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t'otton quiet Middling. J 7
Bll'g Yesterday, 300 ,
Mori-y in fair demand at 8 percent.
Local securities dull, but'steady.
The cotton market closed quiet;
iui.ld iog, 8je. Sales, :'.0O bales. At
New York spots were dull; middling
9 3-lfis.
G. L. Greene & Co.'a report on cot
ton futures says: "The market opened
weak and declined 67 points under
an absence of demand and generally
unfavorable indications. Tame F.uio
pean market", the decline in silver
and need of rain in the Southwest in
duced a a unloading of "long" cotton.
At the c obi Liverpool private ac
counts were rumored much s eadier,
and tlia tone wa reflected here with
out increasing the demand."
At 'ew Orleacs spots c'osed firm,
niiddl ntr Kjc; futures steady, Jue
8 ii)Q '.Hi:. At Liverpool spots elated
stei.ly in fair demand, middllcg 1,
futures quiet, June 5.0:!d.
In the general market eirga are
firmer at 9 to 10V. No other changes
of note.
Two hundred and forty-three sks
broil, 3'0 rolls bajrring,l."-t( pki8 bacon,
8 pkgs boots and shoes, 8500 bu corn,
187 sks coflee, 40 pigs dry goods, 8
pkgs eggs, 159 brls Hour, 416 bales
hay, -4 p'gshuts, 21 hd cattle. 71 hd
horses and mules, 791 pkgs la-d, 00
pkgs liquor, 125 brls meal, 9 brls
molasses, 100 kegs nails, 9000 bu oa s,
Jti brls potatoes, 2 cars poik s des,
2'2'J brls siigir, 100 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regulur elevators, as reported to
tfie Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received, 45"J8 bu : withdrawn,
1129 bu ; in store. 21,974 bu. Oats re
ceived, none; withdrawn, none; in
store, 1942 bu.
9 Madison St., Xeniphk, Tena.,
AMERICAN corrox.
Money in good demand at 8 por cent.
The Clearing-IIoase report is as fol
Tuesday, Jnne lt, f200,!8i .'17;
tbus far this week, 1448.188 08;
same dy lust week, 444,742 81 ; same
dav in 188"), f 3,4t8 t7; same dav in
1884, $29 4.518 76.
TuesJay, June 1st, $05,123 77;
thus far this week, $117,70:1 20; same
day last week, 180,190 50; same day in
1885, $81,918 60; same dav in 1884,
$74,484 08.
New York sight on all points, oar
baying, J premium selling; New
Eagland demand, J discount buying;
New Eagland eight, J discount; New
Orleans,? discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..! 49 bid, 151 asked
First National 145 bid. 152 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 195 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere..l49 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank... 135 b d, 137 asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... a?ked
Hernando 101 bid. 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, lOi asked
Peoples 82 bid, 85 asked
PbtBnix i 98 bid,10J asked
Planters 105 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 21 bid, 22 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
Mem.Stor.Com.Co105 bid, 100 asked
Mem. Gas Btoc k 78 bid, 82 aBked
M. and C. R.R. snare?.. 28 bid, ... asked
M.& T. B.K. sharps.... 40 bid, ... asked
M. & O. consils, 7s... 116 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lt in. 8s... 105 bid. ... asked
Miss.&T.R Rcs,A...118 bid, 121 asked
Miss. AT.R.Rcs,B...106 bid. 108 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. C 97 bid, 98 aBked
Tenn. wt". ser. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6i 100 bid, 107 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6i 93 bid, 9:'. 3 asked
Tax. Diet. Gi 102 bid, lOj asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 96 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 30 bid, 31 atked
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 18 bid, 22 asked
New York, June 1. Money on call
easy at 12 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper 4(a5 per cent. Sterling
exchange steady at 4871 for 00 days
and 489 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
again active to-day. Sute bonds
were dull and steady. Railroad bonds:
Erie, second consols, ex-June cou
pon, furnished $803,000 out of a t tal
day's business of $2,500,000. Prices
were generally heavy in the morning,
but lecovered their tone, aod final
prices show fractional advances in
the majo ity cf instances Denver
and Rio Grande Western firsts as
sented are up 21 to 74J ; Hons on and
Texas Central (Western Divisioi)
first coupon are off 3 at 107 ; Louis
ville and NashvLle 10 40s. 6s, 4 at 88.
.Stocks -Toe news affecting the
value of stocks this morning was
principally from the Northwest and
referred generally to i he cutting of
rites. Later, however, there were
statements icsued in re,arl to certain
special itocks showing an improved
condition in their affairs. North
western was esjiecially favored in this
respect ana the amount ol next tlivi-
tlend supposed to be settled, and it is
reporttu on the au:honty of a direc
tor of the company that the annual
rpoort will show a surplus of 1 1.00,1.-
G0. The market displayed very little
B'rencth during the morning huur,
but later there was good bu' ing up to
the !a-t hall hour anil hnal ha-
ii res show generally small gains over
the open in i prices, lhe market
owned general v from to j, but
yielded sni.tU fractions. After 10
o'clock t ere was a rail t and the
highest pri'.'t-s were reached in the
early part of the last hour, but the
realizing can e l it to sag off and de-
clice uu ler the best of the day,
Grangtrs, Larkawanna, Lake Shore
and Erie were 'lie speculative, favor
ites. Hocking Valley was conspic
uously a' tive, op: nine up at 1 at U5,
't'.t it siggM Qtl to Ji;, clos'ng
higher. St, Paul ) higher at the
. ly 1 i. J t . 1 . j i .1 I I
opening av po, n uecuneu 10 aim
afterward r-acted to 9:'j, but
closed at 93. Lackawanna was
j higher at the opening at 1302,
gold between 1301 and 131 J, closing
at 130i. Erie was i higher at 271,
this morning, and fluctuated only 1
throughout the dav, closing; at 27.
Northwestern was J iglier at 13,
rose to 1 13, after sel'iiK at 113. but
c oseu at the opening price. Lake
hore was higher at Mi, declined J,
and then advanced 1 p-rcent , finally
c'osed at 8'.' . lhe net result of the
day's business is an advance for al
most everything on the active list, but
only for tractional amounts. Oregon
Navigation is up 1 per cent, and Read
ing shows a decline of 1 per cent.
