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Cutdldatfs for Cobi rri Conten
tions la Tenne8fe-The Dc mo
erU of Arkansas.
Col. Tom F etcher, in a late "iotar
iew" witb Liltla Kxk Gazette nun,
Btartle ns nith tbe announcement
that be ia out of poli ici. He tikra
painr, however, to inlorm na that he
ia a Haunch Wheeler.
Wallace, Demcrra, ha heen
elected to fill the Ta ncy caaned by
theda'h of Conurpseman Hahn of
the tkonj District of Louisiana.
Keu iliiUtippian: Can it he trno, ai
ia publicly eUtod, that 11. D.Camer
on ia retained in tbe Eart Mimiiwppl
Inraoe Aiylnm, and theaeal of otlic al
commendation thus placed upon in
trigue and corruption in oUiceT
' Van Buren Aryuv The congres
Bionat ra(! ii waxing hot in our
ctiunty. The contet ie betwr en Hon.
V. L. Terry and Hon. J. H. Honors,
and so l -alxorbin? haa tbe intmest
in thia fiht become, tbe county can
vacs baa been lost Biht of. The two
candidates have been with us during
the put meet, working like heuvere.
Van Buren (Ark ) Arpu: The at
tempt of a few wnuld-bo leaders to
boycott the candidates who have seen
; fit w support Oil. Terry, is a moit au
dacious piece of bnsine.'B. Mr. James
, isnottfe on'y candidate whom tbe
over-zralons supporttrs of Judge Roit
ers have threatened. This bulldoting
businecs will not help the cause of Mr.
: Rogets, and can only tend to ciuse
A ajeiwions in our ranks. Every man
j baa a right to exercice his own free
' will in this matter, and no mati or set
of men can question hat right.
Grenada (Mies.) Gazette: Men who
bare made Democracy almost a divin
ity had better bo cautious lnw they
wa'k inta the prohih t on not, or they
will find thcmselvei in toe liule par
; lor of the Hepnbllcaa fly before they
have examined the surroundings.
Hon, Oliver Clifton, editor of the
Clariun, haa jiiBt htvn re-elected Clerk
of tbe Hupieine Court of Miasisiippi
for another term of four years. He
bai already lervol two terms of four
years each in this car aclty and has
made a competent and obliging of
ficer. Yu Olty (VJImT) Jhrald: Col. A.
II. Whitfield of (irenada has beea
called upon to run for Congress in the
fourth District.
Little Rock Gazette: A leading
Wbee'er of the pol.tical vnii'-ty saitl
to a Gazette reporter in a published in
turwiew that the Wheel is the De no
cratiepaity. Letuisse: According
to tbs letter of the eonMi utlcn of the
Wheel neither Gen. R. C. Newton nor
Gen. Powell Clayton is eligible to
membership in that orgnntait on. But
according t9 the latitudlnaiian con
struction which has enabled so many
farmers who till only the political soil
with their months, and no form no
agrlcnltuial lnl-or with their band', ti
become active Wheelers, Gen. Clayton
CJuld be crowdod in. A Democratic
party admitting Powell Clayton ,mk1
excluding Bob Newton would be a tine
Democratic party for Akniaa Denio
erats to gazo on.
Liit'a Rock Gazdtc: Got. S. P.
Utilities ia a life-long Democrat. Mr,
Isaao McCracken ih a member of the
Wheel, whose eomtilntien exclude!
Gov. Hughes because he U a lawyer.
If.istho politicians who havo fastened
on to the Wheel astert, the Wheel is
the Democratic parly, McCracken is a
rood Demoora, but Hughes is not.
What do Democia'ic Wheelers thiuk
of this T
TheNaihvil'e Itamtrr thinks that
tbe Bute Conventions should bo held
in the Broad Hteot Amusement Hall,
instead of the hall of the House of
Representatives. If the f irmer is
larger and more commodious than t'-e
lat'er, we say so, t jo, says the Bolivar
Clarkiville Chronicit : The Amrri
can't arguments against the Blair hill
have about simmer? d down to this:
The Secretary of Bta'e is to decide
whether or n-1 the mom y is properly
appropriated bv the Suitep, and that
amounts to Federal control. Such
reasoning don't need to be combated ;
it is not itrcng enough ta itand ale ne,
and falls from its own weakneee.
Oklona (Miss.) Mtmu-nger: Winona
wants the Dunn e ratio Cjnpreesiwat
Convention to meet there this year.
The west el Je of the dmttirt, had the
last convention and Okolona wants it
this year, l.st ui Lave it, please.
