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Cotton quiet Middling, 8
!a!e Yesterday, 801)
Morey in fair demand at 8 percent
Local securities dull, but steady.
Tlie cotton market closed quiet;
mid 1 in).', 8',c. Sales, SOO bales. At
New York spots were steady and 1-16:
higher; middling 91 c.
C. L. Greene A Co.'s report on cot
ton futures says : "There was more
do'ngbut at quite break in price and
general selling out of recent invest
nieiitn. The shading was about six
points, and while a trifle steadier feel
inn prevailed at that break there was
no reactionary tendency. A sharp
break in silver quotations from Lin
don, and improved crop advic;s from
the Texas district were the principal
depress;ng features."
At New Orlea-is spots c'osed quiet,
middl'mr Me: futures quiet and
steiiv and 7 to 0 po'nta lower; Ju
8.8038.90c. At Liverpool spots clofed
firm, in fair demand, middling 5'
futures dull hut M6d higher, June
In the general market eggs are
in ffood demand at lie. No other
change! of note.
Six hundred and nine ska bran,
76 nkirs butter. 1U',0 rolls bagging, Ui
nls bacon. Ii nkus boots and alines.
Tiiii lm corn, 2 cars cotton-seed, 570
Bks cott n seed, 2 pgs dry goods, 8
Tikirs eegs, 672 bales hay, 10 hd hogs,
4 hd sheen. 1J3 okiM lar.l. 70CO ft lum
be. 85 pkL'j liquor, -10 brls niolus-es
and :!:! brls potatoes
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn anil in store
bv regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received. 12,10:2 bu; withdrawn,
SMS bu : in store. :'..S fr92 bu. Oata re
ceived, 1!)18 bn; withdrawn, 1242 buj
in Btore, 5 80 bu.
9 MulMhou St., Mcniphln,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing-Uouae report is as fol
Thiir dav, June 3, $253,901 78;
thus fir this week, $1,017,170 48; same
time last wee, 1911,583 73; same time
in 1885, J720,879 49; same t:me in 1884,
$004,545 91 .
Thurslay, June 3J, $05,211 26;
thus far this w-ek. J2H5.22J 33 ; same
time last week, :(242,373; same lime
in 1885, H91.345 83; same time in
1884, $157,162 75. '
New York sign', on all points, oar
baying, i premium selling; New
England dsmsnd, i discount buying;
New England eig 't, discount; Naw
Orleans,? discount baying, par selling.
Bank of Oomoaerce-143 hid, 151 asked
Fir?t National 145 bid, 152 asked
German Bank 192J bid, 195 aisked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere..l49 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank. .135 b,d, 137J asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... aked
.Hernando 101 bid, 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 askod
Memphis City 102 bid, 10"i asked
People 82 bid, 85 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 10) asked
Planters 105 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 21 bid, 22 a?ked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Faotora :20 ssked
Mem. Stor. Com. Uo105 bid, 100 a?ked
Mem. Gas sto;:k 78 bid, 82 asked
M. and 0. R.K.uharer..28 bid, ... aaked
M.& T. R.R. nharos....40 bid, ... askud
M. & C. consols, 7n...ll bid, ... ajked
M. & L. R. lt in. 8S...105 bid, ... asked
Mis3.&T.R.U.CJ,A...118 bid, 121 asked
MiBS.&T R U c?,B...UiO bid, 108 BBkea
Tenn. wts. seT. C 97 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wtp. ser. I) to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Shelbv Co. 6i 100 bid, 107 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, tii 93 bid, 93 asked
Tar. Di6t 63 1021. bid, 10ij asked
Mem. (irs bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Watr bondp 90 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works b;d, 05 asked
Am. Cot Oil trnra ...30 bid, 31 atktd
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..18 bid, 22 asked
New Yobk, June 3. Money on call
easy at 1J2 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper 4la5 per cent. Sterling
exchange Htcatly aod unchanged.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and steady to day. State bonds
were neglected. Railroad bonds were
more active. Sales $1,775,500, of
which Erie seconds lurnished $395,100,
Texas and Pacific 207,00il and Nor h-e-n
Pacific seconds $110,000. The close
was inegular, wi'h advanced in
majority of cases. Texas and Pa- ific
Rios, coupoi, 6 at 59; Rochester and
Pittsburg tirsts, 2 at 117; Toledo ad
Ann Arbor firsts, 2 at 125; Toledo,
Peoria 'and Western trust receipts, 2
at 95; Houston ard Texas general
mortgage, 3 at 04 ; AVabash, C hicago
Bivi-.ion fives, 2 at 88; St. Louis Kansas
City and Northern, Clarinda sixes,3 at
70. The chief interest in stocks in the
absence of any news having an ap
preciable effect on valu'S, was in
Richmond and Danville, which ad
vanced sharply upon the prospect of
obtaining complete control of the ter
minal prope ty.
8toc.s The loan market was act
ive, with considerable business in
Lake Shore. Some lareo b rrowers,
it is thought, loaned it liat to ease off
rati-s. There w-s conRiderab'e weak
ness in Louisville and Nashville, ac
companied by a revival of the story
of a receivership. The market opened
rather heavy and generally at j(5U
decline Pacific Mail was oil" and
I-ouisvillo and Nashville I per cent.
Ttiir, u-u n (iifiitriit.. lniKini'KA nnlv.
accomnanied bv con -idertble weak
ness. The ma Vet was then rallied,
and bt for-.t noon was in the neigh
borhood of opening prices Later,
ho ver, there was a free selling
movement, and luices were carried
down rapidly alter 1 o'clock p. in
sre-era!'y reaching the 'owest (f the
!ay ii' dire 2 o'c oik p.m. In the last
hour it became strong throughout,
I'er.irallv 'utmosed to be in cone
l uene "of Biij'port by the bid's, ard
it closed strong generally at small
fractions below the lest tigun-s. St.
Paul was the most active stock, and
furnished ti",350 stares, tackawanta
3tt,053, Omaha 34.1IO, and Northwest
ern and Lake Shore between I'O.lHtO
and 30,000 each. The net result of
the day's business is declines of frac
tional amounts in a majority of the
active list. St. Paul is off 1 and
Iuisville and Nashville I per re t.
Omaha Bhows an advance ol 1 per
cent, and Hichmoiul and Danville 9
p r cent
The total sales oi siocu 10 uav were
32,403 shares, including I), Land
W., 3o,s;;3; Kansas ana lexas, i-,-ou;
Krie, 847o; J-ane Miore, u,nu;
lxmisville and Nashville 15,h70;
Northwestern, 23, i2; New Jersey
Central, 3190; New York Cenral,
3063; Su Paul, ti7,8.30; St Pau' and
Omaha, 34.193; Texas Pacific, 5275:
Union Pacific, WW, western unioni
10,2-:0. Clos.ng quotations:
it g u ml. 4, roui, l'ii.
coup. HWi. Pacific 6i of 1895. 127,.
