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TTfcat the Traffic In Flowers Costs
Tke Qaeer Cam of Judge
.Teaks ud HU CllenU
IcoaaxsrosDixca or tbb imu.
Washimstan, -May 28 Whila the
Kirmrsi, or the Dnca of Nations, as it
.IscxUad, was probably the grandest
social 'entertainment that has evfr
taken plies In Waatunateo. it devel
oped in a striking degree how fir char
ity is ofpaeretenad to proeare money
for wottby object'. While I do not
deeire to unduly criticise the manage
ment ot cnarity entertainments In
Washington, yet there are always cer
tain leaturea connected witn (bees to
ciety attractions which are not in any
degree commendable. - That the la
dies who encouraged aad carried to
eucb sacsesffal completion the grand
event we witnessed here for two nigbti
and one matinee, which netted the
bandaometum of 13600 for the Na
tiooal Homeopathic Hospital, are en
titled to great credit, goes without sv
ing. Yet all the credit is not theirs.
"Without the co-operation ot those
who gave thiirtime and service to
insure the so cess of the magnificent
sptctaclethe (tl jrtsol the lady man
agers would have beenlutile: and I
mike the suggestion that hereafter on
similar occasions tbe participants be
allowed more free privileges tban were
gran'ed st the Kirmess. I speak of
the absurd charges made for checking
cats, coats, wraps and umbrellas, and
the (till moie senseless and unnec
essary x action of 5 cents for
a glass of water. Those who
were not inclined to submit to tbis
extortion, were obl'ged to borrow
glasses and go outside of tbe theater
to procure it I think that some pro
vision should have been made for fur
nishing this necefssry article which
costs nothing, for those who have not
only given their time and labor, but
each of whom paid for the hire of
their cos'umes, and wsre alto obi 'Bed
to pay 1 for taking part in tbe Kir
mess, so tbe cost to each partic'paot
therefore could not have been less
than $5. Considerable dissatisfaction
is expressed by those who were com
pelled to yield to this exaction, and it
would saem that the btat way to in
sure success of a repetition of the
Kirmess, or a similar entertainment in
the future, wonld be for the manage
ment to pay for all expenses, and thus
keep on goad terms with tbe people
upon whom they . depend to make
their social undertakings a success.
In the Henate tbe terms of twenty
five Bens tors will expire on the 4.h of
March next. A few have been re
elected, some are certain of re-election,
and many will be succeeded by party
rivals or political opponents. Senator
Hearst of California will be succeeded
by a Republican, as the legislative
elections this year are certain to go
against the Democrats. At this time
Congressman Fulton, the fa a Fran
cisco millionaire, is spoken of as tbe
moat formidable candidate.
Speaker Carlisle is quoted as saying
that it is "possible for Congress to ad
journ by the 25tb of June" that is, in
lees tban four weeks. The prevailing
opinion, however, is that Cong' ess
will not set away before July 15tb.
The House is behind in its busines?,
and, independent of the grave differ
ences of opinion between the Senate
and IIooss on the appropriation bills.
there are several questions of import
ance to be considered. Besides, there
- is an evident deeire on tbe part of the
8enate not to hurry businefs, and
both parties want time to make records
- for the approaching Congressional can
vass. Toe tariff will not be considered
at this season.
Last week Mr. Ferry Belmont gave
his first entertainment of tbe season
and dined tbe Comm'ttees on For.
eign Affairs of the Senate and House.
Every one supposed when Mr. Bel
mont was made Chairman of the
House Committee on Fore ga Affairs,
he would neceesarily entertain largelv,
but such has not been the case. Ha
lives very quietly by himself in a
. apaoiou house on the corner of Rhode
Island avenue and 8evei.tee.nth street.
He lives in a corner of it like an oys
' ter in his shell. He is surrounded
' with a good workinglibrary, where he
works incessantly grappling the prob
lems which come before the commit
tee, and attentively watching the In
terests of his constituents. The only
occupants oi tne noose wun mm are
his private teoretiry and the butler.
Miss Rose Elizabeth Oevland, sis
ter of the President, is writing a book
to be pnbliehed by F. P. Dickerton &
Co , of Detroit, Mich. The title of the
book is You and I, or Moral, Intellectual
and Social Culture.
Dr. Bxrroaa. a nromtnflnt Philadel
phia clergyman, aays that if the en
tire population of the globe, estimated
at 1,400,0110,000, were divided into
families of five tbe State of Texas
alone: could give each family, half an
acre of land to live npon.
Mr. Edwin Booth's average receipts
during the twenty weeks of his past
" season .have been $700 a night, and
next -year he is Vi be-paid -1150,000
for 200 nights. No wonder be occa
sionally has an attack of vertigo.
The Uoi ed States imports every
year a large qaamity of potatoes from
Germany. To is fact is not generally
known. They sell st about the eame
rate as American potatoes.
Commissioner of Agriculture Col
man is very popular with members of
Congress. This fact will partially in
sure tht paaeage of the bill making
him a Cabinet officer, with equal rank
and pay ot ether Secretaries.-.". ..... -
Washington is the only city to-day
' of its 8zs In Amsrica, where a man is
unable to procure a shave on Sunday
in a barber shop. In the Criminal
Co art recently, Judge Mo Arthur de
cided that Sunday shaving was illejta'.
An exception waa taken and the ca?e
will be canied tr the General Term.
The traffic in the sale ot flowers in
Washington is growing every year. I
have often wondered where all these
fbwera cima from, and the past week
-1 have visited every prominent floral
establishment in toe city, some of
which are very elaborate. Every
dea'er expresses himself as entirely
aitisfied with the business .of tbe
season, and have all they can do and
are rushed from moroing to night.
