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Tfce commencement exorciiearf tve
city public schools at Leubrio's
Theater laft evening were largely at
tended. Reflular ticke's ot admission
were issued, wh-ch prevented the tin
eemly jain witnessed oa similar oeca
ion, and the rtsult waa parents, guar
dians and all directly intaiest d in tlie
public schools bad aa opportunity to
witness the exercises. Tbe entire
building was filled and was represen
tative ol the intelligence and substan
tial worth cf the community. The
Ai'i'KAL o'c the opinion of all pres
ent in averring that the exercise
showed that our public schools will
compare with Ifcoea of any othir city
in the whole country in the elliciency
of teachers and a thorough t ainiDg In
, a liberal and refilling education. Tbe
practical working! and benefits of our
public school syitem were most sitis
faclorily demonstrated. The city
achco'.s have never teen so prosperous
as during the present year. New
school buildings have been erected, in
other will at oa b ) const ructed on the lot
on Jefferson street donatel to the pub
lic schools; the attendance lias been
larger than tuiul; in fact, the public
echcols have kept abreast of the gen
eral enterprire and prosperity of the
city. Much of this eiifcass Is due to
tin Beard of Education, composed of
R. D. D. Jordan, president ; G.V. Ram
bant, P. M. WinUra, James Vvjf
nan and A. W. Higins. The
position occupied by these gen
tlemen fee ores ingratitude and thank
lessnecs aa compensation for toil and
worry. IJut they have labored with
matchless seal and was disciiminating
judgment for the pu il ic schools, as
is attested by their tllicionry and
general prosperity. It is impossible
to estimate the valuable services of
Superintendent Charles II. Collier in
lifting the public schools to their pres
ent high standard, lie has grown
with the yea rs, and at each succeeding
annual commencement the account
which be renders of bis stewardship
makes him tt'tll stronger i a the corn
dencn and affections of the people, 10
that be is now considered an Indis
pensable adjunct to the public schools.
, It Is net likely that bis paltry pay will
become the coveted prize of some hun
gry expectant. But if it should, the
people will, in no unceitain sound,
demand the retention of Super, nterd-
ent Collier In the placo he has long
filled with bo mnch honor to himself
and sutlf faction to tbo community.
His servicwwill be continued, and in
ths utnras in the pa t, be will at
each n commencement add some
new feajol to the wreath of fame be
baa already won as one of the most
valuable educators in the Sjuth. The
t'hmi of oublic schools is stability in
itiperiptendenU, principals, teachers
and school books. The schools cannot
be successful so long ax teachers are
in constant fear of removal at ea?h
election cf teachers and nsw can
didates are invited to intiiue for po
sitions already t a'.iet ictorily fl'U'J.
The ellioiency of teachers very largely
depends on the knowledge that they
will be retained in cilice bj bug
is they discharge their du
ties faith'nlly. l'e-rmanensy of ten
ure as supeiintendent, principals and
teachcrj is essential it the we'fiiro ot
tbe schools. It is generally under
stood that, whenever candidates are
brought f(,r-ard against teachers who
have djiobargod Uieir duties, some
other"' object tfn the welfare of the
ecboo's lies beneath the movement.
There should a' no be permanency in
the school books. Change brings
confusion and expens, which should
not be imposed on the pour. In all
the States there is a constant preisure
brought to bear on the school author i
lies in favor ot the adoption of text
books different from those in use.
The large publishing bouses are con
stantly forcing tew books on the mar
ket. Occasionally a few of these
books have real merit. But poor peo
pie cannot meet the burdens imposed
by a constant change of text books
made to enrich greedy publishers.
Notwithstanding the lugubrious
report that comes from Philadelphia
as to fear of threatened strikes, which
we publleh this morning, and the
equally lugubrious report made by
the Boston Prut CWrtU as to tbe
fright thatstill prevails at the "Hub,"
there is. an evident improvement at
all trale centers. This is seen in the
increase in the amount ol weekly
'clea-ings, which, Including thoss of
New York, amounted to 87.2 per
cent, more than the week before, and,
leaving r.ew iork out,, to 29.1 per
cent. A groat many of ths moneyed
transactions in . New York are for
speculative account, and therefore do
not properly en tr into an account of
tbe stito of trade. Still, the increase
out of New York is very reassuring,
especially when coupled with the fait
referred to by the New York Chronicle
that many daily borrowers were com
palled during the week ending with
Saturday "to seek accommoda ions
elsewhere,, the average loans at
the Exchange having advanced to 2
psr rent , compared with 1 J per cent
issi weex, ana renewals to "J per
cent.; this also explains the firm rate
on call at 3 per cent., which during the
week bas ruled at t oe banks. One
feat are lit been an effort by corns of
the leading stock bonnes to borrow on
long time, offdriug from 4 to 4j per
cant for eix months, with thecrivi
lege of renewal in November at the
rate then rating for that class of loin.
This is a clear indication of the new
confidence felt in the present situa
tion, and in the prospective)
revivil of trade and s, cjulatkn
the loming h Thtrs is no
change in commercial paper."
Our fore'gi traie is to far in our
fav:r, Including specie, to the amount
of f 3,1 87,000. As to the sgricultaral
out'ook the Clirwiir'e slates that
"either rain, drouth or insecis seem
to have been the nniplabt from tbe
various sectiocs during the week.
