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Itrwardi Uie I fforU af Two SpotU
mrm who Eoow Sibble From
Uk Vw, Tinm., May 28.
''lBUglit th rty white neri li and three
trout to-day." A. I'. M.
Immediately uon the reci-ption of
the aliove tlto sporting man of the
Ari-KAi. wan li'lailni to investigate in
jivraun the truth of the ilispaU'h ami
U i vt- an arromt of his day's caU-h to
our readers in order that tlmsewlio
are piscatorially iorhned might seek
recreation for a few houm at this
beautiful lake with, at least, a small
prmnim of sHeoess. Not wiidiing to
fro alone, we hurriedly stepix'd around
to see OHr old friend and tlmroo;h
sportsman "Uncle Ueorpe," and, upon
ibv tation, lie coiiHented to join us,
as he is always ready for a good thing.
Oiirroiiipiinion U-ingaHslircil we sent
the following: "1'repare room 0 ana
otliT n rewires lor two: will
with vou this eveninit
as the sun wax Kinking
behind the large tres on tlie went
liank of the lake, we stopriol off at
the deot and were met by Capt. A. 1.
Montana, the proprietor of tun Lake
View lintel, ai d by him was shown
to room , as desired, lie info'ined
ih that "everything was in readiness
for the next day, and as mipprr was
now ready we had b-tter partake"
which we did in good style, am the
fare waa splendid, ami we ipiite hun
gry. (Saturday morning at 5 ".() found
iik at the break fitut talile, and nt ti
o'clock we were on the hike. Tr-dling
wiih out of the question, as the water
wim too high for I lml kind of spurt, so
We decided to ( online onr ellorts to
angling. At 11 o'clock we were
fo cihly reminded of the fact that
it was tbe bewitching hour
of day when free lunch
doth ploy an itiiportii' t part, but m
none was visible we dinpatclied one
of our attendants with a boat to tlm
hotel to bring us our 'dinner, a fresh
supply of ice, and another bucket of
ininnows'and also instructed him to
jihice carefully unrJn the ico our nio'n
ing catch, which consisted of sixty
Jotir diile perch slid four trout. The
negroT-eturned in due time w th all
tho nece'saries of our picnic, which
we enjoyed hugely by lashing our
Io0 s together and lining a seat iw a
tible. "Doi'a'o whole skill-load of
lo'ks comiii' rip hero arter you gem'en
to get some -fish, " rennrked the boy
who had been running the commis
sary train,. i
" Well,. Let them come, but I'll never
move ' ;f jig until 1 devour
this dinner, remarked "Tncle
tieoiyo." Our meal being ended, we
again tok onr respective boats end
puslioj out for the atternonn sport.
Sour reporter was just about landing:
a Hue two pound perch w hen he was
startled by a familial' voice, exclaim
ing, " A'ell, that's a tluo one; why
emit we do that '!" and upon look! "gup
discovered a well known Coiir.-lloiiso
orlicial and a prominent Front row
nf' rebuilt with their wives in a skill'.
1 at once, rec gnized the party as the
one alluded to by the negro, and re
turned their saliitnt'on. One of tho
ladies remarked "that for the but four
hours they had been trying to catch
some llsh to take home with them,
but she was very much afraid
they would have to return without
them." I Miggested that "they allow
me to) help them," they reauilv as
sented "provided I would" not tell on
them." I agreed, and twenty-four
large, Hue perch found their way on
two strings for the owners to declaro
they caught when they got home.
Weil, be it so, as "everything goes"
when I'm fishing. Wo returned to
the city Saturday night, and, upon
actual count, found that we had
caught 131 Ash, weighing alxut 100
pounds. -.
We found in Capt, Mbntana a splen
did host, and wo see no reason why
our citirens should travel hundreds
of miles at a great cost to get less
sport than we have at our very door
at an almost Insignificant figure.
Popalarlty af A. M I. arnlrettTa Can
didacy Th Crap Outlook
Lightning's Leap.
KoiroiiN0 or Tim r-rxL.I
Bailey, Tknn.. May 30. Com
mencements ate blonming out.
The weather is exceedingly hot and
dry and the crops are raining for want
of rain.
Two colts belonging to Mr. Tom
Bailey were killed by lightning a few
days sco.
A terenading tarty regiled the
slumhcrers lHt night, receiving cake
anil tl )Wf ra with other evideuce of
Ir. F. U. Mahon hnnliwu improv
ing the appearance of his store and
surroundings In the Inst few days in a
way ttmt indicates prosperity.
Mr. J. J. bailey let in net a few days
since from a visit to relatives at Knny
Grove, Mifs , wheie be spent several
(If vs.
Mis J. J.' Bailey had the p'esmire
of a visit from Mis) Anna llolilen
and Mifs Bettie Baker ol Coliimvil e,
Tenn., who came dow n this morning
to spend the uav.
dpt. W. K. McDonald, ol the lUi
ley baseball team, wan among those
w ho shared tin pleasure of an enter
taining picnic last Tnurmlay j lit-1 noith
of here, which was a pWtmnt occpsion
lor tiotti old and voung.