The sales amounted to 340,985 shart 8
for the four hours' business.
The total sales of stocks to day were
304,495 chares, including 1 ,"L and
W., 27,320; Kansas and Texas, 10,180;
Erie, 27,0 JO; Lake Shore, 20,064;
Louisville and Nashville 4400 ; M issouri
l'acitic, 5415; Northwestern, 25.510;
New Jersey Central, 42U0; New York
Central, 5750; Pacific Mail, 5576;
St. Paul, 71,260; St. Paul and
Omaha, 11,920; Texas Pacific, 8790;
Union Pacific, 12,110; Western
Union, 7,350. Closing quotations:
U.S. S,1M 4a. coup. Wi.
"4Kb, ooup, lll.'i. 'Pacific til o im, 12f).
La. ataraia, 4, 7117a Miatonrl, fx. 101?
Tenn.iw, old, 58. Tenn. o, new, cs
Cent. Pue. lt, ll"'i . Den. 4 11. U. late, 11'.'.
Den4R.iJ.V.l.n,7".',Kne lecundu, lHb'4.
M K. A T.,(en.6.'.'2 North. Pac. II
North. Pao. ids, WSi.X- Wetcrn con., 141.
N.Weit. deb. &, lU7,'4.St L.S.F.Oen.M, Hit
Si. Paul, con., St.P.,C. P. liW.U-:1
T. P. land trnu,37. T.P. K.O. ex cou. M'4
V. P. 1U, lis. Wet Shore, 10J.
Adauit Kipresi, 140. Morria 3c K., 112
AlleKbeny Con.,. Nashville A C. 4ti
Alton Jt T. It., at. N.J. Central, 52.
A 4 T. 11., pfd.. S. Nor. Jk W., pl'd.,S2'i.
Americun hi., ltiT-. Northern Pac, v'b.
B. 0. R. Jt A., 5i. Norlhern P. ptd.,1 57V
Canada Pac, 61'. j. C. Sc N. V.,
Canada Sou., 40. C. 4 tf. W j.tu.,141
Central Pacific, 41r'i N. Y. Central, HB. , ,
Chenapeake 4 0., ' N. Y. C. ic .81. L.. 7'i.
C. Jt 0 , lutpfd, 15',. N. Y.St.li.i0..p , It.
C. Jt O., 2d pld., Ohio Central, t!.
C. JiA.,l;!8. Ohio A Mill., 22'.
C. Jt A . pld., 15. O. 4 Miss... Pfd., ;.
C, B. & 0., M'i- Ontario 4 et..
C, St. L. 4 N. 0., -. Oreiron N:tv., W'v
C..SI.L.4P., It). OreoB Trani.. SU.'h.
C , St. L. 4 P. p.,2S Oreiion Imp., 18.
0., 8. 4 C , 30. Pacific Mail, 52.'.
C.AC , W4. Panama. l.
Del. 4 Und . Peoria, D. 4 E., 22'i-
Vl.,L.&V.,W,i. Pituburg. IM.
Den. A Rio i., Pullman P. 0., 132.
Erie, 27. Keadinn, 22'4. , ,
Krie pfd.,6&!i. Rock Icand, 12S.
East Tenn., 1. St. h. 4 5. F., 21.
Eaut'fenn. pfd. V. St. h. AS. F.,p.,44'i.
Fort Wayne, 146. St.L.4 8.F..lt P.107!,
Hannibal 4 St Jo.,- 0. M. 4 St. V.,HQ
U. 4 St. Jo., pfd., - C. M. 4 St. P..P..122K
Harlem. 220. St. P.. M. A M., 11SW-
Houston 4 T-, 34S St. P. 4 Omaha, flt'i.
Illinois Cenj 137'4. "t.Paul 4 O.pfd.,108
Ind., IS. 4 W., Txai Paclfio, 10-
Kansan 4 T., 27?i. Union Paoifio, S2-'
Lake K. A W., ii'i. U. S. Express, 59S-.,.
Lake Shore, 8274- W., St. L. A P., '.
Lou. A Nash., 38,'i. W., St. L. A P.,j.,17.
Lna. AN. A., 34. W . A F. Ex.. 123.
M. AO. flrst ptd , -.W. U.Tel., 62.
M.AC, pfd., . Colorado Coal. 24.
Mom. 4 Char., 29. Uomestake, 20.
Mich. Oen., "1. Iron Silver, lfO.
M L. 8.4 W .cW1.. Ontario, 2!'.
M.,L.8.W.,pM.WB .Quicksilver, 4.,
Min. A St. L., 20'4. Quicksilver. pfd, 20.
Min. A St. L.pfd,4.'v'8outh Pacifto, .
M ssouri Poific,lD8'.Sutro. 10,
Mobil 4 Ohio, 13.
Ix)ndon, June 1. 5 p. m. Consols
10'J 11-16 for money and 100 for the
account, ex-interest. Bar silver
45Jd per ounce The amount of bul
lion withdrawn from the Bank of
England on balance to-day is 375,
UOO. Pabis, June 1. Three per cent,
rentes, 82f 60c for the account.
Boston, Mass., June 1. Exchanges,
$15,095,054 ; balances, $1,641,650.
New York, June 1. Exchanges,
$140,780,031; balances, 15,533,934.
Baltimore, Md., June 1. Bank
clearings, $1,908,285; balances, $414,
982. Philadelphia, Pa., June 1. Bank
clearings, $10,154,591; balances, $1,
646,790. Chicago, III., June 1. Associated
bank clearings for the day were $9,
207,000. St. Louis, Mo., June 1. Bank clear,
ings. $2,540,255; balances, $572,6 8;
Exchange on New York, easy at 25(i
50c premium.
The local cotton market opend
quiet, and close 1 quiet; middling, 8J e.
bale, 300 bals, of which 250 to ex
porters and 60 to spinners.
Yester lay. Monday.
