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' v
The Debate rrtlrlpat4 la bj
Large Sambpr of Member
Exprenxloai of Oplaion.
W-uinqton, May 29. llo'u. Tlie
8penker laid before the House a com
munication from the Serretiry of
fctate submittirtf an (Rtimate of flOi,
100 for inauRarnting the eta'tjo rf Lib
erty KolighteniDg the World. Ke
feired. Mr. Mt-rriman N. Y from the
Committee on PoKtoiEceo and 1'oet
road, re-ported a bill aruonding the
statutes relative to tbe trnnminion o(
olifteni' matter through the nulla.
House ta'rn-lir.
Tii limine tbca went inti commit
tee ' f the whole, (Mr. fprirner III.
in the chair), on the oleomargarine
bill, the pending amendment boing
that c Ho red by Mr. Townsbeod of
Illinois, reducing the tax on oleomar
garine from 10 to 2 cent! per pound.
Mr. Hatch Mo ala'ed that in w
of the fact I tat various prjteitd of
Knights of l.itior ainst the bill hftd
been pr'sntfd,he wi-'.ieil to bave the
following telegram to Speaker Carlisle
read :
"Ci.it kLami, 0., Mar Kith.
"Acliog timler instructions from the
General Assembly of Knighta of 1-t-bor,
I desire to eia'.e that no pcrsm
whatever is an h . ried to ppak for
this rrnrizt on, either in the allirm
ative or negative, on the question of
the regulation of the mle of oltouur
gaiiue now pending lief r.i C'onitr:n.
1'itMne biing IIiIh to the at'.riition of
t!i- proper committee.
"tloneral Manter Work in an K. n L."
Mr. Hut ill tl I'll proweded to my
thet there eeeined t ) b a niiriiiinr-
lierVon in repaid to the bill. I utler
He previ.i ins a ((impound of Ihi J and
taUow laid and outt ,n en.-d oil or !ard,
tallow ami to ton seed oil, lit t rnl'irrd
in iniit itioii of liiill t, was not liable
to tux.
Mr. Townsond III., thought that
the gent!enun from Mim uri did tot
t'oiidrua tie bill correc'ly, but that
under iis proviHion.M no olubiiiaign'irjt
could be aM without tax, even
tho-.igh it wird sold under its true
Mr. McCreary Ky. offered an
amendment providing Unit the tax of
It) cents a p3unt abali be imposed
only on olcnmargii'inn which is man
ufactured and sold for consumption
as butter. He lud nnilerstood the
chnirmau of the Commi'tee on Agri
culture to say that he did not (lucre
t i in,poe the tax unit us the n!uomar
garin j win manufactured and sold ai
butter; and this amendment would
make the meaning of the bill clear.
Mr. I.ehlhu'.'h N. J. , while in favor
ol tlie neutral featuies of tlio bill,
tt.cunht Unit the taxes imp HJ were
t o lngh, ami uuIiihh the amendment
rl tie gentleman from Illinois (Mr
TnaviiHlittnd) were adopted ho would
lie cmipjlej to vote )(iiiii;jt tlio
me ihtire.
Mr. Mills Tex denounce 1 the ilou
iriue contained in the li.ll. If Con-
grets panned this law, it would an
nvtince to tlie jienple tliat it win loidy
hi mo (lemiiuu in any strong interest
to strike diw.i one that Was not so
BtroiiK. It wai a departure from the
uuei urn ui tquai iignia to a I and
exclusive prmligea to none.
Mr. Allen Miss (aid that after
watting pationtly for action on this
bill, be bad at lust come to the con
elusion mat the lloii'e wanted to
bear from him. Laughter. He was
moilest, tint he was alwavs willing and
rf solute to eontiibnte his mite to the
legislation cf the count y, and be had
determined ts come to the front. Aa
bis name came high np on the roll
call, and m he bad heard tbe gentle
nan from New York (Mr. Hifcock)
nee say that leaders wonld spring up
ure, would it'not be well lor his Dem-
oratio friends to select him as a
cader? He (aid it with modeily but
ontidence, "Behold your leaderl
follow 1" Langhtor and applause.
He represented an agricultural dis
trict, and waa himself engaged in the
laudable enterprise of dairying. If
there was one industry that he would
be willing to protect abovo another,
it was the cow j if there was one fraud
that he wonld be willing to punish
more than another, it was a frand
upon the cow. He would support the
bill if the amendment of the gentle
man ftorn Illinois wo.ro adopted?
Mr. Long Mais offered an amend
ment providing that no tax should be
impoNsd on oleomargarine except
when made in imitation ainleemlilance
I butter, snd when calculated or in
tended to be sold as butter or hi
Mr. Daniel Va? spoke in advocacy
of an amendment wl ich he propo'edtn
otl'er hex-alter, abolishing the internal
revenue tax on tobacco and on fruit
brandy. In the platform cf the Demo
crat c party which nominated the
President now occupying the execu
tive cilice there win a di tinct declara
tion and pledge to abcdiiih war taxes.
The in'vrnul revenue syft in was
distinctively a war tax, and n that
titx t ie lanm ie of tho platform waa
lio do lbt candidly and' hrnesfy di
rcTtsd. This seemed to l the agri
cultural dr.y in the House, but whi'e
it wa. amending to one cl.ss of farmers
was lie not jim itlcd in arking it to
hear the lorg, patient cry which has
atcHiuied to the government for
twenty-live years from that class of
farmers who had Curing thut period
borne the bimlcn of war upon their
ehouldtus. He denounced in strong
language the government leeeipts,
wbieb brought mi its train domicilia
tory visits mid a horde of spit s and
informers. As to this bill, if the K v
pubhem party voted for it it would be
an abamloMuent nf thut theory of
Am r.cau pnfciioa which had cap
tured tLoueands of vo'e in the coun
try. Mr. Long f ave not Ye that lie would
pre bis nn endment, ni the
chaiimin of the Agi icultnr.d
Ut'iil'M le (Mr. ilatc'il liait iig e.'d to
inie-t its ml-t w ee in the bill when it
waa before the llou'p.
Mr. Cowli'S N C oir. r. 1 mi amend
ment n p a t)! tho ttutrs txing the
liiHiiuiii.-tuie f fiuit br.tiiily, and ad
dreted the Home in support of his
proposisioa, u.ipealing tr the Demo
cia.a to coaie forid and vote to ie
in ve tl at tax, and go home with a
goo 1 c me iencrt.
Mr. Hutd Wis. wni'd Tcte for
the bill even if iho rate of tux wer
reduced, but be trusted that would
not bed.no. He Hew the tlg of an
intent to iijttr. y the manufacture of
an obnoxious c impound by tjxing it
out of txistei'ce.
Mr. Ba"d Mo. thuight that the
bill should h a i.eiulej ro that it
would be a law ng-inbt fraud,
Mr. Stone Ma regarded the bT.
at dej j t t ve in ite pretent shape.