La. lUmi l, 4i,T8,4. MiHonri, 6i, 101N.
Tenn.tw, old, 5S. Tenn. 6, new, M
Cent. Fao. lt.117a. D.n. A R.U.l.'t.liO.
DenlR.ti. W.l U.75 Krie tecondt, 105:,.
M K 'A T.,den.iw.H2 Norih. Pao. lite, 1 IT?'
North. Pc. iid, WS.N. W.jte'n con.. 141
N.Wet. deb. 5i, HH. St L.S.F.Uen.M. ln4
Kt. Paul, cod., Sr.P.,C. 4 P. l.ta.iaX
T. P- laud icrani,38. T.P. R.G.eicim. w
0. P. ltn, lis. Wmt bhora, loJ.
...... L t- ...1
Adam Expreii, Hi), morna " A 7i
Allciliitiv Cen., .
Alton 4 T. II ,
A4T. 11., (ld.. .
Amerirun bx., H7.
U. C. K. A N.. .
t'nmila I'iic, 'l"4.
Cnnail Sou.,
Central Pacific, 41)
Che"Ht.eake 4 0.,
C. 4 O., U I'I'.I, lft',.
C. 4 0.. 2d itd., lo; a.
C. 4 A., 140.
C. 4 A . Ltd., 1"5.
C, II. 4 Q , 1
C.,t. L. 4N.0.,-.
ft w 1. b p 10U
.'anv:uo a v... is.
N. J. Central, ."2.
Nor. A W., .M.. S2',.
Northern l'lic, 'f'.
Northern P. pM.,.V,;.
C Jt N. W., 112',.
C. A N. W pM.tn
N. V. Central, ln2'.
N. Y. C. A Kt. 1... T4
N. Y.St.L.&'J .., lt
Ohio Central,
olii. i i Mm., '.
O 4 Mim.. eld.,
Onta'io 4 Wen' Wi.
OreKon Nav., Wi.
Oroirun Trans
c!, t'. L. 4 P. p. ,'iS1,. Oregon Imp., 1
C, 8. 4 0 , 33
C.4 C, 4U'j.
ltd. 4 liocf ,W
Del., 1.4 W., 12!'
Den. 4 KioU.. ir.'
Krie, 1".
hrie pl.t., 5'.'! .J.
Kaft Tenn., 'a.
Kavt Tenn. pld. 2' j
Kort U!avne. 14'1.
Panamii, Wt.
Peoria, D. 4 K., 22';.
Piitbur. 1.ti'.
Pullman P. C, 1:12,'
Keadinn, '22V,.
Kook Ik and, Wi.
St. L. 4 i. ..'
St. L. S. K..P..1vh.
St. L. 48. V., 1st I'.uii
llnnnibal 4 ht Jo., 0.
M. 4 St. P.,l!-
11. 4 St. Jo., pld.,
Hnrleui. 22ii.
llouaton 4 X., -tn
Illinoix Cen , l'l"
Ind., B. A W..S2W.
KansHii A T., 2i
Lake K. 4 W., 11';.
Late Shore,
Lnu. A Naab., 'IT.
C. M.4 St. P. .P.. 121
St. P., M. JtM.,1'4.
St. P. 4 Oiuahi, 4"'s.
St. Paul At.pfd..liV4
Tolas Paoifin. li'V
I nion Pao.flc, .rl'.
11. S. Kxiiremi, 611.
W.,St. L. AP.,7,'4.
W.,Ht. L. 4 P .p. ,17.
W. A F. Kx.. 12i.
Loa. 4 IN. A., 3.
M. AC. fimt ptil , -.W. U. Tel , bl?a.
M. AC. p.'d.. . Colorad .Coal. 24.
Mem. A Char., .SO. Homestake, 2il'.
Mich. Cen., W,. Iron Silver, ltfU.
M L. S.A W .TO'i;. Onlnrio,
M..L.8. W.,pM,v2. Uulrknilvar. 4
Win. A St. L., -M. Ouickillver.pfd, 20.
V. in. A M. L.pld.44'4. South Pacifio. .
M-Mouri P-i'ilie,10;i Sutro.lU.
Mobile A Ohio, 12.
London, June 3.-5 p. m.-Consols
10J910 for money and 100 11-10 for
the a' count. The amount of bullion
pone into the Bank of England on
balance to-dav is 'il.0i)0. The bullion
in the Bank of England increased
94,' 00 du'ing the past week. The
proportion ot the Bank of England
reserve to liability, which last week
was 37 7-16 per cent , is now 30 11-10
per cent,
Bkrlin, June 3. The statement of
the Imperial Bank of Germany shows
an increase in specie of 2,080,000
New Orleans, La., June 3. Clear
ings of the banks, $1,144,474.
New York, June 3. Exchanges,
$113,972,080; balances, $5,074,101.
St. Louis, Mo., June 3. Bank clear
ings, $2,511,073; balances, ,:!0.',359
Baltimore. Mn., June 3. Bank
clearings, $2,418,748; balances, $30 i,-
Philadelphia, Pa., June 3. Bank
clearings, $9,579,392; balances, $1,
Chicago, III., June 3. Associated
ban clearings for the day were J 13,-
B )ston, Mass., June 3. Exchanges,
$10,080,712: balances. $2,92600,
Money, 2 per cent. Exchango on New
York, 15 to 1c premium
The local cotton market openid
quiet, and close 1 quiet; middling, 8JC,
sa ne. SIM dbips. 01 wnicn tov vj
porters and 50 tt spinnerc.
Yeattriay. Wednesday
7i 74
Good Ordinary.,
Low Middling....
Good Middling.,
Middling Fair...
7J 7
88 8j
8 81
10 10
.Nom. Nom.
tija8 6S
i'8 7,8
Mkupiiih, June '', 1886.
Stock Sept, 1, 1885 l,39i
Received to-day i
Received previously. ..838,091
Shipped to-day 1,909
Shipped previously. ...494 51,2
. 1,072
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September lt
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
K. C, S. and M. R. R
M., S. & B. R. R
Wagons and other sources.,
Tbns far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
.. 6,5 n
.. 7,147
,..490 601
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L., N. O. & T. R. R
Sttamcrs north
Total 1,939
New York snt ts opened quiet and
closed eteady an1 1-ltc higher Sales,
901 bales. Quotations as lollows:
Yesterday. Wednesday.
' rdinary. 65 6 9-10
Onod ordinary. 8 7 15 10
T.nr middlinz. 8 13-16 81
Middling 91 9 3-16
finnd middling. 91 9 11-16
Middling fair- 10 7-16 10J
Fair 111-10 11
New York fnturps opened steady
sn.l closed auiet and steidv and 3 to
8 points lower than Wednesday.