They supply dinner parties, recep
tions, weddings, funerals, sad in short
the aitistio hand of tbe fforist is s?en
at every entertainment. The renting
of potted plants fir an evening's enter
tainment is a part ef the Dusiness
which pays; while for $50 one ran
procure a fine (enter-piece for tbe sup
per tble, a few. yards of green for
d'cir-4'ion, aid a dozen or moie Vases
ot rut rl iwers. Of course, corsage bon
tj .l) ire vfrr expensive, and cost
lrom $ 10 to 115, when conapessd of
fine roues, violets, er other rare fbw
tm. Ano'her source ot revenue
to the tiori-t is the dear young
mm, who makes a regular thing
ot 8ndirg flowers to bis sweet
hetit. The foreiumri and attaches to
the legations be re are great hand f ir
tbete. One young man has a stand
ing order fa tbe florist to send a mag
nificent bouquet of cut flowers to a
riie on ionnecucut avenue every
i?aDuay. juemoers OI ittngreea are
also good customers, and it is not in-
ireqaent tnat ago bouquet is banded
over the footlights to some favorite
actress from this source. The greater
porn on oi ine nawers are raised in tbe
vicinity of Washington, wbile aome
come from New York and Philadel
phia. 'J here are no more rich peo
ple here willing to spend tbeir money
in entertaining than during any other
previous administration. There is a
general ra ly among society people,
end pretty social events are occurring
ad tbe time, which of course means a
more lavish consumption of flowers
snd a consequent increase in the rev
enues ot tbe noriets.
Assistant Secrvta-y of tbe Interior
Jeaks, who has sent bis resignation to
tbe President, is a unique man in his
way. Some years ago there lived near
hie home an old bachelor, a man of
considerable we-ltb, named Paul
Darling. Judge Jenks had been for
Tfarj his taide. nbilcsonhe. and
friend; not only in legal matters, bat
in other affairs. Finally Darling be
came senouBiy in, and it waa found
that only a few honis inteivened be
tween him and the time when he
would be cal'ed away. He hastily
sent for a nearby lawyer to draw up
hia last will and testameot. He be
queathed tbe sum of 1300X00 to vari
ous relativee, and desired that tbe res
idua or tne estate, if any, be divided
among cena'n charitable institutions.
Ths lawyer informed him that the law
of tbe State made null and void
any oequeets to clwltable or
becevolent institutions made less
tban thirty days be'ore the
death of the tsta!or. "Well then."
sa'd Dailicg, "Leave tbe residue to
George Jenks. He would do with tbe
money pretty much aa I would do
with i'." When lbs estate was settled
np the residue amounted to f ICO.OOO.
Tnis was turned over to Jenks. With
a rara conscientiousness that far sur
passed any ordinary principle of honor,
he never devoted one cent of tbis
money to his own use, but divided it
smong sncb charitable institutions as
Dar ing had shorn n an interest in
wbile yet alive. Jenka hns handled
millioiiS of dollars for his clients, and
for a dozen years has bad an income of
ioU,uuu lrom dm law prrc'ice, yet to
day he could not be said to be worth
Suggested by a sermon of the Rev.
roe uiDion o: to second
vuurcu, vmcago.
Lone upon ths blllowi driven, Ilka itul
tossed end rivan.
Without rudder, chart or compass, lift to
auia ii to meinore,
Was that tout of hoi, forsaken, bj ita own
ail hnil.lil. A'o-'ft.ban
By the voice of bird thus shakin, croaking
v or bib cuauioor uoor.
Had hia area bat left the raven, and by
ehanoe have Men enrravan
Near the pallid bust of PaTlaa, juit above the
chamber do r,
There, in aephyr worked, a token, wronght
bj ner wnoae ion naa nroaen
All hia hopea hia love had apoken, hia loved
ana ion Lieoore,
Wordi like thee: "Believe In me and thou
anui live loraver nnra:"
Worda like these and nothing more.
Had that mind.ao bright and gifted, to Ita
uoa mai prayer out lined,
Saying: there balm in Uilead? Telli
tell me, I Implore,"
And then (tilled the tempest beating in hia
in nil Heart by oit repeating,
Worda of love, of faith entreating, which
the Savior apake of yore,
Hie aid ioul would have been lifted from
tne rnadow on tne door.
Chriit forsaking nevermore.
then the a'r m'ght have grown denier, par-
Swnnr by Seraph, whose taint footfalls
tinkle on the drifted floor:
iumea or an nnieen oenser.
Then a spirit ever living, and the words of
lovee er giving,
And the seeking of forgiving might have
closed his ohamber door.
While he pondered long and deep o'er the
worae oi uioie lore
It not werdi and nothing more.
From the Bible where It liveth, and to all
men seeking giveth,
As it lay 'mid "quaint and curious volumes
ot forgotten lore:"
And its bands it might have broken, and the
truth to him have spoken
Truth arisen niiuhl have ipoken, aa it oft
nam aone Deiore,
A bright and radiant spirit apringlng from
tne dook oi yore
Breathing, "Live forever more."
: . B. A. Vtrick in Jnttr- 0"m.
Kx-tJonvlct Killed by an Oflleer.
Littlc Bcck, Ask , May 29. Ad
vices from Center Poiot report tbe
killing of Wright McGee. an ex-con-
Tier. He bad jott been released after
having served a term in the State
prieon for larceny. He bad commit
ted a new offense, and a warrant for
his arrest was in tbe bands of Frank
Pugh. McGee dtfled the officer,
swore be wonld not be taken alive,
and . attempted to draw a revolver.
Pugh fired at him with a double-bar-railed
shotgun, killing him instant1 y.
The officer was d'schsrged by the
ImprevenaeBt or the MlealMlppl
Btver...,. ., ,. .
