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The Memiihli Theater Crowded With
a Representative audience
L'ssaji and Speeches.
' The commencement exercises of the
ri'y (choolp, which were heM at the
Memphm Tee iter last eve-ing. ware
witae-ewed by the Urges' a- d probably
the most repreaamativa audit nea
which ever aetembled in Memphis
upon a fcimilr occes'on. To tte plan
of issuing tick Hs of admission, insti
tuted for the firt tiine, a result eo de
iirable was chiefly due. Formally- the
aaitiweie ma nly filled by children
ai-dty others who attended purely
out of idle corioeily, what was ti thera
merely a free show, etandinjj. lor hours
upon the at'eets belore the doors
opened, waiting; to mon-pilizi tha
cha're. Oa tbii occtaio", bowevrr,
tbe arrangement wai sacn thattlioas
win took a real interest in the ajheoli
had the prefartnes. Hundreds of tte
wealthiest men and women of tlm city
wore (ca'terfd through the audience-,
and a large numb r of if present a' ire
cit'ians, on special i avitatiun, occupied
8: at upon ttie etaxe.
Nearly every inch of space upon the
Bt8gd wai fiiled. The friaiiuaies, four
teen in nambsr, sit beneath the
legend, wrought in red, whits and
purple fiowes, "Qraluales 1880."
Their names ara given below:
Miss Fannie King, Mia Roth Hill,
Miss Liisie Muunt, Mii Carrie Dill,
Miss Id Mitchell, Miss Kate Tobin,
Mil. j Isabella Kelt, Mi Addie Nub,
Miss Sarah Ryan, Miss Katie Pia gio,
MisiKwma Jenny, Master W.H.Mcllrann
Matter Lewis Baker, Master John Walla.
The programme, differing to some
extent from that of previous years,
was a very attractive one, radiation",
prose aad poetr taking the p'.oca cf
long and icdicus esfays. The vocal
selections by the claf s, accompanied
by tin orchestra, weie all in exiiirs te
taste and give evidence of tie moit
careful and in'cU gBDt training. The
programme was, in briaf, as follows:
Overture .....IInndwerker' Orchestra
Honor the Aged Mi Carrie Dili
The Boat ii Launched . Chorus
Discipline Mini Ida Mitchell
The Hull of Atri Alisi Kmma Jenny
Selection ........ Orchestra
The Chopper's Child Mias Sarah Ryan
Retrospection and Hope Mias Katie Tobin
Sweet Long- Ago Chorus
Creed oT the Belli (exorcise in vocal eulture)
Selection Orchestra
Ten Picture of Our Class Ten Years Hence,
Miss Fannie King
Stars of the Summer NigliU. Chorus
King Voliner and Blal.........Mi8s Kutn Hill
Vniedictory ..Wm. 11. Molirann
The Day ia Done - Class
Selection Orchestra
Awarding Diulomai-President R. D. Jordan
Departure.- - Chorus
All of the essays were good, but that
of Mias Fannie Kin?, "Pen Pic ures of
Oar Chts Ten Yean Hence," as it bat
something to lay of neatly evtry ens
of her classmates, is worthy of publi
cation asakeep ake to them alone.
The f s ay was as follows:
Shakespeare cays that
"All the world's'a stage.
And all the men and women merely players."
It i with such authority, tha1; I this
evening, fir your entertainment, at
tempt to euact the rjle of Fortune
Tolcr in the guise of some merry iia-
fca. ... . ... , ,
"Then let me breathe some Magio spell
Into this wiiching hour.
While I your destinies forttell
In words of mystic power.
So led your pulms, I'll read aright,
For Uypsy maidens read at sight."
"Cut. if by chance, the lines convey
That fit'k'e furtano goes astray,
I'll pay the pena ty in time,
By begging pardon for such rhyme."
Lit in lift tee veil. The eye bright
ens at the beiutyof the scene. a
the far western shore of this bread
land, where ra'ure is rno-1 lumrian',
and therefore most beautiful, we s and
before the suburban home cf a Cali
fornia miil:ouaire. Tfcoie grand old
treee, the clcssly-ahaven lawns, those
11 a were of richest hu, that tlegint
mansion, suizee t luzuty, peace and
happiness. The morniug ma gilds
the tree tops; birds in golden cages,
amid vines trained by dainty Soger,
bespeak the taste of the owner. In
this home one of our class displays her
accomplishments as a governete. The
scene change. We are in one of the
most beautiful of our little Scotland
towns. Spring has come.
"Birds are singing.
Church bells ringing;
Joy is everywhere.
The little hits cottage, the pastor's
borne, has ben thorougaly renovated,
and expectancy is on tip toe. The
new min'ster has arrived, and to-day
all the parish will be there. All tbis
busy, buttling, talking little world will
be at church 10 heer the firjt sermon.
That he is noble end good no one
doubts ; that be is eloquent each ruubt
jtidt;e for himself.
Lit us repair to (he church, already
filled to overflowing. Pitty 11 there
in simple girb; amty is there ia all
its tinsel and flippancy; egotists are
theie fljuntiog ttieir o;inii!S in the
facts of feasible men, and scorners
inttude their on welcome con'ribution.
Kveiy ere is turned, rtlion someone
st ens into the pulpit meekly and mod
estly, but rot ee'f-sumalned, for be
lean on Him who never fails. His
voice ia cl.-a', ringing and impressive.
Do you not recognize the o ce of oar
Across the waters in (heDictore?que
land of I a'y we fin i a student of art.
The enthusiasm that pervaded her life
and being led her footsteps thither t
pursue her work of love studying the
grea' mattirs of old. This hes beea
her dream; aid to-day with palette
and brush she sits lo-t in tbat occupa
tion. Do you lecogni i the qu'et 1,1a
In a palatial tejidei cj on Fifth
venti, New York, ret itlej one of our
mytic f?urleen. ine brijht Bnn joy ,
Ctis Kutb. She is enjoying the fruits
of fame as a teacher of elocution. He r
brilliant enter ainments are attended
by the aristocrats of New York, and it
l -rT? J'?-1 ? 'end one. liow we i
rejoice in her f
ia a progtfi:i'V fcfldhtry like outs
tid enterprising clasd o( ciils would be
wjrthyOf dip'opjas unle willing to
Sp J!c ii CU8 of its number to Tall
Tc&i tt'an. 80 Iroubt Sarah' find so
wa U think now, when w e see the
liusy, bustling housewife keeping all
things up to schedule time and order,
nrl even ccsasiocally getting up Btf fl-n
when the cook fails to ke3p pat?e W
t a;n lnuts She is full (A energy,
tnd pns e3 on in spite of BV t'.acks,
dcmeitic switvhes, brakej8inag fta
tioap. Anl if snjor.e in'tbat eetab
lishmtnt !s tun ever, ,,ou may res:
assured it 1r nt t f-ftrah.