Sa'et, 83,3"0 bales. The closing qui
fcitions were as follows:
Ytrday. Wednofday.
June 9 0K(910' 9.11(A 9 i3
Jul- 9.20(t 9 21
Angust 9 30(a) 9 31
Koptomber...9 .10(n) 9.17
October 9 04'j)
November.. .9 02'. 9.03
9 25MV 9 20
9 3'.(t 9.: o
9.22(il !
9 J2 bid
9 09(4 9 10
Decambc-r ...9 04'
January 9.1 lU 9 12
February 9 21 9 22
March 9.31(.t) y.32
April 9.4 9.42
The New Orleans
opened quiet, and
II 12 9.13
9.19(") 9.21
9.2!('rt 9.31
9.39(4 9 41
9 49(4 9 51
spot market
closed quitt.
Sales, i00 bales. Quot 4:101 were as
YestrdaT. Ve4lnesJay.
(j jod ordinary.,
Lw midd.iiiC.
Good middling
The New Orleans future market
stea.lv ana i t V ifi-"s lower man
WediifsJav. Sale. 12 0K)bales. Ouo-
tatious wtr as fellows
8.95(,i Stttl
9 00 i 9.01
9.04(.i) 9.IT)
8 83(.rt 8.S4
8.72rSk 8 73
8.6H(,i) 8.09
8 6S(i) 8 09
8 72(ii 8.73
8 82(k 8 83
8 93o 8.94
9.05 9.00
June 8 K8(5l 14 90
Juiv 8.9:'.(.) 8.94
Auttiist 8.H7(4 8 9H
September. 8 7l(S 8.75
October....- 8 03'irt 8 04
NovemMer- 8 69r 8.60
December - 8 tiM 8 61
January 8.73'ui 8.74
February... H.S4y ssj
March sytW 8 97
48 813-10
13 190
21 33 i
2sti 274
6 3!0
N Orleans.
Mohile ....
47 Si
9 3-10
Savannah Jutiiet.
Wilm'ton. st'dy.
Norfolk.... st'dy.
Baltimore lquit.
New Ycrk st'dy.
Boston Iiin'et.
Philrfd'a... dull.
S. Louie.. iiini-t.
Augusts... fijn i-t.
Receipt' at pitria, tuta dav, ISmO. 0,1. "!t
Keceip e a', porta, tins Jay, issj. M'.i
U'tS U. S
12,S 2!
10 957
Et. Gr. di
R'to Sep'. 1
ForVn Kx
3 895,115 3,021 710'3 501 9S
Increa e of receipts this year.. . .61 4. 1 03
At noon yesterday spots at Liverpool
were reported linn, nur ueniaiiu.
Sales, 19,000 bales, of which American
7200 bales. Receipts, 0,000, of which
American 4,200.
Tho following are the clos'ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-led; good
ordinary, 4ijd; low middling, 4 15-10d;
good middling, 52 ; middling uplands,
5Jd; middling Orleans, 5 3-10d.
Thf pr'va aw giivn in pence ami CA'ht,
thut: 4 03 wmiiiu 4 03 04c(; ami 5 01
hk(iii 5 1-01J. I
At noon: Liverpool futures were
steady. (Quotations were as louows
Tmi.u .liinn..Illlv R Old : Jlllv
Augti'st. ; August-SepUunber, 5 Olid ;
HeptemDe--UcU)l)er, ou.w; wiooer
November, 4 03d ; November-Decem
ber, 4 G2d ; December January, ; Sep
tember. 5 005 07d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool fu'nres were
firm and l-04d higherthan Wednesday
June. 5 051 buvers: June-July. 5 05d
buyers; July-August, 5 OOd sellers;
August-September, ft 07d sellers; Sep
tember October. 5 03d buyers; October
November. 4 05d sellers; November-
December. 4 63d Bellers; December-
January, 4 63d Bclltrs; Seitember,
5 (17(1 va ue.
At4n.m.: Liverpool futures wero
dull antf l-64d h'gher than Wednesday.
June, 6 011 s ellers; June-July, 5 OjiI
aiilli'rs: .lulv-Ainrust. 5 Ood buyers;
Angus -September, 5 COd buyers; .Sp-tenilier-October,
5 03d value Oct ber
November, 4 63d buyers; Novomher-
December, 4 03d sello s; iiec-moor-.lanuary,
4 63d sellers; September,
5 07d sellers.
The following is the record of tho
bids and offers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchants Ex
change yesterday :
No 2. white, snot. 40c bid. 42c
asked; Jane, 42o asked; July, 42c
asked ; year, 40c asked ; No. 2, spot,
374c o. t. Diu; June, 'c asEeu
year, 37c bid.
-ar O 1. fa Inna On hiii vnnr
30c asked: No. 2. Bpot. 31c bid; Juno,
31c b.d; July, 31c asked; year, 29c
Snot. $10b'd. $10 75 asked; Juno
$10 bid; July, $10 bid; year, $10 60
Spot. $2 10 asked; June,$2 10 asked
July, 12 15 asked.
Cohn White, 47c; mixed, 4Gc, from
t)re: from levee or depot, white, 44c
mixed. 4Uu: in packs, in round 101s,
whte, 42c: mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice.from store. 85c; prime,
7.)(480c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, cnoice, jni.41 ou
or me. $ 3(i)13 60: prairie. $ 8 ij8 60.
Oats White, 40e; mixed, 38c,
from store: round lots from leve on
track while. Backed, 37c; mixed
sacked. 35ic.
Bran From etsre, 85c psr cwt. ;
round lota from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Naw, $t 752; medium,
$1 00(41 75; German millet, $1 20(4
1 40.
CoBNMKAL-Standard, $2 102 25;
pearl, $33 25 from store, 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flour In car lote, double extra,
$33 50; triple extra, $3: family,
$3 75(44: choice, $44 25; fancy,
$1 254 53; extra fancy, $4 60(44 90;
patents, $5 25(45 65; from store
family, $44 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $4 654 90: extra fancy, $5(4
5 25; patent, $5 SOrafl 25.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 f0 from snre.
Hominy and Grits From store, $3
3 25,
Cbackerb Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4c; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7c; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extia, 6c; as
sorted tumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., Jnne 3 Wheat
higher: No. 2 red, rash, 631c bid,
04cafked; July, 645c; Augus, 65c
bid, 660 aeked. Cum quiet; No. 2,
cash, 25j; Ju'y, 20jc. Oats no quo
tations, St. Louis, Mo., Jnne 3. Flour
quiet but firm and higher; XXX,
2 55(2 05; fimily, $2 75(42 85;
choice,' $3 303 40; fancy, $5 70(4
3 80; ex'r fancy. $3 95(44 20; putent,
$4 00(44 80. Wheat aitive and un
sealed, strong and higher; the mBrket
opened steady and about to liigtier,
advancing lc more during the s ssion
arnid rap'd and wide tkctnations,
dosing if4Us Ireher than ye-t-rday.
