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Hut To-Day With Ktonff In thf Box
:. the Champions Will Go Down
Like Crass.
Mexphis was outclassed j witeid7
in the i cher'a box, ia tie r'iautnd
in the fild, nd at the bat, hence
defeat was inevitable. When We y
outdated in tbe fie'd we do not rotao
ii imply tbat Kent is belt-r tban
Brough'.on or Ilaimman as good aa
Sneed, bat we do say emphatically
that Barney Grabam is worth two
each fie'dets ai Maneell. A muff by
B ack in tbe last inning and Mansell s
clumsiness in fielding Graham's hit to
center fild nave Cba'tanoop.a tbe win
ning rnn, but it is not at all likely that
Meaiobia cculd htve won even if
Black bad not moffad that pop up fly.
fcbreve, tbe new Chattanooga pitcher,
rrrwei vety eflVctive, and if tbe game
had been prolonged to ten or eleven in
nings tLe cbai.cei of Chattanooga's
winn'uj were at icaat equi 10 iram,
Hence it is jupt rs well to admit
that Memphis was beaten on her
merit1, and with B'ack in tbe box is
not the eiii-.l cf Cfcattacooga with
fchreve ia th 1 ox. All tbe meg
mails by Cflattanoojia in tbe fi'th in
tine wer a nd run, lhat tela
tP.etae. Thi triune wai lift fairly.
We weie simply 'nvetnutcheJ. In
s'rict justice t e Cha'tinoogas hid
the game wot iu the fifth inuina by a
store of 3 to 2, as Si :eed w.s allowed
tseco-a ia that inning af er ha 1 ad
been clef rly I ut ontatreiotul. The
trut h is th t Bluck, ex' e lent a! 1-rour d
V layer as ho is, cmnotcope with mod
ern p tchcfg. Tae him a'l in all, ai a
fielder, bather and be runcer. he baa
no equal m the League, but he cam ot
pi'ch agiin t gud battels, ami tbe
sooner tint fact is accepted as
true ly th" Memphis C ub
tbe beiter for it. lo day e
omnrile with Atlanta, and it is our
nnfiiinrit hli"f. bsstd on a caieful
survey of the atuaaon, that Memphis
cannot lo3e nnleps serious err ois ares
made in center uia at cntic-u points
in tne pa ine. Atlanta's three fcucceto
sive deft a s hy Nashville proves lit r to
be by to mems as formidable as we
have beun ltd to expect by her easy
victories oer Macon and Augus'a.
Sue be t Micon four straights, and Au
cinta three out of four. Memphis
cama wi:hiu one (same of doing the
eatne. A great huriah baa been rmde
over the sliigKiriK abilities ot tLe At
lanta team, but the mnue tney U cid
an averaie p.tcbrr they eawed the air
like monkeva. We have before us the
official record nf f mr games played by
A tlau'a. one of tbem with Auausta and
t iree with Nashville. In the first gims
of the four niemoned the so-called
At'aata flugkors faced Holacher, Au
gusta a best pitcher, itiey got given
base hits ofl him. Against tbe tame
nitcher Mtmotis made eight base
hits. Cliue and Purcll, their crack
elugjera, couldn't hit Holacher at all.
What show will they have againrt
Knouff, who pi' ches to day. He will
make monkeys of tbem.
Now, let's take tbe three games re
cen'ly played wilh Nashville and let
us ees what the a leged sluggers diJ.
Againtt Eaker they got five hits, two
goirg o Mai: pes, one to Mcore, one to
I'urcell, aiid one to Lynch. Agains;
Dundon they made three hits, while
Nashville ponnded Shaffer for nine.
In the sicond game against Baker
they nude six hit), while Conway
wts aga'n hit far eight bases. In
vftQTriiv's enmo tbcv were defeated
10 to 3 with Dundon in tbe bcx for
Nashville. Now, to one in his sober
senses will for a moment contend tnat
Dundon is to be mentioned in the
same breath with Knouff as a pitcher,
yet Dundon wen both his games with
Atlanta, Atlanta will prouably share
tliafate of Ai Bus'a. who came here
leaders and lelt with a tatttred repu
tation. It 1b an admitted fact ttiat
Atlanta has but one pitcher of even
averase ability, Conway, who is not
nnlv a fair tttirler. bnt does reSDect
able work with the (tick. Shaffer and
Wells sra not t oublesome, and tbe
fact that Conway is not very lormida
ble is shown by the pounding Savan
nah save him. In the first game at
Savannah, May 6th, Savannah msae
eleven hits ofl Uon way, only two etna
ing nut. In the next game tbey
met B'ven bi s, on'y one striking
out, Fioda making a home run.
In the third pane Savannah made
ten hits. Fields. Moruritv and Striif
getting in it ree baggers and only four
striking out. If Memphis can't lug
such Ditching s that she hod tetter
take iu her sign as a bts ba'l club
Now. let ua e back a moment and see
what SavaiiL'ah's heavy hitters did
with Knouff. lathe first gime ths
entire club sot three hits. In the
game aciir.st O'Leary they get saven
bits and in tire List gtus (against
Knouff) they got ceven more. Does
anybody dcubt that on the surface of
things we've vol the best of Atlanta?
The Appeal li s co hesitation in say
ing that the inexorable logic of tbe
situation points to a victory for Mem.
phis, and only costly errorj can aveit
tinch a remit.
Black, p 4
Broughton, 1. f 4
Colgan,c 4
Fusjellbacb, s. s. 3
Sneed, r. f 3
Phelan, 2d b 4
Mansell, c. f 3
Whitehead 3d b. 3
Ar.drews, 1st b- 2
Total 30
B. B.B. P.O. A. .
0 1 1 3 2
0 110 0
0 0 5 3 0
1113 0
1110 0
0 113 1
0 0 2 0 0
112 2 0
0 0 11 10
3 6 25 15 3
B. B H. P.O. A. B.
0 2 4 0 0
0 0 3 1 0
0 12 3 0
0 0 2 0 0
0 2 0 0 0
110 11
1 2 7 0 0
I 1 1 1 0
1 1 13 0
4 10 20 t) 1
Gtaham,c. f
Dickerson, 3i h
Cross, 9. s
Kent, 1. f
Heinsman, r.