In oae of 0 it largest ci its there is
quile a fepsatipn over the arrival of a
KiisicUn 0; surerior talent who
g'aduited at one of the meet cele
brated ( oneervatories of music in Eu
rope. How gratifying it mutt be to
her to kuow that hor talent and
eainoBt efiorts are fully anpieciatoJ,
and that she is now ready to c jm
ptie wilh the mott skilled profeesirs
in oar land. Ctn yu imagine that
this riftid perjou i our modst I la
bel a?
Irs p'eassxt homfs, situa'ed in dif
fe ent pars of tha "broid Undo!
cure," rieide Emma eni the two
Away, fir away, where oia-gs liiw
era ec nt the air and wh-"io Nature is
in all thioirs mo it lavisb of her
charms, we lind the lovelies' of rose
emhoerered cottsg-s Seekers o!
hea to, in tis lani of beiuty and
balmy bieezas, find fr.uitaios cf per
patuol youth, which rntne waited
energies and bring back to cbetk
wan and pa e, the lines of h aUhaDd
life. All tail gi tba can please the
ey or chirm tin ear are here. Tae
wbi e cottages d itting the ihorea o!
this beautiful lake, ttie dipt nt mill,
the simple church, the lite white
washed tchoDl-hr.uie tell of the villvge
completntss and sugcest peiinintncy
in trie place of the dweileis.
Here we lind our kind and gent'o
L'azie, loved by all around her, as she
was in her tc'icol days.
We see in mi minat on Ihi worid a'
our fee', or, ruher, our antipoiles. It
is a Japanese pavilion, not a fane'ed
one as we have bad at rnr Japaoe e
t as, but a real lon fide Jasanene
pavil o 1. There we see our love y,
dijnitied Carrie.
Ia t:ie grand eld mount tins of East
Tenoesee is a famous r.sott. It is
upon the Ciimber'and table land, the
seat of the University of the Snu h.
Are any familiar faces theie? A
youthful piof 8.or with the Cambridge
g two, comes a ros the ea-npus, and
we recn ze Willie.
Lewis is a prominent Front row
K:nd fii nds jon bavj beea patieat
indeed. I know that my pen-pictures
my not be true ti nature, aad that
tlie workings of a feeble imagina'ion
may have sully wearied you; s ill, fs
fortuie-te ling is uncatif.utorv at the
beet, I trust that what was attempted
to beguile you the whi'e with pleas
ant f tncies will not disappoint you.
"A little nonsense now and then
Is relished by the best ol men."
And, while 1 beg your indulgiDce
for my shortcoming ai a fonune-tell-
r, I leave the reading cf my own
d-Btiuyto your generous interpreta
The first honow of his clas? were
given to Muster Willie II. McUrann,
a you'h of sixteen, the second to M;ss
Addie Nasb.
Tne modest eirirt of the valedictor
iao, which wts delivered in a manly
and effective way, i printed in lull.
Tnrongh the favor of sn indulgent
Providence the year hai rjlled round,
and finds os actors oa the occasion of
another aaniveratry; and s em aid
invincible fate demands that an tbor
parting shall be enicted. To-night,
we leave forever those bappy fc-mes
of the icbojl-room, those flowery
paths over which we lrok with regret
a part'Dg, and which w cn nsver
more retrace. We have glided over
the s smooth toad', hand in haad,
buoyed up with hope, sweaping along
the current of time, recklisi of the
fntnrj, ex ilting in fie pa it. To-night,
ur dreamy and joyous journey comes
to an abrupt terminus. We patsfor
nafuliy, yet hopefully, from our b
lovel sctio.n-'ooin,nut upon the high
ways cf life. Ii fore m opeu tae
tt-rnest paths of the worid, and we
shall so in enter uuou iU thorny
ways. Toeduifsof lf-twill cluster
round us, day by da?, warnicg
us 10 watcn and work by tueir
solemn voices. VVe ech mint
ocenny some pait in the grand
michineiy of the world, w tether it
bu great uf Jowly. Let us then s. rive
our utmost to excel iu usefumiMS in
whatever position we may be place J,
f ulti lliug our duty t God, to mankind
and to ourselves; and let our fu'ure
conduct besuca as to teflect honor
upon thesi whose prjtec:ing care we
a.e now about lo resign.
And now, classmate, in t iking leave
of you, I wish you eaca and every one
the grant st happiners through life,
aad nope tbat your future may bo
bright in proorse; and when old age
comes uiK ii you may it be as a beauti
ful twilight, shedding brilliant luster
about you, showing that you built not
your hop a upon the s ind. To tbe re
spected members of ttie boara, ia say
ing "farewell," we de?ire to express
our sincere gratitude for H19 ready
compliance ami zetl which tiny have
shown in their du ies towa d us, nud
f r tbeir enterpri.-e and liberality
in alltbiDg; which might promote our
welfare. And esp.:cU'ly do we give
heartfelt 1 hanks to ourhon-rad super
iotendetit (or hU Btric adherence ti
duty, the perfevera-if e wi'h which he
haa labored for our bent fit, his favor
to each member of the cIhbp, and fur
tie conrcra which be bat always
taken, and ala8 will take, in our
happiness and snccens.
To our be'oved 'na hers wo bid a
mo3t Boriowlul "adieu, ""and fareivell
goes cut sighing" To tiem we are
under the greatest obligations f r the
interest wh'ch tbey have man tested
in ui wbile under their watchful
charge; for the care which they have
takeu in our moral training an well as
in our intellectual education. Tneir
maternal and loving tenderness nd
kindness has made our school-life one
bright pi r od tf sweet recol'ections.
We wilt olaays remember tbem in
connection with this happiest eoch
of ycuth with the gentlest tenti
mcnts of affection and regard, and al
ways thick of them gratefully. May
they gather a plenteous harve-t of
pie su e and happiness.
