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ltTlltllT HIR( H
Tbareday Evening,
Berltatloa, Rrliiiinie,
rlpeltlns Bee.
Hob. Henrr Craft. 1- B. McFsrland.
Hon. K. S. H.moBd.Dr. A. ."k"; .
W.O. Weetheriord, Ir. W. M-.tthell,
Col. M. C. flallawey, Ir. Heber Jones,
Col. J. M. Keating;, tmmet Uoward,
Hr. J. H. Mfcrii iyuojr oii
Tir. T. V. Edwards, J. W.
Col. F. W. Koyster. F. T.
. Vernon.
H..B. C. W. llei.kell. prville Yeraer.
i L....nh.Har. J II. Melon.
M.LJ. J. Murphy, Hon. fey Yonng,
T. H. Jackson.
Hon. T. W. Brown,
Hon. H. Cuinmini,
Ralph Davis,
W 11 Cannon.
Hon. James M. Greer,
unn n T Porter.
Capt. J. W. Dillard,
M. B. Treievant,
Hon. H. T. Ellett,
Hon. B M. Eltei,
n U7 U.toir.
vl Jnsiiih Patterson. Men. A. J
M. R. Patterson. Oeo. Dillam,
W.C. Folkes, W. E. Gleeson.
W.J. Huff, C. Weetheriord,
8. J. Morrison.
Admission, 50 cents i ref-eshmtntl Included
JUNe'2, im, wi h Arnold's Full Band In
attendance. No pains will be spared to make
the affair the most pleastiui oi iw mira.
Alienor's will be n ade to obtain the pres.
"'-ra i UUITIklC. lh Hsnnral Secr.
taVy of the Order, and also T. V. POWDhR-
one. TlCKKrtf.M cents: Ladies Iree. No
Impropr characters will be admitted. Ho
return checks will be aiven after 6 o clock.
Barrel. B indlold and baoa Kar-es will be on
band for the fun of the little folks.
J royal KKaiJk
Absolutely Pure.
tii. nTr writs. A n arret ot
parity, strength and wholtsomeness. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, and
..,r.t ha sold in competition W..B tne
im.J. nl nm tit. short waiffhtalu
hi,ht nowders. Hold only can. Hot
fctln Vnwr. "n.. V W.ll .N
ANEW PROCESS For making- old col
lars and cuffs look new. r-ee advertise-
metit . f Memphis Hteam jannjr:t
CI8TKRN3 Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Banitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and bnek-
nOOlCE ROOMB-Wilh or withont board,
l J 1 squares from Oayoso. 4t3 tjholoy St.
-wrrla 1 trnnt rnnm with r) R 1
KW .'1 V", ' , ,
. - An a larffA nick room with
larg-dressinit-rcoin, and ithers as good as
canb..ouna.Btn.cy. nvm0SBT
PLENDID B00M8-With board, 81 Mul
berry st.t also day poaraera.
St. JAMES UOUBB-Oor. Seoond and A
amssts. Room and board $5 per week,
Day board 4 per week.
OOM Furnished room, with ur without
board, at up Kioan r-ei.
gOARB-With "a'jlbrojKt
NICK Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
ith or witnoul poara. at 101 waumm
TWO large nnlurnirhed rooms, witB or
witheut board, at 6 Madison street, cor
ner Third. -
ai reagunao'" i.w
TO EilDENCE For three or x months,
I V ...i.i.nu. in thenitrof FortBmith,
Ark., with or without furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most desirabl;
part of the city Good well of water and
hvdrant in the yard: house fumished with
caa; near stree'-oar line; every convenience
of. home. Add.. B. D. SEALS,
Fort Smith. Ark.
I will sell to the highest bidder. Jo
8th, t 11 o'clock .m., corner Mai
and Madison sU., one NBW ROCKAWAY
8. W. OARR150N. Trustee
Almost Faultless Game by the
Home Clnb Uoud Work by
AH the lioje.
For Sale at Public Auction
No. 17 I. laden Nlrstel,
The home of Mr. Julius A. Taylor, it is in
very perfect order, in laci coiuiuoio in
r spent, and within ten minute"' walk of the
business center of Memphis. Parties desir
ing to inspoot trie preiuie win m. .
Taylor at his offioe, or his agents at No ifl
Beoond street, before the day of sale. The
sule of this chrming city huine, admirably
suited lor a professional or rumumn"
tlemen, will be made from the corner or
Tneadny, Jnne Sih.nl 11 'cloeh n.
TERMS One-third cash, one-third in 12
and one-third in 24 months, with 6 per cent,
interest. Sale without limit. Tit.e indis
Datable. F- W. HUYSfEK A CO..Salesmn
ROOM Nice front room, furnished or
uniurniehedi good locality and aood
cistern water. o8 COURT bt.
oo raonrooBifcov.
RESIDENCB Dunng the summer, a sub
urban residence, lurnished, near bou e
yard street ears. Large garden, One ibade.
to. None but flrst-class tenant need apply.
8. 11. LAMB, Miss, and Tenn. depot.
No. 83 Fifth street. Chelsea.
Auulvto J. 0. WlljL.ia.M3un.
Appiyio AtWm. R.Moore's.,
Slx Hanilcome New Flre-Roomfd Res
idences and 28 Beautiful Build
ing Lots on
TIIl'RSWAY, JUSE 10, 1S86,
Beginning at 11 o'clock a.m.
t .-.I nn WAiiiAr. Pninminas and Elm'
wood avenues, two blocks from te minus of
n..iA .tr.t cur line. Houses are brand
nmw. beautifully and substantially built,
with closets, cisterns, outhouses, etc.
TWO LOTS, 50x150 feet ach, (old w
Houses sold for 1250 eash: balance, 125 per
mentn, w.tn t per oeni. mwi.
Lots. 50x150 feet, sold for I. cash; bal
ance, Iiwpermnnio, wi. "V",;:
ti. ' j..i.ln- tn nu all cash will
have 5 per cent, discount on deferred pay
Proparty shown at any time r0?',4,0
isle by app'ying tp T. A. LAMB or J. U.
u a uwn ........ in MAiliann street.
ai nnnn.i,mti ti. tiarties who are
VMIOBUIU "" ' ..... ... - - . , .
tired of paying rents and want a noma or
thJoir,Kt-infcunl will be on the.rrouno
with a lull line of refrsshu ents for bidders.
