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zz i i fRKDivn nrrciT I.A S.:ool lLAX FOR REPAIRS.
- a UUWU1.IW iFiiiu" v" """r' i.V." "
HATtBDlT, WAY 29, 188,
07 fa'anl L'CcDct... Wc: Gal.ery.
JCNE 2. USS. with Arnold'! Fall Band in
attendant.. No paint will b. , .pared u. mak.
the .Heir th. molt pleasant of the
All effort! will be made to obUin lb, ipret
oc. of P. J. McUUIRK. th. r' bDerr
Tary of the Order, end also T. V. POW DEK.
IA? The whole affair -i" .
Improper character, will be ". J
return check! will be given after etok'
Barrel. B.indfold and Sack Race, will be on
bund f.r the fun of the l.ttle f"Is.
-For making old col-
t r.f M-moriis Steam Laundry.
A r.n.ook 7 raiiu-
ftflAAA TJ tWOO to loan in turn, to
OiUUU .uit parties having note, well
Indorsed, rent note., chattel taort4-agei or
other reliable tecurity. I.p pT.
TUB IDEA That eollari and cuffs cannot
be re-laundried to appear equal to new
work. ee Memtbit Sleaia Laundry adver
tisement f..r particular..
OCT Wnt,?".?
ROOMS AND BOARD In private family,
deuble or single: eo-.lest looation in
the city. Addre... with relereno..
IHOiCE ROOMS-wunorwunoninou.
l'i squares Irom Wayoso. 45J bheioy st.
...... i l - m .tik ll 1
KUUKS UM i.ra. iiuu .uvu, -.
couy and one large back room witn
larg dr.sing-rcom, and ithert ai good an
can d. .ouou .u .... 75 UNION ST.
Al y jiaraot bmopi
phseton . and har-
:h in tooa oraer:
Tery cheap, Address, PHAJITOH. APP.a.
othce. or call at cmie i
QPLENDID ROOMS-With board, J Mul-
UJ berry pi. ; aiso uny uonmci.
-- 1 1 i i-tav n..-
A Dtu, both in food order:
T300MS AND BOARD-Denrable roomi
Receivable or any n 'j'at
State. uvti"""
JAMES UOCSE-Cor. Beeond and Ad-
V- B Lai er liei
Pny board H per woek.
. - . i j
TVTlLKS Ten head No. 1 worK muie aun
04 Front t.
AFE A No. 1 i'on safe, cheap. Call at
O o. Howrd row
8-Two heifer- and two heifer
one bull calf old enough for fer-
Auir. at Factors' W. hou-e. So., h and
Sl.in atreeti. A. B. HlTl' ORD.
aiitiimniliDri a A rem
y S W. TtARBKW. Ahlai.dCity.Tenn,
Vj w H I.AHKIN. Larkin.v.lle, Ala
1 1 00D f00 oords of wood in amounts to
uit purcha-ers. GALLOWAY.
jJima, Misouri or Louisiana, to make large
cash prohts at once: a monoi'm -;y
lected- Parties wi!hin a good business ad
dress MANlllfARTDREK.this olhce.
CUEAP FOR CASU-The two-story Brick
btorehouse. No. Beale street, just
ast o' Dosoto: lot 21x701 will tae .
Turn T ViNPtt f!iliin' ht. R.R. Office
UCVi . . "
-tr fm . t. 4 feet deep. For full
information addrese WM. A. DEAN,
47 ...ltnn street. Baltimore. Md
rpi'KKISUBD ROOMS-AttonrogBtret-
r 4 n fn.nlatiAtl OF
RUUm nice irouv T " "i
.r.i...n:.k.rl . mod locality and good
.T-r water ' 68 COURT ST.
T ESIDENCB During the summer, a suo
A .....t ra. Large garden, fine shade,
etc. None but firit-class tenant need apply
S. H. liAMB, Miss, anu
terma. 116 Becontl at., earner Exchange
. nn - mo nu auf In ond
J repair and only half block eaat of now
,trMl C"l'T-RHEPHERD.10M.di.on.t.
Apply to
tn Vifth street, Chelsea.
At W m. rt. moore e.
r and board at 72 Madison st.
Bj the Charlestons Rank riajiag
of the Locl8-Tne fleak
Spots Pointed Oat.
would citfh thm. Cliae took firt
on Kail- ' for. itia ISirii kfr home.
T .nr.. r.Ar aillA hitter. Lit B ROD Hy tO
abort itop and ended the (tame. Iho
excitement at this time was in'erf,
everybody standing, llies included.
Score by innings:
Atlanta.... 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1-4
Aona8ta...O 0 0 1 " 0 0 0-5
SmwdluK f h t Inha.
ROOM Furni'hed room, witn or wuooui
board, at lit! Court straet. .
gOARD-W.th JAf feTOKja
NICE Rooms, lurninhed or unlurnisnea,
TW;0 large nnlurnifhed rooms, with or
witheut board, at 6U Madison street, cor
ner Third.
C CLARENDON HOTEL-Fiity-four sleep
J ing-rooins, furnished! kiUhen and din-
HOUSE A new double-tenement house.
rooms on each sides nicely finished;
large yard, in fast, all .conveniences, on
jlosa tvenua. uuuu oibm,.
Forty Years a Snfferer from
"FOR. rum i ihaoimii.. ;..
tim to CATARRU-three-fourths of the time
TRILS. The discharges were so offensive
that I hesilate to mention it, eicept lor the
good it may do some other sufferer. I have
spent a young fortune from my
during my loriy yean ui "";
relief Iroin the doctors. I have tried patent
tnediolnes-every one I could learn of Irom
fheour corner, of the earth, with no relief.
with a remedy that hai cured me entirely-
mad me a new man. -'-"' r--'
and now weign iw. -f
the medicine, and the only I hT?
is, that being in the humble walks of He I
may not have innuonoe w ino.a.. ,---Urrh
sufferers to use what has cured me-
Onlnn'g Pioneer Blood Renewer.
No. 267 Second utreot, Macon, (J a,
r - r. ..... tm r ttMF of thm
above, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon. Ga.. merits the confidence of all in
terested in caiarrn. J - ...
