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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, May 30, 1886, Image 7

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: A
Vv Urol. 7r I .
Tnnrl7 Jaw.
- I .., Vam aV a C v IB t.n.i l I k -M mm Vk.lB H agawl-g. hi !--. I
ale, !. RrrbMet,
fape-lllnai Bee.
K.nvirv nmnKS . Teacher
X)&nii&t y
Hob. H.nr-Craft, .vl'ki'
Hon. B. 6. U.mmond.Pr. A. tf-. .,
W. . Weatbenord, lr.
Col. M. C Wallawey, t'- Heber Jones.
Co J. M Keating. Kmm,- Howard,
Dr. J. B. Saw yer.
t, x B Edward. J. W. e-non.
Co F W7 Joyt.r. F. T Kdmondsoa.
H i; C. W- H.i.k.ll. Orville i.rg.r.
SiV Katsenb.raer, J. U. Melone,
MsT-l" . Murphy. Hon. Ce e oung.
Si 1 T P.irter, T. H.Jckoo,
C.nt jiwfDiuird. Bon. T.W. Brown,
M. Treievant, Hon. H Cummin.
Hon.T.KI'.tt. Relf-h Da.... .
Hon. Ba. uuii "
f! W. Metelf. Hon Jam; M. Oreer.
Col. Josi.h PtUt, Wen. A. -I. augnn.
M R Patterson. eo- UU'em,
WCFolkni. W. K. Uleeson.
W'. J. BmS, C. Weathorford.
O. J. aiorriei.ra. . , . ,
Adm'sslon. 50 m.u; ref eahjnenl included
LOCAL rjIION NO. 40 ill ' "'dViT
the ffir the m..t plentof the ion.
All effor.. will pe .u ":;.
nee of r. x."r rrf-"t u PiitrnKR.
ft? "ii-lKu : W V enjoy.h;.
one. TlCKKrB.tOeenu: i-wie.. ij
improp.r chrcter w!!! be jdmltied. No
retorn cbeokn will be f ien nfier 6 o dock.
Barrel. B indfold end So Keejt will be on
h.nd for thefwn ot ine lime iqi-
I will tell to the hifhet bidder, J"
. it iMk n.. corner Main
and Madiion .U.. one NKW ROCKAWAY
8. W. OATlTt'SOW. Triune
ANEW PR00ES1 For makinf old eol
lart and cuffs look new. hee adyertiie-
mnt of Mfinphii' Hiram l.nndr;
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor o' the banitary Port
l.nd Cfiment Pump. Contractor and bricE
l"cr: 'Telephone THQ8. C1IBB1NH.
1 00 MS-Two deniraMe (urn Uhed rooms,
au mummm
HE3IDENUE Fi r three or rx monthi,
my residence In the citt of tort Smith,
Ark., with or without furniture. Brie
house with ten rooms, in th. most desirabl;
part of the city ood well of water and
hydrant in the yard; house furnished witn
as; near stree'-ear line) erery convenience
of. home. Addre p.. D. SEALS,
Fort Smith, Ark. .
KOOM Sioe front room, i
uniurnished; food localit
furnished or
tv an t rood
cistern water.
0 IT1 U lit ITTJ pn jvm
RB8IDENCK Durlnt the summer, a sun
urban residence, inrnished, near bouie
Tard street oars. Lsrae gaiden, fine shade,
tc. None but first cl tenant need apply.
B. II. LAMu, Miss ana renn. unyui..
O0TTA0E No. 4OT Clay street, in food
repair and only half block east of new
etreet car lino. ,..,...
J. il. pn&rii&nx'i v a"uu
Apply to
83 Filth street, Chelsea,
AtYVm. R. Moore's.
CLARENDON HOTEL-Fifty-four sleep
inn-rooms, fnrnished; kitchen and din.
HOUSB A new doub'e-tenement house.4
rooms on each sides nioely finished;
larseyard: in fct, all conveniences, on
Koss avenue. Good cistern. Apply to Mrs.
K. Ouinlan. 130 Manassas tt.
IURNISHED ROOMH For rent and for
houaeaeoping! at iioyuurvnupp,.
rrWO elcinnt front rooms
ont rooms, turnisnea or
A ppl y at 89 Adams at
X unfurnished.
AN A live man with tome money in ft
gOOa BlOney-nRKluKUUiiuoa'.
LADY AGENTS Actually clear tM dally
with my woudariul new patent rubbar
undergarment lot females. One lady 'old 50
first two hours. M.PvnfiV... ill
Locfc-boi443, Chicago i 111.
SALESMAN-Oan add Al line. Small
sami las. One agent earned fisOQ, others
to MOU iu 1.0 BOX1;miye.York,
I MMBDIATBLY Twenty-five youngladies
to work for the , Lion Ml 'g Co ; eon stunt
emnlnvment. good pay. Ca.l ntO Main at.
INFORMATION 01 Mrs. Catherine Ryan
(widow), maiden name Conry, dauahter
of James Conry. Coldra, Pariah of Kiltrus
tan, county Roreomo on, Ireland (was in
Memphis aout twelve years ago), by her
ADUU 1 II r. 1WI un ' ... ' ,
nt it in her own locality. Good salary
Barclay street. New York.
g-OPIED PI0TURE8 All styles, oldest
V J unil Innest souse in tne worm.
.tend for cataln.ue and apeoial terms.
ti,-imev(1K A Co.. Auburn, N. Y
OU TO LOOK At the Memphis Steam
Laundry ad. ana learn to a.ep in
HITS GIRL Eight to twelve years of
age, ean ooiam a R-nuu um, - v
Apply at f O. a" r rn mr in row
0SITT0N-Bya good steady boy in store
or omce. Aaareaa j. v.. hihtimvm..
Tj VERY BODY To eall and see the eele
Iti bra ted Hypsf tlaiivoyant, at li7 Third
atreet, near romar.
AJJ made tne greaioiv uiaoji i
in filling teolh with go d. For the next
.thirty days I will fill Ueth for tl 50. ,
" ' ' A. VVBiS03JIai nst.
