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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, June 03, 1886, Image 8

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UiatRTlllr.dpw oriaBa-l lelaa K'j
iMiMirn vallst boit.
Ob aad attar May J-1"". passenger trains on
this rnaa UI ran aa lolloa:
lAat MAIL. j bomb. North.
MenpbiJ .
V:0 B.m
7:21 B.m
4:t7 a.m
KnTZZrL...C... 10 :M p.m
Vicksbarg g-
1:(0 a.m 1:13 B.m
1:44 B.m 11 :1 p.m
5:2? a. mi : p.m
:)4 B.m. 7:M p.m
B:(0 B.ml p.m
.. r.
:. i
Smob lUn..
Eew nriwn ,
A With nil lines entering Memphis.
With M. A N. W. R. B. fr U.I..B.
C-tot Grnville mnd Huntington, and all
Arkansas points. .-., ,
nWith V. A M. and V.. 8. k P. Railroads.
l-With N.. J. AC. K.B. for Hatches and
F-For Points on the Branch.
ft-Withsteamera tor Bayou Sara.
B With railroada diverging lor FlorldB,
, V. P. and 0. M.
A. J.KNAPP. G. P. A.
iMlulppI mm TfBBtMW-Trains
nova as lollows: New Orleans nail arrives
daily t 9.B.m.: leaves daily at S:ti p m.
Sardis BMomBH'dlin arrives diiily at H to
B.m.; leaves daily at p in- New Orlfatu
mail trin will not stop at any " ;'""
between Memphis nnd Hardis. or at hite
haveu. Hum Lake. N'esbit and Love. I reigbt
train do not parry paisengcra.
Newport Sfwiand NlklMilrl fal
ter. Trains more u follows: No. sMlast
line daily) leaven at 10:i a.m. No. 2 leu vet
Bt 11:40 pm. daily. bt. Louis fast line
leaves daily at 6:30 p.m. No. 7 tfaat line
daily) arrives at 1:30 p.m. Mail and eg
aress arnvee daily at 8:l.Se.m. bt. Louis
fast line arrives daily atV:(J6 a.m.
LonUvlll and aaahrllle Traini
ore aa follow! : Fast mail arrival daily at
6:1.". a.m.: leaves atlU:lu p.m.: mail leave!
daily at 10:10 a.m.; arrive! at :(! p.m.
Brownrvile aemmmodatiom leave! daily
aicept Sunday, at 6:00 p.m.; arrive! daily,
inept Sunder, at 8. W a.m. (standard time).
Memphla and Little Kork. Traini
move an follnwi (central stndrd time);
No. 1 leave! daily Bt 4:25 ..ui,; arrive! at
:M p.m. No. S leave! at fl :.V a.m. : arrive!
Btd Nla.m No. f (freight) leaves Hopefield
daily (except Sunday) at 6:00 a.m.; arrive!
Bt 7:111 p.m.
HenaphU aud Charleston Traini
Hove bi follnwi ; Through eipress leave!
daily at lfl:li p.m. Mail and eipress leave!
daily at lil:Uia m. Soinerville aooomuioda
tlon leave! daily, except Sunday, at b:'M)
p.m. Thronith eipress arrive! daily at 5:!S
a.m. Mail and eiprere arrives dally at 4 :&&
S.m. SoiuerviQe accommodation arrive!
aily, except Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Unir Kotilet (Khiii 'lly, NprlDBT-
ell muiI Milil) Traini leave.M. and
T. depot aa foliowa: No. 4, Kanfai t'ily ex
preai, leave! at 10 :4ft a.m.; No. 3, KaniM
City eipreai, arrive! at 3:30 p.m. No. 2,
Kama City mail, leave! atS:(Kl p.m. ; No. 1,
Kamai City mail, arrive! at 8:45 a.m. No.
I, Kt. Lnaii and Chicano eproi. leave! at
6ifl0 p.m. I No. J, tit. Loul and Chicanoex-
XreM, arrive! at 8:45 a.m. In elect Sunday,
pril It, 1K(1.
rniihla, RlrmlnKhMin and Allan-
llf-Holl Sprlni Houle-Tralni move a!
follow!) No. 1 leave! Alemphl" daily at 3:4S
Rm. : arrive! it Uolly pprinei at 0:30 p m. !
o. 2 leave! IWly .'prinir! dnily at :00
a.m., arrive! at Meinphi at t:lo a.m.) No.
tleM Memphii daily at p.m., arrive!
at Holly Spring! at 11:M P.m.; No. A leave!
UoMy Sprinn daily at UtM a.ru., arrival at
Uemphu atH-'a.m
Wahhinotiik, June X 18Hfi, 1 a.m.