IURNISBED R00M8-For genu and for
houseaeeping. at iwviuni.-
furnished or
lams st.
TWO elegant front rooms, fun
nnfnrninhed. Apply at H9 Adn
I MMEDIATELY Twenty-five young ladies
I f...a T.ion Mf ' Co.; consUnt
.umiiTovment. good pay
.. . imi rt f -- fiafkavlnA Pvan
(widow). maiden name Conry, daughter
of ilmes tonryrcoldra. Parish of Kiltrus
tin, county Roscommon. Ireland (was in
Memphis about twelve years ago), by her
brother rtajrjruo.iiiuui
m AN To Uke an office and represent a
JVL manufacturer 50 per week ; small cap.
ital required. Address, with stamp, Box 70,
West Acton. Mass.
A SOUTHERN LADY To associate her-
wsentitin her own locality. Good Mlary
Barclay street, rtew iora
.COPIED PICTURES-A11 styles, oldest
A 3 anil mri7iDL DUUo iu --
send for catalogue and specia termr.
"VOU TO LOOK At the Memphis Steam
1 iiftundry aa. anu icaru w -.j
"VTTHITB GIRL-Eight to twelve.years oi
age, can ooiain a k"uu uuu.
family. Ari'ly at M Frator gtrect.
POSITIOS-Bya good steady boy in store
or office. Address J. P.. Appeal office.
EVERYBODY To call and see the cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
. street, near ropior,
aninn'a Pioneer Blood Renewer.
rt ! T ! ... mm nViaiimflv
Oureg all Blood i a ""a r, T
t.sm. rioromia, uiu our. -
Medicine. . . ., , . . ,,jj
i ..I in mnr m ukdu iv w 111 w
on reoeipt of price. Small bottles, f 1, large,
1-J . y ..J GLt. fmallai
Kssay on uiooa u o.m
"f nMaKW-
The attendance yesterday at the
v. w. 1 1 ... . V aa vArv amall and
UKQuaii t'ml "
those uho were tot present have rca
,i i i
BOn VO COORraiUiaiB llcuiociih. i
was about aa poorly a played jraine of
ball on the part of the locals as can
powibly be imagine d. Both at the bat
and in the field the majority of them
l I, . 1 Pla..lr
pisyea aa n uisy wwe mcu. wmv.,
.ol a.lmirahlv nnttinff OUt
tbree men, all on ditticolt flies, and one
of them alter a magnificent ran from
left to center field. There is one thing
about Black tbat cannot 08 saia oi
some others in the nine. He plays
for the nine, not for Black, lie is not
a record playpr. lie goes for every
ball within 200 yards of him, snd
takes chancr s without fear of making
errors, and hi work is appreciated by
the Miblic. The men who p'ay as if
they feared that if they got near
enough to a ball tbey might make an
trior are icsora piayera sou uugui uui
to hi toler.ted, and they wont
be, for the public eye is
on them and will stand ro koiishnesi
of that sort. The Memphis public is
patient and long enduring, but when
it does begin to kick, something gen-
erally drors. The probabilities are
that llieorop win occur in ceuwr no u
unless things brighten up in that lo-
i irt.. .Al.;nl ..am
canty very snoiuy. iu mumi .vm
publithed below only charges Mem
phis with five errors made yesterday,
out me uiuwm buuic iouoi,qi,ri
were at least a dozen misplaya made,
and while they may not have amount
ed to errors, stiictly speaking, they
constitute what is known as "rotten
bill playing." Manee;i got several
chances yesterday, and though he
may not nave maae wdbi ib iwuuiw-
ly called an error, yei no piayou "
poorly that every one-b.se bit that
tamo his way wns worth two, and
evety two-base hit, three.
lUe APPEAL BaiU yodiuiuni
II Vincnmo
painfully manifest when we strike At
lanta and jNaanvuie. nsuminuu
names, but there are cerla'n pointi in
iheinlield and one point in tho out
fiBld that will etand a great deal of
J he names were wunneia yraumuM
in the hope tbat a marked improve
ment might render it unnecestary.
We were disappointed; tne wb
points teem to grow weaker
every aay, ana wo P'-?" --j
cover them are eaniry, ""iu
and Mansell. Mr. Santry has
disnppoint-'d the hopes enteriainea oi
him and Mr. Mansell is a colossal fail
ure, and their interiomy as uu
players becomes more conspicuously
manifest when contrasted with such
men as Crowley and theincompa-able
Gardner. For some reason or other
the locals failed to nitureening, me
new Charleston pitcher. It was not
because he is a great pitcher, for
he is nothing of the kind, lie is
a pudding, has no speed and no de-
. rf j 11.. 1 a mntao
ceptive curves, anu u ai-i-m 4""V
. .... 4.1 A V. m. 1 1 1 lia
the pieaiction now iui uo wm
knocked out of the box inside of sixty
days, and possioiy ueioro mi
Atlanta boys feel good when they
tu kle him. The game yesterday does
not deerve description in detail. The
details are dlsgueting. O'Leary was
t ui .nH flliln'r. aanm to Care.
ireuiy iiii, , .
ii n.nhaVl iliahnartinea. and
awnnaahlv ho. bv the very inferior
suriDort accorded him.
1 1
Savannah -
Chattanooga ...
... 1!'
.... ltd
: i at
10 .tv51
i;t ..rt
18 ..SM
lft .510
15 .M
16! 3
18 .379
19 .:!47
( apt. Iach (iirt a IIU Views of Wark
Seeessary for rrotectiug
the ltl.iHs.
BiwraMsll Kwirw.
rniLADKLPiii a. Athletics, 1 ; louls-.
viile, 8.
Baltimore Baltimore, 3; Pitts
burg, 1.
Ksw Yobs. t?t, Lcu'tf, 1; New
York, 4.
Washington. Chicago, 2; Waih
ington, 0.
It doesn't take Morton long to cure
a weak soot.
Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1 ;
Kansts City, 5.
Tub toboggan will he in operation
sf Lflr the irnuio this afternoon. The
toboggan is a big thing.
