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7. :Tri.ij
Moat'. Hirtu to tbe Jan In Ills
Own Bfhair-His Ideu Aboat
New Tom. May Herr Most
-was brought to 'court tliis morning
handcuffed lo a tliit-f. H-s associatiw,
Srhenck ami lirannn'hwpiir, we'e
with him. The court-room m crowd
d. Mt Ulkpil very savaircly ami
ncowlol viciously at every iK-rami liig
eyes foil upon. It was will mu, n
Was iin-aUy annoyi'd ft tin- npn-aJ ol
tlie ataU'iiit'iit which tin oiiiciui jour
nal of tlie Socialis ic liartv has lieen
trivtria miblicitv to lor yrnrn, that he
(.Most) was in tin- pay of thu lu-rnmn
ovornrucnt. nd liin on-m-nce in this
country was fur the purpose of le
Btmvioit the lahor movement here.
The di'tcnae nllt-l witiiesw-s who
teatiBedaa to Scnenrk-'K (,'oail cliarac
A 111.111 HrltCKl'K,
the prisonc then took the Htanil. ' Ho
Btated i hat ho iiiidi'rntod that the oli-
iectof the meetine was ,t advise the
use of arms apni nst, force; that if a
blow should he strrick against them
they should strike back. He cal'rd
the attention of the audience to 1 lie
fact that the. police were iireseut in
larpn iiiiinlitrx, and that they niust
keep quiet., Ue gave this advice sev
eral times. IN read the circular cull
ing the inci ting, and rend its heading,
"Jo arms! the capitalmtHnre oppoHiiii
our biothe'B. Arm yourselves am
oppose them!"
Under cross-examination 'lie said
that the pnrpos-i of the meeting was
ho to protest against such action as
had been tai en in M. J-oum, when
hired deputy shenlrs shot down men
and women. He did not hnif all of
Most 'a speech, and certainly not that
lia-t cf it referring to explosions. The
meeting a as that of the International
Men's Killo CI11I1 Jfe wim not a mem
ber of it, and did not know w hy he
was undo itreHidt'ii ol the assem
blage. On tluiMn'directr examination the
witness U he'wTJs an Anarcliist.
He knew the meuuing of that word.
Just now he believed in the govern
ment of the United States. Ihe gov
ernment Bulled him hut it did not
suit every person else; Witness did
not place Most end (ieorge Wasliing
ton on an equal plane in govern
mental -affairs. The witness consid
ered that the mart w ho made a success
was entitled to thivruost respect.
Testimony was alstt, given as to the
Rood charcUT of Wifjirisoner, Braun
schweig. .
' llBi(lNS IIWBKl
himself took tho stand and said that
he was" At work when arrested lie
had never before been airested. When
he entered tho meeting Most was
speaking.' When he had fmishfd the
witness spoko in Uerman for ten ruin
utes. In his remarks he declared Hint
the presence of poire at -work men's
meeting in freo America was a shame.
He never mentioned anything of
bombs or Runs. Witucs did not sug
gest that the pollro be put out, and ho
anew nothing of a general rush during
which the stovs was unset. He lmt
his first citiiten papers in Albany three
years ago. He did not know whether
he was an Anarchist or iiut. He
igrt'ed with a great many of Mo t's
tentimenta as published in the 'rri-
"We say openly we despise morality
10 called, rtaii tho prosecuting attor
ley from the J'Veihril. ''Vo you agree
vim kuai scnumeni;
"No; we want to keep morality,"
aid Uraunschweig.
! The witness did not believe in rob
iery, arson and murder, and said that
le was not sven in sympathy with
hose who would use force. l!ut when
man was hungry and his family
torvlng he raust do boiui-thing.
ec'ared that tliis ended their raso,
urprise was expressed that neither
.lost nor anyone cIeb in his behalf
itwySSiirtho il
f: a . 1 41. .k imtiet.
II ai vne seeouu iviuui vt Un. ........
' lent be taken from tho considera ion
f the jury, and the court granted the
j Tho Recorder was next asked to oi
;ect an acquittal, upon tho ground
hat there was no vroof tljat either
no of thedolcndants maije any threat
gainst any person tending to a breach
f the ne ace. This was denied.
i Lawyer Howe stated that his client,
lost, dei red to add rest the juiy in
i.ia own behalf, a right : to which he
:inu entttleih' 1
! The Itecortler replicdllint Mo't bad
Shut privilege, but Urn), ihero must bo
11IU1V VO II. .'W 1
. The lawyTi said pnt-Most w ould
ccupy an nour. .
U.WT II Iftllbf uil
Most then aroiio ana snit: l cnu
totepeaK very well in English. You
ave heard a great deal about me. I
bjipose that you expected a great
eal of witnesses for the prosecution
id lot ol black devil In s about rue
iut what has come off? I have seen
jrosecuting officers in Austria and
Wmnny Koing against me ami mv
Ssrciutes, but they were slaves of the
iings and princes; 1 dldjnot expect
aat here. There was a scheme gotten
ji and the polio and tho press was
-rainst mo l knew nil about the po
icemen who met in the beer saloon
t-xt to Capt. McCu lough's station
bufie and said, "We'll get Most." At
1st they arrested nie under a bod. I
iood up in the room, the room I bud
fc-ed in lor two months n !or. 1 hev
lowji'd tou tiooks and other things
Hioy took from my room, lmt i hey
id not produce the pocket hook with
'.Jill, they took from me. I suppose
lev wint that.
llo then referred to the meeting at
iiich he said ho spoke. "What did
Bav? ' he houted. "I said that the
institution of tho i'nited States of
orth America permitted i s citizens
carry arms: I told them ab ..ut St
mis. where the men who were paid
lay by Jay Gould shot down w ho
vr Gould saiiJ should bcSshot. A doz-
t men and women have been killed
ihem I said the Williamsburg
ike s were quiet and the police
jbbed tiem and tired at them,
tiout the tight hour movement and
eeting on Maf 1, I didn't advise
at tbe men Bhould get guns I said
ut if they carried guns instead of
fch-lijihts they wou djie more res
t ed. I didn t tell them they must
ot; I said the constitntion let them
rry arms. U didn't make any differ
c what kind of arms, tertainly
y could carry cannon or bombs
it I didn't advise women to throw
ebrandsin h nscs, or tell anybody
t1 tow vitriol out., of windows
policemen. Jk-cher yon II know
ai," Most went on, "he advises peo
from hi pulpit Sunday after Sun-j-
to buy rifles and puns to nrote t
v ;i,s.:1"ch. That is all the advi e I
w. Th t nie'ting was orderly and
1 ,m unlawful a.eemblahe. You
know wht. they are doing. They are
i .: nif f. (ft- ". t "t
lln-y am Uulug a a a, Willi lieu eve-tell.