McClung, c
Levis, lbtb..
Peake, 2d b..
fihreve, p
. 3
. 4
. 4
. 4
Memohis 0 1001100 0-3
Cbat!anocg-0 0003000 1
Snmmarv : Runs earned Memphis,
0; ChatUnooga, 3. First.baee on errors
Memphis, 0; Chattanoogi, 3 First
base on called balls Mempbif.4; Chat-
tanr-oja.!. Struck out By Klack, 4
by Shreve, S.Lsft oa bases Memphis,
4: Cbet nnoojra, 5. lwr-b?se M's
Phelan. Double plays Cross to Dick
erson. PaBfed balls Colgan, 3, Mc-
CIiidu. 3. Biipes stolrtti Black, Ma
sll, SneeJ, Fusselbach, Whitehead
Heinzman, Levis. Umpire Ed. Hen
Hairh Kitme t Utenndn.
Grenada. Mis June 3. The game
of bill lhi4 evening between the Bluff
Cities of Me.i' phis and Grenada Ath
lcties resulted in tivor ol tie ism
Vi i s bv score of t) to 7. The Ath
leucs did not have four of their rsfiu
lar pl.v e s, while th Blutl Cities hai
thu-e cf Water Valley's bet p'ayen
Tbe game was somewhat exciting, and
was witnessed by several hundred peo
ple. Hnsrkall Xt.
Pktbost, 3; Nations s, 2.
St. Louis, 9; C-iltirrore, 5.
Savannah, 5; Aagueta, 2.
Macon, 10; C:iir!eton, 3.
Xasuvillk, 10; At'anti, 3.
PiTTsiiCBQ, 5; A'bletic?, 12.
Louisville, 2 ; Brooklyn, 11.
New York, 9 j Kansas City, 3.
Pbiladblpbia, 4; St. Louis, 1.
Mitbopoutaks, 12; Cincinnati, 11.
Go out to-dy and see Purcell pray.
Ladies will be charged 25 cents to
day for admission to the grand stsnd.
Games to-day: Atlantis at Mem
phis, Chattanooga? a'. Nashville,
Charlestons at Augusta, SiVjnuahs at
Nashville Banner: Cline fumbles
more balls at short than any other
man on ths diamond, and it is a
wonder how he gets so many men ont
at first.
Atlanta is pretty good club
agfticst s ich bum pitchers as Macon's
and Augus a's, but when the meet) a
first-dies pit"her like KnoutT, Baker,
0Lejry, or Dundon, down ihe goes.
Go out to day and see ber drop.
Jack Strickkr Is a good ball playe-,
and payi for everything in sight.
The emu I boys are a'l out ) him, and
O, my Jack," can be heard ell dur
ing gfitn. Jack is goJ-nitured,
lu erj ys it as mucn as tne oojs.
Tub battirc order to-dav for Mem
phis will be as foiiowe: Kneed, riht
tihld; Mens dl, cunter field; Andraws,
tiistb si; Bronirh'on. cUcher; Black,
leflfiad; Fusne! bach, short "top; l'ae
lan.second; Whitehead.thiid; Knouff,
The fnllowiug wid probab.y be At-
n a d oaitir g order to-aay: j ine,
shortstop; Lyons, third basi; Parcel1,
left field ; Moi re, center ntu ; l,vdcu,
firs: bise: Strieker, second biSJ;
Mappes, ca cher; iiiienn, right field;
Conway, l i chtr. The teavy Litters
are C ine, Purcell, Moore, Mappes and
Conwv. and it will be fun to see
Knoutt taw tnem out.
Nashville i4mri'can: Several times
during the coitea's cf this week Man
ager Puicell has fallen theatiically
upon bis knees, and, with uplif'ed
handp, implcrtd the ceLeacy cf the
umpire Yesterday, 'when the At
If.ntns were nut in a closs place by the
loca s, a small boy in the giacd stand,
recalling the devo ir nil a'tuude, con
vulsed the andiunte by singing out,
Trav. Pmce!1. prey."
'J he At Ian' a are not sucn great
fieldeis af er all. In lhair first gfctne
wi h Nashville they made five errors,
Clme, shorlstrp, one; Lyons, intra
base, two; Strieker, second bise, one,
and Williams, right li M , ons. In the
next game tiuv made s x. unne one,
Lynch cn-, tftricker three, Williams
o:ie. In tne tniid game tney maue
three. Lyons one, Lyncn one,
Strieker one. We can disoou.it tbat
sort of nlaving any day ia the week
Our esteemed contemporary, the
evening LtdaiT. vestrday had the fol
lowing: "ihe pools were offeiing
odds of three to one oa Cbtttanoo.a,
and the result shows beyond doubt
that they wre playing with eyes
wide open. Now tneques'ion is, how
did they know all this and whtre did
they get the tip? Andrewc was sick,
aim B'ouehtou did not play."
TIim is an error The bet ing at the
pnol-room ws 3 to 1 apaiust Chatta
nooga, and not on Chattanooga, and
even n' theso odds the bets went beg
ging. Trie pool-room declined to bit
against Meinnti's on any teims,
Tbe Prices Renaoanble, bnta Steady
Demand for llomea and for
"The movement
of real estate is
thin it was last
much livelier now
year when they were talking so mu h
about a great boom," said Mr. J.O.
McDavitt of the Shelby bounty A'-
stract Company ye sterdy. "We have
no boom, but the market nas Deen
verv active for weeks pa:t and seerxs
to b improving every osy."
"How are tne prices c
"Rsatonablo. I don't know of more
than one p ece of land eold in tbe Ja-t
month lor wincn a uncy price wjb
obtiinei. Ths purchaser seemed to
be a little crazy a-oout it, cr te m ght
have had it cheapjr. Nn, the pric-f,
though fa'r, are in few cases excep
tant, and tha consoqut-nce is thut
there is a stendy demand. I would
rather see it that wiiy than any o'her."
' In wba". Darts ol tuo n y does tae
preference of buyers seen to lie?"