From tbe West and N?r Imcst chinch
buys, graehopprj and drouth in tbe
si in er wheat belt hava been repo:t-
ed; late-, good la'm have visited
thotesame regijns and Lave, we sup
pose, restored the situation to one full
of promiee a;aTn. Corn has by this
time been everywhere sown and very
soon the plant will be in ehajio to be
gin cultivation, and its progress ih?re
af er will be cloiely watched. The
harvest of winter whrat is expected to
corn m be c s Boat h of the Ohia by the
end of next wesk. In the South
ern Slates cotton Las not done
ts well np to this time as last
year. It is ihe only crop about
which there is any reasonable anxiety
at present; the p'aot throughout a
hi'iie lection is b irk ward, having been
delajedby c aid weather or by high
rivers or raina or drouth, and in parts
of Texas the drouth juet now is severe,
though as jet more especially harmful
to corn. Still, a lit' 1 e good and secsin
able weather would speedily change
the outl ok even cf the cotton plant.
Of course it is doing well in a con
siderable secti in, bat la it year st this
time almost a'l tbe S.utb save a good
report of ilsclf "
The (ircenville Timn, a paper that
in edited with unusual ability and
i.s especially intelligent upon all mat
ters connected with the levees, leveo
coiiHtruction and river improvement,
referiing to the stupidly transparent
report of Senator Van Wyck, which
indorses tho take. ISorgno outlet sys
tem, makes an excellent poi lit in the
following sentences: "As to tho 'fact
which is the only argument neces
Huiy,' we will merely say ttut it is
not the oce'an level which is sought,
or which presents the commorc al
dilliculties the jetties design removal
of. The real trouble is the ocean
depths. These aro as far removed
from Now Orleans via Lake Ilorgno as
by way of the jetties, without tbe
Mississippi merman avenue thereto."
The Greenville Timt$ reports the
post week as being another, the
fourth, of dry, rainless weather. In
over four weeks there has been but
KMCCUigof rain fall. With all cotton
that was late in being planted, or
where the land was very badly pre
pared, the yle'd now depends npon
the frost date. Other cotton is looking
hriving and well. So is tbe early
corn, Hie crop of the latter, however,
s already doomed to be short and in
Til k suggestion of Mr. Morgan, I'n-
ler Secretary for Foreign Affairs of
(ireat Britain, that the old fisheries
treaty with this country be swept
away is a good one. UaniiiM herself
would no doubt he glad to be placed
upon a new footing of reciprocity with
the great Republic, and our indus
trious cod-fish aristocrjey would be
glad to have peacs on a solid basis of
Tiikrk Iiiih bi'fti much said about the
large exports of gold this year; but
the Imliailtir shows that for the four
months Bince January 1, tho total ex
ports of gold were ouly '.!2,W9,000, or
over f4,(X0,0Hiless than was reported,
while the imports were 1:1,8811,3 115,
leaving Ihe net exports only a little
over fli),O(K),O0O. which Ib certainly
not a veiy largo auiount. Some of the
gold statiH icians have instated upon
reporting the gold exports since Ie-
e-ember 1, 1ST-, but they will prob
ably do so no longer. The exports in
P.cember were only $1,780,074, while
the import!- were t.",tcj0,li)l, so that
the net imports were about $11,800,000
This would reduce tho net export of
gold for the four months December 1,
1SS5, to April 30, issri, to only about
$ IIS, 100,1X 0.
The Nova Scotians threaten to
seci'do from the Dominion because its
government is too extravagant. It was
promised at the time of its formation
that it would be run for $12,000,000 a
year, but it is costing more than $.'!5,
COO.OOO, end tho Si-otians, a frugal
people, can't stand it. They propone
to secede quiet'y if they can.
All the gossip and information that
is afloat as to the marriage of Presi
dent Cleveland to Miss Folsom to-day,
will be found printe'd on our second
All joy go with the President ami
bis bride, who to day begin life as
hn--laK lha inav In Vrorcln.
Macom. 0., June 1. The gauge of
of the South wtslern railroad irom
Macon to K ifau'a, Ala., and the Mus-
cotee railroad from Macon to Colum
bus wis changed to the standard vh
terday. Toe schedules on both roads
will be returned ttiis morning. The
Uentral railroal from Mason to ha
vannah and Atlanta will be changed
The rnll-l Pmbjrlftlaai.
Hamilton, O , June 1. At to dav's
sestion of tbe Vuited Preebyterian As--M-iubty
it was resolved to secede from
the l'rbytenan ellianre. Iwo re
ports were submitted on the question
of iuslruuienUI muein in churches.
Trie majority report (5) favors the use
ol organs iu worship, while the mi
nority reprrf (2i opposes it. I'iscr.K
moll will hei-i fueedar.
Balmy odors fnmi Spice Iliiud.
Wafted bv tin. tropic breeze ;
S(ZIHNT in lualtMul (ragr.it ce
Cannot be surpa-sed by thee.
Teeth it whitens, purities;
You will use' it if voa'rv w ise.
THE SiriOM CAimi
The Edmnnds Utah Bill I'obllc
Debt Statement Appointments
Vytbe President.