CCDPASTS-Eor , pleasant looms at 2fl
A Main street. eari;onrt rqu.re.
A GKNTS coin money with our Amateur
XX Photo outni,
and collecting family
special 30-day oner.
OH., rwl Canal St.. N.Y.
1MPIKE C0P IN CO., 381 Canal st
ADY A GKNTS For Mrs. Campbell'
Xj New " Tilter Tilter, Bust e, iioop
aklrtand rndersklrt combined. Hoops can
t removed and akirt laundried. Adjusta
ble to aavsise. Ve fashionaole, and sells
for t to every well-dresaed Udy as soon as
bown. Agents aouble their money. AI;o.
a, mil line of new lurnishmg goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, H.
CAMPBELL A CO.. No. tot West Randolph
etaeet, Chicago, III
fiEATHERS Old and new leathers.
D Highest cash rrije raid at
MtN and women to start new business
at th-ir homes, easilr learned in an
hour; lfo to too an hour ade daytime or
evening. Send 10c lor a packag of samples
and 2 working gmp'es to eoeumenoe on.
Adares ALUAN 1 hue en w..niaj a
TCN, KTC.-200 station una,
XVO. ou iia-maaera.
60 teams,
25 teamstrs.
Sift choppers,
.on Bald Knob eiteaaion, 25 miles froan Mem
. 1 i. -, Tnn. rivjir. nr
to loot, mcuowau m. yo.
MjViN To do sutwn won on bald knob
roitroad; sUtion work at 11 to IS cents.
Also, tieym-kers at 12 cents. Apply to
HARVnY SCOTT, Tyronne.
LD GOLD SILVKR For cash orex-
change. MULFtmu. jeweler, m main.
IU H K -T cash prices paid for old and new
FEATHKKo at 44ft Main street
. tu crnTT-a
drnaa at once.
lLrCTRIG GOOUS, Mi Broadway, New
York. The only gen uine.
" A GENTS In every section of the country
jrx.fortwoew hooks, just reauy. nriu .
rr . - . .,d,i.,NM Au ,hlH nf till.
J ID IUOII VI . K- . v -
ing a large territory. Sute experience, age
and territory wanted, jabobui. w.
(limited), 822 Broadway, N. Y., and 40 Dear-
oorn ptci, vui'-iiw
JAbESMEJi-Ia every: S.fM "J 11-ion
to repreaerit arii.v aiiiu.av.v.,-
altiks thaure iwpular and easy Mil
Can be handled alone or in connect, n
(,k m.ria. Address THE WM. 1).
yhict milvrQ. co baxtimohb, md.
1 1 rra??vHV drt goods i.clleii.
LI royal 14 n3
nrsrra?'"i WASH DRESS GOODS.
Absolutely Pure.
i - w. vt&s a wi&rvsl ol
1 Ql. powuvr u.i '
pnrity, itrenirth and wholtomenen. More
CODOiaioai iu .
nnot be lold in eompetition w'.Ji the
..hn.nhme nowiien. Soid only meant. Koil
TO L0A5.
r-v . il in ! tti III i t . on
r"ZUUU notei well indorae i. city rent
notei, chattel m.rtgagei, eto A)d')55f ,
oonnn T' :i00!) to ,on ,n ,an" 'n
fnUV V iuifc l"rnB. ui " "
Indorsed, rent noten, chatul mortcacei or
.i i:V.l. ...... i , b l.niiin mi
omer r..o.. 'V:('0nST.
D08 Scotch collie, black with tan point.
anwr to the name of Queen, liberal
.....) will h u.nl for ber return ti o. ill
Mulhcrry .trcft. iiml no iii'iiio" a'kcl
a TITLK Dark
L. n n,mrm mill. fmill
iVL Cuey treet.
I. branded J. K. on rigui
l,,r. houldri had bridle on. iioeru re
ward pid for her return to my reidenoe,
WMa.n.trcet. Kr,WARr, R. yTK3.
CIIIAIN Lost, on 24ih instant, a sienuer
J gold chain, w th fancy pin and hook at
... .u-.i a ...ii.y, ur,l will be civen for
lf return to 74 becond str'ei. ion
ini uru i. . j ....... . - , , ,
ond street between uenirai papn.v r.iit.i
or on Ciiliens' railway going north from
Maduon. m m m m m
TUB IDEA-Tbat collars and cuffs cannot
be re-laundried to appear equl to new
work, bee Menv-nis oieam umuui;
tiaecrent twr ii.riicu'ar..
R00M8 AND BOARD In private family,
double or single! coolest location in
the city. Address, with relerjnea,
P. P., Appeal I'mcq.
"CHOICE ROOMS-With or without board,
' i IVit squares from Qayoso. 453 Khelhy st.
OOMS One large front room with bal
ooar and one large back room with
larg dresslng-rcom, aud ithers as good as
cann.iounu.uiu.vi.,. UNI0N 8X.
Al alulae, biitoi.
SPLKNDID ROOMS With board, ( nlul
berry st..; also day boarders.
"DOOMS AND BOARD-Dealrable rooms
j y ana board at n maunon au
JAMES HOUSE-Cor. Second and Ad
D amssts. Room and board to per week.
fiavhngi.rrl 4 ntiT Wek
ROOM Furoihed room, witii or without
board, at Utf Coort gtret. ,
gOARD-With jAA-ambTRKET.
5N10B Rooms, lurnished or uniurnisnea,
with or without board, at 137 Madison St.
TIWO larae unturnirhed rooms, with or
Jl witheut board, at 6tf Madison street, oor-
nr Third.
MARE Biy, 15 hands high. 8 years una
animal. App'y to Superintendent
wimwnnH c.mtrv. at north cato. or at tlia.
omce. ?o union etreet.
show-case, counter and shelving suita
ble M retail cigar siore.
it. m. HARHlP'a , f mil. ...