Mr. ivlilitken Minn ftvored the
bill for porpotes of revnii9.
or-jfct of the clause of declarinft that Hon of evading or violating the law in
man ii run ictcuub lor loo xne rosiolt no Ikor.artment. In re-
support ol (lie go?ernment, and tbe spouse to a reouest from the residents
present bill would effect that purpose of three amall hamlets in Tennessee
wunoot taxing any inuos'ry out oi to sugxeet name for their new v-ea-
one. It would afford incidental pro- Ubl'aoed poe offices, Las se'ected the
I"''""! uuwoTrr, iu ipiioi uiu x'uw- luuowing. which have been accepted
ing cia of farmers. v bat revenue
it prodocsd he wonld bs in favor of
taxing off articles of absolute necessity,
Mr. Towoshend'a amendment was
rejected. 66 to 9;
Amendment offered by Mr. Resgan
I lex 1, and Mr. Warner Mo. I, ex
erupting from tax oleomargarine w hlch
i not manufaitaied for sale as butter,
were rejected.
Mr. Daniel then offered hie amend
ment abolirhiDg the tax on tobacco,
which was advceited by Mr. McAfco
IS. J.l
Mr. Buchanan N. J. while he was
in favor of the repeal of the tobacco
tax, was opposed to tbe amendment
as endangering the pavage of the hill.
Mr. Ernientrout Pa-J oppojed the
amenumsnt on the ime ground
air. i;ueil a. earnestly eun
ported tbe propositioD, and aupealtd
to tbe House to relax the system of
taxation which b:r j so heavily on tbe
peooln whom he rprenttd.
Mr. Faniiahr I N. Y. spoke sgiimt
the Din, and pointol out what lie re
garded aa the danger which would et
tend tbe extension of internal pro
lecuon. it internal protection were
put on seaboard protection must come
on. lie would invoke every ro ice
regulation asniust the imi'aton of
but'er by oleomargarine or butterine.
or any other ineta f cnulj be found in
a medical dittioniry. bat he protected
agtintt the dettruc'.ion of a legitimate
Mr. llreukeniidun Ky ofTjredaa
amendment providing that the rrva
nils collected under this act shall be
dedicated to the r avinmt of cenhions.
The inti rnal revenue tax, he said, wts
a war tlx, ana the revvnno derived
liom it should be dtvot-.d t the pny-
meni 01 the expt nil turea render d
neceesary by the war. While ha d d
ii'd hit! the syftfin of internal icve-
11 tie, he did prtfnr to tax whi-ky and
toha'To rather thin the on, c!t.thing
mi 1 me pueiieroi me pior man and
the workingman. I Anulausp. I
Mr. Daniel expnmtd bis astonieh
ment at the nlmblentss with which
the Kvpubho'n iarty had jumped
over what it had called tbe walls cl
American deftnse, and lis was aston-
istiea when he saw members who bad
pledged themselves to abolish war
taxes, mid who had placed upon tbe.r
iiiunere -oi equal and exact justice
t ) all men," take a wide lean through
the cons itution and through the roof
anu run three leaf lies lipyond where
me moHt radical gone lo-ced Kotmb
licnism had ever gone tefore. fAn
platue It would ever remain 01 e of
he pronJeHt sets rf the hrtt admini?-
I Ml ion of Thniii'H Jefleisin that it
hail get nd of the exc so system, bat
in the flrat adminmtration tit (irovi r
Oievelatid, luediHtinril ss had I en
hoped by a traat maioritv r,f (lie
American people to reastuuie the man
tie so laid awle, lYnnsvlvan aus bad
come to preach the d ictrine that
every powerful hand in Amtr-
lia could be raifcd aunuiHt every
weak hand. Murder had rights, arton
bad rightsevery ciime hud lights to
afairtiul in a court of justice brfore
it was condemned, but, aciordiug tl
mo u (-inne nere enuncuttil, tbe
amendment he ofl.tred had no
rights, hut was cmdenined and de
atioveJ in the hoime which should be
thehonteof its friends. He was not
a lliit u-teror, he
ng. '
Misado, Yum Yum and Kanki Poo.
!. r turn rablle Dcbl.
WasHiBOTON. Mav 2. It is eiti
mated at the Treaaurv Denaitment
that the public debt statement to be
issued on Tuesday will show a de
crease for the month of ab -ut $!),000,-
oou. ine receipts for the month have
been unosuallv heavy and the dis-
buraementa light, with the simple ex
ception of $O,.)(Xi,0 0, paid out on ac-
a. t , ' '
cjuiu oi pensions.
Whhioto, May 2!l. The Treas
ury Department has ben advised
tUHt whi'ky is being smuggled into
Alaska in largo quantities and that
well-known residents of the Territory
afe engaged in the business. The
matter is h ing investigated.
laleraml Revenue I'ollrrtlona.
Wasimnotow. Mav 2I.-The cJlec-
tions of internal revenm (luring the
msi ion months 01 tho hscal year,
enoing June 3U. 188. amounted to
J!),fHi3,fiHB, being an increase of
13,135,742 over the receipts during the
corresponding pencil r I the Inst hacal
year. 1 hero was an increase of $7;,'l,-
180 on spirits; an increase of tl.:i;i2.-
1 1 on tooacco, and an increase of
$1,120,425 on fermented liquors. The
only decrease was $5,0!)5 cn miscel
laneous items The receipts for April.
18H, were S170.047 ereater than tlioHe
for 188."
Thn rnrrlmo i waitim boiile tha dnjr,
And C;l"lir. tlin tmftrti 11111 11 . mImih!..
Bailly carenliiK t lie irun araVK,
Awuhiiik tliu initrAHH commands.
He may well he pniuil of his imble ateeda,
C lamliiriff t In-ir liitH an u.v.
AdiI tlie l uaoh with it barnojs ulitUrini
Itllt hn hnHrl in Hd In.Hav.
Fur he beur tlie .".imd of weeping within,
AnJ hu think, of thn rli-M.iHiil nnw.
So liitelr hrouiiht to the loving heart
Now niukina it lnt adieui.
The inn Her it wounded, and dying, erhaia,
mm inurB ere now Hilling mal,
Aa the luiililul tlave atanda sorrowing there,
And thlllkfl of thn hm.ttv iiubI
All! wall he ri'ineinbera tho beau'ifu) boy,
iiib iMiiymtuo id onniinooa anu youth,
Who had over been tu hia aimplo fuith
A moilel nf viimlnnaa anil truth
Together they learned ot a Savior'a love.
An thev atond hv "uln miRtia' ' b nnm
Togother "ule niaiim y'a" heart thoy ahared
nuu ironoaeu in Doymn gleu.
Ain ho at. mil by (he bed nfdoath,
Where the dear "ole nii.tia" tina.
Cfllmly awiittini the autntnona henro,
iu our nome oev jna me aaioa.
tu iiT, aha "mil, "An' her voioe waa low
An aweel aa ae ltrtt4 in .innn;
An' I know dt in 1 leaven ahe'a aingin' now,
i mil p-'iiiou uiiiiu luiir-
Oaar,' ahe ani I, "l urn g .ing home,
Mv worda mua' tn fnini un' friui.
But I leave, to auido you, the hreaiicd words
in inm an Tour mutter tie true.
