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loalTillr,Vtw Orleani aa4 Tnu B'j
Oa u4 rr lu i li", passenger trains oa
thtf road will ran as follows:
hoeth. North
Mcmphii A : p.m t:!W a.
Lnla..... - - : p.m! 7:21 a.
Lid....C.llO:n p. mi 4:7 a.
Wk.hera ....D.il IKK) a.m IMS a.
BarTiaoa , K :44 a.n 11:16 p.m
Vth-1 . 9 a.B ai .m
Baion Reua..-.G. :14 e.ml 7:.M a.m
W. rlana H I :( a.ml :0" p.m
A With air Haes euterint Memphis,
fi With M. iK.W. H. R. for Helena.
0 or Greenville and Huntington, and all
Arkanaaj point.
D-Witb V. k M. and V., 8. k P. Railroads.
K With N.. J. AC. H. H. for tletchei and
7 For Points oa tb Branch.
iVWlih fiMiniri for llavon Sara.
U With railroad diverging for Florida,
leias ana inui iwiDit.
J AS. M. KDWARDS, V. P. andG. M
M. BI RKK, General Sup't.
A. J.KNAI'P. G. P. A-
laalealppl and Tmimm -Trains
miv follows: few Orleans uail arrives
daily at 8:1ft a.m.: leaves daily at o:(J p m
Sarilis aceomnvdation arrives daily at (Lio
a.m. ; leaves daily at !:M p m. new vrli am
nail train will not atop at any flag nation
between Memphis and Sardia, or at Wh'te
haven, Horn Lake. Nenbiland Lot. Freight
trains do not carry paeeengers.
HawMirl lwi and MlaelMlnpl fal
lay. Traini nor aj tnllowi: No. I (tut
Una daily) leaves at 1U:(KI a.m. No. 2 leaves
at 11:40 pm. daily, St. Louis faat iina
leave daily at p.m. No. 7 (laat Iina
daily) arrives at 1 p.m. Mail and ei-
ress arriroa daily at 3:lSe.m. St. Louii
tit Una arrival daily at :05 a.m.
Lousavllle and "Jaahwllle Trains
Bora aa follow!: Fast mail arrival daily at
6:15 a.B.: leaves at 111:10 p.m. I mail leaves
daily at 10 : 10 a.m.i arrival at 4MK) p.m.
Brownsville eccouiuiolatioin laavai daily
ascent Sunday, at 5 MO p.m.: arrival daily,
xoapt Sunday, at 8 o) a.m. (itandard tiuia).
lleaaphla and Little Koek. Train!
nova a fullowi (central itand'rd tima):
No. 1 leaves daily at b:Hi p.m, t arrival at
9 :W p.m. No. 3 leavai at 6 :fi6 a.m. : arrival
atH:Ma.m. No. 6 (freight) leaves lloflelJ
daily (except bundsy) at 6:UU a.m.; arrival
at 7 :10 p.m.
Hesnpbla nd Charlreion - Trains
uiivi u followi: Thrnnib express leaves
daily at ll: p.m. Mail and express leaves
daily etlil:iua ru. Soiuervllle acconiuiod
tion leave! daily, except hunilay, at h:M
p.m. Through eireKi arrives duilv at S.-2"
a.m. Mail end exprers jives daily at 4 :.S5
p.m. Komerville aocunnodation arrival
daily, except Sunday, at H;'J0 a.m.
finir Hnnlo (Hanaaa 4'Mr, NprlnaT
flrll and .Tlrmphlf) Trnini leava M. and
T. depot ai fol nwi: No. 4, Kanrait i'y a
riraaa, leave! at ltl;4A a.m.: No. S, Kanaai
City axpreaa, arrirai at p.m. No. 2,
Kama! City mall, laavei at Mm p.m. : No. 1,
Kan tan City mail, arrive! at N:45 a.m. No.
S, ht. Loaii a nil t'hicaio etire. laavai at
(:(I0 p. in. No-l.Kt. Louii and Chlcaaoai-
Xraia, arrivoa at 1:45 a.m. In eflect Sunday,
pril 1H, 18G, '
Mrmplita, tilrmlnarbnm anj Allan.
! lIolly 8iiriuaa Kouta Train l move ai
followi: 50. 1 leave! Mempbli dally at 3:46
p m, : artivei at Holly bpringi at 6:30 p.m. t
No. i laavai lh4iy ni.rinn daily at U:II0
a.m., arrival at Mempnii at II :15 a.m. I No.
6 laawsi Mamphil daily nt 7:90 p.m., arrival
at II ally Sprinri at 11 :f9 p.m. i No. 6 laavai
Boll) ttiirinm dally at 8:30 a.m., arrival at
Mamphil at-V.a.m
WamiiNaTim, Jum 1, 1HH6, 1 a.m.
Ini cntioDH: For TcnnrnHrc, lfK'nl
rairiH, fo lor d by fair acatlier, stntidii
ary t'inpcrjituro. For ArkanHDH, fair
entlitr. followed by local rains, nlifat
ly crailtT,'
f'ir itiimmpfn and Trninft: lsmd
rain, fiAlotixd by fair vnUhrr; twirly tin
timary ttmprriUure; variable wind Fur
Ailientaf, hmitiaiia and Texa: Fair
vtatlurr, yiaVoavd by licnl raim; tliyhlly
C"o'f; variiMt wind,
Matoorolog-loitl Haport.
