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To 'Ceiatrlbatarw ana) Vorreapona
Ota. Oonmanieationt lor publioatUn mast b
written oanidof th pin only, nd,
with all other Mtun connected with th
editorial department, ihould be addressed :
Ti Til Kditob or I Arraai., ftUmphi,
W cannot, aa a rol,ndn to rtora
artlol aot found soiubl lor publication.
Omr mail booki ar kept by poBtofioH. Bad
ol by individual bbidm.
W oHelt letter ad eoniBnlittona upoa
tab BflU of general laterwt, bat faoh Boat
alwar tx accompanied by th nam and
address of lb writer. 1111 naraole of hit
good faith and rspoBtibilitj. He aotioa
aabatakta ol aniaynoaa ocmmnloa
tioBi la ordering paper shagged from on pot
fflo to another, tba same of both poet
fflo ahoald bo rivB,
Speeimoa sopiu Mat fra of enaraw.
Idmi lettereahoold boaddrauadi
M . 0. Giuoit, I M Second tret,
J. M. Kv.Ttvn f Memphi.. Teww.
VEDA EM) AY, 1 t Jl'SE 9, 1886
The Iint'Jg'.m-t Agfncy rcpoits
100 failures in Ibe United Btatta dur
ing tbc week ending Jane 4, 18S0,
ags'nst 170 in the preceding week,
and'li2, 182, 148 and 104 in the cor
responding weeks of 1885, 1884, 18fc3
and 1882, rcspectivjly ; Middle Status,
36 j New England States, 13; Southern
Btatte, 24, Western Sla'es, 62; P.clflj
Btatee and terrltorii s, 24 ; Canada, 16.
Total in the United Rat and Can
d, 175.
The Democia'io mas meeting to be
holden on Saturday should be one of
the largest ever held in Shelby county.
We ere on the eve of important coun
ty election, end the Democracy ol
Shelby county should turn out and by
their enthusiasm and numbers strike
terror to the enemy, which we can de
feat we have defatted by over
whelming majorities. The object of
the meeting is fully disclosed in the
call of the Executive Committee. But
In addition to tho duty of selecting
delegates to the State Convention, the
Demo:rtcy of Shelby county will, in
no uncertain voloe, proclaim iti choice
BS io a candidate for Governor. It
would be an insult to the true ind re
liable Democrats of the county to en
gag In the superlative work of pledg
ing themsel vf s to support the nominee
for Governor. With this determine
, tion prominently in view, the Demo
crats of Shelby county will send a ms
sage to tholr party friends la every
part of the Slato that their distin
guished fellow citizen, Cul. Robert F.
Xooney, is a man every way qualified
to discharge the duties of the ofllce of
Governor; a Pemooiat who bas ren
dered efficient service to his party ; a
cltiren capable, honest, able and every
way qualified, and having fall con
fidence in his ittegrlty and ability to
give the people of the Stste a pure,
wise and economical administration,
our delegates will be lneti noted t J sup
port him forthe nomination, Tho Tren
ton Herald forcibly says : " West Ten
nostee his had but two Govornors
since the organization of the Sta'e. In
the person of Col. R. F. Looney, West
TenntHsee presents an excellent man,
and one who is able and worthy, and
as ho is the only aspirant from this
portion of the State it does teem that
West Tennessee ought ti vo'e as a
unit for him." As to the paculiar fit
nets of Col. Lconsy for Governor of
Tennessee there can be but one opin
ion, and West Tennessee should join
Shelby connty in urging his nomina
tion. Tbe higher t service which the
Democracy of Shelby can render the
party it to present the name of Col,
Looney to the Stito Conventional"
their candidate" for Goveor. And
they wilf dt it Nor is this feelirg
- lirhjtd. W Sbe'bjp county. From near
sly 'every .poUnty west of the Tennessee
rivet, and from many counties in Mid
dle Tennessee, we have the tame story
that the people prefer Col. Looney to
any candidate who has been men
tioned. Let the nm?s meeting at the
Exposition building on Saturday next
be the advance guard of an uprising
of tbe people which will make Col.
Looney the next Governor of Ten-
Amorg the most valuable resources
of the South is its timber. It is said
that red-hot stoves were stolen duiing
the war, but It was inconvenient for
freebooters and plunderers to rob the
forest of its valuable timber, and
hence this was one of the few things
of va'ue left the Southern people.
They have not extensively engaged in
the lumber business sites tho war,
and they find themselves suddenly
and unexpectedly rich in tbe treaa
urea of their foretts. Half a century
ago Maine engaged profitably in the
lumber trade. But the supply of tim
ber was exhausted long since, and for
more than a score of years the pine
lands of Michigan, Wisconsin and
Minnesota have been tbe main reli
ance of tbe country. Like thoco
of Maine, these .have been ci
naustei. ine logging days 01 these
States are over. Timber bas become
bo scarce ia the lumbcr-furnisbiog
States lb a', f r the future every ties
cnt in tint region doubles tho value o!
every uncut t es in the P-ntV A
long as tbe nipp y in the Lakt S.tt?
was thought to be inexbans ibl-i thive
was bu. li'tle attei.tion p:d to t c
timber of the S nth. Now there U a
marveloui change. The f nes f o' thu
South are relied on as tun fnt.re
source of t.tnbsr supply. The m t
Talutbls t:mbjr of tho S)uth it the
black walnut. The betrts tf tho'd
Bottlers bleed when they r cur to tb
time when in clearing op their land
tVy csed black walnut for fire wool
or cot it down and burned it w itb other
timber to get rid of it If they bad saved
the walnut timber thus destroyed
it wculd now be worth five times aa
rru.h as the land on which it grew.
