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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, June 03, 1886, Image 7

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Co'.toa Quiet Middling, 8
Niles Yesterday, 800
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent
Local securities dull, but steady.
The cotton market closed ijuiet;
midd inji, Hjc. Bales, 300 bales. At
New Yorkspota were steady ; middling
9 3 lb;.
C. L. tireene & Co 'a report on cot
ton -futures says: "It was a hesitating
market all day, with corresponding
irregularity, a loss of 3 or 4 points be
ing fully recovered, and the close
steady "
At New Orleans spota c'osed quiet,
niiddl ng Sjc; futures firm and
3k;to 4 po'nta higher, June
3 8 (16c. At Liverpool spots clof ed
stiidy in fair demand, middling 5 1,
Marcs steady, June 5.04d.
Itt the general market eggs are
i-nsr at 10;. No other changes of
(ue liiiiiilrnd and fifty sks brn,
550 rolls bagging, 4'2 pkus bacon, 210
pkgs boots and elrrs, 17,000 bu corn,
3 cars cotton-seed, 305 sks cott n seed,
13 pigs dry goods, 125 brls Hour, 3
pVgshatu, 125 brlu meal, 800 bu oa s,
15 brls po k, 30 brls sugar and 25 pkgs
The following shows the amount of
frrain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received, 94!H bu ; withdrawn,
4(07 bu; in store, ;;0,350 bu. Oats re
reived, 2iM bu; withdrawn, "lit! bu;
in store, 3(i(J2 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
Thd Clearing-Mouse report is as fol
Wednesday, June 21, $315,020 02;
thus fur this week, 1763,214 70; same
tune last week, Jfi39,538 84 ; same lime
in 1885, f-555,084 02 ; same t.me in 18S4,
$428,709 00.
Wedoes'ay, June 2d, $82,311 67;
thus far this week, I2'i0,015 07; same
time last week, 155,178 23; sametime
in 1885, $120,770 55 ; same time in
1884,199,130 70.
New York eight on all points, par
baying, i premium selling; New
England demand, I discount buying;
New England eigit, i disjount; New
Orleans,! disjouut buying, par selling.
Bank of Comtnerce..l40 bid, 151 asked
First National 145 bid, 152 ssked
German Bank 192 1 bid, 195 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
'Union and Pianterc.149 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank... 13-5 b.d, 137 asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 101 bid, 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 82 bid, 85 asked
Pbuenix 98 bid, 10J asked
Planters 105 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 21 bid, 22J ajked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
MBm.Stor.Com.Oo105 bid, 106 asked
Mem. Gas stock -78 bid, 82 asked
.M. and C. R,R.Bhare..28 bid, ... asked
M.&T. R.R. shares.... 4K hid, ... asked
M. & C. cousols, 7s... 110 bid, ... asked
M.& L.R.lt m, 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Mis3.&T.R.R.c-!,A...118 bid, 121 asked
Miss.&T.R.K.C3,B...106 bid, 108 asked
Tenn. wts. eer. C 97 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6i 100 bid, 107 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6s 93 bid, 93 asked
Tax. Dist. Os 102 bid, 10 i asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Watpr homls 96 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Od Works bid, 05 asked
Am. Cot. Oil tru"ts 30 bid. 31 afked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..18 bid, 22 asked
New York, June 2. Money n call
easy at 23 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper 4(a.5 per cent. Sterling
exchange actual rates, 487 for 60
days and 4S9J for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and steady to day. State bonds
were dull and llrm. Railroad bonds
were quiet Hales of $1,395,000 Erie
seconds. Texas and Pacific sixes
were the most active. Final price
generally show fractional declines. It
is reported that the Chicago party
sold Northwestern and Lite thore
stocks, but bought St. Paul. London
is also credited with being an indis
criminate seller. Advices from Lon
don this morning indicated weakness
iu the market there, and opening
prices here were JJ per cent, below
the closing figures of last night, and
further declines followed, but were
soon checked. The market became
quiet and rallied snull fractions
This was followed in its turn by an
other sharp decline and another
fractional rally, accompanied by a
dull market, but late in tha afternoon
there wa a noticeable increase in the
businesi done and a strong undertone
toprhes Quotations advanced slow
ly but steadily un il the close, whi h
was at or near the best prices of the
St. Paul was a favorite again,
opened lower at 92J, sold low as
1 j on second treak, and closed at 92 J,
net decline J ; Northwestern opened
il lower at 11M j, sold low as 111 J. and
rallied to 1 13lt net decline, ; Lacka
wanna opened at 130, declined to
and . closed at 130, net decline 5 ;
Lake Shore opened at 822, lower
than last night, declined to 82 and
closed at 82l, net decline j. There
was consp cuous strength and activity
in Omaha common on buying, sup
posed to be by outsiders having in
formation if dividend to be declared ;
opened at 42;, decliii'd J, advanced
lste in the afternoon to 44 i,
closing at HJ, a net advance of I
Erie was lower. Western L'n on
was steady throughout the day. The
day's Falcs were 283,802 shares-St.
Paul. 72.930; Northwestern. 32,980 ;
Lackawanna. 32,700. The result of
the dav's bn.-unem was a decline in
most everything on the active lift.
Omaha, Misr-o iri Pacific and Hocking
Valley wre the principal exceptions.
Th declines ranged from 1 1 in Chi
cago, Burlington and Q incy to small
l lie urtai saics oi biocks to nay were
'K5t af than-B. incliltlino. 1 "I. an.l
V ., 32,700 ; Kansas and Texas, 6t2 ";
K.rie, l'?,405; I-ake Shore, l!,050;
Louisville and Nashville o'.HO;
Northwestern, 32,'Jn); New Jersey
Central, 4570; New York Cen'rai,
5X50; Paul, 72,'.i30, St. l'aui and
Omaha, 18.r4; Texas raciiic, 5:. 05;
Union Pacific, 5230; V intern Union,
7785; Oregon Transcontinental, 50:J5.
Closing quotations: .
I. S. 3d, 101 4, coop. Wi.
4Si, coup, 1US. Pacific rtl of l&fi, 125.
itamn, 4,7S
Tenn. s, old, M
Cent. Pao. 1, ll"1
Missouri, Si.lOlS.
Tana. , new, t
Ien. t R.(jls's.U'.!,
Erie seconds. 106.