It is the first step to bring the repub
lic down to monarchy. The next
will ba stopping the freedom of the
press. Then we w.U only want an
1 his ended Moet's address.
Tbe jury in the case ol Herr Moet
and bis essociatea found tbe whole
three guilty of the (barge in the in
dictment misderjyAftjr and recom
mended ScbencklrTihe mercy ot the
couit. Tbe pru oners will lie sentenced
on Wednesday next.
The C'hlraa;) Aaarrblata.
Ciiicaik), Ii.r.., May 28. A confer
ence between I'olirc Captain Schaak
and StaU'S Attorney (irinnell occurred
to-day. It is rumored to have been
about the conspiracy which the t'ap
tu n has been credited with discover
ing. Martling as tbe rumoris.it is
said that Schaak lusin his possession
the details of a plot concoited by tho
Anarchists which contemplated the
blowing up of the Board of Trade, the
police station and various other build
ings in the city on June 14th.
Queer ISeveloptnrnta In Iiubca
rraeot trial at Hootou.
Boston, Mass., Msy '26. Mis. Mary
E. Ureen, a buifin, good looking
jonrg woman of retlued manners, was
on trial before the Superior Criminal
Court to-day charged with embezzling
f4()00 from her mother. Mm. Mary
Cunningham ol Portsmouth, ri. 11.,
the mother, had $4UC0 inul'orlinoiith
savin its bank, iuis the daughttr in
dined her to draw out. and elm then
deposited it in the Provident Institu
tioa for Having?, Bo-ton, in her own
name. Itwasnaid that the younger
Mary then gave the elder Mary a fahe
bcok, and, retaining the genuine book
herself, drew out tho money from
time to time, appropriating it (o her
own use.
On the stand this afternoon the
daughter told a remarkable stoiy in
justitication of her conduct, in which
she wai conooorated by Wary Iv (Jul
lins, who lived lu the family. Ihe
daughter said that si e had loved and
mairitd a man named Green, who wai
83 distasteful to rcr parentr, especially
her father, that she cover darad bring
him to the house daring thecDurtship
nor to t.cknowlcdge him after mar
riage In order to keep up this very
elaborate deception of pretending to
be an undeiache d daughter at home
when Bhe was really a married woman
with a home elsewhere, sho bad re-
coursn tl in ingenious myth, and like
Mr j. damp, with Immortal Am. tlur
invented Act ilioui personage to
help her out. Whenever Bhe wai in
reality with her Lusl and. which she
managed to be great deal of the time,
she ra ised it to be supnised at home
that Bhe wis wita Mrs, Tiereon. Ibis
convenient but ItiUngible lady came
in timo to ft suine an unplcaaDt indi
viduality. Sim wai ereatlv interested
in many, and ehe was a'sj wealthy.
Hence tho parents felt it so
mere than just that ehe should re
ward Marv's Phenomenal devotion to
her in some substantial manner. Hav
ing fa'len into this trap in the first
place Mary averred that In order to
preserve tbe deception it was necee
lary to pay liberally. The old gentle
man never failed to denpnd the
money she bad received from Mrs.
I'ieiBon during the day, and ahe often
paid him ta much as 10 par day out
of her ow n saving, which was cred
ited in the family circle to the gen
erosity of the aforesaid Mrs. Piereon.
in tins way. in the course of three
years, Mary ettimates that she has
paid to her parents out of her own
money jifiiiu. Finding this an tx
peiiBive sort of deception, the ron
ceived and executed it!l another
move, namely, the layings bank trans
fer, as a means ol ba'anclng matters.
No verdict Ms reached.
A M altitude of Allmiata.
Tba .ilmcsti which trUlol th kldavt kid
klaJJcr are to numeroui, tbi tnorolr to
bam them would JU lpac outronnlni
.l 1 , ' h"111 ohtlnU and dnfrou.
lo thilr prsv.ntlon Uotittr'iStmn.oh Wt
Jh i lej w.n d.)tcd. Tho ntlmulna wbtcft It
lcUdl to the actliin of th kldnara lhr
'4 tbm y lp. drat, Into, a rtivu of pr
bloivui triaotivity. and ftfrtrwnrda Into on
ol poMitve OJBBnlq mvo, which aoon de-
itrojri ih.ir anmt titjRUu)ent, oiiioni
tht blood fad om dsnib, A doubl pur-
pono ii rvo y yiia uturni. It proinolel
activity cL tbokiiiMya, and oipola linprl
tifii Irom ,(Ve Mood which hav no natural
channel of ..atlat excopt thou orsani. (Jun
pll.tioQt hiliOunati. lavar and riua. rhau-
mAtitin and dynnapita, are alfn ramtdiad by
Una medicine of tnoruuah action and wide
Brnlal Prlae llahl.
n,,.,. 1,,,.. l.. na l l....il
pilzs llitht took place at 8 o'clock this
morning on an island in Lake Si.
Clair between Sam. Itittle and Hairy
immore ol inronts. lslltlo a nose
was broken in the lir.-t round, but he
got up and In the twenty-sixth round
knocked Giluiore down, bo that be
(ailed to come up when timo was
called. Both men were horribly cut
and bruised. Time, one hour and
thirty minutes.
