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J' bC-tDAY, I X Mk 80, 188ft
It will be seen frcm no!iiercolaron
that the Democrtlo Eiecutive Com
mittee hw postponed the county rn
meeting ircm Taedy next to the 12th
ol June. It wai thought the notice for
Saturday wa too eboit, end the first
call baa been postponed with the view
of giving ample time to et-cure a rous
ing, enthusiastic mass-meeting com
posed of delegatee from every part of
the county. As the meeting will
v make known lis preference is to a can
didate for Governor, the friends of
Col Robert F. Looney are anxious that
there should be a large attendance,
that the voice of the people of Shelby
county sha'l be heard in no uncertain
sound. - The delegates will be, of
course, instructed . to support Col,
Looney, and all classes and professions
should torn out and swell the lou J
acclaim for the nomination of a
distinguished citixen who bas been
Jdent fled with them in pros
perity and adversity for nearly
foity years. Col. Looney is tint
versally beloved by the people among
whom he bas so loog lived, and be his
earned tbia respect and love by an ex
emplary life. Since the days of hia
youth he has been a member of the
Presbyterian Church, and his lite bas
been one of cobriety and morality,
without blot or stain. lie presents
the anomalv of a man who bai lived
half a century without ever tasting a
drop of ardent spirits. While op
noted to sumptuary laws and
tamnoranre fanaticism, he not
only preaches temperance but
has always practiced it. The cV
mcralUation engendered by tbe war
never swerved hiin fiom his s
briety and morality. He is on"
of the landmarks among the people
of Shelby county. His nature bas
been kind, tender and lovable; his
face has always beamed with bright
sunshine, and the people among whom
be bas so long resided will, on the 12th
of June, give expression to their es
teem, admiration and appreciation of
bis character, and their confidence In
bis ability and integrity. As Gov
ernor ol Tenners e, CjI. Looney would
reflect honor upon Shelby coun'y,
which, on account of Its wealth, popu
lation, Intelligence, and it being tbe
mplre connty of West Tennessee,
ought to be allowed the honor of fur
nish log the Governor of tbo S ate
once in a hundred years. Col. Looney
possesses those elements of strength
which will make him tbe itroogest
candidate that can poesibly bs nom
inated, and bo will bo nominated, if
the people of Hhelby county
start him in the eauvars, give him
the indorsement he deserves by pro
claiming to thu people of the State
that we know bim well, and that his
character is absolutely without b'etn
Ish and high above tbe reach of cal
umny and cMmnHon.
rrrii.it Ai'i'itiLN.
So toon ai Gov. Weal, recently ap
pointed by President Cleveland Gov
ernor of Utah, reached Fat Lake,
be visited the penitentiary and prom
ised every Mormon convicted of po
lygamy absolute and unconditional
pardon if they would agree to obey
tbe laws of their country. This wai
wire strategic movement on the part
of Gov. West. It was equivalent to
saying to tbe Mormons that he
wanted to accomplish h's mission by
peaceful methods ; that it they would
nnfetter the people of the Territory
frjm the bondage in wh'ch they were
held ard like other good citizens obey
the laws of their country they
would be pardoned. Gov. West
has tttited right, for bis ut
terances showed that he entered
upon his duties w.th malire toward
none, kindness and mercy for all,
Bat his appeal was futile. The out
laws and culprits that he addressed
indignantly rejected his clemency,
They refused to shut tbe doors on
Utah's sid past and to open them to
bright future in which the people,
like those of other States, obeyed the
laws. Gov. West has alrsads dltov
red that be might as well call upon
the hawk to release its prey or the
falcon to help its quarry to eicspe ai
to induce the Mormons to give
up their customs, their crimes
and their licentiousness. The an
wer which the culprits made
to Gov. West's appeal showed It
was like atklng the bnxzird to cease
hit gorging and live s temperate,
cleanly life. For s generation these
men bave filled themselves to reple
t'on on the unsavory fruits which ex
torted pillsgs has yielded them; their
appetites for the plenteous yields of
robbery have not been sated.but rather
ffhetted by an unnatural gorging
and their lust continually sharpened
by Indulgence, till now they have
grown to consider extortion their
right, and they prefer to suffer a lew
years in prison rather than yield that
submission to law which d prives
them of their ?booly and bounty."
Tbe history of the Mormons furnishes
the darkest spot on the American es
cutcheon, and it must be effaced.
Gov. West hastried peaceful method! ;
they have besn scornfully rejected,
and for the future he will enforce the
law w th that merciless severity wh'ch
sooner or la'er will enforje that sub
nrssion which years of misplaced
kindness failed to secure.
It bas been many a day since any
American citiano has been received in
FogTaad with as much dist:ngu:8lied
consideration as bin been extended to
O iver AVtnddll Holmes during thep-st
week. Fiom the time he landtd '
Liverpool until h;s arrival in Lcnlun
his march has been a continuous ova
tion. He bas reflected boacr up-n a
people proud of such a citizen. Mr.