Manager Morton oi the :avannaris
;ii in Havnrtwo. sinii a third base-
man and catcher from the National
Umiibk Young has resigned, and
President Prouddt appointed in his
etead E. S. llengle, ex-manager ol the
Chicago l!lm.
Is the ollicial score of Thursday's
same Black was not credited with the
double play which he certainly made.
Tlrs should be rectified.
A (iams of baseball was played at
Grand Junction on the 24th itHtant
v..i,,...n ih. k'iHa nf thatcitvanda
club from Legrange, lenn., rtsulting
in a victory for the larmor Dy a Bcoro
nfa tn is.
Tub batteries to-day will probably
be Knoufl and Uronnawn i
.k:. uii,;.g and Hums for Charles
UUIO, " " J .
ton. If Knoutl is notsupponeu oeuer
than OXeary was yesterday we may
lose again.
A KKwdays ago the Aitsai. said:
"We would like to tea the color cf the
man's hair who can make a home ran
oil' Knoufl or O'Leaiy." We law it
yesterday. The color is chestnut
L..n anrl h hair belongs to bard-
11 1 aUnA cO ill A
ner. Great
Gar doer.
B H,
thirty day. I "Vin
SCCUPAiiTS For pleasant rooms at 227
Main street, nwrvumt'
"yTGENTS eoin money with our Amateur
A Photo outfit, and collecting family
ipictures toenlarite. ;pecial 30-day oBer
1CMPIRE C(JP 1NW to.. ,v.iuanai at
Lt New Tilter "-a Tilter. Bust e, lloop
,kirtand Underskirt combined.
,L removed and skirt laundried . AAjU-
.Shown. Agents donble their money. Al o.
a lull line of new furnishing goods for ladies
-CAMPBELL A CO 7 No.' West Randolph
Street, unicago,tii
IPEATHER8-01d and new leamers
I Highest cash once raid at
wnpni o, v.'
Rnppd.r. f 1
Mansell, c f 4
Andrews, xst d... a
Krehmver. c 4
Black, I. i 4
Bantry, s. s
Phelan, 2d b 2
Whitehead, 3 D..i
U Xeary, p............
ToUl 30 4 4
Gilmsn, c. f 5 0
Gardners, s 4 1
Hines, 1. f 5 1
Brosnsn, 2d b 4 3
Crowley, r. f 4 2
foweu, 191 d
Bichmond, 3d b, 4 1
McVey, c 4 0
lii-wrum?. D o U
Total.. 37 10 14 27 10 2
MemDhis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2- 4
Charleston.. ..0 1 0 2 5 0 2 0 -10
Rnmmirt: Runs earned Memphis,
i . nL..iiAii K Virat Kaeo An prrorfl
Memphis, 1; Charleston, 4. First base
on called Dai's Mempu., t , ..
ton, 1. Struck out By O'Leary, 5 ; by
n...nn;nn 1 T (f nn hnap MemDblS.
Vill i in. . t, -
4; Charleston, 4. two-Drue uhb
Mantell, Brosnan, Hines, Richmond
I 'vma; I av I flnn DUBH II I LH Viiii U"
npr. ISronan and Powell. Home rune
eaBton'B Hotel.
W U TITNdHAM Masaoes. .
European plan. Enlarged and refurnUhed.
I'riCeS MDUrumi -
tion of rooms.
C 8 Meriwether, Miss h niney, Ind
u.' i. iir.Kiin.Tann A karr, Tenn
J K E kles, Tenn A 'loter, 1 Kas
j W .lieonara, c.ty L'i'C."U.Z
TV"' U B-nan. Mi..
V Sn.V"i5i.. WRWiibourncAf.Mi.s
W L Bryan, Ark R H McGee. Ark
KevUMicinoauy."""" " '
V s llimins. Ky J M Burgher, Ky
J C Dafe. Tenn D Wnruburger, Ohio
M F Rose. Ohio 8 Uoldstein, Ohio
m,.i1 Wait'oner.Ten MrsM E NeimaB.Tenn
The Hew Uajaao.
Rates, 12 50 to 4 per dy, aooordlng to loca
The comin'tttv ui nine appointed at
Wednesday's nurting nu-t yi-eterday
to retvive their report, which ia pie
conted below. It wax unanimously
apt. Leerh'a Flaa.
ViiiTin Ptatkb Kn.ivna'a Ornrg,
(Capt. Smith S. Leach. Corps ol Engineers,
I . 8. A., in cham.)
May 27. 18).
W. P. Prouddt. Secretary of Coin ittee ot
Citiiens on BluS 1'rotection, Memphis,
Dbar Pir I am in receipt of your
requett of yesterday, made in beba'f
of ihecomnutiee, for a presentation ol
my plan for the piotection of the cav
ing bluff, with eetimaHM.
Both the esKentul features 01 toe
plan and its prob tble gross ooet I have
already conQiifunicsted to yoa in my
let'er of the 1 1th instant. I cannot ven
ture much further with detail in ad
vance of information to be ootaineo
only ttom surveys of the actual pres-
..... .i .
enl comt.tion auu enape oi irann.
bed at the place where the work is to be
done. Demr ng, However, to meet in
muiihL wiv the wiahesof the
committee, I offer the following addi-
tioual particulars ci my pian, n iv u
nuw in my mind. I et peciaiiy invito
attention to the eisenceol the plan,
whica ia tho building of so nntny com
posite structures of brush and etone of
certain general dimenuions, and in
specified positions with lespect to the
nn ii ir Kuvnnii tm.h nun it'll lans Bra
ftinur.. ... j I ' ....
BA.n..'t.i nimnutiirA Bncl RUDiet't tO
ElllUCnimi ... . " i
change. I would propose to lay five
sputa in the liu net now raving.
rri.l anana, tli. mi An an AVIirAUI.
