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nsisce 1D (M11ERCE.
Qalct Middling, 8 7-8e-fcaleg
Yesterday, 150
? Money in fair demand at 8 per
e.-nt. Local securities dull but seady.
We quote from the monthly circular
of the Manhattan Savings Bmk aad
Trust Company:
"'Th marke: for local securities
this month ha ruled quiet and barely
B'eady. Taxing District 4-B's are a
shade lower, owing to tne maraexing
of a round amount by a heavy holder;
the sixes c ntinue firm. Memphis
lias stock has b en itrong the greater
part i f the mouth, but closes dull and
weak under the uncertainty attending
the granting or refus 1 of pr.vileges to
tha proposed new company. Bank
and insurance stocks and investment
bonds geners ly are firm, and where
there are any changes they are gen
erally higher, with one exception.
This exception is in the case of Mis
sissippi and T. nnessee consols, series
A, which are slightly lower than they
were thirty days ago. when the road
(as long ago foretold by us,) went
into the control of the friends of
the Illinois Central liailroai Company.
Some of the holders of these
bonds appear .to have become uneasy
on the subject of certain high-handed
measures that might be attempted by
tae newoners, in relation tithe
bonds. To all such we would say, if
you are really frightened, sell your
bonds ; but we, for our part, fear no
danger. I here are still courts 1 1 pro
tect property-h lders from spoliation;
and, moreov r, wn cannot believe that
either the Illinois Central Railroad
Comnanv. or the director of that road
who is credited with buying ths Mis
sissippi and Tennessee maiority stock,
would lend the sanction of their hith
erto honorable record to any high
handed nioceeding of the charac er
The cotton market cloned quiet, but
firm. Sa'es, 450 bales; middling, 8;c.
At New York spots closed quiet and
firm, middling 9 3-10c.
C. L. Greene & Co's. report- of cot
ton futures says: "Without any
special new f-a nres the market ad
vanced some 7 to 8 points and was
fa'rly well held. The demand was in
the main to cover, in protect'on of
engagements likely to be endingered
by going over the holiday.
New Orleans' spots closed quiet
and firm, middling 8lc; futures s eady
and 5 to 6 points higher, June 8.1K)
8.5) :c.
At Liverpool spots were steady,
with fair demand, middling 5Jd: hit-
ures quiet and steady, and l-64d
higher. Mav-June o.O.id. lliere are
no features of interest in other tan
One hundred pkgs butter, 60 pkgs
bacon, 2500 bu corn, 26 sks coflee, 7
cars cotton seed, 482 sks cotton seed,
p6gB dry goods, 9 pkgs eggs, .165
brls Hour. H6 ba'es hay. 9 pkgs Dats,
81,( 01 ft lumber, 21 brls molasses, 50
brls onions, 73 brls potatoes, 9 tars
po-k b des, 114 brls sugar and id pkgs
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received, 4 '66 bu ; withdrawn
3294 bu : in store. 21, .14:5 bu. Oats re
ceived, none; withdrawn, H'0 bu
in Rtore. 2054 bu.
Corn'rei eived. 1645 bushels; with
drawn, 1113 bushels; in store, 21,875
bushes. Oata rece'veu, none; with
drawn, none ; in stor j, 2054 biiEbels.
9 Madison St., Meniphits Tena.,
Oil, TSUtT (EEliriCatES,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Cleariug-IIouse report is as fol
lows: CLEAR! VQS.
Satarday, May 29tb, $237,M0 8S;
thus far ihii week, $1,37.S956 39
same time laRt week, $1,231,647 03;
same time 1885, J9M,19J81; same
time in 1884, $681,135 31.
Saturday, May 29th, $137,412 26;
thus far this week. $464,723 27 ; same
time lvt wek. f329,.'20 38; same time
in 1885. $28i,5')3 58; same time iu
1884, $U7,9254.
New York sight oq all points, na"
buying. J premium selling; Ne
Eogland demand, i discount buying;
New England sight, i d emount; New
Orleins.J discount baying, par selling.
Bank of Commeroe149 hid, 151 asked
Ftrtt National 145 bid, 152 asked
German Bank 192i bid, 15 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plauter.149 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank... 135 b d, 137 asksd
Bluff City 100 bid, ... aiked
Herrando 101 bid, 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 10) asked
..82 bid, 85 asked
,...i8 bid, 101 asked
....105 bid. ... aiked
....21 bid, 22J a?ked
30 bid, ... asked
.20 naked
Men.Stor.Com.Co105 bid, 106 asked
Mem. Gas stock .78 bid, 82 J asked
M. and C. RR. sharer ..28 bid, ... aked
M.4T. R.R. shars....4n bid, ... asked
M. & C. consols, 7...1I6 bid, ... aiked
M. 4 L. R.lt m. 8s. ..105 bid. ... asked
Miss4TRRc,A...118bid,121 asktd
Mies.&T.R.Rc?,B...106bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. 0 97 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wtp. ser. L) to .I..82 bid, So asked
Shelbf Co. 6 1(V bid, 107 asked
Tar. I) st. 4, 6j 93 bid, 91 i asked
Tx. Diet. 6.v 102 bid, 10: J asked
New Yoac, May 29. Money on call
easy at 12J per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper 4'5c. Sterling exchange
quiet but steady, with actual rates at
487for6Jday bills and 4!s9 for de
mand. Bonds (lovern'r.ent bonds ' were
piict but fiim to-day. State bonds
were dud and steady. There was an
increased business in r.nilroul bonds
t.wiiy. Sales, ?2,H'2 2i0, of which
Krie s conds furninlied $700,( 00, and
Atlan'icnnd Paciti" incomes $iS2,iHK).
Final prices gmertlly show advance.
Stocas There' was good buying of
(t-'k to-diiy fpm the start, and the
Grangers. Lackawanna, Lake Shore
and Krie were special favorite
It is reported that a bull pool
has .lately been formed in Omaha,
an4 i tliat the buying to-day was
generally by insiders. The state
ment of" the Krie ltailroad for April
shows a marked improvement, and
the stock went up on inside buying.
rorthwestern . was also special
favorite, nd it is reported that the
earnings for this week will show an
increase of over 16000. The market
opened strong, generally from J to J
above yesterdays closing. There was
only a moderate business, however,
lut prices advanced iromine opening
There was a s lght reaction toward
noon, but after that there was
an increased uusiness anu prices
moved steadily up to the close.
No th western "reached the high
est pn e yet recorded tbis year.
In the afternoon the buying in Omaha
made thit stock conspicuous, and it
quikly advanced over 1 per cen'. It
was reported tnai m re was strong
buying of the graugers, especially
for European account ;-r. i am was
again 'avont', and opened up J at 91;
aud advanced to 92$, closing i lower.