AI'IIIO S'.siia.
The B-owll Ptockincs won quife
handily from the Chtunofris y
UrJay, none of tte viit.r baingper
mitted lo crcsj the home plate. It
wta a regu'tr walk over lor tne come
nine, the Chattanoo.ag failing evf n to
make the coniest interesting. Ua t,
thn br.R piaher ol UhaUinooga,
hld Macon down to three ru a in one
game, aod who led his nine lo victory
in ano-h-r, was pounueu quno mciy
bv the Browrg, every mao in the nire
but three nuking a int. Biaca if a un
with thrte hits in
cluding a tliree-baggfr. He alo
n;t)i.l a tin earns, ouiy buuwidk
three Bsstteiing luU. The loiala
played a mastetly game, coufioing tbe
number cf errors to two, both of lliem
excrsable. Saeed covered llnrd
aod playel me Dg in
great style, putting oat tour tneu
and aSBlBHOg Onte, Oil" Ol uin pumui.
being a dillicult tiy. The plucky Col
gan made his appearanc behind the
bat f jr the first time since bis wonn I,
aud pUved excellently, but. whh
his usual rashnPSB made a elide in
trvine to stal a base that tore a f'ar-
lul Kau in nisa m. iw uiu uv
hoA-tver, butpljed on till the end.
Mansell showed what he can do
when he ii thoroughly awake. He
plaved like a new man, accepting five
cba'nces without an error and aisist-
i. in a rinnh In n BV. raHmiuauu
covered short like a etone wa 1, and
nothing pawed bim, and Bronghton
rcade a puenomenaicaicn in irn umu.
In fact, tbe p'aying of the locals ws
first-ciass, and if they continue t
plsy up tothe fouu eahibitad yeettr
day tbe pennant i at their nieny.
Tne Uba tintogas tuu nin vnj u"
as well as tbey can play, eiiibt errors
buing lather numerous ior a emu m
their csliber. Graham an 1 A undel, old
Memphis favorites, were warmly wel
Mn.iildiin thev stenned ud to the
" . - . i . i.
pUte, the latter being prisenieu wuu
lovelv "teskay."
Dickeraon a marvelous ruuuiun
catch of a foal tly oer tbe edije of the
hioo.-hino-hnard. which looked soditti-
nnir Hint the coachera jelled "You
o.n'r ant it." wttfl b;ut the ra-t bril'
l n n av nt tn (lav. luo iuiiuwiuk
will be the bitting order for Memphia
to-day: Kneed, third ba.e; Man-ell,
center fibld; Andrews, first base;
B onghtoD, catcher: Black, left fiuld;
Krehmeyer, right field; Fuwelbacb,
hnrMtnn- Phslan. second base;
vnMiir t,it.phr. Another victory for
Memphis is assured, aod if the Chstt's
make a mn it will beberauae Knouff
is saving himself to "do up Aiianiu,
Sneed, 31 b 3 1 0
Mansell, c I o
Andrews, 1st b 4
Broughton.l. f.... 4
Calgan, o 4
Black, p 4
Fussellbach, s. a. 4
Phelan, 2d b 4
Krehmeyer, r. f .. 4
pursanson the grand stand 8trirt!ay.
When Whiiehead came to the tat he
waa hissed.
This is about as cruel a Piece of
bisinfg? as a man can ergg in, ana
it is to be hop d that there will net be
a repetition of it. A bal player la
sore noogh when he plae bad'y
without being cut to the heart by io
atinging an exhibition of diaappr jval
ai biasing.
Maiirnra. nrjwitnds thinl in the
League. If Sivannah drcpe a tsrrie
tu AtiRUJta, and it is mere than likely
that she will do ao, Memphis will pass
up to lecond. and then it will be a
fiuht to a fioir-h with Atlanta. I.y on
Atlanta, and grose-egged be lie who
first cries hold, Knoufl.
JUNE 1. 18SG.
the Christian ( hnrth Suaday
Last An Interestlna;
tnndlog f flb.
Memphia ,
Chattanooga .
' .51X1
.'0 .354
An AUrisrUva Proitrsimme rrod
for Ihasiecsuilosi lb
Tk. anniml commencement exor-
ciestsofthH Memphis public schoj's
.ill ha held at Leubrie's Theater to
night at 8 o'c:o . rne grp.ui u ro
at follows: M ssss Fannie King, Ruth
Hill, Ltzii" Mount, varne oi.i. i m
Mitche 1, Kate ToDin, laaneua i i
A idie N.Bh. iSarah Kyan. tva io ring
gio, KmraaJtnny, and Matters Wm.
11. MCtirann, iew
The valedictory will be dellveied
by Mar-ter William H. McHrann, who
secured the first honor, Misi Addie
N8h securing tne socouu inaw. v"';
music will n under uie nirecuau m
Prof. C. P. Winkler and Miw Louise
A. Beck. The following is the pro
gramme for the evening's esercisej ;
Overture Handweracr i urrnwiri
Hiini r tbe Airea
30 9
CLARENDON HOTEL-Fifty-four sleep
ing-rooms, furnished; kitchen and din-
Pff-TmM!;,!liiUv7K,'oelT.r. 292 Secord st.
HOUSE A new double-tenement house,
rooms on each sides nioely finished;
reuteuroe, wl
Apply to Mrs
large yard ;
Hoss avenue,
B. yuinla.ni
Qond cistern.
130 Manasaas ft.
FTJUNISBED ROOM S-iror (tenia ana lor
housekeeping, at 116 Court street.
TWO elegant front rooms,
onfnrnldhed. Apply at B9
Adams st.
SALESMAN For Southern States, experi
enced in selling bar fixtures, beer coolers,
. i ,. .)..,..;., AtRM, -ml hank fix
tures. Will pay a good salary, or salary and
commission. Address, stating, experience,
Cincinnati, Uhio
COOK A good eook to live on the prem
ises at 8W SECOND St. .
