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The Most Importaat Action Yet
Takea by the Kilg.hU or Labor
Clkvil4no, 0., May 31. The visit
log Koinbta of Labor apeot mot of
yeeUrJ.y ia aigbt-aeeing and reatiog
fter the bard work of the week just
ptsied. Mr. Powderly remained in
iiis room all day yf sterday mcrning.
The auxiliary issoci-tion known as
4The Gray and tne Bine" held a re
union at the Forest City House. Tne
aocietj ia composed of men who fotlbt
in the late war on both the Federal
and Confederate tides. Tbemottiof
the society is: "Capital ?iidaa us; la
bor unites na." The a siciation is cot
-a secret order, although it oljecta to
its business btiog given to the public.
At the time of organization it was
composed only of members who were
-delegate! to the conversion, but it is
now proposed to widen the scope of
the order and receive every Knigbt of
Lab-.r who fought in the rebellion.
At vtsterday's reunion Mr. J. H.
Shsy "of Strea'.or, 111., in the absence
of tue president, was e'ected president
pro tern , and Mr. S. 8. Patten, an ex
Union soldier, who lives in New Or
leans, acted as secretary.
8aon after opening the meeting
Thoims Green, an ex-Confederate
soldier, of Pine Bluff, Ark., who is
the President ol tne bociety, arrived.
About twenty of tbe twenty-four
memhf-rj who joined the convention
last Oc:ober were present, and three
new member were elect-d. It was
decid .d to f jrmally organize annually
to toe Koiehts of Labor, and a com
mittee of three was appointed lo draft
a constitution aud t y laws.
A committee to draw up in aldrefs
and set of resilut'ois to be given to
tbe public, explaining the p!an of
org-nizition and the principles rf tie
society, which are directed to educat
ing the rnensbBrs, was appointed, and
also a committee of three to nominate
offices. These committees wer
ordered to report at a niaetirjg to be
held this evening.
Another auxiliary, kown as "The
Veteran Labormeu," will hold a meet
ing this evening.
It is rumored to-n:ght that a circular
was prejmted t) the convenion last
week pref rring charges aaainst cer
tain i rominent Koiicbts in New York
who bad ccneoiieJ to ouat Powderly
from the to.-ition of Grand Mstr
'Workman and gain control of the
General Executive Board. It is raid
that the conspirators had decided to
cany their point at any htzird. There
is much suppressed excitement over
the milter, and those who ere in a
position to know sav that the circular
will create a sondel if made public.
Toe Committee on Strikes and Bny
cot's have dsiided to rep r; to the
convention to-day in hvor of having
the entire matter to the General Ex
ecutive Board.
This morning's session of the
Knights of Labor Convert ion waj by
far tbe mcst important in its results
to the public at large, if not to the
order itself, of any session of the con
vention. A resolution was adopted request
ing Congress to declare the national
election day a legal holiday.
A letter was ordered sent to the
Amalgamated Association of Iioa
and .Steel Workers. The content
and character of the le ter are with
held until it has been received by the
Amalgamated Association, but the
Assurance is given that it costains
nothing bnt the b;st of good-will and
the spirit of fraternity.
It was res lved to appoint at once
and tend te Washirg on a special
committee of three to look after the
labor legislation now pending before
The Committee on Leg'slation pre
sented the fo lowing propoe tion in the
nature of demands of CoDg'ea, which
were ratified by tbe convention.
First. That patents for tbe public
.lands be given to at tual Btt'era.
Second. Thst all lands owned by
Any individual cr corporation in ex
cees of 160 acres, whether improved or
unimproved, shall be taxed to the foil
value of improved land.
Third. Cal ing for the immediate
forfeiture of a 1 lend where tbe condi
tions of the grant have not been com
plied with.
Fourth. Asking that patents on
lands, where tbe conditions have been
complied with, be itsued forthwith, so
that taxation may take effect at once.
Fifth. Calling fer tbe removal of
"fences from tbe public domain.
Sixth. that after leOO tbe govern
ment shall, by pu'chaae and right of
eminent domain, obtain possession of
all lands now held by aliens.
Seventh. It &t after 1880 aliens shall
be prohibited from acquiring ti;le to
Eighth Asking the abolition of all
laws requiring a property qualification
for vote s
Kinth. Eeqnos'in? tbe passage of a
aw levying a gradua ed income tax.