Ncoll'a KmalMloa of Par
Cod Liver Oil, with llypopbosphites,
in uonsumption and Wasting 1's
eases. Dr. C. W. Barringer, Pitta
burg, Fa., says: "1 think your Kmul
sion of Cod Liver Oil is a very tine
r reparation, Hint nils a long-felt want,
t is very useful in consumption and
wasting diseases.
Mnrderara Haniaa.
Washington, May 2H. Antinio
Naidello was hanged at the District
jail, near this city, at 1:30 o'clock p.m.
He made a speech on the scaffold and
protested his innocence.
Banlir Tear Horn.
Finish the walls and ceilings with
Ahibastine. You can do it; inex
pensive; try it. White and twelve
tints. Cheaper and better than paint,
kalsomiue or paper. Disinfects and
prevents diseases. Beautiful sample
card free. By druggists, hardware
and paint dealers. f .i50 given away.
B. MANSFIELD i CO.. Mempbli.
Iry (jooda Imnorla al New Yark.
Nsw York, May 28. The tnlal im
ports of dry g.iods at this poit during
the last week wer valued at l,72t,
305, and the amount thrown on the
market 811,521,7-19.
la tbe Iear Old Bays.
We differ In creed and politics, but
we are a unit all the fame on the de
sirableness of a fine head of hair. If
you mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balsam will make you
look as yon did In the dear old days.
It is worth trying. The only etandard
60 centa articleyor the hair.
Crevaaae all Sayan Laraurha.
New Oklb!V, La., May S8. A
ore ase fifty fefc wh'e is repotted on
the west tide cf Tyou Lfoucbe,tbree
miles below T tf.bdenui.
SubMcrlheUor tbe "Appeal".
Forfeiture f Railroad Laid tirants
and Taxation Discussed la
the Senate.
Washington, May 28. Senate.
Secator Harrison, from the Judiciary
Committee, reported favorably a bill
legalizing and consolidating the gen
erallaws of Washington Territory for
the incorporation of insuranre com
panies, nd declaring all Btiob com
panies herdtorfore iucorpoiated under
such iaw to have been legally incor
porated. The bill was passed.
The Chair laid Lefora the Senate
tenator Wi'son's resolution, offrtied
yestsrday, providing for an invet:ga
tion by the Com mi Una on Indian Af
fairs into the matter of Indian traders
by ihe Commit sloner of Icdian Af
fairs. Af er debate the resolution was re
ferred to tbe Committee on Indian
A flairs.
Trie Henate then resumed co-.s'dera-tii
n of the Northern Pacific land for
feiture bill.
Tbe bill went over without action.
Senator Van Wytk's bill for tbe tax
ation of railroad lands was then placed
before the Senate, and, under the plan
of discussion of this bill, the debate on
the Northern Pacific forfeiture con
tinued. A protracted debate ensue J. partici
pated in by most of the Western Sena
tors, bat it retnlted in no action on
the bill before the Senat?.
After an execuiive s-istion, tbe Sen
ate adjourned until Tuesday next.
Tbe lloai.
On motion of Mr. Morrison 111. it
was ordered that wnen tlie House ud
jourrs to-morrow it is (o be to meet on
iiext luo.day.
The Senate refolutions relative to
the death of John F. Miller, lat a
Senator from California, havinu been
laid before the House, Mr. Morrow
Cal. gave notice that he would call
thorn up for action on Saturday, June
Private business having been dis
pensed with, tbe House went into
committee of the whole (Mr. Springer
III. in the chair) on tho oleomarga
rine bill, the pending amendment be
ing that offered by Mr. Daniel Va.
reducing the rpecial tax on retail deal
er.! from f48 to $:T.
Mr. Van Shaak Wis. presented a
protest from tbe Executive limrd of
the Knights of Labor of Milwaukee
againat the paesage of the bill.
wr, Uifs3n W, Va.l reearded the
whole bill as a fraud, and all amend
ments ss simply aiding to carry out
that fraud.
Mr. lhrnmorid Gal moved tostiike
out the provis on that in cese any
manufacturer of oleomargarine com
mences bu-inesi subsequent to June
30th, in any year, the special tax
shall be reckoned from July 1st, and
shall be 500.
Mr. Uiscock IN. Y.i said thatall the
invent ve genius and filibuetering of
the bull-btutor men, the hog-fat but
ter men, the Boap greaie butter men.
could not drive the farmer out of
court The agricultural and dairyman
was ncre, ana as ne (Mr. Uiscock)
hoped and trusted, to ctay nntil we
bad action on tks bill.
Mr. Breckinrtdue lkv.1 aueated
that tbe advocates of this bill were
performing: In view of the nponle f-r
ti - ' t . . v
we purpota oi gninruB YotCS, but he
wai wiillBBtfl Walt and see whether
luey would receive the applause of the
pit. He desired to ask the gentleman
in charge of the bill what amount of
money it would (ako to put the plant
in operation.
Mr. Hatch said be had information
from the Commitsioner of Internal
Revenue that not a dollar of appro
priation was neceseary to carry the, net
into execu'ion.
The motion to strikA hut th nr.wlao
was lcat.
Mr. ToWasV,nnd mi l aat.l that ha
ha l qtrjtjd by tbe bill, and would con
titia io stand by it, but he thought it
ought to be amended by reducing tho
rate ol taxation to z cents a pound.
Mr. Warner I Ho. regarded it as a
great compliment to his Slate that the
leader of tbe KenViblican side (Mr.
Uiscock) only awn'ed the nod of the
gentleman from M,-?jouri (Mr. Hatch)
tj Bay how ha would vote.
Mr. McMiiun iienn.j raid that
gainst the bill n its present shape
ho must record bis vote. One of the
most ohjfctionablo features of tbe
mefsuro was that prescribing a pen
a'ty upon any peisn purchasing ole
margarine from a manufacturer who
bai cot paid tbe prrssnt tax.
Debate continued at great length,
and a number o( amendments were
offered only to be voted down. The
committee finally rose without taking
any action, and the Speaker laid be
fore the llouro several veto meseaes
on private pension bills, and they
were n furred to the Committee on In
valid Pensions.