No. 2 red, canh, 77J5; June, 77jcbid;
July, 77K:';78c, closing 7H,t; Aogunt,
781 i'7!l!c. closiPB at 78'c til l : r-ep'ern-
ber, 79 j(,8(Hc, cloiing at. SOJc. Corn
very quiet but firm, and l(n jicbigher;
No. 2. mixed, cash, 30i(.i 32!c; June,
30jc bid; July. 32Jc; August, ?3Jc;
k:ti.tL.liir U7,,Jlrt olaitiir nnminul.
Oats very' dull and lowtr; No.
mixed, ash, 20'i,2'l,c; June, 2rk
akrd; July, 2-ic: Auunst, 24j
hid. Rye weak, 59- anktd. tar
lev very dull and nrargfd. Hay
dull n l esy; tim thv, tlOfi-U;
prairie, ih'il. Flax etd quitt, $1.
Bran s fa . v, 43j. CVnun-al firm, 12.
RB(.ei;,tFlonr, 1000 rls; whtat, 11.
t'00 bu;ro:n, 69,001 la; oK 11.1HV)
'n; rye, p-mik; bicley, 2000 bu.
' VV ,n,-
oris; wheat.
uui coru 'r'
Oita, 10,000
bu; rve, non;'.brlev, 100O bu.
AfttTuuon iiird. Wntat weik and
(ajic lower. Com tty and K" 1
jer. ua's ncmind y uucliaiigu.
Chicago, 111 , June 3. The "bull"
campaign in wheal iitogte-sed very
gui'ie.ioily again t '-day, the July
option advancing t) . 'jc rhortly alter
the noon hou', or a lu.i advance of 5c
from the insidd ligur.s il yesterday.
In the afurnoon me market broke on
ljc from the top figute of the dav,
and closed abcut c higher than yes
teidiy. There were evident fears "of
squeeze 10 tna Ju.y Uehvery, ana
many i-bort traders sl owed an inclin
ation to cover. Tin feelicg wa nerv
ous and excited throughout the entire
any. Ihe Liverprol advicen quoted
s ightly improved feeling, but the
L ind n maiket wan quoted as quiet
and etay. The amount of wheat on
ocean taawge phow-d an iocteasn of
1,280,000 buabels ovt r last wees. Uorn
ruled a littlo firmer on the regular
b ard, but was ev ; j;ain in the alter
noon, t) cs tilled tirmer and closed A
st.ade lrght-r. Fl u at' ady and tirm.
Iberri was no que able advance in
pricts. m heat cei ie.i anil etron:er.
1 ne market oi ened ,(n in higher, do
c iued a tall", rsllie I i t, eased vlt iU
fgiin si o' up IJn, i'afe.1 off, rope
agmi, and closed at 1 o'clo k
hiaher than vesli r uv alter-
m ... x
rojn. ra'ts ran4ea: Jj"e, ij(i)
78', cl-sud 778 J ; Ju'y. 7g'.T,9lii,
c iued 79'! : August, 78ij('i 7lir, clobed
He; No. 2 fpnng, 77C'i775e Corn
lniiier; cas!, 35;i; June, 341. njit.
cl'wed at 35c; July. 3-'jW30jCt clo?ed
t iUHc; August, 31 j(iUc, closed at
,7c. Oats active and lltmar; ensh,
7c; June, 20S2ti.', cbsad at 2(iJ-;
Ju v. 20i("127io, clo-ed at 271a; Au-
Kiist, 2IJ(it24, rloHfti at:'4jc. tiyo
1 ne'; No 2, 60J(" i7c. rariey diiii;
No. 2, 5 ((a55. Flux-e?d lirnier;No
$100400107. Receipts r lour, H,-
OilO brls; whect, 17,000 bu; corn, 3N,-
(K0 bu : nats, 211.01HI bu ; rye, 4000 bu ;
barley. 13,000 bu. Shipments Hour,
(iOH) bils: whett, 52,000 bu; corn, lMt,-
OiH) bu ; oats, 222.000 bu ; rye, 1000 bu ;
barley, 3000 tin.
fternoon Hoard Wbeat 40elc low
er; Juiv, 78JC. torn weaaor; Juiy,
35c- OmLs B.esdj ; July, 27c.
Bptter Cream' ry, 30r.ii34c ; dairy,
r()20u; butterine, 13153; country,
124 nll8c. accoid nt ti condition.
UHKEB rriiue imih, iciiiutv iura
. , . n'. 11. XT -V- I.
factory, Si; full cream, 12jc; . A,
Mk3 Pock 01(1,18 50(5)8 75 per bar
rsl ; new, $9 7c(41i) per Imrrel ; sugar
cured bani. packed. lOWllc; break-
t-Ht bacon, 7J9i;; clear 11b bacon,
Bulk Pork Clear Bides.oid'tic ;ciear
rib Bides, 68'iifijc; long clear, 5j58c ;
ehoulders, 4l4jc.
Lard Tierces, .wi6c; liall-Dan-els,
6J0jc; kegs, tli(i0jc; buckets, 6j(4
tijc; liall-PucKeis, oj(nti8c; 00-10 mis,
66jc; 20-lbtiiiH,6i(!')liJc; 10-lb tins,
6Ki)Jc; 5-lbtins, 6jl(n)0c; 3-lb tins,
660ic; choice kcttlo, tierces, 6J0j)
Fbsbh Meats No. 1 beef,8c; Mut
ton, 9c; bind qmirtera of beef, 10c;
lambs, $ )4.
Chicago, III., June 3. Provisions
active, strong and higher. Pork firm,
$8 75. Lard sU'udy, 5.705il!. Bulk
meats firm; loo3e lota long clear,
5.30c; Bhott ribs, 5.40c; short clear,
5.55c; boxod lots long clear, 5 35c;
short rib", 5.45c ; short clear, 6 OPc.
Bacon stta ly; long clear, 5.85(3)5 90c;
fhort rilw, 5 95(46 97c; phort cle-ir,
6100u. Hams firm, 912c. But
tnrdult and depreed; creamery, 14
15c; dairy, ll13u. Eggs strong, 8c.
St. Louis, Mo., June 3 Mess pork
piicea advanced 2730o on the
whole lanire. but afterwards receded
Bomewhat; cash, S8 608 55; Juiv,
8 40fas 72J. cl'isod t $8 574(4860;
August, $8 508 82, closed at $8 67
8 70. Lard nrmer, r(tu"c niuner
cmh. ft.95c: June. 5.95(45.97e ; Juiy,
5 97(46 05c, closed 6 02ra 6 05c. Shoit
r h a den stea v: Catll. O.ilSC. coxeu
meats steady, dty ealtej shoulders,
4.304 36c; short clear sidep, 5 0"(4
5.70c. Butter dull ; creamery, 1214c;
rlairv 10f.Tll2c. ES. 9C.