"laon ttninK u is couur.e'1 ig nuj
lccslity, but properly li cbangiog
bands irom ijceisei to ron x-icienog.
Now here," be continued, turning to
his abstract rrder book, "ii a pi.-ce
eold near the brick cm ch, lira s on
Manassas straet, thu on Ueurgis, tiera
ia one awav out on Ur ion avenue, and
bo it is on down tbe Hat."
"Is it being bought tcr no-nes or
" r cr DOtn, tooign i ioiua uju a
than half the sales are made to per
sons whs desire to provide themselves
with homes while they can. a gooa
deal is bought, however, for invest
ment. There has boen a time when
almost anything was looked upoi ss
safer than Shelby county real eetvts,
but it is not so now. And if you will
notice, there is a grow ns de
mand for property in the
counrty, principa ly along tbe pik9B
the county his built in tbe last few
years. The mo-e of that work ih t is
done the greater the demand will be
come. There ate hundreds of busi
ness men who would be glad to have
their families outof town if ths rosds
were good and tbe difficulty of getting
back and forth was removed. Take it
altogether, I think the outlook is very
encouraging. Instesd of the feverish,
excited leeling which nrght naturslly
grow ont of all this Uikabjutnew
rai'roads and a bridgs, we bsve a
quiet, assured tone of confidence,
whicn is sure to be lasting."
Ci.osi no! prices of July options at
Hhirnim vesterdav: Pork. $8 55; lard,
6c ;" clear: rib sides, 6.35c ; corn, 35jc ;
wheat, 78jc; oats, tic.
Tim Galveston Siirnal Service rot-
ton region bulletin yesterday showed
nenrlv irereral rains to-day through
out trie Texas cotton belt. The mean
rain full urns 27-100 of an inch.
A srLENDii) sample of orchard
gra ses was on exhibition at tte Mer
chants' Exchange yesterday, grown by
Mr. W. P. Kunavant et "Magnolia.'
Mr. Dunavant has fifty acres ol it and
expects a good yield.
T nKntu-iKd'n nrtnme. Kdenis.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine loiei.
Lnndborg's perfume, Lily of tue
Lundborg's perfume, Marcha: Niel
pooa-Biu roucY.
Aa Ontpnkes) Member of the Force
Taluk There's Another and
Better Way.
"How doea the Utest order strike
you ?'' asked an A itkal man yrster-!
day of one of tbe brightest, mcst e'-'
ficient and most feirless membets of
ths Police Department.
"The standard of the force shculd
bs raised," he ssid, "and that may bs
the way ti do it, but of all the ill-ad
vised amateurish methods to come
from man of affairs, it strikes me as
the most miserable."
"In wlut way?" was asked.
"In every way. It lcoks to me very
much like an effort to appear to want
to do great deal without being will
ing or anxious todo anything. It is a
hair triggered, impracticable sort cf
thing, unwor by of a man of Mr.
Hadden's experience. Haeta-ts out
by sayirg thut t'u men a e to lu
droppid Lext year. Why say ten, or
ppeci'y any number? It t'ie whole
lorce is g red, ktep teem ell; ;t nit,
make a clean swiep. If ton men nn
the force aie wo.-th'ess, which is t he
infoience, why keep teem for eijjit
months longer, a dtaa; on t ho depm
ment? II President Iladden and the
Commissioners are reahy anxious to
do something 'o incrfaetheetlii incy
nf tbe force, why don't they call Chi-f
Davis up and ask him to name the
men who sre inelluMut, and put
orhers in t'jeir places? He knows
tbem nil by thoir bark', aad this
ttiing of keeping ia ly won't do.
Why. soma ui these fellows will go
around like wo.v s, seeking whom
they may devour, under the impres
sion tint the man who makes most
streets will be given the bUhest cred
it . It is not r r c'icnl common senss,
and it will lead to all sorts of compli
cations. The thing for the Commis
sioners to do is to get good men for
the beads of tbe various depaitments
if the pteient incumbents canno: be
trusted, and bold them re spons ble.
Did you ever see the Mikado t Well,
now, President Hadden is a regular
"Pooh-Bah." As that awful individ
ual says, it is his "degrading duty to
serve this nimtartcity as First Lird of
the Tnasury, Lord Cuiof Justice,
Commander-iu-l hi if, Lord High Ad
miral, Master nf Buckhounds, Groom
ol the Bock Staiis, Archbish
op ot Titipu and Lord May
or, bo'h acting and elect,
all rol'e 1 i-.to one, and at a salary ! A
"Poo-Bah" paid for Lisseivices. Itio
volts tiiui but he does it. Now, 1 am
conviccrd that bn means it all lor ths
good of the city, but it don't wora out
tnat way. It all comes of the sort t f
Japanese government which results in
a dia'oKue between him and callers at
bis otHce.soniathing alter th;s style:
"Is the Mayor in?"
President of Commistioners?"
"President of Biard of Health?"
4 City Engineer?"
"Hospital Physician?"
"City Carpenter?"
"Chief cf the Fire Department?"
"Chiafofthe Police Department?"
"Can I see thorn?"
"Yes; which ons?"
"All of them."
"Step ligtt this way," he says, and
leads the visit )r into bis private ollice
and shuts tbe door. He will spend
two hours settling a row between
neighbors about their bens scratching
uo each otter s seed, a note in toe
sidewalk or a broken crossing. In tbe
Police Uourt In the morning he gives
ordeis to a crowd of negroes and a few
police which should go to tne uoiei
Whv.the Chief rarely ever hears any
tning first hand. He and his captains
are nothing mora tban errand
bovs for l'rrsident Hadden, who
ban bv that means nearly de
stroyed the Chief's usefulness. Take
aey from tbe Chief his power
to set under the law, in a general way,
as lis sees boot, and let it bo under-
et)ud tnat any man under him can
wa k over his head to the President
aLd he becomes a mere figure
head. I blame the Chief, too, for not
difn'avinz more courage. He is one
of ine best men and best officers who
ever donned a uniform, and fully a'iU
to run Mi department ii it was tuinei
over to him, ss it should be. He has
been looking to Mr. Hadden for orders
about trivial matters so li ng, however,
that it wi 1 tnk him some time to get
into shape again. He would be ra'tled
if r e knew there was a member of the
ioicj talking to newspaper man tnis
way, but a little rattling won't hurt
him. 1 am nis iriena ana i mnw
eeehim impo;ed oa. Don't g'vsme
away, or you will get me fired; but
you can put it down that if Mr. Hal
den follows out his present Pooh-Bah
policy he will worry nimeen into an
early grave, ani si emasculate every
Chief he has that none of theia will
be worth their feed by the tn his
ttrmisout." "
Fire Company to Be Droaned.
