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-MEarrars daily-appeal Saturday, june isr.
: 1 -
v r
Watching the HofrmeaU or the
Prtldeat ud His Bride-Thtlr
Fatare era meats.
Naw Yoai, June 4 A JTrrald
Plymouth Special Bays that Prealdeut
and Mra.'T!leTelnd wilt visit Nw
llampuhire daring the eomtEer. Tbe
rruBtOtnt will peod t p rtion of hia
Aogngt vacation in tbe White Monn
tain, mikirj a tour ot the principal
leairts. No public tot ice Las been
given. ol the intended vis t be auw of
an injunc'ion placed by tbe President
upon tli1 ht-tei-keepars who ara to en
teririn bim. lie will come to New
Ilimpiitiire from tbe Adirondack by
special train.
Is-l'rmld.Bt Artbar Bcnevbercd.
Naw York, June 4. Ea Piesldent
Arthur has rtceivtda box from the
WLite House coctaiuUg wedding
A (talc Pay sal Urwr Park.
Dkeb I'akk, Ma. Jane 4 The
Preeidrnt and Mrs. Cleveland did not
make their pf earance nntil noon to
day, when tuey walktd to Senitor
Pavie'. They drove this afternoon.
The Tre iient received the news
papers this mornlrg and a small mail,
lie did not go fishing tdy.
OlUrlnl 4iiMrnfit af Ike We
W AHniNtiTON, June 4. About a
thousand tanls announcing tiia mar
riage of tli President a ere stnt out
from the White lloure to d iv by mail,
mecpeiiBtrs and otherwim). ; The caidi
are exteedit'gly simple and plain, en
graved in havy lines on a full sheet
of line mta paper. They read as fol
lows: '
Married on We me ilu. June 2. IS;,
Kxecutive Mansion Washington.
These announcements weie seut to
the members of the Cablnt t, Justices
of the Supreme Uoutt, 8tia'ors and
Kapn uoi.tativi u in Corgiess, tie Dip
lomatic Corps, the L'euiei ant-Ueuir.il
of the army, Admiral ol the navy, tmi
other olDcere in Wsshlrgtoo, and t
perconal friends cf President snd Mrs.
Clevela id in Albany and Buffalo.
The RdV. William Cleveland, Mrs.
Ilc yt and Miss Cleveland are now the
only gnetU at tbe White Home, and
will pr bibly re man some time longer.
Mrs. Cleveland's relatives who attend
ed the wedding left for their homes
list night .
The t lli la a MUta of Nlrsxe.
PiTOBDRa, Pi., June 4. A Chrtmi-if-Ttityaf)h
Dent Park apodal My:
The c nUge up in tbe grove, back of
the hotel, in which the President and
Lis bride are spending tbeir honey
mo3n, is in a state of ei'gu tbls corn
ing. An army of newspaper men re
e 11 ranched in the jPultimore and Oh'o
depot, 200 yards from tlio cottage, snd
in full view of it. An army of Balti
more and Ohio detectives are seated
on benches and three stumps within
100 yards of the coltnge, and thus far
only one per;on has succeeded in gi t
ting to the cotUge, that being ex Sen
ator Henry (.1. Davit. Mr. and Mrs.
Cleveland romsineiVin tho cottage in
obscurity tnrst of. tho morning. Mrs.
Cleveland, drews! in a pretty wrap
per, appeared ml the porch about 10
o'clock and put. there reading the pa
pois, the mail being taken from the
postoflice f ar tho first time this morn
ing by the Pio.'idont, Mrs. Cleveland
seemed amused and interested at the
cordon otf news-gatherers and detect
tives around her. and once or twice
eiie laughed without having an op
parent cause for mirth. The Presi
dent came oat for a few minutes after
'is bride retired, and did not appear
notice what was goiug on about
At 1 o'clock Mr. and Mra. Cleveland
'alked over to Senator Davis's col t 'ge
or lunch. The bride wore the same
Irene she wore during yesterday, of
pearl-colored cloth with blue stripee,
and tailor-made coat. The President
wore grar pantaloons and a black
Prince Albert. No one ventured to
intrude on the pair, and they walked
lowly over the half mile ot tan-bark
wa'k between the houtoi. Senator
Davis and his wife were the only com
panions of the President and Mrs,
Cleveland at luncheon, and about 2
o'clock tbe Henator'a bay tam and
double-grated drag conveyed the party
np tbe broad road to Oakland. They
turned at the edge of the town and
came back. The only Incident which
has occurred to ehow any attempt at
courteoy was the sending ot a liana
some b 's etot trout to the Fiojidsnt
by Dr. McComa of Oakland, who in
return wai cordially thanked bv the
President. It is probable thn Presi
dent will not return to Washington
unt l the latter pert of next week. He
is s lid t be studying tho Canadian
fishery qtirstion here with a view to
Inking some action.
A Hrltleta Eatimata of Mr. lttalac
The lalerantlonnl t'opjrrlKbt.
I.osnon, June t. The Pull Mull Go
tritf, commenting on Mr. Blaine's cor
rection of tho report of his Portland
laud speech tavsi "It Is quite iu sc
corJanie with Mr. Ula ns's character
to hurl insults aud then retract them.
Mr. Blaine is a public man, whoie
euppjit is almost a discredit. He is
now pcing to gain the next nomina
tion of thn Republican party t the
Presidency. If beturcotds. It is pre ty
e..f to eay that America w II repeat the
reltill it gave him two years ago."
latrraalloual aopyrlabt.
London, June 4 In tbe House of
Comiuoas laet nigh', tin li t ru .tional
copyright bill wai icsd a third time.
The Ar.lluimirUn t'tUla
Avcrlrd bf a wiufirunilae.
ViKNNA.June 4. An Au-tiollun-garisa
Uovernxeut criois has been
aveit'd by a compromise, an auree
mtnt havnin besureEehid to recon
Bider th subject of patro'eum du ies.
Au anti Got man feeling prevails at
Lai ''actio over the morument erected
to tbe poet Anaatasiua Grun.
Care-Taker mUKmi at Millar arr.
Di'dlin, June 4. Kiel ard Tangnev,
a care-taker, was sbot dead latt night
f at Kiilnroey.
Tbe Hlaktand Reloraa Laacn.
Glasgow, June 4. The Kifihlard
Reform League, at a m elii g hxld
here list n ght, adopted reeolutiois
favoriu; hoaorule for SsctlanJ ai d
tbe eatabliahmert ' ei-rJ"' s?rot:b
iep; tl t ! i e
rlrii.ii.t- r.