Tenth. Protecting aainet the cut
ting of the appropriation for the Labor
Eleventh Asking for tbe passage cf
the bill approved by the Congressional
Labor Committee.
Tue'fth Afkirg for the passage of a
law prohibiting the employment in
mines, shops, lactone, etc , of minois
lor more than etgnt nours a aay.
In this connection the following
reeolu'ion was adopted:
Rrwlved. That we will hold respon
sible at tbe ta'Iot-box all members of
Congress who negle.it or refrain from
voting in compliance with tueie ce
mantis. The Committee on Strikes and Boy
cotts presented their report, recom
mend in; that all authority to order
boycotts and et-ikes be vested in th
Executive Committee.
As the hour for the noon recess had
already arrived, the report was laid
over until the afternoon ee-sion for
diecHB ion and action.
At 1 o clock the convention took a
' recess until 1! o'clock p.m.
The Committee on Boycotts and
btrixes preseDt d their report, tne a s-
cussion upon which was pending when
the neon recess was taken.
The resolution in rega'd to election
holidays, is as follows:
Jlemlved, That it is the sense of this
General Assembly tbat tbe occupation
of the bribe-giver and the bribe-taker
should be destroyed. To do this it
will be neceeea'y to cducats those who
sufler most through bribery ana cor
motion that it is hurtful to the we!'
fare f the ration to receive a bribe or
give one. In order to deal with the
question more efiectual'y and intelli
gently we should use every moans
within our power to secure for the
toiler the right to protect himself
upon that day which of all days is im
port ant to the American citixen
election day. Tbat he may
'have an opportunity to pro
tect his interests on tbat occasion,
we should tsk tbat election dav be
made a naticnal holiday, on wh ch no
enwlojer rball bavetbe right to de
mand service at tbe bands of h's em
ploy. Wa furthermore recommend
that the workingmen of tbe nation
declare tbeir intei t'.on to bave elec
tion "Labor's National Holiday," and
tiiat they devote their time on that
day to looking after their own inter
sis; tbat ibey shall on that day keep
watch and ward over tbe destines cf
the natioa by guard ng the polls from
tbe icfluence of tbe bribe-taker and
bribe giver; and while we recogniie
the right of every man to indulge in
the use of liquor to such an extent as
he may deem neetorarr for his health
and comfort, yet we do recommend
that on that day each workman refrain
from tbe use ot liquors of all kind,
so tbat he may exert is 9 with a clear
head bis prerogative as a citizen in
eelec'irg proper men to represent the
tbe legislative committees reported a
demand ihat minors be prohibited
from working over eight hours per
day in mines manufactories, etc. Tbe
following, in the same report, was alto
RtxAwd, That we hold responsible
at tbe bailot-bi x ail members of Con
gress wbo nettlect or refuse to vote in
cnnulinnce wtt these demands.
The test of tbe afternoon was de
voted to a discos ion of tbe report of
tre Committee on Strikes and Boy
cct s, rec immending tbat the Execu
tive Bond should have absolute con
trol of all such business.
Tbe convention took a recess until
to-morrow morn'ng, with a motion to
adontthe leotrt still pending. Tbe
committee recently appointed to in
vestigate tbe "Home tJiuD ot District
Assembly No. 4!t. held a meeting in
the Prospect House on Sunday even
ing anl eiamined a number of wit
nesses. It is tlioogtit mac tne com
mittee will ask to have until October
t j report, and upr n adjournment they
wiil no to New York nd make a thor
ough investigation of the charges pre
ferred rgainst the memberi of the or
der who are on the circular litts.
Mr. Powderly, in speaking ot tbe
Home Club business to a reporter to
day, said: "There are some things in
the charges tba are true and many
thit are f lss. The affair is old now,
and to hi ing it np is like waving the
blcoiy ehirt. It is a thing tbat at one
time might have done burm by pub
licity, but now it is only one of those
unwelcome affairs that come up in
every organization."
Ierlfrtd the Htrlhe Oir.
Readino.Pa..Msv 31. The Knights
of Laber of this city met to day aud
otlicialy declared tbe s rikeof the ht
finishere in all factories in thiscity off.