Ilriokley (Ark.) Argm: W. J
Blackwell Is a candidate for Repre
sentative, tubject to the action of the
Democratic primary election. He
starts out wi'h the indorjement of the
wheel as well at the support of cither
friends. Mr. Blackwell is well known
to tbe people of the county, and we,
therefore, deem it unnecessary to pa s
any eulogy upon him. 11 is claims are
eotit'ed to consideration upon tbe part
oi voters,
little Rick Democrat : As we nn
lers!ood i Mr. Unrlarld promised
that a fall and thorough investigation
of the telephone rxm'ter wou'd satisfy
verybody. The examination ba
oeen thorough and exhaustive, and
al! just and fair minded men are ea 'iv
' tied that Mr. Uailand s connection
with the telephone company is above
lae Biiguiesi enapirion.
Little Rock l'rmocrttt: The Hon,
Georue 8. Cunoiniibam of Dardnnelin.
judge of the Filth Judicial Circuit, is
a candidate fir re-election. Judtie
Cunningham is a good lawver. a man
of undoubted integrity, aud a moit
capable and laitlitul othcial.
YaxooCity (Miss.) IlnM: Kemper
county went wet Ins: Saturday ; a'l
the elections so far have lnen aRait st
pruuiu.i on.
Nashville Banner: It is whirered
that the earnest supporters of Judg
lurnev will, in thu ovant ! h .
not nominated for the Supreme bench
by tbe judicial convention, bring him
not a a ramlidatn fnr th I'nii.l
8'atei 8nte. In fact, it is stated that
. some of his Inends prefer that hi
honld to', be returned to the bench
as they want to press him (or the
Jackson (Teon.) Ifrpath: The liar
din canoly Demo racy held a eor.v mi
tion atfavannah on the 1, th nut tut,
Hfld ioRtiuc ed their deleiiH'.es to cts
tbe vols of the cour.ty for John A.
Pitts of this ciiyss their choice for
Supreme Court Jndge,
The Aberdeen (Misr.) I'jamimr,
Greenville Tim?, Columbus Ikiiux itit
and Vickebu-g JPraM have pounced
upon "Private John Allen" like a set
ting ben upon a Janebug, and declare
that on account of his record in Con
gn sa be will never "gt tbe-e" again.
In the last campaign John Al en had
the brightest rrosptcU c f anycardi
date in the State, and inthegenetal
election received tbe greatest majority,
and it will indeed be a pity if he Las
lost bia grip.
Aberdesn (Misa.) Eta-miner: Hon. T.
C. Catchings on Fridny, the 30ihof
April, delivered In the Houss of Kep
risntJtivfS the bet rp'echthat bis
been delivered in th's Cjnarers in de
fenee and edvft-ecy ol the piliryof
intn.nvi.ff Iha t II iliul n n rlvr in A.
cordance with the p ana submitted by
tne connmg-oii now m narir oi iu9
work. It wa aleo a grarjd viadicatinn
e1 nup vuDav rntn.trw anii rwnnln. We
shall endeavor to publish it hereafter.
Jackfon (Tenn ) Tribune arwf Sun:
The d BcuHiion o! tax aessment re
form sliould set our people to think
ing. It requires but a moment's
thought to understand the nnfa'r
working of tie pieaent sytt;m. The
property hnldeis aie allowed to name
tbeiaU of awetsment, aud with few
exceptions the proprty is rrted at
minimum finnree. Bat if the prop
erty is suhnequently sold, note the dis
parity between the a'saesmeut and the
amount received in the sale. Ano hr
notable practice in vogue is that tax
esseesorB copy the repcrs of the pre
vious year, or ranyhe only alight alter
ations are nide. Will the pejple con
nive at tbU injustice? Of the pressing
retorrxe noue are mo'e urgent than a
reforma.ion in tax aesstf sm-nta, and
the people stand in their own light
when they permit inequalities to con
tinue. Taylor and Nona fcr Governor.
Wouldn't the fur AflHroumtnlle
StUtKind liet , No. For t:ie ra-oa
that th r would be Nnrn lelt. SM
lnviUf Cmnmeri'itil. (If eouse there
would hi Nuno to begin with.
Winona (Miss ) Admnre: Tbe Hon.
Claries E. Hooker, the "silver
tmgued orator" of Misei'S ppl, is ma
king some p iwerful political speec he!
down in the Seventh Dutrict, and as
a candidate U grjiiug In strength
evsry day. In his Si eeuhes he makes
m re'erencn to tbe views or actions of
his c nipetior, nor I cartel y allu les to
the cauva a, more than to merely an
nounce the act of his taadLacy.