Anil now, aa he i-ata their tlowitig uianoa,
lie Ihi nka o( Ihiifo I'.r-nfl' dya,
Whon liratho mounted tho cnrriitge box,
And Toineil un the iron-irr.ivx.
Old liilty, the roHchin.in, had fi-uhlo grown,
nnu ii'inr. in Nil Ilia pri'ln,
Wual go, in Ilia brand now livery,
'I'll hrinir hiniio thn fuir vimnii hfiilB
An-I thon he ronietnhera thn anrrowlul time,
Whon gnuf Dili d his own young heart.
When told thut lVoui 1'hillia, tlio girt he
Ho HIHin Will ha i-nllitd In nurl
But ho gom, aa of old, to "young Mars'
And I ia trouble atrniirtitw.iv i-iinfi.lMa t
Tho young lover's hour! ia anon nudo glad.
And riullia hci'ouina hi hriile.
An' now dry tell mo dis drcllul war
la to Hot nil lie hiirirera fri-ii
No while folka in a 1 de Ian', I'm sho
Are ao happy an I'uillia an int.
Now Cn-mr muat mount and away once mora :
"III. r.u b..h I. L.-l ...- I.
v..v M 7 ! UR IIHIIIIQI t
Kecord That He May Bs Prond
Of-H hst He Did teSaie the
City of Memphis.
1 1 iid not tried to re
tard the consideration of the bill but 1,0 boats the sound of hia l.dy'a voice,
tT-hnti,TiIrn,r0-B,,,'B hlrm in t" 'ti tv. --char
tlio house of their frinni'Hand hv tlim Kh. in.... ih, -.i
whochonld he their captains; when
be saw the Kemiblican nartv nwninu
allegiance ,',to a cause which tho peo
ple did not elect and abandoning the
representative character thev had for
wie peopie wco were sovereigns, then
he siid that he, for one, would stay
here until tbe term of Comrresi ..
jurea, ana uw eveiy ability that God
had given him to siand athwart this
measure and against opprea'ion and
tyrannv and for the people. Ap
plause 1
Penains action the comralt'ee rose
nd the lioueo adjourned until Tues
Will Hlnnd by (he Bill.
At a laraelv-stt suded meetino nf thn
friends of the oleomargarine bill held
in the room of tbe House Committee
on Agriculture, this morning, it waa
resoivsa to stand by the bill ts re
ported irom tha committee.
Edtaaads'i Utnh BUI.
The House Committee on tlm .Trull.
clary to-day disous ed tbe dotai a of
tue Edmunds Utah bill, and it will
endeavor to Bnieh its consiiieiation
next week. Uliannfs of ereat Imnnt..
ance bave been made, bur, tbe action
taken up to tho present ia not dual,
aiid" may be reversed or mntiirtaiiv
moditied when tho committee come to
pass upon the measure as a whole.
rlians the most radical rlnnuu
made to far is the excainn nf tim
clauses providing for the appniutnii nt
cl tnutees to takerharjio of the Mor
mon ciinrch propeity, and the inser
tion of a claine at'solutely repealing
me redenii cnaiters grnntid the
1 nurch aril Knngration H.icietv. If a
quo utn ( t iho eomoiit re (Hn he pot
to.tt ler n--xl Tueiday an eff irt will
b ma le to agree upon and teiiort the
h i iu me iijime so as to mt t nm,n
the calendar, thoutb it is not believed
thut action cin be Iiad upon it in tha-.
bo.ly during the tmia.nder of this
r.io niancn biini u Br ami n nr.
Thon aadly enters tbe waiting roach,
While (Fa fnotnian nnana tl,a ii
Just then tbe shrill tones of a woman's roiee
naa onrne on ine aulumn wind,
Men, children, itonl it will never do
To leave Meiutnv (?hln hnhlnil
IUatening around the gravoled walk
hhe C IBlfll ill hfir Slimlnv ilrnaa.
A snow-white turban enoiralna her hn,l-
And hfir 'ImrnhiMf ia r.r.taa.,1 nn Um 1.....
With her suo-bonnet now in her tighUmeJ
A soft, warm ahnwl nn tier arm.
Dhe is fully prepared all hardships to brave,
mm Burma' irum no uanger or narm.
"Oh, mammy!" the sorrowing lady ones,
" ou are loo feeble and old
For suoh a journey tbe way la long,
And thn waathar la .main. a1.I
I kn w your kind heart, mammy,
Is beatina warm and true,
But in the dreary hospital
There'll be no nine fur mm."
"Oh honey," ahe gaapi In a role of woe,
"JfV plane iaby young Mara' Ned:
I yenuaasd 'era all, Irom ole Mlsi down,
I ve watched by 'em livin' an' dead.
Dee anna was de fust dat ever held
My young Mars' Ned when a babel
Bruddera aa' siatais, l'vef nusied 'em all,
From do eradle all down to de grab.
An riuw in de hoapittle far away
He a innanin' nn' tiinin' I kM,,'
No matter who's dar, he'll be sure to Una
A plane for Ole Mammy Hiloe.
W-ll, honoy, you has a good rite, I kno
To aav I mua' atav hnhin.
But, Mlatia, 'fore God, I tolla yon now,
8oniehare nn de road you'll fine
Ole Mammy ('hlne-abo will go afoot
I ou may line her oole and dead.
But 'twill sbo' to be only on de rode
imi inada nor to young Mars Ned I
.' HaIon Flricher, in Jiifu Ilivouac.
Southern R porter: He is one whom
bis enemi s, if he baa any (and what
koou man nan not acknowledge to
lie a vt ritahle hero, auns peiir, tans re
prorlis, as well as a true, noble-hesrted
gentleman and the very soul of honor.
In public and in private lif-i he has
won hosts of friencs, whwill remain
his friends till life ends. In his heroic
and self-sacrilicinv devotion to his
Buttering fel ow-i ltizens in 187M ha
proved himself ev n far more a hu
maniU'ian tan was the p overbial
"liool Samaritan " He not only tac
rine d his personal com ort when,
with ample means at his command,
he could have flown "like a bird to
the mountains," and been beyond
tho reach of epidemic and sickness,
but he gave freely of his means, and
r sked life itself, that he might allevi
ate the Buuerings of his fellow-men,
many of w hom were strangers to him.