The crop oullxik i not very lavor
able just no v. A bad stand of cotton
has bum made won v by the drouth,
winch hasten very tmngto farm
era, causing some of them to have to
plant over even this late, while the
orn has a sickly look and the dry
earth is in a poor con iittoii tj work
It is not t ;o late vet, wiih good sin
eons, to make an aveuKe crop, but
much i)iuti(.e bus alnady hem dona
i il the drouth continues, witti vtry
little pr spfct for nun.
Amng tin m w ho bave announced
thuue'.ves as candidn'es for nllhial
juxition ( n the Damccatic ticket none
liave received mere (aver and appro
val than the Hon. A. M. l.unih th, jr.,
wtio has complied with the mrs' pop
ular pet ton to heroine a canduUtu
fr Criuuuid Jiidgs that was ever orig
ira'd in Shi-lhy county, and, ema-at-irg
fr.nu the source it does, ceiisinly
gca'antees to hiiu bis eleitionif be
should be noni'tia'' d, and i1 i hoped be
W U bo, as he is not i nly a Democrat,
bat sne lucnted gentlemaa ot tas'eaml
ability, who would bring honor to tbo
posit. on. HTLT.
The Mom I lr Apnrhr.
Tomustox', A. T.. May ol The
bostiles headed ofl" from the res rva
tion seem to be dou ling ack to So
nora. The orst feature of the later
movement to the country southwest
of Nr piles, is that a number of miner s
and prospectors who came in for safe
ty, left again for tlmir pros
cct8, and many of them m y
Le waylaid and oesas mated on
the trails or at the mines or
cabins. Kfforts continue to bo made
to enlist scout; to take. the place of
Attaches. No success attended toe at
tempts to get the I'spagoes ti go out
s'ter the hostile. Lieut Stanton ol
(Jen. Miles' sUfl is now in New
Mexico enlisting Navajo it set as
scouts and trailer.!. Capt. Frost was
authorized by Gen. Miles to enlist a
company of Yao.ui or lima Indians,
they to receive pay as regular soldiers,
but furnish their own hOiSes. Cspt.
Frost minaged to gather forty men,
but was unable to procure horses for
them at the rate allowed. Work has
been suspended at the Copper Queen
mine, near Ncgales, on account of In
dian raids.
Aaaaal ('mmenccmaat Nervleoa at
the Halerlt S)tw
art's Realcaatlaa.
IcoatiAroN nisei or taa ArriiL.l
Oxford, Miss , May 30. The Dem
ocratic Convention of tbe Secsnd Con
grS)ional District will be held in tbit
city on June 23d. It seems to be tbe
general opinion here that tbo Hon. J.
ii. Morgan will bs renominated by ac
clamation. A nomination by tbe
Democrats in this convent ion virtually
amounts to an election, since the dis
trict is overwhelmingly Democratic.
Col. Morgan his proven himsalf to bo
an able, ours and faithful HspreienU-
five, and tbe people appreciate tbe
fact that in honoring him with the
ollioe tbey are honoring themselvis.
The conventii n will be held while
the commencement exercise cf the
Hints University are in full bins', and
a large attendance is expected.
Bishop Hugh Millor Thompson will
preach the comnmceiuont sermon.
Those who expect to be in atteoilhiico
on that day can look forward t) the
services with considerable anticipa
tion, f jr they will have the pleasure
of enjoying a rare intellectual treat.
Tbe Uithop is one of tbe ablest and
most experienced exponents of the
church. As a deep and original
thinker, aa a logical and analytical
reasooer, and as ni expresfive speaker
he has but few eqoalB. Ho is broad,
prrgressive and liberal in his view,
and his influence is felt throughout
tho State.
It is expected that the trustees, at
their meeting in June, will have an
opportunity of accepting the reslgna
tion of Gen. A. V. Htewart as chan
cellor of the university. There, tio,
are other prufepsor who are expected
to resign; the profeisirs of La'.in, of
Greek, of mathematics end probably
of English.
Among other changes the trusters
are ex pec ted to make will be to abolish
the coeducation system introduced
here a few years since. For come
reason it has always been obnci ous
to the boys they rs opposed to it
almost to a unit, and will make eveiy
eflo't to have the young lulus, ex
cluded hereafter. sue.
The Hlalen Inland Tannrl.
"It is quite remarkable," says tbe
New Orleans 1'irayune (Dem ), ' tl'at
five Henatora votni in favor of Mc
rhcraon's amendment, substituting a
tunnel for a bridgo between the Fut?s
of New Jertoy and New Yoik (Staten
Island. The road which wibbos to
build the bridge is tbo BaUiiimra and
Ohio; the company which wishes to
block its way to New York City is the
Pennsylvania, which owns the Ntate
of New Jersey to all intents and pur
poses, me jxew Jeidey senators are
ol different politics, but tbey both
wear the Pennsylvania collar, and, of
course, nt thing could be too absurd
for them to do at the bidding of thoir
maBters. But how in the world three
other Senators csmo to vote with
thoin is a'.mystery."
A Haltlta.de of Ailments.
Th ailments which aflllct th kldneyi sad
bladdor sr to onmarooi, tht merely to
nam thm would 111 a ipioe fr outruonins
th limit ot thii rtlole. Huffic it to y,
that thy r both otwUnaU and dans rruut.