The Fire Department was Vated to
pronunciamento yesterday by tte
Commissioners. It is as loJffws:
Taiikq DiKTsrcT, JSes 2, 188.
Jamei E. Clary, Chief of tbe k'ire Dopart-
iTIs'the intsntioa of Fire and
Police Commissioners at the next nn
noal election of your force, say Feb
imry 1, 187, to droo sn entire com
pany, and supply ths vacancy thus
made with tew material. You wdl
notify the iceral companies of this
fact, and procures book in which yon
wt 1 regis:er escn company, ia iuo
book thus opened ycu will keep an ac
count with each company of tne con
dition of their dormitory, cf the sani
tary condition of the engine-bouso
and (table, of the condition ol the en
gines and hirness, of the condition of
me horses, of the conduct of the men,
of their dress and general deport
ment, of the efficiency and prompt
ness in answering alarms and going to
and reiurniDg ftom fires without dam
age to t'jeir apparatus and to that cf
cit ssns. When yen make a debit
mark against any compaay or member
there-jf you will take the cap'a;n out
privately aad inform bim cf it and
not communitMts it to any ens ilse,
net even t o your e'erk. Previous to
tbe election yonr reiordwill be read
hv thu Commissionvrj. and the com
pany having tbe lonrebt record will la
dropped and Dew men buii v.iu-.tu.
Wa tliit.k this line of a-lioti on fi
pa't of th Commii-8;oners wi 1 neve a
fa utary eueei in ini t'-iibiii-.i i""
ciency "ef your force, 'nesid h owing
to the department and the public cen
erally the compaay most worthy of ri
tention and promodon. Instruct your
fi;ce to ttke no part In po iti.-s o'.l er
than to go to tbe polls and vo'e on
election dav.
llAVID P. HMitKN, Prat't.
larU of Fir anU Pulioi CuuiiuifKioDeri.
Til 1'lrrraau Kill! aad a Xnuiber
r Bom (an T'lly I-miuaw-d.
Passer trva cominc in at noon on a
delayed tr Ai a yeteiday, via the Louis
ville and Nashville railroad, report a
terrible accident as bavirg or, urrMl at
a point jut this side cf Humboldt
abTut 4 o'clock ia We mornirg.
Tbe incoming train, wnicn stionid
have arrived bera at 5 o'clock yester
day morning, was- sidetracked at
Humboldt to await (tie clering away
of a number of ri'g trre, whicti were
said to lave lal en icnss the t a' k.
Tie cocduc or bad alsorere.Vid wara-
irir ol fanirer Irom washing last th s
aiie of Humboldt, aid it is atxted
tint tne conductor ri tne tooyuma
freight was a'so intorfced, but pf "o
heed to tho warnirrp, pasjHd 'jj111'
buldtat a good rat id h a
train of rotne twelve or libettfi Waded
cas, and s ruck the weak lir full
u t. Ihe cross-tiet had rcouie loos
ened by the washing away of earth on
account tf th" overlimv of an adj lin
ing sTesm. Thi cos n and oieor
two tars pifsed fairly over b t
the thirl ir fourt'i car swurvnl,
taking rui's and cro.'St is wiih it, and
inattntly tot after l-x was tUshed
into tho b oik, coal, ii.ao, il and mir
celUneous freight being F(Mtterd in
every direction. The enrs m.M split
or bronen iato piece, thtowr tithe
right and lelt, and piled on lop ol each
orhor in a confu-ed, shapvlu-w umm.
Tim fireman and endneer jumpnl,
and the former, whoe mine said to
bo G.illin, was killml. Tiie engineer
es'apid. After some hours the wait-
ng passsngrrs ai imnieouu were
taken on board ths accommodation
nud brought to th ciiy.
Krrlatil Iraan Hrn lnl nn Ihe I,,
and IX -1 lie rirrinan Ulllrd,
Humbolut, Takn., June 3. The
we t bound f r. ight iriiia on the Louis
ville and Nastm.l.-i railroad was
wrecked about two inili-s west of this
place at 1 o'c'ock la-t t igh. An un
prttceleutsd fre-bet had washed ths
tia-.k up for sevirl yards denraurni.il
trestle. Eight cafe were duVaile.l, tour
of that number Tii gtf- Int pplin
to:s T..e firenrliijke Giillin of
Memphis, iump.ft Jfiit the cab, bihI
was killed oy acar-lcud of c nl fnilirg
on bun. No one el n was injured.
AnolMr Wrerk.
The niirht train nn the Memphis
and Charleston nilroiid waseigtit hours
late, not nrrivin Juntil about 1 o clock
this morning The delay was caused
by a bud wreck nenrTiiHciunbia. Sev
eral cars were thtowu from the track
and splintered. Further do nils were
not learned.
Far Heruando HI reel F.xpeeted Hon
day Fort IMikerlug- and
Soallaml l.luea.
The Oil irecs' railway has received
advices that the griea cars for the
Hernando street line, which ends at
the mills at the Inie-s -iticn of Broad
way and the Kmtas toad, to which
point it is comph t', will be Bhipped
this week. The line out into Scot'and
will be in operation about the 2t)th,
It is neatly finished and will be a
pnfl ab'e route. It will run from the
Custom-Home out Sncond lOiEx
chanto, Exchange to Fourth, Fourth
to Thornton avenue, Thornton ave
nne to Alabama, AUba-na to High,
and oat High to Johnson avenue.
Work on the Fort Pickering line will
begin next week. It wilt rua from
the Custom-Hou e ont SbelbjtoCal
hcun, tbence toTeunes-ee, thence to
Georgia, thence to Fourth, and out
Fourth to J.tikeon street, Ihe city
Tonne Ladlea Who Will Eahlblt at
Ibe Nindlo To Day.