All thia te cid, and continued to do,
without thought of leaard, other
tha a that which every good man has
a r ght to expect in theapproval of his
own conscience, till strics en down and
brought to death's door himself by the
terrible disease. After a very severe
attack he recovered suflicientlv ti be
sent off by his physicians to recuper
ate After this terrible cloud had been
lifted another, little less depressing
and ahrming. hung over Memphis
like a dark pall. Dr 1'orter was cal ed
to meet mil raiso this one also, and
here again he made sacrifices and ex
hibited a devotion that were sublime
Assuming the reins of government
when Memphis allai 8 and prospects
were at tee lowest possible ehh ami in
the creates' confusion, he hi-oinrht
order out of chaos and nlaced
Memphis on the high road to pros-
ten iy, oi which sue nas ever si net
continued. Firm, but iut in his ad
ministration, he both did end leouired
justice, in all his dealings w th the
proudest and riihest, as with ths
iiuiiiblest a' d the poorc-t of tho eiti
zena ui uiu men n lciten ana unhappy
ciiy. i-ew inueeu ar the men who
would not h ve quailed at the ta
that lav1 before him So !ar from Dr.
xuiereuoing so, nowever, the very
nun' tunes ami oosiaetes unit present-
en uieiiist'ives .seemed to nerve ant
Btiiimlnto him. It was a time whe
timidity, or even hesitancy, would
have brought I'ailu e, and failure would
have brought, disaster and nun. Only
the most unshrinking courage and the
most unimneiielMile judgment and in
legrity c uui meet the demands nav
the nece sides -of the tunes and the
case. J r. 1'orter possessed these in nn
eminent degnv. He took the helm
when tlio sliip v g I ounileriiiLf
gtiuled her over the shoa's and break
ers, and brought her into safe anchor
age. Ho raved the credit, saved the
health. Mid. we do not know tlinr. wo
should bo st aiiiing the truth if we
should nay, h-. saved the life of Mem
plrs. When he went into ollice, Mem
ph s was bound hand nnd foot, and
was deemed little better than a irrave
yariisoiur as health was concerned
-I tie epidemic of 187!). though far ltss
fltltiuilitlfr Hinnilirif r.t 7W ....... .1
"I I "-r, ri io, IIILlClUtU,
rather than diminished, the gloom
that hung over the city; but the work
inaugurated ami nrosecii e so w m- v
and vigorously by Dr. 1'orter. caused
tne dawn ot a m-w era, and now, less
man eig'H years irom lug assnmntinn
vt the reins of government, Memphis is
iu a nigiier mate oi prosperity, and
iMuiicny is iiigner man ever oelore.
Kvon the partiality of friend bin will
not award all the credit for this state.
of things to Dr. 1'orter, but no one
will deny him a very large part of it
He is yet in the prime of life, hearty
healthy and v gorous, and he has
hoB's of friends everywhere; who
earnestly hope there a e many years
of usefulness yet before him. May he
live long and prosper continually.
tiona adversely to alavery. Bnt he
fa ld of bis purpose and removed to
Boston, where be resiced for many
"sn anu boiu ne removed to flew
York, where ha waa known as a lead
ing reformer of grtat influence
ana advanced views. By some
aur. anurewa ill regarded as
a juen and convincing writer, and
by others as more obscure tban Car
lyle or 8wedenborg. When he was
mating ot common subjects his style
was a model of clearness and strength ;
when be waa treating of scientific mat
ters, ha established tew technicalities
ana aanered to them. Hm system was
one of tolertnce and he r resciihil nn
set oi tneoiogicil view which a man
enould adopt. He accepted the phe
nomena ana phiiojopby: of Spiritual
Prabody Halrl.
C. B. OALLOWA V k CO Paoraigroa.
Hates ti 5U and S3 per day, according to
ana and looation of room tipacial
pat., n..
Y W DnVall, Tenn W 8 Boyd, Ky
i n ngnt, .
VV f llall. nnn
Moultlin. Trnin
J OfTenbach, Ky
jnias m near a. ha
d W Vatera. N 1'
U V Lee, N I
Waila VVnnHa. V.
W II Fischer, Uo
U b Turoin. lit
C A Gacerona, Mo
J A Huirb.ee, Tenn
i II btewart, mo
G W Curtis, Mo
J E Kiley.Tenn
C N Kdwiriia. V
J B Jackson, Tenn
W B Moore. Mo
J A Senie, Tenn
i. L,eiiman, leun
F M Melton. Tenn
V '! bai.laine. Tenn W W Tnlbert, Tenn
J B Wii-gins, Tenn
Miaa L Whitley, Tens
II Hindtnan, Ark
K M Mtrotiier, Mo -Mrs
S II Beard, La
Mips L Heard, La
8 S Litcbtieid, N V
John Donnelly, Tenn
T Io Flippin, lenn
8 Warren, Mo
W S llobb, Maas
(I Uiildamitb, Mo
J M liurgur, Ark
i K Kudiaill, Tenn
H V llelmsn. Mo
W K Mu.1,1, Mo
ii lOow, Tenn
A Bliit.rd, 111
U Waahburn, Tenn
KlOGoodwyer, Tenn
K Lehman, Tenn
J b Dunscutnb, Tean
J 11 Poaton. lenn
J urgill, Tenn
J Manafleld, Tonn
J U i'ullnn. T.nn
J T Mason, Tenn
t J illoaaing, lenn
J Hiimilton, Ohio
II ilur.lv. Ohio
I'ul't 1 Pnilli-y, A k
n r uran, 1'a
H C Uale, Tenn
C L Ptillen, Tenn
J Mnitk. Tonn
A II Abingt n, Tenn
J n, bculea, Ky
C J Morrow Tenn
0 Jones it f. Uhiu
L 11 lVlHnHhnn. Miaa
L P McConnic-o, Tenn
v u liHtniltou, Aik
The Blood Its Diseases-
How Cured.
rorinerly of Hcruphla. Wlnnlnc
aioaora In Paris,
Mortnnr? Meporl.
Mortality renort for the week end-
ins (Saturday, May 18tio, at 6
o clock p.m.:
Ob-rrn nailer la lh Hnlla.
Wasiunhton, May in. The hi 1 re
ported to the House to-day relative to
the transminsion of obscene matt r
tliroutih i he mails is m-ionipanied by
a n-port which Btatos that the law
upon this Mihject has been coiistrueil
in so many ways by the courts that
the dealers in uh-Ctna and lilthy mat
ters have been nble to violate it'. The
auifii'liiicnt i proposed are intended to
make the provisions of the act sndeJin
ite that they cannot be disobeyed
with impunity.
NprclHl Iiainlna-a la Iho Hrnitloa
Wasiiisi.tvn, Mav '"..- hi the cer-til'n-ation
nf the Civil rervice t'ommis
sion the fol owing named perso dhave
been appoinU'd special exaiiiin rs in
the p nsion ollice: Henry V. Snydei
of Tennessee, Samuel D Nahl of Illi
nois, l-red riik Jones of Indiana,
Martin It Millerof ln 'iana, I'hailes
1. Perry of Illinois, Kdward M. of
Cause Death.
white congestion,
while onnMiin ption.
whiteiiturnl i-auaes
whiteii'ong l bruin,
whitcimalarial fever
white iut. of bowela.
white ennaumption.
wh'e conauinetion.
ool'edibriahl'a dU.
coPeili . ertuxta.
cel'eil iertiHais.
ool'ed convulanina.
pol'ed oonvulaiona.
rired;inlarial fever
cored1 meningitis.
col'ed naturul ennana
col'eil uialaril fevor
Mr. Birtslsls Mifs thought that
the constitutionality
could not be doubted
the measure
The primary
Tha atrlanro of lbt " Nlalrra."
Wasiiisotow. May 2i. Acting iSc
letary Kairchild to-day sent die fol
lowing telcgraphii! instructions to the
Collector of Ctistomsof l'ortland, Me.,
in regard to the Canadian schiKiner,
Sister, whi'h was detained at th t
port for alleged violation of customs
regulations: "On pamicnt of cost of
this telegram 'and expenses, if any,
arising from detention if vessel, yo'u
will i.ot exact tine incurred by
schooner Sisters, under sec ion 2814,
lie vised Statutes." The action of Mr.