InilicationB: For TcnncsHco, lot'ttl
rainR, fo'lowcd by fair wcatluT, cold
er. Kor ArkunsftH,, lonul rain1, fol
lowel by luir wiaU)r, Dearly Btntion
ary temperature-
Fur TennrMtt to'til raiiu, followed hy
fair weather; miler; rariahU wind, gm-
witty northerly,,
For Mimm'pfri, I.uuuiina, Arkaimit
mnd T(jnu, ictil rain, followid by foir
Wtntlier; vftirly tttttiorwry teinprriiture;
variable nHiuh, generally northerly.
Httlooroloifloal Keporl.
Mik-rms, Tun., June 2, 1MB.
Bar. Thur. Wind. Wther
Jil.DliO 73.0 8.W. Fair
2t:t(l 81.0 W. Fa r
Lf 1110 K! 0 N.W. Clear
20.010 Kfi.O N.K. l,t K'n.
i)079 7K.0 8.K. Lt.R'n.
7:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
10:00 p.m.
Maximum tnmpvrnture, 1)0.0.
Minimum temperature, d.U.
Ozone, 11 o'clock A.m., 1,
Rainfall, .04;
la the, 4itioa KeiRloa,
Signal Bkrvicb, U. H. Army,)
June;:!, 1886-6 p.m.
Divlnlon of tIeKrams and repirts for
the benefit of commerce and BRrirnl
tnre. Cotton reeion biillelln for the
twenty-four honrs ending June 2d, 6
o'clock p.m.
1 ir? g
MRMPH1S DIB- ? S 5 ?5 S 2.
Memphis 00 71 .00
Nashville St (i7 .50
Grand J auction... 00 67 1.00
Corinth 02 (ill .(H)
Tuscumbia 00 00 .0:1
Decatur 94 00 .00
Scotteboro S7 05 .00
Bateeville 02 71 .00
Hernando 02 05 .00
Grenada 05 tili .(H),
Arlinnton til tiii .00'
Brownsville S8 (7
Milan 02 (is oo
Paris h7 55 ,(K)
Covinirton 01 (H) .00
Dyereburfr 80 i:i .ih)
Bolivar 01 (Hi .40
Holly 8priii((s 9i OS l.oo
Oxford Oil 70 .60
Sums 1720 1248 3 tit
Means Oil tip .10
3 o a c ST
WilminKton 85 03 .00
Cbarlexton 85 02 .00
AukubU 87 on .00
Savannah 01 OS .(X)
Atlanta. 88 00 .01
Montgomery 04 07 .00
Mobile 03 0(i .00
New Orleans. 04 72 .10
Oalveston 90 72 .01
Vicksburfj 05 75
Little Rock 0(1 73 .03
Memphis 00 00 .10
Pnms 1004 810 .40
Mpna.. 01 OS .04
In the Probate Court, yesterday,
Thomns Summers was appointed ad
ministrator of Maria Suiniuers.
Mr. Hurry Hill, who leturned
home yesterday from a trip to Al
bama, says rain fell on the train all
the way from Scot slmro ti Colliir
ville. "I don't mind hot wrather. I
always feel better in the morning
when I waVe up with my shirt collar
wet," fail Mr J. F. Frank yesterday.
"It is a sign cotton is groaing. One
warm night is better for the plant
than three days "
.losie I) vis was arrested bv Pe
tective Pryde yester.lay, chnrgeif w ith
having mur. i'reil the c1 ild found in
the well r n I,ane avenue the night
Ix-fore. She told a half a
doren different stories, ndmitti g
he guilt in one breath end
denying it in the net. D-. Graves
was called in and give it at his
opinion that the woman had been con
fineffVilhia t month. 8 - e wna he hi
f rtr:.il.
For aome time uast Gen. R. W.
Cantrell has had incotiterrplation the
formation of the var.ons military or
(raniiationH of Tenr efee into a State
militia. The initiator? step will be
made in a few da s, w hen the crn
miwiosed otli' era of several companies
wi 1 mett at Tullahoma to organize a
regiment The companies that will
be represented are the Howard Ke
serves, li'banon ; the Arthur tireg
ritles, Morristown; a CI attanooga
company, an At eis company, the
Tullahoma tiuards and the HerniitJiie
(iuanls, Burns Artillery aid Harding
Ar::llery of Nasliville.
A recent :iragraph in the Api cal
to the etfect tnat a.i ex poker-rooin
kiM'per wiia about 1 1 become a candi
date for office, ban been a ftnmblins
block in the wiiy of some of the spir
anU Mill it is cne of those things
which rannot hurt am n who lev r
kept a poker room, though the back
ers oi some hi me ciun-s mc
August races have ben iniscliicvoui
enough to try to create an impression
to the contrary. The truth about
every man who asks a nomination be
fore either convention will be fe.r'e.-s
ly told w hen it becomes necessary.