St Louis, Mo., May 29. Tbe Board
of Directors and tbe Mississippi River
Improvement Committee of tbe Mer
chants' Excbarg of this city, aenti
telegram to Senator Vest yesterday,
embodying a petition to the Senate,
aekiog that the Miatistippi - Kiyer
Commission be con'iousd in charge cf
the improvement of the Mits'asippi
river, at least until tbe mult of the
work commenced at Plum Point, Lake
irrovidencft and other places, which
has already been of great benefit to
the naviga ion of the rivor, can be
fully demooetrated.
Hull a Iroaa' Ronaehoiel Hoods At-
tatcned lor vrbl.
Banana, Mo , May 29. Deputy
uonsiauie w na. , tv aiiace. to day levied
upon a portion ot Martin irons house
hold go il. to satisfy a debt of $7 due
Patrick O'Connor for several months
past for house rent. Irons' step-
uaugnter, a young laav oi sixteen
years, claimed that the furniture had
been dispose! of to a neighbor, but
the omcer toot charge ot it. never
theless, and will dispose of it to satisfy
tne neot.
Horse Thief Hasted kj Mob.
Wikhki.o, Kas., May 29. Some
time ago William Bryson stole a horse
from a man by tbe name of Constable,
living near the town of Dexter, and
fled with it to the Indian Territory.
where he traded it off. A few days
aco he was convicted ot several simt-
lar thefts by a mob of avengers, who
hanged him to a tree near ink Kaneh,
in this State The stolen animals wers
returned to the owners
Volnabirlly Atlvaared Wafea,
PiTTSHt Ro, Pa , May 2!). The Black
Diamond Steel Company bas vo'un
tarily advanced tbe wages of all of
their employes 10 per "cent. The in
crease amounts to several thousand
dollars a month to the firm.
JlerrhaBUIss Import, at New York.
Naw Yoek, May 29. The lo'al im
poitanf mtrcbandife at this pirt dnr
irg the week were valnf d at G!K)5,
4'Ml, and of dry foods at l,7if,305.
end ths mo not thrown cn the mar
ket attl,o21,74'.
To tteaoirf, to bird Ithua pleadim living! of of worship a chapter making propor
Maatbawordi and nothing mora. tionate and weekly giving an act of
Tbe Jiext Meetlag to Be Held at St
Louis The Korthera
At'Gi-STA, Ga., Mav 2. The eighth
day'a session of the Presbyteiian Gen
eral Assembly was devoted to reports
from the Committees on Home and
Foreign Missions. The location of
the Committee on Home Missions has
been transferred (mm Baltimore to
Atlanta. I be next assembly will
meet in St. Louis.
Tai Sjatrthrra AaMaably.
Mimssapolw, Minn., May 29. In
the Presbyter an Geteral Assembly
yeeterday the following deletes were
chosen to the next Presbyterian Al
liance, with power to sehct others
Drs. Marquis, Roberts, Moore, Marl
in. PattOD, Mcintosh and Edson,
wi h Elders Gen. Shields, Van Norden
and Prime. There were animated
speeches on resolutions concerning
tue overture irom missionaries at Lan
ton touching the tal treatment of Chi
nese in America.
Mr. Horton claimed that the
tirethren on the Pacific coast onnnseil
me uaroavuy reierreu 10.
Dr. Wherry, missionary in Peking,
caueu attention to tne real lault the
Chinese government hnds with A me
ica, wmcn is not restriction ol immi
gration, nor for not controlling mobs,
but in not punishing laar-breaiers
the assembly adopted resolution
commending the stand of Christians
on the Jfacihc slope, urging them
everywhere to create public sentiment
in lavor oi protecting and evangeliz
ing the heathei s on our shores and
directing that a copy of theiesolutions
be sent in the Chinese language to the
iinnese consul at Washington
vt. Muaurord presented a report
on meoiogicai seminaries, especial
interest was asked in the efforts to
raise up a ministry for Germans and
ire union.
The assembly elected Cvrus M.-.
Cormick, jr., director of the seminary
at Chicairo.
the annual report of the Committee
on systematic Jsenehcence recom
mends forming c'ubs in each congre
gation to arouse interest in this can e.
An aggregate advance in contribu
tions from all sources U boards in the
year past of fliOS.fjSa is seen.
Dr. Horton presented rennrf anil
the assembly listened to two of the
moat stifrinir speeches let made bv
permanent Chairman Dr. Porreroy of
Cleveland and Kid or Kane of Chicago.
They expressed great joy at the re
cent adoption of the overture by
presbyteries, inserting in the directory
worship as much as nraver. "In
which definite action we take the
lead of other denominations, also say
ing that the great need of the church
is a revival alone this line." That
our spirit and method are both Inade
quate is shown by the present debt of
nearly $100,000.
Ihe ohVers were re-elected and thn
churches urged to raise at least 10 per
cent, more next year.
xoe most important action was
that directing presbyteries to oblige
cuurcues w coniriuute to escn ooaril
voter" Answered and Proven
Se Be Igneramas,
To tha Editora of the Appeal i
Collikrvillb, Tenn., May 28. In
your usue of yeeterdav appeared a
commnuira:ion from "A Voter." at
White's 8catioo. wanting to know who
Col. J. D. Powell, candidate for tbe
Legisletuie from this dUtiict is. e c.
In reply to same I would sav (bat Col.
Powell is an old nsidert of Collier-
ville, Tenn.. laving te.-ided at this
plate for more than thirty yea s. Col.
