutary effect in the family
of Mrs. K. W. Edmund, 2t Adams street,
Memphis, Tenn. She was cored of nervous
ness and her husband of indigestion.
WILL be rpened June 1st. This noted
watering-place is situated six miles
trom .Vtna Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa rai'road. in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at Atna.
and will coavey guests to springs at a very
low rate.
Board, &3 per MMth t lit ler Day,
Special Batra l rassalllfw).
We Invite all who wish te spend the most
Bleasant see -on of their lives to come to
eaverdam. especially seekers of pleasure
and health, tiood water and pure air in
Liverymen, Centrevitle, Tena.
B. A. Dg AN. Prop'rCentreville Hotel.
iieves pain, aids digestion, and tones up
the system. Mrs. W. A. Smith, No. 5o0
hhelby street, Memphis, Tenn., says herhus
kand was cured of rheumatism alter trying
many other remedies without aid.
No.M2, .D i ,eoe,Poblie Admin
istrator, of bkalkv jnty. aid as auch Ad
ministrator of U.-4. E. M- bleekley, de
ceased, vs. Maggie A. Brennan et al.
BY virtne of decree for aula entered here
in, April 27. 1866, I will yfler for aale,
at poblio audioes, at COLL1ERVILLK,
T3IN 'tCsr y. May . 18M.
within legal hours, tbe following describes
real estate, to-wit:
I. A eerUin lot containing three and one
balf (3 acres in tbe Tenth C vil District
of Shelov oounty. Tenn., in the neighbor
hood of Bray'a Station: Bounded on tbe
norti by the Mate-lino road: on tbe sooth
by the M. and C. Riilroad; on the east by
tre lands ot P. M. Ward, and cn the west by
ihe lands of E. Read
Ana the following lots in the town of Col
lierville, Shelby county, Tenn. :
II. AvaruDtlrt uonting on the west side
oi the public park, south ot the lot owned by
T. il Morris, and being one hundred (1(A))
feet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(12t!) test.
III. A vacant lot on the south sideof Front
street, beginning about one hundred and
forty (140) teet weit of the intersection of
Front street with the opening west of the
public square, having a front el one hun
dred and seventy-lour feet by a depth of
about two buiidr-d and twenty (220) leet.
IV. A vacant lot on the east side of Maia
street, tbiity by sixty t&rxrju) lee . lying be
tween the property of Geo. xi. Blair and P.
L. (iray.
V. A vacant lot on the -est side of Main
street, beginning about one kunared end
fifty-eight (158) leet no'th ot the inte'sectioa
of Front and Main streets; thence Berth
twenty (20) leet, with a depth ef one hun
dred and sixty (16n feet, running south at
right angles with the s uih line of said lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (120)
feet west of tbe beginning point, a distance
of fift'-eiaht (58) feet, until it Joiaa with lot
No four (4). trootingon Front street.
VI. A certuin lot commencing on the
northwest corner of J. W. and W. 1). Koen'e
lot, in the town of Collierville, deeded to
them by Leake and Irby; running thence
north 'hiny (30) feet to a stake; thence east
sixty (60) feet to a stake; thence south thir
ty (0i leet to a stake to the northwest cor
ner ot said lot of Kom's; tbence wet sixty
(60i feet to tbe beginning point.
Book 311, page 135.
VII. A lot known as the Orehard lot, de
scribed as: Beginningat the northeast cor
ner ol lot No 6, on a range ot lots north of
puMie square and ospoaite the M. and C.
K.K. ; tber ce north two buncredand seven
feet six t'07H Inohes to a s ahe; thence west
to hundred and twenty (220) feet in J. K.
Wadding's east boundary; therce footh
two hundret and seven leet six (2U7 inchea
to a st-ike, which is the northwest corner of
John Lynch's lot No. 11; tbenoe esst two
hundred and twenty (120) leet to the begin
ning, containing, by estimation, a little over
one acre. Book 72, page 542.
Vlli Lot No. one (1), forty (40) fietby
one hundred (100) feet, in a range ol lota
Nos. 1 to 11, on the north side ol the put lis
squnre or park, purchased from V. Leake
beptember 24, 18o7, snd recorded In Regis
ter's office ot Shelby county, in oook No. 62,
pages 2U3, 51 4.
IX. Lot No. 2, forty (40) byone hundred
(1U0) feet, in a range of lots Nos. 1 to 11 on
the north sideof the public square or park,
purchased from V. Leake, December, IW,
and reoorded in the register'a ofliee of Shel
by county, in book No. 65, page 470.
X Lot No. 4 (and part of lot 31, forty (40)
by one hundred (100) feet, and part of let 3,
eight (Hi by one bundled (lOO) leet, west of
and adjoining lot No. 2, in a lange of lota
No. 1 toll, on the north aide or the pubiis
f ark or square. On tbis lot, 4810O feet, are
wo brick stoiehouses, on which there ist
trust deed of record. (Sale subject to tbe
rigiita of the mortgagee.)
XI. Lot No. 5, forty (40) by one hundred
(1)0) feet, westol and a joining lot No. 4,
above described, and fourteen (14) feet six
(rt) inches of lot No. 6. west of and adjoining
lot No. 5. This is tbe lot on wbieh Mrs. K.