K.irvhild wa based oa the r-elief that
the nias'er of the Sisters had uo inten-
A Whitoaidu .1 male
C It Ihiwks . muln
K Kaio main
J A I raflurd male
J 11 Wool mat.
v n n it nulla, icma'o
M A r-he femalol
A Mclinda femalei
S Vohnke lemnlo
.1 A. M rtin female
M llovle female
r, Knnlon male
P Wa,, I,
1. labell uotle
A Jackson mile
K Jordan ....... in ile
II Whitlow ... malo
II Lilialeton... laala
W Chambers...! uiaie
I) ltrooks .1 male
1 liawpon male
t I Trayers.... mam
A K.-olt m 1.
A Ingle. - female
KMmilh Inumie
I. Gatnett.. fetua e col'o-
i morgan icuiaie cni eil iiinaumiition.
M Milliams fnlnnlpin ,1 'ail nrnnin ,,f l,'.i
S fU'leT I'emHla'mil'r.l .intf r k..in
J Thompson. I frmalc col'od conaiunnlmn
Coroner's Inquest. tFroiu hosnital.
Distribution by Wards First. .1?
Klioilllil M - Tliir.l I. 1. , !
Fifth, ti; Sixth, 1; Seventh, 5; Kighth,
ft; Ninth, 1!; Tenth, tl. City Hospital,
2. Stillborn, 1. White, 11. Colored,
1!. Total. 80.
G. 8. U HAVES. M.D.. Secretary.
I.onlat llle Tobrtrco Mniaipl.
Iiiavii.i.B, Ky., May 2!. The
Courier Journal t.luceo reports says
the markit has been eotnpiira'ively
even in it -a conrse, tho Fiuphea on
ofl'er biiigia her uniform in kirdand
quantity, wnde the demand has bwn
about etaly tor mutt gfdee (luting
the wek. The pr n.-i,,,l exception
basbeea in medium leaf, including
nond.Bcrpt and Italian rgie styles,
which have been irregular aid at
times depressed. There is but li tie
change in prices in any typ or grade.
Kverythirg is ftfady or firm. Tbe
Italian mrJ for 18.000 hbds wa
made this week, the contiaet being di
vided betwf eo three firma. As it is
nndarrtooJ hre Toil lViple aecure
tbe contract for 4000 htuis and tber-maind-r
ia div.ded rquvlly between
tha Kencni and AVnneim, Weekly
sale?, 22ti5; yeulv.59,503.
Recent news from Paris has been
encouraging; for American artists.
Carl Uutlier!, who at one time lived
in Memphis, has recently been nub.
licly complimented for his composi
tions, anu in a recent coneonr tor t, m
best full length drawing from the
nude, the prize wa. div ded between
him and a trench artist, cutial excel
ei.ee b ing awa (led tube two draw
ings, ihis setting hm light on a
candlestick will not only put money
in his Docket, but irivo sat afanlion t
those who have boiuht his pictures
in America, ins latest comnosit on.
l'uptmt. has been admitted to th
salons, and in a measure his ambition
as an artist should he satisfied by this
Honor alone.
His picture of most interest to
Americana, however -from tho fact
that n bill in the T'niteJ States SenaU
to purchase it has been favorably re
portedis called id-'i'and is noticed
by the I'nrH press ns follows:
Ie plateau du Dakota dans l'Amer-
lque M'pteiitnonalc. infertile et in-
culte, a inspire le pineeau de M. Carl
Uutherz, d urigiuo ainer.caine, ipioi
que he en Suisse.
Co n est oas la neunlade des Sioux.
qui Hcrait capible d'entrer ainsi en
lutte nvec l'nridito du sol.ttde mo'tie
en batteries rangees deJ machines a
ileiriclier (tune telle perfection me
cntiiitie t es braves Sioux se gout
refngie8 sans doute pliw has, sur les
bords du M asotiri, laissant place nette
a 1 1 u vasion des colons. Et ccs colons.
malgre les hirges chnneaux de nlnnt-
eurs dont ils sunt t oill'es, jo les recon
nais A la precision mathematiiiie
et compiuwee du delile des machines,
at'elees chacune detrois rhevaux vig-
ornix, vous pouver. soutenir hardi
ment (pie reux (ini les conduiseiit
sont des A h-manits. C'est U bonne
peinturc -,on,,..ih'.
Tlio I tK-hnuted SniuiiK rlitinl.
A bonk ih-si-riplive of the siiinmw
resorts oi tin- Northwest will be mailed
to you won application toll S, lhur,
general passenger agent Ch'cagoand
Northwchiern railway, Chicago, 111.
Mrpht-M Friarl Aaulrema.
Stehn Pearl Andrews, who died
in New Yi rk Ciiy ou the 21bt, after a
long illness, sued seventy-four ytars,
was Inrn in Tempbotoa, Mase., March
22. 1812. His father waa the Key.
Kliaha Andrea, a lltiat clergyman
and revivaliit. Stephen Ptarl was the
youngest of right children, lie waa
edara ed at Amhtrat College-, and on
leaving there went to New Orleans,
where he wai admitted ti the bar and
rradlcfd law in company with blidell,
llenjaiuin and other haders of tbe re
bellion. He sai mained there in
1S3A. He was tbe first counsel re
tained by Mrs. Ga'nes in her fanioiie
suite. While In New Orltans he be
came a convert to abolition sm. This
conviction It d him io remove to Tex s,
in the hope to help mould Ua ins tit u-
F Phillies, 1 T
traloss' Motel.
w. h. niKGHAivr M...o.
Euroresn plan. Knlarged and refurnished.
i rices aooorumg to site and loca
tion ol rooms.
E D Miller, Miaa J Muler, Miss
Mrs Thompson, Tonn Mra hllowi-o, Tenn
John 11 Leslie, Tenn J II hink. lenn
P 10 Click, Mua M .Vlillor, Tenn
M Holden, m.bs E W Holand. Ark
j n inumpsnn, ArK J A Avery, 111
P J U'LHlliihlin. Atk
11 C Ogeliue, Tenn
J It Junkiea, Teun
A 1' Jirown, Aik
L A L-Hveiice, Ark
L K hill, To. n
J W Li. lie, Ky
II htnue, lYia
J Kirkpa rick, Ya
Knit, k iloiioll, .Mo
F K Maxwell, Miss
K P Furbi-a, Mira
J IV bioun, ieun
J A fecott. Tonn
M 8 Jay, Tens
C B Johnston, Ark
T II iNinl'urd, Ark
li W Bryant, Miss
A Wellons, Tenn
II Kalhllcisch, Mo
ti T Chuuiburs, lenn
L B Tolar. Ara
'xhoa P Chauibors, Ark
J (J llllll, MlrS
John Citlluuhun. Kr
T A iL.rnugton, Alias
I lie Saw Uayoao.
FAKKlNtiloN , ril'KW AK'f 4 WHITE,
I'uurU IWTIiau.
