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IT 111!) TO (ME.
A Very Poorly I'Ujetl Game on the
Tart or the Home Nine The Vis
itors Do Uood Work.
"How JiJ Memphis liaipen to lose
the(rnie to-day V' was the question
passed from mouth to mouth yester
dav. How indeed? R' ad the answer
in "the error column; that tells the
UW .very succinctly. . Eleven error-other'
a record for you to he prood of,
especially when one hear.' in mind
tlal the pitcher was not being hit
erj hard, fither. Hits and errors
generally follow each otter m diri'et
ratio to their number, hut we believe
that vestenlay was the first time that
any club in the Southern Leagm mad
Bearly double as many errors as the
oppos'ing side made lists. In the cele
brated game wmn (savannah beat
Memphis 18 to 4. there were only 9
errors to 18 hits; in a game played by
Nashville with Chariton, only hits
were made bv Charleston on" Nash
vice's pitcher," yet Nashville made 8
errors, hut th-se cases are exceptional
and rare, and Memphis distanced all
previous records yeBterdny in the error
line, except in a game where Phila
delphia was barged with l.'t errors on
6 hits, tut 9 of them were errors made
by pitchers in giving base on balls,
and hence only technically errors.
But be that as it may, th
home nine did not play ball
vesterdav. U'e don't know wht to
ral it. but it wasn't baseball. O'Le-ry
pitched a game fat ought to tave
won. ami probably might have won
but for an incident that occu'red in
the fourth inning, and which had the
etlect of rattling tse boys b .1 y.
The score was a to 1 igainst Metu-
Dbis One man was out when Kreh
mever was hit by a pitched ball ami
allowed first base Blac struck out.
Fa s-dliach hit safely to center field
for three hives, end Krehinever
crossed the h aue-plate, but the un
nire decided Fusselbach out for run
ning more than three feet outside the
foul hue. This was a new racket on
the crowd, and they guyed the um
nire unmercifully, shouting "Rats!"
anil u-ing ot her fl'ectual methods of
annoyance. The umniri was rigt,
however, and could not have decided
otherwise. Kule 47, section b, page
147 of R-ach's Ofhcial (ititde, says:
Section ti. Kule 47. If, in running to
first b se, he runs inside the foul line,
or more than three feet outside of it ;
except that he must d j so, if neces
sary to avoid a fielder attempting to
fie'd a batted ball, and in such case
shall not be declared out.
The decision, though nndoubtdly
eorrec'. broke th boys a'l up mil in
the next innicg they went to pieces
like a card-h;use blown down by
breath. Listen to the thrilling de
tails: Arundel struck out: Peak struck
out, but Krehmcyor dropped the ball
and Peak got to first on it; Graham
sent a fly to shortstop, which was
mulled, advancing Peak to second;
Dickerson hit safely to right field for
two b'gs, Teak and Graham scoring;
Dickerson got to tuird on another
passed ball ; Cross sent a grounder to
third and started for first; Whitehead
fielded the ball home to Krehmeyer's
feet, and before the latter could pre
vent it. Cross scored j Kent hit to
right field lit one bag and Cross got
to" third; Heinzman then cine
to the bat and Kent started to
to second. Krchmever'got the ball to
Phelan in time, butt' e latter fuin
bltd and Ktnt was safe on second,
Cross scoring Hauzman hit safely to
left field f r one bag but was declared
out hrthe tame fault that Fu-selba h
had committed in running ou'side the
line. Kent s.orinc. Hart struck out,
but Krehmever allowed the;ball to pass
again and Hart was safe on first
Levis went out on a fly to Sneed, and
-the inning was over; score 7 to 1
airainst Memphis. That is how we
lost yesterday's game.
Snef d. r. f '.. 4 112 10
Mansell. c. f 4 112 0 0
ColffaD. 1st b 4 0 0 4 0 2
Krehmeyer, c 3 0 0 10 1 3
Black, l.f 4 0 2 2 0 0
Fnme lbacta. p. b. 4 0 1 0 3 1
Phelan. 2d b 3 0 0 3 3 3
Wb.itehfal.3db 3 0 0 0 0 1
O'Learv. d 3 110 3 1
.32 3 623 11 11
Graham, c. f 5 2 2 1 0 0
Dickerson, 3d b. 4 1 2 0 1 0
Cross, s. 8.... 3 1 0 0 2 0
Kent.l.f 4 2 110 0
Heinioaan. r. f... 4 0 10 0
Hart, n 4 0 1 0 2 0
Levip, ltb. 4 0 0 13 0
Arundel, c 4 10 8 2
Peake. 2d b 4 1 0 3 3 0
,.36 8 726 10 3
'Fusselbach anil Ueimman out for running
tit of line.
MemDhif 0 0100000 2-
Chatiaaocsn-2 0006100 8
rnmmar: Runs earned Memphis,
2; CnatUnocga, 1. First bate on errors
MemnkH. 1: Chattanooga, 7. First
basenn calle l bal's Mompnip.O; Chi t
tanro.a. 1. S rack out By O'Lury, 9
hvHart.6. Left oa bate Mfmptii?,
3: Chet anoopa, 7. Two-bse hi's-
Dirltornnn. Thrte-l-a'e bitl Kent
Double plays-FaBiloach, Phelan and
Co len. roBtoii ba Is Krenmeyer,
Arundel. 0. Wild Ditches O'Leary
3; Hart, 0 Buses rtolsn Sneed and
Orabam. Umpi;e, Ed. Hengle
C'tanmberlaln's Dajr.