1 U1B aiilllil niMw mini v. ........ - --r
375 fietfiom center 10 center. bother
I would make all the spaces eouiii a
Kaeh spur BhouM rnnuBt, firHt, of a
. .. n,atiinti font Inn i' inn
KUit II ijiiwv.i. - - --rt
and down stream) by 300 tl 3fi0 leet
... : 1 ..tun. lint, irnm nnar hlch-WBter
mark out cn the bcttmn a distance
.....i in It. wl.lil,. This msttieas
1,1 U in xnnttrni'tinn eilllilsr to
those uted along the levee.with which
..s nnKtluaa familiar, with the
j ll 1 1 niu v.", , . . -.
a.l.liiinn nf extra stone, held in cribs
-I.. ,.,o ami uni.nr fiiiL'PH. a
IUU( VIIO uuidi ,.-.v. n
stiaightline drawn ftom the inner to
near the out sr ed.e of this maureHJ,
.... i. tum tna rtrnnniwa
V Ut'U UU HID Ui w, i" - f i -
crest of the finished dike. Hecono,
ofaserlesof biuih cribs loauea wim
...... ii.. ... nn. Viniiiir nhnnt sixtv
BHiur, ill. mo. -
Ao (ant lnna nnd oi SUCU
ur Duij-ui. - pi - ,
i.i. t. t.Aft i. will in in T.I.H UHHLeit
WIULU L II H W I it... .
pait of the dike with ita top parallel
to the creel line, j no ''
...:h faut almrtnr and some
Will uc nn " . , . , .
wider, and the .increase of width and
uecreane ui inuiu ..... B - -
last crib will be laid about twenty
feet wide and extending clear along
to the crest. Below is a rough sketch
of the component parts of a spur as 1
have described thorn:
wr aiar vum I MS -We are now finishing Collars and Cuffs after tbe latest New York
VmilQn. kVn up with th. s'yle and time and send u.
laniuu--.; K. ...... Tiru. hath
medium gloat Oni.h. Keep up with the e yie an; time.
. We will pay Kiprest Ctarget b.th ways on parkagei amounting to
ray on inckiiires of lest amount. . ji i .
re and CuBs, e per dotenj Miirtaj 1IK each. T
our Collars nJ Culls
a ' ....1 aaat r nftA W
uuir.M. P.allarfl
iJile ef 4tlrc !
I niitiwn uae
aa liiaPIISLl
jinx mtttoH
Incidentals 4,0
Tot ii
trv respectfully, your obedient
servant, dwt,u , .
Captain of Kngincar.
Oi t'K-K E'iiiNtK Inm District, )
MMi-HiH, Tnn.. May '!, 1.
W. P. Proudlit, Esq., Secretary lltver tn.ni
Prole.'tion :
Dbar Kir Your esteemed fv.r of
the L'tith ins'atit wai received this
morning. In obediei e to thereout st
ot the oommittee I met Mr. George M.
' . tiiA n ii i nn 111 i.iui . urint in
United HftUH pnimr, huu wn ru.a.
IV dUMUUHtMl Willi Ull, l-nirii uo
k..U ncml nil tt.H M itWIHHtnpi
III'UD HlUUiwtm a-a..
river and elsewhere for the protecion
of river shore lines, iiarm.re, e,-., oul,-
ject to tho nnuermining aim si"'
action of strong currenlM. After a full
i. o.,,i ilim'iiHsion of the
various point! in the plan of mattresH.
dike, as nioposeu oy jii. ''"! -
b l;eve that no better plan can be de
vised and give it onr unquaiinau m
.i... i Wa rullnvi. indeed, that
UWI orr,.!...,. . w " --, -
ii l Mm onlv ulan in that situation
. ..:..kU V... nnlu
one in our judgment that will atloiii
inv nroteclion or secuiuy. "
u... ,i ik., nl,m lu eirrind out as
mannad out hv Caut. Lbc1i the fur
ther caving of bank will not only be
... i u.. 1., a four vHarii the
provrmru, mi, ... - - j :: ,
shoie line will be greatly strengthened
u.. .1.. l.nb .lanuita hetwilfll the SeV-
einl dikes. Kx-oeettully Biihmttted,
City Engineer.
0. M. (1ARVKY.
Civil Kngineer.
I McKee. Tenn
Wm Smith, Ky
it 0 Wheeler, Mo
J T Morton, Ky
8 B Brown, Mo
W B DaviSt Va
W ii...t J V
Mist Cox, Ark
B Hoffman, Aia
C A McLean, III
H 1. Mines. Tonn
Bases stolen-Sneed 2, Black,
Saotry and Phelan. Time ol game,
2:10. Umpire, J. Breonan.
Tbe Coming Plteber.
laacniAI. TO THE APrtAL.I
rin . . unnn i Titaii..Mav28. Chat-
... . nlnmi vintnrV Ihlfl BVen-
Taiiiiiiui. . I'll m livdm i.mwv. . .
inn fiom Macon. The game abounded
.... i . . j i a. . i rnivr
in brilliant piaye, anu iv wo ii-".'
. . ,- 'T-l aalIH tint.
IlrinphiB, Tenn.
tpondenw for new business.. PoBition.
-permanent. Salary or commission. Write
to-day. Address rv,i. Til.
H AllVa All ftwm.iv.naui-."-.
.AiW.'.." - .
TTyrBN and womon to start a
XVJ. at their nomes. ew 7V"-".-"
lhour:lCo to tOo an hour m.de
. evening. Send 10c for a package of sample.
ATEN. ETC-200 station men,
JX 50 tie-makers,
50 teams,
V. choppers,
. on Bald Knob eitension,25 miles from Mem
,?hi" Apply on work at Tyronia river, or
-to Toof. AtcOowan A CcKRVgY k SC0IT
,N To do station worg on Bald Knob
railroad ; station work at 11 to 13 cent..
Alt. t.-m.kers at Vi cent. Apiuy
- i . . mr.V b Ci'llT'l'. I '
Biaaersafc i vu"-. "t .
harvkV .v SCOTT. Tyronne.
LDaOLD A SILV R-Forcai orex
change. MuiituKiii
IliHET cash prices paid for old and new
FEATHERS at 448 Main street
. . . . r. .! IT.,, 1 II 1 hi Tl.
fH1000 rtn. DR SCOTS
WiffiTRIii HOODS. S42 Broadway, New
York. The onlyjrenjnne
and territory wanted. Ja?D
llimiteil), S2 Broadway, 2v. I., ma u uear
born .reet, Chicago
In evorr State inthe ion
to rorreseot a t-Ai.ji "
1V1 F.STAbLlSHMtBA navina ....-.
