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Thi Judicial Conrention, uhlch
meeti to-day - at tbe capitol at Nath
alie, hu the moat solemn duty to
perform that can devolve upon any
bod of mt o. It ii to nominate five
candidates for Supreme Coart Judge,
to Bor?e for e'ght years from August
next. Such nominees ought
, to be able lawyers 'oC "the
highest standing at the bar, men well
known for their intellectual a'tain
ments and their industry. It will be
a sore disappointment to the people of
Tennessee if po'ihal bargainers of
whom there are always s me presnt
in every convention shall tucceed in
foisting one or mo-e rxen upon
the ticket that may be adopted
who are known to be political judges
and ho are the mere creatures of
sharp political wire-workerf, to record
their wishes as the decision of the
highest couit in the fc'Ute. It
will tura thousands from the
ticket, and may lead to its defeat.
The people, so far as they have bsen
heard from through county conven
tions and tbe newspapers of the State,
demand a clean sweep of the pretent
ooutt ai the only possible satisfaction
for its (ins of omission and commis
sion, aLd if one or two
of its members are nominated
for re election the people will regard
such a nomination as a refusal on the
part of their representatives to obey
instructions and make their wish the
law of the Democratic ratty. It will
be a s'ep in the dark, aid
may involve perilous consequence
to the party whose great majority baa
beea steadily frittered away by the
selection of men good enough in
character bnt wanting in the ability
thatommands the continued respect
and co fiJeuce of the people. A
clean sweep must be made.
From tbe long list of candidates ofltr
ing it wilt bs an easy matter for the
conven t'o a to select five men of ad
mitted ability, character and industry
who will challenge the united and
even enthusiastic efforts of tbe patty
to elect them by a handsome majority
a majoiity that shall be an encour
aging promise of the restoration of
the party's full strength when a Gov
ernor is elect', d in August. The con
vention must do right that good may
follow. If it dees not, if it (hall op
pose the wTshes of the people, evil
may be looked for the evil that
stings and cripples.
Tna news from England to-day is not
so exciting as that which we printed in
the Aiteal of yesterday. The storm
has died away uad there is now to be
heard oaly the cheers of the Tory
Whig victors and the encouraging
words of the Liberal leide's, who are
preparing for another struggle, this
time for the direct approval of the
people. And there can be no doubt
of the result. It will be an over
whelming victory for Mr. Gladstone,
as overwhelming as the cheer that in
the early hours of Tuesday morning
in the Houss of Commons blanched
his cheek and made him tremble, so
enthusiastic were they and so
strong. He will dissolve Parlia
ment on the 24th instant, and
go before the people for their indorse
ment of home rule for Ireland. This
t'me he will have the hear y support
of the Irish leaders in and out of Par
liament, and they will see to it tbat he
gats all ths support they can com
mand. They will not divide their
strength in England and Scotland be
tween the two great parties as they
did last winter, when they could
not force Mr. Gladstone to show
his hand as clearly as they wished,
and they were coquetting wi'.h the
Tories through Lord Randolph
Churchill to secure a promise of home
rule in return for tin support of tbe
Irith vote. Irishmen at horns and
abroad will do what they can t) glad
den the heart of the venerable and
illustrious statesman with a strong ma
jorityin the next House.and the admin
istration of a crashing rebuke to Cham
berlain and bis follower?. All the
signs are favorable foreuch an indorse
ment of home government Lt Ireland
by the English and Fco' tish people
before the first week in Auguat. The
avowal by the first minister of the
crown and the greatest of all EFg
land's statesmen that boms rule for
Ireland is simply a necessary measure
of justice, and the fact that
225 English and Scotch members
voted with the eigh'y-six Irish mem
bers for it, are facts that speak louder
than words for an ultimate and a great
8U-;cefs. No measure so sweeping as
this ever received so large a vote on
second reading in the House of
Commons. The repeal of the
augar duies during Sir Robert
Peel's mi niet-y, an I the disestablish
ment of the Irish church by Mr. Glad
stone himBelf were great reform?,
achieved only af er years of agitation
and in the teeth of opposition even
more rancorous than tnat manifested
by tbe Tories against the home
rule bill jun defrayed. Toe
career of the "raod old man" is
full cf examples cf euccees rising
from tbe ashes of many defeia,nd no
statesman bitter than he is able to
rind in his own his'ory the encourage
ment that perseverance and pernitt
ency in the teeth of relent
less opposition always secures
for the man whcs9 Haying
powers equal his ability to anticipate
tbe wants in legi lation of a free, en
lightened aid advancing people. His
tory as well as the facta cf to-day are
most encouraging for the tri
umph t i Mr. Gladstone in
tbe near itur, perhaps a triumph
greater nan he now dream
of, one that shall be a step toward the
"er-tive system that is ultimately
orfer borne ra'e rn Eng'and and
Scotland as wr 11 as Ireland and pro
vide an Imperial Legislature that,
made up of representatives from the
tfcre kmpdoros, shall legislate alone
for Imperial affairs.