Tbe House then tcok a recess until
8 o'clock, tho evening saaeion 1 1 be for
the consideration of pension bills.
rtimt n! ttrrmfrt Natural FVttft FUrrort,
VnulU, ImoB. OrunRC, Almoda Koe, etc.,;
flivor m iktKAtely and nntun. u tho txuiU
titpd Mr. W. A. llnnil.r. M Knurlh
rtre.t, Memphia, T.nn. hn nuffi-rina from
indigestion. Il aayt he oulU feel an Ua
prtiv.nicnt every day.
iewspapIR ixrzn
ir ".anadvei titer to con-
3 It ooniaina lltu ol
n.wpir and estimate o the ooet of d
.rtin. Theadrertiierwhowauoi tn ipend
one dollar, find, in it the 'ntnrmatlon he re
quire., while for him who will inreet one
hut.dred thom.nd dollar in adTertiainc, a
echoa lit ndioAtd which will meet nil
ever mial. ement, or can be made to do o
br ilxht chanas euily arriTed at by oorre
pondence. On hundred and fiflr-three
editiona hare been i.iued. r?ent. roatraid,
to any addreMlor ten cnu. Ariily to 6K0.
VKKTISINU BURKAV.10 rrueeat. (Print
Pa llou.o 8qUM-e . New Vnrk.
MB ilcteiycnred Mm Kthel thinthorpe, Sft
Hi 1 .ire.t. Mem, h t. Tenn , of ncureltfia.
ft ne, wh cn .he auff.red neailya year. Two
butllea only were required to do the work.
The Appetite
May b Increaaed, the Plgeatlve orpins
tlri n?thcnd, and the Bowels regulated,
by taking Ayer'i rilla. Tbeae Pills are
purely vegetable ta their compoaltton.
r hey contain neither calomel nor any other
dungeroua drug, and may be taken with
perfect safety by persona of all agea.
I waa a ereat sufferer from Dyapepata
and Conatlpatlon. I had no appetite,
became greatly debilitated, and was eon
llanlly afflicted with Headache and IMzzl
oeaa. I connulted our family doctor, who
preacrlhed tut me, at vartoua times, with
out affording more than tmporary relief.
I finally commenced taking Aver a Pills.
In a vhurt time my digestion and appetite
hiy bowels were regulated, and, by the
time I lini-liecl two boxea of tlu-Ne Pilla my
t-ni in y to headiii hes hud itlsapMared,
and I liecuinn atrong and well. lariu
JI. Lognu, W ilmington, Mel.
I wa troubled, for over a year, with
Lusa of Appetite, and (ieiieral llebility.
I coiiuiK-nced taking Ayer'a I'llla, and, be
fore tiuiHliing half a Ixix of tliia medii-lne,
niy npiietite and atrength were reatored.
C. O. Clark, Uanbury, Conn.
Ayer'a rills are the best meillclne
known to me for regulatii the bowele.
and for all diaeasea cauaed by a dlaordered
Stomach and Uver. I suffered for over
three yeara with Ueadarlie, lndigeatlon.
and Coiutipation. 1 had no appetite, and
Waa weuk uud nervous most of the time.
three Imxea of Ayer'a rills, and, at the
aaiiie time dieting inyaclf, I wus com
pletelv cured. My digestive orguna are
bow in good order, and I am in perfect
lu-alth. l'kilipLockwood,Toika,Kana.
Ayer'a Tliia have benefited ire wonder
fully, i'or ruonths I aiifleii d irom Indi
gent ion and lU-udnebe, v.ui rentiers at
uigtit, and nact a bad tutn in my moutn
every morning. After taking one box of
Ayer'a Pilla, all theae troiiblea diKap
peared, my food digested well, and my
lleep was refrcidilrur. Henry C. Ileiu
tuenway, Rockpoi t, Mass.
. I waa cured of the riles bv the use of
Ayer'a Pilla. They not only relieved me
of Unit painful disorder, but pave nin In
ireaiied vigor, and reatored my health.
Juu Ijizarua, St. John, N. I!.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared hy T)r. J. C. A yer k Co., Lowell, Mtua.
lola ly all llruggi.u and iioalt-r. lu Medicine.
riBMWan mow BiTii:i'iKF.n
Cap'. A O. Tremont, IS Madi.nn
atreet, Mempbia, Tenn., whrn troubled with
hilioufneaa. It atrengtbened hiin so he felt
like a new ereature.
President of the Great LOUISVIU. COU-lUER-JuURNAL
CO.. toll, nat
be knowa of
Wintersmith'a Chill Cure.
Ovrtci or ths Coraiaa-JovsNAL,
LrciaviLi.a, Kr,
Dr. Wintrr.milk. Sir I rfnive a rule 1 nave
obaerved for many years, the value of rour
remedy prompting me to say, in reply to
your request, what I know of your Chill
Cure. Ihe private assurances of its efficacy
I had, and too good resulU of its . (foots I
bad observed on Mr. H. W. Meredith, who,
for more thnn fifteen yeara, had been fore
man of my office, induced rae to test it in
my family. Ihe remits bare been entirely
satisfactory. The first case was of two
years' standing, in wliioh I believe every
known remedy had boon tried with tempo
rary relict the chills returning periodically
and with seemingly increased severity.
Your euro broke them at once, and there has
boon no recurrence of them for more than
six months. The other fuse was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; but the chills would return at in
tervals until yonr medicine wrs used, since
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared. Prom the opportu
nity I have had to judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure la a
valuable specific, and performs all you
promise tor it. nespecuuiiy.
ARTnult PJJTEtt &
CO., Agents, Louis-
mtowN'f ihou
nletely eradicated malarial poison
from the system of the little son of Mrs.