EVERYBODY To call and see the .cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 1,7 Third
street, near rnpiar. .
stnnv a Mini mm Miok and a woman to
VJ cook at West Memphis Hotel, across
the river.
TVTAN A live man with some money in a
XVX good money-maaing ousinoii'.
1 ., 4U Court street.
T ADY AGENTS Actually clear $20 daily
I i .An.fnl ntar rintfint rubber
nrderirarment for females. One lady sold 50
first two hours. MRS. G. LUTbb.
urst two noura. Loekb 443,Chicago, 111...
uvuuiu.r.n aAA At line. Small
D aarai'lea. One agent earned iSMO, others
UP to $24UU in m. nv .
"yflJLE Owner can have same Dy proving
1IX uroneriy ana phvidk i-uimu.
WAhn lir.uwrvi'. i
I llecnto strawt.
TUB IDEA That collars and onus cannoi
be re-laundried to appear equal to new
ork. Pee Memnnis oieau uuuan
serrent f.r partlcn'ars.
Graham, c. f 4
Dickeraon, 3d h. 3
Cross, s. s 4
Kent, l.I
Heinzman, r. t... i
Hatt, p 4
Lsvie, 1st b 2
Arundel, C 3
Peake, 2d b 3
,s - r r in ,M in sums to suit, on
JVZUUU notes woll indorse I. city rent
notes, chattel mortgages,
etc. Addrens
tfinnnn TO 3000 to loan in sums io
rDssUUvJ suit parties having notes well
indorsed, rent notos, chattel mortgages or
other reliable sacurity. Inquire ,at
fvj.nA nw , . da. In to 12 vears: tips ol
J horns siwed orl. and long scar on le't
hip. Had rope arounu neca wuu rmni
tachsd. Liberal roward.for her reiurn to
Mosely Avenue, west ol Olympic Pnrk.
CALF On Saturday n'ght,
inff AVT1
I , OUfK lr.m K fi. UMflV Street.
black and whi'e oow and a brown calf
about six months old. Five aollars rnware
fur their return. .
- A-TTT 1? nark krnvn mitr mule. frOIll
JVL Causey street, branded J. R on right
lore shoulder! had bridle on. Liberal re
ward paid for her return to my residence,
m Main street. bTIWARD W YATER.
horse and a stylish
TJORSK A gentle
I I ...li.ht .nrin
WM. LIINN, 143 Madisonstreet.
YOU TO LOCK. At tbe Memphis Steam
Laundry ad. and learn to keep in stye.
WHITE GIRL-Eightto twelve years of
age, can obtain a good home in a nice
family. Apply at No. 8H Frarer street.
POSITION By a good steady boy in store
or office. Address J. P.. Appeal oftoe.
JJJ made the greatest disoovery of the age
in filling teeth with go d. For the next
thirty da,. I w.ll l laalh fat 50.
Aa TT IlSCVi' W4 a.wi
Main street, pear
pleasant looms at m
Court h'Quare.
A OF.NT8 coin money with our Amateur
J. Photo outfit, and collecting- family
pictures to enlarge, tpacial 30-day offer.
kMPIHE COP I IN G CO.. 381 Canal St.. W.Y.
airs. Casanball'a
m Tili.F "a Tllter. Bustle. Uoop-
akirtand Underskirt oombined. Hoops can
K Vem.ved and skirt laundried. Adjusta
ble to anysiae. Ve y fashjonaple. and sells
lor2 to every well-dressed ldy as ioon as
a A..hla hlr monev. AlflO.
lull lin of new furnishing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, K. H.
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 4M West Randolph
treat. Chicago, ill.
-LEATHERS Old and. new
J? Highest oash nrice paid at
UABAY'8. 409 Shelby street.
MEN and women to start a new business
at their homes, easily learned in an
hour; lOe to 60o an hour made daytime or
vening. Send 10c lor a paokage of samples
and 24 working aampies to commence on.
UGGY One secnnd hnd buggy, one sad-
die and barn... 'VKoNTST.
TV TARE Bay, 15 hands high, years i nno
VI ...'-..i a.,n. in finiiarintendent
-1 A- 1.1. 1 ... ... t ,
Klmwond Cemetery, at norm gw. or "
ofnne. gft Union street.
FTC. One fine mirror and
show-case, counter and shelving suite
ble for retail ciitar store.
K. M. HARRISON. 208 Front st
xvx i
three or
. na narlor stove, one carper, two
tables, counters, shelving, etc, at oo maat
son itreet, near ciarenaon nowi.
T A BARGAIN One piano.
nnivrnu n. L .Vi . - In. and har
x. ness. ootu m i"'uw l," ,
very cheap. Address PHAKTON, Appeal
office, or call at State tcmale uoiiese.
mm-vccccu btitb rKUTIITICATES
L Receivable or any and all dues to tna
State. OVKKTMiN fli usuBvawon.
"A If ULE-l Ten head No. 1 work mules and
1VX one fine saddle horse.
TAYLOR. DUFFI1 A CO.. S04 Front st,
l ri W. BARBEIt. Ash'at.d City. Tenn
MEN. EIC.-2O0 station men,
60 tie-makers,
60 teams,
'2ft teaimtsra,
JR choppers,
en Bald Knob extension, 25 miles from Mem
phis. Apply on work at Tyronta river, or
to leof, McGowa. H Co-
M,N To do sution worg on bald Knob
railroad ; station work at 11 to 13 cent.
Also, tie-m'ers at ii win. IU" .
i sTT.VKR Vur cash orex-
change. MULFOKW. Jeweler, wain.
IOHE-TcaJh prices paid for old and new
FEATHERS at U4 Main street
5m trw hALARY TO AGhN.To-.Ad
LUVJU drenf at once, DR.
York. The only gen ulne.
Broadway, New
A GENTS In every section ol tne country
jt. for two New Books, just ready. SfJC'"
Tr.u.tn msn of experience capable ol Illi-
iuK a large territory. o i' V ac.,
and territory wanted. CAbsKLL CU.
Tlimited). 8i2 Broadway, N. Y., and 40 Dear-
trntrcCJiicjwO; .