Powell is original v fioin Hehrv
county, Tennessee, and waa born mar
raris about City-one years agi, aud
graduated at one of tbe mo t eminent
institutions oi learning in the State
juit prior to tbe beginning cf the war
between the Stale., and has been a
successful farmer and lawyer of Sbelby
conniyior more tnau a quaittr of a
century. Col. Powell wai amopg the
first to obey his country's call f-r vol
unteers, and when ths south rushed
to arms be was in tbe front tank of
the Confederate army battling for
what he considered tbe contt taiknal
rights cf his people. He served through
out the war in tbe Fourth Tinne ste
Infen'ry Regiment (O nfederate), tnd
was many times comclimsDted bv hia
superior officers for gal aatry displayed
oa the battlefield, JUjI. Powe.il is a
gentleman of undoubted integrity and
veracity, and u posse s id ot a mind
well stored with uielul information
np jn a 1 subjects. His knowledge of
the political history of tbe country is
something few men pnssees. Col.
Powell has been a trne Democrat all
cf hia life and is still fighting tbe bit
tie of that great party. Should ha be
elected to the Legit la' ore he will rep
resent the people of Sbelby county
luiiuiuuv, ' ifmut8iy ana honestly,
Voter," St Wblte's Slut on. ii dr.nhl.
lees an ignoramus who knows little or
nothing about the prominent men of
the county in which he lives. If he
wi 1 take aa much rains to ioouire cf
some oi the old dtiaens ot his vicin
ity ss to who Co. Powell is as he did
to write his pertinent communication,
ne i t learn something to bis advan
tage. i. at. m.
Declare the Necessity for Re-
etatteaacat orC'btUttsa Beliefs.
The Re7. Dr. Daniel Currv of New
York, in a debate In the Church Con
gress at Cleveland upon "The Present
Necessity for a Restatement of Chris
tian Beliefs," read a pnuer that at
tracted a great deal of a'tention, in
which he says: "It U manifest that
the present age is a time of changes
in the fotni of Christian tbnueht and
of modifications of doctrinal concep
tions The formulas of doctrine which
have come down to us from the past,
although so pivcioua to those by
whom they were once cherished, no
longer satisfactorily express the theo
logical conceptions of the best minds
of Christendom. Although it has
become fashionable to certain circles
to speak light y of theology and to pre
fer the sentimental and the practical
in religion to the speculative and in
tellectual, It is i-till certain that Chris
tianity as manifested m its human
subject must be, first of all, a system
ol truths to be accepted respecting
ii ,d's purposes toward men, and His
methods for working out his designs
in and among them. The changes
that are so str ngly marked in thu ie
ligious thought t.f the age ctl'ect only
remoU'ly and slightlv the substance of
Christian trut and it is contined al
most exclusively to forms of expres-
ion called for by ftillerand clearer ap-
reciation nf its nature and relation.
pod'a rvelafo?s of Iiinaself acd if
His dispensation, thou in always sub
stantially ths same, have become foil-
and clearer. There is reason to he.
iieve that there bas been and will
continue to be a ateady advance in the
in.iid and thoughts of tbe chorea
toaard clearer, broader and more ade
quate conceptions of what is c'eclared
in the iJible. We are warranted In
awnnunglhat a basis of theological
opinions mads np of the gnat funda
mental tru'hs and dcctiioes of ths
B.t 1 , unmixed with fatal misbeliefs.
let forth in plain and comprebeotive
form, is necessary to the beet interests
ot tee church and to a not inccnaider
able extent to the religious life of the
individual, and since relink n is em
bodied in church life is largely com
munistic, having largs interests com
mon u the whole body, a recognized
consensus of belie fa is a condit on
requisite to tbe unity and the welfare
of tbe whole body. Tbe Cln istian be
liefs, the Deeded restatements of which
we are now called to contider, are
those not cf all Christendom, but
ratber thrss of a school of thought
which bas become entrenched n
the Christian cinsciousnees of tbe
times. Tbe historical creeda are
all ef them materialistic, often
so in their forms of language and
manifest conceptions respecting tks
future life. The once popular notions
respecting the reeurrec ion ot the dead
and tbe character if ths life ever la t
ing which these creeds manifestly
teach have ceaeed to command tbe
asent of the great body tf intelligent
believers. Tbe tecond advent and
the millennium and the reign of
Christ on the earth in human form
are among tbe mat- rialiaiij notions
permeating the traditional relig:oua
thought of Protestant Christendom;
but lew sober and well-tu,bt Chris
tian scho'ais can accept theee things
unless so modified a to change their
identity. Yet theee things ate closely
Implicated with the primary print iplee
of a current religious anthropology,
with the popular conception of tbe
Kingdom of Chrirt present and pros
pective, and wi h tbe hopes of the
Gospel in respect to roth the individ
ual and tbe church. It is conceded bv
our ablest Christian scholars that our
ea 'hatology needi to be restored, but
who shall undeitake tbe work and
what sball bs the form and content!
of the reconstructed faith of the
church ?
Tbloks Juilge fcstsltbo Seat formid
able Hrpnblleaa for Uoveraor.
Nashville Banner: Ex-Gov. John C.
Brown says Judge East would make
the most fcrmidable Itepublii an can
didate for Governor in Tennessee, but
he thinks the Judae would be badly
beaten if the Democrats nominate the
right man. He says all the Demo
cratic gentlemen u scussed for the
Governorship are good men, snd if
there is any choice among them the
best one of the lot should be chosen.
This is putting it very guardedly and
lacks the virtue of being in the
nature of information. What the
Democrats want to know, or rather
what they should want to know, is
which one of the many candidates is
tne best man tor the nomination If
Ex-Qov. Brown, who is well informed
concerning public men in Tennessee,
and who is, we think, a pretty good
judge of men, would be as positive in
his expressions concerning the Demo
cratic candidates as he is concerning the
Kepub lean candidates he might as
sist in solving the Democratic prob
lem and helping along tbo Iiarmoni
con performance. The opinions of
public men on such matters are very
interest ng when there is any d-finite-
ne-s to the opinion. We think uov.