Holmes's bearing has been mott ad
mirable. It required remarkable tact
and versatility of resources to meet.the
honors showered open bim; bathe
has been equal to every emergency,
and be seems to rise with the occa
sion. "Blessings brighten as thi y de
part," and it is not then-fore turpiis
iog that the aflectionscf tbe Ameiicin
people cluster around the men who
bave reflected honor upon their na
tion, and who are tottering to
the grave. Every year invtits
the life of Oliver Wendell Holmei
with addit'onal interest The
longer Wellington and Humboldt
lived tbe more were tbey loved
and tbe greater tbe grief at their
death. When Holmes, and Wbittier
and Lowell (ball have pasted away
tbe old circle will be broken. Em
erson,' Hawthorne, Longfellow, Bry
ant and Willis are all tie id, and it
seems there are no ready shoulder j on
which their msn'les ran appropriately
full. In New England and in the
Northern and Wettfrro States there
sre mtny bright writers; imny pro
found scholars; but as yet no one has
ghowo tbo genius requisite to lightup
the darkness which will fol'ow the
death of Holmes, the last of the
bright stars tbat have S3 long lighted
up the literary firmsment. It is said
that statesmen and poets come
in rchools. Clay, Webkhr aod
Calhoun followed Jefferson, Ham
ilton and Madion. But it
seems the breed of (talesman
ship bas become extinct and there is
no litera-y (cbool to take the place of
KmertoD, Hawthorne, Longfellow,
Bryant aod Holmes. No wonder then
tbat the American people sre proud of
the bonois lavished upon Holmes in
England; no wonder their affections
cluster around bim as he approaches
the grave so gracefully snd with 10
much serenity. Old fge is creeping
upon bim as ncisele s-ly as the fall of
autumn leaves. Around bim the In
dian summer of life is spreading its
hizs and ere long the leaves will turn
to gold. He has made the most of the
royal gifts with which he was en
dosed. His life bas been a joyous
sang for more than three score years,
and its mutic has gladdened the hearts
of millions of people in the
United S'a'ej nd Eoghnd, where
ha is now the recipient of si many
honors. He has looked oa the bright
side of life; there was always mirth
and cheerfulness in his song; be knows
his work Is tioisbed, but there is no
torrow in h's heart, now tbat ho sees
this beautiful world is putting out its
lights around bim. The end is neir,
and when Ol'var Wendell Holmes
c eaees to live, bis memory will con
tinue and bis words of music will go
ringing down the years, making new
del'ghts for each new generation,
wreathing comforts around the couches
of -the dying, and for all time causing
men to be thankful that such a man
once lived to mako minis tor all tho
generations to come.
wisr foist, miss.
Tke Ila.nU of I ha Local Option Elec
IsrtouL to mi arriiL.I
Wiwr Point, Miss., May 2ft. The
local option election pawed off
qihtly. and resulted in an over.
whelmim? victory for the wet ticket..
KeporU lrom the interior of the
county givo the wet ticket upward of
....it . !i ir .1 -
ouu majority, wnuo west J o ni, ino
bos mi ol the rrohibitioniHU atlec
tion, docliirvil for the retail of whieky,
4S8 againxt Tne couuty returns
atwurea wan over ol lUtw majority.
A delightful ruin this evening wet
the outtir.ilipposcd nature of our entire
populat on.
No ma itK kt at Chicago to morrow.
Imra i in Day.
Tug New York C ltn Exchange
win be closer! to morrow. lVeoration
Tag miHold stock of cotton in Mem
phis is eHtiiunted at 25,152 hales. To
tal etock, sold and unsold, 4S,liHl
Clokimi prices of Juno options at
-11 cago yeBtenlay : rork.SK i . lard.
fijc; clear rib sides, 6.20c J com, 1161c;
wiitat, 3je; oatft, -tigo.
iritoiw on 'Change yesterday:
m rs m. nii-vi-nson. Lawraoge, Tenn
Mr. J. G. Grilling, city; Mihh Lela
Kirtland, city ; Walter B. Stephens,
oan uaunui, roi ; n. ll. flai.ilton.
Wittshurg, Ark.; Mrs. G. A. Leeper,
Lit leltock, Ark.; Mian Ida Carruthers,
Memphis; K. II. Hamilton, Wittsburf,
The Knllita Plcalo.
The Italian Society will have its an
riual pidlc at Kntivl Park, Wednes
day, June 9th, day and l ight, and
lrom present indications it pr.imis
to bo eu-n more successful tlmn the
many successful alla rs of a similar
rature which the society has given in
tho past. Miss Victoria Kaggio has
been s- leeted as the Qtieea aed the
address of we'eomo will he delivered
by Mr. J. 1. Monttxlooico. Particular
attention will he paid to the p occa
sion, which will be a marvel of beauty
ard color. It is safe to predict that
tliepic ie will be one of tho biggest
successes of tho season.
Tbe Mlkaxlo.
The MHado was given for the last
time at the Memphis Theater yester
day afternoon, to another crowded
audience. Nothing has been done by
home talent in many a day which was
so generally satisfactory, "ihe orches
tra, under Prof. Haudwerker, was
fully equal to requirements, and the
company, at the second and third per
formances, at least, enU-red without
rent 'tint iuto the spirit of the work
before them. The scenic effects wete
nil very line, and the costumirg, whico.
w-s o,,e through May, was handsome
and appropriate? io the extreme.
Ilroath la Tom.
Galvcntok, Te;., May L".. Specials
to tbe AVm fmiii every section of Texas
re-port a genera! dnuiili privailing all
over til Mate, enus ng much sulleri g
nnd loss among ruttle' and other live
tock The colton crop is threatened,
luit ns yet lias sus nined no Rprei-iii-lile
A Kegro Policeman Acensed
Making Advances to a White
A simple paragraph in the Ai-ieal
yesterday morairg announced t a
Mary Moiby, a mg-o woman residii g
on (Jlsyetrtet, barf bem arrested, fur
keeping a bouse of asigotin. Inno
cent as tbe parr graph appeared, bow-
ever, it was loaiHa at boib ends and
in the midd e, and if ball the stories
told are true may result in tbe expul
sion from tbs fcrce of a member who
has killed at least two men, and ba
acquired considerable reputa ion as a
gay Lothario. To ether people were
arrested at the tame time, a man snd
a gooC-lookiog young worxan, the
former livirg the name of Billie
Thomas and ihs latter Mary Stewart.