Al n J)rtivwii I " ------ -gans.
one parlor stove, one caroe', two
. . . .k.lr MIA . I .1 1V1&(1.
aon sireet. near Clarendon Hotel.
pHAETON One low- phsetou and har-
jl nana, coin id ii'"' -,,!Vt i
very cheap. Ad Irea. PHAeTON, Appeal
otbee, or cell at pmie ramaie uuue
Receivable or any and all Hues lo the
MCLE-s-Ten head No. 1 work mules and
one fine saddU horse.
TAYLOR. DUCK! CO,. ?04 Front st.
JER'EYS-Two hotfer and two heifer
calei one hull ralf old emunh for sr-
: il .1 ....nl.K..l nf k,,i In ill hit. . ln-
n,,;,A .t Vji.l.or' War hou e. Sooth and
SlainjIreetS; A.r,. WH TFuRU. .
J H W. BABBEa. Aah'nr.d City.Tenn.
CEDAR FENCING POdT.i For sale by
W. R. LA KK1N". Larlrin-ville, Ala.
OOD 500 cords of wood in amounts to
T ,u.t purcnasers. p GALLOWAY.
(Jinfn WILL BUY n new business for
ftZUU the ita'e of lenneaaee, Ala
i sr : ; n. i.Al.i,... in m.k. la-sa
PBiua, mi-i-wui , ... . - -
r.,h sirofit at once: a monopoly luhy uro-
tected. Parties wiahln a good businaas ad-
CHEAP FOR CASU-The two-story Brick
Kto'ehouae, No. 11 Beale street, Juat
east o- uoaoio: tot win
GEO. T. VACK, fitnens- Pt. n.rt. omce.
V -. water fro t. it feet deep. For lull
Iniormadon address WM. A. DEAN,
47 tvlnaton street. Baltimore. Md.
Cjrntr Main and Poplar,
IT ....a n o., mail frtm R TlWPn-
stiin $t Bioa. n en'ire line of La-
.... ' U,.ul' f hilri.rn'aan(l Men s
, I int. , , v -
finest Stoes at a job lotprite. about
40c on the dollar they le'irlng
from the shoe bunne'. uniynoeet
TJl.iln.lalr.hio onil Naor YorxIOOUa.
Pricts as follows: 60o, Missfs' and
nkiMniTi'.Tnaainil Nwrrwrt. 50o.
50, 75c, Ldis' Kid Beaded Toe
BlippStS, YOC l OU, 5, runaura-
phia finest Buttoned Boo's, 32.
t 1 MirauM finntt Kid 8b09.
i o Thaw mnat. he sold, as
we cannot carry $10,000 worth of
One snres.
T b nA a T.a-a ITlnunnlno am. Over-
J-' " .. u . -n -
dressing Ecru, white andgold, only
to be had at the genuine, original
l-nkn Jb Crnthoro'a at ii scni.
15c, 20c, pure, finest Linen Ltwn,
20j. 15c, Safeen Navy, dotted, reg
40n. 10c. 12Jc. Brown
Pre3s and Apron Linen, 10a. 10c,
8c, extra wid-, Cheviot, 8jp, 10c.
in. iP..nu" Plaid Sheer N'aio-
s o'x, 10c. 6c per yard. 2C0 pieces
n natterns of Lawn. 5s. Lilies
n.u trimmRd o' rjn'rimmtd. at
...,aI Kalf nrir-n. Tha ("riirsr St3ck.
the Usvereux: s.otk must be cloieu
Corner Main and Poplar.
n c Rtniicmcnii-ill nlftiif o bear
in mind ourB iltimire fiaeet, tlisht-
Iv wot, CioiniDK. C:iU ciny
HisberllnsT Robber SMopr, 310 2d
v K.v. inat rrived an im-
nieDie Bto:k of PcraUn 6tripel
ZaphyrB, put op la oozes, idis
i,l w.b nlanil to arrive tis v
days uro, but owing to bid niau-
atetceoton tne ptrt oi me mauu
facturem, wai delayed. We there-
lora relneea to ncuve iu
mnA hal.l them uubiect tl tho
i rder ol the importer, fron whom
we receiTedthelollowioddiapaU-h:
Uall lh.m at rtl'V CSDU Oil IUCI
dollar arid charge n with the lo4."
We tierelore oatr tae enura
line, which would be cheap a.
i? .VI oarli fnr tha f xtraordiDtrv
" w - "I "
price oIK oo. ticn mm comami
ample ma enai to maae a cunmuie
in n atv'p. ami ther are itr eu-
m,riir It nvilliflff HVPT SbOWTI B
tbii Doatket, and we believe the
greatest bargain we nave evt-r ot
20 Handsome Etamine India
T ; ne n anil nhvr Rnhffl! ex'ra
rich and handsome, good", sold
HmiioVinnt the aanenn at J-'O. $-')
1 . . . - i . . T i..4l.
and JjU ecn. we now ouer mo
fntire line at the extreme low
low trice of 10. Call early a uu
secure one.
It hca been our custom for years
past to inaugurate on the lat of
June a cUa-irjo; sale cf all Ladies'
and Misses' Silk and Wots'cl Cos
tumes. We commence thiH annual
clearirg sale to-morrow,
and p.omite our customers rur-
saina that cannot be duplitaUd
I 1 11 D OOOW"-
,i.i. ..
Oor LaliPd' lilack Sillt uostumei
I-" t
lots; each lot put in separate (aie
ana ma K9U one price.
All 5l). f35 anl lH0Co3tumes
-.1,,1 c r.
ill a , ncu i ...
All 140, 145 and $48 Coitumes
All $S0 and j tos'.umes
marked $22.
a II nilniru morlif M SIS.
Mn r -.Hi.' Tmnnrl. Wnn,t4(l
Oostumee, Ta lor-made Ccstumee,
Ktamine and Surah combinations.
Trlivit anit Plannnl Travnliri? roj-
lumee, etc., we nave uiviueu no
All :15. MR and $40 Coetames
. . .i:i.l ..I
ma-ked $2S.