Brown is right in saving that JihIl'C
.bast would make the stronges-. Ko
publican candidate. Tlio uueBtion ai
to who would make the strongest
Deniocratic candidate is equally in er-
esung, hut it is not altogether satis.
factorv to lis told that n'l Dnmniriliic
candid -tea are good, but if by a unique
posHiniiiiy mere suouia ne a cnoice
among them, then it might be well
the circumstances considered, to se
lect the best man.
atarr!aa;e of Robert D. Tread well to
Hiss Aanle Hanaer.
looaassroiDiaoa urraa ArraiL.I
Salbm. Miss.. Mav 27. A matrimo
nial boom baa struck cur usually quiet
uomm unity, sua marriages ana wea
dings are now tha order of the day
Capid and Hymen have joinod force,
ana our nitnerto Dasrjlul jouDg men
have adopted as a rx dtto that "only
tbe brave deserve the fair." Hard
time appear to be ni bugbear; and
although matrimony mav ba consid
ered a lottery, tbe pleating thought
arises that there are many prizei to be
drawn. Tbe latest acceesion to tbe
itt of benedicts ia Mr. Kobeit D.
Jreadwell of Lamar, nnitrd in mar
riage on tbe 25tb inst. to Miss Annie
Hamer, aecond daughter of Mr. W,
ilamr ot tbis olace. Ma tha
beautiful spr ng day which abbd its
loater over ih animated seen a, be err
bletnatic of tbtir futars life.
Dame Kumor. wroaoDears Bver to
be idle in matters t f this kind, ia busy
who several more anirs of the aims
dfstriptlon; and your corroipondeLt,
in tbe dearth of mora exciting news,
may be enabled in the near futora to
give tbe Afpial numerous items of
tbistharacUr. iioTranTOT.
ralard rafjlllsls la lbs Kins.
Milwaukee, Wis., May 29. John
Dyer, the local colored pugilist, and
Johnson, the colored champion from
Chicago, fought to a finish before a
crowd of about 200 sports at a point a
iew mues soutn oi me city at an early
hour tbis morning. The match waa
on a challenge aod with small gloves.
The first round was simply a sparring
exhibition, but the succeeding rounds
were hard fighting. Dyer showed his
superiority iu every way. A drive in
ths stomach and a succession of beavy
blows under the ear closed the fight
in the third round, Johnson being
anocaeu out ana uver given tne light,
b SI a
Tke Elrclloa at Blebmsael.
Ricbuowd, Va., May 29.-Ths elec
tion in this city bai resulted in tbe
overwhelmlne defeat of the resnlar
jjerDocraitc nominee. Lee, Democrat,
for City Sergeant, was defeated by
Smith, Independent, bv over 2600.
The Independents bave t"!ve ma
jority on joint ballot ia the Municipal
XVUUl 4 le
--a a a
Has Rot railed.
Chicago, Im., May 29. The state
ment that J. W. Kunisey A Co , on
the Chicago Boa-d of Trade bail
failed, was orTic'tllv denied this moro
ing, tecretary Htone anoouncing from
the gallery before the opening on
'Change that all margin calls would
be promptly met by the firm.
Aaclretr C'aracslei'sGllt to Allesheny
PiTTsBt'HO, Pa., May 29. Andrew
Cprne-gie, the millionaire sfel msnu
fecturer, bai given f:'50,Ol)0 to Alle
gheny City for establishing a free
lit rary and mufic ball Tina isin ad
dition to his gilt of $500,010 tol'itls-burg.
meat f
Oils cfi3 3VT.evx7-.el1 Stores
Offlr 349 Front Strpet, Memphis, Tenn.
NAPOLEON BILL, President. W. Si. WILIEBSON.YicevPreslaleai
If. J. LYNN, Cashier.
liiTniYiTt nin
, a
o. HAHbYMLD, D. B.
Office-- IP fl aril ton Nireet, UTemplii), Tenn
376788082-384-380 hecond street, soath ot OaTOso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
HoaldlBf, Laaha, Vetlnr Posts aad Picibets.
Crab Orchard Water
Oennloe Crab Orrhar4 Salts In mM pankaira
M. H. HAT.
W. H. HORTOff,
Lata of Meacham ,t Horton.
LaU of J. b. Day Son.
860-362 Front Street Memphis, Tenn.
L. D. MULLIN8, of IsU J. R. Oodwta k Oo.
Cotton Factors &Commission Herchantj
No. 1 Howard'a Row. Cor.
J Lithia Waters; also Fine Iron Waters),
llammhtreCo.. W. Va. No foil. No mala
ria. Where the lick and overworked soon
recover, and ths well are always happy.
Bend for pamphlet. W. II. HALK. Pron
f4ILOB aPRINWH-A beaotilul health
resort. Tbe watersnf theseHurinas have
lone been known for tbeir remarkable eura
tive qualities. The springs are, seven In
nombor, each sprint containing different
enrative powers. The bath house is lupplied
with water from certain mine-al snrinii.
These aths in o mnection with drinkine Hie
water from ihe springs suited to tbe invalids'
ailment act powerfully on diset-. Thse
different wate-s have no equal for the ere of
all kidney and bladder troubles, rheuma
tism, paralysis, neuralgia, dyspepsia, sttrn'
ula,catanh, chronic alcoholio poisons, fe
male weaknesses, all Uieenses of the liver
and spleen, hemorrhoids, dropsy and all dis
eases of the abdominal end pelvic viscera,
weak, debilitated constitutions, and aa an
fnoient brain and nerve tonic this water bas
no equal in the world. These iprngs are lo
eaten In Clay county, III., Ave mile- north of
Clay City, a village on the main linn of the
St. Louis, 18 miles from
unio ana jnis.iBBippi railway, 111 miles irntn
Cinoinnati, ?JU
miles from Louisville, Hy
axcursion tick
ei for sale at all ticket offices of the O.AM.