IsraoiAL to tbb ArraiL.t
Wasiiihgtom, Juni I. In tho Sen
ate to-day Mr Ma ris introduced a bill
to pay Mrs. Klixa A. Jtrown'ow of
Tenne-sHe'e, executrix o( W. O. (i.
Urownliw. !9iH) (or advertising in
itrownlow s Whig, a linper published
at Knoxville yea s ago.
John A. C aig, Laude dale, Miss., car
coupling; John It. (iilliland, a ignce
of one-half to M. E (iilliland, (jad
den, Ala, combined cul ivator and
corn-planter; Geo. J. Mansfield, Vi jla,
Term., water elevator; Caroline E
Schleier, Nashville, cmvertible chair
and table.
It is not certain when tho legisla
tive appropriation bill can get con
sideration in the House, it is the
desire o( Mr. Holman to get through
with it this week if possible, but it is
hardly lively that they will be able to
do so. The managers of the tariff' bill
have decided upon a course of conduct
which they will follow, unless some
thing arises to make them again
change tin ir plan. The'y propose to
call up the ta ill bill as soon as tho
legislative bill is disposed off. They
expect to have a light over considera
tion, but think they can depend upon
a majority on that motion if the bill is
taken up. They will go into com
mittee of the whole House and begin
the debate.
The KilraumU l ull Bill.
Washington, June 1. The Houe
Judiciary Committee to-day further
consideied the Kdmunds Utah bill,
and now hope to finish it at tho pres
ent se-ssion. The Southern members
of the Committee', with the exception
of Chirman Tucker, are firmly op
posed to the measure mnitily on
constitutional grounds and the con
cessions nmdo by the majority iu
striking out the sections of the bill, as
it. came f om the Senate, ereating
Tnite-d State trustiH-s to take charge
of the property of the Mormon
Church, Lave neit be'en eflectual in
securing for tho bill the support of
those members Many amendments
have been added to the original bill,
and others are under consulerat'on,
intended to make it more effective
and to reduce to a minimum the
possibility of tho escape of polyga
mists froin punishment through legal
Mra. Ilnin ftrrioaaljr III.
Washington, June 1. Mrs Dunn
of Arkansas, wife of Congressman
Dunn, has ben verv seriously sick
for several weeks in Washington.
Visitors are not permitted to see her,
and, wtile there is thought to be no
immediate d -nger, yet serious appre
hension is felt by her family and
NeoMlor Htrt'i Hoinbuhcll.
Washington, June 1. The bill in
troduced by Senat r Beck to-day in
the Senate to prohibit members of
Congress acting as railrosel attorneys
makes it unlawful for any member of
either bouse to accept employment as
an attorney-at-lawor payment for ser
vices ot any kind lrom any retire ml
company or any officer or agent there
of wiucii i iitaineu its charter or any
grants of land or pecuniary aid from
the I'nited Mates Violation of it
prov siors is made a misdemeanor.
iiunishaiilu liy a fine not to exceed
i'Oltt) or imprisonment not more than
one vear.
Another Hill to 14 l.mlrrj "Ada"
ai oi lie jtikiih,
Washington-, June 1 The House
Committee oa Post' Dices and Post
roads to-day instructor! Chairman
lllount to report favorably a bill to
prohibit the mailing o( an v" letter, cir
cular or writ ng concerning a lottery
or gilt enterprise, or any paper con
taining an advert sement of any lot
tery or information regarding its
drawings. Violiit ons of the provi
sions are made misdemeanors, punish
able by tone anil imprisonment.
Rrpubllrnn Muiitiora In fanrns.
Washington, June 1. The lt-pub-
licai Senators held another "order of
butiness" cnucus this morning.
Among the measures which it was de
cided to consider in tho near future
were tho bill to repeal the pre-emption
and timber ciil'ure laws and the
Allen land grant bill.
Washington, June 1. The Presi
dent to-day appointed John 11. Kiley
of Phittsburg, N. Y to be Indian
School Superintendent, vice John II.
OU-rly, appointed a .Civil Service
The President sent tho following
nnminat ons to tho Senate to-dav:
David L. Hawkins of Missouri, to be
Assi'tant Secretary of the Inteiior,
vice (ieo'go A. Jenks, rf signed; Jo
seph E John ton of Virgiuia, to be
Commissioner in and for tbe District
of Alaska, vice Chester Zeeber, re
signed. Public Iekt MutrmcBt.
Washington, June 1. The follow
ing is a summary of the debt state
ment issued to-day (or tbe month of
May: Total debt -principal, $1,764,
6W.541; interest, 11 805,622; total,
H, 77tt,!U5,ll0; less cash items avail
able for reduction of tbe debt, $202,.
164,276: Icbs reserve held (or redemp
tion of United States notes, $100,000,
000 J:t02,lti4 274; total debt, lees
available cash items, $l,474,340,8i)2;
net cash in the Treasury, $7(1,142,611 ;
debt, loss cash in tin; Treasury June
I, 1SX6, tl,:!,8 11)8,281 ; debt less rich
in the Treasury Mv 1, 181, $1,407,
02,847; decrease of debt during the
month, $S828,ftlKl.
Berocnlu' lh Nrw Klag f Samoa.