Miarm, Timm., May SI,
Time. Bur. Tlmr. Wind. VY'tlmr
7:00 .m. 29.011 00.0 8.K. Urain
11:00 a.m. 29 007 70 0 W. Fair
8:00 p.m. littS 'O 80.0 N.W. Clear
7:00 p.m. v0M 84.0 N.W. Fa r
10:00 p.m. i!9 880 81 0 N.W. Clnnr
Maximum taiinporRturtt, 87.0.
Minimum tmprature, 08.0.
Oione, 11 o'clock a.m., ii.
Rainfall, .JO;
la tha Ooitoa Roajlon,
Signal Sikvic, U. B. Armt,
May 31, 1886-5 p.m.
Division of telntiratu and rvpotts for
the benefit of commerce and acricnl
tare. Cotton ronton bulletin for the
twentv-Jour hours ending May 31st, 6
o cinok p.m.
aH5 3 Ho E
Memphis..... 87 68 .10
Kashville... ... 87 70 .00
Grand Junction... 8(1 (18 .11
Corinth 89 07 .00
Tuacumbia 89 (18 ,0i)
Decatur 02 60 .05
Bcottaboro 87 64 .01)
Bateevllle 87 69 .00
Hernando 8(1 01! ,23
Arlington 00 65 .12
Brownsville......... 87 68 ,26
Milan .m 00 70 .00
Paris... 89 67 .00
Oovington 8H 69 .82
Dyersbarg... 01 67 .02
Bolivar . 8S 09 .20
Holly Springs 85 67 1.83
Oxford . 80 08 1.20
Sums 1682 1200 6 05
Mpana 8S 67 2S
B 0 P
Wilminirton 85 M .S9
Cliarlmton 00 (Ui .07
Angutta 00 67 .22
Bavannah 01 60 .41
Atlanta 87 (itt 03
MontKomery 01 67 .12
Mobile 00 (Ml .05
New Orleans 03 70 .09
ialveeton 05 71 .0(1
VickBlmrg 03 70 .20
Little Kock 05 69 .24
Vemphis 88 67 .28
Sums . I0S8 814 2.10
Means 01 68
The city si hoo's flow to-dny.
Tho Judicial Convention is just a
week oil'.
The I.ovi lesM case wan put on
triai yesterday.
ThH ISIi-mphiH tlouring-iiiill will
toon be in 4eration.
The cloriin exercises of the I
Moyne Ids itutc take place to niht.
Mails were generally out of gear
yesterday on account of the change of
Thy farmers northeast of the ci 'y
' 9 all pray r.y fur la n, w hicb is bad
ly needed fur the potato crop.
Sa:n Forney and Jcmin:a Koss,
Chas l'arrewt and Mollie Jack:on,
were liceated to marry yesterday.
Yesterday was national Decora
tion Day. The poHtollice closed at 10
am., carriers in.kinv but one deliv
ery. Tre picnic of the Carpenter's and
Joiners' Union, which is 'o be given
at Krtiv .1 l'aik W.dnesdiy night,
should be Well attendrd.
Nearly all the rains during the
past two weeks have followed the
meandering, of Wolf river, while the
highlands on either side have been
dry and parched.
The LeMoyne school commence
ment takes place th a evening at 8:3a
The Ilev. Dr. lies' d will deliver the
address. In this there is a rich treat
in .tore for all w ho may attend.
Track lavini has commenced on
the Tallihatchie road between Yazoo
City and the Yallabu ha rivr. It
has been delayed by D.e biidga build-
era not having ciinple ea uieir con
ThetolwL-gan will start at 6 o'clock
every afternoon hereafter during the
week, and on Sunday and picnic days
at 2 o clock, moving until 11 o clock
at nLght. The crowd wai very large
yesterday and Sunday.
A new school house is to be built
this summer on the school lot on
Fifth street, Chelsea. The present
building is a filthy, tumble down,
ri'-aety, old concern, that should have
oetn pulled dow n long ago.
The ladies of Calvary Church will
give an Old folks' concert at the resi
dence of Mrs. M. J. Ward, 270 Beale
street, Tuesday evening, June 8th. at
u ..i ..l. i. :M ....... .
o (i i;i ce.. ii in buid vt m a ,ii-na in, u
atlair, and a big crowd may be reason
ably exp'ctoii by the lidies in charge.
New Orhans JHcaiunr, May 30 h:
"Rob Mnsgrove's trip to New Orleans
has been succeaxfui, and ho bas the
protui-e of the St, Johns, 1'ernever-
an e, West r.nds aii'l xxMiisianas to
send crews to the regatta o be held at
Ijtkeview, near Memphis, on July
The Taiing Di trict Courc I
should compel every owner of proper
ty on Main and Second streets and
the street betweeif Front and Third,
to lane down w wirings where they are
fiiiinri to remain in violation of the or
dinances. The sidewalks should not
he encumbered.