Tbe finisher', besides having a union,
belong to tbe Knights ol Launr, aiiu
by the strike of 150 finishers six time"
trial number of men. women and
apprentict s ia other department", who
a so oeiorgtoi'ie jvuiguwui wun,
were thrown out of work. Tbe fin
isher! bad made a demand for about
25 pi-rcent, iucrnase, and, on beingre
fused, struck. After the faotoiies had
bean id e for a mcmh, ore naif of the
propiieiors gave in and the reinainiug
lactone's are etill i 'le. To-day's action
of the Knivhts of Labor may end ttio
strike a'toye'h r.
The Niillern and II enter J.
Pirrsiii-KO. Pa.. May 31. The an-
nud Conve t on of the Uii'ed Nii!
frjsrd Heaters of Amer cawill meet
la this city st 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Delesa ei wdl be present from C i a
go, Omnlia, Terre Haute, Bellevilln,
III.; Niies, O; Yonnpstown, O;
Wheeling, W.Va., and Newcastle, Pa.
The mott important questions to be
considered wi 1 be wbetber tbe organ
izatiocs shall r-turn to the Amilga
mated Aseoci tion or go into the
Kn gh's of Labor. Tbe Amalgamated
A'Biciation Convention mee s here
PhiladelDhla isausbenoD a Strike.
Philadelphia, Pa., May 81. A
strike occuried today among tbe
butchers at Twenty-sixth street and
Girard avenue. 8c ms apprehension
was fe t for the pressrvation of the
peace, but upon the arrival of a squad
of police tbe etr kers started in a body
for Schutaen Hall to hold a meeting.
PltUbarf Street Care Tied Vp.
Pittsbubo, Pa., May 31. The Pitts
burg, Oakland and Eut Liberty street
cars were tied np this morning on ac
count of the failure of the company to
make out a twelve-hour schedule as
promised. Traffic on the line bas been
entirely suspended. A s rike from the
same cause is also looked for on the
Wylie avenue line. No trouble is ex
pected. TOOJiE, TENN.
Commencement Exereiaee at
Hale and Female InMlmie,
Toon, Tenn., May 28. The fifth
annual session cf Tcone Male and
Female Ins itote cksad yesterJay.
The annual a ldress wae delivered by
Col. B. W. Haynes of Jackson to a
large and a'tetntive audienre. This
sclool is under the tutelage ( l Prof.
T. S. Minter, Superintendent of Public
Instruction for Hardeman county, who
is a eteeerved y io; u ar teacher. Hib
closinit exercises of bis school demon
etratad that his work hal been well
done. At n'ght the pupils of the
tchool gave a very iotereiting dramat
ical entertiinmpn', wh!ch was la-gely
attended and highly appreciet'd.
Among the visitors ere many fioni
Bolivar, Mtdon and other neighboring
points. Jessie Norment, editor of the
Bolivar Bulletin, the Hon. C. A. Mill-r
of Bolivar, Prot. T. A. Futral of Ma
rianna, Ark., were present.
Candidates were almost as plentiful
as school children.
The condition of crops in this local
ity is good. Fa'tners are we'l up with
their work and express themselves as
bavirg better prospects at this season
cf the year toau for unny years i ast
Tbe Oit crop, which is larger thmi
usual, is excellent and will be of great
benefit, owing to the scarcity of corn.
Tbe Enrhanted Nammerland.
A book descriptive of the summer
resorts of the Northwest will be mailed
to you free on application toR S. Hair,
general passenger agent Ch'cago and
Northwestern railway, Chicago, 111.
Shot br Hie Son.
Chicago, May 29. Ths hitcr-Omm'i
Keokuk, la, special sys: "Jicob
'Uefler, a well to-do citizen, was ehot
dead early this morning by h'S son
John, who was recently released from
an insane asylum before being fully
cared. The young man had eomehow
alnttnH tha vioiUnce of bis family,
procured a'revolver and waylaid his
fathtr in the dark. The mother of
the vonthfnl maniac who, by her 1m
poriuni if s procured his liberation, ia
nearly irantx.
Have used Tongaline in neuralgia
with perfect euccets; one was a case of
neuralgia of the heart.
;j. H. CLARKS, M.D.. Caba, Mo.