The f illowing ladies will have work
on exhibition st Miss Ashe's Studio,
280 Main stn et to-day:
Mn. Kmlly Armour, Mn. Bnbt. Armour,
Mm. Thu. Harper
Mia trunk Howard.
Mn. Mohlr'jr.
Mill Tate Larkin,
Min Mcliruw,
Min Mary Lilly.
MiM Annie Ashe,
AlMjirA Kfiffnf.
-Mia Konoeilr.
MiM KHnnUTui-ker,
Mini Kva Clcnimor,
Mira Mnmtie Kin,
Mill Emma Judo.
Mm Aonie lbuiual,
Mill blitaboln oKar, anpi L.UIU .anone,
MiKi Hume Uil'b. Mi'i Amelia Parham,
Him Park lAiuboth, Miri Katie Cnnawur,
Mini Annie Mcileor, Mi" Uattio Wbile,
Mm Mirtin Jenkini, Mi Koeil,
Mini Leo t'oonell.
The friends of the ladies are invited
to a'tend during the dav. The Studio
will remain opun until 10 o'clovk at
Husky Duckoubb and CafTey Rob
erson of Hernando, Miss., were in
the city yesterday.
Tickets for the operetta at the
Clara Conway Institute this evening
can be had at the book store -
T. K. Dbffbiv, who la'ely visited
our city as a Busch Zouave, is now
permanently located wkh- the " Mem-
Shis Steam Shirt Faetery and Laun
ry. i
nr. 1 II A Tmnc naulA.Ar II, a
AUK Jvev. II. . uuurn. I'ltn'i wi ."w
Court street Cumberland Presbyterian
church, who was regarded yesterday
as dangerously ill, was thought to be
better at a late hour last night. . He
has been sufiering with nervous pis-
trution since his return irom tne rs
ii.iit nipptinir of the seneral assembly
nf tin re wrous uenominau'iri, nu
his many friends will hear of his ill
ness with deep regret.
Tui scholars of St. Mary's School
attended the funeral of Tilhe Brooks,
yesterday, under the guidance of Sis
tor Hughetta. They were arranged
each side cf the walk, and when tLe
body was tome to the ljearse many
an eye was suffused with team. Her
class, consiHting of tvelve lovely
girls, Accompanied the remains to
Kim wood, and each one, in kind re
membrance, placed a ftoral tribut9 on
ihe Brave ( one tie a'l deeply
W. L Ci.abkk and wife left yester
day evening f"r tie Western lakes.
Mr. Clarke is of tbf firm of Cioodbar
& Co., a irentlciiial of high attain
rrcnts, the strictest integrity, and is
considered one cf the rising young
business men (i Memphis, home
body has said tbnt good manners are
the shadows of treat virtue, and this
is trua of Mrs. W. L Clariie, for she
is not only chaining in her manners
but admired f..r her many womanly
vir lies.
Centriil nrft'rj,
qo Marknf H'reet. Teleuh m i "17,
duction of prices for baiaa e
of tbe
THE ttVIM Hlltll B1KS
A Jinruber of Leid ng Memphluns
tJlres.(ime Excellent Keaaons for
Satlttluliig Them.
Metnbersof the I'x'cutivo Commit
tee of the Western Waterways Con
vention and others had a me t rg yes
terday and drew np tl e to. lowing u e
mor al, which was srnt to t-ei a'or K
L. Oiidron of Louisiana, and a'so to
Senators Walt ha I, Harris and Catch
ings: Tne Memorial.
To the Honorable Senate of the I'nited
Bute I :
Uknta-imkn Inasmuch as the
House of Representatives has deemed
it proper by certain amendments to
the river and harbor bill, which passed
that body, to ran discredit npon the
Mississippi River Commission, and
either to effectually deprivesaid River
Commission ol its proper (unctions in
controlling the work of improvement
of this great stream, or at lea t to cre
ate doubts and apprehensions in the
mir.dj of the people touching tins
matter, your petitioners lespeitfully
rrav that you will rescind the objec
tionable amendments refeir.rd to, or
at h ast that one offered bv Mr. Hep
burn, which is evidently d signed to
etuascnlnte the River Ceuiitiii sion ;
for it it is ncn-efljctive, ss some C in
gressmcn maintain, it should bs re
moved from the bill as only lerving
t ra so unuocestarv doub's and create
ainbiKiiiiy,aiu1 if it has the effect which
its mover designed we f, el certain that it
ii prove exceedingly hurtful ts the
vast commercial iuieru ts hi"h we
in part rcpreeont, and which we con
ceive are dependent upon a wise and
mi ell K ut conduct of the wotk ft
improving the navigation cf the Mi
B'sdppi river, whicti was so nu pi
c ons y begun and carried forward
under the able management of the
River Coiniiiiesion until it was unfor
tunately brought to atop by the re
fusal of the Forly-Kighth Congress to
make provision tor its continuum e.
We fur I cr desire to show that cur
salves and a great majority of the
people in thu Misilsrippt Valley
whoso inter.'Sta are coticirced In the
improvement sud nav path n cf ihe
MiNsissippi river, as has been evinced
in the act on of tbe several river im
provement conventions held at mo
dry times and places during the pait
year, have entire cor U lence in the
wisdom and ability of tho Miesirslppi
River Commission to deal with this
great problem, end we feel every a -Ftirance
that if allowed to proceej in
tlie work without einbariaH-inetit for
waul of uieaus or from lettrictive lg
iela i n the River C imm ssiun will
cirry it to ultiuia'.e aud complete suc
cess. We fuither wish to imprets tbe idea
that so great a problem is this din
only b( sti"cefBfully solved by well
coticeived plans ot operati ins based
upen patient ai d painetiking expeii
menis and a thorough kr.owledge of
tbe MiBNMiiipi river denved irom in
telligent and uccura'e obeeivations ot
i s pbeneni n.