Ia awarding the diplonvs, Presi
dent R D. Jordan of the 8 jtiool Board
"Youso Ladur and Gkktlkmkn of
tub Gbaduatisq Class It devolves
upon me to deliver to you the evi
dence that you have comple'ed the
full course of study in the various
grades of the pub'ic schod pi tbja j
citj'. Thityod tave hjiOrVyad
meritoriously won this distinction in
scholarship and deportment none,
PQ' Y?n iU . ?:Iiifai, :
can Jeny, The papen prepared
by you, upon strict exami
na'lon cf competent ins rue orp,
leveal excellent training aid bear tes
timony to the fide'ity and leal with
which you have pursued each and
every ttndy, Yotir depoitmen, with
out fcxcfption) ea reportsd by yoor In
etrnctois. lifts been uuifnrmiy good,
and V'tjiuut disparagement to the
classes ot former years we can truth
f rjtl'x erclaim, you nave been excf Had
by none ana enualed by few. You
ft"e the recipients of publx
educatioo, ths grandest una
Boblfe institntiru ever inspired by
man or hlessed by Gnd, and the p rids
and joy of your lifa ihould.be tbat ycu
have, by tee application of nature's
gilts', been able to show tbat "70a t re
1.1. nf ; .-in -A. ftr0.
Sll ISpHLIIU til irwuiu tvi wW,.. .
Ilavine been thui i luetrious at Hchool
inu'sh will be expected of 'you herea!-t-r.
Thepubliawil eilently wa'ch
v iu, ard each of you, to see the c ore
of conduct of lives s.i r tifpiciocs y t-.-gnn.
Will you do lesj s women
tnd m.n than you have ac
complished as bojs end girls?
X doubt yu, or 2 and all, looking
into the uncertain future, havete ettid
sooji! employment professional or
mechanical aa the bositieve of yonr
livej. Wten yin eater ito the
aoronip'ishrrent of this work, ca'ry
wi h you the deportment, xeal and
energy that has chtracteiiz d yonr
lire! as students and luccens ill oiatk
eveiy footitep. With conli lercs.tben,
we pUce in your bands ttes.' teati
moaials of a well-fnt schooMtfe.
To each of you we fay, carry
it inti that sphere tint
destiny may ca. t you, let it remind
you of wlut you have dene, and let it
bs a tal snsn to spnr von onward un
til you attain the fnlti'mnt of life's
ambitions dreams. 1)1 this ba assured,
young f ie'ds, tint, the teai hers aad
inet-ucto s'.tat hv! labrt-d with you
so many jeirs, and who feel eo truly
attached to you, will ever rememHer
your love and your obeJie nee to tbe'r
cr.nimmds and wi 1 observetht rite
or fell of thec'a sof ISHdwth emo
tions bora of the tsnd-res's l!citude."
At tbe conclusion of Pr sident Jcr
dan's addrtsa, Mjj. liambant intro
duced Vr. Walker Kennedy, editor of
the Sunday Timet, whom, he said, de
sired to sty a few words 1 1 the grad
uating Haas.
M Kennedy made a few congrat
ulatory remark to the gtaluates, tne
chorus ear-g a c'os:ng sslectioa and
the enterttinmentclowd.
IIKAI.K MRUT 4 al ltt ll
lal M(ht, la Which Iheilradnales
Atqaill TheiilarUea Willi Hla
llnrlinss. Bea'e S ratt Riptist church was
ablazi with light hut night, and every
seat in the Urge edifice occupied by
an audience composed of the very
bfet elements o! the colored popnU
ti in of the city, wi'h a large sprinkling
of whiter, who came, atTict'd, ome
by curii sitT, others as friends of the
LeMoyoe Inftitnte, to ts-ist by their
presence at an ccc;s'oi eo impcrttnt
to tbe institution in whese welfare
tbey were in-eresed, as the enm
nieucement ex' rc sea firlSSU. The
graiuates, eight in number, ticcapied
h a s cn the pulpit platform, oa which
were also eee.tcd Picfaascr S eele and
theRtvi. Nightinsjaleand Difdi.. The
graduates were:
Miss i. A. Anderson, Miss A. L. Bnrker,
MisiW. A. Dickinson, Master N. II. Kvans,
MiistiT S. J. Hunter, Muster ('. M. Jai-kaon,
MnaterM.W.LawSiin, Master J. J.Tun.er.
Tne female graduates were neatly
a t'red in wbita Sis', richly em
broidered, while th males wore
black dresifuits. To the riiih', oftbe
platform, on benchep, sat the follow
ing membsis of tbe facuUy of I.e
MoiiHi Institute: Miss Dtrnei, Miss
8iitson, Mies Green, Miss Katebam,
Miss Goldsmith, Miss MtCullongh,
Mies Hamilton, Miss Kinney, Misi
Henderson, also of the corps of in
it 'in tors.
The exrrjhfs begin with a chorus
tung to piano accompaniment by fi'ty
undt-rrsdua es of both sjxus, aft r
wb:ch 1 ha following programme was
rendered :
Oration Salutatory-Compulsory Education
Cyrus Ji. Jiukeon, Florence, Ala
Essay Kuierstition
Williainettt A. Dickinson, Memiihis
Chorua Tbe lieavena are lelling-Froai tho
Creation Haydn
Oration.... Independence in National Action
Nathaniel 11. K'ans, Cuba, Tenn
Eisay Labor
Georgia A. Anderson, Memphis
Duet All Tbinirs are Deautiful, (Hover
Mattie Cooper and Linie ll;d
Oration , eJourmte
Joseph J. Turner, il.rnando, Miss
Oration ; ...TlTie Has Wronirht Wonders
Monroe W. Lawaoo, Oakland. Mias
Duet Hope Beyond C. A. White
Messrs. Washington and Williauienn
Essay Novoltios
Anna L. Barker, Mctuphis
Oration Valed ictory Heroes
r-nmuol J. Hunter, Memphis
Chorus Angol ol Peace Kollcr
It would be hard in a programme
ot such generil excellence ni the
abive to sing'e out individual per
f.'ruiauces fcr particular praise.
There wai aa even uniformity cf
iiieiit about everything that maks it
impoesible to say just where aaio g
a'l tha graduates tne prerosdernnce
of ability tes'ed. The llotal
tributes that were dealt out
to them with generous hand by a dii
rriminating aud ence prjvts that even
they were unwillii'g to decide the
matter. From tbe very niture of his
subject M'. Hunter, the valedictorian,
wai enabled to touch his audieuce
mote keenly than ha p edecesaors,
by refair.ng in feeling terms lo
tbe hour of pariiog so near
at hand, but it would ba unfair
to ,he other c'-aMuatea to intimate that
Mr. Hunter's address showed any su
periority in tcougut or express on to
iha essays end orations that preceded
The musical cart of the programing
was very satie factory, eepec a ly tlie
duet ot Misses CVnp.r and Biytl, and
the very admirable singing of Messrs.