There Is still great wea'th left to tbe
people of the South in the p avWon
of the black walnut, which is a pro
lific growth io nearly every Southtrn
Hate. There is no wood so valuable.
Tae farmers of Indiana are fearing
down their worm f nces, bu H of
black walnnt railr, acd sel iogtbem
to the chair-maker for piices that will
refence their fields and h ave a margin
of profit on the oprration. i'be South
basatreisure in i s timber. Pine is
abundant, and millions cf do lais are
annually poured into tbe South to
purchase pjplar trees. Every nook
and corner of tbe South is penetrated
by agents from abnad, purchasing
walnut and poplar at fabulous prices.
Europe resorts to tbe S juth for sup
plies to bu Id ships, fur lath', hoops
and shinitlse, and ths white oak hrs
become a tree of great value. For
many years to come tbe Sjulh will be
rich in its timber supply, a tralo
which has made Michigan, Wisconsin
indMinnisata great and prosperous
A ttoard 'brMl With RHoatloa;
arlBoei A ontrfllr
laraouL tothi arniL.I
Rikminoium, Juno 8. Two nesro
priHoners sent for Jailor A uMin ami
told him that the prisoners Davi, t'af
fron ami Walker, who made their
esca)e Thursday Wtre re'eused by
Night Guard M. S. Yetrgan; that
they saw him unlock the cell doora
and lt the men go. Ya gan came
here from Rutherford county, Tenn.,
s rongly indorsed by letters and by
acquaintances here. A ehort while
ngo he was canvassing for Sain Jones'
book of revival sermons.
J. C. Twiner, a white man from
Haneeville, oa the South and North
ruiwl, was arrested here to-day for at
tempting to pass a counterfeit silver
dollar on a negro woman wbo kept a
restaurant. T winer took to bis bee's
w hen the woman told him lie was try
ing to pass a counterfeit and was over
taken 1y an ollicer and turned over to
the Federal authorities. Another coun
terleit dollar was found on bis person,
lie claims to have gotten the coins
from a negro peanut vender on the
Streets I ere.
Proles Thai He llaa Been Captured
Bf the CoiniunnlBto.
ScnANTow, Pa., June 8 General
Muster Workman Powderlv denies
that he has been captured by the
communistic element, and further,
that there is not any truth in the ru
mor that his views in regard to strikes,
etc., were overruled at ths Cleveland
Convention. "Hereafter," said he,
"no local assembly of the Knights of
I-abor can inaugurate a strike until
the members have first voted on the
question by soc.et ballot
Each man must record his
verdict, after which the Executive
Board of tho District will be called in
and endeavor to efl'ect a ecttlemcnt
by arbitration, so that the strike is not
to be undertaken except as a Inst re
sort Not only this, every wek dur
ing tho continuance of a strike tho
men will Vute secretly whether they
will con in ne it or not. If a strike ex
tends beyond tho district in which it
or'gina'es It becomes a matter (or tho
General Executive Hoard to deter
mine The commissions of the or
ganizers were canceled and hereafter
no man who is addicted to drink will
bo appointed ail organizer."
Mr. rowtt.'rly denies that there was
any opposition to liim in the Homo
Club, and says that many wild rumors
were started by reporters who were
indignant because he did not stop to
give them uows.
Ibe 11 I lllina; Hp Willi Dtlegta
Io toe Iteinoeratle t'onveBtlon,
f.iltt.mu.Dif A,. T.,nA fi TIia
A.4 V'.l I 1 1 .11 n I 1 111.4 f V 11 LI U 1 ', u o
city is rapidly filling up with delegntes
V toe vein. caMo Mate convention.
A GoVainor and judicial officers are
to be nominated. Tbe four Guberoa
toiial cai.didatss are oa tbe ground,
and caucusing is progressing at a
lively rate. Tno convention proinircs
to be one of the mo it exciting ever
held in tho Sta'e.
- . . . .a.
Tbelhleaaio Inceadlarjr fire.
Chicaoo, June 8. The police be
lieve they have a clew ti the incen
diary who set fire to the bouse at
No. 703 South Canal ttret yesterday,
by which eight lives were Inst. A
loltsr was received by John Ualeigh,
the owner of the home, to-day, post
marked Chicago and dated January
tl. 7 a. m. it was written on a piece
ol tea papsr and civered two puges.
It is alleged that lh letter contained
invecMvts ga n t Mr. Dutkln and
Mis. Murphy, andldeclared that the
fire was started by the writer for the
purpose of destroying them. It ended
with the words, "Catch me if yon
can," and was signed "John Durkin."
Tois is the came of this husband of
one of the women who perished in the
fire, and a brother-in-law of Mis.
Murpby. Several persons declare the
writing similar to Durkin's. It is
known that Durkin and his wife bad
a serials quarrel jut previous to the
burning ol the two buildings. Tbe
police are fearchlr for him.
Empnlalaa r me Orleaai Frtneea
I'rona franca.