Macon. Ga., June 2. A small
crowd witnessed the game here this
afternoon, which the Macons won by
a i c re of 5 ro 2 The game was hotly
contested, beine a battle between
pitchers Chamberlain and Daniels
did crand work for Macon. Charles
ton nut Greening in the box, with
McWy catcher. The Macons hit the
ball hard, but were unable to get but
, six safe hits Greening did no s'rike
out a man, while Chamberlain sawed
out ten of the visitors, getting six
ecat'ering bits. Decker's fielding was
the feature of the game. Burns seems
to umpire satisfactorily. Following is
the score by inbings:
THainn 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 0-5
Charleston 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
IliliniKB Lucky Hit
Nashville. Tesn.. Jane 2. Toe
Nashvillej cefeVed tha Atlanta? to
day in the nv-.st brilliant ea-ne of the
season. Baker nd Schellbasse were
local ba'ry, while Oonway and Map
did tlie nonorj for Atlanta. Th
visitdrs Riiccided in hitting Baker fir
ix hAsm Imt sj fine was tli a lirldin
nf i1:b loci's th?t not a man ecortd
Cm way tu lit for seven cases. Each
hnTman n rm k out three. Nti'her
'd feared in nine innings,
In t'ie tenth O'Brien made
J HtnlA Record. IVittmAn
then tApnoi ti e baH to I lis left field
The excitement ws to intense at this
ro'nt that pUying hid to bs storp"i
r a moment to let the crowd cool off.
Faker brocgat Bittman la on a safe
Lit to centtr. lbs AtlanUs were re
tired in oie-twn-ttirre trdir, and the
game cli sd with the teir tan to
ootiiii g in 'avrr of the Nashvd!ea.
Smith and He lmnn will be t ie local
battery tc-morrow.
MftndlneT f llt 'Icib.
Nashville ....
1'. .635
15; .558
14 54S
1: .542
17 .M4
I7 .500
21 1. 363
22' .333
Chattanooga ....
Charleston Hi
Bane Boll Note.
Chicago, 9; Boston, 0.
Detroit, 6; Nationals, 4.
AcorsTA, 3; Pavinoah, 1.
Athlhtics, 1 ; Pittsburg, 6.
Brooklyn, 2 ; Cincinnati 6.
Baltimobb, 4; St. Louie, 0.
St Louis, C; Phi'adclphia, 8.
New YonK, 7; Kansas City, 3.
Metropolitans, 1; Louisville, 7.
K k&hmeyeR had an oil day yester
dayvery otr, otriy off.
Bant'iiiiTox and Andrews did not
play yesterday. Thy were missed,
though not on the list.
The man who thinks Memphis is
licensed to best Chattanooga with
Hart in the box is requested tl pro
duce the papers.
Black and Colenn airninet Foley and
Arundel to-day. Wipe out yesterday's
eleven errors by miming none, or, u
that be impossib e, reduce the aver
age. Too Arcndel was lined $5 by the
umpire yesterday for talking back to
l : : 1 .1.1.,..:.... i, ..,
JIM cap Hill turn uemvuig hio mo
Faithful Tog! wbat does he care for
fines so long as his nine wins.
The Appeal Btill think? that Mem
phis will win as many games in the
coming series with Atla' taand Nash
ville as the oppos nu clubs win from
us. The Memphis team never play
well when it looks like a sure thing
for them. When they tackle Atlanta
and Nashville they will know they've
got to play ball, ind they may be de
nended upon to do it, all except one,
lie will be namd after the games are
When Heitzr.an ran outside the
line yesterday and was declared out
Levis shoutod : "That costs you a fi oe."
This is about the smallest and mean
est piece of business ever done on a
Memphis ball ground. If a manager
must fine his m-n let him do it pri
va ely without humiliat ng Lim in
the presence of an audience. That's
unifentlemaniy. uesiues, iieinzman
had done nothing to descve a fine;
his anxiety to win carried him too
far. He ought to have been reward
ed instead of fined.
T lt Xaabvlll 'Auierlcnn" A boot
nr. O'Keefe.
In the NBBhville Anurirun of yester
day morning the following card, bear
ing a Memphis date, apptare:
To the American:
Mvattdt cn bai just b;en called
to a Memphis snenial in yours of loth
nsUut. As ton g.iecial does Mr. v.
O'Kef fe, formerly of yonr c ty, a
great injustice 1 consicer that in jus
tice 1 should reply.
It is s'ated tnat l reported mr.
O'Ko-fi tj PreRid-nt Haddea s an
embizzWr. Tbii is absolutely false.
I made no such charge. I could not
bava dons bo a) Mr. O'Keefe had a
partnership interest in the land from
which the money was drawn, and
therefore had a perfrct light to draw,
and bad he put the mony to any
legitimate u e I should net
have object d, but when
Mr. O Kcefe informed me of the cir
cumstances under which the money
wai lea'. I felt indignant at all c n
cerned aid de'ermioed to rjcove' it
from the eimblers if prssible. tin
biing informed that it wai the invar a-
ble rule cf rretiuent Hidden to lores
the gamb'ers to refund money so bit,
ca'led on him, not to mKe any
ehame neiinst Mr O Ke' li. but simply
to recover the moni v. I presume, I r
the first time, these men resisted the
Prs dent, and in their card Baa tuey
paid the city authorities rim lr
month to run their house, whicb bo
anuered him that he, of his own
accoid. and without my knowledge.
had the wsnant cut for Mr. O'Ketf s
arrest on the chares of em mi .lenient
I signed the bond, and every one here
knows he was not guilty, es
charced. and althonnh Mr. O'Keefe
was tnel Denre toe iionora
ble PreEidenf. who was botn p-oce-
nntorand iudee. He was acauilted
Mr. O'Keefe has bef n in business with
me four yeais, end I never knew a
man who gave closer attentiin or was
mrre absorbed in his business, aad up
ti tha time of this unfortunate anm
be bad alwiys given myself and all
concerned in tbe business entire tatis-
faction, which 'acts are proof pit've
tha1; he cmnot hi-e Deen tne "inver.
erate eamb!e'." etc., your cor eapond
ent would make it appear. Very re-
epectfully, m. . COWAWAV
Delr fir Bepablienns to Drpnrt
BMolnllan Adopted.