:.. I.-V. ! -.-
f r ' .-
i r '
1 t!..
name was William Biied, a. d Le
was a nephew rf Chii-1 Josie Bos
teed of Nw York. Ua wa o ig ntlly
mtnttr 1, and as a i-ingt-r in bor-1
cork bMaaie widely krown. He made
a tr p tj Eirope end sa-g bed ra trie
Queen. Later be become a thea-er
manager. Emmett at one t me was in
veiy comfortable ci cumtames, tut
of lata had no: much m ney.
The aeer TwrmU ! Ulfh Kail,
way Offlelal.
Naw Yobk, Jin 4. Th Timet
thism rningtays: F ederick Nour-e,
the iramrer of tie Or. gon Ilalw.y
andNavgaioa Cotnprnv, who n yi
teiioin y d sa par-d frrm at Enhsl
hotnl tnree or f ur no ilhi m, h
b-en f ,nnd, to a d s,ia ch received in
Wall street aoncUo (l yes erdy.
Mr. Noorte, wh we (tHct was in t' e
Milli nuiMin, and who was a well
kiiown figure in Wall air-et ro n
plained about New Year's tla'hs
nealtn wai s-riu ly imps red, and
the directors of ihe compar y, recog
i.iziiig b s d vi tel s i vice through
th vi ral yews of l is engag ment
with thi ir co.npa iy, voted to k-Vb him
a leave of absence to eijoy a tri,
Though his body ciu'd not be
found, it was on a t sides aroiJ that
tie lad bnen f ully dealt with. Tliat
he should williiig y Be k to arr.flc-
his 1 ouie, his wild end children, rich
reUt.vesand go d busmt-sa s:an(ling
was nowhere looked uuon es a'ig'it
but a tiieorf of a mot f ioI'sIi cl aruc
tor. His wife was dev ted to him; tie
had two interee.ii g children. T. e
m tive for dsertiiiK theui aai some
thing tl ai n ibndy c ui'd st'sfn torily
evolve. Yet, if yi s'.i rduy 'e di pa ch
from Boston, h ch wan s mewl. at
vitgue as ti d-'a 1', tn l o d ponded
upon snd olUors of tl.o (ompitiiy an
rrrditsd Mr. N uino diJ tme s mo
tive for g ttu g away frous New York,
and did by his owu free will ami
clever rehernlrg Bi-ek t bo in n n d
as d ad in this l iod.whie ho y. t
lived and crjoyed himself on the
ot er side ot ,t''ie eta. Hia trunks
wi nt fiom Lorcoa to Livi rpiol, m.d
he went Mslli pinK after tlii-in,,hut noi
to the tnd of the route 1'. u ig! t
have biin a simple freak of lnxn.ttur ,
this scheme f ir aettiug an Aioeiican
ohit iaiy, a lit of pleasentry, s pr(,c'i
eal ke only. His w;fi isiuKunpe.
Explai all ms will be made to 1 er
probably btf .re they c me fully to
people less oonipli uoi s v interebteU
Peabml Hotel
C. B. QALI.tlWA V k CO Paaraiaroa.
Katun fc! ftu snd 13 per day. aem-r ilia to
alia and locution of ruoiu tipaoiiu
ratal inada.
0 II Pannni, Ark B K Dukt, Ton
A K Huma, Main 0 Wil inn ro ., Tann
J II fiUaera '1, Ala H I'.i,. no. U
W 11 KioM, NY K II Rut leu. Tox
Mira , Ituileilaa, Tax 11 IJu"rlc. . La
W J lliimi hro a.tiliin M K funiuiue. Ark
Mm K Kuniaiiifi. Ark 1. E Ilr.l:-. Kjr
Mr JiiIiiikoii, Ti-nn wit Nalron, lonn
V H hila ide, Tnn K F Stewart, V, i
H II Morton. Tann T K lli l-lo.-k, lnn
Mra lledlordAi-. Mill W W ltell-n, Ky
J A llotmar, Ala II I) Wo' tl, Ohio
Mra It H Hunt, Ohio W J Rubinnon, Ky
U K (Jsrudorf, Mo Tom Iwll, Tcxni
0 L Amont, Jenn W 8 Moore, Ttnn
W K Oaitlon.Tcnn W L Ho", r r. Ik ill
Mra M A Hu.-h, Mo Mra M 11 M-Kllroy,Mo
Dri Vornon. Ohio A 1' IUvh, Ohio
J A C'lopion, Ark Mm M loiton. Ark
F llrituarl, Mo Mra CM Mnlihoa.Ttinn
Mia M(tllieu, Tenn m .MhUIuiik, lenn
II Murdock, Mo M llurke, i'enn
M I) Howell, Mo I. It LeKler, M aa
H (I Knni, II I) K Hobin-on, La
W T Walthall, Ala 0 11 .erkln. Ala
A W Boyd, Va W Jtai.tim, Tann
K U MnWhirtfr. Ini Mlaa Fr anoiar-au, Ark
Mi-n II Willimua, 111 II F Nevill. Ark
(I V l atum. K II II Matlni'k. Ky
j K Soatna, Ky II How, Miaa
J H Jai'knon, Ala C 11 Simoum, N Y
A M Miiildoa, ri U J K iiui", mo
W B Kvoiaoo. Ohio J U McUreiior, III
W Xhutohor, Ind.
The New (InyoaA.
Rataa, (2 SO to rl lar i-r, aosordini to loca
tion of rooina.
I, Minor, Ky CFHhafTor.Ky
Tlioa L Johnaon, Ky WlIorr.Tenn
A Spain, Miaa , Mira M Wi liamafann
Mira V 1'orUir, Tenn Mlaa U Hurr.ird, Tex
MlaaOl.allarlow.Tax Miaa II reier, WI Ina
MiaaSidieStark.Mina Mia No lle Olill.Tel
MtraPannieStark.MieMlaa L May. Ark
May Yarborouh.MiiaMainia'bornuirh,MU
Nina U I'nuiter, Miaa Miaa A I'nmter, Miaa
Miaa MiMlbaa, Mii Mia tl Mot'inn Miaa
Miaa g Webber. Miaa Miaa K Hunter, Miaa
Miaa J Ward, Miaa MiaaS Wbite, Ala
Miaa J lloyd. Fla Miaa I. ll-rron, Mlai
M Pointer. Mlaa Mi-i Duller, ii
J M Martin, fa W M Ktewart, Tenn
)1 Noble, Maaa JO I'rilobell, Miaa
0 C Kobioaon, Ark J B llillhouae, Tenn
SSfWhlu, Mlaa K 11 elaon, Ala
0 L Tlramona, Ohio H L Jaokann, Ohio
PTfimlili, Ala H A 8a. doth, Ala
?M Morriaon.Tenn N L iery. Ark
tl I'ullen, Ton n U ti Ooltart, Ala
II K llullinaton, Tenn K J Moiaan.'lenn
Mi.a M Banta.Tenn I'M Ilookery, Maa
J A Martin, Tenn Mra Foard, Miaa
Holton Smith, Tenn A H Ynrhrouah, Miaa
L S Ko-enbaum, Ky 8 Kirkiuan, Ala
Thoa Kllia, Toun 1) Mo,.ro, Trnn
W .1 Hurt, oil. ! Kx Co I. Minor, Tenn
II Karanor, Mina Mr Johnaon, Miaa
J P Meux, ChI.