Pari", June 8. The committee of
tbe Chamber ot Deputies having the
givernmsnt expulsion bill in charge
rtjected the proposed report of their
chairman. M. Marct, er , because it
op p sed the expulsion cf the prince.
and have elected M. Peletan reporter
ia M. Maret's pi ice The committee,
by a vote cf 6 to 6, decided to adopt
the piopcs-1 of ;M. Fioquer, President
of the Chamber of Deputies, who
favors a bill banishing all the princes
wiinoui distinction, ihis wrs sub
sequently rejected by the Cabiuet
Aairaalte WaoHu Mills Baraed,
Sta'oj;o, I oxn.. June 8. W. C,
i i- . . ...
iianng ;)s. woolen iwillri re't
101k n.e th s ee: t' g Ti e budding,
of'.i..r viiti iiu tc nt. n'r, wa 1 e
ftio d. Lo s $ 2.i,th,0; p,tilly in
sured. FMlalljr lnrl hy a l namlle a'-
Ci.svKi.An ()., Jui e 8-Ke'janin
02. ri t a r and 1111 1 ier in in, 11 1. on
kuewn, wi r 1 ul; ii.ju-- d to- ay t y
1I11 1 r--m fme 'xjd . uu of s 1 yn ini e
Nhs: i:. a li i.e i ne mm r. n i..n. n
ing ii i' v. 'Jh- ui'nwn e tli own
tie ,iy I 'it and (hur bi dies bonioly
Campatga la the Conilor Election
ChamberlaU's Plan The Oat
look la British Politics.
London, Jane 8. Mr. Cbamber'ain
has arranited t) hold a m(e irg of bis
loll j w era to decide w betl ertbey sball
act with tbe liaitington commutes or
as an Independent political pa-ty. At
present Mr. Chamberlain favors the
latter courre. lie ex errsres himself as
being col Blent of being able to re
tain bis seat of West Birmingham.
It ia thought that Mr. GUds'one
will not make a final statement befura
dissolution until Mrnday next.
Tbe Na'ional Libeial Fedeiation bas
prepared a mnifeato tithe electors ot
Ureat llritain. It adrp' home rule
as the Liberal paity platform in tna
coming election.
The Ka1 lea! ditsldenta will organize
a Radical Union, with headquarters in
Birmingham. The union's prjiirimme
will include a large extension ol local
self government ia England, Sc itland,
Wa'es and Irdan), coupled with
supreme cantrol of all by the Imperial
P.riament. Mr. Chamberlain "ill be
made President; Jesee Colllngs, S c
ro'ary, and several memoirs of tbe
preterit House of Commons Vice
Presidents. MR. L'HAmilRLAIN
01 May 31st wroie to James O'Kelly
( Parte lite), member fr Noitrj Koe-
rommoa, as follows: "You wrote t a.
ew lork paper, diiing your commu
nicttion from the Ilouee of Commons,
that I publ c'y desi ribed Mr. Glad
stone in language u uilly reserved for
drunken lowdies and unfit for publi
cation ; also that I go about among
Ka"ical and Liberal members of tbe
House saying privately, 'Why should
we concede home rule to Parnell?
Dynamiters are on tit track, and they
will kill him sooner or later.' Both
statements ara absolutely and entirely
nntiua. I demand your authority for
these atatemects, or their publis with
drawal." To this Mr. O'Kelly replied : "The
statements were given to me by Eng
lish members of ths House of Com
mons and were not intended for pub
lication. I accept tbe respocsibili'y
ef publi-hing them, however, and I
decline to withdraw them, because I
have confidential information in my
possession which convinces me t' at
you have used expressions in refer
ent e to Mr. Gladstone similar to those
1 impu'el In you."
Mr. Cliambtrlaln rejoined: "Heave
tbe public to apprec ate thoie charac
teristic tactics."
capt. o'eiriA,
Nationalist member for Galway, who
was the only Parnellite who abstained
from voting on the home rule bill, an
nounces this afternoon that be Las
withdrawn from politics.
Capt O'Shea, in his farewell ad
dress, says that he is aware that his
views are not shared by he electors,
and that an honorable feeling suggests
that be should resign.
Roman Catholic Biehop of Clogher,
County Tyrone, Ireland, and all the
priests of his d locate, have sent an ad
drr ss to Mr Gladstone stating tbat they
"Caunot consent lor gar to be trampled
upon by the rehn'.lets Orangemen of
of Ulster."
describes Mr. Parnell npon the Ihorof
the Hon 0 of Commons lost night es
follows: He was unusually pale. He
commenced his speech nervously. He
afterward followed the lines of his
rr anus Tint, which hid previously
been submitted and approved by
Mr. Sexton. The speech forthwith
assumed a higher level, and tbe orator
?;iew impressive. Every eentence was
oini! d with the greatest accuriry to
express certain shades of meaning.
Mr. Parnell's ftce flushed wi h IVc
lion and pnde when he exclaimed,
"We cannot surrender a airg'o Irish
man." The concluding appi-nl for the
pea, and prosperitvot sulTeiing Ire
Jahd was do ivered in a cl or 1 of
tender and genuine kindnes, differ
ent from the great Irish leader's usu
ally cold ntd dispassionate tone.
of forty ol ths Scotch peers and mem
bars ot the 11 ne of Commons was
held to day. Ird Kosebsry presided.
A committee was appointed to propa
gate tbe Irish home rule doctrine in
Scotch constituencies. Meieures were
adopted for the establishment ot borne
rule literature and speakers' funds.
puis over iti editoiialon last night's
vote tho caption, "A Day's Mirch
Nearer Home Role." The Uazttu
then says it believes that a general
election wi I result in Mr. Gladstone's
defeat, and that a sec ind election will
be necessary before the question on
be settled. "The only way," con
tinues the paper, "in wnich the prob
lem ran be tolved is on a bisis
(f delegated authority to deal
with specified local affairs and
of continued Irish repreteutation
in the Imperial Par.iament. Probably
there may be more coercion before the
Irish secure home ru e by tbe consent
ot the British Government. If they
are patien, however, the question
will be settled in a year or two. The
danger is now if that during the in
terval coercion ahould be resorted to
it would be met by outrage. To tbat
challenge of strength there would le
a savage and rero'ute response."