Kutos, $2 60 to $4 per dy, according to loca
tion oi rooma.
J J Brigga, Tenn I) C Clark, Jlias
M ti W nson. Mo OL Morgan, Jnd
C B Foster, Ky K E Vaughn, lenn
& T Hough, Chicago M Wattam, N V
C Johnson. N V A J knntn. Ihii-nirn
A D Blancbct jr, N Y (Joo A Backun, Pa 1
v i- iiyera, uoirou j li iieury, w V
T W White, Alias b C Ulauton, Ark
W O Clayton, Aik K 1 liarri,, Ala
A Patlison, IdisB C Dickens, Aliai
J Trep, Tenn M K Intone, 01-io
J -M Heed, Aliis J E Heath, ftiiaa
EH V ataon. J'enn tl 1 hlniftrH. Mi
airs 0 1 eledge.Min Miaa K .Sledge, Miss
uiu-a a oieuge, miss h u rullcii, lenn
C C Cowan. Tenn A H U1.I. Tnnn
JKIlyaii, Va h H Temple, Va
KB Martin, Va R 1) oimpson, Tenn
T I) Wilkiua. Tonn (,' I) linilnr. I .
J V Brigga, lenn F Hawkins. Tenn
J O Pierce, Tenn A Newman, Bt. Louis
a a neining, oi. u n 1 uuimun, Ala
C P (iillman, Aln, K B Forbes, Tenn
C I' Hunter, Miss A B Moore. Miss
1 Farnaworth.Mist C B Ulass, Atk
B F Wardlow, Ark C O Coleman, Ark
B F Hansom. Miaa T II ll,l.o T...
O t,-llnAlt Ta... 1.11 V'l T
T Kobinson It w, NY MrsMary Robinson. NY
v u f ixon, a I UL Mng. Mias
C B Uougliws, Miss A B bpeucer, .Miss
L h Thomuaon. Ark H K Itiitlar A rlr
T E Armstrong, Ask B F Hatch, Miaa
C B Martin, Alias o L Kunyan, Inii
nj's Earopena Hotel,
Corner of Adams and Main alreets. Rooms,
wi too anu ii per aay: American Plan,
Flrat-olaaa KAatanrant. In IKa Ul.l
J. M. DUFFY (10 yeara withPeabody UoUl)
P M Morrla. Tenn: J II Snv.lar. T.nn
U C Boll, Tenn Mrs A 0 Flyna, Tenn
a Dierens, lenn j l, Mutton, Alias
L It Maaaey, Ark F J Caldwell, Tann
F Murphy, Tenn JJ Blanks, Pa,
Mrs Koseberry.Tenn T E Wilber. Mo.
A M BurrOWn.t W.Ark S It Wnairt. Tail
J P Slough, Tenn C M Mur ay, Tenn
ii a it aaningion, ny n f Ad-ma-, Alo
Tha moat wonderful blood poison remedy
arar compounded is B. M. B. (BoUnig Blood
Balm), tha healing qualities of which are
truly phenomenal. Scientific, research has
failed ao far to Jiroduoe its inaj. There ia
no claim that tha ingredients of thia great
remcay an new ; on tbe contrary, its compo
nent part aro all and favorably known to
tha medical world in their separate uses, hut
tha combination of these ingredients were
never attempted until tha formula of B.B.B
was made. For Ecrofnla, Blood Poison,
Rheumatism, Catarrh, Kidaey Troubles, Fe
male Complaints, Etc., It is limply anap-
nroachable. anil aa a trna ImI. I I.
Muanu. n e ao not expect tbe reader to be
lieve all we say as to the unprecedented mer
its of this remedy, for there are so many
, f uoairupuious advertisers that it
woumnoioe sale to regard everything said
In an advertisement aa tm Knm nt ikn..
column, double-column and whole pa go ad'a
remind os of a long-ago fr end who traveled
m greav ueai mat waa beloro there were
uiaur raiiruanfl inn aa a.i im.. ... ih...
days had to do so he had to put up at night
wbereyer ntgbt caught him. Consequently,
sometimes he h d tu atop at places where the
accommodationa were not of the very best.
Ile wa a great lover of coDee. and cofiVe ho
would have: hut. aaiil h..iin....i
tone, I have sometimes tn drink a gallon ot
water to get a taate ot coffee In an ad page
uauauy au-ui n muon genuine truth
" wuuow m our inenu a gallon oi not water.
For our part we would take the grain rf oof
fee in the small French cup and hare it welt
Creamed. Giv US nnalitv anil nnt nmnlil.
and not overmuch sweetened, eapecialfy
win siirgnuiu syrup (tne productiona of a
proline, moroia iraini. wdo oin find a
neeoie in a Haystack? much loss truth in
some page adsl Wonderful times, these;
broad acres ot the Sahara without an (ulis.
Give ns the aire that will iirndiica th.
bales, or a hundred and forty bushels ot
wheat instead. Yet tbia docs not prove that
evi-ry reuituy is not as represented.
We onlyask a trial belore a doubting pub
lic, leeling confident that one bottle will es
tablish its intrinsic value as a blood purifier.
We can only resen'.aiew certificates within
this limited space, but in our "Book ot Won
ders will be found more than enough to
oonvinca tha most skeptical, and if then not
satisfied we can show the original certifi
cates, and also an unlimited number ol per
sons who bave been cured of some of tho
most noted cases of blood poison, etc., on
record, by the ue of B. B. B. hererer
this remedy ia known it takes the lead.
A Dortor'e Woes
CBiwroRnsvn.Lg, G June 11, 18W. Fer
ten years have been Buffering iih nnannlar
rheumatism. Patent meiiiclnoa and phy
sicians' prescriptions failed to give relief.
Last Summer I Cnmtnencail lha nan nf K U
B.. and experienced partial relief before
using ona bottle. I continued its uaa and
gladly confeas that it is the best and quick
eat medicine for rheumatism I bave ever
tried and 1 cbe rfully recommend it to the
public J. W. RUOUKS, A. Al., M. D.
B. B. H. cin be had at the following
places: Hull & fluckel. New York; J. W.
... -., vvu,.,,vui,j vuuil X. ran at OOU,
Cincinnati ; Crowdua Drug Co., Dullaa.Tex. i
A. Ke'fer dt Co.. Indianapolis, Ind. ; Wood
ward, Faxon Co., KanaaaCity, Mo.: Lord,
Owens it Co., ChicBgn, III.; Riohardaon
lrug Co., St. Lou a. Alo.; J. B. Wilder 4
Co., Louisville, Ky., and all bouluern
Book or Wonders Free.
Br addrnaaino- Rlnnd Itnltn Cn.. Allnnta.
Ga., any one can secure tree one of the pret
tiest and in out valuable ;U-page books now
out. It tella all about the blood, ita diseases
and remedies: Hcrufula. Ulcers, Uheutna-t-ain,
Kidney Affections, Skin Humors, Etc.
Drop poataKfor it at once
ltW.'H IKO.V llll l't.K'l I KK1I
Mrs. W. S. Levy, 318 Alain street,
Memphis. Tonn.. after boina troubled lor
several years with chills and fever and be
ing thoroughly exhau-ted.