Lackawanna came next with 56,0So
shares, closing 1J higher. Nor h
western was third It opened up
at ill, reacted a small fraction, but
thereafter steadily rose to the close,
being strong in the r action of the
gene al niarket,and closed at the high
est price of the day and a net ad
vance ol ZJ. l.ane snore was aiso con-
spi nous y strong. It opened up J at
Si, advanced to soj, tun reacted at tne
close to 82J. The market closed strong
at about the best prices ol the 'lay.
Everything on the active list is higher.
Louisville and Nashville is up li;
Omaha preferred lj Omaha common,
U ; Erie, lackawann, nooning ai-
lev and Lake Shore. II each; Texas
and Pacific and Union Pacific, 1 1 e eh ;
Jersev Ont al and Chicago, Hurling
ton and Ouint-v. 1 percent, each. The
rest of the mar.et is up Iraotional
amounts. Oreg n Navigation thows
a decline of 2 per cent
T ie total sales ol stocks to dav were
815.082 f hares, including IV.L and
V.. 40.515: Krie, 17,213; Kansas and
Texas. 7460; LakeShore, 18,215 ; Louis
ville and asliville, f;iw: . issouri
Pacific. 3500: Northwestern. 37,116;
New Jersev Ccntrel, 6770; New York
Cen'ral, 7027; Pacific Mail, 49J0;
Heading. 3065 ; S;. Paul, 48,i'S5; St
Pan and Omaha, 1569; Texas Pacific,
9775; Union Pacific, 1016; West
ern Union, 12,465. Clos.ng quota
The weeklv bank statement, is.
sued this afternoon, shots the fol
lowing change: Reserve, increase,
$29,495: loans, df crease, J58.S.20O; spe
cie. decrease, i 302,20.' ; legal tenders,
increase, 220,600; deposits, decrease
$444,100: circulation, dt crease, 1
300. '1 he banks now hold $13,83O,6U0
in excess of the legal requirem nts.
IT. S. 3i, 101 .
4!s, ooup, 113.
4. nnnn. 12ti.
Pacific ojol 1895. 127J4.
La. itami i, 4i,76J4. Missouri, 6i, 101H
T.nn.n, old. SH. Tenn. da. new. tS
Cent. Piio. lsts.llTM,. Ken. A K.tf .l's,lli
TlnAH li W l.r.7:,VKrin epond.10)Vi.
M.K. A T.,iin.C.M4 North. Pae. )u,
Nonh. Pao. IMb, H'.N. We-tern eun.. 141
N.WeH. deb. 6s, luT&.St l.S.F.Uen.M, llfl'i
St. Paul, con., liH. SI.P..C. A P. lsle.LH
T. P- laud grams, H7;i T.P. K.U.eirou M
U. P. 1U, 118. West bhore, lire.
Adam Expreaa, 140.
Allegheny Cen., .
Alton A T. H , 30.
A A X. li., 'ld.- Sj.
America i Ex., 17.
B. C. K. A ., SO.
Canada PacM M?.
Canada Sou., U'N.
Central Paoinc, toi
Chenauenke A U.,
C. AO .ls' pfd, lr.'i.
C. A O.i 'M .(d.,lU.
C. A A.,
C. A A , Ptd., 15.
C..U. A(i . 1M.
C, St. L. A N.O.. -C,
St. L. A P., ID.
C, st. L. AP. p.,2.
C, S. A 0., i
C.A C , 50.
Del. & find . 98'.
Del., i-. A W., I I .
l)n. A Kio U., ViU.
Krie, W.
trie rf.J.,00.
East Tenn., 1.
East Temi. ild, 2'i.
Fort Wavne. 14ti.
Morris A E., 142
Nashville A C . 47.
N. J. Central, 52W.
Nor A W , nld., 33.
ISortiitrn Pac .n.
Northern P. ptd.,57
CAN. W.. 112'.
C. A N. W ita..140!i
M. V.t entral, lo..'4
N. Y.C. A M. L.,'4,
N. Y.St.u.AU .11 ,J
Ohio Ccn'rai, )'.
Ohio A Mm., 22.
0 A Mis.. efd.,
Ontario A West , 17;
Oreiron JNev., ytU.
fireiron Trans., Hi.
Oregon Imp., IS.
Pacilio Mail, 5::!a.
Punuml. )K.
Peoria, D. A E., 22! v
PittiliurK. :).
Pullman P. C.,132.
Head in (i, 2VH.
Roak Iniand, 124.
Sr. I.. A i. P.. 21W.
St. i,. o r..p.,i'-a.
St.L.A8.t ..tt n.lUi,
Hannibal A St .to., C. M
U.ASt.Jn.. nfd . CM
A St. P.,.2'M
A St. P..D..122'
Harlem. 221).
Houston A X., ?D
Illinois Cen , Ytf-'i
Ind .B. A tV..lW.
Kansas A X., Ii7
St. P.. M. A M., 1M
St. P. A Omahi, 42
st.Paul A 0.ird..l(l7
Texas Paoifio, W'yi,.
tlnion Pso.do, 51.
U. S. Kxpre8s, 59
W.. St. L. A P.. 7'i
Lake K. A W., 1
Lou. A Nash.,SH'4.
Lou. AN. A., 3
M. A C. find pld , -M.
AC. trd.. -.
Vein. A Char., 29.
Mich. Cen . '9.
M L S.A W ,fi7.
M..L.S. W.,iM.I"?i
iMin. St l... W;.
Min. A t L.l.l'l.4i.
W.,st L. AP .P..14.
W. . P. KX.. 12.
,W. U. Tel , 61.
Colnrnd -Coal.
Houiestake. 20.
Iron Silver, liK).
Ont'rio. ''
liuioRsilver. 4
tin oksilvi r.pld, 20.
a a I'acino, .
Missouri P I'l'io, iir-vU.Suiro, 10
Mobile A Oino, 1:1
London. M, v 29.- 5 p. m. Consols
102 for mono . mid lu 1-16 for the ac
count. 1 ho uiuoint of bul ion (rone
into the. l'..tnk of Kugand on balance
to-day i: Xj ,' do
Paris. Vay '-'n. Three per cent.
rentes, 82f :121c for the account.
Nbw York. May 29.-Exchanges,
$b 0,146,08 ( ; balances, t:;,:;iri.oNj,
Baltimoks. Mi., May 29. Bank
clearings. Sl.31(fc70; balances. $180,
St. I)fis, Mo, May 29. Bank clear.
nm. 2.l S6.i7o : lor Hie weeR.ia,bo4,
9:!8; balances, 57,44o; for the week
Chicago, III., May 29. Assoc ated
bank clearings f r the day were
780,988; fir the week, 144,713,316
for the same tim last year, S34,897
671 : for the m nth of May, 2ii8,613
935; 8 Miie month last year, $i88,230,
B ston, Mass., May 2!). Kxchanges.