In the To ice Court yesterday
President H widen d dared his inten
tion to confine all houses of prostitu
tion to one part of the city, lie in
structed the police force to take steps
nt once to demolish nil l ouses of ill
fame on St Martin street from Vance
street north. Linden street will also
receive the prompt attention of the
force, I lesoto street north to Union
will also be raided, and the police re
quested to ii' tify all occupants of
houses of this clats on the streets men
tioned to vacate at once The l"resi
dents expectsthat U'cso measures will
improve llie vain aiiin oi wiu projitr
tv now occupied by these people.
goon the iweet iilrl traduuto
In elricu.t prore,
Will write a long eniT
On how niurh lie knowi.
f-ho'll tie it with ribbon,
(II rod or ot blue.
Thia if ree.l on the llpautiful,
The Oood and Ilia True.
She'll raid it nerenely.
Wiih unii in Here a d tliero,
Andtrranef Hy oari'lom,
Will Oi her Wk h.ir.
Then every old IhiIt
Will turn up nor hoae,
And lay "Uon ineta rii i-ioua !
How litt e the know I"
Wnih I'uproa Critic.
Pole Agents Tor Horace It. Kelly
( o.'s Key West t Igars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Uayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. I. bamki-son a co.
Tn family of Mr. J C. Hutchins
have gone to Cei terville, Miss., to re
main there during the summer.
Tiir exhibition of the primary and
pymnastic classes of the State Female
College will take place this afternoon
at '2 o clock. Kriends and patrons are
J. (). I'sakci and lien K. Tullen,
oflicers of the Grand Ixidgo of Ten
nessee, will visit ollicially Ksperan.a
Lodge No. 3105, Knight-i of Honor,
this evening. A full attendance is
requested Members of sister lodges
are invited.
Saii P. Walkkr of San Francisco,
Cal., accompanied hy his wife and
two children, is in the city and stop
ping at the (iayoso. He is a son of
the late J. Knox Walker, and was
known in his boyhood days as "Blis
ter" Walker. Memphis ia his birth
place, the homo of his youth, and ho
will spend a few days with his old
fricmlB and relations, who will rejoice
to It am that be is recognized as a
nrst'Pws business man in California,
and that lie has been eminently pros
perous in business, while so man in
the State stands higher in integrity
and all that constitut s tbe good citi
t'lrrnlt f'ourl Pierce, JndK.
Calendar for to-d-v : No. 8755, W,
H. Pullen vs C. H Brvsn tt al; 8750,
U. H Kogerson vs C. Ii. Brt an et al ;
8757, Charles Mnydwell vs C.H. lirysn
et al; 8750, VV. L. V owson vs .1. 15,
Hill; 8(00, George Camuhell vj lax
Ing District; 8701, Itobort Juhnsoa ve
J. G. Henning; 8703, Samuel Lnuder
dale, administrator, vh Taxing Dis
trict; 8781, Bowling, Jones A Co. vj
J. H. Hies; 8705, G. Divincenozi vs
Herhetsitt Frick; 8700, Hmiter llros,
s W. A. Faires & Co.; 8H02, W. A.
Smith vs M. (4. Pannodv A Co.
Thomas L Maitin an 1 wife to Hen.'
TV White, deed to lot No. 2', fronting
no j leet on soutn side 01 St. i'aul
street, for f 2110.
r. A. Jones and T. J. McQowan,
trustee, to root, mcuowan uo ,
deed t ) lot No. 5, containing 3(1 80 100
acres in Third Civil Hi.trict, forf.'L'O.
atlian f olti to 11. Bensdorf, tnis
tfe. to secure the German-American
Building and Loan Association in the
sum rf J3000, deed of lot on Exchaiifie
street ext ndod, west ot Hamlin street,
tjjxi::tij i.'H,
Jcseph Just et al. to Nathan Foltz,
deed totuerane property as above,
I0r T.I JIM.
H. W. Rpeae to Mis. Willie E. Mar
tin, tpi t claim deed to lot No. 22 of F.
W. Smith's Bubdiviaion, ami one lot
on Ta'e street.
B. J. Dors-y and wife to Chtrlie
Taylor, trust deed, to scuie Thoma.
snd Henry Pnflin in the sum o( J725,
lot on cerner of Third snd Keel
Stiecti, 141x148 feet.
Fine Watch repairing at MuKord's.
lu order to introduce tho Alabama
Splint Coal in this market, it will be
delivered t 30c per barrel ia city lim
its. It has no superior.
Tolci'hdne S.i9.
!tl oiMigrMin ItHiigU'N; niill'orl
Uo lo KntlrdKo A Lauomnraluo for
onr Plnmhlna: mil Una-t illing
Order ".Mu I lord Made Medal."