Ordinary 7 7J
Good Ordinary.... 7j 7j
Low Middling 8'J 8
Middling 8j 8
Good Middling.... 9& 9
Middling Fair 10 10
Fair Nom. Nom.
Dusty 6J'n8 6J8
Stains,ting98 7J(8J 7,ti8j
Mrupbis, June 1, 188)3.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885 1,392
Received to-day 51
Received previously. ..639.24S 5 9,',91
Shipped to-day 258
Shipped previously.. ..493,373 493.631
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since Saptember 1st
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
C,0. AS. W.R. R
K.C..S.&M. RR
Wagons and other sources
This far this week
.... 51
. 2,631
. 3,123
.493 031
Tbus far last week
Since September 1st
L. and N. R. R.
L., N. O. & T. R. R
Total 208
New York spots opened quiet and
closed dull. Sales, 463 bales. Quota
tions as follows :
Yesterday. Saturday.
rdinary 6 9-16 6 -16
Good ordinary. 7 15-16 7 1516
Low middling. 8 8
Middling 9 3-16 9 3-16
Good middling. 9 11-16 9 11-16
Middling fair.. 103 10i
Fair 11 11
New York futures onened eay, and
closed dull bnt steady and 5 to 7 points
lower than Sa'urday. Sales, 46,800
bales. The closing quotations were as
follows :
Yesterday. Saturday.
June. 914$ 91U 9.19(d) 920
July 9 24' 9.25 9.29f-0 9 30
Acgust 9 34'n) 9 35 9 39,') 9.40
Septmber...9.2O0i 9.21 9.2(.y 9.24
October 9.(W($ 9 09 9 11 9 13
Novem,jer...tt0.Va 9.fHi 9 0S: 9 09
December ...9 07 OA 9 08 9 K0i) 9.12
January 9.14(S 915 9 .!'(?, 9.1s
February 9 24f 9 25 9.270'A 9.28
March 9.34 'a) 9.35 9.3700 9 38
April 9.4ira 9.45
The New Orleans spjt market
opened quiet, and closed firm.
Sales, 3250 bales. Quotations were is
folio wa:
Yesterday. Satnrlav.
Ordinary 71
Good ordinary 7
Low middling. 8
Middling s
Good middling 9
The New Orleans futnrn market
ODened ti m, and closed steady. Sales,
is, 5tK) bales. Quotations were as fol-
Juoe 8 91(i
July 8.97(ai ,S 98
Aogast 9 0ia 9 02
September . 8 S0(a 8 81
Octobur....- 8 69(i) 8.70
Novemtver- 8 64(a) 8 fit!
December - 8 t8 8 09
January 8.78' 8 79
Fnbruary... 8.900 8.91
March 9 0I& 9 02
April 9 12 9.13
8.90(.i 8 91
8.98(a) 8.09
9.02(a) 9.03
8 80;r)
8 (9ra 8 70
8.64(.T) 8.65
8 6S(.i! 8 69
8 78(3) 8.79
8 S9(ak 8 90
9 01(3) 9.02
I Tone.
Rec. IPrices
Galveston nom'l
N Orleans, quiet.
Mobile .... dull.
Savanna1!. 'quiet.
Wilra'ton. Ui'dy.
Norfolk.... st'dy.
Baltimore dull.
New Ycrk dui.
Boston auiet.
Sc. Louis., 'st'dy.
Augusta... dull.
8 13 16
8 516
9 3-16
61;9 3 16
1224 9j
U-eeipU at porte, ttiis dv, lKSti. 3,(00
Keceipis at ports, this day, 188). ','')
R'tS U. S
p'rt?4 lavs'
Ex. r. Bi
t ck
R'ts Sept. 1
For'an Ex
11,597 1,740
40,007 !,i08
528,591 430,408:
464 274
5,1! 18 796 4,692,073
3.784,481 3,016 5I3I3 558 873
Increaie ol receipts this year... .50(5,723
At noon yesterday spots at Liverpool
were reported stead v, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 bales, of which American
7200 bales. Receipts, 40,000, of which
American 38,000.
The following are the clos:ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-lBd ; good
ordinary. 4:jd; low middling, 4 15-ltid;
good middling, 5j ; middling uplands,
5Jd ; middling Orleans, 5 3-10d.
Manchester cloths steady and im
proving; yarns steady and unchanged.
Theprira art tjivrn in penct and 64li,
thuf 4 63 mninn 4 63 64c; and 5 01
means 5 1-64J.1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. Quotations were as follows:
June, ; June-July, 5 03(3)5 04d;
July-August, 5 04d; August-September,
5 05(3)5 OOd ; Septeniber-October,
ft 02d ; October-November, ; Novem
ber-December, ; December January,
; September, .
At 1 n.m.: Liverpool futures were dull
and l-46d lower than Saturday. June,
5 03d buyers ; June-July, 6 05d buyers ;
July-August, 5 04d buyers; August
September, 6 05d buyers; September
October, 5 02d value: October Novem
ber, 4 62d sellers; November-December,
4 61d buyers; December-January,
4 Oldbuyers; September, 5 03d sellers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet June, 5 03d buyers; June-July,
5 O.'td buyers; July-August, 5 04d buy
ers; Augus'-September, 5 U6d sellers;
S -ptember-t ctober, 5 02d buyers ;
Oct ber-November, 4 63d sellers ;
November-December, 4 62d sellers;
Dec-mber-January, 4 62d sellers; Sep
tember, 5 06d buyers.
The following is the record of the
I.,. la ami siffi.ra nt ilia wnainn nf tlin
Call Board of the Merchant's Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, spot, 40 Jo o. t. bid ;
June, 41Jc asked; July, 42-Jc asked;
n . 1.1 . T O01A
no. Z, spot, o:4U rhkcu , iiuue. oju
asked: July, 37cbitl, 39c asked; Au
gust, 49c asueu.
T O o-l,;ia anrtt 9in KM Tnn.t
34c o t. bid ; July, 34c asked ; year,
31c asked; No. 2, spot, 32c o. t. bid;
June,31Jc bill, 32c asked; year, 28c
Snot. $10 bid, $10 50 asked; June,
$10 50 asked; July, $10 bid; year,
$9 75 bid, $10 25 asked.