R. H., and cinnectint lines. Writs for cir
culars and otbe- Information 'o
0. E. HILTS, Proprietor.
Bailor Springs, Clav county, fil.
Giiid hoti:l, aliin nprinwn,
Hoekbridie Co., Va. High np in the
Virginia mountains. Picturesque surround
lnas,extensiveand beautitully sbailed lawn.
Oas, alectrie bells, aad all modern Improve
ments. Two daily in lis, post, telegraph and
expresa offices on ths premises. Table the
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms;
sui erb band of music. Send for illustrated
riamphlet. Charaei moderate. Open for vis
tors, June 15lh. Wafers: Alum, Chnlylent
snd JwiIom, R.T. WILKINHON.MHn'gr.
Finest Ssmmer Resort In America
Mlnnetonka Hearts, Minn.
Offers acoommodatlonannequaled by any ho
tel in tbe west. Kates, 13 per dnyi f9 per
monin. uireuian ana ru.l particulars senl
iiromp'lyon application to KLUKNBMEUL,
Manager, bt. fiDL, mii.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of 1HM, beginning
June 1st, reduced 26 to 60 per cent., but
me mines', itaoaara or oioeilones main
Hnd for Uluitrated dssorlpUre psaaphlet
ans verme.
f. W. PIKR. Manager
Balcigh Springs Hotel.
J0W OPKM for rentptlon of guests. The
J. Ub'e will ke supplied with the btst,
Ihe ronmi are nicely fjrnisbed snd rare
fully attended to. Rates pr month, a.10
per week, 17. M. H. BDRHOW & CO.
WILL bs rpened Jnns 1st. This noted
watering-olars ia situated six miles
from A-Anm lrurnaoe. on the Naahvilla and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman eonnly,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at ilitna,
and will eonvey guests to sprint! at s very
low rats.
Board, aO rr Msnia i tl Per Day
apecisi Hairs ia rasniiiM.
We Invite all who wish tn snand the most
Pleasant sea .on or tneir lives to come to
Beavardam. asiiMiallv aaeltava nf tilaaaura
ana neaitn. uooa water ana pur. air in
Liverymen, Centrevllle, Tenn.
K. A. PK.AN, Prnp'r Centrevllle Hotel.
IX in.... u . n-..- n .
agoarantee'i speomo ror iiysuna, uisil-
i -: - di. k - aj ,
ne, vuafmiiuDV,iiifli narvaa neural
gia. Headache, Nervcv. Prostration, eansed
by ths as. of alcohol or tnbeooof Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Se't.ning of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea Ing to
misery, , decay and death) Premature '
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
Involuntary Loeaea and Spermator
rhea, osu i by overexertion nf the brain,
self-abuse ororeiiodulgenc. Kach box con
tains ons niorti. treatment. II s box, oi
six boxes for V, lent l. mail prepaid, oa
receipt of price. We guarnnt.e Six Boxes
to cure any case. With each order received
by as for six boxes, accompanied with 6,
we will send the purchaser our written
guarantee lo refund the money If the treat
ment doe -ot effect a cure, (la a ran tees
Issued onlybv A KKS KKHT. k Wi.. Draa
gt. Meinnht.. T"-
acraens seeking (iovernment Kml
ployment ia any oi ths departments a
Washington, or any other positions undeJ
the (iovernment, I will send lull instruction!
as to how to prex-eMl to obtain tbesan.e,
and Hlaak farms af Appllrailoa cn
receipt ot Ons Dollar. Address JOHN
D. UVUVU, Utl'lsi sS, lb tea,
n fb
wllb a fall aaaeri
t t
ft. I. LIU.
A Rrmrily fur all Dlinin nf thn Liver. KldV a
inrn.ja, aiomaraaul UowU, Anwilli
in I riiro for Itwaewpala, Blrk llraoarbii, I
at l'iii'fiM l. Nn iniliic aiAla wl,i In biiia'l
biwon x. jonfh. mv. Inii..ni Ii.. 1
Lata of Bailey Covlnitol
JAB. T0NQB. laU of J. W. Caldwell A Or
Front and Union. Mfimphln
No. ftttVi. R. D.-Chanoery Court or Shelby
county. Grace L. Anderson st al vs. Sal
lie M. Johnston et al.
T)V virtus ol an Interlocutory decree for
Lj aali, entered in the above cause on ths I
zvm aa ci may, itvn, ,m. u. tu, pagetw,
I will sell, at oubllo suction, to the high
est bidder, In front o the Clerk and Mas
ter'a office, oourtbouis ol bhelby oounty,
mempnia, lenn , on
aaturclny. Jans III. lNwa.
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated lo bhelby ouunty, Ten
nessee, to-wit :
Tbe certain lot No S In block SS, on the
tlun ot South Memphie on the south line of
ind n street, fronting said street &0 feet
ana running back between paral.el lines itm
leet, upon which ia erected a two-story
frame resilience No. 27U Linden street. Also,
tbe 14 4H-1U0 aores. being all that part of a
twenty-acre tract in Shelby county, begin
ning at s stake oa the east boundary line of
tbe John Kauisey t(IUO-aore grant I thenos
outh 15 chaini Ur.-i linka to a slake; thenos
east 12 ehains and ii links to a stake i thence
north 1H chaini if blinks to a stake on ths
fouth side of MoLetnoro avennet tbence
south 8J west with the south lids of said
avenue 12 chains and SO links to the begin
ning the whole deeeription containing 20
acres, mo-e or less, and excepting therefrom
5 M-100 acres at the northwett corner, here
tofore sold to M. Ii. Johnston, which S SI-KIO
acres begins st the northwest eorner of said
tract; thanes south with the east tide of
Raleigh avenue ClMJ leet; tbencs east parallel
with McLemore avenue 4i0 fcott thenee
north parallel with Raleigh avenue AVIO feet
to ths south lins of McLemure avenue;
thence west to Ihe beginning. 1 he 14 4H-1UU
acrei so U ba lold will be subdivided snd
sold aocording to said subdivision, a plan of
which will be on tie lo thn offios before the
dav of sale.