QAbESMEN--ln every Siate in he 11. ion
O to represent a PAINT M AMjFACTLR
ING KSTAiLISHMKNT having several
BrtouLTiia thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can he handled alone or in connection
wifk nthtar .too (if. Ad drew TUB WM. Li.
t kfcf MAlfuFi. CO.. BALT1M0EB. MD.
W. R. LARKIN. LarVinsville. Ah
WUUU ouu ourus ui wuirn in .
suit purchasers. .TTnro.v
IV. vt n uu' "in
11 27 14
. P.O.
A fice conim'fratioa awemblcd at
.1.,. T lndin r-tri-et Chr a iau I hU'di
on Sunday n-cht to htar Mr. Pr.ney a
sermon on "ttcyclea and Baptism.
Havinc read Mattliew xtvili, m.aaa
trxt, tne speaker ia d: In levea ing
his will io men the Iird made nee of
bum in lanif'iaiie a the mrditim cf
eommun cation, and is he wirihid to
be understood by thee addrvsaed ha
of courne ud wordi in thf ir nannl
and moet ktvwn ene. The tett
.... ilo and tch the naMjnu, bao-
tiitinir them." This lanRuaRe of the
great King imposes a uuty on tha
'ir o'l.n tfflcher. and alio on the
taught. The (etcher ia tn perform an
act on the Inntiht (bipt r. nr, them),
while the ttuuht re (o sub uit to that
act "What is the act thus t be pc -formed
end fubmi tod to? The an(
iljm.mlH np n the meaniri; ol
the word "baptia ns," and this brums
ust consider lha mode of aceitaiu-
in iht m nninna of words.
...v, ... n- . -- ,
It is net tne outineso oi mru wuu
make dietirnar.es to coin meaninus
for words, but it is their duty to ko
annnR the people, hear them talk,
read what thev write, and thua learn
from the ptop'le themwlves the tense
in which they une their own words
This ia a quaetion that mage must
decide. Aroit-ary authoiity has no
place here. . . ,
Ut us supp-Me that an intsllliient
nl ( irpiunnrs. noon lauding
in the city ot New York, hear for
the Bret time Ihe word bicycle nse.i.
lu.ino nn idra im to tin meaninit o!
the word, they begin to guoie what
a bicycle is each expressing
a diOerent opinion from the ns
1'retently they hear one man say to
another: "Bring me a bicycle,' ana
one of them nays: "mv wbich
and see what he brings." Bv and by
the man rt turns with an instrument
having one large wneei
small one, ana tney ey.
is what bicycle meats." They go ti
rhiladolphia, lUlt'more, WuHttiugton
p.n. fiini-lnniii. Cliicaao and i n to
.. . ' I .11 .inn. V, L i - linn
e n rrauciBci', uu " iu ..
of travel they hear the people apply
TSjJ I: W PKtM K.M1.-We are
w f.,hion-a sort median
i.w finishing Collars sn 1 Cu after the late. New York
1 " . ..t,m .lo.. lim.b. ken. UP eilrl the s .e and tillie and senu aa
ft UK'
vuii k m- r. ill Am and tuB, f o ir auxeo; ruins, iw
vour Lollm n ioa i unn.
ft, charvsp one wT oj P
ill i y Kn re Cham bolh on iat'kafe aniouDiins w
&. R0ZIER, tf.
V'.-Ta"." "'' Proprietors.
r raPll; rr,.rl-l 2"24 l.CONM) ST.
learned how they applied the word
under considers ion, IIU8 again innu
upon thatUaiilean m mntin and hear
the r-aviir say, "1'earh lha iiat'.ona,
baptiaing thuu." Ia (here ro and
room left for a miiniliatindirg as to
his meaning? It ia thna that leiicn
graphers find out the uitamngi I
(HAIKVi.lK M,ruiirnt UIVEM
"The Boat is Launohed.
l .u- Itill
' I hnrna
lti.iilint. ' ' .
The Bell of Atri, '..
..Minn Ma Mitchell.
..Hiss Emma Jenny.
B.l.ollnn ....urcuesua.
. .. . . . ill... U .. ... I. Uuaa
"The t'hoii'er tnun, -I 'lr amau
... an. llikna."
"Sweet Long Agr..".. .............xriorus
iik. 1 ..a iU. a ' rfaasgarfllaa in VOCal
-..It. i real .Xlllii
" ll.nce.7Vr...:.":...:"lis Fannie King.
Mi.ht." Chorum.
"Kin. VoluV.r and Klsie.T'. Mis-Ruth atill.
V.l.a.ctory-"Th.l).y UDen.. Mc(lrnn
s.i.nilnn Orchestra,
Awsrdlng Dir.omaj.President R. 1. Jordan
Total 31 0 3 SI 7 8
Memphis". 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 2-9
Chattanooga..0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
flnmmarr: Runs earned Memphis,
Chattanooca. 0. First base on errors
Memphis, 2; Chattanooga, 2. First
baee on called Dans aiempuiiyt, vumr
tan-o;a, 2. Struck out By Black, 4;
b Hart. 6. Left on baees MumpniP,
.. J . n m t... Uiii. ... an.
5; Unat anooja,o. iwuiwjuid-au-
drew?. TDree tae am miw, u
hi a nlnva Manaall to Andrews, Qr
ham to Levu. fascea nans ooigan,
1. Wild pitches-Black, i; a-i, .
Basei itolen Andrews and Phelan.
Umpire, E.Hengle.
A Good Catcher Serlooaly iDjnred.
Minn. Oa.Miv31. In the game
here this aft ai no an between Charleston
and Macon the visitore were shut out,
the sore standing 2 to 0 in favor of
Macon. Smith and lJecker neia mo
points fnr the locals, Weyhing and
Hines fjr tbe visitors. Smith waa
verv effective in the box, while Wry-
. . J ... , T . I flK in.
hing was nil ireeiy. iuu -ning
Decker, catcher for the Macons,
while sliding to first base injured him
self and had to be taken from the ball-
field in a earrings. iilJ Injuries era
internal, and tometbing like those
sustained by Henke last summer in
Atlanta. Score Dy innings:
Macon 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
Charleston. 0 0 0 0 0 0 U o u-u
Peabexly Hchool.