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order ta move or I m mens stock we
make tho following offer :
geod Straw Bata at JSe, 35e. SOrand 75
ra Fin Straw HaU atjl, tl 25, t 50. $i
Small Btraw BoaneU, all colors Mo
Extra Wide Brim Hats, for oountry.....o
Beautiful Rosea, all colon, par down. 409
violets, per doiea ...... bo
Buttercops, per doaen 10o-
Carnation Pinks, per itmaa , , .. 1-.
Elegant Bancho- of Flowers.. 3tmj
Extra Fine Bunches f Flowers.... LOo
Imnnrfail Pr.n.h ri.au. t- 1 . as.
UBiricIa 'I I pa (3 la baairta) lor. SSe
gruiu, iieavos, eiema, ri kinds of ma
terial to make Artificial Flowers.
Bridal and Merrrniiai, Outdo
Th Finest Assortment of DOLLS In th city.
Hata Reshaped, rratkera Cleaaed.
lyrol and Carted.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by to small or
larg quantity.
W Make a Speclnlty of Milliner,.
Employing tha haat hanrla In n. !tw .1..
'f "hole attention to it. and wo-defy com-
ypmiun in mai line.
plotely eradicated malarial poison
from th system of the Utile son erf Mrs.
Pearce. 4W Poular atrrat. Mamnhia T..
when suffering from chills and fever. Qui
Bine failed to benefit him.
MiaantR Tina . VavOn laait
THE partnership haretoioro eliding b'e
tween A. B. Brtholoincw and Wm. Q.
Allen is thia dnv HiaanlvaH K n.nlnl Mn
sent, Mr. Bartholome assuming all obliga-
bii-ua auu ueucuia in aat.
WM. O. A IiI.EN,
In retiring from tha ihm. aPm r ..a
take this opportunity of thanking in no
stinsed terms my many friends for past fa
vors, and ask a continuance of aame to my
partner of twenty years. WM. li. ALLEN.
jne new nrm la now changed to
H-Ki Hi,imm ittioiiivd -o.
, ly benefited Mrs. M. 0. Yuckley. Mem
phis. Tenn.. whan trniihla with li.,.. .11.-
ordor and indiffnation. Rha ,a.,ir,li i a
S'andaril family medicine.
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wiacnnain. Minnaii,!. anil r..n ... vH
dreds of delightful places where one can pass
th summer months in quiet rest and enjoy,
ment, Md return home at the and of th
heated term completely rejuvenated. Each
recurring season brings to Ooonomowoo,
Waukeaha. K.uu. Ilu,n Vw, . au.
boji, Mionetonka, White Bear, and'innu-
meranie otner charming localities with ro-
mantio namta, thousands of our best people
whose winter homes are on either aide of
son and Dixon's line. Elegance and com-
iurv, i m mouerat cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list of summer homes, with all
necessary informa ion pertaining thereto, ia
being distributed by the CmoKio, Milwau
ggg iso bT. Pidl Railway, and will be sent
free Uncn nnnlinatl. n hv I.H.. tn A V II
Carpenter, General Paaeetger Agent, Mil
waukee , Wi s
8 Kiiro Eowabd St.,
Mahiron EqnAig,
New York.
K T Adams, Mo
II r tteiler. Ark
W H Davis, Mo
R M Andrews, La
K L Benton. Mo
J II Bolton, Tenn
R L Barber. Tenn
T C Cooper, Oa
M I, Walker, Ark
L 1' Stone, Ark
II P Molding, Miss
W M Roberta, Misa
C L Graham. Ark
C J Carper, Ky
W T Andrews, La
( A RietlaT. Mich
W M Alexander. Ark
vj wi , unio
M II White, Tenn
Robt Williams, Miaa
0 M Wright, Ark
V L Oddoway, Ark
CAbel, Ind
R U Dickson, Ark.
A MnyorVOUlr" Harnrd and Bars;-
Galupolib, O.. May 9 Tbe May
or a oflice was burred and- burirlar-
zea laat DiBUt, aoa all tee citv records
ntoitn wnicn rouid be u?ed ia evi-
donre again&t former membora of tbe
lOtincil who were recently indicted
lor oDiaioiDg city -funds contrary to
Upfantlfy Tonr Home.
Finish tho walls and ceilings with
Aiuniistine. You can do it; mex-
penHive; try it. White and twelve
tints. Cheaper and better thnn paint.
kalsoraine or paper. Disinfects and
prevent disoaseH. Beautiful sample
card free. By drungista, hardware
ana paint . dttalem. $o0 given away.
o. mnivr ir.ijLi a. iu. niempnis.
In White, Printed and Embroidered Colored
Pique. The Latest Novelty for Bosoms, etc
French Fancy Percales, Madras and Cheviot
Cloth. 1'tie Latest London and I'arla
Ni't:s I ALTItl.
Fancy Imported Flannels lor Tennis, Boat-
ciuuoiing , oio.
Made In beat manner and with promptness.
Knickerbockers, Caps, etc, to match.
Ia Silks, Merino, Balbriggan. etc. All
weights and legalities.
The above Goods are all "Hand-Frame"
Made, and manu'actured especially for this
Home. Warranted tha beat of the kind
Taken for Gentlemen's Outfitting from any
gartof the world. The Largest and Finest
tuck of Men's Furnishings in the btates on
ban . at popular prices.
Madison Square, N.
" Of l V -".IIS 41 (1 til
:t I'hird ai0 Fourth
rfcila'lT fuited anil I'-atalh nunitlrt DtofHtnat) id" V
t .'uoroaaiui, u DU iroiK;. wii' fitovr
Cupmi all forma of PRFJATT.
m thireiult of elf-mtm in rnutti kiwi K'nifi ,
fur, orutliffr naij-fa ind orrMiucint sjon.i-o.' f-:
oarinit .-Itivta Ner.-m.ancM btiiiinai Kmia-i.-ui -iu--
In- tlreai'-). Oimm at of Liula. Ucup rc - :'!
n i Iiu) I'litn.Woli Kaco. Atcf'i'U Ih.VajicIj ..Tim.
onru..b of 'Oew, lai o pt'XUal I'rrWfi fct .. reudf-1
-navriari' lmiir.vprnr untirt'irtf. nr Ujopnughlt nO a-ru..
ntif .-iind SYPHIL.IS p-.u.tij tiuroo mJ a
vlr rtt'Hiat Jf it.T. iT? .. .. . f
1LCT, Strict urtv OruiiiUa Aeroia .- Kui-m-a,,
i Ami tJtlifp private li-e qi;tkl eunto
H lx Mir-ovi(' il ihtt phy aldan tio pi) -iprvl.i tteBtM
trln et-ft of dheues, mi tmting Uitind tii-j
dir. cqt..rsKrrtikiU Phyl:lant kuuwiu thU fmet olw
't-'on.ta -iiil pp-tcuf. io my otr H hnv It U DroosjDttni t
i"it the nt fp treatment tnedl rlof rii t,t tTit, ptkaI?
od .r.l by onil or iprow njTarp
Cnveh Guarantied U- ull
100 pr-f nt to auy siV-im, Morvi7 mim, rw Utr
Srt) auu. Stioulrl be im4 bv faU. Adlrrt i imta
T'lHo tour tm k. M V a t r
Mississippi & Tennessee lt.tt. Co.