To their prevention Uotctter'i8tomrh Bit
ten ii well ailHiittnl. I o itimaia wnioa n
lenji to th action of th kidnsr hn they
are llhartlo.rTtooounlraot a tendency
In them to I up, aril, into a ih oi per-
ot poiitlr ortanle diiea, which loon de-
itroii inir aei irate inteiamanu, pounni
th blood and aaan death. A double pur
ion it tarred by thi depurent. It promote
aottvityol th kidnayi, and ipeli Impuri
tie from th blood which hav no natural
channel of onUet aoit tho orsan. Oen
tipation, blliouenean, fever and (ue, rbeu
matUm and dyneeptia, are alao rmidid by
thii medicine of tboroiuh action and wide
I'knrch Dvdleatlaa at Waablaaloa.
Wasiuntoom, May 31. Tho Metro
nolitan church, one of tho largest
eolored churches in tho United 8tatos,
waa dedicated yosterduy. Over 5,000
persons were present 1-arge numbers
came from Philadelphia, Baltira.' re and
Kichni mil. The pastor of tho Church
of the Covenant announced to his
congregation to-day that a debt of
tltitUMHi still remained on tho church :
I0,(HH) had been raised and $tH), 00
wiis covered by a niortgtige. A aub
Hcription wits at once started to raise
the balance, and in thirty minutes
:!S,00() was subscribed. Justice Strong
of the United Stales Supreme Court
coni nlmtpq jiu.utrii.
Hevrre Nterm In Vermont.
Kcti.and, Vt., May 81. A severe
bail etorm visited th s section yester-
(1 y, accompsnled by heavy rsia and
lightuirg. 8ome cf the hailstonts
were three inches in diameter. A
sewer burst here flooding cellars and
doing much damage. In some streets
the water was wa st dmp. Hanniral
Woodruff's family weie stunned by
Scoll' KmnlNlon of Pur
Cod Liver Oil, with llypophosphites,
in Consumption ami Vt al ng lis
eases. Dr. O W. Bnrringer, Pitts
burg, Pa., says: "1 think your Kmul
sion of Cod Liver Oil is a very tine
pretmration, anil tilts a lotig-lelt want.
It is very useful in consumption and
listing uiacaea.
ItnllrnMil Arrldrnl Nrnr Yirknbnra.
NhW Osi a'"! May 30 A spe
cial from Virkaburg, Niiss, to the
rjiiwsaya: Tlieeast-bonnd pas-en-ger
train on the Vicksluirg. Shreve
jiott and Pac lje railroad, due here at
noon yest-rday, met with an accident
this morning " Tho engine and tender
turned over and tho mail car w8
badly wrecked. Geo. Morrison, en
gineer, and the fireman were badly
scalded, Morrison, it is feared, fa
tally. Death of a Vriiiilnnt
Mostoombht, Ala , May 31. Dr.
W O. Baldwin died at h 8 homo iu
this city yesterday nior ing. He was
among tho eminent pby icians of the
country, and wa president of the
Amer.can Medical Association in
Depot Nanhal fcaol and Hilled.
Nashvili.r, Tknk., May 31. W. H.
Oiger sh t add instantly killed Deputy
United IStates Mirahell Higgins at
Car hoge, Tenn. An old feud was the
cauBe of the killing.
Both State aad Katleaal-He Thinks
It Shomld Be Abolished, and
at Osct.
Nw Yohx, May 31.-The New
York Herald this morning publishes
a four column interview with Gov.
Hill In the course of tho interv.ew
the Governor sroke in regard to the
confirming power of Senates, both
State and national, ss follows: "I
have thought long and deeply on this
whole question I have consul-red it
apait from any collision between my
self and the Senate of the Sta e, but
not without cpnsider tioo of the pre
tensions of ihe Federal e'ecate in its
action against Mr Cleveland and
other Presidents. The time has come
for a thorough, sweepirg and ra'licsl
reform. Tbe oligarcny aod eristic
racv in onr national svstem are reorr
eented by the t'ena'e of tho United
States. Jte obstacle to homoge
neous and responsible adminis
tration in our State system is the
Senate of each State In both tho
cause of intolerable Senatorial pre
tension resides in the conflrmicg
power. 1 he remedy is tho immediate
and total abolition of tbe confirming
power. The substitute for it should
b'.i direct executive appointments,
with full right in the executive to
remove for cause at will those whom
he appoin's. The Senate, national or
State, has never been an intervener
in this business except with bad re
"Cnn you (live ome inttances
"Half a century go the Federal
Senate, for reasons of partisan rancor
nlone, rejected a great New Yorker as
Minister to Miglanu. me p-opie
elect (I him President as a rebuko to
his rejectors. Half a decade ago the
final lesnlt of tho olav of violent pas
sions between tho Senate and the
President on the latter s selection of
bis own agents, was the assassination
of the Chi'-f Magist'ato. The con
firming power has been used always
only to be abused. It does not reject
bad men ; it rejects goou men to Keep
bad men in. It does not work as a
help or enlightenment to the Presi
dent or Governor. It works as a ball
ami chain on both. It makes, in the
Federal Senate, a series of as many
Presidents as there are repre
sentatives cf States in mat
body. It makes Senators ofiico
brokers ami executives the bondsmen
of such ollice brokers. Tho duty of
executives is administrative. Ihey
should litve the r'ght to appoint and
remove their agents in administration.