Co'timbus, (MIbh)., Di'mOh: And
now, by way oi ixtjnutior, it is taid
that the lion. J. M. Allen voted
sgainU the river and harbor bill (im
ply becauee he couldn't ge.t the appro
priation for the lomhigbee river in
creased. We do notcjnsider t'lis a
good e xcuiej on the principle that a
ha'f loaf la bo ter than no bn a I he
should have supported tbe una-u e,
especially when he knew that trie ap
piopriut'ons for other streams in
which this Statu is inteietted notably
tlie Misaieaipfii were scceptable in
amount to hiecolluwuesin tbe House.
Mr. Allan's exhibition of rp'een in
this matter does him no credit.
Chattanooga Titnrt: The piimiries
to choose delegates to the county con
vention of Monday meet to-uight. The
roaverit'on will name delegates to the
State Democratic Judlc al Convention.
The best men of the partviu the va
rious wares shou'd be at these prima
ries. If any political occasion should
at ract tbe gooi cit'itn when it ia
when the bench of justice Ic tbe ob
ject of crnsulUibn and action. If
we have bad or weak judge! it is main
ly I clause they are noma a'ed by and
tepresent the mere polit elans when
they ougnt to be creature's ol all that
is test iu the cemmunity.
The Democrats of Laudenlale coun
ty, Ala., in convention on the ia
I taut, elected the ba' of Florence dele
gates to at'emd the convention to he
hilil to nominate candututs for Cir
cuit Judge. The Hons, U 0. Picket
and Hiiam Bichaidtoa were nnuni-
moii'ly elected a! candidates for re
eleoiiin to tde Le;islatuie. The
present Demociatic Executive Com
mittee, for the county waj c.ntinued
in otlic?, and wi hnut an oppieing
vo'e t'oe Congre siocal Z delegation
were instructed to cart the r vote at
Decatur (or the lion. Joseph Wheeler.
Jolinroa City (Tenn.) Comtt: Hon.
R. L.Taylor is unqueetonably thu
choice of the Deince aey of the Firjt
D.stnct, and e'peeially ot asbington
county, for Governor.
Johnson City (Tenn.) Gmit : Do the
Republicans of Knit Tenneseee know
that the Republicans of Hawkins
county actually in-tructed for Judge
Hacker lor reelection, let be cot
one cr two out of ten delegate! from
that county. The fuU extent of the
trickery, trca thery, fraud, bargain, in
t iguo and corruption by which the
Jocojhoro c invention was puked
aitaiuat tbe choice of the people,
Hacker and Fain, has not vet coma to
lWonldMrfc.) 1'rrst: The Agricnl
dual Wheel has bad one or two pol
i'.ical revolutions, and there is uo tell
ing what one or two more will evolve.
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Arkanna Uuette, is agitated. Rube Car
Lee is happy, ai.il tnere is no telling
wnat is going to raoren. ll we knew
which rile ol the Wh"l waa hot we'd
know how t take holdrf i',butiu
common witn many ol cur contempo
inriis and two thirds ol the politi
cln, we'll not take hold until we feel
a little further. The i'msls decidedly
for the Wheel as lona ai it remains an
nuriuiltural institution, but aa a pol
iti'ftl institution we'll have to see a
little further into it befora assuming a
A Mnltllnde of Allmrnla.
The ailtnonta nhich allliot th kidnera aid
blaJJtir are to nuiueroua, that merely to
nam them would 1)1 a apace fnr outrunning
the limlla ol thl article. Suffice It to y.
that m aro Dotn onaunale and aancrmii
To their prevention UoMetter' ritoinath Hit-
tern ia well aditiHl. 'I he utimulux which it
lendii In the action of the kidney" when their
are lethargic, rervei to counteract a tendency
in them to lawe. firat. Into a tat ot iter
nieiuun inactivity, and afterwarda into one
ot positive oraanlo disease, which anon de
troya their delicata inleauinenU, poiaona
the blood and cnuiee death. A double iur
IKie ia aerved by thia depurent. Jt promotes
activity ot the aiilnaya. and eipela impuri
ties trom the blood which have no natural
channel of outlet eacept thnae ors ana. Con
stipation, biliousness, lever and aaue. rheu
matism and dyspepsia, are also renuilted bv
this medicine of thorough action and wide
A Whole Family UrowatHt.
WoLFaBOBOi'nii, N, II., May 2lh
lenteraay aturnoon tne liiv. 1. U.
Jerome, astor of the Co-giegational
thorch of this villag-, with l is two
sons aud daughter and a young man
earned Davis went out nn the lke on
a fishing excursion and failed to re
lii'n when expected. A steamer
which arriveil at 4 o'clcclc reported
having seen an overturned l:ot n nr
Janniotown Is' ami. Si inch was mdt,
etui lite in the evening the buuits of
the whole party were recorded. Mr.