Waphingtoa and Williamson.
The annua1 address as deliver ad
bv Rev. A. F. Beard, D. D., of New
York, and was an able pioduction.
every line cf it piegmnt with thought
and prac ical sugjeenou, and PBtened
to wi'h keen in .t rst end attention by
tbe vast audience before him.
Tbe exercises crncluded with (he
distribution of diplomas, af er whicQ
the gradnates were surrounded by a
tlr.ng 0' ro"gratu,at'ng friends.
Miss Mamib Write has returned
from Nashville, where she has been
at'emling Ward's Seminary.
' Friinds of the Clara Conway Irsti
tute are invited to attend the closing
ex rcises of M'ss Gunther's class this
morning at 9 o'clock.
Gbn. Geo. G. Piuhbix, one of the
Democratic candidates for Governor,
is expected in this city to-morrow
(Thursday) morning.
Wiss Lacra MuhRAY of McMinn
villo is in the city, and will a com
pany Mr. and Mrs. W. L Clark to
Waukesha, Wis., Thursday next.
Miss En a Tkakk, who so beauti
fully rendered the part of "Pitli
Pirg" in the Mikado, will be one of
the "Singing Flowers" in the novel
entertainment at the First Baptist
church Friday ewertl2, June 4, io8'-
W. M. OAikV with a leading
street hottf'e for the last foo. n
and a halt, Haves in a few ,iayB f(!
tbe jBoutftwefet, on a b-(lsinem :tripi
Mt. VtK.ny has been rjt bad hcath for
som .inie, and, th'.nfcjng a rirr.rtge for
k eVort time wov4 be benef.cfal to hrs
'WP'toration, Y.iH ac-epted 'tl'.e oll'er of
'n engagement to that enrl.
4'lrealt t'oart flrrro. Judge.
No regular calendar for to-day, but
the jmlgo will try "my ptssed non-
nirv cases in wfiicu the parties nra
In order to introduce the Alabama
Rpliot Coal in this market, it will be
delivered at CCo per barrel in cirv lim
its. It has no superior.
- !'. A5. VA XTEHSON CO.
One of the Worst Played ilitua
the Season Sanaell Make
Ilia Usual Mo IT.
The game yes'e'day bttwe-n Mem
phis and Chattanoogt waa not culcu
lated to inspire pr de in tbe locil
team. 1'p ;o tbe beginning of the
tight i inrng every man on the
g and s'aiul waa tli .roognly di-gusted
with the way the game was goincand
tbe l wm way in which the I. seals
ji'ayed. MaiistU learned to be ri sing
on ilia laurels he won tbe day It fore,
and mulled an ewy lly in center field
ia a wsy t at a echool boy wjuld
htve been ashamed of, and even that
generally reliable plaier Black did
not play np to Irs usual form. I a tho
Held he did virtually nothing br.t he
more than redeemed himself in tbe
eighth by brilliant batt ng and haw
running. It i. net too muchti say
that it ia laigMy t j Blacks lon' drive
to rig! t field in the e ghth inning tbat
the victory in due. Taat inning is
really the only one that will bear de
scription. Ttie score stood 4 t '2
agaicst Memphis. Snesd hit ti re
did, male first ou the tatter's fumble
and tt lie t) second. Manssll got his
b 89 on called bat's. Andrews g t t
fust on a fumble by Heinxman, Man
sell going to second and Sliced to
third. Bron gh oa hits to pitcher
and wts retired at first, Sneed fc ring.
Krehmeyer WwC-t out 03 a lly to Gra
ham, which was fielded eoqu ckly tint
Minet'U. who was at third, was unable
to come in. Black then came to the
bat. two men were out, two on b sje,
and tho sc ra 4 to It ng.intt Memphis.
A hit or defeat the only
nltcrHative. Whea Black made
his appeirance the audience
cWrel, leeling that t tbe gin
d ponded on him rihr then and
ihere. Bnbwisequiil to the occasiou,
and drive the ball to centnr Hold I :r
two bags, Ma'ac'l and Andre-ws scor
ing amid a storm ot cheer.) Ibat must
have nude Biai k feel rather b.ild, for
be tctnaily had tbn auda ity to staal
lo tbitd while Tug Arundel held
tbe bill in his band, ami a mioutj
after nrds sored on FussOba ita'ai
tc-bai:ger to left fi 11. Fos elbach
himself hirasilf was put out trying to
mske third on tho hit. ThtBitnirg
sived the pann, but it was a t ghi
squei 7. ; aiChattancogi added another
to ber score on the eighth i an ng.
Visaed in tbe light ot ye;tday's
events tie Mem;h s club la h: rJly en
titled to tbo high position it holds in
the lentil, aid if mire such
loose playing is indulged in we
may as well dif miss all bopeaof get
ting the pennant. If Memphis win,
a majori y of games with Atlanta it
will be because the good lurk that hes
hung to he" club since i's return
home still c iifis to ber. But it ie
rank folly to depend on good lurck or
anything e'ss then good nail playing,
snd the nine tl.at docs it Is dsstined
to go to the wall. Can Memphis ba
depended on t wia games from
a club like Atlanta wlnn ber
center Bolder drops such bal's
as Mansell did yes er Jay. It is alleged
in Macssli's defenie that hisba'ting
abilities make up for his other sbeiit
comings. That's nonsense. The
coun'ry is f till c f fielders that ran d s
connt Mansell, and who are juet as
e tlectivo at tbe bat as Jie. To that
class bdontiS Connelly, let of Macon,
recently released. L ok at hia r acoid.
In four games played here he
in tde three base lit), put out
live men, aieted three times
and made but one error. Of the
hits mtle I wo Wf re oil O'Leary and
one off Knouff. In those same four
games Mansell put out two, ssiisted
one and made two etrois If Con
nelly doesn't discount him Inures re
unreliable, but. whether it be Con
nelly o-aayborly e'ee, we insist that
unit si Mansell improves eoitinuonsly,
without felliog back two pegseveiy
tim 1 he advan;es on?, it will ba sheer
folly to rata i a him.
Brilliant plays jes'erday oa
our side were stare , t'ie
oily o:e bein Krehmeyer'n ip end id
citeh of a Lut (lv ti light field.