The business of Senates is participa
tion in legislation. Ihuy should bo
free to attend to it. Now they claim
to be. in effect. nsHiHtiuit Presidents
and assistant ( iovernors, ami so-k to
make elected Presidents and elected
Governors subject to them Presi
dents are chosen by tho people indi
rectly, but really Federal Senates are
chosen by Biibidia'y elections in State
legisla ures. trenates are not amenable
to public opinion, for it cannot reach
them. They use tho confirming
now er to abuse it, to strengthen and
at times to enrich themselves, in that
satire on all f'eo and responsible gov
ernments known as secret sessions, a
menace and an abomination to de
cency and liberty. On the ruins of
the courtesy ol too henaie, lei us
bui'd the riL'hts of the people and
crown them wits tho principle of the
freedom and the responsibility of tho
executive whom liioy elect, 10 no tneir
will, and who should have the power
to do it through stents of their num
ber, selected by hiuiBelf. I trust this
will be made an issue by the Demo
cratic party in its next national plut
The Evangel let, Rev. 1. II. Calllns
Indorsed by Ike etbadlat
IcouaspoxDiRci or the arrxiL.I
Holly Spbibos, Mist., May 30. At
a meeting of tbe members of the
Methodist Episcopal Church. South,
of this city, held in the
church on Sunday, May 30, 188tJ, the
following proceedings were bad, towit:
Oo motion of Rev. E. H. Moan, the
preacher in charge, Gen. A. M. West
was chosen chairman; O. L. Bates
wis requested to act as secretary.
The chairman stated that the object
of the meeting was to tender the
thanks of the church to the Bey. J.
H. Collins for bis services rendered t)
tho church in the recent revival meet
ings. In a few pointed and feeling re
marks Capt. James T. Fant moved
that acommiitee be appointed by the
cbair tof retent resolutions expressive
of the sense of the meeting, which
motion was unanimously cariied, and
the cbair appointed, the following
committee, yitt: James T. Fant, chair
man; J. G. Lsach, Dr. J. C. Daniel,
L. It. MoBby, U. B. Henderson, Miss
Btt e Trotter and Mrs. E. J. Taylor.
After conferring, thecimmittee pro
sentvd tbe foil n wing resolutions,
which were unanimously adopted.
Uemlird, That we, the members of
the Methodet EpiBcoial Church,
South, at Holly Spring, Miss., tender
our sincere thanks to the He v. J. H.
Collins for the valuable pulpit ssr
vices that he has rendered to this
church and the community at lare
during ihe last three weeks, and we
commmd him to our brethren at
large as a woitby, able and successful
K-oltfd, That we acknowledge our
gratitude to Mrs. Colliut for her la
brr'ous efforts among the children
and her sealous work in aidirg her
husband to advance the causa of
Christianity in our midst ; and also to
Mis. Huntsr and Messrs. Moore and
Johnson, who accompany them, for
their efficient and successful manage
ment of the music, which is now
justly regarded ai a potential anency
in the grf at work of evangel xing tbe
KemUvd, That the secretary of this
meeting be Oirrcted to forward to
Hiother Colling a copy of these reso
lutions, and that he also forward a
copy of the earns to the newspapers of
this county, and to the Afciial and
Avalanche of Memphis, with the ie
quest that they be published.
J A". T. F t NT, Chairman,
J. (J l.KAf II.
J. 0. HAMMi,
L. 11. MUSHY.
After the unanimous adoption of
the foregoing resolutions tbe meeting
)nrrlntlnna for the FamlHea ol
the t blras lllenern.
CniCAiio, 111., May 31. The ub.
scription raised f r the benefit of the
families of the policemen killed and
injured in tbo H -ymarket riot now
exceeds t70,000, and is still increas
ing. Last night's benefit at the Co-
tnmbia. Theatre netted over $5000 to
tho Benevolent Association fund.
Some $400 which waa sent the associ
ation by Mr. Hamlin, the manager of
ine brand opera House, as the pro
ceeds of the benefit given at that thea
ter, has been retunud to the Grand
Opera House by the trustees of the
as ociat on, wbo claim that the sum
offered is not all the association is en
titled to. Sergeant Barnum, the pres
ident, further states that the benefits
given at the Grand Opera House were
unauthorized, and that he e timstes
that the pol cemen bare lost i2000 by
the action of the theater people. The
latter claim that the amount tendered
is the full sum due.
thing Known or Chleaao's Jllea-
Ina; Attorney.
Can ai.o, III , May 31. A morning
paper says, re-yarding the missieg at
torney, tieorge II. Leonard: "Hyde
Park ha in all probability seen the
last of George II. Leonard for all time
to come. or does it seem probable
that be is wandering over the country
in a dazed, indefinite sort of way, as it
has been given out bis relatives be
lieved, lie is doubtless in Canada,
end if he is not the e by th s time, he
ought to be. A roiub estimate of his
peculations places the sum total of his
thefts and liabilities at 1 10,000, and it
it believed that when all his victims
have been heard from, tho amount
will be more, rather than beneath that
sum. Itiscerain that he has been
carrying a very heavy load for some
time, ami it is asserted that he has re
peatedly been obliged to buve his
father-in law, Capt. T. G. Butlin, put
up his cash in order to make good
sums which he had diverted from t' eir
proper channe'. Throe Hyde Park
policemen bought some residence lots
paying not hi g to secure them the
warranty deeds and lifting a uior gago.