Si:'.014 5VJ: balances, fl,09-',:
Money 2 r rcent. lxchange on New
York 17 to 25 iremiuui. For the
week: Exchanges. $72,842,242: bal
ances, itl,lu9,35ti For the correspond
ing week inl8: fcxchanges,4i),15'-',
179: tialances. $8i 3,877. For the
month: Exchanges, $i 6 494,791 ; bal
ances. 38.4S2,:io2 i'or tne corre
snood ing month in 18S5: Ex hanges,
60,049,8J6; balances, t31,40,93o.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and close! quiet; middling, 8i
Sales. 450 bales, of which ZjO to c x
parters and 200 to spinners.
Yestf riay.
(iood Ordinary.
Low Middling..,
Good Middling.
Middling Fair..
... 7J
... 8i
... 8j
... H
.. .Nom.
... 6V 8
Staius,tirgi( 7J'J
corros statement.
Mkufhis, May 29, 18!.
S'cck Sent. 1,1883 1,392
Ke'.eive 1 to-aay 3S9
liicei ved previouuly ...537,774
5: o.i
Shipped to day 2282
Shipped previously.. ..491, 000
Stock runmrjggcconnt
493 2
Thus far this week 3S-I
Thus far hut week 109
Since September 1st .538,163
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. K. R.
M. and L. R. R R
M., S. & B. R. R.
Wagons and other sources.
.... 1S9
! U38
,493 282
Thus far this week..
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
Steamers north
New York spcts opened quiet and
closed quiet and firm. Sales, 2i6
bales. Quotations as follows:
Yesterdav. Fiinat.
rdinary 6 9-16 6 9-16
Gcod ordinary. 7 15-16 7 15 IB
Low middling, oj 81
MiddliDg. V 3-ltt 9 3-l
Good middling. 9 11-16 9 11-16
Middling fair.. 1UJ iu;
Fair 11 U
New York futures onened dull anJ
closed very tteidy and 7 to 8 points
iglur tnan i-r,dy. eaie', 4u,hiu
bates. The closing quotations were as
911( 912
9.2l(.i 9.22
9 81(h)
9.15(rt) 9.16
9.04 9 05
9.00 H 9.01
9 03 9 04
P.!0! 9 1 1
9 20 9 21
9.30) 9.31
spot market
closed quiet
bales, (juota-
June 9.19 9 20
July 9 2!K) 9 80
Angust 9 3!t() 9.49
September...9.23( 9 24
October 911 9 11
Novemtier...9 0Sii 9 09
December...!) ir 9.12
January 9 17 9.1S
February 9 2. 9.8
March 9.;;(.i) 93s
The New Orleans
opened quiet, and
and n:m. haiee, uuu
tions were as follows:
Ordinary 7j
Good ordinary 7i
Low nrdd.ing 8g
Middling 8.
Good middling i 9,
The New Orleans futire market
opened li m, and closed steady and
5 1 1 6 points bigber. Sales, 9900 bales,
(quotations were asloliowa:
lnstrrdav. -fr-uay.
June 8.90 8 91 8 85(3)
July 8.98(3 8.99 8.92(3) 8 93
AngUBt 9.02(a) 9.U3 8 WOW N
8ept9mber . 8 8()() 8 75(5) 8 6
October 8 69(3) 8 70 8 63(3) 8.64
Novemoer.. 8.61 8.65 8 59 8 60
December 8 68 8 69 8 62 8 63
January... . 8 78 8.79 8.72(a) 8 73
February... 8 S9fl awi o.b.h o.m
March 9.01 9.02 8.94 8 95
N Orleans.
Mobile ....
8 13-16
292 376
q't fm
8'.) Hi
70318 11-16
New Ycrk
273 8 1516
1410:9 316
9 316
St. Louie..
Receipts ar ports, tnis dav, 1SS6. 4,4 1
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 303
R'ls U. S.
port-",! daj
466 359
Er. Gr. Bi
U92.044 4,69 i,639i4,71 2,213
For'gn Ex i!l 849 713 3,605 8663 557 3il)
Iucrease of receipts this year... .501 ,414
Receipts this week 15,085
Same week in 18i5 6,16 )
Same week in 1884 4,980
Increaie compired with I880... 8,2.
Increase compared w.tU 1884... 10,105
Shipmenti tbis week 32,839
Same week in 1885 13,231
Hame week in 1884 19 658
Inciease coinpa-ed with 1885... 11,329
Increase compared witi 18S4... 21,60
Stock this week 156 692
Same week in 1885 57,807
Same week in 1SS4 04,174
Increase compared wita 1885... 98,885
Increase compared with 1884... 92,519
1880. 1885.
Net port receipts
to May 2Sih 5,187,189 4,690 327
Overl d movement
to April 30th-... 760,221 591,331
Est. South, cons n
to April 30th.... 279,000 239,0 0
Am't marketed....e,220.140 5,520,658
Add int r stocks in
excess of Sept. 1. 140,842 40,592
Amount in Bight...6,36fl,982 5,561,250
1886 6,605
188i 4Vi
1884 1,780
1883 19,540
The flew Yo'k Financial Chronicle
of May 29th gives tie following tie
ures: Total visible supply, 2,209,605
bales, against 2,233,917 in 1885. These
figures indicate a decrease of cot'on in
sight of 4,412 bales, as com pared, with
the fane da' in 1885, and decrease
of 192,160 hales 89 compared with came
date in 1884.
At noon yesterday spots at Liverpool
were reported steady and in fair de
mand. Sales, 10,000 bales, of which
American 6900 bales. Receipts, none.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-lrjd; good
ordinary, 4Jd ; low middling, 4 15-16d ;
good middling, 5 ; middling uplands,
5id ; middling Orleans, 5 3-1 bd.
1 The vriret art qiren in pewt and 64lu,
thai: 4 63 wnru 4 63 61i; and 5 Ol
meant 5 l-64.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. Quotations were as follows:
May, 5 03d Mar-June, f 02d ; Juno
July. : July-August, 5 03d; August
September. 605d: September-October,
6(3,5 Old: October-November, ; No-
vember-Uecemrjer, 4 Old; ftepiem.
ber. 5 1 5d.
At 1 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
ouiet nd steady and M4d higher tlian
Friday. May, 5 01 buyers; May-June,
5 Old sellers; June July, i I. id sellers;
July-August, 5 04d sellers; Augitst-
Sentember. 5 05d value; September
October, 5 02d sellers; October No
vember. 4 62d value; November De-
ceoilier, 4 61d value; September, 5 051
rrTi'RK DCiu.