Tbey put up forfeits of $10 each
and did not appear to claim I hem.
lne negro woman, however, wis una
ble to put op s foifeit snd bad to ap
pear wnen her name was called. She
Blocked tbe Conn by announcing that
tier arrest was am to tae sp;ts U IV
trolman T. 1). Jackeoo, colored, be
cause bis atterup s to induce Miss
or Mrs. Stewart toi-ubmit lo his li s.iv
ions embraces, and to obta n the aid
of tbe prisoner to that v.leend, bad
been lutile. Gnog Into details the
wou an said that a me tbree months
ao she rented psit of her honee to
Mr. I homas, who cane i a a bark with
the lady tbe next morning, aid that
he bal visited her regularly ever
since, paying bet 3 50 f ir rent a week.
About a wee a ego jactaun came to
her and offered ber a psir of
shoes to Induce the or j let of bis in
fa -nous regard to submit to his wishes.
(Sbe advised bim to be careful, bnt he
persisted and hounded the place for
hours every day. On one occasion be
succeeded in inducing tbe yourg wo
man to come out under an apf r tree
in the yard and tu'k with him. "What
makes you so pie ty 7" he laid. "Yon
know you a'e pretty and yon needn't
snub me because I am a policeman.
Plenty of white women, aod rich ones,
too, bave listened to me and minded
me. They can't help it." This and a
(treat deal more the woman said, in
and out of court., :l ber statements
going to show t cr (.urprse to make it
plain tbat Jackson had caused her
arrdst aiid tbe arrert cf the man and
woman because be was utalle to suc
ceed In bis full designs. She eaid
toatMiss Stewart was continually in
tear', and on one ore at ion went to
P.esident Hadden's office to complain
of Jackson's con luct, but found that
oflicial absent Tbe m n with whom
Bhe was living had a dispute and came
near having a fight one night wi'.h
Jackioa when be found him hanging
about the premises. Heto.khimin
charge bat releas d him before reach
ing the Station-House. Friday
night, she dec ares, he hung abtut
tbe place until nesily 11 o'clock try
i' g to get Miss Stewart to go with
hiin to a negro tenement close by,
wheie he raid bs mu d ea ily procure
a room. Faidog, he waited until mld
Lig't, when he was relieved by Ofli
cei Sullivan, whom he gave a "pon tor"
about the "asflignaiiou house.'' Tost
officer woke hir up and asked if the e
were cot several women siajing in
tbe bouse who did rot live ttie e.
She said there were cot, and he in
sisted that sje should open the door
ot the adjoining tenement. She de
0 ined on the ground that it was
rdtitsd to other pen in, and she
had no right to do 10, and adv'sed the
officer to kno 'k at the doo', whii h he
did. It was opned by Mr. Thomas,
who was arrested with tho womao
f Hind in the room with him. The of-fir-er
also erresicJ the Cjloied woman,
Mary Mosby.
This whs tbo rather ug'y esse which
was presented to Preeii eut llaidtn,
who continued It until Mrmlay in or
dnr to hear further teetimony. Mary
MoAby, meantime, retrains in a cell at
the Stition-II iusu. "You can kep it
a secret or not," she said to
sn ArriAL man yest rday, "but I am
telling y u the troth." tapt. Hack
ctt roull ms the eta'ement that the
a reet was made at Jackson's solicita
tion. Tbo charge against bim w.s
aado io tpen court, aod that there
wil'hsan mvestignion there can bo
no doubt. Jackaju should be fully
and hororxbly vir.dira ed, or be
should ho loaded with infamy and dis
charg d fr m the fores. He is s ( od
lookn g colored man, th ny-flve years
of age, of a bright ydiow color, vtry
quick, brave and iutnliigetit, and he's
made an exceieut rflieer. Hts stipe
ri rsand thoie who know bim well
ars slow tobe'ieve, but once coc
viacod, thu'r courss is plain.
Kanlt of an Analysis of Samples
cat to Waihlnstoa.
Several samples of Mistiseippi wat r
w re recently seat by the Wa'er Com
mit ec to ths Biirgeon-Ge nrrd's c llice
at Wah'nitton C ty for analysis. A
1 t er has just been received Iiom the
(Waal ct-emis, of that department,
from wbich tbe following extract is
taken: "Olc of the botvles in tre
box Ust sent was broken in tiansir.
K.)rtunattly the two wbich ariived
without accident were those contain
ing the Miseiwippi water taken from
the stream two miles above Memphie,
and the water fiom three feet b-xow
tha suifice at tbe mou h of Horn
Lke psfs. Tte waters a e bo h of
extremely bad character, particularly
that from above the ci y. I have not
in my latx ratory note books a Missis
sippi samo'o Igivirg so bad an ana'yt
iial nc rd ss this one. Ihe waer
from near tbe mouth of the paes is
bid enough, but it is so much a bet er
wa'er than the other as to sugpe-t tt at
local ( urrents nny bave modified is
quali'y. Td reduie the impurity of
tne upper simple to tha status of the
lower would require dllut on by aa
equal bulk of pure water. We must,
tiierfore, assume that lceal currents
mar have h d lo do with the a tered
quality." Ihs rep it seems to con
firm viy strongly the views of the
Wetr Committee ard to justify
tbeir conclusioa against the Mis
ssaipii s a s.urce of watr
supply for Memphis. And in view of
the Heady destruction of our "bluffs"
by the abrading current of the river,
and the great anxiety felt by property
owners at its constant encroachments,
merabe-s of the committee insist that
there would be to sifety in establish
ing crs'ly water-works oa its uncer
tain batks where tho eupply would be
liable any tune to iuterrnption and
the works to destruction by the ehift
i:ig of lie currents. For if the b utfa
cannot Hand, wheri w ill we lind any
safe ground near the river? In re
gard 10 the yretter impu-ity of the
sur pie taken fr 111 above the'ei y, i'is
suggested I y membiTS of the commit
tee that possibly changes in the cur
rent mBV have produced a wide ecope
of "dead" water in tbat locality, re
sulting in its greater vitiation. This
is only surmire; there mav bs more
permanent cause for it. This sample
was taken from that part of tbe river
whence it was proposed the supply
ttiou'd come in cas tbe Miesisrippi
jltn should be adopted Tbe com
mittee is prosecuting some farther in
vest gitinn of the Horn Lake plan and
of the filtering system, at the conclu
sion of which its recommendations
will be submitted to the city govern
The Old eVomnaajr Ualna Ita Ba
and the riant H.glaa li
Hra'inff tbat tbe Memphis City
Rtilway Compauy had gained its case
in tbe Supreme Court, sn Appsal
man called on Mr. T. M. crugirs. at
torney for tho company, yesterday,
and afked for any information be
could give in legard to it. Mr. Scruggs
showed tbe repor er the following
telegram :
JtrasoN, Tax.. Mar 2), 1SS6.