Leonard' arranged tho deal, and since
then ths parties paid him J1700,
to bs applied upon the mortgage Not
a cent of it has been so applied and
the poor policemen lose their hard
earned savings. One r f their number
sold out a portion of his purchase to
tho other, and when the buyer offered
to pay him the purchase money, the
seller r fused to take it and told him
ti turn it over to Leonard, to bo ap
plied on his account. Of course this
is also gone.
What Leonard did with all the
money is a mystery. It was supp sod
he hat lost it in wheat, but a careful
examination of his accounts reveals
no checks or other record of sums
paid out to commission men. The
surmise is that h carried off a fair
share of all tho hauls of cash made by
him in the few day prior to his de
parture." COLLEGE HILL, HISS.,
Getting Heady lor tbo Kaunas tiljr
and Ulrinlng-haiu Kmlroad.
lOoianarnNDKSCi o TBI arraaL.l
CoLLtoit Hill., Miss, May L'S Be
ing a sut scriber of your valuable pa
per, wbicu is very popular in this patt
of tbe Stilts, and beitvirg that you
have the intereit of our peiple at
heart, I write to say that our t )wn is
on tbe rnnti from Memphis to Ox
ford, through Which the Kansas City
railroad will likely run, Bhould it p?ss
through Oxfcrd. Our peiple have
already awakened to the many ad
vjn'agea that such a rind woud afford,
and ara ready to extend a helpirg
land.' We want direct communica
tion with Memphis This route has
already been surveyed and the ad
vantages are known to the company.
i t P.
rnneral of Sllllinan B Davis.
Nashua, N. II., May 81. The fu
neral of Stillman B. Davis, Past Grand
Chancellor of tho World, Knights of
Pythias, occurred yesterday forenoon.
His wife, wbo did the same hour,
was buried with him. Special trains
from Concord and Boston brought
large delegations of members of the
societies to which he belonged. They
were met by committees from the
local lodges and escorted to the hotels
and lodge-rooms. The funeral pro
cession was one of the moet imposing
of societies ever seen here. The ex
ercises in the church were very im
pressive. The coffins of the husband
and wife lay side by tide before the
altar. An eloquent sermon was de
livered by Rev. G. W. N. Nicholson of
Jersey City
The Two Sams at Baltimore.
Baltimobk, Md , May 31. The re
vival rommenced a month ago by the
evangelists, Sam. Jones and Sam.
Small, came to an end last night. It
has been the m st successful ever
held in this city, the scries of hunt
ings having been attended by over
400,000 people, over 2000 of whom
professed re iion. The work of the
evangelists met with hearty co-operation
from all Piotestant clergymen
ard many churches report largely in
creased membership. Both the gen
tlemen have worked hard, preaching
three and four times a day, and they
are physically prostrated. They leave
for their homes to day, but may re
turn in the fall for a month. A col
lection taken up for them yesterday
netted several thousand dollars.
This famous remedy molt happily meet,
thedrmand of the se for woman i peculiar
and maltiform afflictions. It is a romeili
for WOMAN ONLi'.and for one SPKoIAL
CLASS of her direanes. It is a specifio for
certain dlneased condition, of the womb,
and propoiea to so control the Menstrual
Function at to resulate all the derange
ments and irregularities of Woman's
Its proprietors claim for it no other medical
property i and to doubt the fact that thi,
medicine does positively possess suoh con
trolling and regulating powers la simply
to ducredit the voluntary testimony of thou
sand, ot living witnerois who are to-day
exulting In the restoration to sound health
and hnppineM.
Female Regulator
i ,trictly a vegetable compound, and is the
prmiuoi ot u.edical science and practical ex
perience directed toward the benefit of
ajs.TrrF.KIKU WOMaNt
It is the studied rrecription of a learned
physician, whone ,peciiliy was WOMAN,
and whose fame became enviable and bound
le,, because ol his wonderful succeKS in the
treatment snd cure of female complaints.
KKMKDV known, and richly deserves its
Woman's Best Fkiend
Bee, one It controls a elsst of functions ths
various derangements ot which cause mors
ill health than all other causes combined,
and thus reacues her Irom a long train ol
afflictions which sorelj embitter her life and
prematurely end her eiiitence. Oh, what a
multitude of living witnesses ean testify to
its charming effects I Wouaa, take to your
oonfidenoe this
PRtcioia Boon or health)
It will relieve you ot nearly all the com
plaints peculiar to your sex. Rely apon it
as your safeguard for health, happiness and
'"Sold by " druggists. Send for onr treat
le on the Uealth and Happiness of osaan,
mailed free, which gives all particulars.
Bos W, AUaaU. 8s.
The Appetite
stay be Increased, tbe Digestive organs
Itrengtbened, and tbe Bowels regulated,
fy taking AyerU Pills. These Pills are
purely vegetable In tbelr composition.
Tbey contain neither calomel nor any other
dangerous drug, and may be taken with
perfect safety by persons of all ages.
I was a great sufferer from Dyspepsia
and Constipation. I bad oo appetite,
became rreally debilitated, and was con
stantly afflicted with Headache and Dlatt
neas. I consulted our family doctor, who
prescribed for me, at various times, with
out affording more than temporary relief.