The following is the record of the
bids and oilers at the session of the
C.ill Board of the Merchant's Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, spot, 40c bid; Jane.
4iUcbid, 41e sked;No. 2, spot, 37 Jc
bid j J une, 3S Jc asked ; J uly, 39c asked.
No. 2, white, spot, 34c bid.
Spot, $10 b d, U 25 asked; May,
fll 60 asked.
Spot, f 2 10 asked ; May, 2 1 1 asked ;
June, 2 10 asked; July, J2 15 a-ked.
Corn White. 47c: mixed. 46s, fnm
stire ; from levee or depot, white, 4 1c ;
mixed, 42c; in racks, in round lots,
white, 42c; mixed, 40c.
May Choice.from store,Nc; rnme,
7580c; pra-rie, bOc; round los from
levee or depot, choice, fl414 60;
prime, $1313 50: prairie, f8(a,S 50.
Oats White, 40; mixed, ;sjc,
from store ; round lots fr m levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 3-lc.
Bran From stire. ic per cwt.:
round lota from levee, $14 751" per
Beans Navv, fl 7o2; medium.
fl 60X3)1 75; German millet, fl 20
CoRNMKAL-Standard. f2 10(3 2 25;
pearl, f33 25 from store, oc cueaper
fiom mill, levee or track.
Kick -Louisiana, 46c; Uimlina,
Oatmeal la can barrels, i J - j
from store.
Floir In car lo, double extra,
f33 50; triple extm, f3: lamily,
3 754: choice, f44 25; fancy,
4 25 1 51; extra fncy, f4 60i 4 90;
patenta, f- 2(o bo; irom store
family, 44 25; choice, f 4 25(3 4 40;
fmcy, f4 654 90:exir fancy, f5
5 25; patents, 15 50'3MJ 25.
Cracked Wheat in nau-inrreis.
f 3 r0 from store.
Homint anu Grits fiom store, j
Ur ack bbs pods, exrra, soun,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream craikers,
treble extra, 7 jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snap, treble extra, 6c; as
Sorted 1 arables, 9
Kansas Citv, Mo., M.y 29. Whe
Uronger; No. 2 red, asu, 64c; Jim",
55c; July, 58j3. C.rn s eady; caBb,
25o bid; June, 26i; Ju y, 27c. Oits
no quotations.
St. Lot-is. Mo. May 29. Flour
dull and easy; XXX, f2 65(.i2 75
fin I'tmily, fl ft4 20; pHant,
f4 604 80. Wheat active and hrm
er; the market opemd about ft;a ly
at yesterday's latest tiguref, eifej off
shg'h ly, ruled ursittlnd, slrengiieBed
nd advanced nndar hiiher pries sud
gjod demand, and closed JJc higher
thsn yesterday, excepi june, wninu
lased 1c lower: No. 2 red, cash, i0
June, 75;76Jc, closing at 6Jc;
July. 75i76ic. closing a' 75' 0;
Augu8t,76j0,c, closing at s jwic;
SeDtember. 781(3)783e. closing lit 84o,
Corn du'l and about unchanged ; there
was a little strength developed it the
opening, and prices advanced hc;
this was followed bv weaknesF, which
carried prices back tgaia to shout
yesterdav'8 latest more", wnere rney
closed: No. 2. mixed, cam, 311(3)31 Jc;
.Time. 81fta)32c. rlosinir at 31Sc: July
32jc; August, 335c bid. Oats very dull
and wek; No.2,mixed,ca?b,28c; June,
28j: Ju v. 27c asEed. Kve easy ar. ouo:
Bar ley no marxt. ji y wmc i ny.itr
r312: prairie. t58 Hx-seeil easy.
107. Bran weak. 4445o. Commeal
firm. 12. Receipts lour, 30UO brls
whr at. 15.000 bu ; co-n, 72,000 bu ; oatu
43,000 bn; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 1030
bu. Shipments flour, t w oris
wheat, 3000 bu; corn, 19,000 bu; ots,
4(X)0 bu: rve. none; barley, none,
There will be no markets in this city
on Monday uecoration i). y
Cuiooo. III.. May 29. An esti
mat id decrease of 3,000,00 ) buthcW in
t.!-.e visible dupply ciused a li mer
fe-iling in the trade todiy. There
naialssBcme free purohaurg vn ly
cal sneculaiive account. Tne lirst
subs fjr July delivery weremaile st
42c. with a lew sa'es t 71 u-n
ral iud quickly to 75) s, ruled steady
for a time, then rore to 75 if, essad oil
a d closed at 75 5 16 j. Corn and ote
both ruled easitr, and clossd a sha le
lower. Flour dull and uncbanuei
v heat active and utiooger, cltBing
hiiri erthan yesterday. Sa ei ranged
SliV. 7'i(rA73ic. closed niiijc jon
373Jc, closed 731c; July, 71 9 16
7fil'3. closed 75 5-1'ic; ISn. i spring,
3lc: no. 3 sprmg, outoxue. virn
eesitr. owirn to tin weamer aiii
lamer receicts: cas1". 343( 351c; May
84 ij35c, closed at34ic; June, 35J
353c. clo-ed at 351c: Jnly. 36 5-16U
36 9 16?. closed at 36 5 16s. Oats essit-r
owing to larger rcniptit; cash, 2K!!!
26ie: Mav. 2dl2(iic. closed at 26 c
June, 26J26 )316r, cosed at 26JC
July. 26ifo)27fi. cloeod at 2633. Ry
du 0. 2. DSc. lUiley dun ; no. z
5355c. Flaxseed stesdy; No. l,fl 06,
Receiots-Flour. 10 000 brls; whe
7000 bu: corn. 158 000 bu; oats, 210
000 bu; rye, 2000 bn; barley, 16,000
bu. Shipments Flour, hOOO hi la
wheat. 96.000 bu : corn. 281,000 bu
oatf, 160,000 bu; rye, 3000 bu ; barley,
3000 bu.
BrrrER Oreamt ry, 3i)(3V34c; dairy,
1520c; buttenne, 131c; country
1218c. according to ondition.
Oueesk Prime fl its, 7c ; New York
factory. 8j; full cream, 124c; x. A
Mess Pork 01d,t8 508 75 per bar
re) ; new, i 9 7610 per barrel ; sugar
cured ham, packed, 10llc; break.
tst bacon, 71 9c; clear lib bacon
Bulk Pork Clear sidos,556c ;clear
rib sides, 55Jc; long clear, 6j.5c
shoulders. 4l(3i4 jc.
Lard Tierces. 61'3'Gc: half-barrels,
6J6jc; kegs, 61(i3c; buckets, 6J
6Jc: half-buckets. 61(368c; 50-lb tins
66jc; 20-lbtins, J6jc; 10-lb tins
6K3)6Ic: 6-lbtins, 636ic; 3-lb tins,
6S6jc; choice kettle, tierces, OJ
Fresh Meats-No. 1 beef, 8jc; Mnt
ton.9j; hindquarters of bet I, 10c
lambs, f 34.