Tbe Sltaall.a WU Begard to West
Tennessee No iaanga J t Sad
dle Tanessee.
IspaoiAi. Toeai arriAL.I
Nashville, Tin:., Jane 8. The ex
citement ire dentothe Judicial Con
vent on steadily epanded to-day, and
rescind its clirrai when every county
in he 8:at had rfmsentatives at th
capitol. The bud corridors and
every ether pnblic place were crowd
ed with earcea participants in
tbe deli Derations rj to morrow, and no
ttone wis left mturnrd tt sHcure
vantage ground ff t lis impending con
flict. Nearly all thn candidates had
headquarters at tie Maxwell Hcu:e,
and thither, ra'ira'ly, tbe current of
activity tended. The apaitments fcr
honors of the ernine were thronged
until a 'a'e hoor .t night, and trusted
lieutenants hurrid to and fro with
earnestness plainy depicted upon all
their faCBP, aniiity upon many and
confidence upon t few. Tfceconrantly
increasing inrlovcf delegates kept the
candidates and their managers on a
dead rush, for nuch was to bs done
and time prees't apare. The rivalry
be ween candkktes is inters", but
ttiers is co bad tlood visible lave tbe
soreness which tas from the first at
tached to the coutest between Cald
well and Freemin.
of the day ta the conference be
tween delegates from East Tennessee
this afternom at 2 o'clock. Every
county in East Ten nes ee, with tbe
exception of Mirion and Meigs, was
represented, "he Hamilton county
delegation wee on the floor but
refused to join the conference.
This was becaise of the attitude
of D. L. .Snulgrass, a candidate
from that countp, ho thinks he would
be butchered ii a caucus. Next to
Judge I ngersol he is the strongest man
from &ast leniessee. and it was nis
idea, and a cor-ect one, that all of his
opponents wnu'd unite in a caucus to
kill him on. Therefore Haiuilton
connty, in whuh he lives, refused to
confer. The Urn. J. A. Chambers of
Loudon county was chosen chairman
of the conference, and Alex. Somers
of Knosville and John Slack of B.ii
tol were clcsen secretaries.
J. C. Hodues ot Morri'town, moved
tbat the f o. f rence adjourn to reas
semble as a caucus to-morrow morning
at 'J o clock at which time East ien-nee-see
should unite upon two dele
gates for Supreme Judge and stand by
them lie ore the convention.
This action was a verification of the
predii t'on of the Appeal this morning.
The object of tr-e conference had been
kept secr-tas.d many count es were
enticed into it under the impression
that it would r-e nothing more than a
confe-ence. Thi trap was sprung on
the Hodges motion.
A hot debste for two hours resulted.
Ex-Speaker Ledge rwood led the oppo
sition to the motion of Co1. Gra'z of
Knoxville. The support of every de
vice which filihosterinocould f ummon
ws tised to d-fcae. the motion bnt it
was finally carried.
While It was pendtrg every candi
date f'om Eet Tennessee, with the
exception of Saodgra s. pledged him
self to abide by the action of the cau
cus. The motirn to caucus was carried by
a heavy maj irity. Much feeling was
expressed against Snodgrjss for his
failure to support a caucus, and his
chances for election are very slim. He
played a bold game, but lost. If the
caucus is held, and there is no doubt
about that, two men will bn put up to
whom all of the strength of Kaet Ten
nessee, with the exception of a
part of Hamilton county, will go.