I finally commenced taking AVer's Pills,
la a short time my digestion and appetite
my bowels were regulated, and, by tbe
time I finixhed two boxes of thene Pills my
tendency to headaches bad disappeared,
and I became strong and well. Darius
W. Logan, Wilmington, Del.
i I was troubled, for over a year, with
Loss of Appetite, and General Uebllity,
I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and, be
fore finishing balf a box of tbls medicine,
my appetite and strength were restored.
C. U. Clark, Daobury, t'oun.
Ayer's Pills are the best medicine
known to me for regulating tbe bowels,
and for all diseancs caused tiy a diaordered
Stomach and Liver. I suffered for over
three years with llcmlaclie, Iudigestion.
and Constipation. 1 bud no appetite, and
Was weak and nervous most of tbe time.
three boxes of Ayer's Tills, and, at the
same time dieting nivsrlf, I was com
pletelv cured. My digestive organs are
now in good order, and I am in perfect
kcultb. Philip Lockwuod,Topcka,Kaut.
Ayer's Pills have benefited ire wonder
fully. For months 1 nitlered from Indi
gestion aud Ueadm-he, was re-tloBS at
night, and bad a bud tatn In my mouth
every morning. After taking one box of
Ayer's Pills, all these troubles disap
peared, my food digested well, and my
sleep was refreshing. Henry C. Hem
tut'uway, Itockport, Mass.
. I was en red of the Tiles by the uie of
Ayer's Pills. Tbey not only relieved nie
Of Hint painful disorder, but guve me In
rreused vigor, and restored my beultli.
John Lazurus, St. Jobu, N. B.
Ayer's Pills,
frppred by Dr. J. C, Ayerfcro.,I,owpll,MM.
Bold by all DrugtfitfU tui4 lelr iu Medicine.
"London" Trouser Mretcher
Patented in Eu'od and Uni
ted t-u' Stole Aanta In
utld fnroelftbrsted
John llarailriin 4 Co. Stretch
er. Takes (ma Bluer out or
line recteres pantaloom to
nr ( nil ihiipe. Only patented
Strelchor eonihiniDir screw r d
tn eouihinhtion with clatnpa.
All other intrineeineots.
Original and on MrcM-llcr
I'm ir-tiliMtienv- nMf Bv
feil'Ten fecurelr packed, l'lice 12 60. Write
for circular-. Aeenti wwnted in every flity.
ii. W. MMW"fr . BnsHiit.Hici.
Mr. W. ri. I.ott. .IIS Main street.
0ieUl)IllB, IBDH-i .IWl USUI H.'".". "
evoral yean with chilli and fever and be
in thoroughly ehaured.
.1 . m U - i .... V. I a .4 t . .
Veterinary Specific:
Cure DiMtoea of
Morses, Cattle, Sheep
In nso for over 20 yenra ly Farmers,
Stockbreeders, Horse li. Ii.,
Used by U. S. Government.
Mounted on Rollers A Book Mailed Tree.
Humphreys' Med. Co., 109 Fulton BU K. T.'
In um JU yejir. The onlj ticOffnl rtrnedy lof
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.
t u fr.,ni'nvpr-arnrk or other canwe.
f I purriml. or 6 vinU and Urse ril poder. I'W4.
Sold hi Outohikth. or fni pootpaid on reosiptes
priw. Uurkn-;.' UrildMUi 1U IU SI., a. .
rented a lerious disorder ot the bow ll
In Mr. C. A. Weiner, Memphis. Tenn. Be
eddured much p in, bat was cured tn short
ime bf thi- remedy.
Counterfeits are made In Bt. Louis, .Mo.
aw uVn (fis lead n
Situleftpf tht clus of
Kmfriit and hll glvta
tlmou aolvcrul ixiifte-
ruit, in
Ciliuwoe tat fsvnr as!
Sm public and now rtnka
anong th, iMding MlS
ctum of th, oil'lera.
A. i. SMITH.
roi iioi i, ra,
JiK.Sl 0-
Aninnr? the Northern Lakes
or Wisconsin, Minnesota tun .
dreds of delightful places where one can pa,f
ine summer moniui id 7 J'.C.
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Hach
recurring season brings to Oconomowoo,
Waukesha, Dearer Im, Frontenac, Oko
boji. Minnetonka. White Bear, and inn u-
uteranie omer cnarmina iui-i..i..Y" -r
rninoc nam,,, wuuuu. ... y-. .
whose win'er hemes are on either side ot Ma
son and Dixon'e line. Klcgance and com
fort, at a moderate cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list of summer homes, with all
necensary mm, iou io
being distributed by the Chicago,. MiLWrj
ksb and bt. Paol Riiuwiv, and will besent
free upon applicati. n by letter to A. . H.
Carpenter, General Passetger Agent. Mil
wankee. Wis.
Capt. A U. Tremont. 18 Madison
street. Memphis, Tenn., when troubled wits
biliousness. It strengthened him so be felt
like anew creature.
Valley Lands for Sa'e theap
I OWN about 6500 acres of TIMBER
LANDS in Bolivar county. Mississippi.
on and sear the line of the Uuisvi e, New
Orleans and Texas Railroad. I will either
sell in a body or in small tracts to suit pur
chasers. Parties desiring fine timber or
good lands for agriouUural purposes are In
vited to examine these lands before buying
elsewhere. Price from I to 110 per acre, cne
third cash, balance on easy terms with per
cent, per'annum interest.