The St Jamti Qauttt says : "The gov
ern merit yea cr nay innst be spoken
before the h line-rule fiend can be
squelched. The Unionists will not
shiink from the decision with last
evening's horors fresh on them. The
disruption bill and Mr. Glads'one will
givo both en' ions abundant trouble
lor many years, but both are practi
cally dead and last resuirec'.ion."
thb "seno"
eais: "We are hopeful that all th s
discussion and excitement will clear
the atmosphere, and that the Irish
and tbe KngliBb as a tesult will under
stand eich oilier better. Both have
nnexbauMod capacity for co operative
action, and or the joint trust of nnity
and progress we believe tbat botn
peoples for generations to come will
feel the beat of a national heart and
inherit and enjoy acemmon and equal
Tin "presman's journal."
Mr. Panu dl' L'igAii. eavs! The prin
1 ii e ol home nil.) .s Lr the moment
d, f.,t d, bm it m n. t killed. The bill
liaelccn li t, but the prnnpl id
hi,nv tu e t inn pi a. I h" ;tll tli mi
nt ve Vote ia : ! li'i'H for Mr. Glad
t'H'i lnea ;ir vptiri I' loinmts
PatiiKini" l nee li 1 tli'iuld g:iy the
ui.-l er raw uie e
111:: t.X Kvsh
(l 118 tva' v ) i-a.s: It It yet too
sve'.o tiii inpli. lhe c u titutinn,
it is t u , 1 hi w.i'i ttio ti.s pin h d
i) t le, I'tt t'.r 1 tmnaitn has only
b gun.
Tue drk lhra d (Naiiooalifet) sajs:
Let the fiienda of Ir, land beditrnifl'd.
bs pat ent and lorbearanU Tbe En
glish democracy wi 1 era ter tbe fa'se
Liberals. When England finally re
jects a settlement it will be time
enough for Irishmen t? nerve .thern
selvea to atroggle.anew.
(XitioraHt) save: "Tbe Droavess of
Ir'su naiionality bas been checked,
tuionlyto a point wbich five yeais
ago it seemed imprss ble for it to
reach. The Irish question is now in
the fron 1 1 p0l tioa. Defeat cannot
relega e it to a miaor place."
(Tory)savs: "A calamity to Ireland
and a crowning disirrce to Eoglsnd
hts beea tvtrvd ia the defeat ol Mr.
Glads'one's ss,li iin plot tgiiost the
(iaeen, and Mr G'ads one nas beea
disgraced and dishonored."
In a speech at Tbe Eighty club to
night, said he was not aware when tbe
Government would reeign. He be
lieved tbat in spite of the defeat tbe
tome-role bill would become a law
verysboitly. Tbe conitituencies cer
tainly would naver consent to coercion,
which meant misery in Ire'and and
disorder at Wastminsier. Everyone
respected Lord Hartington, and
bis followers and tbe other Liberal
dissidents whi would have tj
anBaer to ths country for their con
duct. He impressed on his hearers
the importance of not forgetting, in
rase of an elic ion, thst unless the
Liberal maj' rdy exceeded e'ghty-tive
the Parnet.i'ei' would have complete
control of Parliament. Mr. Mcrley
reminded hie suiience that tbe
(onservative Mmisiry was pre
pared last : January to intro
duce a large measure of
land reform for Ire'and, and referred
to tbe remarkable speech of Mr Par
nell, laying sires) on the seiious as
pHt as regarded by the Paroellites
themselves on tbe acceptance by the
leaders of Mrj Gladstone's scheme.
The country njver before bad from an
Irish leader as strorgly guaranteed a
pledge, or one jrbich the penalties of
fai.ure would be so grave.
after announctig tbe dissolntion cf
Parliament, wil issues manifdttj t)
bis Midlothian constituents, which
will serve as a general aopealtothe
country. He will visit Midlotbitn to
inaiuurate ths! electoral campaign.
Lord Hartingtcn's addrais to his elec
tors wi 1 be used as a unionist counter
blast to Mr. Glailst ine's manifest).
The manifesto lioin S r. Michael Hicks
Beach or Lord Salisbury is expect dt)
tefer to Parnell's dmclosure.
of Mr. Chamberlain's followers will
be probably bad on Thursday, sod
1I1 ir manifesto will follow. The
Whigs have virtually decided to op
pose Glaletone in Midlothian. The
lists of the government candidates
have been slmcst completed.
was at tint divided on tbe question of
resigning or dissolving Parliament.
Mr. Gladstone was emphatic for dis
solu ion. and tbe Cabinet's decition in
favor of dissolution wis unanimous.
Mr. Hchnadborsl's cancus will meet
Thu-sdxy. Mr. Gladstone lias fre
quent, telegraphic communication with
tbe Queen, and bas mailed to htr
lengthy dispatch's.
RIoIIdb at Bellas!.
Belfast, June ! 8. Rioting was re
newed h re this morning. A mob of
Orangomen wreckid a number of
hous- s of Catholics t nd threw stones at
the police, severely injuring some of
th'in. The rict act was read and the
po ice fired on them, to wi ich tbey
replied nith revolvers. Many were in
jured on toth sides. The polite fini-lly
Klotlna In the Orange IHmilcta or
- Monaahaa,
Dublin, June SMidnijht. Rioting
continues in the Ornite districts of
Monsgban. At Lurgan eeveral militia
men bave been wounded, lome houses
were wiecked and several persons
ehr.t, some dangerously wounded.