Col. R. D. Fraraer. UemrbU:
Upon reading the opinion I find it
very strong for us, covering all the
points of the ease in our favor.
When asked what the points were
Mr. crugir.s said:
The direct points may be (tat'd
as follows: Yon will remember
that tie case was npon an indie meet
for maintaining a noUaace on Jeffer
son street. The State lays the defend
ant, meaning tbe company, entered
uncn Jefl'ereon street for tbe purpose
of conetructicg thereon s street rail
way. That in ro doing it placed ob
structions on said street. The defend
ant company admitted thai it entered
upon tbe street and obstructed
it, but tbat its sole purpose was to
build and operate a street railway
thereon, and that it bad express
authority from the Slate for tbe very
net f r which it was a'ra'goed.
Tbe issue thus made up depended,
of course, for its solution uoon the
effect of the charter oi the Memphis
City Railroad Company, certain con
tracts with the old city ot Memphis
and the decision of tbe Common Law
snd Or aocery Court of Shelby county,
made in 18(iti, all cf wbich was put ia
evidence is a justitii a ion of the acts
of the c. uuany in toirg upon Jeffer
son street aud uuildii g us line tf rotd.
I bave not seen the opinion of the
C3urt; bu', of course, the tesult which
iiia been sent us indicatss very clear
ly tbat the Couit bas dicided all the
point! rait el by tbe cien tbat is, the
rmht of the Mtmphis C ty K.ilroad
Company to go upon any an I all of
the streets of Memphis and construct
its line of road under its charter, con
firming of c urse to tbe provieio.s of
all municipal ordinances within the
authority of the Tax:ng District to
pr-BH. Tne cass most certainly puts at
lest the claim of the Taxing District
that it bas tha right, under pretense
of municipal regulation, to exclude
the MeinphisCity Keilroal Company
from the stiests and give them to
rival companies. It is most prob
able teat the opinioi of the
Court settles practically a 1 the
late litigalkn between the two
companies, sa it nrcaeearily s.-tt'es
aud fixes the prirclples involved. The
case was argued in the bureme fJocrt
by Mr. F.riev and Judte Walker frr
tbe TsxiDg Dis'r ct, wkh Mr. Carroll
for the Citizen-.' Ita 1 road ttompiny,
a d by Col. Gatit, Judge Mo cai end
myte 1 lor tbe aio jjpLut.ry Ki road
Uompany. '
The Opaalnc or the Nwllehback To-
The booming of cannon yesterday
morning early startled the cit zetis of
the southeas ern suburbs, and an
nounced the dawning of the day upon
wliicn Gen.Tracy's latest effort toward
relieving tt.e monotony ot a Mem
phis summer was to begin operations
At 2 o'clock in the afternoon the
toboggan cars started on their init al
tour, and then and at night lm
niense crowds of people en
joyed . themselves to tne top
of theur bent The institution.
sta'tirg under such favorable auspices
prom mes to be the biggest success of
the many big succesnes which the
General has handled in his day. Ihe
sensation of a rido over the toboggan
is one which, once experienced, is
sure to be repeated The location of
tho toboggan, in a delightful spot near
the lieni 01 ance street and accessi
ble to both street car lines, is peeu
liarly favorable to its success. The
cars run under the drooping branches
of immense forest trees and a green
s aru stretches to the right and the
Plelurril oa Iha llln f Mr. Heel
lus'a Ja"aniiy appoints
Tho secretary's office of the Mer
chants hichange is an artistic gem,
and surpoes anything of the kind in
the country. The apartment occupied
by Secretary Keeling and his assist
ants has just undergone a magical
transformation at. the hands of a Ireeco
artist from Louisville. The work is
simplv superb ai d mer ts more than
a passing notice. The wa Is are painted
in Pompeian red. At a distant e of
four feet from the ground is a dado of
br ght-col red flowers. Withia two
feet from the ceiling beg ns a
bo der fourteen inches wide,
in imitation of beaten brass,
of a rich y flowered design. 8 'rmoui-t-ing
this and forming a sort of cornice
is a border of e-trus an blue of the love
liest imaginable shade, forming a de
lightful contrast to the other colors
employed in the decoration and blend
ing smoothly with the narrow border
of white that separates it from the ceil
ing. The celling is a veritable master
piece. The body of it is of cream
color dotted with star-snped flowers,
and a border of vine like design of
lilac hue forms a graceful frame
for it. Extending from the centrr of
the ceiling to the east end of the ceil
ing facing Second street, a space of
eight feet long by four fect wide is
divided from the rest by a border of
gold, founing an exquis to picture,
re-presenting a tale of love twocupids,
in a tender attitude', airily flirting on
the slender branch of an apple tree in
blossom, whisering the ''old, old
story." The painting of those fig
ures is simply exquis te and is a ptr
fi'Ct work of art in ita wav.