AOrruxm Bird. Pork easy; July,
$8 bo. LUM eagy; juiy, o-.
Bagging Jute, 9'llc; flag, 9(3;
10c, accordingto weight. Ties, $1 1
(41 20.,
Naiij 12 402 65.
CopiraE-Comm3n,8(;a8o: ordinary,
949c: prime Rio. 11c; choice to fan
cy, 11(13;:; old government, 23(4
35c; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3A(S)5lo Der pound.
Sugar Pure white. 6Jc; off white,
6Ca6c; yellow, 6J0bj open kettle,
6J(45jc; refined A, 6j 1; granulated,
7(47c; powdered, c; cut ioai,
"Salt $1 201 30 per barrel; racks,
fine, si 50: coarse. II 10: pocEeta,
bleached, 2JWc; car loads from levee
or depot. 5c cheaper,
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair. 20rti30c: prime to choice. 30(440c ;
syrup, 20(440c ; common to fair, 20(4
25c: nr me to cnoice. 3U(13JC ; ceniru-
noal. (ancv. 33c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 25(4
30o; other grades and styles, 35(485c.
8nnff Garrett's, $10 85 per caae;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pail and barrels. 748ic.
Oandles-FuII weiirht. lOftlOic,
Canned Good, Etc. Prices per doz
en : Pineapples, 1 35(l 65 ; peacties,
2-lb. standard, il 25(a)! 40; seconds
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2 lb, standard,
$K4l 10; 3 m, 1 10(1 siraw
herrie. $1 35(41 40: raspberries,
$1 15(41 25; blackberries, $10
1 15: ffreeneaaes. $1 60(41 75
pears. $2(42 25; plums, $1 60
1 70 : asparagus, $2 60544 ; green corn
$1(41 35; green peas, $1(4 25; cove
ovsiers. full weiabt. Mb. $1(41 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(4
1 85; cove oys ers, ngni weigui, i-iu
65c; covd oyoters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed mliE urown, to uu
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
New Orleans, I a., June 3. Coffee
in fair demand ; Rio cargoes common
to prime, 7(n 10c. Rice dull ; ordinar
to goad, 3(44J. Susr higher; grades
of nnnn kettle l ave decliued i cboice,
6Jc; etri'itlv prime, 6J()5lc; fullylfair
tj ptime, "5 1115c. Molasses; open
ket'le. Bund prime ti strictly prime,
12c: cen'rifugal, prime to strictly
prime. li;r.i;2oc.
New York, Jane 3. (.'offee spr.t
f,iir Rio quii'i and stealy, 9j :; options
less active !'t 'teady; s,des, 020
bags; July. 7.85 7.9SV ; Angoct and
8epemi)er, 7 S0c; O toVr, November
and December clo.-el 7.8,5(i7.9 V.
SuKardull nd noudnal; refined dull;
extra C. 5KMe; whi-e extra C, 5;,'4
5c; off, i r A f . 1 .13c; mould A, ii; an
2, j dard A.VlrTcocfefiiocert' A.O 11 10c;
rnt ld' ''l criis riji.i tiic; piw
dtred. 6 ll-Ki'i 7; grann-a ed, 63-lrte:
calws, Oid't'if Molaanea dull; M)J
tet, ljc aktd. Kice steady, .fairly
IMX'NtllOl.lt M fFl.IKN.
ArrLxa AppU-n, l 50n"3 from
tore; fl 25('t 2 per car-load fro-n levee
or depot. Dr sd appl.s. 3(f4c per
ponnd from itore. Dried peaches, 3
(jiMe from store.
1 otatoeb 1 ot il oes, ji(,ivj irora
store. ISweet pi taloes scarce., $2 75 per
brl. Pea,$Lfxttii 75 per bushel.
VegetablIn Onion. $2 75ff 3
from store ; $2 5t'( i.2 00 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 75 .03 it crate.
Kraut, barrels, fttl; halt-tarrels,
$2 75t43- Garlic, 40(jWc per 100.
TurDiiw, 50c per buchel.
rauiT uranires, LouiMana, none;
California, $4; Mesaina, $3 50(45 per
box; lmpenas, f.ri(M 50 per box.
lemons, $('ii per box. Bananas
$1(42 50 per bunch. Cocoannta,
$1 per 100. Peanut Virginia, 7c;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roasted, 2c higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18(4"0e.
Pickles In jars, pln(,95c; quarts
$1 50; half nallone, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75 ; lo se, barrels, $tt ; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
hall-barred, $0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 5IK44.
Pecans Texaa, R(410e for small to
medium, 10(414" 'or latge; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Grenoble, 15c. Fiiiiert. 12c.
C111KU Missouri, $7fi7 50 per bar
rtl an'i f -l("t4 50 pur half-barm!; Viue
gr, 1 Keltic pi-r g-il!on.
Pol'l.TRV I'm key, per div.en, $12
(.rilli; chicken", 1 50(43 25.
Fish Mackerel, liHil-barrels, No. 1,
$1 ;(K"5; No. 2. $3V5; No. 3, $2 75;
UWb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb,
No. 3, 5'.k Dry hcrriius, family, 30c
per box.
Game Veninou, whole, 3(45c; Bad
dies, 0(4 1c; bear, tl(48c; wild turkeys,
50(475c: ducks, $3; equirrels, 75c;
qtiailH, 75c(iM; prairie chickens, $5;
game fidb. ll(412c.
Koos- In good demand at lie.
COTTtlN Ht Klt Oil., ET
Skew IVli ven'd at depot and wharf,
8 per ton; on bank of river (f o. b.
boat). $0; wairon at mills. $8; Meal
Prime (f.o.b.), $14(iM4 50 per ton. I-css
than car-load lotH, $10. From store,
90c per sack. Uakb Nominal, $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. H. oil, 210i22e; jtrinio sum
mer yellow, 25(il20c; orl-suniiiier yel
low. 22iV23c: miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 28(430c ; olf
cm le, lSQiC'Irt.
Hides Dry Hint, 12r4l5c; dry
suit. 10(ol2c; ureensult, (K4'c; green,
5(n)5jc; deer skins, 15(410''. Beeswax,
18(420c; tallow, 2(i'2jc.
Horses -Good driving, $150(4225
good saddle, $14IV.iVUK); plugs, 35(4
80: good mares, f.Vi(iW4U,
Mi'i.fH-14 to 15, $U0(41.tn; 15 to
151. $125(4110: 15 to 10, fl&0:.175.