The c'oiing exercisfs cf Peabody
.nknnl affnrduil tll TlllhliC the ODDOr-
tnnityof testing the thoroughness of
ins raction in tne raempuie ui;
arhonls. a. Ihe ncitalioiu were on
dueled by the teachers of the var ous
oradfs. The exetciees paved off' with
out a single incident o-itrring to mar
the pleasure ci ma occamou.
Jrtfcraon Htrel Nrhoola.
TK.. .1naina (Xfl'cigeS (f MiSS Aelie'l
vnmn flt t.hA JtiTdraon Street Kihooli
were laraely attended. The scholars
.linarnd t.l.nmaelves to be well up in
their studies and ttio whole aflair re
flecsed grf at credit on Miss Ashe as a
teacher. Judge J. L. T. Sneed pre
sented the priass in a praceful speech.
Mtda's were given to B'anche Hefler
nan and Janus Wnelby for deport
ment, punctuality and scholaiahip,
end to Master Henry Ferguson Bnd
Kane Scott far deportment. The
medal to Katie Scott was given by
Miss White, and Miss Shepherd pre
8 mted one to Marter II. Ferguson.
SioAn WILL BUY a new business fur
3bZUU the otate of Tennessee, Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, to make large
cash profits at once; a monopoly fully nro
teoted. Parties wishio" a good business ad
dress MAIi'lfAi;iunB".ini m
CHKP FOR CAfitt The lo-story erica
J btorehouse, No. lfil Besle street, just
east o' Dosoto: lot 21x75i will take
(iKO. T. VAN6k, Citiaens' St. R.R. office.
ATMlV. FOfll M9, V A. WUU luia.uuw
1. . wstsr fro t, 4C feet deep. for full
Information address WM. A.
47 TeTingtcn strwt. Paltlmre.rnl
A book of 100 page.
Itie best book tor
an advei tiser to eon-
, be he expert
.1 or otherwise.
contains lists of
. - , . . j
newspapers land estimates o toe eosi oi ad
vertising. Tne advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar, finds in it the information he re
guires.while for him who will invest one
hundred thousand dollars In a.djrertiainr. a
scheme 1st ndicated which will meet his
every reul.-ement, or can be made to do so
by slight chanim easil .VJ.aTii
spondanee. One hut dred and fi(ty-tree
editions have been issued, bent, Pf"tl;aia.
to any arl-ircsstor ten c.nu. ArU'ly to UfcU.
VEKTISINti BUREAU.10 Spruce it. (Pnnt-
na House mh""i .
. . . u iRiis Kt I IT s: M ess
- ufeil with salutary effeot in the family
of Mrs. B. W. nuuiuna. zi au.itiih
Memphis. Tenn. bhe was cured of nervous
ness and her bucband of indigestiun.
Hatch Oarae at Kaltlllo, Hlea.
IsrioiaL to TH8 ArrsaL.I
Tupklo. Miss.. May 31 Tb.etr.Vch
o.mA nf haseball between tne Gold'
inh nf rhia nlacfi. and the base
ball club of Saltillo, came off at the
tot or nlnoa tivdav. reanltina in Vic-
inn fnr tha Goldbema bv a score of
is ii. Considerinff the rongh and
Kiiw o-innnda and that none but ama
tanra ns rticinated. this is raid to be
the finest game ever played in Nor
thern Mississippi.
We Cats Beat Tbat Kixsd of Dall
Israoui. to tbi ArraaL.I
Nahhvill(Tknw., May 31. It took
twelve inniDga for Atlanta to beat
Nashville, but sue ;ma ii ny io o iu
the mcst exciting game evr played
hire. After the hret inning, ween
Atlan'a made one inn, no one crossed
hnme plate till the ninth, when Nash
ville made two, and the wildest ex
timent prevailed for ten minutes.
Atlanta tied tnem. nowever, sau iu
tbe twelfth won tbe game. Neither
side made an earned run, but. despite
errors, tbe game was lntentely inter
esting. Basehits: Nashville, 7; At
lant, 5. Errcri: Naahville, 7; At
lanta, 5. Struck out: Baker, 8; Con
way, 2. .
Baseball Note.
St. Louis, 4; Boston, 1.
Nsw York, 6; Detroit, 6.
Bbcoklyn, 8; Cincinnati 6.
Metbopolitans, 14; Louisville, 5.
Bostov, May 31. Morning game.
St Louh, 4 ; Eoiten, l.
Thr Mine vesierday wa nrntirfd by
Vr. II. Mengleof the Cuicagj Blues,
acd be gave perfect satisfaction.
New York, May 31.-Nearly 2000
sptc'atorj attended the afternoon
game between the New York and De
troit clubs. New York, 1 ; Detroit. 4.
W omitted Sunday to mention an
exhibition of mieconduct by certain
C. L Ficklen and wife to Lucile C.
Patterson, part tf lot 1, Jane N.
Porter's subdivision, 200x200 feet, on
Walker avenue, for $1000.
Walter M. Johnson ta Lnoi'e C.
Patterson, same as atove, for $1000.
Meredith Yats to O F. DeUarlp,
lrtl. black 02. Willo Wi'liama's tub-
.liviuinn. Ko t Pickerinc. fur $755.
Wm. H. Stovall to Sallie F. Hunt,
lots 15, lti and 17, north side of Gayoso
street, for ius.ouu.
H. M. James lo Florence ana vvf
innRrown.deed of exchanne of lev'
eral piece) of proptrty in South Mem
phis, consiaerai;oD, nuuu,
.limm M. Biinkltv and wife t) J. L,
Goodloe, trustee, to secure Iheodore
Read in the sum ol wioou, lot aoximj
feet, on south side of Jefferson strett.
Erastua Underwood and wife to L.
v iinmAs. trnatpe. to set u re Mrs.
Julia O. Underwood in the sum c f
$1000, lota 103 and 101, Provine's sub
division, 60x150 leet, on north side of
Williams avenue,
n. C. S arinhter. chairman and Irus-
te", to David Botto, part of tbe east
half of lot 4, block, 52, 80x80 feet, on
Linden atrtet, lor f W.buu. .
asm. II. Wharton and wife to H
Ttonnlnrf. irnatee. to secure the Ger
man . A mAiican Btii'dlnir and Loan As
sociation in the sum of $1000, lot at
noithweit corner of New Raleigh road
and Sample avennw.