Jane, $2 20 asked ; July, $2 20 asked ;
AuL'uwt, 12 35 asked: year, $1 75 bid,
$1 87J asked.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
at ire; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in packs, in round lot?,
white, 42c : mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice,! rom store,85c ; prime,
75(3j80c; piairie, 50a; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $14(3)14 50;
prime, $313 60; prairie, $8(iy8 50.
Oats White, 40e; mixed, 38Jc,
from store; round lota fr mi levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35Jc.
Bban From stire, 85c per cwt. ;
round lota from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Navv, $1 752; medium,
$1 60(3il 75; German millet, $1 20(3)
1 40.
Corn meal Standard, $2 1C2 25;
pearl, $3(3)3 25 from store, 5c cneaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 4tc ; Carolina,
67c. .
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store
Flour In car lots, double extra,
$3(3)3 60; triple extra, $3: family,
$3 7oi: choice, $44 25; fancy,
4 254 51; extra fancy, $4 604 90;
patents, $5 25(3)5 65: from store
family, $44 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $4 65(3)4 90; extra fancy, $5(3)
5 25 ; patent, $5 50fol6 25.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 f0 from s'ore.
Homiht and Gbits From store, $3
3 2i.
Cbaceers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra. 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 jo; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snap', treble extra, 6c; as
sorted tumbles, 9c.
Kansas Citt, Mo., June 1. Wheat
stronger; No. 2 red, rash, 56j(3)57c;
July, 58j58Jc; Augus, 69c bid, 60je
asked. Carn quiet; No. 2, cash, 25Jc
bid, 25Jj asked; July, 20c; August,
27c bid, 28c asked. Oata no quota
tirns. St. Locis, Mo., June 1. Flour
active, but unchanged; XXX, $2 05(3)
2 75; ex r fmi!y,$3 90(34 20; patent,
$4 60(3,4 80. Wbeat aciive and low
er; tbe market opened and declined
(3 1;-, hut reeairel later in the day
a part cf the lo?s and cljsed about
tte dy at a decline of n from Satur
day's figures; N".2 red,caHb,751(5;75.J-;;
June, 74;(3,75;c, closing at 75ie;
July, 75(.i ;-76c, closing at 7o(c;
Aagust,7ij(3 "lijc, closing at 76i(3.7t)jc;
t-epteniber, 7720i7Slc, closini; at 78a.
Corn very weak and lower, closing
j(.i.lcrnder Saturday; No.2, mixed,
cah, .'U'Jc; June, 303)310, cluing at
30Jc; July, 3i;c; August, 33JC3ic,
cl'siiii at 33ic; S-ptm er, .".4;f :it Jc, j
iloirg at 34 ic. Oats verr dull and
easier; .No. l, mixed, rain, .ic; June,
26;c: July, 24e. Rye stsadv; 6le
asErd. Barley no markot lfaydull
and nek ; timothy, $10(3 12 ; prairie,
$')'a.7. Flaxseed quiet. $1. Itian, 43s.
Comiu'al rong-, $2(3,2 05. Keceipta
Flour, 70(H) bria; what. 18,000 bu;
rom, 10.00J bu; oats, 81.(mj bn ; ry,
20(H) bu : hurley, none. Viirnients
Flour, 15,000 brls; hi. tiO.K) bu;
corn, 7tHiO bu; oats, 30tO bu; rye,
101 0; barley, nine.
.lfTMm Umrrti. Wbeat weak and
Jfcjc lower. Coin firm; 3 higher.
Ctieasy; c lower.
Chicago. III., June 1. The rate
was rather heavy in wheat to-day.
The foreign advices were of an un
favorable tenor, indicating dull and
weaker markets. There ware repcr
cf needed rain in the wheat district
Wet and Northwest. I'nder these
influence theie was lees disposition
to porchtss and the offerings dnrirg
most of the s si in were (juita liberal.
The es'.imat.s on tbe visible supply
were for about 3,010,000 bushels de
crease. The starting price for July
was 751a, fell off to 74 15-16, rcse 10
75Jc broke to 74c and clmed at 74 jc
on the regular board. The market
waieaey again in tbe afternoon but
rlo-ed at shout tbe fame figures at 1
o'clock. Corn ruled wiaker, inllu
enced by larger receipts lack of ship
ping demand and report of iu'U. The
clrgd was at about iLsUle ligures. The
otl'ciringrf oats was Inr.e and prices
broke off Ji", reacted a tr lU and eloeed
s'eady. ftles? pork rulnl firmer in
the early tiansictiacs hut broke off
and c'oad weaker. Flour du'l and
unchanged. Wheat fa'uly active and
eat-icr. a'estnnzed: Juno, 73(3)73ic,
cl sei 731c; Ju'y, 74 4'i 7 j ) t, c'osed
7-4 ; August, 75j("7iic, closed
76 l-16c; No. 2 soring, 73Jc;
No. 3 spring, 667 Ic. Cirn weaker;
cash, 34Je: June, 34Jf3':!jc, closed at
341c; July, 3o3(33tJc, cloted at
35 ll-16c; Augiixt, 30JW373c, closed at
3ic. Oata opened ftealy but soon
grew weaker; cish,?6Jc; June, 26 5-lti
(3),2(ijc, cloed 26 7-16e; July, 26 (.1)
2tiic, closed 26JC. Rye dull; No 2,
58c. la-ley dud; No. 2,53c. Flax
ted steady ; No l,$l OiiJ. Receipts
(72 hours) Flou'. 19,0lH) brls; whent,
9000 bu ; corn, 347,000 bit ; oats, 500,
030 bu ; rye, 2000 bu ; barley, 43,000
bu. Shipments-(72 hours) Flour,
17 000 brls; wheat, 10,000 bu; corn,
l.si.OCO bu ; oats, 373,000 bu ; rye, 1000
bu; barley, 14,000 bn
Aflfrnoon Board Wbeat eisv; July,
74 11-162.
Bctter Creamery, 3tK3134c; dairy,
15(3)20c; butterine, 13('15c; country,
12i'ollhc. acnoid ng ti condition.