North, Fee. lata, lift
M.K. A X., iiea.6t.fi
Nnrth. Pan. 2A. 94.
H. We-tern eon.. 142S
N. Wait. dab. 6a. log. St L.S.F.Uen
n.M, KIT'.
St. Paul, oon.. 1 . St.P..C. k P. 1U,LUH
T. P. land rrnn,J74.T.r..K.u.eou. &
U. P. lata, 118. Waat bhore, lul.
Adamn Express, 140. Morria A E., 142.
Allegheny Cea., . Nashville at C, 45.
Alton A T. 11., 24. N.J. Central, 52.
AJtT. H.,.fd.. . Nor. 4 W., pfd., 32.
American Ex., W74. Northern Pao., ;V,.
B. C. K. A N., . Northern P. ntd.,507,.
Canada Pae.. IVi. C. A N. W., ll-'I..
Canada 8ou., i'i- C. A H. V pW.,141
Central Paciflo, 40?a. N. 1 . Central, ltri: -Cheaiake
A: 0., H N. Y. C. A tt. L., 7",
C, 4 0., 1st pfd, 15. N. Y.St. L. AO .p., 10.
C. A O., 24 pld., Wi. Ohio Central, 1.
C. A A., 1. Ohio A Mini., 22!.
C. A A , iid., 1"5. 0. A Miss., pld.,
C, B. A Q , nVf Ontario A West., l'i.
C, St. L. A N. O., . Oregon Nnv.,
C, St. L. A P., lif'4. OreKn '1 rans.. M!A.
C, St. L. A P,p.,2(!;i.0reK"O Imp., 1!'.
0., 6. A C , ij. Patriae Mail, 53.
C.A 0 , fV'i. Panama, US.
Del. A find , 97'i. Peoria, I). A E., 22',.
Del., 1. A W., I I xi Pittiburg.laBV;.
Don. A Kio U.. 15J. Pullman P. C, 132V,.
Krie, 27. Kea.lin, 2L"-4.
Krie plil. ,60. Kosk In. and, 125.
East Tenn., . St.'L. A f., 20';.
Kaet Tenn. pld. 20. St. h. A S. F. P., 44V
Port Wayne, 14rt. St.L.A 8.F..lt r,lo7
Hannibal A St -to.,- C. M. A St. P.,V2 V
H. i Sr. Jo., ufd.. C. M. A St. P., p. .121
Harlem. 22H.
bi. r.. in. x .11., 1 1 12.
St. P. A Omah, 4.
Il.iuslon A T., 34
IllinoiH Con.,
Ind., B. A vy.. 23.
KannaM A T. 27h
Lake K. A W., 11,',.
Luke Shore, 82VM.
Lou. A Naiih., 37.
Lou. AN. A., 37.
M. A 0. first pld , -M.
AC. ."J.. -Mom.
A Char.. 29.
Mich.Cen., 70',,.
M.. I. R . V..ftiK.
St.Paul AO. pld. .H-a.
Texas Paeifio. Pji.
Union Pacific, 51 .
IJ. p. bxpreuK, w.
W., St. L. A P., ?.
W.,St. L. AP .P.,17
W. A F. Kx.. V2o.
.W. t'. Tel., 61' H.
Colorud i Coal, 24.
Homentake, 20.
Iron Silver, 1W.
M..L.S. i M'nfd.W Oui.rkfilver. 4-'i
Mill. A St. L., 20'j. yuioknilvtr.pld, 20.
Win. A M. L.pt'd,4."r'4.hoiiih Pacific, .
M ssouri P icifio,103''.Sutro. 10,
Mobile A Ohio, 13.
London, June 2.-5 p. m. Consols
100 for money and 100 11-10 for the
a connt. United States bonds, 4s
1285; do , 4s, 1135. The amount of
bullion withdrawn from the Bank of
Kngland on balance to-day is 22,
000. Paris, June 2 Three per cent
rentes, 82f 97c for the account'.
Nkw Orlsans, La , June 2 Clear
ings, f 1,43:1,290.
New York, June 2. Exchanges,
$125,729,015; balances, (i,094,004.
Baltimore, Mn., June 2. Bank
clearings, 12,089,008; balances, f 429,
037. Philadelphia, Pa., June 2. Bank
clearings, $10,805,317; balances, $1,
190,037. Chicago, III., June 2. Associated
bank: clearings fcr the day were $13,
923,000. St. Wis, Mo., June 2. Bank clear
ings. $2,089,833; balances, 1533,102;
Exchange on New York, easy at 2oc
Boston, Mass., June 2. Exchanges,
$17,320,323; balances, $2,193,311.
Money, 2 per cent. Exchange on New
York, 15 to 20c premium.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and close! quiet; middling, 83 c.
bales, 300 bal, of which 100 to ex
porters and 2C0 t J spinners.
Yester lay. Tuesday.
Ordinary 7 i
Good Ordinary.... 7 7
Low Middling 8J 8
Middling 85 8
Good Middling.... 9i 9
Middling Fair 10 10
Fair. Notn. Nom.
Dusty 6W8 OJOiS
SUiiis, tinges 7(-p 7Roj8
Mkhpuis, June
8tock Sept. 1,1885 1,392
Received to-day 392
Kooeived previously. ..538,299
Shipped to-day 901
Shipped previously. ...493,031
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
2, 1886.
M. and T.R. R
M. and L. R. R
C, O. & S. VV.R. R
M., S. & B. K. R
Wagons and other sources.
Thus far this week...
Thus far laat week
Since September 1st
L. and N.IR. R
L.,N.O.&T. R. R
Sttamers north
.... 3,532
Total 031
New York spr.ts opened quiet and
easy and clojed ttaady. bales, 013
bales. Quotations as fobows :
Yesten'av. Tuesday
rdinary. 0 9-16 0 9-10
Good ordinary. 7 16-16 7 1516
Liw middling. 8J 8
Middling 9 3-16 9 3-10
Gondmiddliog. 9 11-10 9 11-16
Middling fair.. 10$ 103
Fair 11 11
New York futures opened dull, end
closed steadv and 2 to 5 points higher
than Tuesday. Sale, 51.6C0 bales.