The 'County Democratic Executive
Committee met yesterday and elected
tha follow inn Governing Boaid:
J. CamD. Chairman; A. Walsh, Rob
ert Armour, M. T. Garvin, r. J. Bol
ton, I. E Dongles, J. T. Biggs and J
J. Williams.
The following retolution was uuani
monsly adopted:
Wnr.RRAR. We. as members of th
nrirniiizit oa of toe Democracy of
Khulhv rnnr.tr. and as individual Dem
ocrats, believe tbat a Democrats ad'
ministration should be run by Demo
cratic office-holders; and whereas,
many Republicans are still in office
nnr midst : therefore be it
Rcnohtd. Bv tbe Democratic Execu
live Committee of 8belby coucty, that
we do hereby earnetfly proteet aga'nst
the retention ot Kepnblicans in oiuie
as well as the appointment of them to
cfli::e. it lieins Ihe omnioa of this com'
mittee that throualnut the Union
Demo3rats can be had of equal qua
ficat one with Kepublicane, ana
the Sautb, especially, thsy pie ea
superior quaiihcationi to ttie average
Kepubiican ; and further, we p:ott
af a nst and c 11 sider the recent ;ap
p nntiient of Mr. Darraith to the posi
tion of In-prcfor of Bsile-s as unwise
and inexcusilde, ie beir.g kn wo here
and abroad as a life-lnng Republican.
Thee being no further businers be
fore the l'oaul, tba. body aujourned
to meet at headqaiite'-J June -', at 10
The Ten Men lUrlng Mont Illiick
Marks Next February to Be
A bombshell is to be fi'eJ inti tfie
tank and file of the Polite Depart
ment at loll-call to-day. Lts yes:er
day evening tbe following prcnuncia-
memo was iueil by tbe Litinnuenon-
en ard a copy tanned to tbe Aitf.ii,
for publication.
the standard to be raised.
Tatiki; Diktiict, Jun3, 18.
W. C. Dtrii, Chief ol Police :
It is the iintent on ol the Fira and
Police Commisiicners, at tbe next
annual election of yonr fcrcs say
February 1, 1887 to drop tea men
from tne roll and supply the vacaccitB
thus made with new material.
This will include tergeant", detec
tives, Btatien-bouse keepers, turnkeys,
market matt-ra, equ ra keepers, sani
tary, and all others in your depart
ment, except captaine.
In order thut juet:ce may to done
to all on the prtsnt force, you will
get a boon and ng'sier their names,
and kef p an account with each man;
to'.ing his generd conduct as defined
bv the ord nir.cei; all compleints
against him snd the lesult of your ex-aii'iai-.tion
into ttem; bis neatness of
sppnrel and peis:n; hisi fliciency and
good judgment in making arres's, and
if saetiiuing them in court; his to
bricy and moral dcp3rtmant, aud of
his watthfulnisi in enf irb-ing the
laws in all saniiary acd sidewalk or
dinances. For arrests for burjkry, honss-
breaking and all felonies, the cllicer
making the arrast be given t n extra
cred t.
When yon make a debit agiirst any
one for inerlicienry or any other came
whatever, vou will lake him in private
and tell him of tho fact, and not com
municate it to any oae else, not even
to vour caDtains or clerk.
Previous to the election yonr reeird
will be read and examined by the
Cjmmitsioners, and they will drcp
the ten men having the lowest record.
We think this li' e of action on the
pa't of the Comm sonnrs will have a
verv salutoiv effect in increieing the
efficiency of your depar.ment, besides
showing to your men and the public
generally those most wormy oi reien
tinn and uroirotion.
This U not to be construed that the
rVimmi-sioneis will not take immedi
ate action and teuiove any member
for cause.
Instruct vour force to take no pjrt
in politic i other than to goto tne .oi;i
and vote on election aay.
DAVID P. 1IADDKN, President;
JAMK.S LKK, Jll., .
ii. a. Montgomery.
Fire anil 1'ulice Corumisiionera.
That ten men will be dropped there
can he tto aouot, ana me quesuuu
naturally sr,ses, "Whom will they
Vib If Chief Davis were called upon
oRelectten nin for dumHsai ngnt
rich awav it is likely that he would
have lit la trouble in aoing do; ami io
tho e who kuow the inemberj of tbe
force bv their backs it goes without
BAvina i hr.t the identical ten will be
cn at the tail mil of the list still, wben
tbe next eltc i m takes plac. It is a
totcricus fact that several ol the lores
baviig long tince come to r?gird
their buttons ana badges leaseu
nr lifp. no loncrr make Bn
effort to increase their usefulness, but
exnend their iriiip.ntic intellect in an
pfliirt to do the minimum amount o
service for the maximum amount
py. Tnra are tome men en the
force who are as efficient officers as
any in the United Kutes, tnke a pride
in Ylieir work and do it well, and will.
of course. puiBiie the even tencr of
their wav in soite of the older.
The Commissioners nave tne ngni
to dismiss a man at will, without
tria1, and evidently mean to exercise
that puvliega to raiss tne eunuaru 01
tin nice
Points Abont tbe) BrldK New
Sleeper Survey Sonthwentwnrd
Other Points.
As will be seen from the report of
the nrneeedinm of the County Court,
pub ished elsewhere, the Union ita 1
way Company has obtained a general
grant of right of way from the county,
nver its roads anvwhere within half 8
mile of the city limits, 'ihe original
intention of tliu company was to ru
out Hroadwav oil any of the t'acks al
refliiv nillll. lo me rvniiwio vity uunv.-
tion. thence back on the Memphis
or,. I rl.orUatnn riirl.t. nf WHV to Y Ul
ington etreet, and on Washington to
the river.