Elaborate and plain frescoing exe
cut ill by I'ber Bros, in the latent
styles, No. 3H9 Main street, at O. K.
llouck & Co.'s.
Mnlford, Jeweler, 294 Main, so
loed orders from tbe country.
rl KallmKe atltKoiiinralno lo do
yenr rieimltlna;.
" ! ored t health and riwir Mr
V u
Avery. No. ; MadiKOO atriwi. MmnLki.'
T nn, atler an Mtiark o) nm'arial li ver
whioh leltruiiu to feeble thai be nan ccnflue l
to.bi! bed .
T tame Ofl
at iba
Th spelling bee to occur to-diy
evenire at the Bethel on Adams stieet,
wita l'rof. Barney Hughes ts schrol
mafter, promite to be on of te
eveLt of th seigon. The fo'bwing
bojs have been pnt in the Hit o pu
pils, and, as Ihey say in the Mikaao,
if timed down tbey "will tot be
misred :"
Joniah I'atterron,
M K I'ntternon,
L B MrKarland,
A Krakioe,
Dr K W M lihell
Dr Hebrr Jr,ne.
llr II L Wilhford,
W 0 yolkef.
Habner bcalea,
A J Mr Lendon,
J W Vernon,
I K 1 I'reyier,
T Kdmoodfon,
Uon K8 Hammond,
www eainerrora.
Col M C Hall, way,
CilJ M Keatina,
Wa'ker Knneily,
J Harvev Matbei,
Hon O W Hei-kell,
Maj J J Murphy,
Hon II T Kllett,
C W Meti alf,
l)r J H 8awyer,
HrT K Kdwardi,
t w tiny let,
Orville Jrrner,
Voea katr-enbergcr, J 11 -Mulone,
II. m 1) T I'o-ter.
Will Hom.
Cant J W b Hard,
W U Treievant,
Kmmet Howard,
B M Kte,
Th., i J.ckion.
H C linrren,
Hon 11 Cuniinln!,
Oenrire (iillhaui,
J T Hum,
W I) Ounnon,
Jim II Koen,
C trillion,
8 J Can p,
Jtiilfrn .Mrllowell,
I'r S II Steel,
J A Toy i r.
Cey Vuunx,
C Vapon, jr,
M Krrmpr,
W J H u IT.
Hun T V lirnwn.
Hi n J M (ireer,
8 J Morr iitin,
Kulph I'.ivi!,
lien A J Vaugban,
W 11 till "on,
(J Vteatburford,
Uen J .1 Hupuy,
I'r K H Mnhon,
J 8 Menken,
Hon H M Aioore,
Lf-a. Loiter,
and other!.
Closino prices of Juno options at
Ch cago yesterday: Pork, $8 45 . lard,
5.07 Jc ; clear rib sides, 5.30c; corn,35Bc;
wheat, 77 Jc; oats, 20;c.
VisiToits on 'Change yesterday: A,
W. Colton, Cincinnati ;' K K. itobert
son, New York ; W.J.I'orter.New York ;
W. II. Davis, .New Orleans: K. 1. iMc
Manus, Lake View; K. J. Nilburn,
Thk Manchester Guardian in "its
commercial article, says: "The mar
ket is inactive, llie experience oi
buyers and sellers du'ing the week
lias been unsatisfactory. Tim largo
orders nn hand are infeasihle. Buyers
are unwilling t pay the current rates
1'iices are firm, tliou.li tin number of
contracts is lessening. There is a
singular lack of demand for China.
Only a small proportion of the orders
lor India can be executed. .Ndiers,
impressed hy the inactivity of the
market, and mindful of the strength
of cotton, are hoping for an improve
ment in prices Spinner have forti-
tied themselves against llie pos-ilile
lornering of the market in the event
of later adverse accounts of American
cotton crops Trade for export yarn
is extremely Hat and pneej lowtr.
For vcry prudent housewife to
ec nomi.e by laying in a supply of
our real genuine rarguins in
Child's Si ooi. TV re are no gen
tlemen's flioes among the stock we
purchased from B. Lowenstein &
Bros , hut wo have marked oun
own ooons down regnrdlessof cost.
A lot of Child's Bu ton Shoes
(worth f 1 25 or more) at 50c.
A lot of LadieV Opera Too Slippers,
genuine kid, (worth Ollc) nt 00c.
A lot of Ladies' Genuine Kid-Button
Shoes, 8:lk-worked button
holes (worth at least $2 2.), $1 05.
A lot of Ladies' Kid and Goat New
port Ties (worth 1 75) at $1.
A lot of Indies' F'ine Hand-turn
French Kip, Vamp Button Shoes
(cheap for $3 75), only i'2 75.