The closing quotationa were as fol
June 9.11 9.13
Juh-. 9.25(5) 9 20
Angust 9 35 9.0
S9ptember...9.22 a) 9.24
Octobsr 9 12 bid
NovemOer...9 0ia 9 10
December ...9 12 9.13
January 9.19 9.21
February 9 29 9.31
March 9.39(4 9 41
April 9 49 9.51
The New Orleans
ODened quiet, and
914 910
9.24 9.25
9 34(n 9 35
9.20 9.21
9.08 9 09
9.05( 9.00
9 07 9 08
9.14( 9 15
9 24 9 25
9.34'n) .:i5
9.44 9 45
ttpot market
closed quiet.
Sales, S'O oales.
Quotations were aa
Good ordinary k
Liw miduiiuu H 8j
Middling Si 85
Good middlinn 9V 9
The New Orleans future market
; opened steady, Bna closed li-m ann
i to 4 points higher than Turslay.
Salee, 12,000
bile. Qaotations wtrd J
as follows
8.95 8 90
9 00..-A 9.01
9.04 9.(5
8 8:K. 8.M
8.72 8 73
8.tSG7 8.09
8 91f
8.97(.n S 9S
01iA 9 02
8 80fi S 81
8 0!l(.i 0
8 04 r4 8 00
8 OSf.A 8 09
S 7S'ni 8 79
8.90( . 8.91
9 0'M 9 02
9 12 9 13
December. SOW 8 09
January... . 8 72 8.73
February... 8 S2 8 83
March S933 8.94
Aprd 9 05 9.00
Tone Kw. I frieze I tSioclt.
GalveBton Idull.
N Orleans, quiet.
Mobile. ...jqnieL
Charl'ston quiet.
Baltimore ef sv.
New Ycrk st'ify.
401 8 13 10
78 11-10
37 SJ
44 81510
f85. 3-16
9 3 10
30 91
152 Si
JO 644
6 310
St. Loui..
Receipts at ports, turn day, ist. 2,nM
Receipts at porta, this day, 1SS5. 357
R'ts U. 8
p'rteSdavs'j 14.484: 2,10:i fi,918
Ex. Gr. Bn 52.8-81 lo,00Si 10 957
Vtck 515.011: 4.",1,474; 401 020
R'ts Sdi'. 1 ,20l 083 4,092,4:1 '14,718,220
For'gii Ex ':l 888 321 3,018 1731.! 501 512
Increa.e of receipts ttna year.... 59 2:i3
At noon yesterday spots at Liverpool
were reported stead, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 bales, of which American
7000 hales. Receipts, 18,000, of which
American 0,000.
The following are the clos;ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-lfcd; good
ordinary, 4-jd ; low middling, 4 l.Vltid ;
good middling, 5jJ; middling uplands,
5Jd ; middling Orleans, 6 3-10d.
The price atr given in pence ami ?Ath,
that: 4 03 mmits 4 03 01J; and 6 01
mffiiia 5 l-Oiif.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
Quiet. Quotations were as follows:
June, 5 Old; June-July, 5 03d; July
August. ; August-September, 5 05d ;
September-October, b 02d ; October
November, 4 02d; November-Decem
her, ; December January, ; Sep
tember, .
Atl p.m.: Liverpool futures were
(iuietandl-04d higher than Tuesday
June, 5 031 buyers; June-July, 5 0:id
buyers; July-August, 5 Old va'ue;
Aiignst-Septcmbcr, 5 05d va'ue; Sep
tember October, 5 02d sellers; October
November, 4 02d sellers; November
December, 4 Old buyers; December
Januarv, 4 Old buyi-rs; Sejitember,
5 ( Od sellers.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady and l-04d h gher than Tuesday.
Jnne, 504d fellers; June-July, 5 04.1
sellers; July-August, 5 Old sellers;
Augus -September, 5 04d sellers; September-October,
6 02d sellers; Oct ber
November, 4 63d sellers; November
December, 4 62d buye's; Decfmber
January, 4 02d sellers; September,
5 OOd value.
Tho following is the record of the
bids and oilers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchant's Ex
change yesterday :
No 2, white, spot, 0c bid; June,
40c bid; July, 40c bid; Angust, 39c
b'd; No. 2, spot, 37 c bid; June,
37cbid; July, 38jc asked; year, 30c
No. 2, white, spot, 34o bid; June,
33e bid; July, 30c bid; No. 2, spot,
32c bid; June, 32c asked; year, 29c
Spot, $10 bid, $10 75 asked; June,
$10 bid; July, $10 bid; year, $10 0
Spot, $2 05 bid, $2 10 asked; Juno,
$2 10 asked; July, $2 15 asked; year,
$1 bo asked.
Corn White, 47c ; mixed, 46c, from
etire; from levee or depot, while, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white. 42c : mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice.from store,85c; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50s; round lots from
,'evee or depot, choice, $1414 50;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $8(n8 50.
Oats A bite, 40e; mixed, S8c,
from store ; round lots fr.ira levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 c.
Bran From etre, 85c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Navv. $1 75(3)2; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
CoBNMEAL-Standard. $2 1C2 25;
pearl, $33 25 from store, 5c cheaper
fiom mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flodr-Iq car lot, double extra,
$33 50; triple extra, $3: family,
$3 75'a4; choice, $44 25; fancy,
44 254 51; extra fancy, $4 604 90;
patents, $5 255 65; from store
family, 44 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $4 054 90; extra fancy, $5
6 25 ; patents, $5 50foi6 25.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 SO from store.
Homint and Grits From store, $3
3 25.
Crackers Soda, extra,' 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4c; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon crjam crackers,
treble extra, 7c; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sjrted tumbles, 9s.
Kansas City, Mo., June 2 Wheat
steady; No 2 red, rash, 57c bid;
July, OO.t atk-d; August-, 00c. Crn
seaiy; No. 2, cash, 25c; Jn j, 26a
Did. Oats do quotations.
St. Louis, Mo., Jane 2. Flour
steady; XXX, $2 052 75; ex ra fim
ily, $3 954 20; patent, $4 604 80.
Wheat stroDg and higher; the market
opened eay and advanced sharply 1
lcand closed strong, 11Jc higher
ttian yeftuday. Sjles ringed: No. 2
red, cash, 76c; June, 74j(u)'5jc, clos
ing nominal; July, 7070c, closing
nominal; August, 75?77jc, closinn
at 77jc; September, 77 979c, doling
nominal. Ccrn steady, but dull; the
market opened firm and lc higher,
but eased ofl later and closed about
yesterday's figure' ; No. 2, mixed, cash,
;i0;'" 31c; June, 30j(i304c, closinir at
30c; July 31532c, cio.ing at 31 Jr ;
Augus', 32;:i4e, clrsing a- 33Jc bid.