ImJImmkIaiI i. !.. oonin PI IIU sf Mmr ftl -Gardner. Passed balle-McVey, 1
jlluisuuiEiiiii ins bhuhu uum uvu.,,.-. Wild pitches-iLery, l J
a-nn einliia aanaiatM O Ttnspa Ht.nler
an - M.ptinBi nnttft?
Ill II K KM Nhl,l,IHlr.
(vsMKMsiinniii aawa
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
nn n a T HI T)V
uiPTTrD rn llnonT interesting. The victors could not
H. WETTER & CO., AgeniS, B0lve Hart's curves, and he received
'nnt nnnnri. Millor and Decker.
Rrnra hv innines:
Ohattanocgs 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-2
M-ron -0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Nashville Ponnda O Day.
Ia.tl.tll. TO TBB APPIAL.I
xt T fa 28. Nash
-.ni. ... ,i a thlr.l lima defeated ra
v 1 1 1 r . iii i,uu
vannah to usy. xue won v
.i. I,. Tho team was CriDOled.
al lUB ui, .
but plaved evenly all through. Beard
as called to Chicago by tbe death of
his brother and Bittman played with
i r.. Ja anil Ilall.
a sprainea auKie. vuuuuu u
fV,A r.na hv.tprv. Diindon
iiiHii wiia tiiv avv-wa
nitcbed a strong game, striking put
. '- ..... 4. 1 1 ,i Bna nil him.
ten ana navuiu wut una 6'"-
nm- t.a riiilon mi the eavannaa
y "'J u:7 ln
hatlnrv. II U.V WB8 nil. lut djoo"
(nn. nf wlileh wars two-bag
LHH9W, ' .. .. - -
(jers. O'Day struck out seven ; Naflh-
ville, Beven. rroni oavammn, wu.
U n na n.mflfrntE nmiLIl Klltl I1CU-
man for Nashville, Nolan and (jillen
Lnnnnah Unnra hv inninfl to-dSV :
Nashville! 0 2 1 0 0 2 0 0 2-7
Savannah: 00102010 0-4
Aoicaata'B Luck Tarns.
IgriaiAL to ths arrsAi.l
Atlanta, Ga., May 28.-The game
between Atlanta and Augusta to-day
was witnessed by a large crowd, and
was hotly contested throughout. At
lanta played in hard luck, and would
have won the game if they could have
bunched their hits at tbe right time.
In tue ninth inning the score stood o
to 3 against Atlanta acd with three
men on bast-s and two men out, C'line
at tbe bat. It Eccme.l certain Atlanta
Tjr eooo
the cre,t f the Allcgnsnies, wuuiu iu.
famous Olade geciinn, directly on the line i of
tbeB.andU. inooiage ".
iers. All Limliea bxpress ain. o,v.
With the ne anu. uninni" y .V---J
ula on the iiaiiunore u vu. -"--"
these lovely twin resorts are beyond all jom-
ooin at wir-i- -
any east ol toe i r-oea.-a. m .
1 i.r I'arK anu uaaiauu, vhh t,
six miles distant irom too iii- -
most charming urivei co""""a
be under tne maoaiouiouv .
W Al.khK. WHO, in n I lureo wm""" ;
nt.ha. m.de many ..th-i-ti-J
Ot the.g or.OUS r.aurv,. n. "A
M- m
lftth. Alter. -
Oakland, ..r . . m-tn. ait.
RATiiS V ia "ou '
cording to location..
Jl in rendiVinger'Park and Oakland
the laading Mountain nesor' oi '
D.ndfr.r cha racter not hitherto ..jualed, and
tbe cuisine ' " 1. El.
aant new Bathing Pools. . .
' The flnest place for Children in the land
1 11...... Ml..
F W Unlbreath. Tenn
SO Porter At. Ill
M B Fisher, Mis.
A Bauer, Tenn
1 K Jlrown, Tenn
Mrs Bird, NY
J RUutrman, Ala
T n A . 111. in
W J llndson.Tenn
l, u iianeoea, m
t u Murray, n i
. .nu -I .... . Ill rtA 1'' I HS'
Tble uniUd with the bt, hi.tcial
... . :i1 Am III..kAB. tlwaiinn.
rale, wun imin. , , .Vj
lia, Rheumat am and Malaria, waters and
a mala uniurpassou. " run iiii .
W. P. RlIHSKliL, t'alnor,
n.n i. Mnrlniri. flieku.snCo , Tenn.
IIBU ll-l".
R H Taylor. Ind i n Murray. r
Co Sho. Tenn T Q Baker. W
E I. Tipp. Tenn F A Durkee, Ky
CHFoote, Mo , V,V HS'r'tj10 u
Miss E Batin, Mo Miss M L Bauer, Mo
n tiaTnJ..iln Af.Neb J B Ui house. Tenn
M HNipkins. Mov ,''''.
U ii Kountreo, w a . iiiYwin ir
R B Spencer. Ind T 8 Pitkin, Mo
A B Simpson, mo r i i.i'i ;v
tln'-' V V I ft Thmnaj. MllA
K u w est. miBB . " r. . . IV.
CT Wheeler, Ark A B Morgan, Tenn
X V minovea, iiuu.
Peabodr Hotel.
n n a ALLOW A V A CO Pbopbietos.
Rates W oO n0 V per J"ri"ua
site and location ui muiu bitoi
r.t.t made.
. . i ! J T.m M O Pultnn. Tnnn
n TMmiih. Miss Bolton Smith, Tenn
A B Mann, N Y OKIIis,I
V II Wis, Miss . WP llall, Tenn
S A Warner. ir..Ar1c w -iin... f.
ivramer, i. S V. ' . i v
M V Sullvan, Miss . a ni roreaojr,
u u iurpin, y "i ?; . -.u wv
8 S Shaw. N Y Fied Ooldsmith, N Y
8 Fox. N V J" u'"D.y ..
IsaacJoseph, unip a. ai oiani, i
Mr. Uaine. A f, Ark Mrs L T Hay A ch.Ark
N 8 Mo .re, Tenn J fc!"' abbu
Miss S Johnson, va j ibuiuu w,
F A Lister. Ark M ilurke, Aenn ..