Mr. Harry Hill said yesterday tnai
his Belt Line had obtained certain
nrivileires which con'd not be take
iiwav from it: that stakes had been
driven, possession taken, and a survey
made at an expense 01 several jnne
clred dollars.
Tbe Brldne.
It is stated on cood authority tha
not less than $15,000 has already been
snentin survevinsr surroundings, etc
for a bridge across the river at this
point, and that most of the work was
done at night to avoid interruptions
from passing boats as well as for ihe
iikfi of srecv. A favored few
have been permitted to see the
structure on paper, and give a vagu
id a of it from memory. The ceotral
span is to be 503 feet long, and the
cantilever system to be used Under
the law the structure is to be sixty
five feet above the water. It will be
no such bridge as that over the Kiist
river, connecting New York ani1
Brootrlvn, which cost $18,(100,000, and
has a central span of 1500 feet and a
total length of 000, but it will be a
pretty bea thy 8 ructure jus, the
same. ;
Tbe Orkney on Imbibition.
The Tullman buffet sleeper Orkney,
which will open the new hoe between
Memphis ami Washing on, D.C.,over
tho Memphis and Charleston railroad,
will arrive this morning and will be
on exhibition at the passenger plat
form of tin Memphis and Charleston
depot to day between 10a in. and noon
and between 4 and 6 pm. The public
is invited to visit nnd inspect this car,
ulero oolite attendants will show
thMii through. Tne rkney wi'l leave
to-nightjit 10:211 p in. on the Memphis
and Chn'rleston for Washington, and
will be followed by a line of l'ollmans
best cars These sleepers paxs thr. ugh
mont of tho summer resorts of Ka.st
Tennes.-ee and Virginia.
Tbe Stirrer Froirreailat-.
The locating survey for the Kansas
City, Fort Scott and Gulf lUi'road
Company's line from Birmingham to
Memphis begin Monday. The pre
liminary surveys f,re completed to the
This end of the li"e has aln.idy ln'en
survev-d to tbe Illinois C ntral rail
road." Fred Woltle savB he : certain
that the Galveston railroad will meet
the Kansas City line at Birmingham,
and it is taken for granted thht he is
informed as to the planB of the Geor
gia Ceil ral people.
Tbe Vnllry Heed.
The feat accomplished by 'he man-
gemeLt of the Louisville, ew
Irlenns and Texas Kailroa l during
the high water in the AiissisMppi val
ley entit'es it to the higher praise.
The running of the trains was not
early so much delayed as many
of the roads in the mountainous dis
tricts. The Valley planters, under the ,
lead of I'erev & Co., ami mo i.ouis-
ille, New Orleans and lexus railroul, i
nder the lead ol 1-aI warns A w,
make a strong team to keep the
Mississippi river within hou-ls.
Eratljnatmral ol Kiiih rrora aoalk-
mrm ruisw.
Chattanocoa. Tenn , June 2. Last
Marc h tne associated rai roids of
Kentucky, Tennes ee and Alabama
snbmitted by agreement to Juc'ge
nomas M. Cojlev of Michigan tor
arbitration the relntive adjuttment of
rktsa from Cincinnati, Louii-ville, Jet-fenonvill-",
Kvansville, Hendwraon
and points beyond; also frm Mem
phip, Vicksburg and New Orleans t
Cluitttno.a and beyond; all prints
south ottlie MempliH and Chaih ston
railroad, ircliirimg points in tne kicii-
iond and Danville territory, ana
nf the MiBM.'oippl river, to which two
r more partii s to the con net may
compete Judge Conley dei ulnl tl iK
rates from Lwnvnirt 10 ti.e
points mmi'd ire subject to regula
tion under ihe nireemBiit. INteBlrom
Hecdarson shall hi the budge toil
lttts than the rate from FvaiiBville,
permission to refund the Iridg tolls
to ehiprcrs at Liuisvilie si all l e ex
tended to embrace all rtic!es in
classes B 1) and r, a'sj pnta-
toee, rnions Bnd apples.
Tne ones ion of clitlnrertial ratea
from Cincinnati and l.nnsville into
Moutiromerv te ritery Julgi Cooley
decided should ha fixed by the com
mtBsioneraof the lines until October
lsr, when be will decida the nutter.
NT Mil til VKntRED BT Till
Tbe Iej of Lawyer In Ihe Kteln
Norton Cnne Tba Helt KoMd
The County Court m?t yesterday,
whb Jutti'e MiUg'itwr in the chair
and Meiers. Thomas, Jones, jacnsin,
yuigley, Pope, Oolenan, B.ackwell,
Bnieverw, Ciots, Hugh.s, Mercer,
Allen, Heming, Moore, tirou, o tick
land, Holeman, Davis, Ellio t, Kgnew,
Mnson, BlaLd and uaiiowav pr.wni.
Justices Coleman and Pope culled
attention to tbe fact thut the point of
and between the old anil new KaieigU
roads, near the town ol lUleiirh. is
badly washing, and neem nuing.
Work to fce done by county convict.
O. C. Collins, on uccount 01 aieens',
wa? releapea iroin roan uuij m wv
Sixteenth Distrh t.
Janes L Wintield was nppointed a
notary public f it Shelby county.
The br'dge snprintendont recom
mended thu a levee he built by the
conviuUin p!a:o of a bridge across a
branch on Stratton avenue and on the
line between the Eleventh snd Twelfth
Districts. Older, d.
Also, that he had examined tne
bridgs near the mouth of Nonconnah
rre. and did not consider it in any
moie danger than wnen num. 11c
thought it thould be paintsd and re
paired in r-ome plncee, and islimnted
thn rost at $100. Ordered done.
'. .. . L..M. II..