Expert Testlmaoy Prerlag That II h
Testimoay Was False la Every
St. Lopis, Mo.. May 31. Maxwell ia
very much broken d twn and sleers
but very little. He had three firm
friends in the jail prior to the trial,
butth'fle men will not now epeat to
him and he soems to feel that every
body has abandoned hiui to his fate,
His vanity has been so elf wounded,
and as th-t was what cbiclly sustained
him, he has nothing left to buoy him
up. His manner is lompletely
changtnl From being loquacious he
has become gloom and tincommuni
r ative. and for the first t rue since
the commencement f his case he re
fuses to alk with reporters and re'ers.
them to his attorneys. When asked
yesterday about the boll boy, w ho ct
a mysterious figure at the coroner's
jury, but f om w hom no information
could be obtained, eitl.er by tlve
coroner or by the chief of police, al-tho-
gh lie was kno n to have lien
in Maxwell's room on the day of the
mttrd. r. he refu ted to talk and referred
his questioners to his lawyers The
jurors had free movement yesterday
through all t"e upper rooms of the
Foir Courts and were allowed to look
at the morn ng paiers, but were not
permitted to rend anything about the
trial, ""hey then turned to baseball,
and discussed the iilnyers averages
for awhile, ami were subsequently
taken out to the parks for a walk.
The physicians who recently ex inl
ine 1 l'reller's body to alecert in
whether be hail tbe disease described
bv Maxwell will testify to-day ia re
There bits been some t-dk of intro
ducing tbe i rgans taken from the
body by these physicians in evi
dence, but it seems to have been de
cided to-dav by the prosecution not
to do so except under order of the
The veterans of jus' ice observed the
holiday by continuing the Maxwell
tri I, and the counsel for tfco State by
introducing evidence in r-buttal to
the prisoner's testimony, which they
think will prepare the al eired mur
derer for a grave which they hope
may be decorated a year from the
present time.
The lirst witness called by the pros
ecution was Morgue Supi-rintcndent
Ryan. He testified that he, in com
pany with Drs. l'rewett and Nidelett
and Mr Clover of the counsel for the
State, visit-d last Friday the cemetery
in which Mr. Prelh r's body hail Iv'cn
interred, und exhumed the remains
A t o t-mortem examination w as made,
and ortain orga- s referred t'- by Max
well in bin testimony as diseased were
removed and taken to Dr. Brokaw
The bodyat the t me was in good con
dition, better, if anything, than at the
time w hen it was buried
The defense objected to testimory
on this p hit on the ground that the
defense wer j kept i i ignorance of tt e
occur cite ai d they nad no repre
sentative to sec that t'e body from
which tlr organs were removed wae
really l'reller's.
Tin court over tiled the objection,
and ail exception was taken. An op-
portuni y, howtver, was aiterwaru
a ven coun'el to argue the question,
and Mr. Kauntlerov, of the de'ense,
spoke aga r.st admitting the testi
After considerable discussion the
c uirt decided to admit the testim ny,
and Dr. Prewett was jilaced unon the
stand. Me tstitled that irs. iMdb tt,
Biokawand himself had witnessed the
exhumation of Prellera remains
lostFrid-y. The body was in excel
lent condition, no decay being visible
undt-r the surface. The membranes
were in excellent condi ion. The
parts which Maxwell testified were
di -eased were found in be in a normal
under a careful examination, could
be found.
Coroner Nidelctt testified that he
was present at th post mortem ex
amination referred to above, ana cor
roborated the testimony of ir,
A. V. L. Brokaway, assistant to
the chair of surgery and demon
strator of anatomy in tbe Missouri
Medical Uollege, was present at tne
dissection of the organs referred to,
and testified that he had , aiade a per
sonal examination of tbetn, but failed
to find evidence of any disease or
The Stats then announced they had
no further evidence in rebuttal to
Mr. Fauntleroy, for the defense,
asked the privile-go of having the
nnrts of Preller s hodv in possession
of the State inspected by experts for
the defense.
Mr. Clover, for the prosecution,
wanted the names of the extertB
submitted to him, and was willing to
give them to any reputable surgeon
or phvrician except the -medical ad
viser of tbe defense.
The defense refused to accept this
conditional oner, ana tne testimony
was then dec'ared to be closed by
both t-tate and defense.
Judge Van Wngoncr said he would
endeavor to huve the instructions
ready by to-morrow at 10 o'clock, and
adjourned court until Uiat tune.