St. Louis, Mo., May 29 Prov'sions
active and fl'm, excep. pore, which
was weak tti 8 60. Lard suady, 5.70c,
Bulk meet, loose lots, ancbang
boxed lots long clear, 5 333; snort
nb. 5 35c ; short clesr, 5 60c. Baron
firm: lorg clear, 5.85c; elnr rihi
5KX3v5 92c: thirt rle,r, 6 10S6J
Hams firm, 9J12o BmUr denie'sed
creamery, 14f3il5c; dairy, 1013i
Eirirs firm. 7(3)71c.
Chicago. Ilu. May 29. Mess pork
firmer; pr ces advanced 1012jc, re-ced-d
25Ct snd closed ftadf ; casb,
f8 25C3 8 :); June, f8 25(3)8 35, closed
st f8 308 32i; July, f s 3.M8 45?,
closed at f 8 40(3)8 A2. Lard steady ;
cash and Juoe, oJ5 90j; Ju'y, 5.95
5.97 e. Sho t rib Bides steady; caih,
5 205.22Jc. Boxfd ir.ets steady;
(Ly a''el shon d-rs, 41(? 4.30c; short
tler s;dn, 5.60(.i5.65c. On the Pro
duce Exchangs butter devib pjd no
chn?e; creamery, 12016 ; dairy, 12
14c Ejsn, 9j.
Coffee Common 8"3)8e: ordinary,
lff5J9ri; prime Kio, 11c; choice to fan
cy, llj(3)13Jo; old gjvernaient, 23(3)
IJSs; Ceylon, 20 j.
Koap 3$05Jc per pound.
Hcoab Pure white, 6ic; eff white,
Cl'sOja; yellow, CJS'.iJ -; open ktttle,
refined A, tc; grsnulated,
powdered, 7Ac; cut leal,
71 3.7 le.
Salt ft -M(aJi au per narrei; facts.
fine, fl 60; crarse, 1 10; pukels,
bleached, 2 a7c; car loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molaspks LaiuiBiana, common 10
fair, 205si Vc; prime to choice, :0(3 40c
evtup, 2040c; common to luir, 2(H 1
tic. : a A nkftlM 'tlV.liTJ pant,,l.
ugai, lancy, J.c
i ....
, IIUD I" vuwvu, "v,.a 1 vu...... -
Tobacco mmon, j i-incn, . n
30c; other grades and styles, ;X 85c.
Snuff Gsrrett's, 110 85 per case;
Ulph's, 110 25 per case; K. II., f9 50.
Candies Sticks, all siz s, in boxes,
pails and barrel, 7JSlc-
Candles run weigui, iuhijc.
Canned Goodu, Etc. Prices per doi
i: Pineapples, 1 35'okl 65; peaches,
-lb. standard, fl 251 40; second,
10(3)1 15: tomatoes, 2 lh. stan lard,
1 1(3)1 10: 31b. tl 15 1 30; straw
berries, fl 35l 40; ra-ptierriee,
SI 151 25; blackberrie. fl
1; ereengsges, fl 60(tU 7.-;
pears, r-is? -: pmms, i tH,t
7ll: aparagus, ouy; green corn,
!1 35; greon peas, fK2 2i; cove
oy biers, lull we'gni, j-ii. iii.i hi;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, fl 75(3)
85; cove oys'ers, ngut weigm, i-iu
65c; cove oyetera, light weight, 2-lh,
condensed miiE Uiown, ihi;
Eiigle, f7 75; Swiss, fd.
New York, Mt 29. Coffee spot
Uir il'o firm, t: optiorB rare y
steady snd fairly sc.ive: sales, 2,;,250
bugs; June and July, .9c; Angu-t,
857 9Jc; September. 7.91V; O to-
br,7!85c: November.7.85e; I)ecemler,
7.8(K37 85s. Simar etcidysn l quiet ;
fair to gjod refining, 4 13 Um4 i i;
i lined steady, whltd extia C, 5 9 16(3)
;c; nil A,f)35jc; s'aadarj A, MO'
15-163; ctinleciirnem' A, 61
6 316c; grannlu ed,6j6 5-16s;eabe,
J(i;t4 c. Aloiaasee quiet; no teet,
t lo. Rice stesdy and quiet.
Arn.Ks Apples, fl 50;3)3 from
store; f 1 252 per car-load fro-n levee
or depot. Dried appbs, 3 la per
ponnd from itore. Dried peaches, 3
4c fiom store.
I'OTATOEs 1 outoes. si(ai-' irom
store. Sweet putstoes scarce, 2 75 per
brl. Peas.fl BOOiil 75 per bushel
Vegetables Otnons, 2 53
from store ; $2 5C2 00 from levee or
depot. CabbaRe, f2 75(3)3 rr crate.
kraut, barrel", !): iiaii-uarim,
f2 753. Garlic, 4t)0c rr 100.
Tarnlpj, (SOc per bushel. I
t RuiT Orsogrs. i.ouleians, none;
Cali'ornia, ft; Messina, J3 50(35 per
box; 1 ni pen a a, f55 50 per box.
Lemons, f0(3)7 per box. bananas
fl2 60 per bunch. Cocoanuta,
f4 per 100. Teanuts Virgiuis, .c;
Tennessee, farmers stock, 34a;
rosbted, 2jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18'0c.
ricELEs In tars, pints, 95c; qnarti
fl 50; bait-gallons, 92 75; gallons,
$375; lows, barrels, f6: half-barrels,
f3 50; mixed, barrels, flO 50; mixed,
ball-bsrrelti, f6.
Raisins London layers, f3 40; lay
ers, f 2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Fecanb Texai, W'tuOc for small to
medium, 10l4c for latge; Arkansas,
Walndts trench, 12c; raiiee,loc;
Grennbles, 15c. Filberts. 12c.
Cider Missouri, S7(7 50 per bar
rel and f44 CO par balf-banul; Vine
gar, ll16i: per gallon.
Poultry rnrseys, per actsn, i
16: chickens, f I 50 3 25.
fisil Mackerel, baif-bitrrela, Pin. 1,
f4 (0(3)5; No. 2, f3 V5; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; lft-in,
No. 3. 5i)c. Dry herruua, lamily, 30u
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 35c; sad
dhs, OOi); bear, 6Hc; wildtnrkevs,
5075c; ducks, f3; equirrels, 75c;
quails, 7oc(3)M ; pra rie chickens, Ju;
game fish, 11(i12c.
Eihis Wek.8c.