Broiuhtoa a usual caight Knouff
adtnitaolv. and provrd Limself an in
valuable man. For Chalt noogi
Kent's work In loft field wjs phen im
enal. One catch of his d-warves spe
cial mei.t.on, In tbe sixth inning
Brought in sent a long lly to lott ll dd
ne r ttie foul line. Kent s'a'tsd for
it, and afier running about fitly yard
nt the top ot his speed captured
the ball in lbs very edge of the line.
It took apead, judgment, agiity and
an eve like a hawk to get that ball,
and Kent git it, aad the grand etind
came down as one maa In their ap
plause 01 it. Nothing finer io the
way of fielding has been done ber ',
pot even by such raio fellowj ai
Hogan, Cjllins, Ciowley, Gilman,
Gardner, Sneed, Black, Broiuhtou pr
Coanully, Barney Graham carried off
tbe batting bonore, making a tafe hit
every time be faced tbe pitcher. Bt
teries tvday: O'Leary and Kreh-
meyrr, Hart and Arundel.
Sneed, 3i b 4
Mansell, c. t 4
Andrews, 1st b. 5
Brotijfhton.c 4
Kr, hmejer, r. f 4
Black. I.fl..; 4
Fusiellbnch; s. s. 4
Phelan, 2d b 2
Kootilf, p 4
Total ; 35
Graham, c. f i...... 4
Dickerson, 3d h. 4
Cr ies, s. s...., 3
Heiniinan, Utb. 4
Kent,l.f 4
McCluog, r. f
F.hy, p ' 1
Arundel, c .
K. B H. P.O. A. X,
10 10 1
1 0 0 0 1
1 1 II 0 1
2 1 10 3 0
0 2 10 0
110 0 0
0 114 1
0 13 3 0
0 10 4 1
6 8 27 14 5
a. i.F.r, a. .
1 2. 2 1 0
? 0 2 3 0
x 2 11 0 1
0 0 4 1 Q
0 110 0
0 0 0 2 1
0 0 5 1 0
0 0 17 2
5 9 27 15 4
Peake, 1'
1 ,
., M..35
Wemohis ...0 1010004 0-6
KJhat!inoogi..l 01110010-5
Pummary: Runs earned Memphis,
0; Chattanooga, 1. First bare on errors
Memphis, 3; Chsttanoofc. 3. First
base on called bal's-Mernphi",3; Chst-Un'-Ojia,
1. Struck out By Knouff, 8;
by Foley, 4. Left oa bafe Memphi,
5; Chat anooga, 3. Two-base bi s
Graham, Black and Fusselbach. Three
ba e hit (irabatn. Double plays
Phelan to Andrews, Fu s-lbach to An
drews, Teike, Crois and Heinzmm.
Paseed balls Brought in. 0; Arnnd -1,
1. Wild pitches-Knouff. 1; F.dev, 1.
Basee . toljn An lrewp,8iid 2 1'lic-
lan 2, Gralann, Heinz nan, McCiung
and Black. Umpire, K 1. Hengle.
Miat'ti tiaaiic al iraad.
Grenada, Miss,. June 1 The first
b Bihall fa'neof tne teason, bcl ween
the Water Valley Biuej and Gnr.a a
Athletics, took phce this evening,
bringing hundreds of piople from
towns up and down the iod. Several
1UNE 2, 1SSG.
bandied witnessed the an., wl.I.li
up to thdxightti tntiiiig nas v. ry ex
citing, and s'ood four to f. ur. In the
t-ightti inning tbe Blues made fu
rnnp. Pu inglhis inning the Aihleties
objected, aa did their fr'end, to the
timp re's (Kimbergerl dec s on, H
th'vsWo I a 1 previously dt ne. Tie
iinii'iro had a b'Ot'ier in tha gime.
Io the bfginting of the ninth 'nci ig
the Athletics again chjtc'ed ti tbe
umpire's de usiora and threw up t'ie
game, as many of their ft ii nils bad
previously beige 1 them to 4 . Owirg
tJ tho ump re, whose dt-ci-i ins were
n't ra'.iefa' t -ry, lbs G enada rlub
threw up the game nine to nothing.
Two men so far have lofiixed money
won oa the game.
Dnadoaa larrrssla Ilia) 4Mct tinb.
lariruL to ras rrii..
Nsshvii.lk, TN., June 1. Fully
2il)0 people witnessed the game to
day betwe et Atlanta anil Na livi'l. .
I "ai hotly cn'ested from ttie 6rt.
Dtintlon and Ilrllman were the local
ta'toiy. Dundon struck out twelve
and bad only three hits made oil
bun. Sbnllcr and Gunson were
t'ie battery for the visitors,
f-hafler struck ont four and tho locals
made r i ne lii'S olTliitn. N shville n a In
two runs in 'omth nde ghtti innings,
aid one in the ninth. Atlanta mc
run in seventh and cn-e in e'g'ith, the
score stiiiding five to two. lUkt r and
rSt,olltu8e ill bet tba battery for NVh
vi'le tn-morrow, Wrlls and Mappee for
Miller In ii
(Itl Nw.
-We Alnsija
lartcuL to tii a arrasi..
Macon, Oa., Juoe 1. Charleston
dtfea'ed Macon to-day by a score cf
li to 6, which it took ten iuningi to
d 'eide. Miller and Hartrr were the
battery f'-r Macon, Weybiog and Mc-
ev for C larleston. Macui took ttie
lexl in the early pait of the game mid
heM it until the nuitti inning, when
by heavy battirg t haleston lied t'ie
score, unariestoii name rcuu iy poiinu
ed Mdler in the latter part of the
game, and in the is'imaticn ot the
local bill puMio, he ii lo'.ten in the
box. Waleh's euro's in the ninth
irning loit Macon the gtm.', Scord
bv inidi'g:
liharleetin 0 1 0 000202 1-0
Macan 0 0 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0-5
, ItaMtbHll Ajole1!!.
Butrut, 4 ; New York, 8.
Baltimouk, 7; St. LouV, 2.
ATHLtTic.i, It); Pittsburg, 0.
ruiLADKLPiiu, 3; Chicago, 0.
Cincinnati, 12; Melropoli'aris 7.
Kansas City, 2; Nationals, 1-13
Folkv, tbe new left-handed pitaher
of Cliuttano',ga, promiees ti b a sue -cess.
Nnoel and Mansell couldn't
touch him.