ATI.NT4 aHf.ni.i, Cl.l'H.
I'ur.fU, Struker, Lynch, Vonre,
l.yona, Clinn, tlunioii, Conway,
Wulla, Williauia, Shatter, Muputa.
HnaloM'a Hotel.
W. II.BINU1IAM Mantoisa.
Euroran plan. Knlnrk'ed and rol'iirnithed.
1'iUiea aooordina to site aud loca
tion o rooina.
W F Mitchell, Tenn Miaa P Vl'oha'l, Tenn
Miaa M llol nell.'lcnn Via) 1' ll..woll. Tnnn
Jna llirion, Toun, Mia M hlvana, Ky
t" J Mrriwelhvr, Tenn II 0 J hnatcn, Ky
J 0 Vuriwether. Mitr J L Ta Iry, T. nn
P Wmiera, T. nn 1) P P. rt -.r.Tenn
T J I.ati'ain, Tenn J W " hitrhiad, Miaa
Mra M Uounlaaa, Ark K. K Byr.l, Tonn
C r. tlwni, N 1" P T Korajilic. Ohio
W FJoiim, Tenn W S Alexnndrr, Miaa
1' a IVinraon. Nub F Hun-ell. Mo
K K t'liow, Tenn
II fiattan, ArK
.i l. ?'..nr, Jenn
tl II IU tloy. Miaa
K ' Swooi.e. Mia
Mra - I. fork, Tenn
lll'llla.'k Vi
tl W Poal, N Y
Mra J ' lliirria. Ark
II L Anthony, Miaa
Mra W V llnuar. Ark Mra K J Moan. Ark
M It Harry if. Ark . W I, Antliun. , Miaa
II I' Anthony, Miaa M Venta, N 0
J P Vcael, OhI tl A Kcdinan, Ark
F II .lohanhnlke, Ky J U Puior, Ark
W P Wi hauia, Tnu h K Hill. Tenn
J K Kaa. Ila B 11 1). num. Miaa
C tl It'cwn, Miaa J W Litllo Ky
Mta P )yl, Mlaa J T Long A, Ark
J W MaJ.ler, tla II 11 rjoleman, Ila
WH Swii. lord Aw, Ala J l.an.l-rn. Tenn
W T Chatuian, T-nn T J l'ullia, Tenn
T Lamm, Mo.
Dafly'a Knrvpean Hotel,
Corner of Adama and Main Hrecta. Pnoroa,
bvc, T.Vaud$l per day: American Plaa,
12 r day.
Firat-elaaa Heataurant in the Hotel.
J. M. HUli'V (lu yeara with Peaoody liotel)
II Rico Aw, Tenn P N Cawodine. La
R Norton, Tenn V C Brat on. Ark
J Arnold, Ark F Murphy, Tenn
J S .-umliwood, Tenn J J I'al.iw. II, Tenn
K M J.inea, Tenn
K I EMiotwei , l.un
A McAolr, Tenn
W F Mc aib, la
J W t) until, A k
J I'rennoo, Tcua
1) Lnrk. Ark
.1 II Mcao I, Ark
(1 Va'hia, Mla
T P Johuann, Miaa
A Ca tlen, Ky
T V Tracy, Mlaa
V V limit. Ark
T 1 obin, Toun
A Bain, Ohio
J M Krwio, Tenn
W f Haile, lenn
W 1 Maiwall. 1) 0
W V Front, Tenn
V M Wurrr. Tena
1 r hvaiia, rk
F Muiphr, Trim
M J -eKee. Tenn
11 N Warren. Mill
S 8-ewart, 'I e- n
K M tle.l.l. a, Tenn
11 J Mormn. 'lann
1, M Stnitb, La
A L Pitman, Tana
J Shepherd, Tenn
11 T Anderann, Mo.
A HOST HBfcRAL, omil
Thi Voltaic BaLT Co., Marahall,
Iich , ofler to send their Celebrated
- Rn.rs and Electri: Appli
, v trial to any man
, -.- .-iv-1 ' ' ' ,.Lose of
Eallrea Strike Thrtateaed at Chl
eag a Fears ef Tmnbls oi tbe
How Terk L" Koaaa.
Chicaoo, III , Jane 4 Cart Hunt
of tna By 'e I'rk police fo re rtarud
for Cammi'igs this mruirg, takirg
with bim a I ihe availah'e mm c f ti
force. Tbie movo nei t w a mde be
cause of anliiip t-d trou'-d between
the B ark I lai d railr ad nd the stik
nuDiil m.ke s of ti e Calumet Inn
Company. 1 w I eight i a s cortin
ing nails have b-eo tt nd ng at Cam
ming' for a whbi. T.iey were c rn
aigned 1 1 the B ick I land read. Yer
terday the loaf made an at 'mp't-)
move trie cars which was frustrated by
the atr krs, who intlu ;-d the tra n
m -n to han 'oo the a.b mot 8np r
lu'indeui Cbambe.ln of the li ck
Inland road mmediaiely si utt out
Pjii eCapi. Hunt and aeked forir c
t cioa. Tbeiapaia r pi ed t iat he
louldbave it and pio; o s t (live it
to him. Anntber attempt will be
made t i move the rar. Mat era are
farther o inplrat-d by the fa st tha'
tbe Ruck Iir.nd t aiu men are in lull
rympathy wnh the tt ikeia, ai d it Ib
fo red tbi'.t if Ihe c j. a'iy mai ti that
ihe r tm.iloys move thecaraageoeral
s rii e n.y oicu'.