CiiEKjE Prime data, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12 ic; Y. A.
Mess Pork Old,$8 50(3)8 75 per bar
ral ; new, $9 7510 per liarrel ; sugar
cured bams, packed, 10(3)llc; break
lst bacon, 7J(39j; clear lib bacon,
Bulk Pork Clear siiles,5 J6c ;clear
rib sides, 68(3)5jc; long clear, 5j5$c;
shoulders, 4j4jc.
Lard Tierces, 5J(3iilo; half-barrels,
6J6jc: kegs, 6tije; buckets, 6 j(3
6Jc; half-buckets, 6 id' tiSc; 60-lb tins,
66jc; 20-lb tins, eliijc; 10-lb tins,
6(3)6c; 5-lb tins. 6j(.i)6ic; 3-lb tins,
66jc; choice kettle, tierces, 6j(3)
Fbesm Meats No. 1 beef.SJc; Mut
ton, 9j; hindquarters of beef, 10c;
lambs, $34.
St. Louis, Mo., June l Provisions
quiet and generally uncharged. Pork
eeay, $S U0. Lard, S.TOjoJj. Bulk
meats easy; loose lots long clear,
5Jc: short ribs, 5.35c; short clear, 5Je -,
boxed lots long clear, 5 30c; shoit
rib?, 5.40cj short clear, 5 55c. Bacon
firm; long clear, 6.805.85c; flmrt
ribs, 5 92o; ihort cleir, 6 106jc.
Hams firm, 0Jl2c.
Chicago, III., June 1. Mess pork
prices advaocei 10l2ic early in
the session but tbe advance wa after
ward lost ; cash, 18 30; June, $8 30
8 40, closed at $3 30; July, $8 35
8 50c, closed at $S358 37i. Ird
quiet and easy; cah, 5.85c; June,
5.855.90c, closed 5 8.5c; Juiy, 5 92i
5 97 ic, closed 5.92ic Sboit rib sides
steady ; cath, 5 20(3)5Je. Boxed meats
Bteady; dry tailed shoulder, 4 30
4 35c; short clear sides, 5.605.65c.
Batter dull and weaker; creamery, 12
141c; dairy, 11 H'2c. Eggs, 8 c.
Atirnoon JSoani-Pork easy, $8 32.
Coffee Oommou,88c; ordinary,
99c; prime Rio, 11c; choice to fan
cy, lli13Jc; old government, 23
35c; Ceylon, 20a.
Soap 3j(3)5jc per pound.
Suoab Pure white, 6Ja; off white,
6Jf3;i8c; yellow, 6i6n; open kettle,
5i5c; refined A, ti".; granulated,
7()7ic; powdered, 74c; cut loai,
Salt 51 L'01 per parrel ; tacas,
fine, $1 50; coarse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2iWc; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair. 20(3)3t)c; prime to choice, 30(3)4l)c ;
syrup, 2040c ; common to fair, 20
25c ; prime to choice, 3033c ; centrif
ugal, lancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 25
30c; other grades and styles, 35(485c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per eawe;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; K. it., j: ou.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pail and barrels, 78c.
Candles-FuII weight, 1010Jc.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en : Pineapples, 1 35(3)1 65 ; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 251 40; seconds,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1(3)1 10; 31b, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40; raspberries,
$1 151 25; blackberries $1
1 15; greengages, $1 601 75;
pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70 ; axparagus, $2 604 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $l2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lb, $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Santos, May 31. Coffee Good
average 8 an to 3, 3800 rels per 10 kilos;
Receipts during the week, 13,000 bags:
purchases for the United State), 18,000
bags; clearances for the United Slates,
10,000 big); stock, 240,000 bags; mar
ket firm.
Rio de Janeiro, May 31. Coflee--
Rfgular first, 4100 reis per 10 kilos;
good second, 3400 reis. Receipts dur
ing the week, 33,000 bags; purchases
for the United States. 74,000 hags;
clearances for the United Statee, 42,000
bags; stock, 263,000 bags; market
New York, Jung 1. Coffee spot
fair Rio firm, 9g;; optiors barey
steady and fairly ictlve; sles, 30,7"iO
bags; June and July, 7.9508c;
August, 7.907.95c; September, 7.95
8c; Oitober, 7.95c; November,
8c; December, 7 95(3,8; Jau.vy,
7.958c; March, 8 10s. Sugar dull
and noiTinal: fair to good refining.
4 13-16(3)4 15 16; refined dull and
Bteady; A,4;ic; extra C, 515;
whits extra C. 5j; yellow, 41(3 -Md
granala'ed A, 6.(3 ti 7-16c; conleciion
ers' A, lijc; off A, 55-standarl A,
5 13-Uic; powdered, t (c. Molasses
JUNE 2, 1SS6.
te.dy;50teet, V,
ia fair demand.
ic Riee steady and I
AprLta Applea. $1 50 1 3 from
atore; $1 25(32 per car-load froTi levee
or depot. Dried apphs, ;t(,f.4c per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $1(3i2 from
store. Sweet potatoes m arce, $2 75 per
brl. Peas, $1 601 7' er bushel.
Yeuetablks Onions, $2 753
from atore : $2 50(3-2 t0 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 7.'i33 j er crate.
Kraut, barrels, $5(i)5 50; half-barrels,
$2 75(3i3. Garlic. 4iK3-60c per 100.
Turnip, 50c per bushel.
t buit Oranges, Louisiana, none:
Cali ornia, $4; Mesaina, $3 5(H3)5 per
box; Iinperiaa, $5(3)5 50 per box.
Lemons, $6(3)7 per box. Bananas
$1(3)2 60 per bunch. Cocoanuts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7c;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roasted, 2frc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18'.1C.
PicKLs In iar, pints, 95c: ouarti
$1 50; balf gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75; low, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
nail-barrel, o.
Kaisins London layers. $3 40: lay
ers, $2 75 ; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pecans lexa, 8(i)i0c (or small to
medium, lCKoHc tor laige; Arkansas,
3 5c.
walnuts trench, 12c; Naples.l5c:
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts. 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 50 per bar
rel and $4(3)4 60 p?r half-barrel; Vine
gar, 1 Keltic per gallon.
i oci.tbv I nrkevs, per dozen, 112
16; chicken", $1 50(3,3 25.
r isn Mackerel, hull-barrels. No. 1.