Als , that euppoits lor eann were
rwnhd at the endsol the bridge across
Sophia Springs creed, on Henry ave
nue. Granted. '
Also, that the brMste over Cotton
iIih Kileieh road, need
ed repaying, ai it wis in a dangerous
condition. Ordered.
The brldire suoeiintendeDt was or
ilerd to renlacs the Onbb bridge, on
Second etreo one mile north of the
cittr limits
Tbe chairman was traeied to advtr
tis9 the l-ttirg of the iton bridges or
inrd at the d ewnticrjnof tbecouit
The sum of $1!5 ws spprcprinted t
repair tbe bridge a: row the branch on
the Memphis and Somerville'. roal,
west of Kaitlett. I
A biide was ordered acro a slough,
or tandhole, washed out on tho tew
Raleigh rjad, Wolf river bottom, hu
meri atsly north of McConuell bridge,
on tte ta d road. (
1 The following was ordered:
Whkrias, Since the lait meetiog of
th'B court the gra'.ifying intellisen'-e
has beHB received that the etl't of Ex
tern Norton vs. Shelby Cjuntv, in the
Suprame Court of the United Stales,
has beed, decided in favor of the coun
ty by that tribunal o! last resort; and
nherea'J by authority of this court
eeitain H'tornejs were employed to de
fend said suit, and, in order to ascer
tain the measura of compensation t)
which taid at orneya are entitltd by
reMon of the services rendered the
county, it is therefore ordered that a
special committee, compound of
Judges tV. W. McDowell, II. T. Ellet,
W. M. Smith, J. M. Goodbar and Dr.
D. T. Porter, be appointed with the
respectful requeet tbat they give the
matter tbe proper consideration and
report to this court on the eesond
Mnmlv in June next, what in their
opinion wonld be fair and reaeonable
. . .. 1 1 t !1
lues lor the comoinea services 01 sum
attorneys in the tucceesful defenes of
eaid suite.
Upon the petition of the Union
Railav Comusnv. It was ordered by
the court tbat the right of way bo and
it is hereby granted said company to
build, maintain and operate a line or
lines of railway over and along Broad
way street from the point near the
intersection of tbe southern and pant
em boundary lines of the Taxing Dis
trict, thence westwardly toward the
Miesif eippi river, so fur as and to the
full extent that the same is eitoated
outside of the lim ta of eaid 't axing
District aad is in the body cf Shelby
county; and, further, the right of way
is granted Bald company to build,
maintain and operate a line or 'ines of
ra'lway along and over any Btraet or
highway lying and being a half mile
cr lets south of sidd Broadway street,
beginning at tome point on Robeson
avenne and running thence weet
wardly to the MissiFsippi river, nnd
also inclading the light of way al jng
and O'er sid Robeson avenue for the
j distance of half a m le or less siuth of
enid Broadway Blreet. This grant rot
to inteirfeie with any previous gramc
made by tbia couit, cor to pnbject
Shelby cannty to any cost or liability,
ror to absolve 6aid company from any
liability it may be under lo abu'ting
owners, whose r'ghta to tue for all
damega they tuuy be put to.
Adjiiuri ed.
St. .Kg.rf
lis- forflte tnrir.
JUNE 3, 18Sfi.
A Corps to Re Placed In the Field on
tne 20th Instunt-Tue Plan
Mr. E. F. Fuller, the engimer em
ployed by the Citizen' Water Com
pany, baa rented rcom 111, in the Cot
ton 'Exchanue btii dirg, a an office,
and ws Been yeWday by an Aci kal
man, win) asked turn when he expell
ed to begin surveys.
"We will pla re a corps cf engineers
in the field abont ti e I'Oth of this
mo"tb," Mr. Fuller rep ied:
'I cannot tell exactly how long it
will hike to dish tbe turveye," con
tinued Mr. Fuller, "but probably
about thirty de. We will then pie
pare plans for the actual conetruction
of works."
"Who compose the company who
prorow t) build said works?"
"Parties both lure and in New
York. Their names have been pub
lished." " What do jon auprow it will take
to tons' met the works, and how long?"
was aiked.
"I can't tell until the survey has
linen mucin nnd i anB prepared, Mr
riJnic, ,
Fuller said, "uir, cerUi
than two years "
ly 110'. longer
"How tntuiy works y mi r com
pany now building, ana wl e'e?"
"We are building workiat Padccah,
Ky. ; Vinceiinee, Ind.; Sharon, Penn.;
Corry, Penu., and DcniiUon, Tex."
"Does your company proioioto go
to the Miesi sipiii river lor water
ahove t e citv, and how will you set
tle i?"
"Weehall reitniuly gototho Mis in
sipid for water, and" shsll ua3 large
settling bisins."
"Is it practicvble to ga to the Mis
sissippi river at a point near the pres
ert wateiworlis?''
"I CBiinot state at present."
"Wbero t1o von thiuk your en
gineers will h'gin?
"1 wieh ii firmalinn
river frrnt, llrnt 1 f oil."
"When iil you snd
in regard to
Mr. Bu'lock,
the Preeulent of tho
he.ro ?"
compauy, be
"Mr. Bullock and myself will return
to MHn&ph'B about the '.'O'.h."
"When 1 he survey ant specifications
are finished, what piopo lt.ons will
vour company make l tho G.ty
Thut lemait s f r tho company to
determine. 1 think th city will bud
it an advantageous one.
And therepoitji bowed hisaeknowl-
ultfomenl' im t win nr w.
Absolutely Pure.
Thil imwiior never yriea. A marvel ol
purity, atreoatb and wtiol-saomeneia. More
eonomioal than the ordinary kinda, and
cannot be aold In competition w'.Lh tba
multitude ol low teit, abort weight alutr or
phoaphate powdera. Sold only cnn. Koi 4L
I lo Pnwnta On.. HW Wall .M.wVrrk.