An at e.npt ws mad tt move the
R ct Is nil c.is at 2 n'c ock this af
tiruooi', hu trie c owd n g d tl e en
g ner i ot to nmlio the alumpt aud be
did as r. que led.
Labor Troubl.a aat Pit abnrs;.
r.TTmuhii, Pa,. June 4 Tl e de
mands .f t ie U00 Irck-nihkers i
A.l ghery eoun y for au ad-a icBi i
wag a f 2il p. r cnt. huv-t hetn
kihi t d Miid thn threatened itriie
rivi rted.
lhf etr ke of ti e Weetmor laid
eouuty coal m ners hai b'en bri ken,
an I a g'ueia r-snmpt on isezpeced
nafer d)8. Atm)tug at Ir
aviu'r, Pa., lis' etenitg the m'ui
g'e' d lo bci'o, t 55 c nti pr t n, two
wioka' pty, sn I no iiicr minati.in bp
t employes. The strike adeclcd over
2000 men.
the t. Loiala fla-aos-Mlll Strike
8t. L 'UjS, Mo., June 4 The ofDners
of ho A nalgAii a'ed Ci u:ci! of rJul'd
ine ThiIis met th s m rniig and
Ul del'y doca ed the plui tt-nd l
e rike ended. The men number. d
about 10 0. They we it out some
time rg becau'e their tmjloyers re
fu t d t r ,rmt th m eight hours at a
fu 1 working day. At tbe unet'iig
tVs m r. i,.g the strike was deda e I
a failure, and the mei ord red to re
turn to work a toon a- po b hie.
Tbe Iron and Niet-1 Workers.
Pitt huro, Pa., Ju;:e 4 The Amal
oa ntu 1 A-soeiutiou ol Von and Steel
Wcrkets hel I but a brief 8(8 i m this
mutniiig, and then adjourned for
(omtniiiee wotk. DurinH tue sesion
n rtH ilntu n was adopted compliment
ing Hon. Al. A. Firm, of Cleveland,
fur t' e stantl taken on the arbitrittit n
bill before Congn s. Tuere is ronBid
eriblrt goisip nmoi'g the dohgntes a
to wh' will be their ollicors next
ytar. Piesitlenr. Weihe will be rp
prs id by Mr. P. F. Keeney, of Friend
ship L dre, of th s city. Kecietary
Ma tin wil' bu opposed by John Cun
ningham, j.f tbe Wett Knd Lodge, and
Jam s Tyson, the ex-Asj'i-t nt H.icre
tii y. Fri in ilu opii.i n ex ressed by
delegates tje vote will ba close.
Dlaeonfent Amng; l3ilnr,rM nu ttio
Mew York Klevatrd Kuada.
Naw York, Jnn 4. Tn &un this
morning says there i-i a fiv ling of dis
content atuot g the enuinetrj and fire
men on the o evalod lodr, which will
tall f r the exerci'e of all the tact rf
Ui natal Manager Haine if a sir ke is
tube prevented. lh d'Bcontent has
been growing for a long time, and
tin-re are a number of grievances
wtiich the men want redret-sed. Cnief
among them is the fai'ure of the com
pany to act np to the verbal agreement
which, with the written agreement,
fettled the engineer's ttrike last fall.
Thn iun state that tbe company is
gradually diccba ging the men that
wt re active in the trouble at that
time aud putting "scabs" In their
If you hare a (oallns of oppreaaion and
uneaaineaa a little aonve tne aiaimraain. a' u
juat helo the right riba.aafraveted by lying
on the riaht aide, look ouil Aa aure aa late
our liver la diaortlered. Perhana not aerl
oualy aa yet. but iatal hepatic abaee-aea are
not uumnuiuon. Uoatelter'a btnmach l!it
tera la the rreoiae remedy tn reaulate tie
liver, and prevent its etincnitiun an IntWin-
matio'itand to diaperae auch minor iudicia
el ila Uernnaouiout aa yello ueaa ol laosKin
and hall ol the eye. furred ton.ue, aourneaa
of the hreath, nauaea on riains in tha morn
Ina:, diri-neaa, aick headache and oontita
tioii. 11, ri lining the bow 1 iainleaay, it
onena a rhannel of exit for the auoorfiuoua
bile, cheoka a tendency to eorme-tion and
onaoraouiant of the liver, at the aaine titne
aiviiif a tient'e impolua to ita aecretive ac
tion, and atlnrda rrliet to the atomach.
Khirh la uaiiully inactive, out ot ordor and
oiiraed with wi( d when the bowels are
e stive. le the Hi tera also in fever and
ague, rlioumatisui and kidney troubles.
Rninora ofaaerretara; Manning's Kea
launllotaou Hail nircrl.
Nsw York, June 4. Thn llrridd thi'
niomliig fayn: It iia icpmtud iu Wa'l
s r ot es'erdiy tint Secretary Mun
n ng si me days ago sort a Utter to
President Cleveland firiually resigu
in nis office, aud tbe tumor wss a'so
current th i tie President will accept
bis tesignatijn.
Neott'a KnmlHloti of Fare)
(od I.iver Oil, with Ilynopliosphites,
in Consumption snd 'ant ng D s
eoncs. Dr C W. Itarringer, Pitts
burg, Ta.. snys: "I think your Emul
sion of Cod Liver Oil is a very Line
f repartition, aud tills a long-felt want
t is very useful iu cousump.ion and
wasting disea ee."
CJolal niacuvereU ta Mlaaonrl.
L ri ian a, Mo., June 4.-Gold has
betn di -covered within a m lo ot this
c ty on a tract ol lai d bel nvirg to
Samuel Kirn. A sample of the ore
was snt to the As ay Office at Den
ver, ai d actrt fi'ale htsb-u returned
ehuw n its va'uo to be $8 per ton
gold, 7; silver, l.
From Marts Ueorgla.
Mra. N. A. MoKntire wrltea from Spring
Plae: For many ea-a I have been a great
uffeier In m iudigea ion, aiok headaohe and
nervoua proitratiuo cauaed from biliouanesa
and eonalipet i n. 1 Ir ed many remeo lea.
but rot no eriuanent r- 1'et until 1 uaed
lr. Moalar's Lemon Elisir. lain now in
better neabh than for many yeara. My
damhter haa b-en aubieet to ebilla and fe
ver from her infancy. I could get nothing
to relieve her: the Lemon Klixir has natures
her to perteot aeal'h.
W A Jau.ee, Be I Sutioa, Ala., writea:
5 have suffered greatly trora Udigestien or
yneraia. One bot'ie ol Lemon al.iir did
me mure good than al the aaediolaa I sver
took 60 eenu aad 11 per bottle.
hold by drugaiat. Prepared by Dr. B.