Oats ex'ri"niely d'lll and prices nimi
nal; No. 2, mixed, cah, 252r.c;
June, 27c a ked ; July, 24c aiked. Rye
weak, 5',ic askcl. natiey no sa es.
lUy fairlv active; tim'thy, $10(12;
prairie, 15rai7. Flaxeed easy,l. Bran
p'eay, 43 Me. t'or-nm'al firm, t2.
Rsceipti Flour, 2000 hrls; wheat, 10,
(jOO tu;cotn, 01,00i) bu; oats, 21,00;)
bu; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 1000 bn.
Shipment? Flour, 5C00 bls; wheit.
2000 bu; torn, 14,000 bu; out, b.00
b" ; rye, non; brlev, mne.
Afu-rmvn Kurti. W at firm and
c h'gher. (lorn and ca's unchanged.
Chic no. III., Jun4 2. 'lhie 8
an ey feeling in wbet during the
tirt La'f hcur of trading lo-day, July
dtlie yt uchin? 74Jc, w.ihin a frc
tton of fie lowest fiU'C at which the
opti )ii hH8 si If iu miny year. From
fiat uicme t good bn v in ii s( in, and
belore II e iloe of tridii g la j :n the
frrnion a "lull" mv.-ti:ent had
been incgu ae J, whii !i ciriied
ewrythi. g I ef re it, an l pr.icucfd
8'mlliin skin to a pnic among the
HCiall "Ulii" tra li rs. Tim tcraaible
ti pirchaxe wheat became gjuoral.
a ol the scene
during tht last lull
hour of trading in tha at rnoon was
unliiVe inytbin witnftfBo,! btfjre in
many months. Tre pit was crowded
with excited men, endeavoring to
cover tiadea on whica nurgics Imd
been exhuuited The revulsion fiom
the pio'cnged bsar ni'tiet wai so
sudden and pronounced that it occa
eioned noaltrm amorg n uny of the
br traders, but when an aim nee of
2o Torn inside tiurs bat occurred,
and prices kept moving up, many of
tleni tecitne frantic buyeis, and ma
terially a ded tie feeling of btnytney.
In the altKrrooa July delivery touched
77 J:', an adva: cetf 3cfrom ihe lowest
iiiic s cf the m riit'g, and cl od for
thed iv a 77 :. The d-cri se of nearly
3,U00,C0J bithl els in the vk ihl supply
was oni of the string "Oul " argu
ment-", hut th j advance was a ttibuted
o it tl eiie8 eotirrly apift from tlrs
fea'.ure of tin imrke. Corn and Ot's
intprnve 1 slightly during the sfSMon
hut fiiii-ihtd easy. Ficur stenly and
firm Wh-at ait ve a -d bnevnnk,
ilos ng at 1 o'clock 2c I ight r than
ves eTitay. ra es ranged : June, 2;
7e, 1 sed 75 3 10z; Ju'y, 74 J " ".',
c'osed 7ti ll-10.r; Augus, 7it(i,.77jr,
rbwed 77je; No. 2spring, 74to761c;
No 3 sir. tig, nnniintl. O.rrn quiet,
b it cl sl hide hiiher, cash, 34 je;
June, 34J('i :!4:: clneed at 34 -jc; July,
3;iJ(ir?:r 15-tti:;,clo-edt 3.';e; August,
30i:Uc clewed at 3H 11-lOc. Dati
f a ir, ck, lOjc; June, '20c; Ju'y,
20-i 20jc, closed 20iv, AugiiHt 2l(.i.
24c, tlised 24 jc. Rye dull: No 2,
57c. la-ley dud; No. 2, 5:-K.n;55a.
Flax e;d steai'y; No 1, $1 00. Re
Cfipts Flnur, 15.000 hns; wheat,
28,000 hu; corn, 31S.000 bu .
oats, 0;is,00O bu; rye, 2000
bu; bariev, 23,000 bu. StupmenU
Flour, 22 01)0 brls; whent, 60,000 bu;
corn, 171,01X1 bu; oatp, 195,000 bu;
rye. 3000 Im : barley, 2000 bu.
Afternoon Jionrd Whe d strong and
hig ier; Julv, 77e. The ntlu r markets
closed lor Julv as follows: Corn, 35jc;
o.ts, 20Jc. J
Bcttkr Oream ry, 3 Kc34c; dairy,
15(n)20c; butterine, "l3152; country,
12(Wd8c. accord ng t cmdition.
Chekie -Prime flis, 7c; New York
factory, 8a; full cream, 12c; Y. A.
Mess Pock Old,! 8 50v- S 75 per bar
ral ; new, J!) 7c10 per Onrrel ; sugar
cured ham', packed, ll)(nllc; break-
tst bacon, 7j9c; cleir lib bacon,
Bulk Pork Clear sidcs,5i0c ;clear
rib sides, 58'i5e; long clear, 55jc;
nlionlders. 4Hu4ic,
Lard Tierces, fl9tk-; lialf-barrels,
6J01.c; kegs, 0j,6Jc; buckets, 0J
6c; half-buckets, OWMiJe; 69-lb tins,
OCTifiJc; 20-lb tins, 6j0)c; 10-lb tins,
t)J("(tl!C, O-IU UI1B. ODin-llJCi O-IU linn,
(50jc; choice kettle, tierces, 0J
Frksh Meats No. lbe?f,8Jc; Mat
ton.9:; hindquarters of beef, 10c;
lambs, $ 14.
St. Louis, Mo., June 2 Provisions
fa r v active and steady. rorK, is oo.
Lard, 5.70Ca)5ij?. Bulk meats steady;
loose lots lor g clear, 51c : Bhott ribs,
5.35c; short clear, 5c; boxed lots
)nnir clear. 5 30c: Shnrt ribs. 5.40c,
short clear. 5 55c. Bwon firm; long
clear, 6.855e; thort ribs, 5.92
5 95c; short cleir, 0 100c.J Ham,
Cuicaoo, III., June 2. Mess pork
opened eanier ?(5c lower, rallied
1012ilc. needed 2!(S!5c and closed
steady; cash, J8 35; June, $8 22
8 35, cl seed at $8 21 8 35 ; July, $8 30
r68 42. c osed at S 40(a) vih. iara
auietand firmer: ca'h and Jnn, 51
6.90c; Juiy, 5 9.rC5.97c. Shoit rib
sides steady ; caeh, 5Jo. Boxed meats
steady; dry railed ehou!dra, 4 35c;
short clear side', 5,(i05.05c. Buttr
dull; creamery, 1214c; dairy, 10
12c. Kggs, 9j.