Mr K T. Maynard authorizes the
.4 1'i'SAi. to say that the Knighta of
Ijihor do nt approve of such a o-
iety as "I he Memphis Ladies'
Knights of Labor Co-Opotative Cloth-
i g Manulaciiiring Oomtiany, ' tor
which a charter bas recen ly been eb-
tained, and that Mrs. Maggie Hiully
and Mrs. 1-ottie llowrran, mentioned
as the incorporators, have wlihdrawn
lioin it.
A meet ng will be held to night
at the KnighUbf InniBf.il Hall to re
ceive tho report of the c mmittee ap
pointed to solicit aid I r t lie sullerers
in the western pait of Ireland, who
have so far raised about $1701). The
meeting should be well attended and
the, sum should be swelled to thou
sands. Of all the cities in the United
8't.tes Memphis ihould bemo-t liberal
w here appeals lor aid are made.
In the rotunda of the Peabody
Hotel Sunday night about 8 o'clock
Mr. Nathan Picarri, commercial and
baHch;ll reporter of the Api iai,, had
an altercation with Mr. Walter Ken
nedj, editor of the Sunday Timet,
which created considerable excite
ment for a time. Mr. 1'icard after-
wnril uiirrLfiilnrikil in iia ttVtna tr
ing his own name on the docket op-
iiosite a etiarge of asKatilt snrl battery,
ilr. Kennedy was not arrested. Tco
caHo was co i tinned.
George P. Itowoll & Co , the well
known advertising agents of New
York, who have had twenty one years
of very valuabla experience in tho
business, say that "in fixing the value
of advertising space in any particular
journal, the first question to be con
sidered is the number of copies is
Hind; next,, the character or quality
of tho circulation An influential
journal carries moro weight than one
without reputation A paper tehirh ha
bitually chargri hiph price for its adver
lining, thereliy making it column exclu
tiw, will hart fewer and, a a ruU, a bet
ter claof adiiriiumrntt, and it wmth
umethinQ mart on that account." This
ought to be remembered by adver-
ary Mosby, colored, was lined
$26 in he Po leo Court yesterday for
keeping a house of ill repute, but tho
fine was suspended daring good be
havior. President Hadden did not
inves igate the charges against Officer
Jackson, and it is said no investiga
tion will be mado unless charges are
preferred by some reputable citlxen.
The charges B'e of the most serious
character, and Chief Davis owes it to
irimso f to see that there is a complete
vindication or else a conviction. He
cannot afford to have it raid of a ne
gro officer of his force that he ia in the
habit or has In any given case made aa
1 cious propositions to a w hite woman,
riusing her arrest and that of others
bocau e of failure. Jackson protest,
his innocence, and a complete inveeti
ga ion is one of the things attsolutely
Hole Agents for Horace R. K elly
Co.'s Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full aHHortmeut constantly
on band at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipment received
weekly. i. samkijon a oo.
Cot. Knoch Ksni.ky wdl sail for
F.nrope in a short time, to spend the
Ji'oiiC Waitk's aiglit was restored
by Bit operation for cataract, not ca
tarrh, its incorrectly stated in Mtnday's
Fkikndi of the Clara Conway Insti
tute are invited to attend the closing
exercises of Miss Acres's class this
morning at 0 o'clock.
C. Fknbst Fokniuik left the city
last evening on the iKiuisvillo train,
for a pleasure trip of two weeks. He
will ta e in Mammoth Cave, the
Western 1 ikes nnd cities. Hi many
friends wish hint a pleasant trip and
safe return.
Clinnrety 4'unrl.
Calerdu fertvdny : Ncs 6124, Grey
vs Miller; 5U'(i, Anderson vs Totner;
6127. llolleibrg vs W.(-er; 6128
liu:ta nvs Myera; 6130, M mpliiil
and Chareston railroad vs Taxing
D.ttrii i ; 6143, Porter v Mi-Has; 5154,
Hriwn vs J 1,1m; 6156 Ktwlirg v
Ktwl'ii s; 6163, CaimichaM y8 Car
iiriebnelj 5104, Timers' Mills vs New
ell Mill.
'lrrnli 4'oart
C.i!endar for today: Nrs. 8015,
D.ba Tnatcher, administratrix, vs
Louisville and Nativills K'ilroad
Cotma-iy; H016, J. E Goodwin vs
Keieaw Ma ufaciuiing Company;
8617, FJIen F. UoOt vs J. D. Spa ki
el ai ; 80 3, Dnnotrly Co. vs Louis
vtl'e, NewO 1 ansand Tex s Railroad
dm ny; 8030, 11. H. K'.rtrecht tt
al vs II. M. Schreyar; 8642, J. P.Carey
v Flmao d Cen,etry; 8650, W. A.
HnnU-y v Louisville and NfBhvide
Kalroad Company: 8863, J T. Brien
vs D. 1) T o na; 8601, A. Whalen vs
Mempld, Fertiliser Company; 8589,
D. C Collier vs Memphisand Charles
ton F.tilrosd Company,
Tfce Mlaado Shoes.
A d'scriminttioff nublic ia earn'
Mtly requested to read the car J be
low, signed by the gentlemen com
posing the committee in charge of
the whole production of the Mikado.
whose names are a guarantee of
veracity, bonor and success:
A Card to the Public.