Volley. Atlania. Georgia.
A U. Tremont, 18 Madiaon
Tenn., wbtntmabledwl'h
i f. -, i .!,. ...u.rH hlniig ha fr't
I do not bellcrw the
Ayefs 8araaparllla baa
an equal as a remedy
tor Scrofulous Hu
mors. It is pleasant
to take, gives atreiajrth
and vigor to the body,
and produces a mora
permanent, lastinr, re
sult than any medicine
I ever uaed. K.
Haines, No, Lindale, O.
I hare used Ayers
Saraparllla,ln my fam
ily, for Scrofula, and
know, If It la taken
faithfully, It will
thoroughly eradicate
tbla terrible diaeaae.
Vi. V. Fowler, M.
Greenville, Tenn.
For forty years I
have suffered with Err.
sipelas. 1 have tried
all sorts of remedlef
for my complaint, bnl
found no relief until I
commenced using
Avar's Sarwiparllla.
After taking ten hot.
tics of this medicine I
am completely cured.
Mary C. Amesbury,
Roekport, Me. i
I have suffered, fof
yeara, from Catarrh,
which was so severe
that It destroyed my
appetite and weakened
Canker, and
mysyatem. After try
ing oilier remedies,
and getting no relief, (
beiriin tn take avari.
Can be
cured by
the blood
Naraaparllla, and, in a
lew mourns, wna euren,
Suann L. Cook, 809
Allmny st., liostoq
LUghlunds, Maes.
Ayer's Sarsnpnrllla
la superior to any blood
purifier that I Imve
ever tried. I have
tiiken It for Scrofula,
Canker, nud Salt-
Klieiim, and received
much benefit from It.
It la good, also, for a
weak atntiiHi-li MHIIa
Jane I'circe, South
Bradford, Sluss.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Uaae.
Frlce ! i six bottlea, SS.
Forty Years a Sufferer from
"F0KPORTY YEARBIhavebeen a vie
tim to 0AXAKKU throe-fourrha of the time
a aufferer from EXCRUCIATING PAINS
TRILS. The dischargea wore ao offensive
that 1 heaitate to mention it, except lor the
good it may do aume other sudoror. I have
spent a young fortune from my earninea
during my forty yeara of auflering to obtnin
relief from the doctor a. I have tried patent
medicines eery one I could learn of from
the lour eornnrs of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (57 yeara of ago) hitve met
with a remedy that haa oured mo entirely
made me a naw man. I weighed 12s pounds,
and now weigh 14i. I used thirteen bottlea
of tbe medicino, and the only royrct I have
la, that being in the humble wnlks of lile I
may not havo influence to prevH.il on all ca
tarrh aufforera to use what haa cured rue
Uulna'g Pioneer lllood Kenewer.
" No. 267 Second street, Macon, tia."
" Mr. Henry Cheves. the writer of the
above, formerly of Cruwford county, now of
Macon, Oa., morits the confidonre of all in
terested in catarrh. W. A. ll' FF, ,
" Ex-Mayor of Maoon.'
Gntnn'8 Pioneer Blood Kenewer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Diaeaaea, Rheuma
tism, Horolula, Old Sorea. A perfeot Spring
If not In your market, It will be forwarded
on receipt of prioe. Small bottlea. II, large,
II 7S.
Easay on Blood and Skin Diaeaaea mailed
Maron, aVeorsta.
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
roas, hogs, vovlihy.
In nso for over 20 yertra by l'armers,
Stock breeders, Horse It. li., Ao.
Used by V. S. Government.
Mounted on Rollers A Boo'a Mailed Free. .
lliimphrevi'Med. Co., lO'J Fultou St., J. T.
Thaaonlv nvMnffti remedy fiit .
S'.'tf; - i
ill Uot: aiU 0H.
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.
fin.. PnWrjiti.m, fu-m nvor-wirk or tihr CRUf-ct.
(HTtinl. nrft vtalHfinti Imni n pow.li-r, (or f
J. IL.11 HV IHtlrttl!r.Trl. or WUt pir)l,HU O.l rOflptOa
pruv. lUwyluT)' NMlklet,e lot Itthua hu, K. k.
Connterfeita are made in St. Lonis. Mo.
The jraaloaaal Credit la No Store)
Solidly ((loaded than th reputation ef Ben
eon's Oanein Plaatera. 'Iney are knewa,
appreciated a4 need everywhere Aaaeri-
oa iu hoapita1 and iu homes Phyaidana,
phariraoiBte and draggista affirm trat tor
promptnese of aotioa, eert.inty ana range of
eurative qoalitiea, they are beyond en ro pan
eon. Once need trei' nnequaled eirellenpe
rtoommenda them. Tha publij are '
eaulioed againat the ehra, r -b , -a ant
aba-neleaalmi''.!.'.' ' 'i - -'- ..!':
panias undr " f ' '
names t i 'i " "v i ;. . .r.inf.
M0pootr." ').:' -e.' A -. r ii.-i.
son's, bt r.'""l : ' ' v. ai.4
makes . p..' " ; 1 ' -"'"
haa tha 'T! ir.' Saai-' ir,u..-v .:a.d.ta
Er'narf Specifics
SUIIlai tbeaasarket,
aenat "f
209 MAIN SIRE-T, i
Oils Sa KTaval Stores
Offlc, 349 Front Street, Mfiwphla, Tenn.
N1P0LE0H' HILLa President.
II. J. LTS5,
Memoms Citr Fire & Gen I Ins. Co.
S. K.
b. MANSiriULU,
Oilice lO M ml 1m. hi Ntreot. 9IemaliiN. Tenr
376-3784J80-382-384-386 hecond street, south ol llayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Monldlnat, Istha, Cralnr Poata anil PlrWfla.
Crab Orchard Water
Oonnlne Crab Orchard Salts In scaled parkaeoa at l"
JT. 8. DAT, W. II. BOBTOV, J. W. BAIa,l!T.
Lata of J. ti. Daj A Son. Lata of Meaoham A llorton. Lat. of Bailor Covingtol
380-362 Front Street. Memphis. Tenn.
L. D. .MULMN8, of laU J. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. Y0N8E, late of J. W. Caldwell k C
Cotton Factors & Com mission illerchanta
No. 1 Howard's Kovy, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
yj Iiithia Waters; also Fine Iron AVaiera),
Hampshire Co., W. Va. No foga. No mala
ria. Where the sick and overworked soon
recover, and tbe well are alwnya happy.