Tbe Weekly Mammary
farmer' Kevlew.
of the
Cute-Aoo, III, May 31. The follow
inc cton summary will be printed in
this week's issue of the Farmer' lie-
view: '
As the season advances,, the reports
of the presence of insects JO the win
ter wheat fields grow more numerous,
but tevond ce'rtain alllicted districts
in Kansas, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio,
the reports are of aa isolated tharac
ter, and elo not appear to seriously
threaten the general outlook for an
ave'raife crop yield.
Southern Illinois continues to Sfnd
in the mrst serious reports as to rav
aires bv chinch buirs. Alexsnder.
Bond, Edwards, JeiTeison anil Monroe
counties, all in S utbern Illinois, re
port great iniurv iq many of the fields
Grenola, Fr-mk in and I'anoinara
countie's. in Kansas! Felton and High
land counties, in Ohio, and Howard
county, in Indiana, report consider
able injury from chinch bugs. Orass-
L-ppers are report-d in numerous
?uantities in Wellsonville connty,
owa; Howard county, Indian, and
in Athens c unty, Ohio.'
Looking over the entire winter
wheat bel, tin promise is still food
for an average yield, but the early
promise tliat the season was to bring
forth a "bumper" crop wi 1 now be
abandoned. The acreage wou'd not
warrant auch an out 'ome unless the
conditions weie everywhere extreme
ly favorable.
La e returns from Kansas do not iu-
dicate that tbe former es imate, from
40 to 60 per cent, of nn average crop,
will be exceeded.
The State of Michigan does not
promise more than 85 per cent, of an
average yield, while the average of
Illinois now threate ns to fall to tH per
cent. In Missouri, Tennessee, Ken
tucky, and possibly Indiana and
Ohio, the conditions are still favorable
for a full average crop.
Turning to the soring wheat Suites
f rvd Territories, the conditions con
tinue to remain favorable in Iowa,
Nebraska and Wisconsin for wheat
and all the small grains.
In Minnesota, w heat in many of the
lowlands has been drowned out by
tho recent heavy rains. On all high
and well drained lands the outlook
continues to be exevlleiit.
In some portions of Dakott fears of
injury from drou'h are expressed.
1 lames county reports serious need of
Cash connty, the largest wheat pro
d iring country in tho Territory, re
tH)rts the wheat prospiH-ta never to
nave teen more premising.
The remaining counties report the
growing grain np to a fair condition.
Harvesting will conurence in Tennes
see, and it is now promised that some
grain cutting will begin the first week
in June.
X4 4nlte Ho I'avarable.
St. Paim., Minn , Mav 31. The crop
reports to the lHim-fr-lhrext for the past
week are' not l"'le so favorable' in
their tenor. There has been very
little rain in the Northwi st during the
past three weeks and the crop are
suffering f oru drouth. The chinch
bugs have appeared in largo numbers
in Southern Minnesota, hut have done
little damage as yet. On tbe high
ground along the Northern Pacific
wheat is beginning toshow the ellects
of the dry weat' er, though no serious
damage is yet done. A Fargo corre
spondent predicts that considerable
damage will resu t from lack of rain
for another week. Dakota snows were
very liaht the past w inter a; d the
April showers were generally of tho
b -iefest duration.
10L. It. F. LOOSEY
Sure of (be l oiilinona Nnpport of
naury Counly.
IcuaaaaroKDaNCi or thi irraii.,1
Ooh mbia. Mai'ry Ocmty. Tnn.,
May i9. The nnn,e of onr former fcl-low-towntroao,
Col. It. F. Loaney, will
be rrseented at (he Gnherrniorial
Convention of Aupust llthasacan-
Uielate for nomination. Uol. LooDey
was bc-rn and reared in th'B county
(Maury), acel nrfctic.ed his proleaitn
(the law) in UJiiiinuia unni rnarH
movAl to Memphis. He lelt behir.d
him, who still retain for him their olJ
a'.t chment, a lout o( warm rer-
sonal friends, who will rally to
lis BtiODCrt. Vot. lioontw, iu
fi-rir.er days, while he was yet yourji.
was a very auie auu oioqueui
political rpeaker, and in those e'ays
tl'S v.. ICS was imaru Bi,ev!ijr jiuihi
nent point in the coutty, io that his
friends and adinirms in this county
nre numeioup, and to far as we can
loarn will stsnd (irmly by him. We
neenl not rp3ak ol bia ability, wlucu is
wrll knonrn. nt r of the hiirh and im-
jortant positions he haa held einco
ILe war, in me I'.'mocranc pariy.
hnuKril l the Hlauilaril.