Pearce, 4S0 Poplar street, Memphis, I'D":'
when suffering from chills and fflVer. Qui
nine failed to benefit him.
luaKehabln Hemmlr tor Liver OuuilainU and iU.ciik.
by aderaiirml at torpid condmon of th. Lirer, w l)n
p.p.1., cVntipfition. Siliouworu, Jnundi-e, Hvsilwlii
H.lsn., Kheun atitm, etc. It ri-liiUl.. the bowels, pur
M to. hii-oo, utrnnirthMia the Br-tem, ...i"tf illypjtini
an invAluallb familv medicunh.
thousands of testimonials prove Its merP
ai been used in the fmilv of
been used In the f'inily of Mrs. Laura
J. Johnson, Main street. Mem phis, Tenn
for bilious lever and chills with most satis
factory results. It is tneir standar 1 family
me cine.
.pe'Ial Wotlce."
will a. II for non-resident o
fiublic outcry, on the preun.-cs, tnai ueir
le property known as the "Ulaybrook Sub
division, "lying between l'op'ar street on the
north and I'nion avenue on the soath,and
Justbeyogid the residence of John Overton,
jr , on Union avenue. The property has
been divided into ace lota so as to suit the
wants of purchasers buying much or little.
It is convenient to the atreet caramon Poplar
atreet, and the grade and road bed is being
prepared for graveling the road in front of
it on I'nion avenue, VVe believe it to be the
most suitable property for residences on the
mark.', and an opportunity to buy such
property is seldom ofTerel. Property Is
being rapidly sold for resiliences east of the
city, because it is not cut up by railroads as
in tbe northern and southern port-ons of
tbe city.
TtfRMS One-third eash; balance In one
and two years, with 6 per ont. Interest.
Maps can be seen at our otl'tce until day of
sale. OVEKl'Oe) AgHuBVKNOR. Asia.
Kkowvn utov ttim.KS it : Nr..
tited Mrs. H little W. Miller, No. 4HMar
avall avenue. Memphis, Tonn., after an ,t
tack of dysentery, and ajain assisted her
recovery from malarial fever, bhe consid
ers it a most valuable medicine.
seeking Government Eml
ployment in any ot the departments a
Washington, or any other positions urjdeJ
the toverniuent, 1 will send lull tnstrootionl
as to how to iirerwl to obuin the same,
and Mlnssk Forma of A pal leal ion cn
receipt ot On Dollar. Attoraaa JOHN
ra ataiBTKiM. 1 1-li.li.. w ea.Ma
VLVX 5T O) zi era
Oils S? 3j4ExraO,l Stores
O.llce. Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
JUTOLEOX IIILUrrvaldpnt. W. N. W1LKERS0X, YlCrvPresIttei
11. J. LYNX, ttutbler.
iiis i:i
a mi a rT-r-r rtr a uii a inuinni I 1DP rm I n a in r a ni-r-a i
AUUAnicnur MRiiLa.iun uuLi.Mno tull rMiuuMriiMi.
D. K. MTEKa.
Ofiice19 Maili" Ntreet, TrfempliU, Tenn
"11 TT: Tm"WVm ts CO-
anrKJTWS-i-SS-t-aJ wond street, soath ot Gayofto.
Doors, Sash. Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Mould lag, Lalb, rdar Poata sand Plckeu.
AY. MAY 29, 1886.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
We aV fcrreoy eerM Uat m swgwretM At
mrrancemnu or all lie ilontM and Qirnr
Urit Mfrawtngi o ta Losaa Stat Loot
Company, and ia penoa aaaue. aad control
ue Vrvinftkeml, mnd (ia (Jke eowie
are eoa et e(ed enU 4evM(y, famum and in
too faith loicard all r irna, iut m authorim
iA Company lo sue Mm rUlutat, with oo
nmila of our eiraotaree atlaoaaf, ia it ad
vertitnnentt. , r
We, Ihe undrrngned, lianlu and Hankert,
mil pay all Pritm dram in Tht Louiriana
Stat Lotteries which may 6e pnmttd at out
J. H OULKNBT.Pres. Ia. Hal'l Bank.
J. W.K I LRU C TIl.Pree.Ntxte Nal'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, prM. H. o. Hat. Bk.
Over Haifa Million Distributed.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
laeorporatea in lone for twenty-nve yean
by the Legislature for Educational and
Cnaritable purpoees with a capital of 11 ,
WiO.OUO to which a reserve fund of over $550,
(Mi has since been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote its
fmnchiee wu made a part ot the present Stan
Constitution, adopted December 2d, A.D.
ita CJraml Sjluicle SnmberDraw.
Inaewlll lka ulnee monlhlr.
tralet or ponlponeu Look at th following
uistrioution :
Estraordliuirj Oitarlerlj Drawing
In the Academy of Music, New Orleans,
Tnradnj, Jaue 15, IHNtf,
Under the personal supervision and man
agement or
Oesi.O.T. Beaorejirl,of Louisiana, and
Uen.Jabi,l A. Umly.of Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
arNOTICE Tickets are Ten n-ollnr
ouljr. llulves, 83. Fifths,
Tenths, tl.
1 Capital Prise of. 1150,000 ....$150,0n0
1 Grand Prise of. 50,000 50,0110
1 Urand Prise of. 20,000 20,OIIO
2 Large Prises of. (l,t) 20,000
4 Large Prisos of. 6,000 20,000
20 Prises ef. 1,000 20,000
50 Prises of. 600 as.iion
100 Prisos of. 8(10 30,00f
2(aJ Prises of. 2(10 40,000
BOO Priaes of. 100 60,000
1000 Priies of. 50 50.00C
ArraoiriiATing muss.
100 Approximation Prises of $200... 29,000
lis) Approxijiation Prises of 100... 10.CKJO
100 Approximation Priies of 75... 7,500
2279 Priies, amounting to 1522,500
Application for rates to clubs should be
mad. only to the offloe of th Company at
Now Orlearsi
For further Information write clearly,
glvins lull address. t'ONTAI.Xr TUf. Rz.
riress Money Orders, or New York Exchange
u ordinary letter. Currenoy by Express (ai
our pxpense), addressed
at. A. DA17PHIBT,
New Orleuu, la,
Or n. A. nirPHIU,
WaablDKlon. D. C,
or at 6 Weal Court St., Hempbla, Tenn
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable
and address KegiBtered Letters to
Now Orlenaa. I .
stored to perfect health Mrs. A. Green,
corner Vane and Walnut .treef, Memphis,
Tenn., when she had chills and fever and
was so weak she could hardly wai . Sheen
tirely regained her strength.