Kend fur pamphlet. W. 11. BALti. Prop
M All. OK BPKISiaJH A beautiful health
" resort. Thewatersof these Krrings have
lung been known for their remarkable aura
tive qualities. The springs are seven in
number, each "spring containing different
curative powera. The bath house ta aupplied
with water from certain mineral springs.
These i aihs in oonnection with drinking the
water from the apringa suited to tbe invalids'
ail'nent act powerfully on direae. These
different waters have no equal for the cure of
all kidney and bladder troublea, rheuma
tism, paralysis, neuralgia, dyspepaia, acro'
ula, catarrh, chronic alcoholio poiaonat fe
male weaknesses, all diseases of the liver
and spleen, hemorrhoids, dropsy and all dis
eases of the abdominal and pelvio viscera,
weak, debilitated constitutions, and aa an
efficient brain and nerve tonio thia water haa
no equal in the world. These springs are lo
cated in Clay county, 111., five miles north of
Clay City, a village on the main line of the
Ohio and Mississippi railway, 100 miles from
St. Louis, 238 miles from Cincinnati, 21
miles from Louisville, Ky. Excursion tick
ets for sale at all ticket offices of the O. A M.
R. R., and connecting lines. Writ for cir
culars and other information to
0. K. HILTS, Proprietor,
Sailor Springs, Clav county, III.
I .LL. J , 7 . U:U 1m Ik.
iwoavnuKO vu. ' . uiiu " t' ...
Virginia mountaina. Pictnreaqiie aurround-
inga,extenaiveana oeauiuuuj luauau iawu.
Uaa, electrio bells, and all modern improve
ments. Twodailymails.post, telegraphand
eipress olficea on the premises. Table the
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms:
aui orb band of musio. Send for illustrated
pamphlet. Charges raoderalo. Open for vis
itors, June loth. Wufora: Alum, Chalvbentt
and IWalong. R.T. WILKINSON .Mun'gr.
THE M03iT005lUY
Monlsrimiairy onnly. Via.,
Having been thoroughly repaired and hand
somely furn shed, will be opened for the ro
ceiition ot viaitora on June 1, 1M6. For par
ticulars apply to GEWRGK W. KAGG, Mana
ger, Montgomery Springe Postoflice, Alont
uninery county. Va; ,
Sulphur Springs
Immcdintelv on the line of the great Ckaa
apeake aud Ohio railroad. The most cele
brated ot all the mountain resorts, and one
of the oldest and moat popular ot
willopen for theaoaa.m .tunelst. Klevation
above tide water, 2k) loot; surrounding
ountaina. ") feet. Pamphlets deacrib.ng
hypicaic aivanl icos can be had of the agent
J. S. n K. tt , or oi
(B. F EAKLK, rjuiierlntendont.
Flut'gt Summer Resort In America
M liiuaMoukn Itencli, W lnu.
Offers accommodationannequaled by anyho
tel m thoweat. Rates, ta per day: 115 per
month. Circulars and fu I lrticulara iseiit
promp ly oi application to EIJUKNK ME11L,
Manager. St. Patjl. Minis.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of 18S6, beginning
June 1st, reduced 25 to 50 per cent,, but
the highest standard of exoellenoa main-
'"se d' for illustrated deacrlptivo pamphlet
ndUrn"- F. N. PIKE. Manager.
Walcigh Spriiigs Uotcl.
NOW OPEN for reception of gnosta. The
table will be supplied with the besU
The rooms are nicely furnished and cans
f.,1, attended to.
WILL be rpened Jnne 1st. This noted
waterinr-placa is a'tuated aix miles
b-omtna Furnace, ou the Nashville and
Tuaoaloosa railroad, in Hickman
T.nn. Haek will meet all trains at Atna,
and will eonvey guest to apringa at a very
low rata.
Board, 80 Per Mtalk it M.f"
epsMl ! amll.
TT,. iite all who wish to spend the nsoat
!b-'v ' on o meir nes i
B . r: - i.eai-eei-lly seekers of pleaaure
a -rl V. . ti. .d waUr ana pure) air in
st v
hi inrf H(if .s
i ;...r.. i-i c. T
Tt Ut I !U, 4U VII : ' S k
l-H..t.-.i t;e encrtv !:! it..:;v ot V'
. , tioii'i ii. '.u-iii1!'!. IVnn . when w
iv-.'l i:.-t'..iti. I U'- ui cli.l ' n.l l-Cvr. Via
wills fwll aaaari
Nrw aai4
W. M. WlLKKESOJi.VlctvPrtgMefi
wi.u uu uaaaaJas a a
R. E. LEU.
A Remedr for all Diseases of thn Uver. Kid- -neva.
SiuimMrla anil atowrU. A powitlwl
rnri, r.,r asvaBMBMBau aisrat aasaiiaaa, a
CosaatlPHlluB. Done. I to X teaapouuluia.
lo a n. I .ifiis. no a.'Uulnoaaita suia idouik..
HIMIiai l. M'eri. luwvllie. ass
No. 955. R. D. Chaneery Conrt of Shelby
county. Grace L. Anderson et al va. Sal
lie M. Johnston etal.
BT virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
ami, entered in the above cause on the
2Uth da cl May, 1X-6, M. B. 62, page 629,
I will sell, at publio auction, to the high
eat bidder, in front o the Clerk and Maa
ter'a office, courthouse ol bhelby oounty,
Memphis, Tenn., on
NatnrdHj, JnnelJ, 1S8S,
within leg.il hours, the following described
property, aitnatcd 4n bhelby oounty, Ten
nesaee, to-wit: . , .
The certain lot No. S in blook 53, on the
plan of South Memphis on tbe eouta line of
Lind n atreet, fronting aaid atreet 50 feet
and running back between paral.el lines 2J0
leet. upon which i erected a two-story
frame resi once No. 279 Linden street. Also,
the 14 49-100 aores, being all that part of a
twenty-acre traot In Shelby oounty, begin
ning at a stake on the east boundary line of
the John Ramsey 6000-aore grant i thenoa
aouth 15 chaina 4ok linka to a stake; thenoe
east 12 chaina anil 41 linka to a atake; thence
north 16 chaina 79H linka to a stake ea the
south side of McLemore avenue; thence
south 83 west with the aouth aide of said
avenue 12 ebains and 50 links to' the begin
ning the whole deacription containing 20
asrea, mo'i or lesa, and excepting therefrom
5 51-100 acree at the northweat corner, here
tofore sold to M. U. Johnston, which 5 51-100
acres begina at the northwest eorner of aald
tract: thence aouth with tbe east aide of
Raleigh avenue COO feet; thenoe east pa'allel
with MoLemore avenue 400 feet; Ihenae
north parallel with Raleigh avenue 600 feet
to the aouth line of MoLemore avenue:
thence west to the beginning. The 14 49-100
acrea ao to be aold will beaubdivided and
aold aocording to said euhdiviaion. a plan of
which will be on file in this office before the
'TermVo't' Sale One-fourlh (HT cash: bal
ance in aix and twelve months, secured by
notes with approved seourity, bearing inter
eat froi: date; lien retained and redemption
barred. This May 21, 1HS.