Sloektaoldera' Herllna;.
MgatrHiu, Tsn , May 12, 18fi.
IIK President and Directors of the Mis
sissippi and Tennesre Railroad Com
pany, in accordance with sect'on IS of tho
charter of raid Company, hereby oall a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders in this Com
pany, to be held in Ihs office of the Compa
ny, in Memphis, Tenn., n ednraxlMy,
tho 80lta lay nt Jubp, 1WN6, for th pur
pose of oonsiaerlng and acting on tho con
tract authorirad by this Board on th 11th
day of May, 1.W6: As to a Union Pasrenger
Depot, as to Track on River Front in Mem
pus, as to Oravel and nse of Terminal Fa
cilities of this Company.
By order of the President and Board of
8. II. LAMB, Secretary.
1kow.vn ntox inn t:i(N t ui.1,1
- reatored the energy and vitality of AU
W. Houston. Alemi'his. Tenn.. when well
and taactatod from chif'S and fever. On
bottle caused ira r vement.
KHOOK Ilf Sf, X. Y.-Board on the Hill.
Mra. H. C. Howard. 'JiH WaahingUn
Park. Kooms large; location delightf.il;
convenient to cars to Manhattan Ufi.eh,
Coney Inland, Long Bech and Central ia?k;
also to New York placea of anuaen-ent.
i.letelvcured Miss Etbel tiuntliorne. H5
Hi I street, Memih s, Tenn of neun-Jaia,
frem wh eh she luffered nta'lv a Tear. Two
bott'es only were required to do the wo?k.
IVepnnM v'th Bicc.nl rejnnl ti health.
No Amtuunto, la mo or AIhid.
Tuiwjifi iron LrrrtHtri Rr.it
Capt. A 0. Tremons, 18 Madison
street, Memphis, Tenn., when troubled with
biliouannea. it strengthened him so he felt
jse anew oreature.
Tha Natloaal t'roail la . Mora
Solldlr founded than th rsputatioa of Ben
son's Cascine Plasters. The are known.
appreciated and used everywhere in Ameri
ea ils boapitala and its homea. Phyaieians,
pharmacists and dsutiats afBrsa that lor
promptness of act on, certainty and range of
curative qualities, thy are beyond compari
son. Once used tieir unequaled icellence
recommends thesa. The public are again
cautioned against th cheap, worthless and
shameless Imitations offered hv mendacious
parties under th guis of rimilar sounding
namaa. ia.lt aa i'C..,i.in ' O.n.i.nm "
"Capucln," "Capsicin." lo. Asa for Ben
son s. buy of reapeo able druggists only, and
make a peranng extminatien. Tb genuine
has the "Three Seala" trade-mark sod tU I
word "Capcina" out ia th coawr.
Do you want a pnre bloom
Ins Complexion t If so, n
few flpplicutions ct Hflfjan's
MAGXULU li.4XU willgrafc
Ity you to your ieart's con
tent. It does away with Sal-
Iowness Kedness, Timples,
ltlotche, and a'J diseases ana
tmperfeetiotis of the skin. It
overcomes the flushed appejir
ance of heat, fatigue ana ex
citement. It mates a lady of
T1UKTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
avd perfect are iis effects,
that ft is impossible to detect
its application.
"London" Trouser Stretcher
Patented in Enrooe and Uni
ted states, stole) agents Isa -I
alla-d alatra for celebrated
John Hamilton A Co. Stretch
er. Takes bagging ent of
bna restores pantaloons to
original shape. Only patented ,
Stretcher combining screw rod
in combination with clamps.
All others infringements.
Original and on y atr tpr
g.,a ara-ail naa It w
Express securelv packed. Price t2 50. Write-
for circular-. Asents wanted in every city,
ta. W. NltltfliANA IO , Hnalno.Maa.
' XM 1 7
Valley Lands for Sa'e Cheap
I OWN about f5C0 acrea of TIMBER
LANDS in BnJirar county, MtsMaHppi,
on and nearthe line of tho Louisville, New
Orleans and Texas Railroad. 1 will oither
sell in a body or io amall tracts to suit pur
chaser. Parties deairing tine timber or
good lands fjr agricul oral purposes are in
vited to examine three lands belore buying
elsewhere. Prioe from to 110 per acre, one
third cash, balance on easy terms with 8 per
cent erannum inlereat.
CHA 8 St OTT. Roaedale, Miss.
Man-Resident Notice.
No. Hl'-l, R. I In th Chancery Court of
Shoiby County, Tenn. Hebecca Lown
stine vs. U. C. Lowenatine.
It appearing from bill sworn to in thia
cause that the defendant, David C. Lowen
stine is a resid nt of the Stat of Minnesota.
and a non-reaident of the State ol Tennes
see, and it further appca-ing hat ."aid David.
C. Lewonstine is indebted to comjilainant in
th sum of fJ'ilH), with interest t.H-rcon from.
Frbruarv 1. Doll, making ia all ",8s'5. and
attachmcat baring been issued .-and returned,
levied upon property of defend ant;
It is therefore ordered, Itat he make
'lis appeiranc herein, at the 3ourt-hnuse in
Alempbis, tnsiby countv, ienn.
the first Monday in July, and plead,
answer or demur tn compla'nant's bill, or
the same will be taken tor Aonfeaaerl aa tn
him aud set f- r hearing ext artn; ami that a
copy of this order be Published once a week
for lour successive weeks, Hi the Memphi
Appeal. This 4th day of J.'y, 1SB6.
A copy attest:
8. I. MrDOWELL. C'srk and Master.
By H. P. .Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Lfc ot h. Lehman. Sola, for e -mpl't. aw
Non-Kenidont otice.
No. 1',2, R. D. In the- Chancery Court of
t-helbr County, Tenn. Kehocca Loweo
stioe vs. Jacob H. Lowenptitje ot al.
It apiiearing from tails sworn to in thia
cause that the defendant., Jacob H. Lowen
atine ami Henry M Lwerataear residents,
of th City and State of Sow York, and
David C. Lower atin areiiuett ot Minneap
olis, btate of Minnesota, and all non-residents
of the Stale ot Tennessee;
It ia therefore entered. That they make
their appearance herein, at the Courl-Uous
t Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in July, lvn, and
Plead, answer r detour to complainant's
bill, or th sasae wi 1 be taken fur oonfesaed
as to them and.et for hearing exparte; and
that copy of this order b published one a
week for foar succsiTe weeks ia the Mem
phis Appeal This 4th day of May, laso.
A copy Attest:
S. I. MrDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By H. f. Walsh. . 0. and M.
L. k . Lehman, Solicitors lot Complain
ant su
T been used in the family of Mrs. Laura
J. Johnsoe,2iO Main street. Memphis, Tenn ,
for bilious lererand chills with most satis
factory results, i( bj thsir standard family

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