CUAS. BUiII, Roseiial Mm.
sV.L ry
cn la TT
IJ nrsukre
I" ".lnu Ghssltal Os.' .
Hill la lb sssarkef ,
waeat mf
Oils tSs "N&rval. Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, MemphK Tenn.
U. J. LYN5, Cashier.
Mfiniiis RnTlhra ft Cm ns m
I fl
OflicelO Ulasliunn Street, ItTempliiM. Tenn
E3. Xj!H3EI cfi? 0O.
376780-382-3846 hecond Btreet, south ot Cayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Hanldlnar, I.atha, tlar Poala and Plnknla.
;Crab Orchard Water
I O nnlne Cnh Orrhnrd SaltR !n APislcd
1 irftrkntrpg
TEW CO.. Prop'rw.
Lat of J. 8. Iaj Jc Sod. LaU of Meacbam a II or to a. LaU of Bailey t Covin gtoi '
3GO-362 Front Street. Memphis, Tenn.
L. D. MULLIN8, of late J. R. Godwin Co. JAS. YONGE, late ol J. W. Caldwell A Oe
Cotton Factors&Commission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
liithia Waters also Fine Iron M a'eml,
(Iampsbire Co., W. Va. No fogs. No mala
ria. Where tbe sick and overworked soon
recover, and the well are always happy.
Send for pamphlet. W. 11. HALK, Prop
4JAILOR NPBIXtlM-A beautiful health
resort. Thewalersof theseSprings ha?e
long been known fur tbeir remarkable cura
tive qualities. Tbe springs are serrn in
number, earh P'int containing different
eorative powers. Ihe bath house is supplied
with water Irom certain mineral springs.
These a'hs in connection with drinkint the
water from ihe springs suited to tbe invalids'
ailment .ct powerfully on diseae. These
different waters bare coequal for the sore of
all kidney and bladder troubles, rheuma
tism, paralysis, neuralgia, dyspepsia, soro'
nla, catarih, rhronio aloobolio poisons, fe
male weaknesses, all diseases of the liver
and spleen, hemorrhoids, dropsy and all dis
eases of the abdominal and pelvic viscera,
weak, debilitated constitutions, and as an
efHoieat brain and nerve tonis this water has
no equal in tbe world. These springs are lo
cated in Clay oounly, III., fire mile north of
Clay City, a village on the main line of the
Ohio and Mississippi railway, 100 miles from
St. Louis, 238 miles from Cincinnati, 220
miles from Louisville, Ky. Sscursion tick
ets for sale at all ticket offices of the 0. AM.
R. R., and connecting lines. Write for cir
culars and othe. information ?
0. E. HILTS, Proprietor,
Bailor Springs, Clav county, PI.
HnAkhriri.e Co.. Va. Hiffh un in the
Virginia mountains. Picturesque surround
ings, extensive and beanti fully shaded lawn.
Gas, electrie bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily m lis, post, telegraph and
express offices on the premises. Table the
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms;
surerk band of musio. 8end for illustrated
fiampblet. Charges moderate. Open for vis
tors. June 15th. Water: Alum. Chalybeate
and fretWonc. R.T. WILKlNSON.Man'gr.
Finest Samrner Resort In America
Mlunctonkn Beach, Minn.
Offers accommodations unequaled byanyho
tel in the west. Rates, 13 per day: t!5 per
month. Circulars and fu J particulars sent
promp'ly on application to EUGUNKMEIIL,
Manager. St. Pacl, MihK; .
Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of 186, beginning
June 1st, reduced 2) to tO per cent., hut
the highest standard of excellence main
tained. Send for Illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and terms. ...
r. N. PIKE.Mannger.
Italeigh Springs Hotel.
NOW OPEN for reception of guests. The
table will be supplied with tho best.
The rooms are nicely furnished and care
fully attended to. Ratei pr month. HO;
per week, 67. M. H. BI RHQW A CO.
WILL be rpened June 1st. This noted
wat'ring-place is situated six miles
from Aims lurnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa rai road, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at iKtna,
and will convey guests to sprin,s at a very
low rate.
Board, 2 Per Jloalht 81 Per Day.
Sipevlitl Kate ( rainlllra.
We invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant sea on of iheir lives to come to
Beaverdam. especially seekers ol pleasure
and health. Good water and pure air in
Liverymen, Centrerille, Tenn.
E. A. T1MN. Pron'r t'entrcrille Hotel.
u Niiis Attn BaAiii TassTaiKT.
guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Disii
cess, Convulio5s, Fits. Nervous Neural
gia, Headache, Nerve". Prostration, caused
by the nse of alcohol or tobacco: Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, bo'tomng of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea Ing to
misery, . decsy and death: Premature
Age, Barrenness. Loss of Power in either
Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, csu. by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse or orerindulgence. Each box con
tains on month treatment. II a box, or
six boxes for , seni t. mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. Vi e cnan-ntre Six Boxes
to onr any cas. With each order received
by us for six boxes, aeoompaaied witb
we will send the purchaser oar written
guarartve to refund the money if the treat
ment do "Ot (Sect a cure. Guarantees
lssned only b. A RKNKKRIeA CO., Drus
rists. Meeanbts. T
srsoas seeking Government Eml
rtn.nt in any of the departments at
Washington, or any other positions nndel
the Government, I will send lull instruction
as to bow to frol to obtain the tame,
and Blasik rarroaar Apalleatta on
receipt of On Dollar. Asiaraa JOH1
D. MJBtJH, Lek -Wax WMs, Caserne
wlik a fall aaaart
Bear aad
R. E. LEU.
A RfniHrfrrrnll Pltwaswtof thpIlvet,KMs
neys, rVtnuMtsi nmi
Uotrelsx Aposilivel
ciir for I
'Pfrmlii, Mick HeadiiM,l
CoiiMlnatlun. Ikmw. 1 to 2 teafpooululs. I
at ihhihI 2..ct. No irouufDe salts sold hi balk.1
jonfk, nyr. lxui-vHltv Ky.