Good demand; supply fir,
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 0(i(.i'0; rye, $1 (5()0; domes
tic, 90cQ?f I 60.
St. Louis, Mo., June 3. Whisky,
Bt 11.lv ut$l 10.
Oimcago, 111., June .i. winsay
steady at $1 14.
Cincinnati, O., June 3. -Whisky
steady at $1 10. Sales of I 11 barrels
of finished guilds on this basis.
l'KI KIU.t;l' ? l A HHKT.
Coal On. IV 1110 white, wholesale
lota, lie per gallon.
Ci.kvki.ani, O., Juno Pcttoleuin
firm; s. w., 10, 7 Jo.
Pi risitunii, Pa June 3. Petroleum
dull but steady; Na ionat T a tv ct-r-tillcates
opened at 04ic; c'od at
64jc; liighest, c; lowest, 643c.
I.i VIC htnVa,
Cattle -Clioico to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4J(44jc; good,
3j(44Jc; choice grass-fed, 3J(43Jc;
good, 3(43c; fair to medium, 2(4
2jc; common, Itw-o.
Hogs Ulioice, ai(44c; good, JJ()
3Jc; common, 33Jc.
tiiiEKi'-Uholce, 4(")4c; medium, a
(43c; common, $1(41 60. Choice
lambs per bead, $J(u3 CO.
Kansas City, Mo., Jane 3 Tho
it Ntwk Indicator reports: Catt'e
Keci ipls, 9,')1 head; shipments, none;
mnrki-t slow sed weak; choice to
fuicv, $4 95(45 10; fa!r to good, J4 61
80; common o niodiuni, $1("(4 50;
suckers and fo'do s, $3 25(44 15;
row, $2 IH043 60. HoB-Kouuipts,
11,832 head; Bhiptnenis, 6(177 head;
market nd ve and steady; good to
choice, 3 7i (n)3 90; common to me
dium. 43 4(Vk3 05. Sheep Reee'p's,
159 head; shipments, n.in; inrttt
s'eady; gvd to choice, 2 75(43 05;
common 10 medium, $1 50(42 50.
C11 cago, III., June 3. The Ihovm'
Journal reports: Cattle Receipts, 7600
head ; shipments, 3200 head; market
(low and 6(410c lower; slipping
etsers, 930 to 1500 piunds, $4 30o,5 55 ;
Blockers and feeders, $2 50('i4 60;
cows, bulls and mixed, $1 50(43 75;
bnla, $2 50(43; through Texas ra't'e,
$2 75(44 85. Hogs Receipts, 32,(X)0
head; shipments, 8000 bead; market
Blow, early 6c lower and closed etrong;
rough and mixed, $3 05 34 05; pack
ing and shipping, $3 90(44 10; light,
$3 70$4 15;ekip, $2 &0H'l 60. Sheep
Receipts, 300J head ; shipments, 400
head jmarket teady ; n stives, $24 49;
Texans, fl 25CA3.
Kemphlo.Frlnra Point anl Mnnpblt
diI wimiIi FiHikrl (,'omimnr.
for HcIxb. Olendala, VrUn Feint and all
War Landlnit btaaner
Coahoma, r-Zt
H. T. Olattt...maWr I Piatt KkoaM...cirk
will ava a abor on vor Muff OA V,
WEDtlKHDAYand FRIDAY, at 5 o'olock.
For Kandolph, Tolton, Oioanla and Br
Laudlni t HUamar
I. U. Ooopar, matr....J. W. Hmitheri.elrk
Laavei Try MONDAY. W KU;; lt;;l. AY
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. Tha boau of tl
Una ranarva tk rlaht to I'Mi all laid):.'-'
tha oaptaia mar duam amaft . Offica. It ).
Wadi.o- . .1 A V VH l.KK. .1. Hn;-''
Freddie Robinson, rv
M R. Parry mier
For IUIana,Tarr ana, Ik Vall Oluff, Dal Am,
AUKUSta, noarcy, nowpon ana niwtiin
Will leara a abors BA I URDA Y at 5 p.m.
Thrmiirh ri'nn tn all uolntn. Freiaht Ml-
liiined to Milt Harry Lira, Matiii'hiii. will ht
uromi'tly Inrwar.Ud. vt . J. P. DOYLE.
(Iffi-I. 12 M,linn t. Tli-l't"'" f
Meuiplils and VlcUshnrg Puckt'tt'oru
;iuy U.S.Mnil Lino.
For Helona, t'onoordift, Torrena and Arkan
lai t'itv Tha etofant I'APiiaDuor atonrvBf
KATt AUAlslcj, iC
K. i.'iak...natar I W. (.'. Blukr...oirl
lnreg inoroi'hil
p.ui., rnnorvina tha rinbt to 'UI all landinm
tha caput n roy 'Joom nr.fufs. FuriF,'rl
Inti.ruiMUoa ai'il? at office, No, 4 MiidiBOO
itreet. K. WALWOH1U, Ant.
J'.'U.S CARR. Pai'r Awant.TalaiiUoa I6.
Friari Toint.... .Jaa Li, .1 p.m.
Oiwola ...CoanuH.,
Cinoinaatt I'. 1'. S-i-iikiri;, 5 p.m.
Cisinnati (liiMti Sr, i p ta.
Vi, kbur - Citt t CiiKi), 2 m.
8t. Ikjuii Aak -i Cirv, 12 ui.
Whita Hivr.
N.'W Orleant.
,.Fki k'i-O' HnutxaoM, . p.m.
.ClT l'l J-t . l.nciK, 1- m.
.4m'iiiii. Kate AiLms, Arkansas
Citv; (iayrsj, lip'onville.
i'rjrfur.. Kate Aihun, Arkansas
Citv; Gayom, Tiptonville.
.f.xiii in iW. Joe liters.
fi'iHiK I hi lkfivn. Coahoma, Granite
State and Cut 1 f Cairo.
Aixia Ihitl'p. James Lee, Rene Ma-
crea'ly, Arkansas Cilv, Froddie Rub-
insou and u. r. iimue.
Rerrlpla Yralrrtlnj.
Kate Adams 78 bales cotton, 362
rka seed and 124 pkgs sundries.
Guvo'o 1 bale cottun, 'M (s seed,
42 ska corn, 10 bd hogs and 16 pkgs
suudrif s.
The Coahoma, Cpt. Henry Cooier,
is the patket this evening at 5 o'clock
lor 0"ce)la and the upper bends.
Win. Smither i in he r otlii-e.
The Citv of Cairo, Ciipl. Khep.
Llghtner, is the Anchor Linepacktt
to dav at 12 o'cl'-ck for Vicksburg ii'id
the bends. J. 0. Kltou is btr clerk.