I li li.vmn. Tenn R E Bullington, Mis.
v ir;ttiinrti. m i i u iroioi.iiii avuu
11 M l.tirtun. Tenn B F Duke, Tenn
F 0 Pettus, Tenn T 11 art man, Ark
L U Lanier, lonn p ij n uii. mu
t; B neaves, a tt,'!,i"r'
F Murpny. Ara r n ii-uuii-n.
linullav. Tenn u Simpson, Ara
II .lnhnston. Ark 8 C Saunder., Ala
J Jackson, Ala B bponiger, a 1
. BuaBailVAJaJAA . A k.Blfnl KwtlltK
UAIMVI. irns-f, v.. ...
P reiort. Th wiaorn of thMoHt-rinffi have
lone bn known for ttwt.r reiniirkahlo iura-
7 ii.i . ef"l ...a! w ,wm m rm Bairslti Ifl
live qualities. " ,- - ,
number, each spring containing different
euralive powers. The bath-house is sum.lled
" .. .,t.ln m n.-al Snriuit.
These, aths in connection with drinking the
waier irom in. .,i...a-
ailment act po-.r fully on di.ea .. Th.se
all kidney and bladder troubles, rheuma
tism, paralysis, aural;. a. dy.P.P-..'';
male weakno all direaset ol th. liver
and spleen, heianrrh.i.ds, dropsy and all dis
eases of the abdominal and pelvic viscera,
ii in, . . .i .....tllnilniiB. anil aval nn
WOtlk. QI)1I1I1U tJUUlllHBl "
ftioient brain and narve tnnio thli waUr hai
no equal in the worll. Thjw innii are lo-
dated n Uiay o unu, ... . - -
oa leu in vi ay o'uuii , ,
f!UTCity.a,illae on the main line of the
7,, ' ::vtn..i..i,.i.i t-s.ii wtt. l uniueiirom
St"' Louis: iia mVl.. f oiB"-Oincinn..i.
nntlwB EnrODean Hotel,
Corner of Adams and Main streets. Roomi,
60e. 7oc ana li per uaj ; aiuiuu.
...... ,.2..p"Aa7.- ...
J. M. DUFlfY (1U y" with Peabody Hotel) j
.i.iii ... u- ITTkata Vf
w h wa i. rri ii u i tuuiui
.r a-u U7 Il.f...r. Ark
8 llolmet, Ark 0 J Bennett, Ark
R T Pollard, Jonn r ourtii,..
H W Parker, Tenn
OA Finnic, Tenn
n.i 1 1 1 1 in . .
B M Seward, Tonn
J 11 Ueekler, tenn
B Stevens, lenn
B btevent, lenn v rx j
ii ii i ;.n.n,.n. Onlo J 0 Anderson. Mo
n Rmal WOOil. ArK B U Din.li.uu.
H 11 Harrison, Ark
M E Bradley, Tenn
FJ Caldwell, Tens
J W Batten, Ala
A W Teall, Mis.
W W Trout, Tenn
RT Wood., Ind
R M Slater, Ind
II M Harris, N C
W U Atkins, Tenn
It V 1 ' I " " '. ' -
H u M;!lr. Ark
R T Brown, Ohio
V II V. T.tin
n U Tn,nr. Tnnn
1 II II .. I, Tann
II I Morgan, Tenn
B E McCullock, Tex
M 1 late, mi'-a
0 W Slater, Ind
U L Hraitn, Alias
R C Mo re. Ark.
To the Traveling Pnblle.
Mmipgis. Tins., My 24, 1S8
OWINIl to the change of gauge ol tne
len.hi and Charleston. Railroad on
Monday. May Slit. No, 2 leavir-g Memphis
it 10-20 p.m. May 3Uh will be discontinued.
No. 4 leavYnsMempbi. at 10:00 a.m. May
31st. will be.di'cont.need.
No 1 erriv.ng at Meoiplus at n.i a.m.
May 'Hit will beahandoned. No 3 arriving
S Memphis nt i:bi P.m. My ! ' be
'tt'rtai.. will bo re i.n.cd.
ing with the Som.-.rville accommo .anon, at
SSJ0P.-JM.. RAMi sinte.dout.
Kvansvillr, May 28. Night River
. ... 1 O 1 lnAV.nn Vl A I. M tf A .
ia.'lUgllU AO ICC. A 1UVU V"
Waiihsr rlnar and Dleasant.
Cincinnati, May 28. Night-River
13 feet 11 incheslon the gauge ana isip
ino-. Weather clear and warm.
Ma 28. Niizht River 31
a innl.aa HTI thtk 9111117(1 and fallins.
tir--.. mil mil1 Nn BrriVBlS
of regular packets. Departed: Cityol
v0...i,ct Nw Or eane. 1 p.m.; uvu
n..k ami taw. Ohio river, 6 p.m.
Louisvii.i.8. May 28.-Night - River
;th 7 fnnt in the canal and 4
. V V . .1 11- U...!niiDD
feet 10 Incues on tne ian. Amc.u,
f-: iir ii.n. ulna. anl nlpnaant. Ar
IBtr. vr ravimi r
rived: Charles Morgan, New Orleans,
James W. Uaff, Cincinnati.
c. t m.w 9 Nioht River
fallen 8 inches, and now stands 20 feet
2 inches on tbe gsnge. Weather clear
and warm. Arrived: City of Baton
Ronge, New Orleans; City of Provi
dence, Vicksburg.
i m
PriH-V2 1
UKVICI- wo. peeona su-.ei,
Mnmlihllt. 't.nn..