These two men will probably be In
gersoll and Cook. With East
Tennessee against him, 8nodgracs has
hardly a ghost cf a chance. His only
remaining heps is to enter tbe caucus
to-morrow, but it will be loo readily
seen tbat this would be merely a
device on bis part, and not genuine
loyalty for the plan to avail him
muih. In the l'ght of to-day's de
velopments Soodgrars can hardly be
regarded as formidable.
significant changes octu-red to-day.
Freeman has lost ground heavily, and
to exp-ess the situa ion pU.inly he can
hfirJiy be regarded in the race. One
of bis wa-mest euppcrtors said to the
A ppsal correspondent that he thought
the btst thing Freeman could do
would be to withdraw. Th's, how
ever, hi would not do The o'her
(hange is the ga'n which L-a has
made He is gt'iering etrentk more
steadily than Koikes, and as much
as Caldwell. There is a rumor! ere
tbat the railroads are backing Fo'ke,
and this is hurting him to some ex
tent. It is 1 o said that the rsi roads
are push ng Luiton and Ingerso.l.
is in stat j quo. There ts a report that
Ccopsr and Turner have formed a
combination, which is being w rked
by Luiton in his interest for all it is
wonh, and which the Ilanner to-day
a'tacked in a hot edit ria', but your
correspondent is in a position to know
th.it no si:ch combination has been
made or is ccntemp'a'ed. Tbe raid
siluat'on is that it is wer to the knife
between Cooper and Turney. It is
gf nerally thought the convention will
not eel ct two members of the present
tench froon Middle Teune'eee, and if
thUbseo, both Cooper and Turney can
not be cho-en. One must go, and
both are making strennotis ed'or's to
"down" the other. If tbeconvention
doas ee'ect two members from the old
bench f.om thiss;ct:on Cooper and
Turney wi 1 win. If only one base
lected it will be tJooper, with Luiton
as the seoond.
The Davidson connty delegation
met to-day, and wrangled over the
unit role without coming to a contu
sion. The matter wilt bs delegated to
the convention.
met today. An effort was made to
changs tbe date of the Gubernatorial
convention to rome time in July, but
tbe comojit'ee derided to let the date
remain as it i?, which is August 11th.
are here, and by the time the con
vention is railed to order fully thirteen
hundred will bs in attendance, which
will be tbe banner Slate Convention
so far as numbers is concerned. Your
correspondent would reaffirm hs
prophecy of Monday as to the success
ful candidates Ingersoll, Ccoper,
Lurton.or Tarney, Folkes, Caldwell.
will be recommended by the Execu
tive Committee for temporary chair-
man of the convention ; H. J. Lynn of
Shelby and F. C. Long of Madison for
secretaries. J he contest lor prmanent
chairman will be between Z. W. Ewicg
of Giles and W. C. Houston of Cannon.
secret meet'ng to-night. A
stormy scne bet ween friends of Snod
rasa aad Cook occurred, the latter
larOring entering the ranens to-morrow,
and tbe former opposing it. The
delegation adjourned without action
to 8 o'clock to-morrow morning.
and it was discovered that leiding
men who have been support'ng Cald
Wtll suddenly came oat for him and
proclaimed his cer a:n election on the
first ballot. It is thought that he has
cemented a combination with
Folkes It seems now almost cer
tain that Caldwell will be a winner.
If elee'ed, he will be the yungest man
that bas ever sat on the Supreme
bench. It is now past midnight, but
the crowd is so dense in the Maxwell
House en' ranee from the street is
hardly possible.
The East Tenaetiiee Complications.
Chattanooga Timet; The Time", a
few mornings since, printed the state
ment tbat an etlort was being made
by some of the candidates for the
Supreme Bench in East Tenneseee to
have the claims of aspirants from that
section submitted to a conference of
the de'egatea appointed to the Judicial
Convention, and let that conference
decide upon a plan whoieby the f )rces
of two East Tenneseee candidates
might be concentrated and go to the
convention s did. The plan has elicited
much comuent and has met with
opposition from sr.me quarters in East
Tenneswe, and an effort isbeirgniade
to kill off the movement. Toe Timet
can see no just ground fcr opposition,
bnt, on the whole, the scheme pre
sents a favorable aspjet Nothing will
be so readily conceded as thst the
Supreme Court she uld be as far as
po sible elevated above political in
trigue, wire-pulling and the undus
hustlirg of candidates after vrtts.