The Junius a'9. Cspt.Thcs.ClHggett,
is ilie pn -ket this evming at 5 o'clock
f ir lleiena, Friats Print nnd n'l way
landing. Will Ashfoid ha cbargol
hr oltiee.
The Arkuinis City, Capt. H. W.
Brolaski, is the Anchor Line packet
to dav at 12 01 lock fur Cairo and HI.
Iinia. William H. Pritchartt is her
The O. Line steamer IT, P. Sclienck,
Cii.d. J. L. ("drier, will pass tip to-Cay
st 12 o'clock for Cincinnati ml all lu
txrmed a:e points on the Ohio river.
lbi k Burns is her clerk.
Tub Anchor Linepacket City of St.
Lou s, Capt. James O. Neal, will puss
d wn to-morrow at 12 o'eli ck for New
Orleans and all intermediate points.
Dwen U. Ca'ea is ber clerk.
TheO. Lino steinier Golden Rule,
Capt. O. P. Sliinkle, U due down this
1111 ruin-, bound f r New Oilcans and
all ii.tuiu-Mliate p lints- Frank Bond
urnnt bin charge of her ollke.
The Fridd e Rihln'on, Capt. Milt
R. Herry, is tie packet to-morrow
svenirgal5 o'cloi kfor all points on
W hite river, going through to New
port and uniting connections with
packets f ir upper White and Back
rivers. Albeit McGhee has charge of
hsr ollics.
The Granite Slate, Capt. J. A. Lind
mv, will iloubtless bn found in port
ihii nmrtiirg and leave agtin ibis
evening at 6 o'clock for all point on
the Oiini river as far ni Cincinnati.
Don A. Marrs presides In her oll'ne.
The Gidtille Stile will give cheap rates
to all points Noith and Fait.
Bi sinehs quit t.
Weatiiek clear and pliasant.
Kecmi'ta by river yestsrday, 79
bales ol cotton and 670 tacks of seed.
The Gayoso, from tho upper tirnda,
waa In and ont, on t ine yesterday wilh
fitir trips.
The Joe Peters leaves to day for Pa
ducah, to go on tin ways for a general
I overhauling.
Tint rivt r at tli'H noiut maiks 1!0 let t
II tenlhs bv the Bauae, or Tl If et above
low-water mark, a decline 01 1 1001 in
24 hours.
Tin Kate Adams arrive 1 yesterday
moraing from AtkaiiSAB CUy with 70
I a'es ol cot'on, Wi sacks of Boed, 12-i
iMckamis of sundries, and returned
vgain Iftit eveniug with a lair trip.
Mh. Albkht HcHAua. a well-known
Ciucinnatl and New Orleans cletk,
died Sunday evening after a lingeriiu
11 1 11 mm nf luveral minths. the cause of
bit death biiiin btain trouble. He
died at his pareuta' rei-idenoe in New
P-r', Ky.
The New Nleitnier llndMO.
To tha Kdltort of th Appaali
Ohio Kivir, Tursuav Nkiiit, Juno
1. Several weeks since I received 1
kind invitation Irora ('apt. Frank Kill
sou to vifcit the New Hudson, at
ixiiisvllle. and no on her first trip to
St. Louis. If vour readers remember,
lavt December tho old Hudson wai 1
total wreck on Lucia's Par, and hard
ly had it been known when it wai an
nounced that Jjmes Hesse cV Co. and
Cunt Kllison would titrld a new Hud
on, at Pittsburg, at once. And they
have notonlv built a new Hudson,
but one of the finest and most com
nleta steamers oil the VVea'cru rivers,
The Hudscn is 2LT feet lonn; width,
S7: dfiDth of hold. 01: tooiiHiie, HtK),
knxines and boilers, and, indeed,
eveivthiiiit about the boat is new
has all of the latsst improvements;
front and side electric llirhtH; tliestate
rooms connected with the oflice by
electric bells. The cabin is a daisy
heantilul !i limbed sides and ceiling.
and the floor is covered by thn finest
of l!mmi.l carnets: eluzanl piano in
ladien' (Minn. There are six chande-
leis, of six I'ghts each, in the cihin
the globes beiog all of different colore
and the elbct at niaht la beautiful
Canlain. J. K. Ellison: first clerk, K
J. Amhu'z; second clerk, Clem
Nolle; third clerk, Abe Veatcb.
Pilos Frank Farosly, Jim Dean,
Frauk Norwood and Joe Oatman:
first mst", Martin Sweny; second
niVe, John Hwenr; first engineer,
Will (Jolly; second engineer, Theo.
Kirgs. The officers aro all nni
formsd in bliif, with their
ranks in gilt letters on their caps. The
beat hai accommodatiotsfor 120 rahin
paesengeis Sunday the writer h'lt
Covington, Tenn , by the old reliable
Checapeake, Ohij and Southwestern
railmaL and tnived in Liuisviile
Monday at 10 o'clock a.m. The Hud
son was sighted coming down the
river, and amidst the blowing of whis
tles, ringing of bells and booming of
cannon ehe landed in Louihville. She
laid there two hours to allow the
criwd time to inspect her. We left
Lou:svi.:e at 12 o'clock, and as wj en
tcteil the canal dinner was announce 1.
And I w ill say right hero, no boot or
hotel sets a beitr table. Everything
the market or ss'm can allord was
and is en the teble. As soruo'hing
was the matter with one of tue lurks
we were detained several bourn, and
the. writer put iu the lime fet ing who
wat on Imard. Cpt. Elli-on, the
tiMi n-i of steamboat men, was on tin
upper duck, and looked v ry band
son, e in his bright new ii' itorm t
l-'ntt that was wind I b ard evcsl la
diis eiy. I also nn t Cap'. J K. etc,
manan-r of the great tl'in of J nus
I.'eesa Co., of Pittsl urg.
You na know b 's a poiu
lr ins", for everyfcoily calU bim
J01. Hebaswa'kel the upper deck
ot many a steamer, and tl ey any he
wai a nirostlul captain. I also met
Mr. Shi'P Knappand My. Mr. Knapp
is (,n the editorial staff of the St. Louis
ft-puMicun and is nisking th trip es
gnes' of Capt. E 1 sin. Capt Joe
Kwe and family alo the nm-sts
of Capt Ellison. We have fif y pas
senKeis on board. Got throtwti the
cinal at 4 o'clo -k and paei nndr
the new Ixmisville, New Albi y nd
Chief i;o cantilever bridge, and i-'a ihe
titiee t looking bridge 1 ever etw.
,'n s'l New A I any withont lamling,
ineetii'g st'-niuers e vry now an I then,
thev saluting the Hudson with whis
tle, tells and cbers. Aft-r aupyr
we met mli'rd on 1 lis liurir.c .1 e U.i'k
and prs-ied two delightful hours to ln
ten'iiK to the sweet s'ruins r,f music
fruu the band. Diinciog d iiiaencea
at !' and was kept up to a lte hour.