All $28, $30 and fJ2 oU uoetnmes
..lru.l 10
AH $20, $22 and $25 C Btumes
marked $10.
All $13, $15 aid $18 Costumes
marked $9 75.
M ihai' and Chllriran'M PS1 1 K
and Worsted dresses sizea 4 to. 16
years, will be sold at a slight ad
vance over actual tost cf material
I n A l.imminM
Don t loreet our cneap eaie oi
T .J;.t ami Uiiat,.1 .Ti)rl.V. All
bargains of last wtek will be du
plicated this week.
rarasols! Paiasolat Parasols I
500 B'ack Pa'in Parasol 1 lined,
Inna tvS a-n wwi m 41 7
la.-VAl'"staiv a. ' -e
501 Silk Serge Sun Umbrellas,
-. 1 1 . r ! O 1 dM OK
500 XX Silk Sarft San Umbrel-
500 bhilrfran'a Satoen Paraaols,
ro n -Mn T-an .i
Vl w'J "'ve
500 Misses' fine Paraeo's at low-
63t who ef ale prices.
A 11 nnoliioa innhiilino t.V.e, Mika-
A n ll.maH. MaiimifiilAB. Ttlack
UW, a.BUIVUB, ... - V. . ,
and Cream Lace Covt re, Coachings,
. : 1 , TT l ).. . n,A an il
Tlia HI Ul O IHI, CIV , Wilt UQ
at lactory prices.
We offer Dress Goods this week
at prices wbicn will certainly draw
crowds of purchasers to the Diess
UnnAa Tlonarrmant
At 7Jc per yard, 200 pieces fancy
Dress (icods all-Wool Fi line, worth
A 9 in rar varrt -'11 nlprAl 4ti
itch Bengoiine snitinns, worth 50c.
Oiir stock of C.ejm Colored
Tl. a. (InnAa ffti- tmnniAV vwtr i
(omoostd of all tne very latest
novelties including the very best
fahrirs. inch as Flannele.
Tricots, Albatros, 8erge, etc Tne
price named below you will find
to be the very lowaet. The good)
Deet qniiiity.
At 12Jc per ya-d, 25 piecse Nnnfl
veiling in cream, pin anu Dine.
a. 'J 7 ..,.1 Ki nlana. fl-Aam
Colored all Wool Dress Goods,
double width. Among this lot are
A IK.Ir, Hantrlinr ninth. Tliarornln.
Serge, U, worth from 50j to t0c
ler yad.
At- M.1i Praam flnlnr-! Wnnl
vuv vwaaM u
Bmste, -ill Inches wide, Lce
Stripe with plain wool Batiste 13
match earns witttn atooj per yara.
Onlv limited quantity of ths
goads. Actual value, 1 par yard.
AstonnJirjeT Bargains.
r.o Pi'en.. M.lof-i-a PIaMh hnailti-
l aK.,.p lavoa nlaiiia VArv r.hoicf.
I he regular pnee 01 mesa kuub
or,-, nar varrl are ndrtr them now at
- j j 1
15c. .
fK niaoaa fliPdfOBTl Mllll P.ftinfl.
IJItiVDO uaiaivviia ' -
very handsome goods, retails all
over the citr at 353 yard. We will
dispose of this line at 22c ysrd.
Oar Own Direct Importation.
rn v:AnAa T.a. Vnlrlnow T? panl ar
j $1 aad 25 goads. Call and take
xnnp ihnta or nta.nnm RT. nim viru.
0 Uaitoin', itomaa mnoru sun
Plaid Stsh Ribbons 7 and 8 inches
wirlA. .1... hanrlinmn nAer rolnr-
Iwiuc, " " --
inns, at the extreme low price of
ooc yara.
Linlhrai Hoiitrf vnr offered.
ttUM J - a -m- u .at.u.v
Hose in Black only 35jper pair, or
Oriil An win I Qiitfl' .ft A I 11 rfH(l
opinsior!. .
These are regniar mia,
good black. We guarantee them
r. al Lisle, tuey oemg our own
I ipscial lmpona'.ion.
Gavin A Co. owupy these two laiye
stortw, doinan iiumennebiism.s and
rarryin s'ih-is from wliii h retail deal
era om alwavs supply th ir houses.
The extensive experience of Lie pro
prietors enahlei iliem to B"li" cari
fullv the Jtothls wanted bv il.alera.
They buv fur cash, and so lsiyi-ly as
ae to obtain the very lowest litres.
They can an ppl v retailors at lower lip
uresthan tlwn'th.ise who buy and
a. il on credit They make no bad
debts and do not hud it no -ssary to
make up oft one msn'a orders what
they lose on others. As cotton factors
they rank with the beet, having a
...uknn i. aturn in. and one
of the best known and most pupil ar
salesmen. It is an immense ii m that
can be safely recommended to the
wholo country.
Thronch the Medium of This irett
Newspaper s Circulation
would npain arrest the attention
of the ladies in Memphis nd the
surrounding country to tho tin-
rivaled and unequnled barpitins in
. . .v.i. . .1.. .1.:..
tresli ana seasonuuie paais uu
weei ollereil in every department.
Droll Goods! Ir?inC.ooN!
I At7ic-50pc8 C-olorod I ai o Kt fa
mine; lieguilir 1 rice, i ir
At 10c 20 pes l'ana-na Canvas
Cloth: fold hvTTWlie-e at inc.
Atl2ie-43 pes Satin Damiers;
Worth 20c
At 15i-22 pes India Crejie Cloth;
Pl.aan at Or.n
At 25c -Tufted Foulo Serges; Cost
to ltiipon.ii 4c.
Ten pes 40-in l.noe, Cheeked Can
vas Mining, at 101c.
$3000 Worth of Jersey Jacket.
Will be Cloned Ont at a ureal
Sacrlllee This Week.
S7 lonni-a a. ill lie sold lit f0o.
f 1 50 Jerseys will be sold at $1.
a Jerseys win no soiu at i ii.