Washington, June 1. The Secre
tary of Ma e tdav received a short
telegram from the United States Con
sal a' Apia, Sarao, faying that he had
hoisted the Samian dig under tbe
Ameriian llig as a recognition cf
King Mulitiva as agaiaet King
Tomoees. N'f particular are given.
'blnl StMllaa. .
Washington, June 1. The Cab'net
ge ion to-day was devote J to a con
ideiation of the Canadian fisheries
question, the aetion of Congress iu re
gard to the Geneva award, and rail
loud matterr.
Th World' ninrb or Corn and
WaahiSi;t.-V Jitna 1 Th. antiiti,
i t'oiiiiiiii s oner of Akricu'tuie, in reply
; t a ris tluticn of the House making
iiminiiiis eciiiernirg etrcks of ciru
! mihI wheat in this and other count ies,
I fie ilemai.di of con-innption aril (I o
iPiopect ot pridnriontUioughout the
voiiu, i us ir.iisinu ea an exnnuswve
.43'npilat on cf tUtislics, by Prof.
lt'JgB, lh eti.tis'ician nf the Dc'parl
mVnt of Ar. culture. Th s tables show
that the world's product of wheat in
18H5 was 2, 11 0,1 00, wx) bashel-, toe re
qnircments of consumptir n 3,165,000
0ti(), presenting a deficiency of 55 00J,
000 bushels, drawn tnm the prtvi ms
vnar's runplies of 125,000,000 bushels.
They find the proiluci of Eu'ope me
dium, thote of India and Austiaba
arire sl1 a heavy reduttion in lln
United Slates. For the supply ol tbe
coming year thecirpscf Au tralia, In
d a and South America, already bar
vested, are probably about 32.OJO.00O
bnshe s leea then tli'ss of la-t year,
while tcoe ol (h Liiiteu Ma'es prom
i e ful y 100,000,000 bushels more than
tho h'srveit ol 185. The whea. in
tbe United Stttes on May let
last, was 104,000,000 bushels svaimt
152,0CO,0O0 bushels in 1885. Of the
commercial stocks of when New Yoik
held 4,I3K,005; Buflal1, 2.48.1,117; Chi
raw, 11,777,804; Milwaukee, 3,335,
0:): MiDneaoolis, 4,707,009; Dulu'h,
7.3!i3,748 Tnecropof coin in 1S85
86 w 1,617,000,000 bushels, tbe stock
587,000 0.0 bushels and tbe exporta
tion 42,1(10.000 bushels. The esti
mated acreage of wint:T wheat new
growing is 24,727,087: spring wheat,
11,800,000; total. 36,527,087.
Callers at the White House.
Washington, Jnne 1. Many Sena
tors, Representatives and other of
li'.ials culed at tbe White House to
day and conera'ulatul the PrtsiJett
on his approaching msrr age. He was
in a very happy frame of mind and
endured the cuafficg and pleaiantries
of his vieitnrs on toe subject cf bis
wedding with the utmost good nature.
Secretary Manting tail a visit to
tbe White House to-day and bad a
long ctat with the Piesiuent.
Among the other ca'lers was Ex.
Gov. R. L. McLane, United States
Minister to France.
Secret try Manning and Mrs. Man
ning will attend tbe President's wed
ding. This will be tbe fiist social en
tertainment cf any kind that Secre
taiy Maunirg has attended since he
was taken sir k.
Nanatar llerry of ArlmnnM. and tbe
ArhauKaa Kalirona Mill.
Senator Berry got word last Monday
thhtthe Aikauras Valley riilroid bill
was in danger of s veto. Il grants the
right cf way from Van Buren, Aik,
across the Cbirokee country to Ar
kamasCityin Kanr:i, and thus sop
plies the connecting link betweeu the
Kansas and Arkansas railroad systems.
Boet in cipica ists ate behind the en
terprise, and the money is ready to
bui.'d tlm road as sroa as the light of
way is Lb aired. The Arkansas Sen
ators and IlepreseLt t ves hav br-en
veiy zealous in getting the i''ll a ong,
and a veto wasneveriireamid cf. Sen
ator Barry went to tin White-Honss
and plum pad the ques.ion at ths
President without any preliminaries.
Mr. Clevelaid stid toe inLrma ion
was correct. He bad about mads up
li s mind to veto the bill. "Why?" de
manded the Senator. Th) President
explained th t be hed reisonto be
lieve, i( tbe right of way was granted,
there would be an uprising of the
Cherokee Indians, and possibly mnch
bloodshed and border trouble. Sen
a'cr Berry looked very bard at. the
President, to be certain be was not
joking, and then exclaimed: 'Mr.