The one, Tboe. Gallagher, was shot
dead. Troops have te-tn ordered
from Arraaga to clear tbe stree's
Almost all tne constables were injured
by ttones or by bricks.
Blller Feellat: Aaralnat I haraber
lalu at Cork.
Cork, June 8. A very bitter feel;ng
is entertained here by the Na innalists
against Mr. Chamberlain on account
of bis oppoeition tl the home rti'e
The t?o6c, Conservative, siys: The
division list night averted the dan
ger of the substitution of one m in
power for parliamentary government.
A ninet imperious, powerful and
despotic minister hs been told tbat
the Hiuse of Commons will
remain free and independent. Th!s is
the heaviest fall that Gladstone has
ever received. Bis arrogance has
offended tbe most intluect'al of his
colleague, and he is now surrounded
by puppets and ia mainly dependent
on the Pamellites. He will douhtli si
attempt to regain h's position.
He Is imbned with a belief tbat
the Biitsh classes opposs him
and tbe British maves support him.
An election alone will dispel his illus
ion. His public career is practically
ende I. It is to be wished that it hail
ended in a more pat i tic way than In
an attempt to destroy the union for the
sake of parly gain and the gratifica
tion of personal ambition.
acbool-Tearhlaar n4 Poll lira Don't
. aai.
To th Editors of tha Appeal :
As an ex-school teacher and loer
of education' I tie to a privileged qnes
t 00, and will p-oceel by asking you
a few questions for information:
Can a echool teacher be a politician
and a pro6cient teacher at the same
time? Cin he mingle with such con
ventions ss are ueual in this part of
the State and be a fit tubject to teach
the youth of any city? 1 answer no;
he mutt degrade the one rr the other.
Wou'd it not be a go:d thing for Capt.
Collier to see to it tbat no politician is
appointed by him to teach the chil
dren next year? If good teachers clear
from politics car not bs fiund among
tbe men in tbe echools, why not eelect
good ana competent womenr Justice
demands tbat our echools be cleired
of this clsss of persons. Ten years
ago, when I was a teacher, no politiciin
could teach. bbason.
A BMMT liberal offers
Thb Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
aflliuted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood,, etc Hlus rated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed iree. rue meru
at once. .
Tan Can Bay for Ten On la
A sample of Mmmons Liver R- gulator
for trial. Be sure you get the genuine.
Free Knight, Eadnrer and Editor
A Laughable Steeple-Chase
Eatrlet for To-Day.
St. Lotus, Mo., June 8. Weather
111! try, track good, attendance lare.
One mile and one-eighth. Starte-s:
Lycurgus (112), Kingsbury; Bddy
Bowing (107), Withers; Revoke
(119), Sioval; bootblack (108), West;
King George (100), Simnton.
Betting. -Revoke, M; Bootb'ack,
$30; field, $15.
From the etait Lycorgus led ; be in
creased it ta two length, with King
Georce second, one ltnuta in front of
Renoke, third. Theie was no change
for seven-eighths of a mile, where
Bootblack took second place. Lycur
gus was not beaded and won if er a
close finish by a head, Bootblack
second, four lengths ia front of Biddy
Bowling, third. Time 1:50. Mutual
paid $11. There was no advance on
ths entered telling price fcr the
The St. Louis Fa r Oaks, one mile
andaba'f. Stsrters: Flora L. (113),
J. Lswis; Red Girl (113), Withers;
ivamoian (lis), tuurptiy; fecioea
(113). Duffy; May Lady (113), L Jones.
Kon-etaiter: Estrells.
B.tting Precioia. $100; Kabolab,
ISO; May Lady, $;i0; Flora L, $15;
Red Girl, $15.
May Lady torn took tbe lead, fol
lowed by Flora L. aid Pracioss, Ka
lnolah lutt, field in a bunch. Round
ing the upper turn May Lady and
Flora L. were even. Tbey continued
to run close together to the lower
turn, where Flora L give it up. Ka
loolah moving up took tbe lead ia ths
stretch, and was not headed, winning
easily by two lengths; Preciosa sec
ond, one length in front of May Lady,
thirJ. Time 2:39. So mntuals sjld.
Three-fourths of a mile. Barter":
Councillor (105), Conk'ing; Pe its
(102), R. Harris; Truant (102), Stoval;
fcteve Jerome (103), Fullsr; Fugato
(109), Ellis.
lletting. Fua'o, $60; Truant, $40;
field, $100.
Pet te, tbree lengths in front, made
the pace for half a mile. Entering the
stretch Fuga'o, Truant and Jerome
were very close together as named.
Well up the stretch Jerome drew
clear. He was not headed and won
easily by one length ; Truant second,
three lengths in front of Councillor,
third. Time 1:18. Mutuals paid
$9 90.
One mile. Starters: Brcokful (103).
Crittenden; Free Knight (103), Fuller;
fcrcer Aehe (1U3), W. Jones; Top-
siwyer (119), Slimsn; Editor (115),
stoval: i-ndurer iiuai. Kelly; War
rington (119), L. Joms.
ifcUinp-tree Knigtit, $100; En
durer, 30; Editor, $30; field, $21.
Warrington at once went to the
front, with Editcr close up, Free
Knight and Porter Ash close together.
There was co change for five-eighths
of a mile, when Editor went to the
front, Free Knight a clo e second,
with Eudurer third. Tbe race was
very close between those tbree, Free
Knight winning by a neck; Endurer,
second, a bead in front of Editor,
third. Time 1:43. No mutuals told.
Steeplechase, full course. Starters:
Hop Sing (NO), Husion; Birr 6ik
(150), Updike; Tare B'anket (138),
WalRer; George .VcCullough (150), C.