M. Bleckley res ded at the time ol ber death,
being fifty-four (54 leet six inches by one
hundred (100) feet i One-story frame' and
improvements. Book 83, page 226. .
XII. Lot No. 9, forty (40) by one hundred
(1(10) feet, in a range of lots on the north side
of tne inblio park or square, record book
No. 60, part 2, pages 457-8. A lot fronting
the west fide of tne publio park, beginning
forty-eight (48) feet snulh of I'ront street,
lying between the lot of J. K. Wsddy on the
north and T. J. Morris on the south, being
fottj -eight by one hundred and twenty 4x
120) teet. having two (2) two-story biiek im
provements and also one (1) smail tenement
of wood. Upon this lot there is a trust deed
oi record. Sale subject to the rights of the
As per said decree, I will first sell said un
improved property, or so niuch thereof as
may be necessary lor the payment of the
debts and ehs ges, snd ctate, county and
municipal titxes against said estate: and in
the event mid unimproved property does
nit rtalise sufficient, then I will offer said
improved property for sale for the payment
of the remainder of said debts, costs,
chari.es and taxes. This decree ia made
without prejudioe to tho claims uf oreditors
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and the
right of the estate in property embraced in
sue h mortgage or trost deeds (hall be last
sold in case a sale thereof becomes neces
sary to pay the debts allowed.
At the time of the sale the guardian, M.
Oavin, may direct tbe order in which the
different lota or tracts may be sold, exoept
that the mortgaged property is to be last sold
aa above stated.
Teraas of Saie One-fourth (M cash, one
fonrth () on December 27, 1886, and one
half () on Decern 'er i7, 1887; purchaser to
eiecute notes with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid purchase money, and a
lien retained on the property to secure the
deferred payments. This April 24, 188d.
By (i. L. McDonald, Depnty Clerk.
John Loague, W. D. Wiikerson, H. C.
Warriner and Albert Suggs, solicitors.
No. 4654. R.'-Chaneery Court of Shelby
county State of Tennessee vs. Emily
Saekeit et al.
BX virtue of an interlocutory def.ee for
aole, entered in the above cause on the
14th dav of May, 1885, M. B. 48, page 105,
I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk ana Master's
office, Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Natnrday, Jans 19, 186,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in .Shelby oounty, Tenn.,
Lot 'l3. block 5, Brown's subdivision,
fronting 80 teet on the east side of LaHose
street, and running back 175 ect. Sold as
the property ol Emily Saekett, W. W. Luek
ett and others.
Part of lot 7, block 63, southeast corner ol
tayoso and Hernando street., 2-'x63 feet,
hoid as the property of the Workingmen'g
Building and Loan Association, E. Buobig
nani. Part ef lot 9, block 63, east sti!e of Her
r ando street, adjoining Carter, 45x135 fet.
Part of lot 9, block 63, east side of Her
nando street, north of Maydwell's, 35x116
Let 2, block 45 : Beginningat a point on
the south side nt Beale s trier. 5i teet east of
the earner oi Beale aud Causey streets;
thence southward with Johnson's line 78
feet; thence outward 25 feet; thenoe north
ward 78 teet to Bele street: tbence west
ward with the south side of Beale street 28
feet to beginning. Sold aa the property of
Roeco Boggiana and others.
Terms of Sale On a creditor six months;
ante with security, bearing interest, re
quired ; lien retained; redemption barred.
Thia Mejr 20, lsrw.
S. I, McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, 1. C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Heiskoll, solicitor.
A book of 100 pages.
Tbe best book fop
an advei User to con
sult, be he e'peri
enoed.or otherwise.
It contains lists or
rn .anaa
newspaper and estimates o the cost of ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar, finds in it tbe information be re
quires, while for him who will invest on
hut dred thousand dollars in advertising, a
echeo.e isi ndicated which will meet hia
every reuot ement, or can be made to do ao
by slight change easily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and fifty-three
editions have been issued. Sent, postpaid,
to any address lor ten een J. Apply to GEO.
VERTISING BUREAU.lOSpruoest. (Print-
ne Hon.e Kau.e . New Vovlr
Khowvn iRoy wrri.R-s. BKv
fited Mrs. Hattie W. Miller, No. 49 Mar
shall avenue, Memphis. Tenn., after an at
tack of dvsentery. and asain assisted her
recovery from malarial fever. She consid
ers it a most valuabloasedirine.
fc.WiiajTu M N 99 trip. UluMrr (TCnt
i - - ftntMit Wrajr DriBteH. DO
- - vy nnMit ew prvvted, now Midi,
?. ravreeent maris New, Oriel-
vnai niyiesv! uraoe m Lumrs
V Deska, Tables, Chain,
rT Book Caeca, Leangee.
Letter jrreaawa, caotaata
ladies' Fancy eeka,a
h i Oood. ud Loweat
rrW. IhuuM. Gataloat
lAAMTcn Attr.nlS.Men ana v. omer.
BIBLK " introduotloB by Rev. 3. H. Via
cent. D.D. One agent has sold 65 ia a tow.
0f 874 people; one 73 in a village ol 7sH:ont
new agent 85 in 10 days; oae 2td ia 4 suocea
sire weeks: one 40 in 3 days at two diflerenl
timet. Kioerienee not necessary. .ddreaa
CAoiKLL A CO. tL't'd).
ei iearboro itrtaW tlhicaio.
i ii

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