Afltrnoon Board. l'ork, $8 45. Lsrd,
CorFEE Common S8c; ordinary,
lltaiMf!: nrime Kin, 11c; choice to fan
cy, 11(i13c; old givernment, 23
35s; Ceylon. 20c.
Soap 3fii)5c per ponnd,
Suoab Pure white, 6Jo; off white,
ejOSj; yellow, 610i!; opnn kettle,
5jO,5jc; refined A, Ojij granulated,
77Je.; powdered, 7c; cat loaf,
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel; f&cks,
fine, $1 60; coarse, $1 10: pockets,
bleached, 2jftft7c; car loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 203')c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
svrup, 2040c; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-Inch, 25
30c; other grades and styles, 36C485c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per tase;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $0 60.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7 jHJc.
Candles-FuII weight, IOIOJd.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices pet doz
en: Pineapples, 1 351 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 251 40; seondp,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$11 10; 3-lh, $1 151 30; slraw
berries, .$1 351 40: ra-pberris,
$1 151'25; blackberries. $1
1 15; weeDgagea, $1 60(3)1 75;
pears, $22 25: plums, $1 0
1 70 : aspaaragus, $2 004 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $l2 25; ove
oysiers, full weight, 1-lb, $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, l-)b
65c; coe oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
II; condensed milk Crown, $5 tl);
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
Baltimore, Md., 'June 2. Coffee
firm ; Rio cargoes, ordinaiy to fair, tij
New Yore, Jnni 2. Coffee spnt
fair R:o steady, 9jc; options a shadi
lower, closing firm ; sales, 21,250 bags ;
June, 7.90c; July, 7.85c; September,
7.WV; October, 7.85c; November, 7.80
7.85c; December, 7 85c; January,
7.t5c. Sugar doll md nominal ; fair to
good refining. 4j4i,:;r'efined drill and
steady; mould A, Ojv, grannla'ed A,
6 3-ltiCijjic; cubes, 0lijc. Molassm
dull ; 4 fcfct, 17;:. Rice steady.
Apples Apples, $1 503 fron
s'ore; fl 25,2 per car-load from level
or depot. Dred apples. 34c pe
pound from r-tore. Dried peaches, i
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $12 from
store. Sweet pntstoes Bf arce, $2 75 par
brl. Peas, $1 50 1 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $2 75i3
from store ; $2 T)i)CiV 00 fr-im levee ir
dp )t. Cabbage, $2 7V3 rer crsf.
Kraut, h-.rrels, $5(''5 50; hBlf-barre.
$2 7'(i3 Uariic, 4KioV: per 100.
Tnrnips, 60c per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
California, $4; Messina, $3 605 per
box; luiprias, t't f0 per box.
lemons, $07 wr box. Bananas
$i2 50 per bunch. Cocoannta,
$4 per 100. Peanuts irginia, 7c;
Tenneste, farmers' stock, 3(34c;
roatted, 2n higher; sht!led. !0c. Al
monds, lhfrtV.'Oc.
Pickles In jars, pints, 9 c; quart)
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 7.5 ; loi8s birrrla, 0 : half-birrels,
$3 50; mixed, barre e, HO 50; mixed,
hall-barrel?, Jo.
Raisiss London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, f-' 7o; California, ; imperial,
r$3 504.
Pecans Texas, 8 10c for small to
mutium, 1014c for laige; Arkansas,
3 5c.
Walnuts trencn, f-Jc; aples,15c;
Grenoblee, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $,(.t7 50 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar. llltii: per gallon.
Poultry Turkevs, per dozen, $12
10; chickens, $1 603 25.
tisH Mackerel, half-barrels. No. I,
$4 f05; No. 2. $3 25; No. 3, $2 75;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 81V; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb,
No. 3, 60c. Dry herrings, family, 30c
per box.
Game Venison, whole, 30iVc; sad
dles, O; bear, 0(.i)Sc; wild turkeys,
5075c: duck. i, $3; squirrels, 75c;
quails, 75c)1!; pra rie ctuckeus, $5;
game nub. 110i)r.c.
ixios- Imisv at !l(a!10c.
t'UTntN DKEil Mil., ETC.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf.
18 per ton; on hank of river (f o. b.
boat), Ji; wagon at nulls, js; Meal
Prune (l.o b.i, I4(.i'I4 59 per ton. Ia'ss
than car-load hits, $10. From store,
Klc per sack. Cake Nominal, i Hi
pr ton. Gil In car-load lots, prime,
crude O. S. oil, 21W22c ; iiriine suiu-
mer yellow, 252iijc; oil-summer yel
low, 2223c; miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 28 .a' 30c; nil
ciule, 1821e.
iiiii:n am rJAi.i.o w.
limns Dry flint, 1 '.'' 15c; dry
salt, 1012c; green salt, 0('i)7c; green,
6oi5c; deer skins, 1OOU)C. Beeswax,
l20c; tallow, 2(,.i2c.
IUiioinii Ju'e, 9(.Tllc; Hag, 0(?
lOAc, nccordingto weight. Ties, il 15
1 20.
Naus 2 40,i2 65.
HoniKs Good driving, $150225;
good saddle, $1 UK-MOO; plugs, $35
81): gooil man's, $S5(.rl40.
Muns-14 to 15,"$U0135; 15 to
15, $125140; 15 to 10, $150175.
Good demand ; supply ir.
WHhKv.nniN, l.xtroKs, t.rv.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, tl !WiUl; rye, $1 75(t0; domes
tic, 90etT50.
St. Louis, Mo., June 2. Whisky,
$1 10.
Chicago, III., Jnns 2. Whisky
steady at I 14.
Cincinnati, O., June 2. Whisky
steady at $1 10. Sales of 70'J barrels
of finished goods on this basis.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesnlo
lots, lie per gallon.
Cleveland, ()., June 2. Petroleum
steady; s. w., 110, 7e.