Brown; Rimhbnok (140), Waid.
Belting -iiart Oak, $60; Georg9 Mc
Cullougb, $40; fie'd, i.75.
Ibe rice wes pleas ng to the public,
but ridiculous to horsemen. The
horses all went wrong or refusad tbe
jumps. Rushbrook final'y manaied
to go over the course, getting first
place, Tare Blanket second, eome time
after, no third horse finishing. Time
FirM Race rhreequiters of a
mile. Mystic (110), Tartar (97),
Prima Donna (95). Peatl Jennings
(110), Ed. Oilman (1(X)), Wary (82).
Haraioot, (110) Aictioishop (107),
Snr.niie (97), Connt v Girl (110),
Dudley Oiks (112), Kat-ira (95),
Sun foners (115). SrHimya' (9.),
H.Knt'iiis (110), Fanche te (105).
Second llnct Ons mile. Waal's,
(98), Finslity (104). Modesty (117),
H.-ttihL-s (K8), Warrentm (K0),
K ng B .b (84), El a Glenlev (93), Rich
hall (83), Sailie L. (104), Bucha-an
(104), Mi,8 onary (80), Alameda (98),
Freeman. (103), Fannie B. (99).
Third Race. The Merchants' stokes;
one mile and a quaiter. Expert (101),
W. R. Word ward (112), Es-rella (95),
6badow (90), Philip 8. (108), Too Lits
(100), ClayPa'e (112).
Fourth Race. The St. Louis Hotel
stakes, three-quariers of a mile. Cla
rion (105), Rose (102),Cary (106), Pen
dennis (105), Jennie T. (112), Mon
troee (105), Terra Cotla (105), Pioca?
tinator (105), Bertha C. (102), Jim
Uore (115).
Fifth Race. On mile and a eix
teenth. Poet (109), Leman (119),
Rebel Scout (99), Ligan (109), Mary
Ellis (83), Biddy Bowling (107), Jim
Nave (100), Hilarity (112), Tarair (90).
Jerome Park Raea.
Jerobtb Pare, N. Y., June 8
Fint Roc. For two-year-olds, non
winning and maiden allowances, five
e'ghths of a mile. Brynwood won by
a field ; tbe Unras-Dawdle colt sec
ond, Maggie Mitchell third. Time
Second Race. Handicap for three-year-olds,
oae mile and one-eixtnth.
Baudala won by two lengths; Long
stop eecond, Rock and Bye third.
Third Race Empire City handicip,
one mile and a quaiter. Wickham
won by a bead; Royal Arch eecond,
War Eagle third. Time 2:11.
Fourth Race. Handicap, one mile.
Dry Monopole won by half a length ;
Florence E. second, Goino third. Tims
1 :44.
Fifth Race. For three-year-olds and
upward, s lling allowance, one mile
and an eighth. Wentracrs won by a
head; JMcBowllng aeond, Letretia
th'.rd. Time-2:C0
SirthRaee Handicap steeplechisi,
full course. Rose won by two lengths;
Disturbance second, Abraham third.
Time 4:38J.
Racine In Ena-land.
Loudon, June 8. The m -eting at
Ascot crash openf d to-day. The race
for the Ascot stakes, sbi ut two miles,
was won bv Lotd El mo:e h tiv-t-year-old
bay n ai- Be. ndi; Lord Har'it g
ton's tonr-ei-old bav co't Sir Ken
nelh s cond, D ingus Baird's thre-vear-old
l ay c:lteir Micl al third.
Ther were elevm et.irt rs. Belinda
won by half a lei gth There wjs only
a nck b-tiewn eecond and thiid
The lace for ibe Pr nc of Wales
stakes, for tbree-vesr-nld-i, about on
mile and five-e ghths, was won by the
avert; walking cultivators,
Pomps, Llichinery
Duke of Beaafort'a brjwn celt, Button
Park. He first ran (dead beat with
i. H. Ouldsworth's bar colt by Spring
fie'd, ont of Mornianl and in the de
ciding heat beat him ly a neck; Sir
K. Jardice s tay colt I vsrsdale third.
half a length behind lutton Park and
tbeMorgiana colt, liere wcra nine
starter i.
The race for the Sold vase, two
miles, was won by pmglas Baird's
fonr-year-o'd bay colli Bird of Free
dom; Leopold de K)thschild's sx-year-old
bay hcrse Mddlethrrpe sec
ond, Mr. Lefevre'si four-yard old
brown colt Ducal third
Bicycles far Mllltaay Purposes.
Berlin, June 8 Th infantry regi
ments a'. Frankfoit-oi-'he-Main are
being dril'ei to the iss rf bijyths
snd iricjcles for miliary purp'S's.
The men rids tbe maciinos in march
ing order.
A. M. Nlrvena'a flonaina Hill Ta
int ly Vcatrojred Sy I'lre.
Israelii, to tbs airiaL. I
Dybrsiicrq, Tenn., June 8 A di
ra trous fire oci u led hero tais morn
ing at 2 o'clock. It hniae ott in tbe
fine tl ur iw mill of A. M. Mievene,
and completely des'iored tbe fame,
t' gather with the mill store adi lining.
It liad been raining a god dejl during
the night or a large portion of the
town would have bein destnyed.