We, the undersigned, hereby cer
tify tbat the stage shoes worn by
all the ladies and gentlemen who
part cipated in the Mtk'ido perform
ances last week, under the auspices
of the Amateur Athletic Associa
tion, were furnished by the enter
prising firm, Kellner v Co , 300
Main Btreet, is ier special contract
made with them. Respectfully.
Cns 0 WiiiH,
Ciiah. C. Cabbiib,
J as B. Jonis.
Committee in Charge of Arrange
ments, Amateur Athletic Associ
tion. THE I,OUCi.STlI
Retail Shoe Stock.
On Sunday morning. May 23d.
the people of M mphisand vicinity
were start ed by readirg in all the
city papers the announcemeut of
Missrs. B. Lowenstein & Bros . in
forming the public that thev had
Bold their
Entire Retail Boot and Shoe Stock
To Z-llner & Co., 300 Main street
Uommentia unnecessary. We have
putd shod it to the world that we
will dispose of that stock as well is
of ou" own inagoificentaHsortmont
regardless of cost, and we have
kept faith with the public.
Which we have enumerated In the
Sunday morning papers will hold
Hood all oi tins week, or, wo bad
better ay, s long as they lat
fheno Bargains Are Going Off Liki
Hot Cakes.
Coino early and secure bo mo
of the
SO Mala streol.
Bttm ad. of Mempliia Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
KALnoMiNiaa telephone 609, Mo
Neil. Da. C. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe Btreet.
Ladixs can have spring sewing done
satisfactorily and reasonably at 260
Beale street.
Paint your carriage for 75 centa
with Neal s Carriage Taint. For sale
by A. Ronkert
Bind a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
Nkw classes In shorthand now form
ing for tho Bummer term. Apply to
Miss A. C. Parham, 110 Mulberry
Thb Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonioand antl-narlodlo known. A eartain
and aura sura lor chilli. Prio II par bot
tla. Hand itamri for olroulari. Any raf
ranra alien. Addran John 0. Bookar,
LvTiohbart. Va.
Thb children of St. Mary's Catho
lic School will have a festival on Juno
1st, at grounds of the Leath Orphan
Aay'um. Friends of the children are
Miss Asiib will exhibit the wrrk of
her pupils on Friday at her studio,
280 Jtyain street. The scholars are
reqiwrlted to have their work in by
Anoostuba Birr nits are the best
remedy for removing indigestion and
all diseases originating from tho di
gestive organb. Beware of counter
feits. Ask your grocer or druggist for
the genuine ar icle, manufactured by
Dr. J U. B. S egert & Sons.
The lunches of the Woman's Ex
change will be refumtd on Tu'sday
next. June 1st, under the eup-rvisicn
of Mrs. GfO'gs Holmes, ivuleavor
will bo made to furnish ssti-faet'iry
nifals to all who will favor the Ex
change with their patronage.
Nolid KllTrware Ht 8Illlord,
Democratic Mass-Meeting Postponed.
It being important that a 'arge and
thoroughly representative mass-meeting
should be ii d to appoint delegates
to the Gubernatorial Convention, nnd
the committee fearing th-t sufficient
notice of the meeting called for the
1st day of June l as not be n and can
not be given, they have determined to
postpone sid meeting until Saturday,
the 12th day of June, 188H. at the Fit
position building, in the city of Mem
phis, at 12 m., at widen time the
Democrats of Shelby county sre ear
nestly requested to assemolo.
J. U. A LSI 'I', Ceratary.
Fine Watch repairing at Xnlford'a.
A'lttvo to Mot hern,
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
should always bo used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves tho little
Biiflervrs at once; it produces natural,
quiet Bleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright aa a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, Boftens tho gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
tiowels, and ia the beat known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty
five cents a bottle. . t
0rder"3tullord Made Me dab."
v Tka law Uayaaw.
Pnaa.l f,ktaA .
Rataa, 12 SO ta N par d., aeoordiat U loea-
uoa oi rooma.
W J MoC.llouih.Ark F Pbillli. La
""Ii K Bamaloapo, Ho
h Pteot, Mr L M Paaraoa, Mo
M naldaaa, Mo J Nowbetaar, Mm
H F TboBaa. Mial FKAa.lin. M,u
J N Mabb, Kr T A Marfhall.Jr.MUa
y Kane ar, we I ttickaail. Mo
J L McKae, Tana T Downer, Ma
L VBuUar, Miai K H Dio.inaon. Ma
II K 8'ona, Obio C M bimiunn, Kr
I'tter Wiiiiauii. Mill Wm K Martin, Miaa
J K Andrew., Miaa T T Kdnfton, Tana
K L Milbarn, Tenn J 8 Siad, Tana
C M Weitizer. Tana Wm Koaaall. l ena
W Winitun, Tenn K Ii And.rion A w.Neb
i. Anoeraoa, lna It 1 llainel. Mo
A lU'o, Tann C i Jonaa, Tex
1 h Puiba, Ark V B Brown, Ark
J'it K Ilurnatt, Miai J I Alaup. Tenn
Wm A Wood. Tenn M A Kverleld. N Y
W W Orerman. N Y 1 H Barton. Ark
Z T Uidni. Ark A (1 Hl.u. Ark
li W Aru nronK,Mij WN DerioaunAw.Ten
J u n moo, niiio M A Aleiandnr. ill
0T Smith, Me C A ( lark, N V
0E Mont, Ark fi Adarholdt, Mill
1 T llawkina. Maaa D N C-eaa. Miaa
B C Adama Aw. Miaa MrEfcLeJajT.eH.Mili
n riatcber, ta n r utianer, Ohio
R T llama, Ala W K Mflotoah, lean
B D llo.l,,.. Ark K fi Irwin, Pa i
WaltT l.ainn Tann L V t'nrk. Mi.