We recogn'ze the fact that there are a
number of good men in East Tennes
see who are announced candidates,
and they have each their following,
and of course are ent:tled to rec gai
tion from the delegates of tbissection,
which goes to Nashville claiming two
judges as a matter of geographical
right that Ea-t Tennestee is entitled
to two men. If this bs so, tbe i every
East Tennesseean should have a voice
in saying who is entitled to tbe p'aces
which belong to their section, lue
delegates appointed from East Tennes
eee a e the best representatives of the
section end have a delegated right to
peak for their cons' i uents on so im
portant a matter. Furthermore, tbe
people of East Ten ce see want two
card dates. Ths delegates know and
the people believe that in division lies
weakness, and tbat it is only through
the harmonious act ion of the delegation
that two candidates c:n be secured ;
for it is onceded, wo believe, tha
should Ka3t Tennessee go to Nash
vdle with six or e'ght candida'es
not more than one will be nominated;
whereas, if they should dee'de uj oa
only two, and those two to receive thn
combined vote of every Eis .Trnnessf e
countv, we ar alm-st euie to get two
candidates. This was proven true in
1878. Precisely the same plan as i9
now proposed was adopted then ; East
Tennessee had a numbar cf aspirants,
but the de'e 'at s quietly sett'ed on
two men, ether names were with
drawn, the vote of Ets' Tennessse was
cast to'.idly for D.adorick and Mc Far
land, and aa a consequence they were
elee tid. It seems to us that rome Euch
plan aa this is demanded, b cauBs of
the large nnmber of asoiren s, and be
cause only in this way can w expect
o be repieiented on the Sapreme
B.-nch by two men chosen by our own
The Caoper-Toraey Combination.
Nashville Banner : As the Judicial
Convention is near at hand it is time
to discuss matte's in the concrete and
inform the public concerning tbe sit
uation of aflairs. One of the devel
opments of the day is a carefully and
eecret'y arranged combination be
tween friend land supptrtersof Judges
Cooper and Turney to force the nomi
nation of these candidates by the con
vent;on, This combination, which
certain parties are strenuouly en
deavoring to consummate, is singular
in several resDects, and should not be
countenanced by the convention. The
Ccoperand Turney in'er.sts are es
sentially autegonibtic, and every ob
servant man knows it. Any combina
tion between them must therefore
be regarded with just suspicion
by all other candidates and
their friends. Such a com
bina'ion would not hesitate
to sacrifice any other intere ts to pto
mote its own designs. The Tu ney
men lave b-'en shrewd enough t
work upon the fiars of some of
Ocoper's nipportms by t oating of the
streng h of ti e r candidate. Under
this unwarrantable far some Cooper
men, to placete the Turney e'emeiit,
are nniiii g with the Utter to fi rce the
nomina ion of bo'h te candid.-tjs.
Yet evr-bodv knows that Cooper
is in Turnej's way and Turney in
Cooper's way, and everybody knows
that Turney's supporters would cut
Cooper's candidatorial throat if oc
casion lequired. Their interests in
the convention areas we have siid
thoroughly antagonis'ic, and in no
sense identical, unless a common in
terest be secured by a bargain. Some
of Turney's strongest supporters would
chcerfuliy knife Cooper, and some
of Cooper's strongest supporters
are bitter'y hostile to Tarrey, and say
that in the event of Turney's nomina
tion Cooper's nomination becomes a
cecwsity to prevent Turney from br
ingCoief Justice, which tbey would
regard as a calamity. Some of Judge
Coopei's most inlima'e friend i say
that he is cognizant of no intrigue,
and has authorized no combination iu
his interest If this bs so and we do
not believe Judge Ccop, r would stoop
to a bargain to regain his position
his frends who are encouregig a
combination with Turney, or w nk ng
at it, a'e doing him rank ir justice.
Judge Cooper's beat chance f r a nomi
nation is in a free and uoinvolved at
titude before the . convention on
bis meiita and rapabi iy as
judge. He sbou'd repudia'e
any bargain, and go untrammeled be
fore the convention. If Cooper's
friends are trne friends of their favor
ite tbey will speedily relieve them
selves of any entanglements. The
public will resent sod rebuke bargain
and intrigue in a judicial convention.