This famous remedy moat happily meets
thedrmand of the age for woman's peculiar
and multiform afflictions. It is a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one HPKoIAL
CLASS of her diaeaaea. Ills a speciBo for
oertain diaeaaed oondltlona of the womb.
..F..n... in .n control the Menstrual
Function aa to regulate all the derange
ments and irregularities of Woman s
Ita propric'o-a clnlm for It no other medical
property; and to doubt the faol that this
medicine does poaltlvoly poaaeaa auch con
trolling and regulating powers is imply
to discredit the voluntary testimony of thou
an da ol living witneaeas who are Jo-dny
eiulting In tba restoration to sound health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
ia strintly a yegetable compound, and ! thg
product of medical acience and practical el
perienoe directed toward the benaBt of
M rrEKt.nu w.nMi
It la tbeatudied preiorlntion of a learned
phyilclan, wboaa apooialty was WOMAN,
and whose fame became enviable and bound
leas because ol bis wonderlul euooeaa in tne
treatment and cure of female '"bX " "kt
RKMKUY known, and richly deserves its
Woman's Best Fiiiend
Becsnse It control! class of function! the
various derangements ot which cause more
ill health than all other causes onmbined.
and thus reacnes her from a long train ol
afflictions which sorely embitter her lite and
prematurely end her eiistence. Ob, what a
multitude of living witneaaei oan testify to
its charming sgsnui vvuaiaa, a
confidence this
It will relieve yon ol nearly all the com
plain'! peculiar to yourse. Rely upon it
aa your safeguard for health, happiness and
'"Silo-by all druggists. Send for onr treat
ise on the Health and Happiness of Woman,
mailed free, which gives all particulars,
(irvccaesoBi to a. h. holtt t bbo.
Funeral Directory
sa-i 5JAIN MT.a MUM I'H 1
AFt'LL and complete stock of Wood and
Muil!io Casea and Caakots, Clnib-Cov-ered
Cankets and Hurial itotws al mvs ot
bani). saw Orders by telegrat-h promptly
nf I Inatant relief. Final core In
11 Li LiC?e ten days, and never returns.
r ....I., iiiionaiLiirv. Buffer-
era will learn of a Imple remedy. Free, by
iHr.,"iiC.J MAU.N, Aaasaan.,i.i
:l KM V 1 1 1
vi w rititt K.Ht. We mr n.m finishim
W f.h..,n ioft inoJnim t'on lini-ta. Keep
.nnrCM.r. n.l CutTl. Will I'UV hMTiv.f '
f :, ".t Khimrt one wiiy on ini-H unn ot ln Riiioiint.
rKll kf: Collar nd Cufli, Ut-rrr 1I1 sen j i-luru. Ilk- ecli.
Sent in an Qriler lir Mail or Sliiris
With Setr.Meunrlne
Canli, tent br mail on aiMillcatlon. Ton on hare a new lit of Shirt
mad bi Mnain at an ou one lo miviire
ra I
For mnkini old eol-
XV 1
lam and eutTnlnok new. ee advertite-
nii-nt i f MrmithiB Strwii l.mnn,tr.
Unite and reimlred and war
ranted. Inventor of the Hiimtarj Tort-
land Cement l'uiun. Conlrai'tor and liriok
ver. Telephone a. TlloS. I'l'UHINS.
CClfrf T ' t-W to loan In mm to
OZUUW null partlen hvin noloii well
iiidomed, rent noti", ehalUil unirlnngoii or
other reliable .jourity. lirNI ST
CtlW-Owner oan hava by iirnvini iirop
J eriy and pyin ehn' ea.
J. II. HANKS, uui'T avenue.
C 10W On May 2'Mh, on rpn'kled row
V .H.N Ki SUN, lUmavenuo.
I'l.K Owner i'n have name by proving
prope ty ana myin enarea.
VHI1 I.KO"Altl. TO liemlii tri-t.
1 10 -Saturday atlnrnoon
a aow about
J ail yeara old, white
with 1 11 r ire rod
pot: imall hurna
turtiiim in: lona nnd
tall in hapei
in eond order: branded nn
.:..l.l ku...l h. t.nl Tiihhed off. fi I' l.lli
ral reward lor information, or if returned
to i: Alaliaiiia ntref t-
t tOW-Rcd oowt ago, 10 to U yenri tipt of
J hornt Mwed oH, and long loar on lelt
hin. Had rope around neck with ring at
tached. Liberal reward lor her return to
Monely AveniH', went ot Olympie I'urk
T I OUKK For the Hummer month", a fiir-
rl nlKhed home with room, well Iroatod
Ko lo re n M i r u u re d. RKN'f UK, Appeal.
NICK COTTAOK Three rooini on College
treat, near tnuth gat of Elmwood.
Am-ly at U Union .tr.et. Jof tRN0W
T0KKI101'HK-No. tt Union itreet, with
10TT0N-8I1FD Corner of Union and
KJ Intra itr'eta. r. r.. hihuim
l)0OM8-Two donlrable furnUhed roomaj
i V reaiion ahloratei. Ill M u uecitn I ni.
i i Ifrilk'NItMiri,. threa nr alv montha
1 V liiy rmidence In Ibo city of Fort Hmilh,
a.u lih nw tlikinit furnitiire. llrtck
borne with ten rooiim. in th mint denirable
iurt nl the , ltv Uuod well of water and
hydrant in the yardi home furnidied with
run: near itreei-rar line i every oonvenionoo
of a home. Addro.. R. p. SEALS,
Fort Hiiiith,Ark.