J W Jonaa, Miu J U Webb Kr
CHloi'a.fro J Kincamr, Alias
A B Johuann, Miaa J E Hannett, Miai
J C Darn Tann E M Klain. Mo
K L Hanaon. Minn Miaa M llanaon. Minn
v u Jonnaoo, minn j uurton Ala
v u rairion, Ala.
PaalMMlj Halal.
C. B. GALLOWAY A CO .PiortiTo.
Bataa ti 50 and $3 per day, acc.r.. ina to
ie and location of room tipeoial
ratal made.
RFogel.Ohto CM Simruon, Ohio
I Duiraa, Kr K i Nehiett, hiai
H B Tulip, Ark JUirtch.Tenn
J 1 Alaup, Tctin A L ferryman, Tenn
T Mi-Lainore, Miai W P II ,1, Tenn
Ii V Cadmua, Ark O W Mi Kmner As, Tex
N 8 Whiteaide.Tenn II P Farrar, Miaa
J P Klieridan, Mu 11 J Perkins, Mich
8 I II ill man. III 8 riuminerlield, Mo
I a Muiuiona. I JbW btouthton, Mali
II C Jniuee, Mao V A Donaldson, Tonn
W M Murahull, Ind J II 8t- iner, lud
M Kelix, Ohio W W Meadows, Ky
P Moadowa. Kv 1. Whita. k
J N CWke, Ml J 1) fike Aw, Pa
A Dllnllin, Mo J L O dhain, Mo
; A lliloa. Mo T R Smith, Tann
II Sbon'trer, N Y W P (Jraff, Pa
(1 W Men inneyx.Tez J A Buah, N 0
A K Coilahley. Mo ii W Bennett, N Y
M T liouglaas, Mail T 1, Foasick, Ala
J Kobin.on, hj J T Ma.on, Miaa
H C Uuahey. L'al B 0 Jamiaon. 1!mI
J C Jarkaon, Mo C C Crabtree, Ala
w J hhi: aalt, A a J 8 Hern, Miaa
II Wiokeiir. Tenn W I, Dulaan. N J
J A IIralaon,Aw,Pa W T llerrich, Ark
m i.unen, i.a, mra j y Meeka, Ark
F (,' Mann. Mann P 11 Fonta. 1 Ann
D (1 McNairy Ky Cbaa K Owena, N Y
J K Fulmar, Ky J W Clopton, Ark
A I, Coimhiery. NY KM Klum. Mo
J EMcUiidtA w, Mill Bar J W Knott, Tenn
w IV llairlaon, Jonn J renaeltnal, Tenn
R V. Ilullinirton.Tenn J M llawi t. Ark
J It feane, lenn
W P fi emioe. Ki
R K Kbelton, Tenn
A 0 Morgan, Mint
F Sohora. Tenn
A I Sanlord.Tena
J K Hull, Mo
W K Cady, Mo
AV T Boyd. Ky
W 8 Moore, Tenn
W Waahburn, Tenn
11 Pandera, N Y
J II OritUu.Ua
W J Kobmaon, Kr
J Campbell, Ala
J K Kirk, Tex.
J T Maaon, Mini
yi Hill, Ala
II Dow. Tann
J A llenie, Tenn
M McMaaUr, HO
V R Morrow, Tenn
J Anderaon, 'lenn
B Campbell, Ala
C Levis, Dickenon,
(Iraham, Cro'i,
Hart, MoUJung,
Peak. Kent.
T Arundel, lieiniman.
Canton's Hotel.
W. H. TUNOIIAM Miaioii.
European plan. Knlarged and refurniehed.
I iioei aoeomtng to fixe and loca
tion of rooma.
II B Winn, Tenn L E Bill. Tenn
H M Martin, T.nn W B Hteadley, Col
W V llaaaell. Tex I) VI Pittman. Ark
J II hainey, Ark T Stinaon, Mo
J Murks, Mo TUliu t, Mo
II lluaon. NY W 8 Scott, La
1) E Day Aw, Mini E Eggleaton Aw, Mill
M li Hi'Cleiton, Mill h Uonwav. Miaa
T V Stiffey, Miss W ! Powell, Tenn
J R Huston, Tann C Or en, Tenn
F Tracer, ' lenn J Y Keilley, Miaa
Q W Oorliii, 111 W B W ilaon, N Y
K Bcrendei, Ky: J W Frank, Wis
BKlioucty.NY N Y Bailey, Mill
M D MoCormlck.KiS O E Pi'tney, Tenn.