They will damn any candidate whose
votes in ths convention are purchesd
in such away. The public are closely
RcElertrd mited Nlalea Bcnator.
Newport, R. I., June 8. The Gen
eral Assembly to-day re-elected the
Hon. N. W. Aldrich to the United
Slates Senate.
What Congressman Daiel of Vir
ginia Sajg of Judge Illerton's
argument CapitalNotes.
Washington, Jane 8. Con
gressman 1'n.niel, of Wt Virginia,
who is also Senator elect, is verv out
rpoken in his opinion of adge r'ulKr
ton's proposiiion that thciovernment
ia bound to pay Confeerate bonds.
He said to your correspodent to-day:
"The cla:m is a palpab' absurdity,
and the amendment to lie Federal
constitution forbids it This alone
disposes of the ouestia. In the
second place, the I'ni ei States Su
preme l oui thas decided hat Confed
eral s securities never ta a It. al con
stitutiona! existence, emithat settles
them. In the third placi the theory
of the w ar was that the Confederate
States hul no le.a! exitenee. The
victors in the war would stoon think
of reviving the C mfederiy tsol pay
ing its debts, and the me who were
Confedera ei a e as little d sposed as
their former iocs to pay ttKui,
In the fourth place, tl-re is no
law. ro enuitv. no ir nci le of honor
andio rea on of expe'dincy to sug
gest that the United r-ntva or thut
anybodv should pay tln onfedernto
debt. Evidently s. tenia n end job
bers are try ng to maki a turn in
Coiifedcrntc'liomls, and e idently also
only the ignorant an t unva-y will be
caught by such c1 all' as v throw n be
foie them. Judge Fail- rm is an able
lawyer, and 1 have no dea that be
can'entei tain the slightist notion of
success, lie sneaks for lients, as he
has n rivht to do and liK'lients have
a right to be heard if the- ant to t-e,
but they are on the wddi-t kiidcf a
wild gos chase, and if they expct
the United States to pa; them any
thing, they are themselves the wildcat
kind of wild geese "
t'AIT. r L. HOB,
of the Engineer Corns, I. S. A , has
been ouiered from Mont;cinery, Ala ,
to lVnsaio'a, Fla , to ma e an exami
nation of the fortiflcatiois in Penea
cola harbor.
wifoofGov. Porter, his rt turned to
her home in Nashville. She was ac
companied by herdaugher, Mrs. liibb,
of Montgomery, Ala., ho has been
visiting her parents hee for several
of Purdy, Tenn., has ben appointed
Ganger and Ntorekeeei of tha Fifth
Tennessee District.
Fourth Class Postnuuers Coniiiiis"
sioned L-iuis J. M i 1 er, Crocket 's
lilufT, Art.; Stephen Pet y, Haar
Braru h, Tenn. ; Isaac Jv. We t, liefest
ed, Tenn. ; John II. Budford, Trocn,
Tenn. t
Pos olliees Itiscontio'vd Alabama:
Barney, Jetferson cotjuy, mail to Bir
mingham; Badforrt,' Perry county,
mail to Perryvil'e; ! 'fer anin Han,
Coosa rounty, mall to Meagufka.
Arkans's: l incy, fisw'on county,
mail to Cave Creek. Mss'ssippi:
Gumi, Smith county, mad to Trenton.
Special rervice 'Chmges -Tennessee:
Galbraith Springs, Hawkins
county, from Mroeslmrg, poimit
postmaster atGalbrdth Springs to ex
change mails with liiusellville when
ever desired Curing the stimmT
months, provided the same are carried
in a locked pouch by a sworn carrier
without expense to the department.
Star Service Changes Arkansas:
Searcy to Heber, from July 1st, in
crease service to three times a week ;
Marshall to Rally Hi 1, from July 1st,
increase service to three times a week.
Mississippi: Tylertown to Shady
Grove, from July 1st, increase service
to two trips a wee.
Jacob W. Crow, asnignor of one-half
to A. M. Crow, Arkadelphia, Ark ,
fruit tree and plant cover.
Proponed A mentlmrnt to the Horrl.
ou srlll Bill.