Wist'. Nirvi ard Bunt Truth but,
a guaranteed speci&o for Hysteria, Dini
ness. Convulafonse, Fits, Nervous Neural
gia, Headache. Nerve--. Prostration, caused
by th as of aloohol or tobacco! Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Soltenlng of th
Drain, resulting in Insanity and lead ing to
misery, decay and death i Premature "K
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhel, tanul by over-exertioa of th "'.;,
self-abuie or overindulgence. Each box con
tains on month's treatment. 1 a box, or
six boxes for t5, sent by mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. We gnarpntce Six Voxel
to our any case. With each order received
by ns for six boxes, accompanied with Hi,
wa will send th parohaser our written
guarantee to refund th money if th treat
ment does "Ot effect a cure. Guarantees
Issued only b A RKKKKRT.AOO., Drot
gists. Memphis. Teon.
ly benefited Mrs. M.C. Yurkley, Mem
phis, Tenn., when troubled with liver dis
order and indigestion. She regards it as a
standard familymedicine.
And Iron Roofing.
Fir, Wind, Wali-r and tlgtitplng;
liroor. Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
call on or address
438 & 140 Main St., and 21 A 23 Mulberry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Cresting,
(ialvaniied Iron Cornice. Tin Roofs A Moves.
been used by Mrs. Mary Hill, 26 Lin
den street, Mempnla, Tenn., forliver trouble
and malaria with groat benefit. She calls it
aspecinUv valuable for home use.
VMi tsksn the lei la
t". sale. .1 that class el
t.mcdiM. aad ba. girea
almoti ualvwtal sauarae-
Pari,, Ter
Qfitlwoe the (.Tor of
tti. pvoltc and now raaka
anong th. leading Meat
Hradlord, n.
Soldoy Uruei;lu
Mrs. A. Muller, No. r17 Main atreet,
Metpph-s, Tenn.. of chiils and fever. Since
takine the remedy she has had no return of
the malady, and "he oonsiders it the best
remedy in the world
R. B. LEE.
' r i iW'iiuu.J B
j jrCirH la I
f fITOt DiTS.Xl
UwuMl .H
I wriwaw.
ariMlykya -
L.f Jvail CkeaUl : .
hfiit H i! i
Xo. 17 Jefferaoat 8trst,
CBetwetn Main and Frost.) MEMPHIS.
I Established ia 1860.1
1 tR.JOHN'bON is acknowledged by all par
JL ' ties interested as by far th moet sue
easeful physician in the trealmentof private
or secret diseaM. Quick, permanent curea
goaranteed in every eaae, male or female.
Kacent easea of Gonorrnea and Syphilis
eured in a I t days without the as of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business, becondary Syphilis, th laste
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped io short a
time. Sufferers from impotency or loss ol
sexual pbwere restor to free vigor ia a few
weeks. Victims of a e-abone and exoessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to tbe Irirensea of Women, and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the use of caustic or the knife. All
eonsulUtions strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by expresg to all part of tbe
starWorkingmen eared at half the nsnal
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to S
o'clock p.m.
D. 8. JOUN.SON. M.I.
Air. Oodlrey C Kubler, tVi Main street,
Memphis, Tenn., of dyspepsia when all other
medicine were powerless to relieve it. lie
rectimmends it.
F. 110LST &BR0.,
(bCccsasoBa to a. n. bout bbo.
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and complete stock of Wood and
Mrtitllio Cases and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and Burial Robes always on
hand, asr Orders by telegraph promptly
used with salutary effect in the fumily
of Mrs. K. W. Edmund, 2t4 Adams street,
Memphis, Tenn. tihe was cured of nervous
neBs and her husband of indigestion.
No. 4T24. R. D. Chancery Court of Sholby
County II. P.Hobson. administrator. Mm..
vs. M C. frame et al.t K. D, 355, 2 Vim.
Morrow vs. P. P. Frame et al.
BY virtue of concurrent interlocutory de
crees for sale, entered in the above
causes on the 23th day o April, 1886, M. B. S,
pages 418 and 425, 1 will sell, at public auo
tion. to the highest bidder, in front of tbe
Clerk and Master's office, Conrt-ilouse oi
Shelby oounty, Memphis, Tenn., on
Rains-daw, Slay 23, 1886.
within legal hours, tbe following described
property, situated in bhelby oounty, Tennes
see, to-wit:
A certain parcel of land known as lots 4
and 5, and part of lot 3 of country lot ivi,
Beginning at the corner of Jeroy Crowley's
lot, immediately east of the Memphis and
Charleston railroad bridge on Marshall ave
nue ; tbence in a southeastwardly direction
along the south line of Marshall avenue,
about 649 feet, to tbe James Sidell lot:
then re south with Sidell's west line to old
Union street; thence westward? to th
Memphis and Charleston railroad; thence
northwestwardly along the line ol said rail
road to Jerry Crowley's southeast oorner;
thence with Crowley's east line to the begin
ning. Ibis tract of land has been subdi
vided in lots, plats of which can be seen at
the Chancery Court, and the above property
will be sold according to said subdivision.
A certain lot known as part of lot 478, and
described as the east 124 teet of lot 554 of u.
L. 478, fronting 124 by 148 feet on the north
side of Jefferson streot.
A certain other lot. being part of C. L. 493,
fronting 40 feet on the south side of Jeffer
son street, with a depth of 148 teet, bounded
on the west by Bayou Uayoso and on th east
by Reinack s lot.
Terms of Ra! On a credit of aix and
twelve months; interest-bearing nous with
security required; lien retained tu secure
same, and equity of redemption. This
April 30,1886.
S. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
Py H. F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M.
Malone k Watson, Taylor 4 Carroll, F.
n. & C. W. Beiskell, Sols.
The above snle is rjostonned nntil Satur
day, May 89, when the sale will
Eo-itively take place. Terms of sale modi
ed io as to require 10 per cent, of purchase
money paid in cash: balance on time as
heretofore ordered. This May 21, 1886.