w 11 t'aoe, Mill MAUlle, Mm
Miai Moore, Ark IDr Richmond, Ark
Miu lloyne. Ark Miaa Richmond. Ark
J Coleman, Tenn S E Echols, Tenn
M 8tr.uas, Mo Mrs L Williams, Pa
niti....i. u:i. i o i t
Miai lillle il.II, n JL urump, Miai
KRchkoff, Ky J D Powell, Miu
W J Flippen, Miai M W Milburn, Miss
D E (toe A w. Miai W J Brown A w, Ark
C 1' nudson, Ark J T Wilkini, Ark
E II Woolride, Mo M W Wil.hite, Tenn
W Nesley A w. Ark C Hall, Tenn
Mrs A L Miller, Ark Miai Ella Miller, Ark
JT Jacobs, Tenn Miss Lula Millar, Ark
K E Parsons, Mo 08 Shelby, Miss
J C Payne, Miai . J Denning., Miss
J M Coppedge, Hiss J B Pace, Miaa
i L Hem, Mm II II Pernell, Miss
E A Grigsby, Ark G W Bryant, Ala
J H Thompson, Tenn A 0 Ogelie, feon
LE Hill, Tenn E B Popegay, Ark
J Angel, Ohio M V Crump, Tenn
B Roohe.Tez TA Brown. Miss
J B Atchison, Tenn 1 L Glenn Aw, Tenn
M 0 Cummina, Mias Mias B Oummini, Mill
J 8 KennedyAw.Miii J W Little, Ky
J K Bennett, Miss C Crows Aw, Miss
P J O'Laughlln, Ark.
Da Kwropraai Hotel,
Corner of Adami and Main Kreetf. Rooms,
60o, 75c and II per day : Amerioan Plaa,
ti per day.
Flrnt-claat Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 years with Peabody Hotel)
M T Merchant. Tenn J fi Glonn, Kr
8 A Warner, Ark J M Punaear, Ark
R K Houston, Ark 8 W Hathaway, Mail
W II Parker, Tenn A J Shirk, III
A Watnnger, Ala 8 E Smith, Ga
U D Koranlon, Ind T K Dowd, Mo
8 B Steward, Tenn A W Sidebotton.Tenn
W R McDougal.Tenn C Hoef.l, Tenn
E B tieddea, N Y Wm liayden, La
GWHellen.Mo 0 B Uu'hrie, Tenn
ND Green, Mo L A Washington, Mo
W H Crowbill, MY BMSewar, Mo
R Morrow, La F 8 Darenport, Ten i
AFSuratt, Mo N Gregory, Ark
J B Armstrr ni, Tex W T Kchols, Ark
H Barbae, Term . C one'.Ark
J Smallwood, Tenn J Murka, Mo
II P Boyle, Tenn MraW lUV.I.bia.Misl
8 M Bla.-k, Tenn W K llotchkias, Tenn
C B Augustus, Ky J Benton. Ky
K Ii UicHnion, N Y J P Slough, N C
JCoker, Tenn 0 J Groen, Ark
M rdrows. Ky , R M Day, Tenn
J Grnham. Mo 0 J Wither, Ark
C J Adnma, Tenn K P Adams, Tenn
PJ Handera, Mo M L !Vers'n, Ind
J CLamott, Ky R T Cope, Mo
1(1. !pe. Mo C LOhrannt, N C
R J Turner, NY K I Hutley, Mo
L M Thorne, Ky J F Carpenter, Tenn
R Steventon, Tex J L North, Mioh
Pitt.-iicbo, May 31. X ght Uiver 2
feet 3 iuthta cn the pa.igs and falling.
WeRther clear and mild.
Cincinnati, May 31. Night River
12 feet ! inches on the gauge and sta
tionary. Weather clear and pleasant.
Louisvilli, May 31. Night River
stationary, with 6 feet 7 inches in the
canal and 4 feet 6 inches on the falls.
But-intss good. Weather char and
Kvansvill, May 31. Night River
falling, with 11 feet oi the gauge.
Weather cVr snd wmui; thermom
et''r74t 8(j. Departed: O.iio, Cin
cinnati, 7 p.m.
Cairo, Mav 31. Night-River 27
feet 4 iu.'; ei on the gauge ami falling.
WeaiLvr clear and hot. Anived: Ciiy
of Baton Rouge, H. Louis, 1 p.m. No
departures of regn'ar ra"kft'.
In order to introduce the Alabama
Pjilint Ccal in this market, it will be
delivered at 36o per barrel in city lim
its. It has DO superior.
Telephone 6M. m
Monogram UanKleta Mulford
Prummond'l ftatnral Leaf.
The only genuine "Na ural Leaf'
tobaivo in the mark-1 ; "two tin tags,
one on ach end of the p'uc;" a mild,
elegant chew. Don't bo deceived into
buying imitations. Take none but the
original "Drummond's Natural Leal"
Mnlfitrd, Jeweler, 294 Main, to-
loclta orders from the coantry.
MTTha firm of GOODBAB A CO. baa been dissolved, and ws have reorganised oar interest la tbe Wholesale Boo
and tlhoo Bnsineas, in connection with Mr. W. . Lore, laU of Warren, Lore A Co 6U Louis, Mo, and Mr. J. O
Callioott, of Cold water, Mias., under the style of and firm cams given below. We thank oar friends for their patronagw
la the past and hope for a continuance oi their favors, A. B. GOODBAS. J
Lato af Ooodbar A Co.. MamphU. Late of Good bar k Ca.. Mamphil. LaU oi Warns. Lore k Co., St. Loaii. LataafOoldwatar.