Just below the cupids are two
doves billing and cooing, forming a
most suggi-stivo and neat motive to
the picture above them. The eicel
lent work do-e by the frvsoer will
repay an hour's study, and lovers of
the line arts will ti.d'thata visit to
Secrvtary Kit-lings office will prove a
source of de-light and i' stmctioo.
Wi have used Tongalino in several
eases of neuralgia and rheumatism,
ami relief has followed ita u.-e in every
DK8. N. A. A A. McCOY. Pinsoo, Tcnn.
Seasonable Events Commencements
Traveling Costumes!,
Summer Costumes!
Prepare Ton for All of Them.
Tan Bilk Combination for 120. Trlmmloft
Ilandiotna HunUri' Oraan Surah, Rich
Haad rasaamantari complete, f.
Ona Qremdine and Silk Combination, hand-
nme, tullj worth 9J0, ottered Monday at
tin 50.
Black Chantillr La-a Combination, hand-
aome Ball Blervilleui oouiplete, at IA,
worth lull double.
Btylloh Combination! In Orar, Tan and
bbepherdi' tiaida, at 18 f 0. la and tlO.
Tbe Combination! inclnda Button! and
Inmmlnaa exactly to oonaipond, tberaby
aavini time and trouble.
For Commencementa -Pure white handaome
Mull Combination, Krophane TriinmiDga
and heavy Faille tiaab, complete, at II r.
White Batin and Lace Combination!, Pearl
Trimmed, at 120 oomplete.
Ivory Chaille and Lace Coitume, Pearl Bor
der, wonh I kJ complete, at 15.
Fine Mary Andenen and Ellen Terry Fans
at one half price.
Fani in Oatricb Feathers, Pearl and Painted
dcaiitn, all must go. Japanese Fana al
too and 7ro.
Monday All our Eleiant Mikado Paraaols
at ' 50, priced from to Ul to 112 UO.
Kleiant Stried Louia XV and Alamedaa
Paraaola at 8-i 50, worth 17 M.
Paraaola Pnniree, Lnuia XV, at tl. Chil
dren'! and Misaea1 Paraaola at U6o.
MONUAV-Pattern Bonnet Department.
All our (tooJi are marked in plain fiKuraa.
On Monday Handsome, biylieh ilatt and
Bonnnts at exactly one-half price.
Soll all itylea Misaea' Hata and Ladies'
PUin-Trlmmcd llati priced from t2 to ti
-all at 1.
0' OV K8 and MITTS 33c for Silk Mitts, 33e.
Fine Taffeta Ulores, 8-bnttnn undressed
White and Cream loves, at SI 50.
Eleajant Lac Flouncincs at VSc. Oriental
Yokmi at S7e, 11 50 and ti 2r. Tne Oreat
est Bargains in Orientul and Thread Lacea
ever offered 8c pr yd, 15 pr yd, 2c pr yd.
COKtjEId-One lot ot extra aiiea at tl, north
12 fO. Excellent Mimes' Coraeta at boo.
Fine Conets at o5c.
20 Handsome Wool Combinations, all worst
ed. In plain figures, will be offered Mon
day at exactly one hall price.
Rich 1'aasamenteries, Trimmings and Bat-to-
a one-third of the price for Monday.
TUMES I All of this seaion'a goods at
one-half price OMiaV.
Start Monday Jane Surprise".
anPl 3VE BR'8.
Pragramm of tbe VomiiieBraixieBt
Kzerclaea Toeadsiy KlKht.
The senior c'asa of tbe LeMcyoe
Kormal lntt tute via have ita com
mencement exercises Tuesday, Jane
1, 1880, at 8 o'clock p.m .at tbe Beale
S.reet Baptist cbnrch. Tne class of
1880 is composed of Georgia Ander
son, Anna L. Barker, Willie A. Dick
inson, N. H. Evars, 8. J. Hooter, C
M. Jackton, M. W. Lawst n and J. J,
The following will be the programme:
Chorus Jejus Has Ri-en 8. W. Straub
Oration Salutatory ...Compulsory education
CYRl'S M. JACKSON, Florence, Ala.
Fsay Superstition
Chorus The Heavens are Telling From the
Creation Haydn
Oration. ...Independence in National Action
Essay Labor
Duet All Thing" are Beautiful. (Hover
Oration Courage
JOSEPH J. TURNER, INrnando, Mia.
Oration Time Has Wrought Wonder!
MONROE W. LAW.-ON, Oakland. Miss.
Duet Hope Beyond C. A. White
hsaay Noveltiea
ANNA L. BARKER. Memnhii.
Oration Valedictory Heroes
Chorus A nael of Peace Keller
Annual Adorers
Rav. A. F. HEARD, D. D , New York.
Presontotion of Dlnlomas.
Mutic Jubilee Sorg
Mnaphls, BIrmlaiglinm Bod Atlnsslle
IxlBalon Work I'rosrraalnar
M-j R. II. Temple, chief engineer
of the Memphis Birnjinirham and At
lantic railroad, returned last evening
from a two wetk-i hois-back ride over
the line of their extension iuto Ala
lanna. He rep o tt the mora on the
grading of the sixty miles bewetn
Holly Springs and Top lo p'oirnsair e
rapidly. A large force is imp'oyed,
and on the heavier cuts njgbt forces
are a; work. Tbe track-laying will
commence about the 15 h rf June.