Tbe Vrvaa at St. Jeaepb'e Chnreb
Th new ortrin of St. Joseph'
Cburth wa. dtdicattd last Sunday
nioht nnder the direction of Prof
W nkler. awleted ny tne memoers oi
St. Peters choir. The programme was
aa follows: .
fAtll 1.
Overture to Bemiramis.......
Prof. Winkler.
Ave verum, Hnprana Solo
I)..!.- Vm JaKnvah. Trio
MISS Lilghlburnei nessrs. v. jjaenuu
and S. Wright.
0 cor amoris, Sole, luo and Uhorus,
Miss M. Llghthurne, Messrs. E. Kbeler
and M. Iwyr.
Instrumental t'eleotion lor Organ,
L. Picasso.
0 Salutaris, 8olo Verdi
Miss Genevieve Specht.
ReginaCoeli, Grand Chorus ..Wallace
mTiamagion or rrva mxrTaa.
Ave Maria, Soprano Solo...... .MIIlard
Alias Kmma Jones.
Pro Peccatls.Bass tiolo.... Rossini
Mr. J. F. Ryan.
Tu ea Petous, Chorus with guprnno eolo.
Miss Genevieve N.erht.
Instrurr.ental Sele. tion L. Pwasso
lbdainmatus, priirno bolo with Cnoruj,
From Rossini's etiibat Mutor
Miss M. Ligh'liurna.
Gloria From Uior.a s Msis . o
inir this word to the aime mnoi
wr,-wheeled vthicle. Now. suppoee
V,.l nnni arrivinfftt Han I ranniFC",
one of them is told lo bring a bicycle
and he brings a wbeal barrow? But
mi i "that ia lmnns-iiuie: uu mau
conld make a mistake like that." Vtry
well; just bald this uiustra-ion oi mo
method of ascertaining the nifoning
nf a word, in mind, till we take a t ip
iiirnnirh ancient lire CP. nai wo may
hear Greek-speaking people use their
-nr.l hantiz and tnns ascertain tbe
i.,...rfinn in vhlr.h thev annlied it
UDwvw.vM " ,. . j " .
l jxt ra annnnna onrselvea ti Da sianu-
ing on oueot the mountains of Galilee
in waring dietaoce of the riBsn Lird
of slory ai he comm'snona the apos-
.. B.. j. Liu..lliu "Inn.
llrS W gj BOH WD un,iuui " -r
M Ho henn'.heeiswe nevdr
heard tne wora u uoiuiw,
have no knowledge of its meaning,
and we now eUrt upon a journey
among the Gficks of tuat day tdat we
mayasLertain how they applied the
word. , ,
The first men we i hnnce o bear
using the w nl U P. lyoiu, n Greek
historian, ho lived aooul to hun
died years bolero Otirist. Speaking of
the iton po iitud ppear used in taking
the swonl-Uiii, n sayj: aim
spear falls into l he sin it is not loit.
lor it is coir nav fu n mm
a , nut ji ihf r uken patt u
npliicd ty t in vJe'gni,, wif n-o .
im v 1 up n 1 i mtiiy reeoweel.
II n l'oiymi" c.ll tue pulling;!
som"thini undir the wt r imp iz
Wo novt hpnr S rahit uti"ir th
word. In bH gvigranliy, epeakiug ot
the murc'j ui Alexander's army
thrnnoh wat;r. lie save: "Alexnder
-r, - - lt . ., .
happening to be mere pi me hiuiu.j
ami BcniiH'nmed t) trust (or the
Evnoww, ' - . .
mobt part to loriune, aei, iorwuru w
fore tne swell buohiuou; mu "j
marched the whole day in
water, baptized as fnr as ti
the waist.'' These so'diera waded
waist deep la water, and mis uieen
wri er (ays that they were baptized as
to that part of their bodies that was
nnder the watei.the tost baing ex-
ccp'ed fiom the baptiem.
Wa next encounter tbe word in ths
mouth of Josoohue, who, though a
Holirew, wrote his hihtory oi tne jbwb
in the Greek longue. He was born in
the year 117 alter Christ, in uis
account of Herod's method of destroy
ing Aristobuius. Dy mstrucuiiK mo
youth's compauioDS to drown bim in
a swimming bath, he says: 'Con
tinually n-tawing, down and baptizing
him wnne bwiuiiuuik, j 'r
tbey did not desist till they had
entiiely suffocated h m." Even the
maii hnv" ran. aoDreciaio mm.
havino An anrnd in sutli sport. The
... i.tn.nf AriHtnVill 118 DrtSfOd him
mo wi. " . . 1 1
nnder the water, ana joeepnui cue
that "baptizing him."
Next we hear Lucian, tbe man
i.i.. n.mi tha word. To indicale
! l.l
his hatred oi manainu, no roBumu
follows: "And if the winter's torrent
were bearing rne aaay, and he with
outstretched bands were imploring
h.ln Inthrnat avnn mm El'lliuina,
bapt zing him, to that he should not
be able to come up again." Thm
writer waiborn about 135 years be
nhriai. The meanine of tbe
-,.,i n. na.rt hv htm. ia eelf-evident.
We next hear the word used by
Ilii pocraUs, an ancient Greek pbysi
inn Tn iL-Hi-rihins the svmptomfl of
a patient arllicled with lome throat
trouble, hs says : "And she breathed
ai peisjts breathe after having been
kantiaarl. and emittd a low sound
1mm tha i hf flt. like the no called ven
..:ii.t " Accnrrlinir to this writer S
idea of it. baotism Is aomething that
disturb! respira ion. Tins t-prinkllng
.aa hut immHraion alwavs. does.