Offer for sale the vtina choice property.
terms on utiicu win ixs.wyue anou .i iu
No. at Miiilisnn fire r.i -am iwu
sturv brick re.i.Uno. lot iiTSjUn1', f".a
southoant corner of Maditon sveet and Bml
allev east of Thi 4 atrl- -ilil lanra
rimns and all mmlerti improt',1"lP,- Rent.
viilue, HtM per nionin. ,
Country Home -Well iinprovif. elevea
acre" land, home ol SIX moms. nei-ia.ri
outhou.es, orchard, tidendid well, bea.llitul
luw n aud forest grove in front of bouse; iiee)
laacaitam mnu auo.it coiupi.iau ". y
ob north side of Union oveuue 1I miUS
east of the city. , "
l-T.e., at ,
Nn. Healo Street Two stoty frame
residence, lot HnlW feet, ten large rooms, la
good repair. Rental value, tto per month.
v i-rtro.t.
No. 2LXI WelliiigtuB Street Two-stor
.........n. w ll. liatoell
irante iimui-ii'.i - - ,i
residence, aiirttt rooms, iu Brst-elasi condi
tion aud ilonvineuuy arraogeui an wm.
feet. V.
I'MOB. BIJi. ....
. l : V I t. ..-. M.irn.a nf AlahamB
A very iiomi.ii i,V"-, ' : r , I
street and Thurnton'Svenue, east of and ad
orning the welter piae. wu-ai.,i,
..uiiImiiiHI. nine roomsMn good repair, two
large cisterns; lot ciuaHo about an acr. ol
ground. .
rnca., aj.
Iiouoie-lenemeni rr.utii inm-nvu
vi ..i imi v.,1... iirmi ; ..von roomt
ea'eh, "in good repair ; lot lie14& foot. Renul
viiiiii. r"i r' - ... . a
Price, t.'00, ora. lor enuer tenein.m.
m. . aa .h I In.. .. . v.lk aula i.F I taaiBi lama
111. .vioiiiiiiiar it in a .I j i , . .
between Wellington and Lauderdale streets t
house ol eigni ruomt, iu av
lUlx-MO feet. . . ..
l-rice, ' , ,
a i...i Ailami Stmet Kesideace ISear
Manassat .troet.
frice, iii.is.i.
No. .vu Jenerson nirooi, wlmu h..i
dale and Orleans street Two-ttory fram.
i.i..nk. tun moms. In good repair. all mo-
ern improveiiienls ; lot Salts feet. Rental
value, K peruionin.
Pour New Cottges-No. 172, 174, 176 and
178 Orleans ttreet between Madison ana
Monro, st .ets, thro, rooms each i lot tOxlTO
feet; very desirabl. for ui.chanios. Rental
value, 116 each.
Price, IVX) each.
No. 71 Calhoun Street, near Main- Frame
.image, live r .onn. built lat year. Rental
value, 2U per month.
Price, liVln.
Lot 3fi, on we.t tid. of Auction Square.
Price, 11000.
Lot ISO, on touth tidoof Auotloa Square,
37x74 feet.
Price, IMOO.
South half of lot A on west sld. Second
street, between Overton and Concord tre.U,
;i"xl48 Let, with small house.
Lot T, In block IS. on w.sia.ld. of Bh.lbf
.troet, between Linden an "n""l"""
t,i20Hfeet. Thi. lot fr Lou Shelby and
Clinton .treott.
I rii-u, r'-'-'t . IM
No 9 Howard's row, ur Union .treet, SnxlOO
lea iuitiuuui.1 in
Price. ,r00.
SilleVfrom Eeulay"!-. Ky. '
r -5 V " ".7' r Writ, for cir:
culw. and other information ? .
u.ii- un.lnii. CAhw county, 111
Da. 1 1" a-'l '
Rockbridge Co.. Va. High up in the
Vlralni mountain.. P'"'-'"'..",.:
ings, eitensire .u. -- ----
.".pr... ofieeson th. Prom,..; !
naintill et. v-oarae" uiu-n.-.v. -r-. -r-.--
r. i iuk W..irr.- Alum, t milloeniti
id rt!iae. It. A. winaiimvini"" .
L-iui anmmar RAaiirt In America
liirni uHii....va
ailniit'iollklA IIVH4-II. miun.
.AHAn.mi.,li,tlnninneaualed by any ho.
. .i .... nr. liar
tel intne.we.i...3. . . ,
month, t-ircu.ars i. u t. ?, ii m V ii.
promp'.ly on application to EUU EN hamuli,
Manager, nr. ram., mini.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
mERMS for the season of 1WW, beginning
June 1st, reuueeu n w i;-" - 7
highest standard of ejoelleno. main-
Rand" fo? Illu.trated dticriptive pamphlet
andlorm.. . ..,.
f , i" . r I l lit Hiai'"B"i
BalcigH Springs Hotel.
XTOW OPKN for reception of guosts. The
taoie win o - - ----
The room, are nioely farnisbed and care-
Le ';.Tk'.nrM M.1L BURROW A CO.
WILL be oiwned Jun. l.t. Thi. noted
watering place I. "Ituatod s mile,
from tna Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at Atna.
and will convey guest, to .prints at a very
low rate.
Hoard, ao Pr Matiib t HI Pr Day.
HlBl alsi ( f amllte..
We Invite all who wish lo ipend the most
pleasant sea.on of their lives "
Beaverda-n. es.wcially ..ekers of J-le'-ure
and health. Oood water and pur. air in
Liverymen, Centreville, Tonn.
K. A. WEAN. Pron'r Centreville Hotel.
- IIU V I1UW.IU D ..."
mat. inr.fl-.uiir n. -.
reimir. RenUl value, $ vmt month.
100 Loti. each having a JJont of 60 feel by
Clay. WebsUr and 0.orgi.nr..U.
.1. v ... .i.iiji i'. 1 Mih. fronting oa ear. e
farani, Loon.y, Kwin and Manatsat etreelt,
t ktl-.U W . . .1
PrlQCi i to i" per troui luoi.
Lat 4. an we.t .Id. of Main .trj.t. 74ilt
feet, between Winchester ana ataraei
ttreet.. Will b. .old t a bargain.
" . .ii ik-..t anrn.r of Second Bad
ByoamoretreeU, 14Ha14H feet.