$:$ til Jerseys will he sold at $2 50.
Ladies' Muslin and Gnuz Vnder
wear nil msrkea clown lor
this week s sale.
To-morrow, in reality, commences
ii.a itraiitimt Lnnmin salo ever
tr iIia tridn in this denart
menu tur variety 01 Diirgiunn arc
i niimarmia to innntioo. Ijtilies
ahould not fail visit our Whit
Goods D.-partment.
inn .Lit Ijuliim' all-linen hem
atitehed. colored border handker
chiefs at 10c.
Tjulii-a' all-linen hem
stitched handkerchiefs, colored
Ijorder, at 17c; sold everywhere
tor 20c.
25 dor. Laiies' henift U hed print-
A.l Sheer linen handkercoiets at
2ic; real value, (10c.
1-are Yoking to-morrow at w.
Baby Caps 25c, 35c and tOc.
Parawls! Parasols! Parasols!
Rednced! Reduced! Reduced !
Kxtra larire size Gauwi I
Canopy To, f jr 2 B0.
Taisaf ArtflrtCil (1 tl nllir r00 doz lot.
UUDil wiivil"! . - --" t (" '
well-made and pern-ct lining ien-
llonwn'a lniindried nild pnlaun-
dried sh'rtfl. Tlie pot to Duy
shirts and underwear is at
103 doz celebrated Hero ShirtH at
10!) doz of Hunter s custoni-mndo
ll..,.(o,l R iaiii Kliirtn at HKc
100 doz Laundred, Upen rront
... ... , l f.. si tir.
einrtfl, in guariinu!, i"i i
i)n..M;na In r:mif,i' Ilnilerwenr.
Bargaiosin Gents CollarsanutJUiis.
Hargains in lienis rjiiBiienueni.
itnnra na in Gents' Scarfs and Tics.
Bargains in Gun s' iioniery.
-too ..no iFLinr-h pmhi-oiili-red Swim
1 V7 r ... .... . ... . .. -
Flouncing, just received and will
be on sale to-morrow.
.,.. n...nl asirilinA boIa of lloalerV
will continue this week Our stock
must bs reduced regaraiess oi price.
For Hats and Cap
Soluble for Men or Boys, go to
210 Main atreet.
fUrand Reduction Rule.
600 pes (Swiss Edging and Flounc
ing at tremendous reuucnuu.
lor next wtea oaij.
60 pes Lace Yoking. Will close
them regardless oi con.
100 dor Ladies' Handkerchief,
hemstitched and printed, at ft
50 dozen Ladies' Btlbriggan Hose,
o fa re lor t no.
Ladies' Corsets, Lidiea' Corsei,
from ooc to z ov.
600 DCS Union Lawn, best line in
ih s ciiy, at ;c a yaiu.
10 pes All Wool Bunting, regard
less of COJt.
25 doxn Gent's' Fancy Balbriggan
r-hirts a. .r, worm i
27 Main Street.
a. i sntlAdirc A Lacomarilno
I yoor PlomblDg "J aeriltJair
Never in thvhiitorv of the Dry
Goods Trade in Memphis wai there
a sale of fins D.-ene Goods com-
nanhln with our grsat iaa Tt-
M0RR0W. UnequaUd and nn
nrecadented for excellence, variety
and low price. Rtal the list care
fully, bnt le member words cannot
do Justice to the extraordinary
Fount of Itai-KaltiM
You mnsi lee thtm. Come early.
It is well known that French
Black Goodi rat in their color and
luster hettsr than any other. All
goo'fs advertised in the following,
Hat are of French manufacture and
of French dye, except thoss lees
than 25c a yard.
At II 25 Donble-width (44 inchis)
rrencn diamine i-arsuiur, in
duced from J. .).
At 371c Dnible-width (42 inchea)
Krenel iiaii.lfl, lace eu;i j
merly 5c.
a ii Mi Tli-nna.U ami Bnnrlii Can-
vasCloth.Sat n-triped Ktamine
and forded liiirrilx, all tne very
laet novelties; rsguUr price
i) ana i w.
At 75c the Persian Mutdelay Clo'.h,
hnan 1 111 . smcotii, u-wu"i
fabric; worth $1 60.
I At 10c and 22J1 job let of good qual
ity, plain ana laceeuon, au""-
can mack uoous.
At 471o Douhle-width Ceylon Alba
troBSirarieayei; iuriur y iu.
At "5 hanr'sime Combination
Suitiol Lace won a veiling, ami
plain to ma-.cn; worth
At til 75 11 our Comblra'ions cf
flae Black nooua; lormsuy
118 60.
1. eo-r rto imn a!.-int flnmhina-
tions ot I'aris velvet anu fa
mine ; reduced from.)0.
Also 1000 yards of best French S lk
Grenadine, maoo in tne new
...A nitVi nr wilthnrit Rrceaded
mini 1 ni... w. - -
Grenadines to match, all at leas
than half value.
We tiler TO-M0UR0W
r.o-1 rnnn,l Nnn'a Vnlllnr. all
uuu a v v . v , . v. - - - - . ... -
wool, pll'n anu ugnreu, i iue
remarkably low price ol Hc a
t7.n-inV.Pii(i'marfla In tttrinPRAlltl
I .,A.L,a U.rV.I wvuitrhla. for iAtUeH
Tailor Kuiis. Ladies who intend
n'lmr niiwH nhnillu 1)11
, i,..ua .inila I r T nvnlinir Hint'.
They are all the r.ge st the water
ing piacesanil sumuier ruounr.
Made to Order-Tailor raiyie.
We call the attentim of every
laly in Memphis to onr Grand
CltaringSa'.e of
The facta of this Charing 8ule
are so far beyond anything hereto
fore attempted in Memphis that no
nna should miss it.
1000 Bennllfnl Embroidered
It libra.
l l.,.o. Via ilianlavfld T(-
111 il i - 'ti, n," " ' . f j
MORROW in center altie(wnno
floods Danartraent at prices un
heard of heretofore. We have
divided the lot b Lllowa, making
prices uniform:
All thoaethatwtreiold for $14 up
tD JL'U are reuueeu to tne
Uniform Price of 70.