Cincinnati, 0., May 31. The (?aiiRa
of the tjuen and Orescent eyet m
betvtenn here and Meridian, Mies.,
was chained yerterday to standard,
making the w"ho!e system standard.
The management express the highest
de'igbt a the interest manifested in
the work by the mon employed in the
work, iu view of the trouble! labtr
situation. Other roads were chained
yesterday.and more will follow curing
the week.
Louisvili.1, Ky., May 31. Tbe
Louisville and Nashville road and
branches cuscesalnlly changed its
gauge yesterday, and test trains were
running all the afternoon. Kegular
trains were moving at night.
Chattanooga, Tbn., May 31. The
work of changing the gauge to the
standard on tha roads entering this
city begin yesterday. The Cincinnati
Southern begau work at 3 o'clock in
i he mornirg, and by 3:30 p m. the
eatlre line from Cineiuna'i to this
city hail b en i hanged; and the Ala
bama Great Southern began at the
same hcur, and by 6 o'clock the change
had been effected from this city to
Meridian, 295 miles. lho Nashville
and Chut anorga commenced making
the cba' g s at. 3 o'clcck this nnrni g,
and ixject to comolele the we rk by
no-n Tie Meraphi and Charleston
will cimmcuce at the aarrio hour, and
wdl fl"Hi hv 12 o'clock rioon, a
dittan e of 310 milt s. The Kwt Ten
nessee will teniu work on Monday
ni(,h', at mitln'grit, ar.d will have ail
the lines of the system 1.300 mlltw,
inclhttirg all branches and il.visiona
changed WI bin thirteen hours. The
Wcs ern and Atjauiio will Lcgin work
at 5 p.m. toelv end compleio the
change by miduight, HO lii'lee. It
will require on all the. roads 7,800
har.tla, workirg an av.-rago of nine
houre, to complete this g'-at under
taking. LvNcuiiifO, Va., May 31. The
Norfolk nitd Western railroad will
change it whole lino from Norfolk to
Iiristol, Te nn., 40H miles, to the stand
ard gauge to-morrow.
Pnrc arnf atrrmrcet Namr.1 Km It
VamlU lmon. Oranw, Almond. Kn. -a
fiivor a delicately and naturally ne tin UIU
riitr.co. 8T. LOUIS,
i-tnred th neriy and viUlity of al2
W rtniiaton. Memo
n nBciated from chi
pnia, ieuu. -1. . "
and later, vu
botil cauaed lint r ivenient.
MKN. yonna or old,
find the Electric
Shield and Buapenio
ry curvry iUimI
Wsakneaa ofthekid
na a. beinal ByiUm,
'.ilf- "
row 7QJ Varlcocel and loat or
r .tfMMnner refunded If
i " H 1 1 not a rpreanUd.
V J J J I Priownd onward.
W laailJ K.mhlt free. All
ordi-ra mut baeent to Amrti IWalTara
le Co., 76 Hrniulwar. firm YorotjOl
all onrW'etrn olBoa r 4lMmtlnonl.
HoWrtbe for the Appeal'e
ira SPECIAL - v
i truc
Forty f eart a Sufferer from
tlm to CATAKHU-thrM-fourihi nf thtim
a uffcr.r from KXCKl'CUTtNH Pl'N!
TRILS. Th ditohnrroi war io offaniW
that I hnt to ncntioa It, tiocpt lor tha
(nod It m do torn ntbtr ufftrsr. 1 hav
ixnt a younc lorlun from mj arninn
durtna my ftrtr jeari of 'Uflerina to obUin
rlif Irom th dortori. I h iritil paiant
ndioln vry on I could Warn of from
th four eornen of th tth, witi no rlif
And AT LAST (."7 rcn of an) hav mt
with a rmdy that ha cured tu flnttrttlr
mad in a new man. I naiihed 12M counda,
and now wih len. I uid thirteen bottle!
of th indicina, and th only reirat I hav
la, that baina in th bumble walk! of 111 I
aiar not har tnllucno to prevail on all ca
tarrh auSerera to ui what haa cid m
tl ulna's Pioneer Bleod Renewer.