.PiTTsiunto, Pa., June 2. Petroleum
fairly active anil irregular. National
Tia-ir-it certificates opened nt (I5JC;
closed attiric; highest, 00 e; lowest,
64 e.
1, V'K NO'tl i,
Cattle -Choice to extra corn fed
900 to 1050 pounds, 414c; good,
33(Vuc: cho ce g ass-led, 3ln3i(
good, 3n3'c; fair to medium, 2
21c : coinnion, 1 lot 2c.
lloiis t.'hoice, Kjim'c, good, 3
3jc common. 33c
K.i k,Kr - Choice, 4(ti'.lc; medium, 3
tk-. common, $I1 fO. Cu'dce
lam j p, r h (V $3t53 f 0.
Kanha City, Mo , J.'.ne 2 The
Lit Slock Indicator report: Cattle
Rectipts. 1207 head; ehipmenls, 940
hea Tnu market was slow except
for choice; chr ice to fancy, $4 955 ;
fa;r to good, $4 0 4 00; common o
medini), $Kn4 50; Btockers ard fetd
e s, $: 20; row, $2 503 40.
Hois Receipt s, 14,497 head; ship
ments, 0)18 heal; hgbt and mixed
Steady; heavy, 6c lower; good to
choice, $3 703 80; common to me
dium. f3 4tl(rf3ti0. bbesp Rece'p'B,
301 luad; ehipn ents, V30 head; mr
ktt 8ejdy;g)i.d Co choice, $2 76
3 05; cjmuiou to medium, $1 502 25.
Cuicaoo, III., June 2. The Drown'
Journal reports : Cattle Rece'pts, 81100
head ; shipments, 1700 head; market
rlow; bHt grades bteady; shipping
steers, $4 4((",5 (10; Blockers and leed
ere, $2 05(u4 70; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1 753 75; bull, $.' 803 00;
tlirough Texas cattiu, 120 cars,
1020c lower; cows and steers,
$2 60 4 ; corn - fed, $3 764 60.
Hogs Kecm.ils, 28,000 head ; shin
mente,6000 head; markwtslow; 510:
lower,c!oBing wi'h 15000 unto J; rjug'a
and mixed, $3 704 05; packing aud
shipping, U 90(-44 15; light, $3 70
4 20; tk'P', $2 503 40. Shep
Receip's, 220J head; shipments, 400;
mark-it itady; nitivea, $24 60,
New York, June 2. Dry goods; the
geneial movement saows tnere was a
demand for small assortment of much
tteadinetM, which with deliveries over
due for auiumn, ro'urn a fair vo mne
ofsilei. Alex Smith's Sous Carpat'
Company's auction sale of rurpnti lias
occupied attention.
Proildent of the Orat UlCISVlLr.-t C0U-H1EII-J0URNAL
CO.. tell nat
b knowi of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orrici op THE Coritntt-Jot:xi
Dr. WinlfTtmith, Sir I aivii rul I hav
ohuerved lur niany yoan, tk valu of your
rftuiftdy prniaptiny ma to say, in reply to
ynur re'iueat, what 1 know of your Chill
Cure. 'Ibe private avRurHnooi of its rtTiracy
I had, and the good remit of iu effoctH I
had observed on Mr. H. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen years, had been fore
man of my office, induced me to tent it In
my family. The ro-ulu have been entirely
satisfactory. The first oase was of two
J ears' standing-, in whlnh I believe every
nown remedy had been tried with tempo
rary reliel the chills returning periodically
and with sreminnly Increaued severity.
Your cure broke theiu at once, anil there has
been no recurrence of theru for moro than
six months. The other case was of a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; hut the ohills would return at In
tervals until your niedii'ine was uacd.sin'-e
which time, now several months, thoy have
entirety disappeared. From the opportu
nity 1 have had tnjudire, 1 d not henit'tteto
exprens my be!if tli.tt your Chill Cure is a
vtduable specific, and performs all you
promise lor it. Respectfully,
' W. N llAi.PK.MAN.
ARTHUR PETKR i CO., Agents, Louis
vilie, Ky.
AtlniliilHtrulor's Notice.
Office Public Administrator, Shelby County
Courthcufe, Memphis, Tenn., April I5,ls-Sii.
rilfK umlorniicrcd hav nit boon appoinred
a. and ifualifie 1 aduiinistrat'T of the eilale
of llonry Arnold, de'eifed, notice is
hereby given to nit persons Indebted to said
eitnte to come forward and settle; and ti:
those to whom said estate is Indebted to It
their claims with me, duly probuted, within
the time preicribed by lw. or the sumo will
be forever btrred. JOHN LOiiUK,
Public A d uiiniH ra'.ir.
Arkni Citr Kti Adams, S p.m.
Tiptonvill Oro. 5 p.m.
Vickuburt Citt or Caiko, e p.m.
St. Loui AKksA tirv, r p.m.
Cincinnati V. V. Sciiksci., 5 p.m.
Whits River Fxmiuii Hon s son, 5 p.m.
Arrii James Ie, Fiiis Point;
G.lden Crjwn, New Or.iam; Coa-
hiiiiin. OhvoI : Annie P. Silver. Ne7
Orleans: Belle Memphis, Vickrhuig;
L.tv cl niton Kouge, m. i. ih.
lejaiturct City of l(a on Rouge.
New Orieapa; James Lee, Fiiars
Point; Chickaaw, While River; Belle
Memphis. St. Louis: liohlen Crown.
Cincinnati; Coahoma, Osceo'a.
I yuc Voim. Gayoto. Citv tf
Cairo and Grnit Sta e.
lUmt lue l'i. Kale Adams and Ar-
kinsts City.
Rrrrlpls Tratrrilnj.
Coahoma 2 balei cotton, 323 sks
seed and 79 sks corn.
Jamcj Les 12 bales cotton, 1300
sks seed, 2 hd itock and 20 pkgs sun
dries. Golden Crown 20 brls potatoes and
30 boxes brandy cherrit s.
Annie P. Silvet 148 brls potatoes
and 125 empty hhils.
I'ny oi Katun Kongo 300 sks br.tu.
ll flKE MUVEtlEtMS.
Tiik (Iranite Stale is the next rcirn-
lar i.irki t for CiiH'iiina'i.