K T. M,-nmv KM.. Olrrk and Master.
By U. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Poston A Poston, Solictors.
k..n ...Ail b. Mra. Murv Hill. 2SH Lin
den atreet, Memnhla. Tenn., for liver trouble
and malaria with groat benefit, bhe Calla it
eaiieciallv valuub'e for home use.
ON WEDNFSDAT, JUNE 16. 1886, wo
will sill for non-resident owners, at
public outcry, on tbe promiaes, that desi'a
ble property known as the "Claybroek Su
division'lring between Poplar street on the
north and Union avenue on the aouth, and
juat beyond the residence of John Overton,
jr., on Union avenue. The property haa
been divided into ace loU ao as to suit the
wants of purchasora buying much or little.
It ia convenient to tbe atroet eara. on Poplar
atreet, and the grade and road bed ia being
prepared for graveling the road .in front ol
it on Union avenue. We believe it to be the
most auilable property fit resideor-es on the
niarke. and an opportunity tp buy auch
property ia aeldom ofterei. Property ia
being rapidly sold for residences east of the
city, because it ia not oat up by railroads as
in tbe ncrthero and southern portions of
tbTKR.5iS One-third cash; balance In one
and two yeara, with 6 per ocnt. interest.
Maps can be seen at our office until day of
sale. OVKKTO.M A flKobVLNOR. Agts.
Kw Mra. Kate Sienhenaon. 26 Pey
ton avenue, Memphia, Tenn., in one ot the
mot atuhborn casea of ohilla ahe ever knew
anditcurod. See gave it to her children
with good reanlu in bowel disorder and dya-
4jP ,
No. 4864, R. D. Chancery Court of Bhelby
county. Asa Selby at al va. II. J. lio.
lingrwortk et a. ... -virtue
of an Interl"-entory decree for
aale, entered in the above oauae on thn
6th day ol May,186, M. B.52, p. 513, 1 wiU
sell at pnblic auotion, to the highest bidde,
in front ol the Clerk and Master's offlae,
eourthouee o bhelby oounty, Memphia, Ian
""'itllliirdaiy, Jianai 1. 1H8,
within legal hou a, the toll wing dearribed
property, aituated in 6htlby oounty. Tea
nesaee. to-wit: ,
Ike remainder Interest of the keira ot
Louis Seiby. ar , deceaaed, in and te IwU 19
and 20. of kIi,lM to l ''"i "f he eityol
Memphia. . n R.-a avnoe, n.-rili , f rplar
--t .a Ir "ii I. i-a ... t.-
V.-r I r .Intnl.. n .f tl-i ve .r.i.
e:;v r. ; - .. -u i tree n: i.u. t.. .bo :t?i-U c-f
'I '.' ;
i n .i r i i
.10 r...ir(h a'.-'y
. I T
-.1 :.l.vl
du i-i .
t. N i '!
V . li 1 . ';'' I
i'.''-.ii A i
1 I.. 1 i, 'k'arnl '
I.., i-' i i'lv V ier i : .1 .'
JLTA A a Vf XM. A.lrJVA.1
- '-raiVATUr
Rn. 13 J(TfrnOBi Strait.
(Between Mai a ard front.) HiPHIS.'I
I bsiaoiuneoj ia imp.
R.JOHNriUN ia acknowledged by all par
iim latanail aa bv far the moat aae
eeeerul phyaiciaa in the treaimentof privaU)
or saoret diaeaaea. (jutrk, permaaent eurea
gaaraateed ID every earn, mate or isaaia.
Keeent ea-ea of (ieawraea and SyphUsf
anrad in a f w daa witkoat tha aaa of mer
cary, change of diet or bmdranoe frosa
baaineaa. beeoadary Srr bills, tbe last vee
tige eradicated without Cae ee eaf mereory.
Involanaary loea ofaeiaea atoppad ia abort a
time, bufferere from imtaMeaoy t lost i al
sexual pewera res tor to free vigor in a few
weeka. Victims of s e-aboae and exoeeaiv
veoerv, aulf.rirg from apernaatorrhea and
loaaor pbysieal .nd mental power, speedily
and permanently Co ed. .Partienlar attan
tion paid to tbe Diaeaaea ol Women, ana
cures guaranteed. Pilea and old sorea cared
withou' the uae of cau-tioor the knife. All
Consultations etrietly confidential. Madi
einea sent by axpreaa to all parte ef tha
eoun try.
averWorVingmeo cured at half tha usual
rate a. Office nonra from 8 o'clock a.m. to I
aVrwkp.m. I. 8. fOHNSQN, M.D.
Mr (loiiirew C. Knbler. 412 Main atreeta
saempnia, JIDB.,oiaj'Pep'ia".;aaan aiuo,
reeo merda it.
No. etva, R. D. Chancery Conrt of Shelby
count. State of leuseaaee vs. Llaiie B.
Taj lor etal.
BY virtue of aa interlocutory decree for
aale ei tared in th- above cause on th.
2Mb da? of January, lHh6, M. B. 51, pac.
187, I will sell, at public auction, to th.
b'ghtst bidder, in Iroai oi the Clerk and
Vaa er'a on ca. courthouse of Shelby county.
Mempb a, Tenn., on
Hatardiey. Jnia 19, 18811,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed p overty, actuated in .-he by county.
Trnn.si-ce, to-wit: Lot 5, block 15: lie
ginning 118 lent eaat of the northeast in
t rseciion of llesoto aed Elliott atreeta, em
tbe north aide of hlliott atreet; thence
north li 0 feet ; east 32 teet : aouth 1M feet to
El iott sireet, and west with suid street SI
feet to thebeginnina. 8. Id aa the property
f Noah Panes nd others.
Part ol I' l 14, bli c 5, west aide of Walnut
atreet, 14 150 loet. Sold as tha property of
R chBrd I ane.