$4 MK315; No. 2. $3 25; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit. No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lh,
No. 3, 5,)c. Dry herriius, family, 30c
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 3(3V5c; sad
dles, 6(.i)Sc; bear, 6(3)Sc; wild turkeys.
6075c; ducks, $3; Equirrels, 75c;
quails, 7')C(.'H1 ; prairie chickens, $5;
game fish. U12c.
Juios r inn, 910c.
Skkd Deliverdat depot and wharf,
f8 per ton ; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $ti; wagon at mills, $8; Mfai,
Prime (f.o.b.),$14('i' 14 50 per ton. I-ss
than eiir-loinl lots, $16. From store,
90c per suck. Cake Nominal, $lti
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. 8. oil, 21(.i)22c; )irimu sum
mer yellow, 252tijc; off-Biiminer yel
low, 2223c; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 2830c ; off
ciule, 18m;21c
Hiiias Dry Hint, 12J(515e; dry
salt, 1012c; green salt, tt(")7r; green,
6t5jc; deer skins, 1516c. Beeswax,
180i)2Oc; billow, 22Je.
Baihiino Ju'e, 91ftl lc; flag, 9J(3;
lOJc, accordingto weight. Tics, $1 15
l 20.
Nails !2 402 65.
hohnk and si it. eh.
HousKs-Good driving, $150225;
good saddle, $14lX'A300; plugs, $35
80: good mures, $85(.rl 40.
Mi'Lts-141 t 15,$U(X3)135; 15 to
151, $125(3)140; 15J to 16, $160175.
Good douiand ; supply fair.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6(K36; rye, $1 75(3,6; domes
tic, 90cf 1 60.
St. I.oi'is, Mo., June I. Whisky
s eady at Jl ill.
Chicaoo, III., .Inn I. Whi'"
Bteady at tl 14. '
Cincinnati, ()., June 1. Wlpr
steady at$i 10. Sides of 1011 in.
of finished goods on this basis. jn
CHlR'll.ll 1 IIKKtl' "J
Co.ai. Oil -Pr me white, wli(jer
lots 1 le per gallon. 'ler4
Ci.kvki.a.nii, (., June 1. Pet rand
steady; s. w., 1'0, 7Jc. jr."
Pit rsm'iMi, Pa., June I. - Petroleum
linn und higher fairly active. Na
tional Taai. crtiflcates opened at
02 Jc; closed at 65c; highest, 65c; low
est, 62 c.
Catti.k Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4KHjo; good,
3j4l.c; choice grass-fed, 3J3ic;
good, 3(3UiJc; fair to medium, 2j
2Jc; common, lj2c.
Hons Choice, 34c; good, 3J
3Jc; common, 3(5)3Jc.
SiiBKe-Choiee, 44Jc; medium, 3
(3)3 Jo; common, $1(3)1 60. Choice
lambs por bead, $3(3)3 CO.
Kansas City, Mo., June 1. The
Lire Stat Indicator reports: Catt'e
.Receipts. 1384 brad; shipments, 5(9
heal. Tbe market was active and
about steady; choice to fancy, $5
5 15; fa r to good, $4 6 (c.4 90; com
mon to medium, $t(Vl 50; slockers
and feedo s,$3 254 15; cow, $2 41
3 50. Ho,fS-Keceipt, 12,159 head;
shipments, 2285 bead ; market ate a ly ;
good to choice, $3 70(3)3 80; conimo'i
to medium. $3 40(33 65. Sheep Ke
ce'p's, 1077; shipments, 275; market
s eady; gKd lo choice, $2 80(3)3 50;
common to medium, $1 502 50.
Chicaoo, III., June 1. The Zoivr'
Journal reports: Cattlei Receipts, 500
head ; shipments, 2000 head; market
slow; 5(3)10c lower; slipping steers,
950 to 15U0 pourds, $1 25(,5 60; stock
era and feeders, $.'i4 75; cows, hulls
and mixed, $23 75 ; bulk, $ 75(3 10 ;
through Texas cattle cos, 12 50 3;
Brass steers, $3 103 05; corn-fed,
$3 754 80. Hogs Receipts, 23,000
head; shipments, 4000 head; market
strong and a thaile higher; rough and
mixed, $3 75()4 10; packing aniistiip
ping, $.'1854 15; light, $3 7(r3)4 20;
skips, $2 50(. 3 60. Sheep Rcceip's,
20.0 head; shipments, none; market
Stronger; ntives, $2(3 4 EO.
Nxw Yohk, June 1. There baa been
ayeryfdr business, but a better in
qtiiiyfjrall elates of go'jds and tbe
tone' of the market much irop'oved.
Prwldent of th Oreat LOUISVIU'S C0U-KIKR-J0URNAL
CO., tall nat
b knowf of
Winter-smith's Chill Cure.
Ovricror the Coraina-JouainL,
I oivtu.i, Kr.
Or. Winirrmiik, Sir I caive a rula 1 hava
ohierrad fur many ynar, tha valua of roar
reinadr promptina me to y,in raplto
your reyumt, wbnt I know of your Chill
Cars. Tbe private anurance" of iu nfnr-aoy
I bad, and tde i""'l reiulta nf ltd efleeU I
had obverved on .Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen year, had been fore
men of my office, induced me to teH it in
Diyfnmily. The re'ulta have been entirely
HLiafaclory. The flrnt oae wan of two
yeart' itandinK, in which I believe every
known remedy hud been tried with tempo
rary relief the chill returning periodically
and with eeminnly increaiel severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there hai
been no recurrence of tboiu fi r more thin
m month.. Tlie other cane wan ot a milder
f.,rm, anil yieMed more readily to oiher
reme lien ; bnt lhe chilli" would return at in
torvalc until your medicine w:ii ucd. since
whit'h time, now nevera! monlhN, they hava
ertirely dinapieared. From the opportu
nity 1 have had tojudie, I do not heaitate to
eiiTBM my bhe( that your Cbill Cure ia a
valuable ipecific, and perform! all yon
prom,., tor it.