1'O'rroN ni:ki ssii., eti.
Skkii lVlivered at dcimtatid wharf,
18 per ton; on bank of river (f o. b.
boat), 16; wagon at mills, $8; Meal
Primo (f.o.b.), 14(n)M i')',l jier ton. la-ss
than car-loatl lots, $16. From store,
90c per sack. Oaks Nominal, 116
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. 8. oil, 21(n)22c; prime sum
mer yellow, 20(3)26 jc; oU-siiminer yel
low, 22i)23c; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 2830c; off
cm le, 18(3)210.
PKritOl.tUn riAKKET.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
HiDis Dry flint, 12(3)lCc; dry
salt, 10(3)1 2c; ereensalt, 6(i)7c; green,
fi(n)!ijc; deer skins, li(n)16c. liceswax,
18(i20c; tallow, 2(32ic.
Baooino Ju'e, 9:'3llci flag, OJfT?
lOJc, accordingto weight. Ties, 11 15
1 20.
Nails 2 402 65.
iioknks anu mvi.r..
HoKsBS-Good driving, tl,ri0(77)22r ;
good saddle, flW3300; plugs, 135(3
80; good mares, 18"(3)I40.
Mulh HJ to 15, $11001 35; 15 to
15j, $125H0; 15J to 10, $150176.
Ootid demand ; supply f riir.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
lon, f 1 6f)(6; rye, $1 75(3)6; domes
tic, 90cU 50.
St. Louis, Mo.,
firm at $1 10.
Chicago, III.,
steady at Jl 14.
Cincinnati, O.,
May 9.-Whisky,
May 29. Whisky
May 29.-Whisky
Kale's of 553 barrels
steady at $1 10.
of finished goodH on this bitHis.
I,. vie nrstoia.
Cattle -Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4(4jc; good,
3j'4Jc; cho ce g ass-fed, 3j(i)3c;
good, 3(33c; fair to medium, 2j
2jc; common, l(5)2c
Ilwis Choice, !"i'ii)4c; good, 3i(3
3Jc; common, 3((f;31!
KnEKP Choice, 4V)f!ic; medium, 3
(3)3Jc; common, $l(3jl E0. Choics
lambs per h.a t. $3(3)3 .r0.
Kansas City, Mo May 29 The
L'tt Stock Indicator reports: Catt'w
Recipts, 1125 heal; shliimnis, 7704
Choice to fancv, $5(3)2 CO; lair to
lool, $1 70(ii)t 95; common to me
dium VM 60; stonkers a' d funic 8,
$3 2 1(3)4 20 ; co s, $2 50 3 50. Hots -Re-eipts,
10 9C6 bead; shipments,
69'i 2 beai; market seady; good to
choice, 3 75(3)3 85; cornmoi to me
dium. i'S 40 .3 60. Sheep Reco'p 8,
26; sh'pniei's, no: c; g - d 'o chome,
36i)3 7i ; c intnon to medium, 11 75(h)
2 60.
Cb caoo, III., May 29. The Drirvfrf
Jn'inial report! : CatUe Rece ptp, llllO
hMad ; s'lipments, noae; mirkt't s ow
but ttihdv; si ioping ftuers, 950 to
h 0 pDUi ds, f l H'(3j5t0; Blotters snd
(etdr, J2 50'" 4 50; cows, bulls and
mixd, l 5ti(?;4; tin!, f 6(r,:l;
tlroigti Texis cult's, $3'.j3 75. lings
RHcei;;tH, 22,00v) head ; sliipmentp,
50110 head; ma kt fairy active nnd 5
r . 10:' !oer; rmgb acd mixeil, $3 75
'i4 7J-. pa k'ng aud sliippng,
tiUA :: liabt wslgbt. f. 70(3,
i )
'(; si.) i, J- ut-'.' w i'twf
Receip's, 12,0 head; shipments,
none; maiket slow snd weak and a
shade lower; nstives. f 24 60; Tex
an?, 2;.. Lsmbe,f 23 65 per heal.
Mn lllHK DKI aiOM MtKklT.
Naw York, May! .29. Although
Saturday 's geniral'v obteived as a
v-plf holiday in the dry goods trade,
tie movement of goods ta been o'
nM,ln.lin. f i lllililatA l,,l'l
! I i , jyi . iui'd m 3 . v - v
'uHii.eea in progress man warriuieu
from the demand present. As com
piled by the Journul of Ci'imiuT ( the
imports of foreign dry gicnU at New
York tor the Month o! May nav lit en
16,392.303, compared ith f5.24",2.'5
for the corre pond ino month last
jcar, agairst f i,574,4i :! for the same
month in 1884, and 17,426,393 for May,
1883 For tin five month cndint
herewith thn titsl imporlaiions
mount to 149,255,947, comperfd witu
f 10,93,182 for ibocorrespMidit g per
iod in 88., against f,il,8i.8,H8 lor sum
fame niont'i in 1884, ard f54,i, 8,742
for the like purioil in 188J. 1 he total
of gosds tbtosrn c n the market dur
ing th moath closed atnou'iti to
f6,147,907, or f345,000 less than the
imports, while the to'a' ot gvih
thrown on tin maiket f r the live
mnntl s is a trill moie than the ini
tio ts for the tiatue t'liie. Tha total
unportAticin for the eleven niontl s ol
the final year endu g wi b May
amount to J 102,543,314, compared
w.th f','6,7 0,070 for the mine pero i
ended wnh May, 188), and 11 1,631,.
937 for the eleven uionthi ended May,
1 SS4
Meiiinlils A: Cincinnati r'k t Co.
Xlxoursalou Xtl ntoss!
Mar 1st.
Tlin Klcirant
lluckeje State, Ohio V Jan. W. Watt.
ir This Compn will sell HOUND TKIP
I'll KKT from Mmniibis to Luuisvilla,
Cincinnati, and all hiutero Citius, at
greatly KaJuceJ Kales.
sssr Tickets Incluila Meals anil Stale rooms
Hot urn tickets oml on aur limit In the lint.
Each buat carries a Vint Hiring llaml.
Monilajs and Tburhdiijx at 5
tfnr information Innulra of C. !) Ut;8-
PKLL, Agent, 12 Madison strrrt, Memphis,
nn. . iv vi it,, u' i.
Bootliern Transnortntion Co. 0. Lin.
f.irn. Luuisvilla and Cincinnati !
Line Vol
isiililMkt;rowii. r-
Frank J. Okas, master Til Mnenl. clerk
Will leave MOci DA x , May usii at l- in.
For freight or passaac apply to 0. It. KUH
8.1.L, Aoent, 1'i Madison St. Telephone W.