The rol ing stock f jt tbe ex'ension,
built by the Pullman Ca--Worke, will
commence to arrive next wtek. Tbe
linal lccition is completed from Fol-
t-n to liipdo, and ton woik win
shortly be ready to let to contract.
Tbe surveys extending as far east as
tbe crossing of tbe Ufo-ga rani lie
railway develon the fitt tbat the line
will be very d-rect, and can be con
strncted much more cheaply than was
at n st estimated. Tbe road from
Memphis to 11 ally Sprirgs is in fine
condition, and, beirg already ttandard
oauee. its trains will Hitler no inter
ruption to day, bat will tua as usual.
John Job r so a to Wm. M Eandolpb,
cart of lot 14, b'ock 02, Somh Mem
pbi, nor h si-'e cf Btale straet, 80x244
feet, f r lortCO.
Wm. L. B yd and wife t- J. H. Cof
fin and II . Collin, lota 30 and 32,
Aoction strM, 74Jx7iJ fe (cr J2UOU
James McNama-ato Catherine Mc
Namara. par; of 1 t 5. c ontry 'of 5C4,
smthwett c rner ( A'abama street
snd Tborct)n avenue, for love snd
J. T. Fareason to Sallie F. Hunt,
eouth half oi a lot 071x140 feet on west
aide of Averts ret, for fl700.
Koia Werner t John Heed, trustee.
to tecure H. Owen Williams in the
sum of 11200, lot No. 104, Q eenlaw's
addition, southeast orner third and
Loonev At rests.
D. C Klangh'er, trnstes of W. H.
Uiltin's esiaH, to L.0UB1 irnaean,
rait of tbe eis'. hall ot lot 4, block 62,
Driver atreet, for f 1?50.
Lot No. 3, Jefferson street, ts P.
Kallaher. f irflOCO.
lot 2, Jefl'eison Btreet, tjS. P. Read,
Lrt I, Jefferson street, to Arch Mc
Cat ver, for 31'.".
Lot 4. to P. M. Patterson, for $710.
Lots hi th side o' Jetleison, 50x143
fiet, lo Tlu olore lit cd for ftitO.
Lot 1. Frairn oroiiertv on Marshall
avenue, 50iiK) feet, to Henry Sifkfjr
Lot 2, rams p-orerty, 50x7 feet, lo
W. V. Minten i.rfSCO.
(in sin.
Ceotlally laaritea m lmrfvsim
Varlci Sajrlatsj aaaal
Fitmck aaal Germam VfontHt,
sariuiaiaf tke Lataaat DeaipaS
Geatlanea Veaa
IV Saanttea as4 fricts en
w4e have k taieanra.
Lot 3, of same, 50x118 feet, to A.
Mason for $800.
Lot 4 of same, 60x156 feet, to M.
W. Koikes fjrlS.0.
Let 5 of fame. 50cl76 3-10 feet,
to Mrs. M. W. Foikea for $1035.
Lot 6. fame, 50x1664 feet, to W.
D. Lucas, for tl2.
Lit 7, same, ouxiaa leer, io w.
D. Lucas, for $1105.
Lot 8, earns, 50x135 feet, t M. W.
Folkes, for i.20.
, Lot 9, same, 50x91 feet, to M. W.
Folkes, for 70
Lot 10, sime, 50x63 feet, to Tillie
Smith, for $600.
Lot 11, sam. 60x38 feet, to J. W.
Mitchell, for $430.
Lot 12, earns, 56Jx85 fre diamond
shape, to Mrs. H. W. Miller, for $235.
Lot 13, same property, 75x180 feet,
diamond shnpe, fronting on Monroe
street, to W. M. Brown and F. M.
Nor fleet, for $930.
Lot 14, same property, fronting
Monroe street, 0x164 feet, to Mrs. H.
W. Miller, for $1105.
Lot 17, same property, 50 feet front
on Monrce street, to Mis. Campbell,
for $230
Lot 18, same, to M-s. Campbell, for
Lot 19, same, to Mrs. Campbell, for
Circuit Conrl Pleree, Jadge.
Jmv calendar for Mrnday, May
31et: Krs 4178, Ralph Hicks VdD;niel
J nes; 6259, E. B. McHeTy, receiver,
vs Ben May et a!.; Till, r'a lie P.
Clecdt-nU vs Memph s and Oaarle--tia
and East Temefse-. Virginia and
Q o-gia lailroed; 7477, Dr. A. L
Kimbrough vs Mrs, M. J. Lib-wque
sdm'x ; 7797, Bam Ferritt and wifd V3
W. II. Herron; 8211, L. B. Eaton vs
Matilda S'ega et al ; 8386, Lints Fri'z
vs O. C. Hein ; 8402, Mrs. M. L Hut. h-ios-in
vs U. A. and 8. M. Wa-iog;
8437, Char'es Stewart vs Milburn Oin
snd Machine Connpny; 8438, New
York Iron and Paine Company vs.
M'lbaM O n and Machine dmpany;
8450, Thrtms A. Brad'o'd va C. O.
Hein; 8451, Diniel ti. Marden vsC O.
Hein; 8363, Fiank Allan 8 W. P.
Chancery Court.
Calendar for May 31: 5011, Gunn
vs Water Company; 6024, Eaton vs
Zent; 5028, Ike vs Home Insurance
Company ; 5033, Comforth vs Wrner;
5035, Laytoi vn Howell; 5037. Grillin
vs Barlow; 5051, Burns vs Chamber
lain; 6077, Palmer vs Richardson;
6079, Kunsle vs Dent; 5081, Fox vs
Bo ford ; 50:3, Dennie vs GayoFo Hotel ;
5' 91, Cruse vs Dosnegan ; hu94,Horner
vs Street ; 5098, Goldsmith vs Estes;
6101, Pool vsCooney;6U0, Johnson vs
Taxing District; 5111, Argus vs Cole
man ; 6114, M-bane vs Graham ; fUS,
Topp vsTopp; 6120, Schuler vs Hud
son; 5i23, Kingvs Erb.