Jerome wus k weihhy gcn'lenian,
owning n'jout Sil'sO.OdO worth of rou
erty. He caniB ht r fr.)m New Vt rk
Iwi jvais ego. Iiene Jerome. t'ie
art;.s ard aut'joree", is a sister of the
Proceedings of an Important Meet
fng Held at the Cotton Ex
change Yesterday.
Few more important me ti t s
have ever been bld in this city than
that wh'ih was called together at tbe
Cortn Exehang" at 3 o'clock yciterday
evening. Mr. J. T. Pct'.it was made
Mr. Newman Krb was calltd on for
inloimi-tlon lelet've ti the bridge bill
of the Kansas C ty and Memphis Kail
road and Bilge Company, acd le
ft spended, eaying that hia ompaiiy
waaiereitly organized lor tbe pur
poee ot cot s'ruc'.ii g, owning and
bpeia'iog a bridge acrcss tbe MiesU
tippi rier at MempUic Tne oiB"ni
zation wts in tie interest of tie Kai
eat City, Springfield ai.d Memphis,
tie Kauiaa City, Mea phis and Bir
mingham la lro , and the rt. Liuis.
Iron Mounta n and S mthern Kailrotd
Couipaniee, who alone now bad a
d ric, sutHtant'kl intc-eit in the en
terprise. The bill tontrrt'I r.o ex
cluiite pr vi eies, and nested io
monotolv, it provided tint the Irdgx
should h3 ooem to the us cf alt
nrlioal companies ce iring to
use it e n equ .1 terms, and
tbe toll arjsuvje. t to rcgulf t on by
the Sjcre'ary ot War. Coidintiing,
he said that the iun g'ineijt of the
Ksliuu Citv road bal been pioceeding
quietly and (Kl bia ely in reference
to the mitttsr. A thoriuuh investiga
tion of the jiracticat ility, lot at on,
coet and plans f r ths pioposed rtruct
ure bad been prapprad by a competent,
experienced eniner t.f nm ionnl
fame, and tbe funds, between f:!,5( 0,
OOOai.il t'l.OtO.tHX), had b:ea pledged to
the t tsrpr s". Jhs manugemint of
the Kansas City road is not given to
rp-ii illative enterprijes or vainorirm
bout. Itt nit fiods f ra chera'tiiz d
by a cer jlti1 deliberat o-, at,d by a
ways doing j'lrt what it prouii-eito
peifcrm Inthil case it piopises tl
build this biitlge just as toin as it an
be done, promptly on tecuring th)
grant f otn Cjngress.
Mr. W. W. Schrolfhld then ofl'ered
the following evolution :
WiiKRBAs, Tho Kansas City and
Memphis Railroad and lir'dge Com
pany, recently org nized for tho pur
pose of eonstruc'ing and operating a
liriilpe aero a the Mississippi river at
Memphis, hits nw a hill pending ia
Congress granting it the necessary
authority iu that behalf; and whereas,
said eomp'iiy is organized and con
trollodinthe inte-estof the Kan'as
City, Springfleld and Memphis and
the Kansas tMty, Memphis and l!ir
mingham ltnilroad Comtanies and
other railroads; it is therefore
Jitittlrtd, Tbat it is the sense of this
meeting, composed of tho Cot on and
Merchants' Exchanges and citizens of
Memphis, that a bridge at Memph s
is a irrea'. and important commercial
necessity to the trade and commerce
I tho MiHSiBsippl Valley and the
South, and will he of immeasurable
value in establishing the commercial
supremacy of Memphis as a great dis
tributing snd railroad center.
Rcmhed, That the Kansas City and
Memphis ltnilroad and Bridge Com
pany, heinat organized in tho interest
oi existing rauiti on, uy Kern- eiiieu oi
.1 "I .1- 1 , f
well-known wealth win liave a u rett
interest io the i onstruction and iiKecf
tho bridge and in whose assurance of
good faith we have full confidence, in
the opinion of tins meeting oilers the
rest assurance oi thu iinmxlia'c use
of the bridg grant, and that we be
lieve we will he surer of Bccuriog a
bridge nt an earlier day through that
company than any other.
Jii((ia, 1 tint oitr keprcsunutt vis
and the Representative of A'kansuM,
Mississippi and Aluipma in Uoi eress
be earnestly requested to aid in secur
ing the early passage of the br dgo
hill of tho Kansas City nnd Memphis
Kuilroa l and llrulge ompnny, and
that copies of these resolutions bo for
watded to them respectively.
ma j. m'fahi.ano's motion in lijcu.