Washingtin, June 8. Senator
Pawes submitted an amendment to
day to the Morrison tariff bill, wh'ch
wasyesttrd y mbin tied as an inten
ded anieudrnent to the olennorgarine
bill. Mr. Puweh' amendment provides
that for all purposes relating to custom
duties and importations "woolen
cloths" sliali bo I eld to include worst
ed cloths ;t hat the cor eluding provi.-ion
( f ti n ili5 of sa d act, the Mcrri
son tariff bill lela'itig to woolen and
childieu'a dress goods shall be held to
apply to the whole of said section, and
that the term "knit goods," in Stction
307 of said act, relating t) cloaks, dol
mans, etc., sha 1 bo held only to apply
to gnrments shaped wholly by kt it
ting. SI. Vincrna 0e rn.nl.
Wamhikoton, Juno 8. The Fourth
General Assembly of the St. Vincent
lie Paul Society, the first assembly of
the kind held in this country for ten
years, began here this m irning. Tlif
attendance was larg', and Cardinal
Gibbons made a short speech.
Wenlern Home for DUnblcct Noldiftra
Washington, June H. Senator Ix-
gan to-dy introduced a lull in the
Senats to provide for the loca ion and
erection of a branch home for disa
bled volunteer sdJerswtst of the
Kocky mounta'ns. It appropriates
$l.)0,0C0 for the pnrpo-e.
Hie Propowil tftVorffanlnttlon of lh
nittanl Bert !.
Washington, June 8. The report
of the joint committes of Congress to
consider the present organization of
1 he s:gnal ollice.geo'ogii al stirvey.const
anJ ge detic survey and hydrographic
office, were submitted to Congress to
day. The majority r. port is signed
by Messrs Allison, Ha'e, Lowry nnd
Waitc, but the last named does not
concur in that po tion relating to the
signal service. This report recom
mends the continuance of the hydro
graphic office exactly as at present or
ganized. It recommends that the coast
survey bs maintained as a separate
institution, as at present, tint 1 it shall
complete its work. It recommends
that specifl ; appropriations be made
hereafter for the printing of mona
graphs and bulletins of the geological
B'irvey, and that none of this work lie
done until estimate's have been sub
mitted and appropriations made there
for. It recommends the abolishing of
the signairservice school at Ft. Meyer,
Va , and the gradual substitution of
civilian employes for enlisted men
for the signal s rvice w hen the terms
of the latter sha 1 expire. It also
recommends Hie repeal of the law pro
viding for the appointment of two
second lieutenants f-om the ser
geants of the signal service corps.
A minority report, signed by Messrs.
Morgan, Herbert and Waite, lecom
mends the passage of the Morgan b I1,
to abolish the Signal 8tvice Bureau
Jnly 1, 1880 and the establishment in
its stead of weatlur bureau as a
civil f stablishnnent. Messrs. Herbert
and Morgan join in recommending the
Jassage of a bill n-nviding that after
une 30, 18W, the geoolgical sur
vey shall not, except for the collection,
c assitU-.tion and proper c-re of fossils
and o her materials, extend any
money for paleontologic work"o' pub
lications, nor compose, compile or
prepare fir publication any looks ex
cept an annual report, which shall
embrace only the transactions of the
bureau for tli year and the reau t
thereof; that the c llcctions of min
erals, fosai s, etc , now or hereafter
to be made by the geological survey,
and not needed for the current work,
shall be deposited in the N tional
Museum, and tbat all p inting, en
graving, etc, done for the several
sc eutitie bureaus shall be estimated
for separately and appropriated in de
tail for each bureau.
Flection of Oftlcrr of the Inter
naflwnnl I'hIhu.
Pittsiipro, Pa.. June 8. Tl ereoond
eeseion of the Interna'ionel Typo
graphical Union was rpmel at !)
o'click this morning bv Piesi.lirt
Wit'er. Among ihoee pre'ent whs i he
Hon. John M . Faionhar of Cl icsg,
an ex-prenident, whe wai li.vit"d to a
s-at on the platform. He made a
sho't address, in whU'h he took sin ng
grounds agai st uniting with tli
Knights of Labor, a'tbougli be said he
was not hostile to that oigarixtt on.
President Witter, in reply, sa il th ie
was enly a small fraction of printers
who were In favor of Bach a move.