.1 rmh r ll. eiMWKl.lN, rasenter Ageni
Ms. Lonlsi anil New Orlonna Atsrlior
City of Baton Rouge trfsx
U. J. WhltleJge ..maaUir, $0iim
Will leave tlie Klevntor TUEMDAV, June
1st. at 12 m. For freight or nassage spnly
O. L. II si t , P.A'r. A I) H'l'.iHM, Hup't.
fit IrfMSI New Orlitssa sirbor
Lu-U. M. Msttl-FUd VICkhllUKli.
Arkansas City, ZS
Brolaskl... master. mm.&i
Will leave the KlevnUir TU1H lAi, Mar
SIKhi at Yi in. Kor freight or passage apply
Hai.1.. Pass.Ag't. AD BTOHM, Hup't.
Ht. I.oula Krw Orleans Asirtior
City of Providence, f7T
(leu. Carvell....lnastor. "utfm.
Will leave the Klevator MONDAY. Mar
:11st, at o p.m. For freight or passage api ly
IV L. II ill, l'n. At. Al) HTUHTl. AKCTIt
For Osi-eiila. llales 1'alnT, Oaruthersville,
Uavoso anil Tli'tonvilln The new steamer
W. P. Hall msster I J. I). Fuller Wers.
Will leave a" above, and all way points,
KVKKY MONDAY and lllllKNDAV at (i
p.m. Vor freight or pimsngw . ply on hoard.
z.iiliia,s. rinm s-oissl sua sti'uipaii
nnd tssjooalsi IWks-t .'oni.a,ii y.
I'd Uelana. Ulendale, Kriars Point and all
Wa LanJInie Uteaaer
Coiiliomii, laSI.
K, T. Olajastt . .master I Ptott Hhoues ..ork
Will leave as abovo on every MUNUAY,
WEDNkLbDAYand FRIDAY, at b o'clock.
For Randolph, Fallot), Osoeola and Viaj
Lamiinis Hteauior
J. H. Cooper, master.... J, W. ritnltheri, clerk
Leaves ever MONDAY- VY KDiiKhDAY
and FRIDAY at S p.m. The boats of to
line reserve the right to pass all lanillnn
the'apttin inaydeoin unsalr. Office, N,j.
MK.nrillS & fflllTK KIVKIl V'K'T
Freddie Robinson, r,WCs
M. K. Ilarrr ,. in.nlor
For Helena, Terreno, DeValls Illuri, Des Aro,
AususU, HeArry, Newport and Ilatesvilla.
Will leave as above HaTUHDAY etr p m.
Throuirh rates to all points. Fraliht oon
signed to Milt Uarry Line, Memphis, will bs
promptly tnrwarded. W. J. F D'lYLK.
Ofllce 12 Ma'lisne . Telephone tfj
AeiupUla and Vlcttaharg 1'uck
uanv U. H. Hail Line.
; 1'acketLuiu
For llelena, Oonoordia. Terrene aud Arkan
as Citv The elesant passenger stean er
H. H. Cheek ...master I VY. 0. l!lanair...oler
Leaves Memplits
EVERY MONDAY and 1 1ll: I'.HDA Y, at 6
p.a,.,roaerving the right to pass all landings
theoapum uaydeeia nnsale, tor genera
inlorioatlon apply at otttne. No, 4 Madison
treet. K. WALWOKTH. Agent
.ItiMM OA BR, Ps'r a rent T.iphnne 2?H.
Arkansas Itlvcr Vk't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS, jtfTgk
K. B. Smith., .mutsr, fTfis
Leaves Memphis Hvery TlJKSDAY, t6 p.tt
II. C. LOW IS, Agent,
OftVa, No 3 Madison ) Talenhene No. '
HemulilNA: White Klrpr PktU
U. r. Mis 11 LJJf .
K. C.Postal.-masVei I li. M. r-usiai- ... M.r
h -
GlarsinOoss, Dnvaitsi Blsstt, le Are
aainsla, Jisi keuniKirl ml NsMtrssjr.
atftpm. Through reies to all points.
Freight consigned ' Memnhle and Whits
fi.ver Paaket Ctinpaoy hl betorwarden
promptlT . Hit- LOVtH. AgeDt,
Th Ht. Franc's Klver I ranxportatloi
Co.'s Tin Hlde-VV beal P. 6. Mail Htara
Rene Macready, r-rc
0. K. Joplln. ., . iras(r,
at 6 o'olock, for Marianne, tre Cnt-0r, at.
Intermediate landings on tit. Fransis rivsr
The i-ailain reserveii the risciil to j'ss a
landings be deeius uiisaJt,. JAN. LLK. Jr
i,,.. .--(tin,-., v . -i v.i- .
Smik'a Ernr!ss fnrt'.m tty
Ai.ril, May, June and Jul?, f end (or I'm
illvlilnul Tiiarln Tl-Ufi fnrtra' i
in Komie and nil purts ol the glo',e.
khss 'I'lrkia bv all liofn ot s-i-aiiu-ri.
4 Mik4 a;.iarNl4ill, with msps, (iv,i
iished niontb'y, bv um. for T CsxTa.
(4. ( Il'lll oV
tiT ,uv. ,
Khiiwn'n in in ru ns ii:m;
tiled ,lrs. Ilattie V. Miller, No. 4,'M.ir
V all avenue, Meinphi'. 1 nr.. , attar nn '
ta. k of ds-interv, at d jsaib assisted ! r
re-overy from m.Ui.n.n foe-. She ion,-,
err il a mi st vul ,itil L- ae..'ir.
Vi -k'burg A i k sa C;tt, 12 so.
Friars I'uint Jtsts Lai, R p.m..
; Arkansas City
I Tit.tnnvilla
j Vu-kburjr
I Cincinnati
, Cincinnati ....
K itk Aiswa, p.m.
r.'iiiiiin, 5 p m.
II n ,-,i. p.m.
.C'y up l'Hiivtiiici,ii.m.
,J ami:h V. t, 41 r, ft p.m.
0,i lis Ck,, i, 12 m.
Tl E.-DAY.
Arkansas River Jus: l'maa, 'i p.m.
St. Francis Hivrr. IUvk Mti at: it, " p.m.
New Orltnns Ci rv o IUtun Kin i.r:, 12 ni.
Whits lliver CHH ksw, p.m.
Arriitil Freddie Robinson, Wh ts
rivr; L'oahonia. Fiiats I'uint; (ify of
St. Lrtt's, New Odeiiis; Cityof Vicus
btirir, Vicksliurir.
IU imtlurit ("itv if St. Lotlia, S?.
Louis; City of Yickabur, Ht. Louis;
Co .i bonis, Friars l'uii.t ; Frtddie Kob
ius'n. While river.
liuil in '.or James Lee.
jio-iln lhw Ihrn. tsa)o-i, Arkansas
Citv, tjityol .Naiclier. and Jatuts W.