Capt. Stevens's loss is about 30,000,
with insurancs as follows:
E na Ins. Co. of Hartford f 5,001
Har ford Ins. Co. of KarUord... 1.5C0
Pfcanix Ins. Co. cf Hartford 2.5C0
Factors snd Travelers of New
Orleans 1,500
North British aud Mer. antiie of
London 2,5f0
Ins. Co. of Noith America 2,500
Royal of Liverpool 2,600
Total Insurance $18,000
Aid tbe Reports ol tho Home Bole
New York, Jnne 8. Last night's
proceedings in the House of Com
mons were a culminating point in one
of the mcsi remarkable and memor
able epochs in tbe hiitory of .Great
Britain, inat tbe Associa:ed rrrs
was fully alive to the importance of
the occasion, and had resources en
tirely adequate to cope with it, is
evidenced by tne results acn eved.
Bulletins announcing the defeat cf
the Gladstone Government, and the
vote by which tbe second teadi.'g of
tbe Irish come ru e bill was de
fea'ed. were cent to its cotsttu'
ents within a few minutes afoer
the facta became known in the House,
and thess were followed by cable dis
patches and sent to ad points over its
leaeed land line", giving pract.ciily
verbatim renorts of the creat a-su-
ments of Gladstone and Parnell, ex
tended summaries of the ether
eneeches. and eraohic doeorin iocs of
the exciting scenes in and about the
House, makirg in all abou1: 25.0 0
wjrde. Tbe noteworthiness of th s
achievement is increcs-d by tie fast
tbat tbe report covered a mgbtsse'
eion lasting till between 1 and 2
o'clock in the morning, and that it
was delivered to the papers ot ne As
rociated Press in time for publication
tbe same morning.
Tbe Local Option Election In Ian-
derdale t'onnty.
Isfboial to thb arnat.l
Mebioian, Mas , Jnne 8. Lauder
dale conn y voted to day npon local
opt on. Tue county has gone dry by
a small maj riiy. There was hut one
vot.ng precinct in the city, and at
leas' 60u voteis were dep ived of the
rulit to vote, not being anle to reach
thepol's. The election will probably
be contested.
If yon hare a feelina of oppresiion and
nneaainua a little abor th diaphragm, an d
iuit below th right rib, amravated by Irina'
on in riKBi tiaa, iook ouii ai tar ii
vnnr liver la diaorderad. Perhana not aari
ously aa yat, but fatal hopatio abaeeiMi are
not uncommon. Uotttr' btomich Bit
ter ii th ircl remedy to regalat tbe
ltvr. and rraventltsoongefitioa an inflam
mation, and to disperse such minor indicia
of iu derangement aa yllonas of th ikin
and ball ol th ay, furred tonine, aourneaa
of th breath, nausea on rising in th morn
ing, ditiinaaa. aiclt headache and oonttipa
tioo. By relaxing th bowil painlMaly, it
opens b channel of exit tor th luperfluom
bile, eheeka a tendency 10 oonaeatlon and
engorgement of the liver, at the am time
alviDg a genne impeiua 10 ita aesreu ac
tion, and affbrda reliel to the atomaeh.
which ia usually inactive, oat ot order and
oppraed with wird when the bowela are
costive. Use the Bitter also in fever and
ague, rheumatism and kidney troubles.
A TlralnU Vlllaara Doatioyed by
Harrisonbcbo, Va., June 8. -Tbe
village of Ramley Spring', Va , was
almost completely destroyed by fins
this morning. A'l the places of itsirt,
with tbe exception of the Baltimore
House, were burned. Tbe less is es
timated at $130,000, with insurance of
$13,000. The hote's were to have
opened Thursday.
Many persons are afflicted with
eruDticns ot tne sKin. dohs or nicers.
Brandreth's Pil e taken freely will, in
a short time, cere eruptions, pimples
or boils. Ulces of long s anding re
qu ra treatment for gome weeks, but
be assured that the worst fever tores
or obstinats nicers will surely disftp
pear if you peisevere with these pills.
Betnrnea Verdict In Favor of Bra.
Cleveland, O., June 8 Tbe cass
of Tnankful Tanner ega net Mrs Jas.
A. Ua-ned to rexovT $J .iiou nem
age f ir Slight injures f u t in d in a
co lic'on wi'h Mrs, Gaifie.d's cania e,
was enbmiited to he jury tt-dav. T:.e
jurors, a'tir th e hou s' debbt-riiion,
MUHia a veuaci jii livw ui jiii.
Ga field;
Angostura BirraRS do nrt onlv d's
tinguieb ttemselves ty t'er tlav r
and aromat c odor above ail oth-rn
gi-nerally u ed, bit t'"y tre aiw a
sore preventive forab di eaiee or gir.
atirg from tbe diaesiive o g-rs. Fe
war of c innter e I. Ak yiurr 10 r
cr drnngist fir ibj g-nu'ne ariic e,
manufactured by Dr. J. G. B. Si gen
& Sons.
Fittings and Pipe,
Ctrcnlt Court Pierce, Jndao.
Jury calendar for to-day: Noe. 8846,
T.J. Hearnvs J. C Mclntyre; 8817,
H. B. Hamell vs J. C. Mclntyre; 8848,
J. B. Jordan vs J. C. Mclntyre; 8849,
E. O. Underwood vs J. C. Mclntyre;
8855, Charles Hicks vs Kacsas City,
Springfield and Memphis Ra'lroad
Company ; 8802, T. C. Jordan vs Mem-
pbis and Charleston Kainoaii com
pany; 0004, riaicis itougera vs cnesa-
peake, Ubio and ioutnwt'S'ern Kin
road Company ; 8S(to, Thomas Keely
vs A's on Boyd ; 8809. John D. Mat
thews vs Louis-ille, New Orleans aud
Texas Railroad Comp nyj 8892, Heber
Jrnes vs Panola O.l Company: 8H93,
W. A. Fain s vs Illinois Central Kail-
road Company ; 3894, W. A. Faires vs
Chesapeake, Ohio and Southwestern
Ra'lroad Company ; 8896, W. A. Faires
vs St. Louis, Alton and Trre Haute
Kailiosd Company; 8tH)4, a. A. Thorns
vs J tin Sbeeban.