Mr, W. R. Moo-e said there was
an ther company rapteaented which
ought to be heird from in a spirit cf
Mi i. McFar'and ra d be acraed that
it a bridge weto to ho built it ought tj
be built spceiily. "Sme months
ago," be said "Mr. A. P. Holler, repre
senting men of Lre cipittl, came
here for the purpose ol arwnutog to
build a blidue. They made the prop
er survey and rttr:e I the movement.
in March, Mat. Mcrar and continued,
"we obttiued a charier, but bund it
ould be nerowaiy to have an act ot
Con gt ess. We also discovered tlia'.
others had previously obtaiced a
charter. An etlort was made by Mr.
Boiler to get that charter, thinking t j
save time. Since that time the Kan
sas City, 8pringQeld ami Memphis
Company have come to ths front as a
biidge builder. The important point
f r its Io consider is to whom tbe priv
ilege of bu Id ng a bridge should be
granted; whether we sha'l g-ant it to
a combination for the benetit cf one
or two lailroads, or to in organization
which will treat all railroads alike.
So far as Congraea is concerned, it liu
jurisdiction so Lr as lipaiinn rights
go, and no further. The bilCgs must
be built in the Southern pirt of the
city, and the access to it is over a very
narrow isthmus. This is one argument
stalest giving it to any one road. All
that our company aeki is tbat ycu ra
ter tne matter as to lnrn the right
shall be given to our Congressmen.
Don't handicap our representative,
now and tie us down to the mercy of
one company. Io this eptrit I offer
tho following resolution in lieu of that
effHri d by Mr. Schooltlald :
Whkkkas, The growing trao of
Memphis imperatively demar.ds the
builuing ol a bridge atrossthe Misii,
sippi r.ver at thia point, and thu its
construction should bs begun at tie
eariieet piacttc! moment and core
pleted as Bpeedily as possible; and,
whra, it is important that such
bridge should not bo owned by any
corporation whote interest it may be
to digoriuiina o in fav.ir of any one or
more roaos, nut by tbe corporat on
ottering the best Kuarnnt'ei of inv
parta'ity and bist management for
the general inteietts of Memphis;
and, wheteas, eeveial rival companies
ra now epnlying to the Congress of
the unitsd States for charters for such
bridge; theiefore be it
litntlitd, That our lv'preeiitativps in
C'ougioiS acfemh'ej, be, and aie
hi-rehv reqi:etetl, titfl'o tugs the pa
sage, nt pieseut S'sbIoo of CoDurea?, of
a i hhrier U r building a brtd.-e n this
p int; secmt. that tliev adv fit i the
muting t ni':h eiarter to t' ut coin
i any or corpoia'ion which, in their
judgment, oilers the bcs'. a'etirances
hi. (I iiiiaranlets upon the two import
ant loints suggested in the fi-et and
second preambles to thei e iciolutions,
tiwit: Spettly completion of the
bridge aid impartial management
Mr. Hill moved to lay Mr. MrF'r
land's resolution on the tble. Mr.
Crawford seconded tbe mo ion.
The mot on was put and lost.
Before the motion to adopt was pnt,
Mr. Harry Hill loik ti:e tiwr acd said
be was satiefid tbere was never a
more important meeting haa tbe
present, except that tela to instiust
members cf tbe LiiUture regarding
ih atolishmoirt o: tbe old chart r.
"The dream of Mempbiaos for many
years," be eaid, "cas been to ace a
bride aroesthe MisslReipii river. It
is shout to be rea ired at last. The
movement just made is to tbrct le tbe
capiuliet who are about to build our
air carte cf solid rock and ircn
Xrttluton, whose name has mills a
lodgment in our hearts, tells tbe
people of Memphis, eiv me a char er
and I will spend $3,000,000 or 11,000,000
and build your bridge. When yon
wera asleep he waa buildiug his road
through tne swamps of Atkaacaa,
awaking tbe sleeping city witb tne
whistle of his loorxo ive before ttey
were aware it bad tUrtsd. Will oa
kill thiB gVden opportunity T This ia
a matter which belongs peculiarly ti
us, and not to our reprisal Uvea.