. i h tr.
7i'ii Pin- l)i K tto Adiins, Rene
Ma re dy, tioldeu Crowp, Jon lVerj
and Ci.ii ktisaw.
lirr-litM fs-alrrstfty.
Citlnnn 1 Imle Hon, 41s hI3
re. I, I mu'e and 19 k,n sundries.
Freiltti li b nn)i. 21 hilliH co ton,
622 ska h r.l and 2t pkgs sniilriis.
(ty of St. Lou h 50 iilnls iu .:r aud
50 empty hcgln ads.
1 1 II It i: M KvlKNTN.
Tiik C b ksfaw, Caft. Kd C. To t!,
is ilia Wtilue d ly packet for Whin
Tn K Kme Maercidy, t'(il. O. K.
Ji jilm, got h out Tut'M uiy eveirng for
Sr. Francis river.
Thk And. or Litis siciuicr Ci'y of
Union 11 iiic, Capt. U.J. Whit'edge,
will inas d no TutKihif at 12 o'clock
fur New Orleans and a 1 ny p iints.
Tiik Coahoma, t'jpt. Henry Coorer,
is the pa k'.'t Monday evening st 5
oYl.ck fur Ofieilu snd the uppr
bends. Will Smith it in Ik r ollice.
Tns linvoso, Cunt. W. 1'. Hall, is
the piu'stt M iiiilny eveninirat 5 o'clock
for 1 Iain's I'o ir, Tip'onville aid all
vrnv lamliiKT. Jesse I. Walt is iu her
olli e.
Tiik Aikanns C:ily, Cupt. H. W.
Hrolaski, is the Anchor Line packet
to-dsy st 12 o'clock fu- Vickulmtg and
the llt'n.ls. Win. II. I'ritcliartt is her
Tiik Jam's Lre. ai)l. Th s. Clag-
gett, is the packs t Monday evening at
5 o'clock fr llelera, Friar-s l'oint
and all way landings. ill Ashlortl
is in lmr ollice.
TiiKCdyof rtovidcnce, Capt. Heo.
Carvsll, is the Anilior Line packet
Monday evening at 6 o'cloi-k for
Viikshtirg anil tha bent's. Frank
Terkins is ber cletk.
Tu Joe Petprs, Cspl. K. H. Smith,
Is the packet Tuesday evonlng n. 5
o'clock lor all points on ths ArkannaS
river, going tl. rough to I'tne ltlutl.
Chas. Mils el in an is in charge of her
Tim O. Line strainer Golden Clown,
("a ;jt. Frank J. Oakns, will pass ti to.
morrow st 12 o'clock for Cairo, Louis
ville, Cincinnati snd all intermediate
points on tha Ohio river. Till' St.-ider
has chrg of ber ollice.
Tiik James W. ('sfT, Capl John 8.
Jones, is ths packet Monday evening
lit 5 o clock for Cairo, Luiisville, Ciu
cinnati, and all way lauding on ths
Ohio liver. II C. It nice and L)W
II igH aro bur c'eiks The (i.ilf will
viw nlicaji rates to all point! North
anil hif-t.
Thk Ksto AdsniH, Capt. Murk K.
Cheek, is tlio United States mail
packet Monday even'iig at ft oclock
for lltlena, Arkiiiiaas Cit ard all way
landing. W. C. Wanker has charge
of Iter (illice, aisii-ttd by Lew l'rxe
and Morris Pans.
UKIV Kit tl. Kt.WH.
Ili NiNkss quiet.
Wktiikii warm with l:gbl rniiiH.
Capt. Wm K.kll of Teir.ne is in
'.he c ty.
IUck riH by river yesterday, 22
bides ofVotton and 1010 BiictiS of wed.
Tub City of Vickshurg pasned up
la-t evening for M Louin. Snemld d
here 717 barns c f Kintern bctiLiI cotton.
Tiik river at this point marks 26
feet 9 tuiiliH by the gunge, or 26 foet
b'iovs low wa'er mitrlt, a decline of
H tetitliB in twent-(our hours.
Tiik City of St. I nub passed up
e,irly yrs'eidiiy iimri itig for St. Liu is.
She diHcharg 0 a ll e elevator T'O hoes,
bt-ads itigar riid 5( uoiply hogxhesds.
Tiik Freddie Kibirfon arrived yes
trftilHy inoinii g frt m White rivt r with
21 ha'es cotton, 622 sacks sieJ, 28
pat kues aundries, and returned again
ihh( evening with a fair trip,
Tiik Co 'home n'rivtid yfterday
moriilrg from Fr'urs Point w th a fair
Ir p, and returntd again Ins' evaning.
MoLdiiv evening slie ent irs the O cs
ola tradrf, and the Jutnvs L e eulcra
the Fiiare Foir t irad.
Orkk k Siosal Skiivick, U. S. A.,
Memphis, May 29, 2 p.m.
Tlje following observations are taken
at nil Btations named ut 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab'vo Ix)W
WaUr. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOtlm lOtliB
Cairo :t() .'1 15
Chattanooga ... H 4 4
i incinnati Kl 5 3
Davenport 7 2
Dubuque 8 3 2
Fort Smith 3 5 3
Keokuk 8 7 4
Helena :i 3 6
Iak Crotwo 0 9 2
leaven worth... 9 3 . I
Little Rook 3 9
1tuiHville li 9 1
,M tuphia 2S H
Nashville 5 3 t
New Orleans... 14 3 n
Omaha 8 2 -
Pittsburg 3 2 .,
St. luis 19 4 5
8t. Paul 4 5 1
Hhn-veport 3
WkHl.nry '2 1
is ,ig r l.(- Kuet and tenths of a foot
above i ro of gauge :
40 !o"t
rhntta- oogn. !U teet.
I'll rilli Hti, Ml.
I Ml1 lliIIO I'i.
KfukiiK, 14
)nveiir' , Li.
Kor( Muiih, li.
Iloli-nt, .
Lotvenworth. 2i).
L it o It ii'k, L"U vil le. VI'.
. einiih s, New Drl -aos, ti.2.
' l,n le 4i). l'.tl burn. :.
li nn Int. IS i-t t'mil 7
M I. in- 2 Vii'k-liurg. 41.
S'lrcv. p rl. ZS. mktoo, Jt.
Canto Slav 29. S , n - K verGOfeet
7 i li a d laTii g. We .t ir el" ar
,i,.l wiirm -i v il: 1 ii. id Ci Iro,
V ks'HfK, 2 a.m. ; A'lw' a Citv. St.
!,. n ... 5 m i" D P,r ed: I? 'rv Itiovn
a i i
i n.iruei. N. ii-'"n-. S m : City
C.ii'it. !. l.'Hi . 5 sritausas

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