Lot ft, block 54. wast a-de of Rnth atreet,
60x142 ieit. Sold as tbe promrty ot 11. llor
ton, James Humor and others.
Terms of Sa e On a creilitof aix months:
no'ea with aecurity. bearing interest, te-
1 oired; lien re'uined . redtmption barrln.
hia May 20, lKHfl.
I. MoboWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Iepn y C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Heiakell, BoWl
And Iron Roofing.
Flra, Wind, Hater ard I IfrhtailnK
proajr Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
call on or address
438 A 440 Main at., and 21 23 Mulberry at.,
neadqnnrtera for Iron Feno-s and Creating,
tiaivanir.ed Iron Cornice, Tin Hoots A .- tovea.
No. 4654, R. Chancery Court of Shelby
county State of Tennessee va. Emily
Sa"ke-t et al.
By virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entored in tbe above cause on tha
14th day of Aluy, 1885, M. B. 48. page 105,
I will sell, at publio auotion, to the higheat
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Mantor'l
office. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn , on
' ataiurtlny, Jsaaa 10, 18),
within legal hours, the following described
property, aituated in.fchelby county, Tenn.,
Lot 13. block 5, Brown'a subdivision,
fronting 80 leet on the east side of La Rose
atreet, and running back 175 loet. Soldaa
the property ol Emily Sackett, W. W. Lnck
ett and others.
Part of lot 7, block 63, southeast eorner of
flayoao and Hernando atreeta, 25x63 feet.
Hold as the property of the Workingmen'i
Building and Loan Association, E. Buchig
nani. Part of lot 9, block 63, eaat aide of Her
cando atreet, adjoining Carter, 45x135 feet.
Part of lot 9, block 63, eaat aide of Her
nando atreet, north of Maydwell'a, 36x115
Let 2, block 45: Beginning at a. point on
the aouth aide ot Beale atreet. 52 feet eaat of
the corner of Beale and Cauaey atreeta:
thence aouthward with Johnaon'a line 74
feet; thenoe eaatward 25 feet; thence north
ward 78 feet to Beale atreet; thenoa weat
ward with the aouth aide of Beale atreet 25
feet to beginning. Sold aa tha property of
Roceo Boggiana and others.
Terms of Sale-On a ereditef six months:
note with security, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
This May 20, 186.
S. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walrh, I). C. and M.
F. 11. and C. W. Heiakell, solicitor;
lv benefited Mrs. M. C. Yuckley, Mem
phis, Tenn., when troubled with livr dis
order and indigestion. She regarda.it aa a
tand-trd fun.ily medicine.
J-V.I i j r , (? '.'nil tUc, uour.t?
,i Market Strct-i:,
u.et. Third nti Kourtl.,
t. f8':Urlj nlUtTalfil ftU4 WilT .lI'lllfiM pDJIKlaVQl f.U tfc
.. .jjaful ti hia urmotkJi' Urill uroTI
Cnven all
lo rant o r r K l v jyi iu.
tAaSi. , -
, perunvturrhei tad Impute miff
tlie rr-uU of ielf-aibiiw in fnnth. rnil jlm3M l Mb
.itPfT Trnt. Or Otbef r.lU.'i, i rPOl,u"'t,l aJOiaeOi' alK
jowinir, etle-ct SrvnmD. S.rainal Kmintoni. -'.1 u
Mm: hv iM:ima), Dunn-, ol lyht, PcfWiiv) ijrtr. . . Thf
i iintVfi". Piui,ihaon Fact? Avenfn ti'Societj- ifynniln,
.iif.in'oo of idem, ut bcxaftl e . noie, ,a
nrrii(' ImptniiT or noi:?r " thrKhi n& p-nt.
inudT c.u.-d S YPHIIa IS 9J cur "d
dn-iv r,n-u-j fni!U uir ajai- ru. Gononyiea.
GI jEBT. 8-rlc'u. iretii, enii, v ua),
411J utnrr prirti 41 . niclilj ouriL
It ltolf-eidfOl tilkt ph . alclBD wrvofTtSprrtaltltaMBWI
ierln aA of dueawci, 1 trmLing ttar-nwudi cnu
.lij, itnjutr ht1 nkiii Fhvaiil in kunwloi thii raciof
i.t on-.m-n.l f-rw.n lo mj ear"- her. it ir liicmvfniani W
'full th fir uti'mf nt, merlHrtrtflu bi pmtuXj
ml oafljr by Diail or . .t ujhri.
Cnrew Gnanttued U m& Coami
ondertnken. .,....
Or K pm. 1 " 7 aAJ-aaa. aacawiy atatoa, a ttrle
-ao, .-.ut 8heuld U rd 8J1. Adrfraa. t ai'-.
Olo. fcjur. -. IS u. H. AtrMaia. a 1. r "
provedan invaluable janedytoM . Ml
cbaef Blrney, 212 Waanini son sire t, Mem
I his, Tenn., f r diarrh' a aa dyspepsia. Ba
aaya it acts .ike a oharm ween other medi
cines fnil.
N. 245, R. D.-Caaoeery Conrt of Bhelby
eounty. Harriet ii. Smith vi. M. Owea
et al.
BV virtue of an interlocutory deoree lor
aale entered in tje above cauae on the
fTlhdaj af May, 1W8, M. B. 6z, pan i 597.
I will aell at uuiho auction, to the high
eat bidder, in front o the Clerk and Maater'i
office, eoarthcasa ol She by oounty, Mem
phia, Tenn., on
Matsntiny. Jaaj. 13. 188.
within lor al hoars, the following described
property, aituated in bhelby county, Ten
ae, to wit:
Lcta 1. 2 izi 6. of the subdivision made ia
thia cauae in the year la. aa shown by ra
port Hied herein pril 12, ieT?.
Lot 1 fronts south a.de of Ciayoao street 3a
feet, with a derth ol about 120 leet.
Lot I Irunts same aireet S3 Ket, with about
ot "'fronta'a ine atreet SO feet 9 inches.
K .ji :i .i.-ftli ol ae".iit a eei.
1 hid ' to U-UaioU
reference la '
' 1 ! r lu
.f .-.iV-Or. n
.;n i In vl.' v 1 1
ef six. twelve
.'.li.-, i T-ehaa
i . . .: u-i y . t
jine 1 ali'i r1
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tlC IU
'tn s-t jr-
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ti.-n 1 ii-T..,..
i 1 . Vi.lHitV i- l.i
a F. v..,:.h,;'. .
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lerit ali.l iia''-'.!
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