Criminal Cenrt.
On yesterday the following wai done
in this court :
Henrv Vanc, for s'ealing a shot
gun and bed qui:t, pleaded not guilty.
John Bradley, alian Reilly, for petit
larceny, pleaded guilty and was given
ninety days ami $2 5.
Wm. Shannon, for carrying a pi'tol.
pleaded guilty and wan fined $,;0and
sixty days.
Jerry Jones, for carrying a pistol,
had his bond forfe'ted.
Jim Armstrong, for petit larceny,
got six norths and $20.
Woods Watson, for petit la'ceny, got
foir months.
Wm. Jone', for assaul'; to rape, wis
sentenced lo ten years in the State
Gee rg'a Randall and Alex Randall,
for assault and battery, were fited $1
The fol'owina; is Mod dav's c lendar :
1, E. L. Lovelace; 6, G. W. Barbour;
27 8, John Alexander.
The Confederate Nennment at Cam
den Cavellixl.
Littlb Rock, Abk., May 29. The
uaveningof the monument over the
gravel cf the Confederate deed lojk
place this morning at Camden in tbe
presence of a l.rge concourse of peo
ple. Gjv. Hug'iea deivrsd an ad-
dre-s. Hundreds of ex-Confederate
eoldiers rartjeipated.
Ollice Ailington Insurance Co.,
MmPHifl, Tkhw , Hay 29, 1S86
rpiIKRE will be held, In tha Compani'a
L ollice, ro. 3 Madison itreet.
Jane a, 18NS,
between the hoars of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., an
election for Fiiteen (15) Director, to serve
the ensuing twelve months.
W. U. KENNKD .Y, Becrejary.
Train Will Leave Followw
10:30 a.m. ll:0fia.m.
1:30 p.m. 2:' 6 p.m.
3:00 p m. 6:00 p.m.
4 -0 p.m. 9:C0 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
mr Tioketa on sa'e t Depot. Ticket for
the Round Trip, 25 CKNTd. Purchase tick
ets before ttina; on train and save money.
Delightful Music, Fishing and Bowing oa
the Lake.
A. J. KNAPP. 9en. Pa. Aa't.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers.
M8 Mala Su, Hem phis, Tenn
ITlalkiasa- "llr trom Baalateaw
wa Mer uar Kb lire
To the Trnvrlln I'pbllc.
MKuraia, Ta!i . Mny 24. lK8o.
OWING to the change of fenire of the
Menjbii anl Charleston Railroad on
Monday, Way . list. No, 2 leaving Memphis
at 10:20 p.m. May 3iith will he ilicontinoed.
No. 4 leaving Memptis at 10:00 a.m. May
31't. will be di'continied.
No 1 arriving at Metritis at n:2 a.m.
May Slat will be ahandoned. No S arriving
at Memphis at 4:55 p.m. May 31l will be
Keeular trains wi'l be re.-umed, coinmenc
ingwiihth 8omerville acgnrno lation, at
5:50p.m. Mar lst.
R. B. PKQR AM, Sni erinten Jent.
ut kia Largs, Fresa
Stawk aTBitjIak,
Caiaiaiaii ta ajaal Saitisci,
aa4 rineat Textarcs la
apcatlaja ta than
Tribute of Lave
To Little Enima Bo'met, Jo Waddy and loia-
my Ji'jpe Cunnon.
Oo, gentle spirits, to yonr distant homcn.
We do not vet youi errand with us know
Why a kind Heavenly Father bade you come
On your brief mission to a world ot woe.
We do not know the mlasion of the flower
Whose loavea just open to the morning
Show their aweet light for but one fleeting
Then close again, their little duty done.
We know not why the dew, ao aweet and
Rests on the fluwer whose leaves shall fall
ere noon.
Reflecting joyously the morning I'ght
And, oh I we know not why it dies ao aoon.
No fairer flower droops on its lit'le stem
Ihan those which fell before our anguished
Lcht llaehe" on no purer, brighter gem.
Than oura that were borne upward like the
Borne up to meet a sainted mother dear.
Whom Ood called home but one brief year
Bhe leads her jewels to the Saviour standing
He blesaea them and bids them weep ns
Our eyes are holden that we cannot see
The Saviour, though lie join us in tbe
Of our sad wa'k In doubt, and yet 'tis Be ;
And we shall know him when we reachour
Shall know the mission of the apirits bright
That gladdened once this now deserted
Why we were blessed with such a fleeting
And why we now are wrapped In rayless
Shall know it all I bat, oh, to wait se long !
To writhe so long in agony and du.-tl
Oh , Thou, who bids us suffer make ui strong.
Thy plana we can't unravel, help ni trust.
V. 8
Sirs. Joale Lenow Watkliia.
Di-al at JlrowtumlU, Tenn., April 25, 1886.
Back in he enchanted dayi, in the inno
cence oi ehililhoo-l, I flnt met and aoon
learned to know and love Jon a Lrniiw. The
pleasures and pistimesof those days, with
their imagery ol beauty, return to-night on
the winga ol memory, and I find myself
thinking of the dear, good girl, the wife, the
mothtr now ao r'oeotiy sainted and bleared.