And numerous other bargains nt
astonishingly low prices are offered
for your inspection. Come and
you will buy.
Ski ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Kalsohinino telephone 600, Mc
Dr. 0. r. S.MiTn, Veterinary Sur
geon, Ho. til Monroe street.
Omkga flour, the best. Try it.
Ladies can have spring sewing done
satisfactorily and reasonably at 2 0
Bealo street.
Taint vour carnage for 75 cents
with Neal s Carriage Paint. For sa'e
by A. ltenkert.
Sbnd a pusial to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
cull for your laundry.
Nkw classes in shorthand now form
ing for the summer term Apply to
Miss A. C. l'arham, 110 Mulberry
Thi Herbal Chill Care, the best
tonia and auti-norlodin known. A certain
and ure euro for ohiilf- Vrioell per bot
tle. Send atHiutl lor oirnnlara. Any T3f-
erenre irixon. AJdrem Join C. Knoker,
ljynflhnert, VB.
Anooktura BiTTKita are the best
remedy for removing indigestion and
all diseases originating from the di
gestive organs. Beware of counter
feits. Ask your grocer or druggist for
the genuine ariicle, manufactured by
Dr. J. u. Ii. Miegert Sons.
Democratic Mnss-lHeetiug Postponed,
It being important that a largo and
thoroughly representative mass-meeting
should be iipiI to appoint delegates
to the Gubernatorial Convention, and
the committee fearing tint sufficient
notica ot the meeting called for the
1st day of Jnne tas not ben and can
not be given, they have determined to
postpone sid meeting until Saturday.
the 12th day of June, 1SSU, at the Ex
position building, in the city of Mem
phis, at 12 in., at which lime the
Democrats of Shelby county are ear
nestly requesieil to assemble.
J. II. ALSUr, i-e-retary.
Nolld Silverware at Mullen-!'
I-ouisviu,e, Juno 2. Night Kiver
etationary, with t( feet rj inches in the
canal snd 4 feet 4 inches on the falls.
Butiness dull. Weather cloudy atid
New Orleans, Juno 2. Night
Arrived: City of Nutchei!, St. Louis.
Evansvii.i.e, June 2. Night River
faHiiig.with llfeel !) inches on the gauge.
Wesilier warm, with light rains dur,ng
the day; thermcim';t r 72 to 81.
Caiho, June 2 Night River 24
feet 8 iiiel'ei on Uie gauge aud falling.
Weather clear and warm. Arrived:
Granite State, Cincinnati, noin. De
parted: Granite Slate, Memphis, 3
Vicesmiho, June 2. Night De
parted: John F. Walu n and tow.Pitts
burg; Arkantai City, St. Louis.
Cincinnati, June 2. Night River
4 feet 7 inch"S ou the g:iuge and rising-
Weather e- ai d warm. Depart
ed: Buckeye Slate, ftleiiipliis.
tha hind-painted monogram "C. F ,"
were received with great admiration.
While tha orchesua wis playing
one of its happ eit lic ion, and
tbe guetti wer fftbered about
tbe tablet. The bride quietly slipped
away ts her tjo ji and changed her
wedding dress far a heavy gray ailk
traveling dress. She thn returned t '
the company and was sxjn afterward
j dnid by tue President, who bad in
the meantime changed hi dress suit
for a traveling ctstuma. This was
about 8:30 o'cl ick, and tbe President
and h:s bride raid a hasty "good-bye"
to their friends aid )et the house
t rcuah a private exit from t ie Bed
Roimiiitot'jes u h grnur.d. Ac'os?d
CArriagt awa till trietn, mil ii they
entered ar d fie nones siarted ctt a
8 lower of rice was thrown t n the car-
rage and thtir fri-nds waved them a
from the rear porch. It was expected
that the Prasiilei.t would try to slip
away uroruerved, and in order to pit
vent ttis.a number ot newspaper men
ttatioued tbemsolves niar thn south
west entrance lo the founds, with
rarri'giS onveniect to follow the
fresioent in caw he "hould make bis
ex t by that g-.t. Thia was lepirted
to the Presid nut. In he in tructed bis
driver to go out ot tbe grou ids by an
other and aluust unmed n uts and in
that way be avoided the report
ers atogitlier. Hii carrage
was dr. veil direct to the Baltimore
and Ohio raihoid stauon, whcie a
soecial train was in waiting to take
the President aid his bride to Der
Park. Ttey wera etc di tei t-irongh
II, e ttition and intithe car provided
for t'aem without at'ra::ting sttentior,
bnd BtOo'cloik the train etait"d off
to i'H destinatioD. The Praeident and
bis bride were whrlly nnaccompanied
on this jonr iey. Ttiey will probably
remain at Dijer Fark al)ont a week,
during which tirne they will oocuny a
small cottage at avhed to tbe botel,
which tas not yet opened lor tae
a on.
bgan to lave the White House soon
sfterths Preeident's departure. The
lirst one to leave was .'ecretary Bay
aid, who amiliKg'y Btood on the per-
t co for some tune betoie uis carriate
lr.ive up. The ca-ruge of Dr. and
Mr. Sunderland wai the next todrive
up, snd wai imrnediatelv followed by
that of Secretary and Mrs. Maminir.