Termi ot Sale One-lourlh l0 eash; bal
ance In six and twelve montbi. secured by
note! with aoproved security, bearing inter
est fro i date; lien otainu tod redemption
barred. This May 21. 18HA.
S. I. MrDOiVKLL, Clerk and Master.
By II. P. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
l'olton k Poetnn, Hollo tors.
been used by Mrs
Mary Hill, 2M Lin
den I'reei. Memphis. Tenn.. for live' trouble
and malaria with great benefit She ealli It
especially valuable for home use
"JUiiecIal Notice."
will i. II for Boa-resident owners, at
public outcry, oa ths premises, that deeira
ble property known as the "Claybroes Sub
division, "Iving between Poplar street on ths
north and I nlon avenuson the sooth, and
lull beyond the residenos of John Overton,
jr., on Union avenue Tbe property has
been divided into ac s lots to as to sure tbs
wants of purchasers buying much or little.
It is convenient to ths street carl! on Poplar
street, and tbs grade and road bed is being
prepared for graveling me road in Imnlot
it oa Union avenue. Ve believe it to be tbe
most suitable property for residences on Ihe
marke, and an opportunity to buy such
property ia seldom offerei. Property is
being repidly sold for leiidenoes eaat of the
city, because It is not out up oy railroads as
In tbe nenhern snd southern port ons of
tbe city.
TaRMS Ons-tblrd cash; balance In ons
and two years, with A per cent interest.
Main can he seen at our office u"til day of
ale. OVKhTOJ k (iRubVINOR, Agti.
No. 48f4, R. D. Chancery Conrt nf Shelby
county. Asa Pel by si al vs. II. J. 11 o -Una,
worth et al.
BV virtus of an Interl- eutory deerss for
sale, entered In tbe above cau1. oa tbe
6th day ol May.lHfln, M. B. 62, p. A.3. I will
sell at publie auction, vo the bi.best bidder,
In Iron! of tbe Clerk and Masler'a office,
courthouse oi bhelby oounty, .Memphis, Ten-
nesree, on
aaaurfia, joes is. iinn,
rltbin legal hou s, tbe following described
Mperty, situated In Shtlby oounty, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
'Ihe remainder Interest of the hoiri nf
Louis Selby, sr , deoeased, in and to loti lv
and 20. nf cluck N, on the plan of the city of
Memphil, cn Koss avenue, north of Poplar
st eet, each fronting Ross aveuus 75 feet
with s depth of H',; feet.
For fuller desaiiotion of the above prop
erty reftrence ia hers made to tbe reoordu of
this Court.
Terms of hale One-fourth rash; balance
n six and twelve Bionths, secured by notes
with approved security: lien retained and
redemption barred. Ihis .May -I, ihmi.
I. Mcuuw bl.L,, CIitr and Master.
Hv II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerkand Master.
Poston k Poton, Solicitors.
KttOWN'N IB1 BirillK WAN
usrd by Mrs. Kate Stephenson, 26 Pey
ton avenue, Memphis, Tenn., in one ot the
jot stubborn easel of chills she ever knew
nd it cured. See rave it to her children
with good result, in bowel disorder and dys
pepsia. g
Dlt. D. 8. JOHNSON'S
. 17 Jsfrersoa Mrft.
(Between Wain and front.) M KMPHIS.
., i.K'tablube in 18W.I
1 tR. JOHNSON is acknowledged br all par.
inte rested a. br far tbe most sue
pslnl I'hrsifian in the treaim.ntof private
or secret dipearea. tluick, permanent cures
saarante.il in erery caae. male ur female.
Recent caes of (Innnrrhea and SrphilU
cured in a f w dar without tbe use of mer
cury, chanre of diet or hindrance from
business. t-eondar trbili. th.lut.es
tiieeradicated wilhouttbe una of mercury.
Inrolnnsarr ! ofseaen stopped in short a
time. Kufterere from iuiiotencr er loae of
eiual p-were reetur a to freeTi.or in a few
weeks. Mctim.ofs -abu. and emessiT.
T.n.rr, lafirmi from apermetorrhea and
loss of phrmcal and mental power, sneedilF
and Iwrmanentlf cured. Particular atten
tion paid U the Disease, of Women, and
eures .uaranteed. Piles and old sore, carad
without the us. nf caustic or the knife. All
cnnsullatmns strictly contdential. Medi
cines sent by szpresa to all parts of tbe
Off-tforkinimen cured at half tbe usual
rales. Cthc hours from S o'clock a.m. to I
l??kJ'-.nij D. M. JO UN HON. M.P.
" Mr. Oodfrey C Kulil.r. U Main strwi.
Memphis. lcna.,ofdypepiaweaall other
medicine were powerless to relieve it. lis
recommends it.
fja " Vanadveitisertoeon-
' " It eontama lisle of
Bowrpapers and animates o the cost of ad.
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spend
one duller, finds in it tbe information here
quires, while lor him who will invest ons
hut dred thousand dollars In advertising, a
cheii.. 1st ndioated which will meet oil
07ery reqol. ouienl, or can b. mad. to do ao
by slight change easily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and nfly-thres
editions hav. been Issued, hent. postpaid,
to any address lor ten can J. Apply to (3 KO.