Plutercb, horn in the your 60 after
Christ, speaking of tbe halcyon in cot
k nit an that it floats in
aftv nn tha water, says: Thatwh ch
is moulded Dy ner, or isiwi vvi
.t nr.irt with the shiowrirhti sr. ol
many forms, the only one not liable to
he overturned, nor io uo taim
trikinor example, show
" v .. c..i. v.... .i.
ing not only wnai ia uapnm, u ''
sime tbiogs that are not baptism, in
the estimation of a man who ws boin
)rgth dictionarieit doflue the Greek
Un,ti:o bv iH', itiwn rr, plrii;,
etc whiie not one ol thmu de tinea it
bypot.r.or trmUel "Why, ia it pos
eibU," ton aay, "that no standard
(ireck Kogusn cicnouary '"""
Greek word fciiii.-o uieaiis i ruui . .
spriDkle?" It ia r.ot only pos
ihlP, It IB a WBiiamiwu
Are you aur m .
you say. t ' l" r""" , -it
that I pr.ipmo to ive 1100 lo
such a book. II anybtdy lira a s an i-
ard Grei k-Engltsli dictionary v m.
tinea thia word Dy pouroi Hprinair, uo
cm git 100 lor it by deliverin it t'
HIP. 1 Sty ttllS Willi run ai.uwio-
the com out ol an old edi I -n oi n
dell md Set. tt.
Perhaps niname ie bfl'.VrT iriown m
or moie revernl b AmericHnacliolarri
than that of Prof. Charlen Anthon. In
March. IrM. the tiliowing noti wa
addressed to this dialing ueliad lm
n.,i.i "Priil. Chiis. Anthon: Inro i
. . .. .L I aj..: Let aiianii if
Ve.BAUOll Will. vr. niuiiiK incv vv.... n
i. aa'a, thah tnttm or.uinal the wora
Kantiasin iiloh wo find iu the New
r !.,..,. hosrn iillnite meanina:
rh.l it mnana to imuieiB", annual,
pour and has variety of other mcau
!na aa mush the one ia the otlier
rtn.l lltnf svnrv acholar knows it
i.-i it waa tlm nnlv word that
could have been selected by our Sa
vior, having aucti a variety aa w u
every ooe'a v ews and purposes. May
I ak vou if your knowledge of tbe
lnnifUQJA Irnm which the word wfs
...w7. i,n. 1..1 vn tn tha same cone u
.inn? Anil mav I bk of you lo let
the deep interesi I take in the sutj ct
ii MlmT aooiouy. t iiuvo vuo uu..u.
to be Willi great respect mosi tespeot
iumj ..i,K
To tills note rroi. iuu
following reply:
Coi.i'MniA Uoi.lhiii, March U, im.
nu p.uui.v Mv Dtar Sir: There
t. n oiiiiimiiv whiitKVHr for the sin
lor rAinark mi i o bv the Kev. lr,
Spring teUiive to tlie Wrce of Implu-o
I'lia-i ik itmirir me uiu u ur mi tun wnv
todiporimuiHue, al ' sitfomlarr
meanings, if if tier htul any, all relir,
in soiiio way or othnr, to the sanio
leading idea. Sprinkling, elc, ii'a t n
tirely out of the (tietion. Yoms
Ti'is hi" authority is entitled to
gixat weight
In conclusion I mtioduce to your
notiretbedtlinitioti of this word aa
ttiven by thatdiitiiignmhed BCluUr ol
il.oW l.irlh Prnl. K. A. SophOclPH.
In his Grrrk Itrkoti oftlit Roman and
n,nnfint 'mini, defines the wordfxtp-
tothus: 'Tjdip, to imimtrse, to
sink": and gives thm uote: "there is
no evidence mat iuae anu i am, su
the otlier writers ol the New Testa
ment, put upon thia verb meanings
not recognized by tha Greeks.
With these latt) before you, you are
abundantly able to reach a fair conclusion.
How lit-Tlilnka II Mi on Id II a Ma
nacil for Ilie Hrnrllt of I be
(let Rllodste ;Lagomarmo to da
roar Plssnabinst.
1 .U.,.tlh and .n.r.v Mr. h. M.
A . Kin 'Jii UmllClin StFAHt. MCIIllllHS.
Tenn-,' after an attack : o malarial fever
whih lft him an fecljle t at be wu conOnsa
tOihis bed.
n the Grek tnue ard live I in tbe
lays of lh apoailes. This b ri s n-st,
I.olter AcldreaasMi oy isio a-r-..
C'oisaiulltee to Ibo Railroad.
Thn fnlWInir Imter was addrewd
yesterday byHecrtt try Keeling, ol the
Merchant' Exchange, ti railrcalf,
aa n I iter nlaina Itanlf:
Ubar bib wnmorouH cumiJiniM
having been made by merchanti and
dealers that several tiuin" lately goo.ls
have been stolen from card ou "team
track" durinir tbo proceas oi unload
ing, our Frnigrili Uoiiiimuee inntrui i
ma toauoreeH yu uu mo ""r
the hop l that you may "nu a rjmcur
lor it. .... , , ,
We onderrvand tnat on rar-mau ium
signed for an "aluppera' load ana
CJUnt you Claim uo ro'iijuoiuinkr
for amount of eoiilents. Tha obj -it
of this letter is not to rue that poii t,
bat rather to ask your kind co-opera
tion, looking fnr ttio better prouuci
of the pairous of ynir read.
By your preaeni evHiaui, iu"" is -menta
of bulk grain placed on "term
track" for consignees to ia k a'. cre
and haul g vs a fine opportunity to
dishonest driymen and othe s p pil
fer considotiilily oat of each car with
cut much d.ir gr of detection, ai no
check ia kept uf the number of sacks
so baulod or muc? iaeu ui mo v -son
or drav hanlin.
To remedy t'lie the co.nmittee sug
gta that you require drayinsn. an I
others wishing ae:ef to or; to have
writton tu hority fr imto isiguei s; lur-
I.. ih.r vnn k.eiD a ubeiktf every
ctr unloaded on "team trck,' show
ing nomher of drar and number i f
packages hauled eat h u al. TI la ia d-
sTed even if iho grain is rec jived in
hulk and sacked by owner on track.
If Uis was done it wou'd badlhcult
to rob tha caw it dj groat extent.
Would bs p'etoed to rctmve a ruply
and yoar views on the aabject. Tru'y
y0nrF' K. A. KKKHNtl, Secretary.