All those that were sold for $10 to
$1.1 50 are reduced u inn
Uniform Price of 6 50.
All thoae that were sold for $5 53
and $7 are reuueeu w uie
Uniform Price of 10,
r Tn.vmRItflW earlv. Yott
cannot reels', huying a Robe. Also
in tame aepar menu
3000 pea new India Linen at 12Jj,
15c and Ma.
2000 pes Checked and Plain Lawn
at 16c, 17JC aad auc.
TO-MORROW we exhibit our en
tire importations oi
in mi T ..rli aa. Miaaes' and Chil
dren 8 Mraw uonnen sun aavo
at 25c, 60c and 75c.
A'bj new Flowers, Feathers and
tv. nn aaiilr r-ninmencinB to
morro, we will trim all Hats and
I'rae of ('bara-c,
the material being bought in our
T. i nvlhinir more Rllilale
for I ha seascn. more serviueauic
than a Oonuine
Dcuhtfnl. We have2) jiwesat
'.On Jlli, .r,f- anil 7,r)C.
25 Km'brnidHied Pongee Patterns at
$18, $2oanu -.u,aioua vounw-i,
MEM 1111 H,
-svvrw FHO l.aiw. We are n,.w nnianing ionar. an.i . u, ni.,, -; r- , -
X fA.i ,' .. , ft raeJium g'oaa tini-h. krn up wiih tlie a-jle ar.d time, and send us
yoor ColU . K, C?ff" W. will cay K.PreM fh.rg.. bo.h way. on Packa.e. ameunting to-
a it 1 a r: tjoiiar. - - -
.n-r.-rriM OF JPANOY BHinTINfJl
r AVIPMatI.U rvwrlv
.... - - u.hlSt. S,r I
Will B Held To-Bisy h Vnrtcae
horrhew sit the llonrw NMiueai.
f 1 . i..H'A. J7,j,iim.- s,-r 1,-es at
p.m. hy tne Rev. n.. v,. muup.
St. Mary'm Oiilnfr,il-Poplar street,
vires at 7 and 11 a.m., and . p.m.
ana laslor.
Air.t Wiplil --X'ervices at 11 a.m
p.m. by tne nev. n. n. .,.
tVcorgtVi tor-t Mrihodut. Ane nev
D. D.
Moore, .pastor I'reaching al ll a.m. ana
rAitrfful iaa - . i
A'rYinDcra,tr.a. -Union atreet. inenev.
N M. Long, pastor. Services at II a.m. ana
:.0 p.m.
maiaNuW I Awn'a. No. 2M Third atreet, le
tween JotTerson and Court, bervioes at 11
a.m. and Hp in.
&,fr,ira- MM "' n''TT
8ervi-es every Hunday al Hp. in . Rcv.J. 1.
W iggms, pastor.
......i u..i...i Iti urfk. Union street.
K. 11. Mahoii, U.K.. l'ator. Sorvi.e at 11
a.m. aid s p.m.
.... a i nuiirt atreAt.
(mhrri-iM rreaoifirr.... - -,,'
Perviceaat 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. by tho Hov.
11. A. Jonea, piiainr.
Ckurrk of I. Oaod S.tlen.-11ll aireev,
Chelsea, riervic-. at 11 a.m. and p.m-
by tha llov. n. V. loung, r.
.Vat..iiaari F-rrnoirrrni n, ...
t n i ..a i-nritMP n nn nnii
. k...uirtn iv II a.. ill. una a
J?tl K ihA . W. H. DostVs, Paator.
,.. ..-.. .. .. .
ff-n.nn.fo Xtnrl M.;(no,t.. t .iir
Linden anu iiwrnuiniu. ,
r' j a ... Kv 1 1, . Hav.J. hi. Hnence, paator.
uiao y.. - ... , .
i.r.'.(Ma (Wfa.-Corner or 1, naen .nu
ai..iK..r .im.u. the Rev. J. 11. nriney,
paator. r'ervicoa al iu:a.m. anu - p.-
Pr.r'hin at 1 ... U at 7 : ........ b
l. T. 1 . Lamar, pastor. All seaU
free. ,
C."rner Lauderdale and Beale
Preaching at 11 a.m. and p.m. by the Kev.
8. C. Uaiawell, pasior.
ri.tm.ru f'aurca.-Oornor or.neoona ana
Adams streaU. Barly communion al I a.m.
Kervioea at 11 a.m. anu
' .. ..Atiir. onlalating.
tint aoiAriai.-Oorner of Third and
PoVr.r..tr...rvlcr. at 11 ... by the
IhV ReV. K. banfel, D. 0 . Paator.
nerTATabama tra.t and
Services at 11 a.m. and p.m. by the Itev.
James L. Martin, D.I"., paaUir.
Aral Jtr-IAOfiial.-Unrner qfHenono ana rop-
lr streets The Hev. A. V. .'
New t ora, will prem naw " -
Hev. B. A. Bteal, U. U.. al p in.
Umc. Church -Corner Vance ana Iiaoaer-
dalo streets. The Hev. tl.o. '""r:on'1';
ll., rector. Rarty communion l..1 ln
morning sersioo auu m .......
evening prayer and sermon at g p.m.
Asiniiiis nvi I. I
ITT-w. 1 ...iu liunt oi fi 1 IlLIt M Villi U9
IT littiw n,
nlo nml lint nn .ii n liul RDPr-
oiatoit; they nvidmco their appre
ciation hy irrreaslig inr.ingH mi
crowd our store since our First Coti-
i inai ion Hiioo Kile Wfsliegun.
Urns' rttlil Hlirn
BtocksndiiUnt-ritOn.'s eniire Bo it
and Sine stock.)
Whal icr have aduertimd hiu (xen
fmintl IriK lo thr. Irilcr.