We have an opportunity to instruct
them in favor of a man whom we
know will carry out his p'om eei. Let
ui take a eortiinty instead of a specu
lation. When you elnw me a bridge
bu It by the opposing shadowy corpo
rations I will show you Barrett's
Biree'-iars running acrrsithe At'antic
ocean. The right to regulate the
charges on a bridge over the river be
lli gs to the Secretary of War a Dem
ocratand to: to an individual or a
Mr. School dell (aid he would like
fir the meeting to reniambr one of
tbe argum nts made by Mr. 1 1 all. tha'.
charges would be regulated by tbe
Secretary ol War, "We should decide
in favor of a comraoy which is naly
to build thia btidgs rather than one
we know nothing tf," Mr. Scboolfield
Judge J. W. Clapp raid he thought
he raw a prospect of tbe realization of a
prophecy made when 'ha Charleston
ra'lroad was built and water from tbe
Atlautic waspouied into the Mississip
pi. No man has a right ti cut off legiti
mtte enterprise or ti anticipate te
future. Let us tea what is behind the
m n who are prepsring to build the
biidge whitb will give us sime guar
antee tbat they are in earnest. The
Kanras C ty railr r.d ha (Oiferred a
larger benttit upm usthiin any other.
They sm men who mi an what tbey
say. If they g-.t the charter
thy will be as sure to
build the br'dge as they have built
tberoad. We need not un iiute any
moiopilyin the Ehap of a bricg.
Tbe cnsrtsr is held tubject t) modifi
cations. Millions of dolars are ra
quired and we must loo it to the teen
who bave it. Wehaveabi d in the
hand and we should not le' it go to
ca ch one in the busb.
P. M. Winters made a faw remarks
for the resolution.
W. R. Moore said the point that
both companies werec:niDO!od o! for
eign capi alista sbould be ct n-idnred.
Mr. McF. rand's resolutions were
thei put t the mee ingand Its'.
Tne ormioa1 leiolotioa moved bv
Mr. SchoolHehl was pnt acd unai i
moudy carried, and the meedng ad
Hitl Acrltkiit nt a Hnmlaj'.arbool
JiaowNsviLiE, Tknn., May 29 A
very sad accident mamd toe plecsure
of the picnic of the Baotitt Sunday
eehocl on Friday. While Meser
Toramie Whittle, with several ctner
hoyp, wera lathing oi a tandhar in
the rivrfr where h water w s to'
very deep, ynnna Whitt'e stepped off
the bar, aid before any a sis'ance
ciuld reach him wis drown-td. It
seems he was unable to swim, und bis
companions were too small to help
him. He was about seventeen years
old, and was a clerk in Mr. Lord's
druir s'.ore. Quite lately he joined
ths Btptist Church, n which denomi
nation his father is a minister. His
untimely dea'h is sincere'y mourned
by all who knew him. He was a lad
of fine character and great promise.
Up to Saturday evening his b uy baa
not been recovered.
The Outlook All Over the Conn try
Very Favorable.
Kocbhstkr, N. Y.. Mav 29. f-nodal
crop reports to the American lliiral
Home trom oiuu correspondent an
over the country ebow that spring
wheat, corn and oats are all seed d
and planted. Tbere are good ttantls
nt sprint wheat, t tats show more or
less the bad etlects of tho r in and
hail storms of May. The stands of
corn are generally good The ground
is clear and well worked, as a w hole.
Tho crop was planted at ab ut the
samo time as in 188-"). Early varieties
of inter wheat are about ready to
cut. The general condition of winter
wheat is still favorable, with a varied
yield, both as to quantity and quality,
according to locality. There has been
no general development of insect life
so far, with tho exception of grasshop
per in Ohio and Indiana, and chinch
(mil's in Southern Illinois and Kansas.
Wi.li the except on of peaches there
will he a large yield of every variety
of f nit. Hogs anil cattle are generally
healthy on full feed.
Ncolt'a EmnlKloai of Pure
CnA Ttir Oil. with 11 vnorthoRidiitea.
in Consumption and NVast'lig I 8
eases. Dr. C W. ltarringer, Pitts
burg, Pa., says: "I think your Emul
sion of Cod Liver Oil is a very fine
.,M,iatt. ntt.l 4'illA a lnn(..f,ttC want
it is very useful iu consumption and
wasting ttiscaeB.
Dr Oearootre) First a hnrch.
The SprinnfloM (Masi.) I'nion is res'
consible for the following: "Some
loriv veara aire, when the Rev. Dr.
Osgood was paitor of the First Church,
he waa conducting an evening service
in the little wooden chaps! that et od
at the Bide of the chur b. The pulpit
was of tbe pla n's! deecription, and
was l ghted by two small oil lamps.
As Dr. O. giod nas offing a prayer
be made a fresh ra which knocked one
of tin lamps to the floor in front of
bin. He opened his eyes and looked
over, and seeing that tie lamp was
not ruoxe-n, r.'n.a'ked, 'rt'eil, it was
gKdgiars, any war,' and tlifn closivg
his eyes wont on with Lis prayer
where be left oil."
In lh llenr Old lJ.