Tub report that Whitehead has been
rc'cmetl is without foundation, coea il
Mmiager Hneed last night. White
bend is Btiffiiing Irom a painful dis
eaee and is laying otr for a few day. ,
Theinjns ice done him when ho was
bisced will now doubtleaa bs admitted.
Umpihk IIknoi.i ycHteulsy con
firmed tbe good imuression made
Monday. One fruit of his troogit
down applause fiom the audience on
two ociittions. He won't stand any
back f u'k or k'ckii g He is firm, fear
leisar.il determined, and understands
Irs bueincfS 'o peifcction. Keep it
up, Mr. Hengle, the public is with
RKI.U F 10 t IKI'LAM).
Hfetliiic nt IttH HnUlila of
uailHlitil Hall.
An adioiirni'tl meeting of Irish
American ci ii'iis was held last night
at the Knights of Iiimsfai' Hall. Col.
Magevnev ciipicd the chair. Mr.
Jamu l.villy as sec etary, nml M
Martin Kt llv treamror
'I lie cliainiiiui called the meeting to
or.ler and Ma ed that it was in order
to hear the ropoi t of the tr HMiror on
collections made by thetlillcre tcom
lnittees in aid ot th siill'cring poor in
Secretary Hcilly read tho report,
which gave the total nmoiint collectetl
up to thite$17(i4 50.
Tho chairman ttldetl that the re
ports ef tho committee's were not all
in, and there would have to bo an ael
journed meeting held on next Tuesday
nig'it, when the llnnl report on col
lections would bo pri'sei.ted and the
names of the generous subscribers or-
dcreil jiubl shed.
The committee on transmitting
funds reported having already cnb'ed
to Michael Davitt, ollic.o of tAiInf 7rc
fnruf, Dublin, the sum ol $l5L'ti
On motion of Morgan J. Kelly n
vote of thanks was tendered ti the
press of Memphis for aid and support
rendereel the movement to collect
'lhcro being ro other businosR to
transact, on motion the meeting nd
journed to next Tuesday evenicg at 8
R0VAL ltWfl
Absolutely Pure.
ThU powd.r n.v.r iri. A itarvel ot
parity, Hrength and wholesoni.ii.ss. More
oonomiesJ than th. ordinarj kinds, and
cannot be gold In eouipetitinn w:.n tb.
mullitnda of low teat, ahort weight feluv or
phosphate powders, '"'f1
tt,,.n H,rnn Cl. , 1"
aautas. Hoi AL
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Fort
land Cement Hump. Contractor and hncg
"er. 1 clw.iriore HKH. THUS, rMlHv,
.rv in n ii to uinf to fun.
notea well indoiac city rent
tioter, chattel iu rtgages, etc.
0 UO V
Si'UUW ami parties hiring note eil
lnili.rnl. r"P-t nolo, chatlcl morlgage
oilier reliable y jnty.
Ir.inite at
.:'. .H'OVli
mmvs ma mrreiis
it i:-
orn l tohenlih and energy Mr. h-
Avery, No. -W M ulivm atroci, .ueniouis.
tenn., nflor an stuck of miilariai fevnr
which left him su feeble that he was confined
toih is bed .
n a n n in fp fca w
AJi:W PKM IMI.-Wa ar. row Cn'shing Collars ao.l ' iiT ntf - t'.i Ulet New York
aw f,hioo a sott m.il'um sj'o.a lini-h. kee. up itt tlie s.c at -i litie. ai..l sen J us
ynur Collars and Cuffs. We will pay Ki i-rr, e'hsrirrs both hjji un .ai-k Je am-nntina to
:, and hra one way on ark.e of loaa .mi'unt.
I'ltlfafc: Collari and Cuts, Ji' frr ilutcn; !-hirts, PV en.-li.
ZjAOb ouriTAiica
c9vivxz'ZjX3 or panoy snmTiNa
With telf-Mesarln Cards, lent br mall on aiM'lifatlon. Yon enn Vara a new f Shirtf
made by sending us an old one to nadre by. WKIl'li HjR Ul'U PRICKS.
r t'AKHiii'i.i,.
Thnraalay IT veiling, Jun:til.
Mnalr, Hafllntloaiai, Hrfra-whturnl,
Nprllliitf Iter.
Hon. Ileer. Craft, I.. H. Mi-Ksrland,
Hon. K. S. H.uiini'nJ.I'r. A. Krakine.
W. (. Wcatheriord, Ur. . W. Mitohcll,
Col. M. (', I'allaway, Pr. lienor Jones,
Col.J.M. Kealina, K.tnmo' Howard,
lr. .1. H. riawyers, UnlnnY Scales,
lr. T. K. Kdwards, J. W. Votnon.
Col V. W. Hoyslor, V. T Kiliuoud nn,
ll .n.C. W. Ilei.kell, Drvllle Yrt.-er,
Mosfs Kattenbi'mer, J. II. .Ilaline,
Mij J.J Xundiy, Hon. Cn er Younir,
lion. P.T I'. rier, 1'. II, Jaokann,
Caid. J. W. liillard, Hon. 'I'. W. llrown,
M. II. Trrievaul, Hon. II Cumiuina,
Hon. H. T. K.l'eti, llalph Puvin,
Hon. I! M. K-los W. II. Cannon,
C. W Moteulf, Hon. Janus M. (Ireer,
llol. Joviuh I'ritterson, lion. A.J. Yauulin,
V. K. I'atieraon. Heo. l'lllam,
W. C. Koikes, IV. K. Hleemn,
W.J. Hull, 0. Woatherlord.
R. J. Morrison.
Adui'ssion, Wloonta; rH'oahinrn'l ircluded
hi'H1m rt:KH sii jinkkn ok
j a m ine' A.
LOCAL 1"I0N NO. -HI ill tivea IMHWIO
JI NK 2, ICHil, wl.h Arnold's Full Hand in
attendance. No aine will he sl ated lo make
the n flair the moit pleasant of the) sesron.
AlleBor's will he n ade to obtain tlie res-
nceof P. J. MiHlUlllhS, lh (loncnl feer
Ury of the Order, and also T. V. l'OWDKH'
l.Y. The whole aft ilr will he an otijoyahie
one. TICK KTH.MI centa: l,aillo tree. No
itiuroirr characters will be admitted No
return chocks will be given after (I o'clock.
Parrel, II indlold and Nana Haces will be on
hand for the fun of the little folks
ANEW PROCKS?- Kor making old eol
lars and culfn look new. fee adertlse-
ment of Meiniihls Hlctini l.wtmdr.