The Bargains we onur mv um, mi.
l Ka.a.ii, a nn nnnsr. tllHV are Oit-
niins In fact. None ol Ix?enstin a
n. . . . ....L.,1 1 mini
fmoes in ourstora r msiam ami...
abovo Ea'tern coit, while there are
lots not to strlciiy uHiraiiiHiiivn
marked d iwn doiow origioui cum i
Our entire B'ock of hires hes also
v,.. n. i,.,i iinwn in nroDorlion.
i n kA.,ih . nnul. in in v nhnes hlivt!
lliiui'H',"Siv.- . u
leftonr bouse the past wi-sk, we
still have an imineneei'K: on oauu,
in (....( mi, etiu-k now in tio lmmensa
for ihis season of tho year, and we
do not in'cna to snip mis b kui
L1..1.. nlil ir in rraal I v diminlsho I.
Boiow we meuuoiiu mwi -i;iih"
i.ink, tri atlll mit on snle on Monduv
nilllju n. '-
at prices which will bo sure to do n
r . .l At.Anl.n,l'u
onr shelves oitnem: a nil ui uunu n
kid and kid-foxed buttonsht e-.w.tu
heels, nh'm 3 ta 7 (forth lorm-riv
$1 25),for50capairj a mi oi lauiee
li.i knit in Mhnns. onera
.iu " . .
to and heel, siU-worhert button
holes (worth loninriy .i ou;, i r
aia;r; lot oi lin er iu uuvuu
.llkr.Knrlr.il llllt'l II holHS
1, (r.,rrlv fl 5(1). U T 4 1 (15 S
par; mlsfos' sii'S of sums (worth
2 23), 1 &U a P'ir, ami oi inui.-i
.A.I l,l niuril.lol Hlinners. bo I id
I Ua-l am ' ' ' .
leather (worth D ie), lor bilca pair; a
IntrfyoulliB niuim bhip iwmui
io'KI lr l r,ll a let of lien l t tut
Wrhu'r. T.llliS XV. hOBl. PllllCS
.u. h sill, or : a cnoice 10
h kid. richlv
bealod o silipl oni at half price;
i... i In, 11 .' uenuine Alliirktu
n v, ...... w r
toilet s inpe s (woit'.i $,), tor J,l oO;
a lot of vtry Una in n in tn iuui
,i.i.. ...,) ,iiiin in narrow widths
r.i i aim-. .-...,-. -
an emu 1 sizn-.at vtry low llgnrw.
This is a nrj oppi r uuuy inr ia-
.1 ! .... mi a itt a nr I i.hllilren will) S en-
der leei;tbey kroe lrcmexoeii--ni:B
how difficult it s to nn.i a g m '
tin., alma. We i-m tit them all. and
at as'oniehingly low pricss.
A lot ol Kin aim po ;i. n ...
Newport tine (wnrlhtl 75), $1 a nir
ladim' good French kul bnltn
-Wo. ai IK rtnuen sTil'
(woiti 15), for J'J 50; adKS French
kid foxtd, nano-turneii uu''
shoes, on onera and common-sens',
lasts (worth II), for fi 75; child a
kid andpebh'.e epnog-neei w ... ., p
u..., .i.aai 101 1 wnr.h f I 5'l).
for $1 10; child's kid and pebble
epring-hf e' sol. up nui-.m iuoi,
7J (worth $1 2-r), ftr 75c; and many
other ca'gins ioi u"
..imn Dome and ccuvinff your-
sell that wi mtai buslni.
Kt'a.B,rs r.aa ca a-.
Victor II. riicliat' Wrtrkt-t.
SO isul 41 J-ltron.
Pmnnnuo, ll Wiilper.
Nprlea: Laiiits, 4lslre Veal.
t'ai lime or sicci,
Frcab Mentis of AH till l",
A Vsirl-y ol V.-avelablca,
CJond -l
Don't le-.vo until you hive lioiurh'
vour trunk and v.ilino nt the N
ivit-mphis Trunk F.ubvy, 3:tl Ma...
street. 100 o w n a v. v "rttt.
T X.
.1 . . 1 - . 1 1 i.iA.t Vaw V,,rlr
A. Bl'iauxviJ A- .
.rEZr "- Proprietors.
.t,.i ..i?ntwt CT
ta ii iioii
V Kit ION i ll Ki IS V K N0K"
0mrg-Nn. (Sccocd street,
illAHlpnia, lenn.,
Offar for aala the (allowing choice property,
lernis on xhii-h will be uiutle known at their
iVI. .ll.uilinn Pirrni r.Mi"""'
story bri.-k ro.idcnc-. lot SlSgl1 fe01,'",
- ,, .
souineafi rnriiei n .ii.un.ini ..i.
allry eaat of ihi,d street. Kight largo
rooms anil all moilcrn improiemouta. Kanlal
value, 1100 per month.
i rn'e. e
rnmitrv Hume Well imprn' . fd. e cveg
acre, land, hou.e ol six m-mus. iieioi-.urv
oulhou.en, ori'haul, tplendid well, beaulilui
lawn and liircai grove in iriin. i-i uu.w,
maoailani road about compluted lo the cily
on north ai'ln of I'nlon avenue. IV. mile
earn ol me ciiy.
Price, f l.'aJO.
No. 37S Bciiln Street Two -atory frame
reai'lcnce. lot I0US fool, ten litrae rooioa. in.
good repair. UciiIkI vuliia, 51" per month.
No. 2'.!" Wellington Street - Two atory
frame rei-iilcn,-e, ocposlte W. 1). ltelhe 1
residence, eiaht rooms, In first ..-laas condi
tion and convsniemly arrangod; lot 40aW
Price, MM.
A very drslrahle hou.c, corner of Alannma.
sireet and Thnrnlon avenue, eaat of and ad
joining Ihe Welter place-Two-atory Iraiue
renideiice, nine rooms, in good repair, two
lamo cisterns; lot onuul to about au ai-re ol
,ruUua- Prlcwr).