Pietident, that is toe m s-. absurd
thirg I ever benrd ol." Thsn the
Sena or went on to explain that the
Cherjkees weie civiliied; that they
did not wear bli n' e's and cany toma
hawks; that th y had CueroVea
echoole, institutalions, a government,
wr.ts and laws. In short, there was
no mora likelihood of an uprieirg of
Cuerokeei than there was ol nv
fermiug community in New York
Ma e. Mr. Cleveland reverted to a
protest against these right of way bi Is
whiili was filed with him by Chief
biienyiiead and tie (Jhcrokea dele
gates on Monday last. To tola the
Senator replied that there was ceiUin
lv eoooe mieanprehnns'on He had
converse! with Chief l!usoyli9ad
about tho Arkars s Valley charter
oi ly a few days before, and the chief
tad declared himself inftvorof it
saying it would be of great benefit to
ths Cnerokees "And if you dou't be-
lieee it. B,ii Ssnator Btrry emohst
cally, send for Chief Eushyhead. I'll
guarantee that be will acknowledge it
in myp-eeence." Then tbet'enator
told tho President what this roai
meant to the people ol tbe Stat?, and
bow they were oppressed. There was
nocompetit on against tbe Iron Moun
tain road. Their vait timb r lands
were shut otl from tbe prairies of Kan
sas and beyond. The proposed road
wcu'd tum sh a ehort route from tae
great grain country to the South, and
at length the Senator concluded by
saying as forcibly as he knew how
that if the Preeident wanted to give
Arkansas a black eye ho could not
Had a better way tbaa to veto the Ar
kansas Valley bill.
Arrival of Moil or th tles;atea to
Ihe ConveuiloB.
IsraoiAL to thi rrn..
M Kkn.ib, Tens., June 1. Most of
the delegates" have arrived, and candi
dates and friends of candidates
ars busy at work. The convention
will be called to order with 500 dele
gates in attendance., tien. Dibrell,
candidate for Governor, is here; Gen,
Alex. Campbell, candidate for Con
gress in the Kighth District, is also
present. Bond, Pierce, Cartdiell and
Caldwell, candidates for Congress in
the Ninth District, are on the ground.
Gen. Dibrell, on being taxed with be
ing a Colyar Democrat, disclaimed the
charge wiih the remark that the
American and f'nion were both op
poeeel to hint. The candidates for
nominat'on to-morrow are Swipgart.
Estes and Aden for Circuit Judge, and
Bond, Tyree, Jones and Biggs for At
tornf Geneiul.
The commencement exercises of the
several Bcboobi are in progre'ss,
Collrro Comaincrmetit I ifitI
looaaaaronaci, or tas ArraaL.I
McKbn.ik, TKNNJute l. McKen
rie ts in a bUn of eiery now. The
commencement exercises "a'e.-.ln (nil
eay. Lut rwht was this yobng la
dies night at Bethel Culleg', and little
(oiks' at McTyeire Institute. Your
correspondent attended McTyeira, and
toeay the exercises were credi'atole to
Miss Wttt, tbe primary Wactier, wonm
not give herba ( the praise she needs.
(ar town is already (all to overflow
ing with visitor?, and every train
brings in a great many more. The
great qnestio j now if how ws are go
ing to take caie ol the delegates to tbe
convention when they arrive to-night
and to-morrow. The corr.er politician
Ubiny. 1 think every candidate for
Circuit JudkP ant Attorney General
has some friends at this place. At
this wriiiog it eeenis aa it tviy ons
stands a ino ii ratslj good chance of
being nominated.
I don't v.Miit to say too much of
Mi Kei zie, but if a stranger wre to
fall in now they would ceriain'y think
it is the livrl.eil town in West Ten
neesee. Ths Herbal Chill Onre, the best
tonioanrf aiti-riodtn known. A rartain
and aura ear iur chill. Hrirall pf bot
tle. Sin I lUau fr oiroulri. Any rof
ra iin. Addntt John 0. Knaktr,
Lraobbera. Va.
The Petition of the Hamilton Meet
ing to Be Presented to Con
gressDocument 77.
Clev bla n r,0., Jnne 1. 1 heKr wl.t
of Labor C invention wis opened st 8
o'clock this mornirg, trie fir t busi
ness being tbe adoption of lbs amend
ed repo.t of the Commi t;e on Strikts
and Boycotts. Ths Executive Boird
must approve all future ttrikes, and,
except in c-rtain grievances where
aeiioa is necessary, a strike cr boycott
wiil not be allowed without their ap
proval An address to the Women' Chris
tian Union was adopted, aft ir which
the Committca cn Legislation pre
sented the following report, which was
adopted :
'Iu place of document No, 71, enti
tled 'An act fixing the measure ol
value and further regulating the vi'ue
of money,' your committee CilU atten
tion to the petition passed at tha an
nual eessiou held at Hamilton in Oc
tober last, embracing the tame sub
ject, which petition is known as docu
ment No. 77, and is printed on p?g
118 and 119 of tbe retoid cf proceed
ings of that sseeion; and we urge that
Biid petition be pressed to Congress
as ttieie recommended, and that it a s
be given to tbe press for publication, as
ws diem ibis rouire nece sary before
(ar'ber leg s'ation by tbe Geaeral As
etnibly on th subjticc."