We feel aai-urrd that the River Com
mission has purMRj tho only prrinr
course in dealing with this subject;
that i' lira a quired a vsst deal of in
formation recers ry ti the purp se in
view not h r tofore knn n, aud that
it baa already nadti va'u,.b' pn grees
toward it u tuiniiH nt, us evidenced by
the iiniirirtuiit md tnlx'untial rcl elto
naviiation stlo dod by the etlorts
made In vnioui locililies on the Mis
s KsiDiii rivi". r.o ah'.v at H neTail
R'acl, wiieie H e w rke cov-r about
two 'y mi! s i f ei'ie nely I a I river,
aidvu.ire i e low wat r ic.t ilni
be. n i ere. nod to in ire th;n douVI)
t. e o.ig .i'l d ii li t'urie prva:l iig;
at IV ii m I'.wui reich, e rvviing at nut
i ig t en tniir-e cf b d river, wh'ire th1)
depth 1 as a'so b en doub ed, aid fi s
imp ovoimuii ma ula ned no hi n
standing lire ahaenca of all fuither a'
tention. for lack of means, since, Janu
aiy,188&; thechannel across Bulleiton
bar, heretofore one of the most trouble
some ti navigators on the river, fiom
its ih'f Ing la'.ure and sboal condi
tion, which has remained unchanged
as to location, and easy navigable
depth iiMin atned sines tne sc om
Dlishmetit of tho works of improve
ment; at Pr ivldence Reach, covering
about twenty miles of bad river,
where formerly very tenons olietruc
t ons to nav gat ion pr.'vaihd at e verv
low water seaeon, where the djptli
has been doubled, and the imp-oved
cuii'litim Diaintaincil, nutwnliHland
ing the lack of m ans to bcs'ow need
ed attention uron the works for more
tban a year pas. It my be here
mentirned asapeitioent fact th
formeily the larger cUbs of boals ply
ing bitween New Orleans and points
above veto c niprlhd tosusrend nav
'cation or sunslitu'e f-maller boats
during low water on sec tint r.f tbe
bsd liver in Providence Reach, but
sires the inaugural i rn of the K'ver
Commisei on wora navigatioi here Iuh
proceeded witLuut interruption at ail
seas ins.
, The treatment of Memphis harbor
bar baen eminently succeesfnl is f ir
as ttie protection worn nasex encen
Valuable property on the MempMs
front, especially the lurge Anchor
Line Elevator and ths cotton com
pnss, was invaded by the caving bank
so as to render necesf ary its abandon
ment. Since the applira ion of the
revetment this property has tec;me
so loenre that It has be n rooccupieo
and Dortions of the buildings wtiich
had been destroyed by the civil) g
bank have been rebuilt over the reve
ment. thus showing an entire absence
of further annrehens'on for their
We. theref ire. in common wirh the
people of tbe great Mississippi valley,
irreatlvdeoiecateany legislation which
will in any wise emburrasa cr interfere
wnn toe oera iodb oi mo tviver
nission in making practical applies
hun of its plana for tbe improvement
oH hi liver.
. li rouclnsion. we would further
most respectfully suggest that tho
River Commitsion cannot be expected
to accomplish any Urge proportion of
tbe woik it has disiar.eii. witn an ap
propriation which is so fr below the
estimated cost of said work, and we
should ftol much gratified if the ap
propriatirn weie intrsared to an
amount mors nearly commeneurate
with the magnitude and importance
t f the wor. Very respectfully,
.KJ11N H. T(IUK,
T. (1. IUNKY.
Executive CounuilUe We-tcrn Waterway;
Convention, rei.reaonliug MercbuuU anil
Cotton b.ebn.
I'reiiilent MemrhU More' an'' hn-hance.
Pre-l le tt'otimi Kxi-hanice
iiy J. C. bjKLY, Prenidonl.
A SOl'TtlKRN LADY-To awociate her
II aell with are-pon Pile nou-o anu rnp
.....nt , in lr nwn InCKlltv. Hood aalar
... ...v. ... .1 Pniiliiin nr minent . Tler-
ennei exebauae-f. ti A Y 4 liKUTUKiitj, 16
Barclay itreet, Niw iork.
VI W PROS t.HH.-We are now flnif hina- Collara ami ruff, after tbe latent New York
fanhion a poll raeJiuin KUan tinih. Reeit up with tbe atyle atut time anil lend ua
your Cullatt and I'utTa. We ill i y Kiprma I'naniea buth waji on packaiei auouBtinf to
ard (.hariree one way on ffkaaea of Iom anmunt.
fKliaN: Collar! and I'uBt, Sic per doten; r-birU, loo ei,-h.
With telf-Meajurlnt Carda, lent by mall oa application. You ean have a new let of Shirt
laadebyienaiBB at an old one to ineaaure by. WRITS KOH OuH 1'HICKd.
r. rAMPBni.1.,
jri ii k
I l i t: .M i ll
am ai, ru h
V'luH(lyf June 1, issn.
it a Procoaaton at 1 ::ki p.m.'i.u
SOLI) HAPi'K-IHamond rliaped name
1.7 enaraved on bark. Oener ean get by
callina at Men-bant.' hichanae.
NKW PHtMtKSN-Kor making old col
lara anil nifl'ii look new. hee advertiae-
ment of Vomobia Stnani Laundry.
CMSTKKNS-Uullt and repaired and war
J milled. Inventor of the Hanitary Port
end Lenient rump. Contranlur anil nrica-
a yer, 'I eleprome Hua. 1 iinri ri' mil wr.
1I1W Kuturdav afternoon.
cow aln nt
large rod
aix yeara old, white, with
until email burns, turning in; long ami
all in ahaiie; in good outers branded on
ight hand bin, unto ruo'ivd on, c. I . I.in-
ral reward lor uuormaiion, or u reiurneu
o l.ro Alalmnia afreet
iIK I.AIttiK UKICK nillbPINll-Known
it ai
lingle OOM-Nioely lurnlaed. In nit or
ai Aiinnr.,-iiri.
1 J OlISK-Kor the aummer trontha,
I li
nlahed houae with e roonia, well located.
Ke to re n e a reu. u re d K K NTK KjA p poal.
NICK COTTAHK-Three room! on Colleai
atrret, near inuth (ate ul Kliuwood.