VEHTISINO BURKAU.ltiNpraeest. tPrmt
a. HooseHqnara . New York.
iiiows-a ikon turrr.NM wan
used with salutary effect in the family
of Mrs. K. W. KJmund, 2(4 Adams street,
Memphis, Tenn. She was cured of nervuai
pess and her husband of indigestion.
No. 4K.2, R. D. Chancery Conrt of Shelby
county Mate of leunesse. vs. Liiiie it.
I j lor et ii.
B virtue ol aa Interlocutory decree for
sal. entered in tbe above cause on ths
2Mb day of January, lHMi, M. H. 61, pass
1H7. I will sell, at public auction, tntbs
highest bidder, in front or the Clerk and
Mauler's otl.ee, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Nntonlay, Jaai la, l,
within legal hours, tha following de
scribed pioerty, situated in hhelbyeounty,
Tennessee, tn-wit: Lot S, block lSi Ue
ginningllH leet .est of the northeast In
tersection ot Desoto and Killntt street!, on
the north side of Klllott street; tbencs
north 100 feeti east :t2 leett south 100 leet to
Klllott street, and welt with laid street
feet to the beginnint . Sold al tbs property
ef Noah Pariee and others.
Part of lot 14, block A, west side of W alnut
atreet, Hil.Vl leet. Sold al ths property of
Richard I. ana.
Lot 6, block S4, west s'de of Rath street,
60x142 leet. Sold si tbe property ol H. Hor
ton, James Hunter and others.
Terms of SaleOn s credit of alx months i
Bote! with security, bearing interest, re
quired i lien retained redemption barred,
ibis May 20, IHMt.
S. X. MnDOVYKLL, Clerk aad Master.
Ity II. P. Walsh, benn y U. and U.
V. It. andO. W. He isk.ll , Soli.
-rectedase lous olsoider ol ths bow la
In Mr. C, A. Weiuer. Mrmphis, Tenn Hs
addured much p tn, bat was oared in a abort
)ms by thi remedy.
And Iron Roofing.
lire, wisfl. Water anil llichtrlneT
proof Suitabl. for all kinds of buildings.
For pi ices and estimates at factory rates,
eall en or address
4.1H A 440 Main St., and 21 A 2.1 Mulberry it.,
Iliadquertari for Iron Feno and Cresting,
Oalvaniied Iron Cornice, Tin Hoofs A -loves.
MB stored to health and energy Mr. K. M.
Avery, No. JV Madison street, Memnhii,
Tenn., aftor an attack of malarial fever
which left him so feeble that be waa confined
tiihil bed .
Nn. 46M, R.-Chancery Court of Sbelby
county Bute ot Tennessee vi. Emily
Sacke' total.
BY virtue of an interlocutory der.se for
snle, entered in ftio above causa on ths
14th day of May, MM, M. B. 4. page Ion,
I will sell, at public auction, to the bigheat
bidder in front of the Clerk and Master'a
office, Court-house of Sbelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Malnrdajr, Jaae IB, lft,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated In Sbelby county, Tens.,
Lot 13. block 5, Brown'i lubdlyliion,
fronting (0 leet on the east tide of La Knee
street, and running back ITS lent. Sold as
the property ol Emily Saokett, W. W. Luck
alt and others.
Pan of lot 7, block 63, southeast corner of
llayoio and Hernando streets, 2SxtM feet.
So.d as tbs property of ths Work inguieu'g
Building snd Loan Association, E. fJuchig
aani. Part of lot 9. block !. seat side nf Rer-
lando street, adjoining Carter. 4Sxl;IS feet.
Part of lot , block (VI, east side of Her
nando street, north of Maydweli'a. 36x116
leet. .
Let2, hioen 4M Beginning at s point on
tbe loath aide of Beale itr.et, S2 fast eant of
the eorner of Reals and Carney streets;
thence ssuthwerd with Johnson'! line 78
hell tbenes eastward 2S feet j tbencs north
ward 7H feet to Beats street : tbencs west
ward with the south lids of Beale street 28
feet to beginning. Sold ai lbs property of
Horeo Boggiana and others.
T.rsns of Saie-On a creditor tlx months;
note with security, bearing Interest, re
ouiredg lien retained; redemption barred.
Thii May 20, lie.
I. Wi HOWELL. Cle-k snd Mailer.
By II. F. Walsh. 1). C. and M.
n. J , Bll'UUVl Xt L.1,, u
If. II. aod C. W. Helskell. eol.eltor.
-WtliowrR'aiRON HI TlfcRN CAUSED
MM ths dyspepsia, which troub ed Mrs.
John H. Oil loo, Hill street, Memphis,
Tenn., for nearly three years, to speedily
disappear. She linoerely sdvisei sll af
flicted to try It.
No. 24S, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Harriet t. bmltn vi. M. Owen
virtus of as Interlocutory deerss for
sale entered In the above cause os ths
17th del of May, IS6, M. B. 62, pass 597,
I will sail .t uublis auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse ol She by oounty, Mem
phis, lenn., oo
Mxlnrday, June III lawa.
within lesal hours, the following described
property, situated In Sbelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wit :
Lots I. 2 and 6, of the subdivision made In
this cause in the year Kx. aa shown by re
port filed hs rein April 12, 1H7H.
Lot 1 front south i tls of (layoso street 33
feet, with a depth ol about 120 teet.
Lot 2 tr.ints same street 31 fet, with about
the same depth.
Lot b fronts sme street 30 feet 9 inches.
with a depth of about leet.
To the plan of subdivision reference la
here made.
terms of Sale On a credit of six, twelve,
eishteen and twenty. four months, purchaser
execuiini notes with approved securi'y bear
ing i tere.it trora da'e ; lien retained and re
demption barred. This Mv 21, lv .
S. I. MrDuWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By U. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk -J Master.
Pmton k Poston, Solicitors.

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