ARTHUR PETER 4 CO., Anents, Louis
ril'e, Ky.
Kriart Toirit . JiXia Lai, r. iu.
Uicfola. ....CoiBOM. 5 p m.
WhiU KiTr Caicaasaw, S p.m.
St. Louis liBLLR MKvk'H:9, a.m.
Arkanraf City kTa'AD:, ' p.m.
Tiptonvilla li.mo, 5 p.m.
Vtckuburf .C 1 1 v ok Ciiku, 6 p.m.
St. I.oun AKkiUXAH firv, o p.m.!
.4rn'ptifi. James W. Gall', Cincin
nati; JoeTetere, Aikansaa river; City
of Providence, St. Louis.
7(7iir(urrt City of Providence,
Vickuburg; R L. Cobb, Arkansas
liver; liene Macready, St. Francis
river; James W. Gaff, Cincinnati.
IltMit in rort. Chickasaw and Joe
b'oiitt Ihtf Down Coahoma and City
of Baton Konve.
iiinK Dtie I'p Jamea U-e, Golden
Crowe, Annie P. bilver and Hjlle
Rerrlpl Tntrdr.
Joe Pefnrs-MO ba'e otton, 260 Bks
seed and 10 pkgi sundries
City of Providence 120 to: s mer
chsmlise. Jatnei W. Gaff 3100 pkgs miscel
laneous freight.
Thk Anchor IJne steamers Thurs
day evening are the Cily of Cairo for
Vickhhu'g and the Arkansas City fr
St. I.ou 8.
Thk Coahoma, dpt. Henry Cooner,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for Otccnla and the upper bends.
Will Smith is in her olhVc.
Thk Hslle Memphif, dipt. Uroia
Baker, U the Anchor l.iio packet this
morning at 9 o'clock for Cairo and S'.
Lcuis. Al Simpion is her clerk.
Thk Chickacaw, Capt. Kd. C. Pos
tal, is tbe packet this evening at 5
o'clock fjr White river. C. M. l'oital
and John Childrets are bar clerks.
TiiiUayoso, Cnot. W. P. Hall, Is
the packet to-nu irow evening at 6
o'clock for Hale's J'o'n', Tiptonville
aod ail way landings. J. P. Walt is
in htr otli e.
Thk James Le, (-apt. Thns. Clag
gett, ia the pcket this eveuing at
5 o'clock fjr Helena, Friars l'oint
and all way landings. Will Ashford
bai charge of her otllce.
Thk Kate Adams, Capt. Mark H.
Cheek, is the United States innil pack
et Thursday evening at 5 o'clock for
Helenn, Arkansas City and all way
binding. W. C. Blanker has charge
cf her iillice.
Business quiet.
Wxatukb clear and warm.
Receipts by river yesterday, 10
bales col to i and 260 sacks seed.
Tub Rsne Macready got away last
evening for S-. Francis river with a
fair trip.
Thk tug Clarence with six barges
staves cleared yeetcrday morning for
New Orleans.
Tin City of Provldenco p .'V Jl
downjjt evening for Vicksburg
atr'AT''. She discharged here 125
toilX A Vit and added 30 tons.
1 N"ou.r at this point marks 23
fe) i by the gauge, or 24 feet
2 above low wa'er mark, a
lloompar ta( and 4 tenths in twenty-
leuuonHfe V
J Petnra arrived lata Monday
' Jm Arkansas liver with 10
3 nlries. She lavs un for nres-
iccount of low water In the
"Jis river. The R. L. Cobb left
place last evening with a giod
J Jaiiif s W. Gaff arrived yester-
from Cincinnati witn .1100 paek-
ffrts of ni'scellaneous freight for this
oiare and cleared again lint evening
lor ine uuio river wiiu nun union ui
cotton, 50 barrels of oil, 15 bales of
nifs, 240 bundles of pspc, a lot of
walnut lumber and a Pig lot of sun
dries. RIVRH A Hit WEATI1EH.
Ofh' Signal Skbvicb, U. H. A.,!
Mkmpiiib, June 1, 2 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which ia one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOths
26 14
7 6 2
14 12
t) 3 2
7 !! 1
3 2 1
7 8 3
36 I
I 6 3 2
!) 2
3 5 1
6 6
24 8 14
5 I
14 3
8 3 1
" 2 ... 2
17 4 Z'.'.'.'.'. 0
4 1 2
4 8 4
41 8 - 1
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith
Ia Crosse
Little Rock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul
MMBater I. low Feet and tenthi of a foot
ahova aero of gauge :
Tairo, 40 feet.
Chattanooga. S3 feet.
Cincinnati, M).
liubuiue. 1.
Keokuk, 14.
I.a Croane, 'M
Little Hock. 2.1.
ftlemphia, M.
Naahville, 4J.
Omahil, 1H.
Ht. Luuia, 32.
Hhraveport, it.
haven port, irt.
Forthwith, XI.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, 20.
Louleville, i'.
New Orleans, 1:1.2.
Pittsburg, 22.
Ht. Paul, 7.
Viokaburg. 41.
Yankton, M.
Pittsbcwj, June 1. Noon River 2
fpet 3 inches on the gange and falling.
Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, Juno l.Nojn River
13 leet 10 inches on the gauge and r's
iug. Weather fair and warm; ther
mometer 7.
Lou is villi, Juns 1 Noon River
falling, with 6 feet 5 inches In the
canal and 4 feet 3 inches on the fall.
Business good. Weather mild.
IJEvawsviiXB, June 1. Noon River
falling. Arrived: The new Hudson;
sbe had an ovation all the way down,
asd will leave at 8 p.m. for St. Louis.
Caiiio, June 1. Noon River 26 feet
3 inches aid falling. Weather warm
and storminn. No arrivals of regular
packets. Departed: City of Baton
Rouge, New Orleans, 11 p.m.
Administrator's Aotiee.