"Torn lorwln."
Kiw York. June 8. Tbe Hon. Mah-
lon Ccance of Ohio delivered a lecture
Moie ths Gtrne'd Ciub to-night on
"Tom Comin." Mr. Chance eaid that
he bad been nnab'e to find a published
lileot Orain in the 1 btar e. This
was perliap. oiu to the f.ci that
Corwin hid never keit a written
record of bis life or epeccbrs. What
Corwin said or did was spontaneous.
The speaker end Corwin wis born in
1794 in the Blue braes Distnct. Tbe
mistake of bis life was that be was
not born in Ohio. Still, the best cat
tle, horses and men and the most
beautiful women came from tbat dis
trict, and what more conld a man
wnt? Mr. Chencs's speech was we. I
r jcei ve d.
Hotel St. George. 61 Clark street,
Brooklyn, fireproof, best construction,
splendidly located tn Brooklyn
He'ghts, clo?e to Bridge, bandy to
central points of New York City and
Coney Island, with more luxury at
one-third prices; 400 rooms, all elec-tiic-
ighted (100 bath-rooms), hand
somely decorated: veiy best uphol
stered furniture; finest bedding; con
ceded to be one of the finest ho:els in
the country. Transient rates, f2 60
per day, with piivate toil 1 1. Single
rooms, $1 per night; open all night;
cuisine uneurparsed.
Bnt Utile Damage by tbe Frosts 1st
St. Paul, Minn., Jnne 8. A Davil'a
Lake special to the Pioneer-Press ssys:
Little dam-ge except to vegetables
has tesulted from the lte heavy
frosts. Tbe total acreage in this dis
trict is one-third more than last year,
and the yield now promises to be one
half more.
Hcott'a Eraalxton of Far
Cod Liver Oil, with Hypophosphites,
in Consumption anil Wasting Dis
eases. Dr. C W. Barringer, Pitts
burg, Pa., says: "I think your Emul
sion of Cod Liver Oil is a very fine
f reparation, and fills a long-felt want,
t is very useful in consumption and
wasting diseases."
Rains In Texas,
Galve-.tos, Tbi., Jace 8. A special
from Fort Davis to the News says that
heavy rains prevailed rn-day in Pre
s dio county, the shep-growing section
ot Texas. This is th) hist rainfall in
ten months and breaks tbe worat
diouth ever knorn in tbe d s rict.
Balmy odors from Spice Islands,
Wafted by the tropic breeze ;
SOZODONT in healthful fragrance
Cannot be surpa-sed by these.
Teeth it whitens, purifies ;
You will use it ifyou're wise.
train Wrecking; In Georgia.
Savannah, Ga , Jur.e 8. Some
scoundrel delibe-a'ely wrecked tbe
night express on ths Georgia Central
railroad at Rogers this m irning. The
engine and three coaches left the
track, killing the fireman arid severe
ly injuring the engineer.
Respectable Drngfrlsta
Never deceive the public, bnt beware of th
Cheap John draggiala who offer yon a p'aeter
called "Capatcum," "Capsicin," ''Capa
cin" or "Capaicine," and tell yoa it ia sub
stantially the aame as the genuine Benson'
Capoine Plasfr, or even better. They ult
lesi for the imitation, for it coat leaa; bat
a s remedial agent it ia absolutely worth
less. The reputation of Benson'a u th only
plaster possessing actual and high curative
qualities ia the result of many ye art' experi
ment and honorable dealings on the part of
the proprietors ; and dim HI physicians, phar
macist and draggista indor it aa tha beat
ever made. Protect yourself against decep
tion by buying of reputable dealers only,
and avoid mistakes by personal examina
tion. The genuine ha th "IhreeSeala"
trademark, and in the center ia out the word
" Cpoin
Rain Jnt In Time.
St. Paul, Minn., June 8 The
Pioneer-Prfsa to-morrow will say: "The
rain which commenced fall:nn in the
Northwest Momlay night came just in
time to save crops of all kinds from
ve y se-ious damaga."
Strike the Iron AY bile It's Hot.
In order to move car itnmens atock we
nak th following offer:
Good 8trw Hats jt 25c. 35e. 50c and 75
Ex'ra tin Straw liau ai...l, $1 26, 1150, tS
Small Straw Bonnets, all colors. 50o
Extra Wide Brim liau, for country.. J5o
Beantiful Rote, all colors, per doaa....40a
Violets, Drdon $q
Battaroups, per doten 10
CarntioM Pinks. per d ten .Zl6o
Klennnt Bun.-ne- ol Flowera .'as
h xtra Fine HuTch-s of t lower 5110
Imp rted Kreoe , VU,.nt from ..$1 to 15
Mrlrh i 13 lit biinrh) for se
VraiW. Lve, Htem. e II kiide oTia
Urtal to mkr Anificial Flowirt.
Hrlilal hikI oiinilnx OulflU
Th Finest AsM.rtrvent of DULL-in theity.
IlKia Kr-hMnil, t't-Hihev Cleaned
lyl hiki S'url.d.
HOLDKN HAIK W ami by the a mall or
I rse quantity.
W Hake a Spn-li.Ii, .r Millinery,
Employing th bes.' handa in the city, givo
i r whole attnt.r in to it, and w dety con
petition in that line.

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