Poub'e Tenement Frame one-atory House
-Nos. II7S and IH0 Vance atreet ; aeton rnouia
each. In good repair; lotMHUS feet. KenUl
value. ftVi per month.
Price, .Vsi, or ) for either tenement.
The McOmher I'lacs-North aide of r raaler
between Wellington and Lauderdale slreetsi
hou.e of eight rooms, In good sepalr; lot
CllA'JOO foot.
rrice, .,
a. PiAi,ni Adams Street Residence-Near
Manatsas sireet.
i-rlCOi in.'aar- , ,
Wo. iVU jeneraon r-ir.r., j....
ditle and Orleans atresia- u .!
dale snu orir.in . --
re Idcnce, ten rooms. In good rei.air.all mini-
Am iiiuiroveuienla lot omw leva, n-".
value, (15 per month.
Pour New Cottages Noa. 1H, 174. 178 and
17H tlrleans street between Madison and
Monroe st eels, three rooms each i i lot Vx Wl
feeti very desirable for mechanics. KenUl
value, IU each. ,.
Price, 11.100 ao.
No, 71 Calhoun Streot, near M.un-Frame
sottage, five no ins, built last year. Uental
value. Per mopn.h.
Lot W, on west side of Auolloa Squarev.
"l7Jf,0t- Price, flOOO. , c
Lot Itlft, on south side of Auction hqnar.
37x75 leeU
Price, f.slO.
Bi.ulh half of lot 'M, on west side Second
street, between Overton and Concord street..
37x148 feet, with small house.
I rllife. ffiising.
Lot 7, In Moos. 1.1, on wes4Vide of Shelby,
street, between Linden as ."ontoioe streets.
HUJSIIoet. tnis lot ir nun pu; ua'
Clinton streets.
I NC", i-ii.i.
No 9 Howard's row , or li nlon streot,
feet, thr"-slorT brick storehouse, In gooa
repair. KeuUI value, Jt" per monlb.
100 Lots, each having a front of fit) feel be
a depth or lill Icel, fronting on vaiuuuu.
Clay, Webater and (loorgia streets.
rnoe tin to g.aj ier iroui mu.
an tj.i. iwi.I.'jI rei each, fronting on Saf-
h,.i... I.nnnnv. Kwing aud .Manaaaas street.
in Ninth Ward. .... . . .
I'rico, a.'i to no ler rroniioBi,
Lot 144, on went aide ol main sircei, nine
lent, between Winchester and Market
streets. W ill be sold at a bargain.
Lot 4iiO, eoutnwear corner oi rouuuv.
Bycamoro streeva, HKxlW foot.
I rioe, i.",i,
i no An.iliH.il. enrner of Overton ami
Third sireels, 1414H feet.
Storehouse In Jefferson block. No. Z
Second sireet, one of the finest building in
thecilyi f ur stories, Iron front; J4xl leel.
Ren a lorl l,r,a'on,,,ViU
Price Il.t.falO.
Store VA Heal sireet, lot 21x75 feet, two
doors east from southeast career ol Ueale
and Desoto streets, two-story hrlok houa)
with hall above. KenUil value per month.
Dwelling houae No. 4M Pontptoo slreatl
has S rooms in good r-nalr. Rentol value
av, lir month. Lot D4 ilLl.
Price. Urns).
Dwelllng houae south sido Carolina street,
first block eaat of Main sireet; 4 rooms and 1
k'tchena; ran beuaed at a douhle-Wnemenl.
Rent 118 per uion'h.
Price, 11400.
Pw.lllng home No. 110 Alabama treU
two story Iraine; haa 9 rooms. Lot .wil U
feet, near ooruor of lllll street. Ront KI
i per month. .
Mouse oi nroouia, io. ia.a,
side Uroadway street, east ol Mississippi-
am 1... j(At trnmt AM n .Hh
aveuus. Kenl 17 p'r moma.
rrice, om.
n..,i.i..i..an.nt dwallln hoos. No. 2H0
and its Linden street. No. X has 9 roosae
and houae No.iW has rooms in good repaif.
Lot Joxl.ai leet. osih. .i.-j-w.
rrice, .iiiou.
Ti.t-L .i.m.1iiimm. .nd rooms auitable for
residence on second floor. No. Hil Ileal
sireet, Voxii feet. Rent lr monln.
liood stand lor retail grocery store.
j no, ".ww.
n .1A, Tl .11 I : T -la r9 AHA And I.B
acres each, in ClajbnKik subdivision, one
mile aastof city, hetw.cn Union avenue and-
Poplar ntreet, at irom s-ai vu j j- - .
Lot 32. on southwest corner of Adams and
Manassas streets. OOil.'iO leet.
rrice, per 100..
. . . n 1. II. ...m .ul.dL,
IiOIS on nail ...ii.", ".' . . " , n " 1.
vision, at t tr fmit; and lot on Jefferaoa
,t iet, crnerof Manasa.s. i fS ll footl
and in various oinar par o, -'y
Call and ian,ln ourliais. V offer oia
sprcial bar.ains, anu win .
holn property to parties wanting to bay,
other for building purpose or "'-7
....!.. T I la n.rl.ot. ADsuaois luruisuew
when requested". nDnQVT,nB.
Tilts week we hal a rojiilnr pic
nic. Our gilen donhl d lait wHk ,
an ' v t we have 89KSaodSUP-
R enough to supply everybody
n M an piis. We men what we
..ay. Onr goo's arc all New and
Freeh, and we sell cheaper than
.1 y houss in the city. Cjme and
-o e ui.
l!!i2 Main street. Marble B'ock.
In order to introduce the Alabama,
n I nt ()' al in tbiB markst, it " :T
A If v
i a
n-d ht Jtio pr U'irroi r. ".
Ir hH i o enpe'i r.
V. JL. I n l l iiii.!V.' -
Telephone Vi9.
Kooiiix I'riwcetl
(mm ill tipwanls in the latest atylts.
II II. Miwr, No. 227 Second street.
' ' ill at once or send postal for designs

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