The e'ectinn of olllcers was next in or
der, end Charles B. Stivers of Chirago
and William Aimison of Nashvide,
Tnn., were nominated f ,r the Presi
dency. The ballot was taken with tho un
derstanding that it would voice the
opinion of the convent ion on the ques
tion ot joining the Knights of Labn-,
Mr Stivers being announced as a de
termined opponent. Tbo ballot re
sulted in tbe ehction nf Mr. Almison
by a vote of (it) to 45. Mr. Almison
thanked the convection f r the com
pliment paid the South and h e city.
1'he new pre s d-nt has bsen a mem
ber of the Tennessee Legislature for
three terms and is regarded as one of
the strongest men in the union.
After the elect on the convention
took a recess for dinner.
The conveiiticn resumed the elec
tion oi olliuers upn rees-embling In
the afeinoon, ami the following
ticket wes cf.oaen : Second vicn-prsi-dent,
Charles Gamewell of I'liilodol
ph a; scretiry and treasurer, Dyld
M. Pascoe of Phi'a lelpbia; o-gei.er,
David P. Biyer rf Columbus,' O. ;
delegates to the NHtionsI Federation
of Ti ales and Labor Unions, J. K.
Winder.', San Francisco; Julion L.
Wiigbt, Washington ; John Scolt,
Mr. James J. Daley of rbil'del
phia, foreman of the Puhlie Lrdyrr,
read a b Iter tithe convention from
George W. Ctulds, proprietor of that
paper, expross:ng his interest in work
lngmen, and especially in printers,
and incloting a check for $1000, of
wli'ch $501) was from the writar and
$5l0 from A. J. Drexel. No conditions
accompanied the gift, except tint, it
be used for the good of the profession
in wha'evor manner the convention
may aoo fit.
A committee was appointed to draft
Appropiiate resolutions of thanks to
tho donor s
President Wittet's report opposes
amalgamation with the. Knights of
The next convention will be held in
I trird T ngaline npon myself for
facial neuralgia, and it gave immediate
relief. I also tried it up-n one sutler
log Intense pain from nema'g'a of the
head ; one dose gave toerb-ct relief.
0. W. DUVAL, M. 1).. Pinevllle. Mo.
Knights of Honor Notice.
THE oommit flea of aiator city Indices: nn
celebrating the anriivernarr of the Or
der are rflflrectfiilly rrqutixted to meet lor
orrnnir.titinn al the K. of II. nnte-rooin on
'I III H-I)Y UVKNINIl, the 10th In-tiint.at
8 o'clock ihtirp. A lull attrndimce ia earn
estly rr'iuealed Oflicem find ueinbert nf all
the lodtces 0(ird:nll7 Invited. Ynuri in O.
M. A. M HA' II, Chairman No. MI.
r-'cimitnr and Ledger ropy.
To Insure to Every Purchaser
satisfaction and greatest
comfort in dress, A PER
FECT FIT, we have ar
ranged to
Every Dross Pattern Bought In
Our House 1 his Week,
Whether the price be flf or '0. Remember,
it will ha Cut and Kit free of any charge.
Thia offer will be more than sufficient to In
duce every lady Irom Chelnea to Fort Pick
ering to buy a drens at oar Cure be ween
Monday morning and Buturdiy evening.
Still, in order that thoie who deiire to have
their Dresnei Iniabed In our boute may feel
that they are remembered, we hare reterved
The Greatest Offer
we have made thia inaios for them, namely,
The Choice ot a Hundred Dif
ferent Materials,
$25 A SUIT.
Guaranteed and warranted eorrect In every
detail of ityte, fit and quality, ai
are all ourgoodi.
Sutwcrlhe lor the "Appeal'.
JOHN p. ijan.y;uovoig uachdies
Victor Wagon Scales, Wheel andDrag Scrapers,"-
avheelbIrroavs, lawn mowerS
DesJardins, Miller & Rootes
.394 MAIN ST.. Ni:mIlTN, TENW.
B. J. Semmes & Co.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K. UODWIK, IWU J. M. UOOUUaV Vire-rrnaH. 11. BAIXE, Caskler
X3ord of
W. 8.
HHiiUK, m. uaviix.