Document No. 77, referred (o by the
committee, is as follows, and was in
tro Jueud by Repreeenla ive A. 11. Low
of Pennsylvania:
"Jieiolved, That the following ptti. ion
be preheated to Cong rets:
"Toe petition oi tbe members of
tbe Order of Knights of Labor ol
America, thiough their lepraeetti
tivi s in General Assembly, met at the
t ess on he'd at Hamilton, Oat., com
menced Ojtober 5, 188o, and atteited
by their proper officers, respectfully
represmt: That vour pe itioaers are
ti izens of the United States and
meir.bers of the laboring classes ti
sojtety; that while btimen labcr pro
duces all weaito, ttose who have per
formed no honest labor have amaeteJ
tbe most of tbe wealth, and those who
have performed the lab r bavj least
to enjoy; that we feal tfci3 (tUe of
tilings to be la'gaiy dueto bolh vicious
legislation and want of proper legis'a
tion by Congress; that the money of
the United States is ol nnrena n
value, differing widely in different
pelts of tbe country at all tiroes,
and in every part at vaikus
times; whereas, being the meas
ure of commercial value, it
should be fixed and unvariable in
value. For example, at this time in
one part ol tbe country money is
worth only 2 per cent, in tor est per an
num, in another 12 per cent, and in
mother 20 per cent., and ranges iron)
2 to 20 per cent, throughout tbe coun
try ; tbat tbe uncertainty in the value
ol money causae distrust aad uccsr
tainty in commercial transaction?, in
somuch that capital is timid and labor
unemployed, and pericdical panics oc
cur in all business, in consequence of
which tbe industrial daises aie finan
cially rained and tbe laborers
thrown out of employment and icde
ecribable want and suffering brought
upon tbe masses ol the people, and
unjust ga:ns ara acquired by those
who maoipulata the money; that tbe
supply ola la-ge poitiou oi the money
of the country is in the control of pri
vate corporation?, called mt'onal
banks, creatures of Congress, with
whom private ia!n is the only motive
(orsupoly ng money to the people;
thxt it is through the manipulations of
laid cf rporatiois and oilier money
lenders thtt the people LUtfe;
many of the miefoiMin s and
grievances hereinbefore mentioned
end many others net mentioned.
Tbat the right to iefciia or coin morey
is a high Bover iga prerogative whicn
night no', to be ex- rjiscd by any but
the highest power in a nation, and
we view with alarm the exercise of
such prerogative by private percOUB or
corporations, and as a remedy for t:e
evils of which we complain and for
ledre softhe grievances we sutler as
herein set forth, wa pray (hat your
bnnoiable body fulfill tbe duties im
posed on you by the constitution in
Stc. 8 of Artide 1, which provides
that Congress shall have pover "to
coin money and regulate the value
thereof nnn of foreigu c- ia and fir the
standard ol weights and measures;"
that yon fix the mea?uie of value by
eitaonsnirg a jtii t uniform and nn
vsr.able rate of interest for money
lonnen; met in order to maintain iu:n
rate oi interest at toe normal ia e
you repeal all laws authoiizing
private persons or corporations to
issue money and in the r stead estab'
Hah public loan othces throughout tbe
country wherever needed, atleatone
in every county, with prorer ofl'n ers
to pei form the duties of said ottioes;
that the national government lend
moLey to the people at eaid ollloea on
good and sofficient reuurity and at
saia uxeu rateoi interest on demand,
and ttat the profits arisins from the
business of lending said money be
covered into tbe public treasury lor
public uses, and tha'. said loan offices
be also made depositories (or tbe rav
ings o' ma peop'e, and your pati ion
eis will eve pray.
JJowferti, That the General Master
Workman shall certify duplicate copies
of the foregoing nelitlon to Consress,
and that he is requested to select the
mo it enitable member of Comrreeis
and United States Seoator available
and request that they present the eaid
petition to their reepaenve toiancneeoi
Low, of Pennsylva
nia, then tntrodnced a bill far recom
mendation to Congress, entiled "An
act fixing the measnie of value, and
further regulating tbe value of
money." The bill provided (or tb.s
corrections r( the abuses let forth in
document No. 71. aad provided for
1 the loaning o( money by tie govern
ment, at three per cent, per annum.
The bill contained sixteen long sec
tions. ;
A(ter the adoptir n ol the above re
port, the Committee on the ate of
the Order lead its report, and tbe
General Aissmbly took a recess (or
The entire afternoon was taken np
fn discussing the report ol the Com
mittee on the Mate ol the Order, to
whom were referred the troubles w itli
the trades unions The report and
discussion wre not given to trie press,
but it was learned that action bad
been taken in the matter.
Ihe Iron nail .Metl Workers.
PmBBUKu, Pa , June 1. The an
nual ci nvention of the Ama'gftmated
Associa ion ol Iron and S:eel Workers
met at Timer Hall in this ci'y at 10
o'clock this morning. Over 100 dele
gates were present, but others are ex
peeled this aflermon. The complete
roll bas n t yet been made out, a
number of delegates who have a-rived
in the city not having reported to the
( a
CecdiaBy tsrritca aa taayectiasi af ftb Lar, Frexk aaA
Varied , Sarrlanj aski uwr Slack
French arU Gcrmaa WontesU,
csmprUUf tks Latest Desigsa
GcDtlemea! Weaa.