Ths Secretary did not look very wo'l.
He appeared rithor weak and seemed
hardly able to walk. Ho wrs tup
piitd to his caniage by PoUmester
General Vilas nnd Mr. Bissell. The
other guests lingered awhile, and the
orchestra continued to play enliven
ing mueic until penny 10 o clock, by
whic'i time all the guests had Uken
their departjr The crowd of curious
sight-Beers rema'ne I near the mansion
until preparttt ob to clote loi the
Were many, but they wero not exhib
ited, nor will any lists ba furnished.
This in defereuce to the wishes of the
The groom s gift to his bride was a
handsome oianund necklace, com
posed of a single string of brilliants.
Tbe presents lroiu the uabinet
officers aad thtii wives were mostly
articles of iewelry, though there weie
several beautiful presents of silver
a President al salute was fired by a
battery near the tiver. aid t ie chiras
bells of tbe Metropolitan Methodist
Episcopal Church pen led for.h the
Mendelssohn wedding march ana
bells in other churches joined in the
happy falute.
J he gentlemen present at tne weu-
ding were not fnttut at enough to re
ceive a salute from the bride, who
col fined her kitses lo the ladies.
Otherwise tbe ceremony was orthodox
in form.
The Executive M-nsion will Ire open
tomorrow, and pbotographeis have
already received peruiiscion to perpet
uate, pictorially, the elaborate decora
tions of tbe ictwor. The arrange
ments for th day's event wera under
the control and peno'inl management
ot Col. Ltmont, at d fiey worked so
smoothly and ratisfa torisly a to win
fcr hira universal commendations of
Uuern Victor l Nenili
Her Con-
LoNooit, June 2. Tha Queen has
tent the following cable message to
President LluveMntf:
"Piay acce-it my sincere congratula
tloni on ycur marriage end my best
wishes for your hapj,inep
Ncoll'a EmnlNlou of Pure
Cod Liver Oil, with Ilypophosphites,
in Consumption end Wasting I) s
eases. Dr. C W. Barringer, Pitts
burg, Ta.. says: "I think your Emul
sion of Cod' Liver Oil is a very fine
preparation, and tills a long-felt want,
it is very useful in consump'ion and
wasting diseases."
disputed in the BROAD CLAIM of belngnii
Kost Perfect Cooking
H. WETTER & CO., Agents,
Memplila, Teun.
MEN. Tonna or old.
find the E laotrio
Shield and Suapenao
ry our every utafe oi
Weaknepa of lh Kid-
ne t, beiual Syitem,
Varioooele and lost or
enfeebled powera.
-Mmiej refunded II
not aa reprenented.
l'ri 'e SlVand upward
Famehlet free. All
nrd'T mnn be ent to Anierit-Hii wyitn
ilc o , Tn Hrniuiaai, IV fw link,
I all oar Weelern office! mrt dlitrauilnued.
JAMES C. BELL, Preldei.. "'fcF.ME KAVO-,
Saddles, Harness, Collars,
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Co and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Advice
Especially Adapted to Mem
phis and Vicinity.
Black hosiery will be much worn,
but the id a u who comes home late at
night with a black eye will be re
garded with suspicion. Full particu
lars at the MisQt Clothing Parlors,
2G2 Second street.
Many of last year's bonnets will be
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
cost of several new bonnots by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 202 Second street.
Men who wear wig.s need not lift
their hat to those lady acquaintances
they meet in the street during a
wind-storm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, condone to buy their
clothing at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 2G2 Second street.
Curl-papers will be much worn in
the morning, but false hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Before de
ciding to buy elsewhere see the fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
2G2 Second street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "ducky darling" more
than 999 times. She might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true test of
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
where. In spring marriages it will not bo
fashionable to have a first-class fight
until at least one week after the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suits at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 2G2 Second street.
It is fashionable garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to get the most for your money come
to the
Opp. Conrt Square,
Open cvenlaara till 9, Satnrdnya
till 11.
tir All alterations to insure a per
fect fit done free of charge.
N.B. We have several hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests which
will be sold at $1 25.
68 If lull no ii Street. Memphis, Tenal
A FULL Hock of Wooden and Msta
Caaai and Casketa, Burial Ko'nea, eto.,
alwajaon hand. Orderabf Telegraph or Tal
iihona Prompt!? attnilil tn.