UXOHKIIOtl8K-No.il Union street, with
D new ootton-rooni, lOiM Icet.
Third itr els.
B. V.
of I'nlon and
Two deflrablo ttirniahed rooms;
nmsonatiie rates. 10 MI'LHKKRY St.
I ESIUHN'tK Ft r three or s x months,
V my rcsidonoe In the city of Fortttm'lh,
Ark , with or without furniture. Ilrlck
home with ten rooms. In the most desirable
psrt ol the city tlool well of water and
hydrant In the yards house furnished with
giia; near stree'-car line; every oonveuiunce
ufa home. Addre,. l. P. 8KAI.H,
Fori Smith, Ark.
fl Sl Mn.
ui linn rtisidene.i, lurmstiod, near houle-
VII ft
Xjotl cars, liariro Karuen, line piumu,
nsl but Brat d its tenant need apply.
JJl I, AMI), Misamiil Tenn. deputy
JrlesV". R1 'On "trcnt, Chnlsea.
At Win. II. Moore's.
I 1LA. flirs-iJi llOTHL-Filty-fiiur sleep
J ini-l L,rri0rtiit.lied; kitchen and din
ing-rooin i fl,'l'lM"'-. i
H0USK-A new di
.im. nn auch
i Hide; nioely BnlsUed.
lnruevRrd: in ficl. all oonvoniences, or
Koss avenue, flood cistern. Apply to Mrs.,
E. Qtiinlan, :I0 Mannssast.
TiHIHNIHllKD I100M8-KorgenU and lor
V housekeeping, at 1 IB Court street.
TWO elegant front rooms, furnished or
nn furnished. Apply m. H" Ailiuns t
-Colored man cook t
ARKLIA1ILB party with
. chirge of a good paying
tablished businosBj lllRAn
Ilim to tuko
and wll es
, this i flic..
(Jood while girl.
T TflHRPK To naslnre: I'l per
li per month.
TI Telm.hoiieS.V2. JOHKI'll HIIRN KY
SITUATION-Ry man as clothing man, or
any other position in atore. Also, situ
I'jnn (or wife as milliner or droas anker.
Address, UfcOKUK ROIIKRTrt,
Cochran House.
flOOK A good oook to live on the prem
j Ises at WNJ KKCON D 8t
IjlVKRYBOI)l-To call and see the eele-
iU bra led Ilypay llaiivoyiuil,
at In Xbird
street, near rnidar.
CIOOK A ocd men eook and a woman to
J cook at Weit Memphis Hotel, aoross
the river. .
T ADY AOKN'M-Actually elear fcM daily
i J with my wonderful new patent rubber
undergiirment lor fomalcs. On. lady sold
pril two hours
Look-bos 44:1. Chicago, III.
J.I 1 UE.,
TO tOOK-A't th.
Y I.nundrv ad. and lonrh
Mini.1is C'vain
to ty.
PUBlTlOS-ilya R0(idieadyl)ny in store
or office. Address J. O.Appeal offlc..
Llj made th. greatest disoovery of lb. ag.
in (iii.n. lemh with go'd. For tb. next
TV&u .t.
O'CCHfrANTsF-'lToV ploaVant looms at 2.7
Main stre.tjn.ar Court ejiu iirn .
with our Amateur
A Photo nuttU. and collecting family
picfurea to.niarse. lit
E.MI'I" K CO! 1NH Co
t.ivi rnir.liMlil.lai
.i.lai iio-duv offer.
Wl canal si.t " . i.
and new leathers.
P Highest oash rrlce paid at
IMUAY'S, 4i w SI.elby struct
Mf N and women lo ftirta newbosmeaa
at thrir horr.es, easily lcarrpd in an
hour; Ifo to fllo an hour ma le dnytnn. or
evening. Hend 0o for a packnge of aauiplea
ami 144 working samples to '.oiumonc. on,
Addres ALBANY Sill 1' LY C( h .A1!'?" ?jl
M KN. ilC All sljition nieii,
(al tie makers,
Ml lo i na,
'if chopners,
on Bald Knob'eitenaion, It', miles from Mem
phis. Afply on work al Tyronsa river, or
io Toof. MoGowan k .- k sc?pr
Al railroad; alatlon work at 11 to 13 cents.
Also, tl. in'kers al I.', cents. Apply n
IIAKVKY v HfiifT, Tyroriie
AID HOLD"" 'SII.Va.R-For oash pros-
W change. MULFORO, Jew-ler, ir.sjl.
IO II B-Teah pni es paid lor old and new
FKA l llMtrl il'. MJ' ll.llTlrirnei.
MI)UUn.r.l once. DK. HCOTT'lS
fi.kcrKKI HOODS. H4i UroaJwi'. New
......... . I . 1 II Til All e.N I - 111
York. Th. onlygsn uine.
A Oi-'.T8-In every section ol Ih. couniri
A f,.r two New Hooks, i.ist ready, brw'if i.
rtsg-itn men of cn e-ience -apablo ol nn
a largo torritor. t Ute ex perience, a,
nd territory wjnied. J A ssl.LL . -').
limiteii). h! Br"dw.y. M. Y ., and i Dear-!.-rn
Hrt, I'hr.uro
SAlThSMt. v-liie"" 'aie in ,h"', !',',"
tof;,.r.se.l a I'AINT MAN I1 FACTL H
INli KSIAbLl.SIIMKNX h;.r ng several
irgcui.'ne that.ir. pi pulur and oasy selling-.
Can be handled alone or In .ni nccli n
wilh r.t'ier goods. Address TII K ".Mv.,r;-
mu'1 Proprietors.
224 K("0 S.T.
Alt'l'lOX SII.KS.
ItltAMr M:W KOt'KAW A .
I ni'il roll to tlie hitihert bidder. Jiaiaae
ill, Ml II o'clock n. in., lort rr Main
and Madison sts., ono N KM' HOCKAWAY.
S. IV. II ARRISOX. Trutc.e.
For Salo ut riililic Auction.
J 17 l.lutleal Nlri rl,
The home of Mr. Julius A. Taylor. Ii i in
very pcrlot't ordor, iti tact cuini'lt-t in every
r spect, and within len ininut -' .Ik of tho
hllsillea center of Memphis. l'ai tio desir
ing lo inapoct tlio preiiiiM will i all on Mr.