367 & 3G9 Main
We are now receiving a larire and Entirely New Kt?k of Eastern and Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at itock Itotioin Prices, on aa liberal terms aa can
ba made bv any comnaiinj market.
JA.nV.fi C. 1IKLL, President.
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Co and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Advice
EHpeelally Adapted to Mem
phis and Yicinity.
Black hosiery will be much worn,
but the man who comes homo late at
night with a black eye will bo re
garded with suspicion. Full particu
lars at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Secood street.
Many of last year's bonnets. will be
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
cost of several new bonnets by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 262 Second street.
Men who wear wigs need not lift
their hat to those lady aoquaintanoea
they meet in tho street during a
wind-storm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, continne to buy their
clothing at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street.
Curl-papers will be much worn in
the morning, but false hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Before de
ciding to buy elsewhere see the fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Sec snd street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "duoky darling" more
than 999 times. She might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true test of
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
In spring marriages it will not be
fashionable to have a first-class fight
until at least one week after the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suits at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 2G2 Second street.
It is fashionable, garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the'
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to get tho most for your money come
to tho
Opp. Court Square,
Open evcalBira till O, Hatnrdays
till 11.
All alterations to insure a per
fect fit done free of charge.
N.B. We havo several hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests which
will be sold at $1 25.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
MS Mala StM Memphis, Tenn
fTtaklaia Ballra from BaslacsM
W. Mel war Ksitlr.
tha drapapsia, which troub'ed Mri.
John R. (Ill son , as Hill straet, Mamphis,
Tnn-, for naarly thraa yaars, to tpaodil
disappear. tha sinoarelT uivitti all at
ftictcd to trr il.
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
Jamea M. Ooodbar Wm, L. Clark Eugene J. Carrlnaton rrank CI. Joaea
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to MERCHAHTft OB1.Y tha larrast and bast stock of Boots and Shoas ws
havo ever brought to this market, and which cannot ba i nrpaased in quality and
styles br anr home in this or anr other city. In addition to a complete line ot Eaetara
made goods, inoladina the 1'lLr.BKatKO CtOOUBAR at CO. BKMIiAN , we handle
a large and select stook of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Misses and Children. Wa
carry a number of the beet makes in tha oouniry, in aver variety and stjle, and among
themithe well known Men's Calf Boots and Shoes manufactured by Geo, Hooker for oar
Hpring Trade, w a also carry a ohoioe line of Ladies' and Misses' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman at Co. We invite tha trade to eiamine
our stook before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything wa sell to give satisfaction.
WHIIlHtK a s o.
For Judge of tha Criminal Court.
MESSRS. Hapoleon Pill. Henry J. Lynn,
John W. billard, 11 M. Neely, W. U.
Bethe ,R. 0. Craig ACo .G.V. Hambaut,
A. L. Lowenstein. J. 8. Menken and others
In response to your call upon ma to be
come a candidate for tbe office of Criminal
Court Judge ol bh'lby oounty, with sincere
thanks lor your kindness and courtesy, 1
hereby announce myelf as a candidate for
the position, subject to tha action of tha
Democratic convention.
Clerk of tbe Criminal Court.
TT7E are authorised to announce R. B.
VV CAPERS (for twenty-one years Dep
uty) as a candidate lor t;irrK oi me criminal
Court of bhelby county, subjeot to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
TTTE are antho'lied to announce DABNEY
VV W. COLUEH as a candidate tor Clerk
or the Criminal Court of Bhelby county,
ubjeot to the Democratic Convention.
County Court Clerk.
TTTE are authorised to announce that
VV RICHARD A. ODLUM Le a candidate
for County Court Clerk, aubject to tb action
of tb Democratic Convention.
Mri are authorised to announce P. J.
VV QUIULhYai a . andidate for Clerk of
the County Court, subject to the action of
toe Shelby County Democratic uonvenuon.
Judge or the Frobate Court.
TO My Fellow-Cititens of Shelby County
Feeriogthat my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge my hsve
failed to reach, many of yon. I take this
method also of announcing mrs'lf a cardi-
data for ihat offioe, subjeot to the action of
tb approaching Democratic uonnty on
ventian. and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I bava the honor to ba
your oheuient servant, I. B. MICOU.
WE are authorised to announce J. P.
YOUNG as a candidate for the office
of Judge of the Probata i ourt, subjeot to tha
action of the County Democratic Convention.
For Truatee.
WE ar authorised to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY aa a candidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at tb ensuing
August election, subieot to the notion of tb
Democratic Convention.
WS are authorised to announce AN
DREW J. H A RRI8 as a candidate for
re-election to the offioe of County Trustee,
subject to the action of the Democratic Con
vention. THE A ppeal ts authorised to announce Mr.
N. . LEMASTER aa a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby ooun'y, sub
ieot to tbe action of the Democratic Conven
For Atlorney-dmeral.