No. MM, R. D. Chanoery Court of Shelby
county. Grace L. Anderson et ai vs. Sal
lie M. Johnston etal.
BY virtue ol an interlocutory decre for
ssii. entered in the above cause on th
20th day cl May, W6, M. B. 62, page29,
I will sell, at publio auction, to the high
est bidder, in front oi the Clerk and Mas
ter's office, eourtnout oi cnuiny oouniy,
Memphis, Tenn., on
featnrdny, Jons la,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby oouotjs 7en
nessee, to-wit:
The certain lot No. 3 In block 53, on th
Elan of South Memphis on tbe south line of
iind n street, fronting said street 50 feet
and running back between paral el line 230
leet, apon which is erected two-story
frame residence No. 279 Linden street. Also,
the It 49-100 acres, being all that part of a
twenty-acre tract in Shtlbr oouniy, begin
ning at a stake on tbe east boundary line of
the John Ramsey MMO-aer grant; theno
south 15 chains 40H links to a stake; theno
east 12 chains and ll links to a stake; thence
north 16 chains 7SK links to a statu on th
south aid of McLemor avenue; toenc
south 83 west with tbe south side of said
avenue 12 chains and 50 links to the begin
ningthe whole description containing 20
acres, mopor less, and excepting therefrom
5 51-100 acres at the northwest oorner, here
tofore sold to M. I). Johnston, which 5 51-100
acres begins at the northwest oorner of said
trsct; theno sonth with th cast side of
Raleigh avenue 600 feet r theno east parallel
with McLemore avenue 400 feet; tkenee
north parallel with Valeijrh avenue f0 feet
to the south line of McLemor avenue:
thencs west to the beginning. The 14 49-11)0
acres lo to be cold will be subdivided and
sold according to said subdivision, a plan of
which will be on file in this office before th
dav of sal. . ...
Terms ot Sale One-fourth () cash; bal
ance In tlx and twelve months, secured by
notes with approved security, bearing inter
est fro i. date; lien retained and redemption
barred. This May 21. 1886.
S. I. MnDOn ELL, Clerk and Master.
By H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Potton A Poston, Solictors.
h.en used hr Mrs. Marv Hill. 2A6 Lin
den street, Memphis, Tenn., for lirer trouble
and malaria with great benefit. She calls it
especially valuable for heme use
"Special Wotlee.
ON WEDNESDAY. JUNK 16. 1886, we
will s. II for non-resident owners, at
public outcry, on the premifes, that desira
ble property known as the "Clsyorook Sub
division, "lying between Poplar street on the
north and Luion avenue on the sooth, and
just beyond the residence of John Orerton,
jr., on Union avenue. The property has
Been divided into ac e lots so as to suit th
wants of purchasers buying much or little.
It is convenient to the street ears; on Poplar
street, snd the grade and road bed is being
prepared for graveling, ihe road in front oi
it on Union avenue. We believe it to be the
most suitable property for residences on the
marks, and an opportunity to buy such
property is seldom offere 1. Property is
being rapidly sold for residenees east of th
city, because it it not eat up by railroads as
in toe northern and southern portion! of
tbe city.
TKRMS One-third cash; balance In on
and two years, with 6 per cent, interest.
Mspi canoe seen at our office until day of
tH. OVEHTO.m k GKubVENOR, Agts.
No. 484, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Asa Selby et al vs. H. J. lio -liogfworth
et al.
B, virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in tbe above cause on th
6th day of May, 18H6, M. B. 62, p. 513. 1 will
sell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
in front of the Clerk and Master's office,
courthouse Oi Shelby county, Memphis, Ten
nessee, on
hatnrday, Jnne 13. IS,
within legal hou'a, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
'ihe remainder interest of the heirs of
Louis Selby, sr , deceased, in and to lots 19
snd 20. of clock N, on the plan ot the city of
Memphis, on Ross avenue, north of Poplar
st-eet, each fronting Ross avenue 75 feet
with a depth of 14", feet.
For fuller description f th above prop
erty reference it her made to th records of
this Court.
Terms of Sale One-fourth cash; balance
in six and twelve m oaths, secured by notes
with approved secoritv; lien retained and
redemption barred. This May 21. 1SX6.
t. . McbOWKIL, Clerk and Master.
Pt H. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Poston A Po'ton, Solicitors.
nsed by Mrs. Kate Stephenson, 26 Pey
ton avenue, Memphis, Tenn., in one of th
mont stubborn cases of chills she ever knew
and it cured. See gar it to her children
with good results in bowel diiorder anddyai
- - ,

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