In'eteat in the proha'i't' Jiaj o i:ior
of tl Bi It iu loud cotitiiitn a to ex
l it attention. An ArrKi. man culled
n Chairman Slangtitr, tlm ex otlii'io
ust.o, yi's erday, ami askua lor nis
icwsil ine nifuer. - inn uiuu iu
present coiitMiior, Kaid i.tiairiiuin
atinlitHr, ' (except what 1 have m-
rvly io d) itiih 8' in every Hpecies
p oprr '. iron a ten-iiMu wssmug
it) ti a $HtHH) farm, Hi a terfd nearly
I ever ArkiitiHie, and in Hixlby,
'aVite and tiluon loiintis-H, icnri.,
' .. . ... ... ... i i? .i.i..
I a ia;llllH OI ilUVI III in rmiii mm
Htouifnt of thfc facta hoarding the
. a. . . . . v. . ..
HpO'ii'S and lOca'IOIl Ol inn vani.
eBuito il win raaouy ' ' l,y
m o iiitxicsli" I tint it will mpiire a
irr.'i t ilt ivKd lime and a vaat a nouns
I Ii .lior sto convert uns i"
mini'ilt' Inndj or money so ins imie-
liiia.lcs can lo lumotitcl Horn it.
Ihe grni.t Bt',ftnxit ty o tro pan oi
tl.oae iiniking-'iotiiiir os hi'oiiim to mi a
rnn tlinr uit that the wlrilo luna
will be abaubed In lawyiva' feen. I
can on y a- y to tlmn that there will
bo nn lawve a lei" p id by wa until i
pny the liitlnlitlv'f. ol lie Ittnd, anu
i hen only ny tne oiuer oi auiuw mum
having ni bor.ly to inike me py it.
The Supreme. Uonit oi leuneBiee,
in th't final aijudiciion oi this estate,
pr.ividaa in lie diif that all the
nroDertv in Tennewe shall be lold aa
aoon as po sible. (This year.)
"I propose to antier rig'uiy ra vuo
provieions of that decree. During the
S'a nt month I have sold about $31,
i)0 woith of the property
"Under that decree I ani poiilively
insiructed to pay the amount due Mis.
L. A. IVta (formtrly Mr. Cannon)
out of the first pronnrty solil. I have
recently paid Mrs. IVete HU,025, one
half the amount due hvr. I txpect to
pay tbe balance due her iu- a very
eh rt time. When this debt is paid
then the benetlclariia will, for the first
time in its history, brgin to see the
hrtuking of dayligt t upon iu .
"Ar ioim ai I cm make a final Bet
ilonent with Mr. I'eete I hope to
have a fund etifliuient to place at the
dwpoMilef thecomniinii tiers appoint
ed for the purpose of erecting the 'Bol
ton College.'
'Thin much covt td college, I am ex
ceedily fiixii tit to bko in progress dur
ing ii' y adminiHtration, and nothing
bIihII lie left undone on my part to
haslen it. The balance of the property
in town will be s ;ld during the sum-
mi r. I propote to tiavo the large
plHiititious divided into small farms
so ai p ace them within reach of small
buyers. I also proyoje to Bell for at
lias: oue-thlrd cah and the balance
on ey tirmj with intereet fr.un date
of purchase. The object iu Belling for
as much as onu-ih'rd csh is to pro
bet the fund or beneficiaries from any
defalcation in the payment of future
InntallniHiits. When sel l, enough
cash will te realized to complete the
payment due tlie endowment fund,
which now amotinta to about $1!1,000.
I am of Oi.iniun the surplus Bhould be
immediately invieel In soma giod,
l ing (J per cent, bonds, as I believe it
a but er plan tlum loaning it out
on security as nroivlded iu tbe will of
tl.e donor. Wbea converted into
li n,l I ihli k thev Bhould be de-
: ptv ited in some good bunk under the
I s-iiii'dittiiHlilp of the County Court, so
t'iat the school directors, or coinmia
sionere, may he enabled lo draw their
intiireBi n gularly every six months on
order from the trustee of said fond to
aid them in carrying on their school
a provided in the will.
"I am decided y of the opinion that
if this plan is carried out after all the
proceeds if the estate ii converted in
good bones, l hat the services of the
trmt-te will be meiely nominal.
"My reasousf iriiiig s ing theCoun
ty Court if, that, a hi o the doner did
not so expremly prov de, yet it enema
from the reading of the llltsenth
c'mne of he will, thatbe did iutimaW
md a desire. Another leatonis that
the County Court iithepe iple'scourt,
and more eaiily aicesnble to the
manses, and erpeilally tbe henefiijia
ri a, than any other cotir'. Hjwever,
this Is a matter that can hodeterminrd
in the future. I hop that thia ex
planation of what I deeire to do in the
premites will bo aati, factory to all
those interested In thii niattar, but I
am oj en tj receive any eugB ions
and advoie whereby the int rest of
the fund can be le nil eler e-ilergea,
a 'nt i.i ii kh 1 1. orrr.Ri
Tbs Voltaic Hii.t Co., Marshall.
Mich., offer hi wnd their Celebrated
Voltaic liui.ru and Klectric Appli
ances on thirty duys' trial to any niiin
oiiilr.t..i1 willi Nervous Debi itv, lin? "f
vitnlliv. MutilKXid. etc. Illua nit
pamphlet in willed envelope with
particulars, mailed free. Write tl
ut once. ...
Jy'lnn itial lioaiiliig.
Ladie' and genis' clothes cleaned
or dved in any color, also k:d glovim,
ostrich loathoro an I late curtains by
lnia Kwitfel.nS i eflerson street, Mult
'ancient tim; and tbns ' phi, Tenn. Good remivrJ by express
altlidtigh floating on Uo wa'er, ii not
liable, owii'g i") it' cotiu ruuuuu, us
i.oni;r,i it ia liable to he made par.
m.iio wt hv nontict with tbe
m...tr; it In liable to be Bprinkled
hy hcirig rained nro"i 0,,t la not
liah'e to be bapt'zed because it is not
liable to go under tbo watar. Thus a
voice comes ta us from the days of the
apoitlee, and out of the mouth ol a
man whose vtroacular il the Greek
laigtifge, virtually telling us that
llavinK gone among Greel:-spf aking
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