We differ in creed Bad politics, but
wo are a uuit a I tbe rame on the de
sirableness ol a tine head of hair. If
you mourn the hs of thia blessing
anil ornament, a bottle or two of
Parher's Hair lhtbam will make you
look as you did in the dear -ld days,
It is worth trying. The only standard
50 cents article for the hair.
Tbe Gld Company and Against the
City SjDopsIs of J ant Ice Dead
crick's Opinloa.
iHrtciiL to thb arriir.,1
Jackson, Tks.v, May 2t. The fol
lowing is an abstract of the decision
of the Supreme Court in tho consoli
dated cases of Frayser, Barrett and
Shippey vb. The State, as furnished
by Mr. E. S. Mai lory of the Jackson
Opinion by Deaderick, Chief Justice,
Defendants were cha ged with ob
structing a street in Memphis by at
tempting to build a b reet railway
therein and were found guilty. They
justified under the chart r of their
company (of which they were officers
and agents), obtained from the State;
a former adjudication and contract
entered into with the city. The con
trolling questions were w het'ier, under
the charter, adjudication ami con
tracts with the abolished cor
poration of Memphis the com
pany was bound to obtain the
permission of the Taxing District (suc
cessor to the cororation of Memptiis)
before entering upon the street anil
constructing its road; and whether it
was bound to enter into a further
written contract sought t be imposed
upon it with the city, before it could
proceed with the cons ruction. The
court examined the variousprovisions
of the charter relied on by the parties,
and holds that the charter authorizes
the construction of the rohd; that
there is nothing in it which rtquires
the company to contract as a condi
tion precedent to the exercise of its
right) directly conferred by the char
ter. The defendants were doing on'y
what they had a right to do. The city
may pass proper regulations and rules
under its police power in respect to
said road; the charter reserves this
right to it ; and 'or any threatened or
actual violation of law the city has its
of the va-ious civil districts of Madi
eon county met to-day and Belected
delegates to the County Convention,
to lie held in this city Juno 1st, for
the purpose of selecting delegates to
the convention to be held in Xash-
v He, June !)th, to nominate candidates
for Supreme Jutlges. The delegates
appointed from this civil d strict were
instructed to vote lor Caldwell and
DrnmmoDd'g Matnral Leaf.
The only genuine "X'a'ural Leaf"
tobacco in tho mark t ; "two tin tags,
one on each end of the p'ug;" a mild,
elegant cnew. JJon t be deceived into
buying imitations. Take none but the
original "Drummona's Natural Leaf"
The Mux well C'aae,
Sr. Louis, Mo., Mav SO. The de
fense in the Maxwell murder case
continued, this forenoon, reading of
the depositions taken in Hyde, Eng
land, showing that tbe defendant
while r, s ding there, bore a character
above reproach. This consumed tbe
morning session of the court and at
12 o clock, adiournment waa taken
until next Monday, when the prcssuu
tioa will, it is expected, .introduce
evidence in rebu ta. to tbat ottered by
th dff.me.
The Appetite
May ho Increased, the native organs
Itrengtlicned, and tho Ilowcls regulated,
6y tuklng Aycr's Tills. These Pills are
purely vegetable in their composition,
l'hey contain neither calomel nor any other
dungeroaa drug, and may bo taken with
perfect aafcty by persons of all ages.
I was a great sufferer from Dyspepsia
and Constipation. I had no appetite,
became greatly debilitated, and was con
Itautly attllcted with Headache and Dizzi
ness. T consulted our family doctor, who
prescribed for me, at various times, with
out affording more than temporary relief.
I finally commenced taking Aver s Pills.
In a short time my digestion and appetite
tny bowels were regulated, and, bv the
time I finished two boxes of these Pills my
tendency to headaches hud disappeared,
and 1 became strong mid well. Darius
M. Loguu, Wilmiugloii, Del.
. I vns troubled, for over a year, with
Loss of Appetite, mid Clr-nenil Debility.
1 commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and, bo
fore finishing hnlf a box of this medicine,
niy apM'tito and strength were restored.
C. U. Clark, Daubury , Coun.
Aver'a Tills are the best medicine
known to nin for regulating the bowels,
and for all diseases caused by a disordered
Stomach and I.lver. I suffered for over
three venrs with Headache, Indigestion,
ami Constipation. 1 had no appetite, and
was weak uud nervous moat of the time.
three boxes of Ayer's rills, and, at the
same time dieting myself, I waa com
pletely cured, ily digestive organs are
Dow In good order, and I am In perfect
jicaltu. Philip Lockwood,Topcka,Kaus.
Ayer's rills have benefited ire wonder
fully. For months 1 suffered from Indi
gestion and Headache, waa rcstlesa at
bight, and had a bad taste In my mouth
tvery morning. After taking one box of
Ayer's Pills, all these troubles disap
peared, my food digested well, and my
aleep was refreshintr. Henry C. 11cm
tuenway, Rockport, Mass.