H. I. n-riniw ki.l.. u trs ana Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
ued by Mrs. Kate Stephenson, 26 Pey
ton avenue, Memphis, Tenn., in one of th
most stubborn cases of chills she ever knew
and it cured- See gave it to her children
With good results in bowel disorder anddys-
' OF ' '
No. 4652, B. D. Chancery Court of 8l elby
countj-bwt or tennessee vs. i.iie u.
Tavloretal. . .
Y virtue of an interlocutory decree tor
sale entered in the above cause on the
2Hh day of January, 1886, M. B. 61, page
187.1 will sell, at puoiio auction, to me
highest bidder, in front or the Clerk and
Muster's oft.ee, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Hatnrdaj, Jane 10, 1886,
tthin l.ral hours, the following de
scribed property, situated ia bhelby county,
Tennessee, to-wit: Lot 6, block 15: Be
ginning 118 feet east of the northeast in
tersection of Desoto and Elliott streets, on
the north side of Elliott street; thence
north 1UU feet; east 32 feet: south 100 feet to
Elliott street, and west with said streets
teet to thebeo-innine. Sold as the property
ef Noah Parto and others.
Part ot lot 14. block 6, west side ol w ainui
atreet, 14150 feet. Seld as the property of
Kicnard Lane.
Lot 6. block 64. west side of Ruth street,
60x142 test. Sold as the property ol H. Mor
ton, James Hunter and others.
Xerms ot bale un a oreuuoi six mooine,
notes with security, bearing Interest, re-
J aired; lien retained, redemption barred,
his May 20. ItWrt. ,
H. I. McDuWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deou'y C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Heiskell, SolSj
Crab Orchard
fx HIC llOWKM.
Sick Headache.
Dosr -.-One to two tiwpoonfiibi.
Ornuiue Ckab OncnaaD Halts in
mll packagne at loc. and 35c. Ho
ili-nuiui- balta sold In bulk.
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop'n.
s. N. lONFS. Manspf-r. t-ooiwlllr. Ky.
No. 241, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Harriet E. Smith vs. M. Own
et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered in the above cause on the
17th daj of May, 1886, M. B. 62, pegs i 67,
I will sell at nublio auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse of Bhe by county, Mem
phia, Tenn., on
Netnrday. June 13 . 1SS6.
within leial hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby oounty, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
Lots 1. 2 and 6, of the subdivision made in
this cause in the year l(fi8, a, ,hown by re
aort iled herein April 12. 1878.
Lot 1 fronts south side of Uayoso street 3i
feet, with a depth ot about 120 leet.
Lot 2 fronts saoi street o3 f.et, with about
the same deptn. .,,.! .
Lot fronts same street 30 feet 9 inches,
with a depth of about (V feet.
To the plan of subdivision refereno Is
here made.
J erms of 8le-On a credit of sU. twelve,
eighteen and twenty-four months, purchaser
eieoniins notes with approved securi y bear
ing i teresl tro o dn'e; lien retained and re
demption bane J. This Mar 21, ISM.
S I MfDilWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
I'M ten t Poston, Solicitors.
- in ft
No. S12.R.D - n .ga. Publie Admin
istrator of Bb'Wv ainty, and as such Ad
ministrator ot Mrs. E. M. Bleckley, !-
oeaaed, vs. Margie A. Breonan et al.
BY virtue of decree for sale enured here
in, April 27, 1806, I will offer for sale,
at public auction, at COLLIER VILLI,
TENN., on
tsatarday, Haw 20, 1886.
within legal hours, th following describe:
real estate, to-wit:
I. A certain lot containing three aid one
half (3H) acres in the Tenth t! ril District
of Shelby county, Tena., in th neighbor
hood of Bray's Station: Bounded on th
north by the State-line road; on th south
by th M. and C. Railroad; on the east by
tbe landa of P. M. Vt aid, and cn th west by
the lands of E. Head.
And the following lets in the town ofCol
lierville, Shelby eouuty, Tenn. :
II. A vacnntlrt ironi-ogon the west side
ot the public park. south ol the lot owned by
T. J. Morris, and being one hundred (100)
feet by a depth of one hundred and twenty
(13 teet.
,111. A vacantlot on lb south eideof Front
street, beginning about en hundred and
forty (HU) leetweit of the intersection of
I runt atreet with tbe o;ning west of th
public siuare, bavin a trout ot one hun
dred and seventy-tour feet by a depth of
kbout two buridr d and twentr (220) leet.
IV. A vacant lot on the east side of Main
street, thiity by sixty (30x60) lee-, lying be
tween the property of Geo; U. Blair and P.
L. (iray.
V. A vacant lot on th vtrt side of Main
street, beginning about one hundred and
fifty-eight (158) feet aorth ot the intersection
of Front and Main streets; thence north
twenty (20) teet, with a depth of on hun
dred and sixty UtS'H feet, running south at
right angles with the south line of said lot
from a point one hundred and twenty (120)
feet west of the beginning point, a di'tano
of fiftv-eitht i'A) feet, until it joins with lot
No four (4), fronting on Front street.
VI. A certain lot commencing on th
northwest corner of J. W. and W.I). Keen's
lot, in the town of Celiierville, deeded to
them by Leake at.d Irby; running theno
north thirty W0) feel to a stake; thence east
sixty (60) feettoa stuke; thence south thir
ty (30 1 feettoa stake to the northwest cor
ner ot said lot of Kotn's; thence we.t sixty
(60) feet to the beginning point.
Book 30, page 1.
VII. A lot known as the Orchard lot. .In
scribed as: Beginning ol the northeast sor
nerot lot No S, on a ran,- of lots north ot
public square and orposi; tho M. and C.
H.K.; theroe north two bunoredand seven
feet six ('A)7!-4 inches to a s ake; tbence west
two hundred and twenty 1220) feet io J. K,
Wadding's east boundary; thence sonth
two hundred and loven leet six & fi inches
to a stake, which is the northwest corner of
John Lvnch's lot No. 11; thence east two
hundred anl twenty (1201 leet to the begin
ning, containing, by estimation, a little over
one acre. Book 72, page 542.