19 Saaxalei aast frices ea
srka kavs kf) aaeanro.
convention. The cession was taken
op with the presentation of credentials,
and no bueioess was tren?ac'ed. It U
bUted that one oi the most impo-tant
quettionsto De considered wit, be tee
advisability oi erecting ami operating
a rolling-mill to be owned and con
trolled by the association. The object
ol this enterprise is to aeceraintbe
exact cost of manufacturing iron aril
ttee!. It is believed that euch a mill
cai be erected by isenirig irit're't-
nearing ponus to tae membeisof Irom
$100 to f "00 each, these bonds to be
made rade-mable at bono one to ten
years. Tbe foiling among the dele
gates in regard to the application oi
the nailers for readmi sion is favcrable
to taking them into the fo'd again.
The old oflicars will probably be re
elected. Plltabnra; fttreet 4'ara Again Baa-
PtTTSBURQ, Pa., June 1. TbetOak-
land stieec car ci m any resumed ita
non-union men turn mtroii'g. Niue
rats are now rnnniug with a p line
man on eaco. car to pieierve o;d.ir.
The strikerc?, however, are not H pos -d
to commit any Ofer' acts and every
thing is qu'et Oa W? is aveLUt line
a number of ears arn iuun ng witn old
employes, and o:be8 fcave premised
to return lo wo k tln ait-rnton.
Hetarueil la Work.
New York, June 1. The 220 ma
chinists cf the Edison machine works
who Lave been on a strike i r the pa t
month for a reduction of time in the
hours cf labor, retained to work to
day. The men will row receive ten
hours' pay lor nine home' work, price
and a hall for over time np to 10
o'clock p.m , and double time for all
work uoue atter that, hour.
Will Return (9 the Ten-Hoar Sys
St. Louis, Mo , June 1. The Exec
utive Board of the Master Builders'
Association held a mseting at their
office yesterday, and resolved to re
turn to the ten-hour system on June
lu;n. ensuing, ice master builders
state that they have given the ahoit
hoora system a fair tnal and find tbat
they cannot profitably conduct tbeir
business on tne plan, and will go Dace
0 1 the 15th oi tnis month, no matte
what opp.'si ion they may meet with
in so doing.
At t'loan of Uaalnear. May 89, IHSS.
Lana and DUoonnta 11,160.399 35
Memphis lompromifle bonds
Cotton KicbaDno Membamhip
llnnkiogliouse and office fixtures
MKht Exchange 1258.924 05
ii.OO 00
ir-0 00
S0.0U0 00
8,764 (6
Uatn on Hand H,im ti
523.120 73
11,772,534 74
Capital Paid up
Undivided Fronts
Interest and Exchange
.1 6"O,OC0 00
. 118.7711 64
40.BZ9 tS)
. 1,013,128 51
Jl.752.534 74
Win, A. Williamson,
A. Vacrnxo.
Joseph liruce.
Mipoleon mil,
K. Knsley.
Jtenj. Babb,
K. Uailley rrayser,
S. P. Head.
John R. Pepper,
Jas. 11. .McUavitt,
haul N. Enowden,
WM. A. WILLIAMSON Vice-President
8. P. HEAD Qashier
TUB annual eleetion of a Board of Direc
tors of the Factors' Fire Insurance
Cnmnanrto serve for the nnsuina year will
be held at the Gompaoy's office, No. 18 Madi
son street, Memphis, Tenn., on TUKSDA i ,
J tin UK, 18JW, hetvrrcn tho bnurs ol 11 m
and 3 p.m. N. FONTAINE, President.
Jmkh E. Eiah.ky, tjecretary.
Ollice Ailington Insurance Co,
Mkhphis, Tenn., May 29, 1886.
rpilKRE will be held, in the Company's
X otneo, No. 43 Madison street,
Junes, 18S6,
between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., an
eleetion for Filteen (15) Directors, to serve
tbe ensuinr twelve months.
V. 11. KE.NNtDAY. Secretary
Bon Aqaa Nprlnca.
rPRN for ractntion of mests June 12.188fi
J Table supplied with the best. Special
rates with families. For Diarrhea, Dyspep
sia, Kheumat am and Malaria, waters and
oli mate unsurpassed. Write for circulars to
W. P. RTJSSKLL, Cashier.
Bon Anna Springs, Hickman Co Tenn.
No. 238 Main Street.
luoorporatod lOOQ
THE trnursa oftudy ie extended, thorough
nnd eracticaJ, egoreing suierior facili
ties for obtaining asouni businrssduoation.
For Catalogue call itx the schl-room or
audreM x. a. 'iM'tiri, rnncip-i.
. S3X-C BiXaalsa. fStM
Has just ireoelvel a laree stock of Us
latent styles of
for Pants, wile h we wll1 avtke to order al
much less (ban tbe usual prices. Wa will
make a toot all-weol pants for fa Call
and examine ur go'td. Alao. a complete
lor tie eosnisg season at our usual lots
Maarnia, Thkh., May 20, 18S6.
THE partner!bin heretofore existing be
tween A. U. IlaTthiilomew and Win. ij
Allen is this Aiy dissolved by mutual con
sent, Mr. Bartholomew assuming all obliga
tions and benefits to date.
In retiring from the above firm 1 would
take this opportunity of thanking in no
stinted terms my many friends lor rat fa
vors, and ask a continuance of Hue to my
partner of twenty years. WM. Q. ALLK.S.