Oftlce Public Adminiatrator, Shelby County
Coiirthouie, Memphic, Tenn., April L". li.
rpliK ondiirirned hav ng beon appointed
1 and quuhfis 1 admiiiatrator of the eatute
of Henry F. Arnold, decewod, notice ia
hereby aiven to all peraona indebted to aaid
e.ute to come forward and aeitlc; and 't
thone to whom mid eftnte ia indent, d to fl c
their elaima wilh me, duly probated, within
the time proa.-ribed by law, or the ; will
be forever birred. JOHN LOAUl h,
Public A d niini-lratnr
Kkohvs ibov Birriiis iikm:
filed Mra. li'ittie W. Miller, No. t'.'M ir
a'lall avenue, Memphia, Tenn., attcr an at
tack of draentery. and aaain aited her
recovery from malarial fever, the coasid
era it a moat valuable medicine.
Memphis & Cincinnati l"k't Co.
Bxouralou Ratoat
1 - -ir,,
The Elegant
May 1st.
Iluckeye State, Ohio 1 Jas. W. (aaft.
Thi Company will aell ltOl'ND TRIP
TKKKT3 from Memphia to Louiaville,
Cni-innati. and all Haatern Cittei, al
greatly Reduced Ratea.
Ticketa include Meala and State rooxg
Return ticketa g.od on any boat in the linae
Kach boat carriea a Fine btring Dand.
Mondajs and Tbaradajs at 5 P. 31.
For information Inquire of C. B KCj-r-KLL,
Agent, 12 Madiaon atreet, Memphia,
Tenn. H. W. W ISK, "ir''
ht lul naad New Orleeain aairbor
l.lae-I . N. II-CAIH04 bT. LOLI3.
Belle Memphis,
Oeo. Haker maater.'
W ill leave the Klevator W KDN k'AUA V ,J una
2d, at a.m. For freight or paaaage apply
C.L. Hai l. I'aaa. Agt. AD bTOKM. Agent.
HI. I.auL aDl New itrleanw Anchor
l.luaw-li.N. Matll-CAIHO A bl. Lot Id.
Arkansas City,
nroikt ,.maMer
Will leave the KlevatorTIII RSUAi .June
3d, at h p.m. For freight or puaage apply
C. 1..
II Paat.Ag't. Al S l'( i K M . ru p ' t.
St. I.waaln nail Nrw aarlenaia Anrhnr
l.ltir-l'.N. Mnll-FOK VICKSUl Ki.
Vliy of Cairo,
Ltuhtner maater.
Will leave the Klevator TUUKMM I.June
Hd, at i p.m. For freight or parage apt ly
C I.. HM.. Paaa. Aa-t. A 0 STl Ht , Knn't .
For Oaceola, llitlea I'e'nt, Carutheraville,
Oayoso and Tiptonvillo The new aten-nef
W. P. IIkII mi il or I J. D. Fuller tMrfc,
Will I nbiive, and ll wuy iioti.ti.
p. i . For (roitfht r pwtifwgt m'ly n rn'nrt.
aaatiailtla,t rtMr. tkaaaa jaaiaa ffariaaiaaia
null aawrasalj Pnclaatg Oanitnaia
For Helena, (tiendale, Friara Point and all
War Landing! blearier
CoalioiikH, r-vrZ
I. T. Clataatt ... maater I Piatt Uuouo. ...... rk
win leave aa abore on every MONOAY,
WKDMaSDAYand KKIOAY.at 5o'e.o;k.
For Randolph, Fallon, Oaceola and Way
Landlm e Steamer
1. H. Cooper, maater.. ..J, W. Hmltherf.clerk
l.eavea every MONDAY. Vi KUMShoAT
and FKIDAY at 5 p.m. The boatt nf thtl
line reaerve the right to paaa all lanJSt
theoaptain maydeem nnaafr. Office, Ha, I
VHl..i- JAMKH ,KK. -1 . .He-'
Freddie Robinson, sjc
M K. Marry....... ....ui.ulor
For Helena, Terrene, Pe Valla Dlull. Pea Ara,
Auguata, Hearey, Newport and Bateayilla.
Will leave aa above SATURDAY at 6 p.m.
Through ratea to all polnta. Freight oon
igned to Milt Harry Line, Memphia, will b
promptly forwarded. V. J. P. UOYLK. ,
Qftjce l'J Madiaon at. Telephone If!.
Memphia and VIckHhurg Packet ton
pauy U. N. Mall Line.
For Helena, ( onoordla, Terrene and Arkaa
aa City The elegant paaaenger atearrar
M. H. Cheek... matter I W. 0. niaur...ole7k
Leave Memphia
p.m.,reaervlng the right to paaa all landing)
in captain may deem nnaate. Vol general
Information apply at office, No, 4 Madiaoa
treet. It. WALVYORTU, Agent.
JOHN CARR, Paaa'r Aant. Telephone gtt.
Arkansas ltlvcr Tk't Co
K. B. Smith.. . maater. ag,i.i..Tt-
Leavea Memphia Every jIlBHKAY, at 6 p.ta
U. O.LOVYK, Agent.
Memphi8& White HlTM-PktCtj
U. H. MAIL Ialiff.
H. 0. Poatal ...maater I C. M, futaa- ... uari
C'lnrondoa, Datvailla BlaalT, Da Aral,
lagaata, Jarkaonpvrtan'l atrnrcy ,
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Freight oonaigned to " Memphia and White
Riv.r Paoket C(mpany"wlll be forwarded
promptly ta. CI LOW B, Agent,
The St.r'rancla Itlver Tranaportatloi
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Rene Macready, r.,-tZZ
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InMrmodiate landlnga on Ht. Franoia river.
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Hwn.lwt.wJ.. laHt, NTc. 4 Mwdt.on at
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look'! Kirnratoaa Curtlea leave ta
April, Mar, June and July, fend for Pro
gramme. Inallvldanl ToorUl Ticket for travel
in Kurope and all parte of the globe. fnaV
ena Tlrferia by all llnea of aleamere.
I ook'a t.arnraloiila), with mapa, pub
llabed monthly, by mail for Tax Ckktii.
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W Rroadway. New York.
817 and Hl TT. LOUIS,
Electric Belt Freo
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