It ia a sad reflection tbat one sn young
must die, but melancholy, indeed, when one
ao good, true, intelligent and lovely in all
tbe elements that go to make up a perfect
woman, an Mrs. Watiiks was, should be
taken in the very bight of ber usefulness,
when she seemed so neoeasary to her family,
Iriends aod church, leaving so many orushed
bearta to mourn her loss.
Mrs. W atkins waa born at Hickory Withe,
in Fayette county, lenoeiaee, in 1844, and
was the dau htr of James and Indiana
Leske I. enow, and nieoe ot Capt. Joseph Le
now. VV hen very young, ber part n Is moved
to Men-phis, and here and iu ibis vioinity
ber He baa been mostly spent. In her early
childhood, the future lively woman waa
foreshi dowe ', an i aa the years passed, her
weet lace, charming manners and eiquisite
form, easily rained for h r a place in the
hearts and affections of all tbat net her.
God bad blersed ber not only with these, but
with an intellect cf a high order, which had
been cult va ed by close application and
Study, and she became tbe equal, it not the
peer, ol her associates, and was well fitted
to take ker place in the social and domestic
circ e.
What waa her life-work, and hi w she fil ed
the measure of her days, ask ol her sorrow
ing Irion'-s tha story of her Hfo. As wife,
mother, daughter, eister, nieoe, neighbor
and friend, she strove byOod'a help to do
her lull duty. She haa left the rich legacy
of hir Ch-istian example, and will always
beheld in dear remembrance.
Bit however beauli ul and useful may
have been her daily lite, it wa more than
equaled, it was surpassed by tha sublime
courage ad resignation with whic ' she met
the Urent Destroyer. Her deur Savior, in
whom sbe trusted when the roteate hue pf
henlth mantled her che as, was her all in
all when disease and pain came With re
signation and aubmission, without murmur
upbraiding, and without a tremor, ahe
calmly awaited the approach of the cold
waters that would hear her lrom earth and
loved onea, and on Kaster Sunday morn, on
the day tbat fa commemorated as the a-cera-aion
ol her blessed Savior, it pleased Him te
oali her spirit from earth to heaven, and she
passed away as oalmly as an infant going to
In her last dyi ahe had the kind minis
trations of her dear aunt, Mrs. Sophia Coch
ran, and other loved ones were ever near to
do all for her that losing hearts could do.
Her gratitude and thanks went out to those
friends in words whose sweet intonations
will linger as long as li'e lasts.
To Ler bereavrd husband, one for whom,
ibe did ao much, being to bim a wile, coun
sellor, rompanion and friend, I offer my sin
ee rest sympathy. His loss and sorrow is not
to be mea U'ed, aud the oe-olation of hia
home ia darker than midnight gloom. For
ber two bo.g, what ia home without mother.
How cold the world seems without her love.
As sbe was always thoughtful, tende-and lov
ing to orphaned onest will not Ood shield her
dear boys, spare their lives and make them
nseful men.
May we not hope tbat her death la a pledge
of transition from gloom to glorv, and that
while her mortal body was being lowered
into tbe grave, her freed spirit reunited with
ether loved ones gone before, was basking
'mid the splendor of heaven's glorie'.
farewell, dear friend I Your troubles and
sorrows are happily over. In a few year! I
mutt follow you. Tautht by your example,
may I meet death aa bravely and triumph
antly as yen did. and age n reunited we can
renew in heaven an unending friendship,
which waa ao ew et and pure on earth, and
to our blessed Savior shall be al1 ihe pra'pe.
Memphis. TVnn.. Mav2S lx.
autumn importation.
MEMPHISsTeNN., 1886.
STOCKMEN, farmers, dairymen, and all
fanciers of this fumous and favorite
breed, are informed thatjihe above shipment
will oomprise a very choice assortment of
BULLS (18 months eld): YFARLINU HEIF
KKS (to calve early in 187); CALVES (of
both seies and dropped this spring).
All pure-bred and atlected by noted judgea
with tbe greatest care from wel -known but
ter families With high-class milking strains.
Parties want-ng strictly first-class animals
for foundation "took to sue esfully establish
a held, are o rdially invited to correspond.
Our prices will be found reasonable itecial
terma lororde-s. Ani.ly for full information
to AD'MSON & R0ALl)S()N,
34 Leadenhall strep-, London. England.
Scaled Proposals.
SEALED PROPOS L9 will be received at
ihe Cbr's'ian Brother' Cn'le until
THURSDAY NO 'N. JUNK 3, 1883. fur the
election of additional buildings, according
to plana and specifications to be seen at the
College, llids mus'. eteoi y separately the
proiosition for Eicavatioa, brick-work.
Carpentry, Oas-fi'ting, Kio. The I ids will
bet eubmitted to tke judgment of three ei--pert
business men, whose enerienee in the
natter of price, labor and quality of build
ing may secure moi-t advantageous renlta
Right reserve! to reject any and all bids.
Bond required of euccesstu1 bidder.
For Kale at Public Auction-
Ko 17 I.titdrn Slref,
The hnnin of Mr. Julioi A. Taylor. Tt in in
ver? pertee cdfr, in fact complete in every -r
rtpeot, and withia tea intnuteB' walk ot the
huMneti renter of Meu.pl.ii. Parties deir
ina to inspect the preintaein will cai) on .Mr.
Tfiyior at bijoffic- or bis trenUatNo 2VT
Screed grrert. before the day of sale. The
fh'.vj i thin rh rminK city home, admirably
auitcd tor a protttmonal or commercial geu
tlemftnt will be made from tbe corner of
TiifMc1ft , Jane at II o'clock n m.
TERMS-One-tMrd cah, one-third in li
anil one-third in 24 month, with 6 per cent
interest. ale wi'hoat limit. Tit e "ndi!
potable. K. W. KOYtfrER C0..Silevnen. .

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