Apply at 'M Union atreet.
j new ootton-rooin
tt Union atreot
tOt ln toel.
C10TT0N-H11KI) Corner of tlnlon and
J Third atr eta. K. K. MKACM AM
K-UDKNl!K -For three or montha,
Diy roaidenne In Ihe city of Kurt Month,
Ark., wilh or without furniture. Ilrlok
ouae Willi ten roonia, in ma rotm
art ol the rlty Hood well of water and
hydrant in the yard) houae furmahed with
gaa; near ilreoi-ear line I every oonveuicnoo
of a huuie. Addreaa
l. Af. nr.ai.ni
Fort Bniith, Ark.
KKMIDKNOK During the luinmer, a uh
urban reatdence, luroiahed, near boule
vard atreet eara. Large garden, Hne abade.
etc. None hut flrat-elagg tenant neeu appiy.
b. 11. liAHD, miiajanil rawn. mbi'iiv.
HOtI8K-No. Kl Fifth atreet, Chelaea.
Apply to J.O. WILLI MHON,
Airrm. IV. moore a.
C1LARKNUON IIOTKL-Fitty-four ileep
J ing-roona, furniahedi kitchen and din-Ing-romn
fully equipped.
B.JMo II KN RV, HeoelTer, 292 Beeond it.
HOII8K-A new douhle-Unement houae. 4
rnomlnn each aides nioely Dniahedi
large yard; tn fot, all eonvenlenoea, on
Ko avenue. oou oiaiern. nwi w
K. Quinlan, t.H Manaaaaa at.
UHNIHHKD K00MH-For genu and for
houaekeeplng, at 1 IB Court atreet.
rnwil aaal
elegant front room, furniahed
I nnfarniahed
ar a-i Adam. ai.
mil Itllv Two Nn. I drav mulea.
;IH4 Front atreet
LABOR KKH Apply at M , II. and A.
K. K.,oornorjlroadw..y and Main ata.
1IIY-A gooil aiao gentle ponys niut
mo iiuy-A
be aound and late fur Udy to drive.
Addreai ut
C'Piff o' f"r on" rB,r.
one year, tlood In -
i')JJ tereat
nod Brat-elani ao"urlty.
Addreaa r. ia., appeai. )
HOKSK ()R M A RK - For i.haeP n, mltable
lot lady to drive. Call t Uo-e ol
iTIkKAIhiRI 'N.W-H Kr ntat
JOOK-Colored man ",..
-Good white girl.
HOHBKS To pagture: V' per monlU.
T.uV.hnn". JOHKIMI ill RN KY.
CtOOK A good cook to Hve on the prom
) I.e. ,V 3Qi HKCONDBt
La hratad (Ivol
Tn ll and aee the cele
brated tlypay Clairvoyant, at 117 Third
atreet, near Poplar
CtOOK A good man eook and a woman hi
J oook at VYeat Mempbia Uutel, acroaa
the river.
Ol! TO LOOK At the Memphli Bleam
Laundry ad. anq learn w awy m
POSITION By a good iteady Boy in aiore
or oBire. Addreaa J. P., Appeal office.
i made the greateat diaoovery of the age
In filling teeth wiUi gold. For the nel
thirty dan I will fill teeth for IJ.
Main atreet
For pleaaant rooma at 2."7
ain atreet, near Court Square.
AGENTS coin money with
Photo outfit, and colli
our Amateur
iting family
plotureetoenluriie. I pec lei - ....
E M P I H E CO V ' i IN U CO.. :tMI Canal at.. V Y.
iwcial to-day ofier.
Ti-BATIIER-Old and new feathen
liigheat oah urkepaid ai
" UAHAY'BMiriHhelbyitreet.
MgN and women to atari a new ouaipea.
at their homea. eaaily learned in an
houri ire to one an nour uiu
evening. Bend loo lor a package of eauiplei
and 24 working aampiea to rouimenoe on,
EN. ETC. 2U0 atatlon men,
no ue-oieaora,
Nl teama.
if cbopMra.
on Bald Knob exteniion.2.' oillea Trom Mam
phu. Apt ly on wrk at Tyronaa river, or
to Toof, Me.ao.an A l o B(;
fKN-To do atition worg on Held hnob
1 L railroad ; atation work at 11 to 1 1 cent.
Alto, tie-ur-kera at 12 ceota. Apply to
IIAHVKY ,v BCD IT. lyrontie.
OLD UOLD A SILVKR-Korca.h or ex
change. MIILFORte.wMM.'Oliiji;
v T filll lTih orlrea
aid for old and now
FX FEATII KKS at tH Main atreot
ft-i (( l SALARY
Til AllKTS-d-
OlA-M lyf 'Ire" at
oni-e, I'll ei ut i a
ELkCTRIU GOODS, Mi Broadway, Io
York.Tbe only gen uine.
AGENTS - In every ertin of the couni.ry
for'twoNew Hooka, jual readr. SraMAi
r...,, men of experience capaole o, 011-
.. - larritnrv. Btte eaiierien'.
....1 urr,t.,rT wanted.
(limited), HJ2 Broadway, .
horn atreet. Chicago.
and. 40 Dsir-
" Proprietors.
221 NF.cnxn st.
iiuvMi m:v KO( KAWAY.
I i:l fell to the highest bidder, Juaa
Ml Ii. al 11 o'clock a.m., corner Main
and Madison at., one NKW HOCK AWAY.
8.W A K KI.SON. Tr u tee.
For Sulo nt rultlic Auction.
No. 17 l.ludi'U Nirffl.
The hoin of Mr. Julius A. Tnylor. It it In
very intrlo ortlor, iu lait riiitlot in ovary
r n,''t, mn! wttltin li'it lutimtfn' wtlk ol the
buxincft rentrr f Mi'iiii'tim. I'nrttn!! Jonir
itiff t tnnimi't the riuift4 will o I on Mr.