VIIl Lot No. one (1), lorty (40) feet by
one hundred (100) foot, in a rang ot lots
Nos. 1 to 11, on th neith side of th put lio
square or park, purchased from V. Leak
September 24, 1867, nd recorded in Regis
ter's offico of Shelby county, in book No. 62.
pages 20'), 2C4.
IX. Lot No. 2, forty (40) by on hundred
(100) feet, in a range of lots Nob. 1 to 11 on
the north side of the public square or park,
purchased from V.Leake, December, 1K67,
and reoorded in the register's office of Shel
by county, in book No. tVi, page 476.
X Lot No. 4 (and part of lot 8), forty (40)
by one hundred (100) feet, and part of lot 3,
eight (8) by one hundred COO) leet, west of
and adjoining lot No. 2, in a range of lot
No. 1 toll, on the north side ot the public
fark or square. On this lot, 48100 feet, are
wo brick storehouses, on which there is a
trust deed of record. (Sole subject to ths
rights of the mortgage.)
XI. Lot No. 5, forty (40) by on hundred
(liO) feet, west of and a joining lot No. 4,
above described, and tourteon (14) feet six
(6) inches of lot No. 6, west of and adjoining
lot No. 6. This is tbe lot on which Mrs. E.
M. Bleckley res ded t the timeot her death,
being fifty-four (a4!j leet six inches by one
hundred (100) feet.i One-story frame and
improvements. Book 8'i, page 2;6.
XII. Lot No. 9, forty (40) by on hundred
(100) feet, in a range of lots on the north side
of the public park or square, record book
No. ;0, part 2, pages 4A7-8. A lot fronting
the west side of the public park, beginning
forty-eight (48) feet south of Front street,
lying between the lot of J. K. Waddy on th
north and T. J. Morris on the south, being
fort;-eight by one hundred and twenty l4ox
120) feet, having two (2) two-story brick im
provements and also one (1) small tenement
of wood. Upon this lot there is a trust deed
ot record. Sa! subject to the rights of th
As per said decree, I will first sell said un
improved property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary for the payment of the
debts and charges, and State, county and
municipal taxes against said estate; and in
the event said unimproved property does
net realise sufficient, then I will offer said
improved property for sale for th payment
of the remainder of said debts, costs,
cbnrgea and taxes. This decree is made
without prejudioe to the claims of creditor
secured by mortgage or trust deed, and tb
right of the estate in property embraced in
such mortgage or trust deeds shall be last
sold in case a sale thereof becomes neces
sary to pay the debts allowed.
At th time of the sal the guardian, M.
Gavin, may direct the order m which th
different lots or tract may be sold, except
that the mortgaged property ia to be lost sold
as above sfWJ.
Terms of Sal One-fourth (HI cash, one
fourth Oi) on December 27, 1886, ana one
half .) on Decem')er27, 1887; purchaser U
execute notes with approved personal secu
rity for the unpaid purchase money, and a
lien retained on th property to secure th
deferred payments. Thii April 28, 188d.
uuuu a. uuiiL.E.i-1. vierx.
ttv a. T.. McDonald. Deuntv Clerk.
John Loague, W. D. Wilkerson, H.
Warriner and Albert Suggs, solicitors.
recteda se'ious oisotder ot the bow la
in Mr. C. A. Weiner, Memphis, Tenn. He
eddured much p in, but was cured in a short
ime by this remedy.
AS Hsadlaon Street. JfemBbls, Testa
A FULL stock of Wooden and Mta
Casts and Caskets. Burial Robes, etc.,
always on hand. Orders by Telegraph or Tl
nhnne Prrtmntl .tr.wrle-t to.
stored to health and energy Mr. E.M.
Avery, No. 30 Madison street, Memphis,
Tenn., after an attack of malarial fever
which left him so feeble that he was confined
to.his bed.
No. 4654, R. Chancery Court of Phelby
county State ot Tennessee vs. Emily
Sacke'tet al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory dervee for
sate, entered in tho above cause on th
14th day of May. 1886, M. U. 48, pog 105.
I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master'!
office. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Natnrday, Jane 19, 1886,
within legal hours, tho following described
property, situated in. Shelby county, Tenn.,
Lot 13. block S, Brown s subdivision,,
fronting 80 leet on the oust side of La Rose
street, and running back 17"i leet. Sold ae
the property ol Emily Sackett, W. W. Luck- .
ett and others.
Part of lot 7, block 03, southeast oorner of
Gayoso and Bernsndo streets, 2!x63 feet.
So d as the property of the Workingmen't
Building and Loan Association, E. Buchig-
""part of lot 9, block 61, east side of Iler
rando street, adjoining Carter, 45x135 feet.
Part of lot 9, block 63, east side of Her
nando atreet, north of Maydwoll'a, 35x115
feet. . .
Let 2, block 45: Beginning at a point on
the south side ot Beale street, f2 leet east of
the corner of Be tie and Causey street;
thence touthward with Johnson's line 78
feet; thence eastward 25 feet; thence north
ward 78 teet to Beale street: thence west
ward with the south side of Beale street 2E
feet to beginning. Sold as tho property of
Kocoo Boggiana and othera.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months;
note with lecuriiy, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
This Maya , lNjr,
S. 1. McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
Ttv H.F. Walsh. D. 0. ajjd M.
F. H. and C. W. Beiskell, solicitor.
th dyspepsia, whion irouo eo mre.
John K. Sli son, 8i Hill street, Memphis,
Tenn., for nearly three years, to speedily
disappear. She sincerely idvisea all ai
flicted to try it.
UfANTPfl AHBNTS.Men and Women
BIBLE " Introduction by Rev. J. H. Via
cent, D.D. One agent hns sold 66 in a towf
of 674 peorle; oro 73 in a village ot 754; on.
new agent 86 in 10 days; one 2t3 in 4 succes
sive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two difterent
times. Experience not necessary. Addrr
V Dearborn atreet. Chicago.

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