Tun (layoso. Cant. W. 1 1I..11. is
th9 ptckht this evening M 5 o'clock
lor llale s romt, Tiptouville nnd all
vtsy lanilmiin. Jvtae V, Walt is her
Tub Citv of Cairo. Ca.it. Shen.
Iglitucr, is the Anrhor Line ni ki t
this evening at (i o'cluck for Vickshurg
mid the bends. J. C. F.lton U her
Tim Arkansts City, Cant. H. V.
llrolat'ki, is the Anchor Lino patket
this evening at 0 o'i 1 ick fur Cairo and
S:. lxjuis. Win, 11. rnti'liartt is her
TiikO. Line sUamer lT. I'. Si'henck,
Ca.it. J. L. Cir.cr, will pass up tn-mor-row
evening at 5 o'clock for Cincin
nati and all intermediate rointton the
Ohio river. Dick Hums lnu charge of
l.er cflice.
Tiik Kate Admi', Capt. Mark R.
C:intk, Is the United StateB mail
pii"lot this evenit'g at 5 o'clook fjr
Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. V. C. llianker has chnrg'e
of her ollics, uwistod by Lew l'riue
and Moiristians.
BiiMNkNS quiet.
Wsatiikh clear and warm.
Tiik I.oe Line pu ke's were in
ont on time yesterday.
Tiik Annie P. Silver pissed up Tues
day night for St. Louis.
Tiik Chickasaw departed on time
last evening for White river.
Rxckiiih by river yesterday, 14
ba oj ( f cotton and 1020 eai'ka of seed.
Tub Uelle Memphis passed np ta'ly
yeiterday mnniitm for SU Luuis She
added herd 4S0 boxes of soap and a lot
of sundries.
Tub City Baton Knugs passed down
Tuesday night with a go"d trip for
New Orleans. She aided here 50 tons
of mitcallaueous fre'gbt.
Tub river at this point marks 21 feet
and O tnttln by tiie gauge, or 'J.'! feet
above low water mark. A decline of
1 foot and 2-tenths in 24 hourj.
Tub Golden Crown, from New Or
leans, pasted up yesterday evening
for Cincinnati with 5 .0 tint of freiglit.
Sbe put oil here 50 packages of sun
drits and added 274 tides of cotton.
Okkicb Sional Sbhvicb, U. 8. A.,
Mkmi'iiir, June 2, 2 p.m.
The following observations are taken
nt all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Cl tango.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOtlis lOths lOths
24 8 12
7 S 2
14 0
ii 1 2
7 5 3
2 3
7 5 3
34 4 17
0 1 2
II 4 2
3 3 2
(I 7 1
23 12
5 I
14 4 1 -
8 4 1
2 2
"T" "i "
4 4 4
41 7 - 1
Chattanooga ..
Cincinnati ,
Fort Smith
La Crosso
lyeaven worth...
Little Itock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Tanl
Hiiro vt port
Ditnitrr l.leev-Feet and tenths of a foot
above r.ero of gauge :
Cairo. 40 feet.
Chattanooga, 13 (act.
Cinoinnati, Ml.
liuliii'iuo, Hi.
Keokuk, 14.
La Crosse, 24.
Little Rock. 23
Memphis, .'14.
Nashville, 4U.
Omaha, 18.
Kt. Louis. 32.
Uavonport, !.
PortHuiith, tl.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, Hi.
Louisville, 2.r.
New Orleans, 1:1.2.
Pittsburg, 22.
Ht. Paul. 7.
Vick,urg, 41.
Bhreveport, 2. , Tanktun, 21
Evansvillb, June 2. Noon River
falling, with 10 feet on the gauge.
Pittsburg, Juns 2. Noon River 2
ffi't 2 inches on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and warm.
Whbkmno.W.Va., June 2. Noon
River 2 feet 4 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather cloudy and warm.
Cairo, June 2. Noon River 2t feet
and falling. Weather char and hrt.
No arrivals or departures of regular
IjOuisvillb, Juns 2 Noon River
stationary, with 0 leet (i inches in the
canal and 4 feet 4 inches on the falls.
Itusinnss good. Weather warm. De
parted: Onio, Cincinnati.
O Y 'I M K IMVlW loiY KM. IHOI O. OKV I I tin Li
I KI Mi I HI NKI). 1 t
In if . 1 1 ('.rO.-nhif I
N V T. I..I,, Crnlm Hp.-.
Noii-KeKltlcnt Notice.
No.fiil'M.R. D. lo the Chancery Cour ol
Miflby County, Tenn. Henrietta C.
Iiougriorty vs. John C. Ilougheriy.
It a.ipearing from hill whicb H sw.irn to in
this -caiiHo that the defendant, John C.
DoiiKherts. is a nou residont of the Suto of
Tenuerco ;
It is tbereforo ordered. That he uiiike
his appearance herein, at the courthDUe
ut Mielby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the ti rut Mouday in June, lit", and
plend, nnrtwor or demur to coiiipluin
arit'n bill, or the same will be taken for
confessed as to him snd set for houring ex
pnrte; and that a copy of this order bo pub
lished once a w eK, for lour su ce.ifive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal. This 4th
day of May, Issa A copy attest:
S. I. McDOWKLL, Clerk and .V.nstor.
B? J. M. Uradlvy, leputy O. and M.
T. A Ryan, sful. for Uip!'ut fei
Memphis & CinciniuU l"k't Co.
ra o dats jilt
Tlsoux-aalora nntoai 1
Commencing m
May 1st.
The Elegant
Ituckeye Stale, Ohio k Jag. W. iaa.
r This Company will sell ROUKD TRIP
TkkKT. from Memphis tu Louisville,
C.nc.nnati, and all Kasteru Cities, al
freatly Reduced Kates.
09r Tickets include Meals and State rooss.
Return tickets aood on any boat in the linsj.
Kach boat carries a t ine hiring Uand.
Mondajs and Thursdajs at 5 P.M.
Kor Information inquire of C. B. Rt'S
SE1.L, Agent, 11 Madison street, Memphis.
Tenn. R W WISH. Sop't.
Southern Transportation Co. O. Line For
Cairo, Louisville and Cinoinnati Str.
U. P. Sclicnck.
J. L. Carter., master.
i in ivn.o i mun i , wwn,, ,01, ii ,1. iu
For freight or passaae apply to 0. li. RtlS
UKLL, Ahent, 12 Madison st. Telephone 1Ca7.