Overton aa4
Third meet., 14HJ14S feet.
Btorenoni. in -'5," iZ
Second .treet. on. of tte ! ''AJ
the city; four storle., irOB front; i imi.
H.di. lor si l'" 'uuu.V',-jin
Price f l.l.nOO.
Btor. W Beal. .tre. lot 2U75 MtJ
door, east from .outlieast
and Desoto streets, two-.tory. brick hont.
with hall above. Rental valdS .to per ESUto
Price, t.
Dwelllng-hous. No. 4M Ptotoo lttt
ha. S room, in good repair. Rental Talus
tlu per month. Lo'IMiU.
Price, UI0.
Dwelling honse south .Ide Carolina Itiwet.
first I blockeast of Main street i 4 room, and!
kitchens; can be used as a double-Un.m.nU
Heat 118 per month.
Price, flion.
Dwelling-house No. 110 Alabama itrjet.
two-story frame; ha. 1 room,. Lot SSiPfl
feet, noar oorner of Hill ttreet. Rent HI
per month.
Price, lass)
. n ... ....mi r. n 1 nn tinptn
House 01 rooms, mv i" ".'".-'-.-r-"!
tide Broadway .treet, east ol Mississippi
avenue. Rent n per
rrice, r'u.
n...k...i.n.ni.nt dwelling-hous.. No. 23
ind i Linden street. No. 2IW hat
and house No. in. hit: room, in good repair.
7 . .L.i,,! .... Il.nl. till n.. month.
AiOt .wxi.ai 100.. 'v?""-7,;..,; -ri:.
rrioo, anno.
Tlr'ck store-house, and roomt .ultabl. for
residence on "'"nd floor. Wo. Itil JJeai.
ttreet, 25a feet. Rent J PJI BJOBth...
Uood llanu ior reian ar";
l-rice, e-Mi-v.
wi n.autlful Building LoU, of .on. and twa
1 i vi.. -U-.wlr ainhiiivialuD. OD
S. of cUy:b;eeTllnVv.u. .Bd
a B ...III 1. -
mi . (w a d tr. hfl nHf4l Will UB
brush and poles, probably some sawed
stuff, stone, iron in the form of bilti,
rods, wire, bpibpb
. 11 ...u.,. Vimla anil HIZCS. 1 Alt
glrj Ui yaiiuw. 1 ...
of the latter used in construction will
be received and can oe lurnicueu wuu
the plant. A small part however,
will he lost, ami mat v. in uo i u
1 i. Ti.n ilotnila nf the cost of
one spur I place approximately as fol
lows :
Mississippi &Tennensee H.K.C0.
Hloefchalilrra' sieii".
TIIK President and Directors of the Mis
1 . ! 1 T.nM..a.. UHllroud Com
A. ..SStppi .ui . , . ,
pany, in accordance with section 15 of the
charter of .a.d Company, :
ral meet noi mo sw au".uu.
p.ny?to b.eld in the office of the Compa
ny, in Memphis, Tenn., en .anly.
the soil. of Jan. VtH. fot the pur-
pose 01 ooosiaoring .ou .i-..m. " --- ,.7h
fr.es nuhori,l b, this Board rte 11th
ii ol may a irwio ; nm w a j " . . ,
Depot.", to Track on River Front 1 Ir .Mom.
puis, as to Oravel and uso of lerramal ra-
c ties oi mis vorapaiij. . . .
Hy order of lb. President and Board of
Directors. ,.uo c.,..
a. II. un Jin, ..p' -
I ZZ iu ttii-rriLw I". SI
treat. Memphis, Tenn., of a severe case ot
chills and fever. He believes Injt
Coal ,
...$ 6.2SO
... l,4:to
Poplar street, at irom - ft' " .
Lot ,U, on snutnwesi to.i .
Mauassat ttreets. isixlM) leel.
rrice, si per inn,.
I.ntt on Bas. avenue, in Dawson inbdW
-ri k. I'niit! and lot on jeuersoa
itreet.'corrTer of Manas.... at JS per fooll
and in variou. other parts of the oily.
Ca I and exam n. ournsi.. .,-
mc UI bargains, and will :"?.,
thewing property to parties wanting to baft
e ther lor bumiin. PTu . .X,.7,,.ni.hiA
ments. Title perleot. Abstraott furnuhwl
when requeited. . ,,onoVirni.
2H4 Heeond street.
l,i....,. rf" "
..r .. ...Mt...iiw la
A lmvotaneTs
rwtl .W'- la .iui. ' "C"T-
1,-UXI 1 their
Administrator's Notice.
Office Public Administrator. Shelby County
Ci. irtu- u -.. Memphis. Tenn., April 16, ism..
V . 1 .: . 1 u ... l.,.n an, minted
riTlir o'l l"r-iuei ' . -- -
1 ai,.l innlified administrator of the estate
.horn said esute is indebted to Be
.i....,.m.,h ,a. ,lulv nriitiatea, wiiD.n
;m. ..rascrihed by law, or the saine will
arr,d. 0UNL0AOL.
uUi.muK ofssn-aaase " J"7 " J loi
7u."- SYPHILIS VinnT-rr.Z
!n-?llj fc-l.lm.al. -lulii..a " BneWI
ud ...hly b, O..II a, vnw iiali."
J7nn. na.raateaa.la salA vaaw
li.i,.. nwulkilKl niiia-i-Mdj IwiAHnWrt, .
rt44tk wrn'vt aMlskt. tw fi.ef
hereby tfi1
en t ate tu
those to n
t WO parra. e-tit l r
Vt, -uia. nu. 'Mi.. .
:trfWM iiutir. 'nw. I A -
WafcA"Ml'J-It. CAt SKS and CLRB.b?
MJ 0, who wat deaf twenty-lght year.
'rated ; most of the noted tiwoitjitt a
tt-e d .y with no benelit. Craap Hiuse: 1-
thrVe month 1 J
others by same procart. a . 1. '.-
tuccessful home treafAiM . . V J ;' .
PAUS.US,;'iol- ir-ro.,y.

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