-v fumrNCIf -Ilorln. the numnier. a uli
JTV urban renidenoe, lurniahud, near boule
vard itreet nam. Larva garden, nne annuo
etc. None but Int flui tenant need apply
8. II. I.AMU, Mi. and 'fennMleput
HOUSK -No. 1 Filth itreet, Chelnoa
Apply to J. C. WILLIAMSON.
" y At Win. K. Moore .
four aleen
j Ing roonx, furnished i kit
en and din
i r..iiu ..iiltit...il
KDi II KNMLil.'Lv?,ji"y!A,i;
HOUSK-A Dew double-tenement home. 4
roomaon each aldoi nicely nnlabed;
large yardi in fact, all convenience, on
hoaa avenue. Oo"d ointern. Apply to Mr.
K. Quinlan,2;,eJManaaaJt.;
TnuRNISHKD ROOMS For gentg and for
V houaekeeiiing, at lit) Court atreet.
TWO elegant front rooma, rnrniahed
unfurnished. Apply at W Adnmaat
1ARTN KR With from 'mo to flO.OtrO In
a well e tslilinaed bualne.s. The right
man can take partnership Interest at onoe,
or have an assured ,i lary, with sroney -enred.
until satisfied with merits ol business.
Address X, care Carr ier No. 4, Fostoffloo.
jlif-fiA or tiHK) for one year, (lood In
M)UU tereat and Brat claaa aecurlty.
Address F. K., Appenl.
KOOMH-One or two
in rioulh .Memphis,
nnfurnl.hed rooms
hae ton, suitable
ilv tn drive, tft
st nllwe ol
LAKH A DORIoN. VtiS Krnt at
(lOK-Colored man conk t T u,r
IRL-Oood white girl
TT lUIRK.-i To naature:
;er rpontli.
M Telephone M2. JoSKI
11 111
( tOOK A good cook to live on the prem.
. l.t, :)tt SKCOND Bt.
LiVKRYUODV-To cull and see the nele
JJJ brated ttypay Clairvoyant, at 117 Third
atreet, near Poplar
COOK-A go-d man eook nnd a woman to
J cook at West Memphis Hotel, across
the river.
At tbe Memphis Bteam
Laundry addend learn to keep In styie.
POBlTION-lly a good steady boy In stora
or ofliie. Address J. P., Appeal office.
XSJ mado the greatest disoovary of the age
in fillmg teeth with gold. For tho next
thirty da,. I -i'VN.alnt
r rwllPAXTH-
For pleasant looms at 227
J Main atnietLnejsjurUurC;
A ORNT8 coin mone
with our Amateur
collecting family
XI. Photo outllt,
ictures to enlarge, special -day oner.
PIKK COrl frltuu.. ,vilunai fi., . .
and new feathers.
Highest cah nrlce paid a-
OA BAY'B, M Shelby street. .
MEN and women to trta new business
at their homes, easily learned in an
hour: Pa to ti)o an hour msde daytime or
evening. Bend lc lor a package of samples
and U working lamp'es Jo commence on.
AddnisLH Y Ml PI' L YOAIbao yN Jf
MEN, ETC.-aiO station men,
fa) ti makors,
50 teams.
2h teamsters,
2fi chopriers.
on Bald Koobeitension.ttmlles from Mem
pkus. Apply on work at Tyrunaa nver, or
loot, aicuowau uy ajy & gcOTT.
MKNTo do atation work on Paid Knob
railroad ; atatiou work at 11 to 13 cenU.
Alao, tie-m'iker at 12centa. Applyto
UARVKY v SCOTT. Tyronsie.
OLD HOLD A SILV&K-Forcasb oral-
chan gejMl'LKOR, Jeweler. Majn.
H IUH E-Tcah prices paid for old and new
FKAT1IK RS at 44KM i n street
ISl V))y drew at once. DH. SCOTT'S
ELkCI'RIiJ H'HJDS, H42 Broadway, .New
iork. Theon'ygen ujne.
AOKNTS- In every scctb n i f the country
fortwo New Uo..kiuat ready. '''
Ttiuiin men C i xikji lonce capahi" "I nn-
',... 1.,.. tnrnl .ry. State experience, ae
and territory wanted. CASbhLL A CO.
mmltedl. tCi Broadway. N. Y., and 4U Dear
born street .Chicago.
SALES.MEN-In every Stnte in the iL' Ion
torerreaert a PAINT MANtrACTUK
INU t.-iTAbLlSHliNT having several
Srioui.Ttsa thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handlod alone or in eonnec,;l,
with other g. ods. Address TH h .4. B.
, TEX X.
ml rutin niter the UUH New York
, i, up nun tne a'yle nnd llln ina sunn at
I'bnrKei lutb warn on pAt'kiitfes imiuatiug to
up uh Ihe
t lllrevo
22 1 Kiwoxn ST.
Al ( TlOJi SAM'.S.
I i'l roll to the highest btddor. Jnn
Mil, nl II o'clock w in., corner Mnin
nadMailiion nt., one NEW HOCKAWAY.
W. U AKHInON, TruKte.
Nulo at I'liMit- Aiit'liiiii.
lao. 17 MouVn Nlrf,
The home of Mr. Juliua A. Taylor. It l la
very perloo oriler, in tunt (oniplelo in every
r .pent, and within ton minute"' walk of tha
bumiieM center of Mempliia. I'lirtio dimir-
na to impeot the iireiuifnn will call on Mr.
Taylor at hixitlic. or hit agent! at No '."'7
Second ntnwt. boforo Ihe day of Hale. Tha
aloof thin chinning city koine, admirably
edited lor a prolmmoniil or commercial geo
tleican, will be mada from the corner o(
MAIM AMI 31 AIU.-MI.1 sintMB,
ncailny, J nne Hi li. Hi II u'rlurk a.iu.
TKHMS-One-third cab. one-third In 12
and one-third In 21 montlia, with H per cent.
interest. Sale wiihout limit, lite Inilm
pulablo.K. W. ROY.SI KU A C0..Salemen.