The new firm is now thange i to
avrnmAT "nrj
Cinitacrti aoai Sol tin ft.
aad Fiacxt Textares ta
appCeatiaa U those
" Wis do kerrby certify that let nM th
arranqemtnli fur nil the Monthly and aur
trt llTatcinqt oiA Louinana Stat Lotury
Coaipaav. and in proamnan; and control
th JJrrtingt tliemtthtt, and that th tnm
art co d i cttd konetv, faimtm and in
food faith toward alt r ariw.and aarortae
A fhrnpany to ut thi eritte, wth ao--
ttmiie of our nanatvir attacAoa, ta tla ad
We. th tindfrtijMH. HutJsM nnA. ftailutr.
mil pay all Priu drawn ia Th Louisiana
Stat holttm tcAicA atay oe vrftnttd at our
J. If 0I.EHBT,Pra. La. Bat'l Bank.
A, BALDWIN, Fres. H. t. Rat. Bk.
OTer Haifa Million Distributed
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
lnooriioraied in 1868 for twentv-fiTa yeara
by the Legislature for Educational and
Countable purposes nith a capital of fl,--(K,OM)
towhioh a reserve fund oi over $550,..
00" has since been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote Its
francbine was made a Dart of tbe uresentStata
Constitution, adopted December 2d,. A.D.
Ita Brand Nlng-lc Hnmher Draw.
Inaawlll lake place snonltaljr. Jtneotr
teal or poatpoaes. Look at tha following
Extraordinary Quarterly Drawing
In th Academy of Music, New Orleans,
Tuesday, Jasie 15, 1MM6,
Voder the persenal supervision and man
agement or
Grn.G.T. Beaoregard.of Louisiana, and
Gen. Jnbal A. l-:.ly,of Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
awNOTICE Tickets are Ten Dollar
only. Halves, f0. Fifths,
Tenths, 1.
1 CapiUl Priie of. 1150,000 1150,000
1 Grand Prise of. 60,000 50,000
1 Grand Prise of. 20,0(10 20,000
2 Larue Prises of 10,000 .. 20,000
4 Large Prises of. 5.000 20,000
20 Prises of.. 1,000 . 20,000
50 Prises of. 500 25,000
100 Prises of. . 300 30,00f
200 Prises of....- 2"0 40,000
BOO Prises of. l'K) 60,000
1000 Prises of. 60 50.00C
arraoxmaTioN friers.
100 Approximation Prisea of 1200... 20,000
100 Approximation Prises ef 100... 10.000
100 Approximation Prixes of 75... 7,00
2279 Prises, amounting- to 1522,600
Application for rates to clubs should be
man. only to the office of the Company at
New Orleans. ...
For further information write elearlyi
lvins full address. 1MM4TAL HOT KM. Ex
press Mouej Orders, or New York Exchange
In ordinary letter. Currency by Express (at
oar expense), addressed
n. A.nACPHis,
New Orlean,! a.
WaHhlniclou. D. C,
or at 6 Weat Court St., Kempnts, Tenn
Maka P. 0. Money Orders payable
and address Kegiglercd Letters to
New Ovleauu, l a.
Trains Will Leave aa Follows:
10:3riT.m. 11:06 a.m.
1:30 p.m. 2:(5 p.m.
3:00 p in. 6:00 p.m.
4 ?0 p.m. 9:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
swr Tickets on sale at Depot. Tioket for
the Round Trip, 25 CENTS. Purchase tick
ets before getting on train and save money.
Ti,:t . r..i A : Vi.kiti., a n H Rn.mr on
l'C 1 1 K Ll I i Ul juubiui . "
the Lake. KSApp 0, p,. Ag.t,
rected a serious disorder of the bow Is
in Mr. C. A. Weiner. Memphis, Tenn. H
eddured much p. in, but was cured in a snort
ime by this remedy.
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move or l-me"se stock we
make tbe following oiler t
flood B'raw Hats at 25c, 35c 50c and 75
Ex ra Fine Straw 11 ata II 25, $1 50, 12
Ninall Straw Bonnets, all oolois 50e
Extra Wide Brim Hate, for country. ........25i.
Beantiful Hoses, all colors, per doien...... 40r-
Violete, er dosen 5e-
Buite'cups, per dosen .lJtc
Carnation Pinks.perd ten .lVa
Eleaant Bunche ot Flowers 2Ss
Extra Fine Bunch of Flowers.. 50o
Imp rted Frenoi" Flo.crs from f 1 to IA
wotrirlt Hps (3 in bunrh) tor..... 35e
Fruits, Leaves, btems, all kinds of thav"
Uriel to make Artificial Flowers,
Bridal and Mourning Ou(tit&v
The Finest Assortment of DOLLS in thacily.
Bala Reshaped, Feathers Cleaned.
Djea and Curled.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by ths small or,
large quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Xllllnerjt.
Employing the best hands in ths city, give ,
oar whole attention to it, and wo defy coos.
petition in that line.
' fned Mrs. fc. M. Thompson. 31 Madison ,
street, Memphis, Tenn., wbn feeling weak
and in need of a tonic, and wonderfully im-.
proved her.
Young & Brother,
Uooksellere and Stationers.
Slain Nt., JKeiuphlts Teno
Iflslnr o Retire Irom Boalnesa
wS oSJfr One Kullre
Nabitcrihe for "Appear.

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