Taylor al uiaoliio, or hit auontml No M
Stcotid strert, bulore th-t diiy o Mi'e. The
saleol this cli. ruling city home, ndmlrably
suited lor a profr.'aional or ronnnci .'ml gen
lluninn, will he made Irion lite Corner of
TiaetMlnj , Jiiaii'fcili, Ml II u't'lork a.iu.
TKRMS -One thir l enh, one-lti rd In 12
ami one-third In i month, with 11 per cent,
inlrrest. Snlo wiihuil limit. Tito i'ulis
putiiblu. F. IV. KOVSI'KllA t'l..SleS'linn.
OK -
Six lUntlHOinc New Five Roniiird 11 es
Itlent'on ami i$ lleniitiful Itiilli)-.
tug l.uU an
Tilt ItM'lY. J1XF. 10, lss,
llrginnlng at II o'clmk a.m.
Located on Walker, Ciiiniiliim ard Fltn
wood avenues, two tilocl-s trtnn le niinusof
llcalo strroi cur lino. Hoiihis uie brand
new, beaulilully and aubaisntiu ly built,
with closets, elaierns. ou house, elc.
TWO Ulti, fiUsl ill leet null, sold with
tadi house.
Houses sold for l-'-'iO curb; Imlame, I'Ji ler
month, w th ii per cnt. interest.
Lots. NiTs (eel, sold lor lislcaah: bal
ance, il.l per uionlh, wit biairivsut inlor.it.
Purchasers u-..ing,to pay a 1 cash will
have 5 pur cent, disoount ou deferred paj
Property ahown at any time Previous to
lie by applying to T. A. LAMB or J. 11.
HA It TON, owners, 10 Mndiaou street.
tiplnndid opportunity to parties who ar
tired of paying renla and want u home of
their own. .
Jacob Hteinkuhl will be on the ground
with a full line of relreahn nt for bidders.
aii"I ft ' i:m
MU I, K Owner can have sutae by proving
pmpe ly and paying charges.
IV HII I I'll M A 1(11. l -o I'.K.ito street.
llol I and pearl pencil. Finder
17 will ha
rewarded by returning to lea
(KJW -aliirJiiy ullnrnoon, a cow about
J six years old, white, i ll large red
pots; small horn, turning in; long and
tall in shape; in good order; branded oa
right hand hio, unli s lu'ihed off, 8. I'. Lib
eral reward lor information, ur If returned
to l.'ll Alabama street.
rililK It)IC A -Thnt collara and culf. oannot
1 be re lnundrled to appear eqinl to new
work. 8en Mo un his Stodui Laundry adver-tiHon-cnt
f'.r p-trlicn'nrs
...ar rnll. ri,un,i nB(.i, -i.i, rin.at-
id. Liberal reward lor her r.iurn to
Itun n .t UAVinn u-imi,
Moaely Avenue, woat ol Olympic I'urk.
brown mare mule, from
.. i i... i r o
jL Caurey street.
lor. shoulder; had hrnllu on. Liberal re
ward paid for her return to my rosidenc,
mH Maui atreot. . ,
DDI, Ilinilill'U V I, ll.l..
llOAIlll-Dciirabl. rooms
Ii and board at Ti M
liaon street.
'IHOiL'K KOOMS-Wiih or
itho-it board,
IS !' from llnyoso. 4' :l .'liolby st
0()M8-On. Inrge Iron! room with bal-
IV eon v and on. large biek room with
iiek room wun
titers as good as
targ dresslng-rr om, and
can be touud in ilia oily.
A t 4'J Market street.
iT. JAMKS IIOU8B-Cor. Second and Ad
J aiossts. Koom and board tb per week.
DiyhoardM per week;
TlOOM fur in. heil room
with or without
board, at 11H t:oort stret.
5 NICK Rooma, luruiahedor unlurniahed,
with or wiJ.hout board1aUH7Madiann lU
1" 1WO large unlurnlshed rooma, with or
. without board, at ti'J Madiaon iireet, eor-
BRICK YAHD-Compl.fo; two Andrew,
dry dirt trlp-bummer msohinca, eapao
ity.'m,(AUt40,UUHperday; forty bora, power
eogino, boiler, sheds I everything teady for
bu"iriee; p'r:;'jMl gupply of dirt. Kor
terms, cte., gddr.s .,., .M
till r. Mniunsii w.,
274 FronjtroetjJIimjJSj, Tenn
SURRY-No. lstirry and double harntis.
Lilly mske ( bap .,. , ,, LAIUll-TH l. v.. .
-r t rilmv -A senile
hore and a stylish
r wagon, cheap.
X L n.w light soring wagon, cheap.
VYM. LllNIa, 141 Madison street.
I'll Y One seoond h mil buggy, one sad
dle and harua.s Ul" V?il V ItONT ST.
MARK-ll.y, 15hiiinls liigli. H years; tin.
animal. Appy I.. Superintendent
Hiuwnod Cemetery, nt north gate, or at Ih.
o (K ee J1iLn .'. " .
MIRROR, KTO-One fine mirror and
show care, counter and ahelviug suitav
l" f, r ..tail cigar ',",av ,w v.nt
P ne... both in' lC,d o'dc? m M
ve.y"h..P Ad ires. I'll AfcTON. ,tPP.al
yts,. natali jVyal. l'"! leg.
I kucnivabio OT any BlnlvtO dueatotQ.
Ml' I. KS-Ten head No. 1 work fci les aad
one fine fliddl" horae.
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T(ju,'TY NKWSPS.FK" -Addresa
Vj tl W. l!tlllK.. A.irai.il I i'v-Te.12:
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UN'. I'w.Si'i-Fur s-i'.e hr
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i, Ala.
W. H. LA H KIN . I,i;rl lU'vl'e,
O' D Ml" corda of wo
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liHini, Mi-atiuri or 1 ouiai-uia. lo mul e largo
ei-h profii- iiiimeo; a monopoly tul y pro-tooled-
I'ar-i.-f iv li'n- a m d ' ii. ic a ad
drea V A 1 I FA Tl lK - .thlg offiea.
HlKr" F -11 C-.-il Hio to aUry Urick
Mo'euoiMO, i. I'u Uei-le atreot. lust
eaat 0 OeKolo: lot -'1.x. ; will take f '.-U.
lil.O. T. 1 A . '. e . t ilaelia M. it rt . illlce.
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U wator tro I, ll Icet doop. 1 or lull
iDlurUi.uon aooress w.ii. A.
17 Lei'ngtoa ttrt.'i Bal'.iuiore,
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