.Ia-K H Km inkmi, I'as.enffer Avent
W.ll 1..... L'UII.AV i. a i . ...
Nl. Ininlie sk1 New Slrlfniiie AnrtiAv
I.Hie. l .S. Mull CA1HU Sl T. LOU 18.
Arkansas Uity,
Rrolaskl... master.
Will loave the Klevator THU RSI) i , June
!ld, at tl p.m. Fur Ireight or passnre npply
C. L. H i l . Pss'.Air t. A l SI'nRM, Sup't.
sl. I.tnl nml Mew Srlr.itii Attrltor
l.lnK--i.N. Mail-POR VlCksHl KU.
'ily of Cairo, 5Sr
Likhtnor master, egl iac?
Will leave the Klevator Till' ItM'A i , Juoe
ltd. at il p.m. Kor Ireight or pannage apply
C t. II i l.. Ps. Art. AO t
rs 1 1 1 !
IH V , iip't.
For Osceola. Hales Point, Carulhersville,
OayoHo and Tipionville The new steamer
iAYOM, z$m&
W. P. Hull master I J. I. Fuller clerk.
Will leave a above, and all way points.
KVKRY MONOAV and Till! RMi.VY at 5
p.m. For freight r pn.sage mily tin bosrd.
ajmrife.in,va iHra ruiui sail mtai.Mia
nml 4SwosHlfi t"nkrA A'oiui.Miiy .
For Helena. Olendalo, Friars Point and all
Way Landings tiuaaer
COH llO 111 H, Ei-i
K. T. 01a4tt... master I HlaM Hhon.. ..oi.rk
VMt leave as above on every MuNOAY.
WF.DiN LHDAY and FRIDAY, at 5 o'olock.
Fur Randolph, Fulton, Osceola and Way
l.andni) g Hteauior
). B. Cooper, master. ... J, W. Hmithers, clerk
i..,t. amtui.AV. wiii:i.'stiir
and FRIDAY at 6 P.m. The boats of tbl.
Una reserve the right to pass all landtg.fr
the eapt tin may deem unsafr. Office, N ), i
M.ttl.on .' .1AWFW LKK. ,T Hup'
MKMIM11S ii Wllllr: RlTtR 1"K'T
Freddie Robinson, p...io
M. R. Harry ... mastoi
For Helena, Terrene. I)e Valla 111 u fl . Des Art),
Augusta, Hearoy, Newport and llatesville.
Will leave as above SATDKDAY at 5 p.m.
Through rates to all points. Freight oon
igned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will ba
promptly forward. d. W. J. P. DOYLB.
Office 12 Matllsne -t. Telephone jr."?.
McuiplilH and Vlcksbarjr 1'ucket Com
pany U. N.MhII Line.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan
sas City The elegant passenger iteamer
M. R. Cheek... master I W. 0. Plauk.r...olork
Leavei Memphis
p.m., reserving the right to pass all landing!
theoaptaia may deem unsafe. For general
information apply at office, No, 4 Madiaoa
street. IC. WALWORTU, Agent.
.IlillM OARR, t'ass'r Ai,.ti. Telephone X.
Arkansas Hlvcr Tk't Co
Leave! Momphis Kvery TUKHIIAY, at 6 p.)
II. C. l,OW ft. Agent.
Memphis : White Kiror rktCo
U. ti. MAlIs lAXtk
S. Ci foiui. master I u. M. fosiai u.ri
tUnrendon, ITilla BliitT, ! Are,
, AoaoBln, jHchwotiporl mid Mxartiw,
at 5 p.m. Through rates to all point!.
Freight oonilgned to" Memphis and Whit
mer Paoket Oi mpany" will beforwardej
promptly. Ii. u LOW H, Agent,
Nn. Mi-dlsnn St. Telephone No. 52.
' a
The Nt. r'rani lM River 1 ratiKportutloi
Co.'s Vine Btda-W heel II. H. Mall bteairei
Rene Macready, r-ic
0, K. Joptln matter,
at ft o'olook, for Marianne, tl e Cnt-OrT, anl
loier'r.ediate landings on ht. Fraud! river.
The captain roservos the right to pass al
landings he deems unsafe. JAM. LKlr, Jr..
nnn'lnl.n'la" lfW.rt. Vo. 4 l,,.nn t
iO IHIItOt-Mil
4ook'a Kmcnratnra l'strl'a leave la
April, May, June and July. Send for Pro
gramme. Iiulivlilnnl Toil rial Ticks') for travel
In Europe and all parts of the globe.
nito Tirfcna by all lines ol steamers.
t uok1. tlaruralusilNt, with maps, pub
llshed monthly, by mail for Ta C!iTa. .
'I'll OS. 4tK A auN,
'Ml Rrondwsy. New York.
817 niidsio jrtiST. DM IS.
TO Introduce It and obuln agents we will
for the next siitr dsys give away, fre
of charge. In each ominty in the II. . a lim
ited number of our Wrrinaa Klwre !
vsuis Nii.prnaorjr lull". 1'rire to: a
poilive and unliiilina cure for Nervous De
bility. Varicocele, Kmi'iions, Impotency,
em. i.rJK).KI Reward paid if every Ilelt wsj
msu4i. act ore does not generate a gen uine
inn tun
.0 current. Aunrcne nt uuco cuiw,
C IS I : I -T AGENCY, V. 10. Box :179,
i.klvn. N Y. .
v..,. "j 4 N'wi.l hhotnii il I'atitlntt
i(r"v1.i"C3 -iit llnHt ftvtrprinlfl, now rcHilr.
lL-".irf.ii . 'f.M,.. rr.r..rriM.vrtr!M N-wtOrigl-L
' i. " .V'vv lull Sl I ma t t Mtli' A I tbrtirr
Defkt Tablt.Si chair,
jif If ""T ir"' 'T fi " " JJUUR 18, i'JUUVIa
.TJil. iti.i'VJ I.ettor'-
it .Cabinets)
. h ml 1wm4
tHt'tl. Crt'alosj
No lKMt4ila
..,. i it 1. 15
ISIKint N lltO 1. 1 I .
.Mrs. A. Mullor, No. i.7 Main street,
Menph's, Tenn.. of chills and lever, sine
takiuit the reim 4y she ha had no return of
the in il.i l'. m,l she oon i lor-J it the bei.
remedy iu the wgrld.
v ui.i.M,wi si rv v:

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