F. M.
J. M.
W. N
DMMiltory of Ih. Nll mt Tmtww. TrMaawit. a awirl Uaaalaf
MeHaw aa4 Blww. MimwIkI AlloatlM MlMllfflM.'Vi
VTY 8PRINH AND BtJMMRR STOCK Ii now eorapleU, eonlt
iVJ. in. of th. latent and ehoireat d.al.ni in all th. Nov.lttee l-
troduo.d in Ionian mara.ta.
'are ai 10 aoiia anu quMin y. in oruer wi ynor 10 iuuiio mm iwt
antiionabl. mode at reasonable prioei. I wlh to make iiil men
ion of tnv nelention of a large aMortwent of th. moat .levant de-
i(aa in KULI)H CHIHINKK. wbloh are now ready lor the
Impaction of my friend! and
Cor. MMon4 md
liiioi & um
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nos. 328 and 328 Main St.. Memphis, Tenn.
(IUOIM, whloh wo oflor to the Trad, upon th. moat favorable tirnn. Our prloe.
will oompar. favorably with thoa. of any market In th. United btatei. W. er. Aaenta for
Tennessee M.iuariictnrliig Co.'h I'IiiIiIh, lirlllH, Shooting, Nhlrtlnf, Eto.
I.33TVI3VIOISr ctl 0-A.XjXI.
i . - J
O.K. HOUCK fe Co.
Xo. 380 Tlnln Street. Memphis.
Pianos and Organs
RnotAt.jlfnsIc and Hooks. Now Pianos for Ilent
. GH GO.
And Commission Morchants,
mill Hit MiuIImoii Street, eiukit
j k.iiat, w. m. iioui w, J nut.ri,
Lata of J. ti. Hay JkSon. Lata of Meaouain Uortun. Late of llailey A Oovingtott
. tiouierville.
3GO-362 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Mm ,h. Hv.i,ii.ia. which trouh'ed Mr.
John H. (lliaon.M Hill etre.t, Memphli,
Tenn., for nearly three yeara, to ipeodily
di.appear. Htae inoerely tdviura all af-
flioted to try It.
DrllKhtfal Hnal.. Boallns. FIhltK
and Kowlaa; oa lb. Uke.
7:1S a.m.
10:30 a m.
i:M) p.m.
9:00 a.m.
11 :r a.ra.
3:V a.m.
tr Tirketi on tale at Pepet. Pare for the
round trip 411 eenU. Purchase lickeU befor.
nttinc on train and ava money.
A. J KNAPP,UB'lPaai. A.nji
n:iu p.m.
7tWJ Ii
rented a le ioue oinoidxr ol th. bow ll
of Mr. 0. A. Weiner, M.mphie, Tenn. lit
endured much p in, bat waa cured in aihort
time bv thi- remedy.
Dlt. It. L. LASKI,
Phjslclan, Sareon and Acconcher,
313 Mala Ktreel, Xertr I nlon.
Telephone No. UK
proved an eccciuai remeoy in im iui-
lly of Mr. Cba. 11. Vo.l, 3tW Slnuiu
treet, Mempbia, Tenn., in all ea.et ot
tomarh dmurder, ali. anpp.ttier an I
general tonic.
My aelentlona are nad. with treat
th. imblto, at my old itar.d.
JrllfirMa. Mia.
J. l IIOLST &BH0.,
Funeral Directors,
30 MAIN ST., WEH 111 IS
A FULL and complete (took of Wood and
Metallic CaM and Oavet, Cloth-Covered
Cankettand Bona Robel ajwayt oa
hand. aarOrdara kry t.letrauh promptly
lei d.
Mn. W. 8. Levy, l Main etreet,
Veraphii, Tenn., after Iwiat troubled tor
everal yearf with ehillaa.d f.v.r and b-
ini IhoTonthly hut-t
And Ice Cream Maaafactarero.
French Chemical Works
58 JeflerHOu Street.
iVL FLA VOK8. which h. ol ri at tb. low
Srloe oi S wala aaallwat, of any kind of
avor. Quality and purity auaranteed. Io.
Cream manufacturer, will and all kind, of
EitraoU and Frs.it Coloriact at. very low
prlo. .
restored the eneriy and vitality of ia.
W. Uouiton. M.mibu. Teas., when woah
andmaiated trom cbil't and lever. Una,
ptde canted improvement.

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