' HOOKLTN, X. T.-Bonrd on the Hill.
' Mrs. 11. C. Howard, ifl Wnshinirton
Park. Rooms lanes location delmhiful;
oonvenieot to card to .Manhattan lienoh.
Coney Island, Long Beach and Central Park!
also to New ork placea ot amusement.
And Ice Cream Maunfuctarers.
French Chemical Works
5$ Jeflerfton Street.
1VL FLA VOHS. which he offer! at the low
Srice oi fA ronla ft Knllota, of an; kind of
avor. Quality and purity iruaranleed. Ice
('ream manufacturers will find all kinds of
Kitracta and I'ruit Coloring at a very low
- the dyspepsia, which troub ed Mra.
John h. Uli .vi,H Mill street, Memphis,
T. nn., lor nesrly throe years, o iieodil
disapi ear. Mia sincerely tdvisra all af
flicted to try rt.
Jamra H. Ooodbar I Wan. L. Clark Entjen) J. Carrloxton rrank O. J
XlavtAtollMlaect I860.
319 Main Street, Memphis. Tenn. '
WE offer to M ERCH AMT) OILY tha"lariret and best atock of Boots and Show
havo ever brought to thia market, and which cannot be surpassed in quality an 4
styles by aoy house in thia or any other city. In addition to a complete lire of Kaetera
made goods, including the ( 1'Ll.BKaTs.u UlHIIiBaK dtu. BKMJ.1N, we handle
a large and select atock of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Misses and Children. Wa
carry a number of the best makes in the country, in BTerv variety ind style, and among
them ithe well known lien's Calf Boots and Shoos manufactured by tieo. Hocker for our
Hpring Trade. We also carry a choice line of Ladies' and Misses' Custom Kid, (Joat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. Wa invite the trade to examina
our stock before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
uiuiimtK III.
MEMPHIS, TENN., June 1, 1886.
THE Arm of ESTE3, DOAN & CO. Is this day dissolved by limitation. The surviving
partner, Z. N. E'tes, will settle the business at tbe office of their successors, Z. N.
ESTES A OO., who will continue the Wnolesale Grocery and Cotton Factorage business be
formerly done by us. Z. N. K'IBS,
E. J. DOAS, Eiecutrix.
Z. N. ESTE3.
S. S.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For Jntlge of tbe Criminal Conrt.
MESSRS. Knpoleon Hill, Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard, 11. M. Neely. W. 1.
Betho , It. G. Craig ACo.,tt.V. Kambaut,
A. L. Lowenstein, J. 8. Menken and others
In response to your call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge of Shelby county, with sincere
thanks tor your kindness and courtesy, I
hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the position, subject to tho action of the
Democratic convention.
Clrk of tbe Criminal Conrt.
WE are authorized to announce R. B.
CAPERS (lor twenty-one years D-p-nty)
as a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, subject to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
WE are nutho'lied to announce DABNEY
W . COL LIEK as a candidate for Clerk
of the Criminal Court of Shelby oounty,
subject to the Democratic Convention.
County Conrt Clerk.
WE are authorized to announce that
RICUARDA. ODLUM Is a candidate
for County Court Clerk, subject to tbe action
of tha Democratic Convention.
VTTB are authorized to announce P. J.
VV oil Ml. kY as a candidate for Clerk of
the County Court, suhject to the aotion of
the Shelby County Democratio Convention.
Judge of tbe Probate Conrt.
TO My Fellow-Citizens of Shelby County
Fearing that my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge my have
failed to reach many of you, I take this
method also of announcing mylf a candi
date for that office, subjeot to the action of
the approaching Democratio County C.n
ventien, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obeuient lervant, T. B. MICOU.
WE are authorized to annonnca J. P.
YOUNG aaacandidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subjeot to the
action of the County Democratic Convention.
For Trnatee.
WB are authorized to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a candidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subject to the action of tha
Democratio Convention.
WE are authorized to announce AN
DREW J. HA KRIS as a candirlate for
re-election to the offioe of County Trustee,
subject to the action of the Democratio Con
vention. THE Appeal is authorized to announce Mr.
N. F. LEMASTER as a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby county, sub
iect to the action of the Democratic Conven
tion. m
For Attorney-General.
WE are authorized to announce GEORGE
B. PETERS, Jr., as a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, subject to the
action of the Democratio Convention.
THE Appeal is authorized to announce S.
D. WEAKLEY aa a candidate for Attorney-General,
subject to tha Democratic Con
vention. For Register.
TO the Voters of Shelby County and My
Friends I hereby announce myself lor
the second time a candidate for the office of
County Register, subject to tbe Democratio
Convention. I am poor and need the offioe.