Slx llandHouie New litre ltoemftl Res
idences anil 2H Beautiful Bulld
Inif l.dta on
Till ICSI4V, Jl IU 10, ISSO,
Ileglnning at II n'elnck a.m.
Located on Walker, Cumminga and Klm
woodavenuea, two block from tonulnuiof
Iloale atrret car line. Ilounea are brand
new, beautifully and nubatautlaHy built,
Willi cloneta, cia'erna. ouihouae, etc.
TWO LOTS, Mlxl'itl leet taoh, auld with
aarh lioiife.
larmi lor noiMea wirn two iou, t-i ea.ni
balance, t-t par month, with u per ot nt. in
terest. For vacant Int., IMI cah ; balance. 111' per
month, wit riper cent intereit. i
rurchaaera dcairing to pay all, ca.h will
have 6 per cent, diiouiint on d.rerred pa
Property ahnwn at any time tirarlotia to
aale by applying to T. A. LAMB or J. U.
1IAKTON, ownera, In Mailiann atreet.
Uplendid oeiMirtunity to partiea who art
tired of piying ruuti and want a bom of
their own. t ,
Jacob Hteinkuhl will be on the ground
with a full line of relrenhmenta for bidders.
aii"M:hn .
TJENCIL Hold and pearl pencil.
X will he rewarded by
returning to US
Mailiann atrent.
rPIIK IDKA-That collara andeurTa eunnnt
L be re-laundrlod to appear eiUal to now
work, rice Memi hia Hteaiu Laundry advar-
tl.niwent ft.r particular..
1100MS AJilMlOAKI);
KnoMS AND BOAKD-Deairable newly
liirniabed roonn and boaul at 49 Market.
ROOMS AND IIOAKD Dealrable room!
and i.onrd at 72MHdlaon atreet.
"tHOICK ROOMS-With.or wiihout board,
I ai)uareaH;oiuJlayiHioJ2J,J,e!hXJi;
K00M8-0n large front room with hal
onny and one large back room with
larg-dreaalng-rtom, and i there aa good aa
cnb...,undlnth..i.y. 1N,0N
At 4V Market street.
at. JAMKH UOUBK-Cor. Second and Ad
r) ami its. Room and board V per week.
Day board W per week;
OOM Furnlfhed rnoui. with or without
board, at nil i ourt atrot.
T lliAllllUllli M.cAllnnt rnnin.
5 NICK Hooma, lurniahed or unfurnished,
wlth or wjthout hoard, at 1:17 Madison st.
T WO large unturnuhed rooms, with or
without board, at tin Madl.on atreet, cor-
l.iNlltNK. tlallcr.
Ringers and a
Vj coiuplote outfit for a Stnam Laundry.
Will he sold cheap by S llAHAV. Agent and
Ojn i,M.iojiMer-haiit, Kit) Mhel by t treet.
Complete: two Andrew!
hamincr machines, oapao-
1J dry dirt trip
ity 3(I,UWI to 4il,imperday ; lurly horso-power
engine, boiler, sheila i everything ready for
buainnas: plentiful supply of dirt. For
terms, etc., address ,,,, . n
llllir. nniunflL' v."-,
274 Front Street, Msmphia. Tenn.
lORRY-No. 1 aurry and double harneea.
) Lilly make. M c
HOKBF-A gentle horse and a atyltatt
new light apring wagon, cheap.
WM. LU.HW, l.l.Tiauison ircoi.
Blid iY-One second hand ouggy.onesaa
dle and harness horse cheap at
iv rnv.'i p .
MARK-llay, V hands high, years; one
animal. App y to Buperintendenl
h mwnod Cemetery, at norm gate, or a. iu
ofHce, i'o Union street.
PHAKrON-One low phaeton and har
ness, both in good order; will be sold
very cheap. Address PUAtTON, Appeal
office, or call at State Female College.
L Keoewable or any and all due. to th
A TULK4 Ten head No,
1 work males and
XvX one fine saddle horae
TAYLOR. DUFFM A CO,, 3H rrontst.
J S W. UARllKlf. Ahlai.d CiJy.Tenn.
W. R. LAHKIN, Lar1
-Knr sale by
W. R. LAHKIN, LarkinaTille. Ala.
WOob-'aSi cords of wood in amount! to
suit purcba..rs. H ALL0W.AYJ
(fiOl lll WILCTiI'Y new business for
JJlZV'' the ctate of Tennessee. Ala
bama, Misouri or Louisiana, to make large)
oaah profit" at once: a monopoly fully pro
tected. Paniea wiahln- a good buaincssad
dress M A Nl'FATl' RK It. this office.
CHIEAP FoRTCASU f he two-story Brick
Morehouse, No. I'll lleale etreet, lust
east o Desoto: Jot 2H7oi will take f).
IlKO. T. VANCF., Citisena' St. U.K. o See.
A T N ttW PoRi hVS, VA.-1WW "''"t"?'
J. u water fro t, 4l feet deep, for full
information addresa WM. A. DEAN.
7 t.cvinrtnn treet. Haiti more. Wit.
Young & Brother,
llooksellers and Stationers,
SIM Malm Ki., s?iuhl,Tena
r o Rpirp from Bnliti
We lrr dur t.ulr
Hanlioot! Restored
kKMM'I I iu.k. A 1 1, I on ot ?iili.i',' i" .'nii'.f noe)
eao'iug lrrolnre Decay. N nnma LmIo.i'v !
Mantioo.1. lo.. having tried iu n erj lil
ra!iit-.hasiliaooveril a-iioplem.-'ia.r lf-oiisl,
hu h b .'! j Uli r-' tol'iW1 -.tu'
A J. li-KkVt-a. fa Ci. I o nn ,at' k'a

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