Landed at Owersb iro at 7 o clock
Tiifedty a m , tint landing sine
Louisville. At 9 o'clock a. 111., at the
month of the Ureeo river we rut t the
steamer labelle with a large piity o(
ladies and gsntlemen. Wa Mopped
and the Daoelleswnngalongside " f us
and trutiefrred her party to the Dud
son. At 10 o'clo k a m. we rounded
in at Kvanvill amidu the bloaiog of
whistle, b omiog of cannon and
cheeiB of the people. We bid baldly
landed when the steamer wta covered
with people, looking at the new bo't,
and np to the lime of leaving
a steady stream of pnnple were
comma and going. Col. Bi Mitchell,
general passenger agent of th 9 Chesa
peake, Klii'i and Kmthwe-tero rail
road, and everybody's friend, and cne
id the nioet geniiil litiil j iv;al of men.
jo ti-id its tt Evansvill, aa be could
in. I j' i'i us at Liuiville. He left
th s 111 ruing Py the "Air Line," and
arrived at F.vunsville a'. 3 o'clock p in.,
ind I supi'osA be Is now asleep in
r win 13, at it was nearly thi'ty tuio
iites sin. .1 lie came i it t j the ollic and
mid, 'Hood niglit, and don'i f eg. t to
giviMiiy lovu tii the coys." Thitnew
TluiLou will inn between i:.atisville
ami St. 1. ;ui. For a brand ne bot
ehe i doing (pli-ndid, and runs like
rie bene. She is iin re la'ked nhont
nlorg t'te dhio than Cleveland's wei
Oing. Gjid night. "tinn esses."
hiv:k ni wkaiiikk.
Okkk b Signal Skkvu e, U. 8. A., 1
Memphis, June 3, 2 p.m. J
The following observations aro taken
at all stat ions named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab'vo 1OW
lOtHlOlhs 10U
Chattanooga ...
irt Ninth
m CroHHe
Ijcavc it worth..
Little Rock
New Orleans..
St. Iiouis
St. Paul
lnBKr l.ln Keot and tooth! of a foot
nuova Hero ol g auga :
t'airo, 4i fiiflt
Chattanooaa, XS (aat.
Clnolnnnti. .'SI.
Davoniiort, In.
Halena, .
Laavaaworlk, SO.
LouNvllls, 3).
Naw Orlaani, 13.1.
l'itthur(, '.
tt Paul, 7.
Vloklr. 41.
Yanatoa,, M
lllllllHIIIO, Id.
vuiikuk. 14.
La Crimea, '24-
Llttla lloi-k,
Matni'hi. 'M.
Nanhvllln, 4U.
Oinnha, 1H.
St. Liiuk, X!.
Hhravaort, it.
Evanbvillk, June 3. Noon River
falling, with "J feet 0 inchta on the
Pittmbuko, June 3. Noon River 1
foot 1 1 inches on the gange and falling.
Weather clondy and cool.
WnaLiNO,W.VA.,June 3. Noon
Kiver 3 feet 10 inches on the gange and
fulling. Weather cloudy and pleasant,
Cincinnati, Jntio 3. Noon River
14 hot U lnt'hoi on the gauge and sta
tionary. Weather clear; thermometer
2, Arrived: Ohio, Mempliie.
LouiBviLLt, Jane 3 Noon Hirer
rising, with 0 feet 0 inches in the
canal and 4 feet 7 inches on the falls.
IliiBlnesa fair. Weather mild. De
parted: Buck eye State, Memphis. '
Cairo, Jnne 3. Nocn River 24 feet
2 inches and falling. Weather cloudy
and cool. Arrived: City of Cairo, St.
ImiB, midnight; AnBie P. Silver,
Nw Orleans. U a.m.: Uohlen Rule,
Olnnlnnati. H a.m. Departed: Annia
P. Silver, St. Louis, 7 a m ; ity ot
Cairo, Vicksburg, 7 a.m. ; Oolden Rule,
New Orleans, II a.m. '
Memphis & Cincinnati l"k't Co.
Biourailou Ilnteai t
May lit.
Ilnrkeye State, Ohio Jan. VT. daft.
a- Thl Company will (all B0DND TRIP
TIcKKTs from Mmiihi to LouliTilla.
Cinnlnnntl. and all fcjutera UlUal, at
ireatly Haduoad Ratal.
mm- Tiokati inolnda Maali and 8tata roo.
llaturn tioknUi tood on any boat In tha liaa
tach boat carnal a Vina Utrlac Hand.
Mondays and Thnrsdayg at 5 P.M.
For Information Iniulra of C. B. RPS
PKLL. Ak..t. U M.dl.onw.tyTt, M.mphU.
I. IrftnU and New 4lrliaa Aaietior
I.lnv-U.N. Mll-0AIRO ABI. LOUIS.
Ilrola.kl... muter. W,-!
Will laa tha Klarator TULS DAl.Jun!
4th, a la in. r"or troight or pana applji
C. . Hill. Pnc.A.'t Al hVoRM. Ptip'tf
HI. IrftHla ul Nv rlena Anchor
i.lne flHH-rOM. VH.B.SUUHU
. . M . a
t;il.v ol uairo,
Liahtnar maittr, "?fV '
Will Ixaia tha KlavatorTH S LiAl.Juu.
4th, at li m. f or trouht or pum apply
0 I ll .' I.. P.... Ai. Al HTQKM. Hui.'t f
I. lAtnln ul New r ! Anchor
Ine-U.N. Hll-FOR.lKW ORLKANfc i
Pi4-ufQT I nnic J '
Will lo-iva th KI?tiT 8 All'ROAY . Jan,
!nb. at 12 m. Kcr Iraight or paite apply t
C. i, ll.i', V"" A.'t. Al ST 'HM. mii' '
Southern Tr11nm.ortall11n Co.7O. l.ina fu:
l Uro. I.ouiaviua ana naomuan ju.
U. r. schciick.
.1 . I.. Curti-r . nifttor
Will leava KRIUAI, Juna 4th. at .12 t
F.'r Iroiaht or im'sua apply to U. U. til1
St.l.L, Aknt, 12 M,uli','U at. Talepbona
.lnv- II Kinvmil. I'mniwr Ai-'ti'
Ft 1 1 ti r 'Nvn.i K.
For 0!i-eTilu,""iliiloit H-nut, i:ru;heri-v.l-Uayi.i
aod Tn-Mnville Tha n etci 1
W P. Hall mamar I J. I). Fuller i-:-t
Will lave a above, and "II way p,"
KVKRY MONLmY and llllThiDAY a
p.m. fur froiht or v aaplyoa ;-

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