Tttylor Ht bin otliof, or hi atrent ( No 2,.7
Secontl Ntrurt , linforo Ihe tiny of ala. The
mile of (bin cli iriuhiir rtty konifl, nilmirabtf
itntnl tor h protrtoJioi.Hl or coniiueriMtil iten
llemnn. will be m mi from th corner of
TniMlny, Jnnr Mill, nl II oclrk A.itt,
TKHMH-Onn-thini ennh, nna-thtr.l Id U
nnd ono-third in 24 month, with ti ior cnt
intercut. Snln withmtt limit. Ttte intlia
imtahlo. K. W. 110 V S i' K It A CO.tSftlcwuien.
OF -
Sx llaiidsiiine New Flro Itooincd Ilea
Idoncos and tS llountlfiil liulld
liitf Lots on
Till IIN14V, Jl'XK 10, 1SS,
ItoglnniitK nt 11 o'clock ,m.
LockIim. mi Wlkor, Cuininiiigii ir J Kim
wonti nvnutii( two blookn troiu t niinunof
linnlu utrrnt cur line. Ilouimfl urn Iritnii
now, bfnutil'iilly Hint tttbutiintially built
with clonntn. ciitrit. oii'houftn, etc.
TWO U)T8t -Mix toot taut., luld with
fri h0UN.
lermi ftT bo-Men wl'h two Intd, frh
btiUnce, if per manth, with ti er ot tit. in
For vacant lot, I o ciwh : baUnoe, f 10 per
month, wit . A per omt intomnt.
I'urrhmieri dtniriiig to jiay all Ciinti will
hnve5)er cent, diwount on doforrod pj
Property ahown at any time previoui to
aale br applying to T. A. LAMH
or J.
li A K KIN. ownera. 10 Mndiaon atreet.
eplendid opportunity to partiea who are
tired of paying ronta and want a home of
their nwn.
Jaoob Ntelnkuhl will be nn the ground
wilh a lull line of refreahmenta for blddera.
I "I iU f.MH
C'Of UUt T,) tn ln ,un" to
OiUUU auit partiea having nolea well
indoraed, rent notna, chattel morlaragei or
other reliable itourity. Iripiireat
ill piKI'ONl ST.
ClOW-Owner can have by proving prop
' erty and paying obar-ea.
J.ll . HANKS. Luoy avenue.
I lUW-On May tf.Mh, one apaokled enw.
) W. II. N K' HON ll
Inaa avenue.
PKNUIL-IIold and pearl panoll. Finder
will be rewarded by reluming to lit
Medleon atreet
rpiiK IDKA-That collar! andouffa eannot
Y be re-laundried to appear equal to new
work. Kee Memohia Kteaui Laaudry adver
tiaewent fit iiarilru'ara.
KOOMH AND BOARD-Deatreble newly
furniahed room! and boa.d at ID Market.
ROOMS AND HOARD Dealreble rooma
and board at 72 M idiaon atreet.
( 1I101UK ROOMH-VYllh or wlthoot board,
WIS iquarei Irom Hayoao. ibi blielby it.
TOOM8-One large front room with bal
1 V cony and one large
bank room with
larg. dreaalng-n om, and
can he louud in tbe city.
i then at good aa
At 4 Maiaol itreei.
vi. JAMES IIODBK-Cor. Second and Ad
) ami ata. Room and board f ler week.
Day board M per wcok m
OOM-Furniahed room, with or without
board, at I lit Court aiecet.
OAHD-Wilh excellent ,oin,
xroiiom i hi in,
rr NICK Rooma, furniahed of uolurnlahed,
) with owiUnutoard,jtjnMjaliao
TpVVO Targe unlurnlahed rooma, with or
1 without board, at tW Madiaoa llreel, cor
ner Third.
Chep. at i
II good conditinn, choap. canon
r. A. JONKt A CO ,ni moi
Ai A UAailAlll vaa ijimiiw. .uiw vi
gana. one parlor alove, one carper
I.I.U. ...iinlan. .helvlna-. etc.. at t Maata-
T A BAftGAlrf One piano.
on atreet, near Clarendon Hotel.
LONGINK, Beller, Tubi, Rlngen and
IU complete outfit for a Btaam Laundry,
Will be fold cheap by S GAHAY, Agent and
Oim nlnn Merchant, 4(H) Sbelby alreet. m
BRICK-YARD-Coinplete: two Andrewl
dry dirt trlp-hainiuer macbinea, eapae
Ily 3(1,010 to 40,omi er day ; forty horae-powef
engine, boiler, ihedat everything ready for
buaineae: pleniilul lupply of dirt, rat
term...t...d..re.a aowAN AC()
274 Front (itreet. Mimphla, Tenn.
C!URHY-No. 1 lurry and double harneaa.
lJ Lilly make. Cheap
ORSE-A gentle hor.e and a ityllan
. new light apring waaon, cheap.
WM. 11 maaiaon etrcei.
UGIY'-Oneaecond hind buggy.one lad
die and harneaa BU",,T 8T
MARK-Bay, V handa high, yearai Una
animal. App y to Superintendent
kliuwood Cemetery, at north gate, or al th
nmcejrriJJnio atreet. ,
PHAETON-One low phaeton and har
neaa. both in good order: will be aold
very cheap. Addreaa PHAKTON, Appeal
ra.Jjor call at Mate Female College. ,
I Receivable or ai
Btate. OVERT
or any and all duea to in
) B W. BARlrtAahlajoiTjann
j V. H. LARKIN, Larkinaville. Ala.
Mai corda of wood in amount to
auit purchaaeri.
COrrtWIl.L BUY a new buaineae lor
OV'U the ctiile of Tonneaaee. Ala
bama, ittiaaourt or LOUlian, w
caab profita at once: a monopoly lully cro-.
tocted. Parlica wo-lilii. a g o d buaineM ad
dreaa M ANHFACTt' KKri.thii oftice. t
C 1I1EP FOR CSU The two-atory Brick
J btorehouae, N. I'sl Bealo atreet, ju
ea-t o' Doo,t.,: lot 21T.-; will take I'A'.a).
GF.O. T. VANCE, Citiaens' Bt. R.K.ol,-.
1 hV PuRt N EW S, V A.-lwW
J I. water fro t. tl feet deep. For fult
Intormation addreaa M. A. Dfc.A.N,
47 Lexington itreet, Baltimore, Md,

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