Feeling that my past lervice as a servant of
the people has given satisfaction, and that I
tan come before the people and ask their
suffrages and upport for County Register, I
am, respectfully, JOHN A. POWKL.
WE are authorized to announce N. F.
(BUSK) HARKISON as a candidal
for Register, subject to the aotion of tba
Democratio County Convention.
fTMIE Apnea! is authorized to announoaf
for Register, sui joct to tbe aotion ot the
Democratic Convention.
THE undersigned announces that he is a
candidate tor Register, and asks tha
support ot the voters of Shelby county. If
elected, will endeavor to give satisfaction in
the discharge of the duties of the office, and
places his claims subject to the action of tha
County Democratic Convention.
Memphis, March 28, 18H6.
RA. DOUGLAS, of Kerrville, Tenn., Is a
. candidate for REGISTER, subject to the
aotion of tba Democratic Convention.
WE are authorised to announce E. A.
EUMONuSON as a candidate for
County Register, subject to the aotion of tha
Democratio Convention.
THE Appeal is authorized to announce
JOHN W. GOULD as a candidate for
tbe office of Register, suhiect to the action of
the Democratic Convention.
Jmlgeof Ihe Circuit Conrt.
WM. S. FLIPPIN is a candidate for Cir
cuit Judge of Sholby County, subject
to the action of a Democratic Convention.
We are authorized to announce L. H. ES
TES, JR., as a candidate for Judge of itie
Circuit Court, subject to tha action of tha
Democratio Convention.
JAMES L. GOODLOE will be a candidate,
before the Democratic Convention, tor
nomination to the office of Judge of the Cir
cuit Court: and. if defeated, will support
the successful nominee.
We are authorized to announce that JOnN
JOHNSTON is cand date for Judge of the
Circuit Oonrt ol Shelby County, subject to
nation of ihe TVniniTwt c Convention.
tirrly cu'ed Mr. S. A. Cocks, a69 Mam
street, Memphis, Tenn., of a severe case of
chills and fever. He believes in it.
DURING the season we will receive Ben
Hart's Berriei u.orn'ng and evening.
Just received a fresh lot of Kennedy fina
Biscuit and Cakes.
Butter Scotch, Beatrice, Albert,.
Lemon Cream, Jelly Drops, Shrewsbury,
Cocoanut Taffy, Roval Mixed,
Vanilla Cream. Assorted Jelly, Etc.
Corner Second and Itcale Sts.
Importer! and dealers In Ounsj, Ammu
nition snd Flatting Taeble, Bnlldera'
Hardware, Mertrlc Bella and An
nunciators for Hotels and Residences, S4S
Main atreet, HemptilH, Tenn. Eleotrio
uppliet always on hand. RepaiHiw neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA A McCA It THY, Propr'g,
UO, 142, H4 Front, Memphis,
in tha Sooth, and 'the oniy complete
Boiler and Sneet-Iron Wurks In tbe city.
Hannfaetnrera of bear? ulate Iron,
work ot every deaei'lpllon. Special
attention ! o nlantaiicn work.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer is
dnnaj, FIhIiIiik Tackle and Rporta.
nien'aNnnpllea. tur Special attention
PAIRING. 413 IWaln Nt Wem islilw. Tenn
pletely cured Miss Ethel Gunthorpe, 85
Hi I street. Menu h'S, Tenn , of neuralgia,
from whioh she suffered neaMy a year. Two
bottles only were required to do the work.
bluns, Ammnnitlon, Flabing Tackle
and Uase-liall bowls.
094 main (street, Memphis, Tenn
Manufacturing and Repairing of Guns a
to Mr. John Q. Highams, 101 Third
street, Memphis, Tenn., a most efficacious
remedy for constipation and indigestion.
Uimdaughter also takes it with satialactory
result. .
Jobh Ovibtoh, J. C. N. Gbobvihoi.
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 264 Second Street,
. B. Cor. ajeeoad and Conrt.
Taxes Faid. Rents Colleoted, ato.. on
The Latest includes a Pronouncing
(iazetfcMT of the World, over i;.mio
titles: Hiographicnl Dii'tionarv. 7i
nou-d pt-rson; 31K) lilustraliolis; llK.lxll) Words
in Ita vocatiiiiary, bi ing ,nio more than found in
any other American Iiictionaiy. Comes with or
without Patent In.ioT. "Invaluable in ev ry
School anil t everv Fireside."
G. A C. MERRIAN A CO., Pub-m, Springfield, Mass.
used with sslutary effc t in the family
of Mrs. K. VV. Edmund. if4 -dums stret,
Memphis, Tenn. the was cured of nervous
ness and her husband of indigestion.

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