I was cured of the Tiles by the use of
Ayer's Tills. They not only relieved me
Of that painful disorder, but gave me In
treased vigor, and restored my health.
John Lazarus, St. John, N. II.
Ayer's Pills,
Ptprrt by Dr. J. C. A yrr k Co., I-owHl, Musa.
told by all llrunglsU said Dealers Iu ilodkloe.
15 1
urnvail an aflpitunl lamed? in the fam-
Ut of Mr. Cnas. 11. Voiel. 3U0 Msnassae
street, Memphis, Tenn.. in all eases of
stouincti duoriier, also as an appetiser am
anerai 'onto.
Funeral Directors,
83" MAIX NT.. VI ?
fVlij aiifi rnmelnte stooli of Wood and
JrV. M-tMic C.ises anil Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets ami Jltirial Kobes always o
h ind. aM-onlera br telearapa rroaiptly
mm Mrs. A. Jluller, No. M7 Minn street.
MeT,h's, lenn.. ot chills anil fever. Mnre
tnkina the reiuf dy she tins hud no return of
ttie malitdr, and she considers it tbe best
rt'iiicly in tne wor'd.
Pumps, Machinery Fittings and Pipe.
i ll ,a Tavist J"1 1 1 s
J, T. FAR6AS0N h GO,
7holesa!e Grocers
ZCt Front Street, Hemphit, Ten a.
Cotton consigned to as will have our careful attention. We carry at all times a wall
selected stock oi
Staph & Fancy Groceries, Winas, Liquorsjobacco & Cigars,
nl will soil
Cotton Facte & Commission Merch'ts,
anstttois Wahrasr-I(
Dissolution Notice
THE firm of SPEED k PHILLIPS is thia da dissolved by mnto&I consent. Tbe oldi
firm of JOHN K. bPEKD it CO. will continue the business at the SHmeplace.No. 313-
Front street.
Memphis, Tnn.. May o, l88o.
"N retiring from the firm of SPKED A PHILLIPS, I oommen the euccessors of the oldi
l Arm to tha good will of my friends. J. M. PUlLLIPa.
THE firm of SPEED A PHILLIPS having this day been dissolved by mutual consent, we.
solicit their and our friends for a eontinnnnce o pstronare, guaranteeing that all
business entrusted to us aball be as carefully looked after as heretofore.
lY1fihl, Ten".. Mnv . IHH.
Brlukley, Ark.,
Doors, Sash, Blind?, Dressed Flooring, Cellinir, Weather-Boarding
Cypress NkliaKles, Lullis, Etc
rOnr facilities are unsurpassed by any sawmill in the South for fil.lng orders promptly.
Pi r.;i;n Ri.lln Wt i.nmW and Itvnrnss hinntea a sneflialtv : also. Frauiin M-
Lumber of all dimensions. We make the
aonciiea nu promptly nueu.
No.'124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennewwue.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
No. SOS Wain N(ra3(. flTM llsxk.
11 MUM,
RICHARD A. McCURDY, : : t i t President.
ASSETS, : : : : : : $109,000,000
Surrender Vstlnea Indorsed on Policies. Bo Forfeiture. Cbeapeat
Isa tho World.
a. T.TllC. ERSKINZI, 3M.X3.. I I l Bxumlrior.
fio. 2 rolton Exehwnge Rnlldlng. rTfemplil.
1 1 .
Hicceatoii to POKIER, TAT10B COn
Cotton" Factors
T. U. Mtl,R'JN,
POL C(iLfMN. '
arDeposita received in sums ol VI and upward, and interest allowed on same mt-
arVeabuy nd sell local InTestment Bonds and Securities generally, pay taxes, eeta
trustees. and, in general, eiecute any financial business requirinf a sate and responsible
a-''e'i.sue drafts, in sums to suit purchasers, on all parts of Europe,
aur We haTe a commodious Vault lor th deposit t raluablea, which ia at the serric el
our customers, 're of a l.re.
D. P. 11ADDEX, Prpsltlent. EWI). GOLDSniTII, Tlce-PresiUfnt.
JAMES H1TUAM, Cashier.
& Cotton Factors,
l.nw alio l.nmrmt.
SM nsMlKMt. f 'wf rf--
jumh it. ortr.i;.
J. m. rniiiiiirs,
.I'imii iv. nrnrii)
IrlauufaeiiirtTsj of
Wholesale Business a special feature. Onlerf
1 '
mam lira ill
V. i) ' ' t. w. li .ill 5; .i

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