WI ar authorised to announce GEORGE
B. PETbRS, J.. as a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, subiect to tb
action of tha Democratic Convention.
TriE Appeal is authorised to announce 8.
D. Wi.AKL.KY ai a candidate for Attor-Bey-General,
subjeot to the Democratic Con
vention. For Rpglater.
rpO the Voters of Shelby County and My
1 Friends I hereby announce myself lor
the second time a cand'dale for the office of
County Register, subject to the Democratic
Convention. I am poor and need the office.'
Feeling thai my pat ferviceasa servant of
the people has given satisfaction, and that I
ean come before the people and aak toeir
ruffrairesand ,upport for County Henister, I
am, respsoifully, . JOHN A. POWEL.
WE are authorised to announce N. F.
(BUNK) HARhISoN as a candidate
for Register, subject to tha action of the
Democratic County Convention.
THE Appeal ts authorted to announce
JOHN f McCALLUMas a candidate
for Register, su'jeot to tha action ot tb
Democratic Convention.
THE undersigned announces that he Is a
oandidate lor Register, and asks tbe
support ot the voters of Shelby county. If
elected, will endeavor to give sntisfxetion in
the discharge of the duties of the office, and
places his claims subject to the action of the
County Democratic Convention
Memphis, March 28, 1886.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Kerrvllle, Tenn., Is a
. csndidate for RKGIsTbR. subject to the
action of tha Democratic Convention.
WE ar authorised to announce E. A.
EliMONuSON aa a candidate for
County Register, subjeot to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal ts authorised to announce
JOHN W. GOULl as a candidate for
the office of Regimer, subject to the action oi
the Democratic Convention.
Judge of tbe Circuit Court.
WM. S. FLIPPIN is a candidate for Cir
cuit Judg of Shelby County, subject
to tb action of a Democratic Convention.
We are authorised to annnuno L. II. 19
TKS, JR., asaeandidat forjudge ef tb
Circuit Cou't, subject to tb action of tha
Democratic Convention.
JAMES L. O0ODLOR will be a candidate,
before the Democratic Convention, for
nomination to the office of Judge of tha Cir
cuit Court: and, if defeated., will support
tb successful nominee.
Wa ar authorised to announce that JOHN
JOHNSTON is a cand'date forjudge of the
n; .n .. . , r uu.il. r...i. . : . . . . .
fv. . . hi. .uu vi cu.iu, v. h u .j , vuujeui so
notion of the Democratic Convention. I
n r
F. MKYEll, Hec'y and Treaa.
y 7
DURING tha seasan we will receive Bea
Ilart's Berriei morning and evening.
Just received a fresh lot of Kennedy Una
Bisouit and Cakei.
Butter Scotch, Beatrice. Albert,
Lemon Cream, Jelly Drops, Shrewsbury,
Cocoannt Taffy, Moral Mixed,
Vanilla Cram, Assorted Jelly, Eto.
Corner Second and Beale Stg.
Importer! and dealer in Onna, Amsnss.
nltloss and Flahlng Tnrkle, Bnllaera'
Hardware, fclooirle Iteila and Aa
unelatorafor Hotels and Reaidencei.SaS
Main elrewt, Hesnpbla, Ternn. Electric
supplies always oo hand.. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
140. 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and the only complete
Boiler and Saeet-Iron Works In thaoity.
Mansslaeturera of heavy plate Iron,
work of every aeau Iptlon. Speeial
attention given to plantation work.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
finns, Flahlng Tackle and Nportat-
nien'srtniipiiea. - tjeolal attention,
given to MANUFACTURING and KaV
413 Main NlMeisipliln, Tenn
finng, Ammnnitlon, Flwlilng Tackle
and liase-Kall vVoodg.
and Main Street, ilempbln, Tenni
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gum a
Jornt OviaroR, Ja. C. N. GtosviHoa.
Real Estate Dealers
Ofaoe, 284 Second Street.
M. Vow. keeono and Court,
Taxes Paid. Bants CoUected. eto.. oa
liiMolreul Mollcf.
No MM (8) State of Tennese, Shelby conn
tv OfBc County Court Clark, Memphis,
Tenn., April 2is 1S86 To John Loague.
Public Adm nistrator of Shelby county ana
as such Administrator of estat of Henry
F. Arnold, deoeaaed:
HAVING suggested tb Insolvency of the
state of Henry F. Arnold, deceased,
yoa are hereby ordered to give notice, by ad
vertisement in some newspaper published
within the said State, and also at tbe court
house door of Shelby eouatv, for all person!
having claims against said estate to appear
and file tbe same, authenti cated in'the man
ner prescribed bylaw, o: or before tha 27th day
July, 1886; and any claim not filed on or
before said day, or Wore a appropriation,
of the funds of said ettate is made, shall ba
forever barred, both in law and eauitjK
Witness say hand, at office, this 26th day as
April. 1886. HUGH B. CULLEN, Cl'k.
By tl. L. McDonald, Deputy Cierk .
terNotioe given a- reouired by the or-ego-IngoHer.
toel JNO-LOAGliE, AdiaV
tirely cured Mr. 8. A. Cocks, 'J63 Main
street, Memphis, Tenn., of a severe cM.ii
chilli and fvr, lit believes in U,

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