" No. VH Peoond eUeel, Macon, Ua."
" Mr. Henry Chcvee. th writer of th
ahov, foruirlr of Crawford ciunty, now of
Macon, II.. menu th cnnldeno of ail In
teracted In caUrrh. W. A- ll FF,
" Ei-Marorof Macon.
a avrnHB
(iulan's rioneer Blueid Uenewer.
Curcl all 1)1 oo J and Skin Dineanea. Khcuma
t'lni. Hcrolula, Old tiorei. A porfeot boring
If not in your market, tt will be forwarded
on receipt ol ric. KmRll bottlei, 11, larae,
1. , ,
br on mood ana mi in uiiearei uiaueu
Miicfin, f4frale.
Kito w 'N I Hoy irriiiN
proved an InTflluHhl jaiedyto.M .Mi
rbaol llirney.-U Wanhini eon ttr t. Mem
l hi, Tenn., f r diarrh. a ana dylcni. II
ayi it ai-talikaa charm when other uiedi
Cine tail.
D OP i
0 u o
Mllbur'a fort-Llvrr Oil l.iiim.
Th reat poiulrity of tlm f and ettlc
cinui preparation l al"ne atlribulnbl to it
intrimio worth. In the cur of Oouhii,
e'oldn, Athim, Bronchitis Whoomng
Pnnli. Sf-rnfnluue lhiiiiort. and all Con-
euiuptiv riyiuptotun.it haa no uoerior, if
ciual. Let no one neiclect th early fni
tutnii of clicnn- when an anent i at hand
which will cure all complaiiita ol the ( hot,
i.nn.1 ,,r n'liroiit. Munulat torod only by A.
11. Wii.hiik, Ctaemint, lloilon. rlold by all
ltHlilllil.VN. N. Y.- llourd on the Hill.
Mm. II. 0. Howard, 2iiH Waphiratnn
Park. Hoomi lar; location liolit-hllul ;
conTenient to cara to Manhiittan Hcach,
Coney llnd, Lima llech and Central Park)
alaoloNjW jofk planeaol aniiifen-cnt.
It 11
, certain tliAt
3E "th IlaiiaTi" aliu
O will Drove aatlafaclory to
CO vary gentleman wbo want a
perfect artlcl. W are Tuf.ln Int9 the
manufacture of theee aoe th reealt of 30
Z years exjiertenc and atudy. of vrhnt will
plea, alve comfort a-id veiir
Tt faltbfullT Try thori.
Svury flrn'.-olr.ll
2 deJlur hn
liS Maxllaon Slrmt. Bumphla, Tfitiai
A FULL itock of Wooden and Met
Oaaaiand Caakett. liurial Kobe, etc.,
alwayaon band. OrJerabrTeleiraphorTel-
ohnn PFnmrttlr etlenrfe'r in
to Mr. John tj. Iliiihami, 101 Third
atroet. Mcmiihia, Tenn., a moat effioacioui
remedy for oonalipution and indication.
llildauahtaralao takei it with aatialactory
rcault'. .
And Ice Cream Muunfuctarera.
M. XT. X3 A. I ti IW.
French Chcmlcll Works
5H Jeaernon Nlroct.
iVL FLA VUKH. which he offert at th low
rice or ten rtiim Marnllua
of any kind ol
flavor. Quality and purit
itv ei
guaranteed. Ic
tlreain manufacture will nnd all ainua oi
Kitraota and i'ruit Colonnaa at a Try low
UMNTrn AQKNTS.Men and Womai -WAll
I CU to aell " 111 K CIHLLVl
BIBLE " Introduction by Key. J. II. Via
cent, D.D. One anent haa lold IS In a towl
ot 74 popli on 73 in a village ol 7'Hioni
..n, a In in flavi! one 2,3 in i aucoaa
air weekai on V In 3 daya at two li,,n,
Kxprience not noceaaary 'l
CAfHKLL k CO. Vfd).
41) llrhfrn alret. nM
Btcd Mr. W. A. Bunder, M Fourth
atreet, Meuipliia, Tenn. whrn aufTring from
indigestion. He auya he could tool an lm-
prnvenienl every iliiyv
. i.lr.K.)lp.rtl"nli
UTTro Inatant relief. Final euro In
1 AJjEaa ten day i, end never rem ma.
No purr. o aalv. no auppoaltory. huffer
err. will learn of a aimple remedy, Free, bl
addreaainaO. J. M AM0N.7H Naaaau at., N.Y.
Adnilolatrator'a Notice.
OBc Pnbllc Admlnlatrator, 8hlby Ooontr
Courthoure, mempnia. lenn., April io, i,
mu v nniininiil hav ne been appoinlea
i. and qualified admlnlatrator of th eiUt
of Henry F. Arnold, deceued, notio ij
hereby given to all peraona indebted tu aaid
atat to com forward and aettle; and t
thoa to whom aaid itate ia Indebted to
.i i.;il m.m. diilv nrohated. Within
lulu Li.ii.. " . " - " --r .,,
the time oreacribed by law, or th am will
bfgrvrbrrd. JOUS LOABUK.
Publio Adatioiatrator.
HAN A M 1 . e. . JM
mil ar mark
roa tub MJ cuai or
TtiNeiA b a pmdtii t or the Tonira or Fnemllr
Ielanda, whvrc It ha Win boeo uaed aa a val
uable renwdy by the iiativua.
T"-v PvCW8 c,"ln-nd of Tnnr with
.JVW.Vw ()4h(.r umlicnu w hue cur
ntlre prujiertlca have tui-n tlioruiiKhly bwli-il.
tx s cxVm s tnkcu Ititcmally, and pn
aCVwi dmi-e im unpli-aiant rS'ii-ta.
It contains no Opium or Morphine.
A. A. MEL.LIER, eve pnHmetor. nm and
33G SpcoiuI Street, 9IemphlN
MaUriale. i'uinpa. Urtve Well.. Iron. Lea
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 11 Union Ntreet, t : Iff emphU, Ten a.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and KhlnRlefl, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Tosta.
KLEDOE BKOH.,of Como, Mlsa.
tw?i. m ntt r
No. 365 Front Street
Cotton Factors and
80G-S08 Front St., JEXemphU, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchant,
No. 11I Nenfh Main St. LtiiU.
R, G. CRAIG & C0.,390nion st.,Hemplil:
er.ThorntoB &
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Wo. aOO Fro falrol.
FOI NDUY & MACHINE DKl'T, KiOto 174 Adams St., Memph
Iron aud
- . -.
Hnw Mllla,
l-MlllaT JL'WCO.V'
m I ..fcrnjaal
Vreaia V1' .. i '.MI
tlenrrnl gpw . .V":.
IKON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 220 and 228 Second!
(Hucceaaora In this lowirtment to JOnN MANOUDR.)
-Wrlte na f-.r information Q" ANY I HIM In either line.
(Bt't-CENNORl Tt
Old Stand, No. 0
Ttnenl. &JW (wttntf la, that TtMaoauilW
Kmm darKlMl ana marhea onruvw ptwerusw
KhMflMOe Keaniliria. aod elaola fcluamUr II h
nwuem.-Wal.TU tJuua. at. U. avLwe, aU
Rev tnetmt TnwOAUW. tn aeiial oaaaa of
raJai. It btte aivt-n me perfect emtiefaotireL
t n INTKiMUU, at. u.
Jtef need TowofcLfita In
i Nearalaia and tnnafB-
be ? tMet new ha.
. M. 11.. V utrook. II.
matury bikeamelMm. with tbe
J N Paul.
pnrrK okp rxii i.ar per rvyrrr.a
in MrAsnrNiiTow avknuk wt Txrjfft
a. K. WITT.
l and iUm Pip. Haa Fiitvree, Qiobea. Kta
F. M. NOUFI EET, Resident Partaer.
rS H &. rrsi wm ESM
Mempbia1 Tennemaw
Wholesale Grocer:
Went . Twu
l"v'" 'ry. -
Bar I raw
Bollfir IrT
) Hoop, B
ibeel In
rf.V ''11 all I I
1 arlJIHl
-. . ra1
Union St., Memphis.
JLI I. P. ii
-AV- oaiL-"
i- - -t " 't-t . r

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